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Aliens In The News
Thursday March 24th, 2011

And hello, everybody.  It's Thursday with Aliens In The News.  I'm Sherry Shriner.  If you have a question for the show, you can call in at (877) 245-5648. And there’s a couple things I wanted to talk about today.  Yeah. We were suppose to get snow today I thought, you know? And actually it’s a pretty nice day. The Sun's out, but it's really cold.  And all through next week.  We just had a week of, you know, just getting into the 50's, just starting to get nice. Now we're back in the 30's again.  And so.  That's Ohio for ya.

March Delays

A lot of things I saw that was gonna happen in March have been delayed.  I kinda knew they were.  Pushed back till May probably.  I just felt it when I saw it coming.  Wasn't sure about some events, but yeah, now that I was looking at the Codes last night, everything’s been delayed.  And probably because of the earthquake in Japan.  And also because sometimes I see things in the Codes, attacks that are coming up against me, and, you know, I'll be waiting for 'em, and then something else will hit.  I've got two different regimes coming after me trying to shut me up.   And it's the 7th regime and the 8th regime.  And in the Bible that's what it's referred to because, in the book of Revelation, it talks about the Antichrist. He comes outta the 7th, but he's of the 8th. [Revelation 17:11]  You see that in the description of the Antichrist, where he's part of the 7th but of the 8th.  And what this means is the 7th kingdom that has ruled the world—especially the last 40, 50 years with this whole New world order—this Bush, Cheney, Rockefeller, Rothschild factions. People call 'em Factions 1 and Factions 2.  And then you have the whole alien, New Age agenda which is Faction 3. [http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/sherry/faction-three.htm]  And then you have the Orgone Warriors which is Faction 4. [http://www.tearingdownstrongholds.com/battle.htm]

The 7th And 8th Kingdoms And Where We’re At Right Now Biblically

Biblically speaking, we're in the 7th kingdom, and it's this whole New World Order with the Rockefellers and Rothchilds trying to work with the Vatican and the Queen and getting everybody together and try a whole global government on Earth.  Going through the crime syndicate the Federal Reserve Board and their own crime family.  You got the Bush family, the Cheney family—all the different crime families that work together.  So yeah, you got a huge mob, but they're not Italian bloodlines; they're Illuminati bloodlines.  And so.  That—Biblically speaking, this is the 7th kingdom.  And the 8th kingdom being—going out of the Age of Pieces, which represents the 7th kingdom.  What we know in the churches as the “church age,” the 2000 year church age.  Another way of looking at the 7th kingdom, being the entire time of the church age going into the Age of Aquarius. And the Age of Aquarius is the whole alien New Age agenda.  And Obama symbolizes both.  Voted into office by the 7th, this whole New World Order facade.  But he switches allegiance and loyalty.  And I've always told you, he's the right hand man of Maitreya, this whole Ashtar Command, this whole New Age agenda.  He's their right hand man.  And so, you're gonna see him more and more push towards their agenda.  Whatever they want him to do is what he's gonna do.  And so.  Out of the 7th but into the 8th, and that's Obama, folks. 

The 8th Alien Regime Will Set Up Camp In Northern Africa

And the United States is being used as a pawn, one of the most militarily powerful countries in the world. And so.  Satan using that to his benefit, and the whole New Age regime using that to their benefit to get things set up the way they want them to.  And that's why they're in Libya.  You’ll see them in Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia, and possibly Sudan.  Probably Sudan.  And so, we've got those four African countries that the 8th regime is gonna set up as their base.  And I told you this whole 10 kings that rule the Antichrist for one hour, they're not European countries folks.  He's gonna unify the Muslim countries and the Mediterranean area.  So.  Egypt, Libyoth—I keep saying “Libyothia.” I’m making up my own country now. Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia will be his footstools.  And so.  You know? We're looking at regime changes. And so. Another thing, another reason is that they want control of Libya's resources, their oil fields. So. You know?  They're killing two birds with one stone. 

Media Lies And Faux-Opposing Sides

And you gotta just pay attention to how they're doing things there.  Because what they're doing there, they're gonna be doing here.  Libya wasn't particularly attacking their—it’s not what the media tells you is going on.  They weren't attacking their own citizens. We were attacking them.  But the UN states, “Oh no, Libya’s attacking them.”  And now we have to go in and play Big Brother and try to keep the peace.  But when we go in, we do more killing, death, and damage then what was going on.  And that's exactly what's gonna happen to America when we get pulled into Martial Law because of the chaos and riots that are coming.  The UN troops that are already at our borders, they’ve already been shipping their equipment in over the last 20 years and setting up underground bases in various places throughout the country.  When they step up and step in they’re gonna say, “Oh, we're helping the American people free themselves from their evil leaders.”  But they'll be doing more killing, death, and destruction than even our leaders would've thought of.  And so.  

Don't ever listen to the media.  They don't tell you the truth.  They never have; they never will.  And what you see now is the 7th and the 8th.  They actually seem to be fighting against each other, but they're not because Satan uses both sides to accomplish what he wants.  He's using the Americans.  He's using the Chinese.  You know.  He uses—the Chinese are the dragon society. Hello, folks.  They're his seedline.  Dragon society.  So.  And of course that's the name the Bible gives Satan—is the dragon. [Revelation 12:3-17; 13:2-4; 16:13; 20:2]  He's just using America to get to where he needs to get us, and then they'll start chaos and throw us into Martial Law.

On Sherry And Fighting

And so, this is what, on a personal level, this is what I’m fighting, folks.  I fight both the 7th and the 8th regimes.  If I'm not dealing with Cheney and Gore's constant death threats against me and attacks, I'm dealing with the aliens’ constant threats against me and attacks.  And so.  I get it from both sides.  I get it from both sides.  I get it from everywhere.  And they started hitting me this morning with microwave attacks again, as is typical for Thursday’s show.  They usually try to mess with my computer and cause technical difficulties.  And, you know, I was dealing with—last time I was dealing with warlocks.  And I don't even know what I'm dealing with this time.  It almost feels like they have some kind of advanced microwave weapons where they can zone in on your heat signature.  Everybody has their own personal DNA heat signature, your own frequency, your own vibration—whatever you want to call it.  And it feels like to me that they can just zone in on me personally and start zapping you with their microwave weapons. And so.  Woke up outta a dead sleep this morning just burning, just burning from the inside out.  Started going to war against them.  And so, by now, I hope all their equipment is sufficiently burned up and destroyed.  You know I have faith in Yah that He does what I ask, and hopefully they've lost a lot of equipment this morning.  And, you know, it just doesn't end, folks. 

Stay Away From The First Energy Company’s Light Bulbs

Was watching the news this morning, and they were talking about First Energy.  They're gonna give everybody 6 of their poisonous mercury light bulbs, which they call “energy efficient.”  They're gonna give away 6 a year.  Folks, stay away from that garbage.  They're pure mercury, they're pure poison.  They give people headaches, migraines, and I've heard, you know, just about every effect you can think of. The light bulbs are pure dangerous. Stock up on GE light bulbs while they still have them.  Because the “energy efficient” ones are just gonna destroy you.  You might as well just put a cell phone up to your ear all day and hold it there because it's the same type of magnetic radiation coming from these light bulbs as there is your cell phones and microwaves.  And so.  The problem is, when you have em in your house, you're just sitting next to them in your lamps, beaming all night. So.  Much more worse and dangerous.  

Nibiru And The Objects Coming From Behind The Sun

Yeah.  Seen the giants in Libya, and this is, you know, this is what I warned about. A whole alien agenda coming together and starting over in Egypt.  And so.  I find it interesting, the Bible Codes referring to Nibiru as “scarlet.”  Of course, it is the red planet.  Scarlet is a red color; it's a crimson color.  And I see a lot in there about a prophet and a king—could be the same person—that's coming from Nibiru.  And so.  Seeing a return of that planet, whatever you want to call it, from—the Bible Codes refer to it as a “sepulcher.”  Interesting that somebody called my radio show a couple months back.  Said she was looking at it through a telescope, but it actually looked like a big headstone.  And so, I don't know if this is the same red comet, the one with the tail that we've been seeing behind the Sun, coming up from behind the Sun.  Or is something totally different coming up from behind the Sun.  I know we've got several objects.  I told you we can't keep up with them.  There's many huge ships, mother ships coming in, in the forms of different things. 

The Giants Are Bringing “Rabies” With Them

And so, we should be able to see with our—they're returning in July; that’s all I know.  I know some people can already see it coming in, but I think we’re gonna see a real physical presence of them in July.  And I've been warning about July always being the dominant month for alien arrivals.  And just hostile arrivals from them.  And one of the interesting things I've seen with them coming in is, associated with them is “rabies.”  And so. You know.  Giants bringing rabies?  Or are they gonna cause zombism, some kinda virus that's gonna go around?  Is rabies—we know it’s a virus, a viral thing, and so are zombies.  They act in the same way.  And so.  One time, you know, the Bible Codes will use one term to mean several different things. That's why it can be difficult deciphering Codes and trying to analyze exactly what it means and putting it in today's diction and language so we can understand it.  But either way, watch for this rabies, this rabies-zombie virus in July. 

Vaccines – The Equivalent Of A Self-Lobotomy

If they are offering vaccinations in July, stay away from them.  Of course, you should stay away from vaccines anyway.  You should go to my website TheyWantYouDead.com [http://www.theywantyoudead.com/].  It's all about vaccinations and their plans to just take over the minds of people.  Almost like self-lobotomy—giving yourself a self-lobotomy by taking these vaccinations.  Because these vaccinations, no matter what lie they tell you, no matter what flu or plague they tell you it's for, they’re all designed to kill and destroy you.  And so.  Stay away from vaccinations, folks.

Do Those With The “Hidden Secrets” Really Look Better Off To Anybody?

You know, I find it interesting that they always call the occult “hidden secrets.” And that all these people that become initiates of these hidden secrets. You know, they make it sound like, you know, “They're just so advanced above everybody else. They're initiates of the hidden secrets.” You know?  And the thing is, folks, look around you.  Look at them.  These supposed groups, these Illuminati families and all these secret society families, the Freemasons and all these Templar groups, and all these secret society folks.  Do they look better off to you?  Because they have secrets revealed to them.  Do they look better to you?  Because when I look at these freaks, they’re all scumbags.  They're all Satanists.  They're pedophiles.  They're baby rapers. They're drug abusers. They're thieves.  They're liars.  How does knowing any kind of a hidden secret made them better people?  And they call themselves “illuminated?”  You know, that's gotta be like a code term for almost like “Initiate to be set on Fire in Hell.”  Because that's exactly where most of them are going if not all of them.  You know, illumination—fires from Hell; getting ready to be fire in Hell.  They don't look better off to me. 

They Took Enoch, Jasher, And Other Books Out Of The KJV To Hide The Truth

You know, they took the Book of Enoch underground.  Took it out of the KJV.  The church leaders, you know, the serpent seed running the churches gave excuses as to why they had to take Enoch out of the KJV.  ‘Cause they shoved it underground. You know where it went?  It went straight to the secret societies.  They wanted the information from Enoch, and Jasher and the other books that they hid from the KJV.  And even these books are part of their hidden secrets that they keep from the masses.  And while you can read Enoch online—you can go to SherryShriner.com and on the left hand side of my site there's a link to Enoch [TN: It’s down at the bottom left hand side of the website: http://www.sherryshriner.com/books/complete_book_of_enoch.htm], or you can just Google Enoch, “read Enoch online.”  And it's broken up into five different sections, and there's one—one is “The Keys of Enoch”—and there's another version too.  I've read both of them, so. [TN: Here’s “The Secrets of Enoch”: http://www.sherryshriner.com/books/secrets_of_enoch.htm]

Our Astronomy Is Fake – Here’s The Truth About Our Sun And The Constellations

You know I find that interesting because I've been stating our astronomy is a lie. That, you know, what they've been telling us and shoving down our throats the last 100, 200 years is wrong.  And it becomes very obvious when you look in The Book of Enoch, it talks about the Sun that travels in and out of the gates, which are called “constellations.”  Given these gates the zodiac names they have today.  And the Sun travels in and out of them as it rotates around the planet.  But if you look at our science and astronomy, they want you to think that Earth rotates around the Sun. And that's not the way it happens. The Sun rotates around us.  And so.  Very int—you know, that's why they hide the truth from people.  You know, you look at the constellations in the sky and Enoch talks about the 12 zodiac.  He didn't call them zodiac like we do, he called them the gates.  North gate, south gate, east gate, west gate, whatever gate. 

You know, we have all these supposed constellations in the skies.  Orion and all these others.  You know, what are they really made up of?  Because when I look at the sky at night, I see a lot of starships.  And they pose as stars in constellations.  And they are the stars of constellations.  And they're UFO motherships.  They've been here all along, folks.  And the reason they've hid it from the public is because they've told you, “Oh, that's the constellation, blah blah. That's this constellation.  That's that constellation.”  Yeah, but guess what?  It's not stars making up these constellations.  They’re motherships.  They're actual motherships that make up the stars of these constellations.  So, interesting.  I’ll just enjoy watching them all turning yellow.  You know, when they turn yellow that means the orgone is saturating them.  And, you know, just watch 'em burn. Because they turn yellow, they burn, and they fall.  They crash out of the sky.  And you'll hear BOOMs and people will think—the media will say that a meteor fell onto the Earth.  Whatever excuses they throw off.  But that's what they are doing, folks.  We're surrounded by motherships. And if you don't get prepared now—because Nibiru is just the beginning of the battles that are coming.  You know? 

Everybody’s Got Their Own Agendas, Including The Ones Who Claim To Hate The NWO

I think somebody said it good on my Facebook page.  They'd like some kind of proof, any kind of proof, that aliens are here to help mankind.  Because nothing could be further from the truth.  They're all here to destroy.  They're all here to plan their own agendas.  They're not here to help mankind.  They're here to implement their own agendas here on Earth.   One faction of aliens may hate the New World Order, and then the other faction, the Pleadians, may say, you know, “We hate the New World Order, and we want to help mankind.”  And why don't they help mankind, then!  You know?  Quite talking and start doing.  You can tell it's all a game.  They just want to get rid of the New World Order agenda so they can implement their own supposed 5th Dimension fantasy land here on Earth.  They all want to implement this 5th Dimension fantasy land.  That's basically the bottom line.  You know?  That 5th Dimension fantasy land.  They wanna create Heaven on Earth.  And that was always Pat Robertson's agenda.  Remember him? 

The False Rapture Theory Puts Christians To Sleep

And I remember all the Baptists never liked Robertson because he was a post-Tribulation.  Ohhh.  Yeah.  He didn't believe that the rapture was gonna happen until after the Tribulation.  That's why the Christians hated him, didn't like him.  Yeah, don't take that rapture theory away from Christians.  There ain't nothing they’re going to guard closer than that one.  ‘Cause that's their one ticket outta here.  This false belief that the Lord's gonna whisk the entire Church off the planet before this Tribulation period starts.  And so, they all go back to sleep.  “Oh, we’re not gonna worry.  The Lord’s gonna take us home.”  You know where the Lord's gonna take you?  He's gonna take you to a FEMA camp and test your faith in Him, exactly as He says in the Book of Revelation. His people will be tested.  They will be tested by fire.  They will be tested in persecution. [Revelation 6:9-11; 12:17, 14:9-13; 18:24; 20:4]   And so. That puts 'em to sleep.  And you know what?  No matter how much you scream to try to wake them up, at least what we can do is try to prepare them.  And what makes them think that some kinda rapture would even happen?  What gives them a license out of personal suffering?  What happened to everybody else whose countries got destroyed?  Where was their rapture? Where was their rapture?  You know?  You're gonna see Chinese in your backyards before you see a rapture, folks.  So, you better be loading up on guns, ammo, and orgone.  Because they don't like either one of 'em.  So, you better be loading up. You better be preparing.  

The Secret’s Out: Nibiru Is Burning!

July's coming.  If we have the Nibiru—and they've already been landing on Earth.  Nibiru.  They've already been leaving Nibiru.  And it's a big secret because I see it in the Codes.  “Secret.”  “Secretly.”  Why?  Because Nibiru is burning.  They're burning up because the same way we destroyed Shema, we're destroying Nibiru.  And that's with the orgone.  And that's why I've asked you guys, “Hey, keep your pipes pointed east.  Just keep them pointed east.” 

Keep Pointing Your Pipes At The Sun And Moon, Folks

And every once in a while I think I’ll switch it up and ask you to point it at the Moon because the Moon has some vicious equipment on it and towers several miles high.  Some people say it's 50 miles high.  And they use those towers to beam Earth and harm people here.  And yeah, we need to figure out a way to take that out.  But if you don't have it at the Moon, have it towards the Sun because they're all hiding behind the Sun.  You know. 

Venus, Sananda, And Tall Boys (Hybrid Giants)

And they also have a huge Annunaki base on Venus which they've always had.  Sananda has run that.  I wrote an article on Venus years ago. [http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/venus.htm]  They have it all set up there.  Venus is the only planet we have that runs retrograde.  They run counter clockwise.  And so, it’s a different atmosphere there.  Although—I had a pen in my hand, and I just tossed it somewhere.  I just tossed it across the room.  Find me another one here…  Venus runs retrograde.  It runs the opposite direction, and so, they have a different atmosphere on Venus.  And what they’ve managed to do is set up a heavenly atmosphere on Venus so they can bring all these people from near death experiences up there, and Sananda gets to play Jesus.  He loves that.  He gets to play Jesus.  And Sananda’s very tall.  If you’ve ever seen him, he’s about, I dunno, 6’4?  Very tall.  Very tall.  You really think Yahushuah, the Son of God and an ancient Israelite, was a tall boy?   And a “tall boy” is another name for giant, which is a tip off—a hybrid.  And so. Yeah. He wasn’t a tall boy, folks.  He wasn’t no 6 foot 4.  Sananda is. And all of them coming in are going to be very tall.  They’re all coming, and they’re all very tall.  So that’s your tip off. These things aren’t even—they’re not Yah’s, Yah’s seedline.  They’re Satan’s.  So that should tip you off, folks. 

Xenomorphs – A Type Of Artificial Intelligence

Anyway. I’ve had some interesting time in the past several weeks.  And a lot of my trouble coming from the—I keep mentioning artificial intelligence and transhumanism.  And I don’t even get into a lot of the technical aspects of it, like Tom Horn does or many others who spend all their time on this and become the leading mouthpieces on that and those kinds of subjects. I haven’t even read his material.  What I want to teach you I’ve learned firsthand by my, you know—going through it, from talking to people going through it themselves that are in these projects.  And so, everything I know just comes from a different angle.  It comes from a different angle.  But we all get to the same conclusion, you know?  Researchers and the Lord’s people.  It’s all pieces of the puzzle, folks.  And we all get our information in different ways.  What—transhumanism itself, these artificial intelligent beings—now, you have the xenomorphs that Hollywood’s been showing you that—they’re just almost computer hardware that run amuck.  They have minds of their own.  They showed it in that movie about L.A.  Not the one that’s coming out now, or the one starting now, but the one before, where the machines were taking human bodies and taking their brains and putting them in their own. And they have these metal robots with human brains and thoughts. [TN: Sherry’s referencing the 2010 movie “Skyline.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skyline_(film)]  And some of these xenomorphs, the pictures I have posted on my site will show a machine, alien-type robot body with human body parts. With human arms, human legs.  Humans that have been dismembered and then they put them on these aliens so that.  They call them xenomorphs, basically.  Half-human, half-machine.  These things are coming down the road a little bit. We don’t have to worry or deal with them right now, but they are coming.  They are coming. 

Turning Regular Human Beings Into Half-Machines

Another part of this transhumanist program, this artificial intelligence, is the fact that they can take a simple human—probably a project kid who’s been in the projects all his life like James Casbolt.  They take a person like James Casbolt, and they can turn his, basically whole insides out. They make him like a wired machine.  And they do this through nanotechnology, with nanochips.  And they fill our foods and our drinks and our vaccines with chips to try and do the same thing to people.  Filling them up with these nanochips that they all fuse together inside of your body.  They do that at a much accelerated rate when they’re working with somebody like a James Casbolt, because they can pull them down into underground bases and totally transform them so that they’re basically fifty percent human and fifty percent machine, but they look totally human.  They look totally human.  And he’s not the only one they’ve done this to.

Be Wary Of The Agendas Of Those You Associate With Online

Was reading a—trying to warn you guys a couple of weeks ago about people on the internet who are not what you think they are. They’re not who you think they are. And they have agendas.  They may sound like they’re nice and sincere, but they have agendas, folks.  And just because somebody gives you a lot of information, they dangle carrots in front of your face like I get all the time from government people, they don’t even have your best interests at heart.  I ignore them, you know?  I just ignore it.  Move on.  I don’t need their crap.  That’s why they listen to my shows.  I don’t listen to theirs.  And because I get my information, the good stuff, from God Himself, and where He leads me. 

Sherry’s Thoughts On Project Camelot, James Casbolt, And Other Super Soldiers

And so. Just watch out, because there was a website online I thought was amusing. It was about James Casbolt, talking about how he’s a drug mule, a conspiracy theorist, disinformation agent, and basically talks—and if you’re familiar with James Casbolt, he’s released a bunch of information about Project Mannequin, the super soldier programs that are coming—going on now, all these underground bases, and MK Ultra; all these other projects that they pull people into, as kids even, and control them throughout their entire lives.  But this article is skeptical of James Casbolt, and at the very end, it says, it’s trying to figure out what exactly his agenda is, and it says, “There’s a possibility that Casbolt is in fact working with National Intelligence Agencies…as a disinformation agent and patsy.  In this scenario, his community of conspiracy researchers are not truth seekers—they are actually lab rats in an experiment to test the spread of disinformation.” [TN: Not sure if this is the site Sherry is referencing, but it has the information she’s talking about: http://obscurantist.com/oma/casbolt-james/]  And what is the one website he aligns with the most online? It’s Project Camelot, which is where they all go. They all go to Project Camelot.  You know, there’s other super soldiers—Aaron McCollum.  I don’t know if Andy Pero’s ever gone there and given them an interview.  I don’t go to that website.  I only go to the ones the Lord leads me to, so that should tell you something. 

The Game They Play: Why Satanists Don’t Care If People Get Saved

And you know what?  They supposedly give, you know—giving up all this information about projects and programs. And let me tell you what they really do and the reason they do it.  You know, it’s almost like a Satanist leading a person into a salvation prayer.  They don’t care what you know.  They don’t care if you actually say a prayer and get saved through a Satanist because they’re leading you to the Lord.  They know that you’re just going to try it out.  In a couple weeks, when life gets hard, you’re going to walk away.  You’re gonna walk away.  You’re gonna be mad.  You’re gonna be worse off than you were, because they don’t help you. 

You know, it’s like a Satanist like Billy Graham doing these crusades. Lead all these people to the Lord on the crusades, and then he abandons them and goes on his next crusade.  And those people who got saved are basically left on their own to feed and nurture their relationships with the Most High on their own.  And they just fall apart.  They just fall apart.  You know, [he] supposedly hooked up with Catholics.  I couldn’t stand that.  He would always have Catholic priests there and stuff.  And that’s a sure way to lose any sort of personal relationship or never even getting one.  Catholicism.  That’s one of the worst. Because it’s all man-based.  It’s all money-based.  It’s all religion-based.  You have to do this and that and this and that, and they never teach you how to just have a real relationship with the Lord. 

They Reveal Information In Search Of People Who Got Out Of The Projects

But that’s what these guys do.  They come in, they come online, they give you all these informations on free books and projects exposing all this government stuff.  What they’re really doing is they’re trying to find other people that were in those projects.  People that will send them an e-mail, “Hey, there was something in your e-mail.  I was reading your project and I really relate to this. I had a dream. I had a vision. I had this.” Whatever.  They find these people that have basically gone rogue from the projects, that have left, that they’ve lost control of or whatever, and they reel them back in.  They reel them back in. And that’s the most dangerous part about these people—is that they’re used as programmers to go after these hurt kids that grew up in these projects that finally got away and got their control off of them.  And people like Casbolt reel them back in so they can reprogram them, so that they can pull them back into these projects. 

Alters, MPDs, And DIDs – The Price You Pay For Being In The System

And they trigger people.  They can, you know, just by talking to these people, they can trigger them.  Trigger an alter that was buried for a long time that maybe that person didn’t even know existed. They could trigger that alter and then get re-control of that person.  And this is the kind of stuff that they do, folks.  I mean, you won’t get this high up in levels of government intelligence unless you’re MPD [multiple personality disorder], DID [dissociative identity disorder].  Because even those people at the top are all fractured.  They’re all DIDs. They’re all MPDs.  They have several personalities, several alters.  It goes from the top down, folks.  The ones at the very top all the way to the bottom—all fractured personalities, all have alters, all can be controlled, all can be triggered.  That’s why you have to—I have to watch my back all the time ‘cause you can think one of your government friends are a friend, but it’s actually just one of their alters is, but the other ones want to kill you.  You never know which one you’re talking to.  “Oh, am I talking to the one that likes me or the one that wants to kill me?”  You have to be very careful, folks, because this whole Illuminati octopus thing, it just begins and ends on MPD, DID.  Every person in it, every person involved with it, they have alters that can be triggered.  And so.

Excellent Reads: Cisco Wheeler, Lew White, Cathy O’Brien, and Brice Taylor

You know, I learned the most I ever learned about the Illuminati from Cisco Wheeler.  And so. You might want to read her latest book that she came out with about a year or two ago.  Behold a White Horse [http://www.amazon.com/Behold-White-Horse-Cisco-Wheeler/dp/1607913550]. Because she exposes a lot of things in that book.  I know it’s so huge that it’s like a mountain of information, and every time I look at it, I get a panic attack. But if you just go through and just read tidbits at a time, she tells you how it’s the Illuminati that controls and owns the whole, you know, the Assemblies of God and the whole Church of God—that whole Pentecostal denomination.  Owned and run.  And that’s why you’ll see a lot of these Hollywood pop stars—Cyrus, Jonas Brothers—all of ‘em involved with Pentecostal religions because they’re all deeply rooted in the Illuminati families.  And so. Yeah. Just get—if you never read anything, you should read Fossilized Customs by Lew something [Lew White http://www.amazon.com/Fossilized-Customs-Lew-White/dp/0958435367]. Go to Fossilized Customs on Amazon and get Behold a White Horse by Cisco Wheeler.  And she has other books that are out.  Those can be very difficult to go through because she gives you the detailed nuances of how to program somebody, and the kind of people they look for, and what they do, and the kind of life she’s had, and what she went through.  And that can be very, very hard to deal with.  It can be very hard to read.  And so.  Oh, and Cathy O’Brien’s Trance: Formation of America [http://www.amazon.com/Trance-Formation-America-Cathy-OBrien/dp/0966016548/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1301262642&sr=1-1] and the other one, Thanks for the Memories [Brice Taylor - http://www.amazon.com/Thanks-Memories-Memoirs-Kissingers-Mind-Controlled/dp/0966891627/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1301262735&sr=1-2].  I mean, that book, that book Thanks for the Memories—that one will really blow you away. Talks about the Dodgers and the mind control experiments that were going in the 80’s back when the Dodgers were on their World Series run, several years when the new World Series.  Talks about Tommy Lasorda.  Just crazy what they do.  Crazy.  And certainly gives you a whole new view of sports and how they manipulate sports. So. Excellent books, folks. You should take your time and read ‘em.

Stay Away From Super Soldiers – A Word Of Warning, Especially To Hybrid Children

And also—you know what?  If someone approaches you and they tell you, you know—I don’t know how to protect you. I don’t know what to say to make you wake up and realize if you’re one of these hybrids, and you know you are—because they all know they are.  I mean, you know you’re a hybrid if you’re a hybrid—stay away from these government people like James Casbolt, Andy Pero, Aaron McCollum.  Stay away from the super soldiers. Because they know how to suck your energy, your life right out of ya.  They know how to trigger your alters and pull you back into projects and programs. And so, stay away from them, folks.  And this in particular to the hybrids and Indigos and Starseeds that listen to my show.  Because I’m just trying to protect you from them. 

“Love” Is Used As One Of Their Main Deceptions To Hook People In

I’m dealing with now a lot of crap that James Casbolt’s pulling behind the scenes, hurting a lot of people, attacking them, triggering them and trying to reprogram them.  He’s already successfully—you know, we’re trying to pull people back from his programming and get them out of his grip, and he uses other super soldiers underneath him to advance his agenda.  You know, stay away from relationships with these soldiers. Love is one of the biggest triggers that they’ll use to trigger you.  They’ll meet you online. They’ll act like they’re falling in love with you.  They’ll pull you into their web just so they can get you under their control.  And it’s real hell for us to try and get these people back out of under their control.  And so. It’s just an ongoing nightmare, really.  People you love, people you’ve known your entire life getting sucked back in by their programming.  And these are the kinds of people that work behind the scenes, folks.  And they’re at the tops.  They’re the best at what they do, and they have a lot of people working underneath them. 

If You Show An Interest In The Occult, Satan’s Kingdom Will Target And Accommodate You

And this is what they do in the background when they’re not spitting out disinfo, truth mixed with lies, about projects and programs. They’re going after the people that would be interested in reading that material because they know they’re one of them.  Or, “Hey, if you’re reading my material, you must be interested in it.”  It’s almost like Friday night TV with kids. You know, they wanna watch scary stuff.  You know how kids are.  You know how you were when you were growing up.  Mom and Dad go to bed, and you want to watch TV and watch something scary.  The problem with that is, is that Satan always knows what everybody’s doing.  He’s, you know, he’s not omniscient and omnipresent, but he’s got 10s of millions of demons that are everywhere.  And if you show and interest in the occult, they’re going to accommodate you.  You know, if you’re watching Rosemary’s Baby [http://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/roman-polanskis-rosemarys-baby-and-the-dark-side-of-hollywood/] on TV when you’re a kid, yeah, they’re gonna come through the TV and possess you and start harassing you, or just mark who you are.  They’ll be back with more occultic stuff, pull you into the occult, get you interested in it. You know?  Stay away from occultic stuff, folks.  Especially kids.  You can’t even begin to imagine how they target kids to pull them in and get them interested. 

Once you’re interested, they accommodate you.  You know, it’s like the whole thing with people who are interested in UFOs and aliens.  And so, they start going to websites to talk about UFOs and aliens and all the sudden you’re driving home from work and you see a UFO.  They’ll accommodate you.  They’ll lift the veil so you can see the other side.  Satan does all the time. And then people don’t know what to do with it because they liked it better before when it was all, you know, supposed to be lies and disinformation and everything else. And then they find out it’s truth.  It’s almost sometimes like ignorance is bliss, but “ignorance is bliss” is going to get you dead in the next several months.  You need to prepare.  They don’t like the orgone, so get your areas saturated with orgone.  Get areas that aren’t your areas.  Get out in forests. The water supplies. Deserts.  Places people would run to for protection.  The mountain areas.  Because orgone will become places of refuge for people who are running.  People who are hiding.  It gets up into the atmosphere more and more and more and destroys their ships and their UFOs.  We don’t have much time. 

Anyway, I’m gonna take a caller and see what’s going on out in Listener Land.

Story Behind How Reich Discovered A Way To Destroy The UFOs

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Hello, Sherry? Can you hear me?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: Oh, great! I had some info from a book I read, a biography of Wilhelm Reich’s that I thought you’d be really interested in.

Sherry: Oh, of course.

Caller: When he first started making the cloud busters, he thought, in order to be a true scientist that he had to test negative orgone, too.  I don’t know if you’d heard this. So, he put a piece of uranium instead of crystal in his cloud buster, and when he did that, his whole neighborhood became toxic and UFOs showed up over his house. And then, he switched back to the crystal, and he found that he could destroy the UFOs with his cloud buster. Then he said it was not Eisenhower but Roosevelt—he said that President Roosevelt, like in the 40’s, was going to be so excited that he knew how to kill these alien-demon UFO people.

Sherry: Yeah.

Reich Also Caused The Famous Roswell UFO Crash Of New Mexico

Caller: So, then—this was really interesting—another part of the book, they had had a huge drought out in New Mexico.  And so, he went out there with his cloud buster, and there’d been like 166 days with no rain, and he caused rain.  And the book didn’t say this, but I heard a caller on Coast to Coast one night call in say they had seen a diary of his that was, you know, had been hidden away from the authorities that said that he caused the Roswell crash.  And it does happen that he was out there causing to make rain at that particular time. So, I thought that was pretty interesting.

What They Use Radiation For

And especially now, I’ve been so bummed out and anxious about this radiation that’s supposedly traveling around the world, you know, from Japan.  And I’m an organic gardener. And, you know, what if it’s in our gardens and everything. But I was thinking, it seems to me like in the same way that you say that fire creates negative orgone, and from what we know about Wilhelm Reich’s past, it seems to me that they, the UFOs, are attracted by radiation. And that radiation—

Sherry: Oh yeah. It’s food.  It’s food to them.

Caller: Yeah. And it’s the greatest evil on Earth. I just think it’s terrible. I mean, maybe not the greatest, but it’s one of the worst things that could happen. And so, I think that they’re really going to be showing up now that there’s more radiation. 

Sherry: Yeah.  Well, they need it to dim the Earth.  And they’re kinda losing the battle with chemtrails because our orgone destroys chemtrails. And so, interesting now that they’ll just push radiation clouds everywhere. 

Does Sherry Know When Yahushuah Will Return?

Caller: Ugh.  Well, it’s really been bumming me out. Do you have any idea, like your best guess of when Christ returns?

Sherry: When they return?

Caller: When Yahushuah returns?

Sherry: Oh, I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you when they return.  

Caller: Oh. I just thought it would give me some hope. I’ve just been getting so depressed about everything. And I thought if you had some, you know, thought of maybe a year, I could hang on that long. You know.

Sherry: There’s no rapture. I mean, come on. There’s no Church rapture.

Caller: I don’t mean rapture, but Christ promised that He would return to Earth.

Sherry: Well, yeah, He did, but that’s a ways down the road. We have a lot of things coming before.

Caller: Ah, bummer.

Sherry: So, you better get your orgone, your bullets, your gun.

Caller: I have been making it.  I’ve made some—tons of it.  I put a lot of it in Florida, and now I’m up in the South Carolina foothills, and I brought like 100 pieces with me. So.

Sherry: Alright. So you’re ready to go. Yeah, we’ve got a ways to go. We’ve got like 3 or 4 different alien invasions here on Earth and, you know. A lot of things going on before the Second Coming of Christ and the Battle of Armageddon. So.

The Difference Between Those Who Are Of The Lord And Who Aren’t

Caller: Right. Well, I’ve been getting so anxious now, it—do you have any advice on dealing with that? Because I know there are so many Christians, and I was usually a really brave person, and I notice that there’s so many Christians who just, you know, they just know that God, that Christ is their personal Savior. And they are just, they just feel safe because of that.

Sherry: Well they’re talkers.  They’re talkers.

Caller: I wanna say, I don’t feel that safe.

Sherry: They’re just talkers.

Caller: Oh.

Sherry: They don’t know what it is to walk in His shoes. If they walked in His shoes for one day, they would die in mine in half a day.  He was persecuted. He was hated. He was mocked.  His Apostles—people want to think they had a life that was easy? Read John Foxe’s Book of Martyrs [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxe's_Book_of_Martyrs] and see how they all died. They didn’t live joyous lives. And neither are the Lord’s real people.

Caller: Yeah. Okay.

Sherry: You know? And you know what? Just love Him.  Because the more you love Him, the more confidence you have because He says He will bring His unto His own. He will protect His own.

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: And He will protect His own.  But the problem is, half of Churchdumb, half of the Bride that thinks they’re the Bride? They’re not His.  He doesn’t claim them as His.  The doers are His. The ones who get up every day and talk to Him and build a relationship with Him?  Those are His.  Not the ones who think that because they said a salvation prayer 20 years ago, they’ve got a lock, stock, and barrel key into Heaven.  You know, James said to perfect our faith with our works [James 1:19-27; 2:14-26].  Then you always hear the Church’s comeback, “Oh, we can’t do it.” You don’t have to earn salvation, but you perfect your faith by your works.

Caller: Oh, I am definitely with you on not loving the whole Apostle Paul thing.

Sherry: Oh yeah.

Caller: I can’t stand him.  So.  Anyway.

Sherry: Yeah. Just stay under His wing and He’ll keep you safe. He’ll show you what to do. He allows things to happen.

Does Sherry Ever Get Scared?

Caller: Do you ever get scared?

Sherry: Oh, when I have 10,000 aliens in my house or yard? Yeah.

Caller: Oh, okay.

Sherry: This looks like a yeah. It’s like, “What!?”  And then when you get mad, you just get busy.  It’s like when you see a spider, and the first thing you do is scream.  And then you get mad and want to kill it. That’s like the demons and aliens.  First you scream and then you get mad and what to kill ‘em.

Caller: Yep. Okay. Well, thank you very much.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: ‘Kay, bye.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

What’s On The List For Florida This Year

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hi, it’s Steve from Florida. How you doing?  I’m a big fan, Sherry.

Sherry: Hey.  Good.  Good to hear from you.

Caller: You too!  I just wanted to say—ask you, in Florida, do you see anything like with, anything like a lot of hurricanes or anything this year like that?

Sherry: You mean like a hurricane of fire engulfing the whole southern tip of it? Yeah. I’ve been telling people to get out of Florida for years.

Caller: Wow.

Sherry: Yeah. Louisiana and Florida and—

Caller: I was born in California, and when I was little, we moved over here, and I said, “Mom, Dad, why? We went from earthquake country, you know, to hurricane.” From earthquake to hurricane. So it’s like not good here either, huh.

Sherry: No, it’s not.  People in southern Florida need to get out of there, quick.

Caller: For real.

Sherry: For real. Get of Florida.

Are There A Lot Of Underground Tunnels And Bases In Florida?

Caller: And how about underground tunnels? Is there a lot of them around here, do you know?

Sherry: Um. Well, you know, over in Tampa they’ve got—what?—the whole strategic northern space command thing.

Caller: Wow.

Sherry: They have underground bases and a huge underwater alien base off of Miami.

Caller: That is scary.  Well, thank you, Sherry. I know your time is almost up. I have a wonderful time listening to your show, and bless you.

Sherry: Oh, alright. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Thanks. Bye.

Sherry: Mhmm. Buh-bye.

[call ends]

The Pacific Ring Of Fire Is Going To Blow, So Get Away While You Can

Yeah, folks, you know, what was the countries I was warning about? Japan and Florida and L.A. and Chicago. And those warnings still stand.  I started warning about Japan back in 2006. So, it happened 5 years later. When did I start.  You know, there’s no time limits when the Lord starts warning people. He gives you time out of His mercy, but He doesn’t live in it with a clock on the wall like we do. He doesn’t live in linear time.  And so, it seems to me like I’ve been yelling about Florida for 3 or 4 years now. And the judgment’s on the wall, folks. Things are going to happen to these places. Now, if you live anywhere on the coasts, get away from the coastlines. Get away from them.  The Ring of Fire is going to be a ring of destruction for the next 6 months, the next year, whatever.  It is not going to stop.  It has started and it’s not—it started last year. People didn’t notice ‘cause, “Oh, it’s just an earthquake in Chile and Peru and, you know, places that aren’t around us. Up in Alaska or whatever. And California’s been shaking for the past year.” That whole Ring of Fire is going to blow.  Huge destructions. It’s not going to stop. It’s not going to get better. So, if you are affected by this Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean, this whole southern area—it goes all the way around the west coast of America, the west coast of central and South America, down to New Zealand, and Hawaii, and Japan, and Alaska, and Canada. Folks, you’ve got to get away from those areas. Get away from those areas.

Anyway, be back on—be back Monday night at 10 o’clock.  Same place, same—different show.  My Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. So, until then, everybody.

Yah Bless.



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