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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
March 14, 2011

Warning About Japan Since 2006 and Not Done Yet

And, hello, everybody. Welcome to the show. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's March 14th. And looking up to be an interesting spring and summer like I've warned it's going to be. And so, I know everybody's -- the first thing on their minds tonight is they want to hear about Japan. And you know what, folks? I was looking through my archives. And you can go to the transcribes and the Search/Find feature at the transcribe page, the main index page of my transcribes page, and you can put in any subject. And just click on the Find button, and it'll look through all of my list of topics for all of my shows that I have transcribes for and pull them up all on a page for you, and so. Very easy, very convenient for a lot of people that are looking for particular topics I might have mentioned over the last five or six years. Most of my earlier shows have been transcribed. Some of them haven't been, I don't think. But most of them have been, and so. Several transcribers over the years, and so.

That's what I did. And I know that I started talking about Japan back in about 2006. But I don't think I have a lot of the 2006 shows transcribed, so I looked through some of the earlier ones in 2008. And, funny that in 2008 I mentioned that Japan was dominant in the Codes then. That they were being overpowered by something. There was something going on with Japan and that they were being overpowered by something. I could see that in the Codes, and so, interesting. But Japan never dropped out of the Codes, you know. I've mentioned it off and on in shows throughout the years that they're still active in the Codes. And interesting that in June 9th of 2008 I said this. I said: "Two years ago I warned about Japan being immersed in the water." And so, sounding an alarm in June of 2008 that it was going to be immersed in water." And warned everybody on coastlines to get off the coastlines, and so. And that still stands. I've been doing that forever, to get away from the coastlines, whether east coast, south coast, west coast. It doesn't matter because we're still in danger zones, and so.

You know, I was looking at the ring of fire, the Pacific Ring of Fire, and one thing I noticed, if you could visualize the West Coast, Pacific ocean. It kind of starts down there right below New Zealand and Australia, and then it goes up toward the Philippines, and Japan, over to western Canada, northwest United States, all the way down the west coast of the United States, down to middle and central America, down to South America, and you'll see Peru and Chile there. And, interestingly enough, these are the most common countries I've been seeing in the Codes; Chile and Peru. A lot of sinkholes, mudslides, things going on in Chile and Peru. Of course we just had the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Also Japan, what's going on now with the earthquake, and the nuclear reactors going, and the tsunami.

And, folks, I don't think we're done with Japan yet. I think much of the entire island, itself, is gonna be destroyed, and so, if people are sitting on Japan hoping for a pipe dream that it's over with now, they're gonna die. They need to get off the island. They need to get out of there, because I just think the whole thing's gonna go under, and so. You know, there's 13 million people in Tokyo and they've had their warning shots, north of them. Tens of thousands have already been killed, and so, they need to get off of Japan. I've been saying that for years.

People in Japan, Los Angeles, Florida, and Cuba...Go Somewhere Else or You're Going Underwater

And I've been trying to think back, the order of things I've given. And I usually can't even remember what I spoke on a show a week before. I have to go through and read transcripts, too, like you guys. And so, trying to remember exactly when, and the kind of order of things I put out is kind of a no-win for me, but what I try to do is remember visions I've had, because the Lord'll give me visions of things, and Japan being one of them. And then L.A. [Los Angeles] going under the water. That still stands. And, of course, -- and everybody says that's a given, but [laughs] not when you see it. And so, I don't know if L.A. going under the water is before or after Florida does. And, of course, I've been yelling for years, about the same amount of time I've spent on Japan, I've been telling people to get out of Florida. And so, Japan, and then Florida, also Cuba. Because that's another one I see in the Codes quite a bit is Cu -- whatever happens with Florida, it's going to affect Cuba, because Cuba's just a hop, skip, and a jump over from Florida.

Corexit Spraying May Be Causing Ebola-Type Symptoms

And so, something's still going on down there with the Gulf and, interestingly enough, I'm seeing Ebola in the Codes. And remember I told you that Ebola is about -- has a lot of correlations with Corexit. Because you have the respiratory and cardiac problems, and the internal bleeding, and these are the same types of things, symptoms that you see with Ebola. And so, I think that's the one term in the Bible Codes that can either be specific to Ebola or just Ebola in general, because I don't even know what the term would be to define Corexit in the Codes. And so, when I see Ebola, my hair kind of stands up on end, because they're gonna be spraying this in chemtrails. And I've warned that they're not done. I warned, I've been warning they're still doing that, and I'm still seeing it in the Codes. And so, they're still doing it, folks. They're still spraying Corexit in the chemtrails. It's not just a Gulf of Mexico thing anymore. It's going to be hitting a lot of people in a lot of states.

Operation Deep Sleep - To Anesthetize and Paralyze People So They Won't Escape Planned Disaster

You know, I remember talking about Operation Deep Sleep. And this, they had some kind of ether poison that they were using. And I looked it up and it was some kind of anesthesia. It's the kind of ether that refers to anesthesia, not the kind of aether energy like orgone energy. It's anesthesia-related. And, what it does is it paralyzes people so they can't move. And so, if a huge tsunami's coming, and people are paralyzed and can't move, they're gonna die. And interesting I saw this for Florida. And I'm thinking maybe they were practicing on Japan. Maybe this whole, you know, maybe they're practicing on Japan. You know? I mean, the Japanese people obviously thought it was gonna hit the West first, because they called their corporation, their leaders home. And then a day later the tsunami hits, and the earthquake hits, and nuclear reactors are blown. And so, they didn't know it was coming. They thought it was gonna hit the West Coast first.

Keep Your Eyes on the Skies - It's Where the Action Starts

So it kind of tells you that they could possibly be HAARPing all this, or it's things out of their control. You know, Pacific Ring of Fire. The one thing that always comes to my mind is the Lord always warning us to keep our eyes on the skies. Keep our eyes on the skies. And so, there's your answer to why and how things are happening. From the skies. And we've got a lot of warnings lately from the sun and solar flares. And people getting a lot more videos now of both Planet X and the second sun coming in.

Planet X - The Huge Red Planet Coming Up from Behind the Moon

And Planet X is just huge, folks, and I think they said it's three times the size of Earth. I remember years ago, and I was sitting outside at night and it was a full moon. And I was just sitting there staring at the moon. You know, no conspiracy theory there, just sitting there staring at the moon, looking at the moon. And up from behind the moon came this huge red planet out of nowhere, and it was just sitting right behind the moon. And it was like, you know, five times the size of the moon. It just -- the moon was just enveloped in front of this huge red planet behind it. And I'm thinking, "Whoa, where did that come from?" 'Cause sometimes you just could not tell. You know, you're just in a vision, you're there. And [laughs] I'm looking and thinking, "Is this real?" It's just the time I was in the middle of a vision seeing this red planet coming up behind the moon. And so, I know that this PX thing -- and they've always said it's red. And you'll hear other places, "Oh, no. It's not red. It's a star," and all this. And it's red. It's very, very big. And so, this thing is coming up through the sun.

Planet X Disrupting Things and Causing Earthquakes

And we also have the second sun which is Enoch's planet I've told you about. I made a video on it, and so. [2nd Sun - Twin Sun - Two Suns - Second Sun - Sherry Shriner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQZ3sf7MFW8] These things are both messing, well, particularly Planet X, interfering with the earth's magnetic field, disrupting things, causing earthquakes. The one could be igniting this whole Pacific ring, which is being referred to as the Rim of Fire. And so, you know, we could just see this whole thing going. I know the warnings for the Lord for this year was that the coastlines would just be flooded. That it would be drenched. That we were gonna have a lot of water on the coastlines, and there would be, you know, floods and tsunamis in some places, and just literal droughts in others. So, too much water in some areas and not enough in others.

And if Australia's any indication -- Australia, of course, they're just now leaving summer and we're just heading into summer. We're on opposite weather patterns here, season patterns. If their summer's any indication of what we're gonna be looking forward to -- and Australia's about the size of the United States, folks. Australia's huge. I never really looked at a map of Australia before. Usually if you look on a map, Australia's just this mass in the way south, below everybody else. [laughs] But if you really look at the country, it's about as big as the United States. And they have massive hurricanes.

And, you know, we're gonna see a lot of deadly hurricanes this year. We're gonna see a lot of overextended flooding in areas. And whether it's this Pacific Rim of Fire related or not, we're just gonna be seeing one disaster after the next. And also just the whole Gulf region, itself. All the problems down there with the Gulf. And Florida and Cuba just kind of sitting down there helpless kind of, you know, in between -- they've got the Gulf and the Ring of Fire right off of both of them. The Ring of Fire goes straight through the Gulf of Mexico, and so. Interesting what we're being set up for.

The Quaking on the Pacific Ring of Fire Could Set Off the New Madrid Fault Line

Also, the New Madrid Fault Line. If all this rocking and quaking on the Pacific Ring, could possibly set off the New Madrid Fault Line -- and I've put maps up on my websites of the New Madrid Fault Line, so you could see if you were in the middle of that. Because that certainly kind of divides the country all the way up from Canada, all the way through the Great Lakes, through Ohio, through Indiana, through St. Louis, all the way to the south, all the way down to Alabama. So, literally, just splits the country in half if that quake was to hit, from where it starts all the way up in Canada, to all the way down to the Gulf. And so, just a lot, a lot of earthquakes coming, floodings.

And, you know, it's like the Lord said, keep your eyes on the skies. And so, that's where our problems are coming from, folks. That's what I -- keeps hitting me, and so. HAARP or not, who needs HAARP when we've got planets coming in that are gonna knock the earth off its axis and already have, you know. I mean, these aren't just the only -- Planet X isn't the only one we have coming in. You've got the cube coming out of Orion. And I've warned about that. And that's their mimicry of the New Jerusalem.

Taking Out Nibiru Could Be the Orgone Warriors' Largest Victories Yet

But let me give you a heads up on Planet X, because, you know, this could be one of our largest victories yet for the Orgone Warriors. Because, you know, we destroyed Shema. They were pounding Shema, how Shema was gonna be the second Star of Bethlehem, and it was gonna be used to herald the arrival of their Maitreya, the Muslim's 12th imam. And, you know, it just pissed me off, 'cause it was sitting above my head every night like it was mocking me or something. And so, I started making orgone pipes and stuff and pointing it at it at night. And, eventually, the thing caught on fire. And it's been stuck in this region ever since. [laughs] They can't move it. [laughs] It can move around a little bit in this region, itself, but it's pretty much stuck in the Ohio/Pennsylvania regions and so. [laughs].

You know what, folks? We can do it again. We can do it again to this Nibiru coming in. And so, everybody out there that has orgone pipes, or anything orgone, you could put a orgone puck on a large pole and hold it up in the air towards the east. But everybody get your orgone pipes to the east. And especially this weekend, the 19th, because the moon is supposed to descend and be like, its closest to Earth it's even been or something. It's some far out statistic on it.

As Full Moons Affect Water on Earth They Can Affect Water in the Human Body

But that's another interesting scenario, because, you know, the moon, a full moon, very, very close to Earth, and the one thing I think of is psychopaths, psychos. Because, there's some kind of study that states that the human body is made up of a certain percentage of water, and when the moon is closest to the earth is when we have the most crime, and the most crazy stuff going on. That's why you'll always hear that expression, "It must be a full moon tonight," 'cause all the crazies are out. And so, don't think this weekend's gonna be a whole lot different. You know, I plan on staying home, but, of course, I'm a homebody anyway. I prefer to stay home. But I encourage everybody to stay out of public places at night. Just stay home. Just stay home, because the crazies are gonna be out. You know, it affects the water tide in people in a certain way, and it just makes them crazy.

I Try to Give the Order of the Countries to Be Hit, but May Not Recognize Them in the Codes

And so, also with the moon coming in we can expect, you know, setting off more earthquakes. It could be more earthquakes yet to come. You know, this one in Japan could keep continuing. You know, the one thing they don't tell you about last year, or the year before, when the tsunami hit Indonesia is that it's still flooding and still going underwater. I mean, that whole area of Indonesia, they still have a lot of problems with the flooding and stuff. And so, watch for Japan, because I suspect that this whole island's gonna go underwater. And I've felt it for years, and so. And Hawaii may escape for now, but not eventually. I mean, eventually, all of the islands are gonna go under the water. And so, if you're on a island -- and somebody could make the argument, well, we're all on islands, because all 7 continents are surrounded by water. But, yeah, that's why their coastlines are gonna be destroyed. So if their coastlines are gonna be destroyed, what do you think these islands, you know, like Hawaii and Japan, and the Philippines, Cuba, and all these other islands on the other side of the world, they don't stand a chance.

I just try to give them the order I see. Unfortunately, I just don't know the Hebrew name for a lot of other nations. And in the Codes, if I see it, I'm not gonna recognize it, because I don't recognize their Hebrew names, and so. But I can tell you the ones I do see all the time, and I do, and so. If I feel like something's going on there that we need to know like, you know, Greece comes up, and then Greece has all these political problems, and so. I don't really get into that, and so. Usually when they come up it's political-oriented and I try to focus on stuff that's affecting us in the here and now. And, you know, I'm not gonna spend my show on Wisconsin Teacher Union problems. Other people can, but, you know, I have a worldwide listening audience and every nation has their political problems, and so, I have to pick and choose exactly, you know, where it is I feel the Lord's leading me. Because, I just have one show a week, and so.

Watch Out for the Crazies on the Road

Another thing I wanted to mention, other than, um -- so watch out for the 19th of this week which is this weekend. The moon's coming. Watch out for more earthquakes. And the crazies out on the road, and I'm probably not gonna mention that again.

Destruction of Japan Could Be a Setup for Ascended Masters' Arrival

But one of the interesting things coming out of this whole Japan destruction, like I said, I still don't think it's through. I still think this could be a setup. And I'm gonna tell you why it's setting up for things. And there's two reasons, because of the radiation that these nuclear reactors could be set off, and so. Other people now are watching, um -- Japan has what? Five or six nuclear reactors. And if they blow up, melt down, could send radioactive waves around the entire world. And that's interesting, because one of the things I see -- and I've warned you that, you know, the dominant months for all this Ascended Master charade facade, you know, the coming of Maitreya and all this stuff is always the summer months. It's March, May, June, July, September. September's huge for Sananda and the second coming of Sananda and his charade of coming as Christ. But the Muslims are earlier than that, so usually it's like March or May, July. I usually see some kind of hostile invasion in July. Some kind of hostile arrivals by aliens in July.

But either way, when Maitreya arrives, I've always said he's angry. He's mad. And that's just his disposition anyway. He can't -- he likes to have the last word, he doesn't -- you know. Maybe you've heard him on this show. He's called in before. [laughs] Or was it my Thursday show? I get them mixed up. But he's just very argumentative. He's combative. Has to have the last word. So he's not gonna stay a nice little god very long. He thinks he's a god. He's not gonna stay that way very long before he gets his hatchet out, which is one of his trademarks. He has a hatchet. I used to call him hatchet man and make fun of him on my show years ago. But, because in the Bible Codes, when he arrives, you'll also see the term "ablaze." So he's not just angry, but it's almost like he comes in an ablaze, like ablaze of fire.

And so, wouldn't that be interesting, because I've warned about how all these aerosols being pumped in the skies, that it's just going to ignite. It's like creating, what do they call those dirty bombs? When you just blow something up and all the energy is sucked out of whatever's underneath it. When the bomb's let off and everybody dies because there's no energy, there's no oxygen. Well, you know, I see fire in the atmosphere all the time in the Codes. Terms that could suggest either literal or symbolic. And so, if this radiation is leaked all the way around the world, which means the reactors are blown, radiation's everywhere, and it's caught on fire, but mixes in, hits all these chemtrails that are in everybody -- every country -- every nation has chemtrail planes, because if their air force isn't doing it, the aliens do it. They have their own drones that go out and spray. And they holograph those little white airplanes. What would happen? I'm not a chemist. But what happens radiation versus chemtrails? Does it ignite a one point? Does the atmosphere catch on fire, because these are kind of the things I see in the Bible Codes? Because the term "fire," and "shooting," and "ablaze." And so, it's either symbolic or literal.

At this point with, you know, this whole thing with Japan going on, it literally could make something literal happen, because interesting that there's so much dominance of Maitreya's arriving. Maitreya arriving any day, any week now. This entire spring and summer this is gonna be a dominant time. I don't know if this is the year, but it's the dominant time. We've kind of got the conditions that I've seen in the Codes where atmosphere's on fire. What if it ignites? What if it ignites? What if that's what he uses to make his grand entrance? You know, how does he come in? What is his grand entrance? Is he gonna have a big entrance from the sky like Sananda is? Coming as the church's Jesus. To fool all them into thinking it's the second coming of Christ. Because, you know, you could look at Blue Beam project and see the Hollywood production they've been planning for that one. Nobody really knows how Maitreya's gonna come in. And so, interesting, that this would be the whole...everything's being set up right now. You know, the radiation's being leaked in the atmosphere along with the chemtrails that could ignite. Our sky could be on fire, literally. We could see clouds of fire. And then here comes Maitreya. So, interesting.

Seoul, Korea in Codes for October - Korean Peninsula to Be Blown Up to Bring in Fake Christ?

You know, the New World Order, the Bush faction, that whole group -- because the Maitreya faction and all that that's the alien agenda. But if you look at the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, you know, the New World Order factions, factions 1 and 2, they always planned to blow up Seoul, Korea, to blow up the Korean peninsula, and bring in Christ that way. And interestingly enough, Seoul is coming up for October. And so, you know, that could delay it from September, go into October. But, of course, in Hebrew terms, a Hebrew month is half of our month, because times overlap. Like the Hebrew month of September could be from mid-August to mid-September. And so, if something happened at the end of the American month September, it would actually be October in the Jewish calendar already. That's why you can't pin months here, because it's just so, you know. Whose time? Theirs or ours? You know? You look at Hebrew Codes and trying to appropriate them to, you know, the Gregorian time calendar. [laughs] And they have always seemed to me to be a year off. And I've always said that 2012's gonna be more like 2011. And so, not too far off that way.

So quite a few things that could be coming up. You know, Maitreya's arrival in an atmosphere of fire. Seoul, Korea being blown up in October just to bring on Sananda's arrival, which is the fake Jesus. This Sananda who comes claiming to be the Jesus of the Bible and he looks just like him.

Letter from Pontius Pilate Preparing People for Arrival of Sananda or Sanat Kumara?

Found it interesting, somebody sent me a letter, a letter from Pontius Pilate. And I bring this up to show you their deceptions and how stupid they are. So there's a letter circulating the Internet, and it's supposedly this letter that's buried in the Vatican vault, you know, where they keep all the real secret stuff away from Christians so they're like, you know, chapters that are missing out of the Bible, and Enoch's books that they won't print, and stuff like that, you know. So it's real easy to say, oh, it was pulled out of the Vatican vault and it's in the Library of Congress, and this is a actual authenticated letter of Pontius Pilate's, uh, I can't remember who he wrote it to, but he was discussing the whole affair with the Lord's death on the cross and His trial and stuff. This is a total New Age charade. This is a whole propaganda thing from them. I laughed when I saw it. And the person who sent it to me even went to check the Library of Congress, 'cause they all have their books numbered, and it's not listed, it's not even in there. So the whole thing is a lie. This whole letter is just a made-up charade.

But in this letter, they describe Yahushua, this Jesus of Nazareth, as having blond hair and blue eyes. And so, the first thing I thought is they're getting everybody ready for the arrival of Sananda. It's either Sananda or Sanat Kumara. Wouldn't that be the freak if Sanat Kumara came as Jesus instead of Sananda?

Remember we blew up Sananda's ship, his Capricorn [laughs] couple years ago? And NASA went out to the west, in the Pacific Ocean, to get it 'cause it was falling out of the sky. And they were gonna have to blow it up if it came down in too big of a piece. And so, the subs went out there to make sure. They didn't want anybody to see what it was. And it was the Capricorn One. It was Sananda's starship. And it got saturated with orgone and literally fell out of the sky.

Shema is just kind of hanging. It's gonna be the burning lamp described in Revelation, chaper 8 or 9. I think it's 9. It'll fall as the burning lamp. That might just be Wormwood, end up being Wormwood, 'cause remember Wormwood hits the water and the waters become poison? That could very well be Shema, and so.

Anyway, he's been busy. He's been creating Capricorn Two since then. [laughs] They just build these ships up. And I know there's many cigar-shaped ships and...kind of Sananda's fleet. And so...oh, what was I saying? I go on these rabbit trails. And, uh [laughs], but, yeah, they're just getting ready. They're just getting everybody ready to think that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, or Yahushua (His real name), had blond hair and blue eyes. I don't even believe that, and so. But it works for the New Age agenda. That's why they're pushing that Pontius Pilate article around, and so, if you see it, just spit it out for the garbage it is. They always have their charades. Always. And so, you can just see them getting ready to get the propaganda out, get people ready, because their arrivals are so dominant, you know. And the next things, and the next, on to the -- on the prophetic scene.

If Anyone Out in Japan Escaped and Can Tell Me if Ether Energy Was Used, Pleased Contact This Show

So we've got Corexit. And I would love anybody out in Japan, that, you know, I would love to hear from them, that escaped, or can get to China and contact this show, and let me know if ether energy was used. I just wanna know. And I'm not talking about orgone energy. I'm talking about anesthetic ether energy that paralyzes people. 'Cause I saw that for Florida. So it'd be interesting if it happened in Japan. And we'll see what's up, 'cause I, you know, with Japan going down, I think Florida will be next.

If You're in Los Angeles or Florida, Get Out

They're kind of setting it up to make the West Coast, maybe Seattle and L.A. -- I did see L.A. go into the water, but -- I saw Chicago go under the water, too. I think it's still too early for L.A. Who knows? Maybe they don't. Maybe they wanna take L.A. out now, maybe Planet X just does it anyway, because they really can't control what's going on with Planet X coming in. It'll be interesting. Either way, if you're in L.A. or Florida, get out. Get out. A little bit too early, I think, for Chicago. Chicago's judgment will come, but I don't think it's going to be L.A.'s and Florida's, 'cause I saw those first. I'm just kind of going in order of visions the Lord's given me.

Kenyan Prophet Prophesied That Destruction of U.S. Would Come About at Hands of a Kenyan (Obama)

I pulled this out of an old show I did in 2008 and thought it was amusing, thought I'd read it again tonight about a prophecy given by a Kenyan prophet named Johanwa Owalo, the founder of Kenya Nomiya Luo Church, and who among the Kenyan people of the Luo religion is believed to be a prophet similar to Jesus Christ and Muhammad, and who made a prophecy in 1912 about the United States. This is in 1912. And he said this, "For they have strayed into wickedness in those future times and their destruction has been sealed by my father. Their great cities will burn. Their crops and cattle will suffer disease and death. Their children will perish from diseases never seen upon this Earth, and I reveal to you the greatest mystery of all as I have been allowed to see that their united states destruction will come about at the vengeful hands of one of our very own sons." One of their very own sons being Barack Obama who is a direct descendent of this tribe in Kenya. And so, we're not too far away even if someone prophesied it in 1912. You can see it around us that destruction is coming on every side. And who would be in charge? A son from this Luo tribe in Kenya. Who's from Kenya? Obama. So, it's this time frame. This is the time frame, folks.

NASA's Covering Up Planet X with the Code Name "Comet Elenin"

You know, NASA's covering up Planet X with the code name Comet Elenin. [laughs] There's no comets in the Codes, folks. They're covering all this stuff up. They're saying there's three comets heading towards the earth. And so, hmm.

The Red Star and Blue Star Are Part of the Orion Constellation

Let's see the blue star, and then there's Planet X, then there's the cube. I don't think the blue star is actually a star coming from anywhere, because -- I mean, I could be wrong. But, if you look at Orion, the largest constellation in the night sky, his left foot -- or is it...well I guess it depends which way you're looking at it -- his bottom foot is the blue star. And the top shoulder, Beetlejuice, Betelgeuse, however they want to pronounce it, is a red star. And so, you hear all these people and these Hopi and Mayan prophecy crap about a red star and a blue star...well, that's Orion. That's the Orion constellation. And what's in Orion? The Dracos. The Dracos are dominant in Orion.

The Cube Coming Out of Orion Will Mimic the New Jerusalem

And, you know, you've got the cube coming out of Orion, and that's Satan's mimic of the New Jerusalem. And that can also be saturated and destroyed by orgone, just as much as Planet X will be. Because it's not could be/can be, it's will be.

The Inhabitants of Nibiru Can Be Destroyed by Orgone Energy - Warriors, Point Your Orgone Pipes to the East

From what I've seen, we can destroy Planet X. Maybe not the rock, itself, but the inhabitants inside it can be destroyed by our orgone energy. And so, just keep saturating the atmosphere, folks. Get your pipes pointed in the east, towards Nibiru. Won't bother the sun, you know, that's aether energy. And that's like a halo, and so. Yeah, we can destroy every bit of Planet Nibiru just like we did Shema and make it uninhabitable and go after the whatevers that are in it.

The Nibiruans are giants, folks. They're giants. And what we don't get of the inhabitants of that planet, we're going to see on Earth. Because a lot of them have already been coming to Earth in little pods. They've been going over to the Middle East, landing in the Middle East. And I don't know what the thing is...why they're going to the Middle East, because...I don't know. They're going to the Middle East, and then they're shipping them to bases around the world, and in particular, some bases in America. So, why don't they just, you know, land in America. Give us all a show. They'll land out in the desert, the Negev Desert in Israel, and then use semitrucks and other large pieces of equipment to haul them around. Some of these Giants are 20-, 30-feet tall. The underground base in North Carolina that was built for them, one level, alone, is 33-feet high. And they've also had to rebuild the underground super shuttle system to hold bigger, larger inhabitants, over to Israel. So, they're hauling them in that way, too. To the underground shuttle system.

And so, if we don't get them before they get here, you know, we'll have to get them at the bases. And we've already got that covered. Been targeting the underground bases where they're at. And so, just keep your pipes, folks, pointed at Nibiru and pointed at the suns. Keep it pointed east. Because we can destroy it from the inside out. And, you know, that's another victory that's gonna be ours; Shema and Nibiru. Those two, alone, right there, they're ours, Orgone Warriors, and so. Have already seen it. Doesn't mean a lot of them won't escape, but a lot of them won't come either, and so. [laughs] It's always something, folks. Wait till the cube crashes. That's gonna be hilarious. We've got the cube, too. It's ours. Anything coming in the atmosphere, and we've got the orgone saturating the atmosphere, folks, the victory's gonna be ours, and so. The victory's the Lord's, but we're His Warriors, and so.

Their Opening Portals in Arkansas Could Trigger the New Madrid Fault Line

A little bit on Arkansas earthquakes. That has more to do with -- you know, I've always said the whole thing with the Madrid Fault Line is the portals. There's portals there, and they're also using them as bargaining chips. "You know, you close the government down, we're gonna blow the Madrid so you can't," and so. You haven't heard much lately about the government shutting down, have you? [laughs] Well, they were using it as a bargaining chip against Obama, and so.

From Little Rock, Arkansas to 170 miles west, you can draw a line from Little Rock all the way to the west, directly west of Little Rock, all the way through the state, imagine a 170-miles long and 40-miles wide. That is a huge crystal vortex area in Arkansas. And that covers -- and Little Rock's in the central part of the state. It's not up in the Ozark Mountains. It's down in between -- in Arkansas you've got swamps in the central and in the south, and you've got the mountains in the north, because of the Ozark Mountains. State's kind of split in half. And so, this crystal vortex is basically right through the center of the state. And there's not really mountains there. It's kind of like, in the middle between the swamps and the mountains. But there's a crystal vortex there. And it's the most powerful crystal center in the world. Now the largest one in the world is in Brazil. And, probably, I'll say somewhere around Peru; Belem, Brazil.

'Cause I know they have a huge mountain base in Belem, Brazil. And Brazil's just loaded with UFO bases in the mountains. They have the largest in the world, but the most powerful is in Arkansas. And so, they're trying to activate portal openings. And they want to have control of dimensions right there in Arkansas. And so, that's why you're seeing a lot of the rumblings in Arkansas right now. And, because of their obsession to open up portals there it could very well trigger the Madrid Fault Line all on its own. You've got the one alien agenda doing this, and then you have the other agendas doing everything else, and so.

The other agendas are pretty much losing control at this point. The old New World Order faction of Rockefeller and Rothschilds, and all that, you know, you can pretty much just kiss them goodbye, because that's over. They've done what they were supposed to do. They were supposed to bring everything up to a certain level. This whole, you know, the politics, the underground bases, the New World Order. Bring everything up to a certain level, and now it's like, "OK, you're done. Good-bye," basically. Because this alien agenda, and New Age agenda is taking over.

A Mixture of Aliens Everywhere

And, I'll tell you what, the Giants and the Reptilians do not like each other. [laughs] You talk about war between factions, you should see how the drama is between the alien factions, and the Giants, and so. And the Reptilians have always dominated the New World Order faction. And so, now we've got all these giants coming. The Nibiruans are coming and they're huge giants. Shema was, you know, Grey aliens, the tall ones, tall Grey aliens, and where the Ascended Masters had their home seat, and where the Ashtar Command is and everything. And so, there's just a mixture everywhere, folks. There's a mixture everywhere. There's, you know, not one set alien faction, because all these little aliens and giants, they switch factions, and switch sides. And, they've all done that. You know, you've got good Pleiadeans, bad Pleiadeans. And, of course, all you ever hear is of the bad ones, because the good ones aren't going to be in touch with mankind, they work in the background. And, you know, it's worse with them than it is with us on Earth, because you have different nations, different groups, different societies, and all fighting, so. [laughs]

Get Your Pipes Pointed at the Moon to Sabotage or Destroy Their Plans

Anyway, get the pipes out for the moon this weekend, folks. You know, Thursday, Friday, start watching for the moon. Especially when it starts to set then come in on Thursday and Friday. Just kind of eyeball it. And point pipes in the general direction of the moon. Let's saturate the moon, because, you know what? For so long I've been just sitting here pounding my head on the wall, trying to figure out a way to take down that tower that's on the moon. And they have all these apparatuses on the moon. They have a huge tower there. It's several miles high. There's a building underneath it. Huge building underneath the tower, and they do sacrifices in that building. They do human sacrifices in it. And, we just need to take it down, because they use that tower to beam the earth.

And a lot of people, if you're energy-sensitive, you feel the energy disruptions on Earth. You can feel it. If you're up late at night, I know a lot of people around two a.m., especially in this region, Indiana, Ohio, Pa [Pennsylvania], people can hear a humming. It sounds like a generator running, or it sounds like your furnace has just kicked on, and so you probably don't even notice it. You probably have heard it before and didn't notice it, because you thought it was your furnace kicking on in your house. But it's a humming that you'll hear. When they're targeting certain areas, you'll hear a humming. If you're energy-sensitive, you'll feel like you're getting hit with energy attacks. And so, this is what the moon does. They have Tesla technology, and they can beam Earth for particularly different reasons. You know, I don't know what all the reasons are, but you can feel the change that they jump. People that are sensitive to energy tend to be in a higher frequency range than people who don't. Every person born is born within a certain imprint. Like a energy frequency range. And so, most people usually gather in the same ranges or whatever. I'm not a scientist, but people in the higher frequency ranges tend to feel shifts in energy more than people in the lower energy ranges, and so.

Either way, what they have on the moon is an abomination. Eventually, they can use these beams to hit the earth and suck people up. But they do it now. They can beam the earth. It's like a soul catcher, too. They can suck people up though those beams, or just hit the earth and destroy them, and so. Probably working with all of the ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] towers around the world, in conjunction with them, too. And so, I don't know what the answer is to taking down the contraptions on the moon. But I know that aether energy, blue energy, the orgone energy, has been pretty effective in deadening the effects of ELF weapons. So, we'll give it a shot. We'll see what happens this weekend. Everybody just point orgone towards the moon. See if it does anything. See if it sabotages or destroys any of their plans, because you know the occult groups have to have stuff going on with, "Oh, we're gonna be close to the earth. Wonder what we can do." So we could try to sabotage that, at least. I really don't know what the plans are. We could try to sabotage them anyway. All I know is pointing orgone at anything evil is never gonna be a waste of time and it's never gonna hurt us, never gonna hurt anything, so. Just them. So, it's worth a shot, folks.

Just Get Off the Islands, Folks

Anyway, showtime is winding down, which is unbelievable. This hour went very, very quick. Just get off the islands, folks. Eventually Japan's, the whole thing's gonna go down. Could cause the entire atmosphere to catch on fire. Chemtrail-related or not, I don't know. I've just always seen that the atmosphere's gonna be on fire. And so, that would be a time for Maitreya to arrive. And, just things to look up to, or look forward the next couple of months. Things are happening.


Anyway, I want to take a few quick calls. I've only got a few minutes left. And see what some of these listeners are up to. They've been on the line since the beginning of the show. They have a lot more patience.

An Alien Taught My Father Mathematics

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: Hi! I'm Anita. I've from Texas.

SHERRY: Well, hello.

CALLER: Actually, I'm from Ohio [laughs], originally. I just wanted to say that there are a lot of people like us. Well, I guess...I assume so. From what I've heard of the statistics. My father, when he was 4-years-old, he was raised on a farm, and -- in Ohio -- and he told me this story and I didn't believe him, because I thought he was a little bit off. He told me that he was going to the chicken coop, and he looked down into a ravine that was on the property, and he saw this little silvery disk there. And this must've been...oh...it was in the 30's. And this little man got out, and started teaching him mathematics on a transparent board. And he got in trouble with his mother and the school teacher, because in those days they had those little one-room schoolhouses.

SHERRY: Mm-hmm.

CALLER: Where he would be in back. And he was so, well, let's just say he was enthusiastic. [laughs] They had to keep an eye on him all the time. So he would just stay in the front so they could watch him, and he started talking to the math teacher, well, the teacher, he taught everything, I guess. But he was listening to the higher math for the older students, and he corrected the teacher about the math. And the teacher was so extremely surprised he went and told my grandmother. And my grandmother actually spanked him. But he was correct, with the math. Then they came to see him later, he said. And they told him, well, according to what he told me, they told him that the first child -- well, I don't wanna give my birth year away [laughs] 'cause I don't know who's listening -- but they told him that the first child born during that year would be different from the others. And I don't know if it has anything to do with it. I honestly don't. But I do know this. I understood music theory from the time I was two, and I taught my son to read, at the age of two, and he's speaking like, six languages right now.

SHERRY: Wow. Yeah, you've got some hybrid blood going on.

CALLER: I guess. For some reason --

SHERRY: It's not a bad thing. Just use it for good.

CALLER: Yes. I am a Warrior for the Most High.

SHERRY: All right. There you go.

CALLER: And I am very happy.

SHERRY: You know what? I gotta go. But thanks for calling in. And, check out my Facebook site, 'cause I've got a lot of people like you on my Facebook site.

CALLER: All right. Not only that, I wanted to tell you, I was the one that sent that 500 [laughs]. I sent a money order, and I accidently left the receipt in it. [laughs] So, if you go through there...I was so excited to send it that I just left the receipt, the whole thing.

SHERRY: All right. Well, I gotta go, but send me an e-mail, catch me on Facebook.

CALLER: OK, Sherry. Thank you.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks a lot.


SHERRY: Bye-bye.

Talking About Robot Agenda, Disinformation Agents, and Super Soldiers on Thursday's Show

All right, folks. I gotta wrap it up. I'll be back Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. And on Thursday I want to pick up where I left off last week which was talking about the robot agenda. And some of the disinformation agents we have online, I'm gonna expose some of them. And the new generation of super soldiers. And what the aliens are up to at the particular time.

So I'll see you at Thursday at 1 o'clock. Yah bless, everybody.


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