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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 10, 2011

According to the Bible Codes, Everything Seems to Be Coming at Once

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, January 10, 2011. Tomorrow's the big 1-1-1-2011. I don't know if that has occultic significance. It's a lot of zeroes and ones. Kind of stuff they like. Bunch of wicked morons.

You know what? It is getting bombarding. I'm very seldom overwhelmed. Well...retrace that. I'm always overwhelmed with things to do. What I'm unusually overwhelmed with is the stuff in the Bible Codes. Usually it's stuff I see over, and over, and over again. Delays, dominant times...routes. I'm usually familiar with quite a bit of it.

Well, now, it's almost like, boom, everything's coming at once. And what I've warned about is what I'm seeing in the Codes. Everything at once. Very hard to pick out and distinguish what's going on where. I'm just having a real hard time with them, and so. I've just been asking Yah more and more for clearer direction because I've always warned that once things start to hit it's gonna be a bathtub effect. And so, trying to get a timeline on things is what I'm usually after.

When I Don't See the Aliens in the Codes, the NWO Faction is Picking Up

We know most of the routes. I've been talking about routes for years. You know, the ways their gonna come. The different plans, the different attacks. So, recognizing new routes or, you know, recognizing old ones isn't gonna be a big deal, I don't think, to most people. Whether they come exactly how you expected it or not. Because they want to take us by surprise. It's the whole thing with them. They like the element of surprise. And so, some of the things don't change. And what I'm seeing is when I don't see "them" in the Codes, which is pretty much the alien agenda, it gets quiet. And that's usually when the New World Order factions pick up. Like right now, you know, January, February basically pretty quiet. What you'll see is the New World Order faction picking up, and so.

Everybody talking about this latest shooting in Arizona. I really wasn't gonna talk about that tonight, but I'm gonna shoot over to that, because I picked up something interesting on it that I doubt everybody else has. Because I've been reading the same stuff on the Internet that everybody else has about why they think she was shot. And so, this is a different take on it. And it fit more in line of what I'm seeing coming, because, you know, nothing's wrong. I haven't read anything yet on the Internet that would be wrong.

Was Phosgene Gas the Reason for the Scientist's Murder and Birds Falling from the Sky?

You know, the scientist [John P. Wheeler III] was killed, he was gonna warn they were putting phosgene [poisonous gas] in spraying that. You know, they've been spraying chemicals in the air for years. I mean, I even see where they're targeting certain people with lysin, and lysin will deplete red blood cells so that it weakens your immune system. And they'll specifically target people's houses with that and dump it on them. And so, if you go outside and you smell hay -- or, not hay. Is lysin hay? No, that's phosgene. If you go out -- I forget what it smells like. But if you smell phosgene, phosgene gas smells like hay and fresh-cut grass. I can't remember what the lysin smells like. But they target you with different chemicals.

So, yeah, they could've sprayed all at one time around the world, killed a bunch of birds and fish all within a night. That's possible because they have UFOs everywhere...drones. The alien agenda runs on top of the military agenda. We don't just have our Air Force, our Navy out there spraying chemtrails. We also have alien drones doing it. And so, it's like a two-whammy attack, folks. And if you have orgone in your area, saturating your area then chemtrails can't stick. And that's what really ticks them off. And so, we have to keep doing that. Remember what I said, no matter what happens, just keep getting the orgone out there because it's what's destroying them, it's what prevents their destruction [of us]. And this whole year is about destruction. It's just about destroying everything.

Why Shoot Giffords, the Wife of an Astronaut? To Shut Her or Her Husband Up?

Anyway, back to the space thing, or, what I'm getting into. [laughs] This Representative Gabrielle Gifford that was shot in Arizona, she was the first woman to ever be assigned to the space board. And her husband is not only an astronaut, he has a twin brother who is on the International Space Station right now. And so, interesting that she gets shot. And, maybe it was to keep her quiet. Maybe it was to keep her husband quiet. To threaten him, to scare him. Her husband is supposedly commanding the last shuttle flight. And this is considered the last shuttle, flight, folks. And his mission is to deliver micrometeor debris shields to the space station to try to strengthen up defenses of the space station, because of anticipated debris of rocks that are coming in from Planet X. And so, you know, there's a lot of theories on that one. Maybe he was starting to talk. Maybe he was gonna blow the whistle on the incoming Planet X and how it's affecting NASA and our space program, which is just a farce because the real one in Pine Gap in Australia.

If you look at the shooter, himself, it's a typical false flag. He's got the Lee middle name. Probably just implanted. He talks about being mind-controlled and brainwashed. Tim McVeigh talked about being chip-implanted. How much more do people need? He's just another MKULTRA chip-implanted controlled guy. And they're using him for everything they can use. They're using him to, you know, bash conservatives, bash the Tea Party movement, bash the right-wingers. You know, whenever they pull out a false flag, they want to get as much out of it as possible. They'll start pulling out antigun legislation, freedom of speech legislation, curtailing that. Whatever they can get out of it, they're gonna squeeze it. They're gonna squeeze it. They're gonna squeeze it as much as possible.

But very interesting that you've got a government MKULTRA program boy, CIA-brainwashed, mind-controlled to shoot the wife of an astronaut. OK? So, it's all false-flag, folks. They're doing it within themselves. To send a message, to shut her up, to scare her husband, whatever reason. You don't get on the space board in Congress unless you're probably soul-scalped, and so. Who knows? You know, the security clearance she would have to get on that, you can't even begin to imagine what she's involved with, even if she is playing conservative right-winger. You can't even become above the rank of a colonel in the military if you're not involved with Satanism. So what do you have to be involved in to get on the space board in Congress? I mean, wow.

Illuminati Occultic Connection with People Killed in Arizona

And you can't tell me this is all a fluke. That a nice patriot American got on there because that doesn't happen in politics. It hasn't happened in politics in twenty to thirty years. You have to be of the Illuminati bloodline, or soul-scalped. And also, if you look at the six-year-old kid that was shot, this girl, already Illuminati, already set up to be a Indigo child, a hybrid, just the way it was describing her in a article as very smart, very brilliant, born on 9/11 in 2001. Do you start getting number connections here? Six people dead, one person injured. That's the official report they sent out, but we also know it's a lot higher than injured, but they wanted those specific number out, and so. The biggest number they're focusing on was that there was six people killed, the child that died is six-years-old [news reports say 9-years-old], and one was injured. I don't know if that has any effect or not. But just a lot of stuff going on with the whole story of this girl, and so.

You know. Pull occultic numbers together and say, "OK, what are they coding out to everybody?" 'Cause everything they do -- and they do it by numbers -- is some kind of code. You put it all together if you're an occultist and it's always in code. But like I said, there's always more than one route to something happening. More pieces to the puzzle, and so.

NASA Grounds Shuttle Program in Anticipation of Coming Asteroid Destruction

Just very interesting that her husband has a twin. He's on the space station. Her husband's the shuttle astronaut that's going to fly the last shuttle, because they're getting ready to ground -- they're going to be grounding the whole shuttle system. And this is in anticipation of some of NASA's facilities that are just that are just gonna get probably submerged under the sea with the coming roaring of the waves when the asteroid hits. And so [laughs], they're watching for Planet X coming in. Probably gonna see an asteroid hitting our earth before we see Planet X. And it is coming in, folks. This could very well be the year. Now, if you've been listening to my show every year I go through the rigamarole of warning about May, June and July. Because these are the dominant months of a comet or asteroid hitting the earth and, you know, if you read the Bible description, a mountain. Sounds more like a asteroid to me, and so. I've always stated that an asteroid's going to hit first, and then Wormwood will hit; the comet will hit, and so. May, June and July. Actually, May and July are the most dominant months. But you know what? A Hebrew July can start in the middle of June, and so, you just never know a timing.

Terms "Red" and "Reddening" in the Codes Associated with Planet X

And some of these people that said that they had a vision of a alien invasion and they were looking at fireworks -- you know what? It didn't happen on New Year's Eve, could happen on July 4th. You know, we've got two holidays here every year with the fireworks significance, and so. Not even so much New Year's Eve unless you're in one of the party places like Times Square [in New York] or [Las] Vegas. So, very well July 4th could be a date.

Also in May with PX coming in. Now you notice with PX coming in -- and I keep seeing in the Codes the term "red" and "reddening." And reddening is just everywhere. And I can't figure out for the life of me what is reddening, because it's not giving me anything specific. You just see the term reddening everywhere. I don't know if it's this planet. I mean, Planet X, 'cause we know Planet X is a red planet. Maybe it's something else in the sky that's gonna start reddening. Maybe the moon, maybe the sun. I don't know. But something's definitely reddening, becoming very dominant for this year.

Planet X's Approach Is Draining the Sun's Energy

But before Planet X even hits, folks, it's coming in with such a bang. Right now it's draining the sun's energy. It's pulling on the sun. And that's what's causing such archaic cold weather all over the earth right now, is because the sun's energy is being drained by this planet that's coming in. It's pulling the energy out of it. And so, it's pulling the earth, it's making the earth wobble. And I've talked about how the earth's wobbling.

Term "Shower" in the Codes Correlates to Revelation 8

It's also bringing a huge debris field with it. And as it comes in closer to Earth, it's gonna bring this debris with it. And interestingly enough, in the Codes I keep seeing the term "shower." And I'm thinking, "OK, what's getting showered?" [laughs] "What's getting showered? Where is it happening? Am I seeing anything more specific here with it?"

But I take the reading in Revelation, chapter 8 will tell you exactly what that shower is. It totally fits in with Planet X coming in, is a shower of hail mixed with blood and fire, and so. And it destroys a third of the earth's trees and grass. And so, this shower alone -- and I'll give you a timetable -- OK, let me back up a little bit -- of where we're at. Because I know everybody always asks me, "Where are we?" [laughs] And I try to keep you up to date on that as much as possible. All right. Right now, we're in the plagues, and pestilences and famine. They're both working together. All of this -- the birds dying, the fish dying, the bees dying -- all fits in with the black horse agenda to create a famine on Earth.

Famine Looking Big for This Fall, with a Drought in the Summer

And he's gonna start spoofing it up, increasing it, speeding it up. We're already seeing reports of food prices taking a hike and gonna soar. And, I've warned you that famine is definitely looking big for this fall, with a drought in the summer. You know, the Lord said there would be floods in some places and droughts in others. An early drought, a really hot summer, and boom! We're gonna have a famine in the fall, folks. And so, I could pretty much tell you, you know, the way it looks could really be this year.

Even with chilling, because you see them chilling the air all the time because the orgone's burning them. They call it global warming. Actually, it's orgone saturating the earth. It's burning them. It doesn't burn us, it burns them. And so, they're trying to chill the air so it doesn't burn them. And so, we could actually have a very cold summer. Either cold or hot. Either way, food not being able to be produced, because the black horse is a saboteur. He's gonna sabotage food supplies, any kind of food that we make. Legislation...try to curtail people from being able to plant their own gardens or sell their own fruit and produce. His whole job is sabotaging food. And so, we've got him riding with the pale horse right now.

Kids in Maryland Courthouse Forced to Get Vaccines While Parents Threatened with Guns

And the pale horse has been riding, and, you know, he's been working through Obama, pushing vaccinations that are pure chemical poison on the population. That's one of the most dominant things I keep seeing is chemicals, and the vaccination, and poison. Because that's how they want to control the world is by poison it. Ends up hurting, maiming, killing. Chip-implanting everybody who gets a shot, in these chemicals, and so. These two are riding together so expect that. More flu scares, more "oh, you have to get this vaccination, and you have to get it now." I was reading about Maryland where they had kids in a courthouse and police there with guns to keep the parents from stopping their kids from being forced to get vaccinations. This is gonna happen. And they're being bold about it because they just want to advance their agenda. They're tired of playing-by-the-rules kind of government. Play by the rules? Play by the Constitution? No, it means nothing to them. They want to advance their agenda, so they're gonna do it by gunpoint if they have to. Now, they'll disregard the Constitution. They don't care what you think, they don't care what you say. So it's time to, you know, be able to defend yourselves, folks, against a tyrannist government which is what we have.

So this is gonna continue on. The push for vaccines, the push for flu shots, the endless false flags of "oh, there's a pandemic coming." And there is a pandemic coming, but they're made by them, they're created by them so everybody will go get a vaccination and flu shot. So we're gonna continue with that. That's not ever gonna let up. That's just gonna get worse and worse and worse. Also with the famine.

Worldwide Earthquake, Shower of Hail Mixed with Blood, Asteroid, and Comet Hitting

There's gonna be a worldwide earthquake coming up. And after this earthquake there's gonna be a huge -- now this is all effects of Planet X coming in, no doubt. A worldwide earthquake and then a shower of hail and fire mixed with blood. And then a asteroid is going to hit the sea. I don't know which sea. But it's gonna hit the sea. And then after that Wormwood falls. And, right after Wormwood falls -- so we're gonna have a asteroid hit, and then, boom, a comet hit, because Wormwood is described as a lamp, and that's a comet. OK? The asteroid's described as a mountain. And if you look in the Bible Codes -- well, I'll look in the Bible Codes, you can just listen to me -- an asteroid is a starlike planet. And so, it's not like some big, huge rock (well, it is) coming towards us, but it looks like a star. It's actually gonna look like a star, a literal star, falling out of heaven, hitting one of our oceans. OK? Now remember the Lord said that this year the waves would soar. And so, we're gonna see a raging of the oceans caused by this asteroid all around the world. And it looks like a star. Now, what it is...it really is a planet, so it's a big rock. It's just very brilliantly lit, so it looks like a star.

And it's another one of these -- I've told you that these comets and these asteroids, they're all hollowed-out habitations of aliens inside of them, and so. You know, you look at a lot of the stars in the sky at night, and they're not just these gaseous stars like the sun like astronomers want you to think. A lot of them are alien starships. And a lot of them are just hollowed-out rocks. And they have literal cities inside of these things. If you've been watching V, that's what they're like. That's what I see in the Codes. These things -- they have metropolises inside these things. Huge cities. And they have temples for Satan, or whatever Ascended Master they're following, and they're gods. That's what they're like, and so.

Sun, Moon, and Stars All Dimmed to a Third

The asteroid comes, it looks like a star, it's gonna hit the ocean. Then a comet hits, which looks like a lamp. And then...then a third part of the light -- and this is what they've been trying to accomplish all this time with chemtrails, is dimming the light in the atmosphere. Because they need it darker here. They can't coexist with us on Earth in, you know, brilliant sunlight that we enjoy during the day. They hide during the day. They're like vampires, they don't like the sun. But what happens is a third part of light is diminished. The sun, moon and stars are all dimmed to a third. A third part of it's diminished. So what you'll see now is probably...let's see...the brightest time of the day is probably noon to 4 o'clock when the sun is directly overhead. And then it starts to get dim about 5, 6 o'clock. I'm talking about the average summer night here...in Ohio anyway. Probably an hour like right before sunset. You're looking at the brightest time of the day being right before sunset, probably. That's how diminished it's going to get. OK? Maybe not that bad, but I'm not a scientist here. [laughs] Just...OK, or even before noon. Maybe like a 10 o'clock in the morning brightness. I don't know. A third of it is gonna be diminished. So we're gonna lose our atmosphere, our entire atmosphere during the day and night. During the day it's gonna be a lot dimmer. Maybe look like an overcast day. And at night it's gonna be a lot darker, and so.

Alien Invasion Coming Right After Earth's Atmosphere Is Dimmed

These are just some of the things that are coming because as soon as you see these things happening there's an alien invasion right after all of a sudden the earth's atmosphere is dimmed by a third. The earth's atmosphere. There will be an alien invasion. They'll start then. We'll start seeing different alien invasions that I've been talking about over the last umpteen years, and so. Yeah, you can read this Revelation, chapter 6, Revelation, chapter 8, folks. It's all in the Bible. And trying to find timeline dates in the Codes on this. You know, I'm looking at this year and, as usual, the dominant months are always the same for every year. Because I can't give you years for when things will happen. The Lord doesn't live in linear time. But I can give you roundabout months. And March is a dominant month. May is a dominant month. July. September is a dominant month for their arrival and for their fake rapture on Earth where they go around and try to pick up their little lightworkers off the earth. [laughs] Make it look like they're gods and they're rapturing their people off the earth. September's always dominant for that one. Always. Sananda, he'll be here in September.

Maitreya Is So Mad That I've Trashed His Name

Now Maitreya, he could come earlier than Sananda. I've always kind of expected Maitreya to be here a little bit earlier. Maybe they'll switch it up. Maybe they'll change it up. Maybe Sananda will come first, and then Maitreya will come. He's so mad that I've trashed his name. And, I, you know, haven't trashed his name, I've just exposed what he is, who he is. I guess that's a better way of saying it. I've exposed him. And so, everybody knows that he's just a no-good pretender with a egg head coming to play God. He's gonna -- Iran's gonna embrace him as the 12th Imam. And, he's the one to watch for, folks. He's the one to watch for. Him and Sananda.

Sananda Will Fool Christians, Maitreya Will Fool Muslims

And so, Sananda's gonna fool the Christians. Sananda's gonna walk around barefoot, maybe take a tour around Jerusalem and Israel. He's really gonna try to fool the Christians. And he's gonna wear that robe attire with no sandals. He's gonna be barefoot. Says in the Bible Codes. And he's gonna play the part of Jesus. Christians look at him and they're gonna think, "Oh, that's Jesus of the Bible!" And so, don't be fooled by it, folks. It's just all charades. And he'll probably have Eve with him, and she goes by the name Lady Nada, N-a-d-a, for the New Agers who are familiar with Lady Nada. Of course, she's gonna come as Mary, though. She's gonna come as, you know, Jesus' mother.

And so, you're gonna have Sananda and Jesus' mother to appease the Christian crowd. Maitreya to appease the Islam. And then you're gonna have the others. Saint Germaine, comes. He's gonna run the global economics and try to fix all the messes we're in, and, you know, blah-blah-blah, it never ends. And so, there's gonna be like twelve of them. There could be like ten to twelve of these Ascended Masters coming.

But the ones you need to be the most concerned about are the top two, Sananda and Maitreya, which, you know, they'd probably laugh thinking, "What are you talking about, the top two?" They hate each other. But it's funny that when they come to earth they all have to work together, and so. Just kind of thrown here on Earth together and they have to make do with what they have because we've taken so many of their routes away that they have, you know, they have big plans. But when they start to arrive on Earth and they're all crashing and dying, you know, mankind isn't as accepting of them as they thought we would be, they have to hurry up, backtrack, and replan. And I'm telling you what their replans are gonna be because they're just too dominant.

Expect the Unexpected when It Comes to Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

So this is what we have coming, folks. More flu scares, the famine, a worldwide earthquake, the shower of hailstones with fire, an asteroid, a comet, then the sunlight is dimmed. And then, boom! Boom! They come. Here comes the alien invasions, Joel 2 invasion. You know what? The Lord's always told me expect the unexpected. That things weren't going to happen the way we expect that they're gonna happen. I mean, if you're a churchgoing person, especially Baptist, you have a timeline in your own mind, "Well, no, no, no, no. Let's go to Ezekiel 38. The Russians and the Chinese march on Israel. There's a war in Israel before the tribulation even begins. And then they're gonna rebuild the temple in Israel. And then we can worry about -- the rapture's coming. Don't have to worry about anything. The rapture's coming." This is what religion teaches you. I know. I was a Baptist for 40 years. Never agree with half the stuff. But, you know, the rapture teaching, throw it out. And, the whole Ezekiel 38 war, that's out of timeline. You need to put that war at the end of the thousand-year millenial reign in Revelation, chapter 21, 22, where it belongs. Because when the Lord releases -- OK, let's jump ahead to the 1000-year millenial reign, and Satan's been bound and cast into the abyss. And we go through 1000-year millenial reign, and then Satan's unleashed for a little while. And he gathers up an army to march against Israel. Now THAT'S your Ezekiel 38 war, folks. Right there. The end of the 1000-year millenial reign.

If You Prefer to Think That We Have Lots of Time, You'll Be Caught Unprepared

And so, I, you know, I love how people always take everything out of context. You can't tell them different, they won't listen. A few people have gotten it right. A few people have. And so, don't hold your breath waiting on a war and get into a comfort zone thinking there's gonna be a war in Israel before all this other bad stuff happens and there's gonna be a rapture before the bad stuff happens. Because there's gonna be a lot of bad stuff happening really soon, really quick, and you're gonna be caught unprepared. And so, now is the chance, the time, to get prepared because how are you gonna prepare in the summer time, or especially this fall, if you have no money, no jobs, you've lost your home because of one of many of the disasters that are coming, or the stores simply aren't even open to buy anything. You know, the Lord said this was a year of want and need. And what He means is just mere survival. Just mere survival supplies. Food, shelter. There's gonna be a lot of destruction. And destruction isn't always, you know, something big like a nuclear war hitting somewhere. Destruction can be the degradation of your economy, your society. People losing everything that they have. Losing their jobs, losing their homes. Stores being closed, and we're seeing plenty of that here in America. So, it's gonna get worse, and a lot worse, and so.

Imbalance of Magnetosphere Will Probably Cause Aliens to Lose Their Cloaking

Trying to give you a timeline. You know, we're gonna see more and more spaceships in the skies, visible. They're there. They're not going anywhere. The dimensions are still closing and merging. And, interesting that as the earth's magnetosphere is really off balance right now, and what this does, too, is this is gonna cause probably what we refer to as the veil lifting. Because somehow the earth's magnetosphere plays into all these aliens that are posing as humans here on Earth. It allows them to hold their shape as humans. But with the magnetosphere being messed up they're gonna lose their ability to cloak as humans. And so, we're gonna see They Live in real time. If you haven't seen the movie, They Live, it's just like all of a sudden all of the aliens are exposed on earth and they're revealed for what they are. People go into a panic and a shock. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Lwlx3GnLGs] Yeah. That's what's gonna happen here because you're gonna see that everything that I've been talking about for ten years is, boom, right there in your face. Your news reporters are aliens, your religious leaders on the religious channels are aliens. White House, Congress, they're all aliens. Everybody's gonna lose their ability to hold their human form, and so. And you're gonna start seeing it more and more with the earth's magnetosphere being messed up, and so. Very interesting.

This Year, Frankly, Is 2012, in Hebrew Time

All this stuff's kind of just gonna happen at once. I mean, you're gonna get bites at a time, and so. We don't have a whole lot of time to, you know. We're so used to things happening so slowly that to make up for time that when the events start happening, they're gonna happen very quickly. Because no matter how long something is delayed from happening, eventually you have to make it up in the timeline. Because there's only so much time allotted here. And so, I'm not talking about December 21, 2012. I'm just talking about in general. Because this year, frankly, is 2012. This year is 2012. Gregorian calendar's back a year. And so, they may want you to go to sleep and think, "Oh, you've got another year. Just go back to sleep, go back to your couches, pick up your remotes, get busy watching something stupid on TV. They don't want you paying attention to what's actually going on while they're all freaking out because they know Planet X very well make a huge entrance into our scene, our skies, this spring, this summer. And when it does, it's bringing a lot of chaos and destruction with it. Uh, yeah. An asteroid and a comet. Doesn't get much better than that. And also by its mere presence here it's going to block a third of the light that we get from the sun. And so, this planet's gotta be pretty big, and so. But you know what? This planet will die just like Shema has. Just like many others have. Because the orgone saturating the air will saturate that planet as well, and already is. It already is. And the other one's coming with it.

Everyone of These Alien Structures Coming Will Be Deeply Affected by Orgone

There's a ton of stuff, folks! There's a blue star coming out of Orion which is a alien structure, a habitation. There's the cubic; I'm seeing that in the Codes. The cubic is the New Jerusalem that they've been building on all these years to mock the New Jerusalem that the Lord brings down from the skies after the 1000-year millenial reign. They've got their own mimicry of it. And it's gonna come out of Orion. They're all busy with that, ready to lower that on Earth. And it's in a shape of a cube. You can go to www.crystalcityfraud.com. I've had a website on that for a while. That's gonna get affected by the orgone as well.

Every one of these structures, these terrestrial structures are gonna be deeply affected by orgone. OUR orgone. Etheric Warriors, and so. You know, the Bible talks about in the last days the Lord's people doing exploits. And you see in the Bible Codes that orgone is apocalyptic, just the significance is all over. It's very dominant in the Codes and that's why you see such a war this year between us versus them. Because there's so few of us and many of them. They have the advantage. They control the economy and the politics. And they're gonna start targeting the Lord's people with all these poisons. The vaccines, the shots. But, at the same time, we can take them out with our orgone, and so, it's just a war, folks. Back and forth, back and forth. There's no rest this year for anyone that I can see. It's just a constant war, and so.

Dominant Months Are March, May, July, and September

March, May, July, and September, folks. Months you need to watch out for. The other months that seem to be quiet in the Codes are only quiet in the Codes because it's not affecting the alien agenda. Which means those are the months that the New World Order factions, the aliens on Earth posing as humans, will be doing their work. The Bush cabal, Clintons. I mean, these are just soul-scalped humans, so they've got their own agenda going. And you've already seen them quite busy this month already. The Arizona false flag, and they'll have more to come for February. Their purposeful HAARP projects going on, and so. Getting ready for the vaccine pushes.

Expect the Navy to Pull of the Coastlines This Spring or Summer

A lot of stuff gonna be coming up in the spring and the summer, and at the same time, you'll see them start pulling away. I expect the Navy to totally pull of the coast. Come May, June [coughs] they'll start getting away from the coastlines. You might even see NASA facilities that are located too close to the water start evacuating. [coughs] And so, just a lot of...especially down in Florida. Would not want to be in Florida at this time, or any coastal state, and so.

People think they're gonna get a warning. You're not gonna get much of a warning, folks. Because when the Lord decides to throw this asteroid at the earth, boom, He does it quickly. He does it quickly. And it's exactly what I'm seeing in the Codes is that He does it quickly. And so, that's His judgment on the earth. And He, literally, could just take a star out of the sky, one of the alien stars, in His little hand and toss it at the earth. And that's what He's gonna do. He pitches it at us; tosses it. And so, very interesting.

First Group of 144,000 Is Taken Off Earth Before Earthquake Hits

Now in between all this, you're wondering what happens to the 144,000? Bible talks about it in Revelation 7 and 14...144,000 are sealed here on Earth, protected from all these coming plagues and pestilences, and judgments from the Lord that are coming. The first group of 144,000 is taken off the earth right before the earthquake hits, and so.

The Coming Earthquake Signifies the Lord's Time of Judgment on Earth

You know, the coming earthquake is huge, because it signifies a lot. This coming earthquake signifies that it is now time for God's judgment on Earth. Right now, we've been under Satan's slaughters. I mean, this whole thing with the black horse and the -- the red horse, the black horse and the pale horse have been Satan's judgment on mankind because he hates men, he hates women, he hates people, and he wants to destroy us all. And he's been using these three horses...wars, famine, plagues/pestilences to do it. Now when this global earthquake hits, it signifies a change. It signifies that NOW is the Lord's judgment on the earth. Now it's His judgment. It's His time of judgment. And Satan's gonna have to take a backseat to the Lord's judgment on Earth, and what He has planned for the earth. And you're gonna see the trumpets, the vials, and the thunder judgments, and so. [sighs]

Just a real...you know, the next two years are gonna be packed, folks. They're gonna be very, very busy, and so. I know some people just don't even want to think about it. They want to get married, they want to have kids, they don't even want to think about this kind of stuff. You know what, folks? It's coming.

Not Seeing Vampire or Zombie Outbreaks in Codes This Year, but Could Change

I don't see any vampire or zombie outbreaks this year, but that could change at any moment. Just keep an eye on the vaccines and the flu shots and chemical spraying because these are the things that carry the live virus that's gonna cause the zombie pandemic. And so, lately in the Codes it's been very quiet about zombies, and so. Not worried about zombies right now. That would be the worse thing you can even imagine is a zombie outbreak. And I told you how to prepare yourselves for that with orgone water. So you need to get prepared with orgone water. I have garbage cans full of it out in my yard. It's frozen right now, but I do have a cooler inside the house, and so, not too worried about it, right now, and so. You know, things to watch for.

They're Gonna Lose Control of the Weather

The first group of 144,000 being taken up right before the global earthquake. And the second group of 144,000 being sealed right after it, so. Almost, you know, that earthquake that's coming is going to signify a lot of things, and so. Just the one thing to watch, other than the famine, folks, because -- the famine's gonna be devastating. It's gonna be devastating. And as much as destructions as we have coming, not all of it is HAARP, folks. A lot of it is they've been playing God. They've been trying to play God for so long that they're gonna lose control of the weather. And not to mention that, but a lot of weather things can be caused by outside reasons, outside sources, that they can't control. That they can't control. And so, they may think that they've had this whole thing planned, have pumped billions of dollars into these plans, and they're going to find out very soon that a lot of it's going to be taken out of their hands and no longer be in their control, and so.

You know, they can go hide in the little underground cities, and those underground cities are gonna become their tombs, because they're going to flood. There are lakes underground and they're going to be flooding. As the earth's wobbling to and fro like a drunkard like Isaiah depicts, it's gonna be drowning these underground cities and bases they've built. The earthquakes will take them out as well no matter how earthquake-proof they thought they were. They're gonna find out that they weren't. You know, what else are they gonna do? Get on a ship and run to an island, a tropical island. They think they're gonna wait it out? No, because the islands are gonna be submerged. Islands like Hawaii and Japan, they're gonna be submerged in water. Get off the islands, folks. Get off of the islands.

Politicians Spend Time in Space on UFOs

South America...do they think it's gonna be safer in Paraguay? Remember Bush bought all those hundreds of acres of land in Paraguay while he was president. And then everybody thought when he left office he would run to Paraguay. Maybe he has. He's been kind of quiet. No one has seen him. No one has seen Cheney. Cheney's up in space somewhere. He really is. He's up in space somewhere. Oh, he'll come back. Wish he'd return, Cheney. [laughs] He likes it up -- he is so paranoid of being on the earth. He's either under the earth in a base or he's up in space. It's like Obama. Obama spends a lot of time in space, too, and so. You know, these politicians, you think they go home and go to bed at night, folks? No. They get on UFOs and they're up partying all night up in the skies. They really are. And so, they have access to UFOs, and they're in the skies quite a bit.

Wormwood Could Very Well Be the Shema Star

And so, just a shout out and a heads up...timeline. Read Revelation, chapter 6, Revelation, chapter 8 'cause this is what's going to happen, bam, bam, bam. The end of Revelation, chapter 6 on to 8 is just a bam, bam, bam of Planet X coming in. The results and effects of Planet X coming in, and so. Very interesting that this Wormwood in Revelation, chapter 8, could very well be Shema. The Shema star we've been staring at for -- on fire -- for a while now. Because both fit the same description. See that both terms in the Codes referring to the same things. And so, I'm just, you know, just waiting to see what happens with that, so.

They Want the Coastal Gulf Area and Will Kill Us to Get It

Interesting that they don't want you thinking about any of this. They just want you distracted on their phosgene, and their lysin, anthrax and Corexit. You know, they've got so many different chemical poisons positioned to just throw at us right now that, you know, most people won't know where we are in prophecy. Because they're gonna think it's right here and now; the apocalypse is happening now. Well, there's more poison attacks coming. And we've got Corexit. That's not going anywhere, folks. It's gonna keep getting worse. We've got displacement of practically all of the coastal area of the Gulf because they're going to kick all those people out. Mississippi, New Orleans...they've been trying to scare you out of that for a long time. And since some of you are just so unscareable and won't leave, watch them to start forcing people out, or just killing them, and so, with these Corexit and the poisoning. So just kill them out. They don't leave, they're gonna kill them.

They want that area. I don't know what the significance is. I know there's several underground bases. They're underwater bases, UFO bases, under there. But there are underwater UFO bases everywhere. Everywhere. Why is it they want the Gulf so bad? I don't know. Don't tell me it's the oil. That's just an excuse. I want a real reason. And so, I don't know what the significance is other than the virus that's coming that could practically destroy all of mankind; the Black Oil Virus, which is synthetic life forms, and that's kind of like the basic building block of this whole Black Oil Virus that's coming. Remember, the Bible warns that these plagues that are coming are things we've never seen before, things we've never dealt with before. And so, you think of that, a lot of these Hollywood movies don't seem so far-fetched after all. When you see people and, you know, they're just gone and black goo starts coming out of their eyes and all of their orifices. This stuff's coming, folks.

Hollywood Is More Prophetic and Truth-Revealing than the Churches

They time travel. They jump into the future. They see what's coming. They see different routes. They don't know particularly which routes are gonna come either. But they show you through various movies that they can come out with that pretty much could give you a picture of what they think or what they've seen is coming, and so. Who would have ever thought that Hollywood would be prophetic, and so. They're actually more prophetic and truth-revealing than the churches are today, 'cause most churches today aren't even teaching Bible prophecy. And if they are, they're teaching people that, oh, Israel's gonna be at war with China and Russia. And so, until that happens, you have nothing to worry about. They're putting everybody to sleep. They're teaching garbage that the Masons taught them in seminary school. And so, you know, read the Bible for yourselves, folks. Read it for yourselves. Don't count on being told what it says by somebody else.

At least try to get your timeline straight. I know some people -- timelines? "Oh, OK. This is the first three and a half, and this is the last three and a half. [laughs] That's exactly what the Lord pulled me away from, because I was in the same mindset. I was in the exact same mindset. And the Lord pulled me out of that. Pulled me away from it. So if He pulled me away from it, then you'd better be asking Him yourself if what you're believing is true. Because things are gonna happen the way you don't expect them, and that's why everybody gets so blindsided by the things that are coming and unprepared, because they're not expecting it. They're surprised. Hello? Satan rules the world by deception. Takes everybody by surprise. And he's so good at what he does, people buy into it. People buy it. They buy his lies, so. Anyway, just a heads up on that.

It's Time to Get Right with God

I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock. No idea what I'll be talking about on Thursday. But, you know, I'm jumping around in Codes. I'm jumping around, you know, Planet X. Spaceship invasions. You know...Nibiru. Phosphate, phosgene. [laughs] Just many, many different things and, folks, it's not going to stop, anything. Everything's coming full force, and so. You know, the Lord said it's a time of repentance or judgment. And so, if you're on the fence, you need to get off of it. You need to get right with Him. This is time to be heading back to Him. Could be massive death and destruction, folks, and so.

Don't Call in to the Radio Show Until I Say I'm Taking Callers

Anyway, until Thursday. Be back at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News at Blog Talk Radio. You know, listeners, people on the phone lines, I'm not gonna get to you tonight. Usually if I'm gonna take callers, I'll let you know. Otherwise, just wait until I even mention it to call in. Otherwise -- so you're not sitting on the phone line all night. I'll let you know when I'm gonna take calls.

Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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