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Aliens In The News



Aliens In The News
Thursday, February 24th, 2011

And hello, everybody.  It's Aliens In The News.  I'm Sherry Shriner.  And it's Thursday, February 24th, 2011. 

The Events Sherry’s Been Tracking In The Codes

You know, I've been in the Codes now for over a year tracking a certain event that I saw coming.  Actually, there’s two events that I saw coming—eh, you could say three—and one already happened.  One was a ground assault on my property here.  A whole brigand of alien beings.  And they pretty much stayed in their own dimension, the fourth dimension.  But I could pretty much see and hear and deal with these beings, and that was handled.  So it was a whole brigand of them.  I don't know how big a brigand is. [TN: Sherry might mean “brigade” here, which can have anywhere from 2000 to 11,000 soldiers depending on which country we’re talking about. A “brigand” is one soldier or lawless reprobate out of a group of bandits.]  And so.  Either way. Another event following that one was a huge UFO amassing here in my hometown.  And so, what I find interesting is a couple days ago, someone reported—and they actually got some video footage, and I posted it on my Facebook site—a UFO fleet of 1000—and what they saw were 4 large mother ships and about1000 orbs from these ships, from these UFOs.  Four large craft viewed in Pennsylvania on Saturday, January 19th, 2011.  Allegedly followed by a helicopter.  I don't know what a helicopter thinks it's gonna do. 

But very interesting that it was along Route 30.  And this is the same area I've been meaning to get for a long time, but I've never gotten out that way, especially with it being so much colder out.  Because Pittsburgh’s been pretty well orgoned.  We've got Pittsburg pretty well, probably a year or two ago, back when they were have that Illuminati convention there in Pittsburg.  And so.  But the area they're talking about is on the—pretty much on the border area of Ohio and PA.  And this area has always been a hot spot of UFOs.  I mean, if you were at my house in the summer time and watching the night skies, it's a zoo.  It's a literal zoo.  You can just see them patrolling.  And they take the same paths, an oval pathway around.  They come east of my property, circle, go west of here, and circle around.  They have like an oval pattern they follow.  I could just sit here in my yard and watch 'em, because they travel in this huge circle above my house.  

And so, this is gonna step up.  And interesting now, people on the PA side of this mess are starting to notice.  Now, for what I think is, probably they’re building up ships.  Because I've been tracking in the Codes since last year is that there's just gonna be a very large number of them here sometime in March.  And that could be any time now, because March in the Hebrew calendar begins mid-February of ours. And so, any time now over the next several weeks, you could see a lot more of these UFOs.  And this is why I think all this fighting’s going on in the Middle East. Their real attention is here right now.  So, it makes you wonder exactly how important the thing over there is to them.  Because I see them over here.  They're over here. 

Yah’s Been Cranking Up The Orgone In North Africa

And one of the things that strikes my interest is the fact that there seems to be a lot of orgone over there, more so than I ever thought in Africa.  And I know there's orgone in Africa.  We've got warriors in Africa.  We’ve shipped loads of orgone to Africa over the last few years. And apparently Yah is cranking it up over there because in the Codes I can see it affecting all of those North African nations. And the interesting part is, is that we've never really gotten much in the northern part of Africa.  It's very hard to get in the Arab countries if you're not already a citizen there.  Most of the English and African people stay in the central and southern part of the state.  A lot of the Muslims taking over Africa and Libya and a lot of those other nations to the north.  And so. 

Maitreya Will Try To Appeal To Both Jews And Muslims

You know, I've warned Maitreya's getting those nations ready for his arrival.  Regime changes.  It's going to be an interesting mix because he's going to come, and I've talked about this before—he's gonna come as a Semite circumcised Arab.  And so, he's going to appeal to the Jews because he's Semite and circumcised, but at the same time he's Muslim, so he'll appeal to the Arabs.  And this is kinda the mix you see with Obama. Someone who speaks outta both sides of his mouth.  Someone who bows to the Muslims, but then fills his political cabinet up with Jews.  You see that crazy mix where there's not one real loyalty to any one group.  They just kinda try to please them all.  That's exactly what Maitreya's gonna do.  And the interesting thing is with Obama being that way, nobody trusts him, nobody likes him.  And it will be interesting to see how or if anybody thinks of Maitreya as being any different. 

Get The Popcorn Ready For A History Lesson Right Out Of Our Leading Producers: BBP Sky Productions! 

But what he's suppose to do is come as the world teacher and appeal to everybody and rewrite everybody’s religions in history, and tell everybody how they've done it wrong, believed it wrong, and set everybody right.  This is part of their whole scheme.  This—I mean, they have their own Bible, they have their own books, they have their own videos.  They're gonna come and produce whole Hollywood productions in the skies, where they have videos they’ve created to show us what our ancient history was actually like.  And of course this is their views, folks.  This is their views.  They want you to think it’s true, and it was reality, it’s what really happened, and it’s our history—but, you know, it's gonna be a good deception.  It's gonna be a very good deception.  Because that's how the Bible describes the deceptions in the Last Days—Satan’s gonna deceive the world through deception.  And he has all these little pawns coming to do just that.

The Major World Religions Have Been Set Up To Wait And Watch For A Messiah

You know the Hindus, and the Buddhists, the Christians, and the Jews, and the Muslims—they've managed to steer all the religions to waiting for their messiah to return.  The Christians are waiting for Jesus.  The Muslims are waiting for their 12th Imam.  And the Hindus are waiting for theirs, and the Buddhists.  Everyone's waiting for their religion's messiah to return.  And so, what they're gonna do to answer this mess that Satan's created, because they all mimic—I don't want to say Christianity, but Judaism  I guess.  A mix.  Messianic Christianity.  Not Pauline Christianity.  They all mimic that one.  They're gonna come as a group.  There’s a whole group of them.  And we call them—they go by different names.  Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, where ascended gurus and world teachers and ascended masters, and there’s an Ascended Master for each religion.  Christianity will have Sananda Esu—sorry, “Emanuel.”  It's Sananda; goes by—or Jesus.  And then they’ll have Maitreya and they’ll have St. Germaine coming to redo everyone’s economics, and all these different Ascended Masters. 

Let’s Take Plan A Away And Force ‘Em To Move On To B Through Z!

And so, what we've been doing over the years is saturating the air with orgone and the Earth with orgone to destroy their forces that are coming.  And, you know, I've always said, I love taking Plan A away and making them go to B,C,D and E—their different routes.  Because Satan never plans on just one route in coming and taking over the world under a One World Government.  On several—every once in a while in the Codes, I'll see that this whole Ashtar thing, this whole Ashtar plan is negated.  And so.  That's the one thing that would be a real trip.  Is if we totally took this whole Ashtar Command facade away. 

Because if you remember, I mean, they've got so many websites on the Internet talking about the Shema star and announcing the arrival of Maitreya, and last year we were able to catch the Shema star on fire with the orgone.  It's kinda trapped.  It's been trapped in the east for a couple years now.  It can't move.  It's malfunctioned.  It’s on fire.  And this thing has to be literally huge because it's been on fire for so long.  Just literally huge in the sky.  And so. And it's a literal type of metropolis in the Codes.  You can see it’s a huge city.  There's kinda of two different parts to it.  One part is a huge metropolis area, and then another is, Satan has a temple on it.  Kinda reminds you of that ship you see on V. Except this is a huge rock; this isn't a ship.  It's a huge planet.  The Shema star. 

Stars, Ships, And Species

And so, that's how a lot of these star ships are, folks.  They're not big hunks of metal in the sky that are, you know, a hundred miles long like some of the other ships, but actual planets.  And so.  Huge rocks.  And they hollow them out.  And everything’s hollow.  Our Earth is hollow, our planets are hollow.  And these are basically where these beings live—is in the hollow parts of our Earth and in these planets, and in the various constellations—the Pleiades, the Orion, Tuturious—all these different stars.  All these are different abodes for all of these beings.  And various types of beings.  Some look humanoid—giants—some just look reptilian—various different types of reptilian races.  You have the Draconians and the Greys, and all the—and those are the easy ones, because those are the ones you can identify.  But then you have very many, hundreds of different factions of these different types of these alien beings. 

We call them “aliens,” but they’re just fallen angels.  They’re fallen angels and they’re Lilith’s children. It’s a mixture.  And many factions that are coming to Earth that you can’t even describe. And Hollywood doesn't even do them justice.  And just very vicious beings.  And so.  They want to portray their arrival to Earth as friendly beings, as masters that are here to teach people.  But there’s many, many invasions coming, visitations to Earth, that they’re just hostile.  They’re outright hostile.  And you'll see that in Joel chapter 2.  Joel talks about it. From the “extreme north,” in space, the Lord sends His judgment on the Earth, and He does so via the alien races in the—from the extreme north. And they're gonna destroy huge parts of this planet. 

How To Tell A Fake “Second Coming” From The Real One

And if you follow Bible prophesy, only right above a third of the Earth’s population is left alive by the time Yahushua returns to Earth—what the Christian's call “the Second Coming of Christ.”  By the time He arrives in Jerusalem, there will barely be a third of the Earth's population left.  And so. You know that anything before that is fake.  It's one of Satan’s fake charades.  And it's exactly what these Ascended Masters are trying to pull off. This whole fake Second Coming of Christ to deceive the Christians here on Earth.  And what they're going to do is send Sananda.  And you can look for that one in September.  I don't know if it’ll be this year or next year.  September is the dominant month for this Sananda to return, the one for the Christians.  I look for Maitreya to come first, so possibly in the months before September—March, May, June, July.  Any of those months have always been dominant for his arrival.  And so, just keep your eye on the Middle East.  Because I told you, he’ll come, and he’ll gather up a 10 nation confederacy—Arab confederacy. 

Antichrist And False Prophet Candidates

And I know the churches teach that’s Europe, but it's not. And I've said that from the start.  And it’s not the European Union that is the crown of the authority from the first beast in Revelation chapter 13.  It's Arab, and it's Islam.  And so. I got a heads up in an e-mail the other day from someone saying that this Islam beast will have to fulfill Arab prophecy, which is that he comes and destroys what they call the Antichrist on Earth.  And so. I thought that was amusing because, you know, I don't sit and read the Qur’an.  But the part of it—that part of it could explain the why that Muslims go to war with Europe, because they'll just convince their followers that the Vatican is the Antichrist, and they're gonna destroy the Antichrist.  And so, that could explain exactly why they seem to head to Europe to destroy Europe.  The, you know, Protestant churches have worked for years to also make the Vatican appear as—the Vatican and the Pope appear as the Antichrist.  And it's not.  But it ought to be good enough to appease the Muslims.  The Muslim's will never see that their own leader, the Imam, is the first beast of Revelation.  Is the Antichrist himself.  You know, the False Prophet position has pretty much always bounced back between this Sananda, what the churches will call “Jesus,” and the Pope.  And so.  If they destroy Europe, and they will, even the United States is going to be under much turmoil at that time.  And so. 

While Europe’s Got Its Problems, The US Will Be Facing Its Share Of Challenges As Well

Nobody is going to be, I dunno, unscathed I guess you could say.  Because the United States is heading into turmoil soon.  The collapse of their economy.  The Chinese taking over here.  And I've warned of that one for years as well.  As the Muslims encroach and destroy Europe, the Chinese will destroy America.  And so.  And the Red Dragon Army, they’re the forces of the Antichrist.  They're all going to be working together under this Maitreya.  It all goes into a huge web, and Obama kinda sits at the top of it as a puppet, and so—as all the world leaders are.  And so, I've always warned you that he's nothing but a puppet of Maitreya's. And so. 

The Eventful Summer We Have To Look Forward Too

Basically, that’s what we have coming all summer—is just regime changes, extreme weather changes, weather destruction, economic collapses, pure chaos.  You’re just going to see a lot of change over what’s happening.   You could see some uproars here in America over things that are happening.  And more and more of the visible UFO sightings.  They've always stayed in the background, but you're going to see it come out into the foreground more and more.  So. That's what I'm watching for.

If you have a question for the show, I told you guys Monday night I would be taking questions tonight—today, so. Gonna do that.  It's a nice day out.  You know, they actually had a two hour delay for school today because of the ice rain, but the sun’s come out, and it’s been pretty nice. 

You can call in at—let’s see—(1)-877-245-5648 if you have a question for the show.  Let's see what's going on with some of these listeners.

Sir Egghead Phones Sherry’s Home

[TN: Yes, this is really Maitreya [http://www.hiddencodes.com/maitreya.htm], so heads up.  You may have to put extra orgone in front of your computer and/or pray against attacks while reading this or listening to the archives because that guy was packing some serious nastiness on him that may carry through the computer monitor.  My lovely “partner in crime” and I had a wonderfully eventful time transcribing this.]

Sherry: Hello, caller.  You're on the air.

Caller: [silence]

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: [silence] …Hello?

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Hello.

Sherry: Hi.

Caller: Yeah [inaudible garble]

Sherry: Can you hear me?

Caller: Yeah, I can hear you now.  Can you hear me?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Alright uhm, now I just happened to stumble across your program and uhm. [clears throat]  Can you give me the definition of an “atheist” and “agnostic.”  Please.

Sherry: Well, an atheist believes there is no God.  Agnostic says, “If there is a God, I don't believe in Him.”  That's basically the only difference.   

Caller: If there is a God, he doesn't believe in Him.

Sherry:  Yeah. There could be a possibility that there is one, but if there is one, he doesn't believe in it.  And an atheist says—

Caller: —Oh, I always—

Sherry: —that there is no God.

Caller:  Yeah, I know what an atheist is.  Yeah, I know what an atheist is.  I always thought agnostic was that you left the door open.  That there could be a, a “higher power” but it certainly isn't written in uhm parchment on this planet that everybody goes to war over uhh for, you know, for a history of only 2000 years.  Uhh.

Sherry:  Well ,that's basically adopted—

Caller:  [shouts over Sherry] I'm talking about—I’m—what I'm talking about is like the grand universe.  I'm talking about the creation of the whole big picture—uhm, being agnostic—you know what I mean?  Where you don't believe in one religion, but you do believe in somebody did create all this, possibly.  And, you know, we're not talking about the petty pittance on this planet, we're talking about the grand vast universe.  You understand what I mean?

Sherry:  Yeah.  They’re basically back to, “There could be.” But they’re not taking a stand on any beliefs.

Caller:  No, I, I—listen. I'm not talking about a belief.  I'm trying to get a definition here.  

Sherry:  I know, but it all comes down to beliefs.  You either take a stand on one, or you don't.  Agnostics say, “Hey, there might be something out there, but I'm not gonna take a stand.” So however you want to roll all your own definitions under Agnosticism, that's exactly what it is. 

Caller:  Okay.

Sherry: You have Jews. You have Christians. You have Muslims.

Caller:  Now, I—listen. Anything that happens on this planet and, and the people that believe some, you know, 2000 year old documents and interpret them—and, and strife that's going on throughout, because somebody took a stand on these, uh, revelations and dissertations that have been passed down.  And to me, it’s not—

Sherry:  Yeah, and the secret societies got a hold of them, edited them, and controlled them, and published them.

Caller:  It’s complete nonsense.  Compared to the grand universe, it's complete nonsense.

Sherry:  That’s why—

Caller:  Would you agree or not?

Sherry:  Oh, I never liked—I don’t think God is in religion.  I think religion is man’s attempt to find Him, and He's not lost.

Caller:  Okay.

Sherry:  That we need to go to Him direct.

Caller: Right, exactly.  Religion is for people that, you know, who have nothing better to do and need to believe in something and—

Sherry:  Well, religion today is controlled.  Religion isn't even truth today.  Religion’s been watered down by secret societies.  The KJV—

Caller:  I—

Sherry:  —was edited by Shakespeare and King James, and you just have to look for the truth yourself.

Caller:  I completely agree with you.  I completely agree.  It's nothing more than a controlled mechanism.  I completely agree.  Now, let me ask you a question.  Have you ever heard of panspermia?

Sherry:  Of who?

Caller:  Panspermia.  This is not—I'm not—don't get the definition, like I'm trying to, uh, you know, be a smartass or nothing.  Panspermia is where—it's actually a scientific belief that life on our planet Earth was seeded through comets and asteroids that contain biological entities that created life on this planet.

Sherry:  Oh, that just sounds like an offshoot of the aliens.  We were created by the aliens in test tubes.

Caller:  It’s—but it’s actually a scientific belief.  This is not—this is not UFOs, and, uh—

Sherry:  It's just an offshoot of it.  They’re saying the same things but not using the same terminology.

Caller:  Well.  It's actually scientific belief.  I’m seeing if you’ve heard of it.  It's called panspermia, where life on this planet was seeded—because throughout the whole solar system and the whole universe there’s, you know, there's biological life and, you know, asteroids and comets—crashing into this planet, seeded this planet with biological entities that started off in deep primitive—and grew throughout, you know, the 2.5 billion years that we have here.

Sherry:  No, I just think it's garbage.  I think when it comes down to is everyone will always have to acknowledge and come to acknowledge that we were created by The Most High, and that everything else is Satan's attempt to recreate what He's already created.

Caller:  Okay, so now you're saying you’re Agnostic.  You believe in the higher power that did create life—

Sherry:  Of course I do.  I'm not Agnostic at all.  I totally believe in The Most High God.  That we were created by Yahuah. That there is a Son of God.  What I'm saying is religion has taken the truth and has manipulated and watered them down and controlled them. 

Caller: Okay, now we—

Sherry: There's a lot of truth that the Christians will never see in the KJV.

Caller:  Now, anything, any religion that's based on this, this terrestrial Earth is absolutely nonsense.  It's a control mechanism.  That's all it is.

Sherry:  Yes, but the bottom truth is that—

Caller:  It’s just—

Sherry:  The bottom truth to this, even Enoch said—

Caller:  To me, it—did Jesus Christ live?  He did live.  If he did live, he was the kinda dude that said, “Hey, you know what?  You should live this way.  As in, you know, not be, not be like the Jews in the temples and the Pharisees and all this nonsense and, you know, live a good life,” is basically what He was saying.  Was He the Son of God?  [fugly, sarcastic, high-pitched laugh]  I’m gonna say not.  You know what I mean?

Sherry:  That's your, that’s your bet to hang on to. Not mine.  I guess you could say your rope to hang on.  But I think you should do a little more studying on Yahushua Ben David because—

Caller:  Well what’s your opinion on that?

Sherry:  A lot of these agnostics—you claim “Jesus” wasn't mentioned in earlier texts.  Well, that wasn't His real Name.  That's why you’re never gonna find “Jesus Christ” in earlier historical texts, because that was never His Name.  That was His name given to Him by the Freemasons that controlled Christianity.

Caller:  Well, what kind of early historical text are we talking about?

Sherry:  Excuse me?

Caller:  What earlier historical text are we talking about?

Sherry:  Oh, just go back to any of the historical religious books.  I have a blast reading all the Nag Hammadi, The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Qumran Cave Scroll books.  Anything you can get your hands on. And they're available on the Internet.  You can read them on the Internet.

Caller:  That all dates back to the Old Testament.  Are you gonna tell me you're going back to Sumerian texts?  That you can read that too?  And—

Sherry:  I'm not gonna read Sumerian texts, but I could tell you what happened back then just by reading the Jewish texts.  Which the Jews were the first—were basically the ones who started keeping the histories and the scrolls written down, not just the Sumerians.

Caller: Well, what if Jesus Christ—

Sherry:  The problem with the early Israelites, was that the scribes that took over were Edomites and serpent seedline Jews, and they distorted what the actual history was of the Jews.  And that's why the Lord when He came here and rebuked them for having Satan’s seed as their scribes and historians.

Caller:  Okay, so you're, you're pretty much bound to all the interpretation of ancient texts on this planet.  You're not looking at a higher power, so to speak.  Or—

Sherry:  No.  You know what?  I look for truth.  And if you get rid of all the garbage and everybody’s, and just go to The Most High, The Creator, The One Himself, and ask Him to reveal the truth to you in all things, then He can reveal to you what the truth is.

Caller:  Well, wait a minute.  Have you ever of the council of Jerusalem? In 25 A.D.?

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller: Hmm?

Sherry: The Council of Jerusalem?  Yeah?

Caller: The Council of Jerusalem in 25 A.D.

Sherry: Okay?

Caller:  You have never heard of that?  Well, you’re a Bi—

Sherry:  No, I have heard of that.  What’s your point?

Caller:  Well, I'm just saying you're a Bible scholar, and this is where the Jews got together, because Christianity came outta Judaism basically.

Sherry:  Well, no, today’s Christianity came out of Paul.  And if you had the real truth of the Council of Jerusalem, they excommunicated him. [See here for reference: http://www.justgivemethetruth.com/excommunication_of_paul.htm]  But today’s Christianity—

Caller:  The Council of Jerusalem—if you sat down—if you sat down, and they decided what pieces of the Old Testament they were going to follow abide by.

Sherry: Oh, they didn’t have any reason to do that.  The only reason—the one that did that was Constantine, who decided which parts of what book would be allowed in the KJV.  That was Constantine; that wasn’t the Council.

Caller:  Yeah, I understand that.  That was—yeah, Constantine, and that—

Sherry:  Alright, anyways.  It’s 1:35, and my show’s only about 20 more minutes.  And this is an alien show, so if you want to talk theology, call me back on my Monday night show. And we’ll talk about this—

Caller:  Let me ask you—let me ask you one more question before I go.  You mentioned Constantine, so Christianity is a government-sponsored religion, yes?

Sherry:  Oh, pretty much.  I mean, well, they’re Pauline.  They’re a mixture of Pauline doctrine and the government, because Constantine was never a Believer until maybe the last breath when he died.  Christians believe he was a Christian for some reason.

Caller:  [laughing and saying some inaudible garbly insult] —had his cross. Yeah, I know exactly.

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  Yeah, alright.  Thank you.

Sherry:  Alright.  Thanks for calling in.

[call ends finally]

And…whoops.  Where am I? Ah, yeah.

How Do I Get In Touch With Other Warriors?

Sherry: Hello, caller.  You're on the air.

Caller:  Hello?

Sherry:  Hello?

Caller:  Hello?

Sherry:  Hi.

Caller:  Hi.  This is Deborah.  You go girl!  I really like listening to you. You have it very together.  I was wondering.  Last show on Monday that you had on, you had mentioning about maybe getting together with other people in your area.  I know how you want to protect everybody, but I would really like to be able to get a hold of you or Angie.  It's just real hard.  For some reason, when I tell my computer to try and e-mail you, I always get blocked.

Sherry:  Yeah, I've heard of that from others.

Caller:  A lot.  So, I really would love to be able to do something, and I picked up a little more work, and I've ended up doing the orgone with family and friends.  But now I'd like to just get it out.

Sherry:  Where are you?

Caller:  I'm in Arizona.

Sherry:  Arizona.  I was in Page Lake a couple years ago.

Caller:  Yeah.

Sherry:  Way north.

Caller:  I've been listening to you for, oh, two and a half years now.

Sherry:  Oh, yeah?

Caller:  Yeah.

Sherry:  I was down in 4 corners.

Caller:  Yeah.  I was babysitting my grandchildren one night, and I said, “God I—there’s other things out there I know You want me to learn.” I said, “What is it?”  And they went to sleep.  And something told me, “Go to the computer.”  And three hours later I found your show, and I've just been enthralled with it.

Sherry:  Never a dull moment.

Caller:  No, not at all. I've learned a lot from you.  And I don't feel like I’m alone anymore.  That's the best part about it all.

Sherry:  Well, I know we've got warriors out towards Arizona.  We have warriors everywhere.  It's just a matter of getting people together.  I guess you could say.

Caller:  Okay. Is there any way to either mail you or call you or—?  Because I completely understand respect the situation.

Sherry:  Yeah.  The only way to protect people is to keep ‘em apart. 

Caller: I know.  That’s really hard.  It’s an oxymoron sometimes.

Sherry: Makes it really hard to get together and do things. 

Caller: Yeah.  And I’m really alone here.  And because as much as I talk to my family and friends, they respect me because when I have something to say, it’s usually pretty good, so they do take it in, but no one thinks like I do. 

Sherry: Right.

Caller: And it’s getting old, and I’d just really like to meet some people.

Sherry: I know.  I think we’ve got some down there in Pheonix area, Mesa.  We’ve done a lot of work on the border area down there. The Mexican-Arizona border.

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: We’ve just been all through that area.  And so.

Caller: If I try and get a hold of Angie—she—I can usually always get a hold of her.  The other day I tried right after your show, and it blocked me again. I really didn’t expect that.

How To Get To The Chat Room During Sherry’s Shows

Sherry: Did you go to the chat room?

Caller: I’ve never been in the chat room.  I’m new at the computer, but I’m learning more.

Sherry: Well there’s a chat room if you go to the BlogTalkRadio website.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: W-w-w dot BlogTalkRadio dot com, backslash SherryTalkRadio [www.blogtalkradio.com/sherrytalkradio]

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: You’ll see a green “chat now” button. 

[TN: It’s right below the box of recorded shows, and it looks like a speech bubble.]

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: And if you click on that, you’ll get into the chat room, and that’s where all the warriors hang out during the show.  

Caller: Okay.  Thank you very much!

Sherry: Alright.  Otherwise, yeah, just send me an e-mail or mail me or—.  You know what? I can’t guarantee you anything.  But—especially with Arizona right now with this summer.  But you never know.

Caller: Yeah.  There’s a lot going on in my area. More so now.  And it never—I mean, it’s like, I actually called CBS and told them, “Look, you guys have to do something about the chemtrails.” And they’re like, “What?”  Well, about three days ago on the news, they’re starting to talk about it now and the effects of it.  And I thought that was really cool.

Sherry: Yeah.  They still deny it in Cleveland.  They still say it’s contrails. 

Caller: Yeah.  It’s crazy.  Well, you have a good day!

Sherry: Alright.  Well, thanks for calling in.

Caller: Thank you. 

Sherry: Alright. Buh-bye.

Caller: Bye.

[call ends]

If you have a question for the show, folks, you can call in at 1-877-245-5648.  And so. 

It’s Not Our Head Knowledge The Counts In Our Relationship With HIM, Its Our Hearts

You always have people that want to argue semantics or theology or—you know what, folks?  I don’t know, I just think, “Where is it with the books?” I mean, is that were your faith is?  In books?  And what you can figure out from reading books and arguments and figuring out semantics?  I mean, our whole relationship with the Creator, the Most High, is a heart thing. It’s not knowledge, you know?  It’s not what book you’ve read, how many different religions you know, how many languages you know, how much you think you’ve dug up and know compared to everybody else.  It has nothing to do about knowledge. It’s a heart thing.  It’s a relationship with the Most High.  And so.  And however or whatever religion, whatever route people use to get to Him, then so be it.  You know what?  There’s a lot of religions that all focus on the Creator, the Most High, and then they have their lone prophets or gurus that were supposedly sent by Him.  Like Mohammad, who was nothing but a rapist and a thief and a liar and a scoundrel.  He used to tour the deserts just to rob people and kill them.  Just a real scoundrel.  And so. 

Our Prophet Rose From The Grave; Check Out The Ones That Didn’t

The thing with all those religions folks is their prophets are in the graves.  Their prophets are still in their graves. You know, Yahushua the Son of God, He rose from the grave.  His body’s no longer in the grave.  Death couldn’t contain Him.  Why?  Because He’s the Son of God.  Death couldn’t defeat Him. But go look at Mohammad’s grave.  He’s still in it.  You know?  And you know what?  We’ve got so much control and distortion over the years because of the Freemasons and the Vatican trying to control what truth the teachers and the churches had and teach.  They want you to stay in that Pauline doctrine and stay in that—stay in his books and the KVJ and ignore Matthew, and ignore James, ignore John, and just read and live off Paul.  And 99 percent of the false doctrines Americans are taught today are based on Pauline scriptures and Pauline doctrines. 

Let’s see what’s going on here.

Sherry’s Thoughts On The Website Fossilized Customs

Sherry:  Hello, caller.  You're on the air.

Caller:  Hello? 

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Hello? Sherry?

Sherry:  Yes?

Caller:  Hi. This is Janet from Oklahoma.

Sherry: Oh, okay.

Caller: How are you?

Sherry:  Oh, I’m doing good.  How are you guys doing out in Oklahoma?  You guys are getting pounded again, huh?

Caller:  Yeah, we are.  It’s been a wild ride this year out here.

Sherry:  I don’t pity you.  You guys were like in the 70’s last week. 

Caller: I know.  It was beautiful.  It was gorgeous yesterday, but today we’re getting rain.  Which is probably pretty good for our lawns and flowers and gardens and everything.  I do have a question for you, Sherry.  I’ve been led to a little site called Fossilized Customs. [http://www.fossilizedcustoms.com/]

Sherry: Mhmm.

Caller: And I’ve been looking at a lot of the videos and listening to some of the things these folks have to say, and I’m intrigued, but yet I’m weary over what I’m hearing.  Do you have any knowledge of that?  Do you?

Sherry: I love their book.  One of the best books I’ve ever read.

Caller: Yeah. Like I said, I’ve been very intrigued. There’s some really good things in there. I just don’t want to get led in a path of deception.  I’m so sick of deception, you know?

Sherry: Right.  You know what?  Just chew the grass and spit out the hay.  Chew what you can handle right now, and as you keep asking the Lord for truth in all things every day, there’s maybe things or more things He leads you to or leads you away from. 

Caller: ‘Kay.

Sherry: And just seek Him.

Caller: Okay.  Well, I—

Sherry: You know, you don’t have to jump on somebody’s site or book and accept everything that they say.

Caller: Yes.  Right.

Sherry: Just chew on the things you can agree with and your spirit agrees with, and then just keep asking the Lord for truth in all things, and as you do every day, He may bring you back and back and back again to that material, or He may lead you away from it. I’ve never been to their website, but I’ve read their book, and I really enjoyed the book.  It talks about getting back to the feasts and the appointed times.

Caller: Oh, it’s awesome.  I mean, it seems very raw and basic and organic.

Sherry: And same views on—yeah—and same views on Paul destroying the church and stuff. I just love it.  You know?  It’s a lot of truth there. Most people have a hard time grasping who and what Paul was.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: And once you get over that hurdle, everything else is just another step, a huge part, the fun part of the journey of truth-seeking.

Caller: Well, I’ve even quit reading the books that he’s written.  I just don’t—I quit reading anything Paul is the author of.  And it’s just because I don’t want it to feel tainted.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Does it make it easier.

Sherry: I love Matthew.  I end up in Matthew all the time.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: The most words in red.  My favorite book.

The Dilemma: To Leave Or Not To Leave

Caller: Also, I have a question.  This is more along a personal line.  I don’t know if many of you listeners are going through this or not.  But I live—I’m married to a man that’s a non-Believer, and I’ve had an opportunity to get with some Believers and move out of my state to another state into a situation where there’s been provisions, and it’s in the Ozark.  I’ve known these people for a while, and they’ve invited me to come to their retreat to ride out this thing until Yah takes us back.  And I don’t know. I’m really torn.  Do I leave my husband to go with other Believers, or should I stay put and try to help him and his family along?  What—I don’t know what my role in this is, and I’m not hearing anything from Yah.

Sherry: Sometimes He just allows us to act, and then He just waits to see what we’re going to do.  There’s a lot of time when I’ve asked the Lord for direction, and all of the sudden Heaven gets numb.  It’s quiet.

Caller: Yes.

Sherry: You don’t hear anything. 

Caller: Yes! Almost like He’s watching—

Sherry: And it’s almost like—

Caller: —to see what I’ll do.

Sherry: Yeah.  He wants to see what you’re going to do and then just, you know, He supports you from that point on. But yeah. There’s a lot of time I’ve asked the Lord for answers to a lot of things, and I’ve just gotten silence. Silence.

Caller: Well, I know that we’re supposed to love one another and teach one another, and, you know, if I’m the only one in this area that will be left behind to teach others, and I leave, then I’ve wasted my mission.

Sherry: You know, you really just have to keep going to where your heart tells you to do.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Learn to follow what your heart tells you to do.  Because so many times, that’s why we think, “Oh, Heaven’s silent.” Our hearts are telling us one thing, and our heads are telling us another.  And we almost always end up following our heads and end up in trouble. 

Caller: Right.

Sherry: Follow whatever it is your heart’s telling you to do. 

Caller: Oh my.  Sweetheart, thank you so much.  I appreciate that. You’ve helped me a lot today.

Sherry: Okay.

Caller: I pray for you all the time. I do.  Thank you for everything that you do, dear.  Seriously.

Sherry: Alright.

Caller: You don’t know what a blessing you are to all of us.  Thank you. 

Sherry: Alright.  Well, thanks for calling in.  Hope I helped somehow.

Caller: Oh, you did.  Believe me. Thank you very much.

Sherry: Alright. Buh-bye.

Caller: Buh-bye honey.

[call ends]

Have You Heard The Latest On The Galactic Federation?

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: How’re you doing?

Sherry:  Good.  How are you?

Caller: I’m doing good.

Sherry: Where ya calling from?

Caller: Washington D.C.

Sherry: Oh, okay.  My favorite hotspot.

Caller: Well, you know I’ve been listening to you ever since you started, right? 

Sherry: Oh yeah?  That long? On BlogTalk?

Caller:  Yeah.  I’ve been listening to you for a long time.  But tell me what you think of this whole new update with, you know, the Galactic Federation. So, they’re saying this.  “About 25,000 years ago, Atlantis’s nefarious plans came to fruition, leading to the corrupting experiments that created the environment that led to her demise.” Then it says, “Then, around 13,000 years ago, you were caught up in this declining situation and, in order to survive, became greatly dependent on the remaining off-workers that you now know as the Anunnaki, their Sumerian name. This group of then-dark men cast you into a fright-filled world of wars, hatred, religions, and want, and yet you learned to survive in this land of fear and toil. Now you have reached the point where all of this is destined to change. You have become capable of calling upon the wisdom stored in your epigenetics which, when combined with the ascension process, is to turn you into man’s most wondrous prototype for change throughout the vast regions of the galaxy—”

Sherry:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  You know what?  They’ve always hated mankind. 

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: They’ve always hated the Lord’s creation. They’ve always set out to destroy it. But now through their writings they want us to believe that, “Oh, we want to help mankind.”  Or they were the creators of us, or—you know what?  Atlantis existed at one time.

Caller: Yeah.

Yahuah Recreated And Replenished Our Beautiful Earth

Sherry:  All of—you know, there’s a lot of things they say that were true, but most of the stuff they say, they’ve spun it into lies because they don’t want you to know who and what they really were, and what their role was in the whole thing.  And if you look at Genesis 1, the Earth was recreated. 

Caller: Right.

Sherry: It wasn’t created out of—it was recreated. Which means there was something here before.

Caller:  Uh-huh.

Sherry: He replenished the Earth.  [Genesis 1:28; Genesis 9:1]

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Because it had sat here dormant and destroyed and in judgment, and in void and darkness, for thousands of years before He finally replenished the Earth.  He recreated it.  And so, during that darkness and void and judgment time, was a time of Satan’s rebellion against the Most High.  And that’s why the Lord destroyed it, and it sat in judgment all those years.  And these Ascended Masters want everybody to think that, you know, Atlantis was—Atlantis was destroyed. I mean, they just—destroyed.  Lemuria. There were other ancient cities here.  These were once angelic cities that once inhabited the Earth.  And they were part of Satan’s rebellion against the Most High. And so you—

Thoughts On The Coming Economic Crash

Caller: Well what do you think about—when they set up this new currency, talking about setting up this new gold and silver?  But then when you think about it, I mean, you know that it has to happen soon anyway, because a lot of people would never believe that a lot of these things were coming, so it was all a test anyway.

Sherry: Well, you know, the Bible says they’ll be throwing their gold and silver into the streets. [Ezekiel 7:19]  What good is it if there’s nothing to buy? 

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: There’s famine coming.  There’s destructions coming. Earthquakes that are, you know—economies crashing.  Stores are going to be empty.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: People aren’t going to be able to get to them. The economies are going to crash.

Caller: But when you think about, just being here in the city, I mean, how terrible it is, it—I mean, it had to come to this.  You know?

Sherry: Yeah.

Reptilian Target

Caller: Because it was basically all a test, too.  And a lot people, I mean, this is like, what you say is [inaudible] I mean, basically here, I don’t go too far, you know, no more anyway, ‘cause, you know, ‘cause of my line and aura.  I mean, the reptilians have been trying to kill me and take me out for a long time too. You know?

Sherry: You got orgone around your house?

Caller: Yeah. I mean, already now I notice them everywhere.  Especially in D.C.

Sherry: Oh—

Caller: And when I think about this government shut down, I think they’re trying to do that on purpose, too. ‘Cause basically, if they do their government shut down, I won’t be getting my social security benefits and stuff.  ‘Cause they had put out a hit on me when I was 19, and shot me in the face with nothing.  So, I’ve been dealing with these creatures for a long time.  And the dark Kabalas, you know, they put a hit on me on—what?—the 19th of February.  And I got away from that.  So I’ve been getting more and more attacks.  And then, you know, they’re trying to put me in this community connections thing.  I have bipolar or something.  So.  I’ve just been dealing with a lot. So.

Rockin’ Portal Closing Powers

The thing about—I’ve been seeing them, you know, open up portals, but I know how to close them.  But then again, I just gotta let it happen.  I can’t keep on, you know, lying, thinking I gotta keep fixing this medicine, you know.  That basically if I take it, you know I’ll die.  And they know I’ve been really powerful, but I gotta kinda let—all this has gotta come.  You know?  I just gotta wait it out.  Because, basically, if I close these portals, it’s another destruction they open around here.  Because right now I’m looking at the NASA I’m doing. You know?  And the NASA right across the street, they’ve been setting up the Project Blue Beam.  I’ve been telling people all that, but they say, “Ah, you crazy. You delusional.” And all this.

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  I even told my mom.  “You delusional! You need to have medicine!  Take that shot.”  So, I have to let this happen.  You know?  So. I don’t want it to happen, but I just gotta let it.  And they know I know how to close portals and gates and all that.  ‘Cause I’m right in the middle of all the belly of the beasts, and —

Sherry: You know what?  There’s a lot of people that know how to do that kind of thing.  And you just need to get with them so you have some help. 

Caller:  Yeah, but you gotta understand.  They put people around me, you know, against me. 

Sherry:  I know.  You know what?  Send me an e-mail after the show.

Caller: Yeah. Uh-huh.

Sherry: And let me hook you up with some people that I know.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: ‘Cause that’s not my particular warfare calling. My feet are on the Earth, and, you know.  But I know some of you warriors that are here on Earth, that you just go into a whole new level.

Targets Of Destruction – The Darkness Can’t Handle The Light

Caller: And then the thing on my dog, they were doing that.  And then I had a lady manager in my building, and I just, I think they told her to [inaudible] and that I was a begging for money.  And they put so much malicious lies on me, ‘cause they know I’m a threat.

Sherry:  Right.

Caller: It was like this. I even go in metro, where it has the diamond, where the metro thing is, and I can close a portal that way.  Different ways.

Sherry:  Yeah.  ‘Cause they know who you are.  They see the light, and they know who we are before we’re born.  And they spend our entire lives trying to destroy us, and we can’t figure out why until we’re much older, and we start to stumble upon the truth.

Dealing With Disbelief And Eyes That Don’t See

Caller: Yeah.  But the thing about it is like when I tell my mom, oh, about the Bible and all that, how, you know—and I even try to show her about the Galactic Federation, eyes on the beast, the Illuminati, Sananda Immanuel—I tell her all that.  “Nah, you delusional.  You need help.”  And all that. So I’m like “Eh.” I’m kinda like at odds, you know? 

Sherry: Yeah. 

Caller:  ‘Cause that’s gotta—it’s like why I gotta let it happen.  And it’s terrible, you know?

Sherry: That’s why you just hang on your own.  You become a loner.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry:  And that’s how most people are. They’re just, they’re alone.  Because no one else will believe them.  But they still gotta get their own—

Caller: [inaudible] —one of the top secret weapons, next to the alien ships that I caught.  How they’re about to release, you know, all of the greys and all them.  I try to tell people. “Aw man, stop lying. What’s wrong with you?” So it’s like, it’s kinda hardened my heart.  So it’s like, then when it finally comes, they’re gonna say like, “Oh! Oh, I didn’t know all this!” You know?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller:  And most people here, man, here in D.C., they—man, everybody’s just all, “Oh, Lady Gaga’s coming today!” ‘Cause Verizon’s having that special event today, so everybody, even the council’s getting free tickets of Lady Gaga. And she’s hideous.  Now she’s coming out in the open with the whole reptilians in the skies.  You know, looking just like so evil—you see with the little points and all, so you know she’s just basically coming all out.  

Sherry: Yeah. 

Caller:  They’ve been waiting for this arrival time too, and everybody’s just so much in brain control. I mean, put it like this, here in D.C. it’s even worse. I mean, you got people just into Ipods, and all that, just walking down the street.  There’s all that technology.

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:   And I tell them about when the giant’s coming, you know?  “Aw, that’s fake.”  You know? “That’s not—” So, it’s like, now I’ve been letting them open up the portals. They open up a lot here in D.C. too. And I’ve been seeing more—you know what I’m saying—UFOs and all that all around here.  And people don’t even notice.  And these are not planes.

Sherry: Yeah.  Oh, I know they don’t notice.  ‘Cause we have thousands of them here in the summer.

Caller:  I just get tired of, you know, people saying, “Nah, you delusional.”

Sherry: Alright.  Well, you know what? I gotta cut it off. I gotta end this show. 

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: But thanks for calling in, and contact me via e-mail after the show so I can hook you up with other warriors that seem to be on the same kind of level you’re on.    

Are There Other Warriors In The D.C. Area?

Caller: One more thing.  Do you know of any other warriors in the area of D.C.?

Sherry:  Yeah.  There are warriors there. Even Indians will fight in D.C. because they all hate Obama. 

Caller:  Yeah.

Sherry: So even if they’re—

Caller:  —I saw one shapeshift, and he was a police officer.  I got a visit from him too—

Sherry:  Alright, I gotta go!  I’m down to one minute. Thanks for calling in!

Caller:  Talk to you later.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

Caller: Bye.

[call ends]

Our Army Is Made Up Of A Plethora Of Exceptional And Powerful Warriors – Praise Yah!

And so that’s about—that’s going to wrap up the show for today, folks.  And so. Be back Monday night at 10 o’clock with Sherry Talk Radio.  And, yeah.  Until then—you know, there’s a lot of different types of spiritual warriors here.  Some close portals.  Some are demon fighters.  Just various different types of warfare warriors here on Earth, folks. And so.  If you’ve been listening to this show, give me a call—or not give me a call, give me an e-mail.  And try to hook up warriors together because, it’s not my area, but I do know all ya’ll exist, and you can all work together. So. Anyway. Until next week everybody.

Yah Bless.


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