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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 18, 2011

Only Five Months Out of Twelve to Enjoy the Trees and Grass

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, April 18. And today is the first day of Passover, if you've been following the Lord's feasts, appointed times with mankind. And, actually, it runs from today until the 25. And I'm gonna talk about that a little bit tonight. Gonna get into some other things.

I've been busy. Been brutally cold and windy the last several days. And if you've been outside in the wind you take a beating, don't ya? Supposed to be the time of the year where it starts to warm up, and so. See, I'm still waiting for global warming to hit. It's April 18 and we still don't even have leaves on the trees. They probably won't even arrive until May, and so. You know, that gives us, if you really think about it, five months out of twelve, depending on where you live. I live in Ohio. And this state is getting so cold and frigid anymore. Five months out of the year you're gonna have leaves on your trees and green grass. Five. Five months out of twelve. The other twelve, it's barren, er, the other seven, it's barren and cold. Love that, huh? Can't wait for global warming.

Goodbye, Twinkies. Hello, Matzo Bread.

I was looking at the schedule of feasts for this year. Get asked about this all the time from people. And I updated it at my site at www.backtoyahweh.com about a week or two ago. Passover this year begins Tuesday, April 18 and runs to the 25. And there's scripture on there to help you. There's actual recipes which you can make unleavened bread and different types of the matzo bread that they have that's traditional during Passover. And ideas to help you celebrate the holiday at home.

Feast of Unleavened Bread is April 19 to 25. And it's no breads for 7 days, folks. Nothing with leaven in it; leaven or yeast. And so, say goodbye to all your sweets, all your Twinkies, all your Ho Hos, all your Subways, the fast foods, the fried chickens. You have to say goodbye to all of that, because all of it has yeast or leaven in it. Flatbread's OK, 'cause there's no leaven in it. So flatbreads are fine. Burrito bread is really flat. And corn tortilla bread. Mexican food is usually OK, 'cause it doesn't have yeast or leaven in it.

The Other Feasts and Appointed Times with the Lord

The day of Pentecost, also known as Shavuot, it's also known as First Fruits Festival, the Feast of Weeks Festival, reaping of the first harvest, that's June 12th of this year; begins June 12.

And then we have Rosh Hashanah, the Festival of Trumpets, begins September 30. And that could be why I see Sananda coming towards the end of September this year. Usually, he follows around the Feast of Trumpets. And sometimes you'll find this holiday -- all of them shift, every year they're on different days. Sometimes they'll be like two weeks earlier. They'll begin like September 14; that's not unusual to see Rosh Hashanah during the...around the 20 of the month or the 15, and so. This year it's on the 30, which could also be why October comes up so much, because it runs into October this year. And those are the dates Sananda's gonna target to make his false entrance onto the world's scene as the messiah, as the Christian's Christ.

Yom Kippur's October 9 this year. That's the Jewish new year (or one of them), and the Festival of Ingathering is...most of us know it as Feast of Tabernacles, that begins October 14 to the 20, and so. [counting to herself] One, two, three, four, five. It's actually, I think, five or seven appointed feasts. I have five of them. Some people say seven. Other's say five, and that's usually the one I follow the most. So I've got the dates of the biblical holidays for this year.

Who Says We're Not to Follow the Jewish Holidays? You Didn't Hear That from the Lord.

And, what I find interesting most of the time is that most Christians who believe that we're not to follow the Jewish holidays. Really? Says who? The Lord? Well, the Lord tells us to follow the holidays. So who are you listening to? The pastors who don't know anything about the Lord. The one they go to the cemetaries [seminaries] to learn the Bible, then they come out preaching Easters, Easter bunnies, eggs? For what? Do they really think they're celebrating the Lord's death and resurrection by a pagan goddess fertility eggs? Easter. Another name for Ishtar who was a goddess of fertility. And all they can come up with is mistranslations in the KJV. And why? 'Cause [Roman emperor] Constantine hated the holy days. Constantine didn't want anyone speaking anything of real Jewish truths.

See, when the Lord died, and He rose again, we were no longer Jewish and Gentile. We were His believers. We were His followers. It was a new covenant He made with man. And everyone was to follow His example, and the apostles' examples, of keeping His holy days. And they weren't wiped out until after the persecutions. And then Constantine got ahold of the KJV and started mistranslating everything. Deciding what he was gonna put in it and what he wasn't. He wasn't even a Christian, but he made sure what went in the Christian Bible? Come on, folks.

Even Christians today who sit in the churches know something's wrong. Because when you start praying [for] the truth in all things, something hits your heart that you need to be celebrating the Jewish feasts, the Jewish holidays. Because they're not just Jewish feasts, they're believer feasts. If you're a believer of the Most HIgh, then you're supposed to be celebrating His appointed times with man. We're all together. We're all put together under one roof; His followers, His believers. But it's man who puts divisions and divides the truth, and then the other side's fiction. And they feed that to the sheeples. They feed them fiction.

You know, in Leviticus 23, the Lord spoke to Moses saying, "Speak to the children of Israel." And that includes all of us. Everyone who believes and follows Yahushua. And it says, Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them, the feasts of the Lord, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are my feasts. He didn't say they were the feasts of the Jews or the feasts of the Christians, but the feasts of the Lord. They're HIS feasts. They are memorial days that both Christians and Jews have good cause to celebrate, because they were instituted by our Father, Yahuah, in the first testament, in the Old Testament, and then reaffirmed by Him -- by Yahushua -- in the New Testament.

They're HIS feasts. The Jews just happened to keep them. The Christians shun them for Easter bunnies, for Halloweens, for Christmas trees that Jeremiah called pagan. It was a pagan tradition where the Gentiles would take trees and hang them with lights and decorations. Jeremiah even talks about it. This isn't something new.

December 25 Is the Birthday of Mithra the Sun God, Not Yahushua

And people always say, "Oh, we're celebrating the birth of Jesus." Really? Well, His birthday was on 9/11, at the end of the B.C., uh...I can't even remember what year. Towards the end of the B.C. reign...era. But I can't give you the exact year. But His birthday was on 9/11. So why are we celebrating it on December 25 because that's the birthday of Mithra the sun god? It's 'cause Constantine wanted to celebrate the sun god. And all the Christians fall in line with this pagan, Constantine, who wrote the KJV. Actually, he had Shakespeare write it. So you have British English KJV Bible, written by a British poet. [unclear] by a pagan emperor, Roman emperor, who wasn't even a Christian.

When Does the Day Start? Not at Night.

And all the Christians think this is -- this book is just without error. Really? 'Cause there's translation problems all over the KJV. There's understanding problems all over the KJV. If you read the KJV, beginning with the first chapter, you would think the day begins at nighttime. The evening and the morning were the first day. Really? 'Cause when I asked the Lord when the day starts, He said, "I'm the God of the day, not of the night." He's the God of the day. Sunrise to sunset is a day. That's when the day starts, that's when the day ends, and then we have the night.

And you know what I find even more appalling is that the Christian Torah-believing Jews who live in Israel, who try to teach these truths to American Christians, they get hunted down, imprisoned, and killed by the Satanists who dominate Israel. You talk about persecution here in America where you can't even take your kids to the park and not have the FBI there to spy on you cause you're such a threat. Really? [laughs] 'Cause I experience this all the time. [laughs] Yeah, America's bad, but you should try being a believer in the Most High in Israel. They've got the Mossad following them around, tailing them. And eventually their websites go down and they disappear.

I don't know how many links I have on my www.backtoyahweh.com site of good, truthful articles on celebrating the feasts of the Lord, and then these websites disappear. Had a website that had found the actual calendar kept by the Christians. It's called the Qumran calendar. The one they based on the Dead Sea Scrolls. And, of course, all those disappear offline. You know, they try to hide the truth. They try to keep it from people. But there'll always be a remnant that has it somewhere. You just have to hang onto what you know, and ask Him direct.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread Also Represents Getting Rid of All the Errors in Your Beliefs

You know, even the snake, Paul, and I've warned about what a snake he was, he had a lot of truths, too. He had to, or else people wouldn't have followed him if he wasn't good. Isn't that what's true about the pastors today? If everything they gave you was lies and errors, nobody would follow them, so they throw in truths, and then 10 percent of poison, leaven, to keep the people from having all truths. And that's what the Feast of Unleavened Bread's all about. It's going through and getting rid of the leaven. You go through your house and you get rid of all the bread, the flours, and the yeast; anything with yeast and flour, or leaven in it. And it represents getting rid of all the poison, all the errors, all the poison things. And you should do that with your beliefs. You should go through them one by one and see if what you believe and what you're following is truthful, and in alignment with the Most High God, and not just man-made traditions, and what these pastors from these cemetaries [seminaries] teach you. Ah, they're not seminaries, folks. They're cemetaries, because they bring out dead men, full of lies, that lead our churches today.

When you want to get a Baptist in arms, tell them Jesus wasn't born on December 25th. [laughs] You know, it's not the fact that they're celebrating His birth, it's the whole thing around it. First of all, it's not His birthday, so why celebrate it on a pagan holiday? And the whole thing's a marketing scheme for the corporations to make money, selling you their wares. Everybody's celebrating Christmas. Even Paul said, in 1 Corinthians 5:7-8, for those who like the snake, "for even Christ our passover sacrificed for us; Let us keep the feast." And they did. They all kept the feast of the Lord.

Every Major Event in Biblical History Occurred on a Feast Day

You know, the biblical feasts were instituted as a system for teaching and serving as a calendar for the people. They identified special times in the year for offerings, praise, thanksgiving, and honor unto our Father, for specific acts on behalf of His people. Every major event in biblical history occurred on a feast day. The precise dates of Noah's ark landing on Mount Ararat; the exodus of Israel from Egypt, which is what Passover's about; the giving of the law at Mount Sinai, the dedication of Solomon's temple; the birth of Jesus, His death, burial, and resurrection; the coming of the Holy Spirit, all were prime examples of God's faithfulness to the appointed times and seasons. I was reading this from an article called Why Christians Celebrate Biblical Memorial Days. Probably disappear in a while. [laughs] And it was His way of keeping time and keeping in a oneness with His own people. Five feasts, some say seven, a year you come together and you worship the Most High God, and you celebrate that time as a holiday, a feast for Him.

Why Would God Stop His Feasts in the Church Age, Then Reestablish Them in the Millenial Reign? He Wouldn't.

You know, in Exodus 12, God said His holidays were to be celebrated forever. If He never changes, and He doesn't, then why would they stop somewhere around 100 A.D., and then go through this 2000-year apostate age, that they call the church age? I call it apostate age because all the truths died at about 100 A.D., and then on the churches just went into a downward spiral of apostasies and lies. But then, when He comes back, the second coming of Christ at the battle of Armageddon, and we enter into the Millenial Reign, what does He do, folks? He reestablishes His feasts. So if they were supposed to be stopped, like the churches teach that we don't have to do them, then why does He reestablish them in the Millenial Reign? Does it make sense to you that they were ever to stop, when He says His feasts were to be celebrated forever?

Christ Fulfilled the Law, But That Doesn't Mean He Ended the Law

Christians take the total misunderstanding that Christ fulfilled the law and meaning that it was over, that nobody ever had to follow it. Does that make any sense to you? He fulfilled the law. He didn't end it. He didn't end it, He fulfilled it. He was the sacrificial lamb. He was the final and perfect sacrifice, which means we no longer have to take animals to the temple and have them sacrificed for our sins because the Lord was the final sacrifice. You know, and so as things within the law were completed, you no longer had to do. That has nothing to do with stopping the celebration of His feasts. That's like apples and oranges. Has nothing to do with that. But they use that as an excuse to stay in their lies and their hypocrasies.

Most Americans and Europeans Don't Realize that We Are the Lost Tribes of Israel

If you want to read about Passover, you can read Exodus, chapter 12, and Leviticus, chapter 23, where they talk about the feasts and how they were established, and what we're to do, and when we're to honor them. Every Christian should read Exodus, chapter 12, and Leviticus, chapter 23, because that aligns you with Him. It aligns you as a believer and follower of Him. Now I don't know anybody that gets it all right, because most of us are scattered around the world, we don't go to Jewish temples, we don't go to Christian churches, we've been pulled out of all of them because they're all so apostate. And so, everybody just kind of gets knowledge of what the holiday is, the feast day is, and they just celebrate it quietly amongst themselves. And that's OK.

[light background static] You know, effort, putting effort into it shows your heart for the Lord. Doesn't matter how perfect it is. You know, I don't get into legalisms on stuff. Neither does the Lord. There's good ways to celebrate things. And if you had a lot of people, and a actual Levite, Rabbi priest to lead it, that would be awesome. I don't know where that is today. [coughs] If you live in a major city, you might find a Jewish temple that's...but I'll guarantee you that when you walk into these Jewish temples they're quoting Paul. That's the biggest problem I have with most of them. [heavy background static] You leave one snake church, and think the Jewish temples, Messianic temples might be truth, and then they're quoting Paul. They all celebrate and honor Paul more than they do the Most High.

My phone line's going ballistic [due to the static]. Wow. Didn't know talking about a Passover date and a feast would be so detrimental to them. Of utmost national security that they have to harrass my radio show over it. Anyway, I'll sum it up this week on Passover, and it's on my website www.backtoyahweh.com. Passover celebrates the deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. And most Americans today, and Europeans, don't even realize it was their forefathers that were in Egypt as slaves that day. Most of you will never get it, that we ARE the lost tribes of Israel. We ARE the tribes of Israel. That it was our forefathers that were in Egypt as slaves. And here we are today as slaves to the Satanists who run our governments. But Passover celebrates their deliverance from slavery out of Egypt.

Even If You Don't Celebrate a Feast Correctly, Attempt to Do Something

And one of the major requirements of this holiday is the prohibition against eating any leavened products and the commandment to eat Passover matzos, the traditional meal. I think the traditional meal is lamb, and herbs, and unleavened bread, and matzos. I typically make a beef roast or chicken because I live in a small town and we don't have lamb around here. We'd have to go to a fancy store to get lamb. So, I know some of you can probably get lamb chops or whatever in your stores.

But attempt to do something. Even if you screwed up, and you forgot today was Passover, you can start with the unleavened bread tomorrow. Seven days unleavened bread. Nothing with yeast, nothing with leaven. And clean out your kitchen. Go through and throw out anything...any flours, anything -- sweets 'cause they have yeasts in them, or leaven in them. And so, start tomorrow if you messed it up today. Start somewhere. It's always better to start somewhere than never start at all.

Our Week of Unleavened Bread Coincides with the Satanists' Sacrifice Preparation

Another thing I want to warn about. I want to talk a little bit about April 19 coming up, 'cause tomorrow, which is April 19...from April 19 to 25, in fact, during our week of Unleavened Bread, the Satanists have their rituals this month. And from the 19-25 they go into sacrifice preparation, which is kidnapping and holding, and their ceremonial preparation of a person for human sacrifice. So, keep your kids close to you. Keep an eye on your kids this week, folks, because they will be out trying to kidnap. They usually prefer young children, but adults will do if they can't get ahold of a child. So, watch yourselves this week. Just ask for the Lord's protection over you and your family.

April 25 is what they call the Da Muer ritual, the Grand Climax. It's sex rituals and sacrifice of a woman or young girl. And then April 30 is one of the most important nights on the satanic calendar. It's Walpurgis Night, Beltane; blood rituals and human sacrifice take place. And so, basically, from April 19 to May 1 is a important time for them. Blood sacrifices to the beast, Moloch. It's a thirteen-day period.

And a fire sacrifice is required on April 19. So, interesting that usually April 19 you'll see a lot of arson fires. And look for children and women, because they represent innocent victims to be harmed as collateral damage for the satanic holiday. Tomorrow is the 19th, look for them to become victims. So a lot of fires, and then during this week, kidnappings, because on the 30th is when the sacrifice them to the beast, Moloch, the god, Moloch. And so, you'll probably feel a lot of dark energy this week, the next 13 days leading up to April 30. A lot of fires, missing people, destructions caused by fire. It has to be fire, so. Anyway, just a heads up. I just wanted to give you what they do, alongside with what we do. April seems to be the worst time of the year for them.

Suggestions for Passover Celebration at www.BackToYahweh.com

My favorite holiday is Passover. I enjoy Passover. I never get it all right, but it's fun. And there's a lot of suggestions on my website at www.backtoyahweh.com on how to celebrate this feast day, this feast week.


Anyway, I'm gonna take callers and see what's happening. You can give me a call at 877-245-5648 if you have a question or comment for the show, folks.

Did You Hear Lady Gaga's New Song called Judas?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: [laughs] This thing is not cooperating. Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: Hey, how you doin'?

SHERRY: Good, how are you?

CALLER: I'm good. Calling from the land of the killer tornadoes; North Carolina.

SHERRY: North Carolina. Yeah, you guys really got pounded.

CALLER: Yeah. Did you look at the moon tonight? It looks like a super moon tonight.

SHERRY: It's the night of the new moon.

CALLER: Yeah. It looks really close.

SHERRY: [laughs] Yeah.

CALLER: Did you hear Lady Gaga's new song? It's called Judah [Judas].

SHERRY: I saw somebody post a link to it on my Facebook or something and I commented on it.

CALLER: Yeah, so, listening to the lyrics, she's like, telling how she loves Judah [Judas]. And Judah's [Judas is] supposed to be the betrayer of Jesus, right?

SHERRY: Right. Judas betrayed Yahushua in the garden of Gethsemane when He was there praying. And the soldiers arrested Him and then got Him ready for His crucifixion. The New Agers hail Judas as a hero. They say he was wrongly treated by the Christians. That he wasn't a betrayer. And, you know, no one caused Judas to hang himself but Judas.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: Judas hung himself. You know, that was nobody's fault but his own. And so, you know, they hail him as a hero. And, obviously, they would, because he betrayed Yahushua. And, to them, they don't believe in Yahushua like we do.

No Calls from Nibiru Coming in Tonight

CALLER: Right. Man, CIA is messiing with your phone tonight. [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah, it's quite a mess. Been a mess.

CALLER: All right. That's all I had to say, so I'll let somebody else get on the air.

SHERRY: Yeah. Phone lines are quiet tonight.

CALLER: It is? Yeah?

SHERRY: Yeah, no calls from Nibiru coming in at all.

CALLER: Nibiru?

SHERRY: Nibiru. [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: I always expect Nibiru and Shema to call in, but --

CALLER: Nibiru...

SHERRY: -- they must be busy tonight messing with my phone lines.

CALLER: ...Planet X, the dwarf planet. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs] You know, Planet X is red --

CALLER: Now they call it, what? Comet...what is it? Comet Elenin?

SHERRY: Comet Elenin. Because it's not a planet. It's a comet with a tail. It's red. You know, it's not the second sun. They keep saying the second sun is Nibiru and it's not, because Nibiru's red, and it has a tail --

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: -- which is Comet Elenin. Yeah, there's a lot of things coming in. There's a lot of different things coming in, but it's gonna get interesting because orgone is gonna affect all of the things coming in. It's gonna cause Nibiru to crash, gonna cause their cube to crash, it's malfunctioned their Shema, gonna cause that to crash.

CALLER: I'll be the first one to put that on YouTube. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs] I'll be the first one outside cheering it on, falling to Earth. [laughs]
Russians Discover an Alien Body in the Snow

CALLER: Oh, did you see that video on YouTube? It was somewhere in Russia, where they discovered some alien body that was underneath the snow. But the guys were speaking in Russian. They were trying to translate it on ats[abovetopsecret].com and I guess some of the guys, they were saying that...one of the Russians was talking about their dog had dug it up. And they dug the rest of it up. Some people say it's fake. Some people say it's not.

SHERRY: Huh. You know, I've warned, so much more stuff's gonna start coming out. I mean, there was a fleet of UFOs in Chicago that was on the news. We're gonna start seeing more and more of them. It's just gonna start becoming more of what's going on. People are gonna start waking up, and, unfortunately, it's gonna be too little, too late for the majority, because they're not gonna be prepared for the oncoming chaos and slaughter by them.

You Ever Watch That Movie, Mars Attacks!?

CALLER: Hey, Sherry. I'm wondering...I'm wondering if you can play that crazy music. You ever watch that movie, uh, what was that? Mars Attacks!

SHERRY: Yeeaah.

CALLER: It's a great comedy.

SHERRY: That was so dumb.

CALLER: It's just playing that crazy, wacky old music, that was killing them.

SHERRY: Mars Attacks! I'll have to hunt down the intro to it or something, the music. [Mars Attacks! Soundtrack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blXMWmRYWcs&feature=related]

CALLER: Yeah. [laughs] Crazy.

SHERRY: People don't realize how true a lot of these movies are. Those things are gonna happen.
What's Going on with Nicolas Cage?

CALLER: What's going on with Nicolas Cage? He all drunk and...

SHERRY: I don't know. I saw that listed somewhere and...I don't know. I don't even watch it. You know. It's not easy being a star in Hollywood when you're half the time a Lizard, controlled by evil. I don't pity them. [pause] Anyway, well, thanks for calling in.

Watch Out for the New Storm Systems Coming Up

CALLER: All right. Watch out for the new storm systems coming up by the, um, HAARP.

SHERRY: Yeah. They've really been doing a number out here. It's been so windy over the weekend. All the tornadoes across the Midwest down to North Carolina.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: You know, the whole Madrid Fault Zone from Chicago to Charleston, South Carolina.

CALLER: That New Madrid, I don't think they gon' shut that off. Then again, you've got some people saying that they're burying like, some small nuclear devices that's gonna set off these --


CALLER: -- earthquakes. Um, I don't know.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: All right, Sherry. I'll talk to you.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.


If you have a question or comment for the show, folks. You can call in at 877-245-5648.

New Madrid Is a Natural Fault Line, but They're Helping It Along with Nuclear Bombs

And, you know, New Madrid, it's a natural fault line, but when it goes, it's not going to be natural, because it's gonna, you know, they're helping it along with nuclear bombs, with the earthquake machines. They've got them on the ocean sea floors. And it's gonna be their revenge, their judgment on America when that does go off, because it's all man-made destructions. Remember I saw Chicago sliding in the water. Could possibly start from as high as Chicago, all the way down to Alabama, and all the way over to Charleston, South Carolina in the east coast. Be huge, massive destruction. And nobody would love to see it more than Obama. He hates America, folks. He's cheering on the Muslims and the Iranians.

Aren't You Supposed to Be Giving Something Up on Passover Besides Bread?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hi, Sherry.

SHERRY: Hello, how are you?

CALLER: Just thought I'd call, 'cause I can. [laughs]

SHERRY: What's that?

CALLER: I can't get in the chat room.

SHERRY: I can't either.

CALLER: I was in there for a while, but I got kicked out.

SHERRY: I'll get in after the show. They never let me in before the show.

CALLER: This Passover thing...aren't you supposed to be giving something up, too, besides bread? Like sacrificing something of...like this is the time people would quit smoking if they still smoked. Something like that.

SHERRY: I think you're confusing that with Lent.

CALLER: Yeah, I am. [laughs] Sorry.

SHERRY: That's all right.

CALLER: Hey, might as well add that [unclear]. OK. So we're just giving up the leaven. I can handle that.

SHERRY: Yeah, no donuts, no Twinkies, no breads, --

CALLER: Good thing I had that --

SHERRY: -- no flours.

CALLER: -- last week.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah, I did have some Twinkies last week.

SHERRY: [laughs]

There's a Lot of Men in Black and Black Helicopters in Indianapolis

CALLER: OK. It snowed here a couple nights ago just a little bit in Indianapolis.

SHERRY: Oh, yeah?

CALLER: I've been wanting it to get warm enough to make some orgone.

SHERRY: I was out that way the other day, and it was so windy and cold.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: I took a beating.

CALLER: I saw some HAARP today.

SHERRY: It actually warmed up today. It was actually a nice day today.

CALLER: Yep. Well, if you ever come up to Indianapolis, let me know.

SHERRY: Yeah, Indianapolis, you know, I've actually been through there about four or five times.

CALLER: That's all?

SHERRY: Yeah. I've been through there more than most other places, probably. [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah. Well, there's a lot of Men in Black, black choppers [helicopters] that like to chase you around if you gift orgone here.

SHERRY: Well, you've got that facility, that Amtrak facility there.

CALLER: Yeah. I already got that. [laughs] The day that I got that, three of those black helicopters followed me around, not just one.

SHERRY: Oh, really?

CALLER: Yeah! And they stayed on me until I actually closed my garage door. I couldn't just leave and go in the house. They were circling me until I closed the garage door. That way they absolutely knew my car was in the garage.


CALLER: And other people can't even see this kind of stuff's going on. And if you tell them, we're just so crazy.


CALLER: It IS happening. Well, I guess I'll let somebody else talk. I forgot what question I asked. I did have one little question, but now I can't remember it, so. Talk to you next time.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in. All right.

CALLER: OK. Bye-bye.

Supposedly They Can Track Orgone on Radar

Yeah, supposedly they can track orgone on radar. I don't know how they do that. The aether energy that orgone produces, they can track it by radar. And so, they know where orgone energy is. And it can take them a while to locate it, and so. They can't pinpoint the orgone, itself, but they can find the people who are putting it out there. You know, they follow them online, they read your IM's, they read your e-mails, they listen to your phone conversations, they read your text messages on your cell phones. We're in a total surveillance state, folks. Everything we do, we're spied on. They put chips in our cable boxes, in our television sets, and they can listen to what you're saying, they can see what you're doing. There's no peace at all, folks.

Pagans and Satanists Can't Even Begin to Understand Our Relationship with the Most High

Privacy is a facade. If they want to, they can cloak themselves, become invisible, and stand in your house all day and watch you. This is all stuff I've put up with for years, because this is stuff they do. And so, it just makes you more bolder for the Most High, I think. They haven't stopped me. They've never been able to stop anything. They can watch, listen to all they want, because they don't understand us. They can't even begin to understand us. A pagan, a Satanist, someone who's going along with the New World Order agenda, they can't even begin to imagine, or understand the relationship between Yahuah and a believer, one of His kids, one of His followers. They can't understand that connection that we have with Him. And so, the stuff we do is crazy, it's silly, they don't understand it. So that's why you get the constant surveillance. And it's for what? I'll sit down and give you my schedule for the next two years, next month. Go away. But they don't understand it.

Anyway, let's see what's going on.

You Said Ron Paul Is One of Them, but He Seems Like One of Us

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response, but radio show on in background]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: Can you hear me?

SHERRY: Yep. Little bit.

CALLER: Oh, hold on. Let me turn the volume down. [pause] OK, there's a delay in your talking and your questions coming in. But I've got a question. Can you hear me?

SHERRY: Yeah, I can hear you somewhat. Yeah, go ahead.

CALLER: You said that Ron Paul is one of them. And --

SHERRY: Yeah. He's a White Knight politician.


SHERRY: A White Knight politician.

CALLER: Yeah, and everything I hear, he's anti-New Age and he's just not -- he seems like he's one of us.

SHERRY: That's because he says things you want to hear. "I want to end the Federal Reserve. I want to do this. I want to restore the Constitution." But, yeah. It sounds good, but it's a total New Age agenda, because they want to install their own fifth dimension facade here on Earth.


SHERRY: They want to eliminate the New World Order so they can establish their own agenda here.


SHERRY: Then you wonder why people like David Icke, and Alex Jones, and Jesse Ventura, and Ron Paul, they say the right things and they're anti-New World Order, but they all fall as White Knight journalists, White Knight politicians for the whole New Age agenda. They work the alien New Age agenda.

CALLER: Oh, wow.

SHERRY: Everybody works an agenda. Everybody has a purpose for what they do. I work and serve for the Most High God. They work and serve either for the New World Order or the alien New Age agenda.

CALLER: Ooh. That's wicked.


CALLER: OK. That's all I wanted. This is Debbie from Texas. Rapture --

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in. [laughs]

CALLER: -- Rapture77 [online username]. OK, bye-bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

They Planted a Monitoring Device on My Lamp

This phone...I don't know if you guys hear half the static and buzzing that I hear on this phone. It's just obnoxious. [laughs] I'll have to tear my phone apart and see if they put some kind of new device inside of it. They had some kind of electronics device on my lamp. And I thought one of the kids put it on the lamp. I'd noticed it, it was sitting here on my desk where I do my work. And my husband happened to pick it off my lamp and said, "What's this?" I said, "Oh, I think one of the kids put it there." It was some kind of device. It looked like it had some kind of microphone and possibly some kind of video thing inside of it so they could watch or even hear what I'm working on here as I do my work. They're always interested in the Codes I'm working on. Probably some kind of video device so they could see, as I'm working on the Codes, what I'm finding and stuff. Unreal lengths they go to, folks. And you just get bowled over by it at times. It just gets aggravating. And I have so much work to do.

Please Donate Now to Help with the High Cost of Preparing for Orgone Missions

Been busy getting ready for some upcoming orgone missions. And, I need your help and support to do that, folks. It's almost $200 for a case of resin now, which is 4 gallons of resin. Crystals are almost $20 a pound, including shipping. And it's just getting outrageous. The supplies and the costs. Gas...it costs me about $130 just to fill up my beast. I have a '96 Suburban Chevrolet. Not a [Chevrolet], a GMC Suburban. And it costs about 130 bucks to fill that thing up. So, very costly just to hit the road, and go on missions, and get things done, in the limited amount of time that we have. But this is the time we have to do it, and we've gotta get out there and do it while we can, folks. Protecting our wheat fields, protecting our corn fields. The farms, our bread baskets across America. The water sources.

If You Know Where Any Giant Bases Are, Let Me Know - We Can Take Them Out with Orgone

If anybody knows where any other bases are, let me know. I've got two that I know of. Golden Valley, North Carolina [coughs] and the one in Lima, Ohio. And so, if anybody knows of any of the Giant bases, because they're bringing them in. Airplanes, 18-wheeler trucks, you name it. Underground subway system. They had to build a new one to accommodate 25-, 30-foot tall Giants. They're bringing them into these bases and hoarding them here, because there's going to be a literal invasion of them. One of these days they're all going to be coming out of the bases. And guess who their food supply is. Us. [coughs] So, folks, we need to stop it before it gets started. We can take them out, we can make them sick, just with orgone. You couldn't possibly store up enough weapons and bullets. The orgone works 24/7. And so, if we can target these bases [coughs], we can weaken them and take them out. And so, that's what we've been doing.

So I need your support for this for this summer. I need financial contributions to make this happen. I need like, 5000 bucks yesterday just to get a bunch of supplies and get orgone made, so I can send it out and people can get busy. I can't get everywhere, you know, but I can send orgone to Warriors who live in certain areas and they can get what needs to be done. And I can't do that unless I can make up all the orgone in advance. And to do that I need a lot of supplies. And to do that I need money, folks. I need money. And so, I need your help. I need your help so we can get -- almost feels like the last push coming upon us, because, you know, if this is the year everything's gonna come to a head, then this could possibly be the last spring, the last summer we have to get things done before all hell breaks loose, so.

You Can Read About the Feasts in Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock. And, enjoy your Passover week, folks. Unleavened Bread starts tomorrow, the 19th to the 25th. And you can read about the feasts and the fact that we are to honor these feasts in Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23. You can read it in those chapters.

Anyway, folks. Until Thursday. I'll see you then. Yah bless.


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