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Sherry Shriner on The Edge AM with Daniel Ott

April 10, 2010


Shape-Shifting Alien Zombies




DANIEL: Sherry Shriner

DANIEL: Hey, Daniel Ott of TheEdge broadcast.
SHERRY: Hello, Daniel.
DANIEL: Hey, welcome back. Man itís -- what has it been? Like three years or so?
SHERRY: Yeah, I think itís been about two years.
Sherry's Biography
DANIEL: Wow! Weíre gonna have to catch up with you because I know your website is getting bigger and bigger. You have so much more information on there, and itís gonna be great conversation with you tonight to update all off the crazy things going out in the world. And somebody has got to make some sense of this. And from your perspective of the planet, you certainly have a story to tell. But before we get going, Sherry, I want you to -- for those who have never heard of you, I want you to sort of give a brief bio of who you are and what youíre about and what youíre called to, what your life - whatís going on with you?
SHERRY: Hello, I am a graduate of Kent State University. I graduated in journalism, criminal justice and political science degrees. I was heading towards a journalism career, and the Lord just kind of steered my way towards the New World Order agenda. And since then He has raised me up to be a mouthpiece, to warn the people of the coming UFO and alien agendas. Everybody was focusing on the political part of the New World Order, and they werenít seeing the real agenda behind it, which was the alien agenda. And so thatís where Iíve been for ten years now.
Obama Is Maitreya's Mouthpiece Here on Earth
DANIEL: Wow! Ten years of gathering information about the New World Order -- and you say that they go hand in hand with the alien agenda.
SHERRY: Oh, they certainly do. You know, you cannot separate Obama from Maitreya, and so Iíve talked about him previously, I'm not sure if people are familiar with this New Age Maitreya this Imam Madhi, Krishna Buddha, he calls himself various names.
SHERRY: And you just cannot separate Obama from him, he his his pawn, his mouthpiece here on Earth, and he is leading the United States right into this New Age agenda, this alien agenda.
The Guy We Have As President Is Not the Original Barry Saetoro/Barack Obama
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. Well, if there ever was a shape-shiftin' lookin' dude, thatíd be the Obamanation of Desolation. We got his shape-shifting picture up there on the website there and Iíve seen it on yours, too. What a classic picture, but you could just expect that thereís something behind a mask of Obama that just spooks the bejeebers out of people. They know that he -- somebody -- I mean, hereís a case for him, he is the only president who has had his high school records and his college records completely sealed. Nobody knows anything about him. Nobody knows who paid for his education. Nobody knows where he was born. This guy is changing the culture in America single-handedly. Nobody can stand up to this dude. He is some kind of pharaoh dude or reincarnated or from - a hybrid alien mixed in with some old DNA from the pharaohs. What do you think?
SHERRY: Well, you know, itís very true. I know they put up - I don't know if it was a joke or not - when they put up the video on YouTube about him being a clone of that pharaoh Ashkenadi or whatever his name is. And interestingly enough, in the Bible Codes, Egyptian is one of the terms that relates to Obama.
DANIEL: Really?
SHERRY: Yes. So he -- and Iíve said all along heís a clone. I was screaming that when he was running for president. And isnít it funny that the Muslims who are our biggest enemy, they get one of their own as our president.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. So, Sherry, was he born in Kenya or was he born on another planet?
SHERRY: You know, I donít know about the original Obama. We donít have the original Obama. This guy we have as president is not the original Barack Barry Obama whatever his name is.
DANIEL: Barry Saetoro.
SHERRY: Right. Itís not even the original guy, because the one we have is a clone. And so heís been made and set up from the time he was born.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. And definitely...well, was he born or was he bred?
SHERRY: [laughs] He was bred. He was definitely -- the Bible Codes calls him a creature, a clone, a lizard, and so, you know, all they need is a cloned body and aliens can possess those cloned bodies to make them -- become human. And so thatís basically what he is. And thatís what Iíve been screaming about for years.
DANIEL: Well, I think that people definitely realized that he is a world changer, he is changing times and events. And I know, biblical speaking, it says that the Antichrist wonít have a desire for women. Of course, that would make him a homo. So I donít know, can a reptilian shape-shifter lizard be a homo?
SHERRY: [laughs] Well, theyíre all very effeminate. One of the terms youíll see in the Bible codes in regards to all of these beings is theyíre very effeminate, which means theyíre bisexuals, homosexuals, whichever route you wanna go.
Go On the Attack Against These UFOs with Orgone
DANIEL: Yeah. [laughs] I kind of -- wait a minute -- somebody said donít look back. Some of these pictures up there -- man, the dude with the snake eyes! I tell you what though, Sherry, weíve gotta be prepared and know what to do with this onslaught of invasion that youíre talking about. How does one prepare oneself for the invasion and this takeover of the planet by these guys, these Illuminati creatures?
SHERRY: Well, you know what? The invasion was threefold. And they always had their advance group, called the Chameleons, which are the shape-shifters, which would come in first and take over all of the top spots. Weíve seen that happening in our politics, our religion, entertainment, banking, economy. Theyíre in all of the top spots. It was what I call the silent invasion, the covert. And now, as theyíve assimilated into the tops of our society, theyíll start to bring in the outward invasion, start to become more apparent to people. Youíll see flyovers, decloakings. People can see the UFOs. All of the news readers - you can go to YouTube and just see newscasters galore, just shape-shifting during newscasts.
DANIEL: Uh, Sherry, I do remember this. Last time, you were on the broadcast, you said that you could literally go out in your front yard to see UFOs. Do you still see íem?
SHERRY: Oh yeah, but you know what, Iíve gone on the attack. And thatís what Iím teaching everybody else to do -- is to go on the attack with orgone pipe blasters and bucket blasters -- because what it does, it causes them to crash. And last year, there was an unprecedented number of meteors crashing to Earth. This is the UFOs crashing because the orgone is causing them to crash. And so weíve gone on the attack against them. Weíre doing something about it.
What Caused the UFO to Crash at Roswell?
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. Well, thatís good, and -- Was the Roswell crash, was that somebody blasting them, or why did they crash?
SHERRY: Well, what Iíve heard about that is that their signals jammed - we had just installed a radar facility out there. And their signals jammed with our radar detectors or whatever it was. You know, I wasnít even born then, you probably werenít either. But [laughs] but thatís what I heard that their UFOs clashed with our radar system that we had installed out there.
Was Obama Cloned from Some Pharaoh?
DANIEL: All right, we have a question from the live chat for you. I know thereís gonna be a lot of questions for you, so rapid-fire. "Sherry, what connection is there with Obama and any pharaoh? Was he cloned from some pharaoh?"
SHERRY: That is a possibility, that pharaoh Akhenaton -- I have it on my website, TheWatcherFiles.com, I just grabbed it off of YouTube. So you can go to YouTube as well and find it -- that he was actually a cloned being, and they have pictures of Obama and his two girls also, they were all cloned from this Egyptian pharaoh family.
DANIEL: I would not put that technology -- I wouldnít say that could not exist, because whatever DNA stuff is going on in the laboratory, you know that the military industrial complex about 20 years ahead of that. So they probably got four or five Obamas sitting down in there, just ready to put íem in there as whatever, they shed ... skin or scales or whatever. I mean, you know, Obama pops an eyelid or something and like a big black eye comes out of there, you know, and they just replace him. You know, I donít have a problem with that.
SHERRY: Yeah, I mean, itís really hard to assassinate a president today because they had several Bushes, and they have several Obamas, they had several Clintons . They clone the president. They are already ready for assassinations. They just replace him with a clone.
Are There Telltale Traits of a Cloned Individual?
DANIEL: Well, you know, clone is as clone does, and we donít know whoís real out there any more. If youíre walking down the street and letís say you find a cloned individual, can you recognize them? Are there telltale traits of a cloned individual?
SHERRY: I think - there is through the eyes. If you look through their eyes. People like us, me, you, anybody else, weíre normal. Okay, we have normal eyes. We look normal. If you look at a clone or a soul-scalped person, their eyes are black. You can see the slits in their eyes, or the vertical snake eyes. Even the shapes of their eyes, the almond horizontal shape of the eyes. The eyes are the mirror to the soul. And so just look at their eyes. And usually, youíll just feel really creepy anyway, because youíre gonna pick up some really dark, negative, evil energy off that being.
DANIEL: Uh-huh. Um, and the energy that they use, are they able to sort of suck it out of you?
SHERRY: Yeah, energy vampires, they call it loosh, and they feed off of that.
The Aliens Prefer to Eat Humans That Are in Shape
DANIEL: Yeah. Now, I would imagine that theyíre pretty hungry because the amount of energy it takes to either materialize into this planet or from a long journey they had, theyíre here to feed.
SHERRY: Right, thatís what they do. Now, I donít know if any hybrids -- perhaps they do eat humans on Earth, the hybrids. I know the aliens do. But they prefer, you know, people in shape, non-smokers, non-drinkers, bodybuilder types, people in fitness. Thatís their favorite kind of human meat. If youíre the opposite of that, youíre safe.
DANIEL: What about like a -- what about a 300- or 400-pound dude? They donít like it? Gets a little chewy or what?
SHERRY: [laughs] They probably donít get too picky when theyíre hungry, but they have their preferences, you know.
Is There Any Documentation for Battles Between the Military and Aliens?
DANIEL: Well, hopefully, they donít have the preference for me on there, because I donít want to end up on a plate somewhere. But - now - if there are records of, say, military engaging UFOs -- Has anybody ever got those records out to say, you know, there was a shootdown, or there was a battle. I think I remember you saying something about celestial battles of some sort. Is there any documentation for that?
SHERRY: Well, you know, they classify everything. They even classified meteor crashes last year. I donít know if youíre aware of that, but they classified all of that. ... - Why would they classify meteors? It was all the UFOs being shot down by the orgone. And so, they pretty much classify everything. We probably still have Project Yellow Book. Project Blue Book was just to collect info, Project Yellow Book was the real book. And so, you know, they just classify everything.
Are Aliens Fallen Angels?
DANIEL: Okay. Uh, here is a question from Ohio. What is your opinion of aliens? Are they fallen angels?
SHERRY: Yes, thatís exactly what they are. And what theyíve done over all of these thousands of years when theyíve been just waiting for their punishment is: they procreate. And I know the churches teach: "Angels donít procreate". Not all angels are limited. There are ranks and certain angels that do not procreate, but many of them do. And a lot of these angels, these giants, they do procreate. Theyíve had thousands of offspring in space, they live in our aerospace, they live under our Earth in underground cities. Thereís very many of them. And what they do is -- like the small grays, theyíll recreate a different faction like the small grays to be slaves to them, to do their bidding for them. And so thatís why there's such a discrepancy all the time, in that some aliens work on the hive-mind capacity.
DANIEL: I dare one of these kooks to make me do their bidding. You know what I would do? I would fake like Iím doing it, you know, like Iím a robot, "Yes, O Lizard One," or whatever, and I'd just coldcock 'em.
SHERRY: Well, you know, itís chip implants. They control them all by the chip implants. They create this hype-mind facade. And thatís exactly what they're trying to do to humans today in the vaccinations that theyíre giving us. Theyíve got chip implants in the vaccinations, so they can control you.
Can You Make Your Own Orgone Bullets?
DANIEL: Hereís a question from Australia. Can you make your own orgone bullets?
SHERRY: I donít know about bullets, because conventional weapons are not gonna work against fourth-dimensional beings. What we have found is that orgone, which is an ether energy, a positive energy orgone, is dimensional. And it does destroy them. It does burn them. And so weíve come up with orgone water, where you can just -- itís like filling up a Super Soaker full of holy water and shooting it on these beings, and it will kill them. Weíve also found it effective, not by literal use, but what Iím finding in the Bible Codes, and that may be effective towards the zombie plague thatís coming.
Are Zombies in the Bible Codes?
DANIEL: Yeah, right. This is something I wanna talk about, too, because I donít have any affinity for zombies. I know they gotta feed, too, bugs gotta eat. But, you know, if youíve got alien hybrids down here eatin', I mean, everybody is eatin'. And there's just too many of them. There, you know, there ain't gonna be no humans left. And so, whatís -- are zombies in the Bible Code?
SHERRY: Yes, they are. In fact, I started - my eyebrows raising the more and more times I see certain terms in the Codes pop up. And I kept seeing "bitten" and "bite" and "blood suckers."
SHERRY: ...and that referred, you know, it could be a vampire or zombie. But when you look at the judgment in Revelation chapter 9, when the destroyer comes down to Earth with his locust armies. Mankind canít die for five months. And so weíre gonna have a lot of zombies around here at that time.
Does the Orgone Blaster Work on the Zombies?
DANIEL: And does the orgone blaster work on the zombies?
SHERRY: It will keep them out of your area. It burns dimensional beings. So they wonít come in your area. And I'm finding even if they do, perhaps the holy orgone water will blast them, will killíem. Because bullets arenít gonna do a thing.
DANIEL: Yeah, um, seems I remember somebody talking about -- people in TheEdge know this, that we had a person say that the best way to kill a zombie is to, well you either coldcock him, knock him down -- you know heís gonna get back up, but what you do is, once heís down, then you pour salt in his mouth, and then you sew his mouth shut. And ...
SHERRY: Well, you wanna be that close to a zombie, Daniel?
DANIEL: You know what? I really donít. Because, you know, these dudes are here to feed.
SHERRY: I'd rather just be at a distance bombing water balloons at it.
Can Satan Resurrect His Own from the Dead?
DANIEL: Hey, hereís a question: "Can Satan resurrect his own from the dead?"
SHERRY: Uh, yeah. I have a whole article on that, about Satan resurrecting his army and stuff. There is a - they reanimate human bodies, is what they do. When you go into a coma, and this is one of the biggest deceptions that goes on, especially with that Terry Schiavo case several years ago -- Usually that person dies. And the dead body is reanimated and an alien or demonic being takes over that body and brings it back to life. When this person comes out of a coma, and theyíll say: "Oh, theyíve suffered brain damage" or whatever. Itís no longer that person, because that person long died. And so youíre just dealing with a reanimated corpse basically. And thatís what zombies are. Theyíre reanimated corpses.
DANIEL: I wonder if they got that sort of dead smell, to 'em. I'm wondering if you can smell 'em coming, because you know they donít take a bath or anything like that, you know.
SHERRY: Well yeah...
Conventional Weapons Won't Be Effective in This Energy War
DANIEL: ...probably dripping goos... Now hereís a guy in the live chat, he says heís going to get out his Ruger Mini-14 [rifle], and, man, I gotta tell you, I don't, you know - you can pump him full of all the bullets you want, but it -- I donít think itís gonna do anything, except give him some fresh air inside the corpse.
SHERRY: Right. Itís not gonna work. Bullets arenít gonna work towards them. Because at that point, theyíre demonic beings, theyíre fourth-dimensional beings. And so, the only thing thatís gonna work that I have found against any kind of dimensional being is some type of orgone weapon, whether it be an orgone blaster, an orgone pipe, an orgone-filled water balloon -- just orgone itself, because itís a energy battle we're against. Itís the light against the dark, the good against the bad. Itís an energy war basically.
Since the Aliens Are Able to Procreate, Do They Outnumber the Angels?
DANIEL: Okay. And hereís a question I see from the live chat: "If they -- since they are able to procreate, do they outnumber the angels, if they continue to procreate?"
SHERRY: Well, the Lord can always create more and more angels. I mean, He created them. He'd create as many as, you know, He would need. So I donít think, you know, numbers are anything. Itís all the power He has, all the power to begin with.
Have You Ever Witnessed an Exorcism?
DANIEL: Right. Question from George: "Have you ever witnessed a exorcism?"
SHERRY: Oh, you know, church exorcisms are, you know - who's that guy from Colorado, Daniel, who does exorcisms around the country? Your radio-show host. I donít know...Bob Larson.
DANIEL: Okay, yeah, that guy there -- of course, you gotta buy his book.
SHERRY: Yeah. [laughs] You can go visit him in person. You can go see him perform or whatever, you know ...
DANIEL: Oh, oh, oh, he performs, does he?
SHERRY: Yeah. I went and saw him when he came back in Ohio about 15 years ago.
Benny Hinn Is a Mouthpiece for Satan on Earth
DANIEL: Who is that guy with the hair thatís like a hat? Thatís Benny Hinn?
SHERRY: Benny Hinn doesnít have any hair. [laughs]
DANIEL: Well, that hat thing that he wears, you know, my hat looks better than his hair, I gotta tell you that right now. But he just got divorced, did he not?
SHERRY: Yeah, well I heard his wife filed for a divorce.
DANIEL: So, you know, hereĎs a guy, going around, telling everybody about how God loves 'em and how to do the things of God therefore. I donít know how Godís blessing that, you know.
SHERRY: Well, heís one of the biggest aliens on the planet. I mean, heís right there with Obama. And like Iíve said, they dominate the religions, the celebrities, entertainment, politics, religion, you name it. They dominate.
DANIEL: Yeah, well, that is somebody who definitely uses religion to control people.
SHERRY: Yeah. Heís a mouthpiece for Satan on Earth.
Where Do the Giants Come From?
DANIEL: Okay, we have this question from Ken in Australia . He says the Bible says there were giants in the land before and after the flood. He wants to know where they come from, Sherry.
SHERRY: Theyíre angels that rebelled. Theyíre not held in heaven. They can fall today, they can leave heaven today and come down to Earth and procreate, do whatever they want. They are not held in heaven as prisoners. They have free will just like we do.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm.
SHERRY: And they fell before the flood, they fell after, theyíre still falling.
DANIEL: Where are they now?
SHERRY: Well, they inhabit the heavenlies, they inhabit the first and second heavens, our planets, stars, moons, under the Earth. Thatís what they inhabit.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. Okay, but are they in the physical realm or are they in the forth dimension as well and you canít see them.
SHERRY: Theyíre only in the physical realm if they get a human body. Thatís why they soul-scalp human bodies, or they make clones, so they can reanimate clones as humans.
DANIEL: That donít sound like a good thing there.
SHERRY: Because theyíre a separate dimension, theyíre fourth-dimensional beings, and weíre third dimension. So, they have to come into our realm in our way, which is: get a human body.
DANIEL: So is it possible to go into their realm and, you know, hit them with the Orgone Blaster or punch them in the face, whatever, shoot them, and then come back, bounce-in, bounce-out type of thing?
SHERRY: Well, I donít know about that, but know it permeates their realm, just from our air. So somehow we share the same air, and possibly through portals. Portals let air through. Somehow it gets through to the other dimension. I see that all the time in the Bible Codes. I donít know about us going into their dimensions. Maybe some people astral-travel, do some of that satanic stuff, but I certainly...I'm not one to do that. [laughs]
DANIEL: Yeah. Okay.
SHERRY: I'll stay in my own dimension, thank you. [laughs]
Is It the Zombies Who Are Getting Drunk on the Blood of the Saints, According to Revelation 17?
DANIEL: Okay. I have this question: Comment about the zombies in the Bible. It says they get drunk on the blood of the saints. Are these zombies that are getting drunk on the blood of the saints?
SHERRY: Well, itís the whole Satanís kingdom on Earth at that time. And that very well could apply. That's very interesting that they would pick that up. Very interesting, very good catch. But they just get such a high from killing the saints. Obamaís [foaming?] at the lips coming after saints with these vaccinations. Heís coming after America. He wants to destroy America. And how theyíre doing it, is with the money and the vaccines. And thatís why I have been screaming: STAY AWAY FROM VACCINES! Theyíre gonna kill you, and control you, and destroy you through the vaccines.
DANIEL: Youíre not going to take the vaccination, Sherry?
SHERRY: Oh no, oh no. No, no, the Lord said: "Stay away from those." I see the plan coming through the Bible Codes. It almost makes you just sick, and sometimes itís really hard to just turn the computer on and go to work on the Codes day after day because you know whatís coming. And you know how theyíre targeting Americans with these poisonous vaccines, these chip implants.
How Did You Get Involved with the Alien-Busting Business?
DANIEL: And then we have this question: Sherry, how did you arrive or get involved with the alien-busting business?
SHERRY: [laughs] You know what? I just got tired of them harassing me. I know youíve probably gone through it, Daniel.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm.
SHERRY: Most patriots do that speak out against the New World Order.
DANIEL: Indeed.
SHERRY: And what happened was: In 2008, the New Age kept going on and on about this Shema star that they have. What it is, itís a mimic of the Bethlehem Star. Itís supposed to herald this new Imam, Maitreyaís arrival. Well, this thing strolled above my house in 2008, every night, about sunset. I was thinking: "What is that? Itís not a real star." I know an alien starship from a real star because theyíre so low, theyíre 30 degrees horizon, theyíre too low. And so I started pointing a pipe blaster at this thing, and sure enough, the thing started turning yellow. It was on fire.
SHERRY: And so this thing has been on fire since October of last year. It took a year, but I got it. Thatís why you'll look up in the sky at night, Daniel, and youíll see various stars that have a yellow and red tinge to them because theyíre on fire. The orgone has saturated the atmosphere. It turns these ships, and UFOs, and these rocks that we call stars on fire. And eventually itís gonna crash to Earth.
DANIEL: Well, Iíll tell you what: I really donít want a UFO crashing into my house. I don't want the mother ship getting around here. Is there a -- when the Stephenville sighting of the UFO, they said it was a mile wide, and the one over Phoenix was a mile wide, even our own program director, Andy, says - and I read there was a mile wide UFO floating over the English Channel. Are these things lining up just like Independence Day?
SHERRY: Itís almost -- yeah, well they plan on having a mass invasion like a mass arrival, and so, interesting enough, the television show "V" thatís on now actually does give a lot of information about their coming plans and stuff Iíve been screaming about for years. If youíre watching the "V" series, itíll give you a lot of info on what their plans are. But they do have these mile -- the bullet-shaped UFOs.
Where Did Orgone Come From?
DANIEL: Hereís a question from Suzanne. She wants to know: "Where did orgone come from?"
SHERRY: Itís already energy here on Earth, because itís the basis of all living and live energy on Earth. And whatís happening is, they began this chemtrail program. Everybody knows what chemtrails is. Iím sure Iím not preaching to the choir here. Chemtrails are being used to suppress this living energy of the Earth, because they survive off of negative energy, negative loosh.
DANIEL: Right.
SHERRY: And so, what the orgone does is, it puts the positive energy back into our atmosphere, back into the Earth. It combats what the chemtrails are trying to succeed at. And through the use of this orgone we found that it does all the other things that it does, that I listed on my website.
If Somebody Didn't Have an Orgone Blaster, What Else could They Use?
DANIEL: So, orgone is the number one weapon to be used against them. Is there anything else, letís say, somebody didnít have the orgone blaster. Is there something else they could use?
SHERRY: Well, just pray. Rebuke them, fight against them in the name of Yahushua. You know, you have to stay awake 24/7 and no sleeping, because when youíre sleeping, theyíll get you. [laughs] You get the night terrors, you get night abductions, you get attacks at night. I donít know about you, Daniel, but I've woken up totally fried from high-tech satellite microwave weapons.
DANIEL: I donít wanna be facetious here, but can you put on like an aluminum hat to keep that away, or what?
SHERRY: Well, you know, what I learned is using Mylar blankets, put them on your windows.
DANIEL: Mylar blankets.
SHERRY: Mylar blankets. You can get íem at Amazon[.com]. Theyíre like 10 bucks for a dozen. And you just put - it's like a, you know, shading. You put it over your window. And they canít get you with those high-tech attacks at night if youíre waking up fried.
In the Whole Cosmos, Are There Any Other Beings That Are Not Evil?
DANIEL: Okay, okay. I definitely donít want that going on. Then we have this question from Utah, says: "In the whole cosmos, are there any other beings that are not evil?" Because, mainly, you talk about a lot of evil creatures going on here, Sherry.
SHERRY: You know what, the Bible says thereís two different types, thereís celestial and terrestrial. Celestial are in Heaven with the Lord, terrestrial are in the first and second heavens that weíre dealing with now. Terrestrial beings have been kicked out of Heaven or theyíre the offspring of those who have been. And so those are the only two beings weíre dealing with. The ones who were kicked and the ones who are in Heaven, and the ones who arenít. And so, you know what, the New Age wants everyone to believe: Oh, thereís friendly aliens. Theyíre coming to be our friends.
DANIEL: Right.
SHERRY: And you know what? They all just have different agendas.
Are the Two Witnesses Currently on Earth Now?
DANIEL: Theyíre not our friends, okay. Theyíre coming here to feed, okay. Um, here is a question from Mary Ann. She wants to know: "Are the two witnesses currently on the Earth now?"
SHERRY: I donít know if thatís symbolic or literal. I really canít answer that. If itís symbolic: possibly - if literal: no. I mean, you know, everyone wants to know this two-witness thing. And I just donít have a set answer for that. It could be interpreted either way in the Bible.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. Right, okay. Youíre not convinced there is even such thing as two witnesses.
SHERRY: Well Iím saying that people can be operating in the spirit of -- letís say, the two witnesses returning are Enoch and Elijah, as stated in the Book of Nicodemus. It says, Enoch and Elijah will return. It also said that John the Baptist was the fulfillment of Elijah. And so, you know...?
The Plagues Are From the Aliens - Their Attack on Mankind
DANIEL: Yeah, yeah. It seems like I remember talking with you -- because talking with you I remember quite a bit. Of all the guests I have I remember a lot of your quotes. And I think we were talking about Katrina. And I think you suggested that they were basically a foodfest for the aliens.
DANIEL: And then I suggested, well, if the aliens were coming down, then why donít we inject those carcasses, those corpses with some AIDS virus, and then when the aliens come down and feed, they get it and they die off. But you said, it wonít work, because they created AIDS.
SHERRY: Right. [laughs] Itís one of their creations.
DANIEL: Maybe thereís another virus that we can give... I think we need to fight back, Sherry.
SHERRY: Well, a lot these plagues that are coming, Daniel, weíve got Black Plague coming up. Itís gonna kill millions of people here. These plagues are not relevant to our Earth. Theyíre not from us. Theyíre from them. And their attack against mankind.
Is There Any Record of Any Civilization That Has Fought These Aliens?
DANIEL: Yeah. And I know a lot of people are angry about the attack that is coming. Is there, by the way, some of our guests said that there have been multiple civilizations of the Earth, it has been basically re-done four or five times, you know, wiped out and rebirth, wiped out... Is there any record of any civilization that has fought these aliens that you know of?
SHERRY: Yeah, Iíve heard weíre in the seventh cycle now, or sixth cycle or whatever, of the Earth being destroyed and then rebuilt and then destroyed.
DANIEL: Right, right.
SHERRY: I know there were previous civilizations here on Earth. I know all about, you know, with Satanís rebellion. I know a lot about that. The Lordís revealed to me about that. But, you know, the Lord is going to destroy him. And so, you know, we do what we can while weíre here, but eventually the Lord Himself has the last say. When He comes at the battle of Armageddon, all He does is so much breathe words to them, and they all die. I mean, you can read it in Revelation chapter 20, 21. He destroys them at the battle of Armageddon, and all His angels gather up the wicked off the Earth. And so, He has the last say, He has the final win in this war.
Have You Seen Any Zombies Yourself?
DANIEL: Well, Iíll tell you what: Thereís some good news right there. Now, Sherry, have you seen any zombies yourself?
SHERRY: No, and I donít want to. [laughs]
DANIEL: Okay. Well, I wouldnít mind seeing a zombie or two. You know, these guys are out there. I mean, do they come out at night? Where would one go to see the zombies?
SHERRY: No, zombies - the night beings are vampires. Zombies are all day. Theyíll be going all day long. And so I do have about ten Super Soakers [water guns] that can squirt 70 feet, getting barrels of water, putting orgone pucks in them, let them saturate to make orgone water, and get into water balloons. But most of the time, Iím probably just gonna be sitting in my hill in isolation. Whose gonna be venturing out into cities? I know that theyíre already preparing to quarantine and close down cities.
Do You Have to Be in Close Range to Nail the Zombies with the Orgone Blasters?
DANIEL: The Orgone Blaster then, do you have to be in close range to nail these guys with them?
SHERRY: Not if you got a 70-footer like the ones showing on your screen right now.
DANIEL: Well, okay, so that shoots 70 feet?
SHERRY: Yeah, that shoots 70 feet. But look, it doesn't hold a whole lot of water, but you can get that adapter and carry more with you.
DANIEL: And now, just to say this, I mean, the catholic priests, theyíre always using this like holy water stuff , and of course the classic, you know, when youíre after a vampire itself, you hit him with the holy water. So there is something about water being able to fight back against the forces of evil.
SHERRY: Yes, and itís always God, Daniel, because conventional weapons arenít going to work.
Why Don't the Aliens Just Wipe Us Off the Earth Now?
DANIEL: And thatís too bad, too, because I was, you know, Iím armed up, okay, Iím ready for them. But I understand that it may take more than just physical bullets. Now hereís a question from Joe in Canada . He wants to know: "Why donít they just wipe us off the Earth now?" Now these guys, they do seem like they have advanced technology, Sherry. So why, you know, why don't they pull the trigger with their claw, you know, whatever?
SHERRY: You know, they probably could. They could wipe us all out. And the thing is, eventually they do, because the Bible says: By the time the Lord returns at the battle of Armageddon, thereís only less than a third of mankind left alive. Millions, billions are gonna die, and not just from the coming, you know, it's everything included. Weíve got the plague, the Black Plague coming back to America , with a mutant strain that nothing is going to cure. And so tens of millions of Americans are going to die. We've got different plagues coming. Weíve got these vaccines that are going to destroy millions.
There Could Be Enforced Mandatory Vaccines with Chip Implants Come September
SHERRY (continued): And Obama, let me tell you, he is so happy about this. Even if they only got a million or two million people, whoever it was, that were stupid enough to go get the H1N1 vaccine, theyíre gonna start enforcing vaccines again this fall, because we all successfully, those of us with the right mind, collectively fought against the vaccine the last several months, warning people against it. Come September, they could have laws on the books, enforcing mandatory vaccines. So we'd have a real fight on our hands then.
DANIEL: And also, that is - I mean, that is easily to be believed, because I believe this health care bill is gonna mandate all sorts of things. Theyíre probably gona say: Hey, if you want your free Obama care, youíre gonna have to take the shot.
SHERRY: [laughs] Nice picture, Daniel...you have on your website. [laughs]
DANIEL: No, he was in Kenya, and we have the exclusive picture...but I'm just sayin', so...
SHERRY: [laughs] Very entertaining. [laughs]
DANIEL: They're gonna be mandating all sorts of things with this health-care business.
SHERRY: Yeah, they already do. They require an implantable II device...
SHERRY: ...which is a chip implant.
SHERRY: So I don't know why there's articles on the website that say that there's no articles anywhere in the health bill that require chip implants. It's like, it's right there! It's all over the place. Why would they say it's not in there?
SHERRY: And so yeah, it's gonna be a real fight. And he's loving it. He is loving - he's celebrating, he's partying.
DANIEL: Oh, yeah.
SHERRY: He's in glory. I mean, all these terms that just make you want to just punch him. You know, you see all this stuff and you just - ooo I wanna get him. But you know what, we CAN get him through the orgone.
DANIEL: Now hold on, Sherry. There's some things you can say, and some things you can't say...about [unclear]. You know. Be careful, please.
SHERRY: [laughs]
When Do You Think the Alien Invasion Will Occur?
DANIEL: Let's just go to the live chat here and this is from Georgia. "When do you think the alien invasion will occur?"
SHERRY: You know what, the silent one's already taken place. Very highly successful. They already dominate everything. And so all we're really waiting for is the overt where they just arrive. Come firing - they're firing their missiles at us and beams, because they're gonna come with fire. And so, you know.
DANIEL: Now, you know, in most of the horror movies out there, in one way or another, the good ole human race rises to the occasion and is able to thwart the alien onslaught horde. Now, you're saying though, with the death count that's gonna come from this battle that there's not gonna be a whole lot of people left.
SHERRY: Right. You know what? Most of the world's gonna be destroyed by what they do to it.
If the Lord Tells Us to Protect Ourselves and We're Not Prepared, It's Our Own Fault If We Die
DANIEL: Now, does God decide who lives and who dies in that?
SHERRY: Well, you know what? It's up to us, Daniel, because some of us simply don't listen, when He tells us to do things, we don't listen, and so it's our own fault that we're dead. If he tells us to protect ourselves and be prepared, and we're not, then it's our fault. If you look at the fifth seal in Revelation, the millions of people under the [altar], those are victims of martial law and FEMA camps. We've still got all that to deal with.
DANIEL: Well, of course, there is a contingent of, let's just say, the religious believers - they believe that there's gonna be a rapture. So if there's any kind of spaceship or any kind of war, battle of Armageddon or anything, they're just gonna go flyin' up. And people are counting on that and I always say, and I'm gonna say it again, the people of Katrina believed - they were in those Baptist churches that are all teaching that and they weren't raptured out. There's 3,000 died.
SHERRY: Neither were the Chinese, and the Christians before us that were eaten by lions...
DANIEL: Yeah, and they weren't raptured either, so why is it that American churches are the only ones that believe they're gonna get a pass?
SHERRY: Well, because we're being led by these alien serpent-seeders...Copeland and Hinn, and these Masons, Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe. They're all Masons and serpent-seed and alien agenda, and they put people to sleep, "Aw, you don't have to get prepared. You're gonna be raptured, Daniel. You're gonna be raptured before all that happens."
DANIEL: Right.
SHERRY: And so you don't do anything. You just sit around and wait for the rapture. And that's the problem we're dealing with today. Trying to get these people to wake up, get off their butts, stop listening to these Masons, and start preparing.
DANIEL: Well, that's true. You know, we had a guest on a couple weeks ago (maybe last week; I'd better check my schedule) talking about preparing for the, sort of the end time, and I asked him flat out - I had to ask him 4 or 5 times...I guess he couldn't get to the gist of my question, but my final question was: when you're preparing - and of course, his was preparing, you know, food and water, guns and ammo, be ready physically and that. But although he did say he was a spiritual individual, I flat asked him, you know, is God - is He gonna save those, irregardless of what preparations you've made? He flat said no.
SHERRY: Right.
DANIEL: That's a sobering thing.
SHERRY: You know, if they're not gonna listen - then who are all these souls under the altar? The ones who prepared? You know, they're the ones who weren't ready. The ones who weren't prepared? Now, a bullet in a good 12-gauge [shotgun] will keep the U.N. soldiers from coming up your driveway. But it's not gonna keep the aliens and demonic attacks we have coming, the supernatural, in the last half of the tribulation period which we're dealing with. These dimensional beings coming into our dimension, the veil is lifted and we're all stuck here together. You know, so you need both. You need to prepare every single way. People say I concentrate too much on orgone and I don't tell people to prepare with guns. They should already have guns. The thing they don't have IS the orgone. That's what they can learn how to make themselves on my websites. Learn how to make it and prepare with that. Of course I advocate the use of guns.
DANIEL: All right. Oh, you DO advocate the use of guns?
SHERRY: Oh, yeah! You know what, I'm surrounded by military people, and so [laughs]; retired, you know. [laughs]
In Joel 2:9 It Says They Shall Run Upon the Wall and Climb Upon the Houses. Is That Referring to the Fallen Angels?
DANIEL: OK. All right. And for those of you just joining us on the newsmaker line tonight is Sherry Shriner. And we're talking about the coming alien invasion and the zombie invasion as well. We have this question from Michigan for you, Sherry. The writer says, "In Joel [2:9], it says, 'They shall run to and fro in the city; they shall run upon the wall, they shall climb up upon the houses; they shall enter in at the windows like a thief.' Are these the fallen angels and demons that are soon to come?"
SHERRY: That, in Joel, chapter 2, talks about an army coming from the extreme north. And people always interpret that as Russia. But if you look at the Strong's [concordance] use of "extreme north," it's talking about extreme north in space. Not on Earth, in space.
DANIEL: Really?
SHERRY: And so this is an alien invasion. And if you look at the terms used - "mighty men" is a term used towards giants, of strong people set in battle array. Of strong people, mighty men. These are all terms in relation to giants. How you would describe giants. So we have an alien invasion from the extreme north coming to earth. They'll be attacking our cities and these are giants.
DANIEL: OK. Physical or spiritual giants?
SHERRY: Physical. We're talking 9-, 10-foot, 11-foot giants.
DANIEL: You're talking about manifestation of giants?
SHERRY: We're talking giants. You know, I've had visions of the giants coming to Earth, and I've seen them just ripping limbs off of people. And just people laying on the ground, going into shock while this giant eats their arm or leg or whatever. It's going to be gruesome. It's gonna be horrible. And it's things like this that keep me going. To keep waking up and preparing people for what's coming.
Have People Written You Letters Telling You How Your Information Has Changed Their Lives?
DANIEL: Right. And, have you ever got letters? I know you've been in the forefront of this battle for many years, but have people wrote you letters and said, "Sherry, because of your information, your studies, my life is changed. Now I'm prepared. Now I've learned things I didn't know." Have you got letters like that?
SHERRY: All the time. I get them all the time. I get them more than I get hate mail now.
DANIEL: Oh! Your hate mail's going down, Sherry?
SHERRY: Yeah, my hate mail's going down. And so, people are waking up but, you know what, it's just like, "Hurry up. We don't have much time." They could be here in September. You know. Black Plague's coming. We've got, you know - Maitreya comes - the Bible Codes calls him the "destroyer." That would make him the angel of Revelation 9 that brings the locust army with him. We've got these things coming.
DANIEL: Aw, man! Now you got the locusts. We've got the locusts coming, we've got zombies coming, alien hybrids coming. We've got Obama in the White House. I'm not seeing a good picture out there right now.
SHERRY: No, it's not. And we've got several of these alien races. That's what I've been warning about; several of them. There's not just one, there's several. And there's different factions and they're gonna be doing different things. You know, and different destructions coming. The plagues. Everything that they're attacking us with from the Shema star that's on fire, because they're gonna crash. They don't have much time left. The vaccine - H1N1 vaccine - came from the Shema star; from Maitreya's faction. The Bible Codes refers to them as the Buffalo. Came directly from them, and that's why it was stalled last year because, they couldn't get to Shema, it was on fire. And so, it has to be some really big, huge rock up there, I tell ya, Daniel, bause it's been burning since October. And it's still hanging. It's split in half. Eventually that one half that's on fire is gonna crash and hit the earth. And I believe - I'm gonna take a wild guess - and say it's gonna be, what we call a comet or asteroid that hits Lake Huron, which will take out Chicago.
Are the Day and Night Shortened (According to Revelation 8:12) for the Alien's Benefit?
DANIEL: Wow! Here's a question for ya. This is from Joe. He wants to know...in Revelation 8:12, it says the fourth angel sounds, the day and night are shortened by a third. He wants to know, is this for the alien's benefit, when the days are shortened?
SHERRY: No, it's for mankind's.
DANIEL: OK. It's for mankind's benefit. So what you're saying is there will be less - when the days are shortened, there will be less feeding by the zombies and the aliens.
SHERRY: Well, you know, the heat is so...hot at that time. The heat itself. That if the days weren't shortened, mankind wouldn't survive. Because of the heat itself from the sun. And so, there's gonna be some space anamolies going on. These solar flares. Everything coming from the sun. Which is true. Which is another thing you have to watch over your shoulders...all the solar flares coming from the sun. It all just plays together. It's gonna be a whirlwind effect. I've warned about that. Everything happening at once, it seems like.
DANIEL: We don't got any kind of alien hybrid entity up there on the sun causing these solar flares, do we?
SHERRY: Well, you know what, that's the physical manifestation. What we see of the sun is the physical manifestation. The sun itself, in a different dimension, is where the Lord resides. And so, that's why people can't look upon Him. It's different dimensions, different manifestations. The one we're dealing with is the physical (our realm) manifestation which is the hot sun; burning sun. And we are gonna see geomagnetic storms hitting our Earth and that's why the powers that be are running to hide.
Is There Anywhere on the Planet We Can Hide from This Alien Invasion?
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. Is there anywhere on the planet that we can hide from this alien invasion?
SHERRY: Well, you know what, the Bible talks about how people are coming out of the rocks and the caves. And so, I would take it from that, the mountain's...
DANIEL: Is that gonna work?
SHERRY: ...the safest place to be.
DANIEL: So caves?
SHERRY: The caves, yeah.
Wouldn't Zombies Be Used to Going into Cave Areas and Such?
DANIEL: OK. Since it is in lore, many times zombies will come up from, say, like, a grave. Wouldn't they be used to going into, say, like cave areas and such?
SHERRY: Well, you know what, they would be heading toward the cities.
DANIEL: Wouldn't zombies dig through and get to you?
SHERRY: Yeah. Well, they have supernatural strength for like the first two days, once you're bitten. If you go to the zombie site, I don't know if you've ever been there. It's kind of amusing. The do it all as comedy, but it's actually very true. Uh, "Z"..., uh, whatever [FVZA.org]...it's on my website. [Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency]. Anyway, they'll give you some information on the different beings; the zombies and vampires. Zombies have to have water. And they have to feed. And so, they'll be heading into cities. Or, if they're out in the country, they'll be heading toward where the people are. Because they need food, AND they need water to survive.
DANIEL: OK. As in human flesh?
SHERRY: Well, that's food, yeah. For a vampire, blood is water. But zombies apparently need regular water to survive.
DANIEL: OK, so zombies need regular water, but they need human flesh, to eat.
SHERRY: Right, right. And they have a longevity of a year long.
DANIEL: Another Sherry quote I remember is - you said that on the side of milk cartons, 150,000 children are missing every year, and you said that's basically the food of choice.
SHERRY: Right. The children...[choice] of aliens. Yeah, it's very true. It's like 300,000. 300,000. You know, over ten years that's 3 million.
What's Going on with These Pedophile Priests?
DANIEL: Speaking of kids being eaten...what's going on with these priests, man?
SHERRY: Oh, pedophiles?
DANIEL: You got the pope who is covering all these pedophilic priests. You know, it's a worldwide thing. Everytime you think - it kind of dies down. I read on an article from Reuters - it said, they've already paid out three billion dollars in fines or payouts to molested families and such. I mean, these guys - this is a worldwide network of molesters, is it not?
SHERRY: Right. And you know what, they set it up and now they're throwing them all under the bus. Because they want to get rid of the New World Order...the political side/faction, the one we know. And so they're throwing them all under the bus. They're coming out now with how the Federal Reserve is a con. Of course we've known that for years. They're throwing all them under the bus so they can start implementing their own religious agenda here on Earth through NESARA [National Economic Security and Reformation Act], through a new money system, a new economic system. So they're just throwing all the other people under the bus now.
DANIEL: Yeah. OK, so, a few of their own people they'll let go under just to be, sort of, damage control.
SHERRY: Oh, sure.
DANIEL: To deflect...
SHERRY: There's no love lost in Satan's kingdom. They all hate each other.
DANIEL: They have to have a network of how to do it, how to intice kids. And I think that, because it isn't just here or there. It's in this country. It's in Europe. It's in the Vatican. These guys - the one's we know about - are just the ones who got caught.
SHERRY: Right, exactly.
DANIEL: I don't know why somebody would go to them, knowing that their money given to the church is going to pay off people that were molested.
SHERRY: Yeah. Well, that's why they kept it quiet.
These Priests May Be Doing Satanic Ritual Abuse
DANIEL: Now, somebody who wrote in our live chat said that there may be, or is, satanic ritual abuse. Is that what they're also doing, these priests?
SHERRY: Right. You know what, it's to defile a child, take their innocence away, to abort a baby. Defiling innocence. Those are ritual abuses and sacrificial abuses to Satan.
DANIEL: Really? And does he require blood?
SHERRY: Well, he always does. You know, they've got their rituals for blood and all that. Killing of the sacrifices. But these are separate homages, you might want to call it. Separate homages to him.
The Burning Stars Are Visible with Binoculars
DANIEL: Wow. I see we got in the Fast Blast, Chuck in Sarasota, Florida, said he can see these burning planets that you were talking about earlier.
SHERRY: Yeah, the burning stars. You go out at night, Daniel, look up, you'll see yellow stars. An you know what, if you go get your binoculars, and look at 'em, you'll see they're on fire.
Do You Believe in Saint Malachy's Prophecy About the Pope?
DANIEL: And we have this question here..."Do you believe in St. Malachy's prophecy about the pope?
SHERRY: Oh...this whole thing about the last pope - being the last pope?
DANIEL: I don't know. Seems like we get that all the time.
SHERRY: I know. [laughs] I don't follow the pope because eventually the whole Vatican's just going down. It's just going down. It's gonna go away. They're gonna establish a new religious system and everything here on Earth. That's why they're throwing it under the bus now. They don't need it anymore.
They're Going to Start Enforcing Things in the Obama Health-Care Plan This Fall
DANIEL: Well, I'm just wondering if somewhere in the Obama health care plan we're all gonna be mandatory to go to Catholic church.
SHERRY: [laughs]
DANIEL: There's a lot of stuff in those pages and it's gonna take years to find out what they stuck in there.
SHERRY: Well, you know what, I like how they say that they're not gonna be enforced for another 4 or 5 years because they're gonna start enforcing things this fall, and so...
DANIEL: I also heard that there are some real dumbasses that are going to hospitals and saying they're wanting their free healthcare.
SHERRY: [laughs]
DANIEL: You know, these people deserve to be controlled by Obama. If you're going to a hospital and saying give me my free Obamacare.
How Are You Going to Get Free Health Care When There's No Money, No Gold, No Jobs?
SHERRY: Well, it's all gonna crash. I mean, I was just looking at the statistics this year. Forty-seven percent of Americans aren't gonna file income tax returns. And so, if you've got 50% of the population right now supporting the other 50%...and there's no money anywhere, so how's anybody gonna get free health care?
DANIEL: Well, they're gonna tax the rich. And I don't know how many more rich people there are, but it seems to me there ain't that many around anymore.
SHERRY: Two years ago, Daniel, I warned everybody there's no more gold in the vaults. There's no gold, period, in the vaults. They're empty. That was two years ago. And now it's finally coming out that all these people that are holding gold and silver certificates...they're not worth the paper they're printed on. Because that gold and silver doesn't exist to back 'em up. So now they're going after the rich class. That's how they're doing it.
DANIEL: I guess in one way or another, you could say half of the population is feeding on the other half. So we're getting feed on in all different sort of ways.
SHERRY: Well, yeah. And the thing is, people would work, but there's no work. You know the unemployment rates in this country have skyrocketed. There's no work anywhere.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm.
SHERRY: You know, if you wanna be a nurse in medical, that's because they're making us all sick and we're all dying. That's why there's always jobs in the medical profession. That's the only one that's hiring.
DANIEL: I heard a clip. Somebody was asked how Obama would pay for everything and the quote was something like, "He gonna pay from he stash."
SHERRY: [laughs] They're just gonna start taxing the churches.
DANIEL: "He got he stash. You know what I'm sayin'? I don't know how big he stash is, but that's messed up."
Do You Believe in the Blue Law for Sunday?
DANIEL (continued): Now here's a question from Bill. He wants to know, "Do you believe in the Blue Law for Sunday?" And I don't know what that means.
SHERRY: I think they're gonna make Sunday mandatory Sabbath. It's supposed to get rid of those Saturday Sabbath-keepers...seventh-day Sabbath-keepers. Of course, it's not gonna get rid of us. They're coming against us to attack us. We're still gonna celebrate the seventh day.
DANIEL: Well, who would do that?
SHERRY: Well, that's what the whole Sabbath/Sunday thing is about. Making [Sunday] a Sabbath day. The churches will see nothing wrong about it. They all worship on Sunday anyway; the first day of the week. We're commanded to worship on the seventh day of the week. So they're coming after the believers who keep the seventh-day Sabbath.
DANIEL: Right there! If they're coming after you for that, then that means that's the one to keep.
SHERRY: Yeah. Exactly. That's what we've been screaming. The ten-commandments people. The Sabbath day is the seventh day of the week. Not the first day of the week. And you know what you always get when you say that? "Are you a Seventh-Day Adventist?" [laughs] No, I just keep the commandments.
Are You a Plant/Disinfo for the New World Order Yourself?
DANIEL: Well, I'm sure there's somebody else that wants to know, are you a plant for the New World Order yourself? Are you disinfo yourself?
SHERRY: No. And I'm not an alien. I'm none of that stuff. I'm just a - you know, I love the Lord. I do this for Him.
DANIEL: And that was a question I saw come through the live chat. And the question was, to you, "Although you say your hate mail's going down, at some point you must have got a piece of mail that said you, 'Sherry, you're an alien, yourself'" And how do you respond to comments like that?
SHERRY: I hear that all the time, so it's like, "Oh, brother!" I think my fruit, my actions, speak for themselves. You know, I don't make money doing this. You know. I just love the Lord. I'm a mom; four kids. I just love the Lord. I do all this for Him. And to help His people in the last days. I'm not here to get rich off people. They can read my books for free. They can listen to 'em for free. They can make orgone for free. I'm here to help. I'm here to be His mouthpiece on Earth in these last days.
Have You Heard Anything About Giant Gargoyles Being Locked Up Underneath the Vatican?
DANIEL: Excellent, excellent. And then we've got this question here. I see it come up in the live chat, "Have you heard anything about giant gargoyles being locked up underneath the Vatican?
SHERRY: [laughs] No, but it wouldn't surprise me.
DANIEL: Could be the pope's loverboys. I don't know.
What's Your Web Address?
DANIEL: (continued): Let's give this announcement here. For those of you just joining us, we on our newsmaker here tonight Sherry Shriner. Be sure to go to Sherry's website. Speaking of that, we do have several links to your website Sherry, but go ahead and talk about your website. What's your web addresses and things like that.
SHERRY: Well I run SherryTalkRadio.com. I'm also now at BlogTalkRadio.com. Look me up...Sherry Shriner...at SherryShriner.com, TheWatcherFiles.com, HiddenCodes.com, NESARASucks.com...
What Is the NESARASucks.com Website About?
DANIEL: Whoa! Wait a minute. What was that one?
SHERRY: Talking about the new NESARA economic program.
SHERRY: Yeah, I've had that up for 4 or 5 years, and just now, people are finally starting to realize what this NESARA is.
What Do You Think About Alex Jones?
DANIEL: I've seen Alex Jones' name pop up several times in our live chat. What do you think about him?
SHERRY: Well, you know what, I don't know if you've seen the picture I posted of him holding up the devil sign?
DANIEL: Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm.
SHERRY: Yeah. And he was also linked - Henry Makow put out a letter linking Illuminists to the Rael organization, and Alex Jones was linked with that.
SHERRY: And I've been doing his Bible Code. Last week I spent the whole week in Bible Codes of him. He is a champion, a cheerleader for this whole alien agenda which is why he works so hard to expose the New World Order - the political faction of it. Because they're throwing that under the bus to implement this new fifth-dimension facade on Earth. And so, he's a cheerleader of theirs, and it goes with Rael. I mean, they're all Maitreya people. And so, he's with them.
What Do You Think Is Going to Happen with 12-21-12?
DANIEL: And a classic question, "What do you think is gonna happen with 12-21-12, Sherry?
SHERRY: Well, you know what, I think people should be looking at next year.
SHERRY: Instead of the year after. [laughs]
DANIEL: OK. You gotta get through '11 to get to '12, huh?
SHERRY: Yeah, actually because 2011 starts like September of THIS year [start of Hebrew new year]. And so by December of next year, we'll already be in 2012.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. OK.
SHERRY: And so, we're looking at geomagnetic storms. You know, everything's in time-lined events. The Earth flipping, the pole flip, that's biblical. Isaiah warns of that. Isaiah says the Earths gonna rock to and fro like a drunkard. And so we're looking a coming geomagnetic storms that cause a pole-flip. But the things that WE need to be watching is the coming martial law here in America. They've got everybody looking a 2012, so they can't see this coming July, August, September when they start roundups here in America.
DANIEL: Wow. So, you expect to see roundups.
SHERRY: Oh, yes.
DANIEL: Probably everybody that goes to your website or listens to my show.
SHERRY: [laughs] Yeah. Yeah. Anybody who goes to any kind of alternative news source on the Internet. Since the CIA owns the servers to all of our websites it's. sitting on are gonna be tracked. We have no say over it. You don't. I don't. 'Cause we just have our websites on their servers. That's the only choice you have if you have a website on the Internet.
DANIEL: Well, now we're talking about forced injection of Obama-juice, I guess you could say the vaccine; H1N1 vaccine. And, possibly, forcing everyone to convert to Catholicism and there's various things, probably, that's going to happen and...
SHERRY: Well, he's Muslim. He's gonna push Sharia Law.
DANIEL: Okay, we got that going on too. So in the context of ordering people what to do, they're - it seems like they're gonna get people addicted, or reliant upon a government service of some kind and people won't have any choice.
SHERRY: Exactly. And what they're also doing is through this NESARA program that they want to bring out. Offering each person 10 million dollars.
SHERRY: To join this kingdom on Earth of theirs. Yeah, this is their rhetoric. This is the New Age rhetoric. This is the stuff that's going on. That's why they've taken all of our money. They've stripped our Earth of all of our natural resources. All of our money. They've taken all the money from 13 Illuminati families. They're holding all of our money. And what they're gonna do is turn around and say, "Join our new kingdom on Earth. We'll give you 10 million bucks." Bribe you.
DANIEL: Really?
DANIEL: OK, well, that may convert somebody. I know that Stupak guy [US Democratic Representative Bart Stupak] was bribed into voting for the health-care bill basically on the false premise that an Executive Order trumps written law. You know, so...
What Can One Do to Protect Oneself from the Black Plague That's Coming?
DANIEL (continued): Hey, here's a question..."What can one do to protect oneself from the Black Plague that is coming?"
SHERRY: You know what? Medieval Oil, it's also called Thieves Oil. You can get it at Amazon.com. Stock up on that Thieves Oil because that will protect you from the Black Plague.
DANIEL: What do you do? You, like, wipe it on, or what?
SHERRY: Yeah, it's like a oil and you wipe it on your neck and your jaw - underneath your jaw. And you could also get the spray form where you spray areas throughout your house. And, supposedly, this stuff - I have the whole thing at my website under my protection page to learn how to protect yourself. I have the whole story behind Thieves Oil. During the Black Plague in Europe, when millions were dying, the thieves made a concoction of oils. They'd rub it on themselves and they'd go and they'd rob the dead. And so when they finally caught up with these thieves, they said, "How did you do it without getting the plague yourself and dying?" And they took this concoction that thieves had made and put it into bottle form to where you can buy it now. It's called Thieves Oil. That's why they call it Thieves Oil. And it'll prevent you from getting Black Plague.
DANIEL: Well, I definitely don't wanna get no Black Plague.
Is Mankind Involved with a War in the Heavens?
DANIEL (continued): Here's a question for you, "Is mankind secretly involved with a war in the heavens?"
SHERRY: Yeah. You know what? We've had - I've heard if you get the night vision goggles (I can't afford 'em) you can see the war going on every night between UFOs...
DANIEL: So if you have night-vision goggles you can see this interplanetary war going on up there?
SHERRY: Yeah, or you can just go to YouTube.com and watch what they've filmed. Other people that have seen it recorded it. I think there is a fight going on between alien factions and this whole Hitler faction back in World War II that broke away that went to South America. And were developing their own UFOs and technology in the South Pole; freezing. I think it's them against them. I think they're just going at it.
DANIEL: Is it our military industrial complex? Are we launching spaceships to fight their spaceships? How're we getting up there for this battle?
SHERRY: What you know as our space program here on Earth, isn't the real one at all. There's advanced space technology we have no idea exists in space. They're not really a part of us, but they are human, I guess you could say. But they're not really a part of any governments on Earth. They have their own space thing going.
With All the Communists and Socialists Surrounding Obama, Are They Shape-Shifters Themselves?
DANIEL: With all the communists and socialists and Mayoists surrounding Obama, are all these people shape-shifting aliens theirself? Where are they from? What's going on there?
SHERRY: We're dealing with the whole Chameleon thing right now. Where they came in as Chameleons and shape-shifters to soul-scalp humans, take over their bodies, clone humans, reanimate those bodies. These are the beings we're dealing with now. They're not humans in Washington. Probably about 80 percent are cloned soul-scalped aliens in D.C. And you look at our religious leaders today. You look at our entertainment, our celebrities, all sold-out to the New World Order, all giving the "Hail, Satan" signs and everything else. They've taken over all of these people. If you sell out to the New World Order, they're gonna soul-scalp you.
What Is the Process of a Soul-Scalp?
DANIEL: OK. What is the process of a soul-scalp?
SHERRY: Well, they just take your soul out of your body. You go somewhere else, wherever they put you, and they take over your human body. They could kill you, literally kill you. Or just put you somewhere else confined in prison, locked up somewhere.
DANIEL: Are you talking about your soul or your body?
SHERRY: The soul. The person's soul.
DANIEL: So they will lock up a person's soul so they can inhabit your body.
SHERRY: Right.
DANIEL: And do what they want.
SHERRY: Right. And so you think you're looking at that human, who was the person you knew, like one of your friends. But you're actually just looking at a soul-scalped being because an alien stepped in and took over that human body.
DANIEL: But the thing of it is, Sherry, if one of these entities inhabits your body, and being carnivores, wouldn't they begin to eat themself? Eat their own body to feed.
SHERRY: I don't think the human ones are carnivores, I believe it's the dimensional beings that are. I've never heard of people caught eating other humans on Earth yet. I believe it's the fourth-dimensional beings that are - when they become human, I don't think they eat human meat. I could be wrong, but I've never heard of anything here on Earth where anybody saw a hybrid or another human attacking another human to eat 'em besides the zombies.
Have You Ever Killed Any Zombies?
DANIEL: "Have you ever," and this is a question from the Fast Blast from Illinois, and Nate wants to know, "Have you ever killed any zombies?"
DANIEL: Now, and I've said this on the show for those who've said there's no such thing, but you know, biblically speaking, it says when Jesus was resurrected from the dead, it said the temple was rent in two and the bodies in the grave, they come up out of there - start walking around Jerusalem.
SHERRY: Right, but it didn't say they were eating anybody. [laughs]
DANIEL: But isn't that a classic zombie though?
SHERRY: Well, they were arisen. It was probably the Lord's victory over death and that these people that were in the upper bosom of Abraham at that time, what you would consider heaven in hell, because there were two compartments under the earth at that time for hell. There was the upper and lower bosom of Abraham is what it was called. The lower bosom being what we know as hell. And the upper bosom being what we know as heaven. They were literally taken up to heaven with Jesus when He ascended at that time. And so, they were taken to heaven.
The Giants of Genesis 6 Ate Humans
DANIEL: Somebody makes a note and says that the giants of Genesis 6 ate humans. What do you think about that?
SHERRY: Well they did. They did eat humans.
DANIEL: The eating of the humans, did any of that go on in Sodom and Gomorrah?
SHERRY: Well, Sodom and Gomorrah's whole story was homosexuality.
DANIEL: No evidence of cannibalism there either?
SHERRY: Well, they weren't the cities of the giants. The cities of the giants did eat humans at one point. You talk about in the Book of Enoch where there was one giant that was 33 feet tall. He would eat 500 cattle a day.
SHERRY: And when they were gone, they'd eat humans. And so when there w
as no animals around, they would eat the humans. As in the days of Noah, that's what's coming, folks. These giants are gonna come from Nibiru and these other planets that are coming towards Earth - the Blue Star, Nibiru, Shema. They're gonna be attacking us as the food.
I Thought the Giants Were Coming in on Spaceships, Not Planets
DANIEL: OK. They're riding in on these planets, but I thought they were coming in on like a spaceship. I thought there was gonna be sort of a UFO invasion. Are the UFOs in orbit around Planet X and then Nibiru and everything? Or were they in the underground base?
SHERRY: The UFOs are just cars. They're the transportation to Earth from Nibiru, from Shema. They're pods. They're just the transportation. Because these planets, these huge rocks, they can't come right up on our back door. They just use UFOs to travel to Earth, back and forth from these planets.
There's a Whole Contingent of People Who Say the Aliens Are Just Here to Help Us
DANIEL: Right. We had a guest on from Australia a couple weeks ago saying that she rides up beams of light. And on the beams of light going to another planet she meets mantis-type aliens and I guess they hook up somehow together and come riding down a beam of light. But she was saying that they're all friendly and stuff, but I just can't go with that.
SHERRY: Well, you know what? Some of the facade is to play that they're friendly so that we'll accept them. I mean if you listen to Whitley Strieber and all these others, you know, they're going about the praises of the aliens and [laughs] we know better.
DANIEL: They're just here to help. You know, there's a whole contingent of people who say the aliens are just here to tell us how to, you know, heal the planet and to, you know, go veggie and...vote Democrat - everything. That's what they're here for. To help us.
SHERRY: Yeah, but the third part of every agenda is to eliminate the dissenters and that's exactly their part, too. They totally plan on eliminating dissenters. So how friendly are they? They've got it in their plan, too. Eliminate the dissenters.
DANIEL: And I see there's definitely people who are being called before, you know, before panels in D.C. Verizon and AT&T were bold enough to say that health care is costing them billions of dollars and so, Henry Waxman [US Democractic Representative] ordered them to appear before his commission to explain their - you know, so if you - and then you've got the tea party - so if you object, these guys, they don't like that. They will not allow for dissenters or anybody to disparage what they're doing.
SHERRY: Right. Well the whole plan behind the Jewish plan for Earth was to have all the races intermingled because they knew that would destroy the very foundation of all the separate nations on Earth. And so, by letting all these Mexicans come in, and suck our economy dry of free health care, they not only get to destroy the fabric of our nation, but also chip-implanting everybody.
Where Is the Abyss?
DANIEL: All right, we have this question, "Sherry, where is the abyss?"
SHERRY: The abyss is space.
SHERRY: We consider abyss as always referring to Hades as hell. But if you look in the Bible Codes, it's space. It's a Hebrew term for space.
Do You Know About the Earth-Sized Metallic Orbs Rotating in the Sun's Corona?
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. All right, we have this question here from the live chat, "Sherry, do you know about the Earth-sized metallic orbs rotating in the sun's corona?" Have you heard about those?
SHERRY: Yeah. I've seen 'em. And also that "V" show. At the end of the show they always show all the UFOs hiding behind the dark side of the moon. So it's interesting. They exist. They totally exist.
DANIEL: Well, so if they're rotating in the sun, why aren't they burnt up?
SHERRY: Well because they're in the fourth dimension. In the fourth dimension, the sun's not a hot [unclear] like it is here.
Can Things in the Fourth Dimension Be Measured, Analyzed or Viewed?
DANIEL: Then how do we know they're there? Do they show up on a different spectrum? Can it be measured or analyzed or viewed?
SHERRY: What? The fourth dimension?
SHERRY: Well, you can't use science to, I don't know, explain the spiritual, I guess. Because how can it? Science is limited to our own [finite] knowledge. There's different dimensions. You have the third dimension, fourth dimension. And when they come on Earth as Maitreya and Obama and everybody in this Rael organization, they wanna bring a fifth dimension on and change everybody's DNA, change our atmosphere back to pre-Adamic times, pre-Garden-of-Eden times (another part of the chemtrail operation here). And so, dimensions do exist.
Is There a Way to Protect Oneself from the Chemtrails Being Dumped on Us?
DANIEL: Is there a way to protect oneself from the chemtrails as being dumped on us from above?
SHERRY: Saturate your area with these orgone...orgone blasters, pipes, bucket blasters, all on my website. You can learn how to make this P.O.E. orgone. Positive orgone energy. It keeps chemtrails away from your area. They can't stick. They'll just come, they'll spray, they'll leave 'cause they won't stick.
DANIEL: Well, it seems to me though that what's being dumped out of the planes in the chemtrails settles down, so how does a orgone blaster repel that? I mean, does it change the wind and cause it to go to your neighbor's yard, or what?
SHERRY: Yeah, it just attacks the orgone. It dissolves it. It eliminates it. You'll watch the planes. They'll stop coming over your area after a while...
DANIEL: Oh, really so...
SHERRY: ...because they won't stick. Now if it didn't work then why would they just give up on an area? They would just keep coming back, every day.
Are You Saying that Orgone Will Literally Change the Flight Path of a Plane?
DANIEL: So you're saying that it will literally change the flight path of a plane.
SHERRY: Not the plane itself, but the [negative] orgone that these chemtrails are spewing won't be effective.
DANIEL: OK, I thought you said that they would stop coming over your house.
SHERRY: Right. They give up! They give up. They up coming over your house wasting their chemtrails because they won't stick and hang in the area. So they'll go somewhere else.
DANIEL: OK, so you say the planes that are dumping the chemtrails will change their flight path to dump on somebody else's... 'Cause I got a couple neighbors that I wouldn't mind divertin'...
SHERRY: [laughs]
DANIEL: You know what I'm sayin'?
SHERRY: [laughs]
DANIEL: [laughs] But I'm just sayin', are you sayin' though, that it will divert the flight path?
SHERRY: Well I'm not saying it gets up there and causes mechanization problems to where it switches the thing - you know what I'm sayin'? The planes will stop coming is what I'm saying. They'll come, they'll try to spray, and you'll watch the clouds disappear the minute they come out of the airplane. They'll hang for 20 seconds and start disappearing. So they won't stick. So the planes eventually give up and go somewhere else.
Do You Ever Have Black Helicopters Fly Over Your House?
DANIEL: Do you ever have black helicopters fly over your house, Sherry?
SHERRY: Oh yeah. I've had Apaches, I've had black helicopters, I've had those really loud obnoxious - those transporters with helicopter blades on both ends. I can't remember what they're called. Yeah, I've had it all.
DANIEL: Is that the Osprey?
SHERRY: Oh, those are military jets, military planes. They use some kind of intimidation and harassment tactics. Kids think that kind of stuff's cool, you know. My kids, "Oh, look. The military plane." [laughs] That's not intimidating me.
Did a Serpent Seed Survive the Flood?
DANIEL: We have this question from Phil in Georgia, "Did a serpent seed survive the flood?" And I think that's self-explanatory, isn't it?
SHERRY: Well, yeah. It says Noah was perfect, which means his DNA was perfect, it was human. Him and his sons had perfect human DNA. Had nothing to do with the fact that he was a holier-than-thou man. He had perfect human DNA. But their wives, it doesn't say that about. And if you look at Ham's son, Canaan. He was basically the father of all the hybrid giant cities that sprang up all over the earth because he settled in Canaan. And who were the 20 cities that Caleb and Joshua had to defeat to retake Palestine for Israel? It was Ham's seed. It was those very giant cities.
Ask a 30-Year Church-Goer How Many Goliaths There Were
DANIEL: Well see now there's a question that you can get somebody who's been in church for 30 years. You can ask him, "How many Goliaths were there?", and they'll say, "Well of course there was just one." It's because they don't know. They don't ever read and understand it says there were whole cities full of Goliaths. The basic religious knowledge is it was two of each animal went on Noah's ark because why? Because there's a song and because there's a coloring book their kid colors. They run two up in there and, you know, they don't know anything about seven. They think it was an apple in the Garden, you know. They think that angels are depicted in the Bible as being women, and they're not. And so, I always get 'em on that, "How many Goliaths were there?" Well there were whole villages of these gargantuan, six-toed freaks.
Paul Jamieson in Australia Says Hello
Somebody wants to shout out to ya. Paul Jamieson in Australia, Sherry. He says hello.
SHERRY: Hello, Paul.
Do You Answer Your E-Mail and Get Back to People Who Have Questions?
DANIEL: All righty. And, by the way, if somebody was to contact you, do you answer your e-mail and get back to people with questions they have?
SHERRY: Uh, sometimes.
When You Get Hate Mail, What Do They Say?
DANIEL: Tell me, when you get hate mail, what do they say?
SHERRY: They usually try to quote scripture at me.
DANIEL: You tell me yours, I'll tell you mine.
SHERRY: They usually quote scripture at me, and I'll tell them - usually reply something small and sharp - usually like, "Do some real research." And I'll give them some counter-scripture or whatever. You know, I've got the whole crowd that hates me because I don't believe Yahushua was Black and I don't even know why that's relevant.
DANIEL: [laughs]
SHERRY: But I have a whole crowd on the Internet after me on that. I've got another crowd on the Internet that thinks I'm a Nazi.
DANIEL: Oh! Wow!
SHERRY: Because I believe in the serpent seed.
SHERRY: Uh, yeah. And so, it varies. It really varies. But it tends to be these crowds, you know. They all get on forum boards and they all hate me.
DANIEL: They must be listening to you though. They wouldn't know why they hate you for.
SHERRY: Yeah. I don't understand. They listen to my radio show every week and they go on their own different radio shows and blast me. Why listen to my radio show to begin with? You know, because they know I'm speaking the truth, it just eats at 'em.
DANIEL: The truth does have a way of eating at 'em, doesn't it?
SHERRY: Yeah, and so, it just varies, Daniel. I mean, half the time I don't even read it.
Do Some People Work with Angels?
DANIEL: We have this question here. It says, "Do some people work with angels?"
SHERRY: Well the Bible says we will entertain angels unaware. We could be talking and dealing with angels on a daily basis and not realize it.
DANIEL: Have you knowingly entertained an angel unawares?
SHERRY: I hope so.
DANIEL: Well, did you know you were dealing with an angel, say, after the fact?
SHERRY: Sometimes, I've thought I have. Yeah. Sometimes I've had that thought.
DANIEL: Was there anything particular about the angelic apparition that let you know. Was it your sense, or did they materialize - walk through a wall.
SHERRY: No, I just have a keen sense of discernment when it comes to people and things. And they totally looked human. Just something not worldly about them - the wisdom, I guess, their knowledge. There's different things that will strike me about 'em to think, "Hey, that could've been an angel. That might have been an angel." But most of the time, you just don't even know. I mean, I remember when I was in Utah, and I was lost, and I could not get to Salt Lake. I mean, I was in Salt Lake City, I could see the lake, but I couldn't get to it. There's only two different entrances to that enter lake. Did you know that?
SHERRY: And so I could not - I kept driving in circles - could not find the entrance to Salt Lake. Because there's a part you have to go to. And this lady just came out of nowhere at a gas station and drove me all the way there. And so, if there ever was an angel on Earth, she was it. [laughs] And so, I was able to go to Salt Lake and dump my orgone in it, you know. I was on an orgone mission...
Black Op Mission with an Orgone Blaster in Utah
DANIEL: Oh! Mission...mission? Wait a minute! You were on a recon mission? What was going on there? You had a black op with a orgone blaster, or what?
SHERRY: Oh yeah. He sent me on a mission. I've been across the country several times with orgone. And so, I was spending time at Salt Lake with the Mormon temple and the lake itself.
DANIEL: So I suppose you, uh, inflict major damage with the orgone blaster.
SHERRY: I would think so, because the Capricorn ship, which is their major flagship, one of those big cigar ships that Sananda inhabits - Sananda is in...
DANIEL: Did you say Bill Clinton's ship? What did you say?
SHERRY: Sananda.
DANIEL: Oh, I thought you said big cigar ship. So I thought Bill Clinton...
SHERRY: Yeah, it is. It's a big cigar ship. It's called the Capricorn.
SHERRY: And it hung out above Salt Lake. And that's why I went to Salt Lake. And I've chased it up to Canada. And I've chased it to Vatican. It's been seen in Quebec and in Rome. And I bet it doesn't go back to Utah anymore. Yeah, the orgone chased it away. Get it out of America.
The Catholic Church Didn't Start in Sodom and Gommorah, Did It?
DANIEL: I was just thinking. The Catholic church didn't start in Sodom or Gommorah, did it?
SHERRY: [laughs] That's the whole thing, Daniel. When you get into Illuminati stuff, like if you talk to Cisco Wheeler any one of these people that have come out of that, these men actually believe that by defiling children they get stronger and more strength, like a demonic strength or satanic strength.
SHERRY: Yeah. That's why Bush and all them do it. Because they think it makes them stronger. It's like a energy to them.
DANIEL: But, OK, they THINK that it does. What happens though? Do they end up getting possessed?
SHERRY: Well, they are - I mean, look at George Bush now and Clinton and all them. Known pedophiles. I mean...
DANIEL: Bush? Wait a minute, I haven't heard that one. What's that boy up to? He didn't go "Brokeback Mountain," did he?
SHERRY: [laughs] The older Bush, I'm talking about.
DANIEL: The senior one. Yeah he's definitely Illuminati, that dude there.
SHERRY: Well, yeah. The junior Bush is just the MPD pawn. He's just an MPD mess.
DANIEL: And not too bright.
SHERRY: Like Britney Spears and some of these other celebrities that just turn into a mess. They're MPD pawns. They're used by their agenda.
DANIEL: Well, man, he didn't last too long. I suppose that George Bush - I mean, did he lay the foundation for Pharaoh Obama to come up in there?
SHERRY: Well, yeah, he was the first one to announce it and I was hearing him on TV announce the creation of a New World Order back in 1991 that woke me up. Because I was about 25 years old at the time, and it made me realize, "OK, what's going on?" Because I knew as soon as he said New World Order that this was gonna be the last days government that was gonna persecute the Christians. And so I had to wake up. I had to learn everything I could about it at that point.
Michelle Obama Has the Same Forehead As the Alien Guy on a Twilight Episode
DANIEL: You know what I was just thinkin'? We have a picture of a classic "Twilight Zone" episode, "To Serve Man" back there because we're talking about aliens eatin' and zombies eatin' human flesh. But it just dawned on me that Michelle Obama has the same forehead. [laughs]
SHERRY: [laughs]
DANIEL: Michelle Obama has the same forehead as this guy behind me right now. I don't know, man, [unclear].
Do You Literally Give Away Instructions On How People Can Prepare for What's Coming?
DANIEL (continues): But anyway, so we've got a lot of things coming on, Sherry, and you're saying that people need to prepare and they can go to your website. And you literally give away instructions to how people can prepare theirself.
SHERRY: Oh, yes. I've got a YouTube video, "Learn How to Protect Yourself" (my very first video [laughs]) and a web page on it, "Learn How to Protect Yourself" where I mention the Thieves Oil, where you can get it. MMS, where you can get it; Miracle Mineral Supplement, boost your immune system, keep it boosted...
DANIEL: Gotta have that.
SHERRY: ...so you don't get these coming plagues. The Mylar blankets, the Super Soaker. Learn how to make your own bucket blasters, orgone blasters. And it's important that people stick to this particular recipe of orgone that we make because we make ether energy orgone. The other orgone sites on the Internet do not. So they are not the same types of orgone. And so people need to follow these simple instructions.
Is It True That Pyramids Were Built on Energy Springs (Leylines)?
DANIEL: We have this question from Michigan, "Is it true that pyramids were built on energy springs?" I think they call them leylines.
SHERRY: Leylines, vortexes, I've heard that. And everything going on, all of our bases are by vortexes, gateways are by vortexes, especially if you look in the Middle East, with Iraq and Baghdad and these other places, and so, yeah. It's all supposed to be tied together.
Why Do They Actually Lay Out Their Plans in the Movies?
DANIEL: And here's a great question out of live chat, "Why does the movies basically show us the plans - the aliens, "V," "Heroes," "X-men," "Matrix" and all that - why do they actually lay out there plans?"
SHERRY: Because they get power by doing so. By revealing their plans to us, they get power. And so, that's why they do it. And they know most people aren't going to believe them anyway.
DANIEL: Wait a minute. Well, let's follow that thought through now. If we know their plans, they get power. How's that?
SHERRY: They get power from revealing their plans.
DANIEL: Who do they get their power from?
SHERRY: What it's gonna do is create fear in people, and panic, and they get power off that loosh, that fear.
SHERRY: And so that's why you set up pawns and have them run around the country and talk about how their death is imminent. They're gonna be beheaded. Get them in fear of their lives from martial law and everything else. There's a difference between informing people and just scaring the hooties out of people.
DANIEL: The bejeebers?
SHERRY: Yeah. And that's because they want to feed off that fear. And, you know what? Those who are in the Lord have no fear. Should have no fear.
I Haven't Seen Any Movies About Aliens Beheading People
DANIEL: OK, so they get their power - but I haven't seen any movies where there are beheadings as a normal rite of passage, say, for the alien invasion. They usually don't take the heads off, they may be carnivorous, eat the brain, or thyroid, or some kind of thing like that, or various body orifice. But, in general, they're not doing that so... Does that mean that beheadings and that type of thing is not gonna happen?
SHERRY: No, that's very biblical. There will be beheadings. Those who refuse to worship the image of the Beast will be beheaded.
DANIEL: OK, but that is not being revealed in the movies. I'm sayin' I haven't seen that. The closest thing I've seen to that was "Highlander," but that wasn't an alien movie.
SHERRY: On some of the TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] movies you'll see it.
DANIEL: Beheadings?
SHERRY: Some of the TBN...
DANIEL: TBN? Are you saying there's beheading on TBN?
SHERRY: On the movies. Some of the movies they release in regards to the last days.
DANIEL: OK, I haven't watched them. I didn't know. There are movies on TBN then of people being beheaded.
SHERRY: Yeah, they're just not mainstream movies. They're just TBN-type movies. "Left Behind" series, stuff like that. I don't even know if he shows that, reveals that, in the "Left Behind" series. I can't remember if he does or not. But it's very much - Revelation 13 talks about how death will be by beheading. And you know what? People have revealed how guillotines are being stored under every military base throughout the nation. They have them in underground areas and they're just waiting for martial law or whatever. Yeah, and so that's been exposed on the Internet for years about the guillotines being stocked and stored away, as much as info about the trains being used.
Is There a Take Over of the Internet Somewhere in the Health-Care Bill?
DANIEL: I was gonna say, earlier, and that has to do, as you say, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there with a lot of this information out there. How-to videos. People caught shape-shifting. But at some point, now I'm just wondering, is somewhere in that health-care bill a take over of the Internet? Shows like yours or mine can't get this information out? Are they gonna declare it a health hazard of some sort? Tie it into the health-care bill somehow?
SHERRY: Well, you know, if they don't do it, the geomagnetic storms will when it knocks out the electricity. Eventually, the ability to get on the Internet and be bigmouths like we are is gonna stop. It's just a matter of when.
DANIEL: And the people that weren't paying attention, they're gonna try to find the reruns of your show and mine and they're not gonna have access to 'em then, Sherry.
SHERRY: Right. Well, you know, you can only do so much to wake people up and help people in the time you have.
Are There More Good People Than Evil People in the World?
DANIEL: Are there more good people than evil people in the world?
SHERRY: At this point I don't believe so. [laughs] No.
SHERRY: Consider the billions we have that are worshiping false-god entities. Allah, that's not the Most High. That's not the Lord.
Do You Love People of All Skin Colors?
DANIEL: I think I have a question here that might go along with probably something you've found in your hate mail. So I'm gonna kind of get this one out. Let's see what happens. It says, "Do you love people of all skin colors?
SHERRY: Yes! Some of my best friends are all of color. Some of the people I count on the most. I'm not racist.
DANIEL: OK. All right.
SHERRY: But "they" are.
DANIEL: And you know, that's a conversation-ender too, because the Obama administration - well, not necessarily he himself, His Majesty hisself, but his henchmen - all say that if you disagree with the Obamination of Desolation, that you are racist. They put that word out every time that somebody disagrees...
SHERRY: Everytime you disagree! Yeah, everytime you disagree.
DANIEL: It get a little old! It gets a little old. Maybe we just think he's a kook and his plans are gonna bankrupt the country. How about that?
SHERRY: Yeah, yeah. And the only credence they give is if somebody of the same color agrees with him that he's a - whatever. They use the racist card more than anybody I know.
DANIEL: Yeah, well, all you gotta say is "Reverend Wright" OK? He was in that guy's - that racist church for 20 years and said he don't ever remember him sayin', "God damn America." You know what I'm saying?
DANIEL: That makes him a liar, doesn't it?
SHERRY: And depending on what context he used it, he could have been very right. If he was talking about how America deserves judgment, because of the wickedness and sin.
DANIEL: Right.
SHERRY: I would agree, too!
DANIEL: Right.
SHERRY: You know, I mean, it depends on what context he was using it in. People take things out of context. I don't think race and color has a thing to do with anything.
DANIEL: And you'll be happy to know, Sherry, we've had our two last guests - one was Lloyd Marcus of the Tea Party, another was Reverend Bishop. Both of those guys being of darker melanin in their skin tone and both of 'em reject the idea of having Black in front of their first name or African-American in front of their first name. They prefer to be Americans. You just don't hear from people like that on the mainstream.
SHERRY: Yeah. You know, you get tired of the racism thing. You get tired of it.
DANIEL: Yeah, yeah.
SHERRY: We're on the Internet. Hey, we could all be yellow and green beanies, you know? All you know is what you hear, how you perceive people from what you read about them. And it's always comes down to a heart thing. I love this person. Or I don't like this person. It's a heart thing. It's not a color thing.
How Can You Be Sure That You Have Not Been Deceived?
DANIEL: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, man, all right. We have this question in. "Sherry, how can you be sure that you have not been deceived?"
SHERRY: Well, you know what? I just pray. All the time. Every day for the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to me. And I just sit at His feet. And so, you know, if I'm asking for bread and He gives me rocks, does that sound like something He'd do? He says, no. If a child asks for bread, his father's gonna give him bread. Not gonna give him rocks. You know what, Daniel? From three years ago, four years ago, five, when I first did your show, look at how much the Internet has evolved since then. How many people now. You go to YouTube, there's videos everywhere, shape-shifting people, and the awareness that's out now compared to what the first time I ever did your show.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah.
SHERRY: And I've been working day and night, nonstop and you can see it now. People are aware.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. You were one of the first, and one of the loudest voices out there to bring this type of information to the Internet. And I'm sure people grabbin' stuff off your website just to repeat it. But you've done a lot of research and you tie it together really well.
Was 9/11 an Inside Job?
DANIEL (continued): Here's a basic question. This is a little different from our alien- and zombie-feeding context here, but, "Was 9/11 an inside job?"
SHERRY: Well, of course. I mean... [laughs]
DANIEL: That's just about a given there, isn't it.
SHERRY: Yeah, that's about a given. That's one fight I never went to...
An H1N1 Zombie Incident in Massachusetts
DANIEL: We'll just tie it in then because there was a huge death count there. Did we have zombiefest coming in there at night feeding on some of these roasted carcas - I'm sorry -people that were killed.
SHERRY: Well, you know. I don't know. I could tell you about a incident two weeks ago in Massachusetts. Want to hear about it?
DANIEL: OK. Well, let's hear it.
SHERRY: All right. Well a friend of mine, her uncle, takes his friend into the hospital 'cause he's sick. Got the H1N1 vaccine, he's sick. Takes him to a hospital in Massachusetts. The man dies. Come back. Bites the nurse. He's coming back as a zombie. He's reanimated as a zombie. This is a true incident in Massachusetts two weeks ago. By the time it was done, 122 people had been killed in this hospital from the zombie attacks because the man bit the nurse, the nurse bit the other nurse. It went on and on before it was contained; 122 people were killed. And you won't hear a word about it in mainstream news.
DANIEL: I reckon not. They didn't want a report on the zombiefest, huh?
SHERRY: They don't want a report because it all went back to the H1N1 vaccine virus.
DANIEL: Really?
SHERRY: And it was the people - the guy - had gotten the H1N1 shot.
If You Want to Know More About Zombies Get Dr. Pecos from FVZA on Your Show
DANIEL: When you're talking about zombies feeding on humans, the basic human anatomy, I mean is there a favorite part of the body that they find most nutritious?
SHERRY: Ooh! I don't know...
DANIEL: I mean, do they grind up the skull and make a sauteed - or biscuit or something with it? [laughs]
SHERRY: Eww! You know what? [FVZA.org]. And get Dr. Pecos on your show. Because that's the zombie and alien federal agency.
DANIEL: Really?
DANIEL: Dr. Pecos?
SHERRY: Dr. Pecos. P-E-C-O-S, he headed this agency. It was funded by Congress up till 1975 and then they pulled the funding.
DANIEL: Really?
SHERRY: But he was the head of it for like 25 years. It just went underground is all that happened because, you know. It went underground. But he would be fascinating to have on your show because he'll be the first one to tell ya it still goes on.
Do You Know Why Jeffrey Dahmer Had a Blender on His Front Porch?
DANIEL: Yeah. You know why Jeffrey Dahmer had a blender on his front porch?
SHERRY: No, why?
DANIEL: So when people come by he'd give 'em a hand-shake.
SHERRY: [laughs] That's really sick.
DANIEL: [laughs] He must've been a shape-shifter hisself. I'm just sayin', you know.
The Pig Is a Human-Animal Hybrid
DANIEL (continued): Now a lot of people say that they're eating the humans to get to the blood or to assimilate their DNA or something to that effect. Is it just basic, you know, a flesh sandwich, or are they trying to get something deeper. You said - you're talking about soul-scalping earlier. You've got your soul-scalpers, you've got your flesh-eaters...
SHERRY: Well, look at pork, Daniel. Look at pork. You wanna know what human meat tastes like? I've heard the closest thing is pig.
DANIEL: Really?
SHERRY: Yeah. Because pork was a hybrid animal. Between a human and whatever animal, we got a pig.
SHERRY: That's why the swine's always been an abomination, I mean forbidden to eat it, in the Bible.
DANIEL: Yeah, pork is the only food that rots from the inside out, right?
SHERRY: Oh, I don't - I don't know.
DANIEL: Yeah it is. That's what I found out. Pork is the only - I call a pig a cloven-hoofed beast.
SHERRY: I've tried to find what it really is. Back before - 'cause it's a hybrid animal. I've tried researching the thing about the pig and I just don't get anywhere.
DANIEL: Really?
SHERRY: But I've heard that pork is the closest thing to human meat that we would come to. Because I'm not gonna try it.
DANIEL: I've also heard that pork is the only food that you can cook that doesn't kill all the bacteria.
SHERRY: Yeah, I heard you can put a piece of bacon on a hot sidewalk on a hot summer day and worms will start coming out of it.
DANIEL: Mm-hmm. Right. Now there's a picture for you. And it also happens to be the favorite carcass of demons. I meant actually asked Jesus, "Hey let's go into the pigs." So they must don't wanna go back home.
SHERRY: Right. They wanna - you know.
Police Officers Are Preparing to Quarantine and Close Down the Cities
DANIEL: You know. That's what I'm sayin'. So we have several ways to defend ourselves from the alien and zombie horde. But are there any other creatures that we need to be aware of that is basically after us?
SHERRY: Well, you know, we've got the giants coming and the zombies.
DANIEL: Are you saying that the giants are zombies as well?
SHERRY: We've got both. We've got both. We've got these alien invasions that are coming, the locusts, and the Joel 2 army. These are giants. These are giants coming to Earth from Nibiru and Shema and these other planets, the Blue Star that's coming. These are giants. And then we have the zombies to deal with. And the whole reason I started the whole zombie awareness thing several weeks ago is just because it just keeps coming up in the Codes, and it's something that grabbed my attention. I've gotta warn people. Because it's one thing we don't expect. We expect that to stay in Hollywood. And when you talk to police officers and they're telling you, "We're preparing. We're doing drills to prepare to quarantine and close down the city," and then their telling you, "We're prepared to blow up all the side roads to keep people in the cities." Containment. Total containment. What would scare them that much that they'd totally have to contain something?
DANIEL: Are you saying basically then though that they would be rounding people up or locking them in the cities so that the feeders could come in?
SHERRY: Well, that's one way of looking at it. I would think they wouldn't do that, but... We know we have martial law coming up and roundups. We know that's coming up. We know beheadings are coming up because people refuse to worship the Beast - the image of the Beast. And then we have the zombiism coming up and all these different plagues. It's like, people just need to get together and right with the Lord NOW. Because you never know how much time you have. And so, people need to start getting back with the Lord, getting off the fence and getting back with Him.
DANIEL: Right. Sounds like that's maybe the best protection they could have.
SHERRY: Oh, certainly. Calling on the name of the Lord for times of protection and stuff. But like I said, one of the reasons He gave us the orgone is because we've gotta sleep, you're not always paying attention, you're not on the offensive to call His name. They'll get you when you don't expect it. And these things happen to believers. People think Christians don't get abducted by aliens. It does happen. I've heard from pastors. I've heard from people who wouldn't dare talk about it amongst their other friends because they would be considered a nut, or be declared, "Well, you're not really saved then, because that doesn't happen to believers." It DOES happen.
Is the Locust Army in the Book of Revelation More Literal Than People Enumerate?
DANIEL: Question from the live chat, "Sherry, do you agree that the locust army in the Book of Revelation is more is more literal than people enumerate?"
SHERRY: Well, from what I've seen, locust is another term for these giants that are coming.
DANIEL: Now that's supposed to be coming out of the bowels of the earth, right?
SHERRY: Out of the abyss. Out of space...
DANIEL: Well, you said the abyss is in space.
DANIEL: Well didn't it say there would be smoke, out of the abyss. And out of this smoke all these plagues and different locust hordes and whatnot?
SHERRY: Right.
DANIEL: Smoke is gonna come out in space?
SHERRY: Yes. And it darkens the sun and moon.
DANIEL: OK, so smokes gonna come out in space. The aliens are gonna come through the smokescreen then?
SHERRY: Right. You can almost seeing it like a portal opening. That's how I see it. Some kind of portal opening.
Wouldn't There Be Some Good Guys Who'd Want to Launch Nukes Against the Aliens?
DANIEL: Won't there be though, in the United States and maybe other countries, when they see the aliens... I mean, there might be some people that are with them now making agreements with the alien horde. But wouldn't there be some good guys in there to say, "Let's launch. Let's send the nukes up before these guys come down?"
SHERRY: Those are conventional weapons, Daniel. They're not gonna work against these aliens.
DANIEL: But they don't know that though. I'm just saying, won't they launch...
SHERRY: That's why they wanna put a lock on all these nuclear weapons. That's why there's such a push.
Obama's Doesn't Want to Protect Us from Enemies - He IS Our Enemy
DANIEL: Is that why Obama - somebody's gotta tell Obama that his first priority is to protect and defend the United States. I don't see how eliminating our nuclear capability is making this any more safe at all.
SHERRY: But that's not his priority. [laughs]
DANIEL: That's obviously not his priority. This guy's a nutcase.
SHERRY: His priority is Islam and Sharia law in the United States. He doesn't want to protect the United States from our enemies. He IS our enemy. Don't you see the irony that we've been at war with the Muslims since 1990 and then we bring one in as president?
DANIEL: I want to know what country financed his election campaign.
SHERRY: Well I find it interesting that the Russians, back in the 80's had prophesied we'd have a Black president.
DANIEL: Really?
SHERRY: Yeah. This has all been a setup from the time this guy was born. And so, the Russians knew back in the 80's that we were gonna have a tall Black president. And so Obama stepped in and fit the bill.
DANIEL: Uh-huh. All right. So, not only is he trying to take over everything, he's also trying to make this country defenseless. And I just think that's giving up on his main requirement to be the president of the United States.
SHERRY: Well, they've all committed treason. You can't promise loyalty to a secret society and then proclaim that you're gonna uphold the Constitution - take a oath of loyalty to the Constitution. Because their first loyalty, the Mason society they belong to, supercedes any other oaths they take. It's one of the, you know, little writing things, part of the secret societies. That whatever oath they take comes in secondary to the part - the secret society they're in. And so, it's actually treasonous because they're lying, and they know they're lying. They're not gonna uphold the Constitution of America because whatever their secret society tells them to do is what they're gonna uphold. And so, it's all just a joke. The only way to come back and bring America back around is to eliminate everybody in the public sector who belongs to a secret society. Get rid of all of 'em.
DANIEL: Wow! And concerning this so-called treaty with Russia, I don't recall where the Congress even voted on that. I don't know, did he have like a few guys in a room just say, "Let's get rid of half of our nukes." Who made that decision?
SHERRY: [laughs]
DANIEL: Was our military involved? Did they say it was a good idea?
SHERRY: Yeah. They're just Executive Orders, one after the other. They've gotten away with so much already that we can't stop them. Would could stop it? We couldn't stop the health-care bill. We haven't stopped anything. We delayed the inevitable, but that's all we do is delay it.
Are Chimeras Coming Back As Well?
DANIEL: All right. Now we have this question from Ohio, "Are chimeras (I don't know if I've pronounced that right)...
SHERRY: Those are Greys.
DANIEL: It says they're part animal and human - "Are they coming back as well?"
SHERRY: I know I would imagine. When the veil is lifted and Satan is cast out of heaven as stated in Revelation, chapter 12, he's gonna bring all of his forces with him. All those fallen angels in heaven, they're all cast down to Earth. So they're all gonna be here. That's how we have such conditioning going on like the FedEx commercials, like Ellen Degeneres American Express commercials. We're working with animals. We have 'em in our offices, our workplaces. It's conditioning.
DANIEL: I call her Ellen Degenerate.
SHERRY: Yeah. Everybody does. [laughs] It's all conditioning to get you used to working with the cute little reptiles.
They're Conditioning's Not Working on Me
DANIEL: You know what though? Their conditioning's not working on me, Sherry.
SHERRY: [unclear] I'll be walking in with Super Soaker orgone-water blasters.
DANIEL: This boy ain't gonna carry their water. They better get used to that. You know what I'm sayin'? I'd shoot 'em with your orgone blaster before I do anything else.
SHERRY: Yeah. That's why we're on the elimination list. All those who dissent are on the elimination list.
What's Your Take on the Winged Disk Seen on So Many Ancient Ruins?
DANIEL: Yeah. Question for you from the live chat, " What's your take on the winged disk symbol that's seen on so many of the ancient ruins?" The winged disk symbol.
SHERRY: Well, UFOs and the serpent seedline and the - either one. UFO's or serpent seed. They've been around forever. They were here before the Garden of Eden. That's how they travelled. The civilizations that were here before we came about all travelled by these UFOs, interplanetary. Planet to planet. They had economic systems. They existed before the Garden of Eden did. And they came - that was in Mesopotamia - is where they first landed. The whole brotherhood serpent cult all starts in Iraq. And that's pretty much what America and Masonry, and all these satanist cults today are all tied with the serpent cult of ancient Babylonian.
Why Did We Go to War with Iraq and Afghanistan?
DANIEL: Sherry, why did we go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan?
SHERRY: I believe it's to have control of those gates that are over there.
DANIEL: The gateways?
DANIEL: And where to those gateways lead to?
SHERRY: Back when the Anunnaki first came, when they were located in Mesopotamia, they used a gateway as a portal to leave and come and arrive on our Earth to travel back and forth. And that's the gate in Aridu that they got control of now. So, for some reason they want control of these gates, because they're gateways.
DANIEL: All right. And where are they trying to get to?
SHERRY: Well, they're establishing - and also you gotta know the leylines also go through those areas, for all the people that are into the vortex thing. The portals, the gateways tell the dimensions, the aliens can travel into our dimensions. What they don't tell you about Afghanistan is all the UFOs they see because there's gateways and portals out there. They use them to come into our dimension.
Have You Heard About the Supposed Giants Being Killed in Afghanistan?
DANIEL: Which leads to this question here, "Have you heard about supposed giants being killed in Afghanistan?"
SHERRY: Well, the giants are eating the military in Afghanistan. So...
DANIEL: They're snacking on the military, too?
SHERRY: Yeah, they're eating them. They're finding places in the mountains with nothing but military uniforms.
DANIEL: What you're saying is, there's just blood-strewn military uniforms with the bodies all chomped up in some alien's belly somewhere (if they even have bellies, I don't know)...
SHERRY: Right. Well, you've also heard of the spiders that are out there. Those 12-, 15-feet things.
DANIEL: Are you talking about Camel spiders?
SHERRY: Well, the ones I'm talking about, I don't know what they're called, if they're called the Camel spiders or not. On television you get this disinfo where they're little spiders about two inches long.
DANIEL: But you're saying they're, what? Ten, twelve feet...
SHERRY: Yeah, these things are [ten] and twelve feet tall. [I believe Sherry means inches, not feet.] These things are huge and Saddam Hussein had them guarding his castle in the desert because he was building a UFO.
DANIEL: Right. Well, I heard they're running in packs out there. Those big spiders run in packs.
SHERRY: That's what I've heard, too. And, they actually have some stuff on "Animal Planet" the tapes. Have you seen that? "Animal Planet" cable show and they have these lost tapes. And a lot of times they're showing...
DANIEL: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I did see that.
SHERRY: ...military tapes from Afghanistan and Iraq.
DANIEL: Where are the giants now?
SHERRY: They're in the deserts, they're under the cities, underground. And they're coming from Nibiru. When Nibiru comes, it's gonna be a mess. Incoming Nibiru, Planet X.
How Will You Discern Jesus' Return Versus an Alien Invasion?
DANIEL: We have this question from Suzanne in Canada, "Sherry, how will you discern Jesus return versus an alien invasion?"
SHERRY: Well, because when Yahushua returns, I call him Yahushua - His real Hebrew name, because Jesus wasn't His real name, it was a translated name. When He returns, He return with ten thousands of His saints, He returns to Israel, He destroys the wicked at the battle of Armageddon, angels takes the False Prophet and Antichrist and casts them into the lake of fire. There's just so many things that they just can't mimic because - the New Age wants to mimic everything. They have the Blue Beam Project to mimic the return of Christ to Earth. He's not coming with an angelic host to establish an economic program here on Earth. And that's what this whole New Age agenda is about. Establishing NESARA. Establishing a kingdom of heaven on Earth. He's coming to totally reap justice on this Earth and He's gonna take all the wicked off of it. And so, that's the biggest difference. They can't mimic that. Of course, their idea of cleansing the Earth is getting rid of the patriots and Christians and people who dissent against them.
What Do You Think of the Idea of Reptilians Using Human Fat As a Scale Moisturizer?
DANIEL: Somebody mentioned in the live chat saying that the reptilians like to use human body fat as sort of a moisturizer to their scales. What do you think about that?
SHERRY: Ew! That's the first I've heard of it.
DANIEL: I mean, you know, you gotta think. The reptilians would have pretty dry - unless they're in some moist environment. If they're just walking around...
SHERRY: Well, they've got Botox don't they?
DANIEL: ...unless they're down in the Amazon, they're gonna dry out. They're gonna have some skin problems, some scale problems.
SHERRY: [laughs] Maybe they can get some Botox. Is that what it's called?
SHERRY: All the celebrities use it to hide all the scales under their skin.
Would You Consider Yourself One of the Elect?
DANIEL: Yeah. OK. And here's a followup question, "Would you consider yourself one of the Elect?"
SHERRY: You know. Well, you know, I'm a messenger here for the Lord. So, anybody who's awake right now, if I make sense to you, you're most likely one of the Elect. [laughs] Because the people that aren't the Lord's don't get me at all. That's the way I look at it. Because, most of the people, if I make sense to them and they can understand the things I talk about, most likely part of the Elect.
At Some Point One of These Reptilians Is Gonna Get Caught, and It Ain't Gonna Be Pretty
DANIEL: I wondered though, if you catch a reptilian, you know, when you fillet a fish, you gotta kind of take that knife and cut those scales and they kind of flip off. I wonder if you can do that to a reptilian. If you can sort of fillet him that his scales go flipping off, I don't know.
SHERRY: [laughs]
DANIEL: I mean, look, at some point, one of these guys is gonna get caught. And it ain't gonna be pretty. Because there's a lot of payback involved here. They've been feastin' on humans for a long time and it looks like the whole human race is on their menu. And so, you know, I'm sayin', "Back at 'em."
SHERRY: Yeah, hopefully we don't come into that much contact with them. That close of contact where we'd need a knife. You know, that's why I'm practicing up with the water here. Just stock up. Water balloons, 70-foot guns, the Lord Himself. Without Him we have nothing to begin with and so, He's just our ultimate protector. He says He's going to protect His own and I believe that He will. But I don't think we should go to sleep. Because then everybody thinks their one of His own, and they're not. The people who aren't listening to Him and doing are not considered His. And so that's why it's very dangerous to get into these kinds of teachings where the church just goes back to sleep. They go back into the rapture dogmas.
What Do You Think About the 170-Foot Fossil That Washed Up on India's Coastline?
DANIEL: And we have this question here, "Sherry, what do you think about the 170-foot fossil that washed up on India's coastline?"
SHERRY: I haven't heard about it. Is it one of these hybrid animals?
DANIEL: Probably it was down in the bowels of the ocean and just kind of washed up.
SHERRY: You know, they crossbreed everywhere. Even at Montauk in New York. Where they have that - Montauk they crossbreed. They crossbreed everywhere.
How Tall Are the Giants?
DANIEL: And then we have this question from Jonathan in Minnesota, "How tall are the giants?"
SHERRY: I'm gonna go on a limb and say 12- to 15-feet - no, uh, Goliath was 9 and a half feet tall. But he was more or less an Earth-based giant. These giants coming in from space so I think they're gonna be taller.
DANIEL: Well, if they've been snackin' on human, maybe they got their strength up and they're building their size with human flesh, whatnot.
SHERRY: Yeah. I just think between 9- and 15-foot is probably gonna be the average.
DANIEL: And you're saying that even though people will be able to see them though, you're saying that they're dimensional beings and you wouldn't be able to kill 'em anyway. So how can you see 'em when they're in another dimension?
SHERRY: Well you can see 'em, and they're gonna be interacting with us in this dimension, but they don't have the kind of bodies we do. They could take a bullet. It's not gonna affect 'em.
DANIEL: I heard that giants weeble, but they don't fall down.
You Know Why David Cut Off Goliath's Head, Don't You?
SHERRY: [laughs] You know why David cut his head off, don't you?
SHERRY: Why David killed Goliath and cut his head off was so that it couldn't be reanimated.
DANIEL: Ah! So you have to have the head.
DANIEL: And that goes to the basis of a zombie, that it has to have a head to reanimate.
SHERRY: Right. Yeah, they have to have the head. They have to have the brain.
DANIEL: Like in the movie "Sleepy Hollow," the character there, the headless horseman, he was alive and he was looking for his head. So how come - couldn't it be that zombies would be looking for their head?
SHERRY: Well, you know, I'll take it from the zombie forum or whoever's dealt with zombies and, you know what, just from the Lord's example that David cut off his head, and so, just keep it away from their bodies so they can't reach out and grab it back. [laughs] Just bury it someplace separate so they can't find it.
DANIEL: And I wonder if they know where you've stashed the head.
SHERRY: [laughs] Well, you know, I don't know.
How to Kill a Zombie
DANIEL: I've heard some people say that you must become a zombie in order to kill a zombie.
SHERRY: They don't kill each other. They don't kill each other.
DANIEL: So, see, you don't believe in that then.
SHERRY: No, I mean the dead, they don't kill each other. They just go looking for the living.
DANIEL: Well, what if there's no living in the area and they get hungry?
SHERRY: They'll die. That's why they have to find food.
DANIEL: Well, if they die out then, do they just drop dead. Wouldn't people find a carcass laying there, of a zombie?
SHERRY: Well, sure they're going to, you would think. Because if they only have a year longevity at the most, people would know.
DANIEL: I wonder if I could fake - one time I was thinking about maybe I was gonna act like a zombie or something. You know, just try to get in with the crowd there. And then, you know, say, you know, like, "Uuuuhhhh," you know, walking...
SHERRY: [laughs]
DANIEL: ...like a zombie. And all of a sudden, you know, pull out a knife or a gun or something and say, "I'm just kidding," bam, you know, you're dead. Of course they wouldn't be dead, they're already dead. I don't know. But maybe I'd have a big sword then and then cut the head off, kind of like I said earlier, like a Highlander.
SHERRY: Or get a machete. You know, stock up on machetes.
DANIEL: Is there anything particular about a knife. You can't shoot 'em with a silver bullet, you're sayin', basically.
SHERRY: Right. It's not gonna work. Use orgone water.
If a Zombie's Coming Towards You, Rip Its Arm Off and Beat It with It
DANIEL: So the only way, then, is a machete to remove the head from the torso there.
SHERRY: Right. Have to cut it off. And you know what? It's decayed flesh, and what they say is if one's coming towards you, rip its arm off and beat it with it if you don't have a weapon. Because the arm will pull right off because it's dead, decayed flesh...
DANIEL: Got it. Got it.
SHERRY: So just rip its arm off.
DANIEL: Now, see, that's not the first time we've heard that, OK? You're sayin' rip the zombie's arm off and beat him with it, right?
SHERRY: Yeah, that's what they say.
DANIEL: We had a guest on the show that said he went to an underground base in Area 51 and he ripped off the arms of scientists and basically knocked their heads off and - I mean, it was a gruesome thing. So yeah, you're saying that the arm, basically, because it's not really attached good... But then, on the other hand, Sherry, couldn't you rip both arms off? I mean, he can't really start grab you and feeding on you anyway, right, if he don't got no arms? I mean, how's he gonna catch you?
SHERRY: Right. If you got one, get the other one. [laughs] You know. I don't know. This is all new territory for us. I just - I've gotta get the warnings out there to get people prepared for this because it's coming. I'm not an expert at it. I've never dealt with it. I always thought it was just a Hollywood thing. But this is actually gonna be something that we experience here in this planet. We're gonna be facing this kind of thing, and so the only way you can get through is to laugh, have some jokes. But learn something because you might have to protect yourself someday.
Discovering the Truth and Protecting Yourself
DANIEL: That's it. The whole key is to discover the truth. And, Sherry, we've been doing that together tonight and we're coming to the end of the broadcast here. But, anything you'd like to say in these final minutes about your website or anything else, you go right ahead.
SHERRY: You know what, folks? You just go to SherryShriner.com or SherryTalkRadio.com and I have things listed there. How to protect yourself. Videos to teach you how to make orgone. The things you need; my protection page for learning how to protect yourself in the coming days. And just get off the fence and get back with the Lord. Build a relationship with Him so that you can learn to hear His voice and He can lead and guide you because He's the only one that's gonna be our survival in the last days.
DANIEL: OK. Well said. Sherry Shriner, it's been an awesome update with you. Can we have you back on the program sometime?
SHERRY: Oh, sure. Anytime.
DANIEL: All right, I appreciate you coming on, Sherry. Stay safe out there, and I mean, like I say, you see some zombies out there, you got a couple ways of dealing with them, I guess, so knock 'em out for me.
SHERRY: All right. Thanks a lot, Daniel.
DANIEL: You bet.
SHERRY: Bye-bye.