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Aliens In The News
Thursday January 20th, 2011


Build Orgone Walls Around Your Areas

And hello, everybody.  You're live.  It's Aliens In The News.  I'm Sherry Shriner.  And right now it seems to be more like snow blizzard and ice in the news.  You know I've been watching the weather patterns in Ohio and, you know, I've put these orgone walls up throughout the state.  And what I mean by an orgone wall is when you drive down a highway, a road, whatever, and map out a section you plan to do—I have a purpose in mind, go east to west, or north to south, or something—and put an orgone puck every mile.  And this literally puts up an invisible blue shield, a huge wall up in that area.  And as I watched the storms coming in, they seem to be skirting the outsides of the walls that I put up in Ohio.  And all of it's being pushed down south to southern Ohio and Kentucky and Tennessee.  It all just seems to be pushed down that way, so.

The Walls Will Block HAARP-Created Weather Storms

I know if those orgone walls weren't up, particularly where I am at in southern Ohio and all the way up to Columbus and up towards Cleveland, we would have been the beneficiaries of all these massive storms coming through.  And so.  Obviously, it depends on which direction everything's coming in.  Some of it's just normal, and I don't mind the normal.  I have no beef against normal snow.  We get snow here in Ohio.  But HAARP related snow storms are the ones I'm fighting against.  And, you know, I try to get all the different air streams they use.  And sometimes, it doesn't work, and I need to get other areas.  But when it does, it's funny as heck.  You just sit and watch these snow storms hit walls you've put up and go somewhere else.  And so.

Good way to protect your own areas folks.  I mean, we don't want to disrupt nature in itself.  If you live in a cold weather state you're gonna have cold weather, you're gonna have snow.  But what we don't need is the aggravation of HAARP trying to change weather patterns and change the weather.  And they often use HAARP to target individual areas.  And so.  We can fight against that, and I encourage that.  So, if you're in one of these states, and you're sick of HAARP, then you need to map out where you live, and the way the jet streams come into your area.  And not the normal ones, because with HAARP, they mimic the old ones, and then they create new ones and call it, “Oh it's coming from the arctic.  Oh, it's coming from wherever.”  But anyway, just put orgone walls up in your area.  Just put orgone walls up.  And, you know?  Go half way across your state.  Go east to west or north to south, or do both and put an orgone puck every mile and just put walls up around folks and make that snow go elsewhere.  

Target The UFO Highway That Runs East To West

You know, it's one way of protecting—and I know, I've done a lot of work from Utah all the way to New York, and trying to protect a lot of the farm lands in between.  And areas that they can't seem to get with their weapons and their flooding, they’re gonna be using and targeting with their scorch weapons.  And so.  This is something I've been seeing in The Bible Codes, and, you know, it's kind of like a UFO highway as well all the way across this country, running east to west.  And you always hear from these people who live under this UFO highway.  They're always the ones seeing UFOs the most—strange lights, the blinking, the flashing in and out.  And that’s was one of the first things I did—was try to affect that UFO highway.  And so.  Needs a lot more work.  A lot more people to stand up, get those areas done.  Just travel the routes, folks.  The highways, the byways.  One puck every mile.  Put up walls.  

They’re Using Beacons To Scorch The Earth

Another thing is these beacons.  I kept seeing the term “beacon” in the Codes, and I thought it was that apparatus on the Moon, but apparently they have beacons right here on Earth as well.  And they're using these beacons to flash beams across the globe and scorch the Earth.  And these are their plans.  They plan on scorching the Earth and using these beacons.  And the thing about these beacons is that they're not very big.  And so, if you are thinking HAARP tower-size, they're smaller than HAARP towers.  And I don't even know where they are yet.  Trying to locate what exactly they look like and how big they are and where they're located.  But I do know a lot of these plans are originating out of Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton.  And so.

Lima, Ohio Is A Haven For Lizards

That whole area on the western side of Ohio, you got Dayton and Lima, Ohio.  And Lima, Ohio is like a haven for lizards.  I know there's a college over there.  I can't remember the name of which one.  But there's a college over there, and so it's a college town.  And, you know, the government—colleges are like havens for them—the CIA, they hide within the colleges.  And there's a whole group of them in Lima, Ohio, and I kept wondering why I kept seeing Lima in the Codes and I thought that was Lima, Peru, and here it's Lima, Ohio.  

It Also Happens To Harbor A Giant Base Underneath

But there's a giant base underneath the ground in Lima, Ohio.  And so, it doesn't surprise me because we've done a lot of work in Dayton at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in targeting their water supplies.  And so.  They've moved north into Lima, a little north of where Wright Patterson is.  And so, anybody who can go up and get the water sources in Lima, Ohio, get the rivers, get streams, get lakes.  Because even though they’re, you know, giants and 4th dimension beings that will be materializing here on Earth and not in their dimension, they still need water.  And so, we need to affect their air and their water.  And if we get enough orgone in the area, I don't care how big the base is—any base needs air, and they pull their air from above ground.  And so, let's let them pull orgone saturated air into their base.  All of their water.  Orgone water is very toxic to them.  And so, we need to get orgone in the water, in their water supplies in Lima, Ohio.

I know we were targeting a giant base, this huge one they've been building out in North Carolina, and more warriors can stand up and get that area, because it's just massive.  Some of these bases, the levels alone—if you could picture like, you know, a regular building, a cubic style or cube style building where the floors are 40 feet tall—high—in between the floors.  Can you imagine?  That’s how big some of these giant bases are, because that’s how big some of these giants are.  Some of these giants are 28, 30 feet tall.  And they're hiding them.  They're hoarding them.  They're bringing them into our country. 

We Need To Start Targeting The Giant Bases

And who knows how long they've been here, but they’re, you know— it's something I've caught onto.  They have a whole new shuttle system underground to bring in these giants from Israel.  ‘Cause they’re kind of like landing in the Negev.  Remember two years ago, I kept seeing giants in the Negev Desert?  They're landing in the Negev and being hauled across the world.  I don’t know.  I could tell you in America, I'm starting to figure out where they're being hidden at.  And they've built the whole new shuttle system beneath the ground to be able to hold these giants.  And so, we need to start targeting these giant bases, folks.  Otherwise, they're going to be eating your animals and your kids.  And so.  Right now, they're hidden, but they're not always gonna be hidden.  We need to put walls up around these bases, folks.  Just get a map.  Ask the Lord to guide you, when you're looking at a map, exactly where He wants you to put the orgone.  And then get out there and do it.  Because He'll lead and guide you where to put orgone. 

You may, you know—one of the things to look for, like with the base out in North Carolina—one of the entrances to the base was underneath a tractor trailer mechanic’s shop.  They use these huge tractor trailer trucks to bring them in as well.  And so, they’re not always, you know—sometimes it’s like, “Oh yeah, that makes sense.”  How about a tractor trailer mechanics shop, and a base right there and an entrance right there, so they can haul these giants around once they get here to America or something.  And so.  Don't always know what these trucks are hauling, do ya? 

They Want To Get The Earthquakes And Droughts Going

So we just need to just get busy and not let up because they are certainly not letting up.  They have a whole spring time of one disaster after the next planned.  They want to start kicking up the earthquakes and droughts.  All of these droughts coming, folks, are weapon-made.  They really want to target the food supply.  We've already seen that with the massive deaths of birds and fish and pretty soon it's gonna be other animals.  And when they get tired of killing off the animals, they'll just start coming after the people, folks.  And so, we need to fight back against them.  

Watch Out For Etna In Northern Italy

You know, a couple years ago in the Codes, I mentioned Etna going off.  Seeing Etna in the Codes, that northern volcano in Italy.  And so, interesting enough, Etna's starting to make the news.  These rumblings of Etna.  And the United States has a huge military base there, north of Italy, north of Rome and the Vatican there.  So, interesting.  They'll have to abandon that base.  Because that base is a major one that they use to get the troops ready before they ship 'em over to Afghanistan.  And so.  I can't remember the name of the base.  I just know it's north.  Right there north of Italy.  And one of the first places affected if Etna blows, let alone the entire area of north and southern Italy.  So.  See that in the Codes making its rumblings.

Global Famine Is The Set Up For The One World Economic Beast System

If anybody has any information on these beacons that they're using to beam flashes of heat across the globe—because this is what they're using to scorch the Earth.  They want to cause droughts, cause famines.  They're really intensifying on their famine efforts, and so, you're going to see things happen very quickly and in huge amounts like we're seeing now with all the birds and the fish.  It's gonna happen very intense and it's gonna happen very quickly, because they want to get this famine going. And so. Global famine.  Get everybody on food distribution is what they want.  They want to own the food.  They want to control all the food so that they can control who gets what food.  They’re gonna put you on rationing systems, and so, nobody has more food that anybody else.  Everybody's on a rationing system.  And no, they're not going to give it to you for free.  You still have to pay for it.  It's just you'll only be able to buy a certain amount per individual per week, per month, or whatever.  And so.  They want to control the food so they can force everybody to join the global economic system, which then, they'll be able to implement the Mark of the Beast.  See how this all kinda rolls in together?  And they're going to do it by controlling the food, and so, they need a famine.  They need to get rid of excess food and excess ways people can obtain food, so that everybody's forced to join this global rationing system.  This global economic system that they have coming.  

If You Can, Start Making Your Own Gardens

So, if you can, and you have the means to make your own gardens, you know, there's all sorts of stuff on the Internet about how to make a garden box.  Just literally, make a garden in boxes. And that’s what people are doing.  People who live in apartments, and small yards, you can make them in crates and boxes.  And it teaches you how to grow tomatoes.  And my thing is green beans.  Tons and tons of green beans so you can can ‘em.  Of course, they don't last long in the year, during the winter months, I love eating green beans from the summer because I can't stand that stuff from the grocery stores.  But, if you can start making—start your gardens this year.  It’s just that, also—just that start stocking up as you can.  So. The food prices are going to increase.  They're gonna rise.  And the Bible talks about a day’s wages for a loaf of bread [Revelation 6:6] and so, food’s gonna get astronomical.  And as we get towards those kinds of scenarios that the Bible talks about, there's gonna be riots.  You know, other countries were already rioting when food doubled.  Wait 'til it goes beyond imagination.  Where it's so outta reach for anyone to afford, that they can't afford to eat.  

Normally Good People Gone Desperate Is What Will Create A Lot Of Lawlessness

And this is part of what the Lord warned me about—is that normal people becoming desperate, and things just becoming so out of control because not just the lower classes, but the middle classes and the upper classes being affected.  Normally righteous good people will turn to crime just to survive.  And so, we're gonna have complete lawlessness.  And so.  If you can get a concealed carry permit—I know I've promoted that before on the show.  You get one, a concealed carry [permit], because you never know when you’ll have to protect yourselves and others.  It doesn't matter what kinda neighborhood you're from.  People are gonna get desperate.  People—doesn't matter if they're accountants or lawyers or doctors, you live in rich neighborhoods—these people are gonna start losing everything they have.  And when they have nothing left to lose, they're gonna turn to crime.  You know, it's just normal survival for them.  So, it's gonna get bad, folks.  It's going to be chaos.  I'm not saying it’s gonna do all that this year, but you're going to see the steps towards it.  Definitely the steps towards it. 

We're not going back to apple pie and baseball in America.  It's not gonna get cozy.  You know, it kinda kills ya, ‘cause you see all these unemployment figures—especially in Ohio, the unemployment is just outrageous, and home foreclosures here are just outrageous—and yet people can pay a $200, even a $1000 fee for a ticket to a basketball or football game.  How does that happen?  And this is happening across the country.  People can't eat, but they can afford to go to amusements?  Football games?  Basketball games?

Nibiru Is On Its Way With A Whole Entourage Following Behind

Anyway.  Just a lot of chaos coming folks.  Also seeing in the Codes is coming is a comet coming from the sun.  As Nibiru comes in and pulls the energy from the Sun, it's bringing in a whole host of its own little system with it.  It’s got its own moons, and planets, and stars with it.  It’s like its own little system moving in with Nibiru.  It's not just one planet coming in.  It's this whole system coming in with it.  And as it does, it's going to pull in asteroids and comets with it.  Well, we've got a comet coming. 

New Comet Popping Up In The Codes

Interesting that I saw this a week or two ago.  I only told one person about it. ‘Cause it said, “comet,” “demon,” “sun.”  It’s this comet is coming from behind the Sun, and this comet is a demon.  Or it’s carrying some kinda demon, or it's a demon habitat abode.  I've told you, comets are just carriers.  They're like buses.  Air buses they bring things towards the Earth.  They imprison things.  Apparently some kind of demon or demons inside this comet, and it's coming towards the Earth.  And this comet, when it flies over the Earth, could be another thing that scorches the Earth—causes a lot of scorching.  I keep seeing the term “ashes” in the Codes.I see it all the time and it's not, it's not our volcanoes going off.  I don't see volcanoes mentioned, but I do see ashes all the time.  And that signifies “burning” and “burnt” and “scorching.”  So.  Just something else to look to is this comet.  I don't think it's going to hit the Earth, but it will come towards the Earth. 

After The Global Earthquake Happens, An Asteroid Will Hit

Now, I don't think it's time for a comet to hit yet.  We do have an asteroid that's going to hit, but not yet.  Fortunately for some people, we got some things to happen still, before a comet hits the Earth. And we've got famine coming.  We got a global earthquake coming.  And when this global earthquake hits, then you're going to see an asteroid hit the Earth.  So, that's one thing to watch for first—is a global earthquake.  

They’re Trying To Target Ohio With An Earthquake

I know in the Codes I keep seeing where they're trying to target Ohio—an earthquake in Ohio.  And so.  Something to watch out for as I get more information on that one.  I've been trying to target that one and figure out exactly what and who and where is trying to cause this earthquake in Ohio, ‘cause this is my home state.  And so.  Definitely have my eyes out on that one.  

Continuing To Watch For Signs In The Skies…

So, we've got a little ways to go before anything major hits the Earth.  But it doesn't mean we're not going to be affected by the things that are flying above us.  You know, the Lord said to look out for signs in the skies [Luke 21:25].  And they’ve brilliantly announced their 13th sign in the sky: Ophiuchus.  In the constellations.  And now have all these—PX coming in.  And so, it's not gonna get—I think we're going to see a lot more damage, a lot more natural disasters this spring and summer from PX coming in.  

Every Summer They Pull Their Subs Off The Coasts Because They Know What’s Coming

And this is something our government’s always been preparing for and hiding.  Every summer, you'll see them.  They will pull all the submarines off the coast.  They'll do it on the east coast.  The New York harbors, Virginia, and they'll do it on the west coast, and they'll just send them all out to sea.  They'll send all the submarines out to sea to get them away from the coast lines.  And they'll tell you it's “training exercises” and blah, blah, blah.  But they've always expected these disasters to come, and so, they're trying to protect their own equipment.  So.  You know, and they do it in the summer.  And so.  And those are the dominant months I see in the Codes—May, June and July.  Those are dominant months for a lot of natural catastrophes—tsunamis and floods, and, you know, the Lord has warned, “The waves are gonna roar, the oceans are gonna roar.”  Is it this year?  I don't know.  But better be prepared because we don't have too many years left.  This stuff isn't gonna keep lingering on and on and on.  

The Lord has said to get away from the coast lines, so apparently He thinks it's pretty soon as well.  Now, He doesn't live in linear time, and so.  But He knows the things approaching as they're approaching.  And I’ve seen the things in the Codes as they're approaching.  We don't have an exact date or time like the Gregorian calendar, but we get a pretty good ball-park guess in the Codes in terms of months.  I don’t necessarily give you years, but I do think this is the year we're gonna start seeing some bigger and heavier earthquakes.  And this spring and summer—definitely some action from PX coming in.

And Congress Takes Off For The Same Reason

I think this is gonna be the year they've been dreading, they've been preparing for.  And you’ll notice every July, Congress takes off.  And, you know, they say it’s vacation time or whatever, but you know.  They take off every July.  Because they know.  July is just a big, heavy hitting month for alien invasions, let alone worldwide catastrophe's and tsunami's.  And so, anyway. Just some things I've been looking at, folks.  

Orgone’s Many Benefits

Watch for this coming comet.  I don't know what they're gonna call it.  Comet Demon?  That's what the Bible Codes calls it.  “Comet Demon.”  Yeah, all I can tell you, folks, is keep getting the orgone out.  Because it's the one thing that destroys them.  It's the one thing that affects them.  It's the one thing that totally ticks them off.  It's a total 101 weapon against them.  And so, just keep getting it out.  I'm gonna take some callers and see what's going on around the country today.  

Did You See The State Dinner?

Sherry:  Hello, caller, you're on the air.

Caller:  Hello, Sherry?

Sherry:  Yes.

Caller:  Did you see what they had the State Dinner last night?

Sherry:  What's that?

Caller: The President had that State Dinner last night, and did you see they served them Maine lobster?  And I was like, "Well, why not Gulf lobster?" 

Sherry:  [laughs with caller]

Will The Internet Really Shut Down On March 15th?

Caller:  It probably woulda gave him the &#@$s.  Oh, I just had to have a laugh about that.  They served Maine lobster last night.  Big dinner and the glass chairs…yeah.  But what I was gonna ask you about—have you found any truth about the Internet closing down on March 15th?  Or you haven’t—you don't know if it's gonna?  Or?

Sherry:  You know.  Obama's got his hands on the pull switch, and he's dying to use it.  And he is, eventually.  But.

Caller:  You think that guy really did announce that, but he was closing it down?  That was just—

Sherry:  I don't know. I haven't heard anything about it.

Caller:  I know.

Sherry: I just go by what I see in the Codes.  And so.  I don’t—

Anything New On The Animals Dying?

Caller:  Have you heard anything now about the cows are dying and stuff?  And.  You think that's HAARP?  And that shield or whatever they have?

Sherry:  The Electromagnetic Field?  

Caller:  Yeah, something-kinda, a field or?  Do you think that was HAARP doing that?  But what’s that got to do with cows?  They're not in the air, or, you know? 

Sherry: Yeah.  Well you know what I think is they're using these beacons to target a lot of these poisons everywhere.  So.

Caller:  But it's all over.

Sherry:  There's poisons all over as well.  We have PX coming in, which is pulling on the Sun, and which is causing upheavals on the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  You have the polar shifting.  So it’s going to bother and affect all these animals that rely on—

Caller: They’re not just certain kinds. It’s not just cows.

Sherry: Right.  It’s everybody.

Caller: It’s certain areas just at this point.  So.  It’s kind odd. 

Sherry: They are targeting food supplies, basically.  Because they want this global famine. And so, they’re going to target the animals.  They’re food supplies.

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: And there’s just very many ways they’re doing it.  Poison.  The chemtrails.  Happening naturally just because of the electromagnetic field changes.  The poles shifting. Everything’s just a cause and effect.  Everything’s working together.

Earthquake in Pakistan

Caller: Yeah. I’ve seen that big 7.4 or something that happened in Pakistan a couple days ago again.  They had some big earthquake over there. 

Sherry: Yeah, we’re—that’s gonna get common.  More and more earthquakes.  And powerful ones, and even in this country.  And so.   That’s gonna get more common.

Caller:  I keep looking at that area thinking, “Was it a bomb or was it an earthquake?” 

Sherry: Yeah, well, we’re not gonna escape earthquakes.  We’re gonna have quite a few.  So.

Caller: Yeah, I’ve been watching that.  Noticing they’ve been kicking up.  Not—

Sherry: People need to get camping gear.  They need to get, you know, get ready.  Get camping gear and get everything else.  Because when earthquakes hit and your house is destroyed, you need something to survive in.  And they need to start thinking of survival. 

Should We Fear The Sun Or The Moon More Right Now?

Caller: Should we be more scared of the Sun or the Moon right now?

Sherry: You know what?  I don’t, you know, particularly—I don’t fear the Sun.  But the PX that’s coming in behind and causing all the chaos around the Sun.

Caller: When will that be—when will we be able to see that?  You know—

Sherry: It’s going on now.  That’s what’s happening now.  That’s what’s causing the Earth to wobble now.  It’s the pull on the Sun from PX.

Caller: I know, but when will we be able to see it come around the Sun?

Sherry: Oh, I don’t know.  I don’t know.  I know they can see it in Australia.  And I had pictures on my website years ago from south, you know, the southern hemisphere of PX.  You know?  And it’s just taking taking—seems like a long time to where we in this country can see it.  So, I’m sure people in the west coast will see it first. They can see the Second Sun now that I’ve been talking about, if you have a good welding mask on.  And you can see it in the west coast.  And so.

Caller: Yeah, no one believed me about that.  But they said, “No, it—it’ll be a—they’ll be able to see it around March”—or something.  It’ll be a comet or something. 

Sherry: Nobody really knows when we’re going to be able to see it up here in the northern hemisphere.  I don’t think anybody really knows.  But the thing is, it must be due soon.  There’s gonna be so much destruction caused by that thing, you’re gonna be wishing it didn’t—you weren’t seeing it.

Caller: Yeah. It’s gonna be causing chaos.  Everyone’s gonna be scared.  Wonder what’s going on with people that don’t know what’s going on.  So.

Sherry: Yeah.  And they’re going to use a lot of this as—to implement Martial Law.  All these earthquakes, these disasters that are coming.  They’re gonna use it to implement Martial Law.  To keep them in chaos and riots.

Caller: Huh.  So.  Yeah, I just wondered.  I’ve been watching the earthquakes and all that.  But, yeah, I just had some questions about the Internet and the cows and the fish dying.  Obama’s—

Sherry: Yeah, he’s got that little pull switch in his hands.  He’s dying to use it.  So. 

Caller: Oh, I’m sure eventually he will. 

Sherry: Yeah, he will. Eventually he’s going to.  And so, yeah.  Not if, but when.

Caller: Okay. Okay.  Well thank you.

Sherry: Thanks a lot.  Have a good day.

Caller: You too.  Bye.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Another Call From “Nibiru”

Hello, caller, you’re on the air.

Caller: [breathing in background]

Sherry: Hello, caller.

Caller: [breathing / noise in background]

Sherry: Hello, caller, you’re on the air.

Caller: [clanking noises in background]

Sherry: Huh.  Guess they’re calling in from Nibiru.

[call ends]

Sitting On The Lines Before Sherry Takes Callers Costs Her Money

If you have a question for the show, folks, you can call in at 877-245-5648.  And don’t think you’re just going to sit on my lines, ‘cause I have to pay for that.  So.  People still do it anyway.  And.  I don’t know why you can’t just wait until five minutes after the show and listen to the archive of the show.  Instead of costing me $25 bucks so they can sit on my lines and listen to the show live.  I mean, there’s nothing I say that’s not taped and recorded.  And so. 

Anybody in the chat room, heads up.  I’m in the chat room right now.  And if you have a question, I’m looking in.  And got about 40 users in the chat room right now at BlogTalkRadio. And so, if you have a question, go ahead and post it.  I’m paying attention here, and I’m looking.  You know.  40 people.  That’s, that’s pretty good for a Thursday afternoon.  So.  This show rocks, man.  What can I tell ya?  The only—one of the few places on the Internet where you really get up to date, what’s going on right now Truth.  And so. 

Suggestions For Those Having Digestive Problems

Another big suggestion I have for a lot of people, is because, I—if you’re like me, you know, all year long, I have just had the worst digestion problems.  I just cannot digest food.  And it depends on what it is, and, you know, the fact that I have a gall stone the size of a golf ball.  And I thought that was the problem.  But I just feel like I can’t eat anything without being sick for days.  And so, I have found—and I’m not promoting any particular product, I’m just telling you what I do, because I lead by, “Whatever.  My life’s an open book now to my listeners and everybody.”  I’ve ordered some Ultra Greens, which is a powder that has all of your vegetables in a protein shake, because it doesn’t involve a lot of chewing and digestion.  And so.  And I’ve also ordered Spy Routine, the fruit smoothies for breakfast in the morning.  I would just much rather—I’m so sick of being sick all the time just from eating, that I would just as soon use shakes, protein shakes, whatever.  And just drink something, literally. 

Some people I know are using the rice milk, and spinach, and bananas, and blending that in the mornings and drinking smoothies out of that.  People getting into rice milk.  You can go to whole foods around the Internet maybe and look up “rice drink.”  And rice milk a lot healthier for you—it’s from the brown rice—than your regular pasteurized milk we have in the stores.  Pasteurized milk is the death of people.  I mean, it really—it blocks the nutrients and vitamins—any kind of vitamins and value to the milk.  ‘Cause when they pasteurized it, it kills it.  And so, if you can find organic milk at the grocery stores, that would be your best bet.  Just finding farmers that would sell you real milk. 

They’re Targeting Farmers So People Don’t Have Access To Healthy Food

This is why they’re having such a push against rating farmers.  Because they don’t want people getting healthy stuff.  They want people eating the poisoned garbage that they sell in our grocery stores.  And the less and less you have to become dependent on grocery stores, the healthier you’re gonna be.  Processed foods with MSG and soy-based products.  Soybean itself is not bad. What they do to that soybean is.  And so. You gotta watch everything anymore.  Just ask the Lord what you can eat and what you can’t. 

Protein Shakes And Smoothies Will Be Cheaper In The Long Run When Food Prices Rise

Anyway.  I know just a lot of people having digestion problems.  And I’m just going to protein shakes myself.  I’m just so sick of—I can’t even eat veggies.  People tell you, “Eat vegetables.  Eat vegetables.”  And I’m sick for two days.  ‘Cause my stomach can’t digest ‘em.  And so.  Maybe I’m just going to make my own baby food. Purée it.  Purée everything.  I can hear my kids screaming now. And so.  I have to feed them normal stuff, and try to eat my own whatever I can find that won’t make me sick stuff.  And so.  I found these powdered—these Ultra Greens and fruit smoothies. And another thing is, when the food does get outrageously high, you know, protein shakes will feed you just fine.  You won’t be hungry.  It’s quite an alternative to the high grocery store prices that are coming. 

Other Ideas For Stocking Up

And also, you might want to consider getting your own bread machine.  Learning how to make your own bread.  ‘Cause you can always stock up on flour and stuff.  Now, you wanna keep it in a dark, cool place so that bugs don’t get into it, and you know, if you’re gonna get boxes and boxes to store and stock up on flour, make sure you put it in containers and stuff so that bugs won’t get it.  And try to keep it in a dark, cool place.  A closet or something. But yeah, you can make your own bread.  I dunno.  Another thing to think about are stocking up your freezers with the already pre-made frozen bread loafs in the grocery stores.  I know it just stocks up your freezers, but—and if your electric goes out, you lose all of that, and so.  You know.  Just—there’s always a, “What if.  What if.”  And.  Anyway.

I think the chat room is on stall here.  And so.  Here we go.  Anybody got a question in the chat room.  Yeah, I try to grow my own veggies.  Well, I don’t.  My husband does.  I don’t like dirt.  I hate dirt.  I hate—I’m just not one of these women that’s gonna go outside and be a superwoman outside planting my own flowers and gardens.  I hate dirt. I hate dealing with dirt.  I’d rather have a dirt bike on the dirt than digging in the dirt.  Anyway. 

Any questions for the show, folks, and you can call in at 877-245-5648.

We Need To Find Out Where They’re Hiding These Beacon Weapons 

Some of the other things I wanted to discuss is just somewhat of a timeline here folks, because so many thing happen.  They have so many plans.  And so, it’s hard to tell what they’re planning and what they’re actually going to implement.  And a lot of times, I just misinterpret what I’m seeing in the Codes.  When things are going on in my own backyard, and I think they’re happening on the Moon, and then I hear that they’re going on in my own back yard like this beacon.  I’s talking about a beacon right here in Ohio that they’re going to use to heat up the airwave.  And not all of this is just HAARP weapons.  They have some of their own tech off to the side, and we need to find where these weapons are so we can saturate them with orgone.  And so. 

Let’s Box Them In!

You know what?  I would suggest—what’s been on my mind since yesterday—is this giant base on the border of Ohio and Indiana.  And so, we need warriors to go over there and get Lima, Ohio.  Some of them call it “Lee-mah.”  I call it “Lime-ah.”  And also those on the Indiana side, you might want to put up a wall from north to south along the Ohio border, Indiana border.  So that those giants are—if we could trap them in, if we had a border on the Indiana side, and a border north to south on the Ohio side, boxing in Dayton and Lima areas, it would box them in and contain them in that one area.  Because if they got out and started, you know, going toward your area, they would get burned and suffocate in the orgoned saturated areas.  And so.  That’s what we need to be targeting, folks.  That needs to be our target.  Over in that general direction.

And anybody else who’s got info on giant bases—you know, I’ve always been targeting alien bases, and now with the giant bases, it’s like, “I didn’t think of that one…”  You know, little giants building these bases.  I know Mount Shasta in California, we’ve got a giant base there.  And supposedly every president has gone to visit it.  And that would be northern California.  Mount Shasta.  That place needs a ton of orgone. 

Orgone Won’t Hurt The “Good” Aliens; Just The Evil Ones

You know what?  These aliens who claim, “Oh, we’re good.  We’re here to help mankind.”  If they were really good, the orgone wouldn’t bother them. They’ll love the orgone.  Because it’s a living, righteous energy.  And so.  Don’t feel afraid about hurting “good” aliens because if they were really good aliens like they say, they’ll love the orgone.  So.  Just get these areas, folks.  Target these areas. 

Watch For “Military Exercises” For February On The West Coast

I know we’ve got military exercises coming up in February on the west coast.  So that makes you wonder if they’re getting ready for some kind of false flag event again.  ‘Cause the last time they had military exercises scheduled for the west coast, we saw the missile being shot.  And that was during a time where they had military exercises scheduled. And so, just a heads up on people out that way, that they again have military exercises scheduled in California for the month of February.  So, they always use the military exercises as a front to actually pull off some kind of false flag or attempt to pull off a false flag event.  So just a heads up on that. 

California Is Not A Good State To Be In Right Now

And why California’s always a target of all these military exercises: They also use it as an excuse to bring in more and more equipment and move it where they want to be.  It’s almost like a highway through California up to Seattle, where they’re storing Russian and Chinese equipment.  It’s just a matter of time before the Chinese overtake California, folks.  People worry about the Mexicans.  You haven’t even seen the Chinese coming through there, yet.  And they are going to.  And so.  California, not a good place to be in.  I would just get out of that state. Literally.  And if you’re not going to leave, then at least have your car packed, backpack packed up, so that you can pick up and leave quickly if you need to.  Those in northern part of the state are gonna have a lot more notice than those living in the southern part of the state.  And so.  You know.  People worrying about earthquakes in California.  They’re not going to hit right now.  There’s gonna be—yeah, there’s always gonna be earthquakes in California, but there’s going to be some Martial Law and everything else going in California before the big one finally comes.  And so—because that’s judgment by the Most High.  And so.  You don’t want to be caught up in the chaos coming with all the Martial Law.  Probably start in California before anywhere else.  And so.  Other than the Gulf areas, because they really just want to kick all those people out so they can reclaim all that land down in the Gulf area.  So.

Check Out The Tropical Traditions Website

“Tropical Traditions Sales on Pasture Chickens and Grass-fed Beef.”  I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to their websites, Tropical Traditions. [http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/]  I bought coconut oil from there before.  And all those websites always have such interesting stuff.  I’d look that up.  “Tropical Traditions.”  I don’t know if it’s TropicalTraditions.com.  It might be.  Add dot-com and see where it takes you. 

Prepare Ahead Of Time, Folks, Especially For The Droughts And Famines

But get ready for water back-up systems.   They sent me this thing on life-saver systems.  It’s a water bottle that’ll filter up to 6 thousand gallons of water or whatever, and it’s just a water bottle.  And so.  These are the kinds of things that you need so that, even if you live in the country, and you’ve got horrible well water, you can put it through these bottles, these filter bottles, and you’ll be able to drink it like it’s pure mountain water.  And so.  People need to start looking at backups for getting pure water, drinking water.  Because when it’s drought time, there’s not going to be a lot of water to be stocking up on there. 

So, start preparing ahead of time, folks.  Start preparing ahead.  If you don’t have a means of protecting yourselves and your families, you don’t have a rifle, you don’t have a gun, time to get it.  Quit buying the stupid stuff.  X-box games.  The Wii games.  Wasting your money on sporting event tickets.  Get your head out of the sand, and start preparing for the times that are coming.  You know?  Get—stock up on beans.  Stock up on brown rice.  Stock up on survival—sardines.  Good form of protein.  Stock up on survival things so that, you know—feed your families.  Water—be able to filter water.  And protect yourselves because of the chaos that’s coming.  You know?  And so, just start thinking ahead.  Start thinking “survival,” and stop wasting money on stupid stuff.  Because, you know, America’s turning a corner.  And we’re turning it now.  And it’s just going to get worse and worse and worse.  It’s not going to go back to the way it was.  And so.  Time to stop playing, and time to start planning.  Anyway.

This week I’m working on still trying to figure out where these beacons are that they plan on beaming the Earth with and our states with, with these heat waves, to literally cause scorching of our lands.  Still gonna work on that.  Still working on earthquakes.  And I see one coming in Ohio that ticks me off.  So.  Still trying to detail that one that see what they’re planning.  And so, just a heads up, folks.  Because you need to get prepare for that stuff.  Start buying camping gear and survival gear, and, you know? 

The Pretties And The Uglies Hate Each Other And Guess Who’s Caught In Between

We’ve got an alien problem on this planet.  And the problem being is that the Illuminati are controlling and operating and running all of the high tech that we have, and all of these black projects—they’re not human.  So they don’t care about killing humans.  They don’t care about destroying our Earth and what they’re doing to it.  We’ve got a bunch of lizards controlling humans on this planet, and with the giants coming—the lizards and the giants don’t get along.  They hate each other.  So, literally going to be a war on this planet, let alone from other factions between the lizards and the giants.  And Nibiru is a habitat, an abode, a prison, of imprisoned spirits, these giants that are coming.  And then we’ve got the Locust.  We’ve got ‘em coming from everywhere.  And the lizards, the reptilian faction, are not friends with this giant faction.  We’re going to see a lot of different space fighting coming up.  Wars between those two factions.  The fight for mankind.  So. Gonna be a good one folks.  Gonna be deadly.  Billions are going to be caught in the crossfires of all their different charades, attacks on humanity. 

Yah Is Allowing These Things To Happen To Test Those Who Call Themselves His

And so.  Just something we need to start preparing for.  And just ask the Lord how you—what do you need to do to protect yourselves.  Because—and, you know, the churches lull everybody asleep about a big rapture coming.  You know, the Lord’s using these things to judge and test His people.  So He’s allowing these things to happen.  So, don’t expect Him to whisk you off the Earth to protect you when He’s allowing these things to test you.  Yes, He will protect those He chooses to protect.  Because everybody calls themselves His, and they start praising His name, and they’re not His. He knows who are His and who aren’t.  It’s by deeds, not by words, folks. 

Anyway.  Be back on Monday.  10 o’clock.  Monday Night with Sherry Shriner.  And see what I have, some new stuff by then.  Because, you know, it’s so chaotic.  It’s just so chaotic.  Ohio’s gonna be the month to watch over the next several months.  A lot of activity going on here.  A lot of activity coming here.  And California, destructions in California, and probably the same with Ohio.  And any other state that falls victim in between.  And so. 

Anyway, until Monday, everybody.

Yah bless.


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