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Aliens In The News
Thursday May 5th, 2011


Copy Everything Off Sherry’s Websites While There’s Still Time

And hello, everybody. It’s Thursday with Aliens In The News. I'm Sherry Shriner, and it's May 5th. And so. It's been a while it feels like since I had a show. You know, I warned you this stuff was coming. They want to shut me up. They want to get me off the radio. Eventually totally off the Internet. And so, I warned you guys month ago when I started seeing it in the Codes to get what you need off my websites, to copy my shows on those little—I use those USB things. I can't remember the name of them. But you plug them into your USB. I think they're a lot handier than CDs, DVDs, but you can do what you want to do. Copy everything I have, folks. You’re gonna want it. You're gonna need it. As time marches on and things get implemented, they're gonna shut the people who are a threat up. And we're seeing a taste of it now. I've seen this coming, and so, it's no surprise to me. It's no surprise to me when I get on Monday night and I can't get on the air, or the phone’s dead, or something freaky happens. And Thursdays—Thursdays they typically try to make me sick before the show so I can’t do the show. I use to have that chip implant in my leg before I got it deactivated and they use to turn that thing on and just heat me up. I use to get a temperature up to 101, 102. I'd be so sick I couldn't even move. And so, they try various ways.

Deactivate Chip Implants With Neodymium Magntes And The Hulda Clark Zapper

And I thought it was interesting with the chip implants how they can turn it on when they want to. Turn ‘em on, get you sick, do whatever they want to with it. And I deactivated it using neodymium magnets. I've also heard that that Hulda Clark Zapper will deactivate chip implants that the neo-dymes [neodymium magnets] aren’t deactivating or can't deactivate. ‘Cause I really didn’t know about these newer chips, if the neo-dymes could deactivate them, but it seemed to have worked with mine—the neo-dymes. And mine was one of the newest ones you could have. I mean, this is pretty high tech when they can sit somewhere on a computer and turn it up, or turn it on, turn it off—whatever they do with them. And so. You just have to find the point of origin of where the chip is. And usually—and what I saw was a little black dot on my leg, and it looked like a black head it was so small. Just very, very tiny microscopic black dot on my leg. Started pulling at it, and it was a chip about an inch long. Actually looked like it had little antennas coming off of it. You know, like—the antennas are so small they looked like spider legs. But it's all part of the chip. And so. Anyway. And they get you where you can't find them. So look at the—you know, if you think you got a chip implant, and you don't know where it is, look on the backs of your arms, the backs of your legs. Have somebody check out your back because they shoot you with ‘em when you’re not looking. And so. I think I got mine shot into me when I was in a Lowe’s department store. I used to typically go to Lowe’s to get pipes or copper or something. So anyway. That went on for about a year before I got it out. I always have to go through everything the hard way.

Obama’s Big Announcement: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

A couple things I want to talk about today. I know everyone's all rumbling about bin Laden's death for the 9th time. [laughing] I was pleasantly surprised that the show's here, the radio show here—K-92 is a popular show around here. This whole region area of Ohio and West Virginia and parts of PA probably catch it. They weren't buying it either. So, you know what? If the red necks, hillbillies don't buy it, can main street people be buying this? I don't think so.

So I was watching Donald Trump Sunday night with The Apprentice for some reason. I was just relaxing Sunday night. And right where he gets to the point where he's gonna fire somebody, the news breaks in with this huge announcement Obama has. And, you know, that makes you roll your eyes enough, let alone, they just cut off the end of the show so you can't see who gets fired on The Apprentice. I was pissed off. Who cares about Obama? I mean, come on. An announcement by Obama at 11:30 at night? It then it went on for a half hour. NBC news cuts in; they want you to listen to them and get all this lime light for the reporters a half hour before the speech. They coulda waited 2 minutes so you could see who got fired on Apprentice.

Anyway. They go on for a half hour, and then Obama comes on. And if you'll remember several months ago I talked about how Obama was gonna have an announcement in the spring. I was seeing that in the Bible Codes. And so. This was it. This was his big announcement in the spring. That Osama bin Laden’s dead. How many people are surprised? I mean he's been dead for years. Pulling him out again. It almost reminds me of that one 2nd in command to Osama bin Laden that they killed twice. You guys remember that one? I can't even remember his name—probably couldn’t pronounce it anyway. But he was killed twice. They needed him a year later so they pulled him back out and killed him again. But this thing with Osama has probably been dead for about eleven years now. But what I find amazing if you listen to Obama's speech—not that anything’s ever amazing about him and what he says—but the whole scenario that they’re pushing down people. Okay, so, here’s—in 4 hours, you know, he goes on, and if you just sit there and analyze his speech, within 4 hours they killed him. Then they tested his DNA. Then they washed him and gave him a proper Muslim burial by throwing him to the sharks, who probably didn't want him either. Okay. There’s no pictures. It’s just one of those, “We’re telling you this is what happened, so believe it.” from the White House. No real evidence.

How You Can Tell Bin Laden’s Death Was A Set Up

You know how you know it's a total lie? Because they actually named the Navy Seal team that supposedly did it. So now you know it's a total lie. Because first of all, our Navy Seals are highly classified, and they would never release that kind of information to the public unless they really wanted to push a big lie to make it a little bit more believable. “Our Navy Seal Team 6 did it.” Who's ever heard of the Navy Seal Team 6 before? Usually when someone's trying to push a big lie, they want to make it as believable and credible as possible, and that's basically one of the red flags you can catch. I don't like liars, but I can pin them apart, peg them apart. And so, that's how you know the whole thing is a lie. Especially how in 4 hours they did all this stuff. Kind of amazing anybody could buy this at all.

And I find it interesting that—why would they care if they gave a convicted murderer a proper Muslim burial? Did do they give any prisoners in America a proper Christian burial if they die when they're in prison? Did they give Saddam Hussein a proper burial? Why are they so into this proper burial stuff for bin Laden? You know I was reading on a website about Muslim traditions and burying them out to sea. Now, it’s an acceptable practice if you die on a ship. And it became an acceptable practice if you're bin Laden and no country wants you in it. They don't want to bury you.

Now think about it. If bin Laden was behind the World Trade Towers, wouldn't he be a Muslim hero and now be considered a martyr? But yet none of those countries wanted him. Because he’s not one of theirs! Tim Osman from Chicago had a CIA assignment to go over to Saudi Arabia. They were gonna fund him with this Al Qaeda to stop the communist push back, where the communists were fighting in Afghanistan. And so, they used him for that. And then they propped him up to be a Muslim leader, gave him all these phony little CIA droid peoples to follow him. Does all these—gets credited with the World Trade Towers bombings. He got credited with that. He didn't do it; he just got credited with it. Blamed for it, in other words. And that's why none of those Arab countries wanted him. They didn't want to bury him because he wasn't one of theirs. And that's the one thing Americans can't seem to pick apart. The truth from the lies about the Middle East. Because they've never claimed him. He would have been a huge hero right now and a huge martyr for them. None of them are claiming it. None of them are cheering he's dead. Because they don't care. He's a CIA agent. He’s an American pawn posing as a Muslim, some Arab sheik, in Saudi Arabia and Iraq and Iran. Do they get it? I don't know. I think the silence is deafening from the Arab community.

This Is Obama’s Ace In The Hole Card

So now, they can't let a good boogeyman death go to waste because, you know, he's been dead for years. And Bush had this card he was gonna use it for elections if he had to pull it out, because getting bin Laden was gonna be his ace in the hole, but then he didn't need it. He didn't use it. So now Obama gets to use this “Ace in the Hole” card: pulling out bin Laden's death. I mean, why does Obama need an ace in the hole right now? Because of his fake security, his fake birth certificate—to shut that up. He's shutting up his fake birth certificate.

Now, I don't think any president is mindful or cares about the low ratings because they all get low ratings. It comes and goes with the office. Nobody had lower ratings than Bush. I don't think anybody could beat that. He was down in the single digits. Obama has too many brainwashed and mind controlled still. He's still got like a 42% approval rating because he's still got 40% brainwashed. So I think it's to shut up the birth certificate stuff because they wanted to come out and bring out that this was his birth certificate. It was a fake. It was totally fraudulent. Took him 2 years to make it I read on the Internet and then about 2 minutes for people to debunk it. So much for government intelligence, where it takes you 2 years to do something, and it takes the public 2 minutes to critique it and figure it out. So, I think he's trying to shove that under the rug. But also, folks, they need to close up all loose ends. They need to close up that chapter of history. They need to end it. Because we've got so many things coming up for the rest of this year that having a boogeyman in Saudi Arabia posing as a Muslim doesn't fit anywhere any more.

So they need to just close up the dead ends, the loose ends. And I'm not even saying he's dead. He could be on an island in Russia soaking margaritas with Saddam Hussein for all we know because they don't typically kill their own. They typically just reward them. And so. And I haven't gotten into the Codes on bin Laden to tell you if he's really dead or not. I’ve never believed that Saddam Hussein was dead. I believed he was on an island somewhere. And so, probably the same thing for bin Laden. But I'll get into the Codes on that later this week, and I'll let you know.

Everything Is Run And Scripted By The Aliens

But the whole thing just smoozes of, you know, rhetoric, scripts. It’s all scripted. You know, what really pulls your chain is, you know, when you realize that every event that happens on this Earth through our governments—and you guys already know this—everything is planned by the Illuminati. Everything is scripted and run by the Illuminati. But take it up a notch, folks, because it’s the aliens, this reptile Ashtar Command, who control the Illuminati. So everything scripted on Earth, and everything happening on Earth, is run and controlled by the aliens. It's run and controlled by them. They just use the Illuminati as their little pawns on Earth, in human bodies, to do their bidding. And most of them don’t even have 100 percent human bodies. You can go to YouTube and type in “reptile shape shifter” and there's thousands. They're everywhere. Reptilian shape shifters. And it just gets really old seeing it. And most people will never see it. Until it's too late. There's not much we can do about it anyway. I mean, we are just so dominated and controlled by this reptilian faction of aliens.

Radiation Versus Orgone – Poison Versus Poison

A couple things I've been seeing is—interesting that somebody just posted on my Orgone List about RFID “smart dust” that chemtrails are spewing out now, because I see “RFID” in the Codes a lot coming up. I see “red dust” coming up. And I was thinking about the red dust—I don't know if any of you remember the first original V series? Well, the aliens are here, and the red dust kills them. Which is kinda ironic because we know that the aliens like radiation. But in the original V series, they’re taking these pills, which are probably potassium tablets. I don’t know what they were. But they would have to take 2 pills a day so they could survive being here on Earth because of the contaminated dust. And to them and us, it’s kinda like: radiation is a poison to us; orgone is a poison to them. Rain puts both in the rainwater, and it comes down to Earth and hits our soil and penetrates the dust. So interesting. Because I remember when I saw it back then, seeing this red dust in the V series, I'd start laughing because I thought the orgone is gonna kill 'em even when we're gone because the rain will just keep spraying the orgone down on Earth. Because as the orgone saturates the air, it saturates by the clouds and it rains it back down. And the best way to do that is to keep getting orgone in the water supplies here on Earth. Because the clouds soak up water from our oceans and lakes and our water supplies. The clouds soak in all this saturated orgone and then rain it down to Earth. And that's a poison to aliens.

You know, I don't think this nuclear radiation is gonna bother them. But it's gonna bother us, and we're gonna have to deal with this, because our food supply is gonna be destroyed because of this radiation. People just wanna, you know, just go on with their daily things and not have to think about nuclear radiation, but you know what? They're spraying it in the chemtrails, folks. You don't have to think about Fukushima when they're spraying it over your head in the chemtrails, blaming it on Fukushima. They just blame it on Fukushima. They always need a boogeyman, a boogey-thing somewhere so they can implement other parts of the agenda in different ways.

Number 1 Reason To Detox: Stop The Chip Implants And Metals From Accumulating

And I've talked about detoxing and how important it is to start detoxing, getting all the metals out of your body. Not because it causes Alzheimer's and gives you cancers—it’s those reasons too—but because all of these chips that we're breathing in our air, drinking in our water, eating in our food. They accumulate in your body. They don't get wasted out with everything else. They stay and accumulate in your tissues. And it's a slow build up over time, and it slowly starts controlling and dumbing people down and making them little robots. I don't know how many of these little pieces of the puzzle, these little chips it takes to build a robot, but they're trying. They're doing it. They're doing it. And it must work because they're spending a lot of time and effort into doing it. How do you think Satan controls all these fallen angels, folks? There's so many different factions of them. They war against each other. Satan sits back and watches them all. How does he control his kingdom? By tech. They're all chip implanted.

Why do you think they're on a push to chip implant mankind? Because we're the only species left that isn't chip implanted. We have free will, free thought. We can rebel against him, rebel against them. See, when you're chip implanted, you can be controlled. And you’re just—you're a robot at that point. You have a semblance of, “Oh, I can think for myself,” but you're really not allowed to. You’re not allowed to think for yourself and act for yourself, ‘cause if it comes against their agendas, against their rules, then you can be put to death. They know what you're thinking. They know what you're doing at all times. Pure control. That's how you run Satan's kingdom. That's how he runs it. And so, that's what they're doing here to Earth. They want to have 100 percent control over every human on Earth.

They Might Stop All Mail To Stop Orgone From Being Shipped

And so. How do you fight against it? Destroying back, folks. Keep fighting back. The orgone destroys them. And so. That's why I keep—you know, it's been 7 years now we started this orgone war against them. And it's the only thing I see in the Bible Codes that is so dominant and so effective against them. I don't see anything else that's working against them that they're all angry about, that they're fighting against. The only thing I see is the orgone. They hate it. They fight against us. They may get so desperate to the point that they would stop all mail. Because they know we send it around the world. We send it across the country. And, you know, that's kind of what I think is really stupid, because people can make it themselves. The instructions are on the websites. You can make it yourself. You know what? The day will come when I can't sell it any more. Hey, so be it. You guys can make it yourself. You can make it yourself. And most people are. It's not like I have huge inbox of orders for orgone or anything. Most people make it themselves now. So I thought it was kinda funny when I see in the Bible Codes that they would practically even attempt to stop commerce, which would be the post office, from sending out orgone, because people can just make it themselves regardless if I'm here or not. Regardless if I can sell it or not. It's kind of a futile attempt at being desperate, I think.

What We’ve Got Coming: Maitreya, NESARA Law, And Sharia Law

Got a couple trips coming up, projects I'm working on, folks, so I need your financial donations for that to make those happen. Some people wanting to know if the New Madrid fault line will be blown this month, and you know what, folks? We know they're planning it, so very well could. It may be delayed. I mean, this is one of their projects, and their stuff always gets delayed. So who knows when they’ll actually pull it off? Because it always gets delayed. And it's not very dominant in the Bible Codes right now. I mean I'm seeing more of, you know, what's going on, what the Lord wants me to see usually. It may be dominant, but He doesn’t want me spending my time on it. When He wants me to see is that one chapter’s ending, and one chapter's opening right now. Maitreya is coming. We're gonna see Iran more in the news. We're gonna see—now that the boogeyman Muslim is gone—we're gonna see another rise. Close one chapter to open another. We're gonna see Maitreya coming. We're gonna see, start seeing Obama push more and more into implementing NESARA. NESARA Law and Sharia Law. And you can almost watch these two different laws start merging together to be one. Start merging more and more together to bringing this 5th Dimension façade that these aliens can create “Heaven on Earth,” the 5th Dimension on Earth. Yeah. You think it sounds all New Age, and it is. But it's also the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces is over. And this is the age that's coming upon us whether you like it or not. You know, I don't like it, but it's what's coming. It's what's coming, so you can be prepared.

What Really Went Down With Katrina

So, this is what's coming, folks. We got RFIDs to still worry about. We’ve got this red dust. We’ve got NESARA and Sharia Law and Maitreya. And we’ve got our National Guard moving into places all over the country. Nice of them to use HAARP and cause over 1000 tornados last month alone. And this, May, is the official tornado month. And so, they're moving all these National Guard troops in place. Why? So that people get use to seeing them around. You know, I haven't seen any place yet that's been hit with tornados having to declare Martial Law. I mean, typically when you're dealing with disasters, people help each other out. You know? This isn't like the Katrina situation in New Orleans. Because seriously, folks, that was all a charade. That was all a set up from the CIA to make it all look like everyone's just going—acting like animals, behaving like animals, and shooting people in the streets. They were the ones shooting people. That was a complete CIA charade down there. So don't even compare Katrina to any of these other disasters because the only difference being, these communities that have gotten hit by all these flooding and tornados? They don't have the CIA droids in them. But with the National Guard getting moved around and into position, they're getting ready—you can tell they're getting ready to blow the fault because all of these disasters are in the fault line areas that would be affected if the New Madrid fault line erupted.

War In Israel Is Inevitable

We also have—war in Israel is inevitable. That's inevitable, folks. And so. Watch for, you know, Israel, Libya, Egypt, Damascus, Syria, Iran. There's things going on over there, taking place because they’ve gotta take control of Jerusalem—this reptile faction, this alien faction. And so we're not done with the Israel wars yet. In fact Ben Netanyahu is suppose to be in D.C. this week. And so, it almost makes you wonder why Obama pulls out the Osama bin Laden card, two days before Netanyahu’s to arrive in America, who is complaining Obama's not doing enough for Israel. Maybe that's Obama's little carrot. “Here. Stop yelling at me. I killed your worst enemy.”

The Real Threats And The Decoys

Osama bin Laden’s not a threat to Israel. He’s not even a threat to America. You really think a cave dweller broke into all of our high tech systems, ordered a stand down at NORAD, and crashed into towers? Come on, folks. It was Cheney who ordered the stand down of our military to allow it to happen. And he’s always involved with stuff. Just when you think you got rid of the Bush-Cheney administration, Cheney’s always in the background. He’s aligned with Obama and still running things in the background. What we see as a rank of authority is really just a joke. It’s for American public conception because the President and Congress—that’s window dressing. They really have no power. They have: they do what they’re told to do. And we saw that with the Patriot Act when every one of them passed it without reading it. Because they were told to. They didn’t have a choice. Pass it or die. That’s basically their choice. There’s a lot that goes down that we’re not aware of, told of. But it’s a reptile faction that controls everything. They control Washington. They control the White House, Congress. What they say, goes.

We’re Abducted As Food And Lab Rats

I don’t know. Maybe if I keep saying it enough, people will start to realize that we’re nothing but puppets here on Earth. We’re slaves. We’re cattle. We’re cattle. They abduct hundreds of thousands of people a year, and we hear of maybe one or two on the media. I mean, come on, folks. How come all these other people that come up missing don’t get 15 seconds on the media? Because we could run on towers forever and never get anything else. So where are all these people going? They’re being abducted as food, and they’re being held captive in underground bases. There should be such an uproar in this country that our military should fear the people’s anger. People should be demanding that these hidden bases, these underground bases, all be opened up and exposed to the public so that any prisoners being held in them can be freed. There’s people in cages in these underground bases. They’re locked up in cages. They’re used for breeding experiments. How—you know, cross breeding experiments. And they’re stored as food. And they’re also taken up in UFOs, and they’re stored in freezers, refrigerators, for the aliens. I mean, you guys think I’m just saying this stuff. I’m not. It’s true. Do you know how funny, how weird, how awkward it is to see the term “refrigerator” in the Bible Codes when the Bible was written—what?—thousands of years ago, and yet would know how to describe a refrigerator? This isn’t by chance, folks. The Lord says He knew the end from the beginning. And He most certainly did. Everything you can find in the Codes.

Anyway. If you have a question for the show you can call in at 866—wait, let me pull up the screen so I can even find the number. Guess I’d have it memorized by now. 866—let’s see what it is. No! It’s 877-245-5648. If you have a question or a comment for the show, you can call in.

Thoughts On The Madrid Fault Line Blowing In Relation To Osama

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hey, Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah!

Caller: Hey, how ya doing?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: I’m good. Somehow I came in at a half hour into your show, so I missed the half an hour of your show, here. And I’m pretty sure, I knew you were talking about on Monday—‘cause they keep messing with you on Monday for like, I dunno what.

Sherry: Yeah. It’s cutting the power for the cord.

Caller: Yeah, it’s crazy. Anyway. I’m, in my mind right now I’m trying to sort out pieces of the puzzle on how things are gonna come to terms, and this Obama announcing the death of Osama bin Laden—that’s all staged. I believe it’s all staged. I believe he was dead already because of his kidney failure and all that stuff. It was all staged. Little do they know, they got in and they killed him and da-la-la-la-la. Whatever. Anyway, it goes with the fact that this was all staged when he came in for the New Madrid Fault Line to blow up. I believe that they’re gonna stage nuclear, small nuclear devices to go off to make this fault line go off, and they’re going to stage that as a terrorist attack.

Sherry: Yeah. As a retaliation for killing Bin Laden—

Caller: Right.

Sherry: —they’re going to blow up something here. And you know what? They don’t care that he’s dead. And so, yeah. They just wanna use it to—as retaliation. They have a false flag here. I totally agree. I saw that coming when Obama was speaking Sunday night.

Caller: Yup. Everything is just falling into place. You can just see it. I mean, if you’re a person that’s awake, you know?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: You’re not deceived by the media and everyday life that makes you go along like sheep. They want you to follow that line. They want you to walk in line.

Sherry: Yup.

Caller: Anybody that breaks open that line, they’re going to try and take care of that person.

Sherry: Yeah, I totally agree. False flags are on the way, and I think everybody knows that. Everybody wants to know when the date is, but people should just get busy preparing because they can delay stuff into oblivion.

Caller: Oh year. I mean—

Sherry: One thing I’ve learned from Him, from the Codes, is they can delay, delay, delay.

Illuminati Messages In The Media

Caller: I don’t get set on those big things, but they’re—you know, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, who know about all the stuff that’s coming about—and it’s just like you’re saying, like movies and TV shows that have their little secret codes in them that you gotta—by the time you figure it out, it’s already happened already.

Sherry: Yeah. ‘Cause then you know what you’re looking for.

Caller: I don’t know if you watch—do you watch that new show called The Event that comes on every Monday?

Sherry: No, ‘cause my show’s on Monday night, so I don’t watch TV on Monday nights.

Caller: Yeah. I mean, it has these—I mean, it has like, for instance, two aliens are fighting against each other. One alien faction is trying to bring in their whole civilization ‘cause their planet is dying, and they’re trying to kill off, I guess, pretty much, you know, 50 percent of the Americans here and on Earth. Which is pretty much what they’re talking about with depopulating the planet. They’re bringing on—what I think it is, is they’re bringing on new hybrids to run this country. To run this planet.

Sherry: Yeah. I mean, they all act like, “Oh, we want to help. We want to help the people.” And so you have the Pleiadian’s faction. “We want to help Americans. We want to help the people around the world. And those evil reptiles.” And actually, the Pleiadians just want to produce their own agenda here on Earth. So, it’s really just a bunch of hogwash. Just factions fighting against other factions for control of the Earth. And they want to come in the guise of helping mankind, and they fully just plan on destroying it. Either faction you look at, they just want to destroy mankind.

Caller: It’s all, it’s all crazy. I mean, that’s all that I have to say, Sherry.

Sherry: Alright. Well, thanks for calling in.

Caller: No problem. Thanks for hearing me out.

Sherry: Alright. Buh-bye.

Caller: Yeah. Bye.

[call ends]

Thoughts on Comet Elenin (PX)

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: I would like to know what they’re saying about this Comet Elenin.

Sherry: Elenin? I really think they’re referring to Planet X with this Comet Elenin. ‘Cause the only thing I see coming in and arriving within the next month or two is Planet X. Is Nibiru. So. You know, I see one crashing, which is Shema, and so. It’s just another name for PX.

Caller: I was watching a YouTube video, and they were tracking Elenin, and they said we should see it by September, and it’s going to leave like a debris trail, and Earth is going to travel through it.

Sherry: And see, that’s Nibiru, and you’re going to see it a lot earlier. I think we should see it this month in May. I see “arrival” in the Codes. It may be in our atmosphere somewhere and we don’t see it, but it’s coming in, in May, this month. That’s what I see.

Caller: You think NASA’s trying to do something? ‘Cause they keep calling off space shuttles. I’m here in Florida. They’re supposed to have a space shuttle going up on Monday, but it got canceled.

Sherry: You know, I see a lot going on with them clouding the skies, hiding objects coming in so that we can’t see them. Another reason they’re blanketing the skies with clouds. Hiding UFOs with clouds. HAARP was lining the clouds for weather control. All these disasters we’ve had are all HAARP made. You know, NASA’s quite busy. Trying to hide the Second Sun from coming in, Comet Elenin—all this stuff—the Blue Star. They’re trying to hide our own skies from us. Literally.

Caller: When you say “Madrid Fault Line,” are you talking about Madrid, Spain?

Sherry: No, no. The Madrid Fault Line runs from the Great Lakes, probably—what is up there?—Toronto in Canada, all the way down to Alabama. All the way down to the Persian Gulf. That’s gonna go through all those states. It’s going to go through Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi. All those states. It’s gonna—literally would just divide the country in half.

Is It Unusually Cold This Time Of Year?

Caller: It’s almost summer time. I know that up north is still like cold. Is that unusual for this time?

Sherry: You know what? When you live in Ohio, you have two seasons. You have winter, and you have spring. And you have one week of summer. And we’re kinda used to the crazy weather when you live up here. But what’s different about it is we’re hitting record rainfalls. I have not seen this much rain in eons. We’ve broken the records on rain. And also just the cold factor. It usually starts to warm up. I mean, it’s May 5th, and the trees are just now starting to bud to get leaves on them. That’s how cold it’s been here. So yeah. We’re seeing unusual chilling. You know, I tell everybody at my son’s track practice, “I can’t wait for Global Warming,” ‘cause you’re sitting at track practice and everybody’s huddled up, froze. It’s cold. The wind’s always blowing, which makes it 10 degrees colder no matter where you’re at. When the wind blows, it just magnifies it. Yeah. It’s very cold and very wet up here. And so. You know. We’re gonna have two seasons this year.

Does Orgone Help Stabilize The Weather?

Caller: Will the orgone like help stabilize the weather like Global Warming?

Sherry: No, it doesn’t. The orgone saturates the atmosphere, and it becomes very hot to them. It burns them up. It boils them. And so, what they try to do to counteract orgone is to chill the air. That’s why we’re so cold. Because they’re trying to chill the air so it’s not burning them. And also, they think that by chilling the air and sending so much rain, it will deaden the impact of orgone. And that—it’s not going to deaden it because it’s an ongoing energy, but for them it lessens the effects on them. And so. Expect crazy weather because they’re desperate. The orgone is—I’ve said it all along—it’s destroying them. It’s killing them. And this is their ways of fighting against it.

Caller: Okay. That’s all I have to say in here for you. Thank you, and Yah bless.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks for calling in. Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Caller’s Thoughts On The Coming Economic Crash

Sherry: Hello, Caller, you’re on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Can you hear me?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: Hi. I can’t believe I’m talking to Sherry Shriner. Oh my God. Okay. Anyway. Hi. Thank you.

Sherry: Where ya calling from?

Caller: I’m calling from Phoenix, Arizona. And—

Sherry: Oh, Phoenix.

Caller: Yeah. I was online and I saw a retort by Michael Ruppert. And he puts out an alert, and he’s talking about this coming July being the end of our economics as we know it in this country. And I just wanted to let you know that I think you are so right on the money, and it’s really scary. And he says that Japan is the catalyst for this happening—everything going on in Japan. All of the chips and the computer things and car things that we need for, you know, our products here? They’re not being manufactured in Japan anymore. And so, that’s just going to cause a cascading effect of everything in the economy. It’s really crazy. I sent you the link last night.

Sherry: They’re setting up the next boogieman so they can blame it on ‘em. But there is planning on an economic shut down. And another thing is, with the—if this invasion comes about that I keep seeing for July, it’s going to shut down society period.

Caller: Period.

Sherry: I mean, we just have a huge hostile invasion coming July. I keep seeing it over and over. And also, their arrival in September. And so, we have different like invasions and arrivals coming. And so. July’s always been a—gonna be a crazy pandemonium type month. And the economy shutting down, it’s going to happen, they’re just fishing for what to blame it on.

Ignorance Is Bliss…And Will Also Get You Killed

Caller: And you know what’s really scary to me? Is, you know, I talk to people, and I just mention things slightly, and they just are like, “Don’t say things like that. Don’t talk about that. Whatever happens is gonna happen.” Or they don’t believe it. It’s like they don’t see it. It’s like you’re just blind and don’t want to know.

Sherry: Well ignorance is bliss. “We’re blissful. We’re ignorant.” You don’t have to think about the destruction and death coming. You can just be ignorant.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: It’s just how people want to be.

Caller: And get shipped off to a FEMA camp and be killed. I’m not trying to be standing with the goons on Judgment Day. I’m trying to be standing with the lambs. I’m not going to a FEMA camp. I don’t care. They’re just going to have to kill me. I’m with you on that. And I bought my crystals finally, because, you know, I don’t happen to make very much money, and my husband thinks I’m a nut because I listen to you. And I, you know, I bought my crystals, and I’ve got my shavings, and I’m going to get my fiberglass and all that other stuff together, and I’m going to start making some orgone. My brother sent me 4 pucks that he bought from you. He’s got a whole bunch that he’s bought from you. And I’m going to start doing that. I’ve started storing up, you know, dry foods and sardines and water and stuff like that.

Sherry: Good for you.

Caller: Yeah. But I really do think it’s really going to happen. I just get such an eerie, queasy feeling when I think about it. I mean, like right now I’m shaking because it’s so real to me. And nobody else sees it. My sister, she’s just like, “Oh, I’m going to cooking school.” Oh, well, that’s great. You’re throwing away everything that you cook. You know, they throw away everything they cook. They don’t give it to homeless people. They don’t send it to homeless shelters or anything. Throws away prime rib of beef and lobster and all kinds of stuff, and it’s just so sick to me. You know? And she just doesn’t want to hear it. Doesn’t wanna hear it.

Sherry: Yeah. Most people don’t. They want to pretend like the government’s taking care of them and, you know, they have no worries. And everything’s going to be changing really abruptly this year.

Caller: Yeah. This year. Exactly. I’m just so excited; I can’t believe I’m talking to you. Okay. So. Now, that’s pretty much all I had to say. I just wanna thank you for everything that you’ve done for opening my eyes and the eyes of the other people who are willing to listen. God bless you and keep you safe. Keep doing what you’re doing ‘cause the world needs you, Sherry.

Sherry: Oh, well thank you. And thank you for calling in.

Caller: You are so very welcome. Thank you.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

Caller: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Missed Call

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air. Hello, caller.

…Oh, look at you. Okay, I’ll try again.

Hello, caller. You’re on the air. Hello, caller. Silence. Hello, caller. I hate it when they sit on the lines for a long time and then they run to get something to drink, and that’s why when I say, “Hello, caller.” Hello, caller. Is this Nibiru? I’m going to have to hang up, ‘cause you’re just sitting there.

[call ends]

Caller’s Family Adores The Book Of Enoch

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hello.

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello, how are you?

Caller: Sherry?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: This is—can you hear me?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: Oh, Sherry, I’m—my name is Beverly. I live in Florida. And I want to thank you so much for opening my eyes and my whole family. And we pray for you every night. We are—I used to attend church like you did a long time ago. Grew up in it all my life. And for the last year, I have—my whole family has—we have read Enoch. We absolutely believe it 100 percent. Thank you for that. My husband has my whole family study every week. We do not going to the building anymore, the church. That’s what they call it. We stay at home. Thank you so much, Sherry. My daughter Samantha though since she has been really studying and following, and especially Enoch—it’s one of her favorite books in the whole world. She thinks that’s the only book we should be really having in our own darn church.

Sherry: Matthew, Revelation, and Enoch. That’s the only books you need.

Caller: Yes ma’am! Thank you so much. And Sherry, I wanna tell you. You are not crazy. You are not, honey. I am not crazy. I’m a very stable person. I believe that we need to learn the heavenly realms.

Sherry: Yep.

Caller: I really do believe that. I have got more in my life than I ever had going to church for many years. Thank you.

Sherry: Yep.

My Daughters Ears Are Ringing And We Don’t Know The Cause

Caller: And I make my own orgone. I live in Dunning, Florida. I have spread it all over, and I just—I order a lot from you, too. But I do want to ask you one thing. My daughter’s ears are ringing. She’s a very, very dedicated follower of yours. And we do not know why. She’s never had any problems with her ears, Sherry, at all.

Sherry: Does she have a pendant?

Caller: Yes, she does. We have all your pendants. We have your pendant, yes. We have orgone underneath our beds and our house outside. We make buckets. We’ve done everything. I’m 100 percent on board with everything that you tell us to do because I know, I know Sherry, in my heart—I’ve known for a while, I just never did know…how do I say this. There’s a reason why we’re here on this Earth.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: And I thank you for that too. For allowing us to understand why we’re here.

Sherry: Yeah. Angels in the flesh.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Does your—has your daughter had any dental work done?

Caller: No, ma’am. She has not.

Sherry: Oh.

Caller: I did order the magnets for her ‘cause I read your page about putting the magnets under your ears.

Sherry: Yeah, there’s a lot of people—this is like a phenomena starting up. People, a lot of people hearing the ear-ringing thing.

Caller: Yes!

Sherry: I have heard from so many.

Caller: Right. Okay.

Sherry: And it can be various different reasons. And that’s why I just go through them, because it’s a sound frequency thing, a frequency wave thing with different tech weapons that can cause the ear-ringing. Chip implanting can cause it.

Caller: Really?

Sherry: Oh, yes.

Caller: ‘Cause we’ve been to, you know, Lowe’s a lot.

Sherry: I would wager she probably has a chip implant in her leg.

Caller: Really? I have to check her legs out.

Sherry: That’s where I got mine.

Is South Dakota A Good State To Be In?

Caller: I need to ask you—oh, I just forgot what I was going to ask you. Another thing is, I’m going—we’re recently—we live in Florida. My daughter has this feeling that something bad is going to happen here. Very bad.

Sherry: The southern part of Florida is going to go under the water.

Caller: I know that. I’ve been here all my life. I’m a 5-year generation girl here in the state of Florida. My whole relatives are here. I’m moving. I’m recently—my husband and I are recently purchasing land in South Dakota.

Sherry: Oh, wow.

Caller: Is that good, Sherry? Is that good?

Sherry: Well it’s crazy. It’s cold up there.

Caller: I know. But—

Sherry: Too cold for me. If you go from the sun to the snow, that’s crazy.

Caller: Well. You know, we thought about going to Iowa, you know, these certain states that you told us to go to, you know—good, away from the front line, away from the fault line.

Sherry: One of those states where you never see a thing happening is South Dakota. So yeah, hat’s off to ya.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: Go where the Lord leads you, you know? Go where He leads. It doesn’t matter what I say.

Caller: I know. Well, just a safe place, that’s what we’re doing. I would never leap, and I’m telling you why. Something’s leading—my daughter’s a real strong person, and she says, “Momma. We’ve gotta go. We’ve gotta go.” So we’re leaving. My whole family. My husband’s on board.

Sherry: Wow.

Caller: And we’re going. We’re bringing our orgone and when we get up there, Sherry, we’re spreading it all over the place.

Sherry: Good for you. And I know that there’s a warrior up there in South Dakota somewhere.

Caller: Yes. Really?

Sherry: Yeah, there is. There’s a boy up there, and he actually has gone all the way to Alaska to orgone HAARP and other facilities. And I’ll tell you what. It doesn’t matter how old you are—we’ve got kids, and we’ve got grandmas, and we’ve got grandpas. Everybody’s just getting busy.

How To Deal With Busybodies In Department Stores

Caller: I’m getting busy. I’m doing what you’re telling me to do. I just—like I said, when I go to these stores, people ask me questions, Sherry, like you wouldn’t believe. And they look at my pendant on my chest. And they look at me weird. And I’m starting to realize, you know, what’s going on here. Why are these people asking me, “What are you doing with this stuff? What do ya got with this pipe? What are you doing?”

Sherry: They wanna know what it is. It’s like a mobile weapon to them. They hate it. I talked about it on my last show.

Caller: Really.

Sherry: How it’s like a mobile weapon.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: Because they can learn orgoned areas and which ones to avoid.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: But when people walk around with pendants, they don’t see it coming. It just hits them. It’s like a sneak attack.

Caller: Uh-oh. Even women, Sherry? I get a lot who say, “What are you doing with that?” Especially at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Sherry: Yeah. And see, why would they care? Mind your own business is what I think then you go into a store.

Caller: I know.

Sherry: I mean, I don’t go up and talk to people I don’t know, and I don’t like it when they come up and talk to me. I don’t know ‘em. And you can tell they’re fishing.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: Look at their eyes. See if they have the snake slit eyes.

Caller: Well, we’ve been really doing that, and wow. It’s been—especially on our TV. And I’ll tell ya, we’ve seen a lot of it. You’re so right on that. You’re so right about everything. Keep the good work up, and you know what? That orgone that you make is expensive, and I know what you’re going through when you make it.

Sherry: Oh yeah.

I Used To Support My Church, Now I’m Going To Support You

Caller: It’s very—it’s hard. It really can put a damper on the money that you have. So my daughter and I are going to support you. And so, after I—see, ‘cause I used to support my church. So now we’re going to support you.

Sherry: Well, praise God. Praise Yahuah.

Caller: And I’m going to—I just mail you a check, then, right? Is that what I do, just give you a check?

Sherry: Yeah. Just send it to my address. Yeah, that’s fine.

Caller: Okay. ‘Cause I know what it’s like to make that. It’s not—it doesn’t come easy, and it’s a lot of money. A lot of money.

Sherry: Yup.

You Can Tell Sherry’s The Real Deal Since She’s The Only One They Try To Shut Up

Caller: So keep up the good work. And I know I missed you on Monday night, and I know what they’re doing to ya. So. It’s funny how they let every other talk show hosts on. Rush. All these other talk shows. Glenn Beck. Everybody. But they won’t let you on. They won’t let you on.

Sherry: That’s cause they control them. Yeah, they can’t control me. I’m the only one on the air that’s not controlled. Well, alright. Thanks for calling in. I gotta wrap up the show.

Caller: Thank you so much.

Sherry: Okay. Buh-bye.

Caller: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

And that’s what it amounts to, folks. Because you look at Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, all of them. Where do they get their money? Where do they get their support? All of ‘em working a different agenda. They work as a White Knight journalist, White Knight politicians, or they work for the reptile agenda. You know what, folks, I’m the only one that I can think of that’s not controlled minus a few that I don’t listen to anyway. The Lord doesn’t lead me there. And so. Anyway. At least you’re getting the truth here.

Anyway. I’ll be back on Monday night. 10 o’clock. Hopefully this time we’ll get the show on the air. Shouldn’t be any problems I don’t foresee for this coming Monday night ‘cause I haven’t done anything to tick ‘em off lately. But that will come more towards the end of the month.

Anyway. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.

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