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Aliens In The News
Thursday, March 31st, 2011

And hello, everybody.  You're live.  It’s Aliens in the News. I'm Sherry Shriner, and if you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648.  I'm taking calls today. 

Japan Will Be The Scapegoat The Elites Use To Up The Chemtrailing Around The World

There’s a couple of things I want to talk about first.  A couple of things to look out for, folks.  And what I was reading online kinda confirmed what I was seeing myself in that they're gonna be doing a lot of chemtrailing, and of course they always do.  But now they can blame Fukushima—which is in Japan, the nuclear reactor meltdown going on in Japan—on all the radiation that's going around the world.  And folks, that’s a good cover story for them, but, you know, what I'm seeing is just a massive chemtrailing of Corexit, sarin gas, anthrax and depleted uranium.  And they're not playing around.  They're on full, total population control mode right now.  The New World Order factions are on the run.  They know their time is short.  And so, they’re unleashing their agenda on Earth, as—and this has all been planned out.  And it's almost like a last desperation attempt.  If they can't have the world to rule, then they'll destroy it so there's nothing left to rule the way they see it.  And you're also looking at different factions of aliens running this whole thing.  I know most of you can't even grasp that.  But then again, you know, look at my people, my crowd, my audience; I'm preaching to the choir.  But you have—look at what's in charge.  You have shapeshifting Presidents, which means they're soul-scalped.  Most of them have been soul-scalped and replaced.  So basically you have artificial intelligence, or even just outright aliens or cyborgs, running and controlling the world.  Because they're not real humans, folks.  

The Threefold Alien Invasion

And everything going on—all these wars, everybody's scripted plays, all these players on the script—none of them are like you and me.  They're not real humans.  You know, they—we're in a—you know, I don’t even know how to say this.  I've said it so many times; I don't know why.  In 2005, the Lord told me the invasion was already underway.  And I wrote articles the invasion had already begun and the way they were doing it through three different steps. [http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/invasion.htm] And the main way they're doing it—first of all, they cross breed, and they plant their own hybrids here on Earth.  Yeah.  They have their own offspring everywhere.  And the Bible Codes refer to this as “domesticated bison.”  Because “bison” and “buffalo” is a synonymous term with aliens.  Domesticated bison are living here on Earth.  Born like you and me.  They're born from women, but they're not fully human.  They have 50% alien DNA.  And that's why you have starseeds, star children, crystals, all these other types.  Bible Codes call them domesticated bison.  And they're here by the millions, folks. Millions.  Because most women who get pregnant don't question their pregnancies. They assume they got pregnant by their husbands.  They seem to target married women with this one a lot. Because they can sneak in a hybrid child amongst their other children. See?  And they would never question it. And then you also have the 1 million plus that belong with the Illuminati families.  And if they're all having domesticated bison, which is these hybrid children, they all have several kids per family, that's millions, millions more thrown into the gene pool of civilization here.  They're all over the world, folks. That's the 1st part of their invasion. 

The 2nd part of the invasion of taking over humanity was to take over the militaries and the governments.   Now, back when Eisenhower and Roosevelt were signing treaties with the aliens—it started back in 1933, went up to 1954—every year since they have signed treaties with the aliens, they’ve taken sides, and all these people that become involved in black op projects become taken over by these aliens.  Yeah. You've probably read about Majestic 12 and the Committee of 300 or whatever—they keep changing the names and numbers.  But they've all been taken over by the very aliens that they were signing treaties with.  And if you're working on these black op projects, part of the military, part of the government, whatever, these scientists, they get taken over and controlled. 

Lab-Created, Mixed DNA

You look at the security at these underground bases and you'll hear the same things from people.   They have robotic—they have the black soulless eyes.  Because they've been taken over.  We're looking at a weird mix of not only taken over humans, but soul-scalped, but also one's who are created in labs.  They're basically a gene pool mix.  They take a woman's DNA, they take alien DNA, and they can take out—they can mix and match DNA ,folks.  This is—we're so beyond the technology they tell you on the media, you'd be blown away.  They can customize DNA.  And then they can insert it back into the woman, and she nurtures this baby that's being born.  And they can actually take it outta the woman at like three months or so.  They can use a woman as an incubator.  And then the woman has a miscarriage or she never even knows she was pregnant to begin with because they do this nighttime abductions.  And they take the child.  And they raise it, you know, in a secure facility, underground base somewhere.  So, this has been going on for a long time, folks.  A long time.  And we're just, we’re a mixed society now.  But they can create whatever they want. They can create an Obama, a soulless being, to run the presidency.  To run the most powerful country in the world.  They've done it.  It's gotta be the biggest joke in underground science labs. They're doing whatever that basically they want with the DNA.  And so.  You know.  We're now being run.  We're now being controlled.  I know it's easier to stick your head in the sand and think that everything's okay.  That I'm just crazy and that everything's just going to be fine.  But folks, we're being run and controlled by alien factions that wanna destroy mankind. 

The Ancient Times Before Noah Were High Tech Civilizations

Now, you know the old war between Lucifer and God.  Lucifer wanted to be God.  Lucifer was jealous that he was made lower in rank than humans were.  He vowed to destroy mankind.  In the days of Noah, Noah and his sons—it says they were the only “righteous” ones on Earth.  That was mistranslated.  They were the only ones left on Earth with pure human DNA.  All up to that point—and there could have been a billion people on Earth when the Flood came.  I know everybody has preconceptions.  “Oh, they were living in mud huts, tents.  You know, probably, maybe 100,000 people on Earth at the time.  Not too many, but the ones that were here were wicked."  We have misconceptions on a lot of things.  They had cities.  They had entertainment.  They had technology.  They were a very built up, advanced race in Noah's time.  Because remember, they had the fallen angels there teaching them things.  Why can't scientists and— what do they call ‘em? I can't even think of their name—archeologists.  They can't even explain the technology they have found from those earlier times.  They hide it.  They suppress it.  Batteries, watches—they had that all back then before Noah?  Really?  They had a lot of technology, folks.  And they suppress our history. They suppress our knowledge of anything that was happening.  They suppressed the book of Enoch because they don't want you to know who these fallen angels are, who these alien races are.  That's just another term for these fallen angels, folks.  Alien races.  They lost their angelic looks as part of their judgment. 

Part Of The Alien Agenda Is To Get The Earth To Function In A Hive Mind Capacity

And throughout this time, Satan has been trying to re-create his own races.  You’ll see manufactured alien races like small greys that operate in a hive mind capacity.  Interesting that the New Agers try to talk up this hive mind thing like, “Oh this is great.  We're all in one consciousness.”  You're all being controlled. What is so great about being controlled and being a prisoner and not having your own mind to think for yourself?  This whole “one consciousness” thing is just code word for “hive mind.”  Hive mind.  You have no control over your own mind.  Someone's pulling your strings and telling you what to do.  Just like—watch the small greys.  They can't think for themselves.  They're being controlled all the time by other beings because they're all chip implanted, hive minded, and controlled. 

And that's what they want to do to every person on this planet.  They want to control 'em through chip implants and turn this entire world into just one hive mind so that everybody is controlled.  Nobody has thoughts of their own.  Nobody has individuality.  Nations no longer have their own traditions, their own holidays, the things that set them apart.  We're all just one global slave race, like a colony of ants.  Like a colony of ants, folks.  That's what they want to make the world.  Everybody looks the same.  Everybody does the same thing.  There's no thoughts.  Everybody just serves the queen ant.  That's what they want to make the world.  And they do it through chip implants.  They do it through vaccinations, flu shots.  They can't get you that way, they'll put chips in your food, the drinks, to change your DNA. They put female hormones in male hygiene supplies. 

They’re Changing Our DNA To Make Us More Androgynous

And you know what?  People might laugh, but look around you.  Look around you.  It's the women who are on steroids.  It's the women who are tough.  They're angry.  Women are not the same today as they were 30 years ago.  Now you look at a girl the wrong way and she'll take you down.  They're looking for a fight.  And then you look at the men.  And the men are very passive.  They’re just, you know, just very passive.  You know, there's not, you know, unless you're watching the UFC and watching the fights, a lot of the men today, the kid's coming up, growing up, are just very passive.  And then you have all these females looking for a fight.  Roles are being switched.  We're seeing role reversals. Why?  Because they're messing with the DNA.  They want the men to become more like women, and they want the women to become more like men.  They want androgynous beings—male & female.  When the Lord separated them at the Garden of Eden, He created male and female.  But Satan wants to redo that and turn everybody into one person that’s both male & female.  So you know what we're gonna end up with?  A bunch of badass women.  Because that's what they are.  I don't know how anybody deals with it.  I live in a small cow town.  And the girls here want to fight all the time.  And it's the same everywhere.  There's more cat fights in school's than there are boy fights.  The boy's just sit and laugh.  There's girls joining the wrestling team.  There's girls who want to join football teams.  So we're seeing a huge switch of DNA going on.  

Don’t Be Swayed Or Bullied Into Taking Vaccinations

And not only that, is just, most of the shots that they're mandating for females are gonna make them sterile.  Gardasil—stay away from that stuff, folks.  If you haven't seen my website TheyWantYouDead.com [http://www.theywantyoudead.com/], you need to go there and find out what's really in the vaccines.  What their real agendas are.  Because they're not interested in your health.  They're interested in controlling your mind and your body.  Destroying your mind.  Destroying your body.  Any way they can get you.  Every state has exemptions from vaccinations.  They bully you to death, try to make it sound like you cannot go to school unless you have this vaccination, but when you confront them with, “I'm taking the state exemption”?  They shut up.  So until you confront them, they’re gonna bully you to death thinking you have to. Don't give your kid's these vaccinations, folks.  We’ve got plenty of things coming that will kill many, many babies and young children. 

The Problems With Chemtrails And Non-Orgoned Areas

I know people don't want to hear that, but look at what's going on now.  And we’ve got—we don't have much of a—you know, unless you’ve got a gasmask and you're gonna wear it constantly, you are going to be inhaling radiation and the Corexit, the anthrax, the sarin gas.  They've got multiple poisons that they're spraying.  These AIs, cyborgs, artificial intelligence beings that are running our governments and top of our militaries, aren't affected by them.  But, they're going to kill massive amounts of population with them.  And that's what I see coming, folks.  Because it's already happening now.  I mean, people now, you get, you know—they test strands.  People now—they’re doing—they're not full blown.  They're diluting the amount of anthrax and sarin gas.  They're testing it on the populations.  When they decide to turn it up full stream, full amounts, you're gonna see people dropping over like flies.  They got a pneumonia strain going on now that kills 40% of people that get affected by it.  But wait 'till that number jumps up, and it’s 100%.  And then not everybody is being affected by it.  And the problem is, when you orgone your area to keep the chemtrails out of your areas, the thing is, you get in your car, and you drive to the next town over, some place that’s not orgoned, and you're touching things, and you’re getting it on your skin, and then you’re bringing it back into your orgoned area.  So all of you out there, the orgone warriors listening, make sure you orgone your shopping centers, the routes you take, the places you work.  We need to get every place orgoned.  That way you're not just safe in your own neighborhood, in your own yard.  You're safe when you go shopping.  You're safe when you go to the next town over.  Take orgone with you.  Orgone as you go.  

Coming Earthquakes And The Destruction Of The Coastlines

We don't have much time left.  You know, they're planning and conspiring a couple earthquakes towards the end of the summer.  Maybe at the beginning.  Who knows when they're gonna hit.  I'm looking at June.  July is total chaos month.  Even May.  They've got the earthquakes ready to roll on America's southeast—Carolinas, Tennessee, the whole coast down in the southeast section of the country.   They're getting ready to blow an earthquake down there, to affect those coastlines.  Also, the New Madrid and—which is the center of the country basically, the center of the Bread Basket from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf Coast.  They're gonna split the country in half with that New Madrid fault line.  

And then you’ve got southern California, which they've been targeting.  The whole Ring of Fire.  All of those—the whole ring, folks, not just southern California which they'll be targeting anyway—but also the whole Ring of Fire which will affect Canada, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Northern California.  The whole western coastline of Canada and North America and South America.  Floodings, earthquakes.  All the countries in South America on the coastlines.  There is no place safe on a coastline, folks.  And  I've been warning you for years: Get off the coastlines.  Get away from the coastlines.  If you look at maps from people who have had visions over the years and dreams of what America looks like, you'll see Denver is always the new west coast.  Denver's the new west coast.  So all those states up to Denver are gonna be underwater.  Nevada, Utah, California, possibly Arizona.  I don't know about Arizona.  But all the way up to Denver.  So, if you're on in those states, especially from California up to Denver, you're in the path of destruction.  You'll get on the other side—get on the eastern side of the Rockies.  That's where I'd want to be.  Eastern side of the Rockies.  If you're up in the Pacific Northwest, the western parts of the state, western Washington, western Oregon, those will be the safest places to be.  Up by the mountains; the other side of the mountains. 

Be Ready And Have A Plan

And if you live in those states, make sure you have bug-out bags, your cars ready to run, stay off the major routes, and have a plan of where you need to be heading if you get that sudden urge that you need to get out.  You need to get out.  Earthquake’s coming.  Tsunami’s coming.  Have a plan, folks.  Be ready.  Have your cars ready.  I know people out there the last ten years who’ve had their cars ready to run.  You need to be prepared at all times. 

The Queen Will Be Leaving England After The Wedding

East coast?  Wouldn't want to be there either.  Yeah, the coast lines—North Carolina, South Carolina, all the way up.  I don't know when it will affect the top eastern parts of the—New York City, Boston, those areas.  But I got an interesting heads up from a warrior.  Sent me info about how the Queen plans on leaving England soon after the wedding. William, Prince William marrying his cousin Kate Winslow or whatever her name is.  Kate Winslow—I don’t think that’s it.  But her name's Kate. [TN: It’s Kate Middleton.]  They're getting married on the 19th  which is a highly occultic satanic holiday in April for all the Satan freaks.  And then she even plans on leaving England. Something that—and I don't know if this is a farce or what but, I was told she was putting Buckingham Palace up for rent.  She was gonna rent it out. 

Something’s Going To Hit The Atlantic Ocean, And They’re Preparing For That

These people are running.  Why are they running, folks?  Because if this is the year that a comet hits the Atlantic Ocean, it's gonna take out a huge chunk of New York City and also the UK.  The UK will go under.  The coastlines of the UK are not safe.  And, you know, Buckingham Palace is right on the coastline.  They've always been watching for this.  They've always been watching for it. 

I remember having a weird vision years ago of this object.  I don't even know what it was.  It wasn't a comet; it looked more like a big planet.  And it was coming up from the south, and then it moved east, and it hit the Atlantic Ocean.  Maybe it's an asteroid.  Maybe that's why they're running.  Maybe that's why I couldn't figure out what it was ‘cause it was so big.  Maybe it's an asteroid.  But they know it's gonna hit the Atlantic.  And every year—May, June—you'll see the Navy pull off the east coast.  You’ll pull—you’ll see a—and the west coasts—you'll see the subs and ships and everybody go out to sea.  They'll move them off the coastlines because they expect great destruction some time in that timeframe, and they don't know what year either.  But they expect it.  They know it's coming.  So every year when they all pack up and run, I just kind of, “Okay.  They know. You know. This may not be the year, it might not be.”  Especially like last year when they did it.  They do it every year.  They've done it the last three since I've been paying attention about this particular catastrophe that's coming. And that's what they fear.  Because if they could control the things that are going on, they wouldn't be in fear.  They would be arrogant like they've always been.  Oh, they control our economy.  They control putting people enslaved through taxes, and, you know.  They control a lot of things.  But the things they can't control, they fear and take off running.  And so, this is outta their control.  This is something out of their control. 

Yah’s Judgment Will Be Unleashed On Earth When Tweedledum and Tweedledee Arrive

Now I don't think it's actually going to hit until Maitreya and Sananda arrive.  Because when they arrive, you're going to see the Lord's judgment on Earth like you've never seen.  And we haven't.  We can talk about, you know, experiencing judgment in our own lives, and going under trials and tribulations in our own lives for the things we've done, and the Lord's judging us in whatever.  You haven't seen anything yet, folks.  Wait until His anger is unleashed on this Earth when Maitreya and Sananda arrive.  Because that's what the Bible calls “the time of Jacob's trouble.” [Jeremiah 30:7]  And that's when He can take His little pinky and just whirl things out of space towards the Earth and judge this planet.  And that's what He's gonna do.  He's gonna  judge them for all their wickedness.  All their deeds.  All their conspiring.  You know, if you read the Book of Revelation, actually read the Bible, the Tribulation period is a time of  Christian persecution and a time of removing the wicked off the Earth.  They're the ones being taken.  They're the wicked.  The wicked are the ones that are removed.  

How Rapture Conditioning Relates To UFO Abduction

Now, the churches turn it around and want you to believe in a huge rapture.  Because they want you to get on the UFOs that are coming.  They've been conditioning the churches for years.  Because the aliens have it all ready to go.  The New Agers, they have it all ready to go.  They're gonna send UFOs to Earth, and people are all gonna get aboard these UFOs. And then all these people that think they’re gonna go to Heaven or a different planet and off Earth to be put safe during that time—the light workers of New Agers all think that they're going to be safe during that time because their little buddies, these aliens, the Ascended Masters and everyone else, are gonna protect them. So they’re gonna take them up in UFOs and take 'em to a different planet while Earth is undergoing “changes.”  No. Earth is undergoing God's Judgment.  And all these people stupid enough to get on UFOs?  You're not going to a different planet.  You're not going to be protected.  You'll be taken straight to Hell, or you're going to be killed and put in meat lockers for the aliens.  Because that’s what you—you’re their food.  We're food to them.  [TN: see “To Serve Man,” a 1962 Twilight Zone episode: http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/to-serve-man.htm and Stuart Harrison’s article on the Locust Armies: http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/locusts.htm]  So, these are the things that are coming, folks. 

Population Control As The Illuminati Wants It

I don't think this is the year for the asteroid to hit.  I don't think—we may—we’re gonna experience earthquakes because they've got the technology to create them. And they're going to.  It's almost like, they've got a blue print of the Bible—they know it better than most Christians—and they're going to set these things off.  They've got the script of what happens, and they're gonna try and make it happen.  They're gonna try to make it happen.  But the monkey wrench is the things that they can't control that are gonna happen.  So yeah.  They wanna to eliminate the population down.  Because, why?  Because if you put the judgments together throughout the Bible—a third die here, a quarter die there—basically what happens is a less than a third of the earth's population by the time the Lord is through with all of His judgments on Earth.  A third are left.  Now how they get 500 million, I don't know.  That's the Illuminati target date: 500 million.  But a third of the Earth's population would be about 2 billion.  But the Illuminati has 500 million down.  They want to kill five and a half, six billion people. 

And, folks, this is gonna happen fast.  This is gonna happen quickly.  There are gonna be so much destruction's, so much plagues, poisons, death, wars, in about 7 years time, five and a half billion people are gonna die.  That's a lot of people.  And they're killed by plagues, by poisons.  Think of all the different things that have happened to those who have suffered from depleted uranium.  Those who are suffering from radiation fallout.  They're gonna use this whole Japan as a cover to start dumping more and more radiation around the world, to start dumping more and more poisons, Corexit, anthrax, sarin gas.  They're on full mode, folks.  That's why they're outta here.  That's why they left.  That's why they're running. Because they know the air here isn’t going to be safe to breathe because they're dumping so much stuff from the skies on the populations of this world.  That's why they're running.  And our hope is in the Lord.  The Lord has said He would protect His Bride.  He will protect His own.  And so.  Just stay focused in Him folks. 

Yahuah Will Allow His People To Be Tested

Now one of the things the churches don't expect is that the Lord will allow the Bride to be tested.  For those who have already been tested, He'll protect. But most of them have never been tested.  Most have never been tested for persecution.  And these are the ones that are going to become victims of the Martial Law that's coming up, the round ups that are coming up.

Look For War In The Middle East And Damascus To Be Destroyed

The first thing that Maitreya's gonna do when he arrives is begin his persecution against the Saints, the Christians.  And he's gonna build up his coalition, and they're gonna start enforcing worldwide Islam.  You know?  Watch for war in the Middle East.  Iran's running their mouth again.  “Oh, we're gonna destroy Israel.”  They're not going to completely destroy it because they want to rule the world from Jerusalem.  They're just gonna have to take it from the Jews to do so.  And so.  Their idea of “peace” is dominating them, taking what they want, and then working out some kind of arrangement to where they'll stop killing them.  They can just live around the mountain or area in Israel.  I mean, come on, folks.  Don't believe anything about “peace.” They don't even know what peace is.  So, watch for a war in Israel because Israel is gonna destroy Damascus.  Damascus is the only city in the world, the oldest city in the world still standing.  Has never been at war.  And in Isaiah, it says Damascus will be destroyed. [Isaiah 17:1-3; Jeremiah 49:23-27]  So that has yet to happen.  And it's going to happen.  So, there will be a war between Iran and the Muslim nations there.  And look for help from China and Russia.  And they'll take over Jerusalem, the temple mount.  In the process, Israel will destroy Damascus.  And, you know, probably all this going on at the same time we're having dire earthquakes here in America and the Pacific Ring of Fire and everywhere else.  Everyone's gonna be just experiencing earthquakes.  I think there was one down in Australia already today.  Keep everybody distracted about what's going on in the Middle East. 

And I've warned about the Chinese.  And so.  You know, when you look at Satan's forces, he's got all these AIs—artificial Intelligence, these cyborgs.  He's got the Chinese army at his disposal.  And he's got the Muslims.  Between the Chinese and the Muslims, we're talking about 3 billion people.  With huge militaries.  These are gonna be his enforcers.  These—they're gonna work together, folks.  They're gonna work together because they’re Satan's forces.  The Chinese are the dragon race.  They're the dragon race. 

Today’s Muslims Are Not Like Yesterday’s Muslims

The Muslims he's gained control through—let's just say that the Muslims today, this extreme faction of Muslims—Jihad, “Haa, I want to kill everybody.”  These aren't the real Muslims.  These aren't—for thousands of years Ishtar [she means Ishmael] and Isaac were cousins, were brothers.  And all these kids, the Jews and the Arabs, these cousins, had got along.  They got along fine.  There was mixed marriages between the two in the Old Testament.  Moses married an Arab woman.  There were mixed marriages.  They got along side-by-side.  But then you see the CIA and the UN get involved . And now we have these extreme, animalistic Muslims, these terrorists running around—global Jihads, want to spread Allah and Islam everywhere.  They're totally demonized.  This whole satanic twist, this Mohammed.  Mohammed is relatively new.  Mohammed is not who they had in the Lord's day.  The Arabs did not follow a Mohammed.  He is a total creation of the Vatican and the US government because they wanted to strike enmity and hatred between the two seed lines of Ishtar [Ishmael] and Isaac.  Because they wanted three wars.  They figured three world wars, and then BOOM, global government, the rise of the Antichrist.  So they created this Mohammed and these extreme violent factions of Islam, and that's the ones we're dealing with today.  And they're all demonized.  But they're another arm of the Antichrist.  We have Ahmadinejad in Iran, which is just a mouthpiece and an arm of Maitreya that’s coming.  The Islam beast, which is Maitreya.  But he's going to have 3 billion people between the Chinese and the Muslims at his beck and call.  How many American's are there?  300 million?  And our soldiers are spread thin all over the planet.  So America’s basically a front door to just walk in and destroy.

Do Not Fear What Is Coming, Rather, Stay In Yahuah!

You’ve got your earthquakes coming up, tsunamis, hurricanes, chemtrails.  Much destruction coming, but just stayed focused in the Lord, folks.  Just stayed focused on Him.  Don't shrivel in fear.  Don't get all afraid.  Just stay in Him.  That's what He always tells me.  “Stay in Me.  Stay focused.  Stay in Me.”  There's nothing that we have to fear.  Earth’s not our home.  We're just passing through here, folks.  We're just passing through.  The test on Earth is whom will you follow?  Who will you follow?   Which side are you on?  The Lord’s or Satan’s?  

Anyway.  I'll try to see what's on—going on with the phone lines.  If you have a question for the show you can dial in at (877) 245-5648.  Let’s see what’s going on.

Why Potassium Iodine Supplies Are Being Cut

Sherry:  Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller:  Hi, Sherry.

Sherry:  Hello.

Caller:  Oh, this is Diana. I'm in Indianapolis.  I just got some potassium iodine [which helps protect against radiation] at Nora Pop at 86th Street in case people are having trouble finding it.  There's only 4 left.  And the pharmacist said that the reason it's being sold out in the United States is that we're sending it to Japan.

Sherry:  Well they're evacuating the Japan.

Caller:  But they've managed to get our supply of potassium iodine outta here by having the pharmacists mail them to Japan.  Or, at least, that's what they think they're doing. 

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  I think they’re mailing—maybe they're mailing it to the government.    

Sherry:  Or they're just hiding it so nobody can get it.

Caller:  Yeah.

Sherry:  I mean, there's radiation all over the world.

Is Lehigh, Florida A Safe Place?

Caller:  Oh, yeah.  And the people won't believe me.  What do you think about—not as far as Miami, but Florida, the area Fort Myers, the area Lehigh is off of Fort Myers—is that an unsafe area?   

Sherry:  Well, I don't know where it is.  Anything away from the coast and away from the southern part, so.  Basically the north, central to the north, inside of Florida is the safest place to be.  

Caller:  Okay. Well, Lehigh is just like 60 miles from Naples, which is on the coast.  And it’s 30 miles from—20 miles from Fort Myers which is on the coast.  So it's pretty close.

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller: But as far as them already getting corexit and radiation and stuff, do you believe that?  Because that’s what I feel.   

Sherry:  Oh, that's what I just spent my whole show saying.

Caller:   And that's why they're getting pneumonia and stuff.  But, you know, I've got a daughter there, and she has no interest in taking anything to help that out.  So.  I guess people are just gonna have to learn.  Even if they're people you love.  You know?  You just hate to see the people you love not paying attention to what's going on. So.

Sherry:  Right.  Well, people don't want to.  People want to think everything's gonna be okay.  That, you know, life just goes on, and.

Caller:  No kidding.  Because in the 60's, everybody said that the world was gonna end and, so you're wrong, too.

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  Yeah.  I put in a plug for you at The Oracle last Saturday because Don Croft didn't show up for his radio show, and I’m pretty sure it was purposeful that he didn't show up.  So I told them, and they got your name down, and they said later on in the show they would certainly contact Sherry Shriner.  And—but I was just as nice as could be.  I read a poem I wrote when I was gifting with them.  So, I did.  I hope if they call you, you do show up for that radio show, ‘cause they need for people to hear your side, too.  You know, bring more people over to your side so the people who are gifting the orgone learn how to make it right. 

Random YouTube Lady Makes Orgone Warriors Look Bad

And then there was this lady on YouTube who's calling her orgone “Orgone Master.”      

Sherry:  Yeah, I know that. Say they’re a genius.  Some kind of New Age freak in Canada.

Caller:  Ohhh, I left her a message, “You're the one who gets these people pissed off at us.  They’re calling it ‘idols’ because you're calling it ‘master!’”  That’s crazy.

Sherry:  Yeah.

Hysterectomies And Mammograms Are Designed To Cause Breast Cancer

Caller:  So.  There were some other things that I was just gonna validate. Some of the things that you were saying, ‘cause I’ve had the same kind of—I was a nurse for a long time, so I know what they're doing to force people.  In fact, they tried to force me to have a total hysterectomy and tell me I had ovarian cancer when I didn't.  And that was two years before they finally let people know the hormone they put you on when they do the total hysterectomy causes cancer. 

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  So they did all the hysterectomies they could, put all the women they possibly could on that hormone to get breast cancer, because breast reconstruction is a big, big business.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: And then they told everyone, “Well, now you can't take the hormone, and you don't have any ovaries. We're sorry.”  But I did everything I could to prove I didn't.  And here it's 12, 14 years later, and I'm still ok.  So, she was lying to me.  I'm sure she was.

Sherry:  Oh, they all lie.  You know, mammograms cause breast cancer.

Caller:  Oh yeah.  They won't believe me when—and that's another reason I can't do my job, you know?  Because they know I won't give the vaccines.  I won't take the vaccines.  I won't tell people lies. You know, it's like—.   

Sherry:  Yeah.  I tell these women to stay away from mammograms, that that's what's causing it. “Oh no, no.  We have to have it once a year!  You can get breast cancer.”  They're the ones causing the breast cancer.

Caller:  Oh yeah.

Sherry:  And these women who do get the mammograms end up with breast cancer.

Caller: And then I have a friend who’s just, even after 2005 when I started making the orgone in 2004, she won’t even look up.  Won’t research the word “orgone,” but she goes and scares her mom and dad to death.  So now they won’t even let me come to their house if I need a place to stay. But she thinks she’s gotta have the vaccines because of her failing—you know, she gets pneumonia and she’s had mycoplasma, and she’s had that hypertension—she has to have the vaccine.  The one with the H1N1, even after everything I told her.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Because she thinks that’s what’s gonna save her.  Because that’s what they’ve told her.  “You better take ‘em ‘cause you can’t get sick.”

Sherry: Alright.  Well thanks for calling in.

Caller: Okay.  Alright.

Sherry: Alright.  Buh-bye.

Caller: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Warrior From Allentown, Pennsylvania Stops By For A Chat

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Yeah, hey Sherry!  This is AngelWarrior from the official alien invasion town of Allentown, Pennsylvania corner.  How ya doing?

[the two share a laugh]

Sherry: Oh, I’m doing good.  I knew who it was as soon as you said AngelWarrior.

How To Tell The Difference Between Alien Types

Caller: Hey, listen.  About three weeks ago you did a really great show. You were giving examples about how you can tell the difference with various aliens.  Well, I have to tell you.  Dealing with these people—well no, let me scratch that—beasts over here and in various other places, when I look at them, the Lord has blessed me with sight.  So I can see them.  When I look at their eyes, I can see the slits in them, you know?  And they get scared, man.  They get scared.  They don’t know how to react.  So, my question is, how can I tell the difference if this person or beast in front of me is like in a hologram type of situation, or is it someone that has been soul-scalped, or maybe a hybrid?  How do—‘cause I remember you saying something about that before, but I can’t recall.

Sherry: You know what?

Caller: I want to be able to tell the difference!

The Good Versus The Bad: “You Will Know Them By Their Fruits”

Sherry: You know what?  It’s gonna come down to: by their fruits you will know if they’re evil or not. [Matthew 7:20]  Because even though we have millions and millions of the domesticated hybrids here on Earth, they have a choice in whom they serve. They have a lot of powers, a lot of gifts, but everybody has the same choice.  Who are you going to serve?  Because hybrids have souls. And so, we can use them, and the Lord can use them with their gifts and abilities to help us here on Earth.  And He does.  He uses them a lot. But you know what?  You can’t just—just because somebody has slit snake eyes, you see ‘em on TV all the time, you don’t know if they’re, you know, one of His or not.  If they love the Lord, believe in the Lord, or if they’re one of Satan’s agenda, one of his followers. And so.  By their fruits you know ‘em. 

Caller: Well, you know what?  I thought that they were just all evil because they’re from Satan and they have, you know, the bloodline of Satan.  So wouldn’t you think that they’re evil?

Sherry: No, it’s—they’re not all evil because they have half-alien DNA.  No.  Because the still have a human soul, and because they can still choose Yah’s redemption.

Caller: Okay. So then the real evil ones, the real harmful ones would be like you say, the ones that are like—sorta like in the holigan—how do you say that?  Holigan?

Sherry: Hologram?

Caller: Hologram, right.  They’re really holograms, but they’re really like full-blown aliens.  They’re not any—there’s no mix of human in them. 

Sherry: Full-blown ones—

[random sound of a man speaking in the background]

[the women pause for a moment]

Sherry:  What is that?

Caller: I dunno.  

Sherry: That was weird.

Caller: I’m on a cell phone, so I don’t know.  I must have a bad connection or something.

[random shuffling or static-like noises persist in background]

Sherry: Yeah, um. The full-blown ones are, you know, like George Bush and Clinton.  The slithering tongue.

Caller: Yeah. Somebody’s—somebody’s connected to my line. You know what? It might be NSA. 

Sherry:  Yeah, well, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Caller: You know those scumbags, right?

Sherry: Yeah, very well. 

Caller: Oh, I can’t stand them. You know, they constantly hit me with the satellite and all that.

[random male voice in background again; Sherry laughs a little]

Caller: They try to listen to me and listen to what I’m saying in my car when I’m talking to friends and stuff like that. 

Sherry: Yeah, they’re trying to—

Caller: You know what I call them?  You know what I call them?  Bozos.  Bozo the Clown. 

[more random noises and male voices]

Caller: And you know, I picture these agents with Bozo makeup on and all that stuff.

Sherry: Right.

Caller: With an NSA shirt on. 

Sherry: Well, you know what?  Send me your—e-mail me your address, and I’ll help you get some orgone out there for Allentown. 

Caller: Okay, I’ll do that.  I’ll do that.

Sherry: ‘Cause that’s what you need—to target that area in Philadelphia.  I know that side of Pennsylvania has very limited amounts.  I did some work on the eastern side of Pennsylvania, but that western side is just wide open.

Caller: Yeah.  You know, I—

Sherry: So I’ll have to get some orgone out there. 

Caller: You know what?  I’m sitting in front of T-Mobile.  I don’t know.  I wonder if the guy inside is somehow got a connection to my phone.  I’m getting ready to go here in a few minutes. I don’t know.

Sherry:  I don’t know.  It’s always one-half of the mix, so.  Hey, at least they left my heart today alone.

Caller: Huh?

Sherry: I can breathe. They’re not trying to strangle me today.  Stop my heart for the day. So.

Is The Attack On Libya A Signal To Attack The United States?

Caller: Hey, one last question.  This Libya attack, okay? That’s going on?  Is this the signal for Saudi Arabia to start, you know, coming down on America and gathering up with all the other Muslim countries that have like an excuse to target Americans?

Sherry: Yeah, well, they’re doing regime changes—people aren’t going to go along with the prison camps and the alien New World Order.  Eventually it’s going to lead to a full blown out war between Israel, Damascus, and Iran, and China might get involved. And so. We’re looking at a full blown World War III scenario right now over there.  

Caller: Oh, okay.

Sherry: Alright. Well, thanks for calling in.

Caller: Alright.  Buh-bye.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Caller Calls In To Thank Sherry For All Her Hard Work

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hey, Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Hey, Sherry. I’m just calling to let you know you’re doing a wonderful job, and I thank you for waking up everybody, or, you know, trying to wake everybody.  But just keep doing what you’re doing, and I appreciate you. I missed your show today.  I’ll catch it on later tonight when I go home when I get online. So. Just keep up the good job, alright?

Sherry: Alright. Well, thanks for calling in.  Thank you for that.

Caller: Thank you.

Sherry: Alright. Buh-bye.

Caller: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Revisiting How Changing Male And Female DNA Is Changing Society

Sherry:  Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hi, Sherry.  This is WaterColorMe.

Sherry: Oh, hello.

Caller: Hey. How are you doing?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: Very good.  I wanted to thank you very much for talking about the young women of today and how they’ve changed.  Because it is very difficult to relate to them even if they are our daughters.

Sherry: Oh, I know.

Caller: They see the world so completely different, even the way that we’ve trained them they’ve just suddenly gone a different way. 

Sherry: You know what?   It’s the DNA.  I’m telling you.  They’re changing up the—you’ve gotta watch what your kids are eating and drinking. 

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: The Life stuff.  Don’t drink the Life, the Sobes, and the energy drinks, and the Monster drinks.  I have to watch what my kids drink. 

Caller: Yeah, that is very true, and I try to encourage that.  My children are 28 years old, so I can’t, you know, I really don’t have a say in that kind of thing.  But I certainly did not let them do those kinds of things when they were younger. It’s just the peer pressure at this point for them. 

Sherry: Yeah, you’ve really gotta just watch everything, and you know what?  It’s just a different world we’re seeing, literally, in society all the way around.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: You know, I notice kids all the time because I’m kinda up the sports field of one kind or another everywhere.

Caller: Yeah.

Thoughts On Hybrid Children, Guiding Them, And The Holy Spirit’s Involvement

Sherry: And just, you know, the strangest things. The strangest looking kids. The way they act. We’re just totally infused, I would say, as a society with hybridization.  It’s beyond what anybody can imagine.

Caller: It is.  And it, you know, at—I would always consider myself a normal person, and yet I feel myself stranger and stranger. Not strange as a normal person but so disconnected, and I feel myself resistant to everything that’s going on around me.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: But I know—

Sherry: Well, we don’t have to run. We just have to guide and help them, ‘cause a lot of these kids being born are being left out on their own, and they have gifts and abilities they can use for the Lord. 

Caller: Yes, they do.

Sherry: And we just have to pull them together and group them with other people who love the Lord, and they can all work together, because they can become a viable forces against the very ones who created them. 

Caller: They can.  And somehow, I believe that, you know, the Holy Spirit will open their minds to these kinds of things, too. 

Sherry: Oh yeah.

Caller: I think the Holy Spirit wants to do that, and bring—it seems that the Spirit will need to open their eyes. I mean, we can do and pray. 

Sherry: Right.

Caller: And—

Sherry: Okay, well I gotta get going. I’m down to one minute.

Caller: Great!

Sherry: Time flies on this show.

Caller: It does.

Sherry: But thank you so much for calling in.

Caller: You’re welcome.  Buh-bye.

Sherry: Alright.  Buh-bye.

[call ends]

And that’s it, folks.  I gotta wrap up for today.  Anyway, I’ll be back Monday at 10 o’clock. My regular show.  And so.  I’m just going to start throwing out there every show what I’m seeing, folks.  And so.  Just a lot of things to get prepared for. It’s gonna be a very wild spring and summer.  And just a lot of chaos and a lot of destructions coming.   So just prepare, folks.  Anyway. I’ll see you Monday night.

Yah bless, everybody.



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