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Aliens In The News with Sherry Shriner
Thursday, February 10th, 2011


And hello, everybody.  It's Aliens In The News, and I'm Sherry Shriner. It's February 10th, and it's sunny out.  Actually arctic cold, but sunny out.  Guess I'll take that, at least the sun's out.  A lot of things I want to talk about.  Not sure how much I'll get through today.  Didn't have a show on Monday.  Didn't feel very well.  I've had a couple of health issues going on.  So.  Just hang in with me, folks.  You know, it never ends.  It just never ends.  And it seems like the onslaught is getting permanent.  And so.  And the Lord allows it, so, you know.  We'll just have to hang in there, folks.

Why It’s Difficult To Pin Dates In The Bible Codes

 What I'm seeing coming ahead isn't really good.  And it made me realize the different time lines.  And the reason why this show and my web sites get so much attention from the government and NASA in particular and the Air Force—because they want to know and see what kind of timelines I'm seeing in the Codes and what the Lord tells me.  Because there’s different timelines and you never know exactly which one you're on.  Now remember—well, you know which ones you're on, you don't know which way you're headed.  Remember I told you in the Bible Codes there's at least 3 different routes that we could be on at any time.  And that's why you couldn't really pin dates for any particular things because plans change.  And they get delayed, get cancelled.  And so, it’s very hard to pin dates for a particular event because you don't even know if that events gonna happen until it happens. And even in the Bible Codes you'll get different months for an event.  You don't just get one a month.  You could always find it later in other months.  And so.

Eventually, There Will Be No More Delays…

It seemed to be like—it seems to me everybody's on the same page for the upcoming disasters for this year.  And so, that's a little worrisome.  Because we're all on the same page.  Usually, you know, for the last several years we've had so many cancellations and delays that people have gotten comfortable with that.  And I've always said, you know, don't get comfortable. KEEP STOCKING UP AND PREPARING.  Because eventually time's gonna run out, and it's all gonna hit, and it's all gonna hit at once.  And that's exactly what I'm seeing, folks.  You know, we've had a pretty brutal winter.  If it's not rain, it's snow, it's ice.  And we've been able to combat that with the warfare prayers for the weather warfare.  And turned a lot of their planned arctic snow and ice Armageddons into fizzles.  And so.  That's been fun to watch.  Because, I mean, if you woke up last week and you had a glaze of ice, you know what?  Big deal.  Because compared to what that was supposed to be, you'd have gladly taken that light glaze of ice.  Because they were ready to just pile on pure inches of snow everywhere.  Power lines, trees.  Electric would have been out across the country.  The roads would have been a complete disaster.  Electricity being out in millions and millions of homes in the most brutal time of the winter.  And hitting cities and not just suburbs.  And so.  It would have been huge if the Lord would have allowed it to happen.  But He honored our prayers, and it turned into a fizzle.  So, that's one thing we can be happy about as we go ahead into the spring months and the summer months. 

Always makes me happy to tear up their plans, mess 'em up, tear down a strong hold of theirs.  Move on to the next.  You know, their plans of destruction are meticulous.  They take a lot of for them to plan them out. And when they implement them, and they're just fizzled, it's quite hilarious.  So, we have to keep on our toes on the next ones coming.  And so. That's why I try to detail them.  That's why I spend so much time in the Codes, folks.

North American Rift Zone And New Madrid Fault Line

You know, I sent a list out—and email out to my lists and my Facebook site, talking about the “Rift Zone” [http://www.aapg.org/explorer/2002/11nov/rift_map.cfm] and what the Rift Zone is, is—you hear a lot of people talking about The New Madrid Fault Line.  And they kinda give you this idea that the fault line—the earthquake that's coming—everyone's predicting it.  They kinda give you an idea that it’s going to start in southern Illinois and then go through—maybe affect five states.

But, you know, if you look at the Rift Zone itself, the Rift Zone is the complete fault line that goes practically all the way up to the North Pole.  I'm just gonna say North Pole because I don't see anything—it just goes off my map.  It just goes all the way up.  It goes all the way up past the United States, all the way up through Canada, the northern extreme part—the eastern part of Canada.  And from there, all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, you have this Rift Zone.  And so this is actually what The New Madrid Fault Line is on—is in this Rift Zone. 

And what's got my attention is that it goes straight through.  It goes all the way through the northern, the northeast tip of America, straight through Cleveland, Ohio—parts of the Zone.  And then through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri.  And then you'll see—I know there’s some who have said that the epicenter of this New Madrid Fault Line earthquake would be St. Louis.  So, you’ve got it going from Ohio, to Illinois, Indiana, Missouri—all the way through Arkansas, and all the way down through Louisiana into the Gulf.  So, this is just, you know, from one end of this country to the other.  From the north to the south.  You're looking at from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.  And not only just those states and the immediate Zone being affected, but cities and states several hundred miles away could feel the effects of this earthquake.  And so this is a huge earthquake.  This is a massive earthquake coming.  And everybody wants to know when, when, when.  And scientist's can't give you a date.  I certainly can't give you a date.  But I think what’s interesting is everybody's kinda feeling the same month, which is the month of May.   And so.  Get prepared, folks.

Visions Of The Destruction Of Chicago

Now, several years ago—I don't know—seven years ago, I had a vision of seeing Chicago slide into Lake Michigan. [http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/chicago.htm]   And at the time, I didn't know what caused it. I didn't see what caused it.  I just saw the water roaring, and the water literally just coming over the tops of those buildings, and at the same time, the buildings just folding over and sliding right into the lake.  And this was a huge chunk of Chicago, if not the entire city.  And so.  This was about 7 years ago.  And so, at the time I thought, “Maybe it’s a comet.  Maybe Shema.  Maybe Shema ends up in the Great Lakes.”  And it very well could.  Or maybe it’s an earthquake.  I didn’t know.  

And so.  Interesting that Chicago’s still being on the list for one of the cities that could definitely feel the effects of this New Madrid Fault Line should it go and go up that high up.  And so.  You know, several years also, back in about 2005 when I was out orgoning Arkansas, the Lord pretty much kept me away from the northeastern side of the state.  And I really didn't understand why at the time.  And—but mostly had me up in the border of Missouri and Arkansas.  And He pretty much had me in the central area of the border and then on down through the western part of the state.  And now you look at this Rift Zone, and you think, “If the Mississippi River widens 50 miles, that's gonna take out a huge chunk of that whole northeast area of Arkansas and also the western area of Tennessee.”  So, even, you know, Tennessee could experience flooding all over again.  Nashville could. 

The Lord’s Had Orgone Warriors Build Orgone Walls Around The Erie Shoreline

But all the way down, just think of all the mammoth destruction this could cause if the Mississippi River widens by 50 miles.  And so.  Interesting the last couple years the Lord’s had a couple of us orgone warriors putting up an orgone wall around Lake Erie in front of Cleveland and up through the suburbs, up through Ohio, to try to put an orgone wall there to block any huge tsunamis.  I've always felt and seen in my spirit—I've seen just walls of water coming as far inland as 30, 30 miles from Lake Erie.  All the way through Cuyahoga and lake counties and even all the way up through Geauga County.  And so.  You know, with that on my mind, another huge reason we would be been working to put orgone in Lake Erie to try and keep that calm—the huge bulk of Ohio's population alone is on the coast of Lake Erie.  All the suburbs, all the way through, from the eastern part of the state to the western part of the state.  If you cancelled out 30 miles—if Lake Erie moved in 30 miles across Ohio—millions would just die instantly.  That is the bulk of the population of Ohio.  And so.  That's the kind of destruction that could be caused depending on how great and how big this New Madrid earthquake is when this fault line does blow.  You know, no one can tell you when exactly it is that it’s going to blow.  But interesting that, you know, we may not know the year, but the month of May has our government worried, has FEMA worried, has me raising my eyebrows.  Because I'm seeing the rumbling and crashing, tremendous, noise-type terms in the Codes.  And so.  It makes you wonder if this is the year or not.  If not, you know, we got another—a little more while.  But prepare anyway, folks.  Because it's not just this earthquake I see coming.  There’s so much more.

Angels And Aliens Fighting Around the Sun

I mean, we've got huge objects moving in towards the Earth from behind the sun.  And the reason I think they do that is because they want us to think—I've told you that in this dimension the sun is a hot gaseous planet, it's a portal, blah, blah, blah.  In the 7th Dimension it's actually a, you know—well, I'm not gonna talk about it.  But the sun itself is a gateway.  It's a gateway, an entrance way right to Heaven itself.  And so, that's why you're always going to see fighting going on when they don't black marker it out of NASA pictures.  You'll see different types of crafts going at it and fighting.  And, you know, it looks like Star Wars up there in front of the sun half the time.  Because it's a gateway.  And the angels will fight against the aliens.  And so.  One of the ways to tell angel crafts is that they're not aluminum.  They're not these aluminum basket-looking things like aliens travel in.  And so.  It's always something.

But, everybody wants—you know, Satan always wants everybody to think he's the “sun god.”  That he’s—and he's not.  But the only way he can make that is to come from behind the sun.  So, it looks like he's coming from the sun.  And so.  He comes from behind it. 

Sananda And Planet Venus

And they also have Venus.  They use Venus as their fake Heaven and near death experiences spot and all this stuff.  Sananda, you know, he rules in Venus, and I've talked about Sananda plenty of times on this show.  It’s the fake New Age “Jesus.”  Very tall. About, you know—very tall.  Over 6 foot.  And he looks exactly like the Jesus portrait that the churches hang up.  But Michelangelo really painted Sananda to pass it off as Jesus, and the churches adopted it, and so, when people see that picture of Jesus, they think that's what He really looks like, and He doesn't.  That's Sananda.  And so, his stomping ground’s always been Venus.  And he's going to come as the Biblical Jesus, the Son of God.  His charade will begin in September.  I’ve always said it’ll be the month of September.  This is the year I think he'll finally pull it off.  If he doesn't, then it will be in 2012.  But I really think this is the year he'll pull it off.  Because so many other things are also happening that, I don't know how we could get through 2011, and not have all these things happen back to back to back.  Okay?  So.  And these objects coming in—I've talked about them before and I have an article on my web site, The Armies of The Antichrist. [http://www.sherryshriner.net/sherry/x-sedna-toe.htm]  Planet X, Sedna, which is a moon, and Toutatis, which is this huge object in the sky.  And I wrote this article probably six years ago, folks, and it still stands for today.  It's dead on.  And so.  It's on my websites.  Just go to my articles page sections.  But, everybody's kinda getting freaked out because they're seeing these objects coming in.

Term “Reddening” Seen In The Codes

And one of the things I keep seeing in the Codes is “reddening.” And I'm thinking, “Well, what's reddening?”  You know?  What's turning red?  What's getting more and more redder?  And so, I've been watching and seeing a red sunrise.  You know, it's beautiful, but it's not really—is that it? I don't know.  Is that the sign that we're looking for?  I don't know. 

Celebrity Conditioning With Celine Dion

But what was interesting was—who was that singer?  That one that's related to Bush.  I can't even think of her name, but she has this video out, A New Day Is Coming.  Celine Dion—that's it.  And she kinda reminds you of Lady Gaga because she has those real harsh facial features like she at one time was a guy.  Kinda like the way transvestites do.  She looks—she reminds me of Lady Gaga because you can't tell what it is.  Looks like a girl, but then you look at the face, it looks like a guy.  Same thing with Celine Dion.  Anyway, in her video she has a red rainbow all the way around the sun.  And usually these occultists use these music videos and movies to occult-speak to each other.  To let each other know what's going on.  And you'll pick that up.  If you go to my website, TheWatcherFiles.com, I have a bunch of videos and stuff on there and, you know, expose artists and everybody else for being the lizards that they are.  They're all part of the alien agenda.  Well, Celine Dion sings about the “new day,” and there's a red ring around the sun.  And interestingly, the only reason I pick up on it is because I keep seeing this reddening in the Bible Codes.  And so, it also coincides and correlates with their arrival here.  And so.  Apparently Celine Dion, tipping everybody off in the little occultic freak world that they're coming, and that, you know—she shows the red ring around the sun, talked about the “new day” and all this crap.  But you know what they're talking about.  ‘Cause I see it in the Codes.  They're coming.  They're going to manifest here on this Earth. 

Exoduses, Months, and Arrivals        

And so.  Trying to pin point this, because this exodus coming towards the Earth—there's going to be several different ones.  And so. There could be an arrival in March, and there could be an arrival in May. I don't know what exactly, you know—define “arrival”—because they’re not gonna be ambushes yet.  The ambush comes in July.  There's gonna be a total ambush in July.  And that one—a lot of people, you know, they have dreams and stuff, and they see the UFOs coming in and firing and just destroying people and setting everything on fire.  And that's an ambush.  And that's what I see for July.  I never know what year, but every July I talk about it.  Tell you guys to prepare for May, June, and July, the three dominant months for this ambush.  But I seem to be hitting it right on the head with the ambush in July, and then Sananda's Heavenly façade arrival in the month of September.  It's the other months—trying to figure out head on—because Maitreya's going to arrive.  I think he's already here, but he's gonna have an arrival of some kind.  And so.  Which months he uses for that.  You know, March and April and May have always been dominant months for Maitreya.  And so.  He's not coming with Sananda. They're not even on the same starships together. 

Satan’s High Tech, Chip Implanted Kingdom: What The Churches Don’t Teach You

And I know people in the churches are just gonna lose it.  But you know what?  The people in the churches are gonna have to wake up.  Because there's a lot of things your pastors don't teach you in church.  A lot of things. And when you leave the church, you realize that.  When you start praying and asking the truth in all things every day, the Lord will open your eyes to what Satan’s kingdom really is and what it's about.  Very high tech kingdom.  Satan isn’t sitting in Hell suffering like the churches teach.  He’s got a very high tech kingdom.  They travel by UFOs.  You know, he rules the first and second heavens, and obviously the Earth as well, so there’s many bases under the Earth, many bases in the first and second heavens, which are stars, planets, moons, and they travel by UFOs.  Very high tech, folks. 

The chip implant isn’t something they’re preparing for Satan, it’s something Satan’s given us to prepare us, to move us along in technology, to get ready to—so he can turn Earth into one of his own operations.  Because that’s how his kingdom is.  All of his followers are chip implanted.  It’s all a hive mind capacity.  You have no privacy.  He controls everything.  And that’s how he wants to do Earth. Earth is just going to be a mimic of how he operates his own kingdom.  And, of course, there’s many different factions within his kingdom.  He doesn’t control all of them. There’s a lot of infighting, different councils and groups and stuff, but he’ll be the one who ultimately controls Earth.  Reigns over the Earth.  And so.

You know, all these other Pleiadians and everybody else—“friendly aliens”—they have their own agenda for Earth. They have their own agendas.  And Satan runs his kingdom pretty much like he does Earth.  We have so many different factions, and each one of those factions think they’re his favorite, that they’re his personal tool he’s using, that he—you know?  He plays them just like he plays Earthlings. So, you see all the factions on Earth fighting it out, wanting to be in control of this New World Order, when none of them will be.  They’ll all be eliminated when he finally arrives.  He’s just using them as his tool to get his foot in the Earth when the clock starts ticking.  He needs them to get everything going. And they’ve been his little puppets and pawns all these years.  All it’s taken is greed to keep them going, while all their fortune and fame keeps them happy.  And they just keep building all his little plans and agendas on Earth to bring him here.  So anyway, just thinking about it coming. 

Celebrity Conditioning With Little Wayne

I don’t know who’s video that was—that really freaky pop star.  What’s his name? The one who can’t keep his pants up.  I’m trying to think.  I can picture him. Little Wayne—that’s it!  Little Wayne has a song out about how he’s going to leave Earth in a UFO.  Really?  You know?  ‘Cause when the dimensions merge, no one’s leaving Earth in UFOs.  Everybody’s coming here.  Everybody’s gonna be stuck here.  There’s gonna be no way to fly off the Earth and escape.  Everybody’s gonna be stuck here.  We’re all gonna be here together.  And so.  Anyway. 

Various Things To Watch Out For In The Codes

You’ve got this—I keep seeing “Exodus,” this arrival, and I know that it’s associated with Maitreya.  And I don’t think it’s going to be a really hostile one for most people.  For most people.  Now, for some of us, they’re coming straight for us.  And those dominant months are March and May as well.  And.  So, you might see some—a lot more activity starting up.  Watch for Damascus.  I think they’re gonna have some kind of convention or something in “Damascus” where these Ascended Masters meet and—I dunno.  Just, I see Damascus in the Codes.  Funny I see “Ankara,” which is in Turkey, in the Codes.  And then today, reading some e-mails about some UFO in Turkey.  And so.  And “Libya” comes up all the time.  Watch for Maitreya to gather up his little Ten Nation Confederacy like I’ve been telling you about. 

The Scarlet Beast – What It Is And What It Is Not

Because, another things that’s interesting—I want to talk about it Monday Night; I’m not going to get into it today—is this Scarlet Beast.  There’s only three beasts in the Book of Revelation that are red.  You have the Red Horse [Revelation 6:4], you have the Scarlet Beast [Revelation 17:3], and then you have the Red Dragon [Revelation 12:3].  And the Red Dragon is Lucifer himself.  It’s just another name for Satan himself.  The Red Dragon.  And the Scarlet Beast is the Beast of Revelation 17.  And most of the churches would go to their graves screaming that this Scarlet Beast is the Vatican, and that it’s all about Europe and the Vatican.  And I finally—I did a little bit of searching online, because I know it’s not the Vatican.  Even Jerusalem is a city on seven hills.  It’s just Rome.  Rome.  They had to pull in two to make the numbers fit.  Even Jerusalem has seven hills.  And I finally—I found somebody on YouTube who has hit it right.  Who has hit the nail on the head on exactly who and what this Red Scarlet Beast is.  And it’s coming up very dominantly in the Codes. 

And I want to talk about it more Monday night, but we’re going to see the triangle start to tighten.  Remember that I told you that Obama is a pawn of Maitreya’s, that he’s just a pawn of his, and that Islam would be the dominant religion in the future.  That Islam was a Beast and that it was gonna arise.  And so, that’s basically what we’re looking at, folks. We’re looking at Islam and Maitreya and Obama.  And so.  And I’m glad that somebody else figured it out, because now I’m not so crazy. 

Religion Is Profitable Business To Church Masons

I have to go with what I see in the Bible Codes.  I don’t go with what church Masons tell me what to believe.  Church Masons.  They’ve got Hal Lindsay, and Jack Van Impe, and their TBN Network, supposedly prophetic gurus that are all Masons.  Which means, they’re sold out to Satan.  You know, being “religious” is a business to them.  They make—they get very wealthy off of it.  And it’s business to them. They make a lot of money, and get a lot of fame and fortune, and halleluiahs from Satan for being such a good buddy of his for deceiving and leading astray millions of Christians.  Like Pat Robertson.  To all of ‘em, it’s a business. They’re all Illuminati.  Billy Graham was Illuminati.  TBN Network, the Prophecy Network—it’s all run by Masons.  And so.  Glad to see somebody else with their eyes open, catching on to this whole Islam thing, and me not being the only one.  I see it in the Bible Codes.  It’s not the Vatican.  The Vatican’s gonna be destroyed.  Mount Etna goes?  BOOM.  The Vatican’s gone.  And Mount Etna is gonna go.  It is gonna blow. 

The Comet That’s Coming Could Be Just Another Ark

People have been talking about a comet coming in, and yeah, I’ve seen that in the Codes.  Could hit the Earth, yeah.  I’m not gonna say it’s not because I’ve seen it in the Codes coming in.  But also realize that these comets are also used as carriers.  They’re little arks, you know?  They carry people in them.  And not necessarily people, but alien beings. And they use them to—sometimes they’ll have ships and will piggyback on the backs of these comets and use the comets to arrive to Earth.  And then they just jump off.  Not literally, but the ship’ll come off of the comet or whatever.  And we’ve seen comets arrive throughout the years.   And I think it’s supposed to signify the death of a world leader when you see a comet.  And so, I’ll be interesting seeing who dies this year.  But, you know. 

Maitreya’s Arrival

You’ve got, you know, these objects coming in behind the sun.  You’ve got the sun reddening.  You’ve got Maitreya coming in with I don’t even know how many troops—forces he’s gonna come in with.  I don’t think he’s coming in hostile.  He’s gonna have kinda like a friendly arrival type thing.  And then, all the sudden in the next, you know, couple months, if he arrives, you’re definitely going to see the ambush in July and then Sananda’s arrival in September.  And Sananda comes with a huge contingency of beings.  I don’t know exactly how Maitreya’s gonna arrive.  And he’s gonna be coming in as the 12th Imam, the one Iran’s been screaming about. The 12th Imam.  Their Mahdi.   And he’s gonna gather up all the rich Arab nations together to form a Ten Nation Confederacy on the backs of Obama.  Full support above Obama.  And so, these are the kinds of things that I’ve been talking about for years that I’m finally seeing dominate in the Codes.  It’s happening.  It’s coming.  And so. 

Nanochips Imbedded In The Skin Look Like Blackheads; Be Quick To Pull Them Out

And I don’t see any other things, you know, coming up.  We’ve got, you know, the usual list of suspects.  Famines.  Pestilences.  Vaccine pushes.  And this all ties into their agendas to make  you sick, controlled, or destroyed.  Nanochips in everything, folks.  If you see a blackhead on your skin, a little black dot, pull it out.  Because that’s what these nanochips look like. They look like little blackheads.  You almost have to look twice or three times just to see it on your skin.  And then you go to pull it out, and the thing is like an inch long.  There’s all these little antennas in it, and you know, when you see chips in the Internet, they all look like they have this plastic encasing around them.  And that might be so, but if that plastic encasing goes into your skin, it dissolves.  Because when you pick these chips out of your skin, there’s no plastic around ‘em.  They just look like long legs that are attached to a dot.  They’re antennas.  And so.  I dunno.  Just a heads up. 

So, just different of things coming up in the next several months to get prepared for.  Comet coming in.  Could hit. I don’t know where.  I just see a vague reference to a comet. And it’s not, you know, very dominant.  So.  If it were, I would pay more attention. 

The New Madrid And The 5th And 6th Seal Judgments

What is dominant is, you know, their coming.  Maitreya’s arrival.  And then, possibly an earthquake in May.  The New Madrid.  The New Madrid—I don’t know if I want to stick that as the 6th Seal Judgment [Revelation 6:12].  Some people do.  I don’t know.  Because of the way that the KJV translated the Book of Revelation, some of the terms they shouldn’t have used, that they used.  And so, Revelation 6, if you take it literal, it’s a global earthquake that affects every nation in the world.  And obviously the New Madrid Fault Line would just be an earthquake that affects the north continent.  So, could the King James, when they translated it, did they really mean global, or were they just talking about, you know, nothing in general and they just put down “global.”  I don’t know.   I don’t know if I want to stick it there or not, but we’ll have to wait and see, folks. We’ll just have to wait and see.  Because, first of all, we have the 5th Seal [Revelation 6:9] to still go.  And unless we have a massive round up of Christians between now and May, then that wouldn’t even qualify to be the 6th Seal Judgment.  It would just be another earthquake.  Because the 5th Seal Judgment is a massive death of Christians.  They’re rounding them up.  They’re killing them.  Throwing them in FEMA camps.  So, unless that starts happening, then it’s not going to qualify as the 6th Seal earthquake.  Now, if it happens before the round ups begin, then it’s just another disaster, and we know that there’s plenty coming.  We know that there’s plenty of those coming.  So.  I dunno.

Try not to get too bent up over timelines, folks.  But they are handy to know exactly where you’re at if you’re a Bible prophecy follower like I am.  So.  Yeah.  Just the definite months to watch out for.  The next nine months, folks.  The next nine months.  I told you it’s going to be an interesting year.  And it just seems like everybody’s on the same page.

Obama’s After The Orgone Warriors With A Vengeance, So Stay Aware And Focused!

And watch out if you’re, you know, an orgone warrior.  You’ve already been under attack and different attacks.  Because Obama’s really coming after us with a vengeance.  With a vengeance, folks.  He works behind the scenes, and all these little meetings and other scandalous things he does, all behind, away from the media cameras.  He’s coming after the Lord’s people behind the scenes.  He’s using underhanded attacks, high tech attacks, authorizing anything that’ll work, to try to take us out.  And so, you know, just a heads up. 

Because they get you when you’re not looking.  They get you when you’re not aware.  You go to sleep, and you wake up, and your body’s mangled, and you have no idea what happened.  And there isn’t anything funnier than when a doctor asks you, “What happened?” and you just look at ‘em like a deer in headlights. “I dunno.  I just woke up.  I was in pain.  Oh yeah, there’s a hole in my stomach.  I dunno how it got there.  I just woke up.”  Yeah.  So.  Just prepare yourselves, folks.  And don’t give up the faith.  Because, you know, the Lord allows these things to happen so that they can know He exists and have no doubt and no question, just by the mere fact that we’re still alive.  ‘Cause there’s so many of us that should have been dead years ago, and we’re still here.  You live through all their poisonings, all their attacks, and we’re still alive.  That alone to them is proof that we’re His Children.  So.

It’s not going to let up any time soon, folks.  So, just prepare for the war.  Keep your eyes focused on the Most High.  Don’t let them, Satan’s forces, distract you or get you down.  Just stay focused.  Because it’s gonna be—the war’s about to kick up about 100 notches.  It’s about to kick up.  And they’re going to be arriving, and we’re going to see their ships materialize in the sky.  They’re not going to bother cloaking with clouds anymore.  They’ll just gonna come in and start—and the one thing they need to do, I think, is destroy the magnetosphere.  Because they don’t need it to travel.  In fact, it hinders them.  And so.  Watch for them to continue destroying the magnetosphere. I think they’re the ones behind it anyway. 

April Announcement From Obama

And then, you know, watch for an announcement around April with Obama.  I think he might disclose the existence of aliens and UFOs when they’re already here.  He’s got some kind of announcement coming, so just keep a heads up on that one.  Maybe when there’s a UFO buzzing the White House and hovering over the White House, he might give a press conference and let us all know that the government lied; they really do exist.  Of course, they won’t admit they lied. They’ll just say something else.  They’ll blame it on something else or someone else.  But he’s got some kind of announcement coming, and so that ‘ought to be interesting.  UFO disclosure or whatever.  I don’t know.  He’s so in bed with them.  His whole faction is Satan and Islam and Maitreya. That’s his scheme. And it might have been the bankers of Wall Street or the Communists from Russia who put him into office, but I’ll tell ya what—his whole alliance is to the alien agenda and to Islam.  So.  Everybody else is about to get pissed on, I guess you could say. And. Yeah.  Whenever they decide to come in.

Saint Germaine’s Coming In With The New NESARA Global Economics Programs

Saint Germaine seems to be making his way in.  Watch for him to come in.  He’s one of these Ascended Master dudes, and he’s gonna revamp our economy for us.  He’s gonna “save us” from the Federal Reserve, get rid of that, and revamp the world economy.  And so.  Watch for this charade guy to come in.  He’s one of these Ascended Masters, this whole New Age group of freaks coming in.  I have a website on that.  Nesarasucks.com [http://www.nesarasucks.com/] and also OmegansAreLiars.com [http://www.omegansareliars.com/].  And so.  That whole NESARA agenda—very alive and well.  They just gotta dance around it now, and they don’t call it “NESARA.”  They’re trying to like change the names or be vague about it.  Getting rid of the Federal Reserve.  They’ll pull out key points of NESARA, but they won’t call it NESARA because they know that so many people are on to that one now, that NESARA’s pure garbage. And so. But Obama’s behind that one too, folks.  He supports that.  So.  I’m gonna have that one stuck on sooner or later. 

But they get rid of the Federal Reserve.  They’re going to bring in, you know, their own economy to run this Earth.  And if you think they’re alien, wait until you understand what kind of economy they want to replace ours with.  Because it would never work in a million years.  They think ours is bad, look—you know. Wait until they implement the garbage they’re gonna implement.  You’re gonna have pedophiles and murderers living next door to you and your kids, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  ‘Cause there won’t be any prisons under their system.  There’s no justice. And so, I’m pretty sure they just want to come in and empty out all the prisons and let the people go.  Because, under these Ascended Masters and their whole theologies, there’s no justice.  It’s everybody “working out bad karma.”  So, don’t mind if I work out mine, and watch as I take a shotgun and blow up all these alien butts to pieces. 

Here’s a heads up for you, folks. If they’re going to materialize on Earth, guns may be effective against some of them, but for these aerial beings it won’t be, and that’s why you need orgone.  And so.  Be loading up on both.  Bullets, guns, and orgone.  Because if one doesn’t kill ‘em, the other one will.  And so. 

Anyway.  I’m gonna take some calls real quick and see what’s going on with people.  Let’s see...

Sherry’s Thoughts On PayPal

Hello, caller, you’re on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Hello, can you hear me?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: Oh, hi, man!  I hope you’re feeling better, man, okay?  We’re all praying for you, okay?  Question, though.  This is what I really want to talk to you about.  Do you—have you ever considered using PayPal?  Because if you use PayPal, people like me could just send you money every month.  It’s easy than putting the money in—

Sherry:  I’ve been banned from PayPal.  I can’t even go near PayPal. 

Caller: Are you kidding me?

Sherry: They say I laundered money. 

Caller: Oh, please!  Oh, please.

Sherry: So, I was banned from PayPal like six years ago for laundering money. 

Caller: Oh, my gosh.

Sherry: I think you have to have money to launder money, but that doesn’t really seem to really make a point on PayPal.

Caller: Okay. So we’ll just have to send it by mail, right?

Sherry: Yes.  Mail or Google. Buy a T-shirt off of Google. 

Caller: Okay.  That’s good.  We’ll do that, okay?

Sherry: Alright.

Caller: Alright.  Bye-bye.

Sherry: Buh-bye. Thank you for calling in.

Caller: Yes.  And stay healthy, man!

Sherry: Alright. I’m trying. I’m trying.

Caller: We have to fight them. We have to fight them, you know?

Sherry: Yep.

Caller: You see what’s going on in Egypt right now?  People power, right?  People power.  So, all of us have to get together and fight them, okay?  And you know we’re gonna win.  Bless you, man.  We’ll see you soon. Buh-bye.

Sherry: Okay.  Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Thoughts On Steven Quayle And Sleep Paralysis

Hello, caller, you’re on the air.  Hello, caller?

Caller: Hi, what’s up?  What’s up, Sherry?

Sherry: Hey.  Who’s this?

Caller: This is Troy.  Yeah, well—yeah, Troy. I don’t care.  They already know about me anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.  Yeah, I was just calling ‘cause I wanted to—‘cause you’re good for speaking about things, you could make a little activist movement or whatever, in the name of Yahushuah, of course.  I was thinking we should boycott television for full whole 24-hours. ‘Cause then their profits in there would drop or something.  Do a good strike towards their Satanic—well, it wouldn’t be a little detriment, but you know, it’s a little something you could throw in there.  A little wrench.

Sherry: Yeah, definitely.  Anything to—you know?  So many people I know don’t even own television sets anymore.  So. 

Caller: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.  Most people that listen probably wouldn’t think it’d be too useful because they probably already don’t even watch television.

Sherry: Everybody’s turning them off because they’re so programmed. 

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: You can’t even watch TV without getting mind control. 

Caller: And I just want to say two things.  Do you know Steve Qauyle is?  And what’s your thoughts about sleep paralysis?  Because it happens to me sometimes.  Alright, bless you.  And, um, yeah.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks for calling in. 

[call ends]

Let’s see. Steve Quayle.  You know, I was on the same network as him.  That Reality Radio Network for a couple of years.  And he’s just—he’s one of these people that stays 1000 yards away from me.  So.  I guess we’ll keep it at that. 

And sleep paralysis is real, folks.  And it happens.  And the only thing I can recommend is get—keep orgone in your bedrooms and under your beds.  Don’t go to bed with unconfessed sin. And if it keeps happening after those, do the spiritual warfare prayers on my website at TheWatcherfiles.com. [http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/faqs.htm]  If it keeps happening, then there’s something in your generations that’s allowing them to harass you.  You know, the sins of the father will carry into the third and fourth generation [Exodus 20:5, Exodus 34:7, Numbers 14:18, Deuteronomy 5:9]. And so, you have to go through and break generational curses.  And that’s all part of the spiritual warfare prayers that I have on my website at TheWatcherFiles.com.  Just go to the search box and put in “warfare prayers.”  Because you need to break generational curses.  That can be a cause and effect for giving them access to abduct you at night through sleep paralysis.  And so.  You know. Try to stop it through the breaking curses.  Get orgone in your room.  Don’t go to sleep with unconfessed sin.  And that’s a start, you know? That’s a start to combating abductions at night and sleep paralysis and them attacking you while you’re sleeping. 

Let’s see what’s going on here. 

Thoughts On The Super Bowl And The Green Pale Horseman In Egypt

Hello, caller, you’re on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: I have a question real quick here.  Did you see any signs that they gave us during the Super Bowl?  You know, like last year they had little—did you see anything they were trying to—?

Sherry: Oh, yeah.  I didn’t really talk about the Super Bowl this year ‘cause I didn’t have a show Monday night.  The whole thing—did you see the halftime charade with the UFOs and the little green men and the UFOs?

Caller: Little green men and UFOs at halftime?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: No, I didn’t see it, though I wish I would have now!

Sherry: That’s all it was.  And then they had this sign at the beginning.  And that was interesting.  They brought in a couple of bands to play A Sweet Child O’Mine.  Like, hybrid-type thing. 

Caller: Oh.

Sherry: And so. Yeah.  It was all UFO and alien-based.

Caller: Huh.  I have a question. What—did you see that Pale Horseman that was seen riding in the video through Egypt? [http://www.rbctwitter.com/78114-news-egypt-riots-intense-muslim-monarchy-bible-prophecy/]

Sherry: That was a hologram.

Caller: That was a hologram?

Sherry: That was a hologram.  Yeah, it was a hologram. You could see a UFO in the background.  Anyway.  I gotta go. 

Caller: Okay. Well. 

Sherry: Got about 30 seconds left.

Caller: Okay.  Thank you.

Sherry: Thanks for calling in.  Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Yeah, I’m sorry folks.  That little whole Pale Horse thing in Egypt was a hologram.  You can see at the very end of the video a green aura, and the horse comes out of that, and you can see in the background a UFO. And they always use UFOs to project the holograms, like they did the virgin Mary façade and Fatima years ago. 

Anyway, I’ll be back Monday night with—hopefully with Monday Night on Sherry Talk Radio.  And so. See everybody then.

Good afternoon, and Yah bless.



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