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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 31, 2011

Ice Armageddon About to Hit This Country

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner.

And a couple things I want to talk about tonight. I can't get in the chat room. So if you're in the chat room, I'll try to get in there later after the show. I've been trying to get in the chat room for the past half hour, and so.

I'm surprised I'm even having a show tonight, because I figured by now my Internet would be so slow that I would have to cancel it because of all the ice coming in. And if you've been watching the Weather Channel, we have ice armageddon about to hit this country. From the Rockies to the east coast, doesn't look like any state is going to be spared. Everybody going to get pounded with water and ice and snow, and so.

Why Are They Targeting St. Louis with Weather Modification?

You know, I was watching it this morning, and they kept focusing on St. Louis. This is like their eye of the ice storm. And they kept warning the people in St. Louis to get prepared for power outages, and so. You have to wonder if they can really pin which area of the country is gonna get it the worse, or if the whole thing is being targeted. Because -- I know what's being targeted. You can look outside. And those aren't usual chemtrail clouds in the sky. Those are HAARP clouds. Those are weather modification clouds. When they're real striatus-looking and, I don't know how else to explain it, it looks like a million different mushrooms all in a row in the sky. Those are HAARP clouds. So you know that they're using weather modification to bring in this ice storm that's hitting the country. And, everybody I've talked to, Orgone Warriors across the country all saying they're seeing HAARP clouds.

There's a distinct difference between HAARP clouds and chemtrail clouds. Not a whole lot effective that we have found to combat against HAARP clouds. Chemtrail clouds will dissipate with orgone in an area. I won't even get chemtrail planes here, because it doesn't stick. They come, they leave. So orgone blasters can defeat chemtrail planes, chemtrail clouds, but HAARP clouds are a different animal. I'm not sure what's in the mix, what it is about it. But what I try to is put up orgone walls to at least steer the weather modification weather away from this area that they have planned, and so. Seems to have done pretty good. But when they cover the entire country, it's really hard to tell how bad we're gonna get it.

But it just seems to me that targeting St. Louis so much, it's like they know something because they're targeting St. Louis. That's what I think, and so. If you're in St. Louis area, you know, I hope you're prepared for power outages because they were giving you warnings of power outages.

Everybody Needs Backup Power on Hand for Electrical Outages

Everybody should be on some kind of a backup for if the electric goes out. Having generators handy. Having some kind of secondary heating source that you can turn to. Even battery-operated,at this point. I mean, you can stock up on batteries if you live in apartments. You can get battery-operated fans. I'm sure you could get battery-operated heaters. Always have to have a secondary route. You know, I started harping about cold winters a couple years ago. Warning people to have backups. And getting those backup generators. Those backup wood stoves. Whatever you can do for backups. 'Cause our winters are progressively getting worse and worse and worse, and so. That's what I've always seen. Just very cold. Electrical shortages. Electricity going out. And so, you want to be prepared for that. Probably gonna hit for the next two days.

Australia Hit Hard by Floods

And if you've been watching the news and seeing Queensland in Australia, they're just being bombarded with flooding. I mean, it's almost a disaster down there. Just all the flooding going on in Australia.

Is This Weather War on America to Hide the UFOs that Are Piling Up?

And there's no rhyme or reason to the madness, folks. You see the arctic storms coming in, the way they're coming in two or three from different directions. I mean, come on. I mean, right now we've got two storms merging in the United States alone and calling it the perfect storm, and so. You know, they ought to know. They're creating all this stuff. You can tell they create it when you look up in the sky and you see nothing but these HAARP clouds. And that's weather modification, folks. And, it's almost like a weather war on this country.

And you gotta wonder why the weather war on this country. What kind of signal are they trying to send? What are they doing purposefully, you know, trying to shut this country down for the next couple of days? What do they win by it? What do they gain? Why the weather war?

I know one of the reasons I could possibly assume is, the more and more -- and I've talked about the dimensions merging on this show, and how the dimensions are all merging into one. And I see a lot of piling up of different ships here. Different factions, alien factions here. And it seems like the more and more they start piling up, the more and more clouds we see. 'Cause it has something to do with all this clouding. Maybe that's their best way of hiding these UFOs. Because chemtrails we can dissipate. They can't stick in orgoned areas. But with HAARP clouds we haven't been able to combat them very much. They're a different type of cloud. And so, maybe they're using the HAARP clouds to hide all the UFOs coming in. It's just a thought, and so.

They're Chilling the Air to Prevent the "Global Warming" Caused by the Orgone

I always see them purposefully chilling the air, and so, we have this brutal arctic cold. And they're doing it on purpose. And they do that to chill the air, because this whole global warming thing that they're yelliing about and whining about doesn't affect the real humans on Earth. What they're talking about is the orgone-saturated air saturates into space and burns them. The orgone, this aether energy, actually burns the aliens, and so, they want it cold. They want a chill. And so, they're chilling the air for these aliens so that they're not as burned by it. And that's really what they mean by global warming, when they start talking about global warming.

Because, you know, orgone energy, the living life force energy, when you look at the earth from space photographs, you see that blue aura, that blue hue around Earth. It's not the oceans. It's the energy, the aura of the earth. And it's a life force energy. It's a blue aura. And that's what orgone produces. And as they keep trying to dim our atmosphere, and put dead orgone energy in our air, because they thrive off of that, they live off of that, we combat it with our orgone energy, putting balance back in the air, putting that life force back in the air, that energy. And it combats what they're doing through their black projects with putting DOE, dead orgone energy, in the air. And so, it's actually just a battle of the air, a battle of the energy forces and life forces on Earth, and so. That's pretty much what we're seeing right now and that's the only reason I can think of that they're trying to chill so bad. Because I see them coming in. I see them piling in. We're gonna see a lot more activity this year other than them just crashing all the time [laughs] and the media calling them meteors.

And I'm gonna talk a little bit tonight more about orgone, because as the war heats up, so does the hatred. The hatred doesn't stop because they want the orgone to stop. And so, I always see in the Codes where Satan sends out his little pawns to try to discredit me and war against me, and disrupt my lists and my sites. And that's exactly what they do. And he uses anyone he can, if not purposeful agents, themselves, and so. Because they hate the orgone. It's destroying them. It's effective against them.

New Madrid Faultline Still on Target for a May, June, or July Eruption

New Madrid faultline still on target for possibly a May, June, July eruption. Found it interesting; Mount Saint Helens. Nine earthquakes in the area of Mount Saint Helens, and so. With all this HAARP clouds going on, and weather modification, seems to me like they're trying to jump-start Mount Saint Helens, because earthquakes is the one thing that they can do very well, and so. You know, with putting a bunch of earthquakes over there, it seems to me they're trying to rumble the ground a little bit and get Mount Saint Helens going, and so. Why they purposely do that, you know, maybe they need it to erupt. Maybe they want it to so that they have some more dead orgone energy in the air, some loosh. Fires will do that. Volcanoes erupting will do that. Gives them that DOE in the air that they survive off of, and so. Just more and more destructions gonna be happening, folks.

Prepare for Skyrocketing Food Prices by Growing Box Gardens

Look for the price of food and gas to go up this spring and summer and fall, and so. Really start preparing for that one, folks. Stock up as much as you can. Especially with your own home box gardens and stuff like that. 'Cause I know next month, typically, is when you start growing your starter plants for gardens. So you might wanna read up on doing home gardens if you don't have, you know, enough yard to dig a garden, you can always do gardens in boxes, and so. You can build wood boxes and build gardens in them, and so. [Guide to Container Gardening http://www.gardenguides.com/685-guide-container-gardening.html]

Start thinking of ways to combat huge food increases in prices. Also, eventually gonna see a lot of things being eliminated, as it is, from store shelves, and so. Just another thing to watch out for.

Egypt Hit the Internet Kill Switch and So Can Obama in America

Been watching Egypt, and I know there's a media blackout there, and they've shut down the Internet. They've hit the kill switch over there. The same kind of kill switch that Obama was coveting and got approved. He can do the same thing here, folks, when they start martial law here, or any kind of a uprising. He can hit the Internet kill switch so it puts the entire country in a Internet blackout. And so, a lot of people coming up with ways around that so that they can get on the Internet and be able to talk to various countries, or building networks around the Internet networks so that they can stay in touch with their own people.

The CIA Created the Muslim Brotherhood - Iran Leading the Pack

And interesting to see Mubarak going down, because the Prime Minister, the president of Egypt, was always a ally and a friend of Israel. He had signed the Peace Accords with Israel back in the 70s that stood still till today and it's still standing. And I think that was under Jimmy Carter, the Peace Accords in Egypt, and so. Had always been an ally of Israel. But what you're seeing is that extreme Muslim Brotherhood, the extreme faction of Islam rising. And that's pretty much the one that the CIA has created. Pretty much Iran leads the pack on that one. And if they partner up with the new government in Egypt, it makes Iran and Egypt the two strongest countries in the Middle East at about 155 million people. And so, you know, Egypt's got 80 million people, and the majority of their population is under 30-years-old. It's a very young population.

Breaking Down Egypt, and Every Other Nation, to Create a Global Society

And as the West keeps harping accepting democracy, what they've been doing is shoving the New World Order down Egypt's throat. And now Egypt is experiencing the same things we've been experiencing in this country, which is no jobs. They have all these kids breaking their backs paying college loans to go to college, get educated, get degrees, and there's no jobs thanks to democracy. You know what? That's just a farce. Democracy is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. With that being the case, America hasn't even been a democracy in 30 years. [coughing heavily] Yeah, they're really attacking me now. They don't want me speaking about it. But that's too bad, because I am, and so. America hasn't been a democracy in 30 years. And what we're seeing in Egypt is exactly what we could be seeing in America. [coughs] You know, there's no jobs in Egypt, no jobs in America. And how many other countries are going through this? I don't see them at the same time being...mass emigrations being shoved down their throats, you know, allowing all these other countries into theirs. They're simply breaking down the autonomy of every nation to make it a global society which is an abomination. It's abomination to the Lord.

A Chinese Green Zone by Any Other Name Is Still a Green Zone

Talked about, on my last show, about all the Green Zones that China is going to be putting in every state. Of course, the government calls them Free-Trade Zones. But they are gonna be nothing more than glorified Green Zones. And if you look at their listing, every major city and every state has a person responsible for working with the Chinese to set up the Green Zone near that city. And there's only 3 states listed that don't have these Chinese Green Zones coming in, and that's Montana, West Virginia, and Kansas. And so, interesting that those 3 states seem to be, at the moment, Green-Zone-free. They won't be having Chinese cities put in them. [Green Zone - a heavily fortified zone in the center of the Iraqi capital that served as the headquarters of successive Iraqi regimes (Wikipedia definition)]

And these cities are gonna be literal cities. And they could take over thousands and thousands of acres of land, take eminent domain out of the people who live in the Green Zone area, kick them out, and build literal cities that can only be inhabited by Chinese people here in America. That's sounds like a Green Zone to me, folks. Don't tell me no Federal-Trade Zone. They're Green Zones. And they're gonna use these cities to house all of these tens of millions of Chinese soldiers that they're gonna be bringing in.

It's Like America Just Surrendered to China - It's the Chinese States of America

This is the backdoor entrance of the war we're in, because America has never woken up to realize the war we're at with China. They own this country. They own all of our mortgages and debts. Clinton gave them a port back when he was president. Our largest port in California. And so, they've been moving in equipment since the 1990s for 20 years now. They have been moving in military equipment, stocking it up at military bases, UN bases, underground bases. Soldiers being stuffed in underground bases also along the border in Mexico. And you can talk to Mexicans and they'll telling you there's Chinese soldiers that have camps in the desert in Mexico. For years. Past several years. And they're restocking them now.

And so, it's just a not if, but when, that we have the full Chinese invasion here in America. Right now you're not gonna hear a shot fired. They're doing it all behind the scenes. It's like America's just surrendered to China. Hillary giving eminent domain to them years ago. And everybody balked and said, "Oh, no. That's a hoax." That wasn't a hoax, folks. That was true. And now China coming in piece by piece. They own all of our mines, they own everything here in America. And so, this is the Chinese States of America. And it's going to cause a war here when people finally wake up and realize.

If you're following the Idaho Eagle...which is the first state to go ahead and implement the Green Zone in their state, they're actually gonna start building it. And this information isn't off conspiracy websites, it's off the government's websites. Federal-Trade Zones. Just to the government websites, look for Federal-Trade Zones, and you'll see the information they have off of it. I'm still gonna post it on my sites, so. But, if you have the funds to do so, I would suggest moving to one of the states that aren't authorizing these Green Zones in them so you don't have Chinese boots up your butt.

It's Going to Be a Chinese Versus Muslim War

And you know what, folks? It's as I warned, also, that it's gonna be a Chinese versus Muslim war. As the Chinese takes over America, the Arabs, the Muslims, will take over the Middle East and Europe, and so. Gonna be wars on several fronts coming. With Israel losing their key ally in Egypt, Egypt becoming a extreme Islam state with the removal of Mubarak, and buddying up with Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Watch for Kenya, and Ethopia, and Libya to follow in the footsteps of Egypt. And watch a ten-nation confederacy rise of these Arab leaders, and so. You know, that's what I see rising there.

Watch Obama Shun Ashtar Command to Align with the Muslim Confederacy

And also, watch for Obama, because this is gonna be interesting. He's already aligned, he's always been aligned with the aliens faction, the Ashtar Command and the Lizards, you know, all them. Watch him to shun his alliance with Ashtar Command and align with this Muslim confederacy that's rising in the Middle East. Because that's what he's gonna head to do. That's what he's pretty much already doing. He's aligning with them, and so. He's arguing with the alien factions and aligning with the Muslim factions.

And so, could be some interesting fallout on that. Could be why, instead of coming in friendly, as you might want to call it, using friendly terms, Federal-Trade Zones, instead of Green Zones for the Chinese coming in and building military cities everywhere, they'll just come in and take over hostile. So that's a good reason why there could be a hostile takeover, because, you know, Obama could care less about this country. He hates America. He hates everything it stands for. But what he needs is the military might of this country so he can throw it behind his allies for support, and so, you have to watch who are his allies because that what he's gonna use our strength and support for military purposes, and so. [sighs] Yeah. Heading into a real mess, folks. Real mess, and so.

The International Orgone Network

Anyway. [laughs] Kind of want to talk a little bit about the International Orgone Network [http://www.tearingdownstrongholds.com/orgone-network.htm]. Because this is the one thing that I have found that not only do the aliens hate, the Chinese hate it, too. They hate orgone, and so. And like I said, you're looking at dragon races here, folks. You're looking at people that are crossbred, they're hybrids. And the Chinese don't hide it. They worship the dragon. And I've warned you for years that they are the armies of the Beast. They're the armies of the Beast. And although they play, you know, that they're enemies against Islam, they're really just all together. Because it's the very Islam armies that are also the armies of the Beast. That's why he's rising up and putting together this confederacy over there. And then you have the Chinese. He needs both. He needs both. And so, that's what his string puppet's doing now. Pulling strings everywhere, getting his one huge faction of Chinese to get the West under control, and getting his other faction of extreme Muslims in the Middle East to get that under control, and so. And they all hate orgone. They all hate orgone.

You know, orgone is an awesome tool that the Lord gave us in these last days. And that's why years ago I established the International Orgone Network. And, in particular, name of this group of Warriors, Faction Four. And it's amazing how fast this group has grown throughout the world. Because it's the one way He has shown us to protect ourselves against the onslaught of this coming New World Order, which is, you know, the dragon races, the alien races, this extreme Islam, which is extreme demonic possession. And the demons which possess these men in extreme Islam don't like the orgone. And so, this is the one defense weapon that we have against all of it.

Bible Codes Reveal the Orgone Warriors as Faction Four

The Bible Codes reveals the Orgone Warriors as Faction Four. This little fragment. This group of believers of 144,000. It's just very dominant. Very dominant in the Bible Codes. Very apocryphal weapon in what we're doing with it in these last days. You know, there are currently three factions within the New World Order competing for rulership and dominion over the earth. You have Faction 1 which consists of the rich international bankers and the Rothschilds groups. You have Faction 2 which consists of those involved with the secret societies and corporations, such as the Rockefellers. Faction 3 is the alien agenda which include the New Age and fringe groups, the hybrids, the walk-ins, the soul-scalpers, the soul-scalped, the Lizard shape-shifters and everybody else.

And then you have Faction 4. A small fragment of the 144,000 who are going forth to do exploits to defeat the armies of the Beast that are coming in these last days, and that are already here. We're not for the New World Order, obviously, we are against the New World Order. And we are fighting daily to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order and establish a defense against their high-tech weapon attacks and even hostile presence among us. We are a resistance group. We are the Lord's group of Warriors that He is calling forth and out to do exploits for Him.

Faction 4 is fighting against two different enemies; man and beast. Beasts being animals, the hybrids, the demons. Beasts of the field, not exactly literal animals. Both man and beast comprise the New World Order. It's man that operates the high-tech weapons designed to abuse, kill, and enslave mankind. And it's the beast, Satan's armies that are coming, who will conquer, control, and take over man's attempt to run and control the New World Order.

For now, humans here, the New World Order factions, are useful pawns to establish, run, and implement Satan's New World Order agenda around the world in anticipation for his arrival and dictatorship. When he arrives, he fully intends on taking over all aspects with his own "alien council." And his forces have already successfully taken over many of the humans involved with implementing the New World Order, through soul-scalping and alien/demonic possession.

You know, mankind can't even begin to imagine what is coming. But there's hope. You know, we can defeat the Giants that are coming. Nibiru gets closer. Nibiru Giants, Bible Codes calls them "Philistines." Their giants. We have the Anunnaki coming. They're Giants. And you know, the Lord, Himself, will destroy all of Satan's armies that are left, at the war of Armageddon. But until that takes place, through our own exploits, as His Warriors here on Earth, we can annihilate Satan's armies of Giants, you know. We've already made him go from Plan A to B, C, and D. We've taken away many of his major strong points and strongholds, and routes he wanted to use to implement his kingdom on Earth.

We Make Good Orgone, but Most of the Other Stuff Sold on the Internet Is Junk

You know, people ask me all the time, "What is orgone?" And orgone, folks, is an energy. It can be made as a good energy or a bad energy. It can be sabotaged and used for evil. Because like everything God has, Satan mocks and mimics. And so, while we make good orgone, there's plenty of other orgone on the Internet being sold. You'll see it all over eBay. And I don't sell orgone on eBay. And a lot of that stuff is junk and will actually work against you to hurt you rather than help you. So if you want orgone, you can learn how to make your own at www.orgoneblasters.com, or you can buy it there. But do not buy this junk that's being offered across the Internet that people call orgone. Because if you change any of the ingredients in orgone, or even change the direction of the coil, itself, you no longer have life living energy being produced. You have something else being created.

Bible Code Terms that Describe How Aliens React to the Orgone

And so, you know, orgone in the Bible Codes is very dominant. Especially what it's going to do to the Anuk, the Nephilim, and all these fallen angels that are here and that are coming. Some of the terms that describe their reaction to the orgone, that they're already having, and going to have, is:


Bible Code Terms that Describe What Orgone Does to the Aliens

Terms to describe what it will do, and the results of what this orgone causes to and against them:

Boiled (boils them)
Necrosis (causes them to age 'cause it slowly starts to kill them from the inside out)
Burning-Up (why you get the putrefying and smells)

Bible Code Terms Relating to the Lord's Orgone Warriors

Terms relating to the Faction 4, that are working as the Lord's Orgone Warriors:

Secretly (because we go out and we just toss this stuff and do our missions without much fanfare and notice)
Fragment (which is also faction; as I call it, we're just a small fraction of the Bride that's out there doing this)

How Aliens and Soul-Scalped Humans React to Orgone Pucks and Pendants

And so, the orgone, itself, saturates the air and it burns them. You've seen the UFOs crashing to the earth for the last two to three years. It also causes them to break out in boils on their skin. They can't breathe around it. They start choking and coughing. The contaminated, saturated air around them asphyxiates them. To them it's a horrible plague. And it destroys them and causes their deaths.

And you'll hear of people who wear orgone pendants out in public and can tell you the reaction they get from these soul-scalped humans or even Lizard in human form that run into people with orgone pendants on. And they have these exact reactions that the Bible Codes says they do. They get irritable, they start burning up, start breaking in boils. I've seen people break out in hives, that are demonically possessed, when I've had orgone in their presence. They'll start coughing. They'll act like they can't breathe. Every one of these terms that I've seen in the Bible Codes in relation to how orgone affects Satan's kingdom is exactly how it affects them.

Most People Who Come Against Us Are Probably Demonically Possessed or Soul-Scalped

And today, there's so many other Christians who think it's their job to sit on their butts and do nothing about the New World Order but argue and fight about those who are. And so, folks, it's not our duty as His people to ever sit on our butts and just wait on Him and do nothing. When you ask Him what you should do, He tells you what to do, then you should be busy doing it. You know, most of our haters and people who come against us on the Internet for the orgone, first of all, they're not even believers in the Most High. Most of them are demonically possessed and soul-scalped. They pose as ministry leaders, as pastors, as Internet evangelists, and everything else. But they're actually just demonically possessed and they work Satan's agenda to come against us and rail against us in our orgone war, because they want us to stop because it's destroying Satan's kingdom, and so.

We All Have Our Own Missions, and Mine Is Leading an Army Against Satan

I mean, truly, folks. Look at the huge difference between those who love the Lord and have disagreements. Not everybody agrees with orgone, but I don't hear from them. They just ignore it. It's just like if I don't agree with what somebody else preaches in their ministry, I'm not in their face over it. I just ignore it, let them do their thing, I do mine. I take care of my mission here on Earth, because this is MY mission. It may not be THEIR mission, but this is MY mission. I take care of MY mission; leading an army against Satan and his forces.

Now all these other ministries have different purposes. Some are praise and worship ministries, some are, you know, just evangelistic-type ministries, and these are good. And you'll know them through their fruits, because they're not out hating and railing against everybody else who aren't like them, their just busy doing the Lord's work. Busy doing their own ministries. It's like, "Oh, I know that guy has a real heart for the Lord. I don't necessarily agree what he doesn't preach." But, hey, you know, we're on a tree, which is the Lord. And there's branches on that tree. And we all have our own calling and assignments on Earth; our missions to do. And I respect that. I respect that.

I've Never Demanded that People Agree with Everything I Say or Do

I've never demanded that people agree with everything I say or do, but they certainly don't have to attack me for it. They can go to the Lord and ask Him. All they have to do is go to the Lord and ask Him. Because there's many different parts of vines on the tree. And I don't rail against them, they don't rail against me. And the ones who do are usually the ones who are possessed, because they're mouthpieces for Satan. They rail against it the loudest because it's their little buddy, Satan, that's being affected and destroyed by it, and they're angry.

The Lord Hates It When His Kids Are Fighting

And so, that's how I can usually tell who's really the Lord's shepherds and who aren't. The Lord's shepherds will just ignore you. You know, I just ignore everybody else, you know? I have my mission, they have theirs. They don't come against me, I don't come against them. I have respect for them, their calling. Their calling is not mine. Mine isn't theirs.

But look at the haters when they stand up. Look at the haters. So much hate and venom. And that's what the Lord's always said. You will know them by their fruits. Are they full of love, joy, and peace, and compassion? You can tell by looking at them. Do they have a heart for the Lord? Or are they just full of demon spitfire and hatred? That's not of the Lord. It's never of the Lord. And He never sets His brethren up against each other. He hates it when the kids are fighting. He hates it. He's our Father, we're all His kids, and He hates it when we're fighting. But there's just some who can never stop, and all they do is spit hate. And that's because they're not His.

Some Christians Are Not Attacked by Tech Weapons or Aliens Because They're No Threat to Satan

You know, some of the things that we have found, over the years, that orgone can do is that it's a weapon against chemtrails, microwave weapons, ELF [extremely low frequency], psychotronics, aliens and demons. And these type of attacks up against mankind never stop. And some Christians, when you start talking about microwave weapons, ELF, psychotronics, they don't know what you're talking about, because they've never experienced these type of attacks. They've never experienced the government using a satellite weapon to hone into your home with a beam of light to fry you while you're sleeping. Because they're no threat to the government. As long as they stay in their little religious box, and believing everything they're told by their pastors who have graduated from Satan's academies across the United States, got their little pastors' licenses, they're no threat. They're no threat to Satan. So they have no idea what you're talking about when you start talking about ELF weapons and psychotronics, or chemtrails. Some of them barely waking up to the fact that our New World Order even exists. And some of them still waking up to the fact that George Bush really wasn't a Christian. [laughs]

Orgone Is an Ancient Aether, a Living Energy

You know, years ago, when I first started looking for ways to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order, the Most High led me to orgone. And what I found is it's a natural Earth cleanser, it's a healer, and a positive energy source. In the last days, the Bible says God's people will do exploits. And in the Bible Codes, this is exactly what I see, that His Warriors, Faction Four, this faction, are out doing exploits.

You know, orgone is the name given to this ancient energy by Wilhelm Reich. And he also called it chi, or the fifth element. He called it the fifth element. And I've often wondered what the ancient name is for orgone. Because what I see in the Bible Codes is that it's a ancient aether. It's a ancient aether. And so, it's had some kind of name back in the days, but we've lost it over time. And Wilhelm Reich rediscovered this ancient aether, this living energy, and gave it a modern name, which he called orgone. And this energy exists in many different ways. It exists in a neutral form, or a positive form. Or a negative form; DOR...dead orgone energy. And that's what you'll see being sold across the Internet today and on eBay. And that's why I just give you a shout-out. Stay away from that stuff. You can buy the good orgone energy, or even learn how to make it yourself, at my website, www.orgoneblasters.com. You can learn how to make it yourself.

Wilhelm Reich Was Betrayed by Eisenhower After Creating His Orgone Weapon Against UFOs

Wilhelm Reich spent most of his life researching the properties of behaviors of orgone energy. And he died in jail. His laboratory and much of his work was destroyed, because the government feared the truth and knowledge of orgone energy being revealed and exposed to the public.

You know, President Eisenhower and Wilhelm Reich were friends. And President Eisenhower approached Wilhelm Reich and asked him to find a way to destroy this alien threat that was beginning to surface in America, because he'd been approached by these aliens. They had instances with, run-ins with the Air Force and UFOs. And so, Eisenhower was looking at a weapon, a means to fight them, because he knew conventional weapons weren't gonna destroy this fourth-dimensional threat. And so, Wilhelm Reich found a way of using orgone energy, this ancient aether to cause UFOs to crash. He was finding a way to defeat these fourth-dimensional aircraft and beings.

And then after doing all of this work, Eisenhower turned the tables and started signing treaties and alliances with the aliens. So now he no longer needed Wilhelm Reich. But Wilhelm Reich was a threat, because Wilhelm Reich had found a way to defeat them. And now he couldn't defeat them and fight against them, because he [Eisenhower] was signing all these treaties with them, and alliances. And so, they threw him in jail. They threw him in jail on trumped up charges, destroyed all of his work, and killed him before he was supposed to be paroled, thinking that they would guarantee to themselves that his work would never become well-known, and that these secrets that he had about orgone and what it could do would die with him in prison.

The Lord Had Me Stumble on Wilhelm Reich When I Asked How to Stop ELF Attacks

Well, you know, the Lord never lets a good deed go undone. And He had me stumble on Wilhelm Reich when I was looking for ways -- when I started suffering attacks from ELF weapons in front of the computer constantly, and getting dizzy, getting almost heart-attack prone. You know, your heart starts racing, you feel like you're gonna have a heart attack. I started asking the Lord for ways to just destroy the New World Order, but also to stop the attacks coming against me. And it's almost like full circle then. He led me to Wilhelm Reich and his work, and orgone.

I didn't understand it then, because we don't use the exact orgone Reich -- Reich didn't use resin. He didn't need to use resin. He used water and coils and stuff. We found a way with the resin to mimic a creation of this chi energy, of this fifth element. And so, not only does it do exactly what Wilhelm Reich's did in destroying UFOs and aliens, but it's also used to defeat these ELF and these psychotronic weapons that are being used against us. These high-tech weapons. All of them work off of negative DOE energy, and so that's why they're effective against them.

When People Say Towers Are Speaking to Them, They Are, Folks

By using orgone it's possible to eradicate chemtrails from our skies. Deactivates all these mind-control towers that are placed everywhere, speaking to you from everywhere. If you haven't spent five minutes at my website, www.tearingdownstrongholds.com, and going through those articles, you need to go through those articles about how they attack us through all these mind-control towers that they have up everywhere. Because when people say towers are speaking to them, they are, folks. They are. They use tech weapons-to-mind technology, and so. It's exactly what they're doing.

If You or Your Children Have Night Terrors, Put Orgone Under the Bed

It also, if you have night terrors, getting bothered by alien abductions, demon presences in your room at night, you can't sleep because you're dealing with night terrors all night, it'll stop night terrors from happening. Children, especially, suffer through this. Had a lot of moms get orgone and start making it, just to get it under their kids' beds, so they'd stop being harassed by the monsters at night. And when your kids are telling you they have monsters in their room at night, it's just because they can see them and you can't. You know, most kids have a eye open to the spiritual realm that you usually grow out of as you grow into being an adult, and so. Most of the time they have valid problems and parents just don't listen. And so, parents getting orgone under their childrens' beds, seeing the kids can now sleep. And you'll do the same as an adult. Put it under your bed so you can have a good night's sleep at night.

Some of you are being targeted by satellite beam attacks at night, and so, you need Mylar blankets on your windows to stop the beam attacks from coming into your rooms.

There's a Whole Government in Africa Making Chemtrail Busters

You know, a couple years ago, orgone was fairly unknown. But now it's pretty much worldwide. The knowledge of orgone is increasing worldwide. We've got groups in Africa that there's a whole government in one of the countries in Africa that's making chemtrail busters. It's the bucket blasters. And so, this stuff, if it wouldn't be working, you wouldn't be having whole governments just raising up and using the technology of chi energy, of the fifth element, of orgone energy, of ancient aether, all these terms relating to what we know as orgone today.

Become an Orgone Warrior

It suffocates, asphyxiates evil. Can't breathe around it, so you'll start hearing them cough and choke and everything else when they're in your presence. And orgone gets absorbed into the atmosphere and dissipates the poisons of chemtrails. You'll have to saturate your area with orgone. I had about 30 in mine. And once I realized that the chemtrails weren't sticking here, I went out and got farther areas around my home to fight against the chemtrail planes. So not just my town, but even the farms and the areas around my town I protected with orgone. Because if you don't protect your food, it's all gonna get poisoned by the chemtrails. So it becomes much more of protecting yourself and your families, but all of the communities, and all of the people.

The Lord's had me out in desert areas and forests protecting them with orgone. You know, if you're a patriot or Christian in these last days and you want to fight against all the New World Order's evil being targeted against us, you can get involved with this orgone war and become a member of Faction Four. And just start getting orgone out and becoming an Orgone Warrior in your state and in your area.

Some of the Many Things Orgone Can Do

Some of the other things orgone can do:

Eliminates toxins, poisons, and radiation from the air.
Defeats chemtrails and keeps your skies clear.
Improves breathing; helps those with asthma.
Promotes natural health; keeps your from catching every flu virus under the sun.
Knocks out bad thunderstorms before they get to your area.
Chills out tornadoes heading your way (numerous times, and other Warriors, have had tornadoes heading their way and hit a orgoned area and just switched directions; they leave your area -- boom, switch directions, move away from your area).
Asphyxiates evil; aliens can't breathe around it and it burns them (same thing I found with demons).
Keeps demonic entities out of your home and yard.
Nullifies the effects of the strong subliminal messaging New World towers erected everywhere are giving out.
Stops ELF attacks.
Helps you sleep better.
Stops sleep abductions.
Emits positive energy; evil can't stand being around it.
It's a defensive weapon in the last days to combat aliens and the New World Order.
Stops headaches and migraines; improves overall health (put an orgone puck against your head if you have a headache).
Areas gifted with the most amount of orgone have suffered the least amount of damages from hurricanes.
Bury them in each corner of your yard to keep ELF and other mind-control weapons away from your home.
Bury them in the corners of your yard; put them up on the roofs of your homes, in the gutters.

Orgone Does Not Replace Prayer - They're Used Side by Side

You know what? People think that we replace orgone with prayer. And that's just not true, folks. Spiritual warfare is never fought without prayer. They're side by side. The Lord has armed us with His weapons of warfare to fight against all the tactics and strategies of the devil. But when man attacks us, we need different weapons. You can't force your will on man. And so, intimidation, harassment, persecution has always been tools of the devil to use against God's believers. And in these last days we've seen high-tech weapons being used against us.

And the Bible says that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, but is that literal? Because, obviously, when we're being attacked by high-tech weapons, there's different types of weapons being referred to. In a spiritual sense, they can destroy the body, but they can't have your soul. But, they can destroy the body. And so, what we have is a defense to where they can't touch our bodies, they can't destroy our bodies anymore with their cancers, and their evils, and their night terrors, and their abductions, and their constant attacks.

God's Given Us a Way, Through Orgone, to Stop the Attacks from Happening

And, you know, the whole time when you're praying to God for help when you're under an attack, now He's telling you to do something about it. He's giving you a way to stop these attacks from happening so you don't have to be praying all night to Him to stop the attack. He's giving you a way to stop them from the beginning. We can prevent attacks from happening to begin with, and that's through the orgone, folks.

Create Areas of Protection in Your Towns and Cities

Then you talk about positive and negative energy. Sounds New Age, but Yahushua spoke of the same things, folks. He spoke of His people being the light of the world, which is positive energy. And Satan being the darkness; negative energy. And, for those of you who understand the power of anointing your home, and have anointed your home, the spiritual warfare tactic to keep the evil out of it, then you know full well that eventually that anointing wears off. The thing about the orgone is it never wears off. It's a constant anointing of your home, and so. You know, not only protecting our homes and ourselves, but all of the towns, and areas, and cities around us.
You know, there's gonna come a time when people are running to the forest for protection. And, those forests, ahead of time, have already been protected so that when the people go there, they'll be protected, because they've been protected by orgone, and so. Heading into orgone-saturated areas are gonna be the areas of protection.

Aliens Getting More Brazen

Anyway, folks, I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News. The UFO sighting over the Temple Mount the other day. And they're gonna get more brazen. And so, be talking about that and more on what the aliens are up to. So I'll see you Thursday at 1 o'clock at the same network; www.blogtalkradio.com/sherrytalkradio.

Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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