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Aliens In The News


Aliens In The News
Thursday, January 13, 2011

And hello everybody.  You’re live.  It's Aliens In the News, January 13th.  I'm Sherry Shriner, and it's a nice day out today.  I don't know what part of the country you’re in, but a little swamped with snow here.  But it's to be expected.  C’mon, it's January.  So, a little bit more here than we typically have, but, you know, there's weather disasters all over the world, and I don't think it's ever gonna return to normal. 

America’s Never Going To Bounce Back

You know, last year when I did radio show interviews, and they'd ask me what was my forecast for that year, and I'd tell them, you know, the economy's gonna slump, the housing market's gonna crash—it's never gonna return to normal.  And people would argue, “Oh, it's gonna return to normal.  It's gonna bounce back.”  And, you know, I'm still waiting to bounce back.  Aren't you, folks?  I mean, how many people have you listened to that.  Said, “Oh, we'll bounce back.”  Or—they dig their head so far in the sand they don't want to look at reality.  They don't want to look at what's happening. They want to keep hoping that America's gonna return to its once great status.  Employment's gonna be abound, and people are gonna stop being thrown outta their houses, and everything is just gonna return to normal.  And you know what, folks?  It isn't.  It just isn't.  

The Corporations Took Our Jobs With Them Because They Know America’s Going Down

You know, I said a couple years ago, when everything starts, it's going to go slowly, and it's just gonna go on a roll affect.  And it's gonna get quicker and faster and faster, and things aren't gonna return to the way they were.  You know, how can anyone think things are gonna return to the way they were when our very own corporations are leaving the country?  And that's part of the mess we're in—because they've left the county.  And I told you several years ago, “Yeah, they’re leaving the country, because they plan on destroying America, and none of them want to be stuck here.”  So, they're moving their corporations to India and China and anywhere else—Mexico—because they know America's gonna be destroyed.  That's the plan.

You’re Better Off Hitting Up A Trade School Than A College

And so they've sped it along by taking all of our jobs with them.  You know, I was reading a thing the other day where most of the top graduates in colleges today are heading to India to work.  ‘Cause there isn't work here folks.   I feel sorry for all these college kids, you know?  I know what it's like to get outta high school, and work your way through college, and get stuck with paying back college loans on top of that, and then when you graduate, not have a job.

And you think it was bad back in the 80’s?  You ought to see it now.  Or the 90’s?  You ought to see it now.  Ninety percent of college kids move back home after college.  Is it a good idea to get college loans you’re going to pay the rest of your life on?  And now, you don’t—there’s no prospects of getting jobs for those very loans you have to pay off?  Does it make sense?  You know, I would rather—I encourage my own kids to get a trade.  Get a specific skill that you can go right into and work. Because that's what the Israelites did.  You know, the Israelites were commanded by the time they were 12 years old—the boys were considered men—and they learned a trade at 12, 13 whatever, you know, age exactly it was.  It was commanded all Israelites learn a trade, and so, all the disciples had a trade.  They were fishermen.  They were tent makers.  They all had a trade.  And so, they spent the early years being apprentices for those trades, and when they were older or considered knowledgeable enough, they would branch out on their own.

I mean college degrees today in History, Finance.  Okay, all those degrees—what are you going to do with it?  What are you gonna do?  I mean, you have to pay on it the rest of your life.  People say, “Oh, I'm gonna be a lawyer.”  You know how many unemployed lawyers there are?  Unless you're from a top Ivy League school, you don't stand a chance getting a job in law.  

Build Treasures In Heaven, Not On Earth, Because You’ll Never Truly Own Anything Here

But anyways, that's beside the point.  America's going down, and it's not rising back up.  And so, that’s the cheery news I have.  You know?  And you can’t say you haven’t been warned.  I've been trying to warn people.  I would rather—and I've said this several times, over and over—I would rather own a trailer on land that you own, than a $300,000 house that you don't own.  That you’re paying a mortgage on.  

So many people just want the American dream.  Get a nice house in the suburbs with good schools, so in a couple years when you're unemployed and the economy’s starting to tank, you lose your home.  You lose your home.  You don't own it if you're paying a mortgage on it.  You don't even own it if you already own it.  Because you still have to pay taxes, and if you don't pay the taxes, they're gonna take it. You'll never own anything on this Earth, so why put all your invested interest in everything on this Earth.  Why bother?  You know the Bible says to lay up—to store up treasures in Heaven. [Matthew 6:19-21; Luke 12:33-34]  Not on Earth, where our government can taketh.  And they willeth.  

What's the Bible say?  “Where moth and rust doth corrupt and destroy.” [Matthew 6:19]  Yeah.  That's government and IRS.  And so, don't think it's here on Earth and do—you know, sometimes it takes a lot to wake people up out of their lethargic complacency.   So many put here on Earth to be here in the Last Days for specific roles to fulfill, for parcific assignments.  Where'd I get that word?  Parcific?  Specific.  And they're not doing it.  

God Is Not Santa Clause

And sometimes, losing your job, losing your house—maybe that's the thing that wakes you up!  Because then finally you go to the Lord.  “What's going on?”  The first time you sought Him in years.  When things are going good, you don't seek Him.  And then when things start to tank—“Hey, what's going on? Why am I losing everything? Why aren't You answering my prayers?”

Sometimes you're praying amiss.  People think that He's Santa Clause.  That every time you pray, He wants to hear your “I Want” list.  You know, the Bible says He hears the prayers of the righteous [Psalm 34:15-16; Proverbs 15:29; 1 Peter 3:12], and He'll never turn you down when you ask of the things of Him.  But when you ask amiss, you can get an, “I don't know,” or a “Maybe,” or a “No.” Maybe a “Yes.”  Most people ask amiss during their prayers, then they get mad at Him.  “You’re not answering my prayers.”  Well, you're not asking Him, then.  You're demanding Him.  Because, if you’re asking of Him, then you’ll take, “No.” for an answer.  Otherwise, you're demanding of Him.

If His Answer Is “No,” Go The Extra Step To Find Out What He Has In Mind

And I don't know who anyone thinks they are to demand anything from Him.  Some people just don't get it!  He's saying, “No.”  He's saying, “No.”  He's got something else in mind that you're going to have to search Him for to figure out what He has in mind.  Nobody wants to go that extra step.  They stop there, get mad, throw temper tantrums and throw their faiths out the windows.  

The Scientific And Religious Communities Will Really Start To Push That The “Aliens” Are Our Creators

You know, in Luke chapter 18 verse 8, it says when He returns, will He find faith on the earth?  So many people get mad, and they get deceived, and they're gonna be deceived.  New Age movements got a whole plan coming ahead—the alien agenda.  Ascended “gods” coming to Earth.  And they got the whole science community that's not soul-scalped already backing them on it.  Of course, the ones that don't back them on it are pretty much discredited and disavowed from the entire community.  Because you have to be politically correct to be in this New Age agenda that’s coming.  And, after all, they're pushing that mankind's made in test tubes.  That the reptilian's, the coming Annunuki, are our creators. 

And there are actually a lot of religious figures that believe this and will start pushing it as well.  You watch. And they actually believe this.  And they taught themselves as religious figures in the Christian community.  And when the times right, they'll stand up to deceive them all.  But what are you gonna do when Joel Osteen actually starts preaching the Bible instead of holding it up in the air and waving it and preaching it instead of preaching philosophy?  When he actually decides to speak, and it's all lies?  Starts preaching the “aliens created us” garbage.  And Benny Hinn and all the big guys in the mega churches start preaching out right garbage.  And they preach garbage now, and everybody loves it!  They fill the churches week after week.

The Year Sherry’s Been Waiting For

You know, every time I think about this year, my stomach just sinks.  I just get a huge empty spot in my stomach, and I just get depressed.  It's just a whole sinking feeling about this entire year coming ahead, and when I spent time with the Lord on the 1st of the year He told me, “This is the year you've been waiting for.”  And I'm thinking exactly, “Okay.  What exactly does that mean?”  Because there's a lot of things I've been waiting for.  “Wait a minute, this going to be the ‘good’ year or the ‘bad’ year?”  Because I've been waiting for both.  You know, the “good” year will be when a lot of my requests are answered, and I'm just taken up to whole new levels of knowledge and experiences with Him.  And on the other hand, the flip side is the whole them arriving, and having to be completely prepared for things coming prophetically.  From what I can tell, it's a mixture of both.   Yeah, I'm starting to choke up here, so.  Typical of the radio show.

Floods, Fires, And Famines

You know looking at what's going on down in Australia—you got floods everywhere.  You had a tsunami in Australia.  Now they’ve got bush fires., massive fires on the west coast of Australia.  And also in Brazil, you have mega flooding going on.  And folks, it's what I said last week—is they’re going to deliberately cause this famine.  The Black Horse is riding now and, along with the Pale Horse—and they've been riding for a long time.  And people just really haven't—it really hasn't been so in-your-face as it is going to be now.  

The Apocalyptical horses.  The White Horse, the Red Horse, the Black and the Pale. [Revelation 6:1-8]  And this is the year the last 2 are really going to stand up and show their colors.  We have global famine.  They're setting the stage now.  It's winter here, but in the southern hemisphere, it's summer.  So, if you thinks it's gonna change for us, you know, the Lord said we'd have floods in some places and droughts in others.  And so, we can pretty much expect the same thing to hit America come this Spring.  It's going to be a drought in some areas and floods in others.  And droughts—one thing that always follows droughts is fires.  Fires.  And so, we can expect a lot of destruction.  And watch the farm lands being targeted, folks.  Watch the farm lands.  Because they want to destroy the world’s food supply.  

Bird And Fish Deaths Can Be Attributed To How The Earth Is Out Of Alignment

And, you know, we've been talking about the birds and the fish dying.  And I often think about what I've said on my shows as I can remember things, 'cause I typically don't remember everything I ever say on my radio shows.  Sometimes I go back and listen to them or read them myself because I just cannot remember everything I say.  I just ask the Lord before every show to lead and guide me what to say, and I say what He leads and guides me to.  Doesn't mean I remember it.  And so, typically, I have to go back and just read through things.  And, you know, I could almost buy this whole thing about the magnetics pull the Earth and all that.  I don't buy it—it's what the Lord said.  He said everything’s being messed up, and it is, everything’s a piece of the puzzle here, folks.  The Earth's wobbling.  We're leaning towards Russia.  “Forty miles a year,” they say, and now it's quite obvious.  

This has been going on the past ten years.  Remember what I told you about all my brilliance?  A couple months ago, how I thought I was all brilliant figuring out the Earth’s off its axis, and we're wobbling.  And here it's been going on for 10 years!  And I'm just figuring it out last year.  Yeah.  That's me, in all my brilliance.  But you know what? It's gonna keep going, and eventually, we're gonna have pole flips.  

But that wouldn't cause birds’ internal organs to rupture.  Yeah, they might get disoriented and fall—you know, come to the Earth.  We got birds all over the place that don't know where they're going.  They're all confused and messed up.  But they’re not dropping to the ground with their organs ruptured.  And the only thing that's gonna cause that—especially the way it happened—was something very sudden.  Something very sudden.  

FYI…Tesla Beams, Corexit, and Phosgene Aren’t Helping Any

And I've been warning about these weapons they have on the Moon, and that's what we got to be watching for, folks.  Because these Tesla beams that—these apparatuses they have on the Moon to shoot Tesla beams on the Earth—one ray of those could definitely kill a flock of birds.  Affect the atmosphere.  Or chemical spraying this phosgene they're warning about and Corexit.  Don't forget that one, ‘cause that’s not going anywhere.  That one’s going to get worse.  Corexit, now we got phosgene.  We've got synthetic life forms.  And so, what about all the fish?  

You know what I'm seeing in the Bible Codes?  I'm seeing that the temperature of our seas is rising.  And so, that would kill the fish.  That definitely would kill the fish, and that's what I'm seeing in the Codes—is that the temperature of our seas is rising.  It's getting hotter.  So, we're gonna see continued birds dying because of the air, the poison in the air.  All the chemicals they're spraying and the Tesla beams coming from the Moon onto the Earth.  And then, you got the fish dying because you got the Earth’s core heating up.  The water and the fish are dying from increased temperatures in the water.  

Soon, Even HAARP Won’t Be Behind The Crazy Weather Anomalies

So, just a lot of different facets happening.  It's gonna get much worse, folks.  We're just seeing the tip of the iceberg.  We're just seeing the tip.  Because the waves—they think they just saw a tsunami come outta nowhere in Australia.  And we’re pretty sure it's a HAARP related event because there wasn't a huge thunder storm. It’s a tsunami appearing outta nowhere, basically.  We're gonna see that a lot with natural ones they can't control.  They're not gonna be able to control the destructions that are coming upon the Earth because of a lot of these things in space that are pulling on the Earth's magnetosphere, the Earth's gravity, and just the Earth itself.  That are pulling on the Sun and knocking our entire solar system out of alignment.  If you think I'm talking about Planet X, yeah, you're right, but there are also many other structures that are coming towards the Earth.  Watch Orion’s Belt.  We've got structures coming outta Orion’s Belt.  We got them coming outta the north, the south.

Three Strikes, And He’s Out!

There's a lot of different structures coming folks because the dimensions are merging, and as they merge, things that were once invisible to us are now going to become visible.  And not only that, Satan knows he has a short time.  And he's gearing up his forces for one last battle to conquer Earth.  He gets another one a thousand years from now [Revelation 20:1-10], but I don't need to go into that one.  He gets three strikes, and he's out.  And this is his 2nd one right here.  And he will be out.  But he's gonna destroy most of the Earth in the process.  The Lord is—because the entire thing about the Tribulation period is God's judgment on mankind.  

The New World Order facet is just a pawn.  Satan’s a pawn.  The Lord uses Satan to test His people.  And the New World Order and everything else—they're just pawns to test the Lord’s people.  He uses all of these things.  He's in control, not them.  They are allowed to do so much He allows them to do.  Let's not forget who the One is in control, because He's ultimately in control.  And all of these things that are coming are to test mankind.  To test your faith in Him.   

And so over and over and over again the Bible talks about the wicked being removed from the earth. [Proverbs 2:21-22; Matthew 13:49-50]  The wicked being removed and so. Anyway. 

The Events In The Codes Aren’t Changing

If you have a question for the show, you can call in at (877) 245-5648.  I know my phone lines are lighting up but I wanted to… I want to talk about a few more things.  I'll just like to take calls because I like to hear some of your comments on what's going on in your areas.  Because I can see what's coming in the Codes, and it's not changing.  It's pretty much staying—everything is staying the same from when I talked about in my last show.  What I find interesting is new things coming up in the Codes.  Because that means that everything that's already there in the Codes gets pushed up closer.  So, when I see events in the Codes, that means they will usually happen within a year or two from the time I start to see them.  It's usually about a year or two.  And then all those events will take place. Is this the Passover now that the Ascended Masters will arrive?  Because Passover is a hot date for them.  May is a hot month for them.  May, June, July.  We have to see if they make their move folks.  

Call From A Warrior In Allentown, Pennsylvania

I'm gonna start taking calls.  A lot of calls today.  

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Hello? Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller:  Hello, hi! This is Angel's Warrior from Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Can you hear me?

Sherry: Yeah, I can hear you. 

Caller: I'm calling you from my cell phone.  

Sherry:  Okay.

Deliverance And Warfare Website

Caller:  I'm just calling to say hi and just to say you are doing a terrific job.  And I also wanted to let you and the viewers also know about a really great web site that Yah showed me because I've been getting attacked by the witches in my area.  Down in the Allentown area.  It's called DemonBuster.com.   [http://www.demonbuster.com/]   It's a really great web site.  It's free, and it teaches deliverance and spiritual warfare.  Which I really believe as Christians we really need to learn how to do this.  It's very important to be able to fight the hosts of Hell.  

Sherry: Certainly.  Okay.  Well thanks for calling in.

Distress Call—Our Warrior Needs Help!

Caller:  And also, these—I don't know how many warriors are in this area but if anyone listening that lives within the Allentown—the downtown Allentown area, I sure could use some help with some orgone.   People around here are onto me and I got a satellite over my house every night hitting me with beams.  I got people following me all over the place.  I got my neighbors hitting me with microwaves.  So, it's really difficult for me to get the orgone out around here, so if anybody's listening that lives in this area I would really appreciate the help if you guys could come down here and orgone the parks and the creeks in the area.  I would appreciate the help. 

Warfare 101: Prayers, Orgone, Mylar, Dogs, Cats, And Magnetite

Sherry:   Alright, well I know we have warriors in Pennsylvania, so perhaps they will.  That’s—you know.  Do you have mylar blankets up on your windows?

Caller:  I got the mylar, but what they're doing is they're hitting me from the roof top.

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  Yeah.  And it's coming straight through.  It's coming straight through to the house, and you know, my neighbors—unfortunately, I live in one of those row homes, and the neighbors are shooting me with the microwaves.  And, what I also found out through prayer is the area I'm living in, the downtown Allentown area, is full of occult—witchcraft, voo-doo.  The Freemasons, the Masonic order, they pretty much control the area.  So I mean it's really crazy down in this area.  

Sherry:  Alright, well you know what?  I'll even put that on my list.  And hopefully if we have time this Spring and Summer to get on missions, that will be covered, but any other warriors out in that area that can go down to Allentown and help.  Have you called this show before?  You kinda sound familiar.

Caller:  I called once before.  Last year, one time.

Sherry:  Yeah, yeah I remember you.

Caller:  Yeah I—they’re really attacking me, man, I'm telling you.  They're getting me at work.  They're getting me at home.  I have no escape.  

Sherry:  You know what just ask the Lord to break their equipment.

Caller:  Oh, I do.  I do spiritual warfare every day and I do, you know, deliverance stuff like that because I have a lot of witchcraft going on around me.  And I really believe this downtown area is being used for some kinda testing site or something for the military.  Earlier today I was checking my firearms, and somebody came into my house was messing with the lock.  And they had the code just sitting right in front of me.  As if to say, “Okay, we've been in your house.  We want you to know we got your access code to your firearm.”  

Sherry:  Huh. 

Caller: So I get hit with a lot of those—what do you call those?—military.  They’re coming into my home. They’re using astral travel.  Astral projection.  And all that stuff.  They hit and miss.

Sherry: Yeah.  That’s NASA and the CIA.  Yeah.  I deal with it all the time myself.

Caller:  Yeah they—yeah.  They’re doing it to me terribly. 

Sherry: Well get—do you have dogs?  Do you have a cat?

Caller: I have two small dogs.

Sherry: ‘Cause you know what?  Shepherds are great.  You need dogs.  They really—‘cause dogs can sense when they’re around. 

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: And also if you get—I think it’s magnetite.  I got some magnetite. And it messes up with their cloaking ability.   And so, you know, I have to defend every way I could think of, and they think up stuff to out-think me all the time.   It’s a constant war and battle. But I’ve noticed that since I started putting magnetite in my home, they haven’t been coming in as much.  And also, if you use a humidifier, and you have an orgone blaster in it, and just let that humidifier charge your air up in your home.

Caller: Well, that’s a good idea.

Sherry: Yeah, it really bothers them.  You’ll hear them cough, and they’ll leave.  And so.

Caller: Yeah.  But you know what?  I’m gonna tell you, sometimes when I come in from work, my dogs sense ‘em.  It’s like, I can’t see ‘em, but they’re coming up on the stairs, and my dogs chase ‘em down.   And I’m like, “Oh my God. They’re in my house.”  I can’t see ‘em, though, so it’s really frustrating, you know?

Sherry: Yeah, but you know what?  That’s—you don’t have to see them.  You don’t have to see them.  Just ask the Lord to send His angels and cast them into the Abyss. 

Caller: Right.

Sherry: Ask them to grab them and cast them into the Abyss.  Just go to the Lord. 

Caller: Oh, I know!

No More Miss Nice Girl

Sherry: You know, orgone’s great for when you’re sleeping and when you’re not around and you want to relax and don’t wanna watch your back 24/7.  But if I’m awake, and I’m in warfare, I’m always in communication with the Lord. And you know what?  He’ll do anything that we ask in His name.  And we have hosts of angels just sitting around us, waiting for us to ask for them to do something.  We have to ask the Father, but they’re always waiting to do something.  And binding and chaining these things and casting into the Abyss—anymore, I don’t care if they’re human or demon, I just get ‘em out of here. I have no more pity for these humans.

Caller: Right.  Yeah.

Sherry: I’ve warned them, and I’ve warned them, and I’ve warned them.  And that’s it.

Caller: Oh, I—yeah.  I wouldn’t bother anymore.  I just send them straight into the Abyss and fry ‘em.  That’s what I do.

Sherry: Yep. Just ask the Lord.  And you know what?  Ask Him, especially with the microwave  weapons and the psychotronic warfare, ask Him to break their break their equipment.  Ask Him to sear their motherboard, the chips, to catch them on fire so that they’re non-rebuildable.  And when you have the invisible things in your house, just ask the Lord to chain them and cast them into the Abyss.  I don’t know how many humans, and even Satan’s generals himself, I’ve cast there.  I’ve probably got my own acre in space somewhere full of all the things I’ve cast there.  But that’s what you have to stay on top of.  And when you keep on top of that, they’ll stop coming around.  They’ll send one person instead of fifty. 

Caller: Well, you know what?  I think it has a lot to do with the area I’m in.  The area of this area—its’ saturated with these aliens. I can see them.  The Lord’s blessed me with sight, and everywhere I go, they—I mean, I’ve never seen nothing like this before.  It’s like I moved into a nest!  

Sherry: How far—

Caller: And I think those things—

Where Is Allentown Located?

Sherry: How far is Allentown from Youngstown, Ohio?  [335 miles]

Caller: Oh, man.  I don’t know, to tell you the truth.  I would have to do a MapQuest. But I have to tell you.  This area here, it’s like, everywhere I go, they’re everywhere.  I’ve never seen anything like this. And I can see them when I look into their eyes.

Sherry: Well, I—where is—describe to the viewers where exactly Allentown is.  What’s the next town near you?

Caller: Whitehall.  We got Whitehall.  We have Emmaus.  If I would—

Sherry: Are you in between Pittsburgh? Philly [Philadelphia]?

Caller: Okay.  Philadelphia from Allentown is about an hour and fifteen minutes.  From Pittsburgh is about 7 or 8 hours. 

Sherry: Wow, so you’re over by New Philly.  You’re over on the western side of the state.  Or the eastern side, I’m sorry.  You’re on the eastern side of the state.  Yeah, so.  Anybody on the eastern side of New York can get there.

Caller:  It’s scary.  It’s bad over here.  I mean—

Sherry: But—do you have orgone?  Do you have orgone?

Caller: Yeah.  I have orgone all over my house.  And let me tell you something.  When I first started making it, right?  I got military helicopters over me. 

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: And then they started following me to the stores.  Sherry, I’m gonna tell you, I had two people following me around.  These guys were like almost 7 feet tall.  And I am not joking. 

Sherry: Yeah. Well, they’re giants.  Well, they’re—

Caller: This area, it’s hot with these aliens.

Sherry: You know what?  Just keep getting the orgone out.  Just keep getting it out.

Caller: I am.

Sherry: Get it out so that it’s getting up into the atmosphere. 

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Just keep pumping it out.  ‘Cause that’s—

Caller: I am. I am.  I’m doing it.

Sherry: Yeah.  Because that’s the one thing that will burn them, and asphyxiate them, and make them leave. 

Caller: Yeah, I think that’s what it is.  Like, when I first started putting it out, people—I got a negative reaction to some of the people in the neighborhood.  And now, they’re all, they all got together, ‘cause they’re hitting me with the microwave.  So, I believe they’re all aliens too.                                                                                        

Break Their Equipment Enough And They’ll Take The Hint You Just Aren’t Interested

Sherry:  Yeah.  Well, you know, that too, that’s a CIA weapon right there.  Psychotronics.  And so—and military. And so, you know, just ask the Lord to break their equipment.  Keep after that. 

Caller: I will.

Sherry: And when they start to see their equipment break all the time, they’ll leave.  I’ve had them leave.  I’ve had people in my area do that equipment towards me.  And you’re trying to sleep at night, and you’re hearing bowling balls, like the bowling balls running down the floor, or doors banging, people yelling.  They use different types of things to keep you awake at night so you can’t get to sleep. 

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: They use microwave weapons to fry you from the inside out.   

Caller: Yeah, that’s what they’ve been using on me.

Ground Your Bed With Rubber So They Can’t Cook Through The Coils You As You Sleep

Sherry: Yeah.  You know what?  Just wrap yourself up in a mylar blanket when you go to sleep at night.  And if you’re sleeping on a bed with coil springs, that—those serve as receptors to ELF weapons.  You might want to not sleep on a bed with coil springs unless you ground it.  Put some kind of rubber beneath the legs of the bed so that it’s grounded. 

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: That will help you wake up and not be so fried. Also get orgone underneath your bed, your mattress.  You know, you’ve gotta have it in your bedroom at night. You’ve gotta have the mylar up on your windows.  And you just have to get into a real defensive mode.  And at the same time, just going on the offensive, getting the orgone out there.  Getting as much as you can out, because that’s what’s going to hurt them.

Is Sheet Metal Okay?

Caller: Well let me ask you this.  Sheet metal—is that a good, um, is that good to put up?

Sherry: Sheet metal, even like a Faraday cage, if you can’t stand—

Caller: Yeah, like something you can get from Home Depot. 

Sherry: You know what?  Some people have made, you know—I don’t know how to get into all of that Faraday cage making and stuff like that.  So.  I just stick with the orgone, and the mylar, and ask the Lord to break equipment, and bind and cast them into the Abyss.  And when you start, you know, destroying them, just through the Lord, they leave.  Because they know you’re not messing around anymore.  They test your nerves.  They test to see if you’re going to stand on His Name.  And so, you have to stay consistent. 

Caller: Right.

Stay Consistent Because They’re Testing Your Willpower

Sherry: You have to stay consistent with it. I know sometimes we get so tired of getting beat up, we just—we’re too lazy to even call on His Name after a while.  We just kind of just roll over and take it.  And that’s what you can’t afford to do.  You gotta stand back up.

Caller: And another thing that I noticed out here is they have a lot of these towers now. I understand that one tower is—reaches a square radius of one mile.  I mean, they have towers in town like about 100 feet from each other, like four of five of these things, and just like clustered.  

Sherry: Yeah.  And they’re doing the ELF too, and the mind control and all that.  And just pound ’em with orgone too.  If you can just, you know, get outside of them at night and bury them in the ground.  Bury them around the towers.  Otherwise—

Put Orgone Where They Can’t Reach Or Won’t Find It Because They’ll Dig It Up

Caller: You know what they’re doing?  They’re coming into my yard when I’m not there, and diggin’ them suckers up. 

Sherry: I know, and they’ll do it.  They’ll do it.  Put them up in the gutters of your house, where you live and anywhere else, any place the Lord will lead you to.  Ask the Lord to show you where to put them. ‘Cause he’s the best hider that I’ve ever seen.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: Because they will.

Caller: I don’t want to—

Sherry: If they find ‘em, they’ll take ‘em. 

Caller: I don’t want to take up any more of your time.  I just want to say thank you for listening to me.  And once again, I hope if some of the viewers, some of the listeners in the area are able, if they could come on down and orgone the area, I would appreciate it.  Thank you.

Sherry: Alright.  Thanks for calling in.  Buh-bye.

Caller: Alright.  No problem.  Buh-bye.

[call ends]

That warrior down there definitely needs some help, folks, if anybody can get down to Allentown.  I’ve done a lot of work in and around Pennsylvania.  I’ve not been on the eastern side of the state over by New York, and so, that would—the whole Philadelphia area and Allentown and down through there. Certainly the entire part of the state I haven’t been in.  So, anybody who can help her—who can get over there and help her out.

Uh, take this caller and see what’s going on.

Missouri Warrior Checks In

Hello, caller, you’re on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Yeah, hello.  This is Ken from Missouri.

Sherry: Hey, Ken!  How ya doing?

Caller: Oh, it’s cold back here.

Sherry: Oh, it’s cold here.

Caller: It got like below this morning.

Sherry: How—8 below?

Caller: 5. About 5 below.

Sherry: Alright.

UFO Alongside The Highway In December

Caller:  Anyway.  I was calling.  I drive a special needs boy up to school every day, pick him up.  It’s about 50 miles one way.

Sherry: Wow.

Caller: And all last, in December—there’s always this, I don’t know what you’d call it, in the sky up—it’s always there in the morning, you know, round, going south?

Sherry: Mhmm.

Caller: So, last—anyway, December, I was driving, and I’d seen that in the sky.  And I thought, “I’d like to have some orgone,” you know, point it at the thing, and all at once, it disappeared.

Sherry: They read your mind.

Caller: Yeah. And about a week later, it was back, and I was thinking, “Well you know, orgone’s a living energy, right?”

Sherry: Yep.

Caller: So, I was thinking, you know, if I could just direct the beam from my pipe blaster to that object in the sky, you know?  Well, it went out, and the four or five bright lights came on and started blinking. That was strange.

Sherry: What color were they blinking?

Caller: White.

Sherry: White?  Yeah, I don’t get that one.  The white lights blinking on it.  You know. 

Caller: Yeah, it was just a round light, you know?  It was up and, you know, way out there.  And all it once it just went out, and four white lights started flashing.  You know?  And I thought—

Sherry: Yeah, they had to reboot their system.  I’ve seen them totally lose their lights.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Just so they go, you know, dead, dark.  And then all of the lights fire back up.  And so.  It will malfunction them, and it will crash them.  And so.

Caller: Oh, I haven’t seen it since that morning.

Sherry: Well, they’re hiding.  They’re probably still there, but, “Here comes Ken. We’re hiding.”

Caller: Yeah. 

Sherry: “We’re gonna hide.”

Caller: Well, I’m always thinking about the orgone when I’m going south, you know, with that kid. Maybe that’s why they’re hiding. 

Sherry: Well, have you orgoned—have you done—have you put a wall through that area?

Caller: No, not down there.

Sherry: You need to go, like every mile, two miles, toss a puck or something, and put a wall all the way through that area.  That’s a 50-mile wall through there.  I’d put up a wall.

Jim Coleman’s Crystals Website Is Down Till February 21st

Caller: Yeah, that Jim Coleman Crystals, they’re closed till February 21st.

Sherry: Yeah, they are.  But there’re some places online that I link on my site.  I’m always prepared for that, ‘cause they leave every year. 

Caller: Yeah, they go to some gem show.

Sherry: Yeah.  There’s some gem show in Arizona or something. And so.

Caller: Yeah.  Right.

Other Places To Get Quartz Crystals

Sherry: So I always get prepared for that in December for them leaving for a couple of months.  But there’s other places.  You can also get them off E-bay.  Just look for clear quartz crystals.  And when you get them, pray over them, and ask the Lord to remove any, anything that’s not of Him from the crystals.  Sometimes you get crystals and they’re cursed.  And I’m not talking—you know, I don’t get them off of E-bay for that very reason.  I’ve heard a lot of people getting cursed crystals off of there.  I’ve always had a good experience with Jim Coleman’s crystals.

Caller: Oh yeah.

Sherry: And there’s other places online you can buy ‘em.  You know, it’s on my Make Your Own page. [http://www.orgoneblasters.com/make-your-own.htm]  I’ve got like one or two links there of crystal buyers I’ve bought from before and had good success with.  But, you know what?  I would definitely, if you’re driving—anywhere I drive, it’s orgoned.  And so, if I’m driving 50 miles some place back and forth every day, I would have already had that orgoned. 

Caller: Well, it’d be kind of hard to do that when you’re driving 65, you know?  It’s all freeway, you know.

Sherry: Ah, yeah.  You need some help.  You need somebody to toss while you’re driving.

Caller: Yeah.  But there’s—in the morning, there’s, it’s like, bumper to bumper.  You know.

Sherry: Yeah, no.  I like to do my work at night when the sun goes down.  That way I don’t gotta worry about tossing something into somebody’s car.  

Caller:  Yeah.  Yeah.

Sherry: I do my work at night.  And for that very reason.  And it’s quieter out.  You don’t have to worry about so much.  And so. Yeah.  You need help.

Makin’ Pipes And Swords

Caller: But they’re too small.  I’m making some of those pipe blasters you’re talking about—you know, handheld. 

Sherry: Right.  The saber swords.

Caller: Yeah.  And, yeah, they’re too—it’d take a bagillion of them.  You know, I’ve made five pipes, but I gotta get some bigger crystals. 

Sherry: Oh, these swords, the ones we’re using, are just—what? One and three quarter inch wide?  And 12 inches long? 

Caller: I’ve got—I’ve bought an inch and a quarter, and they’re—I’ve made them about 14 inches long.  But I’m like, I gotta get some bigger crystals ‘cause the ones I got are too small.  I mean, I wrap them in copper, but the ones I had wrapped and put in there, I thought, “Whoa. I’m gonna need a lot more.  Need some bigger ones.”

Sherry: Yeah.  I like the long ones.  Some people dealing with a lot of little small crystals.  What you can do, instead of wrapping them individually, is make the coils and then stick the crystals down inside the coil, and slide that into the pipe. 

Caller: Oh, okay.  Well, if that’ll work, then I’ll just do that.  I’ve got about—

Sherry: Yeah.  Just take something small like a twig or something, and push it down into the pipe as far as it’ll go to make sure it’s nice and snug in there, and then put some shavings over it, pour some resin over it, and keep building up the layers all the way up the pipe. 

Caller: Yeah, what I did is got a 4-by-4 and drilled 3 holes into it—1 in 3/8th.  And then when I get ready to put the Bondo [fiberglass resin] in there, I get a piece of wax tape or something and spray a little Pam on there, and put the pipe in that 4-by-4, you know, and then it ends up straight, you know.  It doesn’t fall over or nothing.  And so.

Sherry: Right.

Caller: I just put it that way. 

Sherry: Right.  You could even make yourself some nice little canon racks like that.  You can get a rack and drill the holes in it for the pipes, and then just leave it outside, point it up at the sky. 

Caller: Yeah.  Well I put these out at, you know, the 4-by-4.  You know.  Take a couple in my car. 

Sherry’s Working On An Orgone Canon

Sherry:  Yeah.  Yeah.  So.  Just some ideas.  I’m working on a canon.  About 10 different pipes. And I’ve got a bunch of ideas for when it warms up.  And so.

Caller: Yeah.  Other than that, things are quiet around here.  I—you know, I’ve never had any problem with anything coming around my place. 

Sherry: Well, it’s cold.  I dunno about you, but it seems that it gets quiet around here when it gets cold.  They just go someplace else.   And then as soon as it warms up, sure enough, they’re all—this place is a zoo.  So, I just enjoy it while it’s cold. 

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: But I don’t go outside a whole lot, either.  I mean, I’m warmed up in the house. I hibernate, you know?  I’m not an outside person when it gets cold.  I hibernate.  I make my husband do all the driving.  You know, I don’t go out much in the winter time.  And so.

Caller: I enjoy it, myself.

Sherry: Well, you guys are crazy.  You got death wishes out there, sliding all over ice and everything else.

Caller: Well, I’m talking about outside.  You know.  I don’t like to drive; I just like to be out.

Sherry: I’m not one to be out when it starts snowing.  I’m buckled in the house.  Just forget it.  I’m inside.  So.  Alright Ken.  Well, thanks for calling in.

Caller: Alrighty.  Well, you have a great day.

Sherry: You too.

Caller: Yah bless ya.

Sherry: You too.

Caller: Bye.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Wilhelm Reich Had An Orgone Canon

So, enjoy the quiet, folks.  I know I am.  Because, I’ve got some plans.  I’ll tell you what.  All kinds of things you can build with pipes and ideas and canons, and that’s what I’m doing, folks.  I’m designing a canon.  Reich had one.  He had these long pipes in kind of like, some kind of canon mold that he made.  But he didn’t fill them up like we do.  He had wires running down the pipes into water.  And so, that’s what he used.  And the Lord’s given us a different way of making pipes with electric energy, which constantly produces an ether energy.  And so.  A lot different orgone actually that we make than Reich even did.  But very effective because it does the same thing Reich said it would do, and that’s crash UFOs.  So.  Come up with your own ideas, folks.  Help others out as much as you can.  We don’t have a whole lot of time left, folks. 

Spring And September—Always Months To Look Out For

And watch the events coming up this spring.  Still very dominant in September, the month-to-be that they’ll, you know—Sananda arriving in September.  And that doesn’t mean the others won’t arrive before then, you know?  Maitreya, St. Germaine, and all them, and they’re still coming.  They’re still coming.  You know.

They Use Their Own As False Flag Operation Pawns

It tends to get quiet.  It’s quiet right now for January and February.  And that’s because the New World Order factions are busy planning their stuff.  This latest shooting in Arizona.  And, you know what?  It’s a total false flag operation.  You know, this Jared Lee Loughner, total MK Ultra pawn.  And when they use their own like that, then it’s their own inbred false flag.  Timothy McVeigh, who claimed that he was chip implanted—nobody believed him, and they used him to take the fall for the Oklahoma City bombing.  The D.C. sniper, who was another chip implanted pawn.  Jared Lee Loughner, chip implanted pawn.  He even stated he was under mind control.  And so.  And this Representative Gifford—I just posted a video on my Facebook site and also to my list that show her starting to shapeshift after the first minute into the video.  So, you know.  Watch.  When they do something like this, they’re not going to let it go without trying to soak as much as they can out of it.  So they’re going to come after whatever their target is right now.  And it seems to be the 1st and 2nd Amendment.  They’re targeting that.  They always want to target the conservatives to make them look bad, make them look insane.  This guy was anything but a conservative.  He was a pothead metal freak who stated he doesn’t need God. And they’re trying to pin this on conservatives.  So, go figure, folks.  You know.  And I posted that, Texe Marrs had a great article on this Jerad Lee Loughner, talking about what a pothead and metal freak this guy was.  [http://www.texemarrs.com/012011/jared_loughner_article.htm]  And so, how they can try and pin this on conservatives to make us look bad, I have no idea. 

Sarah Palin Is A MK Ultra Sex Slave Pawn

And you know what?  Don’t let the Tea Party and the Republican party of today turn your back on, or even brainwash you on what conservatives are, because they’re not conservative.  The real conservative party in this country, the original Republicans have long been abandoned.  We don’t have anybody representing us.  We don’t have anybody representing real Christian and patriotic values.  That’s why we have different parties coming out.  But let me tell you, the Tea Party’s not one of them.  Sarah Palin is a MK Ultra sex slave.  And to put her in politics has to be one of the biggest jokes amongst all the occultists in D.C. and around the world that there is.  She’s not a Christian.  She’s not even of the right mind.  You can watch her shift.  You can watch her in and out of personalities.  She doesn’t even know where she is.  That dull look?  Lights are on, nobody’s home?  “Where am I?  What’d I just say?  Uh, I don’t know that question.  I don’t know the answer to that question.”  The Britney Spears thing, because she’s MPD [multiple personality disorder]?  So is Sarah Palin. The whole thing—watch the correlations, folks. 

The Tea Party Of Today Is A Set Up

It’s all just a set up.  The Tea Party has lost complete credibility.  Get out of it if you’re involved with it.  Somebody, please, if you’re going to start these groups up, don’t be—don’t get taken over and controlled by the lizards.  By the New World Order elitists themselves.  ‘Cause I don’t even know about the original founders of the Tea Party movement, but even if you were legit, you’ve been taken over.  You’ve been taken over.  And now you’re dominated, and now you’re bought, because you’ve probably got so much funding from this—the lizards and the Satanists who’re taking over the party.  Just, you know.  The Lord’s always told me to stay out of parties and corporations because they all get infiltrated and taken over.  So.  I don’t get involved with them, folks.  I don’t get involved with them. 

They’re Trying To Label Anybody Not Associated With A Group As A Lone Wolf Terrorist

Oh, and that’s another thing they were trying to come up with—was trying to make lone wolf terrorists.  Sinking that into the minds of the public so that all these people on the Internet who aren’t associate with groups and organizations can become known as lone wolf terrorists.  And they’ll start labeling us as lone wolf terrorists.  You know.  So.  Everyone should just join together and form a pack.  So.  If you feel lonely.  I’ll tell ya what, they don’t stop at anything, folks.  And so.  In the next two months, expect more coming out of the New World Order factions because, you know, this is their time to roll.  And frankly, I think they’re, you know—they see Planet X coming in.  I half-suspect most of these see it and are heading down to underground bunkers this spring and summer.  They’re gonna start hiding, and they already are.  They just run their clones out.  Obama has a couple of them.  And they just send their clones out to make it look like they’re actually out and about when they’re not.  And so.  And people like Obama, they spend a lot of time in space, too because they have access to UFOs.  They have access to things you can’t even dream of that exist.  And they spend a lot of time in space, too.  So. 

We Were Born Here In These Last Days For A Purpose—Fulfilling Missions Here For Him

You know, one of these days, maybe I’ll be able to expose the entire infrastructure that they have in space.  The Space Command and their actual habitations that they have in space, I guess you could call it.  But, until then, I just stick to what the Lord wants me to speak about and what surrounds what we’re involved with here on this Earth.  ‘Cause you can’t forget out first jobs, folks.  Our—we’re born on Earth for a purpose.  And that’s to fulfill missions here on Earth.  And so. 

Anyway. Be back Monday night.  10 o’clock.  Same place.  Same channel.  And I don’t know what I’ll be talking about Monday night.  I have no idea. But I’m looking at Codes for April and May and just some of the things that are coming up in the near future here.  And so, maybe I’ll be talking about some of the things I’m finding.

But, until then, everybody.  Yah bless.



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