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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 21, 2011

Prepare Now for Droughts

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, February 21st. So we've got about eight more days, maybe nine till we're out of this month. And February hasn't usually been my particularly favorite month. It's usually the coldest one of the year. And so, I'll take it. Last week we had...actually we had a day like almost 60 degrees, 50, and have never, ever seen that in a February before, so. Kind of reminds me to watch out for a particularly droughty spring. Droughts in your area could not be a good thing, and so.

You know, it's like the Lord said, this year was gonna be droughts in some areas and extreme flooding in others, and so, you know. If you're in drought areas, plan for it now. Store up water. Some of you maybe wanting to start up box gardens, that kind of thing, and so. Just plan ahead if you're really gonna be affecting by a drought. Prepare now, however you would do that. Heads up.

Maitreya Is Preparing Countries for His Arrival through Regime Changes

I've been warning about Libya and Ethopia in the Codes. And now that's finally rearing its head with civil war in Libya. You're seeing it now in many countries. I was watching the news this morning and it's like one Arab country after the next in uprisings. And so, you know, folks, Maitreya is preparing countries for his arrival. And so, regime changes will be a part of it because they have to have people in power that are gonna go along with this whole alien agenda facade that's coming. This whole New Age, fifth dimension, la-la-la-gag stuff that's coming. The Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters being part of that. Maitreya, the 12th Imam of Iran, huge part of that. Been saying that for years and now it's showing its head. We're gonna see I was right all along. Sometimes it just takes a little while for people to wake up. But that's what's happening. That's what we're seeing.

The CIA and the Mafia Are Bloodline-Protected Organizations

You know, another most common way of people looking at it is, "Oh, the CIA's behind it," the CIA. Consider who and what the CIA is, because for most of us we think of it as an intelligence agency. But, folks, when I started getting into the Bible Codes -- wow, almost ten years ago now -- whole decade of doing Bible Codes now...almost, I think. But anyway, it's amusing. One of the first things I started to make a correlation is the CIA is an alien agency.

And at first, I didn't really know what to do with it. It's like one of those things you just tuck away and file in your brain in a box, and you'll get to it later. And if it comes up later, you'll pull it out, you know. You'll have the knowledge -- I do this all the time with knowledge, just file it away. I don't forget much. I've probably forgotten more than most people will ever know though, but, you know, I try to just file it and remember it later. The Lord brings it back to my memory.

And so, now it makes more sense than ever because when you look at the bloodlines of all these secret societies and these groups, everything's always bloodline-oriented. And the reason they get bloodline-oriented is because it's a serpent seed bloodline they're protecting. Because with serpent seed bloodline you can do particular things. It's a different seed than Yah's seed through Adam. It's a different seed. And so, you're gonna see, when you open up your eyes and become awake to what this New World Order is, what the Illuminati is. Most of you can grasp the idea that the Illuminati is dominated by 13 bloodline families. Bloodlines. They protect that bloodline. They intermarry with the bloodlines to protect that bloodline.

When you look at the Mafia, what do you see? A very bloodline-protected organization. Why? Because they're serpent seed. They protect that Italian serpent seed bloodline. And not all Italians are serpent seed, but the Mafia protects a certain bloodline. And it's only people that have that particular bloodline in the Mafia that can become bosses, that can become the top Lizards, the top bosses. And all very tied into the Vatican, as are all the Illuminati families tied into the Vatican. That protects all -- they probably keep it all in their little vault in the Vatican. They keep producing all the geneologies and...you know how all these serpents are.

But, anyway, the CIA is no different. That's why you'll see many intelligence agencies -- it's a generational thing, it's a family thing. Much different than militaries. Like in militaries you'll have families, you know, the father was in the military, the son goes in the military, and on down the line. That's patriotic. That's not a particular bloodline thing, it's a patriotic thing. But when you get into, like I said, secret societies such as the Mob and the Illuminati and the CIA are, then you start getting into bloodlines.

Illuminati Children Are Controlled and Programmed from the Time They're Conceived

And these bloodlines can be used to activate DNA codes within themselves. They can shape-shift. All of these bloodline families -- not all of them, but certain ones, Illuminati lines, these kids are controlled from the time they're conceived. They go through the induction programming. They're programmed from the time they're in the womb, their mothers' carrying them, they start going through what they call shock programming, trauma-based programming. And they literally shock the babies while they're in the womb and cause them much pain.

And once they're born, it's almost immediate that the programming starts. They start starving them as a key. Starvation and other types of trauma and shock programming. Because at a very early age, they form, and mold, and control, and fragment their minds. And fragmentation, often termed by health people, known as DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and others know it as Multiple Personality Disorder, MPDs, this starts very young in them. And, because of their trauma programming they have alters that are created to protect that baby, itself, and so alters are created. And these alters are trained by the Illuminati handlers, they call them handlers, in various ways, to do various different things. Some are used as sex slaves. Some are used as carriers of information, spies. They all have different alters. And so, whatever they program them to do is what they do. OK?

But the main thing about it is control. The whole thing is based on control. Being able to control that baby, that individual. Because they have access codes that can control them. And you're starting to see this more and more. Because as more and more people wake up to what the Illuminati is and what's going on, getting to know the intricate details of it is just the next step. And you see it in Hollywood stars and musicians today. And I've taught you how to recognize their snake-slit eyes, and the soul-scalped people, and Lizards acting like humans. You know, I've talked about that on this show before and my websites.

Britney Spears Is Trying to Break Free from Illuminati Control

But more and more people getting to understand this MPD thing. Imagine my shock when, I think it was two years ago, I started talking about Britney Spears and how she was a MPD. And that's why there was so many problems with her, because one alter would do one thing, and another one would do another. She was always in a mess because of her Multple Personality Disorder. There was a Chicago newspaper that printed the exact same thing last year. Not exactly word for word of what I said, but they talked about her, I think they call it bipolar -- and it's not bipolar, but they're not gonna come out and say -- well, they did come out and say that she has a British personality. And you've probably heard about it where oftentimes she would speak in a British accent.

Well, you know what? She's not even the icing on the cake. She's just a crack in the concrete, you know? All of these stars have these personalities and these alters. And when they fight back, the Illuminati will retaliate against them. And so, this whole, you know, hair-shaving thing with Britney, a couple years ago, when she shaved her head bald, I remember Cisco Wheeler, who is from an Illuminati family and broke out and has written a book on the Illuminati, basically, 13 Bloodlines, everything Fritz Springmeier says is from the mouth of Cisco Wheeler. She's the one who revealed all this information. He just put it in book form. But she had told me that that is the ultimate form of punishment. One of the very top forms of punishment for MKULTRA slaves is that if they disobey their handlers, they are forced to shave their heads. And so, that's why this whole thing starts to make sense now. Oh, Britney was in the car, she was on the phone, she starts crying, and then she walks into a barber salon and shaves off her [hair]. Yeah, that was her handler on the phone, most likely, and they were forcing her to shave off her [hair], and she did.

She has been in rebellion against her handlers and the whole Illuminati agenda. She's been in rebellion against them. And so, what they do is slam her. They all stand up and make Britney look like the bad girl. And, you know what? She has my prayers. She has all the prayers in the world because I know she's trying to break free from them and their control.

Britney's Fighting Her Twin Alter in Her "Hold It Against Me" Video

And so, she comes out with a video lately, and it's not even her. This is not the real Britney Spears in this video. And this is my personal opinion, because I don't want anybody to sue me for libel or something. [laughs] But my personal opinion...it's not her.

Years ago, I put together a website -- I started to -- web page on www.thewatcherfiles.com where I was gonna show the comparisons. And somebody else has probably already done this on the Internet, where you see the real Britney and the twin Britney. There's two Britneys back then. Back when she was a teenager touring. Because, one, in one set of pictures, you know, they take a lot of her pictures from the media -- one set of pictures, she was very busty and she had a inside type of belly button, where it was in. And the other pictures, of the same amount of time and the same time frames, she has hardly any boobs, and she has the opposite belly button, the one that sticks out. You can't fake a belly button, OK? You can get implants, breast implants, but you cannot fake a belly button.

And so, what I thought was interesting was that in her latest video that's out -- I don't know what it's called...somebody enlighten me -- "I Want to Take Her Body" or something like that [laughs] [Hold It Against Me - "If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?"] She's not talking about a guy. She tries to allude to it in her song, make it sound like a relationship song, because those kind of things sell. But if you watch her video, her latest video that came out, she's actually fighting against her alter, her twin alter. She has, you know, her other alters. Even the fake Britney. And the whole video's about her fighting about her alter. She's trying to break free. She's trying to break their control. At the end of the video, the alter wins. And so, the good Briney's still being enslaved to the alter and hierarchal system of MPD and alter hierarchies and all that kind of stuff. So still enslaved to it.

Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears Need Our Prayers - They Want to Be Free

Another one going through it, Lindsay Lohan. They want you to hate her. They want you to think she's a bad girl. She needs our prayers, too, because she's been trying to break free. And anyone who tries to break free of the Illuminati becomes the number one enemy and they slam them all over the media. Same thing with her, the British personality alter. You know, all this trouble that they're trying to get her in to smear her character. Did the same thing to Michael Jackson. Smear his character. That's what they do when you try to break free of their control. They slam your characters.

And so, think twice, folks, when you see these people, these everyday celebrities that all of a sudden become objects of scorn by the media. Probably trying to break free of their captivity by their handlers and their mental enslavements, and so. But that's what they do. I don't even know why I'm bringing this up. But it's just on my mind, and so, I'm bringing that up, because a lot of them need our prayers.

Miley Cyrus Loves the Lord and Wants to Break Free to Go to Him

You know, hearing about Miley Cyrus lately and how she's turning into a bad girl, and they're trying to make this bad image of her. Another one, trying to break free, folks, and can't, because her alters have control, and her handlers, and so, get set up for that one to end up being the bad Miley because the good one's imprisoned, and so. Mentally they get imprisoned. They get locked in rooms and a alter takes over their body, and so. She writes about it in her songs if you look at the lyrics. It sounds like she's singing about a guy, but she's not. She's actually singing about the Lord in all of her lyrics, because she loves the Lord, she's looking to break free so she can go to Him. But she's under a lot of imprisonment with the Illuminati. And so, the one song she had, "The Climb," all about being trapped and it being a slow kind of freedom, but it's worth it. You know, she sings in the song, it's worth it, she's not gonna give up.

And so, when you start to see these rebellious people, or just, you know, all of a sudden changes with these celebrities, just pray for them. They're not our enemies. A lot of these people really do love the Lord, they just want to break free of Illuminati control and they can't, and so.

Lady Gaga Is Truly Evil - Lilith Takes Over Her at Times

Was reading something very -- Facebook earlier today. I thought it was funny. I thought I'd share it. Somebody posted this on a Facebook about Lady Gaga. It says Lady Gaga shows up at the Emmys covered in meat, then arrives at the Grammys in an egg. She's only about two red carpets away from being a Denny's [Restaurant] Grand Slam [breakfast menu item]. [laughs] And so, if you're not from America, Denny's is a breakfast chain restaurant [laughs] in America. [laughs] You know, what's next? A pancake outfit? [laughs] So I thought that was funny.

Now she's truly evil. You don't even have to think twice about her, whether she's rebelling because she's forced to. She's truly evil, and so. A lot of times Lilith, herself, takes over her, and so.

How Do I Feel about Arnold Murray?

You know, all these people over the years that I've been on the air have asked me, you know, how I've felt about Arnold Murray. You know, 'cause they said our teachings were similar. I've never -- I've heard of Shepherd's chapel, but, you know, had never really followed him, had never listened to anything. We agree on the serpent seedline, but, you know, my husband's been listening to him the past two weeks on cable TV. He's got this channel where he's on all day long. And so, I've been listening to some of his stuff as my husband has it on it. And for the life of me I can't tell where our teachings are similar. Break it off at the serpent seedline, there is nothing else similar.

Some of the stuff he was saying, I was just like, "What!? Where does he get that?" You know? Lilith doesn't exist. It was folklore. Maybe he'd like to be introduced to Lilith, because she really does exist. And this person who doesn't exist, I see in the Bible Codes quite a bit, so. Totally not Jewish folklore. Just because it's not included in the KJV doesn't mean it's not true. There's a lot more folklore in the earlier books that's true than half, you know, a lot of the stuff in the KJV that they paint over and try to minimize, and so.

Lilith, Adam's First Wife, Is the Mother of a Lot of the Aliens in Space Today

You know, Lilith is the mother of most, I mean, a lot, a lot because I'm always pissing her off -- she's the mother of a lot of the aliens in space that we deal with today. She literally is. Because aliens today, we know them as fallen angels that just lost their looks. And then there's the other fallen angels who were judged for their rebellion, but they didn't lose their looks. OK? But then you have this whole other phenomenon of Lilith still having her kids. And in Jewish "folklore" -- and you can see me putting the quotation marks around the word folklore [laughs], it says that she could have up to 300 of her demon kids a day. A third would die. That was a part of her judgment for leaving Adam and refusing to go back to the garden of Eden.

Because she was the one that was created with Adam in the first chapter of Genesis, created out of the clay. Because in Genesis, chapter 1, I think it was, they were created out of the mud. Genesis, chapter 2, Adam goes to sleep and then they were created out of the dust of the ground and God breathes His life into them. In the creation, Genesis, chapter 1, you don't have that. The created being, Lilith, actually had left Adam. And this is where this whole serpent seedline also comes in because she has her own offspring. And her offspring live in the heavenlies. They live in space. And so, not all aliens are fallen angels. Some of them are her offspring. And they're not fallen ang -- well, I don't know what you'd call her. She didn't fall. She never fell. She rebelled against God because she refused to go back to Adam. But she never got a fallen body. Interesting, huh?

Because when Adam and Eve fell, their bodies were changed, because now they had to work for food, and sustain the earth to survive. Before they didn't have to do that in the garden of Eden. And so, their bodies were changed to be able to live here on Earth, and digest food, and work the ground, and, you know, becoming dependent on food and water like we are today. But before Adam fell, he wasn't made like that. He was like an angel. He was made in God's image.

Arnold Murray Preaches That the Sabbath Was Done Away With

And so, [Lilith] is referred to in Isaiah. Can't remember the exact chapter, but think it's 13. Don't quote me on it. It's in Isaiah. She's in Isaiah. And she's also referenced to as the screeching owl. It's another name, a metaphor for Lilith. And so, how Arnold Murray could say she doesn't exist, good God. I haven't even heard his views on aliens and UFOs yet. Another thing that he preaches is that there's no official Sabbath. He preaches that it was done away with. That every day we should be focusing on God, which is true, and I do. And most of you do, too, as well. But that there's no official Sabbath, it was done away with. And I'm thinking, how did he get that, when the ten commandments, themselves, expressed to honor the seventh day, keep it holy. You set aside a whole day to keep it holy just for Him. And so, how does Arnold Miller say that doesn't stand today? And I heard it out of his own mouth. I'm not quoting somebody else's material that they wrote about it. I heard it out of his own mouth, and so [laughs].

And he has all this other stuff that he, you know, I'm just, one eyebrow raised. There's some things he says that are very interesting about all the races being created in Genesis, chapter 1. Some of the stuff he says is interesting because there's a lot of things about the garden of Eden, itself, that have never been brought out. And so, some people will allude to things because we just don't have the kind of information, truth, to bring everything out. And so, I always enjoy hearing about people's views on the garden of Eden, and so. Anyway , other than that, I mean, just, you know, I don't know. Serpent seed we can get along, and everything else...

Everybody Has a Bit of Truth, Even the Woodoo Religions We Totally Disagree With

I don't think there's anybody on the planet exactly like me anywhere anyway. When I started praying for the truth in all things years ago, I had to give up everything I'd ever learned and thought I knew, so that the Lord could reteach me. And, you know, it's been a process, folks. It's been a journey. And that's what I tell you guys all the time. Every day, ask the Lord for the truth in all things. Ask Him for the truth in all things. Especially in the beginning, because, you know, the last days that we're in now are gonna be similar to the first days. And if you don't understand what happened in the beginning, then you aren't gonna understand the end, and so. And the Lord always told me that, Himself. And so, it's a constant wakening up because...realizing what went on in the beginning.

You know, I sat in church for 30 years like most of you, and I sat in a Baptist church and, you know, there's no better church out there if you want to learn the doctrines and fundamentals of the Bible and the Lord. They do teach that. And they have a reverence, and a love, and a respect, but you know what? They're so closed-minded to hear anything else that would be contrary. And that's the problem with all the denominations. They get closed-minded. And everybody else is going to hell because they're wrong, and they're [the Baptists] the only ones right.

And you know what the Lord told me? Everybody has a piece of the truth. And this isn't just church denominations, this is all of the woodoo stuff that's around the world as well that we totally disagree with. Everybody has a bit of the truth, but nobody has it all together. That's how we need Him. And that's how we need the marriage supper of the Lamb when we're all brought up to heaven and we're with Him. And we're all brought together as one Bride. And then truth is revealed, and we'll just know then what the truth is.

And so, don't get in a box thinking you know everything there is, because, trust me, you don't. You don't. You don't know the half of it. Everybody has a little bit of a truth in their beliefs and in their religions. And so, that's why I'm a big fan of chewing the grass and spitting out the hay. Because something I may have spit out two years ago, I may have to go back, may be looking for it, and swallowing it, two years later. Because I spit out some truth that I should have recognized, but I didn't know it was truth then. I rejected it as truth. See. And then that happens with all of us. That happens with all of us.

You know, I hear from people all the time, "The Lord led me to your websites and I just thought you were crazy." And then a couple years later, they come right back. You know? Sometimes it just takes a while to absorb and ingest what the truth is. Even for me, it's taken, you know, a while. And I've had more time than most of you, because a lot of people waking up now have to learn really quickly. Because we're in a war. These aliens, these Giants, these different types, races, and fallen angels, they're all coming. Earth's gonna be the prize, because the dimensions right now are melting and merging, and they're all gonna be here because there's gonna be nowhere else to be. So we're all gonna be here on Earth together, folks. And talk about the great tribulation, certainly is.

Millions and Millions of Serpent-Seedline People in Our Midst

You know, I talk about things on this show that other people won't touch with a hundred-foot pole, and tonight's gonna be no different. [laughs] You know, I've mentioned before, and I've written articles on soul-scalping, and, you know, hybrids. And hybrids is getting to be a really number one subject for me because I'm learning so much more about them, because I know them. I know several. And, learning a whole new area of this.

It helps to have the Lord, too, because I couldn't do anything without Him. And trying to understand the things I see in the Codes. And He's always told me He uses them to confirm to me things that He teaches, because who else is gonna confirm stuff I know, or learning?

But either way, folks, we're in a time right now, and I had this article, and I don't know where it is, but it was quoting that 60 million people on this planet have nonhuman DNA. And I've talked about this before on the show. And have mentioned it's probably much, much higher than that. That's probably a very conservative number. And it's very conservative when you add in all of the millions of MKULTRA kids that are now adults. Remember I go back to the serpent seedlines, 13 families. There's also many, many more families on Earth from the serpent seedline. Those are just the, ranking, the top ranking. OK? There's many other of these serpent seedlines on Earth that just don't have fame and fortune. They just mingle among us, amongst society. You know, they're just like us. They work in gas stations, they work at McDonald's, they work at the grocery stores. They're doctors, they're lawyers. They just don't have the fame and fortune of being, you know, CEOs, and politicians, and religious pastors, or whatever. That's a big job to get in the Illuminati, is to lead a megachurch.

But they're just amongst us. They're everyday people. They're your neighbors, they're people you sit in church with, they're people you talk to at the baseball fields, the soccer fields. They're just normal people. And there's millions of them. And, you know what? And they'll probably never tell you exactly who they are, and what they've gone through, and that they grew up in a family that sexually abused them. Sexual abuse is almost the number one indicator of people that are born of serpent seedlines, is the sexual abuse. Because that's one of the main ways they traumatize them as children, is sexual abuse. And so, just so many amongst us. And it fragments their minds, and then they're used as control.

Another thing is -- and I remember Cisco Wheeler stating that there was probably, you know, 50 million of them...MKULTRA. So, yeah. Sixty million with nonhuman DNA. Plus 50 million MKULTRA kids; people that have grown up through this programming from the time they were born, because of their seedline they were born from.

Indigos, Starseeds & Crystals Are Hiding Who They Are to Fit In

And then you have this other phenomenon of Indigos, and Starseeds, and Crystals that I've been telling you about; these hybrid kids. And it's never become so apparent to me than just going to, you know, Massillon, Ohio, or any of those other towns and seeing the kids that are being born today. They don't even look like humans. They just have weird features, very ugly features. And this is everywhere, folks. This isn't just small-town America, this is better hidden in cities. It becomes more obvious in the small towns.

But people that are half-human, half-alien hybrids. They're also known as Indigos. And some people call them Starseeds and Crystals. Usually the ones that come out with supernatural gifts like their 3-year-old piano prodigies, and painters. These kids are the ones that are thrust into the limelight. You know, you'll hear about them from China, or Russia, or America. It's a huge thing. Some of them will hit the limelight because of their supernatural abilities and prodigies. They call them prodigies; gifted children.

But there's millions of them that just live amongst us. And they have abilities. They just don't tell you about them, because they want to fit into society. They don't want people laughing at them. Remember the laughing syndrome when you were a kid -- and I know all the angels, incarnated angels here, know what I'm talking about. Seeing monsters at night and everybody laughs at you. "Oh, it's just your dresser. Oh, it's just...," you know, "It's your imagination." No, we really did see monsters at night. You see demons at night in your room, and everybody laughs and they tell you it's your imagination and there's nothing under the bed. Yeah, right. Some of us know better. But, anyway. So they hide. They hide who they are, because they don't want to be laughed at. They don't want to be laughed at.

The Lord Told Me that Hybrids Have Souls and Can Choose Whom They'll Serve

And a lot of these people have abilities that Christians, outright, would reject as being of Satan. And I've had to get over that hurdle, because I did the same thing. I felt the same way. [laughs] But I've had to grow, and change the way I think, because the one thing the Lord's told me is that they have souls. These hybrids have souls. And so, they have to choose who they're gonna serve, just as much as anybody else, just as much as I do, as much as you do. They have to choose whose side they're going to be on. They have that ability and that choice. So just because, you know, the aliens abducted their mothers -- impregnated their mothers with alien DNA and her DNA, or whatever -- and you know they do this. That's a whole show in itself, all the abductions that take place. No matter how they got here, how they were created, whether it's a test tube, a lab, or through their mother, they have souls. And so, having the souls, they have to choose.

The Aliens Are Trying to Cull Their Offspring (the Hybrids) Together on Earth

And so, I find it interesting that, even in these last days, they have this technology on the moon, it's, uh, this, uh...I don't know what to call it. I've talked about it before. That moon beam thing. They use that...they're trying to cull their offspring together on Earth. And the Bible [Codes] refers to it as domesticated or colonized Bison. A lot of these hybrids are still called alien terms in the Codes. They'll be called Bison. Even though they're humans, they're also animals. And in the Codes I just recognize them in whatever language is being used at that time in the Code. But, they're trying to cull them all together, because the aliens are getting ready to arrive.

I've told you, the Arab nations are in uprising, because Maitreya's getting ready for his arrival. And these regime changes, he needs people that are gonna be behind him when he arrives, so that when he arrives, he's accepted by the Arab nations and not outright ejected. That would be humiliating to him. And so, you're gonna see regime changes in Arab nations that are important to him to get control of.

And at the same time, they're trying to get control of what they consider their children on Earth. They consider hybrids their children, even though they have souls and they're born as humans. The aliens consider them as their children, their offspring. And so, they're trying to get control of these hybrids. And they do this DNA, uh, I don't know if you'd call it a DNA, but they have some kind of way of getting their attention, you know. And so, some people being compelled to go out on full-moon nights and just stand there and stuff. If you're a hybrid, resist the temptation.

A Wrench in Satan's Plans - The Hybrids Are Choosing to Follow the Most High

Because what I'm finding out is that a lot of these movies that Hollywood has put out are actually very accurate in some of the things that they tell you. Minus the drama. You'll always have the drama, but some of the information is very telling. X-Men [movie]...we have X-men hybrids literally among us. People with that kind of ability. People that can do things that are supernatural that the church crowd would shun as being satanic, and shun that person when that person loves the Lord. That person has a soul. They've chosen to follow the Most High.

And so, the problem going on right now with the aliens is that they're losing control of their hybrids, because the hybrids are accepting the Lord, the hybrids are following the Most High God. They're rejecting evil. And just as Hollywood movies depict, they turn around and fight against evil instead. And so, a huge part of what's going on now is that a lot of hybrids are rebuking and renouncing evil and turning to the Lord, and so.

And He'll accept them, they have souls. He doesn't hate them. They may have been told that by their parents, or the aliens themselves, or whoever, but the Lord doesn't hate them, at all. His redemption is for them, too, because they have souls, they're humans, even if they have messed-up DNA. I mean, humans today, people who are born 100% humans, they have messed-up DNA, too, so what's the heck. He still loves them. It's not about DNA. It's about your heart. It's not about your bloodline. It's not about your DNA line. It's about your heart. And so, if you accept Yahushua as your savior, and you love the Lord, you're more than welcome to come into His kingdom. His salvation, His redemption is offered to them, too.

The Orgone Warriors Will Be Allies with Hybrids and Others Who Love the Lord

And so, I find it very interesting that as we get into the days rolling down and winding down that in the Bible Codes I will see that Orgone Warriors, in particular, -- because they hate us...they hate us above everybody [laughs] -- will be allies. Yah's Warriors on Earth will ally with the other people, the hybrids and everybody else who loves the Lord, to fight evil. Because most churches are gonna reject these hybrids. They'll say, "Oh, they're not of the Lord." But, you know what? They listen to Bill Deagle. And Bill Deagle doesn't normally come out and admit he's a Indigo. He did to me. But he's a Indigo. He's a hybrid, and so.

But otherwise the hybrids find that if they say they're hybrid, they're shunned, and ignored, and cast away. And that shouldn't be the case, because, like the Lord told me, you know them by their fruits. Not just a human. How are you gonna tell -- how do you know looking at the girl ringing up your groceries at the grocery store if she's a human or a hybrid. Unless she looks at you and she's got the slit eyes. And that's the number one tip-off. You can't tell looking at them. You know them by their fruits.

Does she pray to the Lord? Does she love the Lord? OK, what kind of abilities do you have? [laughs] That's the fun part as a Warrior, finding out what abilities these people have, because they'll use them for the Lord's good. And so, His army's getting very varied, and very interesting in these last days, because we're a mixed army. We have incarnated angels, we have humans, we have hybrids, and we're all just working together to defeat evil in the last days, and so. It's becoming very interesting.

To Those Hybrids I've Shunned: I Apologize, Please Contact Me and Come Back

You know, years ago, the Lord would send people to me, into this ministry, and I just wasn't ready. I didn't know how to deal with hybrids. You know, I was still kind of in the box thinking, "Well, they're not like us, so they're evil." You know? And the Lord's had to bring me through a learning process that they have souls and they can choose. And so, years ago, I've probably shunned a lot of people. And I apologize for that.

You know, I've talked to people years ago where I've figured, "Oh, they're just New Age." And I clicked them off. Even though they said they loved the Lord and stuff, this stuff they were telling me they could do, something very New Agey to me. And so, I basically shunned them. And so, I apologize for that.

And I ask these people to contact me, come back to this ministry, because, you know what? This is a huge war, we all love the Lord, we're all fighting evil, we need to work together. And I've got -- branching out into various directions, and people who can deal, you know, with hybrids. You know, I've got hybrid sections now of people I know I can put you with and you can all just, uh, you know, they do some of the funniest spiritual warfare stuff I've ever seen, they love our prayers.

You know what? It's great to have it aboard because we have believers now who can give us a lot of info, who can tell us exactly what we need to pray for, and the strongholds that we can go after and tear down, because they can go see them, themselves. I mean, this is really becoming a very varied ministry. And so, all these people who, before, that just felt shunned and turned away, I just invite you to come back, and I'll put you with other people that love the Lord and have the same abilities as you do, and you all can go do your thing. [laughs]

We Fight Evil on Earth, the Hybrids Can Fight Evil in the Astral Realms

I realize I'll never be a part of that thing, because they have abilities I won't have. I was sent here in the last days to lead an army here on Earth, and so, my feet on Earth is where it stays. I don't go off into the astral realms and fight, you know, all these other beings. And I've told you the astral realms are a big party and how all the politicians have cities there, and all this stuff, and so. They go and have meetings in cities in the astral realm. It's a lot different than we think it is, folks. It's a whole different reality. And they show you on TV, we just don't realize it. We just don't realize it. The Matrix [movie]...those kinds of cities exist. I hate to tell you that, but they do. And I wouldn't have known it if I hadn't started opening up my mind to what a lot of these other people were saying that can go to these places. And so, you know?

My feet's here on Earth. A lot of your's are, too. And everybody else's does their own thing. But we'll be allies together, because we're all fighting evil. We fight evil. There's different levels. We fight evil on Earth. They fight evil in the astral realms. And, you know what? It's just different levels of warfare-fighting, folks. And, eventually, all those realms are gonna close, and they're gonna merge, and we're all gonna be here on Earth. And I'll tell you what. Other than the orgone, there's nothing more I'd like to see going after these things.

Some Aliens Beings Coming Are Just Creations with Lilith's Seeds Inside of Them

And I told you angels were coming to Earth, too, to fight some of these interdimensional beings that you can't even begin to describe. They try to portray them in Hollywood movies, but some of this stuff that's coming to Earth, some of these beings, these demons, these aliens, some of them just, they're not even fallen angels, they're just creations with Lilith's seeds...whatever, inside of them. You know, these machine-type. I mean, Lilith can come up with a bunch of stuff, because she's not one of us. She can create seed that's nothing we've ever seen. And so, it's a zoo, folks. It is a zoo. Zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo.

People Say They Look at People's Hearts Rather Than Their Appearance, but They Don't

But you've just gotta know whose side you're on. And, you know, we fight for the Most High. We're His. We're His redeemed on Earth. And, you know, He's our sole focus. And it's gonna be other groups of people who He is their sole focus, too, but they can fight in different ways than we can. And so, you know, I'm not an expert on this, but I'll say more about it than anybody else will. They're not even beginning to learn. And I've been stumbling through this [laughs] for a couple years now just trying to learn. [laughs] Literally just stumbling, because, you know, it's a lot different than when you read something, and you go to the Lord about it, and then you meet people that confirm what you're seeing, or what you know, or what you thought you know.

You guys know what I'm talking about. It's the ones that haven't come into contact with these kind of people yet that don't. And you will, because it's just so dominant, coming up dominant. Just so many of millions and millions of different types of beings on Earth. And all of us being together in the last days. And learning to get past the way somebody looks, and seeing what's in their heart. Because that's exactly what the Lord did. He looked at their hearts. And if people would do that, then they would be fleeing the megachurches. That's another thing. People say they do that, but they don't. They don't.

Benny Hinn holds up a Bible and tells everybody how much he loves the Lord. His deeds are pure wicked and evil. And many Satanists have stood in churches holding up Bibles, and Christians still fall for them. 'Cause they're not looking at their fruits. They're not really listening to the things that they're saying. They just assume that what looks like a chicken and acts like a chicken is a chicken. And that's not always the case, folks. Not always the case. Those two men alone have some of the worst hideous demons controlling them you could imagine.

Benny Hinn Waits for the Presence of Lucifer Before He Trys His Fake Healing Stuff

And Benny Hinn can't do anything without the power of Satan. That's why he calls him in all of his...all of his, uh, what's his things called? [Crusades.] I call them charades. [laughs] Because that's what they are. He waits for the presence of Satan before he could even begin to try his fake healing seminar stuff. You know, gets people on stage, and puts them under hypnosis. He gets his power from Satan. It's almost like the exact same thing like in Revelation, chapter 13, where it talks about that second beast doing all his miracles in the sight of the first beast. Because the first beast is who really gives him the power to do it. See? And that's how Benny Hinn operates.

I have audios on my website at www.sherrytalkradio.com where Benny Hinn is saying, "I see the owl. I see the owl." Another name for Lilith. I don't know if he's waiting for her, or Lucifer, at that point, but that's when he could begin. And that's why it was so fun -- and we stopped doing this this year 'cause we just got distracted, but I know some of you have kept up with it, in following Benny Hinn around the country and the world, when he has his meetings everywhere. And going there with orgone. It's so funny. Because he sits there for hours and goes into nothingness. Just worship, fake worship and praise, because he's waiting for Lucifer to arrive. And Lucifer won't because of the orgone. [laughs] So he sits there, and he calls out to him, and he does all this stuff trying to get him there and the orgone burns Lucifer and all them, and so, it's really funny. And he has to, literally, just wing those ones, because he has no power. Now when he's at a charade where none of us can get to, then he gets away with all of his crap, and so. It's never-ending, folks.

But, anyway, I just wanted to tip my hat, I guess you could say, on what's kind of going on. You know, we've got a lot of things coming, and so, things are going to drastically change, folks. Our whole world's gonna change, alone, when Maitreya arrives. When he arrives and Iran's all of a sudden, "Oh, our Imam is here." You know, that whole Islam religion is closer to hell, itself, than Satan is right now. He's not even in hell. He lives in luxury and high tech. You look at these Muslim people and they're so possessed, and they're so demonic. And I'm not saying Talmud Judaism's any different, because they're Satanists, too. But you've got some real, you know, Torah-believing Jews as well. Harder to find. You know. And every denomination -- look at the Vatican, how evil it is, and demonic it is.

Get Out of the Church Buildings and Sit at God's Feet if You Want to Learn the Truth

And so, how any religious group can stand up and say, "We're God's chosen," it's a laugh. They're usually the most demonic. And God isn't found in buildings, folks. He's found in the hearts of the people who love him. And they're not sitting in church buildings, and they're not sitting in denominations and religions, because he has them flee those. You flee them, because you can't find all the truth there. When you start to search Him, and pray to Him every day for the truth in all things, the first thing he's gonna do is lead you out of religion. And just sit at His feet so He can teach you, Himself. Because there's no one religion that has all the answers; that even has it halfway right. They have a few truths, and that's it. So, you're not gonna learn what other truths are until you leave it, you know. The whores of Babylon. It's all these churches in America are, the whores of Babylon.

"For Your Name Is Holy" - A Very Healing Song
Anyway, I posted a song at my website, www.sherrytalkradio.com. And it's called For Your Name Is Holy, and it's sung by Paul Wilbur. Somebody posted that on my Facebook site the other day. And I just love that song. Listen to that over and over, it just heals you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. You heal listening to that song. And it just gives you incredible peace and strength. It just a awesome worship and praise song. And so, I can't recommend it enough that you guys go to my website and click on that YouTube link and listen to that song. Because it's just become my favorite in these last couple days. I just love that song. Gives me so much peace.

There's Nuggets of Information All Over My Websites

And so, it's on my website, sherrytalkradio, right up at the top somewhere. You know how I am. I just put everything at the top and let them scroll down. In ten years I've never taken anything off my websites. [laughs] It could take you a month to get through the www.thewatcherfiles.com, alone, if you start reading stuff because I don't take things off, because it's information. And at one time I felt led to put it on there, and so who am I to take it off? You know, and the Lord pays for these websites. He funds everything. He makes sure I pay my bills. And so, I just leave it. There's nuggets of information all over my websites that people need.

Folks, I Need Big Backers to Stand Up and Fund This Orgone War and This Ministry

And so, even to the end of this show this hour went quick. This hour went quick.

Folks, I need your donations so we can start planning spring and summer missions, orgone missions. And I can't do that without donations. It just takes thousands and thousands of dollars in supplies just to make orgone. And so, you know, we want to do pipes, we want to do orgone. We wanna make sure we get certain areas and cities. And just a lot of things we need to do. And so, I need some big backers to stand up and finance this war, this ministry of these last days.

You're not gonna hear anywhere else the things I reveal on this show, the truths I reveal, the war we're in. I don't just talk about evil, I do something about it. You know, we go after them. We after it, it's a war. Go to www.orgoneblasters.com. You can read more about our war against them and how the Lord is leading us to destroy the strongholds with orgone. And that's what we're doing. Tearing down one stronghold after the next. We just need some big financial backing so we can just do it right. Instead of piddling along as we can and affording it, we need to be able to just do it right for the last push here, because this may be the last semi-normal year we ever have left on this planet. And if we don't do something, there's not gonna be much left of this planet, because all of the different alien groups that are coming in are gonna completely destroy it. And the orgone is the one thing that destroys and kills the aliens. And so, unless you want aliens living next-door to you, then you need to start making orgone and supporting this ministry, because we're the only one that can kill them off. We're the only one teaching people how to war against them.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. I'll talk more about Maitreya and what's going on in Israel today, and Libya, and Iran. And I'll get the callers on Thursday. I know some people have just about died sitting online tonight trying to get on the show, and I didn't take callers. But I'll do that on Thursday. I just wanted to get through some info tonight, and, boy, the hour went quick, and so.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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