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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 4, 2011

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And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. April 4th. And so, moving right on into April.

And, looking at dates for Passover this month. And, what was it? April 18 to the 25, and so. Those are the Passover dates for this month. You have to check out my website, www.backtoyahweh.com. I've updated the feast schedules for the year. Trying to get all my sites updated.

Look for April and August to Be Quiet Months

A couple things I want to go over tonight. Checking out the Codes and, of course, I don't see anything that the Lord has planned.  April is coming up to be one of these months like August. It's gonna be a shoe-in, because these months that are typically quiet could be months that they decide to throw in their plans, because they want to throw everybody off. They want to surprise everybody. So look for April and August to be kind of shoe-in months, but I don't really see anything in April and August. They're just, on their own, tend to be quiet months which is why they might choose them. Typically, May, June, July, September, are the dominant months, and so. You could actually just look, you know, from May on, and so. Earthquakes, the arrival of their 12th madhi, then the arrive of their Sananda, their Jesus. And, just probably would be the year for these, because I know I've been talking about it every year for years. But, you know, they're running out of time, and so.

Possible Regime Change in Morocco

Morocco coming up in the Codes, and so. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a regime change in Morocco. Morocco is dominantly Muslim, a lot of Muslims there, and so. Wouldn't be surprised if there's some kind of unrest. Some kind of regime change, you might want to call it. And Morocco coming up...thought that was interesting, because that's one of those countries that you never expect to see them in the Codes very much. And so, raised my eyebrows seeing that one.

Connection Between China and Satan's Forces Is the High Number of Muslims There

Something I thought was interesting. I was looking at the top dominated countries where Muslims are, and China was listed. China has like 35 million Muslims and I didn't know that, and so. I have been warning that the Chinese army and the Muslims will be Satan's forces. And, I guess that's your connection, because there's just so many of them in China. 35 million, and so. I mean, it's not as much as a Arab-dominated country like Iran and Iraq and some of these other Arab countries. But, China, typically, has never been much of a Christian nation, and so. They persecute Christians there, but they're converting to Islam. So, very interesting.

So, there's your tie-in. But they're gonna be aligning together anyway. Different agendas. Because we know that the Chinese will be here in America, and trampling the people. No doubt telling the rest of the world that they're coming in to save the people from their own satanic government, like our government does everybody else. And then they do most of the death and destruction, and robbing and pillaging. Pretty much the same way they do in Libya. Same way they did in Iraq and the other countries they were "liberating."  Liberating is like codeword for destroying. Destroying, robbing, pillaging, killing, and so.

You know, what goes around, comes around. And they're at our footsteps. They're at the doors, folks. Chinese are around us, and so. You know, I've been saying for years they're across the border in tent cities in the Mexican desert. And, now, people are starting to believe it, because somebody else says it. Typically how it goes, so.

Nibiru the Scarlet Boulder and the Purple Ship Capricorn

Wanted to give you a heads up tonight. A little bit about the coming Maitreya, and this Sananda, and what we're looking at. You know, I'm seeing in the Codes the "scarlet boulder." And, you know, Nibiru is not called a planet in the Bible Codes. It's referred to as a rock, a boulder. And so, you might want to keep that in mind, because I don't know exactly what kind of shape this thing has. Every once in a while it looks like it's a tombstone. Other times it's just called a boulder, as in, could be anything, some kind of big rock. An asteroid could be considered a boulder, perhaps maybe even a comet.

But I'm also seeing purple, and with the Capricorn. So I'm wondering if, remember a couple years ago the original Capricorn burnt out of the skies, crashed out of the atmosphere, NASA went out into the Pacific ocean to pick up the pieces? Well, they rebuilt it since then, and now that's coming back up in the Codes. So I'm wondering if they're gonna turn the lights on and make that thing look purple. Because I've seen purple associated with the Capricorn. And I see scarlet and reddening associated with Planet X, this Nibiru that's coming in.

And, there's just so much stuff up there, folks. And I've been saying that. And, you know, I just keep my pipes pointed east, because that's, you know, it's where they're coming through, east. That's where Planet X is coming in. I don't know where Capricorn's gonna come through. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see some kind of another huge showing of a UFO or starship being shown over the next month or two. I wouldn't be surprised for more people to see the Capricorn. And so, keep your eyes out for purple lights for that one.

What Are the Green Lights in the Skies?

A lot of people asking me what the green lights are. And, seems to me I was reading somewhere that green lights are an luminescence from wormholes. They radiate from where wormholes are. And so, if there's portal openings opening up in the sky, you might see a green luminescence, a green light in the skies. And so, I don't know what the whole reasoning is on that. It could be other causes causing green lightening, but that's what I've heard is indicating the opening of wormholes, and so. And we know they're opening up portals everywhere, because as the dimensions merge, all of these ships are coming into our dimension, our universe. And one of the things I see in the Bible Codes is that our atmosphere, our space is getting cramped. It's getting crowded up there, because there's just so many coming in from different areas of the universe into our little space above earth that they're all getting cramped, and so.

Should be seeing a lot more UFO activity. And especially with people now that are becoming more and more aware. Carrying cameras with them, getting them on YouTube. I suspect that that kind of thing is going to be increasing from now on, because they're just all here, folks. They're just waiting, and so.

Allah - The Moon God, but Not the Creator of the Moon

You know, I was kind of looking at this Muhammad. I'm working on a video for the coming of Maitreya. And, you know what? I looked at this years ago, and Muhammad lived from 570 to 632 AD, in Mecca, and Medina in Saudi Arabia. And so, what's that tell you, folks? Because, first of all, the last apostle, John the Revelator, who wrote the book of Revelation, died approximately 75 AD. And he was the last apostle to die. And so, the church goes through hundreds of years of persecution, where the Christians were killed by the Roman emperors. We have the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, where they started to put together the first form of what we call today the KJV. And, by that time, the Torah, itself's, been around, you know, probably about 2,000 years, in scroll form, and the way the Hebrew scribes have kept all of their books. And so, we already have established the Israelites, which modern-day people call the Jews, and Christianity. So these religions side by side have already established a firm foundation in the world.

And then comes along this Bohemian, nomadic -- nomadic, meaning that he traveled, he went on crusades robbing and pillaging caravans. That was his profession. He was a robber and a thief. And, he decides to start his own religion. And so, interestingly, if you go back and look at Muhammad's earlier youth, there was a temple in Mecca, they call it a Kaaba. And, Muhammad was from this Quraysh tribe, however they want to pronounce it. And the Arabs at that time worshipped 360 gods in their temple.

And as Muhammad grew up and watched how the Christians and the Jews were, and how they had one God, both religions deemed to be monotheistic religions meaning they worshipped only one God, Muhammad decided that for his religion that he was starting up he was only gonna serve one god, too. He was gonna copy the Christians and the Jews. And so, he encouraged and talked his people into throwing out all the other gods, so 359, and keeping one as the greatest of them all.

And the greatest of them all, out of 360 gods that they worshipped, that he considered to be the greatest, was Allah, the moon god. And the moon god was symbolized by a half-crescent moon. He wasn't the creator of the moon, it was the moon god. And so, this is basically how this whole Islam of today started. Was with him taking one god out of the 360, the moon god. Because, if you look at the moon god, the moon god's wife was the sun, the stars were the daughters. This moon god, you know, they had all this, you know, he was the male, the masculine, and the sun was the female, and then they had the daughters. So you're not talking about the creator of the moon, you're just talking about another god.  They threw all that out, and decided to keep the symbol of the crescent moon.

And archaeology all over the Middle East shows pottery and everything else tying the moon god to the sun goddess and the sisters. They had names for all of them. And archaeologists have dug all this stuff up. So how Muslims can, today, can say that Allah is the God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth...they're deceived, themselves, by what their own religion states, by what Muhammad, himself, did. They're deceived, themselves.

Maitreya Will Establish Islam as the New World Religion along with Sharia Law

And, interestingly enough, Maitreya arrives to establish Islam as the new global worldwide religion. There's many different sects within the Muslims. There's the Sunis, the Shiites. And then there's the different branches, not as many as Pentacostals, but there's probably a good ten different branches of Islam throughout the Muslim world. They all don't follow the exact same teachings. It's like the Jews. There's the Orthodox Jews, and then you have the other branches of Judaism. Christianity, you have Catholics, you have Protestants, and then you have all the denominations within Protestants, because they don't agree on any one interpretation of what scripture says. And it's the same way with the Muslims. They have different branches.

And so, with Maitreya to arrive and establish Sharia Law on just the Western world, itself, imagine what it's gonna do to the Arab world, because a lot of them are not in agreement with the strict interpretations of Sharia Law. Sharia Law and the Shiite stem is a radical form of Islam. And if you're looking for the one group that our CIA along with the Vatican has infiltrated and created so they could use them as a terrorist arm to fulfill their political agenda, it would be the radical Shiites and the Sharia Law.

Because anything new is always the thing that's created by, you know, the government. They'll get rid of the truth and suppress it like they did with Christianity. They used the Council of Nicea to suppress books out of the KJV, because they wanted the KJV to go a certain route and say only the certain things they wanted it to say. The preformed it. And they're doing the same, they've done the same, with Sharia Law and these radical Shiites, radical Islam. And so, this is why when he comes, he's not only gonna have a war against the world, itself, to conquer for Islam, but within his own Arab peoples, themselves. And so, you look at the countries that are suffering regime changes now, because they're not going along with the political agenda arm of Islam. And you can see the nations they're at war with; Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, those will be next. And you see Morocco. The western side is already helping establish this political arm of Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting there. They'll all fight to some extent. It'll be a war at the end over who gets to be the king at the top of it.

You know, all of these satanic nations, they'll all agree to a global world government, but they're all gonna fight to see who gets to rule it. Nobody agrees on who gets to rule it. The Russians thought they would. The United States thought they would. Britain thought they would. The Vatican thought they would. They all thought they would be the rulers of the one-world order. They were used as pawns to get it established. But when it comes down to it, all that's gonna be handed over to this Maitreya, this Muslim that's coming, and he's gonna establish global world government through global rule of Islam. So, basically the same things I've been seeing and screaming about in the Codes are the same things that's happening now, it's happening today.

There's No Redemption in the Qur'an

Found it interesting, I want to give you some of these tidbits on it. The earliest form of their Qur'an can be found in 800 A.D. And I've always said this, is that, and everybody else, they copied things out of the Torah. And they misquoted, mistranslated. There's many blunders in the Qur'an. I want to go through those tonight, 'cause some of them are just funny. But how they can say that their bible predates everybody else and is the right one is totally ludicrous when their's was the last one written. 800 A.D. is the earliest manuscript that's ever been found of a Qur'an. And then, by then the Masons, who were known as Mithraites back then, already had control of the governments of the world and was getting control of the religions.

You know, in the Qur'an, the biggest difference between the Qur'an and the Holy Bible is that there's no redemption in the Qur'an. Did you know, in Sura 19:71, all Muslims go to hell? It's not like everybody else didn't know that. Obviously, because they reject Yahushua the Son of God is why they go to hell. But in the Qur'an, every Muslim goes to hell for at least a certain amount of time. Well, in another passage it states that those who die in jihad will go to paradise immediately. So the only redemption, the only chance they get of missing hell for at least a period of time (and they don't say how long that period of time is) is if you die in an act of terrorism and hate. If you have a violent death, you die in violence and hate because you're in jihad, which is a holy war against somebody else, what they call a holy war. So, interesting, folks.

[pauses] Here it is. The largest national Muslim populations in the top countries...Indonesia, 170 million; Pakistan, 136 million; Bangladesh, 106 million; India, 103 million; Turkey, 62 million; Iran, 60 million; Egypt, 53 million; Nigeria, 47 million; China, 37 million. So there's your top countries. Iraq's not even listed. It's not in the top. I don't think there's that many people in Iraq. But either way, interesting that China...I think that was the one that surprised me the most, and so. Because there's your link between why the dragon race, China, and the Muslims are hand in hand in the last days. They're working together. So.

Errors in the Qur'an

[pause] Let me give you some of these. Some of these blunders in the Qur'an that I thought was really funny. In the Qur'an, it teaches that the world is flat. And also that Muhammad and his Allah thought Moses lived at the time of Noah. And that Jesus' mother, Mary, was Moses and Aaron's sister. Now if the Qur'an was a true miracle of God, why is it filled with historical, scientific errors, including simple math problems, including simple math errors? Wouldn't an all-knowing Allah, if he's supposed to be the God of the universe, be a better student of history, science, and math?

Now here's some historical errors. And he had plenty of time, because before he even came up with the Qur'an, he knew what the Torah was, had read it many times, and still himself couldn't come up with what the truth was. In Sura 2:241, Muhammad confuses the persons of Saul and Gideon. In the Sura 2:55-60, the Israelites were said to be "a scanty band" vastly inferior to the Egyptians. But in Exodus 1:7-10 the Egyptian king said to his people that the Israelites had become more mighty and powerful than they had. The Qur'an confuses the sister of Moses, who was Miriam, with Mary the mother of Jesus. In Hebrew, Miriam and Mary are the same names, but we know them to be, you know, [unclear] one's Miriam, one's Mary. Muhammad taught that Mary the mother of Jesus was the sister of Aaron and Moses, who lived 1500 years earlier.

According to Sura 21:76, Noah and his family was saved from the flood. However, later, reports that Noah's son drowned. In Sura 11:42-43 reports that Noah's son drowns. In Sura 21:76, it says his family is saved from the flood. In Sura 14:37, it says Abraham lived in the valley of Mecca. The Bible says he lived in Hebron in Israel. And so, there's a bunch of these blunders, and I have them listed at www.islamlies.com. But you can go through and just look at them.

Historical facts wrong, science facts wrong, math facts wrong. Try to find you one of these funny ones, these math ones. OK. Here's one of his. In Sura 4:11-12, and in chapter 4, verse 176, it states that, uh, their inheritance law. And when a man dies, and is leaving behind three daughters, two parents, and his wife, they will receive the respective shares of 2/3 for the three daughters together, 1/3 for the parents together, and 1/8 for the wife. And that, alone, adds up to more than the available estate to split up. [laughs] 2/3, 1/3, and 1/8. [laughs] I thought I was bad in math. But wait, this is supposed to be the supreme God.

In the Qur'an, strong drink is Satan's handiwork. So, according to the Qur'an, strong drink is Satan's handiwork, and alcohol is forbidden. On the other hand, when you go to paradise, there are rivers of wine, according to Sura 47:15. So, if alcohol is Satan's handiwork, how does alcohol get into paradise? [laughs]

The Qur'an's Mixed-Up Ideas about the God of the Bible and His People

Another thing they did was they took the prophecies in the Holy Bible of the Holy Spirit, and said that that was Muhammad. They replaced the prophecies of the Comforter as being Muhammad. But the Holy Spirit as the Comforter had already come by the time Muhammad was even born, so they're just stretching.

They deny the redemption work of the Lord on the cross. They say that the Father would never have a Son, despite what scripture claims. And even in the Qur'an, you don't need to be redeemed. There's no redemption. There's nothing about redemption. What they refer to as sin is that a man sins because he doesn't have the knowledge of Allah. But once he gets the knowledge of Allah, the wisdom of the Qur'an, then he'll stop. Really? A lot of their outright satanic, and demonized, and satanically possessed warriors, you don't think they know the Qur'an by the time they're adults? 'Cause most of them are adult men.

You know, you look at Mecca, their center of worship where their main temple is. They pray to it five times a day. They face Mecca, where their moon god idol sat, and they pray to it five times a day. Now, why do they claim Jerusalem as their main form of worship if Mecca is? Jerusalem is like the number third holiest site for the Muslims. The thing they can't stand about Jerusalem is the constant reminder that the God of Israel is alive. Constant reminder to them. And, of course, they misconstrue, they teach that Abraham sacrificed Ishmael and not Isaac. They misconstrued and lie against history, and science, and archaeology to put together a book called the Qur'an. And, from 800 A.D. on, this is where today's Islam has grown. It's one of the shortest...it's the shorter of the three main religions of the world, because Christianity and the Jews have been around -- Christianity had been around 800 years before then, and the Torah, thousands. And so, they don't have a leg to stand on, folks.

And if you look at today's Islam compared to the Arabs that were alive in the Old Testament times, they're not the same people. They were cousins. The Arabs and the Jews were cousins. Isaac and Ishmael were half-brothers. And they got along just fine. It was an Arab who helped Moses deal with the people as he was leading them through the desert. They were friends. They got along.

The United States' Regime Change - From a Christian Nation to a Muslim Nation

Now enter the year, you know, about 1990 is when this all started, when Al Qaeda was created by the CIA. And they needed boogeymen to further their hateful agenda against the West and Christians. And so, they created a radical sect of Islam to fulfill the political agendas. So, within the last 20 to 30 years this is what we've been experiencing. Nothing more than a government-created political arm of Islam.

And I'll probably talk next week more on exactly what they have planned coming up in the near future here with Maitreya and Sananda. But I just wanted to throw that out. Kind of a introduction on what this garbage is. The Qur'an, Muhammad. Because Maitreya's gonna come as their expected 12th imam and make Islam global. I think people are gonna start believing it more and more as they start to see more and more, and are able to put things together. Because, to most people, to imagine the United States being switched, regime change, from a Christian nation to a Muslim nation is almost unimaginable.

"Oh, it'll never happen," they say. "It won't happen with us being alive." They don't plan on us being alive, folks. That's why they have FEMA camps and trains. That's why the coming martial law has been planned for so long. They intend to eliminate every single American. They don't care about the Europeans, and the Americans, and the Australians. They don't care about what some would just consider as predominantly white nations. They're going to be killed. They're gonna be killed. Satan's war against the Lord's people on Earth. And His people, spread out, all 12 tribes of Israel, predominantly among the White nations of the earth. They're the first ones on the hit lists. They're the first ones they plan on destroying and killing. First they'll go after the Jews in Israel. There's gonna be a war in Israel, and Damascus is gonna fall on the short stick of that. Damascus will be destroyed. Then they're gonna come after the West, and the West will be destroyed.

Oh, the Illuminati's had plans for America. What they wanna do is turn America into the old Wild West. And that's why, if you look at Agenda 21 and see these crazy maps of how everyone's gonna be moved into cities and out of the countries, it's because they wanna take everybody out of the countries, move everybody into cities, so they can recreate the old Wild West. America, itself, is planned on becoming kind of like a vacation hunting-type ground for the elites. Remember, they intend on eliminating the earth's population down to about 500 million. And so, with 7 billion in the world, every single American wiped off the map. Doesn't even put a dent in those numbers. There's only 300 million Americans. They fully plan on killing most every American here in America. Don't be fooled thinking that 500 million that they plan on leaving alive is anything more than all of their own breeding, their own breeding creations. Their transhumanists, their AIs [artificial intelligences], all of this. But we all know that their plans are going to fall short, but still. When it comes down to it with all the wars, suffering, plagues, alien destructions that are coming, there's only gonna be a third left alive on Earth out of 7 billion people. You can read the book of Revelation and get that number. And you better believe they know it. They know the book of Revelation.


Anyway, I'm gonna take some calls. See what's going on with you, folks. You can call in at 877-245-5648.

Did You See Katy Perry's E.T. Video?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: Hey! How ya doin'?

SHERRY: Good, how are you?

CALLER: I'm good. I'm calling from North Carolina.


CALLER: Hey --

SHERRY: Land of the Giants.

CALLER: Hahaha.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I don't know about no Giants. Oh, well, yeah. They say up in...where is it? I forget where it's at. I think it's --

SHERRY: Golden Valley.

CALLER: [laughs] Anyway, did you see that video with Katy Perry? It's called E.T. Extraterrestrial. [http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1661051/katy-perry-et-music-video-premiere.jhtml]

SHERRY: I haven't seen it yet, because I can't even watch YouTube videos lately. Every time I try to watch one, it just spins into oblivion.

CALLER: Well, anyway, that video is very -- I mean, I think they're puttin' stuff out there as far as, you know, videos, and movies, and all that stuff to try to prepare us for what's coming. And that video, it's very unique and kind of creepy. And towards the end --

SHERRY: Well, I've seen one where she admitted she -- she grew up in a Christian family. She was singing Christian music. And she wasn't getting anywhere so she sold her soul to the devil, now she's a huge pop star.

CALLER: Yeah, yeah. Listening to the words of that song, she definitely sold her soul. 

SHERRY: It's sad. You see that with Rhianna, too. Good girl gone bad.

CALLER: Yeah, they all --

SHERRY: And then all her videos where she's having reunions and sex with the devil and all this stuff. Yeah.

I Wish You Had a Two-Hour Show

CALLER: They all [unclear]. It's all going down. I appreciate you telling it like it is. I wish you had like, a two-hour show --

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: -- so you can go more indepth with everything.

SHERRY: [laughs] Well, if I had a staff and all that, yeah, I would, you know. That's all I would do is radio. But it takes a lot of work and I'm just one of these teeny weeny ministries out here with a huge voice and that's about as far as it gets, but...

CALLER: I will move to Ohio and help you out.

SHERRY: [laughs] I really would just like to have my own studios. And we could do live TV and we could do the whole Alex Jones bit, you know. That would be fun. But you have to have a lot of money to set that stuff up. And that's why you wonder where are these people getting their money, and their backing, and their funding to do everything that they do, you know.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, that's all I had today. I'll let somebody else get on and talk to you.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: All right. Thanks.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.


Do You Believe Paul Is False because the Stories of His Testimonies Changed?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello!

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.


CALLER: How ya doin'?

SHERRY: Good, how are you?

CALLER: I'm Aaron. I'm also calling from North Carolina. [laughs]

SHERRY: Ah, another one from the land of the Giants.

CALLER: Yeah, really. Been getting a lot of North Carolina calls lately, huh?

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I just started listening to your show. You know, probably just a couple of months ago. I find it pretty revelating. And, you know, been gettin' some confirmation here and there. I've been in and out of church all my life, and in and out of the Word, and I've been gettin' some crazy, uh, just revelations, and just some understanding and some knowledge. And it's pretty unique, some of the things you've been sharing lately. You know, just giving me a little bit of confirmation on some things. I do have a few questions though. As far as your literature on Paul, is that mainly because, you know, some of the stories kinda changed about his testimonies and things and --

SHERRY: You mean his whole Damascus account changing in one chapter three different times?

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: [laughs] You know what? When I first started praying for the truth in all things, -- and I encourage everybody to do that all the time, ask the Lord for the truth in all things every day -- that was the first truth He led me to, was about Paul.

CALLER: Yeah, I struggle with it back and forth, and, you know, as I read. You know, I do kind of have this in, you know, in my spirit that, you know, what if, you know, hopefully it's, you know, it's a, you know, poor Paul type thing. You know, maybe they're pickin' on Paul. I noticed in a lot of the books also, some people, looks like they've dedicated it to themselves or wrote it, things like "my gospel" and these sort of things. You think there's a way that maybe they manipulated Paul's writings --

SHERRY: Paul had his own scribe. How do you manipulate Paul's writings when he hired his own scribe. Luke was his scribe. He was hired. Paul and Mark. And you know what? Timothy. They all left Paul. They all left him after being his disciples. They followed him, they worked with him, they labored alongside him, and, eventually, they all left him. Because they knew he wasn't who he was claiming to be. They knew what he was, the charlatan he was, and they all left him.

Do You Feel Like Paul's Number One Error Is Regarding the Sabbath?

CALLER: Are you feelin' like his number one like, you know, error is regarding the Sabbath?

SHERRY: You know what? He changes, he's almost like, bipolar. One of these pathological liars. When you lie so much you can't remember what you said type persons.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: Because he'll claim that, "Oh, I would never become circumcised. I would never do that." And then in another book he says, "I was circumcised on the eighth day." [laughs] You know, he lies so much, when his books -- trying to make sense of his books, you go nuts. And that's why people have such a problem with the Bible. Why it's so confusing. They'll try to read it and they just can't understand it. It doesn't make sense, it's confusing. If you throw out all the books of Paul, everything else makes sense. Everything meshes together nicely, it's uniformly. But when you throw Paul's madness in, it confuses people. That's why people get confused trying to understand and read the New Testament.

CALLER: Yeah, I don't find it too confusing. I do see the, you know, a little bit of the inconsistency though.

SHERRY: Oh, yeah. Plenty of them.

Where Do You Think We're at as Far as the Seals of Revelation Go?

CALLER: OK, and how about these seals? Where do you think we're at as far as the seals of Revelations go?

SHERRY: Well, you know what? I've always been a believer that the pale and the black horse represent this Maitreya and Sananda that are coming. And so, when they come, you're gonna see a lot more of death and plagues and everything else. I think we're still on the second seal and the third one's about to be opened this spring.

CALLER: OK. I was reading some literature. It kind of -- it was pretty convincing that these certain people, they believe, you know, they're not affiliating, supposedly, with any kind of, you know, denomination, or church, or anything like that. But they believe the first seal was unlocked in 1798, in the Reformation, bringing the, you know, justification for faith in Jesus Christ and not in the church. Believing that, gone out conquering and to conquer, in that respect that the first seal was broken in that regard. Bringing that faith back. Taking it away from the church, and giving it back to Christ.

SHERRY: Well, you know what? Everybody can argue. And there's many multiple layers. I guess I'm referring to the horses instead of the seals when I said I believe that the third and fourth will open this spring. Those are the horsemen I'm talking about. [coughs] And you know what? There's always been wars. If you wanted to believe there was a time of, you know, wars and rumors of wars, look at that whole time of the Reformation, look at all the Catholic wars, look at all the --

CALLER: Oh, absolutely.

SHERRY: -- wars we've had throughout the centuries, you know. You know, I just --

CALLER: Yeah, I'm kind of torn a little bit between the third and the fourth. I've been reading Revelations for like, several months now, you know, just trying to get a grip on it for, you know, for plans, and, you know, just seeing where we're at.

SHERRY: Well, if you want to understand the book of Revelation, then you've gotta understand Daniel, because those two go hand in hand. [coughs]

CALLER: That's where they're saying the second seal was broke in 1800 with the translation of the Word. And there were, you know, different countries. Fifteen different, you know, languages being the next source. And then the third seal being the unlocking of, you know, the revelation of Daniel.

SHERRY: Well, you know what? I've heard many people with different interpretations of the white horse. I think everybody agrees that the red horse is war. And so, how that, you know. You know, when I'm looking in Bible Codes and President Bush is the red horse and, you know, commonly referred to as the red horse rider and stuff, yeah, I take my cue from that. [laughs]

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: And so, I'm just waiting for the next, the pale and the black. And so, as far as I'm concerned the first two are over with. They've already been riding, and we're just getting ready to --

CALLER: Yeah, I believe they're over with, I believe they're riding, I believe they continue to ride. You know, I just sort of gettin' a little tidbit there, seeing on what that might be. But, yeah, I think we're, you know, third, fourth seal coming. Third seal coming, you know.

Why Use Orgone, a Physical Weapon, When God Says Our Weapons of Warfare Are Spiritual?

CALLER: And also last question. I know you've got probably some other callers ready. The orgone, I'm trying to get my mind wrapped around that. Read a lot about it. Read some different things. Listening to some different radio shows. The only question I have, 'cause it sounds like, uh, it make sense, you know. It makes sense that something like that's able to be used or out there. The only thing I wonder is, you know, if God tells us that our weapons of warfare are not carnal, and they're spiritual, and they're mighty for God, and He says during these times that, you know, not to hurt the grass, don't hurt the oil and the wine, you know, is that not taking away any of the faith in God to protect us, or, I mean, what do, you know, what is, how do you feel --

SHERRY: No. When you ask God, "How do I protect myself?" And He says put blood on your doorposts so your first child isn't killed, what's the difference? What's the difference between the blood on the doorposts of the Israelites and the orgone we have today, when we're just recreating an energy that already exists. We're not creating something new.

CALLER: Oh, I understand that. Yeah, I get the concept of it. I just was wondering, you know, like I said, if He says, you know, our weapons of warfare, you know, I was just wondering if that --

SHERRY: Man's ways are not His ways. Who'd think that a little orgone puck that creates aether energy would destroy billions of dollars worth of technology.

CALLER: Yeah, really.

SHERRY: Who would think? You know, and who would think that putting this around your home is like holy oil, which is the same effect, where evil entities don't like being near it. You can't fire it. It doesn't explode. It doesn't blow up like a grenade. It's not a gun, it doesn't shoot.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: His ways are not man's ways.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: And who would think this little orgone's aether energy could destroy so much? His ways aren't man's ways.

CALLER: That's true. That's true. Well, good point with spreading the oil around the house, the marks on the door. Good point.

SHERRY: So, yeah. I get tired of anointing my house all the time.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: When you anoint your house, you have to do it constantly. It wears off.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: And you just get tired of it. And you know what? I told the Lord that. You know, I just get tired of having to anoint this place all the time. Orgone works 24/7. You know, it doesn't wear off.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: So now you can go to sleep and not have night terrors at night, because the demons are gonna stop bothering you at night, because they don't like orgone. I have a lot of moms and dads who will buy orgone just to put it under their kids' beds so they can sleep at night.

CALLER: Really?

SHERRY: Because kids get harassed. And parents know that. Parents laugh it off, "Oh, it's monsters. Oh, you're seeing things. No more TV after 7 o'clock."

CALLER: Oh, no, they do. I'll tell ya what. When I was a little kid -- I've had freaky things happening to me all my life. I always thought there's just something strange going on with little old me in my little old existence here on the planet. But I've been attacked all my life.

SHERRY: Yeah. You're the kind that needs orgone under your bed. [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: I have it under mine. [laughs]j

CALLER: [laughs] I remember not knowing what was going on, being wide awake and just screaming, when I was a little kid. My father used to run outside while my mother used to take care of me, 'cause I didn't know what was going on.


CALLER: Just crazy.

SHERRY: And you learn to bury it and keep it to yourself, because the adults laugh at you. Your brothers and sisters laugh at you. People laugh at you for seeing monsters at night. Yeah. And you learn to bury it and keep it to yourself. And here every night you're going through the crap that nobody else seems to go through. And so, yeah, the orgone stops that.

CALLER: OK. All right, Sherry. Well, I appreciate you lettin' me call in here, and talkin' to me.

SHERRY: All right. Well, welcome to the show.

CALLER: Thank you. You're doing a good job. Bye.

SHERRY: All right. Have a good night. Bye-bye.

CALLER: Bye-bye.

Did You Hear about All the UFOs Over the Chicago Airport?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.


CALLER: Did you hear that...how are you?

SHERRY: Good, how are you?

CALLER: Oh, I guess OK. I was --

SHERRY: Where are you calling from?


SHERRY: Where?



CALLER: Yep. Did you see the -- about the 3rd -- all the UFOs over the Chicago airport? Did you hear about that?

SHERRY: Mm...no. [laughs]


SHERRY: No, I've been kind of [unclear] on the news lately.

CALLER: This was on sott, s-o-t-t dot, um, is it...net? [Ufos Over Chicago Midway Airport http://www.sott.net/articles/show/226776]

SHERRY: Yeah, it sounds familiar.

What's With the Microwave Mind Control Unit and the Reporters Speaking Gibberish?

CALLER: OK. And also, what's this mind control, this microwave unit? Are they doing that to those news people, reporters, and Judge Judy? Or is that just a coincidence?  [Are U.S. Government Mind-Control Tests Causing TV Presenters' Brains to Melt Down?  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1372538/Are-government-microwave-mind-control-tests-causing-TV-presenters-brains-melt-down.html#ixzz1IQp5eYhY]

SHERRY: You know what? It's happening a lot lately, where they'll all start talking gibberish, and they're taken, whisked off to a hospital for reprogramming.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: I think the veil is lifting. We're in the process of it, because something going on with the electromagnetic being messed with. And that's why all these clones are being messed with.

CALLER: Or do you think they're robots?

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, basically, if you just start speaking gibberish all of a sudden, and you don't know what's going on. You have like, a lights are on, but no one's home, you know. Judge Judy cracks me up.

CALLER: They said they felt it coming on, like something was going wrong. But they couldn't control it.

SHERRY: Yeah. They have no control of their own minds. They can't control their own brains, and so.

CALLER: Or I thought maybe it's just kinda a signal to other ones. They're relaying some signal, somehow, to other people.

SHERRY: They need the electromagnetic canopy over the earth to operate.

CALLER: But why just news people, and why Judge Judy?

SHERRY: They're the prominent ones. They're the ones on TV. They're the ones you're seeing live. Well, I can't imagine Judge Judy...I think hers was a taping.

CALLER: Oh, I didn't see that. I don't like --

SHERRY: But, you know what? They're the ones that are gonna get caught the most, is the journalists, because they do their work live.

CALLER: But it's all kind of just happened since January, so it's kind of really odd.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, you know, it's on. It's on. The Bible talks about the veil being lifted. And sooner or later, we're gonna be seeing all these beings as they are. They don't have to have fake human bodies anymore. They're gonna wish they had fake human bodies.

CALLER: I just wondered what you thought about that.


Have You Heard Anything about the Big Solar Flare that Might Take Out the Grid?

CALLER: And also, I guess we just had a big solar flare or something, and it might be hitting us around the 6th. And they said it might take out the grid if it comes this way. You heard anything about that?

SHERRY: I don't see any --

CALLER: Because the blast happened about the 2nd or 3rd, I think.

SHERRY: Yeah. No, I don't see anything for April. April, to me, has been a quiet month, and so.

CALLER: I'm still scared of 11's, so. [laughs] 11.

SHERRY: Whatever happens is something they're planning, because, you know, it's not a judgment from the Lord, Himself.

Have You Heard Anything about the Anomaly on the East Coast?

CALLER: Oh, I just wondered if you'd...what's the anomaly -- is that how you say that, excuse me -- seen off the east coast? Have you heard anything about that? Is that on radar? Is there something going on out there, on the east coast? Anomaly?

SHERRY: I haven't -- anomaly. An anomaly?


SHERRY: I see so many videos, "Look what's in the sky! There's UFOs at airports!" I just --

CALLER: Yeah, at the Chicago airport. I think it was on the 3rd. There were a few of them.

SHERRY: I just see so many videos, it's like -- and lately, the last week or so, I haven't been able to sit watch a YouTube video, because it seems like it just keeps spinning into oblivion, and so.

Do You Have a Radon Detector?

CALLER: Hey, do you have a radon detector? Like, for radiation. Like, a cheap one. Do you have one, or --

SHERRY: No. Uh-uh.

CALLER: -- do you know if there's any around here? You know, like, in Ohio, Iowa.

SHERRY: I think they're called Geiger counters. You can get a Geiger counter.

CALLER: I just wondered if you had one.

SHERRY: No, I don't have one.

Why Does Charlie Sheen Keep Calling Himself a Warlock?

CALLER: What's this with Charlie Sheen holding up the warlock thing? Is he a warlock? Why does he always -- like, his show, you know, he was booed. Well, good thing, but why does he keep calling himself a warlock?

SHERRY: You know what? That was the first I heard about it was yesterday on my Facebook site, somebody mentioned it, and so.

CALLER: He was holding up a towel or a...something. He always calls himself, he's the warlock, a warlock.

SHERRY: Well, you know what? They all are. And he's a Jesuit like his father.

CALLER: Yeah, he was explaining that Sheen means shine, and --


CALLER: -- they changed their name.


CALLER: Yeah, I heard that.

SHERRY: I doesn't surprise me a bit. I mean, you know. I battle these warlocks all the time. They're very into black magic and voodoo.

CALLER: You think he is?

SHERRY: Well, if he's saying he is, then I'm sure he is.

CALLER: Yeah, I just wondered. I was kinda -- I know you're not in the news stuff right now. You're more tonight. But I just had some questions about this. Maybe you'll talk about some more stuff in the news on Thursday or whatever, so.

SHERRY: Yeah, I hit the news more on Thursdays.

CALLER: Yeah, I know. I know.

SHERRY: I have more fun with it...[laughs].

CALLER: [laughs] Well, I'll let you go, but take care.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Thank you. Bye.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

And, yeah. I've been hearing about that one about Charlie Sheen claiming he's a warlock, and so. It doesn't surprise me at all, folks. They're all evil. I mean, you have to be in the secret societies to be anywhere in Hollywood. You have to join the female ones, or the male ones, and, you know, all is not as it seems, and so. Yeah, I heard the reason he was booed in Detroit is because he asked people in the audience if they had Crack [a drug] on them. [laughs] He was making some kind of joke about -- because Detroit's one of the worst-ranked Crack cities in the country. So, he was asking people if they had crack on them at the show, and so, he got booed. But that was, generally, the part he was booed about. The media doesn't tell you, you know, just a bad joke gone bad. So, you know. We'll talk more about things on Thursday as I usually get caught more up on news stories for Thursdays' shows.

Anyway, folks. I'm running out of time here, and so, I'm gonna wrap this up. I'll be back Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. We'll be talking more about things that are coming and things that are hitting the news right now.

Anyway, until then, everybody. Yah bless.