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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 14, 2011

Drought in China Leaves Three Million People Scrambling for Water

And, hello, everybody. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. It's February 14th. Just kind of enjoying the dreary day today. I know it's not very sunny, but...

I don't know if you've been catching it on the news, but China is in a very deep drought, bad drought, over there right now. They've got three million people scrambling for water. And, of course, in China a farm field could hold three million people, and everybody scrambling for water, and that's basically what they showed on television.

But it's kind of a signal of what I've been warning about for this year and early spring. Droughts in some places and flooding in others. And so, kind of a contrast we're seeing right now between Australia and China. So depending on where you are, in this country alone, United States, we should be seeing about the same things this summer. Too much flooding in one area and not enough water in another, and so.

When You See HAARP Clouds, You Know They're Messing with the Weather

I think it's just indicative what the whole world's gonna be going through. And I know a lot of people chocking this up to HAARP or pole flips. And, you know, I could almost believe the earth was getting ready to flip, but when you look and see nothing but HAARP clouds constantly, then you know all of these weather assaults have been planned. Nothing really goes unplanned, and so. You know, if you see the HAARP clouds, then you know they're messing with the weather. And within a week or two, you gonna see the results of it somewhere, heading somewhere. If not in your own same area, then someplace else.

And I know they do a lot of heavy chemtrailing in the early-morning hours. They've been doing that for years, blocking out the sun. You can always look northeast in the mornings, and even at dawn, right before the sun even begins to arise, it's still dark out, and you'll see chemtrail planes just crisscrossing the northeast and the eastern skies. And they're always blocking out the sun. Trying to block it out, and so. What are they hiding, you know?

I posted a video last year on the second sun. Planet Enoch talks about, where the Lord's people go when they die. And, not only that, folks, but we also have other things coming in from behind the sun. We have Planet X coming in from behind the sun. And we have other objects that are gonna be hurled at the earth as Planet X comes closer and closer. So we have those things to deal with.

Things Seems to Be Rolling Now, but Plagues Assaults Are Delayed

And it just seems like it's gonna be one of those years when things finally start to get rolling. And, I noticed, for the months of February and March that things have been delayed as far as plagues. And I know some people want to say, "Oh, no they haven't. Plagues all over the place." They had some things planned and they've been delayed, and so. Whatever kind of plague assaults the Lizards had planned for Earth will be delayed a few months. I don't know what exactly that gives us time to do because most people are just kind of lost in time right now. You need to prepare for the upcoming events.

Orgone Is the Most Dominant Aspect in Destroying Satan's Forces

You know, one of the things that I just keep seeing over and over again is the orgone war against them. Because no matter how you slice and dice the events that are going now, the one thing that keeps throwing a wrench in their plans is the orgone. Because it's taking out their forces, folks. It's knocking their ships out of the skies. It's hindering them in the atmosphere as the dimensions merge. The orgone is gonna saturate the air in the dimensions. And so, no matter what happens, even if a different route's taken that none of us could have seen coming, or they try to throw a monkey wrench in their own plans to take everybody by surprise...no matter what happens, keep the orgone going. Get it planted. Get it thrown out; tossed everywhere. Make the pipes; get them in the water. Just keep the orgone going, no matter what. And don't let any kind of distractions stop you. Because it is the most dominant aspect in the Bible Codes in destroying Satan's forces. And so, just keep that going, folks.

They're Starting to Get the Message Out about the Hybridization of Mankind

You know, I was looking a pictures of the Grammys, of all the Hollywood freaks. And it amazes me just how so few of them even look human anymore. You talk about Lady Gag-me, which is more like Mr. Gag-me; I think it's transvestite or something. That being is just completely nauseous. And showing up to the Grammys in a lizard egg was some kind of a statement, "This is how I came here," or something to that effect. Or, "This is how...," you know, whatever, so with the egg.

And if you look at the Superbowl commercial, and it was all about, you know, this UFO, and these little green, shining, fluorescent people on the field, which are supposed to be aliens. And then you had the big sign, "It's the beginning." [laughs] They're really trying to get out a message of the hybridization of mankind. That so many of them have been interbred here.

And it's one of the things I saw in the Bible Codes just last night when I was looking through them. That Israel, America, Jerusalem, Babylon...a complete infusion of aliens amongst the human populations. And not just those countries, but these two listed in particular because of a certain matrix I was working in. But being hidden amongst the populations because they soul-scalp people, they're born here. Pregnant women are abducted and their natural fetuses removed and tampered with with alien DNA, and giving birth to hybrid children.

And a lot of people might think that's nuts, but I'm just so shocked that it's so much more prevalent than even I thought. I mean, you can go into whole areas of this country, especially Canton, Ohio. You can go to Massillon [Ohio]. Look at the kids being born there. They look like aliens. It's the ugliest kids I've ever seen. They don't look normal. So many of them. And if that could happen in the small, little area in Ohio, just imagine what's going on in other parts of the country, in major cities.

We're Overrun, Inhabited, and Scalped Left and Right by Satan's Forces

You know, what they do is they section out areas of the earth. And there's millions of them, so they can target different aspects of the planet, and infuse their own alien seed amongst the humans. And they've got it down to a "T" because Satan's whole kingdom runs on high tech, folks. He's very high tech. And he's all about recreating what the Lord's already created, because he can't create anything. All he does is take what the Lord's already created and try to recreate it. And so, he ends up with these abominable beings, different hybridizations of animals and people, even to where our children don't even look normal anymore. And people say, "Oh, it's the poisons they're eating, the vaccines they're given." Yeah, it's all those things. They all just kind of play a part; little pieces of the puzzle. But something that's definitely going on. And it doesn't seem to be anything that's gonna be stopped.

I mean, we're at a literal war right now against those who choose to be our slave masters on the earth. You know, they rule over us. They rule over the governments. They rule over the militaries. They own, they inhabit our governments and militaries. I've heard from several different people in the militaries that you can't even get above a colonel's ranking if you're a Christian, because you have to be involved in the Masons or one of the Illuminati secret society factions. And you've heard from others that you can't even get in deep underground bases unless you sign papers swearing on oaths that you will not proclaim the name of Yahushua or Jesus Christ while being in that underground base. So what's that tell you?

We're being overrun, inhabited, scalped left and right, and it's not gonna stop. And our only defense right now against them is to fight back. They can't stand the orgone; it kills them. So fight back. And we need to find all of the places they're at because the orgone kills them. And we need to knock every one of these creatures out of here. Because if we don't, there's not gonna be any humans left. No humans left. Look at the war of Armageddon, I mean, that's almost like, you know, all Satan's forces he can muster to Israel to the war of Armageddon that are left. And by then, barely two-thirds of the earth are alive, and so.

We Can Knock Out Two-Thirds of Satan's Forces with Orgone

Things don't always have to happen the way they're written to happen. Most likely will. But it's a lot of things that you don't see, as well. I mean, yeah, he's gonna have armies marching in Armageddon, but we can knock out two-thirds of that army to where he only has a third left. We can save more lives by getting them hidden, and being able to protect themselves in pockets of the earth in protection and safety, rather than killed and eaten by the coming Giants.

And, you know, all these different groups in space and under the earth, and the humanoid faction and Giants, to the serpent faction...you have the Reptilians and the Draconians, they all hate each other. They all hate each other. There's different factions and different groups. And they've been fighting amongst themselves since the beginning of time. They live on different planets, and they war against each other. They fight amongst themselves. And now they're gonna come here to do it. That's exactly what they're doing.

We have all these Reptilians soul-scalping humans here, and then we've got the Giants coming. And those two factions hate each other. So it's gonna be a war. They're not just gonna bring it from space. They're bringing it from space to Earth. Humans being caught in the middle. So we need to get ready, folks. We need to prepare. We need to be able to fight back. And, like I said, the only thing I see that's so dominant in the Codes and destroying all of them is the orgone. One simple weapon that affects and eliminates -- whether it be a Giant or a Reptilian. Eliminates them.

Lord's Judgment on Lucifer: Dust Shalt Thou Eat All the Days of Thy Life

You know, I wanted to talk about something that I've talked before on this show. And I wanted to go over it a little bit more tonight; bring it up again. Helps with listeners who have just signed on, just started listening to the show, to hear things that I've spoken about before. In Genesis, chapter 3, verses [14 and] 15 -- and this is coming as a judgment on Lucifer for him and Eve's seduction in the garden of Eden. And He says:

And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed (in other words, his offspring and her offspring); it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel

And I think it's pretty clear. First of all, he has an offspring and she has an offspring. And there's going to be enmity, hatred, mutual hatred between both seedlines. Satan's seedline and Adam's seedline. And, in a nutshell, He says:

Upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.

It's very clear that these serpent races eat the dust of the ground which is people. The dust being spoken of there, folks, is people. Mankind, itself, is referred to as dust several times, many times throughout the Bible. In the Concordance, the word dust is afar, and it means dry earth, dust, powder, ashes. In Genesis 18:27, it says:

And Abraham answered and said, Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the Lord, which am but dust and ashes.

Referring to himself as nothing more than dust and ashes.

In Numbers 23:10, it says:

Who can count the dust of Jacob.

It's talking about his offspring.

Job 30:19, says:

He hath cast me into the mire, and I am become like dust and ashes.

Psalms 103:14:

For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.

Zephaniah 1:17:

And their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung.

And, just some instances, folks, where people often referred to as dust. It's just another symbolic term for people. And, in a nutshell, also giving you a picture that part of Satan's judgment was that he was cursed by God to have to eat dust the rest of his life. OK, and this also explains why we're so the center of focus of all these different alien races. Because we're their food source, folks. We're their food source.

Then you read,

Upon thy belly shalt thou go.

And, you know what? Most people think that's typical of a serpent today, a snake, who crawls upon its belly. But this doesn't have anything to do with literal snakes and reptiles crawling upon their belly, folks. I liked Watchman X's interpretation that an army marches on its stomach. [Dust of the Earth, by Stuart Harrison http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/dust.htm] It's an old cliche that "an army marches on its stomach," therefore, having to crawl upon their belly means that their primary necessity, above all else, is to secure a permanent food supply. And in this case, it would be people. It marches on its stomach. It's hungry. It's predator. It's looking for food. And, we are their food source, folks.

I think people should relook Genesis 3:14 and15. You know, it says:

Dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed.

And this, folks, is the exact reason for the hatred between mankind and these serpentine races.

Churches Don't Teach That Satan Had His Own Offspring on Earth through Cain

You know, the Bible, in the New Testament, many times in the Book of John, referring to Satan's offspring. And it was a very well-known fact throughout that time. It wasn't hidden. That was never a truth that was buried under eons of translations. Everybody knew Satan had his own seed on Earth. And they knew it came through Cain. The Masons refer to themselves as the sons of Cain. The Illuminati, sons of Cain. There's no secret amongst them. But today's churches want you to go to sleep and not know truth, so that you just stay asleep and you become ineffective in even realizing what the real war is.

Most people today think that the, you know, there's those that believe in Yahushua and those who don't. They have no grasping idea of what's really going on around them. Why some people will never accept Yahushua as savior. They're not even capable of doing so. The churches don't grasp any of this. They don't grasp any of these truths, and so.

I have a whole website on the serpent seedline, www.serpentseedline.com. Of course, it's these same serpent races that are returning to claim that they're our creators. Intelligent design. That they created mankind and left, and now they're coming back via Planet X. They're coming back to check on how their creation's doing. [laughs] Don't fall for it, folks. Don't fall for it, and so. You know, uproot and destroy the basic tenements of this whole creation, was that God wanted to create man in His own image. Now despite the fact that science wants you to jump to theoreticals, and want to investigate all these different worlds that existed at that time, or before, or that they're so much better, or so much more intelligent than Earth.

Earth had a reason. Earth wasn't run by fallen angels like all these other worlds were. Those are angels that have been kicked out of heaven. And those angels had offspring. And their children had offspring. And it goes on and on and on. And they inhabit many worlds and planets. Now the churches want you to think that angels don't procreate. And that's not true. Some angels don't. That's true. But many do. The churches ignore that one. These fallen angels obviously can procreate. Noah talks about them, coming down, taking human women, procreating, and their seed becoming giants.

There were cities of giants in the earlier days. Joshua and Caleb had to wipe out 20 cities of giants to reclaim Palestine when they left Egypt. Twenty cities of them. The Bible describes the king of Og's bed was 9 [cubits] long. The Bible clearly describes a time when the people were coexisting and living with giants; beings that were 9-, 12-feet tall. Enoch describes two brothers that were 30- and 33-feet tall. And the Bible doesn't hide these facts, but it's buried in language that people don't recognize when they hear it, that they're hearing about giants. You know, the Canaanites were giants. People just don't realize that all of these ancient names that they read over and over again in the Bible are actually talking about giants. And when you arm yourself with the knowledge of how to read the Bible, then it opens up a whole new interpretation and view of it when you're reading it.

The Martians Were the Ancient Egyptians

You know, the little green men aren't from, you know, Mars. People -- you think little green aliens, Martians. You want to know who the Martians were? The Martians were the Egyptians. Those who founded and inhabited ancient Egypt. The long-necks, the egg heads. Those weren't being created by God, folks. Those were Martians. Those were your little green men. These ancient Egyptians; the tall-necks and the egg heads.

And guess who's coming back and gonna look like a complete egg head. Maitreya. But, he hides it. He wears a [turban]. He's gonna were one of those white Arab sheik [turbans] to cover up his egg head. [laughs] And he's coming back. This year looks very promising, folks, that we are gonna see the arrival of this Iranian mahdi, this 12th imam, this Maitreya. And I've been warning about how he's going to develop a 10-nation confederacy of Arab nations.

The "Reddening" of America by Way of a Communist, Fascist, Socialist Takeover

And I know I mentioned on my show on Thursday, last Thursday, that I kept seeing the term "scarlet" coming up in the Codes. And, folks, if you read Revelation, chapter 17, it talks about the scarlet beast. And what most people don't realize is that the first beast of Revelation 13 and the scarlet beast of Revelation 17 go hand in hand; the same beast. And so, that's becoming more and more dominant in the Codes. Seeing that becoming more of an issue.

Also, red can also signify other things. "Reddening." I see that term; "reddening," "redden," and "red." Everything's red. 'Cause scarlet is a red. But the Hebrews use different words for "scarlet" and "reddening" and "red." Spell it different ways. And when I think of certain things that we've always symbolized as red, then it starts to make sense. We see the police state coming in America, in martial law. And the increasing fascism replacing our republic. And communism and socialism. Red has always been the dominant color of communism. And so you see the reddening of America. Communism and socialism overpowering and dominating America.

Another thing that's always been red; Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood. The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Been talking about Islam for years; warning about it. Another color we start to see more and more...Islam. Another thing is the red dragon. The red dragon; Lucifer, himself, was referred to as the red dragon. There's only two beasts mentioned in the Bible for last days prophecies that are red. You have the scarlet beast and the red dragon. And they're two different beasts; they're not the same. The scarlet beast is the same beast of Revelation 13; Maitreya and Islam. And you're gonna see that confederation rise.

And then you have the red dragon, which is Lucifer, himself. And I've warned about his forces. Not just all the alien forces he has that the Bible talks about -- Revelation, chapter 9; Joel, chapter 2, talk about his very many alien races he has as part of his forces to help conquer the earth. But look at who China honors and worships. The red dragon. The red dragon is dominant in China. It's in everything there. It's the major symbol that you see over, and over, and over again in China, is the dragon. And what's happening here? Chinese Green Zones going up in every state, by every major port. Taking over all of our ports, our water. They want their own cities that no one else is allowed in. These are Green Zones, folks.

America Has So Much Orgone in It that Our Conquerors Will Die, or Leave

And I've warned, China are gonna be Satan's forces on Earth to subdue and help conquer America for the Antichrist. So they have these big plans. They have these huge plans to just descend out of the skies, come as gods and as Ascended Masters, and take over the breadbasket of the world, which is America. But I'll tell you right now, it's not gonna happen that way. Not gonna happen. We've already taken away Plan A. There's a lot of things they can't do -- entrances and arrivals they had planned -- because of the orgoned air, the orgoned saturation we have in the air. So they have to go to Plan B, C, and D.

Another thing is America, itself, has so much orgone in it that they're not gonna survive here. They will come, they will conquer, they will destroy, but they will die. Pretty much in that order. Because the orgone's gonna kill them. And so, what happens is, they're gonna have to leave. They're gonna have to go to Plan B...C, D. But I'd rather take a stand in not allowing them to come here, and fight for my own country, my own people here, than just let them waltz in and do what they want.

Remember the Bravery of Joshua and Caleb - Kick the Giants Out of Your Land with Orgone

The Bible says he has 42 months to rule. It doesn't say how. Doesn't say how. Can you imagine Joshua just laying over and saying, "Well, we can't overtake Palestine. There's giants there! There's 20; we're outnumbered. They're bigger, better, faster than we are. So, we'll just let them have it, and do nothing." Can you imagine? You know? Where's the heroics? Where's the heros in the Lord's people today? Where's the bravery? Where's the boldness? Make them go to the desert, folks.

I don't care what country you're in. You know, we're an example here in America. This happens to be where I am. We're the example, follow us. Kick them out of your countries. Make them so miserable when they come, that they can't stay there because they start to die. Necrosis. Necrosis. Orgone starts to decay their blood cells. They start to die. Kick them out of your country. Stand up and do something. And I know we've got Warriors in Israel. I know we've got them all over the world. We may only have one or two in some of these nations, but that's all it takes. That's all it ever takes to ignite change in the world is one person. Stand up and take the initiative, folks.

If you're listening to this show, it's 'cause the Lord leads you to it. You know, most people just don't understand what I'm talking about. Most are just totally clueless, and they don't listen to my show, because they don't understand it. They're not one of His. If He's woken you up, then you know what it is you're to do. He's leading you in to what you're to do in the last days, what your mission is here on Earth, what your assignment is here on Earth. And we don't have too many free days left of that.

We have a lot of destructions coming with weather. And any time you're looking at weather destructions coming, you're looking at martial law, chaos. You know, the economy in America is gonna tank. That's Obama's job to destroy America and destroy the economy, and he's doing it quite well. And so, there's gonna be distractions coming down the road to where you're gonna wish you would've done something sooner. So don't wait. Stand up and do it now, because later is gonna be very chaotic.

I mean, we're looking at, probably, a nice little arrival of these -- we're gonna start seeing them this year, folks, more and more. We're might be seeing a nice little arrival of Maitreya in like, May or June. But then you turn around a month or two after he arrives and we're gonna have a total ambush of others who are angry he's here, and ambush the earth. And we're looking at Hollywood fiction in real time. All these alien ambush-type movies Hollywood's been trying to forewarn you about. Yeah, but some of them are quite prophetic, folks. Some of them are quite prophetic. And so once this starts, it's just like a steam-rolled destruction. So now is the time to prepare.


Anyway, I want to take some phone calls. See what's going on with people. I don't always answer the phones, but not a whole lot of time left, folks.

Will We See Earthquakes First, or Something in the Sky?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.

SHERRY: Hello!

CALLER: Yes, I have a question. I've been watching earth changes. And, boy, quakes are going all over. And it seems like all the volcanoes are starting to have a lot of activity around them.


CALLER: Especially in the United States, too.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, you know what? The Bible talks about earthquakes, and increasing earthquakes like we've never seen.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. They've sure been...Germany...all over.


CALLER: And all the snow in South Korea.

SHERRY: We've got Planet X coming in and it's gonna cause a lot of chaos on earth. And they're planning on it.

CALLER: What's the first step that we're gonna see next? Are we gonna see earthquakes first, you think? Or do you think we're gonna see something in the sky like, you know, a comet, or Planet X, or --

SHERRY: We do have a comet coming. We do have a comet coming. I think we're gonna see a lot of objects coming towards the earth before Planet X actually makes its entrance. Some people can see Planet X already, depending on where you are in the world. People can see Planet X.

CALLER: But we can't here in the United States yet?

SHERRY: You know what? We probably could if they would stop chemtrailing the east to death.

CALLER: Oh, my gosh, it's been horrible. And spiral ones, and just...yeah.

SHERRY: Yeah. That's HAARP. That's the weather weapons.

CALLER: Well, they've been really heavy in Iowa.

SHERRY: Every morning, you know, they just start chemtrailing the sunrise.

CALLER: I see it more -- well, I'm not up in the morning that early, but I see it more evening. Why do they have to keep doing that at night?

SHERRY: I think it's to hide the second sun, because at night is when most people see it the most.

CALLER: No chemtrails north, south, you know, or east, or anything. It's all just in the direction of the sun. At night.

SHERRY: Yeah, it follows the sun. Uh-huh. [laughs] In the morning and at sunset.

CALLER: Guess I never watched that. I think we're gonna have some activity here. Like on the Kp Index and all that. Is there something coming from the solar storms...supposed to be here today or tomorrow or something?


CALLER: From the sun. A burst or something? We're supposed to get a...something.

SHERRY: Oh, I don't --

CALLER: A solar storm I think we're supposed have here in the next day or two.

SHERRY: I'm not real up on that one, so.

Is the Federation of Light Good or Bad?

CALLER: What about Federation of Light? Who are -- are they good, bad, or --

SHERRY: That's just a hunk of bunk of the Ashtar Command. They have a Galactic Federation. They have White Knights. They have the Galactic Federation of Light. The light beings, the lightworkers.

CALLER: So they aren't good...any of them aren't good?

SHERRY: It's all New Age garbage. I mean, they're termed light beings. It's just a mimic of angels. What the Lord would call angels. [laughs] It's all a mimicry of the Lord's kingdom. And it's all New Age bunk.

CALLER: 'Cause they say they aren't New Age, and if --

SHERRY: Of course not.

CALLER: -- the ships that are coming are aliens, that they're a metal ship, and if they're a light ship, they're good.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: I've seen a lot of different -- I've seen the types, too. I've seen the white, I've seen the metal. And you just kind of get lost in the zoo of what could be what. I just blast them all with pipes. I don't care. The Lord's, you know [laughs], the good ones won't die.

CALLER: It's really confusing. It is. It's really confusing this time who -- there's so many things, you don't know what to believe, and what not to believe.

SHERRY: You've just gotta stand on the word of God. You've gotta get in there and read what His message is to the people, and know Bible prophecy. Most people don't know prophecy and that's why they're gonna be so deceived and lost by the things that are coming. They're listening to Satan quote the Bible, and to them it sounds religious and good. And, unless you know the Bible, you're not gonna understand how he's mistranslating and twisting everything he's saying. I mean, I've been in arguments with Sananda. I know how good they are. They're very, very good. And so many people are gonna be deceived because they're not gonna catch the slight deceptions in their speeches. And they're gonna be the speech-givers. They're gonna love talking. You thought Obama was bad and just liked to hear himself make noise? These beings are going to be giving a lot of speeches. Schmoozing the world with their deceptions.

What Do You Think about FEMA Ordering All that Food?

CALLER: Have you seen anything else in the Codes for the [New] Madrid [fault line]?

SHERRY: You know what --

CALLER: You think that FEMA thing that's coming up, they're getting ready, and they've been ordering all that food and --

SHERRY: Oh, because they know. They prepare this time every year. Every year.

CALLER: Why would they spend that much money and order all that stuff if it's got such a short --

SHERRY: Yeah, well, they do it every year because they know that a -- they've been waiting for a comet to hit the Atlantic. They know the Madrid line's gonna go. And everything's always in the spring and summer, and so. Every year they prepare because they don't know what year. You know, it's almost like me. I tell people months to watch out for. They're the same way. They know around general time periods, but nobody can pin exact years. And so, they prepare every year. This year, yeah, May is coming up. It looks like we've got comet, we've got earthquakes. We've got a makings for a really horrendous summer, and so.

CALLER: I think something's gonna happen with the roll or the shift, or whatever, the way all these big earthquakes and stuff are. And all the sinkings.

SHERRY: You know what? That's created by them, too, because they want Atlantis to rise. That was always one of their big plans in the Phoenix Journals of the New Age voodoo crap. That they wanted to see Atlantis rise. And so, you're looking at sinking other islands, nations, whatever, causing earthquakes to happen, so they can get this ancient Atlantis to rise above sea level. Have it just rise up out of the water. And most people would recognize it being over in the Bermuda Triangle area.

CALLER: Yeah! That's where I thought it was...

SHERRY: Yeah. And so, if that would rise, you're looking at almost instant destruction of Cuba and Florida. Yeah, that's right there. It's right between Florida and Cuba.

I Have Not Heard a Word about the Gulf Anymore

CALLER: I have not heard a word about down in the Gulf anymore. Not a word.

SHERRY: You know what? There seems to be a media blackout, but I'm still hearing from people down there. And even people from Florida. And they're just coming down with pestilences and sicknesses and old people, you know, dropping over dead. I still hear --

CALLER: They don't know what it is? They don't know what's going on, huh?

SHERRY: Well, you know what? The hospitals aren't gonna verify anything.

CALLER: No! They aren't gonna tell them. They just --

SHERRY: They don't verify anything. They give them the runaround, and -- because they don't want to have to start keeping records. And so, people are dying of natural causes, or whatever, and not because of Corexit. Not because of contaminated food.

CALLER: I wish somebody from down there would call in on your show, or something, and say something.

SHERRY: Well, there's that one lady, the activist from down there who puts out YouTube videos.

CALLER: Yeah. But which side is she really on, do you think?

SHERRY: I can't remember her name. But she puts out videos. She don't care. She's got a brave soul. And she's just down there saying it like it is.

Is Iowa a Safe State to Be In?

CALLER: Hmm. No, I just wondered. I hadn't heard anything from the Gulf, and been having earthquakes. And, boy, they said they were some big jolts in Washington. Was it Washington today and yesterday? But they said they were really strong quakes and really felt a left-to-right shift. So that's kind of scary up in Washington.

SHERRY: That's one of the safest states to be in. The northwest. That's probably one of the safest regions to be in in this country, is the northwest. Not so much on the coast.

CALLER: What about Iowa? Is that pretty safe? Do they have a lot of, um, what's --

SHERRY: Iowa...uh --

CALLER: -- built on a lot of limestone, isn't it, or rock?

SHERRY: Safe. Better hope the water stays up, but, you know, the Midwest states that are kind of in the center of the country, probably the safest. And Iowa's kind of sandwiched right in there,so.

What Are They Spraying with the Spiral Chemtrails?

CALLER: They've been hitting the chemtrails strong here lately --

SHERRY: You've just gotta get the orgone out. You've gotta get it plastered. Now there's not a whole lot we can do against HAARP clouds, because orgone can take a really long time to work against a HAARP cloud compared to a chemtrail cloud. Chemtrails, boom, they won't even stick. But HAARP clouds, they take a while. So, a lot of times people -- you know, people'll tell me I'm getting chemtrails, but they're HAARP clouds.

CALLER: What are they spraying with the spiral chemtrails?

SHERRY: Those are HAARP clouds. That's weather wars.

CALLER: That's what you said...they're -- we've had a lot of them here lately and I've never seen them here before, so.

SHERRY: Yeah. Spiral ones. And then you have the cotton ball ones where they're all bunched up together and it looks like a cotton blanket.

CALLER: Haven't noticed that as much as the spiral ones lately.

SHERRY: Those are HAARP. Those are weather modification clouds.

CALLER: Just in the west. Just in the west sky.


Has There Been Anything New or Odd Going on with the Moon or Sun?

CALLER: Yeah, everything's to the west, so. Has there been anything new about the moon or the sun or anything? Anything odd been going on with it?

SHERRY: You know, I hear from people, "It's 3 o'clock. I see the moon. Is that normal?" [laughs]

CALLER: Well, I thought you could always see the moon some days. The moon's out sometimes during the day, but.

SHERRY: You know, most of the time what gets me is when I'm looking at Orion or something and it looks like it's ready to fall off the horizon. You know, like where did it go? [laughs] We're so out of sync as a planet. We're out of alignment. Our axis has moved. And, you know, when they eliminate the magnetosphere, we're gonna see a lot of destructions from that. They're literally gonna try to just destroy the whole magnetosphere, so.

CALLER: OK. Well, just keep us up on that, and we can see the second sun, or any planets coming in that are visible.

SHERRY: You know, get a welder's mask. Because a lot of people have success seeing it with a welder's mask.

CALLER: Huh. OK. Well, thank you. Bye.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in. Bye-bye.

The Diabolical Truth about Don Croft

If you have a question for the show, folks, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Uh, I'm just gonna jump in the chat room though for a minute. Hang on.

SHERRY: Hello, caller. Welcome to the show.

CALLER: [no response, but delayed audio from show playing in background]

SHERRY: Helloo!

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello!

CALLER: Oh. I didn't think that I was on, because it's not what I'm hearing on the computer.

SHERRY: Yeah, there's a little bit of a back lag. You want to turn that down a little bit?

CALLER: Sure! So I'm talking to Sherry, huh?

SHERRY: Yep, this is Sherry Shriner.

CALLER: [laughs] OK. Good! It's good to hear from you.

SHERRY: Where are you calling from?

CALLER: Indianapolis.

SHERRY: Indianapolis.

CALLER: Yeah. Sent you an e-mail last week. I'm the one who's had a thing going on with Don Croft, and, um --

SHERRY: Oh, yes, yes, yes.

CALLER: Yeah, he was my mentor, you know? He didn't really teach people to follow anything you did. So, for like my heaviest Warrior days working in Florida were working with him. And, if there's any truth to getting to know [laughs] the core of the enemy as your best friend [laughs] --

SHERRY: Yeah, well.

CALLER: -- and then finding out.


CALLER: Yeah, but I don't know what to do. 'Cause it just seems like he's so protected, it's unreal.

SHERRY: He is. He's very -- he just kind of hides a license to hurt and destroy people. And very protected by the government and higher-upees and...have you talked to Daniel Ott? I suggested you go on his show and do an interview.

CALLER: Not yet. No. But, I'm going to. [laughs] You know, that was just a few days when I got that e-mail, so. You think I'll get on his show to tell my story?

SHERRY: Sure! You know, Daniel loves a good controversy. And --

CALLER: Oh, good! [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah, but I mean, look, this one could get me killed. [laughs]

SHERRY: He's real interested in orgone lately, and so, I'm sure he'd love to hear the ongoing war sagas of Don Croft and Sherry Shriner. But, in particular, just from people who have known Don Croft, like you have.

CALLER: Well, you know, he took down my profession. Let alone that he killed the man I loved -- oh! Well, he didn't do it. I'm sorry. He doesn't get the blood on his hands. He orders it to be done.

SHERRY: Yeah, yeah. That's how it works.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: So that way he can say -- and I've got a picture of him with his cap, on my Flickr [online photo sharing application], that says, "I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I just took each one of you down to different degrees with telephone calls." [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. I really think you should get on Daniel Ott's show. I would definitely listen in on that one.

CALLER: But, you know, I was pretty close to him. And believed everything he said, but when you first --

SHERRY: I've warned people to stay away from that. To stay away from Don Croft orgone. It's dangerous. His followers are making junk. He uses those forums to lull people in and then he remote-views them and stalks and harasses them.

CALLER: And hurts them.

SHERRY: Kills their pets.

CALLER: Oh, yeah!

SHERRY: I've heard so many stories. And I've experienced it myself.

CALLER: I didn't know he had anything to do with the pets being killed, but, yeah, I think so. And then he claims that --

SHERRY: I've heard that from other...

CALLER: Yeah, he sent me a Succor Punch [a device made by Croft that is, as one website explains it, an "orgone-generating crystal intention amplifier"] that was supposedly from the crystal that was in the dog bowl of his pet that died.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: "Here, you try it. Killed my dog. Maybe yours'll live." [laughs] [What's a Succor Punch? by Don Croft -- note when he talks about a Draconian easing into his wife's body in his article http://educate-yourself.org/dc/dcsuccorpunchdescrip.shtml]

CALLER: But I never made orgone like him. He tried to convince me to make it his way. And then when I was there, I actually spent time with him, you know. I gifted Miami Bay with them. Now his wife, she does a lot better than he does at making the orgone. He doesn't use intentions. He throws junk in it. But she told me you don't need to wrap the crystals. And I'm like, "Hmm." She's a little [unclear] by him, too. [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah, well, you know what? You can just throw the crystals inside the coil. But if they're large crystals, I would prefer they wrap around a coil, especially if you're making bucket blasters and stuff like that.

CALLER: Yeah, but --

SHERRY: You know what? I've got a minute left, and I've gotta go.


SHERRY: But call me next time and we'll chat some more.

CALLER: Yeah. I -- yeah...I wanted to know why they let some people do the orgone gifting and they don't get hurt. That's what I wanted to know.


CALLER: Any time for that?

SHERRY: No, I've got about 30 seconds.

CALLER: Ohhh, OK. Well, it was good that I got in. Thank you. I'll try again.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK, bye-bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

There's a Viable War Between Don Croft and Sherry Shriner - Dead Orgone vs. Living Orgone

You know what? Well, I will answer the question here really quick. People don't have to get hurt passing out orgone. Especially if their intent was to do good. But actually they're doing back because they're tossing junk. You know, people have free choice. You know, you're looking at -- I know I'm jumping the gun here on this show, all of a sudden talking about orgone again, but yeah, there's a viable war between Don Croft and myself. He makes DOE orgone, dead orgone energy, and I make living, positive orgone energy. And it's been no secret that we have been enemies for years. I wouldn't call it rivals, I would call it enemies, and so.

I'm not in it as a business to make money. I'm in it to help people. And I don't stalk and harass -- you know, the government does that. Nobody needs me to do it. I don't leave the house, and so. You know, it's an ongoing war, folks. And it never stops. But this is what is so effective and dominating in the end times against aliens and demons, is the orgone. I'll never be able to say it enough.

Anyway, I'm not having a show on Thursday, folks. I've got an appointment to handle. So I'll be back next Monday night at 10 o'clock here at Blog Talk Radio.

Yah bless, everybody. Good night.


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