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Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

And hello, everybody. Good afternoon.  I'm Sherry Shriner with Aliens In The News.  And today I have quite a few things to go over.  And so.  I'll go over them one by one, I guess.  

Parachuting Via Orbs: The Latest “In” For Earth Travel When You’ve Got Nothing Else

I just was looking at a video, this slower analysis.  And it’s posted on my Facebook site.  If you go to Facebook, look for Sherry Shriner or Sherry Talk Radio.  I have the little grey alien above the White House for my logo, and you can join my Facebook site over there.  Somebody posted a slower analysis video of the UFO that hovered over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. [http://www.disclose.tv/forum/ufo-cloud-over-israel-t17666.html]  And I thought it was interesting because the first time I saw the video, to me it looked like a pod dropping down and then flying up into space.  If you slow it down to 50 percent, you actually see a being sitting in the thing.  And these orbs—I've told you they’re travel pods.  You know, they’re like one-man seaters.  You can sit in these orbs, and so, that's what they do. And you can see on this video, if you look closely, there's a being sitting in it, and then he is separated from the pod.  You’ll his legs actually sticking out, and then he gets slowly separated outta the pod.  And then a few seconds later, or minutes, it will shoot up into the sky, back up into the ship it came from.  And so.  I think that's significant because I see the term “parachutist” in the Codes.  And I'm thinking, “What is this?  Are they gonna parachute down to Earth now, because they can't do their little entrance—whatever plan they had for Maitreya?”  And I'm not sure what kind of entrance they ever had planned for Maitreya.  Now, with Sananda that’s coming in September, they've always planned the whole Second Coming of Christ charade with the Blue Beam Project façade.  But it never particularly says how Maitreya is going to arrive.  And so.  I thought it was interesting that this little pod is dropping off this being over the Dome of the Rock in Israel, and seeing the term “parachutist” in the Codes popping up recently.  And that’s probably what he probably did, was parachute out of the pod down onto Israel somewhere. 

Watch For The Coming Muslim Brotherhood—This 10 Nation Arab Confederacy

You know, it's getting interesting.  They're already starting to establish their Arab Confederacy that I told you to watch out for.  And a 10 Nation Confederacy, they’re calling it. “The Muslim Brotherhood.”  Egypt being a casualty of this.  They'll be aligned with Iran.  And Kenya and Ethiopia and Libya most likely being taken over either voluntarily or involuntarily by this Muslim Brotherhood that's coming.  And so.  Watch for a 10 Nation Confederacy of this Muslim Brotherhood to rise over there in the Middle East, the Persian Gulf nations.  And that will be what the 10 horns, 10 crowns of the Antichrist. 

You know, the churches have always taught, “Oh it's Europe's Confederacy.  And the Antichrist is gonna come outta Europe.”  And, you know—Javier Solana, Prince William, Prince Harry, or the King of Spain.  And they led people away on rabbit trails for years.  The European Confederacy was never a 10ery, but 13 nations.  It’s always been many, many nations involved in with that. So, they always had to kinda fudge the numbers of the countries to make this European Confederacy fit into their mold of interpretation of the Bible Prophecy.  And I've been saying for years, watch out for this Maitreya and this Sananda coming.  And so.  This Maitreya is the Imam that Iran has been screaming about.  Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, waiting patiently for him.  Spitting venom the last several years about the coming of their Imam.  And, you know, it was Iran and Egypt that—the two largest Arab nations over there that could—155 million between the two countries.  And not only that, it’s because the Arabs—probably the wealthiest in the world.  And so.  The United States have spent billions of dollars since the 1970’s building up Egypt's military.  So, now they're no longer friends and allies.  They'll no longer be friends and allies with Israel.  But they'll be forming a Confederacy with those who hate Israel.  And so. Interesting watching events develop as I've warned of them over the years.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Chinese FTZs

And also a lot of awareness throughout America of these—what they're calling “Federal Trade Zones” in America for Chinese cities to be built.  And I call them what they are: green zones. And they'll come under the façade of Trade Zone cities, folks.  Don't buy the lies, folks.  Don't buy it.  They're gonna come in.  They're going to bring in their military's.  They'll staff these cities with soldiers and their own militaries.  And it's just their back door entrance, back door way, of taking over America without firing a shot. You know, our government has underhandedly given America over to the Chinese.  Literally, they'll be no war.  Just hand it over to them. 

Obama’s Doing His Job In Destroying America

Obama doesn't care about America.  His job is to destroy America.  And how else do you do it than move all the jobs outta here—which started back with Clinton by the way.  There’s not any one particular president.  It started back with Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr.—now we have Obama—all working the New World Order Satanic agenda, and moving all of the jobs, and putting us in the present state that we are with our economy here in America.  And Obama's the icing on the cake.  It is his job to be the icing on the cake.  To put the final screws into the coffin of America.  And he's doing it very well.  He's doing his job.  Destroy America.  He would, if he had a say in it—which, he’ll already align—he's already aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.  He's aligned with them. Would probably drag America into that as well, except for the fact that China's taking over America.  So, pretty much be a man without a country soon enough.  Probably just go back to Kenya where he's from and be a part of the Muslim Brotherhood over there.  I really don't know what his plans are.  But it wouldn't surprise me.  So, interesting that, with Egypt in already a planned revolution—and this was well planned, folks.  It isn’t something that just sprang up over night.  The United States has been behind this revolution in Egypt for several years.  I was reading Barry Chamish’s article on the United States involvement on what's going on now in Egypt. THE U.S. IS BEHIND THE FALL OF MUBARAK - by Barry Chamish      And, as usual, he hits it right on the head.   And so, while that unfolds, you have space beings landing on our Earth via parachutes.  Interesting. 

The HAARP Snow And Ice Armageddon They Had Planned…

Some things are looking to fire up, you know?  Look at Australia.  This week was a total HAARP weather war on America.  A total manifested and planned, two-sided assault.  What they were creating called “the perfect storm.” And what was significant about this whole thing was, if you watched the weather channel on Sunday, they were practically tripping over themselves with glee and happiness about these huge storms that were coming.  I just sat and amazed that they were so jolly—they seemed to be so thrilled to death that these two huge storms were coming as they tried to warn you to prepare, and they tried to act like they're sincere.  But they're actually jolly as heck about it.  And they had these huge plans, from the Rockies to the East Coast, of all these states that were just going to be mortified by ice.  And there was sure to be black outs everywhere, and just an ice and snow Armageddon from the Rockies to the East Coast.  

…Failed Thanks To Our Prayer Warriors!

And so, that was kinda nauseating to watch because when you hear from everybody in different states throughout the country that HAARP clouds have been dominating the skies, then you know that everything coming down is a planned assault.  And so.  I sat there Monday, and, you know, throughout the night it was raining ice.  And I should have started it at that point, as soon as it started raining ice.  But I waited to morning, and I posted some prayers to fight against and defeat these HAARP-related storms that were coming.  And one of the other warriors on the list kicked in with a bunch of prayers he added.  And I'm gonna recite those today so that, if this ever comes up again, you'll have an idea exactly what spiritual warfare prayers are.  You'll have an exact way to pray, to tear down these weapons and these strongholds of the New World Order.  Because, when I posted these prayers on all four of my Yahoo lists and also my Facebook list, people started praying them.  And as a result, there was no huge, massive “perfect storm” here in America.  Now mind you, for those of you in Chicago you can get mad at me, but I asked the Lord to spare all the states from this assault, but, if He wanted to hit Chicago, it was fine with me.  Obama's birth place.  And it seems to be Chicago got the worst end of it.  I actually said to hit Chicago and D.C., and I never heard a thing about D.C.—how hard they got hit, if they got hit at all.

Yah Cranked Up The Orgone In Honor Of Our Prayers

And so, all I know is Tuesday morning—Tuesday—you know all winter long in Ohio, when it gets to be about after 6 PM, it has been so cold here, it's like 9 degrees at night.  From 6 o’clock on, it’s in the single digits.  And that’s normal, okay?  It’s very cold here this time of year.  But I remember Tuesday morning looking at the temperature thermostat, and instead of being 9 degrees, which I would've expected or colder because of these storms coming in, it was 32 degrees at midnight and at 5 AM it was 38 degrees!  And I just had to laugh.  Because it had been part of the prayers to ask the Lord to crank up the power of the orgone and warm up the global atmosphere, so that their plans would be destroyed.  Causing all this heavy ice, these power outages, all this suffering and negative loosh that they could be feeding off of—it's like a food to them.  Negative suffering of humanity is like a food to them.  They suck it up like energy vampires.  They feed off of it.  And so.  I had to laugh because the Lord was cranking the orgone up.  The global atmosphere was warming up.  And this storm never even hit 2 cylinders compared to what before they were planning.  It never got off the ground.  It got to 2 cylinders out of 4.  That's what I'll say.  Because it started getting the rain out, but once people started praying these prayers, boy, you noticed a huge turnaround and defeat of their planned weather assaults against this country.  And, folks, it doesn't matter what country you're in—HAARP—they have—they use HAARP around the world.  They have HAARP facilities everywhere. And these are the facilities where they use weather modification weapons against mankind.  They try to change the weather, affect the weather. 

Two Sets Of Warfare Prayers, You Know, For The Record

What I want to do is go through these prayers.  There's 2 different sets.  On the first day, we prayed one set. And on the second day, I posted continuing prayers for the next two days, which was Tuesday and Wednesday.  And just so effective, folks.  So effective against what they had planned.  So, I'm going to read these, so it’ll be recorded, be on record.  All of our shows are transcribed so that you can always go to SherryTalkRadio.com and look for my transcribes there. [http://www.sherrytalkradio.com/transcribe/index.htm]  And you'll have this written and on record.  Not just audio, but also transcribed in written form.  I have great transcribers.  We have a huge ministry we have for the deaf.   We transcribe these radio shows for them, and we have the transcribers who have a big heart for the Lord to do this for the deaf crowd.  And that also benefits all those who can't access the radio show, or listen to the radio show, but love to read the transcribes.  And so, just a huge blessing to have these transcribers as part of the ministry.

But these are some of the prayers that we joined together as warriors.  And remember, everyone always says we're all about orgone.  Well, we are, but we're also prayer warriors, folks, because prayer is always our first line of defense.  And if we've done what we were supposed to do, and we did—get the orgone out—then that gives the Lord leverage.  He can take that orgone that we had out, which is exactly what He did, and amplify it.  And that's why how we had such a huge success against these weather storms, because we listened to Him, we did what He said, and then He was able to use that orgone and amplify it and answer our prayers.  And so.   You’ll see the affects of it.  And so.  These are the prayers.  I'm gonna recite 'em.

“Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You reverse the affects of this massive winter storm that is bearing down on Modern Babylon.  We ask that you move the ice storms to Fairbanks, Alaska HAARP facility and the HIPAS facility.”

[TN: HAARP stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, and it is the Illuminati’s/Elite’s main weather weapon and manipulator (facility) of choice.  HIPAS stands for High Power Auroral Stimulation, and it’s an observatory located as stated above, in Fairbanks, Alaska.]

“Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You freeze all the antennas that are used by these evil facilities to freeze over and malfunction.  We ask that the antennas from all the facilities in Alaska, Puerto Rico, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, China—all the facilities that use radio frequencies to ELF and control the weather be turned against all the safe havens of the evil Elite.”

“Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You counter the effects of the massive cyclone yazree.  We ask that you cool the air around Australia and break down the storm that is upon Australia.  We ask that You protect all of the Warriors and sheeple in Australia. Keep them safe, Yahuah.  Hold them in Your arms of protection and love as this storm bears down on Australia.”

“Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You increase all the electrical power of all of the U.S.'s substations, and keep the ice from shutting down all the power in the areas that storm may effect.  We ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You raise the temperatures in the air to disallow the ice from building up on the power lines and power grids.”

“Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You crank up all the Aether Energy that has been strategically placed on Your Heavenly Planet Earth.  Father, we ask you make Your Aether Energy Orgone to change all the weather patterns of the massive storms throughout the Earth and dissolve them and weaken them so that no deaths or illness may take effect.”

“Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You make all the negative energy in the atmosphere become Positive Orgone Energy [POE] and help cleanse the skies from all the impurities that the evil Elite have placed, and reverse all the negative energy, and turn them against their devices that they have created.”

“Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that all the destruction that has been planned by the evil Elite come to fruition, but turned against them and their devices.  We ask that all the evil fallen ones and demons be turned against all of Satan’s minions and himself.  We ask that you open up the Abyss and the 4th dimension and send Your Aether Energy into the Ugglies’ dimension and cause them to burn with the power of Your right hand like a giant flame thrower Father.”

“Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You grant Your Prayer/Orgone Warriors, [and] the sheeple these prayers.  We ask that You act upon these Prayers with the swiftness that only You, Father, can act on.  We love You Father Yahuah with all our hearts.  Please Father Yahuah, let it be done in the Name of Your Precious Son Yahushua.”

And so, we prayed these prayers the first day, and also the prayers that I had added, to ask the Most High to amp the orgone energy up 100,000 fold to warm the atmospheres so that their whole attack, their ice assaults on this country, could never manifest.  And past the point of an ice glaze we got throughout the night on Monday, it never materialized.  You know, when you have—Tuesday was supposed to be their Ice Armageddon, and at 5 AM, it's 38 degrees in Ohio—it kind of combated the entire thing.  I don't know from other states.  I know it was sunny in Dallas for a while.  And other states it had an opposite effect of what they were trying to accomplish. And so.  It was just so obvious that the Lord’s hand was in this to answer our prayers and destroy the plans of the evil Elite, who were planning on having massive electrical outages in this country and much, much more chaos and mayhem caused.  

These are some of the prayers continuing as of Tuesday, Wednesday and even today, Thursday.  Prayers we have listed for the next few days.  And these prayers were not written by me.  They were written by an orgone warrior.  I love his prayers, his prayer style.  He posted them to my orgone blaster list.  If you're not on my Orgone blaster Yahoo list, you can go to my http://www.Orgoneblasters.com and click on the Yahoo link to join my Orgone blasters list.  Anyway, these are some of the prayers this warrior sent out, and I’m gonna recite them here that we can pray the rest of the week.  

“Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You cause the snow to melt like Global Warming and cause the snow to run off into all the underground military bases and alien bases.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You create a tsunami big enough to flood all of the DUMBS and tunnels for the evil elite around the world.

And DUMB(S) are Deep Underground Military Base(s).

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You cause all the active volcanoes around the world to collapse and send all the lava to flow into all the DUMBS and tunnels around Your Heavenly Planet.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You cause derision amongst the NWO, aliens, Illuminati, Freemasons 33rd degree [as well as the 99th degree and all degrees in between], the royal red dragon family, and cause a war amongst themselves.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You make all the evil flunkies of Satan HAARP each other, ELF each other, and cause all their stupid plans for 2011 and 2012 be turned against them.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You destroy all the evil technologies and cause them to scramble like roaches when sprayed with Your Aether Energy.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You remove all the clouds that are cloaking Satan’s UFO's and cause them to crash like a so-called ‘meteor’ falling from space.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You make the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions merge together so that You and Your Warriors can smite them with all Your Aether Energy as they arrive to cause chaos.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that all the Brotherhood of extreme Islam burn like the aliens and Olizard when they enter into the Orgone Zones.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that all the rivers and streams, lakes and oceans, become saturated with Orgone—that they become Orgone water to kill the evil and heal the ill and the sheeple.

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You send all the sheeple to Sherry's website's and radio show's and cause them to wake up and remove their heads from the sand.”

I like that one...

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You shut down all the Lightworkers, Ashtar Command, and all the New Age websites on the Internet, so they have to seek You through Sherry and bow to You Father and Yahushua's feet, and repent and ask for forgiveness, Father.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You make all the presidents of the world become suddenly ill from all the Aether Energy and have them morph into the lizards that they are, and show it to the sheeple on Your Planet Earth.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You make all the evil Elite take their own vaccinations and cause them to burn and die into the Abyss.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You make all the evil Elite drink Your Orgone water and cause them to develop boils from their insides out, and make them explode like the space shuttles that were destroyed, Father.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You make NASA shutdown, and that You destroy all the space stations in space and have them crash into all the hollow planets in space.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You send CME bursts into all of Satan’s hollow planets and fry them like the Lake of Fire.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You flood hollow Earth with massive Orgone water floods and fry all of those evil entities that reside inside Your Wonderful Planet Earth.”

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name Of Yahushua, that You cause the CERN Corporation and the LHC to create a huge black hole aimed at their facility and the Vatican and the 4th dimension and cause them to be sucked into space like a category 30 Hurricane forever.

That would be the Large Hadron Collider and those behind it.

[TN: CERN stands for “Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire,” which translates to English as the European Council for Nuclear Research. It’s a high-energy particle physics organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.  LHC stands for the Large Hadron Collider that exists inside of CERN.  It’s the world’s largest particle accelerator, and it’s responsible for opening up various portals, amongst other things.]

“Dear Heavenly Father, we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You cause all the Chinese soldiers and all the Chinese cities being created in America to enter and become built in all the Orgone Zones and have them fry like Sodom and Gomorrah.

And some extra ones added in by some other warriors to cause disruptions:

“I pray in Yahushua's Name for the complete disassembling of Satan’s plans and those of the NWO. I pray in Yahushua's Holy Name that the air streams that ‘they’ are controlling are taken out of their control so they cannot modify the weather.”

“I pray that their HARRP facilities, microwave towers, and ELF towers get a huge power surge, and it fries their transmitters.”

“I pray that their Moon-based towers and bases get bombarded with solar radiation and flares so it fries all their equipment and their Soul Catching nets are taken offline permanently.”

“I pray for the chemtrails and poisons they are spraying all over the world to be neutralized by YAH's ether energy. I pray that the Earth’s energy grids and channels are brought back into balance with what YAH wants.”

“I pray in Yahushua's Name that their underground bases (DUMBS) become saturated with ether energy. I also pray that their water supplies are orgoned so that when ‘they’ drink it, they will burn from the inside out.”

“I pray in Yahushua's Name that Satan's palaces under the Earth and in the Abyss catch on fire from all the orgone that is saturating the Abyss and the inner Earth.”

“I pray that their UFO ships ‘stray’ too close to heavily orgoned areas and get trapped with no way for them to escape.  Then, they get spotted all over the world as they can no longer leave the Earth or travel in the dimensions.”

And that would also signify what’s happened to Shema, one of their brightest stars in the sky, which is now a huge fireball in the sky.

And the last one:

“I pray that their aerial spray drones lose their cloaking and malfunction and fall to Earth, and they are seen.”

Many of the chemtrail planes—not just planes, but UFO alien drones as well.   And so.  Our—just a bunch of prayers, folks, that you can learn to recite.  Print them out, recite them to the Lord, to combat the assaults that are being implemented against us.  And so. Also have our Fun Things To Do list, in targeting the underground military and alien bases. [http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/things-to-do.htm]

The Underground Bases And Cities Will Become Tombs To Those Who Reside In Them

And I find it amusing, one of the prayers asking that orgone floods be used to destroy all these underground bases. Because I remember years ago when I asked the Lord about underground bases, and just kind of envious, really.  “Where’s our underground bases?  Where’s our underground cities?  We’re Yah’s children on Earth.  Shouldn’t we have the best?”  And He told me back then that all of these underground bases are going to become the tombs of those who live in them.  They’re gonna become their tombs.  They’re gonna die in them.  And, if you can imagine what Isaiah describes, the Earth rocking to and fro like a drunkard in the Last Days [Isaiah 24:20], you can very much see—no control of our water and the shaking, that the insides of the Earth could very easily become vast lakes and oceans of water just drowning all of these underground cities and bases.  And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. 

Our Australia Orgone Warriors Need More Help!

You know, the Lord said this year was going to be a year of droughts and extreme floods, and we’re seeing that in Australia.  And notice, the hardest hit areas in Australia with the hurricanes and the flooding have no orgone in those areas.  And so.  People down there in Australia need to be stepping up more and getting your areas done.  I know we have a handful of very good warriors in Australia, but that’s like saying, “Oh, we’ve got six really good warriors in America.”  Because it’s taken an army to get America saturated with orgone, and we still don’t have enough here.  And so, we need more and more Australians to stand up and get your areas with orgone.  You can’t put it on the backs of five or six warriors in Australia to be able to cover that entire country. It’s huge. That country is bigger than the United States (land mass).  And so, they need help down there, folks. 

Our European Orgone Warriors Need More Help Too!

And the people in Europe are gonna need help, because they’re gonna have a Muslim war problem in Europe, and I know, demon-possessed people cannot stand being around orgone, so that—it would bother these Muslims as much as it does the aliens to be in orgoned areas.  And so, every country in Europe needs more orgone.  And they need help. 

Orgone: Pennies Compared To Their Billions, But Still Thousands To Us

And it all comes down to finances, folks.  Because it costs money to make orgone.  It’s really—when you think about the billions of dollars of technology that we’re wiping out, it seems like pennies are knocking them out.  Pennies that we spend on orgone compared to their billions.  But, when you look at, you know—translate the pennies into modern day money, and when you don’t have money, it’s very—it’s expensive to us!  You know, it’s $40.00 for a gallon of resin.  And you’re gonna make about 18 to 22 blasters with a gallon of resin.  And so. That’s just resin.  That’s not the other supplies. That’s not the crystals.  That’s not the coils. That’s not the shavings.  And so.  It can be very costly to make the amount of orgone we need.  Thousands and thousands of dollars.  

[Transcriber's Note: The next time somebody wants to complain about orgone being a “moneymaker,” please have them consider this very carefully so they can finally SHUT their mouths about it.  A gallon of resin is rou22hly $40 in-store, and that’s including tax.  A quarter gallon of that costs $12 to $14, so if you’re looking to be economically thrifty, it’s actually more cost-effective to get the big ones when you can.  As Sherry says, that produces about 18 to 22 blasters.  Copper wire, depending on what kind you’re getting, usually ranges anywhere from 40-60$ for 100 feet (or, it might be 100 yards; I can’t remember which it is).  Out of that, you’ll get roughly 250 blasters provided you cut your wire ever three coils, so we’ll average somewhere between 200 to 300 depending.  Metal shavings, if you buy them from the wonderful Marianne, will cost you $25 for 8 lbs or $40 for 15. Other metal-shavings stores seem to average prices that are $5 to $10 more expensive for roughly the same amount, and her prices reflect included-shipping; others typically do not.  Smaller Quartz crystals will cost anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on the grade and size, for 100 crystals.  Now, say you use 3 crystals per blaster.  That’s only 33 blasters.  Copper wire and metal shavings will last you a while, crystals and resin top off the dollars.  If you’re a first timer, and you’re looking to make in balk, then you’ve already spent $60 for the wire, $40 for the metal shavings, we’ll go with $55 for 100 crystals (and that’s not including shipping, which usually goes anywhere from an additional $8 to $15), and $40 for ONE gallon of resin.  To make those 33 blasters, it’d take about 1 and 2/5ths, so you’ll have likely bought 2 gallons.  That altogether, just to make 33 blasters, is $250.00 if we include $15 for shipping.  $250.00 for 33, and that’s providing you haven’t messed your batch up!  How many people typically have that has pocket change again?  I mean, really? Now, compare Sherry’s prices again and try to complain that she’s ripping people off when she makes everything in balk and excess, and include the fact she gives a lot of it away freely to those whom she knows have a huge heart for Yah.  We transcribers make orgone ourselves, and it’s very IRRITATING when people say it’s a moneymaker.  Because if you’re buying the correct ingredients and making it the way Yah told us to, it’s not.  Maybe it would be different if our incomes and perhaps the incomes of a spouse/roommate/lover were $90 to $100,000 a year and we were living comfortably in an apartment or already-paid-off home, but most of us are on the poor to very poor end of the socioeconomic scale.  And I won’t even get into how the prices are increasing for everything.]

We need financial backing and support.  So that, not only can we finish getting our own country covered, but the other countries as well.  You know, we have to protect ourselves here because it also allows—it shows the Lord that we’ve been faithful in doing what He’s asked us to do.  And then, like this week, perfect example:  When we asked Him to crank up the power of all this orgone that we’ve got out there, and He cranks it up, instead of having Ice Armageddon, we’re having 38 degrees, warm and sunny.  Look at today.  Look at today.  Nice and sunny everywhere.  He honored our requests.  He cranked that orgone up.  We did the work, and He honored it.  And so. We need to continue to do that, folks, and we need huge financial backing to continue this war against them.

We Can’t Take Out Satan, But The Bible Doesn’t Say We Can’t Take Out His Forces

We don’t have to be doormats to Satan, folks.  We don’t have to be doormats.  We can make them go to Plan B, C, and D.  I mean, look at their alien leaders now that are coming to Earth in orbs and are parachuting out of them.  Where’s the huge Hollywood productions in the sky bringing them in as gods?  When you take Plan A away, they’ve gotta go to B, C, and D.  You know, Satan’s going to rule this Earth for 3 and a half years, but we can make it as miserable as possible for him as we can.  And if you love the Lord, then Satan should repulse you.  I mean, where’s your real loyalty?  Where’s your loyalty?  You call yourself a Child of God, but then you do nothing as Satan takes over the world?  You do nothing?  “Oh, he—the Bible said he’s going to, so there’s nothing I can do.”  Back down and do nothing?  It should repulse you.  You know?  I love the Most High with every fiber of my being.  And I want to fight against Satan.  I want to destroy him.  Just because it says he’s gonna rule the world does not dictate exactly how he gets to rule the world.  And it does not say we cannot take out his forces.  We can’t kill Satan, but it doesn’t say a thing about all of his forces! 

Yah Loves His Teeny-Tiny Orgone Faction

That’s why the Bible Codes calls this warrior faction, this section of the 144,000, “precious.” He loves this section.  They’re precious to Him.  Because we love Him, and we’re, you know—“bravery,” “boldness”—they’re so dominant in the Bible Codes in describing these warriors for the Most High in these Last Days.  “Bravery,” “boldness,” “precious.”  I love when I see those terms in the Bible Codes.  And it’s always referring to this small, little faction of the total Bride itself, this 144,000.  This “section,” this “faction,” the Bible Codes refers to them as.  And I named it “Faction 4” of the 144 after seeing all these Codes in the Bible after so long, and just gave us that name, Faction 4.  ‘Cause it’s what I was seeing—Faction 4 of the 144. And so.  That’s exactly who we are, and we dominate the Codes.  The ones who are a real threat to Satan on this Earth. 

The Church Isn’t A Threat To Satan

The Churches aren’t a threat to him.  They’re not a threat to Satan.  He controls all of them.  If he keeps them in the box that he’s got them in now—just go to Sunday, do your thing, go to church Sunday evening—that’s not a threat to Satan. ‘Cause you’re gonna go home and live like a devil for the next 6 days a week and refuse to get off your couch to really do anything actively against him.  They’re not a threat.  Now, people who are a threat to Satan?  You see it, you feel it, and you’re fighting it every day.  Every day there’s assaults. There’s attacks. 

Those Who Are Threats To him Face Spiritual And Military Tech Attacks

And not just demonic, because those are easily overcome through spiritual warfare.  But government attacks. Satellite beams beaming microwave weapons into your house to fry you while you’re sleeping or even while you’re sitting somewhere.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been sitting at the computer, and I’ll see light beams shoot through the windows.  They just shoot right through the windows.  I’ve been lucky that they’ve never hit me directly; I see them and get up and put mylar blankets on whatever window they’re shooting through.  But they just want you to know because they usually—they can pinpoint exactly where you are sitting, and you’d never see it if they hit you from the back.  And so.  When you’re sleeping, they can pinpoint exactly where you’re sleeping because they’ve got your heat signature on file. They know exactly how to target you, and they can fry you while you’re sleeping.  So, it’s important to get mylar blankets up.  And that’s why we sound so crazy to most of the Bride today, because they’ve never experienced any kinds of these of attacks.  They don’t know what we’re talking about. They can’t relate to us, because they’re not threats to Satan!  They’re no threats. 

Assassination Attempts Are High On Their Lists

You know, when you’re under surveillance 24/7, you’ve got the helicopters flying over your house every so often—them letting you know, “Hey, we’re still here watching you.  We know exactly where you are.”—to try and intimidate you.  They use their intimidation tactics.  Or even assassination attempts.  Car accidents are a big one.  Car accidents.  And even trying to poison and kill Yah’s people.  They’ll, you know—I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, but I have.  Going into a restaurant, and just—make sure you pray over your food, folks. Because they will go in and poison your food.  They’ll poison it, and then expect you to drop over dead eating it.  And, of course, you’ve blessed it, the Lord’s blessed it, and it doesn’t affect you.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen in the Codes where—proof, evidence, that we are Children of the King by the very fact that some of us are still alive, and that they can’t beat the Most High.  That they can’t beat His people, the ones He chooses to protect.  They can’t kill ‘em.  [They’re] unkillable, because everything they’ve tried doesn’t work.  The mere fact that I’m still alive today is proof that I am who I say I am with the Most High.  Because they have tried everything under the book.  You’re talking assassins having lunch with Bush and Cheney years ago to plan my death.  Since then, how many plots have they come up with?  Guns have jammed, rainstorms have hit, windstorms have hit, all to foil their plans.  I’ve seen assassins come and go from this town.  And so—and not just me, folks.  This is how he takes care of other warriors as well.  I just don’t want to reveal names because, you know, I protect their identity.  Some of them like to hang in the background with little and no fanfare and do the work of the Most High.  And we’re not in this for fame and fortune.  We’re in this because we love the Lord, and we just want to stand up for Him in these Last Days, and do exploits on Earth for Him.  

The Forces Of The Antichrist Are A’comin

Armies of the Antichrist coming in.  Posted a video on my Facebook site.  Three huge UFO ships coming in.  [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTUK6bLLFfc&feature=related]  And very exact, almost to the T, an article I wrote about 8 years ago.  “X, Sedna, and Toutatis.” [http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/x-sedna-toe.htm]  Planet X, the moon Sedna, and this anomaly called Toutatis. And that made the hype years ago, Toutatis.  And coming back, and had an article written.  And I’m gonna talk about this more Monday Night, and how these are just habitations and arcs of the Antichrist’s armies that are coming towards the Earth, already in basically our atmosphere.  There’s countries around the world, and even folks who use welder glasses and stuff, that can see Nibiru coming in—Planet X, also called Rahab—who can see it coming in, and along with these other objects and anomalies coming in from the sky.  And carrying reptilians and giants and draconians—just all the forces of the Antichrist that he’ll be using when he attempts to take over the Earth, folks.  He is not gonna do so by himself.  He is not dependant on man’s armies, although they are doing all the preparation work in subduing and controlling the populations and governments and militaries of the world and getting footholds in all the countries.  Eventually, those human soldiers will be replaced by Satan’s forces.  And so.  And these forces are coming in, and there’s millions of them.

A Bible In One Hand, A Gun In The Other, and Orgone In Your Pockets

And these are the ones that, the green light is on.  We can go after these forces, folks.  We don’t have to sit back and watch them ruling in our skies and destroying our homes and killing our children.  We can fight back against them.  But the Lord’s ways are not man’s ways.  And a 12-gague shotgun ain’t gonna take a 4th Dimensional being out.  Orgone will.  A shotgun will take a Chinese guy out, and so, yeah, you need guns, bullets, and orgone.  Yep.  A Bible in one hand, a gun in the other, and an orgone in your pockets, folks.  And this is how the Lord has taught us to prepare in these Last Days.  And also with the orgone water that, when sprayed on these evil and wicked beings, it works like acid against them.  Burns them.  It’s like acid.  It’s like spraying holy water on them.  And so.

The Judgments Of Deuteronomy Are Soon In Coming

And these things are gonna be real this year.  You guys are gonna start seeing more and more of the judgments of Deuteronomy on this nation.  And, you know, I see different books and different prophets come up in Codes, and so.  Interesting what kind of time periods we’re in.  I was working on a Code yesterday for April, seeing Deuteronomy coming up.  And, of course, if you’re familiar with Bible prophesy, you’ll know that Deuteronomy 28 and 29—what happens to those who bless Israel and those who don’t. 

And I’m not talking about the land of Israel, because the land of Israel today is a bunch of Satanists.  They’re Talmud worshipers, and the Talmud speaks for itself of the very hideous abomination of a Satanic book. [http://www.talmudblasphemy.com/] It has nothing to do with the Torah.  It has nothing to do with actual Jews who believe Yahushuah is their Messiah.  They’re Satanists.  Now, there are Torah-believing Jews over there.  The whole New Covenant, the Covenant with the people itself, is that the New Israel would be all those who accept Yahushuah as their Messiah.  And so, look at all—look at how all these Satanists and the secret societies running our governments and militaries today—look at how they’re treating Yah’s people. 

Sherry’s Had To Learn The Hard Way

And that’s why you’re gonna see all of these judgments coming about.  Because they’re wicked.  They target us for torture, for torment, for injury, for death.  And just, under constant targets.  I don’t go unscathed.  There’s lots of times I get injured by their attacks.  In fact, that’s how I’ve learned to defend myself against them, and how I’ve been able to teach you guys how to fight against them. Because I’ve had to learn the hard way.  I haven’t been given anything the easy way, folks.  I’ve learned everything the hard way.  I had to practically get completely fried from the inside out, and then begging the Lord to stop the pain.  And He showed me mylar blankets.  Now, if He had told me that one way before, it would have prevented the pain and suffering I was going through. 

Sometimes Yah Allows Things So We Can Build Treasures In Heaven

But He allowed it, not only to teach me—well, ‘cause when you end up doing something firsthand, you never forget the answer or the cure to a problem—but also so that He can reward us.  When we go under—through the pain and tortures and sufferings that we go through, it allows Him to rack up all those rewards in Heaven for being persecuted in His Name.  And so, you just build—more and more rewards in Heaven that you’ll have for eternity for suffering for Him on this Earth.  And so, that’s why He allows things, folks.  You know, that’s why He allows it.  You know, I’ll just sit there and it’s like, “Okay.  Bring it on.  I’ll take it for this week.  I’ll suffer.  But, look at all the rewards I’m gaining in Heaven.”  And that’s for eternity.  This stuff’s temporal.  This stuff’s temporary.  You know, there’s a lot of times when you’re sleeping, and you wake up, and they just cheap shot you all night long.  And you don’t always know exactly how because they have all these tech weapons. 

Why Didn’t The Prophets Warn Us About The Coming Tech Weapons?

And John and the prophets—come on!  And Isaiah?  Daniel? Where was the warnings about all this tech equipment they were gonna have in these Last Days?  People want to know where orgone is in the Bible.  Well, where’s all this tech equipment at!  How come we weren’t warned of satellites in space, thousands of miles up, that could beam you while you’re sleeping and be used to torment and torture you?  You know?  How come we weren’t warned of that?  You know, the Lord prepares His people.  He tells you how to prepare, how He wants you to prepare.  He’s always prepared Israel for war.  And that’s what He’s doing.  He’s preparing us for war.  And orgone is how He—the weapon we’re using.  We’re not using stones. We’re not using shofar horns.  We’re not using clay jars.  We’re just using orgone.  So.  Just use the weapon the Lord gives you at the given time for the war that Israel’s going to be facing.  So anyway.

The Tables Between America And Those Below The Equator Will Be Flipped Soon

Prayers are going out to Australia with all the flooding and hurricanes.  And get a good look at that, folks, because what’s happening in Australia could very well be the spring and summer we have here in America.  We’re gonna see—‘cause right now, it’s spring in Australia.    When we have summer, they have winter.  And so, watch for the tables to be turned, and watch them get bombarded with snow assaults and Ice Armageddons.  And now you have all these prayers that we used in America and Europe to fight against that.  And so. All of our brothers and sisters in Australia and New Zealand and below the equator can have these prayers as well.  Can fight against the snow and icemageddons coming your way.  And America can brace and prepare for the coming floods and hurricanes.  So. We’ll have to see if the warriors can come up with specific prayers for floods and hurricanes.  And the Lord’s already warned us about it for this year.  Extreme flooding in some areas and droughts in others.  And so.

Get Inland And Away From The Coasts

And He’s warned to get away from watered areas, to get away from the coastlines, folks.  Get away from the coasts. ‘Cause when the Earth shakes, rattles, and rolls like it’s already doing, it just—you’re gonna become part of the collateral damage if you don’t get out of those areas.  Get inland.  Get inland.  I think 100 miles might be safe enough from a coastline.  100 miles.  So, prepare for the future, folks.  Prepare for the things that are coming, because, not only having the Lord’s judgment coming on this Earth, but every government has these weather control weapons, and they’re using them against their own populations as well.

There’s Weather Weapon Wars Going On Behind The Scenes 

And not only that, but, you know, if Russia or China gets mad at the U.S., they can use their weather weapons to cause storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis to hit America.  Just like America uses their weapons to cause earthquakes in Iran and China.  It’s an ongoing weather war behind the scenes, folks, that isn’t acknowledged by the media.  But all these countries know what’s going on, because they all use their Black Ops militaries and their military black budget projects to implement these weather wars against each other.  If you remember, the lizard Rumsfeld called Hurricane Katrina “Katarina.”  And Katarina is a slip up.  It’s a Russian name.  So, basically saying Hurricane Katrina was the result of a Russian weather weapon on American soil coming against us.  Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katarina.  But they also had help.  I mean, come on, folks.  The people heard bombs.  They heard the levies blowing in New Orleans.  So, may have been Russia working in cahoots with the American Black Ops projects, militaries, because it could never become the disaster that it was and did become without help in blowing up those levies.  So. The fact that the levies blew shows alignment with our own government working with the Russians and causing that entire catastrophe down in the Gulf. 

Anyway, folks.  I’m gonna be back Monday night at 10 o’clock.  Monday Night with Sherry Shriner.  And I’ll see you then. 

Yah bless, everybody.

Keep Saying The Prayers, Folks!

And keep saying the prayers.  Keep saying the prayers that are listed on my website, on Facebook and also in the archives of my list on the orgoneblasters.  NWO versus Christian list.  I think I sent them out to all of my lists. And so.  Just all of my lists.  And so.  Keep saying the prayers, and we’ll keep fighting against these weather weapons of theirs.

Until next week, everybody.

Yah bless.



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