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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
March 28, 2011

Lt Col SC Greg Rinchich's Info and Sherry's Bible Codes Confirm Each Other

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, March 28th. And, it's been a interesting night. I can't get in the chat room, folks. So, if you're waiting on me, hopefully, after the show the buttheads will let me in.

Uh...OK. Couple things I want to talk about tonight, 'cause a lot of things going on. I talked to Greg Rinchich earlier on the phone. Most of you know him, Lt. Col. SC Greg Rinchich. And, the thing I like about Greg is that we can bat things back and forth. And that it seems like everything we say is, you know, confirms each other. You know, he'll give me info he had, I'll give him info I see in the Codes. And, we can pretty much gauge exactly what's going on between government and intelligence agencies that he knows about, and the Bible Codes that I know about. And so, it really is a pretty good match up when we get together a lot of times, and so.

I know I did a interview with Greg a couple months ago, back on the Daniel Ott show. You guys can go to www.theedgeam.com and check it out. Probably in the archives there somewhere. And I also have the link on my websites. It's a three-hour interview. Tons and tons of info. And, I find it funny that when the church world thinks you're crazy, that's why everybody else is cheering you on, because they know you're not.

You know, years ago, when I started talking about orgone and how it could destroy chemtrails, eliminate chemtrails out of the area, the IP addresses from NASA and Air Force bases just skyrocketed on my listings, and so. They were paying attention, and they still are. And, you know, it's just interesting the way things go.

Nuclear Bombs in the Ocean Caused the Japan Disaster

Anyway, wanted to give you some heads up. Talked with him a little bit about Japan. Now most of you that have listened to this show forever know that I've been warning people to get off of Japan since 2006. And, was actually able to talk to him for a little bit about that. And, Greg was telling me that it was definitely nuclear bombs planted on the ocean floor. I don't know if they necessarily plant them on the ocean floor. Somehow they use cables and helium buoys. B-u-o-y-s, not boys. Buoys. [laughs] And all that connected to nuclear bombs. And so, just bombing the [techtonic] plate that Japan is on, and having a hand in that.

The Rothschilds/Rockefeller Faction of the NWO Is Behind the Sinking of Japan

And, I don't think it's any secret to anybody that it's the Rothschilds and Rockefellers faction of the New World Order, America and Britain's faction that is behind the sinking of Japan. Not the people, but the Satan group that run these countries. And so, it's still a war going on between these two factions, and it's gonna be ending soon enough. And, you know, they know their time's limited. They know their days and hours are limited. And, truly, they are. But, it's not gonna get any better, folks. It's not gonna get any better. We're just gonna go from slavery of taxes and the banking system to worldwide Shariah law. And I'm gonna talk about that a little bit later.

Greg Rinchich Got Pneumonia and Lung Cancer from Chemtrail-Spraying in His Area

A lot of chemtrail spraying in a lot of areas. People getting this pneumonia. And, I wanted to talk about what happened to Greg Rinchich...has come down with lung cancer, was given lung cancer by these chemtrails. And so, he was telling me about chemtrail spraying in his area. And if you are energy-sensitive, you could detect a high pitch on a low-frequency setting. You could hear a high pitch. Most people can't hear it. But people in tune with energy fields and energy, they could hear a high pitch. And, two days later, after seeing chemtrail planes out and this high pitch, he got pneumonia. For 39 days he had a fever of 102 degrees [Fahrenheit]. He had double pneumonia, he had walking pneumonia. And then, shortly after, found out that he had lung cancer. And all this from the previous chemtrail spraying.

Said he counted 526 planes in Bostic, North Carolina. And...526 chemtrail planes. That's how desperate they are. We did a lot of orgone work down there. I didn't tell Greg about any of it. Gives him plausible deniability. In case they want to give him a hard time about the orgone, he doesn't know anything about it. And he doesn't. And I didn't say anything to him about it. But we have that area covered in orgone. We have a couple Warriors down there who did a great job. 526 planes? Yeah, you did a real good job, 'cause they're real desperate to get chemtrails down there. And, obviously, the chemtrails aren't sticking. Greg told me they would disappear. And that's why they kept bringing out more and more planes. Because the chemtrails they were spraying would disappear.

Bible Codes Reveal Saran Gas, Anthrax, and Depleted Uranium in Chemtrails

But some of the stuff they were using -- and this is stuff I've seen in the Bible Codes, you know, for the entire country, and not just Bostic, North Carolina, and so. But they're already in operation of it. Saran gas. I've seen that in the Codes. I've seen anthrax, that they would put that in the chemtrails. And they're also putting depleted uranium in the chemtrails. And depleted uranium is what gave Greg lung cancer, and no doubt destined to give a lot more people lung cancer in the months to come, and so.

I know it was interesting, I didn't even mention this Bigfoot video I'd posted on Facebook. Somebody had sent it to me. Chewie [like Chewbacca from the Star Wars movie], Bigfoot, down in North Carolina. But he was able to confirm that. He said there's been a lot of television crews down there trying to get film of the giants that have been seen in the area. And, as a matter of fact, Greg told me that they was two that have been seen. And they're not Bigfoots, they're just regular Giants. They're 15-foot Giants. They're on the loose down there.

Two Giants on the Loose in North Carolina

And I asked if they got loose from the base that's down there, because there's a base in Golden Valley, North Carolina. It's a state park there, and underneath that park is a huge base. Some levels, alone, are 30-feet high to accommodate the Giants that they've been bringing in from the Middle East into our home in America. And they've been keeping these Giants in the base. Well, now there's two of them that are out roaming around North Carolina. And it seems to me like it's being set up to let the presence known. They're kind of condition people and make the presence known that there's Giants loose. Now the only thing I've seen is Bigfoot videos. But, apparently, just regular, tall  15-foot Giants are loose.

I guess...he told me a story of one of his friends...watched a Giant walk up to a tree -- this is what you can do when you're 15-foot tall -- and he broke a branch right off the tree, and then killed a bear with it, and then ate the bear. And so, this is, uh, it's like swatting a fly to us, you know. This is what these Giants can do. That's how strong they are. And so, we're gonna see a lot more, I believe, across this entire country, of Giant appearances. And not Bigfoots, not the big hairy bears. Just real Giants, and so.  They're already here, folks. They're being contained right now in underground bases. And I'm sure the ones that were out are hoping they do get seen, so that people will start getting used to their presence here, and so. Conditioning, folks. Conditioning. Better start preparing, and so. We need to get further into those areas, further into the woods. If anybody's going hiking, plan hiking trips. Get further more into those woods with orgone.

Watch Out for Gold Glitter Dust Particles from Chemtrail Planes - It's Depleted Uranium and Deadly

Probably another thing to watch out for, because it was exactly what he had seen, right before he got the lung cancer -- and I haven't seen it here, but, hopefully, you haven't seen it in your areas, either, but watch chemtrail planes that have gold dust coming down from them onto the ground. It'll look like gold particles. It's actually like a glitter, gold glitter dust. And it's the A10 airplanes, the military's A10 airplanes, they're spraying the stuff. This gold dust that they're now spraying is depleted uranium. And that's how you can tell from some of these other poisons that they're spraying, is that the gold dust is depleted uranium, and so. And I was talking to him, and he said the second leading cause of lung cancer is radiation. And, here we have, this week, radiation clouds coming over from Japan.

The Pale Horse Rider is Bringing Plagues and Diseases We've Never Seen Before

Now remember, folks, the pale horse rider brings hell and death. And it's plagues and diseases. And the Bible says it's such plagues and diseases we've never seen before. When John wrote that, they didn't know what lung cancer was. They didn't know what radiation poisoning was. The didn't know what e coli, Ebola, Corexit, all these things, were. They didn't know what they were. So imagine trying to describe what he's seeing. He just said they're so horrible, you'd never seen them before in the history of mankind. And, you know, I've warned about the continued spraying of Corexit, and the fact that they're trying to weaken the population. Now they're using anthrax and Saran gas. Not to immediately kill, but to weaken the population, so that you won't resist the soldiers coming into your house at 4 a.m. for the roundups.

It's Been Confirmed that I'm on the Red List - I'd Be Insulted If I Weren't

Oh, uh, -- and I had it confirmed [laughs]. It has been confirmed by the highest of government sources that I'm on the Red List. I just had to laugh. I would be insulted if I wasn't. I mean, what kind of life have I led, if I'm not even on the Red List. And so, yes, I am on the Red List. Proud of it. Put my name right there next to the big red pen...Sherry Shriner. [laughs]

Now, they have these three lists. And, regardless of anything you've read about what they are in the Internet, it's, basically, same stuff I've been talking about for years. And everybody else; a lot of other people have. The Red List are those to be immediately rounded up and killed. And they will be the first ones rounded up. And so, when you start seeing bigmouths disappearing off of the Internet, you'll know Red List is in effect. And, anybody outspoken about the New World Order that's a bigmouth, a radio talk show host, a television talk show host, authors, pastors even, people who have influence over large amounts of people, you're on the Red List. The bigmouths are on the Red List. If you're a bigmouth, and you have a website, a radio show, a book, you're doing tours, whatever you're doing, you're on the Red List, and so.

4 a.m. Is the Go-Time for FEMA Roundups - Sleep with Your Eyes Open

Another thing Greg told me is that 4 a.m. is the go-time for FEMA roundups, and so. I think William Cooper always said, if it's a holiday, don't be home. If it's 2 a.m., be half-awake. Because back then they'd planned on doing FEMA roundups at 2 o'clock in the morning. And now that's been pushed to 4 a.m., and so. Probably because at 2 o'clock you're just hitting the first cycle of REM [rapid eye movement] sleeping, and at 4 a.m., you hit the second cycle. I guess there's two cycles of REM sleeping, deep sleeping, and so, they figure at 4 a.m. you're good and gone and asleep, and that's when they're gonna get you. And so, you know what? Just sleep with your eyes open, you know. Especially in the next couple months. 

Earthquake on the East Coast Planned - Get Out of Charleston, South Carolina Especially

Things are gonna happen with a bang, folks. They're gonna happen all at once. They're gonna happen with a bang. They're getting ready to blow up and cause an earthquake on the East Coast to hit the Carolinas. So, folks on those coastal cities...Charleston, South Carolina, they've been after you forever, so get out of Charleston, South Carolina if you're there. Other coastal cities on the East Coast, I don't know how far up it's gonna go. I don't know if it would hit New York City, and Boston, and that whole area up there, or it would just be something that, you know, stays on the lower southeast part of the country.

Why Are They After America? Why Do They Hate Us?

But, interesting that they have earthquake machines under the water. They're also targeting the Madrid Fault Line, and talked about that a couple weeks ago on my show. And there's a map on my websites for the Madrid Fault Line. You can go to www.thewatcherfiles.com, or www.sherryshriner.com, I know I put it on that one, too, and see if you're too close to the Madrid Fault Zone.

But, you know what? Everything is just gonna hit at one time, folks. You've got radiation clouds coming over from Japan. You've got earthquakes being set to go off in America and our own tsunamis taking out our own cities. And they're planning this. They're planning to destroy America. You know, it's...either one of the factions don't care about America.

If you're in the New World Order faction, the Roman Empire faction, which is the seventh, or the New Age, Age of Aquarius, which is of the eighth kingdom that's being set and established here soon. Both factions hate America. And, our own president, Obama, a big hater of America. He'll be working with the kingdom of the eighth that the Bible talks about, the eighth kingdom. Comes from the seventh kingdom, but he's of the eighth. And fits him perfectly, and what's he's doing behind the scenes. And so, you know, no one's very eager to stop them, because both factions are after America.

Why are they after America? Because we're believers in the Most High. We're believers. We're Christians, we're patriots, we're "God, family, and country," and they hate that about America. They hate us, because THEY fully intend on establishing worldwide Islam. The satanic Islam is going to be the global abomination, which they call religion. And so, with that being set up here soon, the more they can kill off by weather catastrophies, diseases, and plagues, it saves them from having to round up so many people and herd them to FEMA trains.

People on the Blue List Might or Might Not Resist, but Their Loyalties Might Be Tested

Oh, I started on the list. The Red List is bigmouths, and I talked about that. The Blue List are those who know about it, who know about the New World Order and their plans, and they've probably been listeners of the bigmouths. You know, they're probably listeners and supporters. And so, the Blue List are those who might resist, but might not, but they'll still be rounded up. They're not to immediately be killed. They'll test them, find out what their loyalties are I guess, I don't know. But the Yellow List...you know, it doesn't sound very good for the Blue List, 'cause if it's not that good for the Yellow List either, I mean -- you know, any list isn't a good list.

People on the Yellow List Are or Want to Be in Ignorance of the New World Order, but Will Suffer or Be Killed Anyway

The Yellow List is for all the couch potatoes. Those who don't know about the New World Order, and those who don't care, and don't want to know about it. This is them. [laughs] This is all the couch potatoes, who haven't been listening, haven't been paying attention, and just don't care. Think they can just slide by by ignorance being blissful. Well, they'll be hauled off, too. And, what they'll do is they'll go through the Yellow Listers, and they'll keep the healthy kids, they'll keep the girls to be sex slaves, they'll keep the boys to be sex slaves and workers. Might use few adults that, whatever reason they can use them. Hard labor, or, you know, for whatever reason. They're gonna sift through them. And all the older and sickly ones, and everybody else, will be killed. And, they'll just sift through the rest, in how they want to use them.

Possible FEMA Implementation This Summer - Unconstitutional FEMA Drills Going On Already

And so, you know, this is FEMA, folks. It doesn't really matter what list you're on. If you see them coming in your house, banging down your doors at 4 a.m., keep a gun next to your bed. Um,  you know, I don't even go to bed until half the time it's 4 a.m. I've got a quarter-mile driveway. I'll see them coming. But that's the way they roll. This is the plans.  And the reason I mention it is because, yeah, we're coming up on times where they could implement FEMA sometime this summer.

There's already FEMA drills going on across the country. Came from somebody in New Jersey that they've been having FEMA drills in giant stadium. And so, these FEMA drills are going on, they're getting prepared to start their roundups. And you've gotta wonder what they're telling these kids, because I know most of them are probably kids. Uh...you know, evil terrorists living in cow towns across the nation? I mean, what do you tell these people to make them think it's constitutional to do what they're doing? And so, obviously being brainwashed. And they do have a lot of videos and reeducation training that they make these law enforcement agencies take.  That's why so many of them getting hired are nothing but big goons, don't even know what the Constitution is, because they're not being taught that anymore. So...hmm.

Libya Is Not in Danger from Gaddafi, Libya Is in Danger from Obama

Obama on tonight, giving one of his bedtime stories. And, talking about how how America, how he's protecting Libya and people from [Muamar] Gaddafi. And, folks, they weren't in danger from Gaddafi. They haven't been in danger from him for sixty years. The guy does not die. He has been there since I was born.  He's just always been there. He doesn't die. And, they're not in danger from him.

What they're in danger from is Obama, and America's forces, and this UN coalition that's going in, because they go in under the guise of liberators, but they're nothing but rapers and pillagers. And they'll do more harm, and more pillaging, and more killing to those people than Gaddafi ever would have. And so, whenever you hear the term liberation, liberators, always, always think the opposite, because that's exactly how they run. It's how they rule, it's how they act. To them, good is bad, and bad is good. Everything is opposites. They're not liberating anybody.

Watch for Maitreya to Come in and Unite the Muslim Nations for a Ten-Nation Coalition

And so, interesting to see how that's gonna end, because we know, I know, that Maitreya will use Libya as one of his stomping-ground countries. Libya, Egypt, and Ethiopia. And so, watch out for the Mediterranean nations, folks. And who's that? We've got Yemen, we've got Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Damascus. And then in Africa you have Sudan and Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya. The eastern countries around the coast. The north and the west sides, and so -- or east sides. [sighs] And Yemen right there on the Gulf of Aden. And so, you just have all those Muslim countries in through there. And watch for Maitreya to come in and unite them, and have a ten-nation coalition. Three of the nations, Put, which is Libya (the biblical name is Put), Cush, which is Ethiopia, and Egypt, will be three of the countries that end up being casualties to him. And that could be going on right now. We could be looking for even another war in the coming future, after America sits in quagmire over them.

You know, the whole thing's about the oil. They want the oil. And so, just another oil war, folks. You know, when you look at our military, and how it's being used to fight all these oil wars for the oil cartels, it just makes you want to scream. It has nothing to do with freedom in America. It has nothing to do with defending freedom here. Nothing to do about protecting America.

And, you know, a couple years ago I was talking about the Chinese soldiers stationed across the border of Mexico in Arizona and California. And, recently now, being seen in Laredo, south of Laredo, Texas, over the Mexican border. They're there, folks. And, these Chinese in the UN are the armies of the Antichrist.

And, notice how quickly that once we started bombing Libya -- which there was no congressional permission to do so, or authority. Obama simply threw out an order and they followed it, which was totally unconstitutional. They would have known it. They should have rejected the order. But you didn't see our military rejecting his orders, even though they knew it was unconstitutional, because Congress hadn't declared war.

But look how quickly Obama turned them over to the UN, put them under UN command, under NATO command. Look how quickly that happened. Why? Because it's NATO and the UN that will command the armies of the Antichrist. And not only that on that end, on this end, the Western end [sighs], but you have the armies of the Antichrist which are the Chinese. And so, he's got more armies than he knows what to do with, because Obama at this point, folks, I've always said he is the pawn for the Antichrist. He is the pawn. If things change, and he steps up, he would fulfill the role. I've always told you this, that the Bible states that the leader, the king of Babylon (last days Babylon is America), the king of Babylon is the Antichrist.

Hillary Clinton Lost the Presidency to Obama because He's A Mamzer, a Clone

Now, what happens if this Iranian madhi comes, this Maitreya which I've been warning about for years, and he comes and establishes the world headquarters in Jerusalem, establishes his ten-nation Muslim confederacy, and Obama gives the keys of the United States power and authority over to this Maitreya, to this madhi.

Remember what I told you I saw in the Codes for 2009? That I saw Hillary Clinton as president, and that she would hand the keys of the United States over to the UN, whoever the leader was of the UN. And, basically, give the power and authority over this country to a foreign person, foreign power. And then -- this was back in 2001. And then -- she wasn't even senator then. So then she runs for senator, and becomes senator for several years. And then runs for president, and the shocker was that she lost and they gave it to Obama. And routes can change in the Bible Codes. Nothing's ever set in stone, because man has free will.

And the reason being, why she lost to Obama, is because Obama is a mamzer. He's a mamzer. He is an abomination. He is a soulless being. He's a clone. He's a DNA creation. He's a lab creation. Whoever the original Obama was, this is not the one. This is not him that's president. Trust me. This one's a mamzer. The Hebrews call him mamzer, which is a created being that doesn't have a soul.

And so, that's why anybody can pull his strings. You know, he can be easily controlled. And that's what they do. They control him. Maitreya controls him. The satanic faction, secret society faction here in America and in Britain thought they controlled him. Russians thought they controlled him. Everybody thinks they've got their fingerprints in him. I'll tell ya who controls him. It's this Maitreya, this madhi.

Now he's always gonna revert to the Muslim-root thing. And plus, you know, cloning's nothing to these guys. Maitreya's a clone.  This madhi that's coming. Because when I see him in the Bible Codes, I always see him as a mirror of Cain, clone. Another word for mirror is clone. So you've got like, a clone of Cain. Is this Cain, himself? Is it literal? Or is it symbolic, you know, meaning this is just his offspring, you know, looks just like him, acts just like him, whatever. It's literal or symbolic, but Cain is very dominant with this Maitreya. And so, he's gonna be very, very dominant when he arrives.

Maitreya Is Supposed to Arrive on a Holographic White Horse, but the Chemtrails Won't Stick to Make It Work

Interesting that on the show a couple weeks ago, I said I didn't know how, I didn't know how this Maitreya was gonna arrive, because every time I saw one of his arrivals, it was cancelled and delayed, because, you know, the orgone war has wreaked havoc on these people. [laughs] They need aerosols in the skies to make their holographics work. And, Maitreya's supposed to arrive on a white horse, according to the Koran. Well, if the chemtrails won't stick in the skies, then how are they gonna do this holographic thing of a white horse, because the whole Koran thing says he's gonna arrive to the world on a white horse. So, apparently, if he does, it's gonna be over in Saudi Arabia somewhere where we have no orgone. And the only place I can think of that we don't have orgone is Turkey and Iran, uh, maybe Jordan. I think these are about the only three countries I can think of that we don't have orgone in. And so, they'd have to go someplace safe to do their whole holographic thing. And then just show the world on their TV sets what his entrance was on a white horse. You know, for all that hassle, they could just, you know, put a Hollywood production out anyway.

But I guess they wanna make this real for the Iranians, so that they all believe, they see and believe that he's coming back, that he's arrived now. They're not gonna show you the UFO they're gonna [laughs] dump him out of on this white horse. [laughs] Oh, help us all. You gotta wonder if that's what the whole practice in Egypt was. Remember the Egypt riots a couple months ago when they were showing the horses? They're calling them the apocalyptical horses. And there's a UFO in the background. You could see the whole thing was a hologram. And so you wonder if the Iranians would fall for a hologram. [laughs] And then he just shows up at his local CBS [news] studio and does an interview. [laughs]

That's basically, you know, this is what's coming, folks. These are the things that are coming. And I'm not talking about next year, either. I'm talking about NOW. I'm talking about this is what I see for the next several months. Personally, I don't see a lot of us making it past May without some kind of government interference, roundups.

I See More Attacks and Assaults for Myself in May in the Codes

I see a lot more hassles in May for myself. I always know when they're coming and they're gonna start their attacks. And, I'm never surprised by them, folks. I see them coming. I watch it unfold in the Codes. And then it actually happens, I'm like, "Ugh. That was that." Yeah. May's gonna be an interesting month for me. More attacks, more assaults.

Revelations from Bob Jones that the Day of Declaration of Maitreya's Arrival Will Be the Day of Pentecost

And so, it makes me wonder if they're getting ready for their June date. Because, interestingly enough, I was digging through some of my old material on Maitreya. And, while some of this stuff is outdated by now, I posted it on my site years ago, I was talking about the Day of Declaration and it was from the Share International website, and some of these other New Age websites that changed their plans like we change our clothes. You know, they change constantly. But interestingly enough, Bob Jones, years ago, and you all know Bob Jones, the guy who climbed up his watchtower and said he was gonna stay there till he raised ten million for his medical facility. Yeah, this is the same guy who's been using his Christian campus as a mind-control smorgasbord for the CIA and the NSA, and all their experiments.

But anyway, he comes up with these revelations, which is probably insider intelligence circle knowledge back then, that the day of Pentecost would be the actual Day of Declaration for when Maitreya arrives. And so, the day of Pentecost this year is on June 12th, and so, give or take a day. Because when I was counting fifty days from Easter Sunday, which is, typically the day of Pentecost is fifty days. I came up with June 13th. And then you'll see some sites that say the day of Pentecost is always on a Thursday. Well, the 13th falls on a Tuesday. And so, it would make -- Pentecost would then further be delayed to be on the 16th, if it's supposed to be on a Thursday. And so, we're looking around middle June for possibly this Pentecost, this worldwide revival to start, to herald either the coming or the arrival of this Maitreya. And so, either he's coming, or arriving, or already here. I don't know.

But the day of Pentecost has significance for these secret societies and New Age circles and stuff, and so. If that's when he's gonna speak to the world, linked together by satellite, then that means he arrives before then. And, you know, I wouldn't put it past -- I've seen it before in the Codes to where he had arrival dates around Easter. And I think Easter is on April 24th this year. And so, we'd be looking at the end of April, which in the Hebrew time would be May. [laughs] If you're following along in Bible Codes, that would be the month of May. And so -- and May has always been dominant.

May, June, and July Dominant in the Codes for Alien Action

May is a very dominant month in the Bible Codes for this alien stuff to go on. And then, that's what they are, folks. They're fallen angels, they're Annunaki. You've heard about the return of the Nephilim. All this comes into play -- could come into play this time, this year. And so, we're looking at May, June, and July. If they come April 24th, our Easter time, or the month of May, I fully expect a complete alien chaos in July. Because that is a dominant, dominant month for a hostile alien type of invasion. It's always been July, the month of July for that one.

Watch for Sananda, the Fake Son of God, to Arrive in September in Damascus

And then, in September you would see the coming of Islam's Jesus, which we call Sananda, the New Age calls him Sananda. I adopted the term as well, because he's certainly not Jesus of the Bible. He's Islam's Jesus. Sananda Esu Immanuel, Jesus; they have several names for him. Watch for him to arrive in September.

And, according to the Koran, he'll arrive somewhere near Damascus. And remember me warning you about Damascus coming up in the Codes, and they would all be in Damascus? Yeah. That's where he's coming. That's where Sananda's coming. He's coming to Damascus.

Maitreya Will Overtake the Arab Nations by Violence, but Call It a Peaceful Revolution

And so, I don't know where Maitreya's going to set down at. I would just be as glad as anybody else if he just landed on top of [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad's head; be a fitting place, and set him out there in Iran. He's going everywhere else right now but Iran. Because he has to have to have all these other Arab nations ready for him, because Ahmadinejad's his only real cheerleader right now. The other Arab leaders aren't really that interested in him. So that's why he's over taking donations and having a little regime change in those countries. Wants all the Arab countries united whether forcefully or not. And he'll call it a peaceful negotiation, a peaceful alliance. That's how messed up they are.  So he'll overtake them by violence, but call it a peaceful revolution. [laughs]

But anyway, so he's gonna arrive, he'll arrive first, and then, you know, you can't get by July without something happening with some kind of alien chaos. And then Sananda arrives in September in Damascus. September, Octoberish depending on which calendar you're looking at. Somewhere in between. Probably somewhere in the middle. So, probably during Rosh Hashanah. And that date changes every year. So these are the three events that I'm basically watching for to happen.

Space Is Getting "Cramped" because of All the Aliens Everywhere

Outside of these events is other chaos, folks. They've got the earthquake machines rumbling, and they're ready to cause earthquakes everywhere. They're not gonna just walk out peacefully. The whole Bush/Clinton crime family faction with the Federal Reserve and the Queen of England and all them, they're mad they're losing control. So they're not gonna go and just walk out and go hide. They're gonna cause much, much destructions before they go.

And so, we could be looking at, you know, martial law. We could see disasters coming in because -- another thing about May is Nibiru coming in, and they're mad. They're mad. Nibiru's mad. And they're mad because they're burning up. They're burning because of the orgone. So, we have the return of the Annunaki. These Nibiruan giants are huge, folks. They're the ones that have been landing in the Middle East in the desert, and that we're bringing over here into America and putting in our bases and hiding them. They're 15- to 25- to 30-feet tall. That's how big they are. And they're mad, because, what I'm seeing happening is that space is getting really cramped, -- OK, "cramped," actually; that term in the Bible Codes -- because the dimensions are merging, everybody's being pushing into this realm, this dimension, our space, UFOs everywhere, groups and factions and kingdoms of aliens everywhere.

There's So Much Alien Poison and Pollution in the Atmosphere that It's Just Going to Blow Up

And, you know, now you've got radiation, which they'll like, because, you know, it's like a delicacy, a nutritional food for them, because it's so evil and rotten for us. Opposites, folks. So they love the radiation, where it kills, and destroys, and weakens us. And we love the orgone, because it's a living life force energy, and it weakens, kills, and destroys them. So we're in a retaliation war right now over space. They've got our orgone they have to contend with, and now we have to contend with this radiation from Japan. It's retaliation, folks. They're retaliating. So...I don't know.

That's, you know -- I've always said they're going to set our atmosphere on fire, and we could be seeing that soon enough as well. Because they've got so much junk in our space, all of their aerosols, all of their chemtrail poisons, their poison, their pollution, on top of radiation. And they're going around now spraying Corexit everywhere. And they've got Saran gas, and anthrax, and depleted uranium, and they've got all this stuff, their junk, piling up in the atmosphere, and it's just gonna blow. Literally. It's just gonna blow up. And so, we could actually see clouds of fire in the sky, you know.

And what if all this stuff should blow up the moon? Start affecting other planets? You know, I don't think all the orgone in the world would prevent that from happening. There's just too much garbage, and poison, and flammable stuff that they've put in our atmosphere. And, eventually, we're gonna have to pay for that. We're gonna pay for it. It gets rained back down on Earth. It destroys our ability to grow crops. It poisons our water supplies. And remember, this is poison. It'll bother us, but it won't bother them. The only thing that bothers them is orgone, and so, if you want to poison the water to them, make sure we get orgone in all the water so they can't drink it. It's OUR retaliation against THEM. This is a war, folks.

40 Percent of People Who Get the Pneumonia Plague Die

Watch for people who have had this pneumonia. And it's hit almost every state in the country, this pneumonia plague. Forty percent who get it die. Watch for the survivors end up with lung cancer. Keep an eye on that one.

Watch for a Zombie Outbreak in Libya

Another thing I was seeing in Libya is zombies. And so, watch for zo -- not that we'd hear about it. Maybe someone from the government will leak info if it does happen. But watch for a zombie outbreak in Libya. I'm gonna keep my ears on that one, 'cause I'm seeing rabies in Libya. And usually that's a Code term for zombies. It's coming sooner or later, folks.

I've been warning about zombies. And people laugh, and they mock, and they hate on me for it. But then somebody come on Coast to Coast [radio show] and talk about the coming zombie invasion and then that's OK, people believe that. What am I? Mincemeat? Have you guys figured out who I am yet? I know a lot of you have. But I just sit here and shake my head. For years it feels like I'm talking to the walls. And I know there's a couple hundred of you out there that are diehard supporters and you're busy. You're busy. You're doing the Father's will. Helping Israel prepare for the coming onslaught. And that's what we need to be doing, you know. People are gonna start listening too late.

If You Have No Orgone, You'll Be Sorry - Buy It or Make It While You Can Still Get the Supplies

They're going to suppress, they're going to clamp down on our ability to make and sell orgone. And so, if you don't have it by now, you don't have it -- every week we can sell it and make it is a blessing. If you get caught without it, you're gonna be sorry. And so, all I can say is, folks, I see it coming. They're gonna clamp it down.

"You Can't Kill Me Yet, So Just Back Off"

And I've always warned they'll shut me up. That's a given. They've been trying to do that for the last several months. I don't think two weeks have gone by without some kind of death attack. When they start resorting to the warlocks, they're really desperate. [laughs] "Let's get all the warlocks in a circle and chant death chants." [laughs] They've got nothing better to d -- they're desperate. They haven't figured out they can't kill me yet. And this has been going on for years. You can't kill me yet, so just back off.

More about the Coming Antichrist and False Prophet on the Next Show

Anyway, [laughs] I have a lot more to talk about about the coming Antichrist, False Prophet, and the roles that are gonna be played for the next show, but I just wanted to touch base on things that I see that's coming up over the next several months, because it's just gonna be all at once, folks. And, you know, Greg even confirmed that. He said, "You know what, Sherry?" he said. "When it happens, it's all gonna happen at once." And I said, "That's what I've been trying to say." That's what I've been saying for years. It's all gonna happen at once. It's gonna be boom, boom, boom, boom. There's gonna be no breathing room. We probably won't get much now.

Japan Was Sacrificed - They Wanted Radiation in the Air to Feed Themselves and to Kill Us

We should probably be looking for the next big disasters, because Japan kind of like has set things in motion; the sinking of Japan. Because they wanted to blow those nuclear reactors. There were nuke bombs in those reactors that blew those. They weren't effects of the earthquakes. Those were deliberate sabotages. They wanted those nuclear meltdowns, because they want the radiation in the air, now. So this has all been planned. Japan was just sacrificed. [coughs] This is all, you know -- they can't keep it winter forever, they can't the space forever, because the orgone burns them so bad. So now they put radiation in the skies so they can feed off that, and fuel off that, and kill a hundred birds with one stone, because they want to kill all of us. So, radiation, plagues, poisons, all of the results of being over radiated, over poisoned. They're coming at us hard, folks, with the poisons.

Get Off the Processed Foods and Unclean Meats and Get Back to the Healthy Basics

Start eating healthy. Keep your body immune system strong. Get off sugar, the white Satan. I was reading an article, somebody calling sugar the white Satan. I couldn't agree more. Get off sugars. Get off flours. White flour, white sugars. Get back to the basics. Organic fruits, vegetables, and fish. And watch the fish you're eating, and I'm talking about lawful fish, Torah-lawful fish. Anything with gills, and not crab legs, and lobster, and bottom-feeders. Those are abominable. And, you know, it's the most healthiest way to eat is the white meat. Not pork; do not touch pork. And get away from the sugars. And get away from anything white flour, because if it's breaded and it's fried -- get away from the deep-fried stuff.

The worst health you're in, the easier you are to becoming a victim to all these poisons. Besides the children and the elderly, when it comes to everybody else in between, those with the strongest immune systems are gonna be able to fight this the most. And so, eat healthy, stay healthy, get off the fast foods, get off the junk.

Will Be Talking about Maitreya and the Coming King/Prophet from Nibiru on the Next Aliens in the News Show

And, I'll see you next Monday, 10 o'clock. Got a show Thursday, 1 o'clock. Aliens in the News. I'm gonna talk about the alien, himself, Maitreya. I often wonder if he isn't coming from Nibiru, because there is a king, a prophet, coming from Nibiru. And, I see that a lot in the Codes, and I haven't figured out who it is. Because with Sananda and Maitreya and all them, they were associated with Shema and Ashtar Command. So I really don't know who this Nibiruan player is that's coming on the scene. I just know that he is. So it's gonna get interesting, because he could be the one to throw a wrench [laughs] in a lot of these plans that they have. He may be leading the July chaos that I see, because not all of them are on the same page, folks. Not all the aliens are all working with Satan on the same plan. There's a lot of factions out there of fallen angels who hate Satan, who want to do their own thing here on Earth. And, we may see some alien wars coming up; fighting between themselves. We may become spectators of our own skies. Be prepared. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Might Take Calls Next Week

Anyway, I left some people hanging on the phones and I didn't get to the phone line tonight. Perhaps next week I'll take calls, and so. I've only got about three minutes left of the show and I don't really wanna start calls. People get mad when I have to hurry people off the lines. They don't understand that I'm running out of time. And then that's why I can't sit and talk to people, because I've got to rush them off, because I have a time limit here. [coughs]

I Want to Thank All Those Who've Supported This Ministry over the Years

I do want to thank those who have supported this ministry. Those who have, uh, last several months supported this ministry, last year, and for all the times, all the years. I want to thank all the supporters. This show has always been 100% listener-supported, no matter what network I'm on. I don't take commercial advertisements, commercial money. I don't belong to organizations, clubs, or groups that help pay for the bills. It's just 100% listener-supported. And so, I thank you for that, for keeping me on the air, for keeping my websites up.

We Need People to Step Up with Huge Contributions to Help Us Afford to Get Much More Orgone Distributed

And, you know what? Lord knows we have so many things to do before July. And, we just need funding, folks, to get orgone made so we can get people busy, and covering some of these Giant bases that haven't been covered yet, and covering more and more areas that need covered with orgone. And so, I need some huge financial backing right now, for the next several months. People to just step in with some huge contributions so that we can get the supplies right now that we need, and make the orgone, which takes a while to make, and get it distributed to Orgone Warriors in areas and regions throughout this country and world that can get their areas, especially the Middle East, Africa. We need to be able to get orgone out to Warriors everywhere. And so, we can't do that, because we don't have the financial funding to do so.

There's an Artificial Intelligence Base Underneath the Coast of Los Angeles - Help Us to Get It

And if you're out in L.A. [Los Angeles], you've got one of these trans -- these artificial intelligence bases out there underneath your coast. And so, if you don't want to make orgone, you should be supporting this ministry so we can send Warriors out there to get it. You know, they're just everywhere, folks. There's bases of different kinds of freaky things everywhere.

The First Thing Maitreya's Going to Do When He Arrives Is Bring a Halt to Orgone Production

And soon enough, it's gonna be cut off and we're not gonna be able to get the supplies anymore. We're not gonna be able to mail orgone. The first thing he's gonna do when he arrives is put a foot down on making orgone. Although he'll tell you he loves the blue energy, he hates it. He's gonna tell you, he's gonna try to discredit our work. He's gonna try to discredit that living life force energy hurts him. But it's a lie. It's all lies. He'll be saying he loves it while he's stomping his foot on ending any possible way of production of it, and so.

Just a heads up, folks. We need your financial support right now while we can get things done. Time's running out.

Anyway, I'll see you Thursday, folks, at 1 o'clock. Yah bless.


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