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Aliens In The News
Thursday April 7th, 2011

BlogTalkRadio Changed Its Website Formatting

And hello, everybody.  You're live, and it's Thursday afternoon with Sherry Shriner.  And it's April 7th.  And so.  You know, it's just the BlogTalk site, and I hate it when people change things.   I can't even find the chat room button.  I had to use an old link I had.  They changed the sites, the profile pages at BlogTalkRadio.com, and so.  You know, I hate that. I hate it when they change stuff.  And the old one looked better to begin with.  So.  I don’t know.  I don't know why they do that to us.  They don't ask for our opinions.  And so.  You vote with your feet and leave or find another, you know, or stick with it.  I actually get tired of having to change networks because I have so many problems with this show, and you go from one network to the other, and it's all the same.  It’s always, you know, different problems.  You know?  And so. I don't really want to change networks, but.

The CIA Owns All The Computer Servers

You know, when you consider what the Internet is, who owns it? It's the CIA.  And so, no matter what you do on the Internet, from logging on to logging off, they control everything.  If you have a website on the Internet, and I have like 18 of them, the CIA owns the servers that they're on.  And so, they have back door access to your websites, they have back door access into your computers through the Internet.  If you wanted a completely secure computer, you would have to not even install the Internet on it.   That's how bad it is.  I mean, over the years I've had files get deleted off of my computer.  Images.  Websites tampered with.  And there's nothing you can do because they have the access to everything you have on your computer and everything you do once you’re on the Internet.  So.  You know, it kind of puts everybody where they don't want to be.  And that’s at the mercy of an intelligence agency that's pretty much not even human.  It’s run by lizards.  You know, what's dominant in the Bible Codes is that the CIA is pretty much synonymous with aliens.  They go hand in hand.  And I've told you how all of these Illuminati families are bloodline oriented.  And that's pretty much how the CIA is.  Very bloodline oriented.  Families in the agency go back generations and generations, all connected.  You'll find all of ‘em, all bloodlines connected to the Illuminati because it's all alien-dominated, folks.  Alien-dominated.

Gibberish Speak – Is It Mind Control Break Down? Or The Veil Being Lifted?

You know, you watch TV lately and all you see is reporters starting to speak in mumble jumbo. I do that myself every once in a while; you get tongue tied.  But you know what?  Nothing compared to what's going on now.  These people are being taken to the hospital under suspicion of having a stroke.  Judge Judy the latest one.  The lady at the L.A. awards ceremony a couple weeks ago.  Other journalists now popping up. [Sarah Carlson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pc4LI0BZ5qU&feature=related; Judge Judy (plus others) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S-pJMtDTSU; Serene Branson at the Grammy Awards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssiLkxTTrzc&feature=related; Mark McAllister: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTsm7BqpiSY&feature=related] So, what's going on?  Is the veil being lifted?  You know, right now they're just losing their speech.  What happens when they lose their human looks?  And they just appear as the aliens they are.  We're gonna see They Live in reality, in real time.  And that's coming up.  That’s not an “if,” it's “when.”  It’s when.  When the veil’s lifted, we're gonna see all these beings on earth with us.  Oh, joy.  I would much prefer they stick to their human cloaking.  The only reason I would be for, you know, the veil being lifted and we all have to see 'em for what they are is because—so people would see it with their own eyes and shut up. 

How To Tell Real Stars Apart From Starships And Mother Ships

You know, you get so many naysayers out there.  How could you not believe UFOs exist when all you have to do is sit out at night and watch the skies?  You think stars fly around at night?  Do they really?  Stars don't fly, folks.  You know, I mean that's the brilliant part for the whole charade of the aliens who dominate this Earth—is that they just sit up in our skies, and they park their star ships in constellations so that people think that the stars in the constellations are just stars when they're actually masking starships.  UFO starships.  And if you sit and watch, one of the telltale signs is that they're very, very—not the particular starships themselves, or not the mother ships, I should say—you can see UFOs that are close to the horizon.  30, 33 degrees above horizon.  It’s a telltale sign because they're too low.  They're too low.  Yeah, it looks like a star, but it's way too low to the horizon. And if you watch it for a while, you'll notice that the thing will move.  They move.  I use to watch the Shema star come in every night about 7 o'clock to get in position in the sky.  That's what tipped me off years ago, “Hey, something’s wrong. That’s not a star. There's something wrong with that.  That is not a star.”  And so, I started pointing our Orgone Pipe Blasters at it.  I have a big one.  I had about a 5 foot one, 2 inches.  About 5 foot.  And I use to point it at that star every night.  And after a while, it went from brilliantly white to what the New Agers referring to, this the star of Shema.  This Maitreya star.  This was the signal of the arrival of their Imam.  And it went from a brilliant white to a yellow.  Just a dingy yellow.  And I knew then that it was on fire.  And from that point on just getting pipes out and watching the sky, you would watch these white stars, one by one, turn yellow.  And then what happened was they would all start crashing.  And so, for years, you'd watch these yellow stars crashing to the Earth, and the media would call them meteors.  “Oh, another meteor crashed.” And it's gone on since.  They're, you know, that's the public policy now for the media—is to just call them meteors.  

Reich And Orgone

And so, interesting.  This has been going on for several years.  Nothing’s changed that much.  Except they've lost a lot of their UFOs and starships.  Wilhelm Reich was the first one to have recognized that this orgone ether energy also had the ability to crash UFOs.  There's some information that Wilhelm Reich was actually the reason for the UFO crash in Roswell because he had been out there at that time in New Mexico.  So, I find it interesting.  I'd like to get my hands on that.  And if you want more information on Wilhelm Reich, you can go to my website OrgoneBlasters.com, and I have a link to his website.  And you can buy copies of his original books. [TN: Not sure if this is the exact site: http://www.orgonelab.org/cart/xreich.htm; Sherry also has some good youtube vids and a link to some Notes collected from Reich’s works: http://www.sherryshriner.com/ReichNotesReport.pdf] The government tried to ban them after they killed him.  But you can get reprints.  You can get copies of what his original books were and work.  And so.  It’s very interesting.  We've just kinda picked up the torch and ran with it.  I never even heard of Wilhelm Reich when I started orgone. I just, I needed a way to protect myself from satellite ELF weapons, being bombarded, and the Lord led me to orgone.  And it became over the years something that, “Wow, this thing blocks chemtrails. Wow, it’s crashing UFOs.  Wow, it’ll stops ELF attacks.”  We just keep finding more and more things that orgone would do.  And so, it's been our weapon of choice.

Other Methods Of Protection

Sometimes you have to supplement it.  Sometimes particular attacks—people that are getting fried at night—you need to get mylar up, mylar over your windows.  Because if you're getting fried, where you literally feel like you're burning on the inside out, those are microwave weapons, and you're being targeted by the government.  Satellite weapons.  They can pinpoint you in your house and fry you.  And so.  My experience with the older styles of ELF weapons—they only needed a crack, a little pinhole in your window, to navigate these little beams that they would fry you with.  And so.  If you cover your windows up with mylar blankets—you can get those at Amazon.com [http://www.amazon.com/Emergency-Mylar-Blanket-Blankets-EB-10/dp/B000FETSDQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=hi&qid=1269008514&sr=8-1]—it’ll stop the beams from coming in.  Even if you can't see them, they're there.  Also, walk away from the computer.  Shut it down. Leave your house.  Go out in the yard.  Do something.  And you'll feel better.  Because they can beam their ELF weapons through the monitor at you.  I have orgone that sits in front of my monitor to deflect the ELF they shoot through the monitor. And so.  I used to sit at the monitor, and I'd feel like I was having a heart attack.  My heart would start racing and pumping and hurting, and you'd get massive migraine headaches and real dehydrated just sitting in front of the monitor.  They can use your monitors as a weapon against you, folks.   And so.  You can stop it by putting orgone in front of your monitors.  

Where Are The People In The Videos On Japan?

I was looking at the Codes this week, and, you know, I posted this video of the Japan earthquake-tsunami on my Facebook website. [http://freevideocoding.com/flvplayer.swf?file=http%3A%2F%2Fflash.vx.roo.com%2FstreamingVX%2F63056%2F1458%2F20110311_japan_wave_successions_sky_1000k.mp4&autostart=true] And what's interesting if you noticed about all these Japan videos—and I've seen several.  They’ve  got 'em on YouTube and other alternative video sites of Japan's tsunami and earthquake.  And the one thing that stands out the most to me about all these videos is: where are the people?  Where are people?  You see the waves coming in, and they're taking over cars and buildings and pushing inland, and where are the people?  You know?  This isn't like the earthquake in Indonesia where it was sudden, and there was live video coverage, and you saw people running from the waves and escaping and getting swept under.  So, where are the people in Japan?  I've seen one video that showed people on top of a roof of a building.  And there was like 4 or 5.  Because we're talking about an area that had about 15 million people in the top third of Japan or wherever this hit.  A lot of smaller communities up there, and whatever, but that whole region itself had about 15 million people.  You'll hear different numbers from the media.  “Oh, yeah, they had only a couple hundred thousand...a couple million...”  It wish-washes.  So, where are they?  Where are they?  You don't see people in any of these videos.  They talk about 'em washing up to shore—and I'm sure some are because they overtook a lot of buildings, or whatever.  But not the hundreds of thousands or even millions of people that lived there. 

Was There A Massive UFO Abduction?

This whole thing just reeks of a cover up when you think about it. Was there a massive abduction before the massive tsunami and earthquake hit?  You'll hear about all kinds of UFOs in the area at the time it happened.  And, you know, hearing that there’s UFOs in an area about the time of the destruction, you know, they're always in an area. You know?  Look at Katrina.  Look at the Gulf oil.  And every time there’s a destruction, you're gonna see UFOs by it. Why? Because, folks, the UFOs aren't always aliens.  And I've told you, every government has their own fleet of UFOs.  The Chinese have 'em.  The Germans have 'em.  The Americans.  The British.  Everybody has UFOs. 

Thanks To Our Sellout Elected Officials, The Tradition Became Bodies For Tech

How do you know if it's an American UFO or an alien UFO?  The line is getting real blurred because we have their technology.  They've given us their technology over the years and the other governments who have signed contracts with them and treaties with them.  They exchange lives for technology.  “Okay, you can abduct our citizens, but you have to give us secret technology.”  That's what started it in America.  Eleanor Roosevelt—Franklin D. Roosevelt—I'm thinking about his wife ‘cause of a comment that was made about her.  Roosevelt and Eisenhower and—you know what, folks?  Hang on a second. I'll be right back…

[music plays for a few minutes along with dogs barking in background]

An Entire Island Disappeared In The Pacific Ocean A Few Years Back

Alright, folks, I'm back.  Sorry about that.  Alright.  So, anyway.  If you have a question for the show, you can call in at (877) 245-5648. Some of you hanging out on the switch board for a while now already, and so.  Anyway.  Just reiterating about Japan. Where's the people, folks.  And so.  It just blows open the whole thing about how big and wide this rabbit hole goes with this whole Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  You know, they had practiced 2, 3 years ago on that one island in the Pacific that disappeared with 75,000 people on it.  And the media never made a splash about it.  It might have made 2 seconds on the News that a whole island disappeared.  And nobody says anything.  And I'm still freaked out over that because, you know, the lack of media coverage.  A whole island disappears, and nobody cares.  Of course, we know the media's controlled.  It was probably a practice on using nuke bombs and tsunamis, causing earthquakes.  So then we have Haiti.  And now we have Japan.  Who's next, folks? 

The Madrid Fault Line Earthquake Will Likely Coincide With Coastal Tsunamis

You know, what I think and I'm seeing is that any kind of earthquake with the New Madrid fault line is going to be simultaneous with the east coast tsunami. Because if you look at the maps FEMA themselves are sending out, the Southeastern states—Georgia and the Carolinas—are so far away from the Madrid fault zone, I can't see how they'd be affected.  The Madrid fault zone goes from Lake Erie down to the Gulf of Mexico.  And it goes through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, all the way down to the Gulf.  It kinda just zigzags all the way through there.  But FEMA, and all of their drills and preparations for the summer, they always include the southeastern states.  And so.  I have to remember what Greg Rincich told me—and that’s Lieutenant Colonel Greg Rincich—in that they were getting ready and preparing to do the same thing on the east coast that they just did to Japan, using nuke bombs on the ocean floor. They call it an earthquake machine.  I don't know what it has to do with the bombs, but they have some kind of earthquake machine that they can set on the ocean floor.  And they're getting ready to blow that.  And I bet you it goes at the same time that the Madrid fault line does.  So we have like a double whammy, double-type of disaster coming up.  So that would cover the Midwest and all the way down to the southeast.  With the New Madrid fault zone, you got the lower east coast.  So, interesting.  And I'm just looking at their own stuff.  I haven't seen anything in the Bible Codes about it, but, you know, when they plan and conspire to do these things—and they, you know, on one day, cancel the next—typically won't see them very much in the Codes unless, you know, unless I'm really paying attention.  Now Japan I warned about for years.  I've been warning about that since 2005, 2006.  “Get off of Japan.  Get away from Japan.”  And now we’ve got the whole Midwestern region and the lower southeastern section of the country being warned about earthquakes. And a lot of the info from our other intelligence sources.  And so.

Anyway.  If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648. I'm gonna take a caller and see what's going on.

The Connection Between Child Abductions And Dulce Base

Sherry:  Hello, listener.  You're on the air.

Caller:  Good morning, Sherry.

Sherry:  Hello.

Caller:  How are you?   

Sherry:  Good.  How are you?

Caller:  I was just calling in.  I saw your program on, and it flashed on my g-mail, so I pulled you up and been listening in. And I was wondering, are you aware of what's going on near Dulce, New Mexico right now? [TN: He pronounces Dulce as “duel-say” instead of “doll-see” or “doll-say” as is typically said.]

Sherry:  Hmm.  Where is this?

Caller:  Dulce, New Mexico.  It's a small town in New Mexico.  Near there is a 7 floor underground military base.  And it's occupied by what we would know as the greys, and they’re working there with our top scientists. And they—    

Sherry:  Oh, you're talking about Dulce. [TN: She says “doll-see.”]

Caller:  Yeah. Dulce.  Dulce.  Right.  Now, what they’re doing down there—I’ve gathered this information for the past year or two—they’re kidnapping our children, and they’re taking them there.  And what they do is they hook up their pituitary glands and they drain them of the serum. And they mix this with a group of chemicals that they intake it as a food source.  And they use the human additive as a kind of cocaine high.  And what they're doing is, is they control both our Democratic and Republican parties.  And they are slowly but surely going to enact Martial Law in this country which will take away our free vote, and then all of our officials will be appointed from within.  And what their plans are that I’ve learned is to eliminate two-thirds of the planet’s population by 2029 in order to keep the small portion of us alive in the center as kinda cattle and for their purposes.  But the greys are just from one particular planet, Zeta Reticuli. There’s a lot of different aliens at the moment out there, and some of them are benevolent or friendly, and some of them have our worst intentions in mind.  So, I just wanted to let you know this information.  And a lot of it’s available now on the YouTube under “greys” or “Reticuli.” You can pull ‘em up.

Sherry: Well, that’s what this show is about.  So, you’re pretty much speaking to the choir.

Caller: Right, right, right.  Well, I just wanted to let you know about the—what’s happening down in Dulce, New Mexico. And the fact that they are running the Monsanto Company, the Procter and Gamble Company as well, and they do have ties into our Democrat and Republican parties all the way up to the top. And they pull the strings.  They’ve—

Sherry: Have you been to TheWatcherFiles.com? [http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/]

Caller: I don’t think so.  I’m writing it down right now.

Sherry: Yeah, yeah, go check out that website. Go to TheWatcherFiles.com.

Farm Physics: A New Cure And More Book Suggested To Sherry

Caller: Right.  I also wanted to make sure you got my message on your chat board there to drop your name and address to my g-mail account.  It’s cosdavid4@gmail. And it’s listed there. I got a really break-through book for ya. It’s called Farm Physics: A New Cure and More. [http://www.amazon.com/Farm-Physics-New-Cure-More/dp/1608369609] And it talks about the new molecular “South Spun Fluid Concept” which dovetails with our 7-year cellular rebuild cycle in our bodies.  And by south-influencing your fluid before you drink it, you can live up to 1000 years in a healthy and productive physical form.  So if you send me your name and address to—like I said, to cosdavid4@gmail—I’ll send you a free book.

Sherry: Alright. Well thanks for calling in.

Caller: Thank you, Sherry. Have a good night.

Sherry: Alright. Mhmm. Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Sherry’s Thoughts On The Government Shutdown

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: Hey, how ya doing?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: I’m alright.  I’m AJ; I’m calling from Virginia. And I just recently started watching your show, or I just started listening to your show I should say. But I’m one of those people who’ve always just known something was wrong.  I’m pretty young; I’m only 26 years old.  But I’ve always questioned the government.  Always questioned TV shows, like when all my friends would be talking about was going on on TV or, you know, in the latest episode of Friends, I was looking at what was going on half way around the country on the Internet and stuff.  So, I’ve just always been wary of the veil that’s in front of us, basically.  And I just want to say that I really appreciate everything that you’re doing about getting the Truth out to people.  And I really appreciate everything.

Sherry: Oh, well, you know, thanks. Thanks for calling in. Appreciate hearing that.

Caller: No problem. Thank you, Sherry.  Also, I have one question though. What is going on with the government shutdown, and how is that going to affect any of their plans that they have that is about to happen?

Sherry: Well, you know, Obama’s not really calling the shots now. He’s just kinda taking orders, and so, if there’s a government shutdown, you know, several things could happen. I’ve been seeing them haggling in the Codes and fighting over government shutdowns by stating that if they plan to shut down, that the Madrid fault line would be blown. And so.  The factions are fighting over that for some reason. The government wanting to shut down; the other faction threatening them if they do; the fault line goes, so they can’t.

Correlations Between The Shutdown And Maitreya’s Arrival

I don’t know what’s behind it, but it’s interesting that all the shutdown talk comes around the same time that in the Codes we’re seeing the arrival of the Iranian 12th Imam.  And they’re kind of starting to correlate here because he’s got an open window, April and May, where the arrival of the Iranian 12th Imam is very dominant. And so, right now, you know, in America we’re hearing—the dominant thing here is government shut down—and in the Middle East I’m seeing the arrival of the Imam. And so, kinda interesting that they’ll correlate because one of the things they always said was that when the Imam comes, he’s gonna have a “day of declaration” [http://www.nesarasucks.com/day-of-declaration.htm] when he broadcasts to the world his arrival here to Earth and blah, blah, blah.  And all the news stations, CNN and everybody, give him basically free reign on the media to explain and announce who he is.  And then they start implementing their teachings and agenda here on Earth.  So, interesting that, you know, they plan on taking a week to do that. Several days to do that. And they want everybody home watching TV and watching the charade. And so. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, I’m just saying they kinda correlate together, all the events kinda lining up in a row.  Maybe that’s why they want a government shutdown. Because they plan on having this Maitreya broadcasting to the world his arrival and crap. So.

Correlations Between The Madrid Fault Line And Martial Law

Caller: If they did blow the Madrid fault line, do you think that the implication of Martial Law will happen at the same time?

Sherry: Well, you know, yeah.  I mean, it’s going to be a disaster. I mean, it goes from one end of the country to the other. It’s gonna rip it in half.  

Caller: And then they’ll start rounding the people up. 

Sherry: And then you have the East Coast Disaster. They’re not going to come in right away with military troops and declare Martial Law. They’ll let it fester for a few days and show a lot of destruction and bring them in full. And so.  You know?  

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: Everything lines up with one another. It all correlates. 

Caller: Okay.  Well, that’s all the questions I had.  Thanks for your time, Sherry. 

Sherry: Aright. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: And I really appreciate everything that you’re doing, and just keep up the good work. God bless.

Sherry: Okay. God bless.

Caller: Thank you.

[call ends]

The New Madrid Epicenter: St. Louis Versus Terre Haute

Folks, if you have a question for the show you can call in at 877-245-5648.  And so, interesting on that one map of the New Madrid they’re showing St. Louis as the epicenter, and then, on a newer one, it was Terre Haute, Indiana. And so. Hmm.  You always gotta wonder why a place like Terre Haute, Indiana—and it’s on the western side of the state, and there’s really nothing but a couple military bases over there.  Why—what justifies them as having an international airport? You know?  Maybe that’s just me, but, you know.  This is Terre Haute, Indiana.  It’s not exactly Chicago, Illinois or Cleveland, Ohio, or, you know, Atlanta.  And they have an international airport.  I always found that amusing when I was driving through there. And have been through Indiana so many times I don’t even wanna count.  And so.

Sherry Needs Our Financial Help And Support To Get Some Last Minute Missions In

Just get the orgone done while you can, folks.  Weather’s getting nice now, warming up. Spring’s coming and so are the aliens. So. We don’t have a whole lot of time left, folks.  And I need your help and financial support in getting missions done within the next couple months. I mean, if things happen, if things—if the the Ps and Qs start lining up, you know, we have a government shutdown, we have a Madrid earthquake, day of declaration, Maitreya’s arrival, the Imam.  Things are starting to line up, correlate within the same time frame, folks.  ‘Cause while we’re doing this, they’re doing that.

Maitreya Makes His Grand, Epic, And Majestic Worldwide Entrance On…A Camel!

And one of the things that I saw in the Codes that was really funny—because I’ve told you how the orgone is saturating the air and UFOs are crashing, and it was always this Imam’s arrival to arrive on a white horse or, you know. That’s the Muslim thing. He’s going to arrive on a white horse.  Because they try and mimic Christianity, the 2nd Coming of Christ where He comes down at the War of Armageddon on a white horse and—with His Saints, and the clouds [Revelation 19:11-21], and the clouds and the Saints and so, there’s thousands of white horses.  There’s not just one.  And so. Islam’s kinda missing the boat on that one. But yeah, it’s—you know, the holograms are obvious.  I mean, they tried practicing that in the uprising a couple months ago with the ongoing uprising in Egypt and Libya, and everybody sending video links. “Look at the horse! Look at the horse!  It’s a pale horse! There’s a pale horse! There’s a white horse!” Blah, blah.  And it was easy to identify as holograms. And you can see a UFO in the background projecting the hologram in these videos. So, I don’t know if they’ll come—I don’t see them coming out with it. I’ve never even seen him riding on a white horse like Islam claims. I’ve never even once seen it in the Codes that he’ll arrive on a white horse. So, I don’t, you know—it’s not their plans.  What I did see that’s really funny is coming on a camel.  He’s just going to arrive on a camel.  You know, why not?  Camel jokey Mohammad—that’s all he was.  A thief and a robber in the Arabian deserts. And so, here comes the 12th Imam.  Same thing. Thief and a robber.  So. I thought it was interesting that all the sudden “camels” started showing up.  Might be the way that they bring him in.  I’ve always wondered how they’re going to bring him in, you know?   Because I’ve always seen their fake Jesus, this Sananda, coming to Earth in September. And so, Maitreya’s arrival has always been a little iffy.

Sherry’s Given Us All The Routes She’s Seen Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee Come In On

And in some groups, they always put this Jesus and Maitreya as the same person, the same beast.   But those who know the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command—I’ll have to separate the two; they are separate beings, this Sananda and Maitreya.  But you never know what they’re going to pull off.  When push comes to shove, when it’s their time to arrive on Earth, we won’t know exactly what they’re gonna do until they do it.  I’ve given you all the different routes I’ve seen that the New Agers say is going to happen, that the Iranians claim is going to happen, what I’ve seen in the Codes.  They’ll—I’m sure they’re going to try and throw in some kind of monkey wrench.  So you never know.  You never know exactly what’s going to happen until it does.  But just watch for various routes because, you know, the Bible talks about—and I think it’s in Matthew 24 if they say the Lord’s in a desert. He’s there, He’s there, and the Bible warns, don’t go, because it’s just a false prophet. And that’s exactly it.  You know. The Muslims are gonna be saying, “He’s here. He’s on a camel. He’s heading to Mecca.”  Just false prophets, folks. Don’t follow it.  So many are going to be deceived.  So many. 

How Does Sherry Know The UFOs Will Be Taking People To Hell…?

Anyway.  Let’s see what this caller has on their mind.

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: How’re you doing?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: So let me ask you this.  So you know about other starseeds, right?  So say you were a Sirian and you know you had two off-world parents that you know they were coming to get you and take you back to their Sirius star system, why would you say if you get on their ship, you’re going to Hell and their planet isn’t like no Hell?  What did you mean about that?

Sherry: Oh, well—

Caller: So you get on their ship, it’s like you might as well say you’re going to Hell.

Sherry: Well they’re fallen angels to begin with?

Caller: Well what’s wrong with their planet? Like, it’s just like the Pleiadians.

Sherry: Have you been to Sirius?  Have you been to Sirius?

Caller: And the Pleiadians—

Sherry: Have you been there?

Caller: Yeah, it was wonderful.

Sherry: Yeah right.  You haven’t been there.

Caller: We don’t believe—the Sirians don’t have a religion—

Sherry: You haven’t been there.  So how do you know that they’re coming here?  It’s all a Satanic charade.

Caller: How?  ‘Cause that’s—

Sherry: They’re not coming here to get their kids and take them to the starships—star planets. 

Caller: Yeah, they are. 

Sherry: They’re not coming here to take people there. No.

Caller: They’re already here.

Sherry: Alright, well enjoy your illusions. I’m not gonna waste my time on this.

Caller: That’s why everything is going to happen.  That’s why there’s government shutdown. That’s just the—

[call ends]

Read Your Bibles, Folks

I can only take so much, folks. Yeah, you know what?  Our government officials do leave the Earth.  They hover in UFOs above the Earth, and they have bases on the Moon and Mars.  But don’t fall for the New Age garbage.  That, “Oh they’re just Sirians. And now their parents are coming back for ‘em.”  Tch.  If they were any kind of parents, do you think they would have left there here to begin with? I mean, come on, folks.  It’s a bunch of garbage.  Satan’s going to be cast to the Earth. Revelation 12. [Revelation 12:7-9] Read your Bibles. And when he’s cast to the Earth, his forces are going to be stuck here with him.  Read your Bibles. Revelation chapter 6.  The arrival of the Pale Horse, and Hell follows after him. [Revelation 6:8]  What do you think that means?  All of Hell’s forces are coming with him.  It’s going to be Hell on Earth, folks. There’s no aliens coming from different planets to save you.  That’s a New Age lie.  That’s what the New Agers want you to think.  They want you to think that, because you’ve been such a good little Lightworker for them—and this is a mimicry for the Holy Spirit-filled Christian; they call New Agers “Lightworkers”—that they’re going to take you off the planet and protect you during the coming upheaval on Earth. Riiiight.  They’re going to protect you.  They’re going to take you to different planets to start over.

Mary K. Baxter Had Visions Of UFOs Taking People To Hell

It all reminds me of Divine Revelation of Hell. [http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/divine-revelation-of-hell.htm] Mary K. Baxter was taken to Hell every day for 40 days, given a vision, and told to write a book.  One of the things she recounts is that she saw UFOs coming down to Hell while she was there. And they were landing inside Hell, and all these people were being unloaded. [TN: I believe Sherry is talking about chapters 11 and/or 12.] Now, where was she?  Hell.  Where were the UFOs?  Hell.  Where were they going?  Hell.  So put two and two together, folks. That’s why I’ve been warning you.  Don’t get on the UFOs.  It’s just going to take you straight to Hell.  They’re not taking you to a different planet to start over.  They’re not rewarding you for all of your labors here on Earth so that Satan and his New Age movement—they’re, you know, Satan’s reward is Hell.  That is his reward.  Heaven isn’t his to give. He doesn’t own Heaven.  He doesn’t own any planets.  Everything he has is because he’s permitted, or allowed to have, or has the authority over it for a certain delegated amount of time.  He doesn’t own anything.  So, people following him and this whole New Age thing, you’re losers.  You’re losing. And you’re gonna lose.  Don’t you think now—pillaging and taxing to death and making people slaves—you know?  That’s your kingdom now.  And you pay for it for eternity for your wicked deeds on Earth.  They don’t go unnoticed. They don’t go forgotten, either.  The Lord keeps records of everything.  So, I don’t know. 

Many Truth Seekers Have No Discernment

Stop playing the games, folks.  And get away from the garbage sites. I hear from so many people that, they want truth, and they think, “Oh, I’m going to learn about UFOs, and I’m going to learn about the government and the New World Order.” And then they end up planting themselves on all these New Age websites that just—they’re not at the stage in truth-seeking where they can chew the grass and spit out the hay.  And so, they just chew everything up.  They think everything’s right.  If you wanna learn truth, then you have to start at His feet, asking Him for the truth in all things every day and getting to know His Word.  What His Word says.  ‘Cause that’s how you base.  That’s your foundation on what’s truth and what isn’t.  So, how can you go to all these other places on the Internet—and I get this all the time from people. “Would you look at this website and tell me what you think.  Have you heard of this person so-and-so?  Can you look at his stuff and tell me what you think?”

Sherry’s Guide On How To Get Discernment

People can’t base what the truth is because they don’t know what the Bible is.  They don’t know what the Bible says.  Don’t “base” it, folks.  Read.  People don’t want to read.  You can go online. You can go to BlueLetterBible.com [http://www.blueletterbible.org/index.cfm] and read.  And you should know the Book of Revelation, the Book of Matthew, the Book of James, Peter, David, Old Testament.  Read a psalm every day.  Read a proverb every day.  Start with Genesis and read all the way through the Bible.  I did that when I was 13 years old.  What a concept!  Go through the Bible and read it yourself.  What a concept.  People are lazy.  Your eternity, your soul, depends on your ability to recognize truth, and you refuse to read.  There’s no excuse.  Or even listen.  You can listen to the Bible on audios now.  You can listen to all my show on free archives. You can listen to just about anything today.  So there’s no excuse. You have the written and you have the recorded.  The only thing with people is they’re lazy.  Lazy.

And you know what?  If you just ask the Lord to teach you the truth in all things, to lead you into the truth in all things, He’ll start you exactly where you need to start.  He’s not going to start you where I started or anybody else started. Wherever it is you need to start, He’s going to start revealing truth to you.  And whatever you need at that moment.  ‘Cause truth is a journey.  It never ends. Once you start it, you’re just on it all the time.  You know, I pray almost every day for the Lord to lead me into the truth in all things.  And to help me to get greater discernment, greater wisdom, so I can discern the things I see, the people I run into, the events I’m analyzing.  It needs discernment. So, you need to pray for discernment every day.  And with that comes wisdom.  And He’ll probably lead you into reading sections of the Bible.  You know?  Sometimes you don’t have to read about the whale; He’ll lead you to somebody else’s work that’s already researched and written about, whatever it is He’s leading you into to learn.  It’s a journey, folks.  And sometimes it just takes a while. You know, it took me two years to start making orgone from the time He told me to make it because I just thought, “Oh, no. That’s got crystals in it.  That’s New Age.”  Ain’t nothing wrong with crystals.  If you got a problem with gemstones, you’re gonna have a real problem with Heaven ‘cause it’s loaded with ‘em.  Satan just perverts things the Lord already has and has made. Once you get through the mind control and conditioning that’s been pounded in you since you were born, step outside the box, then you can start learning what real truth is.  But be led by Him.  Be led by Him. 

Remember That Yahuah Never Speaks To Our Heads, Ever!

Make sure you know that you know that you know it’s of Him.  I get people all the time that tell me why I doubt stuff and tell me it’s from the Lord, and I know it’s not. They start listening to that voice in their head.  They take it for granted that they’ve heard His voice before and have been led by Him because He speaks to our hearts, so when they start hearing a voice in their heads they assume it’s Him.  Gotta watch those games the Devil plays.  Gotta watch ‘em.  The Lord never speaks to our heads.  Ever.  Oh, it might sound like Him.  It might sound like something He says. It might sound “religious.”  But He doesn’t speak to our heads, folks. He does not speak to our heads.  And it’s an easy trap to fall into because you just assume it’s Him, ‘cause it’s not wicked, it sounds right, it sounds religious. 

Anyway.  Just my soap box rant of what I have to deal with all the time with people.

Dominant Months, Now And Coming

April—heavily dominant month of Satanic activities. I’ll probably talk about that on Monday night. Some of the rituals and things they have planned for this month.  April, May, June, July, August, September.  Dominant months, folks.  Dominant. And it has to be this year.  I mean, typically I can say I don’t know the year—I would just be appalled, because I typically know how events in the Codes become dominant then disappear for a while and come back.  Because those are typically the events that are a year away or so.  The most dominant things in the Codes I’m seeing now are things I’ve seen for years that haven’t gone away.  But you can tell by their position and their dominance in the Codes that they’re coming closer, that these events are coming closer.  So. 

Get Prepared And Keep Your Eyes Open Ladies And Gentleman

Just be prepared, folks.   Get your orgone pipe blasters.  All the food in the world isn’t gonna help you if, you know, you’re abducted or dead.  Secure your areas with orgone.  Set up protection zones.  The aliens hate the orgone.  Secure everything you have.  Any area, any land. Your areas, your communities. Because, you know, once this Maitreya does hit the Earth, whether it’s by hologram or camel, Hell is going to break loose.  Literally.  So keep your eyes on Egypt, and Libya, and Iran—Arab countries.  These whole regime changes taking place because they’re gotta get their people in positions of the government where they want them.  And so. Morocco coming up next on the scene, looks like, for regime change. They’re lining up in the background the people they want in power.  And so.  Just watch for his ultimate arrival, folks.  What if it’s his ultimate arrival, and he—just the very sight of this guy should give you a heads up to get out of dodge.  Get out of the cities. Get to hiding.  Get to preparing.  ‘Cause he’s gonna arrive, and his false prophet arrives, this Sananda Jesus, and literally just Hell is gonna to break loose. So.  That’s the timetable, folks.  Just keeping an eye on His arrival.

Closing Thoughts

I notice that Glenn Beck just did a show on it the other day. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTl9BvqVqNk&NR=1]  Interesting.  More people jumping on the bandwagon.  I’ve been on it for 12 years now.  You might think it’s crazy, and it is.  But those are the kinds of things that are coming.  And who cares if 300 million Americans, out of 7 billion people, don’t plan on accepting this Imam who’s any kind of messiah. ‘Cause guess what? That’s why they plan on killing 300 million Americans through Martial Law and disasters.  And how many Jews and Europeans, folks.  We’re cannon fodder to them.  Just because we don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. 

Anyway, folks, be back Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, and I’ll pick up where I left off today.  See you then, everybody.

Yah Bless.



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