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Aliens In The News
Thursday, January 6th, 2011


And hello, everybody.  You're live.  It's Thursday afternoon, Aliens In The News.  I'm Sherry Shriner.  If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648 or you can call in on the toll line the number is (646) 929-2343. 

We’ve Got Tons of Different Military and Alien UFOs In Our Skies

Got a lot of interesting things going on in the news lately.  As typical a lot of UFO sightings, flashing lights, orbs, triangles, discs, cigar shaped—I mean, you name it, we've got it.  And, folks, I told you last year it wasn't too far away—that the dimensions were merging.  And that everybody was coming in.  A lot of opening of portals, a lot of morphing's going on, and this is just adds to the affects of that.  Not only that—inter dimensional craft, you got military craft.  When on any given night you can have Chinese, German, Russian or American UFO crafts in the skies.  I mean just think about it—there’s nations with their own fleets of UFO's, and then you got alien UFO's.  We have a mixture folks.  We have a wide variety, a huge mixture.  And so, you know. 

The best thing you can do is remember the stuff you saw on Discovery Channel 10, 15 years ago because a lot of the crafts they showed then are the one's people are describing now.  That they're seeing in the skies.  The triangular black crafts.  Yeah, I remember seeing that one on Discovery channel years ago—on little pod shaped things.  And you know, we do have our own space command here in America.

To All The Nerdy Trekkies Who Could Only Hope It Was Real—Rest Assured That It Is

And one of the things that that happened—I can't remember his name—but the one from Europe they've been trying to extradite here from Europe for hacking into the computer systems of the Pentagon and releasing—finding a bunch of info about our Space Command.  What he found was a list of terrestrial and non-terrestrial officers.  And so, I think it's pretty clear we have a lot of things going on the public has no idea that goes on.  We have our own Space Command.  We have our own space centers.  The International Space—my mind goes blank—International Space Center we have now is the joint with the Russians.  There's 20, like 21, 23 of those things.  Probably even more by now.  We know of one.  The ISS.   And so, just a lot going on, folks. 

We have our own ships that mimic Star Wars—or not Star Wars, Star Trek—where we have our own officers—we have our own, you know—in space, leading these ships with, you know, their crews.  This stuff is beyond fiction, folks.  Beyond fiction.  And you gotta wonder if the children born from these parents in space, if they ever know of Earth, ever see Earth—they just, you know, they live their lives in space.  So.  Mind boggling because, you know, it's going to unravel.  In actual space stations is what I was thinking of.  You know, my mind goes blank at the worst times, I had no idea I was going to mention that.  More proof that I don't prepare these shows ahead of time.  I just speak as I'm led to speak, and so, sometimes I figure things out as I go along.

A Lot Of Mysterious Bird And Fish Deaths Happening All Over the Globe

You know, a lot of interesting news lately all about the dead birds.  And this is everywhere, it's massive.  Mysterious bird deaths hit Sweden. Mysterious bird deaths discovered in east Texas.   Breaking in China—eagles and birds falling from the sky.  Kentucky—Woman reports thousands of dead birds in her yard.  Louisiana—Hundreds of dead birds.  Arkansas—Tthousands of black birds.  Germany—dead birds.  Japan—dead birds.  Tucson—seventy dead bats.  U.K.—starlings found dead.  North and South America—thousands and thousands of birds.

And then you move onto the fish.  Thousands of dead fish in Florida 100,000 drum fish in Arkansas.  And whales.  Haiti, Australia, Maryland, Indiana, Canada.  Italy—Two miles of beaches full of dead fish, clams and crabs.  For two miles long in Italy.  Just every where folks.  New Zealand—hundreds of snapper dead.  I read where there’s tilapia dying.  It’s different variations of fish, not just bottom feeders.  But thousands and thousands of fish, thousands and thousands of birds, falling dead everywhere. 

[Transcriber note: See here for a collection of articles relating to the bird and fish deaths – http://tinfoilpalace.eamped.com/2011/01/06/collation-of-dead-birds-and-fish/]

Lots Of Theories Being Poured Out, And None Of Them Really “Wrong”

And so, I've been following it—amused by it, because, you know, there's a lot of theories going on—at first when you first heard of it—when I first heard, when I first posted an article to my list about how on New Year’s Eve, thousands of black birds fell outta the sky in Arkansas—dead, broken necks, traumatized.  So, that didn't necessarily reek of a chemical attack because they were traumatized.  They were just traumatized.  And so, one of the first theories put out was maybe they hit a cloaked UFO.  They all just flew into a cloaked UFO.  And that was plausible.  Until all of these other deaths started being reported.  It's been massive and non-stop ever since.  And if you look at a map, the United States dominates, with the most amount of different areas in it right now reporting dead fish and dead birds.  Just huge, a lot more sightings.  But they're everywhere.  They're everywhere.   Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Sweden, the UK, Brazil, all these in the United States, north and south.  They say it's North and South America, but I don't see any listings for Mexico, or Venezuela, or Columbia, or Peru.  You know, it's mostly dominating in the United States and in the UK and parts of Europe—so it's almost like, you know.  I don't know.

But there's a lot of theories out there.  And none of them are wrong, because everything works together.  Everything—you know, you got HAARP, you got phostine attacks, you got chemical attacks, you got chemtrail spraying.  And so I don't think any excuse or reasoning is wrong on so many massive deaths. But when I asked the Lord what was going on—and for the last couple days, He hasn't said anything.  And then today, earlier today He kinda gave me an idea of the Earth’s—our—‘cause last night—I don't know about you guys, but I've always been a watcher of the Orion constellations.  Largest constellation in the sky at night.  We have it for 9 months a year, and for the 3 months in Summer just below the equator, and then Australia gets to see it for 3 months.  And then it comes back up and we have it for 9, 10 months a year.  And I've always watched this constellation.  It's always been very high up in the sky.  A lot of the Draconian bases are there, Satan's got a base there, lot of factions are there, a lot of different aliens, races from within there.  A lot of star systems around the belt.  And we got the Blue Star coming outta Orion.  We got the fake New Jerusalem, this cubic structure coming outta Orion.  And we got all these huge, planet-type starships coming through the Sun in the east. 

The Earth Is Leaning Off Kilter Thanks To All The Objects Coming Close

And so, very many, many objects moving towards the Earth at this time.  And also, at the same time, our Earth has been tilting on its axis—I've been talking about this for a while now.  How it's kinda wobbling forward.  And now it's kinda wobbling over.  And basically what the Lord told me is the Earth’s gravitational spin was being disrupted.  And so the rotational spin, the gravitational spin—whatever you want to call it—being disrupted because we're wobbling, folks.  And it couldn't get any clearer than if you look at Orion at night.  Look at the eastern sky when it starts to get really dark out at night.  It's in the east right now.  And it's barely sideways.  It looks like it's sideways right over the horizon.  Now this thing should be thousands of miles up in the air, above the Earth, not bending over our horizon so bad it looks like it's sideways.  And so, this is how bad the Earth’s been knocked off of its axis.  I mean we're literally just in a—I don't know what you want to call it. 

The Moon Went Missing From Our Skies Again For A Week

Nothing’s normal right now.  Has anybody seen the Moon all week?  I know those people from Florida sending me emails, and I didn't think it was odd at first, because, first of all, it's Winter time—it's cold and most of the time you don't see anything at night because it's cloudy—snow clouds—everything else.  But I was out there the other night, and it was clear out, and there still was no Moon.  So I'm thinking, “What kinda phase are we in?”  I didn't check any of the astronomy sites to see if we're in some kinda phase where the Moon hides for seven days.  But I have not seen the Moon for seven days.  And people down in Florida not seeing it either.  At least, the one's paying attention that I've heard from not seeing it.  And so.  You know we're just in a very chaotic state with the Earth and also what could be causing these different types of spins—spins being disrupted of the Earth—is another thought that comes to mind is magnetics.

The First Reports Are Usually The Most Accurate

We've got so many different portals that are opening up over the Earth, that pulse beam weapons could be used to target and hit and destroy beings and entities that are coming through these portals.  And I know people say, “Well that's crazy.”  Well, what's the first thing that CNN announced about the Arkansas birds?  And this is what kicked it all off.  Because it was in Bebee, Arkansas, which is northeast Arkansas, that the thousands of birds fell—were found.  And they had broken necks, they were crushed, their organs were pulverized and there were loud noises associated.  Always go back to the first reports you hear, folks, because they're always the most accurate.  After that they have plenty of time to rethink their lies and come up with new ones.  But usually the first reports are the most accurate.  And so, that's what I think probably has a, you know, other than the Earth’s spin, rotational thing, obviously, but that can also be affected by pulse beam weapons.  These electromagnetic weapons being used on Earth.  From where?  From the Moon.  I've been warning for months from weapons on the Moon that they're targeting to use against us on Earth.

Moon Weapons – Lunar Pulse Beam Weapon

And when you break the sound barrier with these pulse beam weapons, it creates a loud BOOM.  It creates loud noises.  Do you remember the space shuttle?  Was it the Columbia?  Or the Challenger?  That was coming through and you heard a huge sonic BOOM and then the thing blew up. They showed this thing live on TV.  And I'm talking about the one that was reentering Earth, not the one the one carrying the teacher that was going up—not that one.  It was the one reentering Earth at the time, coming back from its mission, and it was blown up, pulverized, by a space beam weapon.  And, at the time, they were saying, "Oh, it was tiles, loose tiles on the space shuttle that caused it to blow up."  That was a bunch of hog wash.  It was a Russian space beam weapon. I exposed that from the Codes back when it happened—that it was a Russian space beam weapon that blew it up.  And that was the one thing that was associated with that—was the loud noises.  You hear these sonic BOOMs when space weapons are being used.  And so that's what I think was going on with the Arkansas thing.  Because they said there were loud noises.  These birds were traumatized.  And so, I think they were hit by these particle beam weapons, and I think that's what's also affecting the Earth’s rotational spin.  Is—because it's taking and absorbing so much of these particle beam attacks from the Moon.  And so, I think that's pretty much a combo right there, folks, of exactly what's really going on behind the scenes.

Black and Pale Horse Still On The Move And Close To Success

Now, you also have chemtrails, and poisons, and all these other things that are gonna kill animals.  And I told you, the Black and the Pale Horse are riding.  And, folks, they're not playing around.  They're not messing around.  They're gonna kill billions in a very short amount of time.  And so, you know?  Like I said there's not one explanation that's wrong.  It all just fits into the puzzle.  You know, because there’s more routes—there's more ways than one route to get the results that's gonna happen, the end result.  There's many ways to get the end result.  

We're gonna have famine on the Earth.  There's many ways that's happening.  The Black Horse uses many different routes to cause this famine to comes upon the whole world.  He doesn't just use one, and so not, you know, of all the theories—there’s truth in all of them, because they're all working together or working at the same time.  And that's what we're seeing with all these deaths.  The fish and the birds.  Just many, many, all these theories working together to be—have truth.

Moon Weapons – One Of Our Current Biggest Threats

But that's one of the biggest threats to mankind right now—is the weapons they have on the Moon that they're using against us.  And not necessarily little green aliens on the Moon, folks.  Babylon is popular on the Moon.  Babylon meaning the United States.  We have bases on the Moon.  We have bases on Mars.  So does Russia, probably Germans too.  We fight it out on other planets and star systems as we do here on Earth.  In fact, it's more civil here on Earth.  But I can tell you for a fact that I've seen in the Bible Codes that America has bases on the Moon and on Mars.  

The Factions Are Still Fighting For Control

And so it's not just little green aliens, we have different factions.  Different factions fighting for control of America.  And usually it takes place behind the scenes.  You have the Bush and the Clinton and the Rockefeller and the Rothschild faction up against the Obama faction, up against the alien and patriotic military factions, where you have “friendly aliens” that call themselves friendly aliens, working with retired and former military officers to dismantle and destroy the New World Order.  Just various different groups all fighting it out.  And you know this is black-ops.  You just don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes and how big an umbrella the black-ops is.  It covers all those groups fighting against each other.  

Who’s Behind The Moon Beam Weapons?

And so, you know.  Who’s controlling the weapons on the Moon right now?  Is it, you know, is it the US military, the military that hates America, that wants to destroy it?  Or the one that wants to protect it?  Who’s shooting pulse beam weapons at these portals and trying to kill all of these alien entities coming through?  You know, I guess you'd have to get that from Space Command or the Naval Command because they're really the ones that lead a lot of this space stuff—is the Naval Command.  They really split it up so nobody can say, "Oh, it's the Navy, it's the Air Force."  You know?  They have so many involved with it, and they all work together.  

But the funding usually comes through the Navy, and they fund everything and then hide behind everybody else.  And then put the Air Force and Military as the ones identified when it’s usually they're the ones behind it.  And so, you know, folks.  We've got towers that are miles high on the Moon that can shoot pulse beam weapons at the Earth and our—.  Wait 'till they start targeting people with hoses and tubes.  I mean, can you imagine a strong beam of light hitting Earth from the Moon and just sucking people up in it?  ‘Cause that can happen.  I don't know if they'll go to ships, or if they're just gonna go straight to the Moon.  I have no idea.  I don't know how it works.  I just know that I see it in the Codes.  And I know we need to destroy that thing.  We need to destroy these space-based weapons that are on the Moon.  Because they're pointing at us!  On Earth.  They want to destroy us on Earth.  Look at what they're doing to our rotational spin.  They've knocked us outta order.  Out of alignment.  They've knocked us off our axis.  

So these guys who think they can play God.  Change the weather as they want.  Ad like I said, everything plays together to produce a result.  Not just one route; there's very many.  So anyway, that's what I've been looking at, and things that are coming up.  And I've been seeing rabies coming up in the Codes again, and RFID chips, and forced vaccinations, poisons, and then you've got the appearance of UFO's which are, you know, they're daily.  So, you have to wonder if there's not a massive appearance of them coming soon, which I half-suspect by Spring, that we'll see some kind of massive visitation by them. 

What They’ve Been Revealing Through The V Series And Hollywood

And they—look at the last time they had the V series on and now they're starting the V series again.  And I haven't watched it because I can't stand soap opera stuff.  I don't know why all these Hollywood producers and directors ruin shows by throwing in personal drama.  Especially since—if I wanted to watch a soap opera, I'd watch soap operas in the afternoon.  I hate it when they ruin TV shows at night by putting personal drama soap opera crap in it.  And so, I stopped watching the V series because it got into all that stupid soap opera crap.  And you have to practically force yourself to watch it again because you want to see what info they‘re revealing, because usually what they are exposing is Truth.  You know, last year when I warned against the H1N1 shot and how they were contaminating them, sure enough, the V series came out with the whole thing about how the vaccinations were contaminated.  I mean they exposed the whole thing themselves.  So, what are they gonna admit this time around?  They have to reveal the truth.  They have to give you their plans and tell you what they are doing and who they are.  Lucky for them, everybody thinks its fiction.  Everything’s just entertainment in Hollywood.  Nobody believes them, and so, it will be interesting to see what they reveal this season.  But don't expect me to stay up on top of it because I just really can't stand soap opera crap.  I don't know why they just can't reveal info in hard-hitting drama's rather than turning them into slushy soap operas.  I hate love stories.  I hate all that stuff.  You can probably tell.  Just give me the facts, Jack.  I don't need a love story surrounding it.  I have no interest in this slush crap, so.  It's just the way it is folks.

Anyway, I should check the—should check—I can actually get in the chat room today.  So, if you have a question for me, you can throw it off in the chat room, and I’ll see it.

Do Not Get Suckered Into Taking Vaccinations – They Change Your DNA

Yeah.  How do you like that?  People—grocery stores exchanging free groceries if you get a vaccination, a flu shot.  Stay away from the flu shots, folks.  They just want to change your DNA.  And been screaming about that.  And if you’re new to this show, I have a website up: http://www.theywantyoudead.com/

Do Not Get Bullied Into Taking Vaccinations – They Can’t FORCE YOU To Do Anything

And, uh, hear from a lot of kids who are being forced by their parents and schools to get vaccinations.  They’re being told that, no vaccine, no school. No flu shot, no school.  Well that’s hogwash, folks, because when you challenge them on it, they’ll sit down and shut up.  Because they know that they can’t force you to have it.  Every state in this country gives you the ability to opt out of vaccinations and flu shots.  And so, no matter what state you’re from, you can take a religious exemption, or a medical, or a philosophical exemption.  You can stand up for yourself and refuse to give your child those vaccines and shots.  And the schools cannot keep you from entering without them. They just try to bully you and intimidate you into thinking that.  They repeat the standard line of what they’re told, and they don’t even question it themselves.  Because they gave it to their own kids.  They don’t spend 5 minutes of research on exactly what’s in these vaccine shots that they’re giving their kids.  And so, they started that in Ohio.  They were targeting Ohio.  7th and 8th grade girls.  Because they want them as sterile as possible, as soon as possible, and so they hide it with Whooping cough and everything else vaccines.  And basically what they’re trying to aim at now in the kids is sterilization. Making them sterile.  And so.  Anyway.

If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.  Let’s see what this caller has to say.

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Callers Cost Sherry Money When They Sit On The Line Before She Takes Callers

Yeah.  Some people think they just want to sit on my line, and, yeah.  Thanks for that $25.00 charge.  People want to sit on my line.  It costs me 25 bucks, ‘cause they can’t wait till the archive of the show is put up five minutes after the show ends.  So.  Anyway.

Winter Is Chill Time

I was looking at this—and I dunno if you’ve ever gone to this or not—it’s the Examiner site, and they tend to get a lot MUFON reports.  And interesting that they have Ohio listed on an Alert 5 rating.  Which I would have to agree with right now.  Because I’ve been saying for months it’s quiet here.  And, you know, in the Summer time, it’s a zoo.  I can go outside, my ten year old can go outside, and just pick out UFO ships and starships, and you can watch them fight and patrol the area and everything else.  And then come Winter time, it’s quiet.  You go outside.  You don’t see them with the snow clouds anyway.  And on a clear night, it’s basically just too cold to sit down and see what’s going on.  And so, you know, in the Winter months it’s kind of like chill.  Literally means chill, relax; not just chilling the air.  They just chill, ‘cause it’s quiet. There’s not a whole lot going on.  And so, I have to agree with that 5 rating for Ohio right now.  Because if I don’t—if it’s not a zoo above my house, I have a hard time believing it’s a zoo anywhere else because they always target this place.  But you’ll see it in other states right now, which normally don’t have half the activity Ohio does—which is Texas, which is usually one of the deadest states there is.  Probably because there’s too much of—too much like Hell for them.  But it’s cooler right now in Texas, so they can probably stand it.  So they have a lot of sightings in Texas right now, and in California, and Arizona, and in Florida. 

Numerous UFO Sightings Reported On The Examiner

But interesting; there was a report sent in—Cleveland security worker reports ‘lights spinning’ over head.  “A Cleveland, Ohio, witness working security in a downtown building took pictures of ‘lights spinning’ above the building on January 4, 2011.” [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/cleveland-security-worker-reports-lights-spinning-overhead] So, he got about, you know, 20 minutes of lights spinning above the building.  And to me, it looks like a triangular ship with lights on the bottom of ‘em through the photograph that they have posted.  And so.  You know, Lake Erie has a lot of activity because there’s bases under that lake.  Always a lot of UFO activity over Lake Erie. 

Another report of—Disc UFO low over Hobart, Indiana.  “An Indiana witness reports a low flying disc-shaped object while driving south along County Line Road near State Road 130 in Hobart.”  [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/disc-ufo-low-over-hobart-indiana]  Disc-shaped are aliens.  Triangle-shaped are military. 

And then we have—An unusual airplane ejects star-like objects.  This is from Tuscan, Arizona.  “A pilot visiting Tucson, Arizona, is having a hard time identifying what first appeared to be an airplane that ejected two ‘star-like objects’ that then moved away in a controlled and intelligent manner above Tanque Verdie Road.”[http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/unusual-airplane-ejects-star-like-objects] So, you have a UFO ejecting two, star-like objects out of it, which then act like they’re remote-controlled.  Hmm.  “Star-like.”  That’s—they always like to mask as stars.  You know, just go outside and look at all the stars in the heavens, and then look at the ones that actually look yellow, or look at the ones that move.  They’ll start to move.  Or you’ll start to see different lights on them.  But then they always mask as white stars in the sky, and when you stare at them long enough, you start to notice the differences between the starships and the real stars.  So.

More reportings.  Maryland drivers stop to watch “square” UFO overhead.  A diamond-shaped object “150 feet long slowly moving about 1,000 feet lower than normal.”  [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/maryland-drivers-stop-to-watch-square-ufo-overhead]

“Fluid” orbs, flashing lights reported over San Francisco. [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/fluid-orbs-flashing-lights-reported-over-san-francisco]

“Circular” light in cloud seen moving around California sky.  [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/circular-light-cloud-seen-moving-around-california-sky]  They use clouds as cover. 

So, just all over the country.  And these are the cases that are reported to MUFON.  I  mean, just think of how many aren’t.

National UFO Alert Rating: California, Florida, and Texas move to Alert 3 status. [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/national-ufo-alert-rating-california-florida-texas-move-to-alert-3-status]  The highest reporting states during the month of December 2010.  And that’s if you even bother to report anything to MUFON. 

Indiana Motorists pull over after spotting triangle UFO. [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/indiana-motorists-pull-over-after-spotting-triangle-ufo] Sounds military. And then there’s that Air Force base right there at the northern part of Indiana. So, really no surprise.  You know, Indiana is kind of sandwiched in.  You’ve got Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio right off the border, and then you’ve got their own Air Force bases in northern Indiana.  And so.  Kind of sandwiched around the Air Force bases.  And people who are located in general vicinity areas of Air Force bases are the ones who report the most UFO sightings because they’re testing their aircrafts, folks.  They test their aircrafts at night.  So, I wouldn’t get all “Oohh, is it aliens?”  Because if—especially if you’re in an Air Force vicinity—probably just testing their own aircrafts. 

Upgraded Orbs – A New Weapon

And these orbs.  I’ve warned you about these orbs.  They are not your friends, folks.  These orb lights can literally just suck the life out of you.  They can kill you.  They can just suck all of the energy out of you, and you’re dead the next day with a stroke or a heart attack or something.  And so.  Not just always the spy-bots that we’ve come to know them as.  They’ve taken on a whole new different agenda.  Can be used for various things.  They can be used as carriers.  People have reported seeing aliens or military people stepping out of orbs.  And so, they’re kind of used as carriers.  Also used as spy-bots disguised as orbs.  Go in with little cameras, and, you know, reconnaissance missions.  They can use the orbs for reconnaissance and spying.  And now, upgrading to the fact that they can suck the life force out of energy and kill people.  Literally just kill people.  And so.  Another weapon being used against us. 

More UFO Sighting Reports

Cigar UFO follows orange spheres over Florida. [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/two] And the cigar UFOs are—they’re usually the Watchers.  Sananda can travel around in a huge star, star-shaped UFO.  And so.  Different factions using those.

[Three UFO lights reported from different states.]  “Witnesses in Kansas and Missouri seem to be describing the same object—or objects—when three lights were reported in both cases that occurred on December 21st.” [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/three-ufo-lights-reported-from-two-states]

Slow moving Pennsylvania UFO under 600 feet. “A Pennsylvania witness watched a slow moving object under 600 feet that silently crossed the sky with ‘four large, bright white lights and two blinking lights’.” [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/slow-moving-pennsylvania-ufo-under-600-feet]  And so, lots of stuff.

North Dakota witness reports UFO under 500 feet. “A North Dakota witness reports that a silent object ‘300 to 500 feet’ away cast a blue-white light through a living room window and then moved away at a high rate of speed.” [http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national/north-dakota-witness-reports-ufo-under-500-feet]  Huh.  So, just giving you a shout-out from the sky by grabbing your attention.  Shining a beam through a window?  What’s that about?  I’ve heard about satellite weapons coming through your windows.  And the way you stop those is by using mylar blankets.  If you start seeing white lights or any kind of lights coming through your windows, folks, put up the mylar blankets.  It’s time for mylar.  And you can get ‘em at Amazon.com for like, I dunno, 10 bucks for like 12 of ‘em.  And so.  Gotta help protect the lights—the beam lights from coming in and frying you to death.  Especially if you wake up in the morning and feel like a fried chicken.  You’re being targeted at night while you’re sleeping with their satellite tech beam weapons. Get the mylar out.  So. 

Anyway. I’m gonna check and see what callers are up to. 

Shout Out And Thank You From A Caller

Hello, caller, you’re on the air. [speaks to self in background] Hello, caller, you’re on the air. 

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Caller: Hello?

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Caller: Hi, this is Debora.  I am—I really didn’t think I’d get a hold of you.  I’ve been listening to you for years, and I wanted to thank you. 

Sherry: Oh.  Well, thanks for calling in. 

Caller: Um.  And tell Angie I said, “Hi.”  But I have been making the batons and the pucks, and I’ve been putting them in my bedroom window.  And I wanted to make sure that, because of the beam, would it still hit the Moon at night and the Sun during the day.

Sherry: They need to be outside if you want to target the outside. 

Caller: Okay.  Okay.

Sherry: You need to have ‘em outside.

Caller:  Alright.  Okay.  I decided I wanted to call you for the first time.  I love Angie.  She’s a wonderful woman. 

Sherry: [laughs]

Caller: And um.  She is.  She’s wonderful. And I love the, maybe for your listeners, the coconut oil.  The virgin coconut oil?  Organic?

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Caller:  It’s wonderful.  It’s wonderful.  And—but anyways.  I know that you’re a busy woman, so I’ll let ya go. 

Sherry: Where are you calling from?

Caller: Actually, Arizona.  But I’m originally from Michigan. 

Sherry: Okay.  Arizona.  I didn’t recognize the area code at all.

Caller: No, well, that’s because I do the long distance.  I get Quad that basically allows me to get long distance for real cheap.  So it comes up as a different number.

Sherry: Oh, well I have a free 1-800 number.  Did you call my 1-800 number? 

Caller: Yes, I did, but it still charges me.  But it’s okay.

Sherry: Oh…

Caller: I don’t mind.  You did a wonderful job, and I pray for you every day. 

Sherry: Oh, well that’s awesome.  Thank you so much.

Caller: Take care!

Sherry: Thanks for calling in. Buh-bye.

Caller:  Bye.

[call ends]

Pipes And Blasters – Point ‘Em At The Sun

Yeah, folks.  If you’ve got batons, and even orgone—I put them in the windows.  The Sun recharges them; put it that way.  But, if you want them to be effective and hit the Moon and the Sun and the spaceships in the skies, put them outside at night.  You know, I have a grill outside at night, and I lean my pipe against it so that it points straight up in the eastern skies.  And so, when the Sun rises in the southeast in the morning, it’s got all—it’s got a huge blast of orgone from my—from me.  It’s my little help in the east, pointing in the east.  And so. 

Pipes And Blasters – Point ‘Em At The Moon

Also, to target the Moon.  Try to target the Moon at night with your pipes, folks, because I don’t see any other way of combating these weapons.  But.  Think of who’s controlling the weapons.  If we’ve got aliens working with humans—and I do see the aliens behind these weapons—and we do know that they’re probably soul-scalped humans that are working with them as, you know, posing as military.  They’re military, but they’re soul-scalped; you know what I’m talking about.  If we take them out, they can’t operate the weapons that are on the Moon.  And so.  The only thing I can think of at this point is getting the orgone at them.  And so.  Targeting the Moon, and the air as much as possible if you can’t see the Moon.  Just get pipes and orgone out so that it’s saturating the air, so that it does eventually affect those who are living on the Moon and operating those weapons against us.  You know? 

Even Ungrounded, The Wicked Cannot Escape Yah’s Orgone Because It Saturates the Earth They Inhabit, The Water They Drink, And The Air They Breathe

Even if they go underground—because we know the Moon’s hollow, all the planets are hollow, the Earth is hollow.  Everybody’s got cities and civilizations in the centers of the planets and the moons, and you know.  It’s just the way it is.—the air comes from above.  The water comes from above.  And so, slowly, over time, the orgone will affect everything.  It’ll get in everything.  And it’s good for us because orgone’s a life, life-giving, healing energy.  But it’s bad for them because they like negative dead stuff.  And so. They feed off of that.  That’s what gives them power.  And to come into contact with life, with a good, life, positive energy burns ‘em, destroys ‘em, kills ‘em.  If it gets into their water, it’s like a poison to them.  If you can get the air saturated enough with orgone, it will rain orgone back down on the Earth.  Good place to put the orgone is in the water, because at night the Moon reflects off of water, and so, it’s going to be attracted to the Moon through the water.  Just various ways, folks. 

No Matter How Terrible And Crazy It Gets, Keep Getting Orgone Out!

And so. The most important thing is that, no matter how crazy it gets, and no matter how much things change for us, whether the Earth’s spinning or wobbling or ready to fall over, just keep the orgone going.  Keep making the orgone.  Keep getting it out.  Because that is our only and major defense—not our “only” defense, but our major defense against them.  It destroys them. 

So, no matter how many plans they have, and no matter what the results are—and we’re going to see a lot of deaths, folks.  Not just fish and birds.  We’re gonna see people dying by the hundreds of thousands because of the pestilence that are coming out—these synthetic life forms.  Not just taking over water, but taking over animals and people and, you know, everything we touch.  And so, we’ve got this whole Corexit synthetic life form problem blooming out of control.  Or will be blooming out of control.  We’ve got famines coming.  We’ve got the Pale and the Black Horses riding.  Economic crash coming eventually.  Right now we’ve got high prices skyrocket—food prices skyrocketing.  And they are gonna skyrocket, coupled with droughts and famines this year. 

This Year Will Be A Year Of Want And Need – The Poor And Elderly Will Be Hit First

And the people that don’t have money—the Lord said it will be a year of “want.”  People that just need to have food and shelter to survive…that scares me more than anything.  I would of rather heard, you know, it’s gonna be wars and whatever, instead of “want,” because that really just affects people on every level.  Which means nobody’s—so many people just not living in a comfort zone anymore.  And when you’ve got a population percentage around the world of, you know, 90 percent or so who are living check to check, paycheck to paycheck, and on average, 3 days food in their fridges and cabinets, um, you know.  And employment benefits running out.  Medicaid running out.  When the Lord told me it would hit the poor and the elderly first, what came to mind is Medicaid and social security and welfare, because most of the poor being on welfare.  Those—the unemployed being on welfare.  And all of the older citizens are on social security.  So, imagine all the payments just being cut.  Just poof, cut.  Gonna put a lot of people in want at that point.  Want.  Need.  Need.

And so, just a lot of things coming up this year, folks. But no matter how bad it gets, and no matter what happens, just keep getting the orgone out.  Because it kills them.  It kills them. And you know what?  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Because long after we’re gone?  People are going to still be getting them.  You know?  And no matter if they want to call Martial Law and start rounding people up and, or whatever.  You know.  It’s—we might be long gone, but that orgone will keep pumping out orgone, that ether energy.  And so.  You know, the Last Days are a time of removing the wicked off the Earth, not the righteous.  The Lord will have the last laugh, folks. 

Anyway.  I’ll be back on Monday 10 o’clock.  If you have a question—let me check the chat room before I log off here.  If you, if you’re in the chat room right now, and you have a question, you can post it right now, and I’ll answer it.  A little lively there.  37 people in the chat room today.  And so, uh, very different.  Getting a lot more people to wake up. 

Watch Your Walks With Him, Folks – This Year Is Judgment or Repentance With Him

Watch your walks, people.  You know, the Lord said this year, His message would be repentance or judgment.  And so.  If you don’t want to be affected by the things that are coming, then get right with God.  Be filled with His Holy Spirit and His righteousness within you.  And darkness can’t dwell on you.  And so.  Start building your relationships with the Most High.  Seek Him.  Because only He can protect you. His righteousness, His presence within you can protect you from these plans of the evil and the wicked, the soul-scalped humans.  And I’ll talk about that more on Monday night now they do it.  And they do it, folks.  This isn’t conspiracy.  This isn’t fiction.  They do it.   And so, you know.  Repentance or judgment, folks. 

Cast Away Your Idols, Lest You Fall Into Sin And Put Them Before Him

Get rid of your idols.  Get rid of, you know—so many people put everything before Him.  Their TVs, their boats, their jets, their whatevers.  The cares of this world they’ve always put before Him.  He’s this, you know, they go to church one day a week and then the other 6 they live for themselves.  And they don’t even realize that all these things they don’t think about, they think, they’re mindless—radio, music, TV—all these things can become idols.  Anything that you put between you and Him becomes your idol.  If you spend more time watching TV than doing or spending any time with Him, then TV is your idol.  Your CD player’s your idol.  Your computer becomes your idol.  And so.  Seek Him, folks.  Spend time with Him daily. 

Be Spiritually Ready By Developing And Growing In A Relationship With Him

And, you know what?  The only way you’re going to get through a lot of these things that are coming is being spiritually ready as well as physically ready.  And it takes a while to build up your relationship in your spirit with Him.  It takes a while.  It’s not something you just do overnight.  And that’s why they come after us.  Because we’re the ones not affected.  You know?  It’s like, Satan’s war is against the Lord’s saints.  Because while all their own are affected all over the Earth, the Lord’s people aren’t.  That’s why they throw us—come after us to throw us in extermination camps and FEMA camps.  Think about it. 

Anyway.  ‘Till next week, everybody.  I’ll see ya on Monday night.

Yah Bless. 


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