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Aliens In The News



Thursday December 30, 2010

Aliens In The News


2011’s Not Looking Too Good, So Get Prepared, Folks

And hello everyone, it's Aliens In The News.  I'm Sherry Shriner, on December 30th, the last show of this year.  So, that's quite amazing, quite an accomplishment.  And finally over.  And we can look forward to 2011, and 2011's really not looking cheery folks.  And if I always sigh or generally don't want to talk about it, it's because it's not looking too cheery, and so we need to be getting ready.  We've had a lot of delays in 2009 and 2010, and the umpteen delays just in 2009 alone would just blow you away.  ‘Cause where we should be right now is knee deep in UN water.  I mean, we shouldn't even be a nation; we should already be in Martial Law—if this gives you any kind of idea the delays we've been in.

The Lord Has Been Answering His People’s Prayers To Delay What’s Coming

And so, the Lord’s been gracious and answering a lot of people’s prayers who have been in sheer panic.  What I find is, it just delays the inevitable.  And, you know, I get to the point where I don't want to announce things anymore because then people just start praying against it.  And it's like…bring it on.  Let's just get it over with, you know?  It just delays it.  Do you want to go through this when you're 60, 70 years old?  Let's just get it over with.  I'm not going to be any more moved in 20, 30 years. Let's just get it done. So, I'm just like, anymore, real hesitant to just say anything so people don't pray against it. 

Prayer Warriors Are Our First Line Of Defense

And I just love it when people are like, “Well, you said this was gonna happen and this was going to happen...”   And well, it's like, “Yeah, it would have if all you people weren't praying!”  People underestimate the power of prayer.  They always have.  And you know what?  I've always said this—is that Prayer Warriors are our first line of defense.  First line of defense.  Not the fighting, not the butt kicking—ass whooping.  Prayer Warriors are our first line of defense.  And so, very powerful.  They never recognize how powerful they are and anyone can become a Prayer Warrior.  As long as you stay consistent.  If you're a consistent Prayer Warrior, the Lord will anoint you for that.  I love to hear the prayers of Prayer Warriors.  I love to hear them pray.  I'm just so much more informal, I guess you could say, when I pray.  When I talk to the Lord.  You know, I talk to Him all the time. 

Morning, Noon, And Night: Our Appointed Prayer Times

 And so, one of the things that the Lord’s been bringing to my mind the last several months, just some of the many truths that have been buried and lost over these years, is captivities.  Is the fact that He always brings Daniel to mind.  Because He had certain times set aside for His people to pray to Him.  And they had the morning prayers, which were at sunrise, they had the noon prayers, and then they had the evening prayers, which were at sunset.  And so, these were the times people would pray to Him.  And if you read the book of Daniel, you see him doing his noon prayers. [Daniel 6:6-14]  You see him doing his noon prayers or whatever, and if you have a picture Bible for kids, it shows Daniel praying out a window and stuff and looking towards the heavens.  And I love doing that.  Just going outside, and look up at the sky and start talking to Him, you know?  I love to be outside with Him.  But the reasons He gave us times, appointed times to pray, is because He's listening.  He's specifically listening at those times for the prayers of His people.   

Now what happens when a typical Christian, a typical believer, who’s always been told, “Don't go to sleep without praying first,” you know?  And I say that too.  You know, pray all the time, but especially at night because you don't want to go to bed with un-confessed sin that allows for abductions and attacks.  But another thing it brings to mind is the fact in the Book of Revelation—and I can't point out the exact scripture, because I'm just so, so very tired—talks about the angels releasing the prayers of His people.  They have these bottles, and they release the prayers of the people. [Revelation 5:8, 8:3-5] Because what happens is, when you pray, and it's not at an anointed time, it goes to these, you know, you could say it's put in a bottle and released later to Him.  And when it's released later to Him, He hears all the prayers of His people.

If You Want Yahuah’s Direct Attention, Pray At His Appointed Times

So, if you want His direct ear and His direct focus and attention, then pray at the appointed times.  Morning, Noon, and Night.  And I hear from a lot of people and they gripe and complain ask me to pray for them because the Lord isn't listening to them.  Well, let's back up and figure out why don't you think He's not listening to you.  You know?  That's one of the things because—there was nothing special about me when the Lord stood me up to be His mouthpiece and to be a prophet on Earth.  There was nothing special about me.  Yeah, I had a David bloodline and all that—I have the genealogy; I was qualified and all that—but so were millions of others in the Davidic bloodline.  I mean, come on, there's millions of us.  

Persistence Is The Key

What made me different was I sit at His feet.  I sit at His feet.  I want to know more, I'm like a sponge.  More, more, more, more, more, more.  And He honors that.  And the more He sees how persistent you are and consistent, the more He's going to give you.  And so, anybody can learn the things I know, from sitting at His feet.  Because when you stay consistent, He gives you more and more and more. 

Voices In Your Head Are From Everything And Everywhere BUT The Lord

I've always taught you guys how to hear from Him directly.  To listen to that small voice in our heart.  He doesn't speak to our heads.  When someone said they heard an answer from the Lord and He spoke to their head.  Run.  Just, BOOM. Click.  Get off their web site.  Get off their radio show.  Just run.  Because He doesn't speak to our heads.  He doesn't speak to our heads.  That’s usually Satan and the Church of NORAD and everybody, you know...those demons speaking to everybody's heads.

The Cube, The Fake New Jerusalem, Is On Its Way

Anyway, wanted to mention a few things I've been seeing in the Codes.  I think I mentioned this one on the last show—is that we have a large, cubic structure coming in.  Somebody posted a YouTube video right during my show or right after it.  There's already YouTube videos out of this thing, and I just seen it in the Codes—of a cube that SOHO shot close to the sun and saw coming in from the portal area of the sun.  It’s a large cubed structure, exactly like I've seen in the Codes.  And what I see is “Apocalyptic Conqueror,” “panic,” and then it's “looming,” it's next.  And so, people are gonna panic at this thing and what I've told you it is their mimicry of The New City of Jerusalem.

Orgone Pipes And Blasters Will Destroy This Cube And The Other Coming Objects

Seen at my web site CrystalCityFraud.com talking about their plans to implement this new City of Jerusalem.  To mimic the Lord as He speaks about this in Revelation.  He would hover it right above Jerusalem and during the 1000 year millennial reign. 

[Revelation 21:1-27; It comes down from the new Heaven to the new Earth after the old Earth and Heaven have passed away. Satan is already thrown into the Lake of Fire by this time, and the final, White Throne Judgment has already taken place.]

And so, this is their mimicry of it coming in, and we can get it with the orgone folks.  Just as we did with Shema, the Capricorn.  Many other ships crashing outta the sky every day.  Every night they're crashing because of the orgone.  And just as we've gotten all these other things with orgone, we can get the bigger things as well.  We can malfunction this cube.  We can malfunction their different and very many type of structures that they have in space.  There's one up there that looks like a tomb stone.  Some people say that's Planet X.  I know we have Toutatis and there's just so many, so many different structures.  And the good news is, is that they can all come down.  They can all malfunction.  We can burn them outta the sky.  Just get your area saturated with orgone, get your pipes pointed at them. 

You know I'm looking in Codes, and we've got a comet coming in May.  And we can get this thing with pipes, folks.  With batons.  If you’re ordering—if you're making the smaller pipes, the batons, what we call the pipe blaster batons, you can wave these things at the structures in the skies.  You can point them at them.  You can just keep then in your yards and areas, let them be saturated with them, have them pointed at the skies.  And these things will affect anything that's flying in the skies.  That doesn't affect military vehicles.  But you'll see UFO's and the wicked vehicles, they'll lose their lights, they'll malfunction.  Some just even out right crash right outta the sky. 

We’ve Gotta Stay Focused On What We’re Doing!  Don’t Stop!

And so, no matter what happens, no matter what comes, no matter what happens in our near future, we need to stay doing what we're doing.  Because what we're doing is what's defeating them, and they want us to stop.  They may come up with a million different reasons to make it hard on us, to make us want to stop.  And the thing is, folks, we just have to stay focused.  Don't stop.  Because this is truly our defensive and offensive weapon against them.  This is something the Lord has given us in these last days to counter attack the New World Order and the strong holds.  And so, we have to stay with it.  We just have to keep with it. 

An Early Spring And A Summer-Long Drought Will Signal A Severe Famine In The Fall

Another word of warning—I suspect, and I'm not a weather scientist, but I suspect we're gonna have an early Spring.  Some of you will be glad to hear that because you're tired of being pounded on with snow and the cold.  It's been very cold.  But this is Winter time, and we expect it.  Maybe not so much of the blizzards all over the place, and I'll talk about that in a minute.  But I suspect an early Spring, and if we do have an early Spring, and it turns into one big drought—watch for a drought before Summer even begins.  And that would be June 21st, I think, is when the Summer begins.  If these two things happen, early Spring, a drought by the time Summer even starts, then we're on target, on schedule, for a famine in the Fall.  And I'm not saying, you know, food prices might go up a little bit, there might be a few little shortages in the stores.  I'm talking about a famine that's going to be so big, and so unfixable, and so noticeable, food prices are gonna sky rocket, store shelves are gonna go empty, and by September of next year…millions in America alone could be dead from this famine.  And so, this is how serious this famine is, that’s going to start this Fall.  And I'm telling you to watch out for the two things before it: 1) an early Spring, and 2) a drought all Summer long.  Even before Summer starts we'll have a drought.

If You Can, Pay Your Bills Now So You’ll Have A Place To Stay

And so folks you need to prepare water and food.  Water and food.  And some of you, you may want to try to pay ahead your bills as much as possible, so that you'll have a home to live in, so that you'll have electric.  Because when things get bad, and you're gonna have chaos and food riots and Martial Law, the last thing you want to do is be out on the streets because you can't pay rent.  Or just worse, not having food or water and not even stocked up. 

Get Out Of The Cities; They’ll Be Pure Lawlessness

And so I would suggest to some of you, first off, to a lot of you, get outta the cities.  Get out, get out, get out.  It's almost like your last warning call to get away from the cities. Because they're going to be pure lawlessness.  Rampant murder, robbery, rape.  Every crime you can imagine and no police force to help you.  They will be completely inundated with their own—with protecting their own families.  This is gonna be a breakdown of society in the cities when this happens.  And so, when you get your income tax checks folks, pay ahead. 

Ask The Lord To Lead And Guide You About What To Spend Your Money On

Do—ask the Lord what you should do with it first of all.  Some of you want to go out and buy a new car, buy a new fancy truck, buy whatever.  You know what?  You need to pay ahead on your bills.  You need to think, “You know what?  I need to live here another year, another six months.  So I need to pay my bills ahead of time so at least we're not out on the streets.”  Some of you may be thinking of buying camping gear and just getting outta the cities and heading to national forests.  And even then you're gonna need protection, folks, because there's still not gonna be any police in the woods to protect you from everybody else who's there.  And so, just ask the Lord to lead and guide you in what to do with any kind of extra money you got and certainly take orgone with you.

Killer Metallic Substance In Our Snow

It’s why I love these pipes.  They're light to carry and very, very effective and you're going to see the Lord amping up the power of orgone.  He's amping it, up it's literally burning their butts off.  They're roasting.  They’re miserable.  And now an early Spring.  And they love the cold air.  That's part of them behind all this.  These blizzards.  You know, I was seeing something in the Codes, and it just made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.  And what I was seeing is our snow is containing some kind of metal substance.  A metallic substance of some kind.  And it will make—it effects—it afflicts people, it can kill them, and I don't know how.  I don't know exactly what it is, but it's in the snow.  And probably why we're having so many blizzard attacks—because hitting people with these metal particles.   

Lemon Juice And Oatmeal – Natural Forms Of Detoxification

And so, been hearing that if you drink lemon juice every other day, real lemons, suck the juice outta them, however you want to do it, that will detox your body of metal.  I know oatmeal will.  You can go on an oatmeal detox and just eat oatmeal for a couple days. 

Black And Pale Horses Still Riding And On The Way

But that's what they're doing.  They're attacking people with metal snow, metallic snow, is what I'm seeing.  And I see a huge pestilent pandemic coming.  I don't know when it's going to hit.  I’m gonna say early, early Spring.  Maybe March.  And probably starting now.  I've heard pandemics in the UK now, over in Europe.  So, these things are coming folks.  We've got the Black Horse Rider riding, which is famine and high prices.  And he's using dung spreaders pretty much to accomplish his goals.  So, he's got the chemtrail program and droughts to accomplish his goals of enforcing famine and starvation on—in every country in the world.  And then we have the Pale Horse Rider coming in with some horacious pandemics this year.  Pestilence, things you've never seen before.  And so both of these things coming down this year, the Black Horse and the Pale Horse.

And the Black Horse is already riding, and so, you'll see him kick it up by Spring.  So that's why you'll see the droughts and everything, you'll see the famine by Fall.  You'll see his fruit, the fruits of his labor by Fall, because there will be famine.  And at the same time, you got the Pestilence Horse coming. 

Judgment Starts In The House Of God First

And folks let me remind you judgment starts in the House of God first. And so, Christians need not think that, "Oh, the Lord will protect me.  The Lord will protect me."  You better be really confident before you sit on that couch and do nothing to protect yourself and your family.  It's not even confidence.  It's stupidness. 

The Lord Protects Those Who Are Doing His Will; The Rest Are Set For Judgment

Because the ones the Lord protects are the ones doing His will.  And the one's doing His will—even if we were gonna be stuck here with these Horses coming—we would be prepared, because we already are.  You know? Those are the ones the Lord protects, because they listen to Him.  They obey Him.  Not the ones who are playing the fool and sitting on their couches, and putting confidence in their butts sitting on their couches.  Those are the one's who’re going to be judged.  He's going to throw them the lot to be judged.  And so, the very ones who think they're “all that” in theology and church rig-a-ma-roll.  They're going to be the very one's experiencing the things they claim they won't.  And another thing about that, the Lord’s always testing His people.  I'd rather be tested now, rather than later.  I mean seriously, wouldn't you rather be tested now so you can be found worthy to escape the things later, because you've already been through the testing?

New Assassination Attempts Through Our Own Beds

And here's a heads up, because I know some people who are going through these afflictions, and so I found it interesting, especially since Obama's behind it.  He's almost getting as bad as Cheney now.  Whenever you see Dick Cheney, he's always behind someone's assassination attempt.  Probably behind the call I got last week.  He's always been after me for what?, 10 years now?  Always has an assassination in mind.  Some kinda plan underway.  But now—and Obama's always trying to destroy people.  He's always looking for ways to destroy people.  Vaccinations.  Flu shots.  Using big pharma.  Corexit in the Gulf.  He's always looking for ways that will destroy people. 

And so, it shouldn't come as a surprise he's using your very beds to afflict you with.  Yeah.  You know, most bed springs are made with coils, and they're using this to fry you.  And I seen this in the Bible Codes yesterday.  I just shake my head.  Obama,”  “bedding,” “barbecue,” “Patriarchs.”  He's using their own bedding to fry the Lord’s people, the Lord’s prophets.  Those are the one's he's targeting. 

Start Finding Ways To Ground Your Beds

So, if you got a bed with bed coils on it, you better find a way to ground it.  Because they use these electromagnetic and satellite weapons, and your own bed becomes part of the process to fry you.  And so, I've heard suggestions of putting your bed on rubber mats or at least putting the leg posts on rubber mats to ground them, so that it doesn't affect the bed coils.  And so, that’s something you might want to look into, and find a way to ground your bed.  Because that's what he's doing.  They're using their weapons to fry you as you sleep, and trust me, I've been there.  I've been completely fried.  Felt like I just woke up outta a microwave oven, but when I'd wake up I'd see these white beams hitting me in the head.  They can come through a pin hole in your window if you don't have it completely covered.  If the curtain has just a small area uncovered, they can come through that small area with microwave beams and hit you with them and fry you with them.  That's how good they are.  And so, another thing for that is to put Mylar blankets on your windows.  Some people even put it on the ceilings.  And now with the latest suggestion, is finding a way to ground your beds.  

Orgone Stops Wicked Things, So Most Technology Requires Other Means Of Protection

So.  You know, orgone can prevent a lot of wicked things, but you know, as far as technology goes, orgone attacks wicked beings.   And so, when it comes to technology, we have to turn to different things.  Mylar blankets.  I have found that orgone will stop ELF attacks.  And so it does stop lower frequency attacks.  So, just ask the Lord specifically what you need to do because they are targeting the Lord’s people.  I'm talking about His prophets, His patriarchs.  I’m not talking about—most sheeple don’t know what you are talking about, because they're no threat to Satan, so he doesn't bother them.  They're no threat to him.  I would rather be a target day in and day out like I am than have nothing going on at all because I know I'm a threat to him.  I'm doing my job.  He's confirmation alone I'm doing my job.  I get to sit every day and wait for the helicopters to fly over.  And they're getting loud.  They must really want me to know they're coming because they have been really, really loud lately.  Had about 3 fly-overs just yesterday.  It's almost daily here.  Almost daily we have helicopter fly-overs.  And so, I'd rather deal with that then nothing at all.  Because at least I know, and it’s your own kind of confirmation that you're doing your jobs folks.

Chinese, Russians, And Germans – What Could Possibly Come Next?

Seeing the Chinese—and I mentioned that on my last show.  Because not only seeing them in the Bible Codes, but also from those living somewhere in Mexico who have seen them with their visible eyes, and talk about what chaos it is down there by the border of America and Mexico.  And then all these Chinese troops are coming in.  Up through the south and so, they're amassing at the border.  With Russian equipment coming across Canada's border.  They've been coming across for 2 years now that I know of and can confirm.  Going heading down to Kentucky and various places throughout the country, and they're not allowed to stop them.  The Border Patrol agents have to let them through.  And some other people saying they're seeing Germans in Texas.

The Dragon Races, China and India, Are Maitreya’s Forces

I think we're ripe, about the time we get hit with an alien invasion, we're gonna be hit with a UN troop invasion as well.  It's almost all at the same time.   So very interesting.  I know Maitreya will use the Chinese as his forces because they're very connected—dragon seed thing, dragon seedlines.  They're his forces, you know the Chinese and the Indians.  Not the natives here in America, the real Indians.  There's over a billion in each country.  And these are the 2 oldest races on Earth, folks.  And they're Cain’s seed.  They are his seed.  So, when the Antichrist comes, who's he gonna use?  Who's he gonna call?  He's gonna call the Chinese and the Indians.  You know, we've never seen the Indians coming outta India, but you know, he uses them as kind of like protectors because they’ve got Shambhala, the entrance to their rainbow city, in the center of the Earth.  Right there on the outskirts of India and so, some people call it Agarta [or Agartha].  Some people call it Shambhala.  This underground rainbow city they call it.  And so, it shouldn't come as any surprise to anybody.  

Orbs – How They Function

Just another thing, yesterday, a thing about orbs.  A lot of people seeing orbs.  And orbs are like aliens, folks.  They are not your friends.  You know, they can attach themselves on the back of you, so you can't see them, and what they'll do is slowly suck your life force outta your body so within a day or two, you just drop over dead with a heli…yeah a helicopter.  Got helicopters on my brain right now.  You can drop over with a heart attack or maybe a stroke or something.  But there are various types of orbs, and you can go to BurlingtonNews.com and do a search on orbs. 

I just posted and article, a link on my list the other day, about orbs.  The one's I've heard of are the ones that the military uses as spy bots.  They're literally like, these remote control spy bots, these little orbs.  And they can send them anywhere, put them anywhere.  And they're also used as vehicles.  They're like little jets and pods.  You know, you can fly around in these things and shrink to the size of nothing.  And an alien or military soldier or whatever can step outta them.  They're like travel vehicles.  And so, interesting to see those.  I would just, if you’ve got orgone—I've never seen an orb in here.  I, you know, it must work because I've never seen an orb.  I've never had one.  And I have my place saturated with orgone so, if you're seeing these little orbs flying through your house, flying through your yard.  Make sure you get orgone in your house and yard.  Because I've never seen 'em, and I'm saturated with orgone.  So, it has to work to be effective against that.

Sherry’s “Thing” With The Most High On New Year’s Eve    

One of the things I wanted to bring up, and I think I'll do that on Monday, first show of 2011.  And it should be interesting, I would guess.  I have no idea what I'm going to be talking about.  But the first show of the year is usually pretty interesting.  I have a tradition with The Most High every year, and on New Year’s Eve, I just sit and talk with Him and ask Him to give me a word for the year.  And yeah, you know, it's kinda funny because the Jewish New Year started back in September-October, and so, and here it is January.  But it's kinda our little thing.  

The Sabbath Is The 7th Day, Sunrise To Sunset

You know, I was in a debate on one of my lists the other day and talking about the Sabbath day.  And folks, it comes down to this, really simple.  The Sabbath day is the 7th day.  We know that because the 10 Commandments say the Sabbath day is the 7th day. [Exodus 20:8-11, 31:12-18; Deuteronomy 5:12-15]  And so, exactly when does the 7th day begin?  Does it begin on Friday night or Saturday morning?  And I used to be one of these people who just adopted this whole Friday night thing. “Sounds right to me.  Friday night to Saturday night.”  Until I started to seek the Lord on it Himself.  And He pulled me out of that with this very simple explanation.  He said, “I’m,”—in so many words, He said He’s the God of the Day, not of the Night.  [Psalms 50:1, 113:3; Isaiah 45:6; Malachi 1:11]  Makes it really simple.  And “day” is sunrise to sunset. So, that is a day.  And a “night” is from after sunset until sunrise.  That’s night. 

We’re Currently Following The Roman Lunar Calendar, Not The Solar Calendar Yah Gave His People

And so, it’s the Gregorian Calendar—it’s the Roman’s who decided, “Hey, 24 hours in a day.”  Whatever.  Alright?  And we just, instead of having day, night, day, night, we just had one day, which included both a day and a night.  And this is the way they also translated the KJV, when it talks about in Genesis chapter 1, the evening and the morning were the first day.  It’s all been mistranslated, folks.  When the Lord gave the Israelites their calendar, it was Solar.  It was not Lunar-based.  A Lunar-based calendar is what Allah is—the moon god.  He’s the lunar god, the moon god.  That’s Allah.  Hello!  And so, the Jews, when they were in captivity in Babylon for 700 years—or 70 years, is probably how long it was—they switched their calendar from Solar to Lunar to appease their captives while they were in captivity.  And it never was switched back.  It was never switched back.  And so, that’s why there’s so many discrepancies amongst calendars and times.  And what was originally given as Truth to them, they’ve lost to what we’ve managed to mangle beyond recognition. 

Yahuah Is Very Simple; We’re The Ones Who Try To Contain Him In A Box

And even today, we seem to think everything that the Lord’s ever said has to be confined to a Roman calendar and the KJV.   We try to put Him in this box.  “Okay, You have to conform to the way we understand things.”  And you know what?  He’s just so above that. He’s just so much more simplistic.  When you ask Him Truth, He’ll just give you the simplistic answer.  That’s how He is.

 And so, the 7th day, from sunrise to sunset, no matter where you are, it’s the 7th day.  So our first day is Sunday.  So you count the 7th day, and that’s Sabbath.  So, whatever calendar you’re on, folks, the last day of the week—‘cause everybody’s on a 7-day calendar system—the last day of your week is Sabbath.  From sunrise to sunset.  Because if you’re gonna start celebrating it like the Talmudists do, on Friday night—first of all, you’re celebrating a night, and second of all, that’s the 6th day.  Friday, Friday is the 6th day.  It’s not the 7th day, and we’re supposed to honor the 7th day. So there’s nothing about the 7th day about Friday.  Friday’s the 6th day.  And so.  Anyway.  Just my rant about Sabbath days, calendars, and putting the Lord in a box, and that whole thing, ‘cause I just—you grow out of it.  As a Truth-seeker, you learn to grow out of that.  And when you deal with so many people on a daily basis stuck in that box, it gets mindboggling.  And it gets tiring.  It really just gets tiring.  Same stuff, over and over and over again. 

Sherry Has No Time For Semantic Wars

And I don’t even have time to argue semantics.  Some people just want to argue semantics.  “Why do you call Him ‘Lord’?”  Semantics, folks, semantics.  I have no time for it.  I’m not calling Him “Baal.”  Even the master of his house was called the “lord.”  It means “master.”  It can mean “rabbi,” “teacher.”  I mean, let’s not get into semantic wars, folks.  There’s bigger fish to fry, bigger fish to go after, then trying to slam arguments with prophets all day long.  We have other things to do.  Other things to prepare for. 

If You Celebrate New Year’s, Be Sure To Bring Orgone With You

So, New Year’s Eve.  Still looking interesting.  If you’re outside celebrating the coming New Year, take some batons with you, some orgone with you. 

Our Current Astronomical System Is A Fake

I would just love, one of these days, to do an entire show on our fake astronomy.  Our whole fake astronomy.  And you know what’s funny?  I started talking about this, grumbling about it—probably last show, maybe the show before that—about how I wouldn’t doubt that our entire astronomy system is a lie.  And then I started to see confirmation in the Codes coming up that I’ve brought this up.  It’s like I’m opening a can of worms now, because I brought this whole thing up.  This astronomy, our whole astronomy system is just a set up. That it’s all a lie.  And now I’m seeing who’s controlling it.  Which, no surprise, is the aliens who are controlling Earth.  The very ones that have been enslaving us this entire time.  And the very ones who control our textbooks, and our colleges, and our centers of education where people learn, where people think it’s true.  ‘Cause I think it’s all a lie.  And I believe what the Lord said about the sun, moon, and the stars. [Genesis 1:14-18; Luke 21:25]  But I also, I also believe that probably 50 percent of the stars we look at at night are alien spaceships posing as stars. 

Prelude Debut For Sherry?  A Sign Of Things To Come?

That became really real to me about 12 years ago or so.  And I was driving home one night with my kids, and all these stars dropped down from the sky, lined the road I was on, started flashing at me.  Started blinking.  Blinkers at—started blinking!  At least 20, 25 stars, out of nowhere, just came out of their positions in the sky, and BOOM—lined up and started blinking at us while I was driving.  We were, you know, all surprised.  While I’m just, “Look at that, guys!” you know?  I’m driving down the road and here’s these stars blinkin’ at us.  Now, I have no idea what that was about, but it was interesting.

America Is Popular On The Moon And On Mars

I think a lot of the stars, a lot of the things we take for granted, are just alien-made things. And so, some people will just get into the whole thing about the moon being alien-made, but the Lord even talks about creating the moon, the night luminary in the sky, [Genesis 1:16] and so, let’s not go that far.  But they do infest it.  They do infest it.  They inhabit it.  They have homes on it.  They have large UFO ships on it.  Dark side’s totally inhabited with building places.  If you look in the Bible Codes, Babylon-America has bases on the moon, has bases on Mars.  We’re very popular on Mars.  We, we’re everywhere, folks.  They want you to think that we haven’t been back to the moon since 1969 or whatever—70—and they want you to think that, you know, these places are uninhabitable.  The aliens scared us off of them.   And, whatever, folks.   America has bases on the moon and Mars.  I’ll tell ya that. 

Russia Dominates Space Technology And Weaponry

And Russia is very dominant in space technology and space weaponry.  And so, you know.  They let America show their cards in all these little wars that Bush and Obama and everybody else is confining us to be in.  But, seriously?  The Russians could just sit where they’re at, and through remote control, through their satellites that they have positioned everywhere—that we haven’t detected for, you know, whatever.  We don’t detect their submarines, either.  But they could sit there in space, single out our airplanes on our Air Force bases, and shoot them and disable them before they even get a chance to fly off the ground.  This is how detailed their technology is. Now, they want—America wants to brag about how they can use the satellite to zero in on a license plate on your car sitting in your driveway.  Wow…  Russia could just blow it out of your driveway with one beam of light.  BOOM.  Gone.  And they will use this technology eventually.  They could completely wipe out America if they wanted to.  Because when you have technology to where you can blow a plane off an air base before it even takes off, then how’re you gonna fight ‘em?  How’re you gonna fight ‘em?  They can blow up all of our cities from their tech weapons in space, let alone dismantle our entire Air Force and probably our Navy as well.  And so they’re a very, very formidable giant in warfare.  But they’ve been very quiet about it.  Very, very quiet about it.  And no, I’m not saying there’s going to be a war with Russia anytime soon.  We’re gonna be taken over.  We’re not necessarily going to be destroyed any time soon, but just merely taken over.

Babylon-America Is Going To Be Destroyed By Fire

But remember, folks, that the Lord said Babylon would burn by fire in a day. [Jeremiah 50:31-32; Revelation 18:8-20] And whether that’s literal or symbolic, a day could take—be a season or whatever, a period of time.  Or it could be a literal 24-hour day.  He said America would burn.  A lot of people say we’re going to be drowned to death by all these tsunami waves coming and stuff.  And yeah, we are going to be destroyed—our coastlines are going to be destroyed by the tsunami waves.  But our country is going to be destroyed by fire.  And I think these judgments will come a little bit later.  And they will come after, after the alien invasions are here.  The Antichrist is here.  Because those judgments serve as judgments against them for the wickedness that they’re causing on the Earth.  The Lord’s judgment is on them.  And so.  

Anyway, folks, I’m gonna wrap this up today.  I know I’m a little bit early, but I just think I should wrap things up for now.  And I’ll be back on Monday at 10 o’clock with SherryTalkRadio.  Same spot, same place.  You know where I’m at. 

Anyway, until then, everybody.

Yah bless.


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