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The Edge Broadcast Radio Interview

Sherry Shriner Debates Greg Rinchich (Lieutenant Colonel S.C.)

November 13th 2010

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1st Hour

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Daniel: Sherry? [phone rings in background]

Sherry: Yes!

Daniel: Hey there.

Greg: Hello?

Daniel: Greg?

Greg:  Yeah, I made it to a safe zone. [laughs]

Daniel: Okay, uh Greg, uh, Greg Rinchich and Sherry Shriner, you both on the line?

Sherry: Yes.

Daniel: Greg?

Greg: Yeah. Yeah.

Daniel: Okay. Alright. Welcome to the program, guys. Uh, now I’ve had both of you on The Edge several times. Uh, Sherry we’ve had you on a number of times; Greg we’ve had you on a number of times.  You know as I listen to the—your interviews, during your interview processes, both of you—there is a lot of common ground between the two of you.  And, uh, but I also understand there are some uh, I dunno if you wanna say “conflicts,” but I would say disagreements of such.  Um.

Greg:  Differences on.

First Up On The List: Zombies

Daniel:  Differences?  Okay.  Uh, Greg, uh, let’s—since you’re right there, let’s go with you first of all.  Uh, what I’ll, what I’ll do is, uh, I’ll just basically go with the topic and see if, uh, you know, get each one of yours opinion, and see if you agree or slightly disagree.  I imagine there’s gonna be some strong agreements, some middle agreements, some total disagreements, and certainly you’ll be able to talk to each other.  I’ll, I’ll just kind of submit a question.  Greg we’ll go with you first of all, and I want to get right to a zombie question.  I, uh, I wanna know—now you, you said on the program that there are zombies out there.  Is that true?

Greg: Yes. There are.

Daniel: And how, how do ya know that?  Have you seem ‘em?  Have you studied it?  Where these zombies at?

The Russian Zombie Video Is Not A Fake

Greg: I’ve only seen—I’ve seen several films.  The one I gave you.  But I’ve seen several others. And, um, I’ve never seen it firsthand.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: But the people that sent me the one from Russia—they’re Russian—and they’re very credible people.  I have no reason to lie.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: And they have no reason to lie.  There’s nothing, there’s nothing for any of us to gain from it. 

Daniel: Well, now—now is—are there zombies in the major cities, Greg?  Or is it in the rural areas?

Greg: [short laugh] That’s what I understand, yes.

Daniel: Or are they in the rural areas?  I mean, where these guys at?

Greg: It’s just everywhere.  There’s just—I heard there was an outbreak—you can’t never tell if it’s an outbreak, or if it’s an isolated case.  You know, they tell ya one thing, but you just don’t—that, I can’t tell you that part of it, but, uh, I heard in Texas there was an outbreak starting up nearby border of it.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg:  Uh, but.

Daniel:  Yeah.  Well would I say, there’s probably some zombies coming from south of the border.  You know what, there’s a lot of illegal immigrants down there—

Greg: [laughs]

Daniel: —illegal Mexicans.  I say shoot them guys.  But they, they [short laugh] must be zombies, ‘cause they keep on coming no matter how many times you fire.  Uh, Sherry Shriner, uh, do you think there’s zombies, uh, out there?

Sherry: Oh, they’re definitely there, and they’ve been hiding it for years. When the government set up their own agency back in the 50’s and 60’s—

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: —and they’ve gone underground since then, and they still exist.  I mean, anything they make fun of—they reveal information through cartoons and tabloids, any kind of, like a, what you would think of a fiction format.  There’s actually a lot of truth to it.

Daniel: Mhmm. Okay, do you got any—

Sherry: And they have—

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Sherry: Yeah.  They reveal lots.  And there’s a website online.  Federal Vampire and, uh, Zombie Agency.  Uh, you Greg, are probably familiar with that one.  Dot org.   FVZA, ZA dot org. [http://www.fvza.org/

 Greg:  Oh, no, I’ll check that out.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: And they have a working forum.  Operable.  People can go on there and talk.  And they have past cases and previous of zombie attacks.

Daniel: Mhmm.  Uh, now, do zombies in general—Greg, back to you—do they—what, what do they live off?  Do they eat humans?  They—do they eat each other?  Well, what, what’s on the dinner plate?

Greg: Well, there’s two different versions that I’ve seen.  They eat humans, and like, Sherry said, she’s absolutely correct, and [TN: Can’t understand the word or term used here.] is another one, an agency they created to help us down in the United States.  But she’s absolutely correct on it.  And they, before I get to that, they—like she said, they downplay it with, just like this last one I showed you, with video games.  Now, that guy had a cape on, so that, that was the story. But, uh, any time I went out when I was a sniper and we used a ghillie suit, then I didn’t have to wear it.  It was like a flame.  You wore a cape underneath it to keep it from itchin’. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: And I was told that guy was a sniper. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: Now here, evidentially, he wasn’t using a sniper rifle.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: But, yes, they do eat people. As you can see [short laugh], the way, the way they ate him.  And the other version I heard of it is that they get into a zombie like state, similar to what they get in voodoo, with the blowfish, uh, powder.  But I don’t believe that version of it.  So.  Um, I just don’t.   I believe, like Sherry does, I believe they’re just what they are.  I mean, zombie movies are probably some of the oldest movies there are, that are, uh, gore.  You know, they’ve been warming up the public forever, so if you were told there was a zombie to see, there wouldn’t be much, probably not much of a reaction from it. 

Greg, What Does Your Name Mean?

Daniel:  Mhmm.  Okay, quick question from the fast-blast for you Greg.  Uh, what does the S. C., when you address, er, identify yourself as “Lieutenant Colonel S. C.,” what is a S. C.?

Greg: When I was in the army, it was hard to pronounce my last name, and I was from South Carolina, so they just called me “S. C.” [chuckles]

Daniel:  Mhmm. Mhmm.  Uh, Sherry, have you seen any zombies yourself?

Potential Zombie Outbreak In The Spring

Sherry: No, but I’m preparing because there’s going to be a huge outbreak in this country in the spring. 2011.  There could be a huge outbreak here. 

Daniel:  Hmm.

Sherry: And I’ve been telling people how to prepare orgone water, how it serves as acid to them.  Now, the reason they look so different on—I’ve seen the video Greg Renchi—Greg’s talking about.  I talked about zombies on my own radio show a couple months ago.  That video’s been available on Youtube for a while. 

Daniel:  Mhmm.

Sherry: Ah, but, the first twenty-four hours you’re bitten, attacked by a zombie, you have supernatural strength.  You can run fast, you got—you have—

Greg:  Yeah.

Sherry: —all, you know, you have supernatural strength.  And then, the next days on, you start to slow down and become the zombies, this slow state that people are used to seeing.

Greg: Yeah.

Daniel: Uh, Sherry, when you have a group of zombies, I mean, is it—are they—is it like a pack of zombies?  Is it, you know, a, um…a, you know.  I mean, what do ya call ‘em when they’re in a group?  And animal?  Or—

Sherry: Well, you know, they show them in Hollywood that they gather in packs.

Daniel:  Okay, they, they’re runnin’ in packs.  So you’re sayin’ in 20-11, they’re gonna be running in packs down Main Street?

They’re Getting Ready To Quarantine Cities

Sherry: Well, you know what?  There’s going to be quarantining the cities.  They’re getting ready to quarantine cities, not just because of the plagues, but because a lot of these plagues already have that reanimation virus in them, to where they can reanimate the people who died from the plagues. 

Daniel:  Mhmm.

Sherry: Because that’s the reason they’re quarantining whole cities, not letting a thing out, because they’re going to be zombie fests. 

Daniel:  Is that where there are, when the military’s, uh, doing these, uh, these war games within cities, are they really prepare—are they really war games against zombies, preparing to defend the human population against ‘em?

Sherry: Well, you know, the Russians are preparing for it, so I can imagine the Americans are.  I mean, everything you hear tends to be, “This happened in Russia,” since this case was in Russia.  Maybe that’s where they first developed the reanimation virus.  I don’t know.  They claim it was the Russians.  I would imagine, but in American they’re not going to tell you. 

Greg:  It was the Russians.

Daniel: Uh-huh.  Uh, Greg, what is your recommendation for those of us out here, uh, you know.  We got zombies running down the street or whatever.  They’re coming to, you know, knock on your door.  They’re looking for a human snack.  What is your best recommendation on how to defend myself from a zombie attack?

Greg:  I couldn’t tell ya; I’ve never been attacked.  But I’ve seen, like in that film—and I do know that, just like in the movies—that’s what was striking to me, I was told by military officials that, um, just shoot ‘em in the head. 

Daniel:  Mhmm.

HAARP Frequencies Could Be A Trigger Device To Those Who Are Currently Infected

Greg:  And—but like Sherry was saying and that, they’ve got—people have it now, and probably have been having it for years, and I believe that they’re either gonna spray or use HAARP frequencies as a trigger device for it.

Daniel:  Okay.  So you’re suggesting, there could be a, like an “off” spray for zombies? 

Greg: Yeah.  They’re claim of a Vienna spray doesn’t surprise me at all. And she seems to have more on it than I do.  But the way she describes it being an outbreak is exactly how it’s going to be.  It’s gonna be, you know, like a—any, anything the government does, they trickle it in.  It—they’ll hit you with it once in an isolated case to see what the public reaction would be.  And then desensitize you to it on a second round of a little bit more than the isolated attack.  And then they’ll let it trickle in as a viral attack, and then they’ll use quarantine.  And we know that the quarantine is where the concentration camps come into play. 

Daniel:  Mhmm.  Um, Sherry what is your recommendation to protect oneself against the zombie attack?

Sherry: Well, you know, I used to think, “Well, what can you do besides rip off their arm and beat it with it?”

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry’s View On How To Kill A Zombie: Decapitation And Orgone

Sherry: And I started developing more info on it.   You have to cut their heads off.  If you cut their heads off—just like David slew the giants, he cut his [Goliath’s] head off. [1 Samuel 17:1-58]

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: And that eliminates them from anymore reanimating, from being dead.

Daniel: So—

Sherry:  Otherwise they’ll just gonna die again and come back.  They’re already dead beings.

Daniel:  Mhmm. 

Sherry: So it’s like, you know, the only way you can totally kill a zombie is to cut its head off.  Now there’s a lot of people like me that aren’t really familiar with swords and knives, and we’re not, you know, gonna go run out and cut people’s heads off.  And the Lord’s given us an easier weapon, which is holy water—which is orgone water.  And you can just spray it at them, and it will—it, it’s like acid.  It kills them.

Daniel:  Uh-huh.  Alright, so you’re—but you also say you can cut their heads off.  I mean, so, basically what you’re saying is find a, find your local Muslim, if he’s got a machete with him, ‘cause they’re usually the one’s doing that anyway.

Sherry: No, they have to buy them now.  You’re not going to be able to get them later.  And I have a—I put up a YouTube video, “How To Kill A Zombie.” [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5jYlvLtgOM]

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: And, uh, I’ve had that on my site for a while.  And like usual, you get the haters, you get the laughs, you get the mockeries.  I’ve been putting up with that for 10 years.  But, it’s probably the best info out there because guns just aren’t gonna do it. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: Bullets.  You know, unless you’ve got a gun like you guys can handle, that can, that can blow somebody’s head completely off.  You need a—you need a machete, a sword, or orgone water. 

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: I have garbage cans full of orgone water in my yard. 

Daniel:  Mhmm. Okay.  So, Sherry, you’re a big believer in the whole orgone, uh, orgoning water and the blasters and things.  I think there might be a difference of opinion here. What is, uh, Sherry Shriner, what is orgone to begin with, and how’s it work against your zombies and your alien hoards? 

Sherry:  Orgone is the ether energy that surrounds the Earth.  It’s that blue energy that you see when you look at photographs of the Earth.  It’s a living energy.  And what it does is, it combats negative and wicked energy. And this is what the Lord has led me to.  I—because I’ve had so many attacks and, you know, the night terrors, the demons, the aliens.  Everything I’ve learned, I had to earn.  I’ve had to earn the knowledge how to stop it, how to defeat it, and I told the Lord, “Anything You teach me, I will teach your people.” He’s never lead Israel to war unprepared.  And in the Last Days, we are at war against those who want to destroy us, which is the New World Order.  And the New World Order includes the alien agenda. 

Daniel:  Mhmm.  Well, you might not be too far from the truth there.  We’re gonna be having Tom Horn back on next week.  He’s gonna be talking about Forbidden Gates.  But he basically says that there are creations, soulless creations in the laboratory now, that, you know.

Sherry: [inaudible]

Daniel:  I think the Germans even tried to create the—an armed force of, you know, zombie killers.  And I think Russia’s probably doing that.  And who knows, the Chinese, uh, doing it too.  They have no qualms, they have no morals about creating, uh, creatures in the laboratory.  But Greg, Greg Rinchich, what’s your view on the orgone?  Is that—you’ve never used that to kill zombies and aliens?

Greg’s Take On How To Kill A Zombie: Guns And The Bible

Greg: Well, my view on it is this.  Um, the Bible says that—number one, I believe that the Bible is an absolute Truth.  And um.

Daniel: Whoa.

Greg:  It says that our weapons aren’t carnal. [2 Corinthians 10:4]  And, um, I know that every person that I’ve known of, and I know a few that have used the orgone blast, blasters that didn’t work for ‘em, but the name Jesus Christ did.  And, in the end I believe that the Bible’s the absolute Truth, so where the difference is, is that I believe that are weapons aren’t carnal, and um, that God says we don’t struggle against flesh and blood.  And, uh, against principalities and powers, He gives us our weapons of warfare, um, to use. And I believe that—

Sherry: [inaudible protest]

Greg: —everything I’ve been, I’ve been around when I was at the Dulce base, and we had to sign a paper saying that we could not use the name of Jesus Christ, even in anger, whether you were a Christian or not.  Otherwise you weren’t—you couldn’t go down there.  You couldn’t get the clearance.

Daniel:  Uh, Sherry, you sent me a link with a, is that some orgone information on it?

Sherry:  That’s from Wilhelm Reich.  It’s his book note reports, because they suppressed most of his information. But some of it has been found.  [http://www.sherryshriner.com/ReichNotesReport.pdf]

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: And those are his book notes in regards to what orgone energy can do.  And he states, “The aliens fear the orgone.”  It damages their tissues and blood.  And I have found the same things in the Bible Codes, where it gives them erythema, a skin disease which deteriorates the tissues, causes red patches, and, um, reddening of the skin.  And it also causes the necrosis, where they begin to age, where they start to decay from the inside out. 

Sherry Calls Greg Out On Things Said In His Last Show

And I’d like to address something Greg just said.  The Bible is the absolute Truth; the Most High is.  Last week, or, October 16th on your show, on the 1:28 mark, Greg declared “Our Father is of the Devil.”  I had taken great issue with that, and I take great issue with the fact that he also declared that fetuses are born with tails.  I have given birth to four kids.  None of them had tails.  There are many hybrids, and geo-engineered, and contaminated blood amongst us, which is why they have this whole airport scanning machine going on.  But our Father is not of the Devil.  He is quoted, John 8:44, when the Lord is speaking to the Pharisees.

Daniel: Yes.

Sherry: He tells them, “Ye are of the father your Devil.” 

Daniel: Okay.  Greg, did you say that, uh, God is the Devil?

Greg:  No, I didn’t say God was the Devil, I said, “Our father is of the Devil.” 

Daniel: Okay, “our”—and who, who is—

Greg: He is the god of this world.  And, and of any world.

Sherry: He’s not my Father.

Greg:  And if we, if we abide by man’s laws, we’re abiding by his laws. 

Sherry: Oh, no.

Greg: And his laws maybe in the beginning were good and great and all, but here towards the end they’re not so great.  They’re more against us than they are for us.  And fetuses, I didn’t say all were born with tails. I said a fetus at four months has the shape of a tail in it.  At four months in the pregnancy. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: No, you said all fetuses are born with tails. You said our Father is from the Devil—

Greg: I didn’t say they were born with tails, I said—

Sherry: —and that all fetuses are born with tails.  People can go listen to this at the 1:28 mark.

Greg:  No they can’t.  They can listen to—all I asked, uh, Daniel was, did you ever see a fetus when it was four months?  And I said they have tails. And they do.  And no, I didn’t say they were born with tails.

Sherry: Hmm, he said all fetuses are born—I can just listen to it again, to make sure I’m clarified on this, because you also state that our weapons are not carnal—

Greg: No—

Sherry: —but you’re talking about using guns to kill zombies.  We’re fighting against flesh and blood.  It is an energy war.  There is, there are spirits; we’re fighting against spirits. But we’re also fighting an energy war.

Greg: Well, we fight against, we fight against flesh and blood in combat too, uh Sherry. And I was—

Sherry: Yes, but that’s not our war.

Greg: —a vet in the middle of combat, and so, when you kill—

Sherry: We’re not in a war against—

Greg: —say, when you kill the body and the shell of it, like you’re saying, is correct.  It’s just the demonic entity that leaves it and goes into another one—that’s all it is.  The body’s been rendered useless by the gone head.  It’s not use—it’s not useful anymore so it goes into another one.  Bible says we don’t stand up against flesh and blood, and that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but the pulling down strongholds, casting every high thing that exults itself against the Knowledge of God. [2 Corinthians 10:4-5]

Sherry: Yes, and this is spiritual warfare.  Spiritual warfare.

Greg: Exactly.

Orgone Compliments Spiritual Warfare

Sherry: Orgone doesn’t replace spiritual warfare, it compliments it.  Now, when you’re an abductee, when you’re a pastor of a church, and you can’t talk to your own people and get help—I hear from all these people.  You can’t stop abductions.  You can stop them with the Name of Jesus Christ or Yahushuah when you’re lucid, and you’re awake, and you know what’s going on.  But when you’re asleep at 2:00 AM, and they pull your spirit out of your body and abduct you into a UFO, and you don’t have the ability to think, then you have to go through that abduction.

Greg: Well, you don’t, if you didn’t have the authority to think that, then I don’t think you have the authority to know how to use a blaster. 

Sherry: Well, all you do is put it in your bedroom, and it stops abductions!

Greg:  A man of combat, I’ve been here 17 years—

Sherry:  It stops abductions from happening, and it stops night terrors.  Why?  Because they won’t come into your room, because it has the Lord’s living energy in that room, and when you’re sleeping, they don’t bother you anymore.  It’s the one thing that will stop abductions from happening. And you said yourself, that you, you’ve, you get abducted all the time.  And at the times that you can use His Name, you can, but otherwise you—they paralyze your mind.

Greg:  Right.  But then—

Sherry:  And you know that they do.

Greg: But the times that I could, they knew that I could, they were aware that I could, and I never had anything bad happen to me.  And all the people that I’ve talked to that have used the Name of Jesus Christ, goes, “God. The pathway to Heaven, the Bible says, is very narrow. [Matthew 7:14; Luke 13:24] And we know that.  The people who can’t use the name of Jesus Christ better learn how to.”  I hear it more in person than I do in blessing these days, and—

Sherry: Well, this is true.  If I saw a demon in my room at night, and which I did for 20-some years, I would call on the name of Jesus and hide under my blankets.  But—

Greg:  But see, you and me—

Sherry: —to keep them away, keep them out of your room period. 

Greg: —we’re a higher purpose.  We have a higher purpose—

Sherry: To keep them out.

Greg: —in our lives, Sherry, than just the average person.  And that’s to groom the average person to using the weapons of our warfare.  And God says those aren’t carnal.

Sherry: Yeah, but you know what, it also protects those—it protects those who can’t.  It protects children.

Greg:  He says they aren’t carnal.

Sherry:  It protects our children.

Greg:  And God protects—

Greg Calls Sherry Out On Her Orgone

Sherry: No one, when they’re five and six years old, knows how to use spiritual warfare to protect themselves at night.  But their parents put orgone in their rooms, and they don’t have to go through that.   It protects His people.

Greg: It’s 100%…it’s 100% effective, you’re saying? 100%.

Sherry: Yes.  I can get—I can give you many, many testimonials from people who no longer have night terrors.

Greg:  Well, I know the people in the canyons that will—

Sherry:  Who no longer have been abducted.

Greg: —that will verify on the radio, and told me they would, that they have got that stuff, with it, from you, on—from Facebook.  They met you.  And, um, it didn’t work.  They told me they’re still getting abducted.  So, only one of them, had, you know, had the—was able to say the name of Christ.  So, I told them to try that, and she did.  She went from—she said it was almost like waking up from a dream.  She was in the craft one second, and back in her room the next. 

Sherry: Well, if you become lucid, if you’re lucid enough on a craft—

Greg: But what I’m saying is that they bought this, um—

Sherry: —and you call out to Him, you’ll go back into your body in a second.

Greg: —they bought this stuff you have, and it, and it didn’t work for them.  They were being abducted anyway.

Sherry: Well you know, you can’t say they bought it from me.  There’s a thousand people buying it out on the Internet, Greg.

Greg: Yes, but, I don’t remember that.  They said that—

Sherry: And this Don Croft is the biggest seller.

Greg: They said they got it from you on Facebook.  And they said that you were the—as far as they knew, that you were the designer of it.  And that’s exactly what they called it.

Sherry: No. Not when all the people have it all over the Internet.

Greg:  And they had mentioned some of the other things you had, and they said you had an Epo—something like an Epoxy pellet. But I know this.  I know this, that—

Sherry:  They didn’t.  Lucky I don’t use Epoxy resin.  That’s not mine.  I don’t use Epoxy. 

[TN:  I can confirm that Sherry has NEVER promoted the use of Epoxy resin.  In fact, on her Facebook, on November 10th 2010, just 3 days before this interview, she addressed a friend who had asked her about using it.  Her response was: “just ask Yah ---, I asked Him 3 years ago about expoxy resin and the answer I gave you is the answer He gave me.” Which was don’t use it. 

She also addressed the issue in a radio show in February 11th, 2008:

“Question: To make Orgone, is there something other than Bondo that works? Like Epoxy?

Sherry: I wouldn’t’ use Epoxy. If you change the ingredients, you are no longer making Orgone. You are making something else. The reason that we stick to these ingredients that The Lord gave us, is because these are the ingredients that The Lord gave us.”

And again in another radio show on December 14th, 2009:

“Sherry: I can go to Satan’s code and Maitreya’s code and see the same things. Confirmations, one after the other. We are the only ones on Earth that he is afraid of…that is even beginning to be a threat to him.  Not all Orgone is made the same. That’s one of his big things too; trying to dispute Orgone. “You don’t need to make it with that kind of resin. You don’t need to make it with those ingredients. Change it up. It’s not hurting us.” He goes in all these dispute attacks to try to make us change our recipes to make different types of Orgone. When you take out one element or characteristic of an Orgone blaster, you are no longer making the Orgone that hurts him. So all he has to do is get all these other pagans and all these other New Age and other gullible into believing that you can change it. Don’t put clear crystals in it. Put something else in. Don’t put copper wire in it, or wind it the other way. Use it with epoxy resin instead of fiberglass resin.  All he has to do is get you to change a few ingredients, because it totally changes the chemistry, the chemical makeup of that Orgone. Then you are no longer making the specific type of Orgone that destroys him. So he doesn’t care if you are making Orgone; he only cares if you are making our Orgone. It’s our brand, our recipe, our specific Orgone that is destroying him and his kingdom. You can learn how to make it for free at orgoneblasters.com. It’s that easy. It’s the only thing that’s destroying him.”

—So any liars out there who keep saying Sherry promotes Epoxy resin can SUCK IT.]

Drama On Facebook (What Else Is New?)

Sherry: And another thing, Greg, you’re the one who went on Facebook and declared that I, you know, how evil a person I am, which I take offense to.  And you’re claiming that I said—you’ve read my books.  You’ve read all my stuff—but somewhere I said that Jesus had sex with Mary Magdalene.  I take offense to that.  I have never said that anywhere on my website.

Greg: No, you were right, you never did, and I did apologize to you, and I did apologize to you on Facebook and everybody on it, that you didn’t say it. That I was wrong.

Sherry: There’s a lot of things you said were privy to me that I didn’t say.

Greg: I just—Sherry, I, I haven’t—the huge issues I have are—

Sherry: You said you would declare that I worked for the government. 

Greg: —the orgone blaster net, and Paul being a Freemason. 

Sherry:  We can have our differences on Paul.  I’m used to that one.  But when you say I’m, I’m CIA, I’m Division 5, I work for the government—

Greg: But, but, but what I’m saying, is you’re saying people becoming lucid—

Sherry: —where’s your proof!

Greg: Listen.  You can become lucid.  I was in combat, which you never were, that was more frightening than any abduction that I’ve ever been in.  I go to abduction over combat any day.  Any day.

Sherry: You don’t get it. You walk in there willingly.  You willingly go into abductions.

Greg:   And, and I say right now that my worst—my best day, the best day that I ever had in those 17 years of warfare, you—I can trade it for your worst day, and you wouldn’t know which one to pick.

Sherry: You know what, I’m not gonna—I can’t—I’m not gonna argue that.  You’ve been on the war field.  I’m not gonna argue that.  I wouldn’t take that away from anyone.

Greg: I understand that, and I knew you wouldn’t, and I’m not here to argue with you either. I’m just saying that you can become accustomed to it, and I did after less than a year of combat.  You don’t get accustomed to it to where you’re used to it, but you learn how to deal with it, so that you are lucid. 

Sherry: So, is that why, even today, you willingly go on abductions?  You don’t even fight them, you just go.  Because you want to talk to them.

Greg: I did though.  I do that, because I did anyway. 

Sherry: You have become a sympathizer of your abductors.

Greg: They’re gonna force it anyway. 

Sherry: You’ve become a sympathizer of your abductors, and that’s why you hate the orgone.  Because you know it’s destroying the aliens.  You know that the Bible Codes have nailed everything that this orgone energy does. 

Greg: Well that—how many people know about Bible Codes, though, Sherry?  I’m talking about the average Joe that works here in the mill, that doesn’t even have a job anymore. They don’t know nothing about Bible Codes.  They just see the Bible for what it is, and all they see is the weapons aren’t carnal, and we don’t struggle against flesh and blood.  They don’t know the things that we do, and how many people do?  Not a lot!

Targets From The Time We’re Born

Sherry:  This is me.  This is me:  You can deal with bringing somebody to Christ and teaching them, uh, how to build a relationship with Him, and that’s Christi—what I would consider Christianity 100.  But when Satan knows that you’re one of the Lord’s, that you’re a child of the King, he comes at you with everything he has.  And especially if you’ve been a target from the time you were born.  He’s tried to kill me since the time I was born.  I’ve had to learn how to fight him.

Greg:  I’ve been a target.  I’ve been a target.  I’ve been a target in, in real warfare, and there, to me, I can’t substantiate the difference between real warfare, combat, and spiritual warfare.  Spiritual warfare is worse than combat. 

Sherry: Well, this is the difference, though.

Greg: I would say combat over spiritual warfare over any day of the week.

Sherry: Well, you know, I’m not gonna compare anything like that to the military.

Greg: I mean, I’ve got an enemy I can see, and I know where they stand. When it’s spiritual warfare I can’t see ‘em, and I don’t—I know where they stand, but I can’t see where they’re at. [short laugh]

Sherry: Well, people learn how—

Greg: Which is a big part of why you have to have guns.  You have to have your guard up all the time.  Physical warfare [inaudible].

The Big 10,000

Sherry: Took 10,000 of them last week.

Greg: Huh?

Sherry: I took 10,000 of them on last week.  They’re dead.  They’re gone.  How I did do it.

Greg: Where at? Where did you do this at?

Sherry: I didn’t—saying the name of “Jesus” doesn’t destroy 10,000 of them.

Greg: Where at?

Sherry: Right here.  In my own property. 10,000 of them came and arrived.

Greg: 10,000 of them?

Sherry: Yes.  They were the MIBs, they were greys.  And all I did—

Greg: You say you had that many, but how many people out of everybody on Earth do you think has 10,000 of them in their—come at them.  I don’t.  I don’t have that many—

Sherry: Well there’s gonna be hundreds of millions coming, Greg.  You know that.  You know they’re moving; they’re coming—

Greg: I do know that.  But I—

Sherry: [laughs]

Greg: —know they aren’t gonna manifest themselves in the physical realm.

Sherry: Yes, they are.

Greg: But what I said before is that spiritual warfare is much tougher than combat, because you can see your enemy, you can feel—see the bombs, you can see the bullets crack over your head, you can feel ‘em when they hit.  Spiritual warfare is divide and conquer.  You know that. 

Sherry: Yes, but—

Greg: They go after their enemies, and they divide and conquer.  We can agree on that—

Sherry: But the only thing we have—

Greg: [inaudible]

Sherry: But the only defense we have is by what the Lord’s given us in these Last Days.

What’s the Range Of Orgone?

Daniel: Okay.  Alright, uh, let me jump in here, guys.  Uh, that was a good conversation there on the orgone.  Uh, Sherry, I had a question.  That, uh, when you were talking about the orgone blaster—was it before?—you told me it had a range of about 75 feet.  Now I mean, that’s—you gotta be in pretty close proximity to these abductors.

Sherry: Oh no.  I’ve never said 75 feet.  They can have a range of up to 2 to 10 miles. 

Daniel:  What—

[TN: Daniel is referencing the distance a particular brand of super soakers is advertised to be able to shoot, as Sherry stated in her last interview on The Edge with him.  He had a picture of the super soaker in the background to emphasize his point, but since she couldn’t see that, she misunderstood what Daniel was talking about and thought he was talking about the orgone pucks themselves.]

Sherry: But if you’re in a room, then, you know—I have them all over the house.  I don’t have just one and say, “Okay, protect me from all of Ohio.”

Daniel: Okay—

Sherry: I have them everywhere, Daniel.  You can never have enough orgone.

Daniel: Okay, okay, okay. Alright.  Ten miles.  Okay.  Greg, what do you think about that?  Is that—would you rather have a, an A-K 47 or an orgone blaster?

Greg: I’d rather have the Bible.

Daniel: Okay.  Well, I mean, you gonna hit ‘em over the head with it or what?

Greg: If it was a zombie, and I have to take off its head, I’m pretty much an expert on that, ‘cause I’ve taken off 547 myself.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg: And, uh, it doesn’t have to be a high-powered rifle—

Daniel: No.

Greg: —it just has to be a shot correctly placed between the eyes, [short laugh] and it’ll rip your head open.  Listen—

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: And how many women and children—

Greg: —you can have a .22-caliber, and it’ll take out the back of your head.

Sherry: How many women and children can hold up a gun and, and take the backlash of shooting one of those?  Come on.  How many people have your skill?

Greg: How many children know how to use an orgone blaster, and women? [short laugh]

Sherry: That’s a lot easier.

Greg: I’ve never even heard of one ‘till you mentioned it.

Sherry: That’s a lot easier. 

Greg: Do—what?

Sherry: This is protecting people.  This is protecting people.  We’re not all soldier warriors.

Greg:  Yeah, well, the places I’ve been, women and children know how to use those weapons very well. 

Sherry: I’ve—I’m not going to pick up a 12-gague shot gun, and end up—

Greg: Even the same amount of energy—

Sherry: —and end up on my butt.  And you’re not going to kill a spiritual being with a physical weapon.  We’re in a spiritual war.

Greg: No, you, you’re not.  You’re gonna kill the—you can kill the fleshly part of the being. Like I said, if you take its head off, or blow its brains out, it’s just gonna go into another body is all.  I believe that they’re dead, empty shells—

Sherry: Yeah but, a zombie will just—

Zombies Are Reanimated Corpses Inhabited By Demons

Greg: —and I believe that they’re inhabited by demons.

Sherry: Yes, so do I, and I won’t argue with you on that.

Daniel: Does orgone—Sherry, does orgone affect spiritual beings, or does it affect their bodily shell? Their outer shell?

The Public Reaction To Orgone and Orgone Pendants

Sherry: Well, if—what you’ll see, is like, most people, like possessed people—if they’re possessed by demons—and you wear an orgone pendant in public, you’re gonna get a reaction from those around you that are possessed.  And it’s that demonic reaction within them.  It’s the demons reacting, not a person’s body.  It’s the demons inside of them reacting.  They hate it—it burns ‘em!

Daniel: Yeah.  Well they—

Sherry: They can’t breathe.  And you’ll actually see people break out into boils, physical boils on their flesh, because of the demon’s reaction with inside them. Burns them from the inside out.

Greg: So, you also say—

Daniel: Well you also—

Greg: —hang on for a second.  So, you say if you wear it, you can walk into a public area where there’s a lot of people, and notice that it works?

Sherry: Yes!  You can get—you’ll get hateful and negative stares. They’ll single you out in an entire crowd.

Greg:  If what you’re saying about those—I would wear it, and I would report the absolute truth.  If it works, I swear to God, I would, absolute truth, tell you that I was wrong.

Sherry: Alright.  I’ll send you—I’ll have, I’ll have Anne, one of my right hand people, send you a pendant to wear.

Greg:  Send it then, and I’ll wear it, and if it works, then I’m wrong.  But I don’t—I—it may work in theory or, uh, by the person’s belief, but.  I mean, it’s not an argument, and I don’t dislike—people are saying on there that I hate you. Why do I hate you?  I don’t hate you at all. [short laugh] I don’t hate you at all.

Sherry: I don’t hate you either. Because the more I listen to you, the more we have in common.

Greg: Now, I think about 98% of what we talk, we agree on most things, really.

Sherry: Yeah, we just disagree on the orgone because this is something I’m familiar with. 

Greg: That’s all. And if it works, you know, I’ll be the first—I’ll wear it religiously. [chuckles]  I’ll wear it religiously.

Daniel: Well, now, you said you can get the—something about manifestations if you’re walking around, say, the mall with some orgone.  But I think if Greg’s walking around the mall with a long trench coat, with a, [short laugh] with a gun, he’s gonna get some kind of reaction too.  You know, so.

Sherry: Well, definitely. That’s a safety issue. There’s nothing dangerous about wearing a pendant, where there’s something dangerous about somebody walking around with a rifle.  I’d love to hear a testimony from Greg walking into an underground base, going to Dulce with orgone.

Daniel: Mmm.

Sherry: I’d love to hear that!

Daniel: Okay, well Greg, when’s the last time you were down in Area 51?

Greg: Uh, it’s been about 7 years.

Daniel: I mean, do you still have an all access pass down there, or do your, is your, uh—?

Greg: I always have access.  They can’t take it away from me.  I can’t just walk in like I used to, but I gotta go through the proper channels, but I do have access.  I can go to Area 51 or Dulce.

Daniel: Uh-huh.  Well—

Greg: I was recently at Oakridge, um, recently, and,I was also was recently down south and, um, did a job for the CIA.  A little bit of undercover work—

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg:  —where I’d seen some demons at Oakridge.  People get the wrong idea.  They’re not “aliens,” they’re demons.

Daniel: Mhmm.

The Difference Between Fallen Angels and Demonic Beings

Sherry: No, there’s two different beings, Greg, and I wanted to focus on this, too, ‘cause if you read Enoch chapter 1, he talks about the difference between fallen angels—what we call “aliens”—and demons.  There’s definitely two different beings.

Greg:  But I mean, when I say aliens, I mean from another planet. They’re—they come from, uh, light years away.  I just don’t believe that at all.

Sherry: I don’t believe that either.  They’re right here in our own planet, they’re in our solar system because they feed off of us.  We’re their food source.

Greg: Their very—you’re right, their very origin is right here. [short laugh]

Daniel: Right.  And obviously—

Greg: They get the public to think they come from different planets, and the New Age movement and One World Order want you to think that.

Sherry: Yeah.  The only way out is far away.

There Isn’t Going To Be A Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Greg: Yeah, I personally don’t believe there’s going to be a pre-Tribulation rapture. 

Sherry: I don’t believe that either.

Greg: And I believe that it was inserted into the—yeah, it was inserted in the Bible so the Christians would look up, saying, “Come and get me.” All the way to the guillotine! 

Sherry:  And that’s why they’re all doing nothing.  They’re sitting on their thumbs, they’re sitting on their couches saying, “I’m not going to have to experience zombies.”

Greg: Exactly.

Sherry: “I’m not going to have to experience an alien invasion. The Lord’s just gonna take me off the Earth before anything bad happens.”

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: And that’s why I’ve been working for ten years.  Get off your couch and start protecting yourself!

Greg:  Why would He write the book of Revelation?  “Oh that’s for the people who’s gonna be left behind.”  Well, I’m sorry, but the Bible says the righteous always remain.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: Yeah, and—

Greg: He didn’t rapture Noah.  He didn’t rapture Lot.  He didn’t even rapture Jesus! 

Sherry: Well you know, they—you know, the Fifth Seal, all the souls under the alter in Heaven wanting justice for their death…who are all those souls then? [Revelation 6:9]  All those people have been killed!  They’re going to be killed in the coming Martial Law, camps, FEMA camps, the invasions, the persecutions.

Greg:  That’s exactly right.  It even says that!  It says that.

Sherry: Yeah, and, and they totally ignore it.  They say, “Oh, no, I’m gonna be taken off the Earth and raptured.”  You know who spread that theory?  The Masons. To put the Christians to sleep.

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg: Yeah. And I believe—

Sherry: Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey are high ranking Masons.

Greg: The research I did on it, it was, prior to 1857, it was never even preached! 

Sherry:  Right.  It never was.

Greg: If so, what I ask about the rapture theory, is, “Okay, what about the Chinese, and the Africans in Rwanda?”  When I was down there—all those beheadings—it was, it was atrocious.  Rwan—when I was—where they were doing that—it just makes me sick.  I, I let down a Canadian general when I was there.  I let him down.  I said I’d stay there until the end, and, I’m just gonna be honest with you.  I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t do it.  We had our hands tied, weren’t allowed to fire upon nobody.  What good is that?  To send out a bunch of observes so that they become crazy in their mind after seeing all of that?  And that was every day.  Listen, that was everyday living to them people over there.  They’d run from these tribes.  And I think the general wrote a book or something called “Shook—I Shook Hands with the Devil” or something.  But I, I really let him down, and I left because I, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  But where was their rapture! 

[TN: I suggest watching the shocking documentary “Ghosts of Rwanda” to get an accurate vision of what Greg is talking about. Here’s the home page with a link to the transcribes:  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/ghosts/ And here’s part 1 of 12 on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xON22c7pZ6c]

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg:  The machete?  The Chinese and the North Koreans that are starting this—where was their rapture before?

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg:  They were being persecuted.  You say you were a Christian in those countries, and you were dead!

A Look Into Being Harassed By Demons At Night

Daniel: Yeah.  Well if a machete brings you some kind of rapture, then there’s a lot of Muslims getting raptured.  I don’t even think they believe on it.  But, uh, Sherry got a question for you.  When you were talking with Greg there earlier, you said you’ve been harassed by demons for twenty years?

Sherry: Oh, longer than that. [laughs]

Daniel: Okay.  Okay, where they at?  Where are these demons at when they harass you? 

Greg: Yeah, [short laugh] all my life too I believe.

Daniel:  Are they under your bed? Are they in your closets? 

Sherry: They’re—you know what?  They like closets, and I’ve learned to keep closet doors closed.  I put orgone in ‘em, and I close ‘em. 

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: That’s where they’ll stand and stay.  But they’ll come out at night, and they’re on your ceiling, they’re on—you know, they used to harass me, crawl about the ceiling and make noises, and I would refuse to leave my bed just to say, “Hey, no demon’s gonna chase me out of my bedroom.”  And I would not leave my bed.  I was taking a stand against them.  I didn’t know warfare, okay?  I would just cry out to Jesus.

Daniel:  Mhmm. Well, uh—

Sherry: And then, from these instances I’ve had my entire life, this is how I’ve learned.  I used to have a 12-foot Darth Vader thing stand at the end of my bed every night.  

Daniel: Really.

Sherry: Yeah, and I learned when I was older—and I put this on the intro of my first book, and it’s on my websites.  People can read and download them for free—uh, that it was a general, one of Satan’s generals sent to kill me from the time I was born. 

Daniel: Right.

Sherry: And that thing has followed me around for twenty years before I figured out how the heck to get rid of it. 

Daniel:  Yeah.

Greg: They knew your destiny.

Sherry: They don’t teach you this stuff in the churches!  They don’t teach you that.

An Alien On The Show Said Orgone Only Causes A Rash

Daniel:  Right.  So, so let me ask you something, Sherry.  We had an alien on this show, and they said that the orgone just gives them a rash.  Uh, what’s—

Sherry: Well that’s erythema.  Wait until it starts developing and eating their tissues and decaying them from the inside out.  It’s a slow process, Daniel.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  What did happened over night, you know, was when I had the 10,000 over here just two weeks ago.  It was an instant death.  But all of them—I had to pray and ask the Lord to amp the energy right away.

Daniel: So orgone—

Sherry: And when He amps the energy—BOOM. They were gone.  They were dead.

Daniel: Okay.  So orgone is like a flesh, an alien flesh bacteria of sorts?

Sherry: Well, it affects their bodies that way.  And they’re going to be coming into this realm more and more.  They’re not going to be—we’re merging dimensions.  Our dimensions are merging now.  They’re doing it with the Hadron Collider.  They’re opening all these portals up—

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg: Yeah.

Sherry: They’re closing and killing, uh, realms and dimensions around the Earth. We’re all gonna be here on Earth, and the veil’s gonna be lifted, and we’re going to be dealing with these beings. I mean, America [inaudible as she fades out].

Greg: The Hadron Collider. That’s a gateway to Hell.

Orgone Lasts Forever, But Even It Can Use A Bath

Daniel: Well, well Sherry, listen.  If you’ve got demons in your closet and that, what if your orgone, you know, does it run out of power?  Is it like a lithium crystal?  Or, I mean, does it go on forever?  Once you have an orgone—?

Sherry: It’s, you know, it’s like the Easter [Energizer] bunny, it’ll go on forever. But you can recharge them by running them under cold water.  So, if you’ve had them in your house for 6 months to a year, take it and run it under cold water and just recharge it.  It’s like any other type of stone or mineral.  You can do the same thing with magnetite and loadstone.  It’s an amazing weapon we’re becoming privy to, so.

Daniel: Okay, okay, so you say—

Sherry: Recharge it.

Daniel: Okay, so wait a minute.  Cold water.  So, hot water wouldn’t do it.

Sherry: Well, you could, but cold water’s fine.  Cold water’s refreshing.  You know how it is.

Daniel: Okay, now—wait a minute—what if you got fluoride in your water.  Does that help or hurt?  Does it increase the power?

Sherry: [laughs] That’s fine. That’s fine.

Daniel: Oh, so it doesn’t matter.  Well how does water—is it the molecules in the water?  What, what is it in the water that goes into the orgone?

Sherry: It just gets the—it gets all the dust off of it and gets it cleaned and refreshed.  What do you want to do when you want to feel refreshed?  You take a shower.  

Daniel: Uh-huh.  So the orgone gets to take a shower.  And it’s just like reinvigorating.

Sherry: Or you can take it, and you can set it in the sun.  Let the sun charge it up.

Daniel: Or you can give—

Sherry: Just set it in the sun.

Daniel: You can give the orgone blaster a drink of Starbucks coffee.  Bold brand.  Maybe that’ll give it a charge up.  Hey, let me give ya—

Sherry: That’s what won’t.

Would Greg Be Up To Taking Sherry To Area 51?

Daniel: Okay, alright.  As a politician and a man of peace—Andy, uh, Andy Griver would appreciate this—Greg, would you feel comfortable taking, and would you feel safe, say, in your all access passed Area 51—could you invite Sherry there with some orgone?  If you don’t believe in it, and she does, I mean, ‘cause she could kinda be your protector.  Would—is that something you’d be open to?

Greg: [pause] No.

Sherry: They wouldn’t let me near that place. I’ve been out there anyway.

Greg, Sherry, Do They Know Who You Are?

Daniel: Eh, what—okay, Sherry, what—why, do they know who you are, Sherry, and that’s why they won’t let you in?

Sherry: Oh, they—you better believe it.  I mean, probably—and I listen to your radio show—if you ever look at the IP numbers of the people that listen to your show, uh, a lot of it’s NASA, government, Air Force.  So.  [laughs]  They know who I am.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Sherry: They’ve been harassing me for years.

Daniel:  Uh-huh.  And, and Greg, do they know who you are?

Greg: [laughs] What do you think?

Daniel: Okay. Well.

Sherry: [laughs]

Daniel: So what you’re saying, so what you’re saying is—

Greg: [still laughing]

Daniel: —these deep, underground military estab—

Greg: They know too, too well what I am.

Daniel: Okay.  Okay.  So, they know both you guys.

Sherry: The difference being, I’m outside their security.  

Daniel: Okay.  Both of you guys pose a threat to the military industrial complex.  Is that right?

Greg: I would say yes.

Daniel: Okay.

Sherry Shriner: Alien Killer

Sherry: For different reasons. I’m out to destroy them.

Daniel: Uh-huh.  Okay, Sherry, how many have you killed so far?  Are you out—are you going to, or have you already destroyed ‘em?

Sherry: Oh, I’ve already destroyed thousands. Tens of—hundreds of thousands. I’ve already destroyed many.  Many, many, many.  Well, I haven’t, the Lord has.

Daniel: Wow.

Sherry: I just look to destroy them.

Daniel: Tens of thousands.  You’re like a human, alien-killing machine. Are you just going after them, and so—are they, are they coming to you, or are you going out to them?  Are you taking the fight to them, or are they coming to your house?  How do you get to ten thousand?

Sherry: No, for a long time, for years I was taking the fight to them. I was going to the bases, I was going to countries and forests and deserts and just protecting areas.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Sherry: Now I’m just sitting at home, and they’re coming to me.  They’re coming to me in groves. Packs.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg: And how are you getting the clearance to go in them areas?

Sherry: Well, I walked right on—I drove right onto Los Alamos, Greg.  No one stopped me.

Greg: [chuckles]

Sherry: I drove right out to Los Alamos.  I walked up to the entrance of Dulce. Now you tell me what the power of God is. [laughs]  Nobody stopped me.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Sherry: I’m invisible. I work—He just, He makes me invisible. 

Daniel: Alright.  Okay, hold on, hold on. Sherry, did you just say that you’re invisible now?

Sherry: Well, how else am I gonna drive right onto the base of Los Alamos, walk to the gates of NORAD—

Greg:  If they can see ya, you’re not gonna make it.

Sherry: —walk to the gates of Dulce—

Daniel: So you’re like a ghost?

Sherry: —and they can’t see me?  They can’t stop me?

What The Government Would LOVE To Have: A Sherry Indicator Device

Daniel: Alright.  Well, what if they have a Sherry Indicator device? [short laugh] That—where—when they have to see you, I mean—

Sherry: [laughs]

Daniel: Look, ‘cause—

Sherry: I was followed by UFOs the whole time I was out there!

Daniel: Okay, well they probably—

Sherry: I mean, I was.  I was literally followed the entire time I was out west by UFOs.

Daniel:  Sherry.  Okay, well you, you’re obviously on some kind of frequency, and the military industrial complex has probably got your frequency.  You know, like in Poltergeist, when that little lady says, you know, “You’re jammin’ my frequency.” Well there’s, there’s—

Sherry: [laughs]

Daniel: —they probably have yours.  They probably have your frequency, and then they can uncloak you.  I mean, I think that’s very dangerous.

Sherry:  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  I mean, I’ll tell you, all I did was what the Lord asked me to do, and I didn’t have any problems.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: So what’s the answer?  I don’t know.

Daniel: Alright.  Well let’s—

Sherry: The Lord sent them into derision, and, and at the time I was there, they were out getting coffee?  I don’t know.

Daniel: Okay.  Greg, let me ask you—

You Cannot Humanly Get Past The Gate Guard

Greg: You’d have to be invisible, because I’ve never seen anybody humanly get passed the guard gate. 

Daniel: Guard—er, Greg, let me ask you—

Sherry: That thing’s huge!

Greg:  You get passed that guard gate, you’ll live. 

Daniel:  Greg, are you invisible too?

Greg: You get passed the second, um, if you get to the second security area, you’re dead. 

Daniel: Uh-huh.  And, uh, what kind of force would they use on her, Greg? 

Greg: .50 calibers.

Daniel: .50 cals?

Greg: There’s snipers all up in there.  I was a security commander.  I wasn’t commander of that base. I wasn’t commander of nothing else, except for security. And they have snipers up in there. And they uses .50’s and 41 barretts, and a .50-caliber delivers 1200 diplomacy right to ya, and they don’t miss, these guys.  And these are high explosive projectiles.  And, um, there’s snipers all up through there.  I had 77 total snipers under me that I commanded over there, including myself. You have to do it yourself, also.

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg:  And we shot a lot of animals that went passed the security zone because people—we were afraid that people would implant animals with uh, cameras and whatever, so we had to shoot dogs—everything.  And I did see one child get killed, and I got the guy—he’s in Leavenworth [Penitentiary] now.

Daniel: Yep.

Greg: Got a private court marshal. I nearly killed him myself. I just don’t do women and children like he did.  I just—just no.

What Did You Do With The Bodies?

Daniel: By the way, people, this is a twin UFO crash behind me. [He’s referring to one of the pictures behind him on The Edge interview screen.] People are wondering—wanted to know what that was. I have a double UFO crash in Phoenix, Arizona.  Uh, a question came in for you, Sherry. After you killed multiple thousands of these aliens, zombie creatures, what did you do with the bodies?

Sherry: Oh, I don’t—they’re, they’re ethereal.  They just go—they take their own.  They came and took their own.  You can see flashes of light all night long.  They just beam ‘em back up.

Daniel: Okay. Okay, they beam ‘em back up. What do they do, reanimate ‘em and sit ‘em back down for additional war?  To, to fight?

Sherry: Oh, I dunno.  I dunno.

Daniel: I mean, does your—

Greg: They dematerialize.

Daniel: Does your orgone blaster, does it permanently disable them, or are they able to reanime, and, you know, come back down?

Why Are The Locust Only Here For Five Months?

Sherry: The orgone blaster will kill them—if you read in the Bible about the Locust invasions [Joel 1:5-7, 2:1-11; Revelation 9:1-11], they’re here for five months.  Why are they here for five months, and how is it after five months they disappear, Daniel?  Because it takes five months to kill them out of here.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: It’s a process.  It’s not immediate.  Now, if you want to kill them immediately, the orgone water’s like acid to ‘em.  It’ll kill them immediately.

Daniel: Yeah. But like I say, it’s probably gonna give them a rash first.  And that’s really gonna piss them off, frankly.  I mean, I don’t know if—you know, so do—how do they—now, have they ever tried, to uh—Sherry, for you, when they’re attacking you, have they ever tried to control your mind and perhaps turn the orgone on yourself or anything?  Or are they—or is your brain invisible, too? [laughs]

Sherry’s Experiences With Sleep Paralysis

Sherry: No, no.  Uh, when I was younger, uh—and Greg, you’re probably familiar with this—the sleep paralysis, where you can’t think.  They, they numb your mind, erase your mind.

Greg: Yeah.

Sherry: And I’ve—yeah, I’ve been through sleep paralysis before, where they’ve yanked my body out.  I’ve been up in space, and I’m looking down on the Earth, and I’m attached to a cord.  And that, er, that’s what, an astral projection type thing?  Then the minute I got lucid, and I’m dangling up in space, and I’m going, “Father, where are you?”—BOOM, I was back in my bed.  This is what they used to do to me all the time.  They used to take me out of my bed, and while I was sleeping, and take me places. 

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: They’ve, they’ve taken me to Hell. I’ve seen lower realms.

Daniel: Wow.

Sherry: And the minute I become lucid, and I can call out the name of the Lord, then I go back to my bed. But the thing I have found is that, if I have orgone in my room, under my bed, they don’t—it stopped it. It doesn’t happen anymore. I was crying out for the Lord, “Make this stop.” I would sit in front of my computer and get ELF attacks.  You know, where you get the dizziness, and the headaches, the migraines.  You feel like you’re on drugs or something.  And they would speed up my heart, trying to give me a heart attack.  And I put orgone in front of the monitor.  That has stopped.  Everything I’ve had to go through and learn, is because it’s something I’ve had to go through.  And I’ve asked the Lord, “Make it stop. Teach me how—what to do to make it stop.”  And this orgone is like a 101 weapon.  It just takes care of everything.  But I still always go to Him.  It doesn’t replace Him.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: It’s just a weapon of His.

The Worst Thing Greg’s Seen In The Levels Of Area 51

Daniel: Mhmm.  Alright.  Uh, Greg, you said you were down in Dulce as well?

Greg: Oh yeah.  All 7 levels. 

Daniel: Okay.  What is the worst thing you’ve seen in that facility?

Greg: The worst thing I ever seen was a child who had—was in a glass room.  And as you go down the hallway on the 7th level, on the left hand side and on the right hand side.  They’re kinda mismatched together.  Window here and then a window on the other side will be in between the two, so that they can’t—you gotta look directly into the glass, you gotta look directly into it to see.  And there’s a child in there, and I said to myself—he’s got chipped blood on him, and there was other things in there.  And I really didn’t focus in on it, because I really didn’t want to focus in on anything they had there.  I was in there for an escort. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: But I did catch this, and the kid ran to the glass and jumped on it.  I couldn’t even hear it, with him banging on it.  And he had teeth like a dog. [short laugh] I’ve never seen anything like it.  And he aggressively grabbed his piece of meat and was shaking it back and forth with his head, and that was probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen. [short laugh]  I tried to keep my eyes straight forward while I was down there. I—you could probably come unloose if you looked to see, but I know that as you walk down through there, the further you get through in there, the worse it gets.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: I do know that.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: And, um, I don’t know—does, you know, when they usually—when the CIA have experiments, or the scientists, and their experiments go wrong, they usually euthanize it.  But some of them they keep around, and I have no idea why.  Unless they’re—there’s all these aggression things on the 7th level.  All the things on the 7th level are aggressive.  And I believe they keep them down there because they have aggressive DNA that they’re experimenting with.

Daniel: Really.

Have You Seen The Vats And Caldrons Of Human Body Parts?

Sherry:  Did you see—

Greg: I can only venture to guess.  What?

Sherry: Did you see the vats?  The caldrons?

Greg: The, the what?

Sherry: I believe it’s on the 5th level.  The vats and the caldrons. 

Greg: No, I didn’t see that. 

Sherry: The people in the cages.

Greg: No, I didn’t see that.

Sherry: The vats and caldrons.  Because they cut them up in body parts, put them in these caldrons filled with water, and they become Jacuzzis for the aliens. That’s how they eat.  They soak in, in mixtures of—

Greg: I’ve seen the vats, the remains, that they used, um—

Daniel: Hold on for a—

Greg: One time I was out at this Air Force base in Oklahoma.

Daniel: So, wait a minute.

Sherry: These are—

Greg: The guy—yeah, the guy was trying to tell me what was in there.  And they were watching this so close.  Get this.  They had people zoomed in on our mouths trying to lip read.  I mean, this guy was trying—took him several tries, and finally he was like, this is what he says, he said, “Damn it, you need to start doing the math around here.” And I was trying to get him to tell me, and I finally figured out what was inside there. And it was the remains of, uh, parts of children that they were dumping into the ocean.  Why there were remains, I don’t know—it was just bones.  I don’t know. I don’t know what was in there. It was—but it was remains of children, and I was—I thought to myself, “Why would there even be remains?”  It seems like if they ate them, they’d ate them to the bone.

Daniel: Wow.

Sherry: Well they don’t eat.  They don’t eat—

Greg: I watched the ceremony before.  They rip ‘em apart, and they get off on the blood.  It’s almost like a, it’s almost like an orgasm to them.

Sherry: Yeah, well, they don’t eat. They’re—a lot of them, especially the Grey factions of aliens, they eat through their skin.  That—they absorb their food, their nutrients.  They eat through their skin; they don’t eat with their mouths. And so they soak through these solutions of water and human body parts, and they soak in those chemicals and solutions, and that’s how they eat.  And that’s very real about Dulce.  Another thing I wanted to ask you.  Did you see the areas where they keep the souls, the boxes, the rows of thousands of boxes—

Difference Of Opinion On Soul Transference

Greg: Yeah, where they have the Osiris Machine. I just don’t believe in soul transference. I only believe that God can do that.  I believe that the soul, once it leaves the body, goes to Heaven or Hell, and the only soul that they’re transferring is this demonic entity.

Sherry: Well.

Greg: Because I haven’t seen any of them do any good.

Sherry: Well, they do.  They do soul-transference.  They do it.  And they put them in boxes, and they put them in things.  And they can take your soul out and put it in a dolphin.  They do this kind of thing.

Greg: Well, the soul belongs to God.  I don’t believe they can do it.

Sherry: Well, that’s where we differ.  Because there’s astral realms full of people whose souls are—have been sucked out of their bodies.  They’ve been soul-scalped by these, uh, reptilians, and they just go to the astral realms while the reptilians have their bodies.

Greg: Yeah, see, that’s where we differ to disagree.  I just believe that God is the—

Alien Jacuzzis Of Dead Body Parts

 Daniel:  Okay. Alright.  Uh, Sherry, come back just a second.  Did you say that there are vats of human body parts that the aliens—they’re sort of soaking in like a Jacuzzi of dead body parts?

Sherry: Yeah. Picture this.  Picture this.  You walk into an area, and there’s cages stacked up on each other—four or five rows up a wall.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Sherry: All the way around a room or an area, like a, you know, like a lab or something.  And they’re just stuck in these cages, and all they’re doing is waiting to die because there’s vats in the center of this room.  And they take the person—whoever’s, you know—they take the person out of the cage, they cut them up on this table, and then they put the body parts in this, this vat, this caldron.  They fill it up with water, and then it’s like a Jacuzzi ready for aliens at that point.  The aliens go on, and they sit in this vat, and they soak in it and absorb the nutrients from the cut up bodies.

Daniel: [pause] Well folks, I think we just crossed over “the edge” there with that one.  Well, Sherry, have you, have you seen this first hand, or were you—did you jump out of the vat yourself?  I mean, you weren’t in there feeding or anything, were ya? [short laugh]  I mean, how do you know this?  Did they tell you that or what?

Sherry:  I’ve seen it in spirit.  I’ve seen it in the spirit.  The Lord has shown me that.  This—these areas, the rooms with the souls. The boxes.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Sherry: These are things the Lord has shown me.

Daniel: Uh-huh.  Well, well Greg, you’re agreeing though.  You agree there are vats of human body parts. 

Greg: Now I don’t agree with the souls.  I don’t agree with the souls, but she’s, uh, right about the vats.  But what I see on the 5th level—and I’ve been all up and down through the 5th level—was there’s a lot of, um, non-human beings per say. They’re shape-shifted—they’re not allowed above the 5th lev—above the 6th level, they’re not allowed to be shape-shifted in any other form than of human beings.  And when I was on the 5th level, the only thing that I’ve seen was mostly administrative works, and scientists, and labwork.

Daniel: Okay, and who, who—

Greg: There’s a lot of business there.

Daniel: Okay, so that level’s off limits.  Then who’s making the rules around there?

Greg: It’s the top limits.  The whole, Level 1’s off limits.  Uh, you have—there’s three kinds of secret clearance, and I’m sure Sherry knows what they are.

Daniel: Yep.

Greg: She’s been down there.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg: And uh—

Sherry’s Been To Dulce Above Ground; Everything Else Was Seen In Spirit

Sherry: No, I haven’t been down there. I have no idea.  I just know what the Lord shows me, and I never forget.

Daniel: Yeah.  Sherry, you—

Greg: Yeah. 

Daniel: Sherry, you would like to go there, though.

Sherry: I’ve been there above ground.  I have done orgone work above ground.  I’ve been to Dulce Lake, with the guard tower on it, ten miles away from the Dulce base.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Sherry: I’ve been through the area.  And when I was in Taos, New Mexico, staying at—in a hotel there, it was a zoo of CIA and federal agencies there the whole time I was there.

Daniel: Uh-huh.  Okay.

Sherry: And I was blasted at night, sleeping in the hotel room. They got a crack in the window—in the curtains I left open, and I was just heated up like a microwave.  I mean, I was just burned, fried, while I was there. And that’s how I learned about mylar blankets.  Like I said, I learn everything the hard way. [laughs] ‘Cause if I’d had a mylar blanket—

Greg: There’s no doubt—

Sherry: —and put it up against the window, it would have stopped the beams.

Greg: I have no doubt that Sherry’s being watched by the same agencies that watch me.  There’s no doubt I am now partially their enemy.  I get calls prior to these shows on some things I can tell and I, I have to—I have a family, you know, and I have to go by some of these rules.  As much of reluctance as I have to.  But if God tells me to do something, I’m gonna say it regardless, and I have before.  And, um, I wasn’t allowed to tell, and I don’t know why I was allowed to this time, and I believe it was just to warm you up.  I wasn’t allowed to tell that I’d been on any craft of any kind, that I took a ride on one that they had over there.  And then in the last show that I was on, I was called the day before and told by some agents that I know pretty well, that I was, uh, it was okay to do it.  They want you to tell it at certain times to warm up the public.  And they want you to tell it accurately because it’s what—it’s more unbelievable than if you lied about it.

Daniel: Uh-huh.  Well what about—

Is James Casbolt Dead Or Alive?

Sherry: What about James Casbolt?  Why did you lie about him in the last show?  You know he’s dead.  You know he’s a clone.  And you, when Daniel asked you, “How is James Casbolt?” you said, “He’s fine.”

Daniel: Greg?

Greg: Well, um, seemed fine to me, and, um—

Sherry: That’s his clone.

Greg: —you know, we talk about the same things, but I don’t believe that’s his clone.

Sherry: [incredulous laugh]  That’s why you told—

Greg:  I did think he was dead at one time.  I really did think he was dead at one time.

Daniel: Is he alive, Greg?  Is James Casbolt still alive?

Greg: Yes.

Daniel: Is he hiding?  He was appearing on this show, uh, regularly.  Then he just disappeared.  Did they eat him, or what?  I mean, did they take his brain, or what?

Greg: I know he just dropped off the grid for a little bit.  He’s getting like me. You know, we’re, you know—MI-6, CIA, doesn’t matter.  It’s, you know, CIA agents, they go into combat.  The best way I can describe it is what I told somebody the other day, is, I was violenced out.

Daniel: Whoa.

Love And Compassion > Violence

Greg: I have seen more violence—I am totally violenced out. And I’m finding that compassion and love is much more powerful.  Mercy is much more powerful than judgment.

Daniel: Mhmm.  Mhmm.

Greg: And I’m finding out that compassion is, and love is, the most powerful weapon that you could have.

Daniel: Okay.

Greg: True compassion.  True love.

Is Orgone Stronger Than Viagra?

Daniel: Okay.  Alright.  Umm.  Question from the fast-blast, Sherry.  I dunno if you want to answer this, but somebody wants to know, is the orgone stronger than Viagra?

[everybody pauses]

[all three laugh]

Sherry: They’re both blue.

Daniel: I’m not sure about—

Sherry: Yeah, they’re both blue.  They’re both a blue energy. There ya go. Isn’t Viagra a blue pill?

Facebook: The Be-All-End-All Of Who’s Alive And Who’s Dead

Daniel: I’m not sure where— [short laugh] I’m not sure where they’re going with that one.  But, by the way, somebody just texted me and said, Casbolt, James Casbolt is alive and well on Facebook everybody. So he’s still out there. 

Sherry: Yes—

Daniel: Good for him. Gotta get back to the—

Sherry: After he’s been seen dead…after he’s been seen dead, he appears alive and fine.  So put two and two together, Daniel.

Daniel: Alright.  Well, if you’re on Facebook, then you’re—

Greg: I’ve seen the CIA do a pretty good cover up of some dead people that had me totally convinced they weren’t dead. [short laugh]

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: And, um, they warned that I [short laugh], I mean, it was, it was a quagmire ‘cause I was at this crossroads where, “is he” or “isn’t he.”  And then I find out that he isn’t.  But it was so convincing that you just—if I wouldn’t have known for sure, I was—there was no way you could have convinced me otherwise. 

Daniel: Alright.

Sherry: Yeah, there’s that one where you have to—it begs to wonder, what did they do if somebody looks totally dead; you’re convinced he’s dead.  It would take a lot to convince you, ‘cause you’ve seen enough death to know.  What do they do in the interrupt, ‘cause now the person’s alive and fine.  Before you were convinced he was dead.

Greg: Yes, I was.

Sherry: It’s not gonna take much—it takes a lot for a sniper to look at somebody—I could look at somebody and not know if they’re dead or alive.  You’re a sniper.  You’re gonna know.  

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: Well all I can tell is if someone—

Sherry: So, what did they do?  What did they do?

Greg: You know, that person that I’d seen was dead. But I can’t tell you if it was James Casbolt or his clone.

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg: But I believe James is alive.

Daniel: Okay.

Sherry: Well, yeah.  A body’s alive with James Casbolt’s name on it.  That’s what I was gonna say.

Daniel: Mhmm.  I see what you’re saying.  And, and what—

Greg: I don’t.  I think that James Casbolt is wholly alive, and, um, he just wants to be left alone out.  You know, he talks about it a little bit, and I think that’s about as far as he wants to go.  Then I don’t really know. I—

Daniel: Well, well, Greg, listen.  James told me on the last interview that you did with The Edge—he said, that he’s coming out to the open, ‘cause MI-6 is after him.  But, you know, Sherry’s point of view sounds like to me that they go to him, and then, you know, offed his spirit, and inserted a demon into his body, and that’s the guy on Facebook.  I mean, that’s plausible, isn’t it?

Clones And Memories For Download

Greg: No.  I think he’s alive because of certain things that he says that—I believe, I believe that they—I know that they—Sherry’s right, they do clone people, and I know that they can download your thoughts and memories—

Daniel: Mhmm. Yep.

Greg: —um, to a computer, because it’s done.  You know, memory, it—your body runs basically on electrical systems.  For example, I got a bullet lodged in my back.  And it can’t be taken out because the time it takes to repair the wound would render me crippled. So, they leave it in there, and I’m, um, I have to have pain management from it.  Well, just because it’s a piece of copper, and it wasn’t from the bullet itself.  It was a piece of copper jacket that went flying like a Frisbee and cut its way in there and severed my spinal cord in there, laying against it.  And it works like an electrical conductor. If they pull it out, I was told that I’d be rendered crippled because the time it takes to fasten it, or whatever they do to it, to jump—use jump wires, for lack of better words, would render me crippled. And I, and my personal self, I would rather be under pain management, and when I can’t walk anymore, then have the surgery.  But your body’s like an electrical, you know, your whole body’s an electrical system, and I just believe that that’s how they download your thoughts and memories.  Because they get it from the frequencies of your body and your DNA. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: I know that music also has a, an effect on frequencies and DNA. But as far as, uh, a person being dead, yes, I can tell a death, but I’m gonna say this.  I’ve also seen the CIA set up dead.  You gotta remember, when I seen dead people, I didn’t sit there and stare at ‘em.  I, you know, I was walkin’ over bodies. When I was a sniper, and I hit somebody, I seen it from the scope. It was no doubt that what I hit was dead.

Daniel: Mhmm. Really.


Second Hour

2nd Hour

Makin’ Sure They’re Dead Or Alive

Greg: And you have to confirm.  They used to make us confirm these deaths, and I’m not gonna say how. It’s too, too nasty to even think about.  But in, like I said, at times I felt like I was no better than Hitler’s Nazis just doing—following orders.  And I…I really did at the time think that I was doing the country good, killing drug cartel leaders, and come to find out that, um, the drug cartel leaders were the ones giving me orders. [chuckles]

Daniel: Uh-huh.  So you knew?  You knew you were killing dead people?

Greg: No, these were, these were live people.  When they were hit, they were dead though. That’s for sure.

Daniel: Wait, you said you knew they were—you said you knew they were dead though.

Greg: Yeah, they were dead after I hit ‘em.

Daniel: Oh. Okay.

Greg: I knew they were dead.

Daniel: But you—

Greg: There’s no way that you can live with a two—you know what?  You don’t even directly, believe it or not, have to hit the person with a .50-cal.  I’ve missed ‘em before by three, four inches because the spotter can see the bullet, like clicking it in clear and focusing and telling me where to click out at.  And then he takes two clicks out of focus, puts it in barb, and he can see the bullet come out of the barrel.  And it leaves a spiral heat wave-looking thing, like—it’s not a vapor trail, it’s like a little heat wave. And you can see the bullet go all the way down through there. And um.  So, I—you know—when it comes to dead, yeah, they were dead. But I’ve also seen cover ups of dead people, and the Battle of [inaudible] is a good one, but I’m not going to go into deep detail about that there. Uh, I’ve seen people that I honestly thought was dead people, and they rose up and scared me to death.  I like died myself, you know? And it was just to take pictures.

Daniel:  Yeah, I mean really, I—

Greg:  I’m telling ya, I thought they were dead. The guts and the wounds and everything, I mean, had me convinced. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: Now, when I was in combat, like you say, now you’re—Sherry’s right; I’ve seen a lot of deaths.  A lot of deaths.  And I had a brother tell me I that I’ve got a lot of blood on my hands, you know? ‘Cause I was part of it.  But, um, I didn’t stop and stare and look and see what a dead body looked like in my mind unless I was in combat, where from great distances—

Daniel: Yeah, but Greg, it doesn’t sound like once you kill ‘em, they’re gonna be—they’re not gonna stay dead long, you know?  Kinda reminds me of the movie Doom, with The Rock.

Greg: The ones I did, unless—listen.  The ones I hit, all—

Daniel: You gotta make sure that he’s dead.  That’s the problem.

Greg: —99 of 100 shots I made were head shots.

Daniel: Yeah. Well.

Greg: Every one of ‘em.

Daniel:  Yeah, but, once you hit ‘em, you gotta make sure they stay—

Greg: They don’t want you to live.

Daniel: —dead, Greg. ‘Cause they’re gonna get right back up.  I mean, unless you rip their arm off.

Greg: Well, if it’s—not, not the ones I did, because, uh, it decapitated.  You can’t—you get hit with a, between a 750-grain, a 1200-grain high-explosive bullet, you are not gonna live.  I’ve seen—I’ve missed a guy one time. Watched his whole arm and his head spiral completely off.

Daniel: Okay.

Greg: But, almost 2000 yards.

Daniel: Okay. And.  Okay, where’s his head now? 

Greg: [pause] With his arm. [laughs]

Daniel: How do you know his head didn’t get up and start walking around? [short laugh] I dunno.  I mean, you know.

Greg: It just went spiraling off, ‘cause I wasn’t much of a shot.

Daniel: Well.

Greg: And my spotter says, “What are ya doing?  You don’t have a shot.”  And I said, “Watch, the shockwave will kill him.”

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg: And I had no idea that the shockwave would absolutely suck his head off like it did. It’s incredible.

Daniel: Well, you know, you’ve seen the movie Terminator.  You know, when the Terminator guy broke into pieces, you know, it kinda reassembled itself. So, you know, you gotta make sure these—

Greg: Yeah.

Daniel: —these goons stay dead once you’re—

Greg: Well, the—mine hit—the people I hit, when I was in—

Daniel: [inaudible] 

Greg: Whether they were human or not, I waxed ‘em.  Whether they got up later and stuck their head back on, I don’t know. I didn’t stick around.

Sherry: [laughs]

Greg: That’s all I can say. All I know is they were dead when I hit ‘em.

Daniel: What you do is, once you got the head, you take one of Sherry’s orgone, orgone rocks, stick it up in the head, stick it back on the body, and it’s gonna be a problem. [laughs] 

Greg: Well.

Daniel: You’re gonna have a problem.

Greg: Once they’re decapitated, they’re not coming back.  She’s right about the zombie thing. You gotta blow their brains out or cut their head off.

Daniel: Mhmm.

People Are Being Conditioned And Desensitized Left And Right

Greg: She’s exactly right.  It’s exactly what they’ve been showing us.  It’s exactly why these movies have been out for so long.  I believe that those zombie movies have been out the longest, like those werewolf movies for shapeshifting, for the simple reason that it’s the most gruesome, and it took the longest for people to warm up to.

I’m telling ya, people are desensitized.  I’ll tell ya—I’ll give you an idea. I saw a car wreck not too long ago.  I was the first on the scene, and the guy’s neck was split from ear to ear.  He was alive, and he was shaking.  He was an old man.  And what had happened was, I went up to it, because it didn’t even put a dent in his fender.  I mean his bumper.  Didn’t even dent it.  A plate flew up from his seat and bounced off and went right into his neck.

Daniel: Wow.

Greg: And it split him.  Well, I walked up to it, ready to push his car off the road. You think I was ready to see that? [short laugh]  I mean, I looked in and was like, “Whoa!” you know? He got his—his head’s about cut off, you know, you know what I’m saying? And uh.

Daniel: Well I’ll tell you, after everything you’ve see, if that freaks you out, had to be a terrible accident.  What?

Greg: I told about 25 people, “I need help.”  That man—I have his jugular vein in my hand, I knew he was going to die.  But you don’t know he’s going to die, I was trying to do my best.  Just like anybody else would.  Sherry probably could have handled it.  And I grabbed his jugular, pitched it off, just trying to stop the bleeding, but everybody was just gawking and looking and ooh-ing and ahh-ing.  I couldn’t believe it!

Daniel: Wow.

Greg: It was like he was just nothing.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: I mean, here’s a guy—I’m looking at the people, and I finally said to them, I said, “What’s wrong with you people?!”  And I said—and one guy was taking a picture! For God’s sakes! If that isn’t desensitized, I don’t know what is.

Daniel: Well can’t, can’t the guy’s head be ripped off without a prob? Uh, but, that’s an interesting thing you brought up.

Greg: People are desensitized.  I believe Sherry’ll tell you this too; she’d agree with me that people are desensitized beyond belief.

Daniel: Okay. Well here’s a question—

Greg: They are.

Daniel: Okay. Okay, Greg, we have this question from Ohio.  Right on that point.  It says, “Would the new TV show, Ugly Americans—there are demons, zombies, and monsters all living together.  Is this part of the desensitization process?”

Greg: I would think so, but like Sherry said in the beginning, they try to—she was exactly right also.  I agree with her. They put ‘em in video games and cartoons, and they make fun of it.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg And Sherry’s View On The Missile Watch

Greg: They make total fun of it, just like the missile watch the other day.  You know that, that missile watch. Notice how everybody has a snicker about it.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah.

Greg: Everybody.

Daniel: Right.

Greg:  Every single one that I’ve seen—there might be some exceptions, but I didn’t see any that didn’t have a snicker about, “Well, I guess the people aren’t gonna swallow that one.” And that’s what they said. The people aren’t gonna swallow that one. Well, number one, a jet doesn’t come up out of the water. And the only one that can accelerate and go straight up into—all of them can now, basically—the first one was the F-16 I believe, Strike Eagle, and it would go straight up and accelerate.  It was the first one that could. And they accelerate at a rapid pace. And I watched that film.  It was neither a missile nor a jet, because number one, if it was a jet take up, the water accelerates faster than that. That thing, I don’t even think, was hitting much of the sound barrier.  And I kind of wondered if it was just really, if this wasn’t just a giant flare, because wasn’t that the same day they did this Hadron Collider?

Daniel.  Hmm.  Sherry, what’s your view on—you know what video he’s talking about, that looks like a missile on the west coast?

Sherry: You know what, my whole thing, and I mentioned this on my last show last week, is that—is, okay, we have a cruise ship that China thinks is carrying war planes on it, so they blast it with an EMP blast. So in retaliation, we, we supposedly strike—send a missile to Iran?

Daniel: Mhmm. Mhmm.

Sherry: I mean, what’s that! That would, you know, that’s their answer?  We get blasted by China but we retaliate against Iran? [short laugh]

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg: I agree.

Sherry: The whole thing is silly!

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: And I do know the Hadron Collider fired up on the 5th of last week.  Supposed to be the 5th.  Uh, the 8th was supposed to be a big occultic day to fire up the Hadron Collider.  Uh, Obama being incarnated by Ra.  The 8th was just a huge day this week. And, you know, with the portals opening and the Ascended Masters coming in, and everybody coming in now because of these portals.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Mass Consciousness And UFOs

Sherry: And, you know, I’ve got a question to Greg. Now, the last interview, you mentioned the Stevensville UFO, which was 130 miles long, and, and came out of the ocean, and.  They also have, I think—

Greg: I said it was a mile long.

Sherry: Right.  They also have in Iraq, the same type of craft—130 miles, 16-stories high—that’s fitting in Iraq.  That they had been waiting to lift off somehow by “mass consciousness.”

Greg: Yeah.

Sherry: Somehow, mass consciousness produces energy to lift this thing off the desert. Can you believe that?

Greg: Yeah, you’d be surprised how many people are sitting there, trying to really do that, when it can just take off by itself. [short laugh] You know as well as I do that it can. But I—don’t you think, I mean, in all seriousness between me and you, I believe that that is—this mass consciousness thing is just a form of control to see how many people are going to actually get out there and do it, when I—when the thing can actually lift up and go on its own, I believe.

Sherry: Well, this whole—the 11th to the 11th.  The 11th was the big date.  That’s when the pagan groups were everywhere.  They were in southern Ohio at the Serpent Mound; they were everywhere. 

Greg: Yep.

Sherry: And they were—they all have a chain on the Internet going around.  They said it was 1 million people, and just, all these pagans everywhere, wishing well to the aliens, or whatever they do.  You know, this voodoo craft, New Age.

Greg: Yeah.  Yeah.  And it moved—

Sherry: And it all ties in together.  I don’t know if it’s still there or not.  That’s why I was asking you. Because you knew there was a UFO there 10 years ago

Greg: Yeah, it’s still there.

Sherry: I had heard that it had left.  That they had taken—this was back when Bush was in office.  And Pelosi, and Bush, and all of them were supposedly getting on this UFO and taking off, leaving the planet.  And then, a couple weeks later, we start seeing Lizard Pelosi.  A whole new—uh, not Pelosi—Conda-lizard Rice, Condoleezza Rice.  She just became a total lizard.

Greg: Yes. Condoleezza Rice.

Sherry: Yeah, Condoleezza Rice and all that.  So I knew about the UFO in Iraq back then.  I didn’t know until recently that it was still there.

Greg: Yeah, it’s still there.  Um, but you know, you were right, though. They had—what I heard, now, and this is all hearsay too, but it’s credible hearsay.  I get information like you do. It’s pretty credible when I talk about it. And they said that there’s so many people—you know, they didn’t say millions, but it looked like, he said, it looked like millions of people.  It was a guy, a CIA agent.  They were actually out there, chanting and, and trying to do this mass consciousness thing, and the thing was just sitting there. [laughs]

Sherry: [laughs]

Greg: And so the people, all of them, they thought that they didn’t have enough people, and they’d try it again later. [laughs]

Sherry:  Yeah, well somehow, it’s tied into energies.

Greg: The technology, it’s gonna go on its own.

UFOs Can Be Flown By Thought

Sherry: Well, if you think about it, Greg, they can fly these things by thought. They don’t need controls like we do. They can fly a UFO by thought.

Greg: The triangle craft that I was on, each corner took three people, and some other people said the same thing, that it just took the waving of a hand.  It looked like a magnetic panel—this is what I seen—and they would wave their hand over it, and it took three of them to control the triangle craft. And they—

Sherry: And they’ve depicted this in Hollywood movies. They’ve depicted it.  They’re showing you. They’re telling us. And so, somehow—

Greg: Yeah, they are.  But you tell that to the average person, and they think you’re an idiot.

Sherry: Oh, I know.  I know.  I’ve listened to it for 10 years. [laughs]

Greg: I mean, me and you both, if we can agree on one thing: we get bashed.

Sherry: Yes.

Greg: You know, just after this show, there’s gonna be some that hate us, some that like us. [short laugh] It’s just, you get bashed, and you—like, I’ve had a couple on the other radio shows that we did, you know, ask me, you know, “Is this guy on crack?” or whatever. Don’t you remember that, Daniel?

Daniel:  Yep.   Mhmm.

Sherry: Well.

Greg: And I heard that same question asked on the Art Bell show. So.  You know.  There’s you know.  But God bless them.  They got the right to do it.  You know, I went through combat for 17 years for them to have the right to do it.  So, you know.  This radio show we’re doing now, you have the right to do that, and you have the right to free speech, but I don’t know how long we’ll have that right.

There’s A Newly-Discovered Asteroid Heading To Earth

Daniel:  Mhmm.  Uh, Greg, I got a question from the fast-blast here.  I’ll let you  answer it, and I’ll ask Sherry.  It says, “Monday, evidently NASA’s gonna be holding some sort of press conference about some ‘startling information’ about the Chandra X-ray Telescope.  Something they found on it.  Are you familiar with that?”

Greg: Yes.

Daniel: What is it?

Greg: They found an asteroid that’s coming this way. And they’re depend—what I heard was from scientists, credible scientists in, uh, Mexico that I’m in contact with, uh, pretty regular now. Um, that, uh, it was depending on the wobble of the Earth, where they think it’s gonna hit.  And they narrowed it down once to New Jersey.  But there is an asteroid coming this way. Whether it’s the one that’s gonna hit the Earth or not, they’re pretty su—I can tell you this: That I’ve talked to some physicists face-to-face about it, and there was no snarling.  They were dead serious.  Even the ones who disagreed with each other were disagreeing agreeably.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: They all agreed that it was gonna hit.  They believe, with 90% is where they were at, that it was going to hit the Earth. It’s 200 yards long.  Uh, 150 yards to fit, they estimated about, and it’s about 200 yards wide. Almost a prefect square.

Daniel: Yeah. Sherry—

Greg: They’re coming in at about 171,000 miles per hour.

Daniel: Really.  Sherry are you—

Greg: It’s like shooting a bullet at a—it’d be like shooting a bullet at a baseball. [laughs]

Daniel: Mhmm. Sherry are you familiar with that?

Sherry: Well, not the details, but I can agree the specifics that yeah, an orgone—uh—what is it called?

Daniel: You—you’re not gonna— 

Sherry: —ah, asteroid?  Yeah, my mind’s always on orgone. [laughs]

Daniel: You’re not gonna jump on the asteroid when it comes by, right?

Sherry: But yeah, an asteroid’s going to hit.  Yeah, it’s gonna—it’s going to be an asteroid that hits the Earth.  There’s going to be like a comet hit. Yeah, even the Bible talks about, in Revelation chapter 8. A huge asteroid hitting the Earth. [Revelation 8:6-13] So.

Greg: And 18.  Chapter 18 it does too.

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg: They call it a millstone. You know, a giant millstone. [Revelation 18:21-22]

Daniel: Alright.

Greg: But, you know, people say, “Why didn’t they see this thing before?”  Well, the physicists told me that sometimes they can’t catch these things when they come in because they, the way they’re shaped, they have to be hitting the light a certain way.  You know, if they don’t reflect, you can’t see ‘em.  “Well, how do they find black holes?”

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: Well, I don’t know if they’ve found one yet, really. [short laugh]  I guess because they see light go in and not come back out?  I don’t know. But these asteroids, there’s, you know—I’m not gonna sit there.  And I think when there’s an asteroid coming, I’m gonna get on my knees and pray to the Lord that I can escape that.  But, I’m not going to depend on the physicists to tell me.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: They’ve already—they tell you that it’s coming.

Daniel: Yep.

Greg: Um, I—right now, this one here.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: You better believe it is.

Daniel: Yeah. Alright—

Greg: Because a physicist goes to 90%—you’re lucky if you can get one to go 50% on anything.

Daniel: Yeah.  By the way, mandatory viewing—mandatory viewing for everybody: watch Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory. It’s a great show. By the way, if anybody knows his e-mail address, get it to me, ‘cause I’m trying to get him on this show. Uh, question for both of you from Ohio.  Uh, Sherry, start with you.  “How long do you think it will be until martial law is rolled out in America?”

How Long Until Martial Law Comes?

Sherry: You know what?  That could start any time.  11:11 was a Code, also, uh, for End Game.  It was an End Game Code.  Anyone seen the [inaudible] you know—splash all over the place; you look at the time, it’s 11:11. Everybody’s seeing the numbers 11-11.

Greg: Yeah, everybody was again.

Sherry: Yeah. It is a Code for the beginning of the End Game. And that was on, um, what was it?  November 12th or something?  It was actually the day after the 11th.  

Greg: Yeah.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: But 11:11 was a Code and also a video for all these hybrids that we have amongst us, the geo-hybrids and everybody else, that they’re here for a full time.  So they’re all being called in. Because most of them—

Greg: And I—

Sherry: —You look at their eyes, and the lights are off, nobody’s home, because their soul’s off in an astral realm somewhere.  They’re all being called in.

Daniel: Mhmm. Uh, Greg?

Hybrids All Have Three-Stranded DNA

Greg: And I agree with ya 100%.  You would be—ya’ll would just be surprised.  Me and her are privy, I guess, to some things that some people are, but you’d be surprised at the—like I was—I’ve talked about the hybrids before, Sherry.  I’ve said, if you walked down New York, and walked down—or Chicago, and you walked down a main street or something in the background, people you would pass—you’d pass a number of them.

Sherry: Yeah.  And that’s why they have the scans there.

Greg: Yeah, they’re, they’re everywhere.

Sherry: They’re not about porn.  It’s not about searching people for weapons.  They’re about identifying DNA.

Daniel: Really.

Greg: Yeah, you’re exactly right.  Three-strand DNA is what they’re target is. And it’s—this whole thing, is what the Bible—this is the way I see it. I believe that it’s a galactic warfare about bloodlines. I really do.

Daniel: Really. And, uh, okay.  So do you guys have the preferential DNA?  Both of you?  Sherry, do you have it?

Sherry: I would assume I’m normal.  I’ve had four kids. So. [laughs]  I’m gonna assume I’ve got normal DNA.

Daniel: Okay, so you’re normal.  Okay, Greg?

Sherry: They’ve had all their toes, and so. [laughs]

Greg: Well, three-strand DNA—I believe Sherry knows this too—you can’t see it.  It’s a spiritual thing. You have to have a gift to be able to see it. I believe me and her could probably see it. But you can see it in the hybrids.  I mean, if you’re a hybrid, you’re three strands of DNA.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: Um, she’s normal. I’m normal. You’re normal, Daniel, uh.

Daniel: Okay, so. Yeah. Yeah. Right.  Okay.  You say they’re looking for—

Greg: You’ve got to have gifts to be able to see who has the three strands of DNA.

Daniel: What do they do—okay, but what do they do when they find somebody with it?

Sherry: I think, and this is just, you know, me thinking ‘cause I don’t have any proof. 

Daniel: Okay.

Sherry: But they have this machine, um, can’t remember the name of it, and it’s tied into all these airport machines.  And when you go through these machines, what happens is they, they, uh, strand your DNA.  They can see your DNA.

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: And I think the computers, automatically pick this up and label you, so they know who is what.

Greg: I believe that could possibly be right.

Sherry: Yeah.

Greg: I believe if it was in the computer, or I believe that me and you, if we looked into a microscope, Sherry, I believe we would know it.  I believe, ‘cause God would gift us to be able to see it.

Sherry: Well what they do is they say, “Stop for a moment,” and they make people think that they’re searching for weapons, and they make everybody embarrassed because they can see.  But what they’re really after is, if the people don’t see in the pictures behind the scenes, looking at the computers, and they’re dividing people’s DNA and being able to target who’s a hybrid and who’s fully human.

Daniel: Yep.

Sherry: Because there’s so many amongst us now, you can’t tell.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: Right.

When Will The Disasters Hit?

Daniel: Okay. Question for you, Greg, from Sarasota, Florida.  “When are they going to hit?”

Greg: I’m like her.  Tomorrow? [laughs]

Sherry: [laughs] A year?

Greg:. You believe—?  You agree with me. I believe at worst, you see—when I was back in the military, there were 100 seconds in a minute, not 60.  And I told everybody in the last show that I believe we were—if 12 o’clock is the hour, that it’s 11:99:98. It could happen tomorrow.  Next year. It—I mean, we’re that close to where I couldn’t tell if you if it would be mud tomorrow.  And there for a while—

Sherry: They came in last week.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: Huh?

Sherry: They came in.  The last part they were waiting for was the Ashtar Command to come in, and they’re here.  They came in last week.

Greg: Yeah.

Daniel: Oh. That’s why—

Sherry: And they’re all here.

Greg: So.

Daniel: Okay, good.

Greg: So, when you say, “tomorrow”…?  I mean. [laughs]

Sherry: Oh, yeah.  I mean any time.  I don’t know what they’re waiting for.

Daniel: Okay, well.  Okay.

Sherry: I really don’t know what they’re waiting for.

Greg: Really, that’s, that’s about mine—what are they waiting on?  Let’s just get it over with.

Will Obama Be In Charge Or End Up Like All The Other Disposable Puppets?

Daniel:  Yeah.  Yeah. And, uh—is, uh, Barack Obama gonna be leading the charge, or is he a puppet, and somebody else is the puppet master?

Sherry: Well, you know what?  I’m gonna mention this to Greg, ‘cause maybe he knows about it. Are you aware of the Norabereise ritual? [TN: I’m pretty sure my spelling on the ritual’s name is way off.]

Greg: Where-the-what-now?

Sherry: The Lord—this whole reason that Obama took 3000 people and they’re all out in Delhi, India.

Daniel: Okay.

Sherry: It was a huge ritual that took place.

Daniel: Really.

Greg: Yeah.  I hate to say it because I’m not 100% sure, but I tend to want to believe that he might be the Antichrist.  It not, then he sure is bringing one on.

Sherry: Well, yeah, yeah.  He is. 

Greg: Huh?

Sherry: Well, the Bible says that the leader of Last Day’s Babylon is the Antichrist.  So whether Obama stays in power, or he hands it to somebody else, the leader of our country in the Last Days is the Antichrist according to the Old Testament prophets.  So it can be Obama, or—

Greg: You think people are—people are looking for this violent war that’s not gonna happen. He comes in peacefully.

Sherry: Yeah.  But, you know what?

Greg: There won’t be an explosion of war.

Sherry: Well, he’s been incarnated.  The whole occult world is on the same page now.  All the religions of the world are on the same page now as of November 8th because he’s been incarnated.

Greg: They have a universal religion.

Sherry: He was incarnated by Amun-Ra, the demon Egyptian, sun god Ra.

Greg: Mhmm.  Oh yeah.

The World Religions Are Waiting For Their Messiahs, And Guess Who Plays The Roles

Sherry: And what it ties into now—all of the religions of the world are waiting for the return of their messiahs. We’re waiting for Yahushuah. The Muslims are waiting for Mahdi, the 12th Imam. The Hindus are waiting for Krishna and Buddha.  And all these religions are waiting. 

Greg: Yes.

Sherry: And this will be fulfilled when the Ashtar Command comes in.  They’re already here, and they descend to Earth and announce themselves that they’re all here, the messiahs are all here.  “Jesus” [Jesus Sananda Immanuel] is gonna be here.

Greg: Oh yeah.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: Maitreya’s gonna be here. Krishna.  Everybody. Cause they’re—

Daniel: Krishna’s coming back?

Greg: The world’s gonna take their descent ‘cause it’s all set for a one-world religion now.

Sherry: Yes. It’s already set. 

Greg: Perfectly set.

Sherry: The stage is set.  Occultic wise, with the, the “dog days are over” now, the rule of Anubis over America, the world is over.  The dog days are over.  And now we have Ra.

From Now On, Let’s Just Confirm With Each Other

Greg: Well, Sherry, me and you agree on a lot more things than I thought. [laughs]

Daniel: Yeah, I was gonna say, you guys—

Sherry: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking while I was listening to your interview with Daniel.  I’m like, I really don’t disagree with anything he says. 

Greg: No.

Sherry: But I will fight for the orgone, because that’s what the Lord has us doing.

Greg: Yeah, we just disagree agreeably, and there’s a couple of things I don’t—I’m not here to make enemies with anybody.  And I told Daniel that earlier that, you know, that I didn’t—people on Facebook saying “why you hate”—and I don’t know how many times I said, “I don’t hate no one.  I don’t hate her at all.”  So.  And I don’t think she hates me.  I don’t think she hates me.  I believe—

Daniel: Okay.   Alright.

Sherry: Yeah, I just have differences, and I don’t budge. 

Greg: A lot of people are making a bigger deal out of it than you and me are. [short laugh]

Sherry: Well, this is, there’s a lot of false accusations going on.

Daniel: Okay. 

Sherry: And that’s what, you know, will rip my skin up.  Because I’ve been laughed at for years.  Daniel knows that I’ve been through it. 

Greg: I promise you and give you my word, swear to God, that I will tell the truth if I said it or not.  Why don’t we just ask each other next time we hear something?

Sherry: Yeah.  ‘Cause, you know, if I was working for the government, you know what I would do?  I would have Daniel—we would redesign my websites.  I’d have me some money.

Daniel:  Okay.  There you go.  Hey—

Sherry: Daniel’s in web design now.

Greg: Well, the people on the youngin’s page would know.  What is Daniel’s page, a million apiece probably?

Sherry:   Yeah.

Daniel:  Well, actually, I’m actually Daniel’s clone.  Daniel’s having a beer in another room. 

Greg: I think his thing’s a million apiece, you know?

Daniel: Hey—

Sherry: Daniel’s eating dinner in the lion’s den.

Military Inoculations

Daniel: Daniel left in the first hour to his meds increased.  Couldn’t believe it.  Hey, something interesting for ya from California.  Greg, let’s go to you on this one.  “Are you aware of what’s going on with the military inoculations?”  Apparently they’re inoculating—

Greg: Oh yeah.  The chipping—

Daniel: Is that what it is?

Greg: —has been going on since the polio shot you got.  Inoculations—listen.  I was at one of the inoculations in one of the third world countries, and I want to say this.  Some of these third world countries are way more prepared than the United States is.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg: They are way—they way hold on to God.  It’s all they have to hold on to.  And that’s where they do these experiments at.  Well, guess what?  This is becoming a jobless country.  They opened up the borders, and you let third world people in, and you become a third world country.  And that’s exactly what they plan on doing.  You cannot have a One World Order with a superpower.  You have to have everybody get on their knees and beg. 

Sherry: Right.  They do the same with—

Greg: And some of the inoculations I watched?  With water.  I knew it was water.  And some of the people actually thought that they were not sick anymore because they absolutely believed it.  And it was with water!  They got it with spring water.

Daniel:  Sherry, got this question for you.

Greg: And because—

Daniel:  Go ahead.

Greg: Well, I’m gonna tell you why they did it.  Because they were trying to do a census report in this place, and people were afraid to show up.  It was in Africa, and they were afraid to show up.  They’d get killed.  So they tell ‘em there was a deadly disease, and they need to be inoculated for it, and everybody showed up.  And all it was, was water so they could take a census report.  That’s all it was.

Daniel: Uh-huh. 

Greg:  There I was.  I feel bad today, you know?  Because there I was, I—gotta say, sometimes I coulda done something about it, but I couldn’t of.  They’d of hushed me up in two seconds, and that’d have been it. So, whether I said something or not, it’d do you no good.  I’m saying it today. 

Daniel: Well, I tell you what, you don’t—

Greg: Other people can be warned for tamiflu. The only benefit came from that was Rumsfled benefiting from the tamiflu shot.

Daniel: Well, you also don’t wanna end up in the vat of human body parts and be feasted on by hoards of angry aliens.

Greg:  No. Don’t want that.

Daniel: I mean, Greg, you know.

Greg:  I’m sure me and Sherry would be a very tasty treat to them especial.  A special fillet.

Sherry: [chuckles] I think that—

Daniel:  Well, I’ll tell you what.  What I was thinking is, if you get for this vat of human body parts, if you just put in some AIDS virus, and then let them go at it.  But if, Sherry, you told me—

Greg: It doesn’t hurt ‘em.

Daniel: Well, sure.

Demonic And Alien Chain Of Command

Greg: I mean, you kill a spirit with diseases and stuff, they’re just—you know, if you could, you get the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God [Ephesians 6:17], it just puts them asunder.  Now, I always wondered—and I don’t know this and maybe Sherry does—what happens in spiritual warfare.  How do they inflict casualties?  But I know that Gabriel got detained by the Prince of Persia [Daniel 10:4-20], so they—there’s—and she’s right about that General.  And it’s not funny because they have a chain of command, just like the military here does.  They have their strong demons and their weak ones.  You know?  What I used to call their “punk” demons, and then they have their, you know, Jaguar BMW demons. 

Daniel: Okay.

Greg:  And that’s the way they’re classified.  But she’s “general,” she literally means general.  Because that’s what I use, when I tell people.  I use military terms because it’s a—and they take it as a serious thing.  ‘Cause I guess he has very harsh punishments on some of ‘em.  But one thing I know that they don’t like is, they don’t like to be reminded of Who’s in charge and where they’re gonna go. [See Revelation 20:10-15]

Ever Gotten A Call From The Number 000-000-1111?

Daniel:  And I’m sure the demon wants to be driving on their 20’s.  Sherry, question to you from Virginia.  “Have you ever got a phone call on your cell or your home phone with the number 000-000-1111?”

Greg: Yep.

Sherry: Um. I hear em’ on my radio show, Daniel.  [laughs]  You know, if people call in?

Daniel: O-kay.

Sherry: I tell everybody, “Look, I’ve got a call from Nibiru coming in.” [laughs]

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Sherry: And then when you answer it, they just sit there.  They don’t answer.  You hear breathing, but they don’t answer.

Greg: Yeah.

Daniel: Okay.

Greg: You get the 000.  I know all about that 000 number, 100%.  It’s CIA.

Sherry: They use the same one.

Daniel: Who is it?  Is that the NSA or who?

Greg: Well, when you get the wire tapping, they still got kinks it in, Daniel.  And I know this for a fact.  In fact, I watched it. Where they did a wire tapping, and it—they—I’ll just call him Agent JKG so I don’t mention his name, but he did one on me personally on purpose, and it showed up as all zeros. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: It showed up as all zeros because—and they don’t want it to do that.  They want it to show up as an 800 number.

Daniel: Right.

Greg: But when you get all zeros or all ones, it’s a wire tap.  Even if it comes from a legitimate company, you’re being wire tapped.  And the wire tapping doesn’t sit there and spy on you for what you say.  It picks up by computer on key words.  “Bomb,” “blood,” “kill.”  You know what I’m saying?

Daniel:  Yeah.  I’m sensing a knock—I’m sensing a knock on our door now.

Greg:  Because it’s a [inaudible] key system. 

Sherry: And all those words are gonna be mentioned on my radio show.  I mean, I—[laughs].  They tap my radio show all the time.

Daniel: Yeah.  They will.

Sherry: Yeah, and another thing I wanted to—

Greg: They’ll probably do it again.

Sherry: Yeah.

Daniel:  Yeah.  Those are key words. Yeah.

Greg:  I know they tap you in Daniel’s day.

Sherry:  And another thing.  My website, Daniel, TheyWantYouDead.com. [http://www.theywantyoudead.com/]

Greg: Huh?

Sherry: Where they’re talking about vaccines. And I don’t know if I’ve been on your show since I put up that website, Daniel. TheyWantYouDead.com. All on why to avoid vaccinations.

Greg: There’s a good one!  They-want-you-dead-dot-com. [chuckles] It’s exactly what they want: you dead.

Sherry: Yeah.  They want you dead.

Greg:  Yeah, I heard one time—

Daniel: So they can throw you in the vat of body parts?  I’m not going.

The Dangers Of Getting Too Fearless

Greg: Well, you know.  I worked in a hospital, and I was on the criminally insane ward, and they used the, gosh, they had haldol darts.   And haldol’s filled with benzodiazepine.  But I’ve seen it take the biggest of guys, the biggest guy you’ve ever seen in your life, almost like a giant, and you hit him with it before he reaches, and he’s drooling on himself.  So, I don’t like to say to myself, at least, that I can’t be taken.  Because you can.  You can.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: And you need to be aware that you can because it—I had some soldiers sometimes, and I used to tell them, “You guys are getting too fearless.”  You know, you lose that fear, and fear sometimes is your friend.  It’s, you know—I’ve had some gut feelings in combat where fear took over, and I didn’t do it.  And then, after the event unfolded, if I did it, we’d have all be dead. And so, you can be too fearless, Daniel.  You can be too macho, and, you know, “Oh, I can do this and that.”  It may work for some, but it don’t work for me.  And anybody that was in my units, I wouldn’t—I didn’t do anything bad to them or anything.  But I simply just got them removed out of my unit. 

Because, you know, one guy, because he wants to die, I kept—I had to keep—it was hard on me.  I had to keep a log on who wanted to die and who was too fearless, and I used those guys to go in through point.  The guys who wanted to die?  I’d make them go on a suicide rescue, you know?  And if they made it, they made it.  And I would tell them, you know, “Here’s your chances.”  And.  But they would make comments to me that, “I wish I were dead.  I wish I were dead.” After so long, I had one guy tell me one time, “I know that I’m not fit for society.”  This is when I was a major.  And he says, “Major, if you can, put me in a position where I might or I might not make it.”  ‘Cause in the military, 50/50 is 0%.  So, he said, “If it’s 50/50, put me in it.”  Because he said, “If I go home, I’m just gonna wax people.  I’m just no good anymore.” 

Daniel:  Great question for—

Greg: What?

The CIA Uses Children As Psychic Weapons Of War

Daniel: A great question for Greg in the live chat.  “Have you ever heard of the CIA using children as psychic weapons?”

Greg: Yes.  Hitler’s kids.  Remember that? 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: They’re doing it with them younger.  I’ve heard of people that—this is hearsay too. This is from the CIA though, that they were using children as young as 5 years old and training them to remote view.  And remote view now is an old method.  They remote view—I heard that they’re remote viewing satellites, and the satellite hones in on the targets now.

Daniel: Huh. Sherry—

Greg: In other words, they’re feeding the satellite the information to remote view, and the satellite hones in on the targets.

Children Are Very Targeted – The Psychics For Warfare, The Non-Psychics For Food

Daniel: Sherry, what do you know about the government, or not, or anybody using children?  I think that you’re the one that actually kinda coined the phrase, “The children are disappearing because the aliens are eating them.”

Sherry: Well, they eat, you know, 300,000 a year.  A million.  You know, I don’t think anybody’s got a real number, but it’s very high.  Milk carton kids. 

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg: Yep.

Sherry: But kids are very targeted.  And that’s why the PKU-tests are in the hospital, Daniel.  You can’t leave the hospital without them taking a PKU test.  They take 5 drops of blood.  Well, 2 are for the testing; what’s the other three for?  They track you from the time you’re born.  They know what kind of blood you have.  They know DNA.  And if you have an AB or a B DNA, you’re gonna be targeted by the government, because that means you’re probably stronger in psychic abilities.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: And they target you.

Greg: Yeah, you get penalized for being smart.

Sherry: Yeah.  And so they’re using this.  Because I’ve had 14 year olds RV-ing my house, Daniel.  14 year olds.

Daniel: Really.

Sherry: And that’s why, when I get angry at RVs and the NASA assassins that hang around my house, and I say, “If these visual people don’t get out of here, I’m gonna kill—have ‘em all killed,” I have to think twice anymore, because some of them are kids!

Daniel: Are these those little black-eyed kids coming to you?  Are these these black-eyed kids coming to you?

Sherry: Well, they’re just children, and they’re RV-ing my home.  Now, RV-ing your home and being present there as an invisible assassin is two different things.  To me it’s just all, “Get out of here.  Get out of my house.” You know? “Get out of my property”  NASA assassins are here every day.  Now the kids just come and go.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: And a good example of the children is look at the Muslims.  Their children are—I mean, if you ever seen—there was a film on not too long ago, and they showed the Muslim children in school being geared up.  And these kids are 5 years old, and they’re saying, “Jihad! Jihad!”  They’re ready to blow themselves up!

Daniel: Right.

Greg: I mean, that tells you right there that they can be programmed.  And, in fact, they can program a child at 5 years old a whole lot easier than they can program us.  We’ve already been programmed on what the program is, you know?  They haven’t. And they don’t have no say in it.  And if you take them out of an environment where there’s good and nothing but evil, then evil is good.

Daniel:  Mhmm. Amazing.  Okay.

Greg: So, yeah.  They’re getting younger and younger.  And so is the innocence.  And I said this before.  You know, blood—the innocence in the blood is what made the reptilians, um…it did something for them. I know that.  And I know that the children that they’re feeding them are younger.  So, innocence is dwindling away as the Bible says.

Daniel:  Well, they wanna feed them the youngest possible, I suppose, for the tender meat part of it.

Greg:  No, they want to feed them the youngest innocence as possible.

Daniel: Okay. 

Sherry: [inaudible] Daniel, the ones that they can use and later program aren’t full human. They’re indigos and hybrids to begin with.  A lot of these kids today are geo-engineered from the time they’re in the womb.

Greg: And the ones that are, they don’t have a say in it anyhow.

Sherry: Yeah. And the ones that aren’t don’t have those abilities, and they’re not useful to the military and governments.  But if you have a hybrid, 50/50—

Greg: Right.  They go to the food table.

Sherry: Yeah.  Well, yeah. They’re the ones that get eaten because the ones that have abilities are used so they can suppress them and control them.  And they’ve geared them up to come back in these days to rise in these days, and some way to be able to use the abilities that they have.  I don’t think we can begin to imagine the abilities some of these people, these kids that have integrated into our society can—the abilities they have. 

Greg: Right.  I can only imagine.

Sherry: They can, you know, set things on fire.  Move things with a thought.  We can’t even begin to imagine.  They have fallen angel abilities.

Daniel:  And they can text with one hand, too.

Our Times Are Eviler Than The Days Of Noah

Greg: I mean, I have seen some of the wickedest things that—personally.  I don’t know if Sherry knows that, but I have seen some of the most wicked—I have seen, at least as far as man can go now with evil and constraint, I have seen evil, when I was in the military, that would make Hitler look like a good guy.  No lie.  I mean, unadulterated evil in creating these super soldiers and people having handlers.  It’s just getting eviler and eviler.  I believe right now that it’s eviler than it was in the days of Noah.  I do. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: Well, yeah.

Greg: The spread of technology.

Sherry: You know what?  The prophets didn’t have a way to prepare the people. They couldn’t look 2000 years into the future and see our atmosphere’s clouded with satellites, know what ELF technology was, HAARP beaming microwave weapons at you and frying you.  They couldn’t understand this stuff 2000 years ago.

Greg:  No.

Sherry: So now, when you’re being afflicted with these weapons, the only thing you have is the Lord.  And it’s, “Lord, what do I do? How do I make it stop?”  And He tells you what to do, and that is, take your answer and run.  And that’s what we’ve been doing.

Daniel: Right.

Greg: And that’s the main thing about Revelation.  You gotta put into perspective what they’ve seen and how they describe it and really think that out.  Because, like, Jeremiah says that they came from the North and crept in like caterpillars.  Well, if you look at it from an airplane’s view, and look at a train, it’d probably look like caterpillars to him.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: And caterpillars are also the state of a Locust, which is a giant.

Greg: Right. And the thunderous wings is the breaking of the sound barrier.

Who’s Looking For Specific Blood Types?

Daniel:  Mhmm.  Okay.  Got a question here for Sherry from the live chat.  Somebody wants to know a little bit more about the blood types.  Sherry, you said that they’re looking for a specific—is it the aliens or the zombies looking for a specific blood type?  Or are there—?

Sherry: Well they—the alie—the government.  Neither.  The government wants it.

Greg: Okay.  Thank you very much.

The Flu Shots And Vaccinations Have Chip Implants In Them As Well As The Zombie Virus

Daniel:  Okay, so, the government’s looking for specific blood types.  And is that why they’re trying to get everybody to take the flu shot, because they’re maybe really testing people, or, I mean, what’s—?

Sherry: The flu shot has chips in it.  They’re chip implants.  They’re the nanochips.  And the flu shots also are carrying this reanimation zombie virus, which I’ve been warning about.

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: Because they carry the virus in them.  And so, if you die—

Greg: I think [inaudible] zombie with me.

Sherry: Oh yeah.  I thought I—

Greg: [inaudible] Kick the ground so bad, I feel like a soccer ball. 

Sherry: [laughs]

Daniel:  So, wait a minute.  You said there’s zombie virus—

Sherry: The H1N1, yes.  The zombie virus is already in the vaccine.

Daniel:  So.  You take it, you turn into a zombie.

Sherry:  Yes.  If you die, the virus could kick in, and you can reanimate and come back to life.  It happened in New Hampshire last year. There was an incident in the hospital there.   It was Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Greg: Yeah, and HAARP uses frequencies.

Sherry: They died.

Daniel: Well, there’s millions of people taking that virus injection.  So you’re saying that—is that where we’re going to get a plague of packs of wild zombies running around?

Sherry: Oh, yes.  And they can also do it through the chemicals.  Through chemtrail spraying.  Through poison spraying. 

Daniel: Okay, okay. So, they—

Sherry: You can get this virus just from chemical spraying.

Greg: Trigger components.

Sherry: Yes.

Daniel: Okay, so.  What you’re saying is, not only are there nanobots in the shot, there’s also a reanimation, time-released zombie reanimation—I don’t know what you’d want to call it—chemical?

Greg: If you can picture the shell of a bullet, and they’re putting the gunpowder in it, and then the planks fly over and push the bullet in. 

Daniel: So…?

Greg:  In other words, there’s a trigger component.  They only put half the problem in you in shot, like Sherry says.  The other half comes out by use of chemtrails or HAARP or however they do it.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: Yep.  And one of the most dominant states I’ve seen for this zombie outbreak that’s coming is Ohio.

Daniel: Really.

Sherry: Yeah.

Greg: I heard the same thing, Sherry.  I heard the exact same thing.

Sherry: Yeah, well, I see Carrollton, Ohio.  [laughs]  That’s where I see it happening.

Greg: I heard it from a CIA agent, but nonetheless.

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: Yeah.  All of my information always seems way off the edge, but it’s always verified.  Always. 

Daniel:  Yeah.  Well, Sherry, if the zombie—

Greg: They verify a lot of your stuff. [laughs]

Sherry: [laughs]

Daniel:  Well, Sherry, if the zombie reanimation facet of the H1N1 shot—what if—now, Planet X’s coming right through here.  You said an asteroid’s coming this way.  You know, we’re gonna have a lot of aliens coming up from underneath the water through volcanoes and such.  So, you know, a lot of people, they’re not dead yet. So, I mean, is there a way to trigger the zombie virus to take the people—

Greg: Yeah.

Daniel: —who are still living and just go ahead and flip the switch and make them live-dead zombies?

Greg: That’s what we’re saying with the chemtrails.

Sherry: What happens now is a misfire.  It’s like a misfire.  It happens.

Greg: That’s right.

Sherry: It can happen. It happens.  It’s misfiring and.

Daniel:  Or maybe the virus that’s in the shot will cause the people to kill themselves, and then they come back as a zombie.

Greg:  No, ‘cause Daniel, what they do is they give you half of the problem.  The other half lies in the trigger component, like the, like she said, in the spray.   

Daniel: Right.

Greg: It takes—in other words, it takes two components, you know, to make gunpowder.  Nitrocellulose and forms of charcoal and different chemicals.  Without the nitrocellulose or nitroglycerin, it doesn’t explode.  You add that to it, it explodes.  You add aluminum powder to an oxi—you know, in itself, it’s not explosive. But you add an oxidant to it, and it’s one of the highest explosives there is. So, they give you half the problem in the shot, and they deliver the other half in a delivery system.

Daniel:  Mhmm.

The Latest Batches Of Flu Shots Have Chips, Zombie Virus, AND Various Cancers In Them

Sherry: Yep.  And you know what?  The latest shot, this latest round of flu shots, and another reason why Obama’s been salivating over them, is because they carry various cancers in them.  And so, not only—he—they had big plans last year with the H1N1, and this year they have a new round of different cancers in all these flu shots. 

Daniel:  Mhmm.

Sherry: And Obama, he loves—he salivates over this stuff!  That’s how evil this guy is.

Daniel:  Yeah.

Greg: He’s so—I’ve never seen such evil. He’s so—but you know what, too?  He’s really, in his speeches and stuff, he is really subtle and captivating.  Wouldn’t you say, Sherry?  I mean, he is.

Daniel:  Yeah.

Sherry: He’s, well, he’s trained—

Greg: He knows what he is.  It makes me sick, but with the average person, I can see why they’d fall for his games.

Daniel:  Well, yeah.  He also—obviously he’s possessed.  Sherry, have a question from the live chat.  “A little bit of clarification of your definition of a zombie.  Is it a soulless corpse, or is it a body possessed by evil?”

Sherry: Well, it’s a soulless corpse animated by a demon. 

Daniel: Okay.

Sherry: Put it that way. 

Daniel: Okay.

Sherry: Because the person dies.  Their soul’s gone. 

Greg: Yes.

Sherry: And a demon jumps in and reanimates the corpse. 

Daniel: Okay.  So we’ve got demons just ready to inhabit a corpse.

Demons Exist Because They Weren’t Part Of The Plan

Sherry: Well, that’s the only way they can have a physical body.  Aliens have bodies. Demons don’t. So these demons will inhabit human’s body and the animals to have a body.

Daniel:  And where are the demons before they go into the human corpse?

Sherry: They’re spirit beings, and they crawl the Earth.  They wander around the Earth.  Below the Earth, right above the Earth in the immediate air space here.  They don’t go way up in space, but they’re in our immediate atmosphere, heaven.

Daniel:  I don’t like ‘em.

Sherry: But they’re confined to the Earth. Enoch says that they just, you know, they’re—what do you do with them?  The Lord didn’t expect them. They weren’t part of the plan here. And so, He just lets them wander the Earth, and they’re under Satan’s dominion.  But aliens, fallen angels, are highly intelligent beings.

Greg And Sherry’s Thoughts On Benjamin Baruch

Daniel:  Okay, Greg, got a question for you.  Now, are you—do you—are you a subscriber to Benjamin Baruch teachings?

Greg: I like his teachings.  Nobody’s got—you know what?  Nobody’s got it right.  Not me—nobody’s got it all right.  Except Jesus.

Sherry: You know, I’ve got a real issue with Benjamin Baruch, because I knew him back before he was Benjamin Baruch, and Bill Brucks the CIA agent and all he wanted to do was infiltrate the Christian community. He wrote this e-book with this other CIA guy, changed his name to Benjamin Baruch to sound Hebrew so the churches would accept him, and then even changed his book when he joined The Prophecy Club, threw in a couple of revelations to make him sound like he was really prophetic and gifted by the Lord.  It was all a game, a sham.  I can’t stand the guy.

Daniel:  Wow.  Greg, you got anything supportive to say about old Benny?

Greg: Well, he was the reason I got led to the Lord, no matter what he is.  You know, a lot of people got led to the Lord when they seen what Hitler did, too.  So.  I’ve talked to Benjamin on the telephone and different things, and.

Sherry: Oh, I’ve talked to him, too.  He left his wife and kids, the choir.  He wanted to join the whole movement and get involved.   I mean, I knew him back when.  So, when I saw what he was doing—

Greg: He’s very, very rich.  I know that.

Sherry: Well, you know, he was in Costa Rica, and he’s government.  He’s not hurting. 

[all three speak together semi-inaudibly]

Daniel: Okay, so he’s not—

Sherry: —he walked away from his wife and four kids.

Greg: —doesn’t make it right.

Daniel: So you’re saying—

Sherry: I don’t know where he is now.  When I talked to him, he was in California.

Greg: Yeah, I called him at his house about a year ago, and his son answered the phone, and he wasn’t there.  But it was in California.  But I heard he moved to Hawaii, and I know that Ed Dames moved to Hawaii, and they moved about the same time, is what I heard.  So I really—

Sherry: This is why I can’t stand ‘em.

Greg: I really can’t confirm or deny what you say about him. 

Daniel:  So, is he one of these guys that feeds off the Christian Church by selling ‘em a boatload of crap?

Sherry: Yeah.  Well Ed Dames is—teaches people how to remote view.  He’s one of the best!

Greg: Yeah, he’s one of the architects on remote viewing for the United States.

Sherry: Yes, he’s one of the best.

Greg: I heard that he remote viewed the Devil and quit.

Daniel: Yeah.  Well, why don’t he change—why don’t old Ben change his name back too, and —

Greg: He quit doing it openly, is what I’d say.

Daniel: So, he made his cash and moved on, is what you’re saying.

Greg: Well, he—the Russians started it, and he just, when he got a hold of it—and they’re all in it together, believe me.  They showed him what they had, and he was just the architect for it here in the United States of something the Russians already had.  The Russians, believe it or not, from my military view point and from what I’ve seen, are ahead of us.  They were at one time.

Sherry: Sure.  They dominate space. They dominate space.

Greg: And they’re very, very smart.  

Sherry: They want you to think that America does, and they don’t. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: They’re painting—

Sherry: I said years ago, when they shot down The Challenger then, that it was a Russian beam weapon that shot it down. 

Greg: Well, You’re the only one I’ve ever heard of agree with me on that. [chuckles]

Sherry: Well, I saw it in the Codes.  I saw it in the Bible Codes.  And I knew then.  And I’ve seen their superiority.

Daniel: Okay.  Did the Bible Codes say that Bill Brucks would change his name and leave his family and ran off with a hottie in Russia?

Sherry: You know what? 

Greg: No.

Sherry: This was back when I first met Bill, and it was back when I was just learning Codes.  And that was the thing—he wanted me to do a Bible Code on him.  That’s how I met him.  Because he hunted me down, was practically begging me to do a Bible Code on him.  And that’s how I met his friend that was running his website, and he had an e-book on it and everything.  That’s how it all started. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: And so, no, I never did do his code.  I think I started it and just stopped because, you know, I was as busy back then as I am today.

Daniel:  Okay. Well, you know, from a retrospective point of view, who knows what it would show. I think I would do it and let me know what the results are.

Sherry: Yeah, but I wasn’t expecting him to change his name to Ben Baruch and come out with The Prophecy Club and change his book into a lie.  Saying that he’d had all these revelations.  Well, there’s no book—

Greg: The Prophesy Club thing—

Daniel: Didn’t he have a falling out, though, with The Prophecy Club?

Sherry: I don’t know.  I don’t know, Daniel.

Greg: Yes.  The Prophecy Club’s—everybody I’ve ever talked to that’s been in The Prophecy Club’s had a falling out.  And I don’t know what it is.  They never do tell me.  But from what I’ve seen.

Sherry: They invited him to come on—

Daniel: Maybe it’s a cash split.  Maybe it’s the cash split, the money The Prophecy Club makes, and they’re wanting a bigger chunk.

Greg: Yeah, they make a lot of money.

Sherry: It’s all about money.  It’s always about money.  ‘Cause they invited me to some Chicago conference, and they said, “Hey look, bring your books. Bring this.  You can sell it.”  And it was all about making money.  Bringing my own stuff, making money, and I just.  You know.  The Lord told me about doing this in His Name.

Greg: Another Kenneth Copeland. 

Daniel:  So, did you feel that Baruch, or whatever his real name is—he’s—the CIA, what? Offered him a Russian hottie to just, you know?  I mean, why are they using him?  How do they get—?

Greg: I knew that he was in the air forces.  I knew that.

Sherry: They infiltrate the Christian community. 

Daniel:  To do what?

Sherry: He wanted to come in with a book and all these divine revelations that weren’t his.  His book that he’d written was co-authored by several people.  It wasn’t just his.  And it’s to infiltrate the Christian community.

Daniel:  Yeah, but what are they trying?  And what did they give?  What did they trade him?  What did he do to the Church or whatever?

Sherry: Well, you know, he sells his book, he sells his viewpoint, he influences people.  He just makes a name for himself. 

Greg: But he won’t give them to you. 

Snakes In The Church – The Beast Prophet Infiltration Of The Christian Community

Sherry: Yeah.  And, you know, he’s just a demon.  I mean, look at how many snakes we have in the Christian community now. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: Oh yeah.

Sherry: Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn.  The snakes always—we have all the snakes in charge.  We always do.

Daniel Sherry, let me get your opinion.  What do you think about Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral file of bankruptcy?

Sherry: I—you know what?  This thing is so evil to begin with.  When he built this thing, and he had approval from the Pope on the design.   

Greg: Good God. [laughs]

Sherry: He holds approval with.

Daniel: Isn’t this the guy that holds—isn’t this the guy that says, “Hey, everything’s so positive.  Just buy some of my amazing motivational tapes and watch my seminars.  By the way, we’re not gonna pay our bills.”

Sherry: Well, he started getting into the New Age stuff.  The “Christ Consciousness” and all this New Age garbage.  You know, it just turns my stomach.  I tend not to get near some of this.

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg: They tend to start out, Daniel, totally 100% on target with Christianity.  It’s what they—the subtle notes in the middle that you’ve got to read between the lines when it comes to these creatures.  And here’s what I’ve come to the conclusion from a military standpoint. 90—if there’s 100 people in the room and 99% of them are in something that’s evil, they’re not gonna let one guy bring 99 down.  So, you know what that means?  They’re all evil.  And I’m convinced that politically, everybody—if you’re into the town hall, that you’re in cahoots with the evil.  And our building here in Rutherford, North Carolina—and the courthouse, is a giant 6-by-6 Freemasonry carved into the marble of courthouse right in the front.  Right in the front.  And I know that every single judge and every single cop in this county is a Freemason. 

Daniel: Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  I think I have a tape of Joel Osteen.  Let’s see if we can roll it.

Greg: Okay.

[tape plays and a soft, very effeminate voice speaks] “Hiiiii. I’m Joel Osteen.  Isn’t it niiiiice?”

[Sherry and Greg start laughing throughout the recording]

[tape still rolling] “Isn’t my hair niiiiice?  Aren’t ya happy?  Wontcha join meh?  Oh, I’m giddy.  Buy my tape.  Thanks so muuuch.”

Daniel: End of tape.  What do ya think, man?  I mean, I think he’s got— [short laugh]  That was him.  I’m for real.

Sherry: I wouldn’t be surprised, Daniel.  I have a website, BeastProphets.com. [http://www.beastprophets.com/] And it details a lot of these people.

Daniel: Mhmm.  Okay.  So, now you’re saying that the Christian church is infiltrated with CIA counteragents?

Greg: Yep. All the way to the top.

Sherry: Well, look at Billy Graham, and look at Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland.  Nobody gets on TBN [Trinity Broadcast Network; AKA The Beast Network] without going through Kenneth Copeland first.  They have to have his approval.

Greg: That’s exactly right.  Him and Tammy Bakker—

Daniel:  Copeland? [short laugh] Oh man, don’t get me started now.  Go ahead. [everybody pauses] Well, you say—

Sherry: And I used to like Hal Lindsay.  He was my hero when I was little, when I was reading about Bible prophecy and wanting to know about the beast coming out of the oceans [Revelation 13:1-10].  And here, when I get to become an adult, I learn, you know, he’s a Mason.  He’s on his fourth wife.  He married—he met his last one at a strip club.

Daniel: Wow. Really?

Sherry: And the illusions just start tumbling down.

Daniel:  He married a stripper?

Greg: It really broke my heart when my buddy Joe told me, and I learned he was a Freemason.

Sherry: Yeah. 

Greg: It’s like, “Oh no…”  I couldn’t believe it.

Sherry: He’s an Illuminati.  Total Illuminati, like Billy Graham.  And you just learn to walk away from man and go to the Lord and sit at His feet and say, “Okay, You teach me.” [laughs] “You teach me.”

Daniel: Illumina-tay.  Kinda like latté. 

Greg: It’s like they—he’s led a lot of people to the Lord, though.

Daniel: Okay.  Alright. Let’s—

Greg: But when I heard that he was in the Freemasons, it really did, it shook me.  It was like, you know what? I almost wanted to slap the guy, but I knew it was true coming from his mouth.  I was like, “Why’d you have to tell me that, man? I thought we at least had one good one out there!”  And she’s right about Kenneth Copeland.  You know, you drive your Harley up on the stage, take everybody’s money, and tell them that they’re gonna get 7-fold.  And if they don’t get rich because they gave it to ya, it’s because they’re out of order. 

Daniel: Wow. Man! [laughs]

Sherry: Yeah. 

Greg: And it works. 

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg: “You’re out of order.  You’re not doing it right.”

Daniel: Yeah, I found out it was that way when I got thrown out of the church.  That’s exactly the way it was.  Alright.  So.

Greg:  I get run out of the churches just for asking about the rapture. 

Daniel: Yeah. Somebody made a comment in the live chat.  I don’t know what it means.  It says, “His porn star wife took over Scott’s position.”  What is that?  Who’s Scott?  You guys know who that—they’re talking about?

Greg: No.

Sherry: I don’t know Scott.  I don’t know who that is.

Daniel: I don’t know what they’re talking about either.  I just—

Sherry:  There’s so many of them rising up.

Daniel: Okay. There’s so many of them rising up.  But couldn’t some of the televangelists perhaps be some zombies anyway?  Maybe they’re the zombies?

Sherry: Well Hinn’s very high ranking amongst all those alien creeps, so. [laughs]  I mean, Benny Hinn is pretty much involved as much Kenneth Copeland. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: Yeah, I would agree with that.

Sherry: Yeah.

Daniel:  Okay. 

Satan Won’t Come When Orgone’s Around

Sherry: Yeah.  I mean, he calls out to Satan.  They mask it in their tongue-speaking.  And they’re calling out to Haleyel.  This is HaSatan.  And they wait for him to arrive.  And so what we’ve done, Daniel, is we go to where Benny Hinn’s gonna be, and we put orgone everywhere.

Greg: Yeah, Benny Hinn’s a—

Sherry: Yeah.  We put orgone everywhere so Satan won’t arrive.  So, he sits there for an hour calling for HaSatan to arrive, and Satan won’t come near the place because there’s orgone in it. [laughs]  And it’s funny.

Daniel: Mhmm.

More On Beast Prophets

Greg: I’ll never forget the time Benny Hinn called—yelled at a woman ‘cause her kid was crying.  And on TV!  “Would you please remove the lady and the crying kid?  If she can’t keep control of him, please remove ‘em.”  Well, that was God, wasn’t it?

[all three laugh]

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: Yeah.  That’s always reminds me—

Greg: I mean, I was shocked.  I was a new Christian, and I was like, “What in the world?”  I thought Benny Hinn was this big healer and all, and now he’s showing this.  I’ve only been a Christian, you know, between five to seven years somewhere, but—

Daniel: Somebody followed Benny Hinn to his, where he gets his Armani suits at, and they, you know.  So this guy’s living large, for sure. 

Sherry: Of course.

Greg: Oh yeah.  I heard that he stops off at the stores in his limo driver, and he’s very demanding and very pushy and ugly.  But I heard that from somebody who knew his limo driver.

Daniel: And I understand that T.D. Jakes, he drives around in a Rolls Royce.  And he has a posse that’s kinda like his protectors. 

Greg: Yeah.

Sherry: He was supposed to be the replacement of Billy Graham.  They were grooming him, T.D. Jakes, to replace Billy Graham.  He’s a total lizard.  You can look at him and see lizard.  He’s a total lizard.

Daniel: Uh-huh.  Really.

Greg: Yeah. Well, he went on the Phil Donahue show.  Remember when he did that?

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: No.

Greg: I mean, he’s getting into the secular world now, you know, on TV.  Got on Phil Donahue. And I said, “That’s T.D. Jakes!”  And so, they were talking about different ways of dealing with marriage, and they were so New Age secular.  And he was agreeing with it, and that just that day blew it with me for T.D. Jakes.  And I was thinking, “Well, the realm of possibility that all of them, in my theory of 100%, have to be in it.  99 won’t let one take them down.  They just won’t.  They all gotta in.”

Daniel: Now, Sherry, got a question—

Greg:  And I look at it—

Daniel: Go ahead.

Greg: The evangelists, I think they’re all in it.

Do You Know Anything About Their Next Predictions?

Daniel: Okay. Question for Sherry from the live chat.   “Do you know anything about web bots, and the next day ‘they’ predict something’s gonna happen?”

Sherry: Well, you know, they live on my websites Daniel. 

[all three laugh]

Daniel: Yeah.  They do.

Sherry: They scour my radio show transcribes and, you know.

Daniel: Okay.  Excellent, excellent.

Sherry: I have to agree with a lot they were saying for this week because I was so busy in spiritual warfare this entire week. 

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: And starting with the 8th, and camping it off on the 11th with the mass consciousness day and, you know, the heap of garbage that is.  But they’re here.  They’re here.  They’re just waiting.  I don’t know what they’re doing.  They’ve come through the portals.  I was doing a lot of work against the portals. They’re here. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg:  Yes.

Sherry: And all they’re doing now is, I believe they’re gonna go to Damascus and have some kind of a conference there or something, and be announced from Damascus.  That’s a route.  I’m not saying they are.  But it’s a route.

Greg:  Well, that makes no sense. 

Sherry:  They go to Damascus.  ‘Cause I’ve seen that in the Bible Codes. And.

Daniel: Well, Greg, you said that there are 50,000 UFOs over Israel. 

Greg: There were. And I’m very positive that I was right.

Sherry: There’s 50,000 over my house!

Greg: Huh?

Sherry: There’s that many over my house.  This place in Ohio is a zoo.

Daniel: I want pictures.  Sherry, I want pictures, man.

Sherry: Ohio and Indiana.

Greg:  You think those things are invisible, and when they showed it on YouTube, they under-dated it.  I noticed that.  And very-karma-schem’s on there, and his exact words were “Lieutenant Colonel S.C. is telling the truth when he said that about the structures”—he called them structures.  Remember when I was telling about how some of them look like structures? 

Daniel: Yep.

Greg: ‘Cause I believe there’s giants in ‘em.  And that they were there, and that they’ve been there.  And this other guy wrote in on your fast-blast, and I’ve seen it go, “Well, I’ve got a friend there, and he said that there’s nothing like that showing.”  And like he’s gonna say that there is on the telephone, you know, surrounded by Muslims and Palestinians and all.

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg: I mean.  And people don’t understand what “suppression” means.  And I helped suppress them third world countries in the good way that we had to suppress the public from saying anything so that the drug cartels wouldn’t know that we were that close. 

Daniel: Well.

Greg:  And suppression means everybody.    

Zombies Could Very Well Already Be Affecting Third-World Countries

Daniel: Well, there must be a lot of zombies over there in Islamland ‘cause these guys are carrying machetes.  They’re used to hacking heads off. Perhaps they’re just getting warmed up.

Greg:  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were zombies running around loose in there and it just looks to you like another murder.  I mean, you know, people get kuru from eating a human body.  They shake.  But these zombies have a half-life, I believe, don’t they, Sherry?  Don’t they die off after so long?

Sherry: I think a year.  I think they can live about a year.  And they have to have water to survive.

Daniel: Really.

Greg: Yeah.  To see something like somebody eating another human being has—in a place like that that’s war torn, it’s not uncommon.  I’ve seen it a lot.  I’ve see people eating other people a lot. So does the sergeant that stays with me.  And he’s Jewish.  And you go to a place that’s been war torn like that, and people are eating other people because they’re starving.  I mean, it happened on Bosnia. That was a sniper war.  You think, “Well, that was just snipers.  They weren’t really bombing the place that bad.”  That’s right, but you still had to stay in.  You couldn’t even get a loaf of bread.  You had to eat something, and there were people eating dead bodies.  Well, today if I were to see that in a war torn zone, I wouldn’t know what was a zombie and what wasn’t, because I’ve seen it before.  It’s not uncommon.  Not in war.

Daniel:  Right.  So—

Greg:  What you can tell is they shake.  They get kuru, is what we call it. 

The Bathtub Effect

Daniel: Sherry, what is the connection between the future zombie attack and the alien?  I mean, so they’re gonna be—the human race is gonna be attacked on multiple fronts of zombies. You’re gonna have Nazis coming up from the Abyss—

Sherry: Yes. Everything’s gonna happen at once.  A lot of things.  It’s just gonna BOOM, like a bathtub letting out the water. 

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg: Shock it off.

Daniel: Okay, we’re gonna shock it with a bunch of dead zombies.

Sherry: At the very bottom of it where it all drains out all of the sudden?  That’s where we’re at.

Daniel:  Okay.  And so, Sherry, you’re thinking everybody should arm up on some orgone blasters, but Greg you’re saying basically just pray about it. Now, you know, Greg, I gotta tell you—

Murder And Self-Defense

Greg: I’m not saying not to defend yourself, if, you know.  If I got a gun, I say shoot.  Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. [Matthew 26:52]  I don’t live by the sword, I use it as a deterrent.  I’m done with killing people.

Daniel: Okay, hold on now.

Sherry: Well, there’s a difference between murder and self-defense.  There’s a difference.

Greg: Yes, there is.

Sherry: People don’t feed themselves and clothe by the sword.  There’s a difference. And He’s defending and arming His people.

Greg: Right.

Daniel: Now, hold on now.


3rd Hour

Greg: I killed people, you know, drug cartels and kiddy-porn cartels, but you know what?  I gotta wonder if those manila envelopes with my targets until I was given them in my briefing, and then my target, were they really culprits or not?  You know, now I think that.  I didn’t then.  I did what I thought was right, and I know that some of them were into kiddy-porn, and all of them that I know of that they gave me were into kiddy-porn.  But now I think back on it, and you know, you get righteous about when it comes to killing.  When you kill somebody, even if it’s an enemy that has it coming to ‘em, it still hits a nerve.  I don’t—and I want to make this real clear—that it’s not hard to kill people.  It just isn’t something that, for me, was an easy thing to do.  Because you, when you’ve killed a person, you’ve killed somebody’s father, somebody’s uncle, some—you know—and all this runs through your head.  And you’ve changed a whole string of lives, and you have virtually changed the entire world when you do that.  And so, I did not kill for fun or think it was fun. 

Daniel: But isn’t it—okay.

Greg: But a lot of people who wrote me insist—I got a letter the other day that says, “Why are you wearing that camouflage shirt in a picture that I’ve seen you in when you did cold-blooded murder in it?”  I didn’t do cold-blooded murder. 

Daniel: Okay, okay.  But isn’t the world better off because there’s a bunch of dead Nazis?

Greg: Yes.

Daniel: Okay, so, the only thing you interrupted in that chain is future Nazis. 

Greg: Right, but—

Daniel: That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Greg: You know, let me tell you, I’m glad you brought that up because I just learned from research the other day about, you know how Hitler got Poland?  They took a Jewish guy and dressed him like the Polands dressed, like the Polish people dressed, and that’s what gave him the very excuse to go into Poland.  Was one man getting killed, and they dressed him up like a Polish guy, and he was actually Jewish, and they used that as an excuse.  Well, there again, did the snipe that took him out, did he know that that guy was not Polish?  That’s what I’m trying to say.  So you have to go by some of my targets, and I am.  Now, some of ‘em I know.  But I’m skeptical on some of ‘em, and I gotta say, it’s an uneasy fealing, and I’m not an innocent person by no means.  I’ve done a lot of wrong, and, you know, I’ve been forgiven, but there’s consequences that come with it, and my consequences have been living with it. 

Daniel:  Yeah.  But, the scripture, is it—is that a scripture?  Those that live by the sword die by the sword?  Is that from the Bible?

Greg: Yes.

Daniel: Okay.  And what is the supporting scripture for that?  I mean, isn’t that something that should be taken scripture upon scripture, line upon line, precept upon precept?  What’s the—

Greg: Now I think that right there is just exactly what it says.  In other words, the love of money is the root of all evil? [1 Timothy 6:10]  I believe that every time you turn around, if you gotta pull a gun on somebody, you’re living by the sword.  But, if I have to pull my gun only when necessary, I keep it hidden.  And I use it as a deterrent.  If I pull it out and the guy runs, there’s no sense in shooting ‘em.  Really. Unless he’s a zombie.

Sherry: That’s the laws of self-defense and murder.  You’re allowed to defend your own home.

Greg: That’s right.

Sherry: But, if somebody’s coming into your home and you don’t know if he’s there to steal and you shoot ‘em, that’s murder.

Daniel: Yeah. Well, what about coming into your—

Greg: Let me tell you, if the orgone blaster doesn’t work, you’re gonna pull the gun next. [chuckles]

Daniel: Okay.

Sherry: Well, orgone’s not gonna work against military.  So if military drives up to my home to haul my butt off to a FEMA camp, they’re gonna face my 12-gague.

Greg: There you go.

Daniel: Now, they might get a rash.  Humans might get a rash for sure if you hit ‘em with the orgone.

Sherry: [laughs]

Daniel: Somebody’s getting a rash.

Moon Beams – Why The Love Of Most Is Growing Cold

Greg: Just to let you know, the next door neighbor that—he might—they could be your worst enemy. I mean, it’s that way now.  And my neighbors, I have watched the love of most of grow cold. [Matthew 24:12]  Haven’t you, Sherry?

Sherry: Well, that’s what the Bible says is gonna happen.  And—

Greg: I have actually been watching the love of most—you know, the marriages breaking up, and the way they break up, it’s just—I’m watching the love of people wax cold.  People stepping on one another.

Sherry: And you know what doesn’t help is the moon beams.  You know, we talked about the moom beams on your show, Daniel? That ever been on your show yet?

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: Talking about the tower on the moon and the moon beams going on and the humming and everything?

Greg: Yeah, I’ve heard about those towers. I’d like to know about those moon beams.

Sherry: You know, because that’s what’s turning a lot of these people.  When you have, or you’re a hybrid, or you have geo-engineered DNA, and you’ve taken all these vaccines—you can be a normal human, and you’ve been lining up for vaccines and flu shots every year, you’ve got all these nanobots in you now.  They can be lit up by these electromagnetic waves that are coming from these moon beams, wherever these beams—they light you up.

Daniel: Gotcha.  Mhmm.

Sherry: And that’s why so many people are getting more and more wicked, more and more lights are no, nobody’s home look.  These murders, suicides, everything’s tied in because what they’re doing is trying to increase all of these chips that are in all of these people.  They light them up, and they’re turning them into a hive mind.  They’re going to go into a hive mind capacity. 

Daniel: Oh.

Sherry: And they’re zombified now.  And I’ve heard from people, you know, that are just down in Cleveland.  The veterans hospital in Cleveland, they all walk around like they’re zombies. 

Daniel: Okay.

Greg: They do.

Sherry: And that’s because these moon beams—it’s this weapon that’s on the tower—these moon beams hitting the Earth every night from 2am to 5am on the Eastern Coast.  I dunno what time it is for everybody else.  I know Indiana is being hit, Daniel.

Daniel: Right.

Sherry: Every night for about 3 hours you’ll hear the humming.  And this has to do with lighting up the DNA in people.  Activating it.  And it’s turning them into zombies.  It’s turning them into hive mind. 

Greg: Now, Sherry, you might, if you could tell me this—I know for a fact they did it, but, they shot a nuclear, a low yield nuclear weapon at the moon.  You were aware of that, right?

Daniel: They shot some kinda bomb up there, and they found water as a result.

Sherry: Yeah, they—

Greg: It was15 kilotons.  It was low yield compared to what they’ve got now.  But I was saying—

Sherry: They’ve got the before and after photos.

Greg: I was told it was to make the moon wobble just a little bit more for what she’s talking about, because some of the solar panels on the buildings that they have up there weren’t enough in the sun.  And it was to make it wobble more so that the moon beams would do their thing.  That’s exactly how he said it.  The CIA agent.  “So the moon beams would do their thing.”

Sherry: Yep, and they are.  They’ve got ‘em turned on every night from 2 to 5. 

Greg: And there’s that swastika building up there.

HAARP Dimmed The Moon For A Few Nights

Sherry: And you know what?  They dimmed out the moon.  A couple weeks last month, they totally were hiding the moon.  Nobody could even see it for days.  And they were moving the huge ships that they had on the dark side of the moon.  They were moving them off.

Greg: Yes.

Sherry: They were moving them off. And that’s why used HAARP to dim the moon out for several days and blast the sky with clouds. Because they were moving those ships off of the moon.

Greg: And HAARP will do it. 

Sherry: Huh?

Greg: See, I was in the Air Force for six years before I was in the army.  And I worked at times closely with HAARP, and I know that they can do this.  And I thought it was a joke at first until I’d seen it done.  They can turn a frequency up—say, like a radio—so loud that you can’t hear it no more.  And I didn’t know that was possible.  That there was a frequency that was so loud that it was no longer hearable. It went above the spectrum of hearing.  It didn’t break your eardrums, but it went above that.  But it was working on you just as if you were next to a speaker and you smoked a joint with a head rush. 

Sherry: Well, you know at night, I’ve heard there are a loud screeching outside. You can hear a loud screeching. 

Greg: Yeah, that’s what it is.  A loud screeching.

The Mysterious Burning Smell Could Be Heated Atoms

Sherry: And another thing I’ve been noticing is various people smelling the same thing I have.  You go outside at night, and you smell a burning smell.  And you think, “Okay, somebody’s burning leaves somewhere.” But, you know what—

Greg: Yeah, it smells like burning leaves.

Sherry: Yeah, a burning smell. 

Daniel: But what is it, Sherry?  What are they burning?

Sherry: I don’t know.

Daniel: Burning fillets for the zombies?

Greg:  It’s something to keep your eye on.

Daniel:  Maybe the zombies are frying some food.

Greg: I think it’s the atoms just being agitated and excited, making a burning smell, because when they use—and like I say, I’m not a scientist, so what I say for lack of better words, Sherry’s a lot smarter than I am on some of this stuff, but I use child-like words on some stuff, so pardon me if I do.  But in other words, I was told that the atoms can be agitated at a rate where they actually do think—they’re not quite ready to split, they’re not even close to that, but they’re hotter, hot enough to smell.  In other words, they just get hot enough to smell, and they’re agitated by frequencies.

Daniel: Ew. Nasty.  I’m all for agitating ‘em.  Know what I’m saying?

Greg: Well, have you ever seen the clouds in a comma?  All of them go into a perfect comma? That’s what they call pinging the atmosphere.  It’s like, when you “ping” something, like if you drop a pebble in a still pond.  That’s what they do to manipulate the weather.  They steer the currents.  And you can tell because you’ll see commas through clouds going through one way, and comma clouds going the other way.  And you can tell.  And you know why I know that?  I live three miles from a HAARP antenna.  Can you believe that?  [laughs]  I do.

Daniel: Yep.  Well, they probably put thoughts in your mind right now, I don’t know.  Okay, Sherry, please.  You keep talking about this burning smell, man.  Like I was getting ready to say, I mean, couldn’t this be zombies cooking up some human flesh or something?

Sherry: Well, that would be easier.  I mean, we can defend against that.  How do you, you know—I’m trying to find a way so we can defend ourselves against this moon tower beams, because this is going to be very destructive, Daniel.  They can not only just activate DNA that’s in people that they’ve gotten unbeknownst to them because of flu shots and vaccinations and food they’re eating and water they’re drinking, but also be able to kill people.  They’re killing people in dimensions from these moon beams.   

Daniel: Yeah.  Well—

Besides The Towers And Moon Beams, There’s A Soul Catcher To Watch Out For

Sherry: They’re using them—there’s a soul catcher on the moon.  There’s an apparatus under the soul catcher.

Daniel: What?

Greg:  I know the moon beams are making the Northern Lights three times as bright, is what I was told.

Sherry: Yeah. And so, the only way I have found so far that could—might defend yourself against moon beams is—and I don’t know, I’m not a scientist—but huge mirrors with magnets behind them. 

Greg: Or a bunch of tinfoil.

Daniel: Yeah.  Or an umbrella.  I don’t know.  I mean, that’ll block them moon beams.

Sherry: But mylar, mylar blankets will work.

Daniel: Okay.  So is somebody— 

Greg: When you got a beam, you gotta reflect it.  It’s like a stealth bomber.

Who’s Controlling The Moon Beams, And Is The Moon Hollow? 

Daniel: Okay, are the moon beams—are they being turned on?  Is somebody controlling the moon beam apparatus on the surface or in the moon?  Is the moon hollow?

Greg: It’s hollow.

Sherry: The Annunaki are controlling it. In it.  The Annunaki are doing it.

Daniel:  Okay, so, the Annunaki are on the moon.  I thought they were coming on Planet X. You say they’re up there.

Sherry: They’re everywhere.  They’re everywhere.

Daniel:  They’re everywhere.  Okay.

Greg: They’re everywhere.  She’s right.  They’re—

Daniel: Are they in your closet?  Sherry, are they in your closet?  ‘Cause you said in the first hour that you got freaks running around your room.

Greg: You gotta be all paranoid about closets now like James Casbolt did when he felt the werewolves— 

Sherry: Well, that was demons and the NASA invisibles, and you know, I don’t know if the giants have been in my yard yet. 

Daniel: Wow.  They got an Annunaki under your bed, I don’t know.  Well, Greg, I mean, are you fighting off some of these Annunaki creatures too, or what?   

Red-Eyed Giants In The Woods Of North Carolina

Greg: No.  I know this for a fact, and my neighbors would probably come out and verify it, and, you know, like I say, just because—well, look I was an officer and a  security commander and a combat soldier, so I don’t have—Sherry’s a lot more educated on terminology of it.  So, I’m just gonna tell you that we know that there’s this thing in the back of the woods.  Several of ‘em, with red eyes.  But it was probably—matter of fact, it hit the news in Shelby, in Cleveland county—which is the one that touches us—just a few months ago, about these giants roaming around with red eyes.  And I had to come face-to-face with ‘em, and all that it did was stare at me, and I stared at it, and it backed off.  I was frozen with fear, but it did back away.

Daniel: Well, why didn’t you pull a gun out?

Sherry: You know what? They all have the red eyes, and that’s why they have those black lenses over them. 

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Sherry: You see the aliens, the greys and all them.  They’ll stick black lenses over their eyes.

Daniel: Okay, well, Sherry—

Greg: Men in black. [chuckles]

Daniel: Well, Sherry—

Greg: With those sunglasses.

Sherry: That’s why they wear the lenses.

Souls Are Being Sucked Out Of The Astral Realms

Daniel: Let’s go back to the moon, ‘cause that’s kind of a fun place.  You’re saying that somebody up there’s got a soul catcher.  So, like, souls from the earth are shooting up towards the universe somewhere, to Vega or somewhere, but they’re like putting up a gigantic dream catcher and catching them on the way up, or what?  I don’t understand that.

Sherry: They suck the souls of the people off the astral realms.  They target the people in the astral realms with that. 

Daniel: Okay, so what is this—?

Sherry: And there’s more people in the astral realms than people believe.  There’s millions.  And they have movies on this. You know, the dream movie they have coming out about somebody’s dreams.

Daniel:  So they’re sucking the souls out of the universe that are floating around?

Sherry: No.  They—you’ve seen the trilogy, Matrix

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: And he goes into these cities, these high tech cities where they have these little bots, like The Fifth  Element, where they float everywhere, they don’t drive.

Daniel: Okay.

Sherry: These places actually exist. They’re real, okay?  And it’s these people that the soul catchers—if they get hit by one of those moon beams, it takes the soul out of them.  They go after them on the astral realms with this soul catcher.  But, when the tables are turned, these dimensions are closing because the Hadron Collider is merging dimensions, and they’re gonna be able to come after us.  And you’ve seen the UFOs with the beams, the hoses coming out of them, sucking up peoples in movies?  That’s real.  They’re gonna be able to do that.

Daniel: So, is it like somebody’s got a giant vacuum cleaner?  A space vacuum cleaner of some sort.  To suck ‘em all up.  

Sherry: Yes, they will be facing people and sucking them up with these hoses.

Daniel: Uh-huh.  What if you take, say, you’re a spirit or you’re a soul floating around, and you take a big old rock with you, and they try to suck you in there, you throw the rock in there.  Would it jam it up?  I mean, is there a way—?

Sherry: Oh, I don’t know.

Daniel:  Or maybe take a grenade with you.  Take a grenade with you or something, and when they suck you up in there, you know, like in the War of the Worlds, just, you know, blow the thing up from the inside.

Sherry: You can hide.  You can hide.  Because I’ve had dreams where I’ve been caught, and I’ve been chased after these things.  And you can hide.  I mean, they’re just hoses.  And so, if you can find a place to hide where the hose can’t reach you then you’ll be okay.  But these things are gonna be coming after people.  This is, you know, there’s a lot of horrible things coming here.  And that’s why I’ve been telling people for years—

Greg: You can all get it at once like she said.

Evil Cannot Hurt The Righteous.  (Just Harass And Annoy.)

Sherry: Yeah, to get prepared.  Get off the fence.  Get off the sidelines. Get your soul right with the Lord.  Quick backsliding.  Get right with Him.

Daniel: If your soul’s right, the moon beams can’t hit ya.  Is that right?

Sherry: I’ve—you know, there’s a lot of things that can’t hurt or touch the righteous.  They can surround me in my yard, but they can’t touch me. 

Greg: That’s right.  The righteous won’t get hurt.

Daniel: Then you don’t need the orgone blaster then, if your soul’s that way, isn’t it?

Sherry: Well, you know what?  They were here to annoy.  They were here to cut off my electricity.  And the funny thing about it was, it was areas, you know, twenty miles away from me that got affected.  They got their electricity cut off.  They were here to cut off mine so they could annoy and harass me.  You know.  So I just take action against them.

Greg: They—electricity’s their favorites. 

Daniel: Is this the same thing as soul scalping?

Sherry: No.  This is just killing. Taking your souls.  They take your souls.  I don’t know.  They’ve got this UFO there sitting—

Greg: I think it’s just a dream—

Will Orgone Affect The Moon Beams?

Daniel:  Does orgone just blast moon beams as well?

Sherry: You know, I really don’t know.  I don’t know if it’s effective or not.  I know mylar’s effective.  Mylar blankets.  Putting mylar in your windows and the walls of your house so the beams can’t affect you inside your house.  But you can hear the humming at night.  I hear it every night. 

Daniel: Mhmm.  So you—

Sherry: I hear the humming, I smell the burning.

Daniel: Alright.  So, you have a lot of orgones around your house, don’t you, Sherry?

Sherry: Oh, I’ve got, you know, pipe blasters and orgone.

Daniel: And that’s what keeps them—

Sherry: And—yeah, but I’ll tell you what.  When they come in as groups of 10,000 at a time, unless you’ve got water that’s immediate, you’ve got the Sword of the Spirit, which is immediate, and you work together.  I mean, that’s all I did.  I worked with the Lord on it, and BOOM.  They were gone.  They were dead.  Otherwise, I’d just sit in my house and lock myself up in here and wait a couple weeks for the orgone to kill them, or just kill them immediately.  So what’s your choice?  But, you know what?  They’re learning.  They’re learning orgoned areas because it produces some kind of an aura.  I have military craft over here all the time.  And they won’t fly directly over my house.  They’re—they fly  around, and they’re so attracted to something that’s here.  And it’s the bucket blasters I have, because it produces tremendous amounts of energy. 

Where’s The Humming Noise Coming From?

Daniel:  What about this humming that you’re hearing?  Where’s that coming from?

Sherry: That’s from the moon.  That’s from the moon.  I would assume that it’s the moon.

Greg: That’s from the moon beams.  I can tell.

Sherry: That’s from the moon tower.

Daniel: Greg, do you hear this humming as well?

Greg: Yeah, it’s—the moon is higher and it’s hollow, and I heard that the—whether—I don’t know, really—I believe we or somebody went to the moon.  But I know that when I heard that a craft, let’s just say—so I won’t bring any countries into it including ours—that when a craft landed, that the moon rang like a bell for like three hours.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Sherry: Well, you know what’s dominant on the moon—

Greg: I believe it’s a frequency like she said.  I believe it vibrates and has a frequency, and they can make it do it.  I would bet a nuclear weapon, if it rang like a bell from something landing on it, imagine how long it’d ring when that thing smacked it. 

Daniel:  Well, it’s ringing like a bell, and there’s creatures inside of it, they’re gonna get a terrible headache if you ask me.

Sherry: Well—

Greg: Well, they’re spirit beings. 

Daniel: Uh-huh. They don’t get headaches. They don’t even have a head.

Will Orgone Have To Be Modified In The Future?

Greg:  And so, let’s—given the fact, let me just say this, that her orgone thing does work and all.  Let’s say that it does.  It may, she’s gonna say, and we’ll find out.  But if it did, these things that it works against, don’t you think they’re intelligent enough that eventually you’re gonna have to modify it?

Sherry: Well, if they can walk around with breathing apparatuses, and, you know what?  If you look in the V series, the original one, the “red dust” was the only thing that was killing them and hurting them.  And they came up with pills so they could survive on Earth.  They had to take pills to live because the red dust was killing them. Even in the V series this time around, they always makes mentions to the weapon that can kill them. It’s this orgone.  They always make mention.  They made a mention in this latest series this year on the V series.  I didn’t watch every show; I heard about ‘em.  They verify everything that I say.  That—the tainting of the vaccinations, the shape-shifting, the fact that they’re going to offer free health, and they really just want to kill you.  All of that came out in the V series this year.

Daniel: Mhmm.  Free healthcare, huh?  Well, Sherry, I think what Greg might be suggesting is like using bug repellant on roaches.  They seem to mutate to be able to, you know. 

Greg: That’s what I’m trying to say.  And I want to say, Sherry, in particular—

Daniel: So you’re gonna have to double the power.

Sherry: They won’t have time, because the Bible talks about the—we know the wicked’s removed.  The wicked are taken off of the Earth, and this is exactly the weapon that does it.  Because orgone is a dimensional weapon.

Greg: What I’m saying to you—what I’m asking you is do you think that at one point, if—that they’re, you know, higher in intelligence and knowledge—the word “demon” is knowledge—do you think that they’ll eventually be able to—that you’ll have to modify this in a different way to where it’s stronger?

Sherry: Oh, I don’t know.  I mean, I would have to come back down the road in a couple of years.  But this is what the Lord has us doing now.  If He has us change it in the future—we don’t have time.  We don’t have time.  Crap’s about to hit the fan.  We’re all gonna be hiding or dead. 

Greg: Yeah. And you understand it like I do.  I understand it to be everything coming down at once because it says men’s hearts are failing for fear. [Luke 21:26 - KJV]  It can’t be one, just because not even just one would do it. But you take 9-1-1, zombies, the atomic bomb, a dirty bomb, an outbreak of flu, and all this happening in one day, you’re gonna have people—

Daniel: That’s messed up.

The Cause Of Martial Law And Antichrist-Worship

Greg: And you know what?  Here’s the plug everybody’s forgetting.  Obama froze the foreclosures on homes.  And he also extended the unemployment for two years now.  Okay?  I know guys two years now been collecting it.  So, when he stops that and pulls the plug on foreclosures and kicks everybody out into the street, there will be the cause for Martial Law immediately.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: Yes.

Greg: Because people aren’t gonna—I mean, if you take just 20% of the people of the United States, that’s enough to wreck enough havoc they’re gonna have—10% is enough to cause Martial Law for crying out loud.

Sherry: Watch California. Watch L.A.  Because I have a feeling a lot of this stuff’s gonna start with there.  Chinese invasion over the border.  He pulls the plug on welfare and food stamps and unemployment. 

Daniel: There will be riots then.

Greg: And they’ll do it all at once.

Sherry: Yeah.  And watch California.  It’s gonna start from there.  Because I’m always seeing California as the start.

Daniel: I don’t know, people on welfare all seem to be about 400 lbs.  I don’t know what’s going on there.

Greg: Well, you know why I get that theory, Daniel?

Daniel: Why’s that?

Greg: Because look at what—look the story of Job. All in one day, what Satan got to do to him.  Before the first guy was done telling him, another guy came in.

Daniel: Right.

Greg: In other words, “Oh my God, I lost my unemployment benefits this morning.” And then, before that’s ever—“Well, yeah, but you didn’t hear about five minutes ago.  They just pulled the plug on the foreclosures.  You’re gonna lose your house, too.”  “You’re kidding me!”  “Yeah.  And we heard there’s an outbreak.  We all gotta report to the city.”  You know, and it’s just gonna—and finally, you’re just gonna throw you hands up and say, “Man, if somebody would solve all this, I’d worship ‘em.”

Daniel: Wow.  Obama-worship.  That’s what you’re saying there.  Obama-worship.

Greg: Well, the Antichrist.  There’s gotta be—you gotta cause a calamity that will cause everybody to bow down to you.  And most people, the rapture believers, are sitting in their easy-chairs, and when it gets too rough for them, all you have to do is turn the channel, you see. 

Sherry: [chuckles]

Greg: But when this happens in real life?  They blink and it’s still there and they can’t turn the channel, and no matter how many beers they drink it’s still there?  They’re gonna—they can’t stand it.  I mean, my God.  A “bad day” to them is when the power gets turned off.  They don’t get chased like me and her, and shot at.  I’ve been shot at and everything else by Black Op helicopters.  And they don’t—they’re not gonna hit me, they just—

Sherry: That’s right. [laughs]

Greg: I don’t like it.  I don’t like it. 

Sherry: I’ve been shot at.  I’ve been chased.

Daniel: I’m not bow’n down to them bastards.

Greg: People think a bullet goes “SHHEWW” when it goes by?  It cracks like a cherry bomb!  It sounds just like a firecracker when it goes by.  It goes KA-POW ‘cause it’s breaking the sound barrier. Well, you hear a .50 caliber do it, it sounds like cherry bomb, man. BUH-BOOM.  And they fired that thing, and it hit the bank, and it scares the daylights outta me.  He’s got the gun; I don’t.  [inaudible] You know, I wanted to give him the finger so bad I couldn’t stand it, but I just, I was afraid to do it. [laughs]  so, it scared the daylights outta me.  And if I’ve already been there, done that, and been groomed for it, what’s it gonna do for the people when all this stuff comes down that’s been in their easy-chair, and a bad day to them is when they didn’t have the extra 20 bucks for a pack, er, the extra 5 bucks for a pack of cigarettes.

Again, There Is No Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Daniel: Okay. So, Greg, you don’t believe in a rapture, per say?

Greg: Not before the Tribulation.  I sure don’t because, what makes us so special that we’re better than Jesus?  Jesus had to be tortured and die.  Get out of here.

Daniel:  Okay. Alright.  Sherry, what’s your view on this rapture thing?

Sherry: You know what?  I have to agree with Greg.  I’ve always been the one that said there is no pre-rapture, and I grew up a Baptist.  And I was technically shunned in my own Christian school that I grew up in, because I would always refuse to follow that rapture.  When you have to twist scripture to fit a theory, the theory is wrong, not scripture.  And that’s what they have to do to accept the pre-Tribulation rapture. 

Daniel: Well, I heard the Baptists are gonna be the first to go anyway. ‘Cause it says the dead in Christ arise.

Greg: Well, the Baptists— [laughs]

Sherry: The Baptists are heading for FEMA camps.  The Baptists and all the religious, all the people are heading to FEMA camps. They’re gonna end up in Martial Law because they’re not prepared. 

Daniel: They’re gonna have their bean suppers in the FEMA camps?

Sherry: Well, you know—

Greg: The FEMA camps are everywhere.  They’re everywhere.  They’ve got them here in this down, in the shopping mall right here that I’m sitting at talking on the cell phone.  There’s a FEMA camp on the back side of it.  And people think it’s a place where there’s a warehouse or something.  There’s a guard—there’s two guard shacks there, and it looks like a bunch of warehouses.  And they’ve got two armed guards standing out front, right now as we speak, with M16’s.

Daniel: Did either—

Greg: I was gonna take a picture and send it to ya, but I’m afraid to do it. 

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg: I’m gonna just be honest.  I’m afraid to try it.

Jesse Ventura Checks Out Some FEMA Camps

Daniel: Greg, Sherry, did either one of you see Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura this week?

Sherry: Yes.

Greg:  No, I didn’t do it.

Daniel: Because he did it.  He did it on those camps.  This guy, he asks—he’s doing an investigative reporting that nobody else is doing.  He went to the people that sponsored HR, I think it was 256 or one of those numbers.  He went there and then, you know, they authorized these FEMA camps.  And they act like they didn’t even know it was in the bill. 

Sherry: Well, it was all over the north when they started it back in the 80’s with Reagan. And then they made him out to be a hero.  You know?

Greg: Reagan was my first commander, Sherry.  He was my first commander. [chuckles]

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: I can remember my parents—I was just a kid—dragging me to go hear a lecture of his.

Daniel: Yeah.  Well, Sherry, do you—you must have seen the part where Jesse looks through the fence at all those caskets in that place.  

Sherry: Yeah.  Yeah.

Daniel: Where there’s 100’s, 10’s of thousands of caskets and he said, “What the hell is this?”

Greg: He probably got paid.  You cut out the part where he was paid by the government, you see. 

Daniel: Yeah?

Greg: That was a warm up.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg:  It’s all a warm up. But they are getting a little more harsher with these warm ups.  But you know what?  I don’t see people doing anything about it yet.

Daniel: Alrighty, well, we’re gonna ask a couple more questions, and then we gotta wrap this thing up.  Greg, for you—

Greg:  Aw, we’re just having fun, man.

Where’s The Safest Place To Go When Judgment Comes?

Daniel: Yeah, I know. Greg, got a question for you.  What is the safest place to be when this stuff comes down?

Greg:  It says in the Bible that God will choose your delusion [2 Thessalonians 2:11], and I can’t honestly answer that stuff.  I that’s a question that somebody’s just gonna have to answer their own self at the very time it happens.  

Daniel:  That doesn’t seem like that fits.

Greg: When I was in a combat situation, I didn’t know what I was gonna do until it happened.

Daniel: Wait a minute, that doesn’t—

Sherry: Well, the Bible says to flee to the mountains. [Matthew 24:16; Mark 13:14; Luke 21:21]

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg: Exactly.  You’re gonna have to run. I do know that.  You’re gonna have to run.  

Sherry: It says to flee to the mountains.

Greg: But the part is, you have to believe what we’re telling you, so that you can be lucid enough to do it.

Thoughts On “Delusions”

Daniel:  Well, Greg, you said something about delusion.  What—with I understand it, is that it says He will send a strong delusion to some if it were possible, to deceive the very Elect. [Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22; 2 Thessalonians 2:11] So, you’re saying God is going to send delusions to people, and they won’t know what to do?

Greg:  I think that some are.  I think that people that are reprobate will be.  I know—I believe that there’s going to be a time where God says, “Enough is enough,” and he’s gonna pull—you know, Mary said to Jesus that, “I hid your word in my heart so that I might not sin against you.” 

Sherry: [in background] Well, that was David.  David. [Psalm 119:11]

Greg: And I believe that she said that because the Bible was going to be taken away and she needed to memorize and be strong in the Spirit and the power in the Lord, and the power of His might because, you know, the thing that people aren’t gonna believe in these Last Days is Daniel and John’s revelation, ‘cause they were told to eat those words [actually, it was Ezekiel and John – Ezekiel 3:1-3; Revelation 10:9.  Daniel was told his words would be sealed until the End of Time – Daniel 12:9]. And when you come out, when the prophets come out and say it, and it’s not in the Bible, the people are gonna shun it.  They’ll fall into fears.

Daniel: Quick note on it—

Greg:  “That’s not in the Bible.”  Well, yes it is.  They ate those words, and he said, “For a later time.”

Sherry: Well, see, they “digested the scroll” meaning they digest the information.  They didn’t, you know.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: Yeah. Yeah.

Sherry: David said, “Thy word that I’ve hidden in my heart that I might not sin against Thee.”  There’s not quotes from Mary in the Bible, period.  They don’t quote women in the Bible.

Greg: Okay, you might be right.  You might be right, Sherry. 

Sherry: They don’t quote women.

Daniel: Yeah. 

Sherry: They hate ‘em. [laughs]

Daniel: Wait a minute—

Greg: You’re probably right.  I’m sorry.  I was just—I didn’t check my Bible on that, but I know it was quoted.

Sherry: Yeah. And in Thessalonians, where it’s like mankind will be—suffer a huge delusion, and if it were possible, even the Elect would be deceived. And wait till “Jesus” arrives.  The New Age Sananda. He looks just like the Jesus of the churches that they have pictures portrayed of everywhere. It’s gonna be a huge delusion.

Greg: Think of all these different religions.  People each have a different delusion.

Sherry: Yes.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: That’s why—not to say—you know, when I say, “God gives ya—will choose your delusions,” I believe He will—that a person’s gonna choose.  Really, they’ve already chosen what they’re gonna see and believe. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Sherry: Yeah.

Greg: I believe we’re coming very close to where God’s gonna say, “I’m done.”

Sherry: Yeah.

Greg: “The Holy Spirit I’m not gonna depart anymore.”

Daniel: Okay, this is—

Sherry: If Obama—

What Is The Mark Of The Beast?

Daniel: This is—hang on a second.  I gotta say this real quick.  Debbie, your question in the fast-blast will get you arrested.  I would never send that across the Internet again.  Alright.  Let’s see what else we got here. Sherry, this question’s to you.  “What do you think the Mark of the Beast is?” [reference Revelation 13:16-18]

Sherry: Chip.  Chip implant.  RFID.

Daniel: Simple. Simple.  Greg, you got any takes on that?  Is it a real thing or a spiritual thing?

Greg: I think it’ll be a chip, or it will be a barcode in your right hand or your forehead.

Sherry: And you can put chips in those.  You can put chips in the ink.  That’s why it works as a barcode.

Greg: Yeah, and why a forehead?  Well, if you got no arms, that’s where they put it.  ‘Cause if you ain’t got no head, you ain’t got no arms. 

[Translator note:  I believe the real reason for the Mark of the Beast to be on either the “right hand or forehead” is because this is the ultimate way Satan can mock Yahuah’s command to the Israelites to give all of their firstborn males, human and animal, to Him.  They were to hold a festival, The Festival of Unleavened Bread (also called The Passover and Pesah), and this festival combined with the consecrations of the firstborn male offspring were to be a sacred, symbolic remembrance of when Yah brought the Israelites out of Egypt.  See Exodus 13:1-16, specifically verses 9 and 16Yah references Passover all over the Bible as one of the ultimate symbols of His intimate bond with His people.  Understandably, forgetting HIS festivals and replacing them with man’s festivals and traditions caused Him a great deal of anger.  It was the equivalent of spitting on your daddy’s face and forgetting thing amazing things he’s done in his love and compassion for you.

I also believe the Mark of the Beast is a mockery of the 10 commandments (Exodus 19:1-17; Deuteronomy 5:1-21) and what we consider “the Shema Prayer,” (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; see: http://www.jewfaq.org/prayer/shema.htm for the entire Shema prayer as well as other sacred Jewish prayers), where Yahuah commanded his people very plainly in verse 8, “Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.” – NIV translation.]

Does Orgone Protect Against Sickness?

Daniel: Well, you gotta have some arms here or something.  Those zombies, they’ll just re-grow one.  Question for you, Sherry.  “Does orgone protect you against sickness?”

Sherry: It can heal.  Reich had discovered an orgone accumulator healing box. So, it has its properties.  And I concentrate on the warrior stuff, so, not so much the healing.  But it can heal.  I just got an e-mail from somebody who was sick and they put their feet on top of orgone pucks and they were healed by it.  So.

Daniel: Really.

Sherry:  I’m not into the healing aspect.  I’m into the fighting, “Let’s kill all the aliens,” type of thing. It’s what the Lord sent me here to do.

Daniel: That’s what I’m all about.  I’m all about that.  You know.

Greg: I’ve used that MMS before and it’s healed some things I had.

Daniel: Really?

Sherry: Yeah, MMS is really good.

Greg:  The one thing I can’t heal is pain.  I can’t get rid of pain.

How Can You Be Harassed If You Have Orgone Surrounding You?

Daniel:  Okay.  This question is for you, Sherry. “How can you still be”—‘cause you said in the first hour.  And by the way everybody, this is an extended show, by the way. In the first hour, Sherry, you said that you were—have been attacked by demons for over 20 years. And Chuck in Florida says, “Well, how can you be harassed if you got them blasters all over, all around you?”

Sherry: Well, that’s how I learned about the blasters.  Because I was crying out to the Lord to make it stop.  I mean, when you’re 2 years old, what are you gonna know about orgone? 

Daniel: So, it was 20 years ago?

Sherry: You’re 2 years old, you’re 20, a college kid, and you’re still dealing with this stuff—I got to the point in my life, when I was 25 years old, and I said, “That’s it.”  [laughs] “I’ve gotta learn how to stop this.”  And it harassed me my entire life.

Daniel: And there’s no way—

Sherry: And it harassed me and haunted me my whole life. Right from the time I was born.

Daniel Okay. Okay.  But you’re not possessed now.  I mean, you been—they never did get to ya.

Sherry: I’ve never been possessed. 

Daniel: Yeah.

Sherry: I’m a fighter.  I’m a warrior.  I’ve been calling out to the Name of the Lord since I was 2 years old. I’ve been put here on Earth to be His mouthpiece in the Last Days.  Lead an army up against Satan and his New World Order. I’ve never hid anything about me.  It’s all on my websites, my radio shows, my transcribes. 

Daniel: Right.

Sherry: You know? But I’ve said I’ve learned everything the hard way.  And I have.  Everything I’ve learned is the hard way.  How to protect myself, defend myself, spiritual warfare prayers, using orgone, using mylar, using  mirrors—everything I’ve had to learn is the hard way.  And what I do is take my knowledge to prepare everybody else and teach them.  And everything I do is for free.  I don’t charge for anything.

Daniel: Okay.  This question’s for you—

Greg: All the knowledge from combat is just to prepare you, you know, mentally and physically.  I mean, there’s that aspect of it too.  And so, it’s worked.  It works together.  ‘Cause you gotta physically be able to run and hide.  You gotta physically be able to be a good sales pitch to pull off that—to pull off getting money. [chuckles]

Daniel:  Okay, how about pray, shoot, and have an orgone rock in your pocket?  ‘Cause that sounds like good coverage.

Sherry: There you go.  That covers all the areas.  It covers the humans, the aliens, and then the prayer to the Lord.  Giving Him the glory. [laughs]

Daniel: Triple-X power!

Greg: [chuckles]

If There’s No Rapture, Then What About Enoch And Elijah?

Daniel: Greg, this is for you from West Virginia—or, no, from Washington, sorry.  You mentioned something about there’s no such thing as a rapture, but somebody said, “Enoch and Elijah were raptured.”

Greg: No, they were taken.  I guess you could call it a rapture, but, it’s not—

Sherry: It’s not what the churches thing of as a rapture.

Daniel: Sherry—

Greg: I didn’t say there was no such thing as a rapture, I said there was no such thing as pre-Tribulation rapture.  I believe God will come for His people, but not until after.

Daniel: Okay, so—

Greg: The righteous always remain.  We’re not going anywhere.  I consider myself a wicked man, you know?  And, I mean, I blow it every day.  I don’t know about anybody else, but I blow it every day.  I mean, I gotta ask for forgiveness every day, but—and I even got to where I sometimes pray for, “Please God, forgive me for what I’m gonna do tomorrow, because I’ll probably forget what I did.”

Daniel: Type of advanced-forgiveness prayers?

Greg:  Well, I really do.  Job did it.  For his sons. [Job 1:4-5]  Didn’t he, Sherry? For his sons? 

Sherry: Oh, I dunno.  I dunno. Can’t answer that one right now. 

How To Deal With Fear

Daniel: Sherry, Hank in New York says he’s scared. Any way you can help him?

Sherry: What’s that?

Greg: Who?

Daniel: Hank in New York says he’s scared.

Sherry: Scared of what?

Daniel: [laughs]  All the crap that’s coming down? I dunno. Look, the list is—

Greg: Well, they’re gonna come whether you like it or not.

Sherry: What?

Daniel: Look, the list is getting longer of what’s happening, okay?  We’ve got Annunaki flying in here.  We’ve got Nazis coming up from the Abyss with some reptilians.  We got Planet X coming in.  We got zombies running around.  We got transhuman mega-soldiers coming in.  We got viruses in one—

Greg: Me and Sherry just scratched the surface a little bit.

Sherry: Yeah, me and Greg are gonna have tea in a cave somewhere. [laughs]

Sherry: You know what, Daniel?  The most important thing—

Greg: And these things are really gonna be minuscule to you and me.  Some of it.  Where, to somebody else, it’s just a catastrophe.

Sherry: Yeah.  Well, what a lot of people can do is just humble themselves to the Lord. Start seeking Him.  And He will show them how to prepare for what’s coming and what to do.  He knows what ways—  

Greg: And you read the Word of God.

Sherry: Yes.  Exactly.

Daniel: And might He say, “Arm up.”?

Greg: Fast, pray, and read the Word of God and learn what to do on their own. They need to figure out—you know, soldier up.  

Sherry: He’ll lead you into it because He knows how much your finances are.  He knows if you have the finances or not.  He can lead you into how to prepare. 

Greg: Yeah, and He knows your IQ too. [chuckles]

Daniel: Uh—okay.

[silence for a few seconds]

Greg: Hello? Hello?

Daniel: Hello?  Can you hear me now?

Greg:  Yeah, I’m here.  I’m okay.

Daniel:  Looks like we just lost our signal there.

Sherry: Yeah amazing. We’re all here.

Greg: I’m using a cell phone. 

Daniel: Maybe we struck a nerve.

Sherry: [laughs]

Daniel: In fact, I don’t know what happened, man, we just—

Greg: I apologize since my cell phone has the delay in it.

Why Didn’t The Disciples Mention Orgone Blasters?

Daniel: Oh, no, it wasn’t you guys.  Your video just went out.  And then it came back up for some reason or another. Quick note from Kevin in Massachusetts for you, Sherry.  It says, “Why didn’t the disciples or the prophets mention the orgone blaster in the Bible?”

Sherry: Well, why didn’t they mentioned the ELF technology and the satellites and HAARP?  You know, when David went to fight the giants, the Lord told him to pick up stones.  Why didn’t He just say, “Go stand in front of that giant and rebuke him.”?  He had him prepare. [1 Samuel 17:1-58]  When they walked around Jericho 12 times—every time they went to war, the Lord had a war plan. [Joshua 5:13-6:27]  He had them prepare. 

Daniel: Okay.

Greg: God’s a warrior.

Sherry: And when you get into these Last Days, and you’re dealing with stuff you’ve never dealt with before—we’re gonna see plagues we’ve never seen before, and diseases and pestilences—and deal with weapons we’ve never dealt with before.  You ask Him how you can protect yourself, and He leads you to that, that’s what you do!  I mean, even the New Agers are starting to call the orgone “rocks.”  ‘Cause they mimic David’s stones.  Even the New Agers are calling—they’re the ones who started terming them—started calling them rocks.  “David’s rocks.”

Greg: Really, we have already been told about all the weapons, we just haven’t deciphered—some people haven’t discerned them yet from the Bible.  I believe that they’re all in there. 

Sherry: Well, I haven’t—you know what?  You just have to pick apart the symbolisms on the descriptions of the Beast and the giants and, you know, maybe it’s all there and none of us have been able to pick it apart.  I’ve been a student of the Book of Revelation for, you know, since I was 12 years old.

Daniel: Right.  And we gotta add giants to the list of creatures that’s coming at us, too. 

Sherry:  Oh, yes.  Nibiru and Shema.

Greg: Yeah, I get something new out of it every time I read it. 

Sherry: Yeah, I mean, it’s—you become a student.  Because you never master it.

Greg: Revelation 18 really intrigues me.  ‘Cause that’s about America if I ever seen it.

Sherry: Yes, it comes from America.

Are Alien Necks Brittle Or Rubbery?

Daniel: Hey, maybe you two can settle something.  Kind of a running question going on, on The Edge forever.  I understood an alien’s neck—the aliens in general, their neck is kinda rubbery.  But we had a guest on who said they’re really brittle, and you can snap an alien’s neck, you know, like snap-snap-snap, you know, if you’ve got three or four in a room. But Sherry, Greg, would you like to address that?  Are alien necks brittle where you can snap ‘em, or are they rubbery like a squid? 

Greg: Well they can survive some pretty tremendous crashes, some of them.  I wouldn’t think so.

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: I don’t know.

Daniel: Okay.

Sherry: I’ve never touched one. [laughs]  If it was rubbery or brittle, I haven’t touched one.

Gettin’ Friskay

Greg: Well, we were working together side by side, and it seems weird, me saying that now, but I actually got accustomed to ‘em. I really did. I got accustomed to seeing ‘em.  It’s sick to think that. [chuckles]

Daniel: Did you get intimate with them, Greg?

Greg: Huh?

Daniel: Were you intimate with the aliens?

Sherry: [chuckles]

Greg: Nooo. [laughs]

Sherry’s Abduction Experiences

Daniel: Okay. And Sherry, did you say you were abducted?

Sherry: What’s that?

Greg:  Yes, I’ve been abducted.

Daniel: Sherry, you—okay, Greg, you said you were abducted.  Sherry, you’ve not been abducted.

Sherry: Not by aliens. 

Daniel: Okay.  By anybody?

Sherry: The Air Force.

Greg: I have.

Daniel: The Air Force?  Wait a minute, I want to know what Sherry’s take—has been through, Greg.  I’ll get back to you in a second.  Sherry, how were you abducted?  Who abducted you?

Sherry: The Air Force.  That’s all I know.  I mean, it really—it’s just…  I’ve been a—they used to abduct me, and, in a nut shell, they used to abduct me and try to force me to work on Code programs in UFOs.  They had a computer set up full of programs and would try to force me to work on a Code program, but I would laugh and dance and sing around the computers. I wouldn’t work.  [laughs]  And so it—

Daniel: Really.

Sherry: Yeah.  Its various things, but I’ve never seen an alien in a UFO.  It’s been the Air Force dominantly with me.  I know other people have seen aliens, and they’ve been—

Greg: I was in the Air Force.  I was in there for six years.  I only seen aliens when I was in the Black Ops. 

Daniel: Okay. I want to finish up with you, Sherry. Hang on for a second, Greg.  So, Sherry, then, did they abduct you from your house and take you to a base or to a craft or what?

Sherry: A ship.  To a ship.

Daniel: What kind of ship?

Sherry: They would take me to a ship when I was sleeping at night. 

Daniel: And what kind of ship?

Sherry: I don’t know.  A UFO.  I don’t know.  I didn’t see the outside.  I was just there.

Daniel: Okay.

Sherry: I remember the last time it happened.  And I was taken up, and there was an Air Force officer there wearing light brown military uniform. I don’t know which uniform. I don’t know which branch that was.  It was this light brown, tan brown, you know, like an army?  But I don’t know if it’s Army or Air Force.  But I—‘cause I’ve seen an Air Force nurse.  That’s why I say it’s Air Force. ‘Cause I’ve seen her uniform, and it was a nurse or doctor.  But, the guy put his people behind me, and he said, “I told you to stop bringing her up here.  She keeps killing people.”  And the Lord would given me the power and authority during these abductions that, if they were going to try and harm me, I would kill them.  And so, they let me stay—I was never, I guess you could say, they never—they let me be free.  I wasn’t handcuffed.  Was never, you know, on ropes.  They wanted me to work on Codes.  They always wanted me to work on the computer Codes.  They were trying to do stuff with the aliens, and, I would, you know, I wouldn’t play games with the aliens.  I would break the Codes.  One time I broke a Code, and you’d contact, and you know—the aliens are playing their games.  “Oh, we don’t speak English.  Listen to our music tones.” [laughs]  And I literally just told them to shut up, stop it, and speak English.  Because they could.  They play games with our government and military. 

Daniel: Really.

Sherry: And I wasn’t going to put up with the crap.  I wasn’t going to put up with the games. “That’s it.  Speak English.”  And you know, I just have various memories.  Not a whole lot. But that’s one of the reasons I was like, “Lord, this has to stop.”  And that’s when He got me into the orgone.  I have not had one experience since. 

Greg’s Abduction Experiences

Daniel:  And then Greg, you say you were abducted, and you went on a ship, too, as well?

Greg: Yes.  I—the truest reason why I think I go willingly is because I didn’t—I know this is hard to believe, but I’ve seen some of the same ones, and they do—they’re not twins, they do have—every one of them look different to me.  I mean, I can tell.  But, name and the rank of them, and the reptilians and that, I’m—in other words, I’m not—I don’t get froze from fear of them.  I’m scared of ‘em, believe me, but I don’t get froze because I got accustomed to working with ‘em before.  But I’m on the unaccustomed to it now.  But I’ve still got enough, or I’m still lucid enough to where I don’t have to be gassed or whatever they do to be brought in it.  And they travel at high rate speeds.  People say 10,000.  The reason they don’t break the sound barrier is because they’re—the vehicles actually a spirit-being too.  It really is.

Sherry: They’re dimensional.  It’s dimensional.  They can go right back and forth.

Greg: Right.  You’re exactly right.

Daniel:  Okay.  So—

Greg:  But if they’re in between dimensions, they can go 10,000 miles per hour and not break the sound barrier.  But, you know what?  We went in this ship, and he went from 0 to—and you don’t feel it, ‘cause it’s like they bring anti-gravity inside the ship with ‘em. ‘Cause you’ll float.  I mean, you will.  And they told me that sometimes they just move several thousand yards and cloak, and people think that they see it take off and go, and it’s still sitting there.  Alls it did was move.  Fast. And then just cloaked out.

Daniel:  Now, Sherry said that she didn’t play games with them.  Did you play games with ‘em?

Once Yahuah Turns The “Friendly” Aliens Loose, They’ll Turn On Mankind In A Heartbeat

Greg: No.  I didn’t play games with them.  I’ve seen my wife and a couple other people on there, and I did demand the release of them. And they did it.  And like Sherry said, there were some Air Force and Army personnel on there.  But let me tell you something.  The Army and the Air Force think that they’re cooperating with them?  but let me tell you something.  They’re getting ready to turn on ‘em, the Army and the Air Force.  God’s got them held in constraint.  That’s all it is.   

Sherry: Yep.

Greg: And as soon as He takes their constraints off, they are gonna turn on ‘em like a viper. 

Daniel: Really.

Greg: Yeah.

Sherry: That’s why He warned me.  That whole group, Com 3, have you heard of them?

Greg: Nuh-uh. [No.]

Sherry: It’s this big group, and military patriots—they’ve formed a group.  Com 3.  They’re anti-New World Order.  But they also work with Pleiadians and the Annuks and all these “friendly” aliens.  The Nordics. 

Daniel:  Add that to the list.  Add the Nordics.  They’re coming too.

Sherry: Yeah.  They wanted me to join this group, and I asked the Lord about it, and He told me exactly what Greg just said.  He said, “No.” Because when—basically, when it happens, all of the “friendly” aliens that our military’s been working with are going to reveal themselves for what they really are.  In other words, they’re just gonna turn against them. They’re gonna betray the humans.

Greg: They hate us so bad ‘cause they’re demonic.  They hate us.  And they’re being held in constraints.  So, in other words, it’s like Hitler with a smile. 

Sherry: Yeah.

Greg: He’s smiling at ya and just picking his, “Oh, I can’t wait till God tells me I can turn myself loose.  I’m getting tired of that guy telling me what to do.”  And they can’t wait to turn on everybody and beat ‘em. BAM. 

Sherry: Yep. And they’re playing—

Is Bigfoot Coming?

Daniel:  Okay, well there’s so many creatures coming at us.  I mean, I guess the real question is, are there not a group of creepy monsters coming after us?  ‘Cause it seems to me there’s a whole—

Greg: No.

Sherry: No.

Daniel: Everything there ever was, I mean, okay, bigfoot—they gonna attack us too?

Sherry: Yep. That’s the Bears on the moon. 

Vamps And Werewolves Too?

Daniel: Okay.  They’re coming.  Okay. Bigfoot’s coming too.  What about vampires?  Got any of them?  Might as well—

Greg: They got real vampires, werewolves—James Casbolt’s theories—

Sherry: Vampire are already here.  

Greg: He knew one of my greatest fears is a werewolf.  It is.  It’s my greatest fear. [chuckles]

Daniel:  It’s gonna be a monster show.  It’s gonna be a freak show.

Greg: If there’s one in every city, I’d like to die.  Oh, God. [laughs]

Daniel: Well, somebody’s—somebody—Ronnie in New Jersey—

Sherry: Well, they’re Satan’s security.  They’re Satan’s security.  His personal security are werewolves.  If you go to these Brotherhoods—these White Brotherhood meetings, these Satanic rituals, the werewolves there are security. 

Greg: Yeah.  They—I was told that they have the most painful shapeshifting.

Sherry: Yeah.

Greg: But they have the most power over the—you got a choice of vampires or werewolf, and vampire’s the easy way out.  The werewolf is the most power, but it’s a very painful shapeshift.  That’s what I was told.

Sherry: Yeah, I’ve heard the same thing.  ‘Cause it’s the morphing of the bones.  Your literally have to morph bones to get into the form of one of them.

Greg: Here’s what I was told before too, while we’re on that.  Real quick.  That at the end of one movie—Wolfen, remember that?  The—at the end of the movie, they couldn’t get it right, and that was an actual werewolf shapeshift at the end of that movie. 

Daniel: Mhmm.

Greg: And somebody highly credible that we all three know has told me.  And so, I looked at it, and when I watch it, now that he says it, it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Sherry: Well, Predator was a real cloaking.  They borrowed it from the CIA when they made Predator.  And they had that beast in the tree, cloaked, become invisible?  That was a CIA cloaking suit.   

Norwegian Movie Trailer Reveals Stark Info About The Nephilim And Christianity

Greg: Yeah.  And they’re tremendously powerful like you said.  These things got tremendous strength and ferocity.  And they—their mind goes blank, I heard, and they just hate.  And they have a thirst for blood.  Did you hear about the new movie Trol?  Spelled with one L, coming out of Norwegian? [TN: It’s name has been changed to “The Troll Hunter.”]  I’ve seen the trailer.  I’ll send it to you, Sherry.  

Sherry: I saw it.  I saw the trailer. 

Greg: And it’s about the Nephilim.  Yeah, the Nephilim coming back.  And it says they can smell the blood of a Christian.  If you’re a Christian, you’re not welcome to this thing.  And he goes, “I’m Muslim,” and he says, “You can come aboard now.”  And that guy goes, “I’m Christian.” He says, “You’re not getting on my truck.” 

Sherry: [chuckles]

Greg: Yeah.  I mean, that spells it out right there about the Truth, doesn’t it?

Daniel:  So…can you hide it?  Can you hide in a Crystal Cathedral with all the lights and the glass and everything.  And they won’t be able to see you, will they?

Greg: Yeah?

Sherry: It’s gonna get closed down is what I heard.  They said another foreclosure.  

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Greg: What?

Sherry: I said the Chrystal Cathedral’s under foreclosure. 

Daniel:  Yeah.  Oh, it is.

Greg: Oh, is it really? [chuckles]

Daniel: Well, if it’s not, it ought to be.  But somehow, somehow they make me so mad I just wanted to bring ‘em up again. [chuckles] Alright.  Well, listen—

Greg: If you want me to send you the link—do you want me to send you that Trol trailer so you can post it? I mean, it’s the movie that’s already on.  It came out the 29th [October, 2010] and it’s in Norwegian.  It’s subtitled.  But it’s all about the Nephilim.

Daniel:  Ah, what the heck.  Send it to me.  Alright.  Listen, Sherry and Greg.  We’re at the end of the show here.  Any final thoughts or words maybe you might want to say to each other?

Final Words From Greg And Sherry

Greg: Well, when we get off of here, is it okay if me and Sherry talk for a second while we’re linked?

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg:  If you don’t mind, Sherry.

Daniel: Yeah, I don’t know how that works—

Sherry: I, you know, I just want to encourage people to seek and get back to the Lord.  Get back to Him.  Get off the fence.  Give up backsliding.  Give up the nonsense of the world and just go to Him.  Put Him direct. 

Greg: God hates lukewarm. [Revelation 3:15-16] ‘Cause He doesn’t know where you stand.  He knows where a cold man stands and a hot man, but lukewarm, you don’t know where they stand. 

Sherry: He spits them out of His mouth.

Greg: That’s exactly right.  I just got burned worst than I ever got.

Sherry: You can’t walk the middle line. 

Greg: I got burnt financially the worst I ever did by a guy who was a deacon of a church.  Says “God revealed this” and “God revealed that.”  And not only did he burn me, but he told me about how his company was murdering Mexicans, cleaning up the oil spill with the benzene levels. A deacon.  Amazing.

Daniel: Mhmm.  Well, after this extended show here, guys, I feel like you guys really have more in common than you do.  And I feel that a little bit more middle—some more understanding from each of you. You got more understanding.  And it seems like we’re all on the same team, trying to fight all these creeps coming down.  You know, man, we got werewolves, aliens, giants, Nephilim, Annunaki—you know, it’s going to need everybody—everybody’s gonna need to work together.  And I think, really, in this conversation, you guys have really shown really good patience with the opposing point of view and that, and I thank you guys for both being on the program.  

Sherry: Thanks for having me.

Greg: Thank you, Daniel. Well, I apologize for talking over my thumbs constantly. I could hear it.

Daniel: Yeah.

Greg:  And it’s my fault if there’s any talk-over.  I’m sorry, Sherry, if I talked over ya.  I didn’t mean to.

Sherry: Oh, that’s alright.  I got the same delay on this end. So.  [laughs]

Daniel:  Yeah, I know, they did tell me there was a lot of delay.  Greg did tell me they had some kind of delay over there, too, so.   ‘Cause I know somebody in the live chat somewhere, or fast-blast, said, “You know, Greg was talking over.”  But it was probably because of that delay.  But anyway. That’s—we got the show out. And you guys are extremely comfortable in what you were saying and coherent, and, you know, I think we need to have you guys back again sometime.  You guys up for it sometime? 

Greg: Yeah, I’d love to.

Sherry: Any time.

Daniel:  Okay. 

Greg: Any time.

Daniel: I don’t know how this phone system works, guys.  If I hang up here, it may hang up on you guys if you keep on the line.  I don’t know if you guys are gonna still stay connected or not, but if you don’t, then it’s gonna go off. So. 

Sherry: Alright. Time to find out.  Thanks a lot, Daniel.

Greg: ‘Preciate it.

[music begins to play in background]

Daniel: Okay?  Alright guys.

Sherry: Alright.

Greg: Alright, Daniel.

Daniel: I’ll see ya.

Greg: See ya.

[End of Show – music and commercial play]