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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 3, 2011

Seeing in the Codes That the Radio Shows Will Be Stopped

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, January 3, 2011.

Starting a whole new year of shows, and should get interesting this year. I'm seeing a lot in the Codes where the radio shows will be stopped, and so. And, you know, I've been seeing that for years, and so, I usually give people fair warning when I see it in the Codes. And so, definitely seeing it again. And I'm not real sure if it's just my show, or the Internet in general, or whatever happens, but they very well could stop shows of everyone. And so, just a heads up on that.

You Can't Destroy the Synthetic Life-Forms That Make Up the Black Oil Virus

You know, it's just gonna be a little...I don't know...I guess you could say a freaked-out year because the Bible describes a time when we're going to see plagues and diseases that mankind has never seen before. And, it started last year, and it's gonna really head into a bang of sorts this year.

And one of the things I want to give you a heads up on, if you've been watching the Gulf oil spill on YouTube videos with the BeePee guy [YouTube username: BeePeeOilDisaster], I just posted a link of his on my website, www.sherrytalkradio.com, and a couple of others. And it's showing these synthetic life-forms that these mad scientists at BP have created. And these things have been shown by the BeePee guy doing the videos from underneath the Gulf of these synthetic life-forms that have just been rising up from the sea floor. And, I didn't correlate before the fact of what and who they were.

Now if you remember several months last year I started warning about the Black Oil Virus. And I posted YouTube videos of the X-Files [TV show] where they were talking about -- they had a whole special show on it, on the Black Oil Virus. And, you need to get familiar with this Black Oil Virus, because this is something they have seen when they time traveled, and they know that this one virus, alone, could destroy the whole planet. You can't destroy the synthetic life-forms that make up this Black Oil Virus. And what this BeePee guy did was he captured these synthetic life-forms that carry this virus, hovering around a cat.

And, also correlates with last week when I sent out an e-mail to my list on orbs. Everyone always asks me what are orbs. I have a very limited view of orbs. I've heard of several people who have had contact with orbs. But there seems to be different types, and there are. There's different types of orbs. Then -- you know what I'm talking about -- the little round, circular orbs that people are catching on cameras. I was watching a YouTube video last week and a woman had one -- or it was a man -- the big orb attached to their back. And what these things will do is it will suck the life force energy right out of you. And sure enough, if you've got these orbs constantly surrounding you, that's what they're doing. Especially if they're attached to you. And they like to get on your back, because then you can't see them. You can't feel them, you can't see them. You just die the next day. You die of something...heart attack, or unknown causes, or whatever. And, I don't know if they figure out, and just don't tell you, or they just never figure it out, but these orbs suck the life force energy out of you.

And it's the same thing with these synthetic life-forms that are now coming from the Gulf. Now, we've always heard that they were contained in the Gulf, they're in the water, look at all of them fly, there's plenty of videos on them. But now this BeePeeOil guy comes out with a tape someone sent him of his friend who has a cat and these synthetic life-forms are all hovering around his cat. They're surrounding his cat. And sure enough, you know, that cat will probably be dead within a day, if not two. Those synthetic life-forms will suck the energy out of that cat.

And, interesting enough to see if black goo starts coming out of the things that they attack. Because part of the Black Oil Virus is that they suck the life force out of the person they're targeting, and then black goo just starts -- turns the blood to black for some reason. I don't know why. And then they start bleeding out of all of their orifices. And so, -- because they suck all of the oxygen out of it. And so, very, very odd, I guess you could say. But this is one of the things we're gonna be facing in 2011. The Gulf disaster isn't going away, folks. It's gonna spread. It's not just staying in the Gulf area. It's gonna spread. And so, just wanted to give a heads up on that, because I'm gonna be talking about this Black Oil Virus because there's still more we can learn about it, and it's gonna be very dominant. And so, it's one of these plagues that, when you see it, you just, you know, "What the heck is that?" you know. You look at the videos, you look at the warnings, and you're like, "What is it?" and so. Very -- it's disturbing to see, at least, and so.

The Soul-Catcher on the Moon Is Going to Imprison People

Anyway, something else I've been seeing that's one of those things that just makes your heart stop beating is the moon beams. And I've been talking about the moon beams. And, they have this apparatus on the moon. And what they can do is shoot beams down on the earth. And I've warned to stay away from the beams because I wasn't real sure if it was one of these things...it's like a soul-sucker, like a dream catcher machine, like the soul-catcher on the moon. There's a soul-catcher and it catches people's souls as they leave their bodies. And it will also go into the astral realms and suck souls out of that, and so if people will get caught by it, they'll be taken up to the moon. And they're put in these prisons on the moon.

Now, this is really wild because years and years ago, back when I started remembering things -- I can't remember if things I remember are from the way past or in the future. Sometimes I just don't know. I have no way of confirming either until it happens. But I saw prisons on the moon. And people -- you know, almost like FEMA camps, just wired in. And this is what this soul-catcher on the moon is going to do. It's going to imprison people. I guess -- you know, I never knew how the people got there. I figured they were just, you know, taken there by naval forces, or whatever, and held prisoner there. Now I'm starting to get a look at a bigger picture. Because they tell you in Hollywood...they'll tell you...in Hollywood how they do things. You just have to chew the grass, spit out the hay, and find what info they're revealing. You know, these movies they put out, they're bizarre. And so, what I think's happening is this soul beam can catch -- take the spirits out of people on the earth. Maybe their whole bodies, I don't know. But they're gonna trap them in these like, FEMA prison camps on the moon, these internment camps on the moon. Now what happens after that, my best guess is you're gonna be food. I don't know.

You Could Become Half-Human, Half-Machine

You know, maybe you're put into, you know...the lastest thing that caught my -- Skyline, the latest movie that was out. Where these bots hovering over Los Angeles, and they're sucking people off the earth. And while they're in these bots -- it's all automated -- these machines, they suck your brain out and put it into a robot life-form, some kind of...I don't know...robot-creation being. And those humans' brains are put in to give them life. That's pretty much where we're headed with transhumanism, folks. Only this time you're not, half-body...half-human, half-machine. You're just all machine with a human brain, in the movie Skyline. And so, they're telling you ahead of time what they can do, what they can accomplish.

Using People's Frequency Signatures to Target Them Directly with Moon Beams

So this is what I'm seeing with the moon beams. And, one of the things -- and I'm gonna post this Code on my site. I don't normally post Codes that much anymore because they just take up a lot of space, it's a lot of work. You know, I have a hundred excuses why I don't. But I'm gonna post this one. And the reason being, I want you to see for yourselves what I see on this. One of the things that really pisses me off about the whole things is I've been warning since Obama entered the scene years ago that he was not human, that he was a Lizard, and that he was working full force with the alien agenda. And people laugh. Haha haha. But now you're gonna see more and more as I start posting more and more, so you can see it.

Associated with these moon beams we have "tube - scoop - ambusher - arrival - terror - February - Obama - celebrate." He's celebrating. And this moon terror, this beam that scoops people up, one of the dominant months was February. Now, February it could come up for various reasons. First of all, I don't have a year, so it could be next year, which would give me a sigh of relief for this year, because we have plenty more going on this year that's -- we're gonna be watching out for other than having to worry about beams coming off the moon and shooting people off the earth.

And you know who they're gonna be targeting. They're gonna be targeting yours truly [Sherry]. I see it in the Codes, so. Do I think the Lord will allow it? No. But they can try. So if you see them trying to hit Ohio with moon beams, you're gonna know what's going on. [laughs] I don't hide where I'm at. I'm in Carrollton, Ohio. Small little cow town here. So this is what they're gonna target. And they're gonna target a lot of the Lord's people this way. And it almost makes you wonder, "OK, how are they targeting? How do they know exactly where you are?" They know your coordinates, first of all. If they know your address and know where you live, then they've got your coordinates.

And also, not to mention, your frequency signature. Everybody has a frequency that they vibrate off of that's them, a frequency. And, for some reason, I'm thinking this moon beam apparatus thing they have is very highly advanced and tech that they could put in a person's frequency, somehow they can map this, would have to be part of your DNA code, I don't know what it is, your body frequency. And they can put all this information in a computer, and then target you directly from this moon apparatus. And so, very high advanced. But that's one of the things we have to look forward to.

If it's February, it could also be pronounced there, because that's when I start talking about it, even though it's January and I'm a little bit early. In the Hebrew calendars they always run earlier than we do, and so. Could be that for many reasons other than the fact it starts this month. That could have nothing to do with it. Or maybe it starts in a couple months. But in February we start looking for it, talking about it more, whatever, and so. That's why I really don't like pinning months on anything. It just gives you a general time frame of things. But at least I know that the general time frames -- we're almost like live time in the Codes. Whenever I look at Codes, it's almost like in the here and now. And so, that's why I probably think it is this February, it's starting this year, because we're so in the here and now in the Codes it's unreal. [unclear] I'm seeing moon beam apparatus coming up since last year. And so, gonna be very interesting with this kind of satellite attacks coming after us, and so.

Possibly Lowering Shema Closer to Earth?

Another thing I'm seeing is that "satellite poison" is "lowering liability - revealed - suspensary." So what are they talking about there. Are they talking about Shema? 'Cause another term for satellite in the Codes is, you know, "moon - luminary." And we know starships are luminaries, I guess you could say. Shema has been burning since October of last year. And so, what if they start to lower it to Earth because they know it's going to crash? I don't know what their plans are, but it looks like they may start to lower this thing closer to Earth. I don't know. I'm not even sure it's Shema. It could be a different starship up there.

Watch for Them to Start Mocking the Batons and Other Orgone Products

But one of the things that's dominant that I'm seeing in a lot of these is that Obama's going to lead the terror against this nation. He's a leader of the terror that comes on America. And so, be warned. Be warned. Look for them to come out with more mockery as they usually do when they try to discredit someone or something. They really hate the pipe blasters that we're coming out with, and all of the orgone products, because they're so effective against them. And so, they're going to come out stronger than ever that what we make is a mockery, what we make is garbage, it doesn't do anything.

Don't listen to the naysayers, folks, because this is all PSYOP [psychological operations]. This is plans of theirs. I'm seeing it in the Codes already where theyr'e gonna step up the mockery attacks, because they want people not to make this stuff, to buy this stuff. You can make it on your own. The directions are on my website. But they're going to start mocking it and try to persuade people to get away from orgone. And I see these terms "baton - anger - mock." The batons are the name for the pipe blasters that we have. The batons, they're gonna mock them because they're making them angry.

You can take one of these little 12-inch batons that we make, and you can make yourself (directions and videos are on the site, www.orgoneblasters.com), and wave it up in the air at their ships, and it hurts them. It hurts them. It is like sending a beam of fire and pain into space. You don't see it, but trust me, it's there. When you wave it, it's like a beam of fire that goes up in space and saturates dimensions, and it can hit them in the ships where they're sitting. And it causes them a great amount of pain.

It can malfunction the ships. It can cause the ships to crash. But the biggest thing I see in the Codes on it is the pain that it causes them. And so, we need to keep after this. It's one of the most dominant and effective weapons we have. Even just leaving orgone everywhere, saturating the planet with orgone, because as it sits there wherever you've tossed it, it saturates into the atmosphere [coughs] and it never stops, and it causes them a lot of pain. And it destroys them. So one of the great weapons we have in these last days from the Most High. And remember, His idea of weapons aren't mankind's idea of weapons, folks. His ways are not our ways. And so, I just wanted to get that out there tonight.

New Message to Sherry from the Most High for 2011

You know, every New Year's Eve I spend time with the Most High. It's been a tradition of ours even though I'm stuck on a Gregorian calendar and [laughs] He prefers the Hebrew calendar, and so. But He understands we're in Gregorian time and, so every year at New Year's Eve I talk to Him on the year ahead for those based on the Gregorian calendar, and we just spend the time talking. And He gives me a outlook for the year ahead. And so, I'm gonna read a little bit of what He's warning us of for this year. And I posted on my websites. I also posted on my BlogSpot, www.sherryshriner.blogspot.com. Gonna try to get that going, keep that updated this year. Between that, and Facebook, and my lists, and my Codework, and websites, I just can't ever keep up on it all, folks. And so, read a little bit of what He said.

"Many won't listen to you because they doubt you," He said. "I alone will stand you up so there's no excuse for them. 'Repentance or judgment' will be your message this year, child. The sign of Jonah was of repentance that the children will return their hearts to the father, and this is the last sign they will receive. Last year was a year of fire. This year will be of sickness, want, and plague. The poor and elderly will suffer much, and then everyone will. The hardships of survival will set in as people can't afford their homes, cars, possessions. The riots will start when they can no longer afford to eat. Increased robberies, burglaries, hopelessness, lawlessness will be rampant. Droughts in some areas, floods in others. Hunger and famine in the fall. I will lead you what to say, give you much information direct from Me, because you will see it with your own eyes, child. I will show, visibly, their plans to you, and you will expose it to all the people. They need more loosh to operate on Earth. When you see much death and destruction in various ways, then they will come." Suffering various ways He's talking about. "People will know their lives have changed and will never return as they were, and they will be angry and vengeful with nothing to lose for many of them. The waves will roar, earthquakes will flatten cities, and the despair will increase on every level, child. Look to me. Prepare the people as I lead you to. This is the year you've been waiting for, begging me for, yearning for. You'll see, child. You'll see much with your own eyes. I love you."

Good People Will Begin to Do Desperate Things in These Desperate Times

And, what I think He means by I'll see much with my own eyes is that He's gonna give me visions ahead of time of the things that are coming on mankind. You know, it's one of those things is that when you have a vision, you never forget it. I could tell you a vision I had ten years ago. And in every detail that I saw, as good as then, I could tell you as good as when I saw it ten years ago. And so, many things coming and one of the things that grabbed my attention the most is that He said this would be a year of sickness, want, and plague.

And WANT, folks. People are going to be desperate. And this is what He's trying to get across. They're gonna be desperate. And, you know, you see a lot of crime today, it's general, it's always there. But this is a time when you're gonna start seeing ordinarily very good people, law-abiding citizens, who are losing their homes, have lost their cars, have lost their houses, possessions, losing everything they have, and getting desperate. They're gonna get desperate. And it's these normal, law-abiding people who will start robbing...stores. We're gonna see a huge increase in robberies and burglaries, almost to the point where there may be a curfew at night, in some cities, in some areas. Curfews may be imposed. I'm not talking about martial law, I'm just talking about curfews, because crime is gonna get so rampant. It's not gonna be safe to be out at night. 'Cause all these people are desperate, and the hopelessness is setting in, and people do desperate things at desperate times.

Get a Concealed-Carry Gun Permit - Learn to Defend Yourself

And so, one of the things I suggested for people is that you get a concealed-carry permit. Learn how to carry a gun, learn how to shoot a gun, so that you can defend and protect yourself and your families. You never know when you're gonna be out in public and need to defend yourself. But also, burglaries, home burglaries becoming more rampant, so you're gonna be needing to protect your own home and family from home invasions. Yeah, home invasions. They're not gonna care if you're there or not. These people are getting desperate. And what's worse is we're gonna have a desperate citizenry on antipsychotic drugs. I mean, just think of it. All these, you know, normal white-collar people whose losing everything. Probably under medication by then because they're losing everything and depressed. And, with doctors always being as helpful as they never are, putting people on antipsychotic meds which turns them into walking zombies and murderers. You see it now just with everyday people. All of a sudden, the news is just filled with murder-suicides. People just losing it, at a flip of a second.

All this is just going to explode. It's all being put into a pot, and it's stirring, and it's stirring, and it's simmering. And now it's going to explode. You know, for the last two years forclosures across this country have reached record numbers. Unemployment's reached record numbers. They lie and tell you, "Oh, unemployment's at ten or eleven percent," when it's really like -- well, if you counted all the people that have already fallen off the two-year benefit role, count all the people that stopped looking for employment because they just gave up, we're probably at about 40 percent unemployment by now around this nation. Because they've taken all of our jobs and they've shipped them to India, and they've shipped them to China. And all the huge corporations and the companies are going overseas. Everyone's bailing out of America because that's their plan, the slow decline of America.

So now people are gonna wake up and realize everything that bigmouths have been screaming about for years hasn't been such a conspiracy after all, but there's truth to it; truth to the madness that we've been screaming about for ten to twenty years, and so. Unfortunately, it's gonna be too little, too late. Most people are going to be stuck and caught in the whole mayhem that's coming, and not much to do about it.

Get Out of the Cities to Avoid the Rampant Lawlessness Coming

If you're in the cities, get out of them. Get out, get out, of the cities. They're going to be rampant lawlessness. Murders, robberies, no police protection, no police. Cities, themselves, will most likely go into complete lockdown. I know people have had visions of seeing military trucks with very high-caged type trucks, very large ones, going into cities by the hundreds. And just loading people up in these military trucks. Now, what do you think they're gonna do with these people? Do you think they're gonna take you down to Florida and buy you a condo? Come on, folks. Don't get in the trucks. When you see military soldiers, run. So these are the kinds of things that are coming.

Find Rocks, Caves, and Places to Hide Away from the General Population

And, don't get caught unprepared. Don't get caught in the madness. Stay home. Stay hidden. Get out of general population, if you can. Get to the forest. Don't group up with large groups of people in the forest, either, because if they attack people in the forest, they're gonna come looking for the groups. [coughs] Get off by yourself somewhere. Not by yourself. But you can only be 5, 10, 15 people, gonna be able to hide better than if you're in a group of 200. You know, somebody gave me a vision they had a dream that they saw soldiers attacking forests, setting them on fire to flush the people out of them. And so, be prepared for that. Find rocks, find caves, find places to hide. No one's going to help. No one wants to help you, folks. They're not gonna help you. Government, military, they're not there to help you, they're there to kill you. Or cart you off, send you to a FEMA camp where you can be killed, destroyed, whatever, and so. You're gonna see a lot of things that I've been warning about over the years kicking in now, and so.

You'll Know We're in the Tribulation Period When Famine Hits Worldwide

Anyway, just a heads up. And I've warned about a drought in the spring. And the Lord clarifies it droughts in some areas, floods in others. Hunger and famine in the fall. And so, watch for a famine this fall. And this is the famine that I've been warning about. I've been warning about this forever. And I remember, probably one of the first shows I ever did, one of the first interviews I did with Daniel Ott, this was probably back in 2006 or something, 2005. Maybe the first show I ever did with him. I do a show with him every year. And someone called in and they said, "What's the sign? How will we know that we're in the tribulation period? What the one sign that we'll know?" And this is before the Antichrist comes because that's the mid part of the tribulation. And the one thing I said was, watch for a famine. Watch for a worldwide famine. 'Cause the famine will kill tens of millions of people. And, you know, in America we've never seen -- we have plenty of hungry people in our streets, but we've never seen streets littered from people who have died from starvation. And this is what's gonna be happening. I see it more for next year, but starting this year, that people will just be littering the streets because they're dead, they've died, they're hungry, they've starved to death. And who would've thought that in the greatest nation on Earth their own people would turn from feeding all the Africans and spending all our tax dollars on other countries to feed their people, not able to feed their own? And so, this is coming, folks. And this is all designed. This is planned. This is judgment from the Lord. And He's allowing it and using the apocryphal horses, the black horse and the pale horse, to fulfill His judgments.

Chaos Coming - People Killing Police and Police Killing People

See, Satan is not a god, he's not a king. He's a pawn. He's a pawn on the very chessboard he thinks he's the king. He's the pawn. He's a pawn. The Lord uses him to inflict His judgments and will on the earth. And He will allow the black horse and the pale horse, the two apocryphal horses, to kill up to two-thirds of mankind, two billion people. And it's gonna happen quickly once it starts. It's just gonna be a bathtub effect, a rollover effect. With sickness and disease and lawlessness, chaos. Chaos, I mean chaos like we've never seen. I'm not talking people rioting in the streets and being surrounded by riot police. I'm talking about people just killing the police. And the police just killing people. Guns just going off, nobody caring. That's what it's gonna be like, folks, completely lawlessness. It'll be war in the streets.

The Aliens Are Doing Things That Cause Us Suffering in Order to Create Loosh

And throw in some of this alien stuff that's coming up on top of the disasters that are already here, and you're talking about a total pot of mixed mayhem. [sighs] You know, it's chaos in the streets, curfews, martial law...here come aliens. And that's exactly what's gonna happen because the Lord said they needed more negative loosh. And that's why He said in various ways people are gonna suffer. Why? Because suffering creates a negative energy around you. Now, you know when you walk up to somebody if they're in a good mood or a bad mood, because you sense and feel the energy of that person. Oh, she's in a bad mood. Oh, she's in a good mood. It's energy, folks. And so, what Satan needs, and all these alien freaks of his, his forces, is negative bad energy. Because they're like vampires. They feed off of that. It's food for them. Another name of it is called loosh. Just bad energy. They feed off of that. And what that does is it empowers them. It gives them power and energy to operate on the earth. It's like their kryptonite, their spinach [what Popeye eats for strength]. It's what empowers them.

And so, that's why the Lord said in various ways people will suffer, because they need to create loosh, and a lot of it. And they're not just gonna count on one way to do it, they're gonna count on many ways to do it. One of their favorite ways is to set things on fire, because fire is like an instant negative dark energy. And so, they love to set fires. Every time I've gone on orgone missions out west, I've come home and a day or two later fires would start out west. You remember the Utah fires a couple years ago. Well, guess who was in Utah right before those started. [laughs] I didn't get home five days before that fire started out there. I tell you what, they hate orgone, and the way they try to drown it out is by setting fires, because it puts immediate negative loosh in the air. And so, watch for fires, since that's their favorite way. Death, destruction, suffering.

If you're depressed, you're sad, you're frustrated, that creates loosh for them. That creates energy. That's what they feed off of. And so, that's what they want to instill in people. They want them sick, and they want them wanting. They need food, they need shelter, they need the basic things we need in life. And, just stopping people's Medicaid payments, stopping their Welfare payments, stopping unemployment payments, stopping money. Because all of a sudden people are in want. They don't have any money. And it's gonna affect the poor and the elderly first which makes me think it's gonna be Welfare and Social Security. They're gonna stop it. They're gonna take those away, or severely limit them, and so. And it's gonna affect the poor and the elderly first, and then it starts to affect everybody else.

Our Greatest Weapons Against Them Are Love, Joy, and Peace

And so, you know, one of the things that comes to mind is when the Lord was telling me a couple weeks ago, that our greatest weapons against them are love, joy, and peace. Now you would think, an RPG [rocket-propelled grenade], a cannon, stealth fighter. Something along military lines. Remember, the Lord doesn't think the way they do. His weapons are not their weapons. Yeah, we need those kinds of weapons to protect us against man. But when it comes to the demons and aliens of the fourth dimension that are coming into our dimension more and more every day, you need the Lord's weapons on how to defeat them. We have the orgone. Another thing is our own -- being able to control our own emotions. Because if you send out love, if you can send out a love energy towards people rather than hatred and anger, then the beings who are attacking you, the beings who are around you as being from a higher realm than they are. That's how they recognize who the Lord's people are, who the angels on Earth are, who are the ones who really follow Him. Because, they don't send out signals or vibes or energies of hatred and anger, but they reveal who they are because they have love, joy, and peace. And sometimes that's the biggest weapon.

If You Want to Piss Off the Reptilians, Send Out Hearts of Love to All of Them

When you're in a store, and you're standing in line, and you just wanna -- you know you're surrounding by Reptilians and you just want to play with them and piss them all off, send out hearts of love to all of them. Just imagine big hearts of love going out to all the people around you, giving them a big kiss on the cheek. You'll see them get agitated and angry and, you know. Because then they recognize you're of a higher realm. Don't play on their playing field, folks, because then they just take you as one of theirs. If you want to be angry and full of hate and vinegar, then act like them. But, you know, that's not being one of the Lord's. We have to use all the various weapons. People will see how much of it's a weapon. And I want to get into spiritual warfare as this year continues, because the Lord's been teaching me various ways in how to use warfare against them. And, I haven't really, on my own personal level -- I just like to be anonymous when I'm out, you know. Not necessarily -- you know, sometimes I get in the mood to where I just want to piss off Reptilians. But, for the most part, I just want to be anonymous and not be known. And then I'm around and I just do my business and don't do any kind of confrontations with them, and so. But the time's gonna come when we're not gonna have any choice, folks. And so, you know.

Sherry's Message for This Year Will Be 'Repentance or Judgment'

I'll be spending more and more time this year...as He said, my message for this year will be repentance or judgment. And this is the sign of Jonah, of turning people back to the father. And that was His message to me ten years ago. He said to lead His people back to Him. My main job, my main assignment. Lead His people back to Him. And so, I started with websites. And I wrote two books. And then I started with radio shows. And I've spent time leading his people back to him.

Prepare and Arm Yourself with Orgone Batons, Food, Water

Another thing was preparing them and arming them to protect themselves against the coming alien invasions. And so, we've been preparing and arming people for the last several years with the orgone weapons that He's given us, and now the batons. [coughs] And so, now, this year, He wants me to warn His people so that they can prepare themselves for the coming plagues, the coming famine in the fall, the coming droughts this spring. You know, if you're gonna be in one of these states that's gonna be hit by a drought, you know, start storing up water now. Put orgone in your fields where you'll be planting. Or just decide to, instead of making that mile-long garden, making it a little bit smaller so you can contain it and keep water on it. Be prepared for a drought to hit. The Lord said droughts in some areas, floods in others. And floods being caused by the waves of the ocean starting up. Earthquakes can caused floods. Various things. And so, it's gonna be a mixture of things this year, folks.

You know, he said despair will increase on every level. And so, we need to recognize that, folks. And prepare for it...every level. And that's, you know, every class, every area of our lives are gonna be affected this year. Our jobs, our health, our society, and so. And just watch for the hopelessness and despair to set in. Expect to hear the unexpected. And so, news is not gonna be...gonna be cheery. You know, it hasn't really been. And, you know, this last year with all the murder-suicides you've heard on TV. Now you're gonna see ex-bank managers holding up their own banks. Or, you know, typical white-collar workers who would normally lead good, orderly lives turn to crime to survive. People are desperate, folks. Desperate. And so, just something to -- a heads up on for 2011, folks.

I'll Let You Know When I'm Going to Take Phone Calls During a Show

My phone lines have been lit up all night. I see that. Some of you call in five minutes before the show even begins and I just start hanging up on people. I'll usually let you know when I'm gonna take phone calls. Usually on Monday nights I don't even take them. Sometimes I wait 20 to 30 minutes into the show before I take them. So just a heads up for those of you that sit on the phone all night, because on Monday nights it's the Lord's night. I just speak what He has me to say direct. On Thursdays I'm a little bit more casual, I have a little bit more fun with callers. But, yeah, on Mondays sometimes I just don't even get to phone calls, and so.


I'm gonna see what's going on with the listeners. See what they have to say.

Have You Noticed That the Trees and Plants Are Budding as If It Were Spring?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: Hi, is this Sherry?


CALLER: How ya doin'? You know, I have to ask because you've got so many callers, it's hard to know who -- if it's me or not. [laughs] How ya doin'?

SHERRY: Good! I'm not sure who this is. Who are you?

CALLER: Oh, this is Floyd calling from New Phil.

SHERRY: Oh, OK. [laughs]

CALLER: OK, long time -- happy New Year's.

SHERRY: Happy New Year to you, too.

CALLER: Great. Let me get going real quick. Anyway, I was enjoying what you were talking about. I was so into what you were discussing that I didn't even want to speak. And I just wanted you to keep going, you know.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I mean, it really, really, really is interesting what you're saying. But anyway. I just want to ask you a quick question. Have you noticed that the trees outside in Ohio, you know, the New Philadelphia area -- I noticed that the trees are budding and the plants are budding as if it was spring.

SHERRY: No, I haven't noticed it here in Carrollton.

CALLER: I'm serious. And then, it's all over the town. I mean, all the trees are budding and it's like it was spring --

SHERRY: You know, we had two weeks of warm weather and now it's gonna get really, really cold. So, January we're supposed to have a really cold cold front come in. In the middle of January, and so.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, it's just really weird. --

SHERRY: It tends to get messed up when it warms up and then it gets cold again. It gets warm, it's up. And then it gets cold. And it bounces back and forth. You get the yo-yo effect.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And so.

How Do You Spell Negative Energy? L-O-O-S-H

CALLER: OK. You mentioned a negative energy. You called it loo- or lo- or something like that. That the devil --

SHERRY: Loosh. Loosh.

CALLER: Could you spell that?

SHERRY: L-o-o-s-h.

Why Doesn't the Bible Mention That Adam Was Married to Somebody Else Before Eve?

CALLER: L-o-o-s-h. OK. I'm gonna look that up later. Another thing is, you mentioned in the book of Genesis it says that, uh, it talks about Adam and Eve. But you said that Adam was married to somebody else. Was -- Lith, or something like that?

SHERRY: Lilith...

CALLER: Yeah, Lilith --

SHERRY: ...was the first creation. Yeah.

CALLER: By why wasn't that mentioned in the book of Genesis if that was his first --

SHERRY: Well, they're mentioned in a lot of books that weren't put in the KJV.


SHERRY: I mean, the KJV isn't the only source of truth. You realize that? I mean, even the Lord referred to Enoch, and Jubilees, and Jasher, and none of those books were put in.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And this stuff was common info for the Israelites back then.


SHERRY: Just as much as the serpent seedline was. That they've tried to keep all that out and away from the KJV people, the crowd, the church crowd, I guess you could say. Because they don't want them to have the truths that they had back then, and so. That's how they've been able to control and dominate what people see and believe and think, is controlling what they read.

CALLER: Mm. So...I don't know. I just a little confused 'cause I always thought that --

SHERRY: You'll find it in books. If you go to www.sherryaudios.com I have Nag Hammadi books. And these were part of the scrolls that were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.


SHERRY: And a lot of them have a lot of truth, and so, it's good, interesting reading.

Someone I Know, and Her Baby, Took the Flu Shot. Is It Over for Her? Is She Finished?

CALLER: Yeah, OK. One other thing before I go. One of my workers, where I work at, she -- we were talking about the H1N1 shot, and she came -- I almost started crying. "Well, you know, me and my baby," -- she just had a baby -- "we took the shot. My mother made us take it." She said, "So, what's gonna happen?" She wanted to know if there was a way she could, you know, get out of it and survive. Or, is it just over? Is she finished, or what?

SHERRY: No, I mean, there's various things that could happen. And also determines what batch she got. Tell her to put a magnet on the needle that they put in her arm for that shot.

CALLER: A neodymium magnet?

SHERRY: Yeah, a neodymium magnet, 'cause at the tip of all those shots is a chip.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And so, the first thing she wants to do is deactivate that chip. Put a neodymium magnet on the spot they gave her that shot.

CALLER: OK, that's pretty much it. I'm gonna let you go on to your next caller. And anyway, once again, happy New Year's.

SHERRY: All right. Happy New Year to you, too. Bye-bye.

CALLER: All right. Bye-bye.

New Prayer for Warriors Against Dimensional Beings - Pray Three Times a Day

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: Yeah, this is Kentucky Sis. How ya doin'?

SHERRY: Hey! How ya doin'?

CALLER: Great.

SHERRY: You staying warm out there now?

CALLER: I'm freezing. We're zero degrees overnight. I have a message and you can confirm this. Yah wants to know if you still have the "Fun Things to Do"

SHERRY: Oh, yes.

CALLER: OK. Now, um, He wanted to...OK. Can I give you the message and talk after?

SHERRY: Yes. Sure, go ahead.

CALLER: He wants to have this put on in the form of intercessory prayer to ask to have ALL interdimensional beings sent back to their own dimension. AND, they are not to be allowed to return here to this dimension...EVER. Not ever. And He wants to see if you can get all the Warriors on this and pray it three times a day on intercessory prayer. And you can, you know, verify it with Him, confirm it. That's the prayer, you know. But anyway, I had a run-in with the Liz [unclear - short for Lizard?], and I didn't do anything and she attacked me. And, arrogant as can be. But I went to Yah and told Him about it. And then after that I was reading about another thing I'm gonna send you. But He come to me, uh, what was it? Reminded me what I was reading about these, um, what do they call these things? Uh, slope heads. And then He told me to get this put on "Fun Things to Do" and ask all the Warriors to get on it and pray it three times a day.


CALLER: I haven't asked Him how --

SHERRY: I can certainly add it to the list.


SHERRY: I can certainly add it to the list.


SHERRY: I have this list on all my websites, for everybody listening, the "Fun Things to Do." And it's our prayer list. The list of things we pray for to disrupt the New World Order and all their underground bases and space stations and everything else. [http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/things-to-do.htm] Just a "Fun Things to Do" list, we call it. And so, we'll just --

CALLER: Yeah. I didn't know -- I didn't mean to impose on you, but this is what He wanted me to do is tell you to get that on because Lizards are interdimensional beings.

SHERRY: Poltergeists.

CALLER: And -- huh?

SHERRY: They're poltergeists. Some of them are poltergeists.

CALLER: What's that?

SHERRY: That's interdimensional beings. People think --

CALLER: Yeah. --

SHERRY: People want to know what I'm talking about, it's like a poltergeist. They come and feed in this dimension and they go back to their own.

The Lizard Race Came to Earth and Fought the Egg Heads

CALLER: Well...I'd like to see her gone and never come back. But that was -- that's up to Him. And, on this other side it had about -- before the Earth flipped -- that the Draconian, uh, Dracs...oh, God, I can't even talk right now. The Lizard race was fighting the slope heads. You call them, uh, not cone heads.

SHERRY: Egg heads?


SHERRY: Egg heads?

CALLER: Egg heads, yeah.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: These are the people on Easter Island that it was saying about the Draconian Lizard race come on this earth and fought this, um, uh, slope heads. And then it made a remark about these people were and are from another dimension, not our galaxies. --

SHERRY: Oh, the egg heads are from Mars, so they're not too far away.

CALLER: Oh, God.

SHERRY: I mean, I can follow them from Mars to Egypt to the ancient gods with the long necks and the egg-head shapes and even Maitreya that's coming, the Arab's Imam. I mean, they're right from Mars. They're not too far away.

I Thought That All We Were Supposed to Be Fighting Is Satan and the Fallen Angels and Giants

CALLER: Oh, this -- in the Bible, all we were supposed to be fighting is Satan and the fallen angels and the Giants --

SHERRY: Oh, this are.

CALLER: -- like in Noah's time --

SHERRY: That's what these are.

CALLER: Yeah. But that's not all these other things.

SHERRY: [laughs] Well, these other things --

CALLER: The arrogant Lizzies and the hidden government, and all that stuff. I don't think --

SHERRY: Well, you know what? A lot of this is. I mean, they've been alive for thousands of years. They're very organized. It's what I've been trying to say for years, folks. They're very organized and very tech. And they live in ways we can't even begin to imagine, like, you want to learn, start watching Star Wars. This is how they live. And so, this is what we ARE dealing with. Now, some of these interdimensional beings, angels are being sent to Earth to fight against them, and we can do our part and pray against them as well. But, you know, the Lord will take care of that through His Warriors and the angels He's sending here to fight against them, but, you know, for the most part, what we see ARE fallen angels.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: That's where they came from. They're fallen.

Prayer Is Our First Line of Defense and Our Best Weapon

CALLER: Yeah. But anyway, this is what He told me to have put on the list.

SHERRY: OK. I'll put that on the list.

CALLER: With a intercessory prayer, which is a weapon.

SHERRY: Yep. This is our first line of defense. Best weapon we have is prayer.

The Lord's Going to Start Cleaning House - Choose Repentance or Judgment

CALLER: And this is what He wanted prayed, three times a day, and by our Warriors. And, apparently, he's gonna start cleaning house.

SHERRY: Oh, He is.

CALLER: [laughs] I love you.

SHERRY: It's repentance or judgment, boom. That's it. No more.

CALLER: [laughs] I love you.

SHERRY: He's not gonna play with my enemies anymore. They want to sit and mock me, and belittling me. He's gonna put them in immediate judgment. I don't even have to put up with it anymore.

CALLER: That's what...that's what...

SHERRY: He's not playing games anymore. His patience is done.

CALLER: Thank God for that because, I tell you that Lizzie, she was actually mocking Yah...

SHERRY: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: ...when she attacked me. And He's taking care of it. I'm so happy. Anyway [laughs].

SHERRY: All right, sis. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. And you've got a package coming. Bye-bye. Love ya.

SHERRY: OK, thanks, sis, and, love ya.

CALLER: Yeah, love ya. [laughs]

SHERRY: Bye-bye.


Long-time Warrior, folks. Some of you couldn't even light a candle to some of the work that Warrior's done in this country with orgone.

What's Going on with the Birds Falling, Fish Dying, and Quakes?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry.


CALLER: Hi! Happy New Year.

SHERRY: Happy New Year to you, too. Who is this?

CALLER: What is going on in Arkansas? With the birds falling and the fish dying and some of the quakes in that area. What is going on?

SHERRY: You know, that's what I was wondering? Is sulfur being released? Because sulfur could kill them.

CALLER: It'd kill all birds, not just the black birds. Especially in a certain area --

SHERRY: You know what I was thinking --

CALLER: -- and just a certain kind of fish?

SHERRY: This has happened before. This is -- I almost accepted this one explanation when they said --

CALLER: I freaked out!

SHERRY: -- it's happened in different areas before when whole herds of birds have ran into a cloaked UFO, and they were all killed. And so, I almost bought that one until -- then all this fish stuff started coming up.


SHERRY: All those fish were dying.

CALLER: And there have been quakes in that area, but that, you know, it's just certain fish, and it's just in certain area, and just certain birds.

SHERRY: Where is Beebe, Arkansas?

CALLER: Um, kind of northern, north central I think it's kind of above -- I'm not sure -- above, ooooh, the Ozarks or below. I can't -- I don't know for sure, but kind of northern I think.

SHERRY: Yeah, OK. Yeah, because that whole area's mountainous, there's a lot of protection in those areas. Northeastern part of the state is going to experience an earthquake through there. Because it's gonna be a huge earthquake.

CALLER: Wouldn't it kill just --why just a certain kind? That's the thing.

SHERRY: You know what? I don't know. I have no idea.

CALLER: Do you -- you know, chemtrails would kill all the birds.

SHERRY: There's just thousands --

CALLER: Or, you know, other animals, dogs, you know. Anything, just not just certain kinds of fish and just in a certain area.

SHERRY: Thousands of antelopes killed in Europe. And so, we're seeing this all of a sudden, these massive groups of animals being killed off. I don't --

CALLER: And on New Year's Eve. And on New Year's Eve, too.


CALLER: You think it's a sign? Do you think it's a sign or do you think it's a government coverup?

SHERRY: I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'll find out and I'll have info on a later show --

CALLER: Please find out. We're really fascinated by this and, we'll never really have any true answers, you know that.

SHERRY: All right, yeah. I'm gonna work on it and I'll probably talk about it --

CALLER: Please do!

SHERRY: -- next week or whatever. All right, but thanks for calling in. I gotta end the show.


SHERRY: I've got about 60 seconds left.

CALLER: Yeah. Let us know more about that.

SHERRY: All right.

CALLER: Thank you.

SHERRY: Thanks. Bye-bye.

And, yeah, that truly was strange, folks. Thousands of black birds falling out of the sky on New Year's Eve. And then thousands of fish washing up from the shore in Arkansas. Both attacks happening in Arkansas, and so. I'll try to find out more about it and talk about it and update it in upcoming shows.

Anyway, be back Thursday, folks, with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock. And probably recap some of the things I talked about today, and whatever else the Lord leads me to, and so. A lot of activity taking place. We're gonna see more and more portals, and dimensions, and UFOs, and...you know how my Thursday shows go. It's just anything goes, basically.

Anyway, folks. I'll see you then. Yah bless.


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