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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 11, 2011

Aliens Invasions Are Dominant in the Codes for the Summer Months

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday, April 11. And your Monday Night with Sherry Shriner here. And if you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

A couple things I want to talk about tonight. You know, folks, the next four...six months just look horrid, and so. I don't think we can go through anymore delays. And I'll say that, then we'll be in a delay, but. You know, everything that I've warned about last year, and this year towards the summer months -- told you to keep an eye on the skies, watch out for alien invasions because the summer months are the most dominant -- and you know, it doesn't get anymore clear in the Bible Codes than this, that these are the most dominant events coming on the horizon. And so, these are the things the Lord wants me to see. That's why He shows them. They're dominant to me. It's all I see when I look at Codes; certain events coming up.

And so, you know, we never know exactly how they're gonna portray themselves. Things don't always happen the way we expect them to. We can expect something to be a largely visual event, and it ends up being something very strong, but in the background and the public just goes on unaware. Those kinds of things. You know, you never know how exactly these things are gonna play out.

But, you know, I've warned about keeping an eye on increasing sightings of UFOs, because there's just so many things coming in. We've got objects by the sun. You know, we've got UFO fleets in orbit and the Earth. The dimensions merging, the portals opening. All kinds of UFOs and different dimensional beings coming in through the portals. And, you know, I told you in the Bible Codes it said our aerospace is "cramped." It's cramped. They're all over the place, folks. And so, no surprise that people are starting to get YouTube videos on actual fleets in space.

And so, a lot of times UFOs will try to mask themselves to hide within clouds or at nighttime -- nighttime can be a zoo on a clear night. They're all over the place. And they prefer the night. They prefer sunset. You know, the sun's not so strong, it's dim. They prefer a dim atmosphere, a chilly atmosphere. And so, we're seeing all these things, coming out of the spring and going into the summer. In some places it's going to be very hot. In other places, gonna be chilly. Some places gonna be very dry. Other places are gonna be very wet. We're gonna have a huge contrast in conditions. And, you know, we're already seeing that. We already see that.

HAARP Rings - Weapons Being Used to Cause Severe Weather

You know, I was watching a video the other day that Dutchsinse [YouTube username] uploaded and he was talking about HAARP rings that he was seeing in the weather formation. And it was pointing out that there were HAARP rings above Wisconsin, and Missouri, Tennessee, and southern Minnesota. And the next day, boom! Tornadoes in Iowa. It wasn't Wisconsin, it was Iowa he was talking about. Iowa and southern Minnesota. And he had it right there on the YouTube, because he was showing where the HAARP rings were. Above Iowa.

And so, it only begs the question, if you can prove that weather-control weapons are behind the disasters that we've been having the last several months and years, then why can't we sue the government? Why can't we you the government for damages? Seems to me you should be able to. Because, first of all, the government will probably deny they have HAARP facilities even though their locations are all over the Internet. But even if that argument wouldn't hold up because they're supposed to protect our airspace. They're not protecting our airspace from the weather weapons from anybody else. And this is, basically -- all this bad weather we've been having the last several months has all been HAARP-related. It's all been HAARP.

Forced Famine from Effects of Radiation and Corexit

They're pushing the tornadoes, the high winds, the rain, because they want to saturate the ground with radiation. Now I don't believe that all of this radiation we're getting, and have, is from Japan. I believe it's from the chemtrails. I think that their chemicals that they're spewing out from the chemtrails contain the radiation that we're seeing. And the one way for them to push it everywhere is tornadoes, high wind, rain. And notice they're targeting the Midwest, the southeast, the breadbaskets of America. The breadbaskets.

You know, Florida's already saturated with Corexit poisoning. So I can't imagine any of their fruit being edible. Then you've got California. All of their fruit...the mushrooms and the strawberries, I was reading, have radiation on them, in them. So that food's gonna be inedible to eat. And now they're saturating the Midwest at a time when people are starting to plant their crops for the year. Saturating the ground so they won't grow, no doubt. And if they do, they're gonna have radiation in them. Forced famine, folks. I warned about it last year, year before. Forced famine. Destroy the food supply. Forced famine is coming.

Banning Home Lunches Forces Schools to Provide Processed Monsanto "Junk" Food for Children

And they want everybody eating their Monsanto food garbage. I'd seen a headline on the news somewhere that the school -- and I didn't catch the city or state it was in -- was banning home lunches. Banning home lunches. Forcing them to eat the garbage they feed at the schools. And I don't know about your school, but our school, the kids get boxed lunches. They get processed, frozen boxed TV-dinner-type meals. And they no longer have cooks in their cafeterias, they have microwaves. And they just pop these lunches in the microwave and heat them up and eat them. That's their lunches. That's what they get in Carrollton, Ohio. Boxed, processed, frozen airplane food. They're worse than airplane food. I've had airplane food before. It was much better than what the kids are eating at the schools. All that processed food...you yell at your kids to stay away from processed junk, and you don't buy it, and they have to go to school and eat it? Tell me they care a thing about nutrition in schools today. Boxed lunches.

The State Has No Power to Force You to Vaccinate Your Children - Get an Exemption

So, anyway. You know, I just go on one of my tirades. All this stuff with the schools. And you know what? I hear from parents that, "Oh, the school nurse says my daughter has to have this vaccination or she can't go to school next year." And they told me the same thing. I face the same thing this year. And you know what? These school nurses, they act like gestapos, they act like they're the big cops on campus or something. They have no power.

And the state cannot force you to get a vaccination for your child to attend school. They try to tell you that they do, but they can't, and they don't. All you have to do is submit a letter to the school, the school principal, administration, or the nurse, and state that you are taking a religious exemption, and you are NOT vaccinating your child, nor do you allow your child to be vaccinated. You know, and submit a letter in writing to the school nurse, to the school. And you know what? Dare them to even answer it, because they won't. They know that you have a religious exemption not to take vaccinations. That they don't have the literal power and authority to force your child to get a vaccine. Because every state allows religious or philosophical exemptions from vaccinations. And so, don't let them bully you. Don't let them bully you. I've been through it myself, you know. Just submit the letter, and you'll never hear from them again and your child will be left alone. Because once they know that you realize they're full of b.s. and hot air, they'll leave you alone. They know their intimidation and bullying tactics are only gonna go so far.

Crazy Weather and Angry Arsonist Aliens Coming

So we've got bad weather and tornadoes all caused by HAARP. This summer we're gonna have severe droughts caused by HAARP. We're gonna have severe flooding in other areas. Our weather...it's gonna go crazy. It's just gonna go crazy. Because not only do you have weather-control weapons at play, you have Planet X coming in. You've got these other anomalies coming in. All the UFOs flying above us all the time. Whole fleets that are here already.

You know, it still looks very, very chaotic for July. And one thing I've always noticed, and I've seen more and more of, is that when these aliens arrive, they're angry, you know. And I've always warned about that. More and more being called "arsonists." I really do believe that when they come they're shooting fire everywhere. And, interesting that blowing up major population centers has long been on their agenda. Is the time now? I don't know. But, obviously, with the planned earthquakes our government has for the Midwest this spring...you know, they want to blow the Madrid Fault Line. They want to blow the coastline on the southeast, nuking the Atlantic Ocean, the southeast section of the United States, to cause tsunamis on the coastline there and earthquakes. And then straight through the Midwest, all the way from Alabama all the way up to the Great Lakes, you've got the New Madrid's fault line.

So, on top of our government planning destruction you have aliens coming in that can shoot fire from their UFOs and blow things up, and shoot beams. It just doesn't look like a really cheerful time over the next six months, folks. A lot of activity coming.

Maitreya's Coming Fairly Soon with the Locusts Maybe a Month Later

Maitreya, the arrival of Iran's mahdi. They're still trying to figure out how they're gonna get him here, because they've always planned, you know, to have some kind of space arrival or something. I don't know what their original plan was. But they have to go to different routes now. You know, I actually saw "camel" in the Codes. Cave of Machpela comes up a lot. And that is the cave Abraham was buried in, and Sarah. And so, he's gonna arrive, and he's gonna take the tour of the old, ancient sites. He's gonna visit the burial places and, you know, whatever. Media-spotlighting time. Let them get some footage, you know. His 15 minutes of fame is gonna last about three or seven years depending on what your view is of how long it's gonna take. But, he's coming fairly soon, folks. And, when this Iran mahdi arrives, the Locusts are, wow, maybe a month later. The arrival of the Nephilim, the Anunnaki, the Giants. They're right after his arrival.

The Second Beast, Sananda the Fake Jesus, Is Expected in September

And, you get through that, and in September the dominant arrival of the second beast, this Jesus, Sananda. The Christians will recognize him as the Jesus in the churches. But that's not who he really is, he's just playing that part. But they'll call him Jesus. And he'll arrive in September. I always see a September arrival for him. Arrive in the clouds with angelic hosts. That's been their plans for that one. And I don't know how they're gonna pull that off. It's gonna be purely holograms at this point, if they even get that pulled off. So fairly within a short amount of time once the Iran mahdi arrives, then the fake Jesus will arrive.

Why Are These "Friendly" Aliens Abducting People Rather Than Stopping the Destructions?

And in between those arrivals, and after Jesus' arrival, the fake Jesus arrival, we just have hell and chaos here on Earth. Giants, aliens, different beings, factions of aliens. You know, the New Agers always want you to think aliens are friendly, they want to come to Earth and help. And, you know what? What help have they given? What help have they done? You try to warn them and pull their heads out of the sand, and they won't listen. If they're here to help, then why don't they do anything to help?

You know, last year in 2010 and entire village in China disappeared. Massive alien abduction. All the people in the village disappeared. Then you have Japan, March 11 of this year. All you see is empty footage of waves overtaking the land. Where are the people? There's no people. Massive UFO abduction before that even happened. I bet the whole tsunami thing was just a huge coverup for the fact that there was such a massive human abduction that took place. So, yeah. A lot of people said they saw UFOs above Japan. They weren't there to help, were they? No, they were there abducting people. If there were there to help, why didn't they stop the U.S. military from planting nukes in the ocean bed so that it would cause the tsunamis? They work in collusion together, folks. And that's what I've always said. They work together.

"Yeah, we're gonna blow this up, but we'll give you a chance to go in and get all the people off of it first for yourselves to stock your lockers up."  Humans are food to them, folks. Haiti earthquake, thousands still missing. Every disaster -- Indonesia, tens of millions; Katrina; Hurricane Andrew. Many, many, many -- these people don't show up later. They don't wash ashore later, or body parts, they're just gone! They're just gone. Massive UFO abductions take place before every one of these disasters.

Two Things You Don't Want to See in Your Sky Are HAARP Rings and a Lot of UFOs

So, two things you don't want to see in your sky when you're out looking up in the day or at night. You don't want to see a HAARP ring, because if you see a HAARP ring, you can guarantee you're gonna have some really bad weather heading your way in just a couple days. Usually within a day or two, once you see a HAARP ring, you're gonna end up with a earthquake or a tornado. So you don't want to see a HAARP ring.

You certainly don't want to see a lot of UFOs, because that means they're abducting people. They're not here to be our friends, folks. They're not here to take you to a different planet so you can be safe while Earth goes through cataclysmic changes. They're stocking up their freezers. They want you in it. So the one thing we found to keep UFOs away is orgone. They hate orgone. Catches them on fire, causes their ships to malfunction. And so, they pinpoint orgoned areas and they stay out of them. And so, that's what you want to do, folks. You want to make your area a designated no-fly zone so they don't fly in your area. Cause they know if they fly in your area, they're gonna crash, they're gonna catch on fire.

Make Your Area an Alien No-Fly Zone with Orgone

Make your area a no-fly zone. Get the orgone out...your yards, your neighborhoods, your cities, your streets, your highways, your shopping centers. Get it everywhere. Rooftops, ditches. Plant it, get it in the water. Get it out there. Make a circle. Get a map and then circle your county that you live in, and go around every mile around your county and throw an orgone puck. Every mile around your county. And then get parts of it in the center. So, when the wind blows it just blows orgone all over your county. And they'll hate it. They'll stay out of it. Become a no-fly zone.

You know, when I see them in my area they're so far up you need binoculars to see them. They stay up. There is no hovering all the way down [laughs] above the treetops like you've seen on some people's YouTube videos of UFOs in their areas. Oh, no. They don't get that low in my place 'cause they know they'll crash. So make your place safe, folks. Make it a no-fly zone, for an alien no-fly zone.

Some Kind of Confrontation between Sherry and Sananda in May

So April and May...there's gonna be some kind of confrontation with me and the big maggot on the Capricorn in May. That's Jesus. That's Sananda's thing, that Capricorn 2, 'cause we crashed the Capricorn 1. Yeah, I see some kind of confrontation coming on, so. [laughs] Bring it on. They know where I'm at. So that'll be interesting. So May is pretty much dominated with that. And Maitreya's actual arrival...May is very dominant. And June and then July, chaos. If you see him arrive in May or June, then you know that July is gonna be total alien UFO chaos.

Get Your Insurances Paid Up and Get Renters Insurance If You Have None

Best advice I could give you...number one, make sure all your insurances are paid up on your homes, your vehicles. People that are renting, make sure your renters insurance...you have renters insurance. For the kids out there who are renting and you don't know what renters insurance is, it's insurance if all your belongings are stolen or destroyed the insurance company would just write you out a check so you could replace them. So, get your insurances caught up, paid up.

Make Sure You're Right with the Lord - He's Permitting His People Be Tested

And, make sure you're right with the Lord, because the Lord's gonna allow His people to undergo a time of testing. He's testing those who haven't been tested already. And trust me, most of you haven't. So, get off the fence. The Lord's judgment is on the world. And through His judgment He allows...Satan is permitted, through his pawns, and his secret societies, his governments, his militaries, they are permitted, they are authorized to do things, to cause earthquakes, to cause tornadoes, to do this. You always see "permitted" and "authorized." 'Cause they're not allowed to do anything He doesn't allow them to. He has them on a string. You know, they're not the crown of the cake, folks. They're nothing, they're puppets. They're not allowed to do anything He doesn't permit them to.


Anyway, I'm gonna take a couple calls and see what's going on with people. Phone lines lighting up. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Let's see what's going on around the country here.

What Do You Think about the Two Suns?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Can you hear me?


CALLER: What do you think about the two suns? They're saying that March 3 China saw two suns, and the United States...we didn't hear about it.

SHERRY: Yeah, they had it on TV, you know. There's so many -- there's Nibiru up there, there's the planet Enoch speaks of. And so, yeah, yeah. There's objects and anomalies coming in. So, yeah, people are gonna see two suns.

CALLER: I'm in California. When the sun sets, I can take my IPhone and I can actually point it with my video cam and record it. And you can actually see both of them, side by side.

SHERRY: Right. You can see it in Hawaii. Last year my son got a picture of it in Alabama. I can't see with my naked eye, but if you point your cell phone camera at the sun and just take a picture, you'll see it. And it's not a sun dog. It's not any of that stuff. It's just that when I look at the sun, you know, most people just get blinded. And the thing is kind of like, off to the right.

What Is the Fourth Dimension?

CALLER: Listening to a show, and the guy was talking about we're moving into the fourth dimension now. What does he mean by fourth dimension? Said now we're gonna see planets, and we're gonna see shadow people, we're gonna start seeing things that weren't there before.

SHERRY: What he means is the veil's being lifted between the third and the fourth dimensions. We're merging.

CALLER: We're merging now.

SHERRY: The Bible talks about a veil. Yeah, we're merging.


SHERRY: And so, that's what's happening.

CALLER: Thank you so much for your websites and everything. If it wasn't for you -- I mean, I'm learning so much from you. You're teaching me so much. I'm learning so much, and I thank the Most High God for putting you here with us.

SHERRY: Oh, well, you're very welcome. Where are you calling from?

CALLER: California.

SHERRY: California. Yeah, you said. I just realized. Yeah, I'm blond. I'm allowed to be a ditz. [laughs] All right. Yeah. You know what? The dimensions are merging. And that's what I've been warning. And when that veil lifts completely it's gonna be chaos here.


SHERRY: Because right now we're blinded. We're kept from seeing the spiritual world. People don't see aliens, they don't see demons, unless you can see into the fourth dimension. And when that veil's gone, whether you can see or not, you're going to whether you've always had the gift of seeing into the other dimension or not. Regular people are gonna see aliens and demons. And it's not a pretty sight.

CALLER: Well, I was 16-years-old, and I was standing in front of a friend of mine's house, and we were looking up at the sky. And, I've seen the crafts. I've seen it.


CALLER: I've seen about six or seven of them, all in a row, moving throughout the sky.

SHERRY: Yep. That's a fleet. When you see them together like that, it's called a fleet.

CALLER: Yeah. I've seen them from Delaware. When I used to live in Delaware.


CALLER: Well, thanks for helping me. To be able to talk. I'm so shocked I actually am talking to Sherry Shriner. Isn't that something?

SHERRY: [laughs]

I've Heard Some Negative Things about Orgone

CALLER: I've been following and learning. The only thing that I'm a little confused about, 'cause I've heard some negative things about orgone.

SHERRY: 'Cause there's two different types of orgone. There's DOE [dead orgone energy] and POE [positive orgone energy]. There's the Don Croft crowd, there's the Sherry Shriner crowd. Light and darkness. And you know what? I teach people how to make positive orgone energy. It's on my website. They can learn how to make it for free. Make my kind if you want the same results that we have with it. If you want to crash UFOs, you want to protect your areas, you want to protect the water supplies and stuff, use positive orgone energy. It's a living force energy, so. There's a war in everything, and the same with orgone energy. Dead orgone energy, living orgone energy.

CALLER: That's awesome. You said it's on the website? Which one is it? I go to www.sherryshriner.com.

SHERRY: Go to www.orgoneblasters.com.

CALLER: Orgoneblasters.


CALLER: All right.

SHERRY: Orgoneblasters.com. And I talk all about POE orgone energy, and how the Lord led me to it, and what the Bible Code says about it. And you'll learn everything you can about it at orgoneblasters.com.

CALLER: All right. Well, thanks.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in. Bye-bye.

CALLER: All right, bye-bye.

What's Your Perspective on What's Going to Happen between Now and 2012?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sister Sherry?


CALLER: Hey, God bless you. This is Chad. Chad from Atlanta.

SHERRY: Hello, Chad.

CALLER: Hey. Real quick. I noticed -- Well, I'm not actually on your orgoneblaster website. Thank you again. Definitely gonna study it and figure out how to make my own. If not, I'll just keep buying it from you. [laughs]

SHERRY: There's videos on there. There's, you know, step-by-step instructions. You know, once you do it the first time, it's like driving a car. It's nothing after that. You never forget it.

CALLER: Cool. Thanks. OK. Real quick. Just had a question. First of all, again, Yah bless. Really appreciate what you've been doing over the years. Believe it or not, I've been following you since, I'd say 2005, 2006. When I would hear you speak, I would cry, because I couldn't believe it. But, of course, after doing my research, 100 percent accuracy. It just freaked me out. But anyway, [laughs] can you -- you might've spoken about this already, but, what is, based off, you know, what the Lord is showing you, what are some -- between now and 2012 -- what is, quote, unquote, your perspective based off your research on it. Of course, there's a billion different interpretations, blah-blah-blah --

SHERRY: What I see in the Bible Codes that -- don't have specific time, but I see events. I don't see dates as much as I do see events --


SHERRY: -- is the arrival of the Iranian mahdi, Maitreya.

CALLER: Got it.

SHERRY: There's another one. Probably Saint Germaine.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: There's Sananda. There's Lady Nana [Nada], whatever they call her, that poses as Mary.

CALLER: Gotcha. Heard about her in Revelation.

SHERRY: Yeah. All that New Age garbage you always just thought was ridiculous b.s. is actually gonna happen. Maybe not in ways that you thought it would happen, but they're gonna happen. They're gonna be here.

CALLER: I can imagine.

SHERRY: You know what? We're gonna see Giants dominating. And we're gonna see the Chinese dominating the United States. Muslim wars in Europe.


SHERRY: You just see Obama aligning with the Muslims and the Chinese, and just equals total destruction for the United States. And Giants and alien invasions. I mean, it's just chaos. And famine on top of that. And poison water. And diseases and plagues from radiation.

CALLER: I believe you based on what the Lord has [unclear] on me. Wow. --

SHERRY: If I lived near the border, I'd be going over it about now.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: I would just be leaving. I'll pass the Mexicans on my way into Mexico. You know, I would just be heading out. Canada's not gonna be any better.


SHERRY: You're better off just heading all the way south into the mountains of Bolivia and Peru and hiding down there somewhere.

CALLER: Gotcha. It's like watching a movie, honestly. You know, how you just -- the Lord is showing you so much and it's like [unclear]. You just gotta prepare. You know?

SHERRY: Yep. And the rich are gone. I mean, they're already leaving.


SHERRY: The writing's on the wall. And we're just -- every week we have is a blessing.

CALLER: Exactly. I just wanna say thank you, Sister. I love you so much. We all do. And continue to do what you're doing. And you've got my full support.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Thank you.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

I Survived the Tornadoes in Iowa

CALLER: Well, I survived the tornadoes in Iowa.

SHERRY: Oh, you did! Very good!

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: Did you see his video? That --

CALLER: Not even a drop of rain. They were like, seven miles away from us, and we didn't get a drop of rain.

SHERRY: Wow. So, hey, was it coming towards you --

CALLER: I know it. Not a drop.

SHERRY: -- when they hit orgone walls and then switched directions? 'Cause I've had that happen to me.

CALLER: It must've because they're not around...they didn't even -- every storm lately has gone north or south of us. Not a drop.

SHERRY: I'll watch a weather map. And there's a scientist in Columbus, and we kind of used to talk together in e-mails --

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: -- And he used to send me links, "Look, Sherry, it's heading your way. It's heading your way." And then, boom! It would hit an orgone wall and just go somewhere else.

CALLER: No, that was more in western Iowa. I'm more eastern, central.

What Do HAARP Rings Look Like?

SHERRY: Well, that's where they were targeting. Did you see Dutchsinse's videos where he uploaded the HAARP rings in Iowa?

CALLER: Now I didn't see any HAARP rings. What did they look like?

SHERRY: You know, on the videos I -- they're not the color rings that you see when earthquakes hit.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: He's got a trained eye, so he can see cloud formations in a certain way. And he knows they're HAARP rings. I'll send you the link.

CALLER: They don't just look like rings?

SHERRY: No. You have to have an eye for it. He has an eye.

CALLER: They're not wavy, or funny-looking, or...

SHERRY: They might be. But when he shows -- I'm just watching his video. You know, I'm one of these, you know, not the smartest in the box --

CALLER: These are more seen from above, like from radar, from satellite or something?

SHERRY: Yeah. He watches the stuff on the Weather Channel and he points out the HAARP stuff. And he uploads videos every single day to his website. He tell ya, "Look, there's gonna be bad weather here, bad weather there." 'Cause you can follow HAARP and see what HAARP's doing. Well, he had just uploaded the video on Iowa, and then the next day, boom! There was tornadoes in Iowa.


SHERRY: So now I'm a believer. I'm gonna start paying more attention to his websites. 'Cause, he knows what he's talking about.

CALLER: Well, it was 90-some degrees. It's been really cold, and then it was 90 degrees. And then, today it was in 50s and freezing, so.

SHERRY: Oh, I know. Yesterday we had like, it was in the 70s. And then, today it was rainy all day and dreary. And we've hardly had any sun here.

CALLER: My son lives in Phoenix. And north there in Flagstaff they got ten inches of snow.

SHERRY: Oh, wow. Wow, in the desert?

CALLER: Flagstaff. Yep.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Ten inches.

SHERRY: Wow. They can keep it. I don't want it here.

What Are Those Booms They're Hearing in Canada?

CALLER: What are those booms they're hearing in Canada? What's up with Canada?

SHERRY: If you hear any kind of a loud sonic boom, those are plasma weapons.

CALLER: Does that mean something's about ready to happen in that location? Big or...

SHERRY: No, because the sound reverberates. Like when they used the satellite tech weapon to blow up the shuttle, Columbia, --

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: -- and people heard the boom all the way in Texas...


SHERRY: Those are satellite tech weapons they're using.

CALLER: So they might be doing something somewhere else and they hear it?

SHERRY: Yeah, yeah. That's probably it. They just hear it. Because when Columbia blew up, where? Over in California? And people in Texas were hearing the boom?

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: So, yeah, you hear that loud sonic boom, it's those plasma tech weapons.

CALLER: Oh. I'm an 11th person, because I've had a lot of bad things happen to me. But I've warned people about the 11th. And, look, today then, that happened in Japan again on their anniversary of the 11th.


CALLER: That big 6.6? Or did they say 7.1 or whatever, but --

SHERRY: They had a couple 7's just over the past week, it seems.


SHERRY: And the whole island's going to go under the water. I don't know why people are waiting to get off. Just GO!

CALLER: Well, they probably don't have any money, and they don't know where to go, and --

SHERRY: They actually could probably catch a ride off in a ship somewhere, but they just don't want to. That's basically what it's coming down to.

CALLER: Yeah. They all got radiation. Do you think they're even gonna let them off there?

SHERRY: Well, you know, they're stuck in between, what? China and Hawaii?


SHERRY: I'd be in Hawaii in a heartbeat.

If You Start Getting Snow, then We're Talking Radiation

CALLER: You just don't hear much about over there much. It's kind of like, fading off TV. And about the radiation here you don't hear anything. Some people, the end of March, and, was that Phoenix? Reported that they had like, a dry rain and it was weird. It was like pieces of...oh...I don't know how to explain it, but they were -- they called it a dry rain, but it wasn't really rain. It was probably some kind of radiation. I don't know.

SHERRY: You know what? If you start getting snow, then you know without a doubt. And I've seen snow in the Bible Codes and I don't like to see snow in the Bible Codes when it's April, because that means we're talking radiation, you know.

CALLER: They're predicting snow here, the end of the week. Or a chance or something. And I'm like, gosh, we're going 90 degrees to snow?


CALLER: I'm scared to go out this summer and mow.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: With all these gamma bursts they say are hittin' the earth. And...gosh!

SHERRY: Yeah, that's what they are. And they have those weapons, to, if they want to instantly heat up the atmosphere, those ionosphere weapons. Boom! It's like a big microwave. Just microwave the atmosphere, heat it up in seconds. So --

CALLER: I still haven't seen anything in the sky that's like, coming in. But I don't have any equipment to look like, at the sun, and it just blinds me, so. But I haven't --

SHERRY: I know. Me, too.

Has Anyone Seen the Second Sun?

CALLER: -- seen anything. You've heard anybody in Iowa seen the second sun or anywhere?

SHERRY: California. Nobody since last year in Alabama. So I think it's just really --

CALLER: How can it be just here and there and just --

SHERRY: It's always there. It's just the fact is that they cover it up so much you have to catch it on days it's not covered up.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Yeah, they do here, too.

SHERRY: Yeah, I mean, when I look east every morning, you just see the chemtrail planes going crazy. And so, I'll get mad thinking they're in MY territory, and I'll go orgone east, but I can't get far enough east to where they are without going up the country. I mean, it's just it looks like it's in your area, but it's not. They're literally just way, way east pounding the sun with chemtrails.

CALLER: Hmm. Is the sun still coming up at a odd location and going down --

SHERRY: No, it's actually coming up east.

CALLER: Is it now going down west? --

SHERRY: I had to reposition my pipes. Huh?

CALLER: It's actually going down in the west more now?

SHERRY: Yeah, it's actually normal right now. It's coming up in the east and setting in the west.


SHERRY: So, everybody, reposition your stuff, cause I have my pipes pointed east in the mornings. I saw in the Bible Codes where it's the sweet smell of the Lord.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: I just point my pipes that way so when it hits my area He gets a nice blast of positive orgone energy.


SHERRY: And, they love it, and it hurts all the alien and negative crafts that are around the sun.

How Do You See the Interchange of the Dimensions?

CALLER: How do you see the interchange of the dimensions? I guess I haven't noticed it. I mean --


CALLER: I just haven't, but. Is it at night when it's dark, or is it during the day, kind of see things, or...

SHERRY: You know what? If you start seeing more and more things out of the corner of your eye, or you start seeing people that look weird like they're underwater, morphing...

CALLER: Haven't seen that yet.

SHERRY: Yeah --

CALLER: I don't think I want to though, so. [laughs]

SHERRY: No, you don't.

CALLER: No, I don't. But I'm just saying I haven't. [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. You know. You and I, and everybody like us, we're just...you know. We're out in the countries or whatever, and we'll just stay here. [laughs]

I Keep Seeing the Number 11

CALLER: I'm just having this 11 thing going on with me. I told you that last year. And it even wakes me up. I mean, I woke up in the middle of a dream -- I was right in the middle of a dream, and I woke up. And I said, "You know what? I'm scared to look at the clock." And what it was? 11:11. And I don't know what it is, but --

SHERRY: They say that that's some kind of DNA activation code.

CALLER: I know. And it wakes me -- and it actually wakes me up. In the middle of the night I can look at the clock. I even turned the clock and I'm like, I'm scared to turn it to look when it woke me up, and there it flashed on my screen.

SHERRY: Well, you know what? Just ask the Lord, "Hey, if you wanna activate my DNA, go ahead."

CALLER: Yes, I know. Go ahead. Go ahead.

SHERRY: But you're in control here, not anybody else.

CALLER: They're giving me some kind of signal.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: But it happens to me a lot, and it's picked up lately. So, I don't know. I try to ignore it and don't pay attention, but it comes in other ways, too.

SHERRY: Yeah...well, you know, sometimes it's not --

CALLER: I see it a lot on signs. I don't know, just weird things. I see it on license plates.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: So, you know, it's just really weird. I just don't know if it's good or bad. I'm hoping it's good.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, just, you know...ask Him to make it good, keep it good.

CALLER: I know there's something to it, 'cause it just normally doesn't happen. It just happened a couple years ago, so.

SHERRY: I like when I see 44's. [laughs]

CALLER: Well, I know it's 222's, or 33 -- there's...it's some numerology or whatever --

SHERRY: Like right now it's 10:44. Reminds me of Faction Four, 144.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. I love those numbers. [laughs] 'Cause we're so small. I mean, the Faction Four

CALLER: I just don't wanna see 666, so [laughs].

SHERRY: Puke on that one.

There's So Much Chaos in the Atmosphere Right Now

CALLER: Yeah. But...yeah. It's been kinda quiet though lately. Nothing too big with the stars or the news or...I don't know. It just kinda slowed down a little bit, I think, here.

SHERRY: Well, that's 'cause there's so much chaos in the atmospheres right now. This whole -- fleets are coming in and getting seen. And we're gonna have more and more fleets coming in next month or two. And it's gonna be chaos.

CALLER: I tried to look at them, but, you know, it's, you know, still too cold to go outside and look at night, but...sometimes I just don't want to.

SHERRY: You know what? Just take a pipe baton with you and start waving it in the sky. Let those blue rays hit them.

CALLER: But I look during the day a lot. But I haven't seen too much around here, so. That's OK with me. They can just stay away --

SHERRY: I wonder...I've been waiting for the next helicopter flyover to come over, because I've been wanting to take pipe batons and go out and point them at the helicopters.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: And I missed my chance today, 'cause it was so low.

Did Those Disaster Service Vans Ever Move from Your Town?

CALLER: Did those HAARP [Disaster Service] vans ever move from your town? Are you keeping an eye on them?

SHERRY: He's got them in storage facilities now. So they're just storing them up.

CALLER: You don't hear much about them being like, all over, as they reported in Florida or whatever. You don't hear much about that anymore.

SHERRY: Yeah, 'cause they hide them. They put them in storage facilities, or they take them to Air Force bases or Army bases or whatever.


SHERRY: They're there. They're just hidden out of view, guess you could say.

Have You Any Proof that the Elite Are Starting to Go into Their Shelters?

CALLER: Have you any proof that the elite are starting to go into their shelters --

SHERRY: You know what? Have you ever read --

CALLER: I'd like some real proof of somebody actually saying, "Hey, I know somebody that's..." --

SHERRY: You usually get that off www.rense.com. So many people submit articles to him that, you know, they usually can't do anything without it being exposed on Rense, eventually.

CALLER: What's it called?

SHERRY: Rense. R-e-n-s-e.com.

CALLER: Huh. Never heard of it.

SHERRY: Jeff Rense. Yeah. I don't personally care for the guy very much, but I do know a lot of people submit work to his site, so, he posts it, so. Want to know what's going on with the pukeheads, go to www.rense.com and it's usually listed.

CALLER: Hmm. I don't listen to that many different sites and look around and stuff --

SHERRY: I don't either. I have my own work to do. [laughs]

CALLER: I just kind of listen to you, and...but...well, I guess that's all I wanna know. I just wanted to know more about the HAARP rings and stuff, but --

SHERRY: All right. Well, glad to know you're safe.

CALLER: Yeah! I hope you -- been quiet in Ohio, hasn't it?

SHERRY: Huh? Yeah, Ohio, it's been raining, dreary.

CALLER: OK. Well, take care.

SHERRY: All right, you, too.

CALLER: God bless. Bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

Are We to Call Ourselves Yahushuans Instead of Christians?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Can you hear me, Sherry?


CALLER: Hey, how's it goin', Miss Shriner? This is Brian Courtmeyer from SoCal [southern California].

SHERRY: Hey, Brian! How ya doin'?

CALLER: It's nice to meet you finally. [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah! For a few years.

CALLER: I was just listening. I was like, "Hope I to get on before I know she's got like, 12 minutes left." So I'll try make it as quick as I can.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I have an idea for maybe a new word. I guess, are we to call ourselves Yahushuans? Would that be a correct term?

SHERRY: Yahushuans? I like that. OK. [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah! Instead of Christians.

SHERRY: We're Yahushuans. Yeah.

I Made the Mistake of Randomly Sending Orgone to a Facebook Engineer

CALLER: I have just a quick question. And I guess I'll preface it real quick with a quick story. I made the mistake and -- I don't know if I shared this with the audience -- but I made a mistake of picking a person at Facebook and randomly -- this is Facebook, the company, so here in California -- made the mistake of picking a person, picking an engineer to send [orgone] generators to. I sent him 11, and he is a married guy, he has one kid, and he was on the documentary for MTV [Music Television] about Facebook. And so, I sent it to him and then what they did today was they reported it to the police as being a suspicious package. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: And I'm thinking to myself, I'm going, "You know, oh, wow. This is, you know, a honor badge," I guess you could say, because now I've seen it all where I have a police officer calling me up and saying, "You know, you're not in trouble. They're not angry with you. But they were suspicious of what you sent them and they said..." -- Guys says, "Well, what is it?" And I said, "Well, it's a non-moving-part machine that keeps away, you know, aliens, bad ghosts, and demons, and all that good stuff." And he goes, "Well, OK." And he says, "Man to man I would have to tell you that I don't think you should send orgone generators to people randomly anymore." And I said, "Oh, I don't know." What would your response be to that? [laughs]

SHERRY: I don't send them randomly, because the government buys them. I mean, I've been selling them to them for years, 'cause they've been trying to figure out what it is. So I always send it to them. I can't afford to send it to people, you know, that need it, --


SHERRY: -- let alone send it to people that don't want it.

CALLER: Well, maybe I shouldn't do that anymore, you know. He made a concern -- and is there a way that you could put up kind of -- I don't know how we'd do it, but I would love to give people who want orgone...I do a batch a month, so I have about 42. Is there a way we could set up a program somehow? Maybe I could set up a site that people can get on a list and I could send some out, 'cause I want to find people to send them to, but --

SHERRY: You know what? You're just going to have to do that on your own. And you're just gonna have to --


SHERRY: -- offer it on Facebook or whatever. I can't --

CALLER: I hear you.

SHERRY: -- I can't authorize other people's orgone.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: Now if you sent an orgone generator to this guy and he was a Lizard, and he broke out in boils, yeah, he's probably really pissed. [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: And then the cops would think it's a deadly weapon. You know what I'm saying?

CALLER: Yeah...

SHERRY: You never know what's gonna happen when you send orgone out. Most people just, you know, they don't feel anything off of it. Or they love the energy. Or they have a very bad reaction to it, and that's because it fights against evil entities and they're possessed.


SHERRY: I've seen it turn...give boils to old ladies, because, you know, they're possessed.

CALLER: Yeah. I feel heartbroken. Or, I feel...actually, I'm kind of next to crying over it. I was really shocked. But, I --

SHERRY: You know what? Just send it to people -- there's so many people that want it that can't afford it. Don't even bother with the people that don't want it.

CALLER: Got it. I will do that from now on. I guess I learned my lesson today. And we love you to death. I love you. You're a hero of mine. And I forever will support you. I love you to death, and I hope your family -- I mean that in a good way [laughs] --

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: -- I hope the family's well and everything, so.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in, and thanks for all your support.

CALLER: All right, Sherry. You have a good one, OK?

SHERRY: All right. You, too.

CALLER: Bye now.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

Is There Any Relevance to Constantly Seeing the Numbers 333 and 444 on My Clock?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry?


CALLER: Hi! This is SpeakWithThunder [online username] in Tennessee.

SHERRY: Hey! How ya doin'?

CALLER: Pretty good. The caller before the gentleman that just called in was speaking about numbers on the clock in the middle of the night.


CALLER: I keep getting the 333 and the 444. You know, is there any relevance to these? I mean --

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: -- you know, this is the first I've heard about it and I'm like, "OK, maybe I need to get on the phone with Sherry and find out something."

SHERRY: You know, I've heard they have stuff to do with activating DNA sequences, DNA codes. And whether that's good or a bad thing, --

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: -- you, know, I just put it in the Lord's hand and, "Hey! If You want to activate my DNA, go ahead. If you don't, then seal my body with Your Holy Spirit so nothing else can." You know?

CALLER: Exactly. And that's what I do and the numbers just keep popping up.


CALLER: It's not once a week, but it's constant. And I have all the orgone out and everything. And it's in the water. And I'm like, "OK, there's gotta be something to these numbers that keep popping up on my clock."

SHERRY: They could -- you know what? I've heard that the DNA activation is actually helping people. That they stop and look at it for a minute or so...I don't know. I don't know what to think of it. So, I just --

CALLER: Well, I don't either.

SHERRY: You know, I just put it in the Lord's hands and...like everything.

CALLER: I've given it to Yah and, you know, this has been going on for, you know, since I moved out of Florida.

SHERRY: Oh, you know what? I've seen the number 66 for like, seven years. And I've just wanted to pull the hair out of my head. [laughs]

CALLER: Oh! You know what? I think I'd white-out those numbers. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs] I mean, I just see them all the time. But you know what? Just as the occultists have meanings behind numbers, so does the Lord, because that's where they got it from. They took the numbers and perverted it. And so, He also has meanings behind numbers.

CALLER: Yes, I believe that.

SHERRY: And so, you know. And, of course, they say, "Oh, no. That's Kabbalistic, stay away from that." And, probably so, but, I mean, not occultic, but things we don't understand. That's why I stay away from it, because I don't understand it.

CALLER: Yeah, neither do I. And, you know, I've got too much other going on upstairs to be, you know, concerned with what they're doing. But, I just, you know, I was just wondering if you had any insight into, you know, what those numbers could possibly mean or, you know, if they were relative to anything that --

SHERRY: I'm sure they do. I just don't know.



CALLER: I put it in the hands of Yah and, you know what? He is mine, I belong to Him, and that's all that matters.


CALLER: All that matters. Well, Yah bless, Warrior. And it was good talking to you, and thank you for the info.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: You're welcome.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

Make the Aliens Fear and Stay Away from Your County by Orgoning It

And that's gonna be it tonight, folks. I'm gonna have to wrap this up, because time just goes so quickly on this show. I'll be back Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. Hopefully just in the news and not in my yard. [laughs] The way some of this is shaping up for the next several months, looks like it's gonna be quite amusing and interesting at the same time, and so.

Again, folks, just take care of your areas. We don't have much time left. Make your county no-fly zones for aliens. Make them fear it. Make them mark it and put it on their maps, "Stay away from this area." And that will protect the people there. Otherwise, you're gonna become dinner on Giants' plates, because, yeah, we have Chinese invasion coming, we have Islam trying to take over the world shortly, and no protection in the United States from our president, because he's aligned with both of the freak groups. And then we have Giants. The Locusts are coming, the Nephilim, Anunnaki. We've got everything coming, folks. So, prepare yourselves. I don't know how much longer we're gonna have to say that, because, eventually, they're gonna hit the kill-switch on the Internet, and you're not gonna hear from bigmouths like me anymore.

Word of a Zombie Attack in America, So Make Sure Your Orgone Water Is at Hand

I heard from somebody in Germany state that there was a zombie attack in America, but it didn't state exactly where in America [California]. And that the media was hiding it, and so. I don't doubt it a bit. Make sure you have orgone water stashed up in your garbage cans, or pools, or wherever you can get to orgone water so you can fill up water guns or sprayers or some kind of hoses, so if you do have a run-in with a zombie you can spray them with orgone water, 'cause it's like acid, it's like holy water to them. It's acid, it fries them. Best protection available, because you don't want to even get close enough to have to cut the thing's head off with knife or sword because that's way too close. So just get some orgone water ready and -- I'm not saying there's gonna be a zombie outbreak, but you know what? When the Giants come, all kind of nasty and ugly things are gonna happen, so. And coming rabies -- and I think rabies could be another term for zombies as well. And I do see the term "rabies" in the Codes, and so. So far, over in the Middle East, not here, but you never know.

Stay Away from the Vaccines - They Put Zombie Virus in Them

Anyway, that's just the stuff they're putting in the vaccines. Stay away from vaccines! They put the zombie virus in the vaccines, so when you die, you just reanimate and come back and you're a zombie, so.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.