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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
Monday, January 24, 2011

Hair-Curling Situation - Bible Code Events Happening Now in Real-Time

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. It's January 24th, and so, another week in 2011, and it's gonna start getting interesting, folks. 

I know it's really cold. And here comes February, and then hopefully it'll start to warm up in March.

Been spending a lot of time in the Codes. And some of the things I've been seeing lately, quite alarming actually. Because whenever I see things in real-life events that I've seen in the Codes happen, it raises the eyebrows off the top of my head. Just because usually everything I see is behind the scenes stuff. And when I actually start to deal with stuff that's going on in the here and now, it makes your hairs curl. [laughs]

Chinese President to Obama, "Hu's Your Daddy?"

And so, I posted a bunch of stuff today about the Chinese. And this is something I've been yelling about for a long time, because Hillary Clinton, a couple years ago, sending over eminent domain of the USA to China. And, of course, all the naysayers on the Internet were saying, "Oh, that story's not true," blah-blah-blah. It was true. And now we're seeing the fruits of that, because recent stories coming out about China's president, Hu Jintao, or however you spell his name, pronounce his name. I'll put him in my own little dictionary. He was in town lately. And one of the things the Taiwanese press did was make an amusing video about how Obama was practically kissing his butt. And it's true, and so. He kisses everybody's butt. They're saying, "Oh, President Obama bowed to the Chinese president." He bows to everybody. If you've got a butt, he'll bow over and kiss it. 

And so, no surprise there. I mean, when he first became president, he spent most of his first six months traveling the world, apologizing to everybody for the United States. And who is he? He doesn't represent us. And so, I don't know who this guy is representing. He's kind of playing king of the octopus right now because, you know, their whole system is one of an octopus. They have legs and tentacles going everywhere. And so that when you think you've finally got some kind of trail or avenue of theirs nailed down, there's nine others that lead to it, the same place. And so, they always have different routes, folks. And that's why all these people with different opinions and beliefs aren't necessarily wrong. Because there's so many different routes to get to one event. They don't count on any just one way. 

The Chinese Are Slicing and Dicing America and Other Countries

What I'm seeing developing is a picture developing when you put the pieces together. And, you know, I heard, several years ago, from bankers that when all the foreclosures started, the Chinese where just coming in and buying up -- they got the cream of the crop of estates, and mansions, and houses, because they're all being foreclosed on. And they're buying up all of these homes. They have their pick. They come in with a lot of money. They're buying up our companies. Some of the last few companies left in Cleveland, that have been around a long time, being bought up by foreigners. I know one of the larger companies here, Keithley Instruments, being bought by an Iranian. And the jobs are just tanking here. I know that's the same everyplace else. And so, that is their "slice and dice" aspect of Illuminati, where they go into every country and start slicing and dicing it up. They're selling the real estates out of all the countries, the businesses. You've got global companies coming -- this doesn't just happen in America, this is happening everywhere, folks. Where you've got global companies will have Americans moving into Germany, and Germany's companies moving into America. It's everywhere. It's slice and dice. 

It's getting to be quite a stir-fry, because what they want to do is destroy the single sovereignty of any particular nation and make a global hodgepodge. You know, you're can have so many people, so many different races, within one country that that country loses its identity. And that's happening in America, and it's happening everywhwere else. You know, when you think of Europe, you think of Muslims. When you think of America, you think of Mexicans, and now Muslims, and now Chinese. 

One Law, One Manner, Under Yah - Not America the Melting Pot

And America's always been a melting pot. And, for some reason, the Satanists have always succeeded in making Americans feel good about that. And you know what? It's ludicrous! Because, the Israelites of old -- and we are the Israelites. You guys can -- I'm not talking bloodlines, because the new Israel, folks, are those who follow Him. Doesn't matter what bloodline you are. That was all done away with. He divorced old Israel. And the new covenant with the people was, all those who came to Him would become new Israel. And so, America is an Israel nation. We founded this country on principles of our beliefs in Him. And, of course, at the same time, you have the Satanists running all their Masonry crap alongside of that. 

But this was the new land of "milk and honey" for His people. America was. And so, the one thing that Israel was never allowed to do -- if you wanted to become a part of Israel of old, and you wanted to convert to their religion, you adopted that nation. You adopted the Israelites of that time. You adopted everything. Not just the religion, but you converted to Judaism -- Judaism...the term didn't exist back then -- but you adopted their way of life. And their beliefs. And America's version of that is you just come to America, and you can still put up your pagan gods and temples everywhere, and they bring in all these idols. They bring in all these false idols. And see, everytime Israel did that in the past, where the people had idols rising up amongst them and people were chasing after other gods, the Lord destroyed them. He punished them and destroyed them. He allowed them to be taking over in war. And they would become slaves of another nation.

And so, what do we have now? America the melting pot, which has been brewing for years. They kept making it sound like it something grand so that you'd accept it. They knew the Lord's judgment would come on this nation for us doing it. These people don't come over here and accept our ways and our beliefs. They put up their own gods and pagan temples and then have everybody in America sleeping, chasing after false gods. And so, His judgment's coming. His judgment's coming to America. We've allowed it, we've sat back. It's brewed, and brewed, and brewed over the years. And no one has ever stood up and said, "Hey, we've gotta stop this. This isn't right." If they want to come to America, and be a part of America, they need to adopt our customs, they need to adopt our ways. And so, no, it never happened. 

America's Falling in Judgment to the Chinese

And so, the Lord's judgment is on America. And He's allowing the armies of the Beast to be our judgers. And who are the armies of the Beast? Well, you know me, for ten years, twelve years, whatever, I've been screaming about the aliens. But he also has a human, a domestic counterpart. And these are the dragon races; the Chinese. Chinese are all about dragons and serpent worship. And so, if that doesn't raise the eyebrows off your head, I don't what will, because these are going to be our judgmentors. 

And so, America's going to fall in judgment to the Chinese. And, that's why I was posting stuff to my Facebook list today about the Chinese. Alex Jones coming out with some stuff. I don't know half the time if he just runs with what I've already said, or he just confirms what I say. But a lot of times we're on the same page. Sometimes it's pretty unusual. But, hey, I'll take it. You know, he's got some interesting articles out about the Chinese. And people need to pay attention to this.

A Chinese Foreign-Trade Zone in Every American State

And the one thing that really makes the hair stand on your head is, a couple weeks ago, when I was reading about the Free-Trade Zone in Idaho -- or is that Iowa? I don't know which one it is; Idaho, Iowa. And I posted that on my list because the business leaders in Iowa had gone over -- it's Idaho -- had gone over to China, soliciting business from Chinese leaders. And basically what they came back with was they were gonna build their own city in Idaho for Chi -- they had to build the city, but then they have to hand it over to the Chinese, and only the Chinese are allowed to live and work there. So it becomes a Green Zone for the Chinese. 

And, if you think that one was bad, there's 250 other cities in the works, distributed throughout all of the states, except for like, three states...Montana, Nevada, and West Virginia. Other than those three states, every other state has a contact support group and organization that is working with the Chinese to set up these Green Zones in every state. Now you're saying, "Huh? What?" Yeah, you know, I posted that link on my Facebook site, http://www.facebook.com/people/Sherry-Shriner/100000532377935. You can go there and read it. I'll post it on my Talk Radio site here after the show. But what this article states is that every one of our governors has approved and allocated a certain amount of acres of their state's lands to be inhabited by Chinese communists straight from China. And they're gonna set up little towns and live there. And no one else is allowed -- these are Green Zones -- no one else is gonna be allowed there. And land given to the Chinese are gonna be consider foreign territory. 

And so, just imagine if you're in this land zone that they've designated for the Chinese, you're going to be displaced. You're gonna be displaced if you're in that land zone. They're gonna kick you out of your house. The government's gonna pull eminent domain over your property and home and make you leave. And they're going to give it to these Chinese. And, boy, talk about a revolution in America. 

257 of these Green Zones. I like how they call them little communities with foreign territories within the United States. Because that's all they are; Green Zones. It reminds you of the Green Zone in Iraq where Americans set up a base and then built huge palaces there for the UN, and they call it the Green Zone. And, of course, they've barricaded it, and there's walls all around it, and no one's allowed in it but the United States military. And that's how these little Green Zones in America will be that the Chinese are gonna be -- we're funding and setting up for the Chinese. [laughs] 

China Owns Your Mortgage

If this doesn't tell you that China owns this country already, I don't know what will. China owns America, folks. They're not gonna come out and announce it. We've been telling you that when they bought up all the debt, that means they own the mortgage you're paying on your house. They own your mortgage. You're paying them for your house. And so, they can call in the note anytime they want. They can kick you out of your house because you don't own it, you're still paying on it. 

And for those of you who already own their house, I don't know what their plans are on that. But very few in America own their own home. You can get a kind of a list, an idea. You know, this list tells you exactly what companies and corporations are involved with helping set up these Chinese Green Zones throughout the country. But don't tell you exactly where the Green Zones are gonna be. So you don't know if you're sitting in the middle of one or not. 'Cause they'll just come in and bulldoze the entire area, the entire neighborhood, the entire suburb, whatever it is. If they don't want it, they'll bulldoze it to make it Chinese-friendly. Whatever it is the Chinese want. And so, this is coming up, folks. 

Fully Expecting the Chinese to Invade America Through the Southern Border of California

You know, I've always seen the Chinese in the Codes. And I've been warning for years they're amassing on our southern border, and they've been coming in through the Panama Canal. They've been sitting in that hot Mexican desert for years, piling up, piling up. Thousands of them. And so, we went down there and orgoned the border, along with Arizona and Texas. Had Warriors get that area. And it made a lot of them sick. So now we know the orgone will work against Chinese. And a lot of them are left. And over the past year now, they've been regrouping in other areas of Mexico over by the California border to get away from our orgoned areas. And so, I fully expect a full-blown just invasion in California of the Chinese just coming up, walking through the southern border. They don't have to physically invade a country they already own, but they could. 

Every One of China's Nuclear Missiles Is Pointed at the United States

And the striking thing about thing whole thing is, is how low-key they're keeping China's nuclear arms and capabilities a secret, because, you know, they always want Russia to be the boogeymen. They always want you to see the Russians as the big threat to American security and safety. Folks, every one of China's nuclear weapons is pointed at the United States. Every one of them. They're pointed at the United States. 

And so, while America's under the judgment of God through China, the rest of the world...Europe, in particular, and countries of Africa and the Middle East will be under the Arab confederacy that's gonna arise. It's gonna be a revolution through that, because while we're seeing America go down, and much destruction, and revolution, and chaos, and martial law, and everything that goes along with an unannounced war, you know, basically, because of this war on America. But they're coming through all these back-door methods, so people don't realize there is a war going on in America. 

A Confederacy of Arab Nations Will Arise to Prevent China from Taking Over Their Lands

You're gonna see a confederacy of nations arise with the Arabs, because they're gonna be the only ones left with any money to counteract China's superpower status. China overnight is gonna arise to superpower -- it's already there. No one's acknowledging it. No one's publicly saying it. America's no longer a superpower. It's China. China is now the lone superpower in the world. And so, to counter this, the Arab nations are gonna form a confederacy to counteract China, to protect their own lands and their own countries from China. From keeping them from doing to them what they're doing to us in America. And so, what you have is the nations of England that are gonna be coming up at war against this Arab confederacy. And so, you kind of see the split. You see two powers rising. You see China, which is already risen. And soon we're gonna see this ten-nation confederacy of Arab nations around the Mediterranean sea nations there that are gonna rise and form a confederacy. 

Arabs Will Align After China Makes Its Presence Visible in America

And so, this is pretty much what I see coming. It's where we're headed. It's where we're in now with America and China. Trying to piece together what the rest of the world's gonna be embroiled in, and that's what I see is this confederacy nation of Arabs rising. And so, brace, folks. You'll probably see the Arabs aligning after China makes its visible presence here in America. Once you see all the uproar, and chaos, and revolution, and everything going on in America, destruction here, is when you'll see the Arabs unite. So, just kind of a timeline for their -- 

The Deaths of the Birds, Fish, and Animals Are the Lord's Judgment on Our Land

I've been asked a lot about what's going on with the birds and the fish, and the animals. And you can look at Hosea, chapter 4, [verses] 1-3  http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Hosea%204:1-3&version=KJV, where the Lord's judgment is on this land because they've forgotten Him. They're annoying Him. They've abandoned Him. And so, His judgment is on the land. And He'll use His enforcers to execute His judgment, just as China is enforcing His judgment on America. 

And what I see with all the die-offs is the fact that it's not our American military chemtrail machines, although people -- they could be, and secondhanded. It's mostly the aliens, themselves. And think about it, folks. Who can possibly, in every country of the world, at any time of the day or night, affect enough poison in the air at once to just decimate thousands and thousands of birds and fish, and now animals on the land, and so. 

You know, they say it's Mad Cow. And Mad Cow's not an earthborn disease. That's an alien-created virus. And some of these other diseases that are coming up. Phosgene attacks. And phosgene's a part of it. Phosgene's gonna get very bad. I've warned about Corexit. And that's what's in Corexit; phosgene. I told you that was gonna increase. That was gonna move away from the Gulf and get everywhere else. And that's exactly what's happening with that. 

Altitude - Desolation - Cleansing - Now

So we have, basically, our military under the command of alien handlers, I guess you could say. But they're working in cahoots together. Because I see it all coming from the altitude. "Altitude - desolation - cleansing - now." And cleansing is murder. It's annihilation. There's no good ambiance around the word "cleansing" here, folks. It's the way the New Agers hide murder. It's just a nice way of saying we're gonna murder you. We're gonna cleanse the world. We're gonna murder it. That's what they mean. And so, I see that now in the Codes, coming from the air, and so. Also, we're seeing effects of Planet X coming in pulling on the sun, causing the earth to wobble, causing our electromagnetic shields to reverse. Also could be affecting the birds, and fish, and animals as well. I'm not saying it's just one particular route. But I am saying it's coming from the air. It's coming from the altitude, and so. Direct attack. And it's all purposeful, folks. 

Obama Has Aligned Our Country with the Ascended Masters

What I was seeing in the Codes is an alignment of the holy grail, the Ascended Masters -- which is the whole New Age facade, the Ashtar Command stuff -- and America via Obama. Through Obama. He has aligned our country with the Ascended Masters. And these leaders that are coming from Nibiru, the Bible Codes refers to it as "nemesis." Obama's aligned with all of them, folks. He has given the power of America over to these off-world terrestrial beings. OK? And remember I told you back in 2000, 2001 that in 2009 whoever was president would give the power of the United States over to alien beings, basically? I figured by then they would be sitting in the UN. But they haven't even broached the UN. I mean, they control it, but they haven't made their arrival to Earth known yet. Just haven't made the massive arrival that they wanted to, that they had planned. Coming in as Ascended Masters and gods and rulers, and want the world to look at them as gods, as our creators. They want us to think that they're our creators. That's why you have intelligent design even replacing evolution as a theory of how we came about. 

Zecharia Sitchin Wrote About the Return of the Anunnaki

And so, that's how they're gonna come; the Anunnaki. The return of the Anunnaki. You can read about it. It's all over the Internet. [Zecharia] Sitchin did some work on it. Chew the grass, spit out the hay on Sitchin's work on the Sumerians, because they garble a lot of things. And Sitchin was a Satanist working for the New World Order agenda, so a lot of things spin towards what they want to believe, and so. But either way you're gonna see all this stuff playing out. But that's what he's done. You know, I warned about it in 2000, 2001. It's 2011 now. And he's still the president, and this is exactly what he's done. He's aligned with all of these alien races that are coming...the Ascended Masters. 

The Pleiadeans Say Peace When There Is No Peace

You know what I thought was amusing is when all the alien groups, the so-called Pleideans, nice Pleideans that are trying to help America and the world from the evil New World Order? Remember I warned you about the good cop/bad cop scenario? They immediately started fingering chemtrails and the military as the ones at fault for all these attacks on the birds, fish, and animals. Because they wanted to take the blame off of the real culprits who are in charge of this entire operation of cleansing the earth, and that's Maitreya, and Sananda, and Germaine, and these very leaders that the Pleiadeans and everybody else are aligned with. See, they talk about wanting to help the earth, but they're really destroying it. You know? It's like the Bible says, they'll say peace when there is no peace. They talk out of both sides of their mouth. They'll talk about how they want to help humanity while at the same time all their plans are going out to destroy it, and so. There's no friendly Pleideans trying to help humanity, folks. 

Aliens Will Betray Those They Befriend in Groups and Organizations

You know, it's all a ruse. It's all a game. That's why, years ago, the Most High would not let me join any groups, any organizations, make any friendships with or alliances with anybody, period. Because He told me that all of these human groups that are befriended...aliens, the fallen angels...that it was all a game and -- you know, not His particular words, but mine -- it comes down to all being a game, and that the humans would be betrayed. They would be betrayed by these very aliens that they thought were trying to help them. 

If You Agree to Be A New-Age Channeler, You'll Be Soul-Scalped

And it doesn't take much common sense to see that you look at some of these people that start channeling New Age garbage, and becoming spokespeople for them, and now you look at them and they look like they're totally soul-scalped. It's like the lights are on, nobody's home. They soul-scalp them. If you're gonna volunteer to be a channeler for the New Agers, they're gonna soul-scalp you. Because when you're in rebellion against the Most High God, Satan has full access to you. And none of these people would be channeling New Age garbage if they consulted the Lord first, the Most High first. Because He would never allow it. And so, they're in rebellion. And so, that gives them access, a legal route, a legal right to soul-scalp these humans and take over their bodies. That's how you get that lights-are-on-nobody's-home look. So...you know. Some of their latest mouthpieces that have stood up to speak for them...it's all in the eyes, folks. Just look at them. So, anyway.

NESARA's New Snare...Global Prosperity Funds

A lot of talk going around the circles about prosperity funds being released. This is my favorite one. [laughs] Prosperity funds. Global prosperity funds. Sign the dotted line, join this list, and await for your prosperity funds. And remember, years ago, this is when I was talking about NESARA. And I put up a website on it, www.nesarasucks.com. Their talking about the NESARA economic program. And this will be the global economic program of the Beast. 

And everything they're talking about -- they no longer use the world NESARA, because they realized that throughout the years, all the bad attention given to NESARA, people would recognize it for what it is. And so, now they just refer to it as anything else. They don't call it NESARA. They won't come out and say it is NESARA. They refer to all the aspects of it, but they don't come out and use the name, 'cause they know people will recognize it. I did a lot of work exposing NESARA for what it is. But when you here the term "global prosperity funds," that's a buzzword for NESARA. 

And what they want people to think is their gonna get a whole lot for nothing. Most people will like that. You know? They want something for nothing. If someone told you they were gonna give you $50,000 a month to sign the dotted line, join the new program...that's tempting, don't you think? How many people are gonna say, "No, I don't want that. What are you talking about?" Very few. Very few. The majority would just jump. And so, that's what's gonna happen. Because what they're gonna do is they're gonna promise people all this money to get out of debt to buy a new home, do whatever you want. All promises, promises, promises. They're not gonna deliver. [laughs] 

The people at the very beginning -- it's like a Ponsi scheme, you know. The people at the very beginning might get their money, so all these other people see them getting their money, so they'll sign the dotted line, and everything just goes on down, trickles around, everybody gets it. Everybody gets the money. Join the new economic program. This is the Beast economic program, folks. A lot of them will sell their souls for a couple bucks a month. And as soon as they've got as many people in their hands, you know, they're gonna realize that it was all just a scam, it was all a setup, so. Stay away from NESARA, folks. Stay away from bribes. Stay away from the carrots. They think we're all a bunch of bunnies and they're waving carrots in our faces. Stay away from anything having to do with global prosperity and goodwill towards mankind. Because although it sounds good, it's Satan behind the spitting, so.

Obama Has Given the Alien Nations Approval to "Cleanse" America

You know what? Another thing I keep seeing in the Codes is, just of the alliances going on between Obama and all of these different alien factions. The desolation, and cleansing, and ambushes coming from our air now. And that they're busy. One matrix on Codes said "planet - buffalo - bustling - ambushing - evil." They're ambushing around the planet, and it's evil. Nothing righteous about it. Nothing righteous about what they're doing. They want you to think they're nice guys. But they're ambushing, and it's evil. And so, need to wake up, you know.

And their appearance is going to be soon. I'm seeing, you know, we already have their arrival here, so to speak, because it's all being done behind the scenes. Obama meets with these leaders of these alien nations. And China released a little hint last week stating that, "Oh, Obama might make a disclosure." [laughs] "Obama might disclose the earth has a alien problem." [laughs] Whatever it was they were saying. 

You know, I can't say for sure when he's going to, but I can tell you he's already in alignment with them. And he's already given them approval for the cleansing of America. And it is his job, his mission since he's become president, to destroy America. And I've told you that, back when he was on the campaign trail. And so, here we are. He's still on the campaign trail, but this time in the Oval Office with the mission and the job, the assignment to cleanse America. And what did I tell you "cleansing" word meant? Murder. Murder America. And that's what he's doing. 

Bombard the Companies and People Behind the Chinese FTZs

And we'll see more of it as they continue to slice and dice up our states through those Foreign-Trade Zones they're gonna be setting up. These Green Zones for the Chinese. And so, you need to contact -- you can go to Facebook and check out the link on my website. And find out the people involved in your state who are the contacts that are working with the Chinese to bring them into your state listed on that website. And we need to start bombarding these companies and these people that are behind it. They'll probably deny it if you ask them outright. They're probaby gonna lie. They'll probably deny it. That's what they always do. They denied Hillary Clinton had handed over eminent domain of America to China. They deny everything. And so, expect to be lied to, and just keep digging at them for the truth. U.S. Foreign Trade Zones http://ia.ita.doc.gov/ftzpage/letters/ftzlist-map.html

Get Orgone In and Around the Foreign-Trade Zones Areas

You know, I haven't seen any maps yet of exactly where in the states these Green Zones are gonna be set up, but folks, they hate the orgone. They hate orgone. The Chinese hate the orgone. That's why it delayed their plans from 2008, I believe it was, 2009 they were gonna come in up through Arizona, start taking over parts of Arizona. And the Lord told me if I didn't get down there and get that border orgoned that millions were gonna die. So we got it. We had Warriors stand up and we were able to help with the supplies and get that border secured with orgone. And it delayed their plans on that. And then they sat in the desert and started getting sick and had to leave. And so, we know it works. We know orgone will work against the Chinese. And so, we need people in every state to stand up and start orgoning your states. Let's keep the Chinese out of here. If we could chase the aliens out, we surely could chase the Chinese out. 

Maybe that's why they want the Green Zones, because they think that somehow -- what, are they gonna put domes over them? -- that they can keep orgone away from them in these Green Zones. If we get into these Green Zones, these Foreign-Trade Zones before they even start to establish them, then we can already affect the air and the water and the ground by getting orgone in the rivers and the lakes that are within these Green Zones. And get it buried into the ground, folks. That's when we actually find out where these zones are gonna be. Until then, you can be getting your states so they don't even want to choose a certain area, when they walk in and it burns them. Huh? [laughs] So that's what you want, because it will burn them. It boils them. 

Politicians Have Parties on UFOs

And I find it amazing that, you know what? Obama's been in office three years now. He's never in D.C. He hates it there because he can't breathe. We have so much orgone there he literally burns. It literally burns him. People wonder why his hair grays so quickly. It's because he's dehydrated. He's so dehydrated all the time. And that's why he's never in D.C. He leaves. Even if he's stuck in the Capitol, he'll go up in UFOs at night and just stay up in the air. Cheney does that a lot, too. A lot of them do. 

They have parties on UFOs. If you haven't read that one book, Trance-Formation of America, I think that's the one -- or it's the other one, Thanks for the Memories -- where they talk about being sex slaves for the politicians on UFOs. They were having parties on UFOs. 

I mean, for those of you who need proof of what I'm saying. Everything I've ever said's always confirmed sooner or later in some way. In some way it's always confirmed. Even if it has to come from sex slaves. Even if it has to come from China direct. 

National Geographic Admits Zombie Virus Is Possible

You know, I warned about the zombie pandemic coming, and now National Geographic is coming out confirming what I've said about mutant viruses coming that, through rabies, can cause zombiism, and so. They confirm what I say. In a roundabout way. They kind of leave it hanging, like, "Oh, but we can get medicine for that," or something. No, these viruses coming out are so mutant that mankind's never seen them before. The Bible talks about plagues and diseases that we've never seen before on Earth. So how are they gonna have medicine ready for it? They're not. They're not gonna have antedotes. I don't see zombie stuff coming up right away, so don't worry on that one yet. If I do, I'll let you know. I always let you know what I see. 

Obama Is Deliberately Sabotaging Our Food Supplies

But what I do see is more and more ambushing in our air. More and more animals, birds, fish gonna die. They're cleansing the earth, folks. This is their cleansing program. It has begun. And people are next. People are gonna be next. And Obama's still got his thing going on, his plans going on with deliberately disrupting our food supply, which is gonna be coming up. Deliberately sabotaging our food supplies. And not only that, but our food itself. And everybody knows it's got all these poisons in it. Everybody keeps getting sick. We've never had so many people with digestion problems that we do now. That's all because of the poisons they're putting in the food. They're poisoning our food supplies.

MSG Helps the Dragon Races Hold Their Human Forms

And another thing that should alarm you is the amount of soy and MSG (monosodium glutamate) in the food, because these have always been the backbone of the dragon race, the Chinese, in their food; soy and MSG. You know why they need it? Know why they need MSG? Because it helps them hold human form. You get that? It helps them hold their human form. And so, that's why they like the MSG. And that's why you're seeing so much of it flooded in American markets. And now they don't even call it MSG. They have different names they use for it now, so you can't pinpoint what food it's in so you can avoid that food. Because it makes normal humans sick. But also, if you're one of the ones that. Are soul-scalped through nanotechnology. You keep getting those vaccines. You don't listen. All the nanotech in those vaccines rewire your brain. And you become so controlled by the nanotech in your brain, you become soul-scalped and possessed by them. That way they're already coming into a body that's already been saturated with MSG and soy. Yeah, nice one, huh?

They're getting our economy ready to be overtaken by the Chinese in every way shape and form. And not just the Chinese, the aliens. Because it helps them, too. But with the disruptions of the earth's magnetosphere, you're gonna see a lot of the aliens amongst us that are posing as humans lose their ability to hold their shape as humans.

Ascended Masters - Wearing Armlets that Project a Shield & Anklets that Project Their Human Forms

Now on these Ascended Masters that are coming, what I see in the Codes is that -- I always see the terms "armlet" and "anklet" associated with them. And I finally figured out what these are. It's not just jewelry. OK, they're already effeminate. They're a little girlish. They're gonna be girlish, feminine kind of guys coming as Ascended Masters and gods. They're gonna be girlish. But these jewelry that they wear, the wrist bracelets that they wear are gonna project some kind of shield around them, an invisible plastic shield around them, that protects them from any kinds of attacks either in or, you know, whatever dimension -- third, fourth, whatever dimension -- protect them from all attacks. So they'll actually be walking around in some kind of bubbles, shielding, so that they won't be harmed.

And then, the anklet bracelet that they wear is gonna be the one that projects their hologram, their look. Because, if you look at www.nesarasucks.com, my website, their highest commander, Hatonn, in human form -- I have a picture of him in human form. He looks like a effeminate male. In his real form, he's a tall Grey alien. And they tell you in their own writings, folks, that they manufacture these human bodies to hold their alien forms in. They tell you in [audio skips] aren't hiding it. It's where I got the info from that's on the website. And so, these anklets...instead of looking at tall Grey aliens, you'll see human-looking beings, humanoids.

So the armlet protects them. And the anklet holds up the hologram of the person they look like...what you're seeing anyway. Because they're actually just tall Grey alien beings. So, anyway. Yeah, this is what we have coming, folks.

A Lot of Killing Taking Place on the Moon

Hearing last night that there was -- I have no way of confirming this, but some things I've been hearing about last night about midnight at the 24th. It would be a 6 and some occultic number. Sacrifices being taken place on the moon. Some pyramid-shaped object on the moon. Huge pyramid complex on the moon, and inside of it they have, apparently, you know, a bunch of rooms, hallways, whatever. And just some crazy stuff going on up there with a lot of killing. Killing Reptilians that had been disloyal to them. Killing humans. 

They're Using Light Beams from the Moon to Control Hybrids on Earth

It also sending out light beams to the earth to try to affect and influence all those who are under their control. The way they see it, all the hybrids on Earth are within their realm. And they affect them through their DNA. And these light beams, these frequency -- I don't know what you want to call them...maybe connectors, frequency connectors...either way, they connect to these people and try to affect them and influence them, and so. 

The Bible [Codes] calls it "domesticated bison." The hybrids are domesticated bison. They're domestic, they live on Earth, they live amongst us. But because they're hybrids, the aliens claim them as their own. 

Hybrids Have the Choice of Fully Embracing Yahushua If They Want To

And what happens is these hybrids have a choice. They can choose Yahushua and turn their back on their alien DNA, and embrace Yahushua fully. And a lot of them do, folks. Creates a real, talk about a hodgepodge of types of believers that we have now, because there's people who would die for the Lord, who would give their lives for Him just as much as anybody else would, that are these hybrids. 

And they have special abilities that they can use. They're not like us because of the fallen angel DNA that they have. They can do things, supernatural things, that we can't do. But they use it for good. They use it for the Lord, or they don't use it at all. They do as the Lord leads them, just like we do. 

And so, just because somebody is an Indigo, or a hybrid, or a Star Child, a Starseed, that does not mean that they're automatically evil and rejected by the Most High. Because they have souls. And His redemption on the cross reaches to them, too. And they must make a choice just as much as a regular human with 100% human DNA does. Do you understand what I'm saying? 

Don't Judge a Hybrid "Book" by Its Cover - By Their Fruits You Will Know Them

And so, we can't negate them all as evil just because -- I've been teaching you over the years how to spot hybrids and stuff. The snake-slit eyes (the easiest way). Just because they might have snake-slit eyes, they might have a Reptilian stare. We call the Reptilian stare that real intense dark black evil stare. Doesn't mean they're evil, you know. This falls under the whole realm "by their fruits you will know them." By their fruits. Can't go by their looks. And that's something the Lord keeps telling me. Don't judge a book by its cover. And I'll tell you what. Been telling me that for two weeks. 

And one of the things on my Facebook list, when I allow people on my site is I'll look at their pictures. And I'll tell you what, some of these people's profile pictures, they've got the Reptilian stare. It just stares right through you. You look at it and you go, "They're hybrid." Now, normally, I would probably just reject it, say, "They're hybrid. I don't want them on my list." But the Lord has been teaching me that by their fruits you will know them. Don't judge a book by its cover. And so, I allow these people on my list, and, I'll tell you what, some of them just have HUGE hearts for the Lord. I'd rather be around them than half the church crowd I've been hanging out with the past forty years. They're Warriors, they love the Lord. And so, folks, we cannot judge these books by the cover. You cannot judge a person by their DNA. You must judge them by their fruits, as the Lord says. It's a lesson learned for me. 

Stay Away from the White Moon Beams - They're Capturing Souls

And so, anyway, I'm gonna wrap it up. I'll be back on Thursday. Folks, if you're out and about and you see white beams coming from the moon, do not go to the white beam. Just another heads up, shout-out, because we're gonna start seeing this stuff. Stay away from the light beams, they're capturing souls. They will abduct you in those beams. They're trying to capture souls, take them to the moon, sacrifice them. 

The cleansing program is on. Our humanity is under assault. OK? They're not bringing it in full fruition yet where you see the ships and the shooting, and the tubes and stuff going on yet. But we are under assault. They're using the same backdoor methods that they Chinese are using on America; the backdoor. And while everybody sleeps, the destruction's already begun. And nobody recognizes it. So just a shout-out. Stay away from UFOs, stay away from beams. 

Get an Orgone Pipe and Defend Yourself

Get a pipe. Make yourself a orgone pipe and just wave it in the air, and go defend yourselves. Get your properties orgoned so that's saturating the air. Make it miserable for the Chinese to even want to move into your area. They won't want to move there, so. 

Anyway, I'll be back Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News, to see what they're up to by then again. 

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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