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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
March 21, 2011

New Level of Attacks against Me - Warlocks and Black Magic

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. March 21st.

It's good to be here. Missed Thursday's show. Quite a bit of drama going on Thursday with that show. [laughs] There always is. Oh, man. They usually just hassle me on, you know, server levels on this show. Thursdays, I think I've lost count, how many times they've tried to just take me out totally or just kill me so I couldn't do the show the next day. And Thursday last week wasn't any different.

I've noticed that their level and scale of attacks has gotten a lot more vicious. Usually what they like to do -- about a year ago I had a chip shot into my leg somehow when I was out in public places, and they would activate it on a Wednesday night or Thursday morning. And I would jump to a high temperature, 101, 102 [degrees Fahrenheit], and be really sick. Leg would be pure red, and on fire, and in flames. And they used to use that as a toy. They could activate it whenever they wanted to, whenever they wanted to shut me up, so I couldn't do a Thursday show, before I finally got that chip deactivated. And so, they lost that route.

And so, they started going to different routes. And the one on Thursday was just beyond anything I've ever seen. Apparently there was a group. I don't know how many were in the group. I know last year there was 200. This group this time was way smaller than that, but way, way powerful. And they were using some kind of black magic against me. Some kind of voodoo warlock stuff. You know, I could see it in my spirit, a group of warlocks. And they were chanting something. I don't know what they were chanting. But they had my heart in a grip, and they were twisting it, pulling it, and literally just trying to force me to have a heart attack. And I was in extreme, extreme amount of pain. Could barely breathe. Kept coughing to keep my heart going, it was so bad. And, you know, if it wasn't for a friend who took the death blow for me, and her little heart literally stopped at least once or twice, and herself and Yah helped restore, I would be dead. I would be dead, plain and simple.

Attack Ordered and Directed from the Pentagon (Dick Cheney's Still Trying to Kill Me)

And so, you know, you go in all these little forums online, and you see all these NSA retards and all their little interns on the message boards, and they hang out at the forums like Godlike Productions, and Above Top Secret, and all those other forums. And, you know, people say things about me. They say nothing I've said has ever come true. And the only think I have to say to these people is they haven't been paying attention. They haven't been paying attention. Everything I've ever said has. And so, I love how they get on and they try to discredit you. And when they can't discredit you, they just try to kill you, and so.

And I knew this attack was coming. This is interesting because I told those close to me, since last year, that I had an attack coming in March, only I thought it was going to be a different type, a different scale. And that seems to happen a lot, too, when you pinpoint an event, they change their methods, they change their [m.o.], their modus operandi. So still got the attack, but it was a different type of attack than what I expected with this warlock voodoo thing, and so.

You know, the one thing I had felt from the start, at the get-go, that the whole thing was ordered and directed by the Pentagon, and that these warlocks, sitting somewhere in Nevada, a group of them probably around Area 51 somewhere, were carrying it out. And so, gets you to thinking, now who are the head honchos in the Pentagon? You know who they are? Dick Cheney and Al Gore. And I know none of your are surprised to hear Dick Cheney, because he's been trying to kill me for eight years. A year does not go by where Dick Cheney doesn't hire an assassin, doesn't try something to kill me. And so, nice to see 2011 off, three months into the year, and he's already trying his shenanigans. 

It never stops. I think it was January I got a death threat phone call. And then, just last month, I a prank phone call from Al Gore to let me basically know he's paying attention and he's watching. You know, all this intimidation and threat stuff...folks, I just don't give in to intimidation. I don't know who they're trying to intimidate, you know. My Boss is bigger than they are. He's more powerful than they are. He allows these things to happen, because blessed are the meek and they that are persecuted for His name's sake, you know. And His people are gonna be persecuted. We're persecuted for His name, and I'll take the hits for Him, you know. I'll take those. Because, see, as they persecute us here on Earth, we just rack up rewards in heaven for putting up with all the persecution and hatred here on Earth, and so.

Catch-22 - When I'm Silent, It Kills Them, When I'm Speaking, It Kills Them

You know, I'm still here. Started this show in 2004. I've never been with a network that wasn't hassled while I was on the air. I've had to switch networks. I've had to switch website hosting companies, because they attack my websites, my hosts. It's just been a fight and a struggle just to be on the air and speak the things that the Lord leads me to speak, and so. And you know what? You know, when I'm silent, it kills them. When I'm speaking, it kills them. So, they really can't win, because I see in the Codes that, you know, they hate it when I'm speaking, they hate it when I'm silent. When I'm silent, they can't hear what I'm seeing that the Lord is showing me.

And, folks, this ought to tell you something. That even they know that there is a God. They're just on the wrong side of the fence. They're on the way wrong side of the fence. And they know it. You know what? The higher echelons, the way highest, now they're just soul-scalped. But they know hell exists, and they know what awaits them when they leave this earth. And even do some of the even lower and middle echelons, people who sell their soul to the devil for fame and fortune. They know that the time's gonna come when they have to pay the piper what's due. And they put about it in their songs, and they sing about it.

The Lord Will Forgive You and Break Your Contract with Satan, Even If You Signed It in Blood

And you know what? They cash their checks at the banks. They cash all their checks. I don't see them showing any kind of repentance. Because, seriously, folks, even if you sold your soul to the devil, that contract could be easily broken by the blood of Yahushua. You know, when He died on the cross for our sins, His blood washes away all sin, and all contracts. Satan can't hold anything against you. Even if he's got you writing in blood, your name on the dotted line that you're selling your soul to him, the Lord will forgive you for that and break that contract.

But you know what? You need to repent. You need to show good works and show your deeds that you're repentant of that. And I don't see any celebrities -- they all gripe about paying the piper and selling their soul to the devil, but I don't see them giving their money to the poor, showing true repentance out of it. And so, you know, let them gripe. Maybe they think they're trapped. I don't know. I can't, for the life of me, think -- you know, that's one of the things they do in Satanist circles is they have that whole fearmongering thing going to where they're fearful. And they rule them by fear and intimidation and bullying. And they beat them up. And, you know, if you think what they do to us is bad, you should see what they do to their own, and so. Folks, it doesn't matter what kind of a contract or agreement you've made with the devil. The Lord can break it.

Will Orgone Work Against Radiation Clouds?

Anyway, looking at the Japanese earthquake this week and one of the number one questions I keep getting from people is will orgone work against radiation clouds. Folks, I don't know if it will work against radiation clouds. We're all gonna find out. We're all gonna find out together, because I have -- everything I've learned about orgone is from seeing it work, seeing it happen.

I don't have any, a pre-list of items of things the orgone would do. We've learned it as we've gone along. And so, I'll guess we're all gonna find out together if orgone will be effective against radiation. Especially the jet streams. I know that orgone can knock jet streams out of their normal paths. I've seen that happen a lot. So has everybody else that follows weather maps. You've see tornadoes or bad storms heading your way and they hit an orgone wall that you have up and it goes into a different direction. So maybe it will work against radiation clouds. I have no idea, folks.

HAARP Seems to Be Their Main Weapon of Choice Now - Creating Earthquakes

Seems to be a kind of a debate online about how exactly it happened. Was it HAARP, wasn't it HAARP, and all this. Folks, look at the parallels. You know, five years ago, the Lord had me warning people to get off the island of Japan. To get OFF the island. Not move to the south to get away from the tsunami and earthquake that was gonna hit the north in 2011. To get off the island, period. And so, I don't think the damage is done there yet. I think the entire island is going to be completely destroyed. I did see Japan sinking under the ocean. I don't know if that was the entire island or just the part that they actually just showed on TV, the northern part sinking. I don't know. I just know that my orders were to warn people to get off of Japan, get away from that island. And the last couple years [coughs] the New World Order crowd had been threatening to sink Japan.

And this whole bullying tactic with using earthquake weapons, this HAARP weapon, seems to be their main weapon anymore, of choice anyway. If you look at the tsunami in Indonesia a couple years ago, they were blocking the straits, they weren't letting ships have free reign in and out of there. Something was going on with the government. And so, next thing you know there's a earthquake in the ocean and then a huge tsunami wipes out Indonesia. And then, guess what. The straits were open.

Japan Was Attacked Because They Weren't Playing Nice with the New World Order

Japan was threatened with being sunk in the ocean because they weren't playing nice with the New World Order. They didn't want to give over a central bank to the New World Order thieves. And so, you know, they were threatened. Japan was also an advocate for releasing free technology, free energy technology, teach people how they could have free energy. They wanted to help end poverty. They were basically just anti New World Order, fighting a very small, corrupt faction that had been seated in their government last year, but, apparently, that wasn't effective enough, because what we have is Japan being hit with HAARP, the earthquake weapon.

Now some people are saying that there was actual atomic bombs embedded in the sea floor by nuclear submarines. I think you read that by Benjamin Fulford. And, you know, the videos say it all. I'm glad people aren't like me, and they're a little bit more tech-oriented, 'cause I would've never had a video camera with me in a million years to take videos like they did. But you can see the HAARP clouds above Japan a half hour, a hour before the earthquake even hit. And you'll see those really pretty rainbow clouds. And everytime you've seen them -- they've seen them in China, too, right before the earthquakes. Anymore when it's a HAARP-induced earthquake, if you look up in the sky, you're going to see multicolored clouds, like rainbow-colored clouds. And so, folks, if you see those above your area, you know you're about to get hit. You know you're about to get hit. Because that's like the telltale sign. It's almost like, "OK, you've got one hour to get out. This area's gonna be struck with an earthquake in an hour." Maybe it's longer, I don't know, but, you know, if you see one, brace yourselves, because that seems to be the telltale sign that they use right before a earthquake hits.

Some of the pictures of Japan -- 'cause a lot of things are being censored coming out of there. Folks, it's not wintertime in Japan, but what you're seeing is snow from nuclear fallout. So, that should be telling you something about what's going on over there. Tons of nuclear fallout. The tap water in the entire island is going to be contaminated. The food's going to be contaminated. I don't know what the people are waiting on, they just need to get out. They need to get out, jump on a ferry, do something, get out. I know a lot of people are stuck and they can't afford to leave. But, you know, there's gotta be some kind of a ferry over to Chinese -- some kind of evacuation, they go hang out at ports or something, they could get a ride or something. Do something, but you've gotta get out. You've gotta get off of Japan.

Bible Codes Reveal That Satan Was Trying to Keep Japan Quiet About Something

One of the things I was seeing in the Bible Codes with regards to Japan is that Satan, which is also, you know, him and the Illuminati go hand. But the whole thing was that Satan was producing silence in Japan. He was shutting them up. So why is Satan shutting up Japan? And, thought that was interesting, because usually the Illuminati uses their earthquake weapons when, you know, they're bullying. They want something and someone says no. And so, then they pump up the earthquake weapons to teach them a lesson. Then they get their way.

But for some reason, Satan was silencing Japan. He's shutting them up. So, apparently, they must have been ready to reveal something. They must have been ready to come out and maybe reveal or announce something, because they were shut up. So I'm more interested in knowing what that is. And I haven't seen anybody on the Internet, yet, coming out with anything yet on that. Maybe they will now, dig a little further, 'cause I don't tend to go through umpteen news websites online and find out, you know, what they were up to the last month or two, or last year, maybe what they were planning, or something. But now it becomes a lot more interesting when you see that the whole thing was that they were shutting them up about something.

The War in Libya Is All About Oil

At the same time, this Japan earthquake and you have the war in Libya. And this one is all about oil. I saw that weeks ago. Obama wants that oil. And he's authorizing airplanes to shoot -- I saw this in the Codes two or three weeks ago and thought it was interesting. And then the other day, you have the Tomahawk missiles, 112 of them, hitting Libya. And so, oil fighting going on over there. And somebody had sent me a interesting e-mail about how [Moammar] Gadhafi had been skimming the money off the top of the oil profits. [laughs] And they had a really great explanation as to why all this was happening. And it hit right on. Usually if someone hits right on, you know, I'll let them know, because, you know, I could recognize it from what I see in the Codes. I may not like the source, or may not even know the source, but if their information at that particular time is hitting right on, then I'll say so, you know. I think Fulford should stay in the way of HAARP, because, obviously, with the HAARP clouds there, it was obviously a HAARP event. And so, that shows you the whole criminal cabal in [Washington]D.C. was behind it.

The Whole White Dragon Society Is Lined Up with the NESARA Agenda

It's kind of like "the in" and "the old" are still fighting it out, they're battling it out. This whole White Lotus Society, this whole White Dragon Society. Folks, they're lined up with the whole NESARA agenda. The whole New Age agenda that wants to bring NESARA to the world. They're all aligned with that. There's nothing new that I've been reporting for six years now. It's just a different group, different organization. It's the same script. It's the same script. We've got the alien agenda against the New World Order agenda. And that's the only way I can separate them, because, you know, even if the New World Order agenda's all soul-scalped with Lizard aliens anyway, that's one way of looking at it. 'Cause the New Age alien agenda where, "Well, the aliens are all gonna come help us," you know, "The Ascended Masters are all coming to Earth and they're all gonna teach us how we've all been wrong about everything and right everything." And, you know, they just, you know, go catch a UFO ride to hell and be stocked in a freezer for aliens. They just don't get it.

And then you have the New World Order faction of Bush and Cheney and all them. Bush, Sr. Don't even amuse anybody with saying Bush, Jr. has any power there. Bush, Sr. and Clinton representing Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers, and the Queen, and the Vatican, the Federal Reserve Board, the IRS. All of it's all tied together. It's a whole crime syndicate. They're all crime families. They're all pushing this New World Order agenda together in that aspect. And now you have the Chinese Dragon Society rising up.

The Chinese Are Still Waiting at the Mexican Border, So Get More Orgone Out There

Remember I warned you that the Chinese were the armies of the Antichrist. I warned you that many times. And that's where they're rising up out of. You know, it doesn't matter if it's a Chinese Black Society or a Chinese White Society. Both of them work for the Dragon. China is a tare nation. It's a Dragon nation. It's his [Satan's] seed. It's his seedline on Earth. And there's billions of them, apparently. How many? 1.6 billion Chinese? And they're parking -- they've been across the border for years? And I first announced it four, five years ago. But, no, somebody else like Steve Quayle announces it, then it becomes believable. [laughs] But if I warn people there's Chinese over the Mexican border, everyone's listening with one ear. Nobody cares. Yeah. They're there.

You know, this one was in Laredo, Texas where they've seen them about 60 miles south of Laredo, Texas. And I know that we bombarded them. We pummeled them with orgone on the Arizona border. And, what was is? About a year ago, two years ago, they had to move a lot of the troops out and bring new ones in, because a lot of the troops that were there, inhaling and breathing the orgone and having adverse reactions to it, they all got sick. And so, they had to refresh the troops on the Mexican side of Arizona border. And they've had tent cities in the desert there. They've been parked for three or four years now, folks. And so, they're just waiting. They're waiting. And, you know, we've gotta get more orgone on the Texas, south Texas border. I know we have it on the [eastern] side of Texas. Probably need it more and more below San Antonio, way below. I don't think it's safe for anybody to go that far south. I don't know. Maybe do an invisible line. I think we do have one from San Antonio to the [eastern] side of the state. I know the border area across Arizona is covered. And New Mexico. And so, we've just gotta get the orgone out more and more, refresh what's out there. Try to keep these troops sick. Apparently, it wipes them out, and so.

A Lot of the Chinese Soldiers Are Soulless Clones and Their Attacks on Americans Will Be Brutal

You're gonna know that a lot of these Chinese troops are chip-implanted. We chip-implant our own soldiers through the vaccinations, and so. [sighs] And a lot of these Chinese probably are clones. So, they're soulless beings. Probably have a lot of mamzers in soldier uniforms, because remember I've always said that Beijing [China] has the largest cloning facility in the WORLD. So why would they need the largest cloning facility in the world when they already have 1.6 billion people as fodder? To use them as expendable in war, you know. That's the only reason I can think of to clone and make people soldiers, is because they just become fodder in a war. And so, that's probably what they're doing, folks, be pumping up their front lines with these sadistic soldiers. And, unfortunately, it's one of the things we've always heard about the martial law that's coming to America, is that the soldiers are so brutal that you can't even comprehend the atrocities that they plan on inflicting to Americans.

Gadhafi Is NOT Bombing His Own Citizens

You know, the whole charade is being set up now just as you're hearing in Libya. We're being told that Gadhafi is bombing his own citizens. And that's why Olizard Obama totally ignores the Constitution and authorizes air strikes on Libya without ever consulting Congress on it. He should be impeached for that. You can't declare war on a nation without -- a president can't declare war, Congress has to. And so, I guess it's probably covered out of Obama's own pockets, because it's Congress that funds it. And if it's an undeclared war, Congress does not have to fund it. They didn't declare it, they don't have to fund it. That's our tax dollars going.

And it's all a lie, because Gadhafi is not bombing his own citizens. That's what the media wants you to believe. They're just pissed off because Gadhafi and his men were skimming the oil profits and whatever back deal New World Order crap's going on there.

When the Riots Come and Martial Law Come, the UN Will Pretend They're Coming in to Save Us

I had the information in front of me a couple days ago. I don't know what I did with it, but it hit right on to what I've been seeing in the Bible Codes and what they're gonna do here. Because when the riots come to America, what's gonna happen is, you know, the world's gonna say that our Congress, er, our government, the whole satanic cabal, is throwing its citizens in FEMA camps and doing all the things they plan to do. Torture and kill red- and blue-list Americans and then the whole martial law FEMA roundup.

But the UN is going to state that they're all coming in to save us. You know, they're gonna send in NATO troops. We'll have Germans, and Chinese, and Russians. And they're all gonna come in to save Americans from their evil government. And that's what the world thinks. That's what they're gonna think.  What really is gonna happen is they're just gonna take over. They're gonna become worse torturers to us than what our own soldiers were doing, and so.

The UN Soldiers Will Come After the Bride and Do Atrocious Things to Turn Them from God

This is, literally, the whole blowup of the Antichrist war on the saints in a nutshell, because, I know the churches teach a rapture and that the Bride will be raptured and never see any of this. And these are the ones who are gonna be least prepared to deal with the sheer horror that's gonna come, because these soldiers are going to torture and torment and tear apart families. Literally come after the Bride and do atrocious things to try to get people to lose their faith in God, to renounce their faith in God. Killing pregnant wives in front of their husbands, and ripping babies out of women's stomachs.

These Soldiers That Are Coming Are Lab Creations without Pity, Mercy, or Compassion

The atrocities are gonna know no end, because these are pure sociopaths. They don't have feelings, they don't have emotions. These soldiers are, basically, androids, soulless beings. So don't expect them to have pity, and mercy, and compassion. They don't know it is. They've never had those emotions. They weren't created with them. These beings, these soldiers that are coming are lab creations.

The World Will Believe That the UN/NATO Forces Are Actually Helping Us Here

And so, this is what, you know, as all this horrors go on here, in martial law, the world thinks we're actually being helped by these soldiers, by these UN/NATO forces when, actually, they're doing all the killing, and tormenting, and throwing people into the camps, and herding them off to incinerators. It's gonna be a whole holocaust here in America. That's the plans that are coming.

The Warning That Martial Law Is Beginning Is When the Riots Start

And, you know, when the riots start, folks, that's when you need to go. That's when you need to head to the mountains. I've heard the Lord will protect those that are in the mountains. And so, that's where you need to go, because that's your tipoff point. That's your warning that martial law is shortly ready to begin.

Now what sets off the riots? Well, you've got the New World Order faction which is implementing famine here in America. And if famine, if the food card, you might want to call it, where they control the food, and if they can take that away from the people, and take their money away, there's gonna be riots. And so, they've got the food card they're holding onto.

And, you know, they've already been setting this us. They set it up every year like, remember last year, right around spring we had all these floods in the Midwest, in Missouri, Arkansas. Everybody was flooded up to their shoulders in water, and it ruined a lot of the crops. Now we've got radiation clouds that can take care of that. We've got a threatened blowing up of the Madrid earthquake fault. That's even going on for this month. They're talking about this week the Madrid Fault Line blowing. And if it doesn't blow this month, they always have May, because that's a dominant month for it, too.

People Are Seeing the Sky Warp When Portals Are Opened

We've got the portal earthquakes being caused in Arkansas now, because the aliens are trying to...what do you want to call it? Uh...activate, that's it. They're trying to activate the crystal vortex in Arkansas. And what it is is it controls a lot of portals. They're trying to bring in other dimensional beings to our planet, to our earth. And I've warned you about the dimensions that are merging, and that other beings have been coming in. And this has been going on since last year, folks. Since last year. Hadron Collider's firing up and trying to open up portals. And people, literally, seeing the sky get warped. I've seen it myself where you just look up in the sky and it looks like it's warped, like it hit a wave of water or something. You get that warped look. And these are portals that are there, that are opening. And they're not high up. You would expect a portal to be way up in space somewhere happening. But these are happening right at our level. This is like cloud-level, folks. They're not even hiding it. I don't even know if they can, because the dimensions are merging.

This Seems Like the Year for the Bathtub Effect I've Been Warning About

And so, just a lot of things happening, you know, all at one time. And that's what we need to prepare for, because I've told you, when things start happening, it's gonna be a bathtub effect. It's all gonna happen at once. So it's all just gonna happen, boom, boom, boom. And this seems to be the year where it's just gonna be boom, boom, boom.

Because if this is the 2012 year, then, literally -- who is that idiot? The Baron Rothschild? The top one? I don't know his name, you know. The Baron Rothschild. He thinks he's Snoopy's sidekick or something. He was stating that they would, their end, their push for global domination would end on December 21, 2012. Well, I've been warning, and others have been warning that 2012 is actually 2011. Could very well be off of a year, calendar count. And you know how deceptive they are about everything. So it very well could be.

So they could be ready to unleash all of their cards over the next several months, because it's a literal fight for control over the New World Order. It's a literal fight over who gets to control it. And I don't think any of these Satanists running our government and Europe's (the Queen, and the Pope, and the Vatican, and the whole Rothschild and Rockefeller faction), they can't even put a dent in the number of Chinese soldiers. There might be one million of them, could be billions of Chinese clone soldiers they can crank out. So I think it's pretty obvious who's gonna win this. There's just no way they could take out all of the Chinese. And, you know, I think they're just trying to, you know, the last hurrah, the last push before they're chased out of all positions of power.

And, you know, you even see Obama jumping sides, you know. They put him in power, but now that he's in power, he's jumping sides. And I warned you guys, from the beginning, whom his loyalty was to. It's to the Muslims, it's to Maitreya. He's with the alien agenda.

We're in the Middle of an Unseen War Between Factions

And so, this whole New World Order faction thing is just on its way out the door. And they're not gonna go silently. They're gonna go kicking and screaming. That means they're gonna -- you know, they've got control of the weather weapons, the earthquake weapons. They're gonna cause a lot of destruction before they have to run. And that's exactly what they plan on doing, unless they're stopped. And so, that's where we basically are at. In the middle of a war. An unseen war between factions. And all of these disasters all being connected, and leading back to the groups behind them, and so, nothing's hidden. Nothing's being hidden. You can put the dots together, you know, and so.

The Nations That Don't Have the NWO Central Bank Are the Ones Americans Are Going to War Against

Another thing I see coming up in October...Seoul...something going on with North Korea. Interesting thing, folks, is that the nations that don't have the old New World Order central bank in them are the ones that, all of a sudden, as Americans, we find ourselves going to war against. Has anybody figured that out yet?

I mean, we all know we're fighting for the oil cartels. That all the wars are for the oil cartels, and the companies behind them, and the governments that's running them. the shadow government, the oil cartel. But check this out. You know, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, and Libya have no central bank. Neither did Afghanistan and Iraq until the Americans invaded. And now they have their satanic central banks in those two countries.

But you could also see how they choose who their enemies are. Iran, North Korea, they're setting those both up for war. They've been trying to go to war with Iran and North Korea. Sudan, Cuba, Libya. I was warning you that Cuba's been showing up in the Codes, and I thought that that would have something to do with Florida. And so, interesting there's some YouTube videos about loud noises in Florida. Very huge rumblings. Some kind of noises in Florida. And so, interesting that that's happening now, because I've been seeing Cuba in the Codes, and so. Whatever happens with Florida's gonna affect Cuba. And I've also been warning about Florida. You know, it's Japan, Florida, L.A., Chicago. So that could be ready to hit as well, Florida, southern Florida. I don't know about the northern part, but seems to me like the whole southern part's gonna sink. Whole Miami area, and so. Might get out of Miami.

The Jews Have Been Closing Up Shops and Heading Out of Florida

And from what I've been hearing from those who live down there, the Jews have been leaving southern Florida for the past year. And the Russians are moving in. And there's empty real estate all over the place. You know that huge complex [Donald] Trump got involved with, and now that sits empty. And all these condo buildings, and everything all over southern Florida sitting empty, because they know what's coming to Florida. They could see it. And ,apparently, the Jews have been closing up shops and heading out Florida for quite a while now.

And from what I've heard is that the banks have a limit, a $3000 monthly limit on withdrawals. And so, that'll send the Jews running, too, because they can't access their stolen money [laughs] that they steal off the backs of the innocent, hardworking people. And so with the banks having moratorium on the funds there, and the real estate drying up -- and they all know something's gonna hit, something's gonna hit Florida. I've been warning about the same thing.

I see a wall of fire and water taking it out, and so. Remember I warned about that Project Deepsleep, and then sending a tsunami of fire over the Gulf Coast, and that would certainly go down and affect Cuba. And they would want it to, because Cuba doesn't have a central bank. And look, Libya doesn't, and now they're at war with Libya. Sudan, North Korea. And they're always threatening war against North Korea, trying to set that up. And also with Iran, and so. These are the last holdouts against the New World Order. They just sunk Japan. You know, when you cross them, they sink you. Look at Indonesia. Now you've got Japan. So, very interesting. And it almost makes you wonder why the Chinese didn't retaliate for the earthquakes last year that they caused over there for whatever reason. That's kind of been hush-hush, you know. You know it was HAARP-orchestrated earthquakes, because the HAARP clouds were there. So it's behind the scenes fighting that China has yet to retaliate for. I don't know exactly what the details are on that one, so.


Anyway, I'm gonna take a couple calls and see what's going on with listeners. If you got a [question] for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

What's the Ringing in Everybody's Ears Lately?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: Glad you're OK.

SHERRY: Hey. Yeah, it's nice being able to breathe. [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs] Yeah, I heard your show Thursday just for a second. They were trying to give you a heart attack, so I'm glad you're OK. What's the ringing in everybody's ears lately? Is that a chip, or is that due to the earth shifting, or something coming in, or is that HAARP?

SHERRY: Um...you know, I've had that answer, and now I don't remember what it is. It's chip-induced. Most people that have that ringing --

CALLER: You don't think it's due to the movement of the earth? The shifting or -- off-balance, or anything?

SHERRY: Well, if that was the case we would all have ringing, you know.

CALLER: Not everybody does then.

SHERRY: Yeah. And so, it's affecting some people --

CALLER: You think it's a chip or a HAARP? Like I was at the computer the other day, it was quiet as could be, and I swear to God, I heard someone say my name. It was so clear that --

SHERRY: You've got a chip. Yeah.

CALLER: It was so clear, I almost answered. [laughs]

SHERRY: You've got a chip, because they're two-way transistors. They don't know you can hear them. I don't know if they know. But I've always warned that you can hear them, and it sounds like they're talking to you in a underground base --

CALLER: No, I don't hear any other words, or I never see anything, or, you know, it's not all the time --

SHERRY: You ever hear music you can't explain?

CALLER: -- this happened, oh, maybe last year once, but -- it's not that often, but yeah, I heard my first name, just say my first name.

SHERRY: Uh, yeah, sounds like a chip. You know what? Try putting neodymium magnets on your earlobes.


SHERRY: Use a Band-Aid to put neodymium magnets on your earlobes. And another thing that will work to help deactivate chip implants is those Hulda Clark Zappers.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: A combination of neodymium magnets and Hulda Clark Zappers --


SHERRY: -- will deactivate most of the chip implants today.

We Made It Through the Super Moon with No California Quake

CALLER: OK. Also, well, we made it with the super moon with no California quake like everyone predicted and scared everybody like -- did you hear anything big happen --

SHERRY: Yeah. You know, I said on my Facebook site, super moon or super joke?


SHERRY: What's the deal? I've seen the moon bigger on just normal days.

CALLER: Yeah, I know, I did, too. I thought it would be a lot bigger, too. They kind of hid it for a while, and then it'd come out. But, yeah, I didn't think --

SHERRY: Well, it was here, you know. It was a full moon. But it was like any other full moon.

CALLER: Closer, seems like.

SHERRY: Yeah, I've seen it closer. Yeah. I don't know what the deal was on that. I know that they must have been having the sacrifices going up underneath the tower on the moon and stuff. It must have been some big occultic day. And today's the 21st. Isn't this the first day of spring?


SHERRY: So they had their spring soltice where they have all kinds of, you know, mutual --

Is Obama in Chile Right Now?

CALLER: If the government -- Is Obama in Chile right now, or going to Chile?

SHERRY: They're all out of the country.

CALLER: I was gonna say --

SHERRY: They're ALL gone.

CALLER: I think I've seen somewhere, but who knows if that was true, that was getting ready to go to Chile or something.

SHERRY: Yeah, they're all gone. You know, Hillary is gone, and Condalizard's gone, and Obama's gone. They're all gone. All the heads of states, because they don't want to be hit by this radiation cloud coming in.

CALLER: You think it is gonna come?

SHERRY: I don't know. I mean, I'm gonna sit here and wait along with everybody else. I see "poison" in the Codes. And you know what? [coughs] That's just too loose of a term, because orgone's considered a poison to them, radiation's considered a poison to us. And so, when I see "poison" flying all over the Codes, it's like, well, who's poisoned, you know?


SHERRY: Because radiation poison to us is food to them. They love it, it's loosh to them.

Madrid Made It Past March 15th

CALLER: I'm trying to hurry here for ya. But, Madrid made it past the 15th.

SHERRY: Yeah, you know, I said I don't really see it hitting in March, but they could pull it off. Another dominant month for the Madrid is May, and so. It's kind of like a bargaining chip, "If you do this, we're gonna blow the Madrid."

CALLER: What'd you say about this week though? There was something about the 21st.

SHERRY: That's what somebody else was saying. Somebody else was throwing out dates. The 14 days after the super joke moon --

CALLER: I'm just getting sick of dates. I mean, I'm just getting sick of days. I don't think we're gonna have a warning. I think it's just gonna happen.

SHERRY: It's not the Lord. It's not from Him. Because He doesn't live in linear time. He doesn't give dates.


SHERRY: But, when the government's planning something like pulling the lid on Madrid, then they can give you dates, because they're the ones pulling the lid.

CALLER: Like that lady who called in to Alex Jones and said she works for somebody and about the March 15th Madrid. But their anniversary's in May, isn't it? That was 1811, so --

SHERRY: Oh, somebody's always working for somebody. Somebody's always ex- of a ex-. Ex-CIA with info. [laughs] I don't play that game.

CALLER: Have to keep yourself in the Codes about the Madrid and see what YOU see.

SHERRY: You know, I see "rumble." And I've seen a earthquake affecting the Midwest, and I've said that. Whether it's March or May.

CALLER: [Unclear] has been having them lately, and over by Arizona and stuff.

SHERRY: You know, if I saw in the Bible Codes that California was gonna have a earthquake, I wouldn't even give two seconds of my time to it. It's every day out there, you know.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

SHERRY: So I wouldn't even pay attention. [laughs]

Everybody Needs to Get Away from the Pacific Ring of Fire

CALLER: In fact, I think it's been, besides Japan, a little quiet lately.

SHERRY: No, it's not gonna be, because every nation, every country on that Ring of Fire, are the countries and states I'm seeing in the Codes. And so, there's a lot going on with the Pacific Ring of Fire. All of those countries, nations, islands. Everybody just needs to get away from the West Coast, get away from the Pacific Ring of Fire, because this thing is, literally, just gonna blow up all summer long. It's gonna be one disaster after the next.

CALLER: And you say it was HAARP. HAARP clouds look like what? Like a rainbow, you said? Are they puffy? Are they wavy?

SHERRY: Yeah. I was looking at the ones shown in China and Japan before the earthquakes. And they look pink. They're like pretty clouds. It's actually very pretty. They look like rainbow clouds. The pink and yellow...if you see that, run. [laughs]

CALLER: Pink and yellow? Aren't they funny-looking clouds, though, like puffy --

SHERRY: Yeah. Don't really look natural, --

CALLER: Like a quilt, or no?

SHERRY: -- but it's enough to get everybody's attention, because, you know what? In both countries they noticed the clouds, because they were just these colorful, beautiful-looking clouds, and then, boom, earthquakes strike.

They're Trying to Chill the Air in the Midwest

CALLER: Huh. Well, here in Iowa, we're under severe weather alert about midnight. We're in the red for strong hail, rain, tonight and tomorrow. And then I think we're supposed to get snow the end of the week maybe, six to eight inches. It's crazy!

SHERRY: That's what someone said, we were supposed to get snow here in Ohio, so.

CALLER: It's crazy! And we're supposed to have hail and heavy rains tonight; storms.

SHERRY: Well, they're trying to chill the air. They hate the Midwest. They hate this region, because there's so much orgone in it. And so, they're trying to chill the atmosphere, because it burns them in the atmosphere. We're getting a lot of cold now, so. I just have to laugh.

I Thought We'd Have a Little Bit of Warning Before the Madrid Blows

CALLER: Well, I guess that's all I wanted to ask you. I just wanted to know a little bit more about the Madrid, so

SHERRY: It's a bargaining chip, and it could go at any time, whenever -- they're fighting. "You do this, we're gonna blow it," so.

CALLER: I thought we'd have a little bit of warning. Some little bigger quakes up more north towards Chicago, or more up past Tennessee to get a little warning.

SHERRY: I don't know. I think it's just gonna go. I think it would just go. I don't -- you know, that's my thoughts on it. I don't know.

CALLER: Well, I won't wanna take up -- let another caller to call in here. So, well, God bless.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.


SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

A Police/Fireman Scanner Tried to Hack My Computer

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hey, is that me?

SHERRY: Yeah, that's you.

CALLER: OK, I'll turn it down. Hey, I'm the one who joined one of your shows last week. I sent that to you...a police/fireman scanner tried to hack my computer. My firewall actually warned me that I was hooking up to a malicious threat which was the police/fireman scanner --

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: -- and it lead me to find out, these guys who'd been following me for a year, and making comments under my YouTube [video], they don't like you, either.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: They're Midwestern Masons. I had an attack two days before you did that was horrible. I really thought I was gonna have a heart attack and I wouldn't be able to fight them off. But, you know, I'm able to do a lot with the sword that I have. It came from a really special sensei. You may know him, too. But they don't like me, because I've gotten on YouTube and told the truth. So they've done a whole lot of hurting my profession. And I blamed it all on Don. But then I found out who it was. It's Midwestern firemen who were 32nd and 33rd degree Freemasons who do that Dragon satanic work. And, I don't know how, but they can jump on you while you're asleep. That really scared me. So I'm making even more orgone than I have. And, I'm amping it up with different like, Reich's machines and stuff.

SHERRY: Yeah. This voodoo stuff was -- it's different. It's the first time I've been attacked by -- that we actually got affected by it. I don't know why, last time I wasn't really affected by it. I don't remember. I remember 200 of them dying and God getting mad. Maybe this whole super moon thing turned into a super joke, because God retaliated for them attacking me on Wednesday night and Thursday. And then we prayed for Him to sabotage their plans, and so.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: A retaliation, and so.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: You know, you never know.

CALLER: Your prayers do work. I wish people would pray them. And you're probably right. We probably did kill some of them, and that's probably why they were -- I mean, they're usually after me when I watch your show, but when I did Daniel Ott's -- and HE made it out to be a joke, but I still got my story in. It was even just the next day that -- I guess it was Yah -- led me to find out that the Masons use that Dragon, that the 32nd, 33rd degree. And I was telling him in the show, and he was making a big joke about it. When it came in, and how we got rid of it. So I know that's -- I've been attacked by Masons for a long time. And I even tracked it down to who they were. And they're your firemen. People who are supposed to be helping us.

SHERRY: Community heroes, community --


SHERRY: -- people that you would look up to. That's their m.o., their modus operand. That's what they do.

CALLER: And they do the police searches. So, like, with me, whenever I try to get a job, and I'm getting searched 'cause they have to, when you go get a job, and your boards have to be spoken to. And all these guys have called in and made comments about horrible things that I've done as a nurse --


CALLER: -- and I haven't done anything horrible.

SHERRY: All right. Well, I've gotten take some calls here.

CALLER: OK. OK. Well, I just wanted to let you know I'm pretty sure that it was Masons that did those attacks, so.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Alll right. Bye-bye.

SHERRY: All righty. Bye-bye.

Doesn't Look Like I'm Going to Japan Too Quickly

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: Hi, Sherry.

SHERRY: Hey, how ya doin'?

CALLER: OK. Don't look like I'm gon' be goin' to Japan too quick.

SHERRY: Yeah [laughs]. Yeah, I raised an eyebrow when you said you were going, but, you know. [laughs]

CALLER: Well, I just closed that eyebrow.

SHERRY: Yeah, OK. That's good to know, because I've been telling people forever to stay off that place.

CALLER: OK. That's it. I mean, I know you gettin' ready to shut down. But, I wish I could talk more. But, we'll do it another day. But, whoa! With the radioactivity...and I've got two sons over there I wanted to see. But, don't look good.

SHERRY: Yeah, you know, they're all trying to -- you know, it sounds like they're sitting around waiting for the government to tell them what to do. Well, they need to be just getting out of there, because while they're being told to stay in their houses and not drink the water, all the elite are evacuating the island. All the Satanists are evacuating, and so. People need to just -- don't wait for your governments to think they're gonna help you. Just go.

CALLER: Go. But, you know, Japanese are trained to obey, not to think, so they do whatever their government tell 'em to. Trust me, I was in their 25 years, so.


CALLER: I ain't gon' stay on. You know, I get too excited when I call you.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Today I mo discipline myself. You know. And I love you...just like anybody else, but, anyway, I'm glad I did get in.

SHERRY: All right. Well, I'm glad you're OK, and Yah kept your feet in the USA for now, instead of heading off to Japan.

CALLER: Well, you know, it was close, but it look like I -- and they told me to work today. They said, "Hey, Floyd. You know, everything that you're telling me on the air about Japan," they told me at work today. They said, "Floyd. Are you sure you wanna resign from the job and go back there? You...did you hear about all the stuff?" And she gave me a lecture on it.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Well, I think I'll, um, I'm gonna reconsider. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs] Sometimes you gotta listen to angels speaking through people. And knock some sense into us, so.

CALLER: Well, like I said. You right on it. And if you got like, a couple more minutes, why don't you get another caller?

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Love ya. Bye.

SHERRY: Love you, too. Bye-bye.

A Scene from the Movie, Knowing, Goes Along with the Japan Incident

Let's see.

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: [singing] All the wheels go 'round and 'round.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hey, Sherry. Can you hear me?

SHERRY: Hey! Yeah, all right.

CALLER: [silence]

SHERRY: You there?

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Uh-oh. [laughs] Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Can you hear me, Sherry?


CALLER: Hey, how you doin'? This is [unclear] from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

SHERRY: Oh, OK. North Carolina.

CALLER: Yeah. I just have one thing and then I'm gonna let you go. It goes with the Illuminati hiding messages in movies. The movie I'm referring to is Knowing, with Nicolas Cage. And this goes along with the Japan incident.

SHERRY: Knowing? Wasn't that Gulf Coast?

CALLER: I'm sorry?

SHERRY: Wasn't that the Gulf Coast oil platform exploding?

CALLER: Right. Yeah.


CALLER: And it goes along with the same thing, with what's going on in Japan.

SHERRY: Does it really?

CALLER: Right. When Nicolas Cage was sitting on the couch, --


CALLER: -- he was watching the news.


CALLER: He turned towards his clock. And the clock said 11:59. 11:59...OK, 11:59. You take 59, you add 5 and 9, you get 14.


CALLER: Subtract 1, 4, you get 3. So that's 3, that's the third month of this year, and the date of the 11th, which it happened on.


CALLER: He turns toward the TV --

SHERRY: I got 30 second, so gotta wrap it up.

CALLER: OK, he looks at the paper. He zooms at the number. It says 81. 81 is the country code for Japan. He turns back to the clock. It turns to 12:00. And it shows Japan underneath on the clock. Underneath where it says one of the zeros at 12:00. So --

SHERRY: Yeah, I saw that clip on YouTube. It was really good. People can go to YouTube and look up the Knowing clip, because they detail this scene out of the movie. Awesome clip. All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: All right. Thank you.

SHERRY: I gotta wrap up the show. All right. Bye-bye.

I Have No Clue What I'm Going to Talk About on Thursday's Show

And that's gonna wrap it up for tonight, folks. I'll be back on Tuesday...or, not Tuesday. I'll be back on Thursday, 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. [cryptically] I have no idea what I'll be speaking about. [laughs] I'm not even planning them anymore. Just gonna show up. And [laughs] we'll see how it goes.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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