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Aliens In The News


December 23, 2010

Thursday’s Show – Aliens In The News


And hello, everyone, it's Thursday afternoon, Aliens In The News.   Thursday December 23rd.   And as I suspected, I'm having technical difficulties with the show.  I'm even surprised they're letting me have a show and so...just kinda goes with the territory folks, so you know, they just want to shut the big mouths up and so...I don't even know what I'm saying, that's the funny part.  I don't plan my shows.  I just show up, and so the Lord leads me in whatever He wants me to say.  So, interesting that they just target these shows, both of us being in the blind about what I'm gonna be talking about.   But that's just the way it is folks.  

You know I've been looking at a lot of Codes and aliens in the news—they're just all over the place folks.  And I wanted to go through some of the recent sightings of UFO craft but I'm not going to be able to access anything on the show.  They've pretty much scrambled me to death, you could call it, where my computers working at a...ten minutes before the show it just slowed to a turtle halt, and I can't get anything to load, and I can't do much on it, and so I'm not going to be able to access things as I normally do.  But that's all right you know, that's all right.

The Eclipse Took Place On A High Satanic “Holy” Day

Had the eclipse the other day on the 21st, and it's also one of their high satanic holy days of the year I guess.  It was the Winter Solstice. It was the high satanic holy day.  The moon is turning blood red, I really didn't see blood red—I saw at the height of the whole thing a peach color, and so, I don't know what it looked like in your area, some people said it was blood red.  I saw a giant peach in the sky.  Probably not even peach.  Probably more like orange.   And very, you know, and I'm expecting it to be west, and it's not.  It's in between east and west, probably stuck in the middle, and it's what I've been saying all along folks.  That our Earth has totally shifted and as much attention as the moon got on the 21st, if people didn't notice that, so help 'em.

The Sun And Moon Are All Over The Place – More Signs In The Skies

Our sun rises up in the southeast, it's gonna be in the south pretty soon.  Our moon, our moon which is suppose to set in the west—it just kinda sets where it wants to, and these are parts of the signs that the sun, moon and skies that the Lord warned us about to watch for.  Because there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars. [Luke 21:25]  And look at the outrageous temperatures in the South America.  This summer when they have their winter, the coldest winter they've ever had, and this is back in July they've ever had where even the fish are freezing and then Europe today—you know, my last show, I think I said the Earth was almost bowed over.  Like it was getting ready to flip it was just bowing over.

Scientists Signed Disclosures To Not Reveal What’s Happening To The Earth

And I read something somebody sent out yesterday, and it said how all the media, all these scientists have signed disclosures, so nobody will talk about it.  No one's allowed to talk about it.  It's like a huge security threat if you talk about the Earth’s being completely out of its elliptical plane or whatever, and how much the Earth has slipped underneath the equatorial line.  And we've slipped underneath that, and this is all suppose to be hush-hush.  No one's suppose to talk about it.  And I find that aggravating because we supposedly have all these patriotic weather people online, keeping everyone informed with what's going on with NASA and the sun and weather, and none of them are talking about this either.   Unless I've missed it.  I mean, where are these guys?  I mean, I'm talking about it this year and this stuff has been going on for 10 years, slowly over time, so it's not like it's just started now.  We've just noticed it or decided, “Okay, something’s really not right here.”   It's time to speak up.  That was at a point probably 2 years ago, you know?  And now people are observing it more and speaking out more and our scientists and our governments refuse to acknowledge it as they do everything else that's all important. 

The Earth Itself Is Flipped

And so, you know, just wanted to give that a heads up people we're not going back to Disneyland, folks.  Things are progressively going to get worse and worse and worse.  If you don't like winter this year, you're not gonna like it next year either.  You didn't like it last year.  I don't even live in the Snow Belt part of the state, and last year we got more snow than they did.  And so, yeah, this time the weather patterns are changing, they're all messed up.  You can't blame it on the Gulf oil—you probably could, but the whole Earth itself is flipped.  It's flipping over, so, just a heads up on that.  If you live in the southern or northern regions—I'm not saying where the safest regions to live are, but I wouldn't want to be in the extreme north areas now.  We could see Alaska become a huge ice bowl.  As if it isn't already.  

Esoteric Meanings Behind The Eclipse

Another thing with the eclipse, if you're looking at an esoteric meaning of the whole thing—I have a way of interpreting the whole thing—is that the Earth is being covered with darkness, blood is going to spill before the light, and the cleansing comes.  And so, it's almost a sign, a warning, that darkness has filled the Earth and blood is going to spill.  And so, pretty much with that kind of a meeting comes up for what I've been seeing for 2011.  You know in 2010 I warned you that it was gonna be a year of fire and we've certainly seen much destruction and fire in 2010.  Gulf oil spill started, what?  In March or April?  And so, certainly a year of fire.

The Pale Horse And Black Horse Ride Together

2011…I have no idea what the Lord is going to be telling me about it.  What I'm seeing—Hell on Earth.  Pretty much the Pale Horse Rider getting set to ride.  Getting set to arrive here.  The Black Horse accomplishing his task through dung spreaders, and that's what I've been seeing in the Bible Codes—“dung spreaders”—which I've told you are the chemtrail planes destroying the Earth from the air.  They've been able to accomplish what his job needs to be doing, and he's going to be riding together with the Pale Horse.  Pretty much like the White and Red Horses back in 2003, 2004, and now we have the Pale and Black horses getting set to ride.

Massive Soul Scalping Is Taking Place Via Nano And Fiberoptic Tech Chip Implants

Another thing taking place during this eclipse from what I've been seeing—I have no way of verifying—but 100's of 1000's of people around the world being soul scalped.  And this was a set up because what they've been doing through the chemtrail programs around the world and the air we breathe—the air we breathe, the water we drink, the beverages we drink—you can't escape it.  They put nano and fiberoptic tech in everything.  And slowly, every day over time, if you're a healthy person your body will flush these nano and fiberoptics outta your body.  But if you are a weakened and sickened person, you lose the ability to flush them out of your body, keep them flushed outta your body.  And what happens is they integrate into your brain.  And our brains have several layers to them.  Several different layers.  And slowly over time a layer gets taken over by the reptilians and then another layer until you become completely soul scalped by them. 

So, I don't know at what level these hundreds of thousands of people were soul scalped—if at the beginning, they've all of the sudden lost a chunk of who they are.  But watch the difference in people’s personalities folks.  You know, it was what I was saying, it's all we need—is more deranged people.  I don't fear the government.  I don't fear aliens.  But I do fear these deranged people who can be turned into robotic assassins, and you never see 'em coming.  And that's exactly what can happen when people get soul scalped and chip implanted. 

Walking Manchurian Candidates

They can become pawns of the New World Order.  They can become walking assassins.  They're walking Manchurian Candidates.  Tim McVeigh and the guy who killed John Lennon and all these single assassins we've had over the years—sniper killers—they had no idea what they were doing.  Because the government the military had turned them into Manchurian candidates so that they were walking assassins.  And then they get thrown in prison, their lives are ruined and destroyed.  Everybody hates that particular person—where they had no idea what they were doing—they were just controlled pawns.  And so this is what we're dealing with folks. 

The Pawns Hate Anything Righteous

And all these 100's of 1000's of people are gonna become less and less human and the thing to watch out for, what they particularly hate is people who do good.  Anything righteous, the Lord’s people, good people, they come up against.  They just have an attitude against them all of the sudden.  You might notice friends and coworkers who all of the sudden hate you and give you attitude for no reason.  People start hating on you and you know what, I get this all the time, I get this all the time. 

What Happens When Hopelessness Sets In

You know, my kids go to a school where most of the kids are pot heads and if you're not a pot head they don't like you and so talk about black sheep.  And the thing it's the kids everybody should be looking up to -- all the popular athletes all the popular kids.  And they're destroying their lives on drugs, and this is a cow town.  And I can imagine the rest of society, where the only thing they have to look forward to is weed, getting high every day.  That's what happens when hopelessness sets in folks.  When people no longer have goals to hold onto.  No longer have dreams that can be achieved, because college tuition's are so high, people can't afford college.  If you want to get a college loan, you're gonna be paying on it 'till you die.  And so hopelessness is sweeping across America.  And you can see the same thing in other countries. 

They're having riots because the cost of education is going up.  They're having riots because the government just said you're going to die before you can ever retire.  We're going to raise the retirement age to 70, 69 years old, which means long gone are the 1950's when you could work 20, 30 years of your life and then retire—enjoy the last years of your retirement years.  The New World Order says, “No, you're not going to enjoy your life.  You are going to work until you die.”  Because not too many people are gonna make it to 69, 70 with working every day of their lives.  We're slaves, folks.  You know, I've warned who's in control, folks.  Can it become any more obvious?  That the lizards are in control of this planet right now, there is no doubt.  

Obama Is Aligned With The Fiberoptics Takeover Of People

There is not one human that is in charge.  You know, I see this fiberoptics takeover of people’s brains through nano-technology, and guess who's aligned with it?  I know, you're gonna be shocked.  Obama.  Totally aligned, in agreement with, the alien takeover of human beings through fiberoptics and chip implantation's, because that's what he is.  And I've told you for years he's nothing but a lizard, a pawn, he's a clone. 

They’re Destroying And Contaminating Our DNA, As In The Days Of Noah

That's what he is, that's what 2011 is going to be about.  They started it several years ago—their plan to disfigure and change human DNA—and they started doing that through vaccine shots and the food and the drinks.  In 2011, we're gonna see a total, I guess you could say implementation.  It's no longer something they're starting it's a full bloom implementation.  Where human DNA is going to be destroyed.

That’s about what happened in Noah's day.  Because the Bible describes the last days as being as the days of Noah [Matthew 24:37; Luke 17:26], and I did a 4 part series on this a couple years ago, in the archives, or you can go to one of my websites and read it.  The WatcherFiles.com or SherryShriner.com, SherryTalkRadio.com.  Noah and his sons were the only “righteous” left on Earth. [Genesis 6:9]  That doesn't mean that they were sinless.  That's the way it was translated, and people believe that's what it was.     

It was the fact that Noah and his sons were the only ones left with pure human DNA.  That up to that point, every person on the planet other than Noah and his sons had contaminated DNA.  And we know at that point the fallen angels had fallen.  Angels had fallen, started procreating with human women and creating giant races everywhere.  Anunuki giants and the Nephilum everywhere.  Just born everywhere.  Thousands and thousands and human DNA corrupted as well. 

Did They Use Vaccines And Shots To Pollute Mankind’s DNA Back Then?

What that doesn't tell us, and what the occultic and esoteric probably have hidden that we'll probably never get access to and see is exactly how, is how they were able to contaminate every single persons human DNA.  And you gotta wonder, did they have vaccinations and shots back then?  Did they have the technology to poison their food and their beverages back then?  I mean. you think of back then—we all do; I use to—as just a Neanderthal time where people lived in caves and mud huts.  But the truth of the matter is it was very tech!  I mean, I mention in one of my articles, one of the first ones I'd ever written—how archeologists were finding batteries and everything else, keeping that hidden from the public.  One painting on a wall—and this is one of those ancient Egyptian hydro things on a cave—the reptile had a watch on his arm.  Okay?  It was a watch.

They Hide What Our Early Civilizations Were Like; They Were Very High Tech

So, they've been hiding exactly how advanced our civilization was in the early days.  They keep that from us.  They want us to develop and have attitudes about how pre-historic everything has been and slowly over time technology has advanced across the Earth.  Probably back then it was more advanced than it is now.  Back then they could fly through portals.  They could fly to other planets.  

Supposedly, and I remember talking about this way back on one of my radio shows and haven't talked about it since.  Right before the flood, even, many of these people leaving Earth through the UFO's and spaceships that they had.  And leaving Earth and then the Earth was destroyed by a flood.  And so they escaped destruction because they left Earth.  

If There’s Clouds On The Moon, Then It Means There’s Also Water

And so there's habitable, habitable planets.  Even so far as our moon.  When you look at the moon and you look at all the cloud cover on the moon, doesn't that speak to common sense that if there's clouds, there's water?  Because clouds are nothing but build up of moisture?  And so as we enjoy our pictures from NASA over the past umpteen hundred years and we see the moon as nothing but a barren desert.  The real truth will blow people away.  They want us to believe that humans aren't on the moon.  When even WikiLeaks will expose cities on the dark side of the moon. 

The “Aliens” Have Always Been Right Here In Our Solar System

You know Mars is very habitable, it's not the red, barren planet that NASA wants us to think it is.  Who controls NASA?  The lizards.  They take our tax dollars so they can reinforce what they want us to think.  And that's that no other planet is inhabitable except Earth.  They really want to hide their existence all around us because they want to sell us the lie that they are extra terrestrials from millions and billions of miles away and other galaxies.  When they're right here, in our own solar system and our own governments are in cahoots with them and have joint towns and cities and suburbs on the moon and planets with them let alone underground bases.  Underground bases. 

The latest one should have everyone's hair up on end when you build a 17 level base in North Carolina and one level alone is 33 feet tall, that's how tall these giants are that they're bringing in and they're building, they've built new underground tunnels so they can transport these giants from the Negev Desert in Israel to the United States and they bring them through these underground bases so they've had to build new ones.  'Cause they needed big ones, tall ones to transport giants.

They’re Stocking Their Underground Bases With Giants From Nibiru

And so they're loading up underground bases now with Nibiran giants that are coming to the Earth.  All of these giant Annuk who have left Nibiru and are coming to Earth.  Have left Shema and are coming to Earth.  All these giant races.  And now...and trust me folks they're not gonna stay in underground bases very long.  They'll get very bored being in underground bases.  

Why Sherry And Co. Orgone-Bombed the Border

I heard from a friend of mine yesterday talking about the Chinese build-up on the border of the Mexico and America. And just alarmed over the massive build-up lately.  Now the Chinese have been building up on the border of America for years.  Remember me talking about this last year, two years ago?  And so, we went down to the border and orgone-bombed it.  Put orgone all the way from Texas, through Arizona and parts of California.  Just orgoning the border.

And Why The Chinese Got Sick Afterwards

And what happened is tens of 1,000's of them got sick because I've told you, this orgone doesn't hurt humans, but it will hurt chip implanted beings because it causes the chips to burn and so tens of 1,000's of these Chinese soldiers leaving, going up through the Panama canal.  But now they're re massing.  They're bringing them all in and they're not gonna let them sit there long this time so they can sit there and get sick, because we still got the orgone there.  It's still gonna be there.  So I have a feeling once they get them all massed they'll make their move on America because they simply don't want to send them all home again because they're sick. 

Clones – Totally Controlled, Emotionless Super Soldiers

I don't know what you do with clones.  I've always wondered about that, because the largest cloning facility in the world is in Beijing.  And what do you do when you want to build up an army of 100 million soldiers?  Make clones.  And China doesn't have to with their population, they can make an army.  100 million soldiers.  But if you wanted 100 million completely controlled, emotionless beings of super soldiers.  Then you clone them and you chip them.  And all these soldiers would be under a hive minded hive linked capacity.  They're all linked to a computer.  So at the push of a button they all become pillagers and murderers.  

Chinese To The South; Russians To The North

And so I think that's basically what we're gonna deal with, with these Chinese armies that are building up.  And, you know, they've been bringing Russian equipment over the northern borders for years.  And they, the border guards have been told not to question them, to just let them go.  Because they're taking this equipment down to Kentucky and other FEMA storage points.  And you find it amusing ‘cause you see them, um, videos online of the border guards between Canada and America, and they treat you like a terrorist because you want to go shopping in a mall across the border.  And then they let all these people—truck drivers—haul in Russian military equipment, and they don’t say a word to them.  It’s hypocrisy, folks.  That’s the madness.  

And guess who’s taken over the borders?  They don’t operate as Border Patrol of America.  They operate as a global border force.  Because they don’t identify themselves as the American Border Patrol.  When you watch these videos, watch who they introduce themselves as.  They’re the International Border Patrol.  “International” meaning they’re being controlled by the UN.  Watch as all these crosses keep happening.  So that the Russians can continuing to keep bringing their military equipment over the northern border, and the southern border—the Chinese army amassing in the wilderness in tent cities, 50-100 miles from the border, getting ready to just make their advance on the southern part of America.   I mean, the writing’s on the wall, folks.  And not only that—the Chinese having a port in San Diego that Bill Clinton gave them, and all these Costco containers on these trains, for years supposedly bringing more and more and more of their equipment.  Seeing more and more of their air vehicles flying in our airspace.  Seeing Russian and German helicopters and airplanes flying.  Yeah, we’re getting ready for a complete UN takeover, folks. 

The Chinese Army Will Be The Antichrist’s Forces

The Chinese army are going to be the Antichrist forces.  And I’ve told you that they go hand in hand with the arrival of this, uh, of Maitreya and this whole Ashtar Command.  Sananda that’s coming.  Mary’s even coming.  And not the real Mary, folks.  They have their own mimic—mimic of Mary.  And “Jesus,” this Sananda.  And you’ll have Maitreya, and Krishna, and Buddha, and all them that are coming.  This whole Ashtar command.  And so it’s all getting ready to hit the head, folks. It’s all getting ready to hit. 

Global Pandemics On The Way

And the Pale Horse Rider coming.  And I see global pandemics coming.  “Global,” which is your first sign of the Pale Horse Riding. We’ve had global pandemics before, but I don’t think they’ve been that, you know, the timing’s been a little weird.  It’s like China will get it for a few months, and then it’ll hit Europe, and then they really push it in America by that time.  Try to make it sound like a disaster.  Everybody run and get your vaccines, and there’s no threat at all really, it’s just all a bunch of scams by the pharmacies to buy their, to buy their poisons.  But I think the global pandemics will be coming and will hit everybody at once, at one time.  That’s when you’ll know the Pale Horse is here.  ‘Cause he has no mercy.  You know, as they look at you, and as they speak of love and religion and Heaven.  They love to speak of spiritual things.  They’ll be planning your deaths and plotting your deaths.  It’s what—they’ve been plotting them for years.  They speak out of both sides of their mouths.  That’s why you can’t understand how the New Age could fall for such garbage.  Because they talk about trying to help mankind while they’re working in the background to completely destroy it, to contaminate and pollute human DNA.  So, these things are coming, folks.  

The Effects Of Contaminated DNA Becomes More Apparent Generation To Generation

Anyway, I, I’m seeing “continual,” “people,” “disfigure,” and that basically means DNA.  We’re going to have an epidemic of children being born that just aren’t even human anymore; they look alien. Watch the increase in birth defects. Hermaphrodites being born.  Men with women genitalia, and women with male genitalia. This is, this is what they’re doing.  Because when they affect your DNA, in any level, then the children you have are going to be born with twisted and contaminated DNA.  And then the children they have—it just keeps going on and on.  It’s a cycle, folks. 

And that’s why they’ve been able to get away with it.  Because the first wave is never noticed very much.  And then the second wave, you have all these, these kids, they—look at the kids in high schools and the kids in middle schools—they—yuck.  And then—not all of them, but you’ll get my point when you see them on the streets and in school events.  You look at these people with the weirdest features you’ve ever seen; they’re just not even human.  And then the kids they have, the third wave, are just going to be unrecognizable.  I mean, they’re gonna look human, but the alien ancestor, ancestry in them is gonna, the DNA manipulation in them is gonna be undeniable.  And we’re in the second wave now, I believe.  Possibly the third.  Some of these alien kids, you know, in a couple of years, they could be parents. Probably already are.  I dunno. 

Reptile Dysfunction – The New Joke On Mankind

You know, I don’t get away from this cow town very long, very much.  So when I head out into populated areas, it’s just amazing what I’m seeing. And “Reptile Dysfunction” signs everywhere?  Come on folks.  Tch.  Everywhere.  Plaster purple billboards.  Reptile Dysfunction.  And of course it’s on a reptile named Lisa.  They give ‘em names.  “This reptile’s named Lisa.  This reptile’s named Johnny.  And Johnny’s having problems finding a date.”  Unreal.  They make it sound like it’s such corny comics.  They couldn’t get any more obvious.  It’s a total takeover of our society, folks.  Takeover, total takeover of our human DNA.  Food supplies are gonna be running out.  Inflation’s going to set in. And disease is going to settle in.  And so, this is what we need to prepare for, folks.  These are the kinds of things that are going to make the news in 2011. 

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Are The Government’s Black Ops, False Flat Operation

You know, people want to worry about what Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.  These things that dominate the news.  And come on, folks.  The guy was born to one of the most horr—known, well known and despicable witches in Australia.  She had like 12 kids and she dyed all their hair that blonde egg color.  And he was one of them.  They’re all MK Ultra kids.  So, was this whole thing a set up?  You bet it is!  This whole thing with Assange and WikiLeaks is a set up, so that people will accept, “Oh, they shouldn’t be releasing that info about governments.  We need tighter control of the Internet.”  And the last thing, and the next thing now is just control of the Internet and what information that’s being put on.  They’ve always wanted to control the Internet, and now they’ve found their black ops.  Their false flag operation.  Because that’s all he is, is a false flag. 

They’ve Been Wanting Total Control Of The Internet For Ages

And so, look for the Internet to come under complete control of lizards.  The government—they can get rid of websites and radio shows like mine, so people have no more access to Truth. And that’s basically where that’s heading.  Just, control.  Total control. The last thing they can control is just the things people hear and see and read. You’re not going to get any truth on television.  I mean, that’s not really—Glenn Beck.  Come on.  Lizards in suits?  People don’t even fall for that anymore. They go to the Internet for the truth, and they know this.  I mean, their news entertaining charades are just something that’ll collapse.  People don’t even believe the news on TV anymore.  And so they know where they go to get the truth: the Internet.  So that’s going to be the one thing they start to clamp down on and get tighter control on. So anyway, just a heads up on all this. 

Sherry Needs Our Support So She Can Get Some Last Minute Projects Done

I still need your support to run this ministry for what time we do have left.  And I thank all those who do support this ministry.  But we need greater support so we can get the things we need, for the last things we need to do.  Much traveling we need to do.  Orgone areas before the final assault hits.  And you know, they don’t want me out on the streets.  Had a death threat on the 21st during the height of the satanic high holiday.  I get most of them by e-mails, and I don’t pay much attention to them. I’ll just post them online and have some fun with them on my websites.  This was a phone call, and I have an unlisted phone number, so it reeks of government involvement.  Claiming that I’ll be dead.  And so, uh, they’re getting desperate, folks.  They’re getting desperate.  Which is why we’ve got to keep going for as long as we can.  And so, I need your support in doing that.

Orgone Water Is Acid To Them

We, we need to get—to protect our water ways, our lakes, our rivers, our resources, because that’s how they survive.  By stealing our resources.  And if we can get orgone into them, it becomes as poison to them, and assaulting them, and it kills them and destroys them.  Orgone is like a poison to them.  It’s like drinking acid for them. Orgoned water is like being hit by acid by them.  And it’s our one protection that we have against them.  It’s orgone.  You need to go to my website, orgoneblasters.com, check out the information I have there about orgone, and how we’ve been fighting this alien agenda with the orgone.  And I need your continued help and support on that, so that we can—you know, this year has been really, really low on money.  Really probably one of the worst years ever as far as donations and support for this ministry go.  And I didn’t even do a—every year, I like to make a—travel the country and do a cross country mission, and this year that wasn’t even possible, donations have been so low.  And so, folks, I really need your help so that we can do the last minute things that need to get done around this country and around the world.  Because it’s all about to hit the fan, folks.  Not just the things I’ve mentioned also, but also their mere physical presence on Earth.  So. 

I’m gonna take some callers.  See what’s going on with people.

Which Enoch Do You Follow?  Cain’s Or Seth’s?

Hello, caller, you’re on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Hi, Sherry?

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Can you hear me?

Sherry: Uh, barely.

Caller: Um, I was calling about Enoch.  Does it concern you that he’s a descendant of Cain, being who’s Cain’s father is?

Sherry: Well, there’s two Enochs.  I mean, there’s the Enoch of Seth, and the Enoch of Cain.  So, if you wanna follow the Enoch of Cain, go ahead.  Everybody else follows the Enoch of Seth.  

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: It drives me nuts.

Caller: Okay.  And where does it say that? 

Sherry: Well, in the genealogy in Genesis.  [Genesis 5:21-24; Enoch was the 7th from Adam]

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: I always get these people, “Well, Enoch’s Cain’s son.”  Well, yeah, but not the Enoch I follow. 

Caller: Okay.  And that’s in the book that you put on, that you had e-mailed about? Sent out emails?

Sherry: Yeah.  I’ll send out books on the legitimate Enoch.  I don’t follow the New Age Enoch, or the Enoch from Cain. 

Caller: Okay.  That just concerned me when I read that, and I just wanted to verify with you.

Sherry: Alright.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: Well, thanks for calling in.

Caller: Thanks.

Sherry: Bye.

[call ends]

People always get their underwear in knots.  They need to realize that this is the biggest reasons why people can’t chew the grass and spit out the hay and know what’s truth and what isn’t, because they won’t read their Bibles, and they don’t even know what the Truth is.  They don’t read their Bibles.

The Secret Of The Locket (Or Amulet) That One Of Noah’s Sons Brought With Her…

Hello, caller, you’re on the air. 

Caller: Is that me?

Sherry: Yeah, that’d be you.

Caller: Hey Sherry, it’s the first time I’ve ever gotten through to you.

Sherry: Oh.  Well, where ya calling from?

Caller: Oxford, Mississippi.  I was in the chat room, the one on BlogTalkRadio, talking to everyone, too. 

Sherry: Oh, I can’t even get in there.  I get black-balled out of my own chat room. 

Caller: I can’t get in there either.  I got a block too, so, how does it work?  Can you do it at the same time?  Do you host your show and do the blog? 

Sherry: You know what?  Usually.  I mean, not lately, but when everything’s going right with BlogTalkRadio and my computer at the same time, I can get into the chat room and do my radio show at the same time.

Caller: Um, something came to my mind when you were talking.  You mentioned about Noah and the flood, and I’ve been doing the same recently, but did you know that there’s a possibility that one of the wives of Noah’s sons brought with her a locket or an amulet that was a replica of what—of the Temple of the Sun, and that this replica, this object—you can read about it in Acts chapter 7 verse 43, where they were confronted for having these objects; the Jews were, when they killed Steven.  But this object would have been a replica of the temple of the sun god, and inside it would have been a copy of the statue that they made scarifies to.  Children sacrifices.  They sacrifice their first born son to it.  And it wouldn’t—

Sherry: Molech.

Caller: Yeah, would’ve—Molech.  It would have contained some of the ashes of one of the wives of Noah’s sons, because it would have been one of her first born children that was sacrificed to this god.  And that object is how they’ve been getting their technology.  They’ve used it to figure out all these different symbols.  I use the symbols, too, on my board.  I try to figure them out on my YouTube channel.  Have you ever looked into that stuff? 

Sherry: No.  I know that everything came through the wives.  That Noah and his sons had no, you know, contaminated DNA.  It didn’t mean the wives didn’t.  And that their wives, Ham’s wife—uh, which is why when Ham sinned, the Lord placed a judgment on Ham’s son.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: He put it on his son, Ham’s son and his offspring, because it was the wives who brought it.  Because they had contaminated DNA.  People want to know how it started up again after the flood, how giants were still here, and it was because of the wives. 

Solomon Built Several Temples, One Of Which Was To Molech

Caller: Yeah.  That’s why—who was it?  I think it was Abraham. Went to sacrifice his firstborn son, but God stopped him, and Solomon actually built a temple to Molech to sacrifice children in it.  It’s why the Bible specifically—Moses, actually, in Leviticus, says that if you pass your children through the fire, which is talking about the sacrifice of Molech—passing through the circle, the sun, or the ring of fire.  That was, um, that was, by Moses, was made a penalty, or a crime, punishable by death if you did that. [Leviticus 18:21, 20:2-5; Deuteronomy 12:31, 18:10]  And Solomon went and built a temple to this god. You see what I’m saying?

Sherry: Well, he didn’t build it to their god.  They claim, you know, he took—they, they steer all that to them, okay?  Solomon used all the resources he had been given and the knowledge and wisdom from the Lord, and then forcing everything evil in that day to build the temple.  He used them as slave labor.  Demons.  He could call up demons and force them to work on the temple.  Use them as slave labor.  But at that point, it was still the Lord’s temple. 

Caller: But he built one, uh, he built a, he built several temples, and one of them was a temple to Molech.  He built several to different gods.

Sherry: Well, before he died, he was worshiping many gods. [1 Kings 11:1-6]

Caller: Exactly.  And he built one of the temples, and this particular—it’s all got to do with this locket.  Because inside this locket, or amulet, that she would have had, it would have contained some of the ashes of her firstborn son on the other side of the flood.  So, you were talking about the clones and everything.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: That would have been the blood they would have used.  It would have been from what was in that locket. Not necessarily the wives.  See what I’m saying?  So.

Sherry: Well, even Adam said his body would be found and plundered.

Caller: Exactly.

Sherry: Meaning, they would take the DNA of his bones. 

The Object May Exist Within Today’s Vatican With The Pope

Caller:  Exactly.  And that’s where it came from.  The bones of, I think it was Joseph who was in Egypt.  They brought the bones of Joseph, and that locket and everything made its way, and it was finally the Jews who had it.  It made its ways from Solomon, and made its way—in Acts chapter 7, you can see that the Sanhedrin was confronted for having these objects by Steven, and that’s why they killed him.  And today those same objects are held by the Pope in the Vatican.   And I’ve been telling everyone that I expect, that there’s a real strong possibility that the Pope will be assassinated before the end of this year because of those objects. 

The Pope Said That Pedophilia Was “Normal”

Sherry: Well, he’s not helping himself. He just stated that pedophilia is normal.  You can imagine the outrage.

[see here for the article Sherry is talking about: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/popersquos-child-porn-normal-claim-sparks-outrage-among-victims-15035449.html]

Caller: Right.  That has a lot to do—yeah, that is just crazy.  I mean, they should.  I hope the guy is assassinated. My, myself personally, from what I can see has to happen, is the Christian religion has to be removed.  Has to physically be removed building by building, in order for there to be peace now because they’ve set the war on terror up.  I’s the pedophiles really, who’ve done this.  And they’re doing it through the Vatican.  They simply control, you know, Britain, Rome, and America through the corporate structures, and they run it all through the Vatican.  But a small group of pedophiles that are using a science based off of the information that they got off of this Temple of the Sun, from the locket or amulet, the symbols that were on it, and the science based on sound and gravity.  That’s how they were able to do all this stuff.

Sherry: Yeah.  Alright, well thanks for calling in.  A lot of interesting info. 

Caller: Great talking to you.

Sherry: Alright.  Buh-bye.

[call ends]

And for those of you who haven’t been keeping up, the, the Pope announcing recently that pedophilia is “normal,” and causing the outrage of millions of victims.  I don’t know what Bibles he’s reading, but then again, the Catholics have always just kind of written their own.  Followed their own dictates.  And so.  I don’t know what other reason people need to get away from the Catholic religion.  To get away from the Vatican.  How much more apostasy do you need?  Uh, I’ll tell you, this article—ritualabuse.us, and it talks about—it’s from the IrishCentral.com:

“December 22nd, 2010 – Clerical abuse victims around the world have reacted in fury to Pope Benedict’s claim yesterday that as recently as the 1970’s, pedophilia wasn’t considered an Absolute Evil.  During his traditional Christmas address, the Cardinals and other religious officials in Rome, Pope Benedict”—uh, what is that?  The 14th or 15th, 16th?—“also says the child pornography was considered ‘normal’ by society.”

I don’t know what society he’s in, but if we even have child pornography on your computer in America, you’re gonna get arrested.  It’s illegal to harbor child pornography literature on your own computer.  So, I don’t know what society he’s speaking of.  And this is a lizard that’s supposed to be speaking for all the Christians in the world—the Catholics?  And he’s saying it’s normal to have child pornography?  And so, definitely causing a fury and outrage.  And then he goes from absolutes, which the Bible says, “You shall not do this,” or “not do that,” and [the Pope] says, “That doesn’t exist at all” because there’s no evil, in and of itself.  There’s only a better than, and a worse than.  Nothing is good or bad in itself. 

How Much More Hypocrisy Is Needed To Convince People To Flee Religion

So no we’re ranking sins.   And what did the Lord say?  He said when you break one, you break them all.  [Matthew 5:19; James 2:10]  He didn’t say one was “less” than the other.  He just said that when you break one, you’re guilty of breaking them all.  And that’s why we need forgiveness.  Now he’s [the Pope] saying that we can rank sins.  Murder is probably—you know, “Well, we’ll rank murder, and we’ll rank rape, and robbery, and all these things.  None of them are totally evil, it’s just that one’s worse than the other.”  I mean, what kind of hypocrisy and word play is that?!  It’s just nobody—if anybody who’s left in the Catholic religion can’t see the hypocrisy and stupidity of that, God help ‘em. 

Those Who Willingly Remain In The Churches Will Be Held Just As Guilty As The Leaders Who Lead Them Astray

You know, it, it’s—the Lord said not—to come out of her. [Revelation 18:4; Jeremiah 51:45] To not partake of her sins, folks.  Come out of her.  Leave her.  Get OUT of these apostate and hypocritical churches and religions.  Get out of them and not to partake of them. Because if you stay in them, you’re going to be just as guilty as your leaders that are teaching apostate and heretical doctrines.  Because you’re sitting there listening to them and supporting them.  By being in those places of these churches, you’re supporting them. So you’re going to share in judgment with them.  You’re going to share in the same judgments with them.  That’s why the Lord says come out of her.  Come out of her.  Leave.  You know this, this Babylon—whore—whores of Babylon, it’s religions, folks.  They’re—I know people want to hang on to the last message that you can go to Church and learn about the Lord, but you’re not learning about the Lord in most churches today, folks.  I mean, religions are apostate, and they’re not teaching anything about the Lord.  They teach you to accept sin.  To compromise. 

What’s The Difference Between A Christian And An Israelite?

Hello, caller, you’re on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Oh, Sherry.

Sherry: Yes?

Caller: It’s Ken.  From Missouri.

Sherry: Oh, hey Ken. 

Caller: You’re talking about something I was gonna ask you about.

Sherry: Okay.

Caller: What’s the difference between a Christian and an Israelite?

Sherry: Well, Christians for the most part are drowning in Pauline doctrines.  And if you look at the early Church, there was two divisions.  There was Yahushuah and the 12 Apostles and what they taught, and Paul and his disciples and what they taught.  They were two different groups.  And so, the early Christians were thrown through persecution, to where the entire group and everything Yahushuah and His Apostles taught—those Christians were persecuted and killed off so that Paul’s group could dominate, becoming Christians, and what we have today is Christianity. 

And so the Israelites, true Israelites today, who know who they are, will be keeping the Lord’s appointed times and feasts.  Observing all the things He told us to observe.  And then you have the Christians who observe Paul’s theologies and his doctrines. 

[call ends]

You still there?  …I think I lost him. 

And so, that’s basically what that’s about, folks.  I don’t think you can say, you know, if you want to look at Israelites as being a way of belief rather than a way of blood, because the Lord doesn’t go by bloodlines anymore.  That was done away with.  Old Israel was done away with. [Jeremiah 31:27-34] Bloodlines were done away with.  Anyone who accepts the Lord’s redemption is one of His.  That’s the new Israel.  Anyone who accepts His redemption is His.   So.  It doesn’t matter what bloodline you’re from.  What seedline you’re from. 

What Are The Western Union Control Numbers?

Hello, caller, you’re on the air. 

Caller: Hello.

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Yes, um, I think Western Union’s playing games.  Before, when I—

Sherry: What’s that?

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Yes?

Caller: This is LeakSpark.  Hello?

Sherry: Okay.  Yeah.  You need to turn your radio down, the computer down.

[You can hear Sherry’s show in the background.]

Caller: Okay.  I think I sat too close to the computer.  Western Union, before I said Western Union, it had a control number.  Now I don’t see the control number.  The control number is, that they circled, is a phone number.  Is that the control number? 

Sherry: Um, it should be a series of numbers, like, I dunno.  It’ll say control number or ID number or something.  It’ll have a series of numbers.  You can, you can send that to the chat room and have somebody help you with that. 

Caller: Okay. Thank you.

Sherry: Alright.  Thanks.

[call ends]

How To Make A New Stainless Steel Contraption To Spray Orgone Water

Hello, caller, you’re on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry.

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: How are you?  This is [Edley].

Sherry: Heyyy!  My buddy out in Washington. How ya doing?

Caller: I’m doing good here.  I just wanted to call in.  I was off today, and I wanted to call into the show, and tell you something that I’ve put together, and it works really well for spraying orgone water. 

Sherry: Okay.

Caller: And, and what I’ve done is went out and bought one of these stainless steel 2 gallon sprayers, and the first thing I did was take the hose off of it, a little 4 quarter inch hose, off the valveing, and I bought about a 3 foot piece of  3 inch hose.  And I bought a little quarter inch, quick-turn ball valve, overturn ball valve, and put that on that.  And after that, with a lock of little hose bit, and took a little piece of quarter inch copper tube, and pounded the end that flat, and drilled a number 57 hole in the end of it.  And that thing was squirting out about 35 feet.  You can pump it up, you know?  And you got a pretty good supply, and you can put a lot of pressure on that little stainless steel kettle without it leaking.  I tried it with a plastic one.  It won’t work. 

Sherry: Ah, yeah.

Caller: But it certainly works well with one of those.  And I wanted to share that with you and with the listeners. 

Sherry: Oh, that’s awesome, because we all need ways of storing orgone water, so we can carry it around in our vehicles and cars, and so if we’re ever out, and a zombie attack hits, or giants are here, or, for whatever reason.

Caller: You got it.  That, absolutely.  I mean, I keep my truck back full of orgone now.  When I’m traveling, I keep it in my pockets.  I mean, I’ve got it on me every, about everywhere I go.  And, um, but anyway.  You can buy all of that at one place, probably.  Home Depot or Lowes.  Any hardware store.  Auto Parts store would have that, except the quarter inch valve, maybe.  But the ingredients are easy to come by. 

Sherry: Alright.  Well, thanks for calling in.  We’ve got about a minute left, but I thank you for sharing that.  And it’s going to be recorded, so everybody can listen to the show and re-write everything you said down. 

Caller: Okay, very, very good.  Thank you.

Sherry: So they can build their own.  Okay.  Thank you for calling in!


Sherry: Bye-bye.

[call ends]

Guns Will Not Work On 4th Dimensional Beings, But Orgone Will

That’s gonna wrap up the show, folks.  But definitely some useful ways of being able to store and get prepared with orgone water.  It’ll work against the giants that are coming, the aliens, influx of demons that we have, anything—4th Dimensional beings coming into our dimension, it’s a form of safety against.  You’re guns aren’t going to work against, them, folks.  Orgone water will.  And so, I have videos on this stuff.  Go to my website SherryRalkTadio.com, or my facebook website, SherryShriner, SherryTalkRadio, and, uh, this is the time to prepare, folks.  It’s the time to get ready.  And so.  I dunno what else to say, you know?  I’m sure 2011, my radio shows will be more harassed than ever, and so. 

Anyway, be back on Monday, 10 o’clock.  Monday night with Sherry Shriner.  And I’ll see you then, folks.

Yah bless.