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Aliens In The News
Thursday, March 10th, 2011

And hello, everybody.  It's Aliens In The News.  I'm Sherry Shriner, and it's March 10th.  And just a couple days away from Doom’s Day.  Not. 

Comets Scares Were A Cover Up For The Satanists To Flee To India

I don't know what the big deal is about, you know, everybody's on the hyper run about March 15th, and how there's two comets coming towards the Earth and, “Everybody run!  Get in your ships and run to India.” As the Satanists are and all this stuff.  And you know what? I've been quite perplexed by the whole thing. For weeks I've been trying to figure this out.  No, there's no comets coming.  What I'm interested in is why the big cover up so they can all run to India?  I mean, that’s what’s more—I’m wondering about. I don’t know about you guys.  I don't think like normal people do.  I've been in this game too long to knows that there's always something going on in the background. And sometimes the Lord let's me in on that, and other times I'm just as clueless like everybody else. 

Obama’s A Mamzer—A Soulless Being

But I'll tell you what my gut instinct is—which is usually more right than most people’s information—and that’s that there's something going on.  There's probably a ritual.  Because notice how quiet Obama's been lately.  They haven't even been pushing his clones out lately.  They've been pretty much been staying home.  And that's, you know—in the Codes I see so much Obama shifting, it's unreal.  And remember ,this guy’s not even—he's not human.  He's a mamzer.  And in old Jewish terminology, a mamzer is something that was created without a soul.  That was a mamzer.  If you look in the dictionary definitions now for a mamzer it will say “bastard,” doesn't have a father, doesn't have a creator.  And so people think it's just a child born without a father.  This is a little bit more literal than that.  Because these mamzers are very human looking; they just don't have a soul.  And so, just any, you know—in 2011 that's a real sweeping generalization because we have so many different types of beings around us that don't have souls.  And so. You just get use to clones and, you know, the whole transhumanist thing popping up, and then you end up being thrown into a whole ‘nother side of reality that's gonna be hitting us soon.  And so.  I kinda mentioned it on my last show on Monday night about—what'd I call ‘em?—robots, machines.

Selling Products, Agendas, And Ideas

Then this commercial comes out on TV.  I don’t know if you guys have seen it—some kinda [Axe] Excite cologne commercial—and these fallen angels fall from heaven. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrAFWstPZdM&playnext=1&list=PLC891CA278666EF7F] These girls.  Which probably has the churches up in an uproar because they're pretty darn sure there's no female angels.  You can't tell 'em any different, either.  But anyway. These females fall and they go after the guy with the Excite cologne on.  And so, you know, so stupid.  But actually pretty telling in the fact that even angels will fall, and their cologne smells so good, these females want this guy.  Of course, he's too stupid to ever say, “No.”  But, you know, that's how commercials are anyway.  Selling a product.  Selling an agenda. Selling an idea.  They do three in one now.  I don't even know why I mention that, but—because there's just so many things going on.  I'm mind boggled.  I rarely get speechless, I rarely get mind boggled.  It happens when I start learning too much too soon.  I'll get mind boggled.  But this stuff is just—everything hits you at once when it comes from behind the scenes and hits you in the reality zone, you know?  And so.

People On The In (Victims) Versus People On The Out (Ignorant Haters)

I've been talking about it for a long time, folks.  And particularly, years ago when I wrote my article—I think it's in my first book—“Angels in the Flesh.” [http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/angels.htm]  And, you know, I never realized how real this article would become as we come toward the Last Days.  And so.  It just makes it so clear that not everything is always as it appears to be.  You know, so many people are born with, you know—they have memories and that can come from DNA and generational curses.  And there's so many different explanations for so many different things.  And then you have the nay-say crowd.  The people who just—they’re not anything.  They don't experience anything these other people have, and so, they become the focus of their laughter and their mockery.  The typical human crowd is like that.  The typical humans.  And everybody thrown in to live together.  I don't how we do it.  Talk about America being a melting pot?  This entire world’s nothing but a melting pot.  Especially now you have so many humans being taken over by so many different beings.  

Super Soldier Projects Of Yesterday And Super Soldier Android Projects Of Today

You know, been—I happened to go back recently—I think some of you have heard about the super soldier program, and if you haven't read this stuff on the Internet, you know, it's all controlled info.  But what they do is release bits of truth through it, these projects that they have, where the first phase is super soldiers—“we're chip implanting them.”  And I remember talking about that years ago when I first started this radio show.  And that was the first phase of what we were learning.  They were starting at Fort Bragg, with one of their bases where this project was coming out of in North Carolina, and they were testing back then.  And they were probably doing this years earlier, but you know how information travels.  But they're putting chip implants in soldiers’ brains and then trying to develop them as super soldiers.  And so, in just 8 short years since I, you know—and it was probably 6 years since I first announced that aspect of their program—you go from that, chip implanting people’s brains, to transhumanism, where they can now create half machine, half human.  And that's, what?  Six years?  Come on, folks.  So. 

Just very interesting because the first generation of super soldiers, mind-controlled, chip implanted, and now we’re looking at super soldiers that are androids.  And pretty much what they do at this point is—if a super soldier dies, let’s say they kill him, or he dies of one thing or another, now they can just take this super soldier and just turn him into a machine.  They just make him a machine.  They call 'em “androids” now.  Androids is the going name for this.  And so.  They look human, but they're actually machines.  And this is part of that whole thing—Artificial Intelligence I was talking about on Monday night. 

How To Recognize An Android

And one way to tell is they have like a white plastic skin.  Plasticy type skin.  Not the soft and normal type skin.  It just looks plastic or it looks like it’s got three inches of Hollywood makeup on it.  They have plastic-looking—like some of these actors look.  That's one way to tell 'em apart.  But they walk like us. They talk like us.  They think.  Not like us, but they think.  And the one part being is, anything in Satan’s kingdom, one of the main features is going to be that they’re all just totally narcissistic.  They don't have emotions like we do.  They don't feel like we do.  But they, you know, they have agendas, and they're programmed to do things.  You know, they hunt people down.  They gather information, like database builders.  I talked about database builders before.  And I used to run into this in Christian chat rooms all the time, and I just stopped going to them.  It just got so sickening.  Not to mention, I got kicked outta all of ‘em anyway back when I tried to warn everybody that Bush was a Satanist.  And now most people can hear that and laugh because they know; they realize that. Boy, but I'll tell you what, try to warn 'em then, and they hated you.  You were just going to Hell.  “Bush was a Christian!” and “Don't put our brother down!”  I hope those people have woken up by now.  I have no idea if they have, but anyway.

Aliens And Government Workers Are On The Internet To Locate And Deceive You

Back when I was writing my second book, Aliens on the Internet, I was basically warning you that they are on the Internet.  I mean, they pose as humans, but they come into Christian chat rooms especially.  They love the Christian chat rooms.  And they pose as higher than thou religious virtuosos.  They know everything, quote the Bible better than most Christians.  And they know the Bible, folks.  And what they do is they gather info.  And you'd be surprised at the type of info they gather. They usually go into Pentecostal chat rooms because they want to get people's visions down word-for-word as they saw them.  Or, if somebody's gotten a word from the Lord and they, you know how they are, they all post in the chat rooms and on the message boards, and then they—so they copy all of these messages they got from—all these other people got from the Lord.  And they keep them in their little notebooks or database—whatever you want to refer to as—so that when the time comes up, what they'll do is they’ll pose themselves, play themselves as great Christians with great relationships from the Lord.  And say, “Oh, I got a word from the Lord last night.”   And they'll go into their little notebook and they’ll pull out a message that they already copied from somebody else that they had, and they'll pass that off as their own. 

And so, they totally play an agenda.  They play the Christian role.  And it’s just some of the different games they play. You know?  The Lord taught me that one years ago.  And, you know, it's amazing over the years how information has progressed.  You know? The things that He's shown me, and just where we are today compared to where we started.  Just unreal.  Unreal.  This decade alone has got to be one of the most time changing decades I've ever seen.  I mean, just so much more has happened in the last 11 years.  A decade and one year than before any decade before this.  And so. I know I'm going to hear from people, “It's 2011. You're one year over a decade.”  But this is—I say this because I'm warning you, because so many people are being played on the Internet.  They're being played.  Government agents posting, posing as your friends and people who have similar interests as you, and to befriend you.  And then, you know, you have the usual NSA droids who try to suppress information, and distract people, and throw up arguments, and the usual cointelpro [counter intelligence operations] agenda.  And then you have, you know, aliens online posing as humans, posing as Christians.  It's just a zoo.  It's just a zoo.  It's a literal zoo. 

Their Tactics Are Meant To Keep You Drained And Distracted

And a lot of this is being, you know—they use this kind of tactics to target people to keep them ineffective.  You know, they drain all your time.  They drain all your energy.  They keep you focused on whatever drama is going on at the moment.  And there's always a drama.  But their main thing is just to keep you ineffective.  So, if you feel you're around people that are just always draining your time, draining your energy, you can't get anything done—you know the Lord wants you to do a specific thing, and you can't because everything else has you tied down?—sometimes it's time to just drop everything and walk away.  Drop everybody.  You know, the Lord had me do that years ago.  One day, you know, I'm working in the Codes and talking to Him.  I talk to Him as I work in the Codes a lot.  And He told me—He said, “Sherry, all your friends are government agents.”  That was an eye opener for me.  And I've never let that happen again.  I've always been very selective of who comes around me, who I let in. You know? 

Figure Out Who You Trust Online, Be Weary, And Choose Wisely

And so.  Just a heads up, folks.  Some of you are just being so played and going to be if you're not already, because I know what I’m—what's going on around here.  It's just amazing.  It's just amazing.  I wish I could just put thoughts and pictures—it would make it just so much easier.  Or even, you know, moving pictures.  You know, you look at today’s people, people we trust for information.  Who do we trust for information, folks?  Who do you trust?  Because I know I get blasted all the time because people want to know who I follow.  Who am I listening to.  I don't listen to anybody.  You know?  And I think it's pretty apparent, because I don't have all the props, and the deco, and the high tech websites, and the producers, and the cameras, and the You Tube live TV shows, and all. You know?  I just stand on myself the way the Lord told me to.  Then you just look at these others who've risen outta nowhere, and have all this support.  And it's like, “Wow. They came outta nowhere in a really quick time.”   How's it happen? ‘Cause they have support.  Who's supporting them?  Who's paying the bills?  Who's giving them all these employee's that work around the clock to make them look good when they go on the air?  Hmm?

You know, William Cooper, right before he died, he warned of Alex Jones.  And wasn't too long after he warned of Alex Jones, he died.  I know, I'm speaking in circles ‘cause that's what I'm thinking right now.  So, something to think about, folks.  Glenn Beck—you really think he's a conservative?  When it’s just a lot of hype?  Database builders.  You know, when the Tea Party first came out, you saw that one.  It came out, when it first came out, they had good intentions, but then what happened? They let the Illuminati take it over.  The Illuminati infiltrated and took over the Tea Party.  And if you need any convincing, just look up Sarah Palin on Henry Makow's website.  He's got the best article I've ever read on her, and exposes her as the Project Monarch sex slave that she is. [TN: I believe this is the article Sherry is referencing: http://intheknow7.wordpress.com/anatomy-of-sarah-l-palin/]   And all these politicians, they're all in on it.  They're all in on it.  Because we don't have two parties anymore, folks.  We just have one New World Order agenda that's running everybody and everything. 

Displaced Projects Kids Who Got Thrown Out And Are Targeted Are Today’s X-Men

And coming out of this New World Order agenda that's taken over—grip of our world over the last 50 years, is millions and millions of displaced kids.  I’m gonna say “displaced kids” because they're adults now.  But even Cisco Wheeler warned there would be 40 million people, 50 million, that are coming outta these New World Order government mylab projects, and now they're growing up as adults.  And so, you have all these people with memories they can't explain, but they know that they've been through projects and bases.  They can name places, and people, and things.  See, the problem is with mind controlled conditioning is it's got like a 25 year lease.  Because when people get older, their mind starts to break down from all the torture that they're in, and they start to remember.  They start to remember.  And so you have 50 million kids now that remember.  They know exactly what they've been through.  That their parents sold them out to these projects.  That, you know, they were trained in martial law training or used as sex slaves to presidents and politicians.  And you’ve got adults now. 

These Adults Will Be The Lord’s Weapon And Helpers For Us Against The Machines

And the thing that comes with this, folks, and the whole reason that I bring it up, is because a lot of these kids who are now adults that are in these projects have developed abilities that you and I can't even imagine.  We see it on TV. You watch it in the movies.  You've seen X-Men.  And I'll tell you what it's gonna come down to that's gonna be a huge part of even saving most of our butts on this Earth, is the X-Men versus the Transformers.  Because they're gonna be the only ones that can fight the machines.  The Transformers have no human capacity about them.  They're just simply machines.  They destroy. They're artificial intelligence. Guns and bullets aren't gonna kill 'em.  But these X-Men have abilities to take these things out.  And I'll tell you what—who these X-Men are.  It’s all of these people that have grown up and been programmed in all these bases over the years.  These are today’s X-Men, folks.  It's your neighbor, it's your mother, it's your father, it's your brother, it’s your sister.  It's people you love; people you hate.  It's people that are waking up and realizing, “There's something very wrong with me because I've got these abilities.  I don't know exactly why I can start a fire with my mind.  I don't know why I can point at something, and it levitates.  I don't know why I can transport from here into a different multidimension and still be in the same body at the same time.” They can do things.  They have these powers and gifts that Hollywood reveals in the movies. 

And they keep them quiet because they just want to be normal.  They don't want to shake up the status quo.  And yet, it's these people that are always hounded—can’t explain why they’re always being hounded all the time.  They don't have jobs, they're kept jobless, they're targeted to be the homeless of our society.  A lot of them perhaps turn to drugs and alcohol.  And you know what?  We need these people.  These people that we consider as the outcasts of society—a lot of them are Project kids that grew up in these projects, and they have these horrid memories and don't know how to deal with them.  But a lot of them have these gifts that were given to them, too. 

The Goal Of All These Projects Is To Tweak Our DNA And Turn Our Lost Codons On

One of these things they always do in these projects is tweak DNA.  And they turn on codons.  There’s 12 codons of the human DNA.  And there's either 12 total, or 12 that can be turned on.  I don't know.  I don't remember.  I'd have to look at my notes. But we have codons in our DNA that, after the fall of Adam, were turned off. And these were a lot of the gifts that Adam and Eve were created with.  They were, you know, created in God's image.  They—Adam could fly.  Adam could do a lot of things.  He was Superman.  He was X-Man Wolverine.  He was—he could do a lot of things.  But when they fell, that part of his DNA was shut down, and his body had to be reconfigured to survive on Earth because he could no longer fly, he could no longer talk to animals or God like he use to.  Now, I'm not saying we can’t talk to God.  I talk to God every day.  But you know what I'm talking about.  A lot of those gifts were shut off.  And now man in our military bases, our governments, try to turn those codons back on.  And that's part of the whole agenda of the 5th Dimension, and these light workers, and these white knights, and all these people—this whole alien agenda.  They want to tweak your DNA.  They want to turn the codons back on that the Lord had shut off.  So then they can possess your body.  But anyway.

Sherry Wishes To Unite Everybody Against The Evil That’s Coming

Just a lot of people today that—Indigos, Starseeds, Crystals, Monarchs, MK Ultras, all these projects—that have abilities that they can use.  And what I'm seeking to do is unite all of them.  Unite them.  Unite them together so that they can form a united front and a group against this other garbage, the evil side that the government has created.  You know the government has super-soldiers now—the next generation of super soldiers that are androids, they're the machines—and these people with gifts can group together and fight against them. 

I know a lot of stuff happened in the backgrounds, and some of you, you know, you go from one series of a show to the next, year after year, and all your years are the same, and the days are the same.  And you have no thoughts of the things that are happening around you, and what reality really is.  I don't know.  Half my audience knows exactly what I'm talking about, and the other half doesn't.  I probably sound completely whacked out and strange to have half of the audience listening.  That’s all, you know—what can I say? You know, I'm here to lead the Lord's people in the Last Days.  And I know there's a lot of people out there that have been hurt in underground bases and told they're not normal and told hideous things, and I'm here to tell you the Lord loves you, and we can all stand together and fight the evil together in the Last Days.  We can stand together and fight them. 

You Know You’re Doing A Good Job When They Throw A Bunch Of Petty Hate Your Way

I'm not afraid of them.  That's why I'm, you know, I get harassed all the time.  And especially the hating lately.  Ugh, the hating.  The hate emails, and the IM's, and they just try to get me on every level.  And that's how I know I'm affective—how much hate you get.  Somebody calling me Gargemoil, Destroyer of the World.  What is that?  Some of these kids just spend too much time with video games, and this guy is calling me an alien, the Destroyer of the World?  You know, I’m pretty harmless.  But I’ll do everything I can to destroy the wicked off of this one. I don’t know about other worlds.  My feet are on this one.  I don’t leave it.  I’m not an astral traveler. I’m not one of these multidimensional beings. I’m just here for them, though, and I’m here for the Lord’s people, and just uniting everybody in these Last Days so that we can fight against the alien agenda that’s coming.  Because so many are going to be deceived by it.  You know? 

The Bears May Have Something To Do With The AIs

I mean, think about it.  When you start to learn about all these other things that have been happening, you learn that Satan isn’t so all-powerful on the Earth.  He isn’t.  He doesn’t control everything. He doesn’t.  And interestingly enough, he—you know, if you look at some of these videos coming out, the Dark Side of the Moon [Transformers] and shows where a lot of this high-tech stuff, probably the making of these androids, come about.  Because a lot of the metal that they have is unearthly metal. And usually when anything’s a metal, then you know they’re in space doing it, creating these things.  Because you can’t create it on Earth and our confinements of our atmosphere. And so, they go to the Moon, and they make space stations and do a lot of things up there.  But some of these videos talk about the dark side of the Moon—I’ve been trying to figure out their artificial intelligence.  Where it’s being controlled, where it’s being created.  So far, that’s the only knowledge that I have—is that dark side of the Moon tech.  And, you know, if you’re dealing with the Moon, then you’re dealing with the Bears.  Because the Bears, the Chewies of Star Wars, the Bigfoots of America—they are the ones that run the Moon. That’s the faction of aliens, fallen angels, that’s on the Moon.  Is the Bears.  It’s what the Bigfoots are called, and the Chewies.  And they’re very high intelligence.  So.  That means the Bears have something to do with these AIs, the artificial intelligence.  I gotta figure this out, and as I go week by week, we’ll put it all together.  Because there has to be a way to stop it, you know. There has to be a way to take it out.  Because eventually, if we don’t, then these machines can just destroy millions of people. 

You know, get out of the mindset of, “Okay, there’s a box of the Tribulation period, and it’s gonna go on for seven years.” And some people say three years and three and a half, because John said three and a half months [years] and Daniel said 42 months; put it together and you have seven years.  But yeah.  A lot of people dying.  We know that when the Lord returns, the Second Coming of Christ, the Battle of Armageddon, the valley in Megiddo of Israel, that just over one-third of over seven billion people are alive at that time.  So, within the short span of three and a half years to seven years, depending on which doctrine you’re following, you’re looking at the death of, you know, five and a half billion people.  Don’t you think that’s an awful lot of people?  And it’s wars, diseases, plagues, famines, things we’ve never seen before on Earth. You know? And it’s not going to be a peaceful time, folks.  When do people just die in famine without there being just chaos first?  I mean, can you imagine all the stores in America being closed?  There would be chaos in the streets, which invites the military, which invites the Martial Law, which invites FEMA camps and the whole police state agenda.  And then you have all these—you know, you’ve got the Pale Horseman, and when he comes, Hell comes with him.  The forces of Hell come with him.  AIs are also included as forces of Hell.  They are forces of Hell because they’re not of the Lord.  Satan may not have control of them, but they’re forces of Hell.  There’s only two things from which all comes.

Accurate Portrayl Of Satan Somewhere In Saurian Links

And interestingly enough, in the WikiLeaks articles of this whole Saurian thing—if you look at Saurians—a lot of people studying Saturn lately, because that’s where your focus should be because of the whole thing with Satan and the whole Eye of Satan, and Saturn has the star Nemoth, which is the Death Star, also depicted on Star Wars.  The Death Star of Star Wars.  He also has an android-type suit, or not an android-type suit, but artificial intelligence type suit, like a robotic suit that he can put on and wear interestingly enough.  And I’ve heard from people that know what Satan looks like, that that was a great artist depiction of him. I always thought he was blond.  I always thought that he was Sanat Kumara, and it shows how he’s blond and lit up.  That might be so, but when he fell, he lost his blond hair, I guess, ‘cause now he’s got dark hair.  It’s not Sanat Kumara, it’s this other being that’s on this saurian link, if you look at Wikipedia.com and start studying saurians. And so. 

People Create Their Own Evil Via Greed

I always knew he had a temple on Saturn ‘cause I talked to a fellow a couple of years ago, said he was taken to Saturn and dragged to a ritual in a temple, and Satan was there.  So. Interesting.  And these people have no reason lie. I mean.  And I’ve heard that before from other people. There’s a—you know, I see in the Codes where Satan has a temple everywhere.  Everywhere.  Every planet.  Because he’s the top of all these different agendas and all these different agendas.  He just plays along. Everybody thinks that they have his attention and his focus, like the New World Order, these idiotic Illuminati families.  And they don’t.  They’re just pawns.  They seek him for evil, you know?  They ask him, and then they use his—people use Satan as an excuse.  And it’s mankind themselves that’s the—it’s their own evil, their own greed that has pushed this New World Order agenda together, because we have the wealth of the world in the hands of the very few.  And it’s their pure greed and their constant, “Okay, Satan, give us this and we’ll sacrifice babies and children.”  And they do rituals, and they eat their organs. 

Lizard Bloodline Versus David’s Bloodline

Yeah, I heard the Queen is quite savage.  You know.  The highest, probably one of the most powerful reptilians on Earth, and possessed her, and I heard she just loves to eat hearts.  Loves hearts and rituals. Anything the royal family—they’re not royal humans, folk. They’re royal reptilians. They’re lizards.  The Merovingian bloodline is a lizard line.  They are not from the Davidic bloodline.  Don’t insult me.  Because my great, ancient grandfather is David.  Don’t even insult me and tell me that this lizard line in Europe is David’s line.  They’re not. And so.  You know what?  It’s time to raise the curtain off the stage, folks, so you can look at reality for what it is. Buncha Satanists, lizards, running our governments and our world.  A pope who thinks he can tell God what to do, that he’s god on Earth, and one of the worst lizards of them all.  When are we going to say, “That’s enough. We’ve had enough.” And make all this stuff just stop.  But you know what?  It’s not going to.  And so, you need to prepare.  You need to prepare.

How To Root Out The Government Agents Among You

And one of my other jobs on Earth while I’m here is to arm the Lord’s people, and I’ve been trying to do that with orgone.  And I heard an amusing story.  You know, for years I’ve been hearing from people that put orgone out in their yards, that the neighbors leave the next day.  Some neighbors leaving in the middle of the night, just moving out, getting away.  And so.  It’s really amusing when you can target where all these CIA and FBI and NSA pawns live, and, you know, trying to live currently amongst us as normal people, but they work for the government. They’re the first ones out of a neighborhood when there’s orgone there.  And I told you that all those agencies are bloodline.  They always hire bloodlined families because generational bloodlines can be controlled. Not just through—most of them are programmed kids, MK Ultra and Monarchs, or super soldiers—but they’ve got that lizard DNA so they can be controlled by aliens.  And that’s what you have. That’s our “security.”  That’s America’s security.  Devil’s spawn being controlled by the Devil. 

Our Bible Is Its Own Garden Of Eden

And the thing is, if these people break out, they spend the rest of their lives running and hiding and really having nowhere to turn to.  But you know what? We need to unite. We need to unite with all these people. If you love the Lord, then you’re my friend.  ‘Cause that’s all I’m interested in.  I don’t care what seedlines you come from. What projects you come from.  The thing—you know, what they did to you. If you love the Lord, we can unite and work together to fight against evil.  There’s different branches on the Tree of Christ, folks.  There’s different branches.  And we all just work together and unite as one tree to fight against Satan and “the god of this world.”  I never really did like that.  The churches always say that. The churches always say, “Satan is the god of this world.”  Since when?  He didn’t create it.  He may be the deceiver on this world, but he didn’t’ create it.  And who said, “Satan is the god of this world.”  You know who said that? His little pawn Paul.  Paul.  People quote Paul.  Then they think that’s truth because Paul’s in the Bible.  Excuse me, but the Tree of Good and Evil was there in the Garden of Eden.  It was there to test people.  So is Paul there in the KJV today. To test people.  Can you see that he wasn’t one of the Lord’s, or can’t you?  Hmm?  It’s a huge Garden of Eden all over again.  The Tree of Good and Evil.  The Tree of Life.  Right in the KJV.  So anyway. 

Very Large Moon On The Forecast For Next Weekend

Next weekend it’s supposed to be a super huge moon.  It’s supposed to be closest to the Earth as it’s ever been.  I would suggest people stay home.  You know how they always say about full moons, and people just go crazy.  That’s got something to do with how the Moon tugs at the—the human body has a certain amount of water in it, and when the Moon gets that close to Earth, it agitates the water in people’s bodies.  And that’s why there’s more crime and more murders on nights where the full moon is out than any other nights of the year.  So.  Yeah.  Next weekend, people might want to think about staying in.  Enjoy the views.  The Moon looks like it’s going to crash into Earth.  It’s supposed to be triple the size.  That should be interesting.  I’ve seen some huge sunrises where you thought, “Wow.  The Sun’s looking big today.” So, I can’t imagine the Moon, because you can’t even find the Moon.  You have to figure out what moon it’s in tonight, where it’s gonna be, and what time.  It kind of has its own mind of its own.  Kinda goes on its own path now.  And so. Hopefully they won’t cloud the skies so we can’t see it, because that’s what they normally do.  Cloud the skies. 

Pray For Moonquakes!

And, you know, with that big huge moon to look at next weekend, everybody should be focused and pray for earthquakes on the Moon next weekend.  That would be a riot.  If we could get, you know, a hundred, a thousand, a million people to all be praying for earthquakes on the moon.  Maybe destroy some of their tech and their towers and their facilities that they have on the Moon, that they just keep creating more and more evil with.  That they keep using for evil.  If we don’t get rid of that tech and the satellites above us, you know, Russia could point any one of its satellites in American cities and blow it up in two seconds with beams.  So. 

Anyway, I’m gonna take callers and see what’s going on.

How To Defeat AIs

Sherry: Hello, caller.  You’re on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: How you doing?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: Um, I know how to defeat the AIs that’s coming. 

Sherry: Oh, yeah? How’s that?

Caller: You remember when you had your microchip, right, and you had to deactivate it with the magnet?

Sherry: Yep.

Caller: It’s going to be able to take a big magnet, too, you gotta use, and when you use that, they go—their powers shut off.  But the thing about it…I don’t know why I should do it.  Help these people. 

Sherry: Well, if you kill the AIs, you’re helping everybody.

Caller: And I wanted to ask your help, because I have a lot of powers, but you gotta understand. When I see the Christians and the Muslims and stuff, they look down on me for the stuff I can do.  Why should I fight—

Sherry: I know.

Caller: I know you don’t. But why should I help them when my own family’s sold me out to the government so they could do these experiments on me. I don’t even want to help them. ‘Cause they sold me out.

Sherry: I know. But you know what?  You just gotta find your love for humanity.  They don’t understand.  Just because they’re ignorant, and they hate and mock—I’ve been putting up with this for 10 years.  Have I ever walked away?

Caller: [very quietly] No.

Sherry: I’ve been laughed off the Internet because of my orgone and my talk shows.  I’m the biggest mocked, hater-hated one on the Internet.  Have I walked away? No. Because I love them. And the Lord’s asked me to do these things. You know what?  Just do what the Lord asks you to do. Forget what people say, forget what people think, and just sit at the Lord’s feet and do what He wants you to do.  That’s all that matters to me. 

Caller: Yeah, I know.  Everybody—I think they’re just trying to play sides on me.  They either think I’m crazy or delusional because I have these kinds of powers, weird kinds of powers to do. And, you know, my mom said, “Oh, you need to take some medicine.  There’s something wrong with you.” And then—

Sherry: It’s because they don’t understand.  And, you know, these women who have babies like you—let me explain this. They’re abducted when they’re pregnant.  They’re taken out of their sleep, they’re taken aboard UFOs—either military or alien because they both do it—and they take these fetuses that these women are carrying, and they implant them with things.  They implant the fetuses.  You know.  They can even create a fetus and put it in a woman so that she thinks she’s pregnant by her husband.  They do this stuff all the time.  So then they have a child they can’t relate to, and then they can’t understand—they just think they’re crazy—when actually that child was created in a lab mixed with that mother’s DNA and you have, you know, these hybrids that are born with special abilities, and no one can explain why they have them because they’re not like they’re parents.  Well, because it was a lab-created conception.  And so, yeah. You know, I feel for all you kinds.  I feel for a lot of people.  But you can use your abilities for good.

Caller: Yeah, I know.  And they’ve been monitoring me a lot. They’ve been around here a lot too, and they come into the house, but they’re cloaked.

Sherry: Yeah, I put up with that all the time.

Caller: And I’ll wake up, and I have maybe some bruises and stuff. 

Magnetite Loadstone Disrupts Cloaking

Sherry: You know what?  Get some magnetite loadstone.

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: ‘Cause they don’t like the magnetite loadstone. It disrupts their cloaking ability. I’ve got it all, you know, in my house, and in the summer it’s going around the yard. They don’t like the magnetite loadstone.  Also, putting orgone in a dehumidifier.  Just turn it on and let it mist the whole house. Ah, that’s a humidifier, not a dehumidifier.  The other one, a humidifier.   And let it mist the whole house with orgone. They don’t like that either. 

Caller: Well, since they know all the stuff I’ve been going through, they want to give me a way out to go back to the mothership. 

Sherry: Yeah, well, you know what—

Caller: I’m trying to contemplate on, “No, I don’t want to go.”  But they—the reptilians and all them are making my life so miserable, so that I can go.  They want me to go.

Sherry: Oh, they’re just lying to you.

Caller: No. I know.

Sherry: They’re just lying to you. If you agree to it, ‘cause, you know, they can’t do anything to you at this point, you know, if you’re lucid—you have to agree to things.  Sign the red-dotted line. Everything has to be legalistic so they can take you aboard and kill you or keep you from being ineffective.  If they hate you, it means you’re a threat to them. 

Caller: [very quietly] Right.

Sherry: You’re a threat to them.  So, figure out why it is you’re a threat to them, and then use that ability against them. 

Caller: And I heard the—a lot of the Annunaki are coming too.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: And it made sense, about Ishtar and all them. The reason why they live so long is because they were eating people’s brains, and they love the human organs. 

Sherry: Yeah, and they live on that white mono-atomic gold.  Yeah, they eat gold, and, yeah.

Caller: Yeah, that’s why they live so long.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: And they seem like they’re about to—they’re gonna do that again. That’s why you said when the giants were coming, we’re they’re food source.  You were right.

Sherry: Yeah, well, we are.  The Bible says we are.  And so, you know, I’m not going to argue about that.

Caller: And all these Christians, you know, “Ah, that’s make believe. That’s delusional.”

Sherry: Yeah. I hear the same stuff.  Anyway, thanks for calling in—

Caller: You hit it on the head with that. And I guess they’ve been opening a lot more portals, too.

Sherry: Oh, I know.

Caller: To the extreme. 

Sherry: A lot of portals.  This summer’s gonna be chaos. 

Caller: Yeah, I know.  It’s not going to be the same no more.  Just like you said out of the movie Star Wars, it’s gonna be just like that.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: And that’s not nice.

Sherry:  Yeah, I know.  And we need to come up with some kind of magnetic weapons to mess with, ‘cause AIs—you’re right, the magnets interfere with the AIs.

Caller: Yeah, those with the magnets, it’s like a magnet force you can use, and then they’ll be deactivated. 

Sherry: That’s what we need. We need to figure out how to do that, because they need the electromagnetic covering over the Earth to come down so they can operate more. 

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: But the aliens need it up because that’s how they use their UFOs and their traveling.

Caller: Yeah, so it’s going to be something.  And especially this summer. 

Sherry: Yeah, I feel it, too.

Caller: So, if you can look online about the device about how you can deactivate the microchips, it’s the same thing.

Sherry: Yeah, we know the concept will work, but we haven’t figured out exactly what. We don’t have it in our hands.  I don’t have it in my hands exactly what I can use that will deactivate AIs.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: That’s what I need.

Caller: And it’s gonna take some money.  Hopefully somebody can fund you some more so you could figure out something to do, ‘cause it’s gonna take a lot of money just to do these things.

Sherry: Oh, I know. And you know what?  I have no support. I have hardly any support.

Caller: I know.

Sherry: And so.  My dreams are a lot bigger than my pocketbook. 

Caller: And I wish—man.  Okay, take care.  I’ll get back to you next week.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Buh-bye.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

The Cyborg And Terminator AIs Are Real

Sherry: And, yeah.  Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hey, Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Hey, how ya doing?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: I’m good. Thanks for taking my call.  I’m afraid that a lot of people are not going to wake up sometimes.  And when they do, it’s going to be too late, and they’re gonna be just like deers—scared, frozen—in the headlights. 

Sherry: I know. It’s like they’re gonna wake up when they’re on their feet running.   

Caller: Right.

Sherry: Yeah. I know.  I know.

Caller: I mean, ten minutes ago with the cyborgs you were talking about, I—I don’t know—do you know about Project Camelot?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Yeah, there was a video on the air a year ago about Dr. B. Peterson. He was talking about the whole mess on the stuff about that, too.  That they’re—the government, they’ve been working with these aliens, the greys, and, you know, they’re making these cyborgs, like, you know, like Terminator.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: You said like the movies, like Terminator.  That stuff is real.

Sherry: Yeah. It is.  I find it funny, though, because I all these people like Project Camelot—they get their information from the government scientists and the people who were behind these projects, working in these projects, and I get my information from the people that were in the projects.  So it’s almost like an opposite side of the coin thing.

Caller: Wow.

Sherry: Most of my information comes from victims and the people themselves. And so. And I never reveal anything. I don’t reveal my sources.  I don’t need a big pan on my head because I know somebody high up in the lizard government. Which I do, but so what?  You know?  I get my information from the victims.  People that’ve been through it. People who’ve been tortured.

Caller: Right, right.

Sherry: So, it’s much more real. It’s much more real to me. 

Does The Government Listen In On Sherry’s Shows?

Caller: I—I mean, as this show is on Thursdays and Mondays, do you think the government is listening in on your show, or—? 

Sherry: Oh, I half the time can barely have one.  They usually leave this show alone on Thursdays, but Monday nights is always just harassed.  I’m lucky to have a show on Mondays at all. ‘Cause they mess with my computer and my satellite service and my servers, and everything gets messed with.  And so, it’s a work of God that I even get on the air on Monday nights. Now, on Thursdays, they usually just leave it alone. They hate this show, but you know what?  The thing is, they all need me.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: They all need me. Because I’m their ear to what the Lord is saying.  Because if something is going to happen or whatever, you know, I’m going to announce it on the show. 

Caller: I’m pretty sure the NSA is listening in on to what people are calling in, and, you know, trying to find out what information they can.

Sherry: Oh, it’s mostly NASA.  They dominate this show.  If you look at the IP addies of the people who listen to this show—162 of countries, and then, NASA.  It’s like a hundred—NASA and the Air Force and, yeah. They hate this show.  That’s how you can always tell where all the lizards are. NASA.  So.  And I get those invisible assassins on my property all the time, and it’s just never ending.  And so.  It’s always a war.  It’s always a war.

Are There Both Good And Evil Aliens?

Caller: Right.  And with these aliens, do you believe they are both sides, good and evil?  Or is it just all one side that’s evil, do you think?

Sherry: Oh, well, I—it’s—I work with the hybrids.  You know?  It’s aliens themselves, you know—I just wanna destroy them. And if they’re good, God will protect them. Because you can’t tell them apart.  They all lie. The bad ones just lie so much.  They all play that they’re good. 

Caller: Right.

Sherry: And so, how do you tell them apart? You can’t. And if they do want redemption from the Lord, and they’re—they want forgiveness, they can’t have—the cross doesn’t forgive them like it did us, you know, of our sins. But they can receive redemption.  The Lord usually puts them in capacity away from mankind. 

Caller: Right.

Sherry: And so, if they’re amongst us preaching doctrines and truths and talking about how they’re “good aliens,” but they’re not preaching in alignment with the Most High, then they’re not.  They’re not good aliens.  They’re liars.  

The Lord Will NOT Protect His People By Having Them Go Aboard UFOs! DO NOT GET ON THEM!

Caller:  Yeah.  One more question. When the time comes, as far as, you know, the government—they’re pretty much prepared with all these underground bases, I mean, all throughout the whole world. And when the time comes, as far as we the people who are not prepared, I guess we’re just up the creek here with nothing—no paddle, right?  

Sherry: Well I don’t know. We’ve got the Lord. They’ve got their underground bases.  We’ve got the Most High.  He’ll take care of His own.  And so. There’s a lot of people that, you know, He’s going to leave to suffer.  I mean, obviously, Revelation chapter 6, the 5th seal, there’s millions under the souls of the alter that were killed during persecution and suffering.  So, there’s no rapture to take everybody off the Earth.  They’re going to be tested here on Earth.  He allows that to happen.  But the ones who’ve already been tested?  He’s gonna protect. 

Caller: So when we’re being protected, it’s going to be good aliens coming down in ships, taking you aboard and—?

Sherry: No.  No, no, no, no.  I mean, if you look in Matthew 24, wherever it is that it talks about the Jews running to Petra.  Think of Indiana Jones, the Red Rose City.  Petra. They filmed that movie there in Jordan.  That’s a protection zone for the Jews when the Abomination of Desolation enters the Temple and proclaims that he’s “God.”  The Bible talks about telling the Jews to run.  Pray your flight’s not on the Sabbath and all this.  He’ll [Yahuah] have protection zones on the Earth.  It’s the aliens that want you to think that, you know, they’re gonna to protect you by lifting you up on a UFO.  That’s what the whole alien agenda is by these “lightworkers.” They think they’re all gonna be protected and beamed up on these UFOs, and these UFOs are gonna take them straight to Hell and then unload them.  That’s why I keep warning them, “Do not get on the UFOs.”  So. Yeah. The Lord’s not gonna wiz people up off the Earth in UFOs and.  That’s the New Age agenda. That’s the Alien Agenda.  

How To Speak To Yahuah The Most High

Caller: And did you say that Yahuah speaks to you?

Sherry: Yahuah can speak to all of us if you learn how to hear Him.  It’s that small voice in your heart.

Caller: When you hear this voice, I mean, you actually—you hear this voice? Not to sound too picky or anything like that, but I’m asking you the question. Is it—do you hear it or is it like a vibration you feel?

Sherry: It’s almost like you’re thinking something to yourself, a thought to yourself, but it’s His voice in your heart.  You almost have to strain to hear Him. It’s very hard to explain, but I have articles on it.

Caller: Well, I—

Sherry: But I gotta get going ‘cause I’ve got one minute down. 

Caller: Okay.  How do you separate that from if the government is playing you with the Blue Beam Project—

Sherry: Because the Lord doesn’t speak to your head.  He does not speak to your head.  The government does.  Demons do. Satan does. The Lord Himself does not speak to your head.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Alright. Thank you Sherry.

Sherry:  Buh-bye.

Caller: Bye.

[call ends]

That’s gonna wrap it up, folks.  I’ll be back on Monday night, 10 o’clock, with Monday Night with Sherry Shriner.  And so. No idea what the Lord will have me speak on then, but I’ll see you then.

Yah Bless everybody.



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