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Aliens In The News
Thursday, January 27, 2011

And hello, everyone.  It's Thursday, Aliens In The News.  I'm Sherry Shriner.  If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648.   Let's see what date it is today. January 27th.  And so, moving on along towards the spring, and that usually has much more of my attention right now.     

The States Versus The Disaster – They Just Don’t Seem To Match

Posted an article to the list on FEMA's requesting information on the availability of 140 million packets of food, blankets, and body bags. [http://theintelhub.com/2011/01/24/fema-requests-information-on-the-availability-of-140-million-packets-of-food-blankets-and-body-bags/] And allegedly the states they're preparing this for are: North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.  What caught my attention about this, and you'll notice these are all of the states that have been involved in the Gulf coast disaster.  But they've also been trying to pump up the New Madrid Fault Line disaster coming up.  And this is something I was talking about on my last show, that there could be an earthquake coming up on the New Madrid.  But notice, they're not mentioning any other states but the Gulf coast states for help.  You know, if the New Madrid Fault Line goes, it goes from Chicago and Ohio all the way through Missouri, all the way through—let’s see—parts of Tennessee and Arkansas, and then moving in down to the Gulf coast. 

I don't even think we're looking at the same disaster here.  Why FEMA wants food and blankets. I think they're preparing for something different.  People were trying to tie this whole FEMA request into the New Madrid Fault Line, and how do you just concentrate on states that weren't even suppose to be affected by it and ignore the ones that will be?  Because if the New Madrid Fault Line goes, I don't see Georgia, Florida, and Texas, or North and South Carolina being affected by that.  What would be affected is the Great Lakes.  Possibly the Northern parts of Ohio being destroyed.  And, of course, the bulk of the population is on the northern part along Lake Erie.  And also down in the southern part down by Cincinnati, but that wouldn't be affected by the New Madrid.  But you have, theoretically, the Mississippi widening by a 100 miles, possibly 50 miles on each side of it, all the way from the Great Lakes to the Gulf and re-destroying New Orleans all over again.  Probably just take it off the map.  And allegedly, St. Louis being the epicenter of the New Madrid Fault Line earthquake.  And so.  And that's probably one of the widest points.  The Mississippi River is not that wide of a river.  I was shocked when I was in St. Louis.  I thought it would be much wider.  But it really isn't.  It's really not that big of a river, and it really does wind down to even less width-wise as you go down through the states and so.

I remember when I was doing a lot of work in Arkansas and concentrated in central Arkansas, the Ozark Mountains in central northern Arkansas.  I was on the border of Arkansas and Missouri, but mostly on the Arkansas side in the Ozark Mountains.  And I remember then being cautioned to stay away from the northeastern areas of Arkansas because, right now, if you look at the northeast of Arkansas, it's just mountains—caves, mountains—but, if the Mississippi river widens it will take a lot of that area, a large chunk out.  And so, destroy a lot of that area.  I don't know how much of Tennessee would be affected.  But Nashville being right on the river wouldn't help either.  And so.  Just all the way through there, folks.  A lot of destruction coming.  Would literally just cut this country in half.  And, at that point, there not being any way to even travel across the country, you know, if it takes out the road ways, highway bridges and things that go over it now various areas, and so. Those would be wiped out.  But, you know, you look at this FEMA request, and how does this relate to a New Madrid Fault Line going?  You look at the states they've mentioned—it doesn't—there's no way it does.

Two Separate Disasters Possibly On The Way

And so, what else do they have planned?  You know, they're almost saying, “We anticipate the New Madrid going off in May.”  It could be any time—May, June, July, September—not necessarily just May.  And they know that.  You know what?  This just looks like two different incidences coming up. The Gulf states, and then the New Madrid earthquakes.  And then you hear people talking about the rumblings of Yellowstone.  And, folks, you'll see the Etna volcano go off in Italy long before Yellowstone does.  I've been talking about Etna for a couple years now.  I keep seeing it in the Bible Codes.  That's a volcano in northern Italy.  And I really think you'll see that go off long before Yellowstone does. 

The Three States Unlisted For Chinese FTZs

And you know what I was thinking?  Because I was looking at this Federal Trade Zone.  [http://ia.ita.doc.gov/ftzpage/letters/ftzlist-map.html] Free trade zone areas that the Federal government is setting up in every state.   Every major city is gonna have a green zone.  A Chinese green zone in it, basically.  Because if you look at point of contacts for the people who are responsible for setting up trade zones in their states, it's all within the major cities of every state.  There's 3 states not listed.  There's Montana, West Virginia and Kansas.  Those are the only states that aren’t gonna have Chinese green zones in them.  And so, not too many people probably thinking, “Well, I'm gonna move to Montana.”  Because you got the Yellowstone volcano and the national park on the southern part of Montana, bordering there with Wyoming.  And so.  Probably doesn't look like a real hot real estate area with the volcano going off. 

But you know what I was thinking?  Was this: What if that’s for our protection?  What if the Lord's leading His people to various areas for a purpose and a reason, like Montana?  The Rocky Mountains start at the northern part of Montana and run all the way through this country from Montana through Colorado.  And you know what?  What if that's for a reason?  What if, you know, it's suppose to look undesirable, so people won't want to move there, but the patriots will know to go there?  And He just kinda keeps that volcano rumbling? 

The Prophets Warned That Babylon Would Set Up Camps And Kill Its Own People

Because we know that in Revelations chapter 6, He judges this country for imprisoning and killing their own people, which happens in the 5th Seal.  And Isaiah, Jeremiah, the Old Testament prophets warned that today's Babylon, which is America, would set up camps and imprison and kill their own people.  And Revelations chapter 6, the 5th Seal, you see millions of people who have been killed, and they want revenge, and the Lord says to hang on.  And then what happens? There's a huge earthquake.  And I'm not saying this is the same earthquake, because I would assume the earthquake of Revelations chapter 6 is global.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps it's just a judgment on Babylon.  But it says the kings of the world would hide in the rocks and the caves.  So, I'm assuming it's a global earthquake. 

Don’t Send Sherry Theologies; She’s Been There And Done That Already

I'm just trying to look at time lines here, folks.  And I hate it when people send me theologies.  Don't send me theology stuff.  I don't care what anybody else is preaching out there.  I don't read their stuff.  I don’t want to know their stuff.  Why?  Because I was a student of Bible prophesy for 30 years. I know what they preach. I've been there, done that.  The Lord has pulled me away from that.  And the one thing people want you to do is go back into the box.  “Oh, this is the way this preacher says it.”  I don’t care!  I want my information directly from the Lord Himself.  Because I've been there and done that with what the preachers are already doing today.  I know all their theologies and views.  And the Lord wouldn't have pulled me away from it if they were right.  So, we just must rely on—and I look in the Codes for confirmations on things that are coming, and I try to piece things together as He wants me to see them.  The Church ignores too much to actually have anything right.  They have some things right, and a lot of things wrong.  And you know what?  You can throw that in with any religion out there.  They all have some things right and a lot of things wrong.

Good Places To Go To

So, just pretty much seems—now people ask me where should they go.  Where do ya go?  Well, the Ozark Mountains are the highest point in the country.  I love the Ozark and did a lot of work there so that the—that area there in the Ozark Mountains, away from the Mississippi River, always had my eye.  Also, a lot of people heading in Montana or West Virginia.  There's nothing in Kansas to protect you.  That's why I can't understand—now, Kansas is just another Texas.  It's flat, and there's nothing there.  It's just hot.  It's desert.  It's “wheat country” or whatever you want to call it.  There's no mountains in Kansas.  There's nothing there, and so.  Not much protection.  If you want protection you wanna to look to the mountains.  Getting into to valleys would be a nice place to be, surrounded by mountains on all sides.  You could find that in a lot of places in West Virginia as well. 

And, you know what?  One of the things is, people talk about is how cold Montana is.  And I was actually looking at Wikileaks the other day about Montana, and it's actually warmed up quite a bit over the centuries in Montana.  It was saying the average temperature in January is 28 degrees during the day, and in July, it's 84 degrees.  Well, that's the same temperatures we have in Ohio.  That would pretty much be the equivalent of Ohio weather.  So, it's not any colder than Ohio.  28 degrees in January?  I mean, most of the time this month, we’ve had—it's been 9 degrees.  10 degrees.  It's been cold here.  And 20 degrees would be an average, and towards night it gets a little bit colder.  But—and 84 in July, that sounds about—exactly like Ohio.  So, really, going out into Montana wouldn't be much of a stretch if you're used to this kind of weather.  I was expecting Montana to be 50 to 100 degrees below zero.  Something like you'd hear about from North Dakota.  Montana’s warmer than North Dakota.  Who would've thought? You know?  So, anyway.  That's just my two cents if you're looking for good places to go.  Montana and West Virginia because they've got the mountains, they've got protection.  The reason I like Montana is because it's a rebel state.  It's one of these patriot states.  It isn't as likely as other states to let the government run all over you.  They seem to protect their citizens more.  

The Same Old Threats Of Gun Control Are Gonna Rise Back Up Again Soon

And so, especially with the push coming from the White House to start gun control here.  He didn't mention it in his speech, but apparently will be in a couple of weeks.  You know, they can't let a good false flag [the Tucson, Arizona shootings] go wasted.  They want to start their gun control.  The State of the Union wasn't the time to do it. And so, they're gonna push for their gun control in a couple weeks.  Try to make it tougher owning guns.  So, now would be a good time to get guns, get ammo, and don't ever let them take your guns.  It didn't help anybody that traded in their guns for “peace” or whatever they want to call it.  Because, look at Australia.  Their crime rate’s worse.  So is Europe’s.  The only thing that's ever stopped crime is the threat of being retaliated against.  Someone being able to defend themselves.  So, if you give up your guns, you're becoming a prime victim for everybody else who has guns.  Because the criminals will always have guns.  Especially when the CIA sells it to them.  You got a Black Ops government project selling guns and drugs throughout the entire country to the criminals, so they're always gonna be ready and prepared.  It’s innocent people that always get hurt by all this.  

Police Are Being Conditioned To Accept That People Will Be Taken To FEMA Camps

Got an email on police being trained that FEMA camps are perfectly normal.  That they're necessary.  They don't make them sound in police training as they really are.  But they’re conditioning the police that some people will have to be taken to camps “for their own safety.”  And so.  They're conditioning cops on the fact of having to take people to FEMA camps.  So, now they're acknowledging that the camps exist.  But it’s been pointed out, it also states in their own manuals treated from FEMA, that some facilities will be used “for some instances,” but they're not registered within the other camps.  In other words, they have secret FEMA facilities alongside the normal FEMA camps.  So.  Why do they need secretive facilities?  It’s so they can torture people away from the public eye.  So they can take you to one of their secret—that they  have—the CIA has these secret prisons around the world where they take people and torture them.  And that's exactly what they've set up with FEMA.  

FEMA Only Hands Out Food And Water For The Cameras

Remember, I warned you years ago back in 2001, 2003, that FEMA would be taken over by the giants that are coming, the aliens, and run by them?  And still stands very much so today.  They don't help people.  FEMA isn't about helping people, folks.  In fact, this whole campaign about, “Oh, FEMA’s looking for food and blankets”—that’s just PR conditioning.  They just want the body bags.  Oh, and in case there’s media camera's around, they might, you know, for a little publicity stunts, have it look like they're passing out food.  But, you know, I watched a documentary the other day about Katrina [hurricane disaster in New Orleans in 2006], and this girl down there, Kimberly Rivers Roberts documented her time during Katrina down there.  And not once did you see the National Guard or anybody offering those people stuck in the ghettos down there any food or water.  The only place you were gonna get food or water is if you went where the media was.  Because when the cameras are on, they flash out the food and water for the people and act like they're taking care of them.  But there were so many people with signs up, “NEED FOOD!” “NEED WATER!”  “NEED HELP!” And this is 2 weeks after Katrina hit.  You know, you see the story the TV portrays, and then you hear the real story of what really happened. 

If You Go In, You Won’t Be Coming Back Out

So, don't count on FEMA during the time of disaster folks.  They don't want to help you.  They want to cart you off.  They want to put you in a camp.  What happened to all those people that they took off to FEMA camps after Katrina hit?  2000 people disappeared.  Why?  Because they were on government buses taken to FEMA camps.  And guess what?  You’re bused in, but you're never bused back out.  You don’t leave.  They've got secured facilities set up with guards with guns.  If they’re trying to help you, why do they need guns?  And why is there chain-linked fences around them to keep you locked in?  

The Gulf States Are Being Targeted – Get Out While You Can

So, anyway.  Just a heads up on that one, folks.  Especially if you are in the Gulf States.  If you're in the Gulf States, you're being targeted for destruction already.  Get out of the Gulf States.  Do it on your own before they just totally annihilate you with everything they've got.  They've been trying with phosgene to clear out the area.  They tried with Katrina.  Now this Corexit.  What's next?  What next is it gonna take? You could stay and fight for your rights, or you could protect the lives of yourself and your family and just get out.  Because they're just gonna kill you down there.

Now, why North and South Carolina are listed, I have no idea.  Because that's on the east coast That’s southeast.  That's on the Atlantic Ocean, folks.  That's not even near the Gulf coast.  Not so to speak.  A lot of other states are closer to the Gulf coast than North and South Carolina.  So, they’re planning something.  And if I was in those Gulf area States, I would just be looking for a way to get out. 

Sweet Home-Of-Something-Big-And-Probably-Nefarious Alabama

Alabama—you know what the whole thing is?  Because, a couple years ago, I told you I kept seeing Alabama in the Bible Codes.  And I wondered what was going on with Alabama.  And now look at it.  Now look at it.  Of course, back then I think some kind of rock, some kind of boulder hit in Alabama.  I actually got confirmation of that.  Somebody sent me an e-mail confirming everything I’d been warning about Alabama at the time.  Something hit there.  Some kinda rock, some kind of meteor, something. But this is significant because it wouldn't be in the Codes if it was just another one of these dime-a-dozen UFO's crashing as they're doing on a daily basis.  And the media calls 'em “meteors.”  This is something—I don't know what it is—what it was.  But it has some kind of significance.  Crashed in Alabama.  And the whole southern part of Alabama is like marshy swamps—marshes.  There's something down there they're trying to protect.  Or there's something down there they don't want discovered.  

So, it just seems kinda odd since I first started seeing Alabama in the Codes four or five years ago, that now all the stuff in the Gulf is hitting.  So, you gotta wonder, what it is in the Alabama swamps that they're trying to hide. Because that's what I think it's all about.  I don't care what anybody else says.  You know, you got your Gulf—first they had a Russian hurricane go through there, and now they got Europe's BP [British Petroleum] purposely blowing up the Gulf.  We’ve got Russia and Europe both attacking our Gulf area.  What's up?  What's up with that?  What's really going on?  Now, we know there's a couple alien bases underneath the Gulf.  What's this rock in Alabama that fell, this meteor, have anything to do with any of this?  I don't know.  Just seems very odd that entire area’s getting a lot of attention the last several years, don't you think?  It's very odd.  You just gotta throw in these other States for affect to hide the real one's they're really targeting.  I think it's all about Alabama.  

The Government Speaks Out Of Both Sides Of The Mouth

Now, you know, New Orleans was suppose to be, you know, get rid of the ghettos so the builders could come in and build casinos, and you know, rebuild it into a Vegas.  And Louisiana—and very well could be so, but it’s just gonna be—anything built there is just gonna be destroyed again when the New Madrid goes off.  And so.  The government knowing the New Madrid is going to go off—why would they try to rebuild New Orleans?  Only the gullible fell for that one.  I don't know. I don’t know.  You know?

One hand never speaks to the other in the government. And so.  What one area knows, the others don't.  I don't know.  It's probably why I have all four of them listening to my radio show.   All four military branches listen to this radio show.  And NASA.  NASA's probably the biggest listeners of my radio show than anyone out there.   They listen to my show more than the church crowd does, and this whole show is for the church crowd to wake them up! 

The Coming Earthquake In Ohio Could Be The New Madrid Happening

So, I'm not looking at one event coming that causes all this.  I think they're separate events.  I think it's a separate event they’ve got planned for FEMA.  And the New Madrid is just—you know what?  That’s just so up in the air, nobody really knows when that's gonna hit.  I’ve been seeing earthquake in Ohio, and the only earthquake that even comes close to—‘cause earthquakes are not a—it’s not an earthquake-prone state.  We don’t get earthquakes here.  And when we do, even a 2, something that would rank on a 2-meter would get publicity.  And so, the only thing that I can think of that would shake Ohio is this New Madrid earthquake going off, this fault line.  I think our last earthquake was like 20 years ago.  And so.  Don’t send me e-mails to prove me wrong.  I don’t care about all the little 1-temors everybody’s picked up over the years.  It’s just—Ohio’s not an earthquake state.  We get little tremors here and there and it’s very odd. And so. But we’re gonna get a shaking here.  So, I have a feeling it’s going to be—that could be the New Madrid going off.  I’ll have to—I’m going to pay more attention to that in the Codes. 

Etna Will Go Off Long Before Yellowstone

‘Cause what I’m seeing is Etna.  Etna coming back in the Codes for Italy.  And so, I just don’t see any volcanoes going off in the States that—and I always felt that that was going to be the Lord’s judgment on those who have imprisoned and destroyed the people here.  And so, once all this Martial Law happens and the country goes to Hell because there’s Chinese green zones everywhere, and the country’s at war with the Chinese, it’s down the road.  It’s down the road.  If you read Revelation chapter 18, the Last Days Babylon [America] is destroyed within an hour—the hour either being literal 60 minutes or a space of time.  I don’t know if it’s literal or symbolic; a literal 60 minutes or a space of time.  But the Lord will use that to judge our persecutors.  And so.  That’s why I think we still have a little bit of time before we see Yellowstone going off.  And I don’t think California’s gonna sink anytime soon. But watch for the arrival of the Chinese forces here, and the literal aliens coming to announce their arrival that Obama is aligning with. 

The Earth Itself Rejects The Presence Of Evil

When he makes it public, he’s not just making a UFO and alien disclosure, folks.  That might just be theoretically what he does—announce to the world that yes, aliens exist.  Well, everybody knows that but them, so.  Well, I mean, I’m saying everybody acknowledges it but them.  They know full well.  But that’s what you’re going to start seeing the Lord’s judgment on this Earth.  The Earth will—the Earth moans because of all the evil that’s here.  And the Earth itself will reject their presence.  And so, you’re going to see the Earth in retaliation against the presence of these evil beings.  And so. 

The Chinese Dragon-Worshiping Nations Are The Antichrist’s Forces

“Evil beings” being all these fallen angels coming—we call them “aliens”—masquerading as “Ascended Masters” and gurus and world teachers.  Sananda’s coming to mimic the “Jesus” of the Bible.  And the Chinese forces are just the armies of the New Age agenda and the Antichrist. They’re the armies of them.  You’ll see them—a 10 Nation Confederacy align.  And the Mediterranean Sea nations, the Muslim nations are gonna stand up and roar.  And we’re gonna have a—it’s going to be the Chinese versus the Muslims type.  They always have to set up two groups.  They’re really not enemies at all because the Chinese are a dragon nation.  They worship the dragon.  And so, they’re obviously the armies of the dragon.  And then you have the Muslims.  Well, this Maitreya that’s coming, coming as God, a world teacher, he’s aligning with the Muslims.  And so, he’s going to be trying to raise that as a world religion, so you’re gonna—they actually—they’re both together, but they’re separate.  If that makes any sense.  I don’t know.  The Chinese are going to be the enforcers and the persecutors.  And then you also have all these alien invasions coming.  You know, with so much going off and coming, being in the mountains is the safest place to be.  So.  If I had the money, I’d be heading off into the mountains.  The Rockies, possibly.  And so. Just think about it, folks. 

If Sherry Doesn’t Receive Our Support And Donations, There Might Not Be A Radio Show Next Month

Which reminds me, if I don’t get bills paid, there won’t even be a radio show next month.  And so, folks, I need your donations and support to help keep this radio show on the air and the websites up.  And that’s not even, you know—that doesn’t even cover any kind of projects we wanna do coming up this spring.  So, I need your continued donations, folks.  There’s nobody else that’s going to tell you exactly what’s going on the way it is, the way I’ve been over the years, and doing something about it.  You know, we can gripe about the Chinese and the aliens coming all we want, but we can also destroy them off the planet.  And that’s what we do, too.  Your 12-gague might kill a Chinese cloned soldier—chip implanted, total control, mind controlled.  But it’s not going to kill an alien.  You need orgone, too.  So, we’ve got to get the orgone out, folks. 

The Chinese Don’t Like Orgone Either

And I said Monday night, you know, these Free Trade Zones that they’re putting up to build Chinese cities across America?  We need to get them orgoned.  Because the Chinese don’t like orgone.  Especially these soldiers, because anything that’s chip implanted and controlled, let alone cloned—and how do you tell a cloned being from a normal being?  The only thing missing is a soul.  And so, they’re basically narcissistic humans. They don’t have souls, which means they don’t have emotions.  They don’t feel compassion.  They don’t feel pity.  They don’t feel remorse.  They don’t understand, probably, what the feeling of love is either.  All they know is hate and anger.  And so, this is the kind of green zones we’re going to be building across America, full of these narcissist people—narcissistic type beings.  And so, that’s—they don’t like the orgone. 

Let’s Box In Our Cities

So, we need to get the orgone out.  You need to cover your states, folks.  If every warrior can get their own city, the biggest city nearest them, then the handful of us that we are can probably have a huge chuck covered.  Now, I know that a lot of places have been done.  And when the Lord cranks up the orgone, a lot of it will become immediately very affective.  He can crank up the power of it anytime He wants to, folks.  Sometimes He lets it lay dormant, so they can’t find it, and they don’t detect where it is.  But when He so chooses to fire it up, it’s gonna roast and toast a lot of ‘em.  So, that’s what—that’s why we need to just keep getting busy doing what we’re doing and getting the orgone out.  You know, if you live in a city like San Antonio, or Chicago, or Charleston, South Carolina—no matter where you’re at, put up a wall around your city.  I did it to Cleveland.  Take a—put an orgone puck, one every mile, around your city.  Just box it in.  If it’s against a lake, just hit three sides of it and box it into the lake, and put an orgone puck, one every mile, around it.  And then, go inside the center part of the city and get whatever you can.  Water supplies—creeks, rivers, lakes—whatever kind of water sources are there in the city, get orgone in the water sources inside the city.  Get it on the rooftops of buildings as you can, if you can throw it up on roof tops.  And this is how we need to target cities, folks.  Put walls around the cities.  And so.  And also wherever else the Lord leads you.  You know, I’ve spent a lot of time just in forests and lakes and deserts to protect the people who would be running out of the cities and into the forests and deserts and anywhere near a lake.  At least they’ll be protected by orgoned areas. 

‘Cause the giants don’t like ‘em either, and the Locust are around the corner.  When you’ll see Maitreya arrive and all these Ascended Masters coming to implement their global prosperity programs and everything else on the Earth, the Locust invasion is right around the corner from that, folks.  Because the Locust are another part of Maitreya’s forces.  And so.  Groups and just different types of aliens everywhere.  And they all actually work together; they’re just different sides of the same coin, basically.  Satan being the coin and having different sides to it. 

As China Goes Up, America Falls Down, But Eventually Things Will Come Full Circle

So anyway.  Not really cheery coming up, but folks, just gotta prepared. We gotta get ready.  You know, China’s building up, and they’re confidant now.  Their economy’s doing really well.  They have all the American jobs.  Their cities are building new and more modern buildings.  Their living conditions are improving while America’s sinks.  But who are they kidding?  Because if America’s the largest exporter in the world, who’s going to be buying all the Chinese junk when the Americans and the Europeans are too broke to do so?  So, who’s going to be buying all their stuff?  They’ve taken all of our jobs, so nobody can afford all the luxuries anymore.  Who’s going to be buying all this Chinese stuff?  So, you’re going to see the Chinese economy fail as well.  ‘Cause as much as they’re proud and happy now, because they’re getting all built up into a superpower, if nobody buys their stuff, what are they necessary for?  What’s it necessary for?  Their people can’t afford it. The bulk of their population is poor. 

Don’t Buy Into The Fake Global Prosperity Spiel!

Like any dictatorship, you have—any regime anywhere—look at how the Elite rule the world, dominating lizards.  The top richest people, 5% in the world, are them—snakes, dragons, lizards and their offspring.  The Illuminati.  Everybody else—economies are crashing.  And that’s the number one thing I see coming when these Ascended Masters do arrive—is this disrupting and destroying of our entire economy.  They’re the ones who’re going to destroy our economy.  Oh, they talk about how they want to “help.” They want to “help” mankind.  And if you read their garbage, it’s endless on the Internet.  But they’re the number one reason it’s destroyed.  Don’t buy into the prosperity global garbage, folks. 

They’re Annoyed By The Clock – Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock

So, any day now, you’ll see more and more of Obama stepping up. Because they’re actually getting quite annoyed at the clock.  Saw that in the Bible Codes: “clock,” “annoyance.”  They know the time’s ticking, and they’ve gotta get their agendas under way, and they’re annoyed by it.  They’re annoyed by the clock.  ‘Cause they’re always in derision.  “Should we do this?  Should we wait?  Should we do it now?  Should we wait?”  They never know what to do.  They’ve had this agenda that they’ve been working on for thousands of years—Satan has and the secret societies—and then when it comes down to really getting it going, and they get apprehensive, and then they getting annoyed because they have to speed it up and get going.  And so.  Apprehension’s one of their things.  So.  Watch for that. 

We’ve Got Three Good Mountain Ranges To Choose From

Just stock up, folks. Get ready.  Seriously, you know, stop the pipe dreams of big vacations this summer, and start looking at places to flee to.  Check out Montana and West Virginia and the Ozark Mountains.  And then we’ve got the Rocky Mountains, the Ozark Mountains, and the Appalachian Mountains.  Three huge mountain ranges.  ‘Course, I would—wouldn’t get too close—anywhere near the California mountain ranges.  So, stay away from the west coast ranges.  Start with the Rockies. We’ve got the Rockies, the Ozarks, and parts of the Appalachian.  I’m not real sure which parts would be safe and which parts wouldn’t, because I’ve never really felt secure about that entire southeast region.  Because, when the waves start roaring, and the coastlines move in, huge chunks of those states could be destroyed.  I would be getting on the western parts of the states, folks, if you’re on the east coast.  Get away from the coastlines.  So.  Still have the waves roaring and the famines coming and the droughts coming and the floods coming. 

What Links Brazil And Australia?

And, you know, Biblical proportion floods going on in Australia now.  And who’s next?  Who’s next?  And not to mention all the disasters in Brazil.  Ever notice that Brazil, Africa, and Texas are all kinda configured to where they look the same?  I’m talking about the outlines.  The outline of Texas, the outline of Africa, and the outline of Brazil.  It’s the way the states are drawn.  They all look the same.  Similar.  But Brazil—one disaster after the next.  Last year, the cold weather affecting them, killing off a lot of their fish and animals.  And then this year it’s doing the same thing.  A lot of disasters going on in Brazil.  A lot of disasters going on in Australia.  But what do they have in common, folks?  You know what they have in common?  Huge, huge underground alien bases.  Australia has Pine Gap, which, by the way, is beyond more than the normal underground base.  Because they have them here, too, in America.  We’ve got aliens bases everywhere underground.  But in Pine Gap, Australia, you have portals.  Portals to the other planets within that space agency there.  The real one that our—what America would call their real space agency, it’s Pine Gap.  It’s not NASA.  It’s Pine Gap, Australia.  It’s always been.  And so, now you look at the judgments there, and it’s flooding—and the same thing in Brazil.  What’s huge about Brazil? Well, in Belize, and Belém, and other areas in Brazil, you have huge underground alien bases.  And guess what?  The Americans are tied to those as well! 

Food And Drug Assassins Out To Kill The Little Sheeple

The FDA goes down to Belize, Brazil’s base two weeks every year to plan their coming agenda for the year, and what they can destroy and how they can do it through food and medicine.  The FDA is not about helping you.  The Food and Drug Administration?  Food and Drug Assassins.  FDA—Food and Drug Assassins.  Because they want to kill you.  They want to make you sick. They want to give you cancers.  They want to deplete your food of any kind of value, nutritional value whatsoever.  And so, they go down to the alien base every year for two weeks and plan their agendas.  Get on the same page. Find out what works and what doesn’t.  And so, very two things that those countries have in common.  And I’m not talking about normal, God-fearing Americans, folks, that don’t have anything to do with these lizard bases around the world.  It’s the lizards that control our own government.  Look at the FDA officials.  They’re all lizards.  Energy Department. 

Look For Lizards At The Top

Look at all the department heads of the Federal government.  They don’t even look human.  ‘Cause they’re not!  Look at their eyes.  They’ve got the slits. The slit, snake eyes.  Or watch them.  Watch their cheekbones, the sides of their faces, get them angry, and they’ll start to shapeshift.  Take orgone—I’ve had a lot of people work in the Energy Department and the FDA and stuff, and they take orgone in and their bosses just lose it.  It’s very hot.  They get heated, agitated.   These department heads.  ‘Cause, you know what?  Lizards aren’t at the bottom of the chain.  Some of them are, but any kind of a lizard with rank coming to Earth is going to be at the top of the food chain somewhere, folks.  They’re going to be in leadership.  So look at the department heads of your hospitals, of our companies.  And you can see them on television.  They’re everyday people as well. They’re doctors, lawyers.  I love it when they portray that they’re fighting for mankind.  Like psychologists and lawyers and stuff like that.  Like normal, everyday, white collar professionals.  And you look at their eyes, and they’re slits.  They’re the snake eyes.  They’re just lizards posing as humans.  And they live normal lives like we do. 

The Earth Prize And How They Do It

Earth is a prize, man.  You get to come to Earth and get a human body and live here.  You know, it can’t be that hard, with the technology that they have, to kill a baby, take the soul out of a baby, and then replace it with themselves.  And that’s what they do. They soul-scalp.  They replace.  They take a soul out of a baby, and then they just take their own souls in that baby, and they grow up and live that baby’s life.  What that baby would have had, and grow up as that baby.  You know?  That’s why you’ll hear people say, “You know, I never really had a connection to that person, that kid of mine.  I never really had a connection with that child.”  That’s because it was a lizard.  It was replaced.  Your baby’s soul was replaced by a lizard.  So anyway.  Just things we’re going through, folks, gonna be seeing here.

A Shout Out To Warriors In Canada To Chase Out The Aliens

I’ll be back Monday night.  10 o’clock.  And, you know what?  Just keep your eyes on the Chinese, folks, because that’s going to be America’s problem.  The Chinese are gonna be America’s problem.  The Muslims are gonna be Europe’s problem. And we’ll see what develops everywhere else.  Canada—just a heads up—Canada—Toronto, Quebec.  Any warriors up there, you guys need to be getting those cities, because, especially Quebec—an alien haven up there.  And so, you need to chase them out of there.  You need to get them out of Canada.  So, just start getting as much orgone as possible to Quebec.  The government buildings, and the secret, you know—the Mason buildings, the Catholic churches, and all the evil places.  And so.  It’s where they hide. 

Anyway, until next week everybody.

Yah Bless.



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