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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
March 7, 2011

My Show Intro

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All right, everybody. Welcome to the show. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. Have to have my [musical] intro, and...just doesn't make it a show without it, and so. That intro was created by Marc sound, and they have a band over in Europe, and so. Had it sent. They created it just for the show.

A Lot of Truth Being Revealed in Fiction Format about Artificial Intelligence

Couple things I want to talk about tonight. And I'm trying to get a handle on artificial intelligence life-forms, and so. I should've paid more attention to Transformers [animated TV show] growing up. Maybe a little bit more attention to the Terminator series. And some of these machines. I know I just saw a show last summer. Something about L.A. being invaded by these...I don't know what you want to call them. They look like UFOs. They were snatching people up in them. And then when the people got inside they were taking their heads off and putting their heads [brains] on these machines.

And now they've got another one coming out this summer again, or...just a couple weeks, Invasion of L.A., Invade L.A., something like that [Battle: Los Angeles]. Do you think they're trying to tell you something about L.A., folks? [laughs] Yeah, we get it. We get it. It's not just Hollywood fiction here, folks. They reveal a lot of truth in fiction format. And so, that's pretty much the standard protocol. If you work for the government, you are not allowed, especially if you have intelligence clearance and your access to classified information, you're not allowed to reveal anything unless it's in fiction format. And so, a lot of people who work for the government, or have worked for the government, or even the CIA, have contracts with Hollywood. They'll send in scripts to Hollywood in fiction format of things they know of, of things that are truth, and they put them out there as fiction, and leave it to us sheeple to either be amused by it, or take note of it.

You know, that's why you learn to chew the grass and spit out the hay, when you sit down and you watch and you think, "OK. What are they revealing today? What are they revealing in this movie?" You know, it's not just what they reveal, but some of the pictures, and the illusions, and the words spoken. All of it just plays together, folks. So, it's very interesting.

Could Robot Aliens Still Exist?

You know, posted a link to my Facebook site and my list, Could Robot Aliens Exist? And this is at http://www.popsci.com/popsci-staff/article/2008-08/could-robot-aliens-exist. And talks about the existence of sentient alien robots might be not just possible, but inevitable. And this is from Steven Dick who's a NASA chief historian, an astrophysicist specializing in astrobiology and the postbiological universe. And if you take a good look at his eyes, they pretty much look Reptilian. They have the slits. So, from one Reptilian to all of us, "Hey, we might exist."

But, actually, these robotic aliens, folks, are not even Reptilian. They hate Reptilians, too, just like we do. They hate everybody. They're predators, they're destroyers. And the only reason I'm bringing it up is because they do exist. And this is why Hollywood's conditioning you right now. To the fact that these huge robot machines, they exist. And I'll tell you why. Because everybody's afraid of them. I mean, I'm talking about the Satanists in the highest level, NASA, nauseating employees and scientists there, to the government, to the militaries. To even the aliens. And the Reptilians, the Draconians. I heard even Satan doesn't control them. Nobody controls them. I'm trying to figure this one out. Who controls them, who makes them. Because, supposedly, they're run by some kind of a platform by space, and so.

They obviously have some kind of intelligence to them, because they have human body parts. Some of them have human body parts on them. And I posted some pictures at my website, www.thewatcherfiles.com, and www.sherrytalkradio.com. I posted some pictures of the AI [artificial intelligence] life-forms. If you remember the Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver. The exact same alien that's in that movie, those do exist. Those are real. In fact, that particular alien, there's a base off the coast of California, under the water, of these particular types of AI forms. And so, maybe that's why they keep coming out with these L.A. invasion movies, because, hey, you've got a base of them right off your coast. And so, anybody in L.A., take the time to run while you can.

Regardless of What the Robotic Aliens Do, Satan Will Still Implement His Agenda Here

You know, I see these invasions of these AI forms, these robotic aliens, robotoids, coming much later. But don't hold that to me. What I really think is that the first assault of these aliens I've been talking about for years, Ashtar Command, they go by the Galactic Federation, Bible Codes refers to them as Bison and Buffalo, I think their play is gonna come first. Because regardless of what these robotics aliens are gonna do, Satan's gonna implement his agenda on Earth. And he's doing so through various ways, various peoples and things. And so, I think we'll see that come to play first.

I think this artificial intelligence stuff will come later down the road, when the Lord's judgment's on the earth. And so, you know, maybe, what? From the time they come to Earth and start proclaiming they're God. If you've been following biblical prophecy, you can pretty much get a timeline of what's gonna happen. But the last seven years, I mean, the last three years, or even the last part of the tribulation period, we're gonna see the destruction of all of these aliens coming to Earth. And then I think that's pretty much when we're gonna see these AIs. But you never know. They could be here at the same time. They're here now. They're just in the background. They've started to take form here on Earth. And that's why I'm even bringing it up.

Merging Man and Machine - A Shift Beyond Evolution?

You know, these experts in the field, at NASA, saying, "Yeah, it's inevitable." But they look at it as a shift beyond evolution. Because we've already gone as far as man can go as far as their evolution thinking. So the next step is artificial intelligence. And you've seen this already being played out with the super soldier programs. Fort Bragg, North Carolina comes to mind. Some of these other military bases, their projects, MKULTRA, where they merge man and machine. Mostly just man and chip implantation at this point. But when you get into AIs, you get into literal machine robotics with human parts on them.

Of course, the L.A. movie was showing the heads. They were using the heads on these robots. And so, they had thoughts and feelings of humans, and so. I don't think that's really realistic, because from what I heard, these robots, these destroyers, as they're called, don't have any emotion at all. They don't have any emotions. They just destroy. They destroy anything that's not them, and so.

[Another take on merging man and machine from Star Trek: The Motion Picture http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MamB6BMaiQ and continued at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-zGEBTusSY&feature=related]

The Aliens Really Do Use Humans as Incubators, Like in the Movie, Aliens

There was a movie, I think the Alien movie, whatever, where they're in the tunnels of New York, and you have all these little foot soldiers. And the hosts, they jump in humans and infect humans and break out. They use humans as incubators, and then they bust through their chest, and you have this alien thing. That's true, that's real. This is the real gore that's coming. And these beings are the foot soldiers, and then there's the queen bee, and they all just protect -- it's almost like a ant operation or a beehive operation where you have your queen bee, then you have all the foot soldiers doing everything else, and everybody protects the queen bee. That's what these AI forms are like. There's a queen bee in the background somewhere.

What Can We Do to Malfunction or Destroy the AIs?

And so, one of my thoughts has always been, I know that orgone can destroy Greys and Reptilians, and it bothers the Draconians. Bothers all of them, burns them. What do we have against artificial life-forms? What do we even come close to? I mean, these things, the one thing that messes them up is electromagnetics. If you mess with the energy fields that are around them, then you can malfunction, possibly destroy, them. But you have to be able to mess with their energy fields.

And so, interesting that there's a faction, I'm not sure which one, because one faction of aliens are the ones responsible for putting up this electromagnetic field around the earth, and they operate it through the tower that's on the moon. And they're the ones who put that up. And it's what is used for the UFOs to fly around and all this stuff. They like the electromagnetics. And then you have this other faction now rising that's trying to destroy the electromagnetic field, because it messes with artificial intelligence forms. And, you know, I've always been a cheerleader of destroying the elecromagnetic field. And now I'm thinking, uh oh, we take that down and we're gonna have to deal with these AIs. So it's kind of a no-win right now. You get rid of one group of aliens, and then you get another group of aliens that are not even alien or human. They're AIs, they're machines, they're robots.

So, interesting that even the ones behind transhumanism now, they're into the same thing. Pushing a merger of humans and robots to create the superperson, where you won't have to go to school anymore, you just download the information into the computer that's implanted in your brain. And they've got nanochips the size of a rice. Imagine never having to go to school to learn anything. You could just download it. Well, this is where they're going with this kind of stuff. You saw it kind of in the Matrix series, where you just download things into your brain. I saw that subtle reference in the Matrix series. There's a lot of things revealed in the Matrix series. Parts of the astral realm that most of us will never see, but then some of you do all the time. [laughs] You know?

I hope these artificial life-form things are something I never see that I know some others have already. [laughs] I'm glad that's not MY job. My job is to lead the Lord's people back to Him and arm His people against the coming aliens, and destroy aliens. It's pretty much a three-, fourfold job I have, you know. And I'm glad I don't have the job of destroying the AIs, 'cause I don't even know where to begin on that one.

If Anyone with Knowledge of the AIs Wants to Send Me Info Confidentially, Please Do

So, if anyone's listening to this show, and I know a host of government people do, and you want to send me some information on the AIs, go right ahead. I won't reveal your name. I won't reveal your agency. I protect everybody's privacy at the chance I look stupid, 'cause I always, you know, I just say things. Then people want to know what my sources are and I don't reveal them. And that's why. I'm usually protecting somebody's name, somebody's privacy, somebody's position somewhere. And I'll look stupid, I don't care. People want to claim I don't give sources, well, so be it, you know. But I just want to get the information out there. People can chew the grass, spit out the hay. They'll remember it later, you know, when they see it. They'll remember I talked about it. And so, somebody send me some info on it. I know I give you NASA scientists a hard time, but I've gotten some of my best info from you guys. [laughs] So send me some more info, 'cause I'm really drowning on this one.

Support Tom Horn, the Leading Expert on Transhumanism

I'm just, you know, I knew what they were doing with the transhumanist projects. And Tom Horn is probably the leading expert on that and they just blew up his house. But, thankfully, he got his last book out, and so. He's the one who's been standing out and yelling against that, and so. If you haven't read Tom Horn's stuff, you might want to look him up on the Internet, because he's talking about this new transhumanism coming. And this almost seems like a side agenda. Like whoever's in charge of the AIs is also in charge of this transhumanism. And right now it's the Mormons pushing it, and behind it. So, yeah. Support Tom Horn and his work, because it's gonna be invaluable in the next coming years when people start seeing this stuff.

'Cause I'm telling you what. Stopping it from happening -- we're at that point where we can try to stop it, but these other things, these artificial life-forms like I've posted on my website, they've destroyed worlds already. I mean, Earth is the only world that the Lord created man in His own image. Now we have other worlds where the fallen angels have resided all these years. All these planets, all these other civilizations that they've lived on. And these fallen angels procreate amongst themselves and they have their own offspring, and they have their own civilizations. I have over 200 different kinds of aliens listed on my website at www.thewatcherfiles.com; different alien races. They've all had their own worlds and civilizations, and they were destroyed, many of them destroyed, by these robot aliens. And so, if you think they're not a threat to them, wait till you see what they do to Earth, because they're already arriving to Earth. You know, I told you that.

Think of Ways Now to Take Down the Coming Robots

And I don't think anybody...it's a big surprise, that they'd be shocked that that CERN Hadron Collider is a portal opener, it's opening portals, it's allowing things in, and we're gonna see the results of that. You know, Every time I hear that they're firing it up, and I haven't heard lately because they're keeping it quiet now. Because whenever I hear that they're firing it up, I go into spiritual warfare against it. Every time they open a portal, I ask the Lord to blast it with a pounding of orgone, and so. You know, we have a lot of orgone in the air, saturating the air, and also going after aliens, but it's not gonna do anything against these robots, these are machines.

And so, maybe magnetics. Something that can mess with the energy field. Some of you scientists out there better be working on it now, 'cause this is gonna be a real problem coming up shortly. You know, maybe, you know, two years from now, three years. I know Hollywood's frantically trying to warn people about it. You know, maybe a lot of us should've paid more attention to these machine-based movies. I know I probably should have, 'cause they're probably revealing other info, too. I mean, I really didn't start paying attention about it until I started hearing from astral travelers that they've been seeing them arriving to Earth, and so. That raises your eyebrows, don't it?

Many different types of beings amongst us. Many of them good. Not all of them evil just because they're not just like us. Now we have Starseeds and hybrids and all kinds of things in our population now, and they can be redeemed just as much as we are. Many of them are good. Many of them have gifts we can never even think of, and so. And they're capable of doing things. Many of them can fight these things, can fight aliens. But I don't other than energy, being able to manipulate energy, how anyone's fighting these AIs, and so. And it's not my job. I'm here to inform people of what's coming. I'm thankful these AIs aren't my job. [laughs] Give it to those who are gifted, because I'll tell you what, there's just some of us like me that couldn't even begin on that one. You know, I've been able to fight the alien agenda and just be laughed at and mocked at over the last six, seven years, but we still got our work done. I can't imagine trying to fight these AIs when they're already here. That's a whole other ball game.

But you've got time now to figure out exactly how you can fight them, how you can take them down. And some of these machines, folks, are - these robot machines are a hundred-foot tall. And I'm not just talking about it because Hollywood's revealing it, I'm talking about because people have seen them. Some of them are a hundred-foot tall. So how do you take that down, you know? We've gotta work as a team, folks, and prepare for everything. Prepare for all things, and come up with weapons that can take these down.

And I know it's gonna be something simple, because, you know, look what orgone's doing to all these alien groups and factions. Just aliens. Not robots, just aliens. So, this has to be something probably involving magnetics. Because they have to take down that electromagnetic covering to be effective here on Earth, to operate, because the electromagnetic covering over the earth interferes with them. And so, there's gonna be a fight. We may just be sitting back watching the aliens take on the robots. 'Cause it's the aliens that put up the electromagnetic covering to begin with. We may be spectators on Earth. We may be watching a firefight one of these days. I don't know what these AIs travel in. Maybe they're just dimensional portal jumpers coming here in portals. I don't know how they get here. I'll have to find out. But seeing the aliens put up a covering, and now they're trying to take it down, and we're just caught in the middle of a, you know, firefight. You know, if we keep it up, we get harassed by aliens. If we take it down, we get harassed by AIs. You know, it's almost like pick your destruction. [laughs] I don't know how else to describe it.

Things Coming to Pass That We've Never Seen Before

We know destruction's coming. The Lord's judgment's coming on Earth, and so. If you're one of His, you don't have to fear it. You know, you don't have to fear it. You know, the tables have certainly turned, because Satan's first rebellion a third of the angels rebelled with him. Two-thirds did not. Two-thirds rebelled against Satan. And they left the planets. And they left the earth. And then the Lord judged the planets and the earth, because of Satan's rebellion, Lucifer's rebellion.

And now the tables are turned and he has his second shot now, trying to lead the world into his global fifth-dimension facade. And, you know, by the time -- the Lord says when He returns that probably maybe a third of the earth will be alive, will be left. Out of seven billion people, folks, a third is not very many. So how do all those people die? You know, the Bible says, in Revelation, chapter 6, by plagues, and wars, and diseases, and famine, and starvation. Doesn't really specifically detail what kind of wars, does it? It just says war. Doesn't say mankind wars, man against man. We could literally see things we've never seen on this earth, and that's the whole brunt of the tribulation period to begin with. Even the plagues and diseases, it says, are things we've never seen before. Things we've never seen. So they're not gonna be rehashed viruses and flus we've seen from the past. They're gonna be new and horrible things. And so, that's what's coming, folks.

Earthquakes in Arkansas from Aliens Activating Portals

Anyway, I've been looking at Codes for the spring. And, definitely seeing some rumblings, some possible earthquakes coming. I know people in Arkansas have been getting earthquakes. It's because of those crystal line activations. Got the aliens in Arkansas trying to activate portals, is what that's pretty much basically all about if you just wrap it all up into one word; portals. And, interestingly enough, the Madrid Fault Line, itself, sits on a huge portal. And so, you know, they're trying to open portals to get THEIR beings in here from other dimensions, and at the same time, who's to say these AIs aren't coming through those same portals? Because they're here. They're here already. And, you know, how are they coming in? You know, we've got aliens, we've got Giants, we've got AIs. It's gonna be a zoo. It's gonna be a zoo.

Where Will You Spend Eternity? With the Lord or with Satan?

This is no time to be on the fence, folks. You know, you're born on Earth to make a choice on whom you're gonna serve. And so, you better be thinking of your own mortality. Where will you spend eternity? It's the whole basis, whole basis of your life to make that decision who you're gonna serve. The Lord or Satan, because if you don't serve the Lord, Satan claims you on default. He gets you on default.

I'm sitting here looking at this. It's a Reptilian. It's staring at me on this science page. Kind of funny. I'm gonna click out of there.


Anyway, I'm gonna take calls, see what's going on with people. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

The Most High's in Control

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: It's [unclear] from Arkansas.

SHERRY: Oh, hey. How ya doin'?

CALLER: Pretty good. How about you?

SHERRY: Oh, pretty good.

CALLER: Good. I just wanted to say that the Most High's in control. He knows everything that's going on. And He has -- there's four groups of believers. There's the called, the chosen, the elect, and the select of the elect. And you have to figure out where you're at. A lot of people gonna die, but right now this is -- Satan's pouring out his wrath, 'cause he knows he has a short time. He's gonna be down real soon.

SHERRY: Oh, yeah. But he hasn't even started yet. This is just the appetizer before the main course. He hasn't even started yet.

CALLER: Yeah, but the Lord's in control. Gonna be a lot of people die. Maybe 90 percent of the population. A lot of different groups have plans. But you know Karl Marx's granddaughter, Barbara Marx. That group, they want to eliminate 90 percent of the population. And a lot of other factions.

SHERRY: Oh, everybody wants everybody's destruction. It just makes you sick after a while. All these other groups, all they want to do is plan on killing everybody. I wish they would just stay over in India. They're all running to India now to get away from a possible comet hitting the earth. I wish they'd just stay over there.

CALLER: Yeah. The Lord's in control. And you're doing a good job. Praise the Lord for you. Love you.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in, brother.

CALLER: OK, God bless.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

Phone lines are just jamming [busy] tonight, folks.

A Group of American Indians Who Believe That E.T.'s Are Good, but Also Believe in Yahushua

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hi, Sherry.

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: It's hard to tell if you're on or not. OK. I have a question. There's a group of Indians and they're probably not far from you. But they're still spiritual. I guess I can say...Rainbow Eagle. But they believe that the E.T.'s are good, but they're also believing in Yahushua.

SHERRY: I know they refer to them as the coming White Buffalo. [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah, but why are they like, they're believing that Yahushua's their savior now, but they're still believing in E.T.'s as being their star nation. Do you think maybe they just have it like -- are extracelestials good aliens, and extraterrestrials not good aliens. Is that true?

SHERRY: Well, there's no such thing as extracelestials. You're either terrestrial or celestial. Celestial means you're an angel living in heaven with the Most High. Terrestrial --


SHERRY: -- you're outside of heaven. You're on the planets, and the solar system, under the earth. You were kicked out of heaven, or born outside of heaven. A offspring of the ones that were kicked out.

CALLER: I think I have -- that they're confused, because they're really trying to stick with Yahushua. They're doing the right thing. But they're telling people that the E.T.'s are helping them. I think that they're trying to talk about celestials and not terrestrials. So they're confusing the New Agers that are going there to do the drumming and the praying. And I didn't know if you knew much about it, because it's in the Ohio area, if that was true. I mean, are some of them like --

SHERRY: Down there at the Serpent Mound? The Serpent Mound people?

CALLER: Oh, I don't know if it's Serpent Mound or not, but I know that's where the Rainbow Eagle, the Indian lives that's teaching them --


CALLER: -- that E.T.'s are OK.

SHERRY: Well, you know what? Good E.T.'s aren't leading people away from the Most High.

CALLER: So there are some good ones? [laughs]

SHERRY: I'm just saying that they don't usually interact with mankind, and they don't lead people away from the Lord. There are offspring of the E.T.'s that are repentant of what their parents did.

CALLER: Yeah. OK, then I believe that this group's trying to do the right thing.

SHERRY: No, but, well, if they go to the Lord and they want redemption -- like they've used me as a mediator between them and the Lord. He keeps them away from mankind. He'll put them in positions where they can observe, or secure things, or whatever. But they don't come in contact. Then you've got the bad E.T.'s that come in and say, "Hey, we're the good ones. Believe us." And they're playing people. And people can't discern between bad and good.

CALLER: Right. I think they shouldn't be using the E.T.'s.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: But I think that they're right on track by getting right with the Most High. And that they have been praying with Yahushua as their savior. So, you know that they're trying --

SHERRY: Right. That's the most important thing, because you know what? Once you do that, everything else can be worked out. And all of your beliefs that are false can be thrown out and you can get on the path of truth, and so. The most important thing is going to Him and sitting at His feet.

Orgone Warrior Being Interviewed on The Edge Radio Show with Daniel Ott

CALLER: Oh, of course. Yes. Yes. OK. I'm gonna be on Daniel Ott Saturday night.

SHERRY: Are you really?

CALLER: Don't know how it's gonna go.

SHERRY: I'll be listening.

CALLER: Listen in! Yeah.

SHERRY: I'll be listening. I cheer you on.

I Don't Think Indigos Know That They're Hybrids

CALLER: Yeah. I don't know if I have time for one more. The one with the Indigos. Now you say that -- do you think all Indigos are Nephilims or part alien --

SHERRY: They're all hybrids.

CALLER: Oh, really?

SHERRY: They're all hybrids. Yeah.

CALLER: And they just don't all know that then, because they think that they're like an angel -- came from angels actually. Because those are the people who can go out and fight in the etheric and do the good work, right?

SHERRY: Yeah, but they're hybrids. They're half-human, half-alien. And they become good. They use their powers for good, their gifts for good, --


SHERRY: -- instead of evil. And so, that's what angers Satan and the aliens, because they wanna bring all of their offspring on Earth together, and they have the ones that rebel against them, because they've chosen the Lord instead.

CALLER: I think it was good that we got the news out to the New Agers that they were following Luciferic lights. So now that they are doing, like you said, doing the work for the Most High, --


CALLER: -- so even the New Agers, like the Indians, are trying to go to the right group. So people are getting led which is great. Their Indigos, I don't think that they know that they're hybrids. So they can actually do that and not know they're a hybrid?

SHERRY: I don't know how they wouldn't know. How do you not know you're a hybrid? I mean, if you were an angel, you'd be in a angel form. Obviously, they're in human forms. They have human bodies.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: They function as a human body. Some of them don't have completely normal human bodies, but you know what I'm saying.

CALLER: Yeah, I -- well, I don't know, because they just start doing the work without being taught. It just comes in through their heart.

SHERRY: Because they have those gifts. They're born with gifts that normal --


SHERRY: -- mankind aren't born with, because we were cut off from those at the garden of Eden.

CALLER: Ohh! See, I didn't know that. I thought everybody was still able to get the gifts.

SHERRY: No, these --


SHERRY: -- Indigo and Star Kids, they have angelic gifts that were shut off --


SHERRY: -- from everybody else at the garden of Eden. The Lord said when He had --


SHERRY: -- to change Adam and Eve's bodies to become livable for Earth, that part of them was shut off.


SHERRY: And so, it passed on to us. Now these guys, these Indigos, and Star Kids, and Crystals that are born --

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: -- and have all these gifts, angelic gifts, it's because of their fallen angel DNA that they have.

CALLER: Yeah, but they --

SHERRY: But they can choose to use them for good or evil. They have to decide, too, --


SHERRY: -- whom they're gonna serve. The Lord or Satan. They have to make a choice, too.

CALLER: Wow, that's interesting. You explained a lot to me.


CALLER: OK. I'll get off and let somebody else talk if you're --

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Thanks.

SHERRY: I'll listen to you Saturday night.

CALLER: All right. Bye.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

Are All Anunnakis Bad?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: All right. Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Some of this stuff's just hanging.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: [singing] Da-da-da da-da...[laughs]. Have some tech difficulties, folks.

CALLER: Can you hear me?

SHERRY: Uh, yeah. You there?

CALLER: Yes. How ya doing, Sherry?

SHERRY: Good. How are you?

CALLER: Good. This is Prince Anu.


CALLER: Prince Anu.


CALLER: How you doin' --

SHERRY: Where're you callin' from?

CALLER: Phoenix, Arizona.

SHERRY: OK. I'm just having --

CALLER: I just want to -- I'm sorry, go ahead.

SHERRY: I said I'm just having some technical difficulties. So I can hear you, but I can't necessarily see anything else. [laughs]


SHERRY: So what's going on? What's on your mind?

CALLER: I just wanted to talk to you about -- I hear you talking and, um, it sounds good and I basically, um, agree with most of the information you're saying. I just don't understand your thing with the Anunnakis.

SHERRY: Anunnakis?

CALLER: Yeah, the Anunnakis, and Anu. Are you saying that they're all bad?

SHERRY: The Anunnakis have been imprisoned over the years. They're coming back on Nibiru. That's not the original name of the thing, but. Uh, everybody wants to know about good and bad E.T.'s, and I'm telling you, the good E.T.'s are not interfering with mankind, the good E.T.'s aren't promoting religion on Earth. Stay away from good E.T.'s. Just stay away from them. Because it's usually 99.5% bad aliens trying to play you as a good E.T.

CALLER: [long pause] Mm. I heard that.

SHERRY: They're not coming to people in angelic form. Michael and Gabriel are not visiting people at night. And you get all these New Agers, "Oh, I had a visit from Gabriel last night. Oh, I had a visit from Michael." Really? [laughs] They're not visiting people at night and promoting religions. Satan is the god of the night. God is God of the day, Lord of the day. He doesn't need night time and wake you up out of a sleep to promote some new religion. So people need to really use discernment. Michael --

What's Your View on Anu?

CALLER: What is your view on Anu?



SHERRY: You know, I never got into -- I think he's Sananda. I just think this Anu is Sananda, the way they depict him, because I think you have two different beings going at it. And I wrote an article, In the Beginning. It's on my website, www.sherryshriner.com, go to my article section, In the Beginning  http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/in-the-beginning.htm. And I discuss these various races.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: And so, you're just looking at two different alien factions. Not looking at one good and one bad. They're both bad. They want you to think one is good and one is bad. They want you to decide which side you're on. It's like, no, I reject both of them and just go for the side that's the truth and the light. It's like Star Wars. They show you the two sides, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Well, hey, they're both bad. Reject both of them and just go for the truth side. They always want you to think there's only two options when there's always a third. And so, reject the two and go for the third is what I'm saying, because they always play that game. The Illuminati chessboard, everything about this game they play they always present you two options. Two parties, two beliefs, two structures. Reject them and go for the one that they're not promoting, which is usually the Most High sitting in the background.

Who Are You Referring to When You Say "Most High" and Where Do You Get Your Information?

CALLER: OK, now when you say the Most High, what "most high" are you talking about and where do you get your information from? Because I consider Anu the most high, and I --

SHERRY: No, Anu's a created being. He's created by Yahuah who IS the Most High. The Most High is the creator of all things, all beings.

CALLER: So you said Anu is a what?

SHERRY: He's just a created being.

CALLER: Right. Anu has a mother and a father. Exactly.

SHERRY: Yeah, he's a created being, so how could he be God?

CALLER: But he was appointed the most high, by -- this is what I believe -- he was appointed the most high god by El Kalun. Now El Kalun is the All. Right? Not male or female, but the All. You can't add nothin' to the All, because where would you get it. You can't take nothin' away from the All, because where would you put it? So that includes us and our consciousnesses. Now according to them, Anu was chosen by El Kalun --

SHERRY: Well, I'm not gonna get into this stuff, because most of my audience, 95 percent have no idea what you're talking about. They've never gone back and studied this ancient Sumerian stuff.

CALLER: That's why I'm asking you where do you get your information from.

SHERRY: I get my information from the Most High, Himself, Yahuah. I read the Bible. I study Bible prophecy. I read the Bible Codes.

CALLER: Yahuah.

SHERRY: Yahuah.

CALLER: OK. Right. Now we're familiar with Yahuah and the Most High so that He appointed --

SHERRY: That's according to Sitchin. That's according to a Satanist, Zecharia Sitchin, who appointed himself as the interpreter of cuneiform.

CALLER: That's not just Zecharia Sitchin, that's just what they interpreted from the clay tablets that they found.

SHERRY: Based on Zecharia Sitchin. How could anybody know what they're saying?

CALLER: It's not just based on Zecharia Sitchin. It's based on Dr. Malachi Z. York-El, too, who has written over 460 books --

SHERRY: Well --

CALLER: -- you know, on different things. I'm just asking you where, other than, you know, you say you get your information --

SHERRY: Who else needs a source other than the Most High, Himself? Why would you need another source? Why would you need something else?


SHERRY: Why would I care what man says, if the Lord tells me one thing, and I'm supposed to care what man says? Read the Bible, study history. But read it when He leads, where He leads, not according to what Satanists believe, and what the alien agenda wants you to believe.

CALLER: You talkin' about the King James Version? You talking about regular Bibles?

SHERRY: Oh, I read it all. I read the Qumran scrolls, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi library, the KJV, the 1611. I just read it all. I study it all and then I sit at His feet and ask Him what the truth is. All right, thanks for calling in.

I don't want to bore you guys with that, because I know 95 percent this audience doesn't even know who Anu is, and so. I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on that.

Arnold Murray Confirms That the Anunnaki Are Returning Very Soon

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: Yes. I don't know, either. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I'm just calling to tell you I also listen to Arnold Murray, and he does talk about the Anaki [Annunaki] returning very soon.


CALLER: They were the Giants.


CALLER: And they're coming back.


CALLER: Definitely he speaks about the ships, and that's how they're coming back. And, yes, they are evil. You know, I can tell you a story from 1973 where my husband had put down wet cement. "Whatever you do, Linda, don't go near the cement." I see a UFO, just a white-light, cigar-shaped thing, hit, actually, the forest. And I grabbed my daughter, 3-months-old, jumped in wet cement that he told me not to do, ran up to my, actually, sister-in-law's house with a automatic knowing and a automatic fear. Never saw one before. I did see one later, but, you know, automatic fear. What's that tell ya?


CALLER: I knew. It was just like, instinct. It was a get-away-from-there. You know, just knew.

SHERRY: There's nothing good traveling in a UFO.

CALLER: And that was 1973.

SHERRY: Yeah, I mean, people today when they see --

CALLER: You know, there was no mother ship or anything. This thing just came down like a huge cigar. No sound. Told my mother no one's going to believe me.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: They make no sound. Of course, she did not believe me.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: But I know what I saw, and, you know, just like everybody, you know what you saw.


CALLER: But, definitely, the Anaki are returning. Soon. According to him, we're ready for the sixth seal to trump, to hit the dirt here.


Star in Pennsylvania Flys Over My House

CALLER: You know. And, I enjoy listening to you. However, I do wanna say something. I always see the same bloody star that you do. It sets to the -- I don't know, I'm in Pennsylvania, it sets up in the sky.

SHERRY: [laughs] Northeast.

CALLER: And I've actually seen that sucker move.

SHERRY: Yeah, it just sits there.

CALLER: I've seen it move.


CALLER: I've even called the astronomer at Penn State [University]. He says it's Jupiter. I said, "You know, buddy, when did Jupiter start to fly?" This sucker actually took off, --

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: -- went around my house, in [unclear] direction, and sat the rest of the night.

SHERRY: Yeah. It can't move out of this region. It's stuck.

CALLER: Right! Something's wrong.


CALLER: But anyway --

SHERRY: And Jupiter follows the moon. I mean, Jupiter's --

CALLER: Right! This is not Jupiter. That thing is not Jupiter anyway. But it does exist.

I Think Half of Our Constellations Are Made Up of Starships

CALLER: Another thing. I still, for a year and a half, I've known there's something wrong with this sky. There's never a star. Never, ever a star. I think, like, two minutes ago I saw three. I really believe things are falling.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, they are, because you know what? I think half of our constellation night sky is a lie. I think half our constellations are made up of starships.

CALLER: Amen. I think it, too. Like a holograph.


CALLER: I do, too.

SHERRY: Everybody keeps talking about this coming red and blue star. And Orion has a red and a blue star. And that's the only thing I see in the Codes, is Orion.


SHERRY: You know, and so, I'm starting to really think that a lot of what we think is real and true, --

CALLER: Is not.

SHERRY: -- like our constellations, --

CALLER: Holographs.

SHERRY: -- just are not. They're just a big lie.

We've Gotta Get Our Pebbles Out of the River and Prepare for the Coming Giants Like David Did

CALLER: Mm-hmm. I think so, too. Well, let me let you go. But, definitely, the Anaki are the Giants from the day of David. And they are returning. And according to this [Arnold] Murray even. I mean, he is deep.


CALLER: He's very deep. And he's not kidding, because he looks around and thinks, "Well, if you don't believe me..." He gets right to the word.


CALLER: Right to the word, to the lost manuscripts. But they are returning. And they are the Giants.

SHERRY: And just like they did in David's day, they fell. They're gonna fall again, and so.

CALLER: Exactly.

SHERRY: We've just gotta get all of our pebbles up out of the river and get prepared.

CALLER: You got that right. Well, listen, girl, keep up the good work.

SHERRY: All right.


SHERRY: Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Uh-huh. Bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

Did You Get the Info I Sent You, Along with My Orgone Order?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: This thing's.... Hello, caller.

CALLER: Sherry.


CALLER: Can you hear me?

SHERRY: Yeah. Who's this?

CALLER: Oh! Yeah, this is Debbie from southern Texas.

SHERRY: Oh, all right. You've got it warm down there, girl.


SHERRY: You've got it warm down there. I'm still chilling my butt off up here in Ohio.

CALLER: [laughs] This is a simple question, not complex. Did you get my large manila envelope about two weeks ago?


CALLER: You did get it?

SHERRY: Yep. I got what you sent.

CALLER: OK, I have an order for orgone in it. Are you behind?

SHERRY: I think that went out this week or Friday.


SHERRY: It's out. I got it out. I'm always behind, so, yeah, that goes without saying. [laughs] Especially when it's cold.

CALLER: And I sent you a list of the Federal Trade Zones.

SHERRY: Yep. I got it.

CALLER: OK. You were asking for it. OK. That's all I wanted.

SHERRY: All right --

CALLER: Well, thank you. You're doing a great job.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Uh-huh. Bye-bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

About the Hidden Codes That Are in Movies

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hey, Sherry?


CALLER: Hey, can you hear me?


CALLER: Hi, my name is Neru, and I'm calling from North Carolina. Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


CALLER: And, I wanted to talk to you about, um, actually it's about what you was talking about on the show today. About the movies, and the hidden codes that are in the movies.


CALLER: I think a lot of that is true. Like, take for instance, have you seen the movie, Knowing, with Nicolas Cage?

SHERRY: Uh, no. But I saw a clip from it, where they show a Gulf Coast ship on fire. Is that the one you're talking about?

CALLER: Mm, Knowing? No. It was a part in the movie where he was watching TV, and they showed the Gulf...um.

SHERRY: [laughs] That's what I just said. Yeah.

CALLER: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't hear you.


CALLER: They showed that on fire. But that movie came out a year before this happened.

SHERRY: Yeah. They always know.

CALLER: And on the cover of this movie, it has this planet. I don't know if that has anything to do with this planet they tryin' to keep from us, from seeing. But, um --

SHERRY: They've got so much incoming stuff. They've got Nibiru coming in. They've got a cube coming in. They've got the planet Enoch talked about. Everything's coming in. And so, you know, take your pick. That's why they're running -- they're running to India and China. They think comets are gonna hit the earth. And they are. That's a given. But not right now, I don't think, and so. I think right now what we're gonna be dealing with's earthquakes.

What's with This March 15th Date That's Coming Up?

CALLER: What's with this date on the 15th that's coming up? Where they sayin' that this comet, planet, whatever it's supposed to be, that's supposed to align, line up with the earth and the sun, and supposed to cause a whole bunch of commotion, whatever, you know, whatever they talk about.

SHERRY: It could cause earthquakes. I see earthquakes coming up the next several months. Could cause the Madrid to blow, but I know that's a bargaining chip. Obama wants to close the government down, and it's kind of a bargaining chip. "If you close it down, we're gonna blow this up." They've got a lot of fighting going on amongst them right now, and so. You know, so many of our events are so manufactured right now. It's like nothing's happening natural. Everything's just, you know, earthquakes and everything else, it's just all being manufactured, and so.

Media Giving Little Airtime to Major Events

CALLER: Yeah, even today, before I left to go to work today -- I try to catch up on the news, and I hate just watching them 'cause it's just so much bull that they --

SHERRY: Yeah, they don't tell you anything.

CALLER: And they was showing a clip of some, like one of the volcanoes going off over in Hawaii. But then, I mean, they put it in so quick and went to something else so fast, it's like they brush it off like, "All right. Let's get this in there and get it out."

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, you know, last year we lost an entire island with over 100,000 people on it and it was just a blurb on the media. I mean, that's life-changing. That was earth-shattering to me. And they never so much as gave it more of a blurb. A whole island disappears, for Christ's sakes.


SHERRY: A hundred thousand how many people around this island, and it didn't get more than a blurb from the media?

A Lot of Disasters Scheduled for Spring, Summer, and Fall

CALLER: I mean, even with, I don't know, you know, with the government doing this manipulation with the weather and all that. All these storms that's coming across from the West Coast, coming across to the East Coast. I mean, look, I mean take for instance, to what happened to Australia -- look what happened to them. I mean, they're here. They're getting pounded with a whole bunch of stuff.

SHERRY: Yeah. They got pounded with hurricanes and flooding down there.


SHERRY: And I think that's pretty much what we're going to be seeing in our summer, 'cause now, as we transition into summer, they transition into fall and winter down there, and so. Tables might be turned. Now's our turn for flooding, and droughts, and famine. Same stuff I warned about beginning of the year.

CALLER: And right here in North Carolina, I mean, they're chemtrailing us so heavy it's like -- I mean, and people just...they go throughout their day, and, you know, think "La-la-la-la. Nothing's going on," --

SHERRY: The DOE [dead orgone energy] doesn't bother humans. The aliens love it, and so. I should say it bothers humans, you know, the hybrids and the aliens love it. So you need to knock the chemtrails out of your state. Get some orgone and knock it out.


SHERRY: I can think of one person, one or two, in North Carolina that are really the only ones doing anything orgonewise to knock all that stuff out. And you guys have got a Giant base down there.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Most definitely.

SHERRY: Gotta knock this stuff out while we have time, because a lot of disasters scheduled for spring, summer, fall, and may not have time to be worrying about any of that.

CALLER: Yeah. But, um, well, if they go ahead and push this New Madrid Fault Line to blow...I mean. So, one way or another they're trying to get the population down.


CALLER: And they want this dollar to crash in the United States so they can uprise a new, um, what is that? Um, the Amero.

SHERRY: Yep. It's not if, it's when. Yeah, you know, if gas goes up to five or six dollars a gallon, it's gonna cause uproars and riots in this country. People losing their homes, forclosures at an accelerated pace. But thanks for calling in. I've got a minute left, I've gotta wrap this up.

CALLER: All right, Sherry. Thanks.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.
Hopefully You Scientists Can Send Info About AIs and About Where We're at with Electromagnetics

Gonna wrap up the show tonight, folks. I'll be back on Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. And, try to find out some more about AIs. Hopefully, some of you intelligence people out there, scientists, can send me some information on this artificial intelligence. Also, any data you have on the electromagnetic -- where we are with that right now, if it's ready to fall or not, come out or not, and so. It's what I've been watching in the Codes, is the electromagnetic covering over the earth, so. That seems to be being damaged, and so.

Anyway, folks, I'll see you Thursday at 1o'clock, Aliens in the News. Yah bless.


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