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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 28, 2011

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And, a couple things I want to get into tonight. I'm having a lot of difficulty. Imagine that. About an hour before the show begins, my Internet service starts to stall. So, I can't get in the chat room. But that's [laughs] usually a toss in the wind if I can on a Monday night or not, depending on how harassed I'm gonna be during the show or not, and so.

A couple things I wanted to mention and get into. Some of the highlights of this week. I don't know if you've been paying attention to the news. Charlie Sheen and his show -- and then the reason I'm gonna bring this out in a minute -- there's a whole debacle going on with Charlie Sheen and CBS. And they cancelled his show because of a tirade he had. You know, if you listen to the tirade he had -- I wish I had it in front of me because I was looking at it the other day -- it wasn't the words of a madman, it wasn't the words of a drunk, a drug addict. He was specifically attacking his executive producer -- I didn't really understand what he was saying. I don't think anybody else would either unless you're in the inside know-it-all thing, type thing. But it seems to me like just some kind of -- you know, he's saying, "I'm not a soft target," and, you know, whatever. But I found it interesting that they were showing Martin Sheen on TV a couple days before that. And he was standing there with his other son, Emilio [Estevez].

And [Charlie] Sheen is not his real name. I don't know how many of you know that. I don't know if it's Estevez. I don't know if that's his last name or not. Emilio never changed his name. But Charlie did. Charlie changed his name to Sheen along with his dad. Martin Sheen's always been a known Jesuit of the Vatican. And when he became a Jesuit, he changed his last name to Sheen which means "shine, radiance, Illuminati, illumination." And so, interesting that this whole thing with Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen's coming out.

And I found it amusing that Martin Sheen -- he was talking in an interview on TV and he said, you know, they hope for the best for Charlie, or whatever, because he wants to "help him along with his transcendence". And right there I had to gag. Right there. Right there. Transcendence? Come on. Come on. Could it be any clearer that the whole Illuminati game plan ends with the alien agenda, folks? The same alien agenda that I've been screaming about for ten years now. I mean, come on, transcendence?

You know, the whole New Age agenda has this thing where they're gonna transcend, and vibratory levels are gonna increase. You know, transcend and get some popcorn or something. They want to bring a fifth dimension on this earth, and I don't know who they think they're kidding. The only thing they're gonna do is transcend up into a UFO and be taken straight to hell, or be taken to stock freezers. I think they're big buddies of the alien agenda and the aliens that are coming.

Hollywood Is Run by Secret Societies

And aliens eat us. They eat humans. I don't know when they're gonna wake up and smell the roses. I thought the whole thing was interesting with Sheen, and Illumination references, and now having it out, and so. I don't know what that's all about. But you're gonna start, you know, seeing it, it's more and more obvious, folks. Dennis Quaid, who fled to Canada, swearing that there was a death cult in Hollywood. And he's right on. There is so much control in Hollywood. You have the Jews, the Mafia, and the Illuminati. Just everybody, all right there, controlling.

I mean, over the years I've heard from many producers from Hollywood. And I've heard from artists, from singers, and stuff. And it's always the same thing. A lot of producers just get run out of there. A lot of them. They're running for their lives. They're running to get away from there. Basically because their ideas get stolen, and there's nothing they can do about it. You know, they're just the small men on the totem pole of Hollywood. And the bigger guys take their ideas, and then take the credit, and make the money.

But it's obvious, a lot of their ideas coming straight off my website, www.thewatcherfiles.com, because they know as much as I do about what's coming. I mean, think about it. The Freemasons are all over Hollywood. Hollywood is run by secret societies just like politics and religion today. Everything's controlled by secret societies. And unless you're in at the very top levels, then you're just paying for everybody else, you're just fodder, you just pay your due monthly, pay your dues, you know. At the lower levels of Freemasonry, they just bring them in and make them pay dues, and they all think they're in a good work organization. And as they climb up the levels, they start to understand, they start to become more aware of exactly what their "god of light" is, what their real agenda is. And even the other secret societies and groups. It's all the same thing, folks.

But you're gonna start seeing it. I told you about Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus, and these people trying to break out of control. And what they do is they discredit them and slam them, and try to smear their characters. And so, it's just an ongoing thing there, folks.

Illuminati Children Fighting to Take Control Back of Themselves

Was looking at the rag tags [tabloid newspapers] when I was in my other grocery store today. Angelina Jolie...you know, it doesn't get any more Illuminati and MKULTRA than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. And the thing that breaks my heart about that whole situation is their daughter. Because she's only, what? Four-years-old now. And, at her age, at four-years-old -- and they start in the womb, folks. They start when these babies are born. If you're in the Illuminati families, they start [fragmenting] and splitting your mind from the time you're even born.

And so, here we have a four-year-old child totally dissociating from even being a girl. You've probably seen her pictures where she's cut her hair short, she's dressing like a boy. And you have Angelina Jolie saying, "Oh, I did the same thing when I was little." 'Cause what four-year-old would even think that, "Oh, I don't want to be a girl, I want to be a boy"? Now does she think it's less painful to be a boy than it is a girl? Is that why she's dissociating away from being a girl? Because it's less painful? Does she think they won't sexually abuse her if they think she's a boy?

And, you know what? There's just no safety net in the entire Illuminati families if you're a boy or a girl. You're gonna be abused. They split your mind, they [fragment] your mind. They call it Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID], MPD [Multiple Personality Disorder], so that they can make other alters and personalities within you so they can try to control those. And then, these kids spend the rest of their lives trying to take control back of their own minds. So that they can become in control of their own minds. So that they can be the one living day to day, and not pushed somewhere back in the far recesses of their mind while some other being takes over and they just have to sit there and watch. It's like sitting back like five feet away and watching someone else operating your body, speaking your words, doing things you would do, and you're a prisoner, and you just have to sit back and watch, and fight to try to take control back.

And if you listen to the lyrics of Miley Cyrus' songs, and other artists that are out there, they all sing about it. They sing about it.

And then you have the other freaks that don't even try to hide it like Lil Wayne, who's gonna take a UFO and get off the earth ["hop up in my spaceship and leave earth", and blah-blah-blah. Go now! What's he waiting for? Why don't they just get on their UFOs and go now?

National I.D. Cards Could Become Mandatory in May

But, anyway, folks. I was reading a...thing today. I.D. cards coming out in May. And, remember I told you earlier in the year, when they were saying that the I.D. cards wouldn't be mandatory until about 2014, and I said, "We don't even have that long. They'll be coming out this year." And here it's already coming out that the I.D. cards could become mandatory by May. And I've seen this. And I've seen the panic it's gonna cause. And, very, very viable that they will start enforcing it May of this year, folks.

And, you know what? If this involves getting chip-implanted in my hands? No way. No way I would allow them to put a chip in me. It's bad enough when they follow you around with chip guns and shoot chips in your legs. I've had to pull chips out of my legs coming out of Lowe's. They have chip guns, and I have one on my website, www.thewatcherfiles.com. Just scroll all the way down, 'cause I put it on there a couple years ago. I never take anything off my websites. [laughs] But I have a picture of a chip gun. They're probably much more sophisticated now, because when I was in Lowe's, I never saw anyone walking around with any type of gun. But sure enough, when I got home, I'd seen this black dot on my leg. And I started pulling it out, and this thing must've been an inch long.

And it's not what you think. When you look online at chip implants, they're encased in a plastic capsule. They're not like that. When you pull them out of your skin, they're like fibers. It's like a black dot that looks like a blackhead on your skin, and then all these fibers are attached to it. Little antennas. That's what they are. And I wish I'd kept it. I wish I'd kept that thing. I was just so sick. I had a temperature like almost 102 at the point. Very, very sick. And just not thinking. I wish I would've kept it, and so.

But, coming to you in the form of an I.D. card. If they want to put it in the I.D. card, itself, it's like a license with a chip in it. You know, I could handle that one, but there's no way I'm willing to put a chip in my body, and so. And they're just conditioning you, folks. Getting you ready to accept the Antichrist chip, to join the world economic program, transcend and join the global economy. [laughs] Oh, man. We're gonna watch Hollywood go New Age now, and it's gonna be nauseating. They're already nauseating. And now we've gotta watch them go New Age? I mean, that's been nauseating enough.

Comedian Asks Donald Rumsfeld if He's a Reptilian

So, I haven't been on YouTube. I haven't watched any of the latest Reptilian shape-shifter videos that have been put up. But there was a story out about a comedian having Donald Rumsfeld on his show, or being on a show Donald Rumsfeld was on. And he asked Donald Rumsfeld if he was a Reptilian [laughs], and, of course, Rumsfeld -- Rumsfeld wouldn't even answer him. So he didn't deny it. He wouldn't answer him, and so.

Coming out more and more, folks. People may use it in a joking format. But I'll tell you what. When even people start to think, "Hey, are you human or Reptilian?" that shows I've done my job for ten years. I mean, I've been laughed at, mocked at, scoffed at, scorned, called every name in the book. But now people are seeing what I've been warning about. And other hosts are picking up -- I mean, I can remember, what was it? About seven, six years ago when I did the Jeff Rense show, and he practically just mocked me the whole time I was on his show trying to discuss Bible Codes, and it was just a mockery of an interview.

I've had other people like Greg Szymanski send me e-mails, get me ready to do a show, and at the last minute cancel the interview, because he decided talk about UFOs and aliens was too much. It was too much? Are they protecting? Or are they really that ignorant? You know? So I find that interesting.

The Government Agencies and Military Listen to My Shows

And I also find it interesting that all the mainstream people listen to my show, but nobody gives me credit for anything. You should see the I.P. addresses, everyone tonight, of the people who listen to this show. Government, NASA (nauseating) [pronounced first "A" as in the word "nauseating," then as in the word "at"] I call them NASA [as in nauseating]. They're nauseating. The Air Force, the Navy. Thousands of I.P. addresses linked all back to the government. Why? Why do they care about this show? Because I'm one of the most credible sources out there for information.

They want to know what the Bible Codes are gonna be revealing, what timeline we're gonna be on. Because the best that their remote viewers and time travelers can do is find routes. And that's what I do. I find the different routes that we can go down. But I can also pinpoint which ones will be taken, and so. And I also go by what the Lord tells me. And that's one thing they'll never have unless they wisen up and turn to the Lord, is have His Holy Spirit guiding them. Because ten years ago, when the Lord stood me up to be His mouthpiece on Earth, I haven't stopped since.

My 2 Radio Shows and 18 Websites Are 100% Listener-Supported

And now I've got two radio shows and 18 websites, all 100% listener-supported. I don't have any commercial endorsements on my websites, I don't have any commercial ads on my radio shows. I'm not controlled by anybody. Nobody. And I've had people offer. "Hey, I'd like to put a banner, I'd like to put a link, on your websites." And, you know what? I've always said, "No." Because as long as the listeners are supporting this ministry, I'll never be owned by anybody else. Just the Lord, Himself. I'm not gonna be influenced by advertisers on what I should say and what I shouldn't. I'll decide what I say and what I shouldn't. And usually "shouldn't" doesn't even come in the equation. I say what I feel like. Whatever the Lord leads me to say, is what I say.

And so, I appreciate all the donations from people coming in this month so we'll be on the air next month. Just got a lot of bills to pay, folks. And, got a lot of supplies to buy. I need your help with buying supplies to keep the orgone war going. It would be one of the highlights of my entire career if I could just take an orgone puck and go sit and do an interview with Larry King. [laughs] Maybe I'd take a few and stack them up on the table, talking to Larry King, huh? That would be funny. He couldn't stand five minutes in a room with orgone in it, so. [laughs]

Check Out www.OrgoneBlasters.com and Learn How to Fight the NWO

Those of you who haven't checked out my website, check out www.orgoneblasters.com. A lot of people talk about the New World Order and what their plans are to destroy us, but they don't talk about how we can fight back and things we can do to eliminate them. And orgone, this aether energy, which I'm gonna start talking about a little bit more next week, is the living breath of God, Himself. It's the same compounds. And so, it goes a lot further, folks, than you can even imagine what this aether energy is. It's a living, breathing, life force energy. And we're able to recreate it with the orgone. And it destroys anything evil and anything wicked. It burns them. They get uncomfortable around it. I've seen people go into hives just wearing a pendant, because they were possessed, demon-possessed. Might not have had anything to do with aliens, they were just demon-possessed, and had anger issues their entire lives, because they were possessed, and wore a pendant and was breaking out in hives. So not only affecting demons, people who are possessed by demons, but also the soul-scalped among us, and the alien beings among us.

The Different Types of Beings Among Us

You know, one of the things I've been seeing in the Bible Codes is "denomination." And this isn't talking about our religious denominations. It's talking about the different sects, the different factions, the different beings that are among us. And not just with the aliens, because on my website I have a list of what? Over 200 different kinds of, breeds of aliens, 200 different ones. And, Lord knows there's probably thousands. But in the Bible Codes, when I see "denomination," you know, you've got clones, you've got soul-scalped, we've got possessed, we've got hybrids, mamzers [bastard; illegitimate child]. Just different types of beings among us. And I talked about this last week.

And you'll hear them today call themselves Indigos, Starseeds, Crystals, Star Children, and various names. But for the most part, for the most part, people who are hybrids are not involved with the top, elite clans. There's maybe one percent that can get on a piano and play like a prodigy at four-years-old. That's also another trait of being MPD where another alter is a prodigy. But we'll stick with the Indigos for right now, and Starseeds, because we have about 100 million in our population alone out of what? 300 million, 400 million, maybe 100 million around the world and maybe just 10, 20 million here. I'm sure there's some in the Illuminati, MKULTRAs, shaking their head because I don't have the right number. I mean, I heard it was 50 million, but that would mean like one out of every five people in America is a hybrid. Is a hybrid. And, for the most part you don't even know that they're hybrids. Because they don't talk about it. They're different, and they know they're different than us, but they don't talk about it. They're not gonna tell you. But you can watch the kinds of things they do.

Two Different Types of Hybrids Among Us

I've noticed that there's two different types of hybrids among us. And they all look human, so you can't really tell by their looks. Some of them you can tell by their eyes. I told you how to look at their eyes. The snake slits in the eyes. That Reptilian stare look. That dark, black stare. And it looks like it's just piercing right through you. A lot of them have that Reptilian stare, even if they are good...good hybrids. Because there's good and there's bad. Just because they're hybrids, folks, they still have human souls. And the fact that they have human souls makes them redeemable. They could accept the Lord's salvation and enter into the kingdom of heaven, just like any other human on Earth can. OK?

Now the clones, they can't, because they don't even have souls. The clones are just manufactured bodies, and a alien or a demon takes over and possesses it. They don't have souls. That's like what you'd call a mamzer, clone. But a hybrid does have a soul. And so, just because someone has snake-slit eyes or a Reptilian stare doesn't make them bad, because they can accept Christ as his savior like anybody else. And so, it's like the Lord told me, you know them by their fruits.

And so, I noticed, just like with anybody else, that they either choose to do good and be good, or they're bad and they're very bad. When a hybrid is bad, it's just a very, very intense evil. Because they have gifts and abilities that most humans don't have, and they can use them for evil purposes. Most of the good hybrids are very health-conscious. They take care of their health. They don't eat processed, fatty foods. They're the typical ones on the bandwagon to try to get everyone else to eat healthy. And they take care of themselves. And they're loving. Love is a big thing with them.

And then you'll see the bad ones, you know. They're sugar addicts. And they use their powers for evil things. They manipulate. They can manipulate energy. They can manipulate you. They can suck the energy out of you like a energy vampire. So if you're around these people, and you start getting really tired all the time, it's because they suck your energy out. They're like energy vampires. And they use that energy for themselves. They can manipulate the weather. Even time, and so. Just different things they can do.

A Lot of Warring Goes on in the Astral Realm

Most of them are astral realm warriors. You'll see Sony coming out, in a lot of female videos now. Whose was I watching? Britney Spears, and that whole astral realm dual fighting thing in her last video that just came out, that big one that just came out [Hold It Against Me]. And the whole thing was about her alter, her twin alter, and fighting against her alter to take control of her own body back...and losing. And you see Sony, the signs of Sony everywhere. And, also it's Rhianna and a lot of the other girls. Sony uses them as astral warriors. You know, I've never been out there on the voodoo planes [levels of existence], and so, I don't know what goes on out there. But there's a lot of warring that goes on out there, between those who are good and those who are evil, on the astral realm, I guess. I don't know. Interesting.

And a lot of that comes out in Hollywood movies. The problem is we all just think it's fiction and entertainment. Inception, Matrix. How many of you thought that that was true? Well, what if it was, you know? There's a lot of different dimensions and realities around this earth. And when they all merge, 'cause they're all going to, doing it now, the dimensions are merging, colliding together, and then we're all gonna be stuck here on Earth.

Any Day We Have That's Normal Is a Blessing

Look at Revelation, chapter 12, when Satan's cast out of heaven. He's gonna be confined to Earth. That means all of his forces. All of these alien beings around us, fallen angels that we call aliens, they're all gonna be coming to Earth and being confined with him. And so, we're all gonna be here. It's gonna look like a huge Star Wars bar. You know, like those scenes in Star Wars where you walk in the bar and they're all sitting there drinking together. It's aliens and humans sitting together. And American Express has put this in commercials where you go into the office and there's, you know, animals at the desk. And they make it look cute and funny. Wait until it's real life, folks. Wait until we have to assimilate our society in with all of these alien animal type beings. You don't think people are gonna freak out a little bit? There's gonna be chaos here. And that's why they'll have martial law.

When is it gonna happen? [laughs] You know what? Any day that we have that's normal is a blessing. I said that last year after July. And it still stands. I can't give you an exact time and a date. But from the things I've seen, anytime, any day, that's normal is a blessing. Watch for Maitreya's arrival, because when he arrives, it's like lights out, it's over. Everything's gonna start then. A lot of things are gonna start when you see the Arab Imam arrive. And so, that's one, particularly, one who my war's been against all these years. To try to prevent his arrival, and make it miserable when he does arrive. [laughs]

The only way we can fight back, folks, is get the orgone out, make it miserable. Because they will not live in areas where there's orgone. And so, get your areas orgoned. Your towns, your communities, your cities. It crashes their UFOs. It'll keep them off your head. People see shooting stars and the media calls it meteorites, but they're UFOs.

Gonna see a lot of differences in weather this spring and summer. Some places having droughts. The other places, extreme flooding. If there's famine in the fall, this is gonna be the famine I've been talking about for several years now. This is the one that could kill millions. So, be prepared, watch the weather, watch the food prices. Talking about food prices going up and gas going up, and so. You know, folks, we don't have much time to where our lives even are remotely the same. We don't have much time. Our futures are gonna be vast different than what our presents are. Put it that way.


Anyway, I'm gonna take some callers and see what's going on. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

Have You Heard Anything More about the New Madrid Fault Line?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.


CALLER: I have a question. Have you heard anything more on the Madrid [New Madrid fault line]?

SHERRY: You know, I was just looking at that today. I'm gonna go out there on a ledge, like I usually am, and I'm gonna say it's a portal. There's a portal there that they're trying to activate. And --

CALLER: In that Arkansas area where they've been having the 4-point pluses [earthquakes] --


CALLER: -- lately? In the same area?

SHERRY: There's portals in Arkansas. In Arkansas there's a ring. It's been years since I looked at that info. There's a ring. And Arkansas is, you know, is like, the crystal state. I mean, there's just tons and tons of crystal mines there.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And so, they have certain leylines, that are very powerful, to activate. And so, they may be trying to activate those leylines. But it's also -- Arkansas, the northeast part, is also in the rip zone, itself, of the Madrid fault line.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: And so, trying to activate those crystal leylines could be causing the earthquakes going on there now. Also the aliens trying to activate the portal that's associated with the Madrid rip zone. It could create that huge earthquake that's coming.

CALLER: I was just there in St. Louis last weekend.

SHERRY: Yeah. And they say that'll be the epicenter.

CALLER: Yeah, I was kind of nervous to go. I'm glad I'm home now, but, yeah, I was there for four days --

SHERRY: I've been watching the Weather Channel, and they always seem to focus on the craziness of St. Louis. And so, that always raises my eyebrow because that's --

CALLER: I was just like, when we were up in the arch, I was like, "Uh-oh. This is my luck to have the big one go when I'm in the arch."

SHERRY: [laughs] No, I wouldn't expect the Madrid fault line to blow until like, May. Sometime around May.

CALLER: I was gonna ask you. I know they said April, but, er, May, but wasn't there something about March 15th and FEMA. That they ordered a whole bunch of food and that that could maybe be a date. Like maybe the 11th, you know?

SHERRY: That's interesting, because March and May come up for that. For the Madrid. But I don't think it would be until May, so.

CALLER: I just wondered if you had any clues about that.

SHERRY: Well, they have their own Bible decoders in the Pentagon.


SHERRY: But, I mean, they're not me. [laughs]

Is There a Comet Coming in, or Anything, Right Now?

CALLER: Yeah, I know. I know. But, yeah, I was just curious about the Madrid; what's going on and if you heard anymore about FEMA and if something might be, gonna be happening soon. Have you heard anymore about Planet X, anything? Is there a comet coming in or anything right now?

SHERRY: I've seen "comet" nonchalantly in the Codes here and there. And the Russians supposedly say a controlled comet is coming in. What's a controlled comet?


SHERRY: [laughs] You know, they're all carriers, number one. They're all carriers and they have different significances. Isn't it when a comet comes close to the earth a world leader dies, or something like that. Doesn't that signify something? And so, I don't know. I don't see --

CALLER: You haven't seen anything weird in the sky lately around the moon that's like a comet or anything else?

SHERRY: I've seen UFOs in front of the moon. I mean, they've been leaving the moon.

In the United States, Is There More Activity in the Daytime or Nighttime?

CALLER: Is there something you can see that's kind of coming in?

SHERRY: Not in the next several months. Maybe at the end of the year, but not right now. And, you know, with the Madrid earthquake March is a viable month, but I think May is more dominant than March, and so. You know, what I see for March is more and more of them patrolling our skies. I think people are gonna see more and more huge fleets of UFOs.

CALLER: I haven't seen any. I keep looking, but I haven't seen any. But they keep it clouded all the time. Or it's been raining, or snowing, or --

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, with it getting warmer, people will start seeing it more. That guy that posted that video last week of 400 or 1,000, whatever it was, in Pa. [Pennsylvania].

CALLER: Where was that?

SHERRY: That was in Pa. Not too far from where I live.


SHERRY: And [laughs], I think March is gonna be a month for that. People starting to see more and more UFOs. And, you know, there's gonna be some kind of announcement.

CALLER: Is daytime or nighttime more of a time that they seem to be more active in the United States, do you think? To see them.

SHERRY: Is when? Nighttime?

CALLER: Night or day. Which do you think's the best --

SHERRY: Oh, nighttime. These skies are a zoo in Ohio at nighttime, if people would just look up and notice. Their not really stars. They're just sitting there acting like stars, but they're starships. And, people just don't get it. They just don't get it, and so.

I Tried to Tell Them Not to Eat the Shrimp in Florida, but What'd They Do...?

CALLER: I know, I know. I have a friend in Florida, that went to Florida. He's coming home Wednesday, and I told him don't eat any shrimp or anything. And they bought some off the market on the street and vomitted, threw up, for two days.

SHERRY: Oh, really?

CALLER: I said, "See? You know what? Maybe you should listen to me." [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. People just wanna think everything's fine.

CALLER: Shouldn't even go there to begin with, but -- 'cause they're right on the beach, but. Yep. "Don't eat any seafood." What'd they do? Vomitted -- vomit, fever, everything, for two days.


CALLER: I know.

SHERRY: That's Corexit. They're still trying to spray it, get it around. That hasn't gone anywhere. That's still a viable weapon of their's, and so.

CALLER: Oh, I believe that. I believe that.


When Are People Going to Get a Clue that Their Islands Are Sinking?

CALLER: It's been kind of quiet though on earthquakes lately. Especially, you know, in...I don't know. In the United States it's kind of --

SHERRY: Well, today was a lot of tornadoes and fires. In Bolivia there was a mudslide. It destroyed 400 homes. You know, there's been a lot of disasters going on.

CALLER: When are they gonna get a clue, these people over there that their islands are sinking? And it's salt water, and the water's aren't from rain.


CALLER: Are they that stupid? Well, where else are they gonna go, I guess? They don't have access to leave.

SHERRY: The aliens are trying to create portals, and that's what's causing a lot of the earthquakes right now. Cause and effect.

Haven't Heard Anything about Yemen for a Long Time

CALLER: Haven't heard anything about Yemen for a long time.

SHERRY: It's still very dominant. It's still very dominant. That's the dominant place over there, and so. You're gonna hear about Libya for the next couple of months, because that's going to be Maitreya's main base, I believe. Besides Iran, it'll be Libya, and so. He has to consolidate those Arab countries over there. And so, he needs a regime change that's there now of these countries that won't accept him. That are friends of Israel's.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And so, you're gonna see regime changes in all of them, and so. You know, he's gonna get those nations ready before he comes.

Are Those FEMA Vans Still in Your Town?

CALLER: Did you ever check -- are those FEMA vans still in your town or are they gone?

SHERRY: They're still sitting there. They still sit there. They've been sitting there for six months. I mean, they just haven't gone anywhere. They've just been sitting there, so.


SHERRY: I don't know if they're just coming in to be repaired, or what.

CALLER: Oh. Well, thank you. And, God bless.

SHERRY: All right. Thank yo--

Is the Charlie Sheen Thing a Distraction of Some Sort?

CALLER: I just wanted to know -- I hadn't heard what was going on for a while. It's been kind of quiet lately and I thought -- is this Charlie Sheen thing, though, a distraction of some sort? Just a, you know --

SHERRY:  The Illuminati --

CALLER: Or is there more to this, you think? Like you said.

SHERRY: The Jesuits fighting it out. Father and son.

CALLER: It's just to keep us interested in something else and something else might happen?

SHERRY: Yeah, you know. Keep you interested in the entertainment. And now you're seeing that, hey, guess what? The I.D. cards are coming out in May.

CALLER: What are those anyway?

SHERRY: Supposedly carry all of your information on one card. Your health, everything about you.

CALLER: What is that gonna come through? The drivers licenses, or what do...

SHERRY: That's basically what they look like. Drivers licenses, I guess.

CALLER: But who's gonna make you get them? What...who --

SHERRY: The government. You're gonna have to go get an I.D. card. Probably like a license. I'll be talking about it more as it comes up.

CALLER: OK, yeah. I just haven't heard anything about them lately.

SHERRY: I'm just not -- I'm looking at it, but it's a little bit in the distance, and gotta get through March and April, so.

What's the Most Dominant Thing Right Now in the Codes?

CALLER: What was strongest right now in the Codes?

SHERRY: Uh [laughs], just some more action that I'm gonna have to deal with with the UFOs around here, and so. That's basically what I'm looking at in March right now.

CALLER: I'm really worried about the Madrid in March. But you kind of think no?

SHERRY: No, I don't think so in March. I think more in May. I think in March -- you know, it could blow my lid and happen in March, but it -- you know. I just don't feel it for March. I see it in May. And, you know, they're on to other things right now, you know. I can't say a whole lot sometimes.

CALLER: There's so many different things going on right now. Earthquakes and bad weather, and then, you know, Hollywood. It's just crazy. I never heard anything about the UFOs over in Ohio or Pennsylvania or anything on the news.

SHERRY: Oh, you won't hear about it on the mainstream media. They don't say anything.

CALLER: Oh, no. I know that. You don't get anything from them.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: And I know they're altering earthquakes, and...


CALLER: Any of the real-time stuff, you can't even count on that anymore.


CALLER: OK. Well, thank you.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Yep. Bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

I Got Kicked Out of the Chat Room

Mm. Let's see. See what these people are up to.

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hi, is that me?

SHERRY: Yes, that's you.


SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I got kicked out of the chat room. It said there's another user --

SHERRY: I can't even get in there. [laughs]

CALLER: It says another user is using my...

SHERRY: That's what it tells me, so.

CALLER: Oh, OK. I forget what I was saying, but I was probably talking about Don Croft [laughs]. We were making fun of him again. Did you see somebody put up that snowball igloo on [unable to understand what's said here] cheeseburger? You know, the cat? And they said that Don's got his wife inside one of those -- (cheeseburger is a website where u can make your own comedy graphics).

SHERRY: Yeah. [laughs]

CALLER: That was kind of funny, but.

SHERRY: Yeah. I said it had to have been DOE because they wouldn't survive on positive orgone energy.

The Chemtrails Are a Lot Worse Here than in Florida

CALLER: Yeah, yeah. Hey, in Indianapolis they had that tornado yesterday and some floods. Everything's just -- the weather's changing really bad. You know, the chemtrails, they're a lot worse here than they are in Florida.

SHERRY: I think it's -- right now it's probably HAARP trails.

CALLER: Oh, to bring in the storm, yeah.


CALLER: But the chemtrail planes, there's a lot of them. They'll have like 4 to 6 out at one time.


CALLER: Yeah, in Florida they weren't doing that. I don't know if it's because of the abundance of orgone that's been there. Or just -- they've got other things going on to hurt the people in Florida.

SHERRY: Corexit. I think they're still spraying their Corexit.

CALLER: Yeah. A lot of people get respiratory problems then, and die.

They'll Never Come Out with the Whole Truth of What's Going on in the Gulf

SHERRY: Yeah. They'll never come out with the whole truth of what's going on. I like watching that activist lady when she comes out with her YouTube videos. That lives down there in New Orleans. I haven't seen any lately though, but.

CALLER: Hmm. I guess I don't know who that is.

SHERRY: Yeah, she comes up with some pretty accurate report on what's really going on down there. You know what? If people are still living down there, it's almost like, what can you do?

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: You know, you've tried to warn them to get out of there.

CALLER: Well, I just left last April.

SHERRY: You know, the Queen wanted to target southeast United States years ago. It was always on their target list of the Illuminati's.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: The southeast United States. Louisiana, Alabama. And, in particular, it was Alabama. So why they're going after the entire Gulf Coast, I don't know. I think Florida's just kind of stuck in the middle, you know.

CALLER: It might have more than one bad type of aliens just fighting with each other over Florida.

SHERRY: Well, there's a huge underwater base.


SHERRY: Off the coast of Miami.

CALLER: Yeah. And Tampa. [laughs]

SHERRY: And it's other bases under the Gulf Coast.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: So I don't know if these various bases are going at it, or what.

Trouble with Naturopathic and Holistic Degrees in Florida

CALLER: Yeah. That's what I was thinking. Now you know, in Idaho, Don's wife did end up showing up where I was. Which was a little unusual because I was like 45 minutes from their place, in the Starbuck's. And she said they were going to Florida in February, around the Tampa area. And she didn't want to go. It was gonna be really bad energy. And she actually did look frightened, but I had a job for a whole two weeks while I was there. And I told them I'm not gonna let them take me down again. But then two days later they cancelled my job because they said the doctors didn't feel comfortable working with someone holis -- I'm a holistic nurse. And so, over the last three years, ever since Don Croft called them and made them punish me over a fake flyer for misinformation -- 'cause I have a Doctorate in Naturopathy from Clayton College. They took Clayton College down this year, too. You know, that was Hulda Clark's college. So they wanted to prove that it was not a good naturopathic education. For three years I haven't been able to keep a job, because of my holistic degrees.


CALLER: And in Tallahassee [Florida] they actually threw the settlement papers at me when they took me into the room, and said, "Florida does not have holistic nurses."

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: So, Florida really did not like anything naturopathic or holistic going on. And, I don't know, they just --

SHERRY: Now that's pretty unusual because Florida's becoming a main base for like -- I know they're starting these Indigo and Star Kids schools there.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: Also the Giants like to go there. The ones that are domesticated already living amongst us. A lot of them hang out in the Tampa area. They have bodybuilding contests and stuff.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: They like to eat the winners, and [laughs] --

CALLER: But they just haven't turned the government to accepting it yet. The government still wants to take people down, who are teaching anti-vaccine or correct, um, well, you see a lot, too, when you're a natural health person. You see a lot of what's going on. They don't want you to see a lot of what's going on.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: So, the Tampa area's getting better --

SHERRY: All right. Well, I'm gonna take some of these other calls.

CALLER: [laughs] OK. I just want to remind people that your prayers do work. So hopefully get on and say some of Sherry's prayers. [laughs]

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: All right. Thank you. Bye-bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

Satellite Internet Service Blues During the Show

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

Mm. Maybe they're calling from Nibiru. Actually, my whole system is messed up here. It's been flashing at me all night. And, uh...boy, there's nothing better than satellite Internet service, I'll tell ya. It's just the cream of the crop. [laughs] As I sit here and wait for the page to come back, 'cause it just flashed off my screen. And I can't bring anymore callers on until page comes back.

Where's the agnostic guy from Thursday's show? I was hoping he'd call back in tonight. [laughs] If anybody missed my show on Thursday's Aliens in the News, pretty interesting. Maybe he'll call in, and so.

And for those who are on their phones waiting for me to answer them, you know what? Maybe if my website stops flashing, I'll be able to pick up some callers. I can't get in the chat room either, so those of you who've been kicked out of it, they have a script that says somebody else is already signed on in your name in the chat room, and they kick you out. Yeah, so, first-class scripting done, and I can't even get in my own chat room, so don't feel too bad.

All right. Here we are. Let me see if I can't take some callers. I don't know if it's gonna let me or not. Another Monday night at the mercy of servers and services that the intelligence services own, and run, and control. Uh...[laughs]. Anyway, [laughs] my show Thursday will be at 1 o'clock. Aliens in the News. We'll talk about what the aliens are up to. I think it's gonna be interesting next month, as far as people seeing more and more UFOs in our skies. Probably talk about that some more.

And, hey, you know...people are [laughs]...yeah. Just -- I can't get in the chat room, so. Some people wanted me to come in the chat room. Usually take questions out of there. Just being attacked on all fronts tonight, folks. It's just been one of those weeks. And here I go with my whole, uh...I don't even know if I'm on the air right now. Um...you know. I can't even tell you if I'm still broadcasting. All I see is a blank screen, and so.

Death Threats and Prank Calls Will Never Intimidate Me

[laughs] You know, when you speak the truth, they don't like you, and so. I am on the air. All right. Numerous death threats and prank calls from people who don't even have my phone number, and so. It's just been a interesting week or two, folks. But I will not be intimidated. It's one thing I won't do. If I have to put up 18 more websites, I'll put up 18 more websites. And I'll march right back to Washington, D.C. myself, and shove orgone up the White House lawn, and so. Let's just get it done, folks. You know what to do. I've been talking on the radio for seven years now.

The Horseman in the Egypt Video Was Just a Hologram

Yeah, people tell me about the mysterious ghostman in Egypt. Those were holographs, folks. You can see the UFOs in the distances projecting the beams for the holograms, and so. Don't get too excited about the horsemen in Egypt. The red horseman and the pale horseman. Everybody's got these videos. They're just holograms, folks, so. You know, they're having fun with Egypt. I guess they just want to practice their holograms. When they have to come in to our earthly realm portraying themselves as gods, I guess they need some practice with their holograms. They can't come in looking like tall Grey aliens and Reptilians. They gotta put on the angelic look. Look like angels from heaven. Ascended Masters, and everything else they call themselves, so.

Be Sceptical of What You See in the Supernatural

A lot of charades coming, folks. Don't get fooled by them. In fact, when you see something in the supernatural, you should be highly sceptical. That should be your first response, because you know what they're capable of, and the things they're gonna pull off. And so, think twice. Think three times. Don't accept something just because it's on a YouTube video.

Anyway, yeah, they're still messing with me, and so. [laughs] I guess what I'll do is just, uh, I don't have too much. I really can't get into anythiing the last five minutes of air time. I can't even tell if I'm broadcasting. Only way I can even tell is people sending me IM's [Instant Messages], telling me I'm coming across loud and clear, and so.

The Whole Alien Agenda Is the Illuminati Agenda - Fight Back with Orgone

You know what, folks? The whole alien agenda IS the Illuminati agenda. The whole push for human planetary enlightenment, all part of the alien agenda. And so, this year, more than ever, you're gonna start to see everything fall in place. When you go from the New World Order to the Alien Order, all mixed up for the Illuminati plan for the end of this age, and so. You know, you can be on the sidelines watching it happen. Or you can be a fighter. Fighting against it and preventing it from happening. And so, I encourage all of you to go to www.orgoneblasters.com. Read up on what aether energy orgone blasters can do. And join the war, join the resistance, and start fighting back and taking our Earth back away from the aliens that control our governments and militaries.

Anyway, folks. Be back on Thursday. Yah bless, everybody.


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