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Aliens In The News
Thursday April 14th, 2011


BlogTalkRadio Changed Its Site, So Pass The Old Link Along, Folks

And hello, everybody.  It's Alien's In The News, Thursday with Sherry Shriner.  It’s April 14th.  If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.  And I see BlogTalkRadio’s still keeping it confusing as ever to figure out how to get into the chat room.  I'm still trying to find the chat button.  I don't even see the link on the site.  I posted a link to Facebook, on my Facebook site, and also sent the link out to my lists.  Pass that link along, folks, to people if they're having trouble finding the chat room or getting into it.  Send 'em your link.  Save the link and send it.  So.  I don’t know.  I need to call them later today and get this straightened out.  I really don't like the new changes they've made, although it seems to be a lot less hassles with all their scripts.  They script you to death.  Messes up a lot of peoples’ computers. 

How To Celebrate Passover

Couple things I want to talk about today.  Next week, April 18th, begins Passover.  So if you have no idea what you are doing, you’re clueless; if you're blind, walking in the dark, I have links at BackToYahweh.com [http://www.backtoyahweh.com/] that will show you how to celebrate Yah's appointed times with man.  That starts on the 18th, full moon.  And really rather some interesting recipes that you can make to celebrate the holiday, I guess you could say.  Appointed time.  And my kids know this one every year because it’s the week we don't eat bread.  If they never remember anything else, they’ll remember that.  The week we don't eat bread.  You go through your house and throw out anything leaven in it or yeast.  Because it represents poison, and what this signifies is getting rid of all of the poison outta our lives.  And so.  It’s a time of reflection as well.  Just getting rid of the poison outta your lives, folks, and it's symbolic by leaven.  So.  All kind of breads and flour and things like that.  You know, you just eat flats bread for a week.  And you know what?  Those aren't bad.  Flat breads.  I don't even eat bread.  And so, it doesn't really matter.  But when you take something away from people, you crave it.  So, it's kinda funny.  Because you can go a month without bread and then be told for a week you can't eat it, and all the sudden you want it.  It's kinda funny.  There's some, like the corn burrito bread type stuff the Mexicans make.  You can eat that stuff.  So.

They’re Calling Nibiru “Comet Elenin” Now To Hide Its True Identity

Anyway.  Been looking in Codes, and one of the things I'm seeing for the month of May is the arrival of Nibiru.  And you’ve gotta think of the Jewish month of May, and it's probably already started because they usually start their month mid-our month to the mid-next one.  And interestingly enough, I just posted a link yesterday on Nibiru being seen in Melbourne, Australia.  And it's exactly what they've said, folks.  Nibiru is what they're calling Comet Elenin.  They're not calling it “PX,” they're not calling it “Nibiru,” they call it “Comet Elenin” now.  They're changing names to try and throw people off.  That's why I wouldn't be surprised that when Maitreya comes, they don’t change his name, call him something else, try to throw people off.  But it's the same object, same person, just different names. And so. You can just—it really does look like a ball of fire with a tail.  And I’ve always said that about Nibiru, that it was a—that it looked more like a comet more so than a planet.  It’s a ball of fire with a tail.  And it’s clearly seen in the footage from Melbourne that that's exactly what it looks like.  It looks like a comet.  And so.  Interesting that true to the Codes, it's here already. 

How Starships Use Comets For Locomotion

And I was reading something else about a huge asteroid it was suppose to come close to the Earth in November,  and I'm wondering, thinking, if this asteroid isn't “the Cube” that the New Agers talk about.  You know? And I've told you these comets and these asteroids, and all these rocks in space, folks, they're hollow that have inhabitants inside them.  And also what they do with real comets—like with that comet a few years ago.  I can’t remember the name of it. That whole Heaven's Gate cult tried to catch a ride with it, and they all killed themselves to catch a ride with this comet. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven%27s_Gate_(religious_group) TN: All you have to do is look at the symbolism in the Heaven’s Gate logo, and that alone should be the biggest clue of all that it was Satanic in origin.] Can't think of the name.  But the starships will also leech onto the tails, the tailwinds of comets, and be pushed into the atmosphere by them and stuff.  So, it’s very, very interesting how they use them.  And a “controlled comet.”   You'll hear the key words they use.  A controlled comet, controlled asteroid. Yeah, because they’re under control.  It's almost like they’ve got a little driver inside of them.  That's what I think of when I hear that word “controlled.”  ‘Cause they’re driving the dumb things. They're like spaceships.  I think as the skies get clearer and the nicer weather comes in, you're gonna start seeing a lot more activity in the skies.  More and more fleets, UFO fleets.  You know, people usually see a UFO here and there.  But I think that's going to change.  I think people are going to start seeing them grouped together a lot more as fleets, UFO fleets, literal fleets.  And so.  

July And September—Dominant Months

A lot of chaos in July that I see.  And September.  Those are the key target months to look for, for this year, as far as a lot of the UFO and alien activity goes.  Especially, just keep your eyes on the arrival of Maitreya.  It could be at any time.  This Islam Mahdi.  Because he's the one that sets everything off, folks.  I mean, you're really gonna start to see Bible Prophecy kick in when you this 12th Imam arrives. And so.

The Middle East Will Nuke America Before We Can Do Anything

I was reading an article earlier today about how Obama's gonna throw Israel to the Arab wolves because he's trying to protect Saudi oil, and how America is going to war with Iran and blah, blah, blah.  Well, you know what?  I don't think America will get anywhere with Iran.  I think what's gonna happen is Iran will unload their entire nuclear arsenal on top of the United States before they can even make their move.  Because, come on, they've already shown everyone in the Middle East that you’ll have nothing to lose, because when America starts to take over a country, whether they win or lose, they're going to start destroying the country. 

America Is Targeted For Destruction Because We Are Yah’s People

And this isn't America, patriotic Americans doing this. This is the Satanist factions that controls our government.  It's the oil monopolies, the drug cartels that we call “corporations.”  It's the Masons, the secret societies, the globalists.  These aren't true patriotic Americans, folks.  They're Satanists.  And these are the ones that are pushing for wars in the Middle East.  And so, a lot of starting to get the conditioning on, “Oh, we're going to war with Iran.  We're going to war with Iran.”  No, this is gonna be the point in the Codes that I saw back in 2000 that Iran and Russia and China will ally together and just dump nuclear bombs all over American cities.  And you know what?  Don't think for a second that these Satanists that run our country would care.  Because they don't care about America.  They don't care about Americans.  Americans are the true Israelites.   There's more true Israelites here than anywhere in the world.  God's people.  So they want to destroy them.  This was the second land of milk and honey.  And they want to destroy it.  And they’re going to.  According to the Bible, they completely destroy America. [Revelation 18:1-24]  And so, people should be prepared for that eventuality.  Because eventually it's gonna happen.  

Lots Of Poisoning And Radiation Poisoning Coming Our Way Via Chemtrails

You know, I see a lot of activity with poison that’s increasing over the next couple of months.  Oh, they’re happy over that one.  You know, I see some posts floating around the Internet about how the whole thing with Fukushima was fake.  And I expected that because whenever there’s an event, they get two sides about what happened going.  There was an explosion—there wasn't.  And they'll get two sides going because they want to balance everything. They have two different versions, two different conspiracies on what really happened. But you know what, folks?  Just step back outta their little box, don't play their games, and figure out what the real truth is.  Because they control A and B, and you can step back and watch C and D develop, and those are usually where the truth is.

You know, I'm seeing in the Codes that just a lot of poison coming and already here.  And we're seeing the radiation levels in America and Canada and other parts of the world starting to rise.  And that's going to affect a lot of people.  Watch the youngest generation, the oldest generation.  The ones that will be least able to fight off radiation, a lot of these poisons.  And, you know, it's not just going to go away and disappear.  We’re going to be having to face—because we’re all heading into their depopulation program.  We've been in it, folks.  People are watching for radiation clouds from Japan?  Look above your head at the junk the chemtrail planes are spraying on you.  They're spraying Corexit everywhere.  They're spraying plagues, they're spraying cancers, they're spraying radiation themselves.  I already reported a couple of weeks ago they’re putting depleted uranium in the chemtrails.  They're dumping all of these chemicals on our heads, and they'll use Japan as an excuse.  “Oh, that's where it’s coming from.”  Oh, I'm sure it is coming from Japan, but not the levels we're gonna see.  Because they’re enhancing it with the chemtrails.   

Orgone Your Areas, Point Your Pipes, And Ask Yah To Destroy The Sprayer Planes

You need to get orgone in your areas, folks, so the chemtrails won't stick.  If you see a chemtrail planes, and you’ve got an orgone pipe baton blaster, point it at it, and ask the Lord to destroy and malfunction that plane.  Just point that pipe right at it.  Imagine a blue beam of light just hitting that plane from your pipe because you can't see in the other dimension exactly the power that orgone has.  But almost like on my website shows the pictures on it, where you see the blue light emanating from orgone, and also rainbow colors ‘cause it has different colors of energy.  You can't see it in this dimension, but you can see it in the others.  And so. Just point it at negative and evil entities.  And ask the Lord to malfunction and destroy it.  You know, if you have your area heavily orgoned, chemtrails won't stick.  But it doesn't keep them from hitting and missing, from trying.  They always come back again and try later.  They don't stop.  It's almost relentless with them.   

We’ve Got Lots Of Objects Coming In

Anyway, folks, I noticed a lot of heavy chemtrails in the east at the sunrise this morning, and that’s typical. They’re trying to hide the 2nd Sun.  I can't wait ‘til I can just wake up in the morning and see it.  You know?  Got a lot of space objects coming in, a lot of huge starships coming in.  Huge UFOs, starships.  This is almost like the Star Trek things where you have your motherships and all the little UFOs fly out of it to go on missions or whatever.  Pods.  Yeah, that's basically what it's like.  

What’s New In The Codes On Obama And Islam: Sleeper Agents

Anyway.  Was looking at a Code.  Something interesting with Obama because, a lot in the matrix on Obama in the Codes, and it said “sleeper,” “people,” “Islam,” “producer,” “Obama.” And it makes you wonder.  “Sleeper,” “people,” “Islam.”  Sleeper is a term used—you’ve probably heard it before.  They have sleepers agents in the CIA, and they use this sleeper mind control programming with people that they plant in populations that are just like you and me, and very well could be your neighbors, your family and stuff.  People that they—they're called sleeper agents. And what they do is they program them to activate at a later time, which will be activated when they call them.  They activate them for whatever purpose and agenda they want to use them for.  And so, interesting—“sleeper,” “people,” “Islam”—it makes you think that they have programmed people to embrace and accept Islam.  Because Obama is going to bring it to America.  It's on his agenda other than destroying it.  That's how he destroys it.  And so.  Instead of people recognizing it for what it is, they'll embrace it instead.  And there will be nothing you can do to help them pull their heads outta the sand and make them see otherwise.  They’ll be just like tunnel vision.  Totally focused on embracing Islam.  And it's all a mind control program, folks.  And so, interesting that these kinds of people have already been set up and being ready to use throughout our populations to embrace Islam.  So, just a heads up on that one. 

Check Out Ron Paul In The Bible Codes

And, you know, it's not going to go away.  People can laugh and joke and think, “Oh, this is crazy, and things will change at the next elections.”  Right.  There's not gonna be no next elections, folks.  And all you Ron Paul cheerleaders out there, I invite you to look at my Codes on Ron Paul at HiddenCodes.com. [http://www.hiddencodes.com/ron-paul.htm]  Folks, he's nothing but a shape-shifting lizard.  He's working the New Age agenda.  He's one of their—what they call “white knight politicians.”  He's working the alien New Age agenda.  And I half suspect that Jesse Ventura is as well, along with Alex Jones.  And so. 

The Alien New Age Faction Hates The New World Order Faction

And that's why they hate the New World Order.  And that would be appropriate because they do hate it. The New Age alien agenda has its own agenda, folks.  And they want to expose the corruption of the Bush and the Clintons and the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, and all the corruption they've done and caused.  They want to expose all that.  And they want to bring them to justice.  Because they want to destroy.  That's their opponents.  They’re rivals.  The New Agers rival the New World Order, what we consider the New World Order is.  They're rivals.  And so, they would take joy and satisfaction in exposing their rivals and destroying their rivals.  And that's why so many times that they sound like one of us, a true patriotic American Christian.  Or just a true patriot.  Because they sound like us.  They want almost the same things that we do.  But they want to control it and steer it into their own version of their agenda.  So.  You know, you get compatible to them to a certain point, and then when they start throwing in the Book of Urantia and all this other New Age garbage hogwash, it’s when you have to walk away, folks.  They're huge supporters of this Maitreya that’s coming and Sananda Jesus that’s coming.  This whole Ashtar Command charade.  Huge supporters of them.  And so, that’s why you’ve got two factions going up against each other, folks.

Let Yahuah Lead You Into Truth, And Analyze What You Learn—Don’t Run Ahead Of Him

You know, one thing I wanted to mention is that you really need to watch what you're doing, because—I know a lot of people want to know what the Lord’s Will is for their lives.  And they go off in various ways to find it.  And the problem is, is the Lord can lead you to something and show you to something, to teach you something.  He does that to me all the time.  But you have to learn to step back, and look at it, and analyze it, and view it.  Don't be so eager to just jump into something with both feet and run ahead of Him. 

You know, it’s almost like you’re taking a walk with your three-year-old, and they want to run ahead in front of you.  And you gotta keep them back beside you and tell them to walk behind you so you can control them, so they don't get ahead of you and end up getting hurt in some way.  And you know what?  It's the same way with Him.  When He leads you to things, don't jump ahead of Him.  Stay beside Him or stay behind Him.  Because if you jump ahead of Him and go into things He doesn't want you in, you're fair game.  You're fair game to judgment for something to go wrong, for you to get hurt, for you to bitten by them.  You’ve gotta really keep a close walk with the Lord, and you gotta keep a watch on.  Don't get ahead of Him.  I've seen too many people just jump ahead of Him thinking the Lord’s with them, and He’s approving what they're doing, and then just get hurt.  And they don't see it.  They don't see it.  They don't realize it ‘til they're way down the road and already knee deep in crap.  So, just a word to the wise.

More And More Faux Archeological Findings Will Be Made

You know, I was looking at some of these “metal books,” and now they've found, they claim, the nails that nailed Yahushua to the cross. Folks, I warned you years ago that they're going to come up with fake archeological findings.  It’s part of their Blue Beam Project.  They have a 5 step plan, and it's called “The Blue Beam Project.” You can read it at TheWatcherFiles.com.  Just go to the search box and put in “Blue Beam Project.” [http://search.freefind.com/find.html?id=35472527&pid=r&mode=ALL&n=0&query=Blue+Beam+Project]  Fake archeological findings is key to their entire plan.  So, don't pay attention to any new archeological findings.  They're just plants.  They’re things that have been planted by them.  And they might look real, and they might look good, but it's hogwash, folks.  Don't buy it.  I mean, wait 'till they pull out the Ark of the Covenant. You know?  And say, “Hey, we found the Ark of the Covenant!  Let's build the Temple in Jerusalem!”  You can almost see them waiting for Sananda to arrive so they can pull the thing outta Africa somewhere, probably Egypt.  Or not Egypt—Ethiopia.  A lot of Rosicrucians piling up in Ethiopia.  And I told you, they’re nothing but Satanists.  And I wouldn't be surprised to just, you know, have “Jesus” arrive as Sananda playing the Son of God—but he's a Muslim, a Muslim cheerleader, Islam cheerleader—pulling out the Ark of the Covenant, establishing the temple in Israel with the Ark of the Covenant.  I mean, come on, folks.  The real one is in Heaven. [Revelation 11:19—TN: Yahuah had actually already claimed in Jeremiah that the Ark will no longer be remembered or revered, so just from Jeremiah 3:15-17, any mention of the Ark of the Covenant should be a warning sign to all of His people who read His Word—ie: the Bible—that it’s a fake, a deception, and the people promoting it are fakes.]  All they can do is come up with a fake, a mimicry.  So if you're buying this metal book, this nail stuff, you're probably gonna love the Ark of the Covenant.  That's how gullible people are. 

The Events Are Leading Up To Building The Fake New Jerusalem Temple

And think about it, folks.  Don't you think putting up a 3rd Temple and reinstating animal sacrifices is completely blasphemous?  It completely negates the fact that Yahushua died on the cross for our sins and was the ultimate sacrifice.  It makes Him a liar of the things that He stated in that the temple of God is within us, that His Spirit is within us. It's no longer in an Ark.  It's within us.  He’s in us.  And so, this is just another blasphemous attempt by Satanists to negate the cross and the resurrection and foundations of Christian teaching.  Biblical teaching.  It's a slap in the face.  And when you hear that the Jews—the Satanic slime bags that control Israel, the Khazar Jews; the fake Jews the Bbile talks about in Revelations 3:9 [TN: Also see Revelation 2:9.]—these fake Jews that want to rebuild the temple in Israel, it's blasphemous.  

So you see the kind of route and events that are coming up, leading up to the building of this blasphemous temple in Jerusalem.  So, those are the things that are going to take place once this Maitreya and this Sananda arrive.  I'll get to their arrivals first, and I'm looking at their arrivals within the next, you know, 5 months of each other.  You got the arrival of Maitreya, and then about a month of two later, you'll have the arrival of Sananda.  Typically once they do set their feet on the Earth, I'll be able to analyze what they're doing and the routes they're taking.  But these are the things we need to watch for.  These are the things that are coming up.  And this is when Hell literally breaks loose on Earth.  Because of their arrivals.

This Ministry Needs Donations To Pay Bills And Get Orgone Out To Folks Willing To Gift

Anyway, folks, if you have questions for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. I can see a lot of people sitting on the lines.  If you don't have a question for the show, I'm gonna boot you off the lines.  I don't like people just sitting on the lines. I have to pay for that.  And this ministry is broke, folks.  Barely even see above water here.  Can’t get the bills paid.  I need your support to do that, folks.  I mean, this is spring time.  I should be able to start piling up on supplies and getting ready to send orgone out around the country and the world so warriors can get busy orgoning their areas, and I can't do that when I'm broke.  I can't be giving and generous when I'm broke.  I'm barely paying the minimums on bills now.  I can't even get the full amounts paid off.  So, I need your support, financial support, for this ministry.  We’ve gotta get things done.  We don't have much time left.  There's bases that need covered, and supplies aren't cheap.  Supplies are not cheap.  There's warriors willing to go out and place orgone in their areas.  They don't have the money to buy orgone or the supplies.  And, you know, before, I’ve always made it for them, and sent it to them, and let them get busy.  But I can't even do that. I can’t do that. I don't have the funds to do that.  And so, I need your support so I can do that, so I can get people busy.  

They’re Trying To Change Our 3rd Dimensional Earth Atmosphere For Themselves

You know, I was just looking at the weather this morning and looking at rain and snow showers in the west.  Hello.  It's like mid April, and there's snow in the west in the forecast, and it's coming into the east?  That's amusing.  They've gotta chill—chilling the atmosphere is one of their tactics.  They wanna dim the atmosphere because they hate the sunlight.  They wanna chill the atmosphere because the orgone burns them.  And so, you can almost see the Earth changes.  They’re trying to accommodate our Earth’s climate for themselves.  They want to bring the 4th Dimension to our 3rd Dimension.  And the only way they can successfully do that is to make our climate match theirs.  And the thing is, we weren't created to be able to sustain life in a 4th Dimension capacity and vise verse.  We’re different types of beings, different creations.  We have different dimensions.  And the problem is, you’ve got the dimensions merging, the veil’s lifting, and we're gonna have the 4th Dimension here amongst us here on Earth.  You're not gonna see it.  If you watch TV, and you’ve got one of these flat screen TVs—boy, I’ll tell you what.  When you see journalists, and religious leaders, and whatever you're watching on TV—walk up and look at their eyes.  ‘Cause you know what?  Most of the time you’re going to see them with snake slit eyes. We’re dominated by the reptilian factions already, folks.  It’s not like some huge invasion has to come.  It’s already happened.  They’re dominating.  They’re everywhere.  And if you’ve got a flat screen TV, you can see it really well. And they don’t play hideous professions.  A lot of these lizards amongst us are psychologists, and doctors, and announcers, sports announcers, athletes, posing as religious people on TV. 

Many Music Videos And Songs Have Curse Attachments That Will Facilitate People To Experience Actual Abductions

You know, the invasion started back in 2005 and probably a little bit earlier than that.  That’s gone on full force.  And now we’ve got all these singing industry artists, music industry, coming out with videos and songs about aliens and alien abductions, and they try to glorify it.  They try to make it sound like, “Ohh, I want to be abducted by an alien.”  And the thing is, when you watch these videos, they place curses on them. So when you watch these Katy Perry videos singing about alien abductions, there’s curses being placed on that, folks.  You’re going to find a lot of people that are watching these celebrities and watching their garbage end up start being harassed by the aliens themselves. 

Anyway, if you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.  I can’t get in the chat room.  Ah, yeah, that comment was Hale Bop. I don’t think I’m in the chat room… No, I’m not in the chat room.  Try to get in there, see what’s going on, see if you guys have any questions, but, you know, I just spread into oblivion with Java scripts.  They don’t let you in. So.  I’m sitting here trying.  I’m trying my best.  Look at this.  Spin, spin, spin.  Can’t get anywhere.  See what’s going on here, folks; take some callers.  If you got a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

Fake Caller Dials In

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air. 

Caller: Hello… [voice is very low and scratchy]

Sherry: Hello?

[strange little noise can be heard briefly, as if it’s trying to speak again]

Sherry: Hello.

[low, scratchy voice draws out an unintelligible syllable]

Sherry:  Yeah, that’s amusing. Are you calling from Nibiru?

[voice makes another short noise]

Sherry: Can you speak English?

[silence; Sherry chuckles a little]

Sherry: Do you have something to say? 

[more silence]

Sherry: I’m not hearing it.  Do you have something to say?  You have a question or comment?  You’re on the air.

[a couple of random noises can be heard in background again]

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: I’m—

[word fades out into a short yowl of sorts; Sherry chuckles again]

Sherry: Alright. See you later.  I’ve talked to you alien beings before, and I know you have better connections than this, so, obviously a fake. 

[call ends]

If you have a question, folks—all these people sitting on the lines and nobody has a question.  They just sit on the lines.  What is this? 

Yahuah Does NOT, For The Umpteenth Time, Speak And Talk To Use Through Our Heads

Okay, got a question from a listener. “What type of technology, voice-to-skull, does God need to defend and watch the communication control with as far as that goes saying, too?” [TN: I’m unsure as to the exact wording of that question. It was very difficult to understand what was being said.]  The Lord doesn’t need technology, voice-to-skull technology.  That’s Satanists.  That’s Satan’s mimic of being able to control and talk to his followers.  You know?  The Lord doesn’t need technology.  He speaks to us through His Spirit.  And we’re all created by Him anyways, so He always has direct access to His creation.  Satan needs a mimicry because Satan’s not all-knowing, he’s not present everywhere, he’s not omniscient or omnipresent. Satan rules his kingdom by technology. 

NORAD Works Through Voice-To-Skull Tech

And that voice-to-skull technology—I have articles about it on my website TheWatcherFiles.com [http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/].  Some of the stuff developed out of the Dulce Base in New Mexico and that NORAD controls and develops now. That’s why I always laugh when I hear these visions from people.  Because it sounds like something the “church of NORAD” has told them, information they’ve given them.  What they do is they use voice-to-skull to make people believe that they’re John the Baptist, one of the Two Witnesses [Revelation 11:1-14], Michael the Archangel, the angel Gabriel.  I mean, this stuff is dominant that’s out there.  And I don’t know how many people, literally—not even New Agers, just regular Christians who all of the sudden claim they’re one of the Two Witnesses ‘cause they have voices telling them they are.  This isn’t the Most High God, folks.  This is voice-to-skull technology.  This is NORAD, the people in NORAD, Cheyenne, Colorado, playing God and deceiving you.  And they do the same thing with visions. They give people false visions so that people think that they’re seeing something that’s real that, you know, blatantly isn’t.  So.  Especially when you hear stuff with dates.  People start spitting out dates and tell ‘em that the Lord told them that on May 21st there’s going to be a huge rapture.  That should read to you of NORAD, folks, the church of NORAD.  Voice-to-skull technology, folks. 

Yah Never Gives Dates Because He Doesn’t Live In Our (Linear) Time

The Lord doesn’t even live in linear time, so why would He give you a linear date when He has no understanding of our time where He is in Heaven?   I always get amused by this, because whenever something comes out, I get a million requests from Christians if it’s true or not.  Can’t discern.  They need to read!  They need to read about the technology that’s out there so they can know what they’re being messed with.  How can you fight if you don’t know what your enemy’s doing, what they’re up to, the capabilities they have?  How can you fight them if you’re totally clueless? 

Well, let’s see if Nibiru’s calling back.

Caller's Thoughts On Jesse Ventura

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air. 

 Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: I can’t get into you very good today.  I have a lot of clicking, heavy clicking, on my phone.

Sherry: Yeah.  That’s typical for a Thursday’s show. 

Caller: I was going to talk to you about Jesse Ventura.  Yeah, I used to think he was somebody doing good and letting everybody know what’s going on.  But he’s been a governor, and you know what kinda people those are.  And he wants to go for 2012, and yeah, I just think he’s trying to expose it and get everyone on his side, and I don’t think he’s doing it for good.  I think he’s one of them.

Sherry: Yeah.  He’s working the alien agenda. He’s a white knight, what they call a “white knight journalist.” 

Caller: Yeah.  He got my attention for quite a while, but I started thinking, “Huh.  There’s more to this guy.” And, yeah, I don’t think he’s on our side.

Sherry: Yeah, you always have to step back and look at it because, you know, you can embrace people and like the truths they’re revealing—

Caller: Yeah.  Yeah.

Sherry: —then you have to step back and look at the entire picture.

Caller: Kinda like Alex Jones.  Now I can see, and yeah, I don’t even listen—I used to just kinda listen to him with an open mind, and now I’m like, I don’t even bother anymore. 

Sherry: Well, you know, they do give out good info because they hate the globalists. They do hate them. They’re a different faction. They’re rivals of theirs.  They’re adversaries.  They hate each other. And so, they will expose the plans of HAARP and, you know, controlling the sheeple, and the things they’re doing with the money and the drug cartel—

Caller: They say they sneak into places and say they got all these secret information.  Yeah, whatever.

Sherry: Yeah.  You know, that stuff goes on in real life.  So, for Jesse to expose it on TV, you know, that’s no sweat off their back.  That helps them because it pulls people to them thinking they’re the good guys because they’re exposing all this evil faction. They don’t want you to think, “Hey, wait a minute. Both factions are evil.” They want everyone to look at the New World Order as evil. They don’t want people looking at the white knights and the whole New Age façade as evil.  They want to portray themselves as light and the good guys. 

It’s Rumored That The Queen Will Be Leaving After The Wedding

Caller: Yup, I know.  And, also, did you hear the Queen’s going to be leaving after the wedding, or is that just talk?  She’s actually leaving and going to rent out the castle or wherever she lives?

Sherry: That’s what I heard.  One of my warriors sent me some material about that.  I thought it was funny.  I don’t know.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Caller: I haven’t heard anything, but I wonder what you think is going to happen at that wedding.  Anything?

Sherry: No.  I doubt it.  I mean, they all just go on.  It’s whatever. 

Caller: But why would she let those kids, her family, stay there, and her just take off?

Sherry: They don’t stay there.  They don’t live there. 

Caller: Oh, that’s right.  They’re going to go to Canada or something, aren’t they? 

Sherry: Oh, you know what? Nobody even lives in the palace.  They all have homes apart from it.

Caller: Huh.

Sherry: Everyone thinks that the queen and all their friends all live in Buckingham Palace, and they don’t. They all have homes away from it. 

What’s Causing The Two Giant Ocean Whirlpools?

Caller: Huh.  And I saw that there’s two giant whirlpools that have been found out in the oceans.  Was that the Atlantic? I can’t’ remember.  There were two giant water spirals found in the oceans.  Big ones.

Sherry: Ah, yeah. I’ve seen one right off the coast of Japan somewhere.

Caller: What are they doing, or what’s that going to cause?  Is it just sucking the water down, or—?

Sherry: Oh, that’s—I don’t—I can’t remember what I was reading about that.  Some kind of—or something about when they activate the electromagnetics in the ocean or whatever.  I don’t know.  Something about that.

Anybody Else Had A Mind Control Breakdown Mini Babble Freakout?

Caller: Oh, I just wondered if you knew anything about that.  Have you heard anybody else talking gibberish lately?  News people or anything?  That’s kinda just quit now, or has there been new ones reported?

Sherry: Not since Judge Judy. 

Caller: Yeah, I just wondering if you’d heard.  Keep us updated on that.  That’s kinda interesting. But I don’t hear very much, and I wondered if any other ones have or if it’s just kinda stopped.  

More Thoughts On The Missing Japanese People

Sherry: I usually just wait and see what’s been uploaded to YouTube, and so.  I haven’t seen anything new.  I uploaded a video recently this morning on Japan.  ‘Cause you remember how I’ve been talking about how there’s no people?

Caller: Yeah.  There’s no pictures of dead people. 

Sherry: Yeah.  And so, somebody uploaded a video last Tuesday, the day after my show, and all it does is show about ten Japanese people. 

Caller: That’s crazy.  Don’t people think—

Sherry:  I mean, there’s tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands—

Caller: I tried to tell my daughter that today. And she’s like, “Well, TVs not going to show a bunch of dead people.  It is not going to show it.”

Sherry: Well this isn’t TV, this is YouTube.  They show everything on YouTube. 

Caller: Well, can you really believe everything you see no YouTube anyway, I don’t know.  Do you think so?

Sherry:  Whether or not, out of all these different people and all these different videos, where’s the people? 

Caller: Yeah, I know.  Well they—they’re missing. That’s what they said. “They’re missing.” Well,  yeah!

Sherry: They showed Indonesia when the tsunami hit Indonesia.  It was unexpected, and the people were getting, you know, running and fleeing, and you could see it was like an everyday event.  This whole thing with Fukushima, the whole nuclear disaster, the whole thing, it all seems so staged.   

Caller: I’m just waiting for it to sink. 

Sherry: Yeah, well, yeah.  It’s going to sink.  I mean, you know.  Been telling people that since 2006 to get off that island. 

It’s Been Quiet In the USA Lately

Caller: But yeah. It’s been kinda quiet in the United States here lately.  A few sinkholes in Wisconsin, but I dunno.  There hasn’t been anything major.

Sherry: Oh, they’re busy dumping everything on our heads right now. 

Caller: Oh, yeah.  I see that.

Sherry: They’re just waiting for it to kick in and see people start getting sick. 

The Alien Factions Like It Cold Because The Orgone Burns Them

Caller: Yeah.  It was like 70 here yesterday, and today is like probably maybe even 50 and cold.  So, you know, everyday it’s different weather.  Get out the cold stuff and get out your shorts, and so.  You never know what to put on. 

Sherry: Yeah.  They’re—yeah. You sound like you live in Ohio. 

Caller: Iowa.  I told you that. 

Sherry: That’s how Ohio is. You don’t have seasonal clothes.  You have to keep them all on, because you never know what you’re gonna need, a sweater or.

Caller: I remember the aliens and reptilians, like cold.  Cold weather. They’re trying to make us cold.

Sherry: Yup.  They like cold weather.  Because the orgone’s burning them. 

Caller: Huh.

Sherry: And this whole region, they’re just enraged by it.  They’re just in anger because this whole Midwestern region is just so orgoned. 

Caller: Well there’s been a lot less cloud cover lately here.  Yesterday it was blue skies, hardly any clouds, and not a chemtrail. It was really weird. And then today, you can’t even see the sky.  So, yeah, it’s really odd weather here.

Sherry: Alright.  Well.  Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Okay.  Alright. Thank you.  Bye.

Sherry: Alright.  Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Oh, Nibiru’s calling back.

Sherry: Hello, caller.  You’re on the air.


Sherry: Hello, caller.


[call ends]

Hmm.  Thinking it might have been my friend. It looks like it’s just freezing. And now, everything’s flashing at me.  Oh, it went off.  What is that 8-1-8 area code?  What is 8-1-8?  Where is that?  I don’t know.  Send me an IM.  Tell my cohost in the chatroom that so that she can get a hold of me.  ‘Cause that’s where that phone call is originating from. 

Watch For Nibiru, The Cube, And Saturn

So, yeah, folks.  Keep your eyes—you should be able to see Nibiru in our country in just a couple weeks.  And following the arrival of Nibiru, we should be able to see “the Cube.”  I know there’s a cube on Saturn.  I’m wondering if it’s the same thing the New Agers talk about that’s supposed to come from Orion.  But was looking at a video the other day, actually, about a cube on Saturn.  And so.  Saturn coming up in the Codes, no surprise.  People want us to think that Sirius, the whole dog, Egyptian dog thing, the Age of Pisces, is still strong.  And it’s gone, folks.  We’re heading into the Age of Aquarius and this whole Egyptian sun god Ra thing, and Saturn would be the dominant planet for that one. And so.  There’s occultism—I can’t keep up with it. 

There’s Likely Bases Out In San Fernando Valley In Southern Cali

Oh, Los Angeles county of southern California, San Fernando Valley.  Probably a lot of underground bases in San Fernando Valley.  Yeah.  But either way, folks, just get the orgone out.  We don’t have a lot of time left.  Seeing Nibiru since—it’s like a sign.  And then you get these other signs.  And then you start putting them together.  And then you’ve got the arrival of the Antichrist [Revelation 13:1-10] and False Prophet [Revelation 13:11-18] coming in.  And so.

Biblically, Everything Is Lining Up

Everything actually very Biblically aligned.  People don’t want to think it that way because they want to believe what their pastors have told them and their television preachers.  You know what, folks?  Turn off the TVs.  Some of them are so far off.  And even with the ones with the best intentions, how they interpret things the way they do, you know.  And it sounds like they know what they’re talking about, because they quote other scripture to back them up, and you’re just sitting there thinking, “I can quote ten scriptures to combat what you’re,” you know, what they’re saying.  And so. I can’t watch TV preachers.  They just drive me nuts.  I don’t know how they get what they come up with.  So. 

Let’s see.  Oh, he’s back.

Just Being A Believer Does Not Cover You From Attack If You Aren’t Living Righteously

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air. 

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Hey, how ya doing, Sherry?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: I’m alright.

Sherry: That’s good.

Caller: I wanted to ask you a question.  What does Jesus’s final work on the cross of Calvary mean?

Sherry: What does what?

Caller: Jesus’s final work. Like, when He finished it off, when He died on the cross on Calvary.

Sherry: Well, that’s salvation and redemption for mankind.  

Caller: Well, we’re said to believe in Him, right? [John 5:46; 10:36; 17:20-26]  He said, “If you believe in Me,” you know, “If you believe in me, I’m—I sit at the right hand of the Father. [Matthew 26:64; Mark 14:62; Luke 22:69]  And through Me, there’s no way to the Father.” [John 14:6] Right?

Sherry: Right. He’s our mediator between God and man. 

Caller: Jesus had complete control over, with the Father’s permission, He had complete control over everything.

Sherry: Of what?

Caller: That He had complete control over everything through permission from the Father

Sherry: Yes, He—what are you getting at?

Caller: No, I’m asking that—I’m just asking these questions, that He has complete control over everything, and those people that believe in Him, that believe in Jesus, with all their heart and all their soul, and—doesn’t that give us like an edge of protection, or the blood of Christ, doesn’t that cover us and keep us protected from all evil?

Sherry: Not necessarily.  Because if you’re going to go out and sin, then you’re going to be in Satan’s playground. 

Caller: Well—

Sherry: His blood can protect us from all unrighteousness, but you better be walking in righteousness to begin with. 

Caller: Well, we’re walking in righteousness, and we’re doing everything to our best ability, and trying to follow the Word completely—

Sherry: And bad things still happen. And you know why?  Generational curses come into play.   Former sins come into play. You reap what you sow.  There’s a lot of reasons why Christians can be and will be abducted and go through a lot of bad things.  You just have to seek Him and find out what doorways need to be closed, what curses need to be broken, what spiritual warfare prayers need to be said.  It doesn’t mean you’re not a Christian when bad things happen to you. 

Caller: I’ve been reading a lot of the prayers and stuff that you have, and I’ve been, you know, trying to read the Bible, and as much as I can, even though I got work a lot.  And I’ve been trying, you know, to pray and ask for protection from God as much as I can. That’s why I’m asking these questions. What I’m getting from scripture, it’s kinda like we use the Covenant, right?  Like, we use the Covenant between us and God through Jesus Christ’s blood, and we’ll be protected.  You know, from aliens and from whatever’s running around.

Sherry: You know what?  We’re still going to suffer persecution because of who we are.  Were the Apostles kept from persecution, suffering, and death? No.  Were the early Christians?  No.  You’re still going to suffer persecution for being His follower.  It doesn’t give us a free pass into a rose garden just because you believe and follow Him.  On the contrary.  You’re usually tested for your faith in Him.  And He allows the testing of your faith.

Caller: [speaks with Sherry for a moment; inaudible] —you know, like a true story kinda deal.  And the aliens came into the house, and there were trying to abduct him, and he was calling on the Lord.  And the left.

Sherry: And they will.  But what happens when you’re sleeping and they come in after you, and you’re not aware of what’s going on?  That’s why I tell you to keep orgone in your rooms. It keeps them away.  ‘Cause you can anoint your house, and that will keep them out.  But the anointing wears off.  Anyway. Thanks for calling in.  I gotta wrap up the show.

Caller: Alright. Bye.

[call ends]

Anyway, folks. I’ll be back Monday night, 10 o’clock, with Sherry Talk Radio.  Monday night.  So.  Anyway. I’m trying to see if there’s anything else, quick question I can answer.  But I don’t think I’m going to get in here in time.  And so. Anyway. 

I’ll see you next week, everybody.

Yah Bless.



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