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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 27, 2010

"Tradition - Cancellation - Taxation" Popping up in the Codes

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, and it's December 27th. One more show and the year is over for me basically on doing shows for 2010, and so, interesting. We've gotten all this way in 2010 and things are still hanging by a thread.  And, it's the way it is, folks.

You know, I've been spending a lot of time in the Codes lately. And one of the things that interests me is a little matrix I saw on a Code I was working on just last night. And I'm thinking, "Huh?"  'Cause you see the word "tradition" starting to pop up in the Codes and I'm thinking, "Oh, it's probably referring to Christmas tradition." But it's still showing up. And what could be tradition? Let's see. Christmas, New Year's Eve, July 4th. Those are three things I think of when I see a term "tradition." 'Cause those seem to be the three main traditions in our country other than, you know, some of the others...Easter and Thanksgiving, except those don't even come to my mind. Easter's so pagan. If anybody's celebrating the god of Ish -- goddess of Ishtar and her fertility eggs and trying to call it Christ's resurrection. Aah! These people are just so apostate, you know.

How does it feel right? I mean, I went to church for 30 years and it never felt right. And you still have people today sitting in these churches, hiding candy in little Easter eggs, celebrating Easter and calling it the day Christ rose from the grave. I mean, give me a break. And so, uh, yeah, that's a little bit down the road, but talk about a tradition. But I'm looking for traditions pretty much in this time frame. December, January, you're seeing the word "tradition." And the thing that interests me is it says "tradition - cancellation" and then, "taxation." Whoa, what's that? "Tradition - cancellation - taxation." Are they gonna cancel the Federal Reserve this year? Is this gonna be Obama's big announcement he's got planned to come up?

We've been hearing how Obama's gonna have a UFO announcement since the time he was elected. I just gag everytime somebody plants it somewhere, because we've been hearing about it for three years now, going on three. "Oh, he's gonna have a UFO disclosure."  "He's gonna have an announcement." Why do we need an announcement from HIM to make it anymore real than it already is? I mean, does that make it real in people's minds, the small-minded ones who won't believe anything unless it's confirmed by somebody else, even though they can go outside at night and see UFOs all over the place? My kids can pick out UFOs, folks. Some adults just have their heads so stuck in the sand you can't help them. But you can go outside in the night sky and pick it out to kids and they see them with no problems.

So what's this "cancellation - taxation"? Is he gonna cancel the Federal Reserve? Hmm. It's the only thing that makes sense to me, because I can't see them cancelling Christmas which...it just passed now. Or even New Year's Eve, because of taxation.  Taxing what? They already tax alcohol. What else is there on New Year's Eve? I don't know. I always stay home. So that's what I'm thinking, folks. I'm gonna keep my eyes more further on it to see if it continues to come up, because some people think that would be huge, to cancel the Federal Reserve. But I'm telling you, it's just gonna be another nightmare. Because we're not gonna get away from being slaves. They've already got us where they want us, in slave chokes.

President of Last Days America Will Give Its Keys to the United Nations Aliens

What they're gonna do would be cancel the Federal Reserve here in America and in the U.K. and then implement global taxation, which is where they really want to go anyway. They want to go global. We're gonna see more steps into a global world. And so, you'll see changes you might like in your own countries for a little bit, alleviating taxation, because all of a sudden we're gonna go global. You're gonna have global taxation. So you're just trading one for the other and you're also trading your sovereignty as a nation to become under a global umbrella. And remember, I've told you a million times that the leader of last days Babylon is the Antichrist. And I've also said it doesn't mean it's necessarily Obama. It's the leader of Babylon. And it seems to me, whoever's controlling the money is gonna be the leader. And so, now you're looking at the U.N.

And I've warned you about this because the last days -- the president of America in the last days would, basically, give the keys of sovereignty over to the U.N. Over to the alien agenda. 'Cause, basically, that's what's running the U.N. is the aliens. And we have -- I've warned you that Obama's a Lizard, we've got aliens soul-scalping Congress, our legislation, our court systems, our police forces, our federal agencies. Anybody at the top of anything in this country has been soul-scalped. And so, we're not even dealing with humans anymore, folks. We're not even dealing with humans.

More People Noticing Soul-Scalped Humans and More Humans Becoming Soul-Scalped

And more and more people are catching on, because more and more people are noticing when you're watching TV shows, and you're watching these news reporters and anchors on TV, and politicians, that their eyes are just snake slits. They're vertical slits. Black slits. The snake eyes. That means they're not even human, folks. And, interesting, you know, we've just got it from everybody. I've got a picture of the Queen to put on my website, www.thewatcherfiles.com, yet. Probably already have them on my site, of her. We've got them of Obama. Got those on my website. The Pelosi-look. The Reptilian wide-eyed look. Hillary has it. Snake eyes. Everybody who's been involved with politics for the last 20 years has been soul-scalped and taken over.

And so, really, folks. I keep saying it's us against them. It means it's a literal -- because so many humans just becoming more and more soul-scalped by the alien agenda. And if you're in rebellion against God, you're a prime candidate. There's nothing holding them back from soul-scalping you. You're in rebellion against the Lord. You're not even His to begin with. And so, guess what? They've got every right to just totally possess you. They possess you in steps. Someone was talking to me about how the mind has different layers, and they can control and take over one layer at a time. And that's what they do to people. And then, boom! They just take over the entire person. Or they can just overtake you at once. It really just depends on the amount of access they have to a person, I guess.

And if you're an alcoholic or a drug addict, they can just take you over, because you're in complete and total rebellion. You're living in sin. Everybody else, it probably takes stages. They take over you one layer at a time, one stage at a time, until they completely own you and possess you. Especially people who rebel against God's word and get vaccinations and get flu shots and all these alien DNA mixtures in these vaccinations. You're getting animal DNA, and alien DNA, put into your human DNA. It's a disaster, folks.

Watch for Signs in the Sky - Moon in Southeast Sky Now

Anyway, one of the other things I've been looking at is -- I don't know about you, but last night I looked at the moon, it was about 2:30 in the morning, and it was in the southeast. It was in the southeast. In about three hours the sun would probably rise in front or behind it. That's how much trouble we're in, folks. Has anybody noticed that the sun is in the southeast -- the moon. The sun has been southeast since before last summer. And I've been screaming about it being in the southeast and nobody notices. And now the moon's sitting in southeast -- what is it...that little southeast corner they like so much.

And so...yeah. If we're getting ready -- and I've told you we're in the pangs of a birth fl -- uh, of a pole flip. We're in the birth pangs of a pole flip. And this is the kind of stuff that the Lord warned us to watch for. He said to watch for signs in the sun, moon, and the stars to know when His time was coming, when His time was close. And so, we've got quite a few events left before that even happens. Of course, we'll have the fake god that comes here and claims he's -- the Ascended Masters are coming to claim that they'll -- that they're gods. The Antichrist will come as God. And so, we have quite a few events. But at the same time, we're gonna be going through these flipping pangs of a pole shift.

Japan Will Sink and Parts of the Carolinas and Georgia Will Be Destroyed

And so, sometimes I like to read what other people have put out there to sit if it coincides with anything I've seen in the Bible Codes, and I found something Edgar Cayce had said. I'm not saying he was a -- anything he did was of the Lord, but something he said was interesting. He said that the rotational axis would change. He said the same things I do about Japan sinking. I've seen that. And, of course, Him saying the same thing; Japan would sink. And so, I've been warning Japan for the last four years, to get off of Japan, get away from Japan; the Japanese.

And he actually stated -- and I've always felt this, too, because I've never felt a big push to go into the southeastern states of the United States, and do much orgone work. I tell people to get away from the coastlines. Get, you know, in the western parts of those states. And, Edgar Cayce even saying that the Carolinas and parts of Georgia would be destroyed by the coming tsunamis and roaring of the waves the Lord has warned us about. The oceans roaring. And even him saying that parts of the Carolinas, the coastlines of the Carolinas would disappear and parts of Georgia would even be destroyed. And so, I can totally mesh with that one.

As the Poles Shift, Expect Continents to Move Out of Their Places

The fact that he states that the United States would sink below the equator line in a coming pole shift, and you can see that one, too. I mean, Isaiah says the earth will rock to and fro like a drunkard. And so, it's rocking violently. Just rocking. And that rocking alone would shift all of the continents on the earth. It would shift them. It would shake and rattle them; we're gonna see a lot of earthquakes. Also moving them out of their places. With that kind of a violent shaking, it would definitely cause continents to move out of their places.

And you can almost see everything just sliding down. And so what's America now would become Canada. Canada would slide where the United States is. The United States would slide down to where Mexico is, and Central America, perhaps even South America. And that whole area sliding even further down, possibly becoming the new North Pole regions. And moving Alaska down to where Canada is now. On the other side, you'd probably see Australia becoming the new Russia. Where Siberia sits would be Australia. So you just see everything moving and shifting around the globe.

Do I think that's gonna happen anytime soon? No. I don't think that's gonna happen tomorrow or next month or even next year, but we're gonna start seeing the effects of that coming and happening. We're gonna see the birth pangs. We're gonna the oceans roaring and the earthquakes and the volcanoes.

Alien Arrival to Be Forced by the Archangel Michael?

I really think that's gonna be a huge part of the Lord's bowl and trumpet judgments. Perhaps even the seven thunder judgments He has that John never described, he was told not to describe. And I think those judgments will come after the aliens have already made their visible arrival here on earth, which I think is completely inevitable for 2011. Just inevitable, folks.

Because even as hesitant as they are -- and they're already here, the dimensions are merging, and all these aliens and UFOs are coming into our dimension, and they're still holding out for whatever reason. And something had me thinking about Revelation, chapter 12 earlier. Why Michael goes to war with them and casts them out of heaven. 'Cause they won't leave. They're so indecisive -- doesn't talk, you know, doesn't talk about driving us nuts, but it does talk about Michael because Michael eventually casts them all out. [laughs] He even gets fed up with it. He goes to war against the Dragon and casts them all to the earth. And so, that's...that's how indecisive they are. They're not gonna make any moves until they have to. And that's what I see in the Codes all the time is they're "apprehensive." They're "indecisive." They're not as smart as they want us to think. And so, they do much better staying hidden.

You know, anybody can sound like a big man behind a computer screen. Oh, yeah, you can be real tough, real bully behind a computer screen. But come out from out the screen and confront people, it's a different story. That's how it is with these aliens. They're such scumbags and such little slimy dimwits that they know once they come out of their hiding we'll see them for what they really are. And so, that's why they're so indecisive, because they want to be busy telling everybody about how intelligent they are.  And they should be intelligent, they've been on the earth since, before it was created. So they should have a lot of knowledge, don't you think? They've been here since before garden of Eden was even created. And so -- and they actually were part of the Lord's angels until they rebelled.

The Fact That Humans Were Made in the Image of God Made Satan So Mad

And so, they should have a lot of knowledge. That's why the New Agers are so easily taken over by them and gullible, because, you know, they tell them what they want to hear. And they make it sound like, "Oh, we're gods, we're masters, we're more intelligent beings than you guys are."  "Look at all this we know." And they'll quote their science and their Hindu and whatever else crap. They should have some knowledge. If they didn't, they'd really be stupid. But it's no reason for anybody to get persuaded by them that they're higher intelligent beings than us.

It's not a race, a war for intelligence, folks. It's the fact that humans were made in the image of God that pissed Lucifer off. He got so mad that the only thing he could do was rebel against God's creation. He didn't want to accept the fact that he was the highest-ranking cherub in heaven. That wasn't good enough for Lucifer. He just saw green and envy and pure jealousy that the Lord would create man in His own image. And so, for some reason, Lucifer thought He would love man more. You know, that's like asking a parent, "Which kid do you love more?" Well, you love all your kids the same. You don't love one kid any less than the other, you love all your kids. Lucifer couldn't understand that concept. He couldn't understand it. He thought all the Lord's love and attention would simply go to mankind and the angels wouldn't mean anything. I don't know. I don't know what was going through the guy's head, but he rebelled against the Most High because of that.

And so, ever since then his main focus has been to destroy what the Lord created. Now, he started this back in the garden of Eden, when he started contaminating seedlines. He had a child with Eve, they named it Cain. And then Cain killed Abel so then Cain would be the one standing with Satan's seed in him to procreate here on Earth. Well, Adam and Eve had Seth. And so, then the seedline wars began. You have the Lord's seed and you have Satan's seed here on Earth. And both from the same woman. Interesting, huh?

For those of you who need more information on the two seedlines, I have a website, www.serpentseedline.com. And pretty much just sums up everything over the ages and explains why...why there's such a division and hatred in the world today, why it will never be solved until the Lord, Himself, comes and eradicates the wicked off the earth, and sets up His own kingdom on Earth. One-thousand-year millennial reign. And this is the reign that the Fourth Reich wants to implement that the alien agenda -- they call it the fifth dimension -- want to implement.

The Ascended Masters Are Coming to Mimic the Lord's Millennial Reign

Everybody wants to have their mimicry one-thousand-year millennial reign here on Earth to mimic the Most High God's, Yahushua's. Everyone wants to mimic Him. And so, we're gonna have these attempts, before He even comes to set up His millennial reign here, we're gonna have these other attempts. We're gonna have these Ascended Masters -- call themselves Ascended Masters. They're nothing but tall aliens taking on humanoid bodies looking like, or coming as Ascended Masters, as gods. People worship them as gods.

You'll see Sananda who looks like -- who's Jesus of the churches. He's not the real Son of God, Yahushua, but the churches have long adopted the name, Jesus, to describe the Son of God. And so, Satan's gonna accommodate it. He's gonna send "Jesus," because Jesus has always been the name of one of his generals, Sananda. And so, it very well accommodates the Christian religion. And then he's got the same with Maitreya who's a clone of Cain's. And he'll appease the Muslims. And then you have Buddha and Krishna and all these other religions that are gonna have an ascended god, an Ascended Master for each religion coming to appease all the religions on Earth. That's what's coming, folks. That's what's next on the calendar, you know.

Planet X Is Possibly What's Causing All the Natural Disasters Worldwide

So, you have their invasions here. You have Abadu/Apollyon the destroyer coming. And what I found that's interesting is everybody looking for Planet X to come. Planet X, possibly the one causing all this destruction worldwide. The earthquakes, tsunamis, everything that's gonna be happening is incoming Planet X. What I found in the Codes is that it's not Planet X, the incoming Planet X, because, basically, this thing's always kind of been around. I mean, all it is is a prison for a lot of Satan's angels that rebelled with him, that were locked up during this time. And they're gonna be released for a while. Like, paroled out of prison and be allowed to come to Earth and help Satan implement his agenda on Earth as the Antichrist.

The Aliens Will Have a Huge Cube Descend to Earth to Mimic the New Jerusalem

But what I see causing a lot of destruction that's coming, and even possibly causing this entire pole -- we call it a pole shift, pole flip...whatever you want to call it, is they've got this huge cube. It's this huge...I don't know what you want to call it. It's mimicking the New Jerusalem. And so, they've built this huge cube-shaped...planet? I don't know what you want to call it. It's huge. It's gonna mimic every bit of the New Jerusalem, as close as they can get it to try to fool and deceive believers. But they've got this thing coming out of Orion. And it's this huge cube. And this is what's causing much of the destruction to Earth that the prophets foretold. It's this huge cube. Sometimes I wonder if this cube the same thing as what the New Agers refer to as the Blue Star that's coming. I have a website on it at www.crystalcityfraud.com. They really -- no one really knew exactly which way they were gonna implement it, but from what I'm seeing in the Codes, it's a cube, so. It's not the huge UFO with all the glistening jewels and lights on it to mimic the New Jerusalem. They actually have a huge cube that's gonna descend down to Earth. And so, that's what's causing a lot of the destruction here on Earth that we're experiencing now. And it's not Planet X at all, it's that cube. Planet X...some people with telescopes have described it as being in the shape of a tombstone. And I've seen that one in the Codes.

Many Weird-Looking Starships - Habitations of Millions of Fallen Angels

The thing is we've got so many different objects coming out of the sky it's just unreal, you can't keep up. I mean, they're not, you know, starships like you would think of them as, you know, the Star Trek. We've got plenty of that. They actually just take on weird shapes, weird geometric shapes. Sometimes there's no real rhyme or reason to any of these starships, the way they look. Some will look like two buildings next to each other, attached by a walkway. Some of these contraptions in the air, you just -- you can't imagine rhyme or reason why they're built the way they are, why they look the way they do. They're just contraptions. I don't know what else to call them. But these are the place -- habitations of all these fallen angels who have had offspring over the years, and thousands of years, mind you. And so, you know. Offspring of offspring of offspring. And there's just millions of them, folks. And so, they have different places to live.

Neutral Cities in the Air Where Even God's Angels Can Go

And there's also cities up in the air, and they're kind of like what you see in Star Wars, where they're neutral. They're kind of like Switzerlands. Little Switzerlands up in the air, in our aerospace, and everybody can go there and they're neutral places. There's no fighting. Even the angels of God can go there. I mean, it's just neutral places. Yeah, I see those.

And interesting that the orgone that we have here on the earth saturates even those places. Saturates everything, folks. It's a living energy. It's a living energy. Saturates all dimensions, our entire atmosphere. And so, even seeing the effects of it burning off the fallen angels in all of these even neutral cities, and so.

Our Knowledge of Space and Astronomy Has Been Controlled by the Aliens

Gives you a new perspective exactly of how things really are, that the things we don't see -- 'cause we don't see a whole lot. NASA lies about everything; their moon pictures, pictures of Mars, pictures of the other planets. I wouldn't believe a thing you see from NASA. In fact, the more and more I see of astronomy, I wouldn't believe a thing of that either. Because all of the stuff, all this knowledge, supposedly, that's been accumulated and written in our textbooks from the very beginning has been controlled by the aliens themselves, you know.

Exactly how many of these constellations in the sky are real constellations with stars, and not spaceships? You would be amazed to realize that most constellations in the skies are just spaceship configurations. They're configured by spaceships, not stars. I mean, we've just been, we've been bamboozled for thousands of years, the knowledge we think we have, because it's all wrong. It's all wrong. So, interesting that all this will come to light.

The Lord's People Will Be Able to Live on Other Planets

You know what kind of interests me that I can't wait for is actually during the one-thousand-year millennial reign of Christ on Earth. He doesn't necessarily have to be here Himself. He sets up David. David will come back down to Earth and rule and reign from Jerusalem. And then you have the judgment of the sheep and the goats, and everybody's, you know, the people who survive the Tribulation period, and even the wicked ones who survive the Tribulation period will be allowed to enter into the millennial reign at that point. That's why you have the judgment of the sheep and goat nations. But what the Lord's people will be doing during that time, the ones who had gone to heaven during the Tribulation period. Because during that one-thousand years there's no death either. So, we're gonna well be populated off the planet by then. I mean, we're gonna have other inhabitations. We're gonna have, you know, be able to live on other planets, other places, and not be confined to the everyday living of one planet, you know, like we are now. I can't wait. It gives you something to hold on to. Something to look forward to.

The First Group of 144,000 Will Be the Lord's Security Force

Especially the two groups of 144,000 who, the one group gets taken off of the earth, and then the one group that's sealed on the earth. Now the one that's taken off the earth, the first group, they follow the Lord everywhere He goes. So they become His security force. It's kind of another way of thinking of it. Me become part of His security force, which is what we do now. We kick Satan's butt. It's all we want to do. Well, we'd get to do that as His security force. [laughs] Not that Satan will be around, but [laughs]. Satan will be chained the whole entire time for 1,000 years, but it'll be fun thinking like, "Hey, we can protect Him," even though there's nothing to protect Him from. But that'll be fun, 'cause we get to follow Him everywhere He goes. So everywhere He goes, we get to go.

The Second Group of 144,000 Will Serve the Lord in His Temple Day and Night

And the second group, the 12,000 of every tribe, sealed with the symbol on their foreheads on Earth. And it's not 12,000 men from this tribe and 12,000 -- you know, it's virgins; people who aren't defiled by guile, by apostasy and religions. They've left the religions, they seek the Lord for truth. Twelve thousand from each tribe. Those are men and women, folks. And so, they serve the Lord in His temple day and night. So those 12,000 -- 144,000 serve in His temple that's going to be on Earth in Jerusalem with David as king. They get to serve in Jerusalem at the temple day and night. And the first group gets to go with the Lord wherever He goes.

All the Believers Who Die During the Tribulation Will Rule with the Lord During His Millennial Reign

And everybody else will be, you know, probably assigned places to live on Earth. We get to rule and reign with Him. So all the believers who died during the Tribulation period for one reason or another or became martyrs, they'll become rulers with the Lord during the 1,000-year Trib -- millennial reign, so they'll get to help Him rule over the earth. They'll be maybe given a certain territory depending -- and it's all ranked on how faithful you were to the Lord while you were on the earth.

How Faithful and Obedient You Are on Earth Determines Your Rank During the Millennial Reign

So as faithful as you were, and all the rewards -- part of your rewards is what your job will be during the millennial reign. Now, the more faithful you were on Earth, the bigger job you'll get during the millennial reign. The bigger boss you'll be. Because there's gonna be very many ranks and positions. And so, you know, people want to think, "Well, how can I get the best rank? How can I get the best position?" Be faithful now on Earth, because He's the one who determines it.

And how do you become faithful on Earth? Are you doing the things He says? Doing the things He says. Following His anointed feasts with -- and appointed times with mankind. Following the ten commandments. Tithing to the Levites and not the wolves, folks. Let's get that straight. Not the wolves. Not the Benny Hinns. You're not getting any bonus points for tithing to Benny Hinn and the Pentecostal movement wolves that'll sell you down the river in a heartbeat so they can buy a second home in a beach city somewhere. You know what? Seek the Lord and ask Him, "Exactly what do I need to do to become more and more faithful to You?" Because that's what everything's based on, folks. That's what your rewards are based on.

Can't We All Just Get Along?  Yes.  During the Millennial Reign.

When you stand at the judgment seat of Christ, the books are opened. And everything you've ever said and everything you've ever done, all of those things are written. Now, mind you, you're forgiven for your sins. He's not gonna hold you accountable for sins. But your reward is based on everything else, or lack of. Lack of rewards. Because you're one of these Christians that you're just a mongrel to everybody. You're a pain in everybody's side, nobody can get along with you, you're always waiting to argue, spit fire, can't get along with anybody. Yeah, you know these kinds of Christians. You're not building up any rewards in heaven by being such a pain in the side to all your brethren. I don't know how else to say it. I just say it, and so. And everybody has these groups of, you know, you always have -- you can always tell the Lord's real people because they just have an open heart for Him and you can see how much love they have for Him, do anything for Him, He's the focus. And then you just have these other people that you just cannot get along with. Even Christians have a hard time getting along with other Christians. And, you just ignore them. You just ignore them. Leave them in the Lord's hands. It's what I do.  Just can't get along with everybody. They're just, you know, hard to deal with.

Anyway, you're gonna have these kinds of people in heaven with you. Because just because you don't like them, you find somebody difficult to get along with, doesn't mean they're not one of the Lord's. And so, during the 1,000-year millennial reign when Satan's no longer around to whisper in people's ears to make them such a pain to everybody else, they'll become nice. They'll be nice people. But, anyway. [laughs] And there won't be anybody fighting with you. And, you know, you won't have people wanting to put up websites about what a false prophet you are, what a liar you are, or whatever, and make up all these lies about you. That won't be happening either. The Lord wouldn't have it in a heartbeat, so. We'll all be getting along. It's almost amazing, isn't it? We'll all be getting along. No more fighting. We'll be living as, actually, brethren. [sighs] So if you can imagine that one, then you can move on to the other stuff of what's it's gonna be during 1,000 years. [laughs] But, so imagine a one big happy family. Because we all will be. Because we'll all like each other then.

What Kind of Fruits Can You Build Here on Earth?

And your jobs, your ranks, your rewards are -- your rank is based on how you were on the earth. How you were here towards other people, towards the Lord. Were you doing the things He says? What kind of -- your fruits on Earth. Because that's really the biggest thing is, 'cause it's not what people say, it's what they do that matters in the long run. I've always said that. Build up treasures in heaven. Jesus has always -- Yahushua has always said that. And that's what I try to focus on in my life is building fruits on Earth because those are the things you take with you later. Those are the things that you're rewarded on, that your rewards are based on. And so, if you're building a lot of fruits here on Earth then that helps your rank later. Get it?

Now what kind of fruits can you build here on Earth? Well, you know, feeding the poor, you know, things we're commanded to do anyway. Feed the poor, you know, witness the Lord's name. The crown of righteousness for soul-winners. People who win souls for the Most High, for the Lord. There's a crown of righteousness for that. There's different crowns that are given. And so, what I like about it is why I got such a kick out of it was seeing in the Bible Codes refer to orgone as "holy cone fruit."  OK, that one's easy.  Holy cone fruit. That's a fruit! We'll be tossing those all over the planet.  'Cause not only that, you're putting the Lord's fruit out there, you're destroy and annihilating the wicked. That's a real easy fruit. Just getting busy with the orgone war, and getting orgone blasters out there, you know. Preaching the Lord's name. Trying to teach the brethren His real name, Yahushua. And most of them hate you for it. They don't -- they want to stick to their apostasies. They're so convinced we've been in a 2,000-year church age instead of an apostate age. [laughs] Two thousand years of apostasies would make anybody's head spin. I know it's made mine spin. It's taken almost ten years to unravel --

Sudden Technical Difficulties with Audio on Show

[audio cuts out for about 15 seconds, then phone rings] OK, so are we still here? [laughs] Somebody give me a shout out. Uh, let me see if my... Hello? I can't tell if I'm here. Hello? [no audio for about another 15 seconds] OK, I should be back in now. [laughs] Sorry about that, folks. Uh, OK, I'm back on. All right. Pick up back where I was.

Spend Your Days Today Building for What Your Rank and Position Will Be Tomorrow

I'm kind of having fun just jumping into the future for a little while tonight, instead of always looking at all the disasters that are coming. It gets very overwhelming for me to see all the disasters that are coming, and death and destruction. It's a little bit more fun to look farther ahead.

And so, anyway, folks. That's the basic line, really, is to spend your days today building for tomorrow. Building for what your rank and position will be later. Because, you know, this earth is nothing. This earth's gonna pass away. This earth is going to pass away, and it almost kills me and just shocks me to see people out there buying two and three hundred thousand dollar houses in nice little suburbs having no idea what is just around the corner. You know, they're buying the American dream; the big house in the suburbs with the good school systems instead of a cave. If I had $300,000 I'd be buying a cave.  I would be in it right now. I would be moving in it. And so, that's what you guys need to be thinking about is being realistic instead of being like you don't have a clue in the world, like most people don't. And I know I'm speaking to the choir here. And if everybody had the same amount of money we'd all have caves. We'd have a suburb of caves. We'd all be hooked together in caves.  But that just, you know, it just kills me how many people today just have no idea what's around the corner. It's nice just to get away from it. Get away from it and focus on happy things. Focus on some happy stuff. 

Those Tare Nations Who Treat Christians with Respect Will Be Allowed into the Millennial Reign

'Cause, you know, during a thousand years, there's no -- if there is sin, and there will be sin -- some people preach that there won't be sin, but there is because the goats are allowed -- the sheep and goat na -- uh, goat and the tare nations...whatever...the judgment, sheep and goats, they're allowed to enter the Tribulation period based on how they treated the Israelites. And I'm not talking about the Jews in Israel today. I'm talking about the Lord's people, believers, because we're the real Israelites now, not bloodline Jews. So based on how they treated Christians, they'll be allowed to enter the millennial reign.

If they were cruel, during the Tribulation period, towards Christians, then they'll be destroyed. OK? So it's not based on a salvation thing at that point. Like, say, Russia. Russia, who's always been a huge persecutor against Christians, but during the next seven years Tribulation period or whatever, they decide to harbor them and protect them. Then all of a sudden, at the millennial reign judgment they're allowed in because they treated the Christians with respect. And so, they'll be allowed in. Now all these nations that were never really Christian nations, but were allowed in the millennial reign because they treated Christians with respect will have to honor the Lord's appointed times with mankind. And they will have to go to Jerusalem once a year as outlined in the book of Revelation. Talks about how they have to go to Jerusalem once a year.

If the Lord Did Away with His Appointed Times and Feasts, Why Will We Celebrate Them in the Millennial Reign?

Now tell me this, folks. If the Lord did away with His appointed times and feasts the way the churches teach today, why are we celebrating them during the millennial reign? If He did away with them, like the churches teach today, we wouldn't be celebrating them during the millennial reign either. But, look! Lo and behold, during the millennial reign we are celebrating the exact same appointed times with mankind and His feasts that we are today, that they did a thousand years ago. They never stopped! They never stopped. They've always been commanded of Israel. And I'm talking celebrating Passover and Rosh Hash Anna and these other appointed times and feasts. They've never been done away with. It's just the apostate churches teach they were. Another reason to just head out of the churches and start learning what the truth is. Read the Bible for yourselves, folks. Don't put all your faith in a pastor today because you're just apostate. You more as apostate as he is.

You're Given Your Rank and Position at the Judgment Seat of Christ

Anyway, so  during the 1,000 years we'll become rulers. Everybody who dies during the Tribulation period, and they're one of the Lord's, after the judgment seat, the great judgment seat of Christ, the judgment, they'll be given their rank and position for the coming thousand-year millennial reign. And that's what you're gonna be doing for a thousand years. That's your rank. Think about it. And there's no more time, during that time, to get promoted.  I mean, maybe you do, I don't know. But I know that you're given your rank at the judgment seat of Christ, and your position. So do what you can now, folks, and be thinking about that. 'Cause everything we do here on Earth counts toward eternity. Think about it. Eternity's a lot longer than what? The two or three years we have left here on Earth? And I say that because in two or three years you won't even recognize Earth. Even if it does keep going on.  And it will, because, even the Lord, when He comes back at the war of Armageddon in the Middle East, if it's still in the Middle East, He'll be at the Valley of Megiddo. Even if it's sunk below the equator line, or wherever it is by then.  He's gonna destroy the earth anyway. And then He'll renew it before He begins the 1,000-year millennial reign, and so. All is not lost. It's just going to be a little destroyed. [laughs] He'll fix things up again. 

Imagine the Look of Terror on Believers' Faces When They See That Their Pastors Are Really Lizards

And so, anyway, that's just some stuff to look ahead to, folks. We have a lot of garbage happening until then. You know, you've got different alien invasions coming. We've got hell on Earth coming. You know, it's almost going to be like They Live [movie] when the veil is lifted and everybody can actually see that, yeah, our CNN news reporters and anchors are all Lizards. Because they lose the human holograph, the human body look/form, and you start to see them for what they are. You'll see our politicians as the Lizards they are. You'll see the megachurch pastors as the Lizards they are. I can't wait for that one.

Wouldn't it be appropriate for all of a sudden on Sunday when all the megachurches are in service, Joel Osteen's, and Kenneth Copeland's, and Benny Hinn, and Crystal Cathedral idiots, and everybody around the world in these megachurches. And all of a sudden all of the pastors turn into Lizards, because they lose -- the veil is lifted and they lose that human cloaking they have now. That human body they have. That would be hysterical. I'd pay tickets to see that one.  I think it's funny. Most people won't, but I do. Just for the sheer look of terror and fear on all the believers' faces sitting in the seats. Because, you've tried to tell them for ten years and they wouldn't listen. They've called you every name in the book. They've shunned you. They've criticized you. Your own family won't listen to you. Boy, talk about justification when the veil's lifted and they can finally see for themselves. 

Total Hell on Earth Coming from Every Side

But that's gonna be total hell on Earth, folks. They're gonna come against the Christians, persecuting them. Obama...one plan after the next to destroy America, and destroy humans, and destroy their DNA. It's one disaster after the next, folks. It's going to be very little room over the next couple years to even sit back and wonder what's coming next. Things are gonna be happening so quickly. And on top of that, just more and more natural disasters, and so.

Fun Jumping into the Future for a Little Bit

Anyway, I've had fun tonight just kind of jumping into the future for a little bit. I don't even know why I brought that up. I just...maybe it's what everybody needed to hear. We all just get so tired and beat up. The daily grind, the daily war. Yes, it all means something. It's going somewhere. It means a lot for the [unclear]. It means a lot for the Most High.

So, anyway, Thursday I'll be back, 1 o'clock. Be my last show of 2010, and it will almost mark my sixth year on the radio. Be interesting.

Does Anybody Know Why I Keep Seeing the Number 66 All the Time?

I keep seeing that number 66 coming up. Does ANYBODY know what that is? If you have a clue, send me an e-mail to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com, because I just keep seeing that number...for two, three years now, I keep seeing the number 66. Sixty-six. All the time. I even traveled on route 66 (of course, they call it 40 now) throughout the Midwest, orgoning it. But I have seen that number for two to three years now. And I would like to figure out what the heck the significance, the meaning is. I've heard several different ones and nothing's really struck me. But maybe somebody has an answer as to why I keep seeing 66.

Anyway, see you back here on Thursday, folks. 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. Until then, -- and then back here the next Monday I will have a show. I think it's the 3rd. I'll have a show then still. I won't be missing any shows because of New Year's Eve or anything.

So, anyway, be back Thursday, folks. In the meantime, Yah bless.


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