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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 20, 2010

They're Targeting My Shows to Keep Me from Exposing Their Plans

And, hello, everybody. It's Monday night. You're live with Sherry Shriner, Sherry Talk Radio. And frankly surprised to even be giving a show tonight, so. [laughs] Praise the Lord for that one. You know, I see them targeting my radio shows and trying to shut me up. And this month has been a real challenge, just having a show. They hack my account and mess up all my scripts. And I have to watch it very closely now, and so. They find ingenious ways of doing things and so I just have to keep an eye on everything, and so. And they're going to continue to do so. I don't see any let up in the near future, certainly. Because they have a lot of plans and they don't want them exposed.

When you expose their plans, they cancel them, and so. You know, it buys us more time, but it always just delays the inevitable. Because, inevitably, everything's gonna happen. And we just keep buying more and more time by exposing their plans and delaying them. You know, for the most part it's usually a good thing, but I know most people are just tired, and you want to just get it on and get it going, and... But trust me, folks. You don't want roundups and martial law in the wintertime. And so, that's one reason I have conflicts with myself, "Should I announce this? Should I tell them they're gonna do that?" Because then they'll just delay it and then we're here forever. [laughs]

But who wants to go through everything in the wintertime. And that's exactly when the Third Reich did it to the Jews, was in the wintertime when it was cold. And I'd hate to see a complete mirror and repeat. We know it's gonna be a holocaust here on our own soil. And it's not gonna be a whole lot different than what happened back then. They're using the same pages out of the script. What we deal with now is a little bit more high tech and it's going to lead into more and more high tech things. Eventually leading to the total destruction of this country, and so.

Seeing Moon Beams in the Bible Codes a Lot

What I want to talk about tonight is getting into a few of things of Bible prophecy. And also what they're doing now, and so. You know, what I see in the Bible Codes a lot is "moon beams." And I did a show several weeks ago talking about the apparatus on the moon. And they're gonna be starting to fire that thing up more and more. And so, I don't know if we'll be able to see -- I guess we will -- light beams coming from the moon, hitting the earth. It may appear like beams from space. UFO beams or from satellites in our atmosphere. But I see them coming from the moon, and so.

Aim Your Pipe Blasters Towards the Moon (and the Sun)

I don't know exactly what's going to happen yet if you get hit by a beam. Is it just making you sick? Is it going to abduct you? Are you going to disappear? What's gonna happen? And so, I know it's not good. You know, we don't want beams from the moon. And so, what I suggest is that everybody who has pipe blasters start aiming them towards the moon, not just the sun. And I know several months ago I asked people to aim them at the moon. And then we were switching and we were aiming them at the east, at the sun. And, really, folks, we just need to keep going back and forth. If you could just get pipes set permanently on the east where the sun rises, and then on the moon. And the moon travels a lot, so you're really just gonna see it good at nighttime, would be a good time to reposition your pipe blasters and point it towards the moon, so we can just try to take down their weapons. I don't know any other way of being effective against their technology other than knowing that most of their technology is a fourth dimension technology that they're having work in the third dimension. And so, perhaps our orgone, which works in both dimensions, will be effective against it, and so.

You know, we use them to take out cell phone towers and so it's really not much different. It could take out chemtrails. And so, we just need to focus them on the moon. See what that can do against the apparatus on the moon that they use. And that's even -- I don't know if it's working in conjunction with the soul catcher. I know it's separately, but they may be working in conjunction together. And so, if you're hit by a beam, maybe it's one of those soul-sucking machines. This is literally Hollywood coming to life, folks. You know, you see this outrageous stuff in Hollywood fiction. And what I've been screaming for years is there's more truth in fiction than you can imagine. And so I see that stuff coming up more and more with the moon beams. And also with the pandemics that are coming with syringes, those vaccinations.

Pale Horse Rider Coming Soon to Be with Dung-Spreading Black Horse Rider

Another thing I've been seeing is the black horse already riding and accomplishing his job through chemtrails. And so, we're gonna see an accomplishment this spring of everything he's been doing. With destroying our water supply, our soil, our food production. Literally, the Bible Codes relates the black horse rider with "dung spreader." And I've told you that "dung spreader" is these chemtrail planes. And so, he's literally accomplishing his job through chemtrails.

And I've warned the pale horse rider is coming very soon. And the pale horse and the black horse ride together. Pretty much as the white and the red horse have ridden together you're gonna have the pale and the black horse riding together. And they're causing much death and destruction. Two billion people being affected by the famines and the plagues that are coming. And so, that's a lot of destruction in a short amount of time.

And, just a heads up that we could be looking a spring for a lot of these plagues and pestilences, and famine to hit, and so. You know, any time up until then. I don't see it one way or the other in the Codes. I see a lot of "delayed" with their arrivals. And then on the other hands, I can see them just arriving all of a sudden and everybody's taken by surprise, which is what they like. And so, it could come either way. There could be a Christmas Day or a New Year's Eve invasion, and they're taking us by surprise because we assume they're going to delay it because it's been exposed. And they always delay their plans once they've been exposed. Or they could go ahead and just swing it. And so -- go ahead and do it. And so, they would come with an assembly of angelic hosts mimicking the Lord's angels, and so.


I'm gonna take some questions from callers. See them sitting on the line. And I'm gonna get into this other material a little bit later. I haven't been taking callers at all the last couple of weeks, and so. See what's going on with some of these people.

To All You People Working Satan's Agenda, You'll Be the First Ones He Kills

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Is that me?


CALLER: Oh, OK, great! Hi, Sherry. How ya doin'?

SHERRY: Good. How are you?

CALLER: Good, sweetie. I thank you for all that you do. And this is the first time that I've been able to listen to you live, and -- it always has to be recordings so I'm happy to be able to be here tonight. And I just have one thing that -- if they're listening out there...the bad people...and whatevers [laughs] --

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs] -- yeah. Whatever you are out there. You know, if -- this is the beauty of it -- if there's any poetry in motion at all, is that a lot of these beings and entities, once they've served their purpose -- and I've said this from the very beginning -- at a certain point they're gonna be expendable themselves.


CALLER: So let them push things forward. Let them rush things. Because they're rushing their own demise also, if you're listening out there. [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. [laughs]

CALLER: It's the way I look at it -- the ornery bugs. But, you know, it's like you're involved in any bad group. It's just like when robbers go out and rob. What happens after they get what they want? They start killing each other off because they want the power and the money.


CALLER: And it's no different with this. It's gonna happen the same way. There's gonna be a lot of people that think because they're in a group that they're safe. But they're, in the end, gonna be expendable also.

SHERRY: Yeah. There's no love, no security or confidence in Satan's groups. They all hate each other.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: And they're all greedy, so they're all fighting for the last dime and to be the one on top. And, you know, I've been saying the same thing for years. They're gonna be the first ones to go. 'Cause they're the -- you know, when Satan does arrive, he doesn't want all them around to turn around and plan his demise, so he's gonna get rid of all of them. That was in their plan to bring him here.

CALLER: I agree. That's my line of thinking, too. I think that they're gonna be the -- some of the first to go --


CALLER: -- once they serve their purpose. They don't even have to wait long.

SHERRY: They're the red list. They are literally the red list. Because if people like me are on the blue list, they're red. [laughs] Because bigmouths that are making -- they're just on the blue list means we're not at the top of the list.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: The most dangerous to them are the ones who put them in power.

CALLER: Exactly.

SHERRY: And so it's just like 9/11 --

CALLER: You've got it. And they don't get it, do they? They don't get it.

SHERRY: No, they don't. 9/11 they had over 2,000 people helping with that entire thing. Mostly pencil-pushers and office personnel. And after 9/11, 2,000 of them were killed. They were put on trains, never to be heard from again. And those were government workers. And I actually had that confirmed by someone high up in the CIA. And so, it goes to show what we've been saying all along...they kill their own first.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. That's what makes sense to me.


What Is It That Orgone Water Is Effective Against?

CALLER: Well, I'm gonna get off here, or you can let me go and I'll just continue listening. And I want to thank you for all that you do, and --

SHERRY: Where are you calling from?

CALLER: -- oh, I know...really quick -- what did you ask, honey?

SHERRY: Where are you calling from?

CALLER: I'm calling from Canal Fulton, Ohio. I'm not that far from you.

SHERRY: No, you're not. [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. And --

SHERRY: Oh, I'm gonna talk about Massillon tonight.

CALLER: Massillon?


CALLER: Well, I'm right on top of Massillon. I'm super close to Massillon.

SHERRY: All those lizard signs...and I was ready to die.

CALLER: What's going on in Massillon?

SHERRY: Oh, I'm gonna talk about it here in a little while, so just hang on and listen to the show.

CALLER: Oh, no. I'm too close. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Oooo. Shiver me timbers. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs] All right, I'll get my orgone out. Which, gee, by the way, can you kind of refresh everybody on -- 'cause, I can't remember. When it comes to orgone water, I know you just put orgone in a bucket of water and let it sit for a day or two and you've got orgone water. And what is it that orgone water is effective against?

SHERRY: Anything dead. Anything evil.


SHERRY: Vampires, demons. 'Cause, uh -- zombies.

CALLER: OK. Aliens?

SHERRY: 'Cause those are all dead beings. Yeah, aliens. Anything in the fourth dimension. Anything evil. Anything that's dead, coming back dead. Zombies, vampires, basically dead. Just demons reanimating those bodies. And so, it's definitely our only defense. It's like acid against them. It's like holy water.


SHERRY: And so, that's what you're gonna wanna use against like, Giants or an alien invasion, or zombies or vampires or, you know. If you want to avoid the vampires, you just stay in the house at night, you know.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: But zombies could --

Velostat Hats Keep People from Getting Abducted

CALLER: Have you ever heard of Velostat? Which, this one fellow, he has been lining hats with Velostat [anti-static plastic], about 8 layers of it. You can get it from the 3M Company. And aliens, I guess, they -- people that are abducted on a regular basis are not abducted anymore, because they can't control you with your mind when you have this covering your head or your brain.

SHERRY: The tin-foil hats. It's basically tin-foil.

CALLER: OK, now, the -- when they showed the rolls of Velostat, it was like this black material. I'm not sure, I've never had it in my hands before.


CALLER: But I was thinking about getting some of it. And, um, I'm trying to think...oh, Michael Menkin. If you kind of plug, I think, into like, into the search [unclear] on the computer like how to stop alien abductions, you can get on Michael Menkn's site [http://www.stopabductions.com] and then he shows how to make these hats.


CALLER: And so, I've been wanting to get some Velostat for the longest time and do that, 'cause I figured it wouldn't hurt. That's for sure.

SHERRY: Well, orgone will keep them away, too, and so. Most people aren't gonna go to sleep with a hat on their head. But you can put --

CALLER: But you know what? That's right. And -- you're so right. But you know what's really interesting, on that site there's some people that are abducted so regularly, like a mother and a daughter. And they were so sick of it, and it's not a good experience, as you would know. And so, these two poor girls, they wear hats all the time and even to bed.

The Hybrids Who Know They're Hybrids Look Normal

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, I can imagine. Well, they are really targeting the women. And I'm gonna talk about that more tonight because it's becoming so obvious now with all these hundreds of thousands of kids we have that just look uglier than aliens. And so --

CALLER: Well, I will tell you, I personally know a hybrid. I met a hybrid.

SHERRY: I know many. And, you know what? At least the ones I know look normal.

CALLER: Same here.

SHERRY: The ones that know they're hybrids all look normal.

CALLER: Same here.

SHERRY: The ones who don't know they're hybrids are just -- they're ugliest kids I've ever seen.


SHERRY: I'm just amazed. I just watch them. I'm just amazed by them. And so, I was gonna talk about that tonight because it's just getting more and more prevalent. I don't know how people can't deny it. And the thing is, most mothers just don't know that while they're pregnant the aliens are tampering with their fetuses.

CALLER: Exactly. Right, I believe that. Well, you know, --

SHERRY: So. Anyway, thanks for calling --

CALLER: -- one thing I'd heard way back when was that when they're doing the -- 'cause I wondered, "Why are they doing all this hybridization? What is it all about?" And in all my research, the closest thing that I ever came to a possible answer, and it kind of clicked, was that they, the successful, the (quote) "successful" hybrids are the ones that are the cold ones. That are more like "them" than us. That don't have as much emotion. And when the time comes, the way I understand it, they're gonna be using these hybrids that look like the rest of us to help round all of us up.

SHERRY: Right.

Hybrids Still Have to Make a Choice to Accept Yahuah's Redemption or Not

CALLER: And their loyalty is to the aliens and not to us.

SHERRY: Well, they all have to make a choice, because they're all half human. And so, they -- they still have to make a choice, just as much as we do, who will they follow. Because they can accept Yahuah's redemption.

CALLER: So there, again, inevitably, some of them definitely, who knows how many, but some of those are going to defect. And there they have another problem, don't they?

SHERRY: Some of them will, but the majority probably won't, because the majority are just sucked into the whole thing, of they can become gods, they have all these abilities, they get self-absorbed with themselves and their abilities. It's like the X-men show, because these -- all these hybrids have special abilities that we can't even imagine. They don't sleep at night. They go walk dimensions. And this is something NOBODY talks about. And when you start talking to these hybrids, they all have the same stories!

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And so --

CALLER: Yeah, that much I don't know about them. I know some things about them, but a lot I don't know.

Why Hybrids Don't Talk to People

SHERRY: Yeah. And they don't talk, either. They will not talk, unless they know you very, very well.

CALLER: Well the one thing that I found out --

SHERRY: And you know, I'm one of these people everybody tells everything to, and so. You know, they talk to me.

CALLER: Exactly. They're not supposed to talk to people.


CALLER: But I know one that did talk to me to some degree. And one thing I found out, it's like, if they would try to break free of them, it's kind of like a baby taking its first steps because they've always done what they're told to do.


CALLER: They don't know anything else.

SHERRY: Well, they --

CALLER: And so --

SHERRY: -- a lot of them could have self-destruct programming, too, to where if they start to rebel, they have self-destruct programming, which would cause them to commit suicide and things like that. So it's very layered, intricate. A lot of these hybrids are left alone. A lot aren't. Especially the ones with missions. They're not left alone. They're always targeted, they're always monitored. They're always being brought in for more and more programming, and so, it's very, you know. It's almost like half of them are targeted individuals, watched closely, and the other half just blend into society and live as us, and you never know them, except for the fact that they look weird. But they don't have any other responsibilities, just to breed, keep breeding more and more hybrids. That's their jobs, just to be breeders here.

CALLER: Well, that's one thing I learned, too, now, this is what I was told by this one hybrid, that they watch different hybrids for different reasons.


CALLER: So they have different areas that they're kind of really monitoring a hybrid for. And all the contacts that they have with people, they can get in their heads at any given time. And then they can kind of get whatever information from all this interaction between them and us.

SHERRY: Mm-hmm.

CALLER: So that they do that.


Control Your Emotions - Aliens Find It Much Easier to Enter a Weak or Upset Mind

CALLER: And, uh, I'm trying to think what else I can kind of give information on out there when it comes to them. But, yeah, they, um, some of them are bothered a lot. And, oh! One thing I can tell you; a weakness. Aliens are all about the mind, and getting into the mind, and controlling with the mind. As powerful as they are with that control and being able to get into people's minds and control them, they're not that strong in actual reality. Because one thing I found out, that that hybrid, uh, the time that they would move in on that individual would be when that person was frustrated about something or upset, so then, in other words, weak in the mind. And that's when, boy, they would just go right in.


CALLER: It wasn't like they would go in to try to control that person all the time. But when that person was upset or weak in the mind is when they moved in.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: So, I don't know. And I don't believe an alien. [laughs] I don't think think there's an alien out there you can trust. I think Phil Schneider said that, he's dead now, who was murdered by the government.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, there isn't. They just play good cop/bad cop.


SHERRY: There's two different roles, but they all run the same agenda.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And so, you know, that's what I've been screaming for years. All these stupid, gullible New Agers who think that they're gonna be lightworkers, and they're working for a good cause, and blah-blah-blah. And it's like, "Wake up." And all of them drinking quartz [crystal] liquid. And, you know, like Colleen Thomas, just becoming possessed by these Reptilians, these Pleiadeans. And over 100,000 just in her group, and so, it's rampant that we really believe that the Pleiadeans are here to help us, and all this garbage. And, you know, it's gonna deceive a lot of people and it already is.

Alien Message to Abductee: We're Gonna Help You, but If You're Against Us, You're Dead

CALLER: Well, I met someone that -- this is really interesting. I don't know my life, um, I saw a UFO when I was probably about nineteen years old. And I was very close to the UFO. I got underneath it and it was about treetop level. And so, it was right above me. And my adrenaline kicked in when I saw this thing. Once I got close enough to it I knew that I was looking at something that wasn't normal. So my adrenaline kicks in, I drive right underneath this thing. It's right after I get underneath it I'm like, "Oh, geez. What the heck am I doing?" Beause you realize, even though I felt some measure of safety by being in a car, that that was ridiculous. That they're so much more advanced that they can do anything they want with you. I had no missing time though. I didn't have any actual contact with them. Hallelujah that I didn't. Especially when you hear what people go through when they do have contact with these things.


CALLER: But then I met the hybrid. And I think they knew I was going to meet the hybrid and that was why that I had the contact or the fighting with them. But through the years it's just like different things have happened and it's just kind of odd. It's so funny, now my mind's a blank. Here's something I really wanted to tell you about the aliens. But I don't know. Maybe they're in my head right now. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: But, anyway --

SHERRY: They're all over here in Carrollton [Ohio] right now. [laughs]

CALLER: I don't think you can trust them. I don't think you can believe anything they say. Oh! I know what I was getting towards. So then I meet this individual. How odd, you know. I've seen a UFO, I've met a hybrid, then I run into someone that says they're abducted regularly. And the daughter, when she found out that -- 'cause I'm open about having experiences seeing a UFO and she's like, "Let her listen to the recording that you have, Dad." So here, because they get abducted regularly and he would -- multiple times he tried to take a tape recorder onto the ship when they were abducted. And, he said everytime the recording would never work. They could never get anything. It just would be staticky. Well, this one time that they go on board they get this recording, and he plays it for me. It's the creepiest thing you'd ever want to hear. And it wasn't a normal-sounding voice, but it was a human-type voice. It was more like a male-type voice. And it was saying that the world, you have problems, and we think we know what the problem is and how you got to where you are, and we're gonna help you out.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah, exactly. And then they made a comment to the affect --

SHERRY: While they're abducting you and using you and breeding.

CALLER: -- yeah, that they were under God.


CALLER: I think they're using that in a propaganda sense, because they know how we believe in God and we're religious so that was just, you know, you can say it, but that doesn't mean you are. Then he was saying how that there's more ships. You have no comprehension how many ships that we have, and that you will have a choice to make. And that if you decide to -- kind of, in so many words he was saying you're either with us or against us, and if you're not with us then you'll be killed, is what he was inferring. And you can get onto our ships and we will help you out and we will take you off the planet. Well, therein lies -- and I told this person, I said, "You've gotta be kidding me." I said, "I don't like what he's saying at all. And he's saying that he's gonna help us, but then if you're against us, you're dead.

SHERRY: Yeah. It's the alien rapture.


SHERRY: And they take them off the earth, and they take them straight to hell and they use them for their freezers.

CALLER: There you go! And I said to him, I said, "You are believing everything that this entity is saying to you?" I said, "You've gotta be kidding."

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: When they get you on this ships, are they gonna eject us out into space once they get us out into space? Because maybe they want the planet and they don't want our bodies rotting here. Or are we for food?

SHERRY: No, they wanna use you as food. You're food.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly.

SHERRY: Anyway, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Yeah, sweetie. Thank you so much, and you take care.

SHERRY: All right, you, too.

CALLER: And -- OK. Bye-bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

What's Up with All the Orbs Lately?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry. I have a question.


CALLER: What's up with all the orbs lately? Have you noticed people saying that they're seeing a lot of orbs? Or they say [unclear] or something in the sky like the Georgia in the sky. Looks like a fireball. What's up with that? Are those meteorites that are coming?

SHERRY: Well, that's what they call them. But a lot of times what we're seeing is UFOs crashing. And, between that and also sylphs that will nosedive an orgoned area. It's like orgone is food to them. They get energized by orgone. And so, they actually look like white streaks across the sky as they go through orgoned areas, 'cause they're like, sucking up all the orgone energy. And it gives them --

CALLER: I didn't know if they were meteorites, or --

SHERRY: No, they're not meteorites. They're usually -- the ones they claim are meteorites 'cause they see them orange balls crashing to the earth, those are UFOs crashing.

CALLER: 'Cause I know they've seen them go across the south, and then they've seen them over by Georgia. They said it looked like a, just a red or orange fireball going through the skies.

SHERRY: Yeah. The fireballs are UFOs crashing. And they've been calling them meteors for years. And so, we've just gotta keep getting more and more orgone out.

Are the Babies Being Born Now Hybrids or Aliens?

CALLER: Been hearing a lot about them lately. Also, what's up with some of the babies that are gonna be -- that are being born like, right now? Are a lot of them psychic? Or...are they evil --

SHERRY: Hybrids. They're hybrids. If you look at kids today, they have some of the ugliest features you've ever seen. And, you know, other than knowing that they were born from their mothers, you know, the other half of them is very questionable about what their DNA is, if they actually did have a father, if it was alien DNA. Or if their fetuses were tampered with when they were pregnant. But a lot of these kids, just unusually-shaped heads, unusual features, usually very tall and lanky, skinny-type kids.


SHERRY: Just a very --

CALLER: You know angels coming back or kids are real psychic or --

SHERRY: Oh, they're here. And there's angels coming back in the end times, but they're not coming as babies. I mean, they're here to do a job, and so. [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah, they are being reborn here in the end times then.

SHERRY: Not right now. I mean, all the ones that were meant to be here are here, and they're adults. And so, all the babies being born now, you know, this is very well -- you know, human babies with a calling for the Lord on their lives, but we're looking at the time of the days of Noah. And the days of Noah, he was the only one left with his three sons with pure human DNA. Which means everybody else had contaminated DNA at that point. And that's the kind of days we're getting into where real humans on this earth are in the minority. Real people with just real human DNA. Everybody else's DNA is being tampered with either through birth, being born a hybrid, or taking these vaccinations that change your DNA.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: All the flu shots that have animal and alien DNA in them that people are injecting in their bodies. They're affecting their DNA. It's just war on mankind.

CALLER: Would you say [unclear] being born right now then.


CALLER: You think they're hybrids or aliens that are being born?

SHERRY: Pretty much right now, 'cause these are the end days. These are the last of the last days.

CALLER: And we chose -- the people, like, I'm an adult, like you are. We chose to be here before we came here? We chose to be here the end times?



SHERRY: Yep, we chose to be here. And, doesn't mean our, you know, our kids that we have won't have callings on their lives, but, you know, for the most part what we're looking at is just a war on mankind, and war on our DNA right now, and so.

CALLER: Tell them to get their orgone out and [unclear]. [laughs]

SHERRY: Oh, yeah. And drinking your own water, having it blessed. They're attacking our food and our water. And putting chemicals in our deodorants. And --

CALLER: Even people that have wells out in the country, though?


CALLER: Are they a little bit more safer --

SHERRY: The problem with that even is if you have a well, you have groundwater. And your groundwater could be -- is rainwater which could be affected by the chemtrails.

Is This Weather Normal, or Are Systems Changing?

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. I've been watching, 'cause we have a lot of cows around this city. We've had a lot of chemtrails out lately. And with all these storms and stuff, bad weather. And I haven't seen anybody, any of the animals, though, but I'm not out all the time, seeing if they're acting strange or -- you know, you think they would be affected by all this.


CALLER: Or people that are outside working a lot. What's up with all this weather? Is this normal, or are systems changing? Or is this HAARP, or whatever, with the rains and the snow and --

SHERRY: Well, the earth's gonna flip. And so, we're just seeing birth pangs of that. The earth is literally just going to start rocking. Isaiah says it rocks to and fro like a drunkard in the last days. And it's basically what it's doing now. It feels like it's almost tilting over, the North Pole's tilting over. And so, we're getting a lot of effects in the northern countries and north of the equator with the really bad snow and stuff. And so, --

CALLER: Is that why we're getting --

SHERRY: -- it's a combination of them chilling the air and also of the earth being knocked off its axis.

I See We're Having a Lunar Eclipse Tonight

CALLER: I see tonight we're having -- is it, a solar, lunar eclipse tonight?

SHERRY: Yeah. Moon's supposed to be turning red.

CALLER: Oh, is it?

SHERRY: Yes. I think a couple hours. So that'll be interesting. It starts about 1 o'clock tonight, where the moon will turn a blood-red.

CALLER: What's that gonna mean, or whatever?

SHERRY: Oh, I don't know. Some kind of solstice thing and some lunar eclipse thing. Pagan and science meeting together. [laughs] Paganism and science. [laughs] I don't know. Just point a pipe blaster at it. [laughs]

Where Is the Entrance to Hell?

CALLER: [laughs] Yeah, I just wondered...where do you think the entrance of hell is at?

SHERRY: Entrance of hell?

CALLER: They've had some people online where they claimed to hear people -- live around -- it's in a different country. They always hear like, screaming and loud through these caves that people live -- and they say that -- you think there is an entrance that's open that's...

SHERRY: I don't think it's open to where you can get in there. The hell we're thinking of would be the center of the earth, and very many miles deep down. I've heard of oil drillers drilling into areas and then hearing the sounds of hell.

CALLER: Hearing the screaming? You think it's in Earth...hell?

SHERRY: Well, the abyss is space. And so...there is a hell, a sheol in the middle of the earth, center of the earth, and so. But when the Bible talks about hell most of the time -- the abyss -- people confuse the abyss with hell, with sheol, when it's actually talking about space, and so.

World War III Over North Korea?

CALLER: OK. Well, I just wanted to ask you about that, and...everything, so. Well, I'm just watching a World War III, or whatever, over North Korea. I think that kind of paused for a little bit. Their plans aren't --

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: -- seem to be pretty -- [laughs] didn't go through, so far.

SHERRY: [laughs] They're trying to compete with the New Age agenda to bring in the Ascended Masters this month, and so. The New World Order faction once it gets its Korean War going, the New Age faction bring in its Ascended Masters. And so, they're both kind of fighting for it. And then they both kind of stall. They're always unsure. And --

Camilla, Second Princess of Wales, Has a Clone

CALLER: What about the King and Queen? Did you see Prince Charles? They were attacked. And, is it Camilla?

SHERRY: That didn't even look like her. That was a clone or whatever, a copycat of her. That wasn't even her.

CALLER: A clone? [laughs] Too bad they didn't get them. [laughs]

SHERRY: That wasn't even her.

CALLER: How could they go -- why all the leaks -- are they planning a wedding if they think something's [unclear] around? You know, why are they making this, planning this wedding and --

SHERRY: Oh, distractions. They always use entertainment and media, and sports and Hollywood for distractions. Keep people distracted on other stuff other than moon beams beaming Earth, sucking souls off the earth, and everything else. They don't want people thinking, you know, seeing the truth of what's going on.

CALLER: Everybody's concentrating on the weather lately, and on North Korea, and --


CALLER: OK. Well...I just wanted to ask you about that, so. All right.

SHERRY: All right.

CALLER: Thank you.

SHERRY: Well, thanks for calling in. Bye-bye.

Hello? Is This Nibiru Calling?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Is anybody there? Is this Nibiru?

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: [laughs]

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: All right. So I'll just say goodbye then nicely hang up.

One of the Ascended Masters Is a Prophet from Nibiru

Nibiru actually coming in a lot closer. Probably what's behind a lot of this earth-tilting, as I've been talking about the last couple of weeks. Gonna start seeing a lot more from Nibiru in the spring. Because a lot of these Ascended Masters...one of them is a prophet from Nibiru. One of them is one of those Nibiruan prophets. I'm not sure which one it is yet, but I see Nibiruan prophet, so, one of them coming.

Because Nibiru is basically already here. They can get to Earth in their little ships from the star space. The spaceship where they're at, and so. Don't know when that's exactly -- they're already doing that. I don't know when this assembly is going to come to Earth, although they're vying for the next few weeks to make their arrival on Earth. And at the same time, the Satanist New World Order factions fighting to start the Korean War. 'Cause that was in their plans. To have the Korean War first, and then bring in the Ascended Masters as God in the second coming of Christ, and all this Bible-prophecy mimicry stuff.

And so, [laughs] both scripts running right now alongside each other. Both getting to actually the same place which is the arrival of the Ascended Masters. And I think they're just fighting over who gets to control what, and so.

Hybrid Kids in a School in Canton, Ohio

And I was talking to, earlier, with one of the callers. You know, I sit in a gym three or four times a week. I have basketball, I have wrestling, everything else. And one of the things that just blew me away last week, was sitting in the gym. And all of these kids from this school. I'm not gonna exactly say which one it was, but it was in southern Canton, Ohio. And I just looked up at my daughter, and I said, "They all look like aliens." And she just looked at them and laughed, and, you know, of course, she's my daughter, she knows me by now. And I'm like, "Look." And I start pointing these kids out to her, you know. And we both just sat there in amazement because they were the weirdest things. Oversized heads, real skinny bodies, just the ugliest facial features you've ever seen. And none of them being a pound overweight, just real skinny, real lanky. And then, you know, I just made that comment to her that they all look like a bunch of aliens, and I'm thinking, "What's going on in Canton?"

Reptile Dysfunction Billboards Near Canton, Ohio

And I head over to Massillon, Ohio this weekend and there's Reptile Dysfunction signs all over the place. These huge purple billboards that show a lizard, and it says, "Reptile Dysfunction," and then the lizard has a name, it's Lisa. And then these other billboards will have a name and they'll call them a boy's name. So they're actually kind of relating lizards as us, humans. And you go to this website that's listed on the billboard sign and the website's all about building interpersonal relationships. [see http://www.canyourel8.com/185] So, apparently, these lizard hybrids that are living amongst us, and being born amongst us, have problems building real human interpersonal relationships with other people.

Now that could go for anybody. I mean, that could go for an entire dating scene of unmarried singles. You know, how to build better skills so you can land that Mr. Right or Mrs. Perfect, or whatever it is. But this is just too freaky that, you know, they're calling these people by normal names, but showing reptile pictures of them, and then having this entire campaign about reptile dysfunction.

One of the Biggest Traits of Hybrids Is That They're Narcissists

And it being about relationships with people reminded me of the fact that one of the biggest traits of hybrids is that they're narcissists. They don't feel like we do. They don't have human emotions, they have to learn them. They don't know what happiness is, or compassion, or empathy, or pity, because they're just cold and heartless. Think of Bush, think of Obama, think of Cheney. They don't care what their actions do to other people. Like Nancy Pelosi. They don't care about the little guys. They don't care about your families eating at night, or paying bills, or having jobs, or if they're homeless.

They don't have any empathy. They don't have any compassion. They don't have any pity. They could care less about anybody else but themselves. All they think about is themselves. Always wanting praise. There you go with like, Lebron James. Always wanting self-praise. Always putting themselves above everybody else. That's classic narcissism. That's narcissistic traits. You see it in a lot of athletes, like Lebron James. And then you'll see it in politicians. Where their whole world just centers around them. And they really can't understand other people's emotions and what their feelings are, and so.

How Many Women Would Know Their Fetuses Are Being Tampered With?

I just found that interesting that Canton, Ohio, which isn't very far from here, being saturated with Reptilians. They've got these reptile signs everywhere. I'm running into these kids from all these schools and their sports teams that look like a bunch of aliens. And that's one of the biggest things, folks, is that how many women would even know that their fetuses, that the babies they're carrying are being tampered with while they're sleeping? You know, that they're being injected with alien DNA, they're being pulled aboard ships. Possibly not even having a human father, be impregnated from the beginning by these aliens and not even knowing that, you know, women getting pregnant out of nowhere, can't figure out how they get pregnant, and here they're pregnant. They you go. And -- or thinking it's your, you know, married women would be the safest ones because they would just assume it's their husbands, and it's not, it's just some alien baby, and so.

Warning to Men and Boys About Axe Products and Energy Drinks

I don't know how you want to explain it, but explain to me how, you know, 40 percent of the kids you see don't look fully human. They look like aliens, with ugly features. Now I'm glad those in my town look pretty normal, although, what I have been seeing is the effects of vaccinations on kids, and it seems to be the worse on boys. And most of the kids I've seen, that look like aliens, that have strong aliens features, have been boys. The girls all look normal to me, but the boys seem to be the ones most affected. And I, you know, it just seems like a higher percentage of the retarded ones amongst us are boys, probably from vaccinations. For some reason, the male genes are the worst affected by what's going on.

You look at these products that are coming out. All these Axe products. Deodorant products for men. They're the ones most likely to be drinking the energy drinks, the Lifewaters, the Sobes. All stuff that the men would partake in moreso than females. I mean, you look at the men and, you know, we've got a pandemic of men-boobs growing amongst us. [laughs] Literally, we're getting men-boobs, men becoming more effeminate. They're not really the rough, tough guy with testosterone we're all used to growing up with. They're just more effeminate. Nice guys, not the real testosterone, tough ones. You know what I'm talking about. It's hard to explain.

I've seen that type for years. You'll have your athletic, tough-looking guys that are normal. And then you just have these other guys that just seem kind of effeminate but they're not gay, they're normal guys. They just don't have that tough testosterone we're all used to seeing in our men, and so.

Noah and His Sons Were the Only Ones Left with Pure DNA

Definitely a huge play and war on the DNA of humans going on. It's huge, folks. It's huge against us. And one of the things it reminds me of is as in the days of Noah, because Noah and his sons were the only ones left with pure human DNA. You know, the Bible calls them righteous. It was translated as the word righteous. They were not holier-than-thous. They were not spiritually holier-than-thous. They loved the Lord and they were righteous in the fact that they loved and had faith in Him. But what it's talking about is their DNA was unaffected. Their DNA hadn't been contaminated, and so.

That doesn't speak to the wives that they married, but for them they were still perfectly human. And so, you look in today's world and how many Noah and his children are there amongst us now, so to speak. Because so many people's DNA being tampered, just with the things they drink, the foods you eat, processed foods, the stuff you're drinking, the flu shots, the vaccinations, the abductions. The abductions are in the millions, because I know there's tens of thousands who's shipped out every night, and they target certain areas. And each one of these ships has a list of people that they'll spy on and monitor to see what they're doing on a nightly basis. Or they might leave and come back a few nights later.

They almost have it down to a perfect science to where their spider webs crawl all over the earth and in every area, every population, every -- you know. And, you know, back in 2005 when the Lord told me the silent invasion had already begun, you know, back then I was just learning about the soul-scalping and the walking-in, and things they were doing in that nature. Now we're looking at just total takeover through our unborn children, or hybridization, the abductions, transgenics, transhumanism. You know, we've got our whole shadow government, spearheaded by George Bush, Sr. and Dr. Green, and many of them at the top. You've got Kissinger also up there. And all hive-linked, so all controlled by machines. They're all hive-linked to a computer. And so, this has been going on for a very long time, folks. This isn't something new.

James Casbolt: Project Ibis (The Life and Times of Michael Prince)

You know, James Casbolt came out with the rest of his book, Project Ibis [http://projectcamelotproductions.com/interviews/james_casbolt/james_casbolt.html]  I need to post it on my site. I know other people have already posted it on theirs. But he details a lot of what this stuff going on in underground bases with mixing humans with machine. They do it. And everything is based on nanochips, just chip implantations, and hybridization. You would be amazed at the level of expertise they have in being able to make a half-human, half-machine type being. You know, it makes Arnold Schwartzenegger look like a prophet. [laughs] You know he had Terminator II, and he takes the skin off of his arm and you see a metal robotic arm. That's what they do, folks. That's what they can do. And then, the movie, Skyline, where they suck people's brains out of them and they put them in these robotic metallic beings, these aliens, that have these metal bodies, but a human brain in them. This stuff's real. They do this stuff. They do it. And so you thought Hollywood was fiction, huh?

The Pentagon Can See the Aura of Orgone Emanating from My Home

And so, we're being surrounded. We're literally surrounded by I don't know what that is. [laughs] You look at people and lights are on, nobody's home. Just that reptilian-stare look. The kids being born that don't look normal. People moving and living around us, our bosses, you know, people you work with. We're just being surrounded. Surrounded by all of this, and so. My advice: stay home in your orgoned areas [laughs]. If you're going out in cities and you don't want to be noticed, leave the orgone at home. If you do want to be noticed, take the orgone. Because they will recognize it, and you'll get the hateful stares, the glares, the hisses. They hate orgone, and so. You know, it's up to you if you want to be incognito or not. But just know that they recognize it right away.

And it also has a blue aura to it. You know, I was seeing in the Codes the other day how they sit in the Pentagon and watch through a satellite television, and they can see my home, on this satellite TV of theirs, and the aura of orgone that emanates from my home. And it has to be just massive, because Obama, himself, has flown over here in these helicopters that I've seen. I can see Obama and CIA involved with that. They do flyovers. They patrol my area. They patrol other Orgone Warriors, their areas that are heavily orgoned. It has to be some kind of a huge spectacle to them. And you know what? They're afraid of it, folks, because it causes them pain. It causes them a lot of pain to feel this positive orgone aether energy. So right now they're kind of in amazement at it. They just watch us. They can't get us because the Lord protects us. So watching us is about all they can do. You know?

I'm Going to Build a Huge Space Weapon Just Like Wilhelm Reich's

They can, you know, whatever [unclear] the moon beams here. But I'll be fighting back with pipes and blasting them back at the moon. And I don't care what planet they use to try to get me, I'll get them back. [laughs] I'll fight back. I'll get more pipes up. I'm gonna make me a huge space weapon like Reich had; Wilhelm Reich. Had a picture of his space weapon in one of his books. And I'm gonna build one just like it. I'm gonna make a mimicry of it. And we'll see how they like that one. And then I'll be able to just, like a huge cannon, just position it around as I need it. I'll have one at the sun, and then at night I'll have it at the moon. [laughs] Later during the day position it at Shema or some of the other spaceships I see in the sky at night. They'd be blasted at Orion, just to piss them all off at Orion. I can see where the orgone is affecting Nibiru and they're pissed off. [coughs] Because, even wherever Nibiru is right now [coughs] it's feeling the effects of orgone. I could see it in the Codes. And so, interesting that they can hide, but the orgone will find them. The orgone, it's just a dimensional weapon [coughs] that can go anywhere.

It's Getting Really Bad When We Can't Hear You Every Week

I'm gonna see what this caller wants, before they [the aliens] try to kill me. Trying to shut me up.

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Yes. Sherry?


CALLER: Oh! We can't get you here. I don't know what's going on for the last fifteen minutes it's been buffering, and you've been put everywhere.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: But...yeah, no kidding. This is the last few weeks that this has been going on. I've listened faithfully. But I wanted to read, and this is in the book of Joel. You know the book of Joel, I'm positive of that. But at the end, after the Lord gets Judah back and Jerusalem back, he says in the 21st verse of chapter 3, For I will cleanse their blood that has never been cleansed, not been cleansed, for the Lord dwelleth in Zion. Yeah, and you're right. Absolutely. As in the days of Noah. Because they cohabited and made it with the daughters of men. And it's really getting bad when we can't hear you every week.

SHERRY: Oh, yeah. They've really been pulling a number --

CALLER: I know!

SHERRY: -- every week.

CALLER: I know!


CALLER: So God be will you and, you know, we're always listening. Well, that's one reason I called. To try to listen to the end.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I know I can do that.

SHERRY: [laughs] Well, you can just -- I'll let you sit on the line and listen. I've got some other sitters that like to sit on and just listen and...

CALLER: Yeah. You're pulling off. It's buffering all the time, so gosh knows what they're doing or how they're doing it.

Give Them Something to Annoy - Do Something That Matters

SHERRY: Yeah, well, they own the scripts. You know? They own the parking lot I park my car in so there's nothing I can do, but complain. You know it doesn't --

CALLER: Exactly.

SHERRY: -- doesn't get anywhere. So --

CALLER: Yeah it does, because, you know what? If we shut our mouths, we're just as guilty as them.

SHERRY: Yep. You have to do something. Give them something to annoy.

CALLER: That's right.

SHERRY: At least you know you're doing something that matters. [laughs]

CALLER: Exactly. We've got to open our mouths. And you're one of the biggest mouths going, so.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: And I am, too, in my own little world here in Pennsylvania.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: So, I go to the dollar store and I'm preaching. It doesn't matter where I'm at.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Post office. And I don't go to church, either. I quit. You know, like the Pharisees, OK?


CALLER: Yeah. Thank you, honey.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks --

CALLER: God bless, and I hope to hear you next week.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: If not, I'll just call. [laughs]. Good night.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

How Come Everybody Else Doesn't Get as Harrassed and Annoyed as I Am?

And that's about it, folks. You know what? You never know how effective you are until you're the first one on their list to start harassing and annoying to shut you up, and so. How come everybody else doesn't get this harassed and annoyed? [laughs] Yeah. Arrest me and throw me in jail with the cameras going so I can sell a few videos. [laughs] Maybe that's the ticket. Maybe that's what I should be doing. Out there with my bullhorn and humping the streets. And then I can get arrested and thrown in jail and it can all be on tape, and then I'll sell that for a couple million. Maybe that's the ticket. Maybe that's a way of funding this orgone war. I don't know. You know? The big funders have never stood up. And we've done it with a shoestring. And would like to thank all the people who have helped with the shoestrings and helped keep this ministry up on the air, kept us on the radio, keep our websites up, keep us fighting for one more day. Because, trust me, when the crap hits the fan, you're gonna love your saber swords, your blaster pipes. You're gonna love the orgone and it's going to be one of the hottest commodities on the market just getting a hold of orgone, and so.

Anyway, be back Thursday with Aliens in the News. And we'll see what they're up to by Thursday, and if we're gonna have a quiet Christmas or not. I'm really not gonna call it one way or the other, 'cause I really don't care if they show up or not. Just have your orgone and popcorn ready, folks.

Anyway, until Thursday. Otherwise until next Monday night. Yah bless, everybody.


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