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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 9, 2011

Seeing Massive Contradictions in the Weather

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's Monday, May 9, and so. Moving right along into the National Tornado Month. Been actually pretty quiet. But it's not gonna be that way for long, folks.

One of the things I told you, beginning of the year, was what the Lord had told me about massive contradictions in the weather. And that's what we're gonna start seeing now, especially with the spring coming upon us. Extreme flooding going on in some parts of the country. Apocalyptic proportions in Memphis, Tennessee. And the extreme droughts in Texas. And the fires in Texas. And so, you know, you've got flooding in one place, droughts in another. Too much rain in some places, no rain at all in others. And this is how it's pretty much gonna be. Just massive contradictions in the weather, folks. And so, we need to get prepared for that. We need to prepare whatever region you're in to get ready. And you should be ready anyway, but...

Is the Orgone Work We've Done Holding Back the New Madrid Fault Line?

I find it interesting that, you know, looking at this Madrid Fault Line they've been trying to prepare to blow, or trying to blow, and just seeing if the work we've done over the years on the fault line, itself, is really what's keeping it back, is what's holding it back. I'm not saying it is, I'm just musing over the fact that, as I sat here wondering, "Wow. We really need to get up and down that Madrid Fault Line and just orgone it. And we don't have the money, you know, just limited funds to do so." I started thinking about it, and the states that they Madrid Fault Line goes through, and I'm thinking, "You know what? Those states have been orgoned." The very areas where the fault line goes through, a lot of the states in those areas have already been orgoned. So I find that amusing.

Reptilian Areas in Arkansas and Tennessee Getting Hit with Tornadoes and Floods

Now, northeast Arkansas and Memphis, I'm not gonna say they have orgone in them because when I was in Arkansas, the Lord told me to stay in central to northwest Arkansas. And so, that's what I did. To stay out of the northeast corner. So, interesting that those are the two areas that seem to be getting hit with tornadoes and floods; northeast Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee. They're not that far apart from each other, folks. And so, that one little button area. And the thing is, about it, is that there's a lot of caves in northeast Arkansas. And a lot of Reptilians that live in those caves. And so, I would have taken orgone there just to piss off the Reptilians. I would have done it just to make them mad. Even if humans didn't live there, I would've just done it. But the Lord, He kept me away from that area. And so, now you see that certain area being destroyed, and I have a feeling it's because the Lord's purpose in that region, that area for some reason, that He's allowing that.

And so, as far as the southern states go, I know we have Warriors in Alabama, and Louisiana, and Mississippi. And they're just gonna have to get busy. 

Why Did They Move the New Madrid Epicenter Away from St. Louis?

You know, the epicenter of the Madrid earthquake line would have been St. Louis, Missouri. But now when you read reports, it seems to be moving further west of Missouri. "Oh, the epicenter could be here. The epicenter could be there." Why'd they move from St. Louis? You know? Are those few pipes I put in the Mississippi River holding it? I don't know. It's a coincidence, don't you think? 

They Fried Me Like a Turkey Bacon Strip While I Was Orgoning Missouri

I've done a lot of orgone work through Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri several years ago. I was almost killed in Missouri. By the time I got to Missouri from Utah, I was a fried turkey bacon strip. They were zoning me in with satellite tech weapons almost the entire drive. And by the time I got home, I just...I just thought I was a fried, crispy bacon. And, since then, learned that Mylar keeps satellite weapons off of you. So, now I travel with Mylar blankets so that if they start frying me while I'm driving, I can wrap up in a Mylar blanket, put it on my windows so they can't zap me through the windows of my car. 

You May Be Swerving to Avoid Holographic Critters and Trucks on the Road

Just a number of things that they try to do to you when you're on the road. They fry you with holograph weapons. They put holographs on the highways or the roads. Shoot bunny rabbits out at you, try to make you wreck your car. Fake deer. Stand up a fake raccoon in the road. Anything to try to catch you so that you have to react very quickly. And a typical reaction is to slam your brakes on, or veer out of the way to try to miss it. And, I'll tell you what. By the time I'd seen my third bunny [laughs], which the Lord had just kept me very calm -- not to slam my brakes on, not to veer -- finally figured out they were just holograms after about the third one. I just decided if an animal got in front of my car it was gonna die. 'Cause I wasn't gonna wreck my car, or risk my life, or risk the people that are with me to avoid hitting a rabbit, or a deer, or a raccoon. And so, their holographs simply just were amusing at that point on; uneffective. And that's how you need to be, folks, because they will try anything to deter you and to harm you while you're driving. 

You know, Pastor David Wilkerson passed away a couple weeks ago. Had the church in Times Square [New York City]. And they said he was driving on a Texas highway and he veered off of his lane into the oncoming 18-wheeler truck or whatever it was. And I couldn't help but think, "What'd they do?" You know? I mean, sure, Pastor Wilkerson was about 78-years-old, but I'm so familiar with their tactics on the roadways that you just gotta wonder if they did something to him to cause him to have to switch lanes.

I've had huge 18-wheeler trucks appear and disappear in front of me on the highways. Just appear out of nowhere, and then disappear. When they disappear, I think that's the most shocking. They're just gone. And you're like, "Where did it go?" It really freaks you out. You're just, you know, "Where'd it go? Where'd it go?" And so, a lot of these road deaths are always very questionable to me.

Another typical assassination attempt that they try to use -- you know, they have a whole playbook of assassinations, folks. They use cancers, tumors, aneurysms, road accidents. They have a playbook of how they try to kill us, and so.

Seeing the Term "Powder" in the Bible Codes

Anyway, I wanna talk about a few things I've been seeing coming up in the Codes. I've been talking about that I've been seeing the term "powder" in the Codes. White powder. And, sure enough -- I posted a video on my Facebook site last week of this video. Who was that? Oh, Adele. Adele London has a video out on YouTube, and there's several of hers. The original video that I saw of her was very normal. Just took it when she was at home goofing around. But then when you look at the record company's video, the record company inserted this whole scenery thing in it of a ninja dancing in the background -- which reminds me of NASA because they always send ninjas to my house. Invisible, and spying on you, and whatever it is they're trying to do. They sit in the corner of my room and watch me work, and I don't know what their purpose is. And then it shows white powder being sprayed over a huge city which looks like a borough of New York City, and then it catches on fire. Now what purpose does that have to do in some music video?

They always release their plans in videos, folks. And I found it interesting because that's the exact same thing I've been seeing in the Codes. And I had a vision of it years ago of a white plane flying over a city and releasing a white toxic powder. And just saw people falling over dead from just a second of inhaling the stuff. Probably some kind of anthrax or arsenic. I don't know. Often see those terms in the Codes as well, along with phosphate, and things that resemble what you'd think of as Corexit. But you can't overrule anthrax either, and so.

Anyway, what I found interesting was "next"...came up with it this time. Next, like, it's coming up. It's coming up, It's not something that's already happened. It's something that's GOING to happen. So, I'm literally looking for some kind of white powder attack on a city. It looked like Manhattan. It looked like a borough of New York City, and so.

Possible Correlation between Miami, Ohio and the Giant Base in Lima, Ohio?

Another city I've been seeing coming up in the Codes is Miami, and so. I'm wondering if it's Miami, Florida or Miami, Ohio. There's a little town, area. There's a university down there in Miami, Ohio. And so, there's a Miami, Ohio and there's also a Miami, Florida. And so, I'm trying to figure out exactly which Miami this is. Either way, it seems to be coming up in correlation with Lima, Ohio. So it could be something that happens about the same time that the Giants' base is knocked out in Lima, Ohio. Or, you know, we're looking at timeframes with these cities, or that one's affected by what goes on in the one, which would probably make it Miami, Ohio. 

But Lima,'s taken care of. That Giant base is wiped out. It's gone. I don't know if they're still there. But [laughs] chock it up to Yah's Warriors, for a very well job done. We've gotten two Giant bases in the past year. The new one. The brand new one they built under Golden Valley, North Carolina. And the very ancient one that seems to be like, the mother of resorts and vacations spots (I don't know how else to describe it) in Lima, Ohio. It's a very ancient one there. It's connected to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Up the road is Dayton, Ohio. Have underground tunnels leading back and forth from Wright-Patterson to the underground reservoir area in Lima. And it just seems to me like it's some kind of spa for the Giants. Like it's some kind of vacation facility for them. But not anymore. But it was. And so, interesting that those two are kind of correlating right now in the Codes.

Turn Tornado Alley into Orgone Alley

So I'm looking at a powder attack to come, and also, we need to get busy, folks. If you live in Tornado Alley, that should, by now, be Orgone Alley. You Warriors out there should be getting Tornado Alley with the orgone. Just throw the orgone out in the fields. Get it out there. The fires in Texas, they could have been prevented a long time ago, I think. Because the reason they like fires in Texas is because -- or anywhere -- it's because it produces dead orgone energy and that's what they thrive on. The burning, the killing, the dying, the dead...of a fire, the deadness of a fire. It produces DOE. 

Crossbreeding Plant, Animal, and Human DNA in Base Under Amarillo, Texas

And there's a huge crossbreeding base in Amarillo, Texas. Underneath Amarillo. And they do a lot of crossbreeding experiments there, and genetic experiments. Actually a lot of hybrids are also created there. They're given a mixture of genes of plant, animal, and human DNA, and they create humans out of them. They look human, but if you look at them closely their skin's kind of plastic. I call them plastic Barbies. And they don't eat like normal people. They like plant food. They'll prefer the sun. Almost like a plant. You know, they eat chlorophyll, not Big Macs. And [laughs] you don't eat Big Macs either, folks. I'm just sayin'...purpose of an illustration. But they create human bodies there, and then aliens take over their souls. And so, that's what's among us. And they've been doing this for a long time. And so, a lot of those fires out there could just be of the Lord's wrath on that area because of what happens in that underground base. 

And so, those people in western and central Texas better be putting up orgone walls so that the fires bounce off the walls and change directions away from your area. You know, you could almost circle the fires in. If you looked on a map at where the fires are at, and just put orgone walls up. And contain the fires by orgone walls. I'm not saying it will work, but I don't see why not. It's always worked for everybody else. 

Stick with the Orgone Recipe on - Satan Wants You to Change It

You know, I never know that I know what orgone will do until we've seen that it does it. And it's always been amazing to me. It's always been amazing. We learn as we go. This orgone that we make (and I have the instruction on my website) it does incredible things. And so, you need to stick to the instructions the Lord gave me. They're on the website And don't get distracted with other people and their ideas. Satan's always trying to change the recipe of our orgone. He always want's people to take something out or add more stuff to it to make it more powerful. He wants you to change it. Because as soon as you change it, you divert from the instructions, you're making something else, you're not making orgone. And so, you need to stay within the strict guidelines on how to make it, and make it that way.

You know, we've seen tornadoes change directions. Hurricanes change directions. They've been trying to assault Ohio with bad weather for two months now. And there's nothing funnier than watching the weather channel and looking at the weather people and the look of astonishment on their faces. 'Cause by the time these bad storms coming up from the south hit Ohio they just fizzle. They just fizzle out. I think there was a place somewhere down by Columbus that a house or two got destroyed by a tornado. Yeah, it was very limited in damage, but need to get some orgone in that area, for the Warriors down there.

If you see tornadoes hitting your areas, then go orgone them, folks. You know, don't just get your yard, your neighborhood, take care of everybody else, too. That's what I do. Trying to protect the people of this country from the Satanists that are trying to destroy it. And they're out in full gear, and they have the full blessing and directions from Obama to do it. He wants to destroy America. That's his job. That's what his goal is to do, is to destroy America. He hates America.  And so, I've warned you about him.

I Bet I See Sorchal Faal's Name in the Bible Codes More than I See Yours

Read an interesting article. And I tend to read a lot of e-mails coming through my box all the time. And the ones that strike a nerve with me are the ones that I see that mention something I've seen in the Bible Codes. And it's, you know, you get these articles from various places, various people. But I was reading an article by Sorcha Faal. Most people rant and rave about her, but, you know what? I bet you I see her name in the Bible Codes more than I see yours. She reveals a lot of little nuggets of truth, amidst everything else that you might think is questionable, I might think is questionable. But either way, she comes up with some doosies. And exactly the things I've been seeing in the Bible Codes, she talks about in one of her latest articles. And so, I'm gonna talk about exactly what it is she's talking about. And you'll know, because if you're listening to my show, a lot of times you'll see a lot of correlations between the things I say and the things she says. 

Sorcha's Talking about the Incoming Space Objects

But she talks about the incoming objects, the space objects coming in. I'm not gonna go through what they call them by the numbers. To sum it up, I think they're calling it two asteroids and a comet coming towards the earth or something. And I've told you these are just alien carriers, folks. These are hollowed-out rocks. The Bible Codes refers to them as "boulders." And they're just hollowed-out rocks and they contain alien civilizations within them. And these things are heading towards the earth. Of course, the nations, and NASA, and everybody else, some of the info going around is saying the aliens will be here in 2012. I don't think we have that long...till 2012. I mean, I'm looking at July, September of this year, and so. Interestingly enough, our September 11 will begin the Jewish 2012.  And so, the day September 11, but this year, September. 'Cause every September the Jewish calendar changes, their new calendar begins. So, technically, yeah, it is 2012 this year, in September of our time. But it's 2012 on the Hebrew calendar, and not ours. And who was the Bible written for anyway? The Jews. They were living in Israel at the time.

Seeing the Arrival of Comet Elenin (Planet X) in May

Comet Elenin...I think that's supposed to be the codename for Planet X. From what I can see it's gonna arrive this month. And so, talking about how this comet's a million miles away and probably won't come to Earth till 2012 [coughs]...I think they're just trying to divert panic, because they really see this arrival of Planet X in May. And that would be this year. 

And the interesting thing behind Comet X -- or Comet Elenin......Comet X  -- is that they're in a nice way trying to say that there's a cluster of alien and spaceships behind it following it.  And they typically do this  -- they're trying to choke me so I can't get this info out. Uh, what was that Heaven's Gate thing years ago? Hale Bopp. That comet also had a UFO that followed on the tail of it into our universe, so to say, our space. And so, they'll use these comets and asteroids that are carriers, themselves. They piggyback with them and come into our universe, in other words. And that's pretty much what they're doing with Comet Elenin and some of these other asteroids that they've identified coming into our space. And they're gonna be followed by UFO mother ships. And these mother ships are huge, folks. Just the Shema, the one we've had on fire since October of [2009]...they're massive, the size of Earth. And, you know, Satan's got palaces, there are all kinds of civilizations within them, different alien factions. 

Could Shema Be in the Shape of A Cube?

One of the things I'm starting to wonder is if Shema, itself, isn't in the shape of a cube, because I'm seeing the term "cube" come up in the Codes. And if you look at Shema in binoculars at night -- the majority of people probably won't see it, because it's kind of stuck on the Ohio and Pa [Pennsylvania] border 'cause it's been on fire and they can't move it. So it's kind of been stuck there. And it's been shrinking and shrinking over the months.

But what it was in its day, it was a white, brilliant star. And it was supposed to be the star, like the Star of Bethlehem. They were gonna use it to announce the arrival of Maitreya like the Star of Bethlehem announced the arrival of Jesus on Earth, Yahushua, His birth. And so, that was the whole purpose of this Shema. But when I saw them starting the whole shenanigans, I started pointing orgone pipe blasters at it and it caught on fire.  

And so, you know, if you look at it in binoculars, it kind of looks like it's in two parts. It looks like there's, you know, two different parts to it. And so, I'm wondering if it's not in the shape of some kind of a cube and that's why it looks like it's in two different parts. I don't know. I don't have a strong enough telescope to really get a good look at it. But I'm seeing the term "cube" in the Codes coming up. And I know, from what I see in the Codes, that we'll be able to destroy them with the orgone. So just keep getting it out there and saturating the air, because just as we destroyed Shema with the orgone, Nibiru and this cube will be destroyed. All of their ships and their star planets will be destroyed by the orgone. So just keep doing the work. I don't care how many people want to hate on us for it and mock and laugh. Just get the work done.  They're gonna see soon enough. And who cares if they see? The Lord is all that matters to us.

Iran and U.S. Presidents Joined in Cabal to Allow Return of Moon God to Earth

And something else interesting she [Sorcha Faal] mentioned in her article is that Iran's religious leaders uncovered a plot between their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and United States president, Barack Obama. They say, are joined in a cabal by the infamous Knights Templar secret society. Intent upon destroying our present world in order to allow the return to Earth of the moon god, known as the Mahdi, said to be leading these UFOs towards our planet. Nail, right on the head, folks. And that's what I've been saying for years. Iran and Obama, this Ahmadinejad and Obama, are aligned together. They're aligned. 

And interestingly enough, I'm looking at these Codes for May and I'm seeing some kind of article or announcement maybe, about this alignment that Obama has with Maitreya, which is the Mahdi they're talking about, this moon god, this Mahdi, this Maitreya, the 12th imam. And so, perhaps this is the article I was seeing, or the announcement I was seeing. She's telling you what they're doing. It's an announcement, if people can accept it for what they're reading. But this is exactly what's been going on. 

Obama's been aligned with Iran from the beginning, because he is the puppet of Maitreya. And not only Iran, but Obama working to destroy the world. And what have I said since Obama was elected president? That his job is to destroy the United States. And that's what he's been doing. He's destroyed our economy, he's destroying our money. Now he's destroying our infrastructure. He's got HAARP and weather weapons going mad across America. Causing earthquakes, and tornadoes, and flooding, and every kind of disaster you can think of. He's behind all of it.

Obama to Announce His Alignment with Iran's Coming Madhi, Maitreya

And she says, in their March 4 report, that "Obama Warned Is Preparing World For Return Of "The Moon God." He hasn't said anything in America yet, but watch it, because he's going to. He, eventually, is gonna come out and have some kind of words or announcement about this Mahdi, this Maitreya. I don't know when, but it's leading up to that, because he's already aligned with him, folks. And you're going to watch, at that instant, everything America has been built on, that we thought was built on -- actually built on the principles of Freemasonry instead of the principles of the Bible (which Obama unhesitatingly mocks, as I play at the beginning of this show). But you're gonna see the destruction of not just our infrastructure and our economy, but our Constitution (you've already seen that). Wait till he announces his alignment with Iran, this Mahdi. Because not too far away from that, if he's still in power, or even who they bring in power after him, will not just start implementing a total police state and crackdown against dissenters, but also Shariah Law, this radical Shariah Law. 

Can you imagine them trying to implement Shariah Law in America? It might sound laughable now, but wait until they do it. You know, it sounded laughable 20 years ago that our own government would be behind blowing down the World Trade towers. That would have seemed pretty farfetched, too. Or micro engineering human bodies to have plant, animal, and human DNA that aliens could possess. Grow up as children, becoming adults, but their bodies aren't really human. They've been doing this stuff forever, folks. They've got it almost perfected that you can't even hardly tell amongst the people among us who's really human and who isn't.

Farrakhan, Leader of Nation of Islam, Believes a Mother Plane Will Descend to Save Earth

So this is interesting that she's even bringing it up, because it's the same stuff I've been saying for years. And watch Obama and the Nation of Islam in Chicago. That's how he came to power was through them.  I'll just read this quote from the Nation of Islam religious leader Louis Farrakhan, who warned his followers that our earth can only be saved by these UFOs, and has given detailed accounts of what he says is a gigantic Earth-orbiting Mother Plane equipped with many weapons set to descend upon us all. This Mother Plane, mother ship. And, they are gonna destroy us. We are gonna see an onslaught.

You know, the New Agers want you to think they're all coming in peace and harmony and want to help mankind. [laughs] They're gonna help themselves to mankind. We're their food. We're just cattle to them. And they are coming hostile. The invasion I've always seen for the month of July has always been a hostile invasion. Blowing stuff up, setting things on fire. They have beams that they can shoot from their UFOs. I've seen it happen in the skies above my house. I've seen several firefights [laughs] and they shoot beams at each other. It's like Star Trek. This stuff's real. It goes on. And so, it's nothing to them to point their beams, like they did at the World Trade Center, pulverize it. You know, they did that, too. They had a hand in that, too. They can pulverize anything. Turn it into dust. And so, they're coming very hostile. 

The Trees and Vegetation Will Die When There's No More Joy on Earth

You know, I was reading Revelation 8 and 9, and Joel 1 and 2, those two chapters. Revelation 9 and Joel's chapters 1 and 2 correlate with one another. And it talks about how all the trees and everything start to die. And why? Because the joy of mankind has withered. There's gonna be no more joy on this earth. Just pain, suffering, sorrow. And so, the lively things around us, our trees and vegetation, they just die, because there's no more joy on Earth. They live on positive orgone energy, but mankind is so broken by then. And this is farther along, the second half of the tribulation period when the Lord's wrath and judgment is on mankind. 

The Locusts (Giants) Arrive Right After Maitreya Sets Foot on Earth

But it all comes so closely together, folks. All these events, when they start happening, they're just gonna happen very closely together. But we're looking, and I've warned, that when Maitreya arrives, when this moon god arrives, Iran's Mahdi, that shortly after his arrival the Locusts will arrive. And so, when you see Maitreya physically put his foot on this earth and announce who he is, or they'll take over the television stations, hopefully it's at 11:30 at night when no one cares or is watching, because it's about as bad as watching Obama's press conference last week or whatever it was. But they'll announce who he is, and they'll try to say what a great religious leader he is, and blah, blah, blah. But right after all that -- and I can't give you an exact amount of timeframe, but I would say within a month -- that the Locusts arrive. And the Locusts are the Giants and the Philistines I've been warning you about. And so, that's kind of the timeframe to look for.

If Things Are Delayed Another Year, Good for the Unprepared, Bad for Those Ready for Action

Right now we're looking at droughts, earthquakes, famines. So be preparing for famines, the cost of food rising, gas rising. Basically, it's just a hair away from total economic crash because everything's gonna become so expensive chaos is gonna reign supreme. Our society could very well erupt into an anarchy because of chaos. And you'll see martial law. And so, all these events, things to be watching out for, folks, that are coming just around the corner. You know, you're looking at July and September of this year. 

And if it's quiet, and it's delayed another year, then good for those who aren't ready. And those of us who have been waiting are -- I'm gonna stick my head in the sand and stay there for a year. I'm tired of these delays. I'm just tired of them. I know as time goes on and more and more people wake up the delays have been very wonderful for them, but, you know what? For all of us who have been waiting and waiting and waiting, I just couldn't take it anymore.  I just couldn't wait. I'm tired of waiting. Let's get the show on the road. Let's keep things in the Lord's hands.


Anyway, I'm gonna take some callers. See what's going on with people. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

Is the Sun Supposed to Be That Far Northwest?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry, can you hear me?


CALLER: They never let me talk to you. They keep cutting me off, or you can't ever hear me when I call in.


CALLER: I'm from Iowa. It's just been cold here. Haven't really noticed too many chemtrails or anything.

SHERRY: We actually had a lovely day today. Today and yesterday.

CALLER: But the sun --

SHERRY: Yeah, we had sun!

CALLER: -- has been setting more to the west.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Oh, the moon, I mean. No, it'd be the sun that's setting in the northwest.

SHERRY: In the northwest. Hmm.

CALLER: Is it supposed to be that northwest -- 


CALLER: -- this time of year? I thought it was mostly due west.

SHERRY: Yeah, it's usually west, but, you know, it just kind of sets where it wants to. [laughs]

Did You Hear about the Caravan in Washing D.C. Stating the End of the World on May 21?

CALLER: Did you hear? Is this true? A caravan of five recreation vehicles parked near Washington Monument and state the end of the world's coming. The end of the world is almost here. And the end of the world's gonna be on May 21 of this year.

SHERRY: Yeaaah.

CALLER: The members of a Family Radio Project Caravan?


CALLER: Do you know about that?

SHERRY: Yeah. You know how much orgone we could make if we got one of those vans and sold it? That's what irritates me.

CALLER: Never heard anything on TV about it though, but that's kind of weird.

SHERRY: It's been all over the Internet. All these churches all hyped up over a rapture on May 21. And you know how much orgone we could buy with that?


SHERRY: All the money they've spent on those caravans and the fuel and --

CALLER: Going all over.


What's the Kokomo Hum in Indiana?

CALLER: What's the Kokomo Hum in Indiana?

SHERRY: Ko...the what?

CALLER: They call it Kokomono...Hum in Indiana.

SHERRY: I never heard of it.

CALLER: They're hearing a mysterious hum in Indiana. And also Ontario, Canada has strange rumblings.

SHERRY: Yeah, that hum we can hear in Ohio as well, too. And it's that tower -- they activate the tower on the moon. About 2 o'clock a.m. is when you're gonna hear that hum.

CALLER: Huh. Anywhere?

SHERRY: Well, people that do hear the hum, that's usually when it happens. And it's coming from the tower on the moon. They activate the moon.


SHERRY: I've been hearing it from Indiana for years.

What's That "V" Formation Craft over Denver, Colorado?

CALLER: What's that "V" formation craft over Denver, Colorado, at May 4 at 1:40 a.m.?

SHERRY: Mm...I don't know.

CALLER: UFOs over Denver.

SHERRY: Wouldn't surprised me. There's like, what? Two Air Force bases --

CALLER: Yeah, yeah. In a "V" formation and somebody took a picture of them --

SHERRY: And they're probably out there practice-flying.

Did You See Any Illuminati Symbolism in the Royal Wedding?

CALLER: Did you see any Illuminati symbolism in the Royal Wedding?

SHERRY: Oh, it was full of it.

CALLER: Really?

SHERRY: Yeah. The sun dress the Queen had on.

CALLER: Wasn't that something? What was that supposed to represent?

SHERRY: Well, it's the sun god. You know, they have the whole sun god thing going.

CALLER: Sun god?

SHERRY: The murals in the church they were married in. The hats of those women were hilarious.

CALLER: Oh, weren't they? They looked so...

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: ...yeah...weird.

SHERRY: Those were all symbols. I mean, it was all --

CALLER: Yeah. Surprised they wouldn't have a saucer-shaped one. [laughs]


CALLER: A UFO. [laughs]

SHERRY: It was all symbolized. And even the blatant videos that are coming out now from the record companies. You've got...who is that? Little John, and Kanye West, and Rihanna, and Kesha and all these freaks. It's blatantly coming out with the alien agenda now. [Aliens Invading song by Kesha] We're taking over, you can't stop us. And then cannibal videos where they're eating people, and having relations with animals, which is a term for aliens.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: It's just getting blatant in-your-face now.

CALLER: Didn't watch too much of the wedding. Didn't really care to. But I was just trying to look for more symbolism or whatever, in the wedding.

SHERRY: Oh, there's a lot of YouTube videos on it. On the symbolisms that took place at the wedding. The Illuminati symbols.

The Black and White Checked Floor Is a Sign of the Illuminati, Isn't It?

CALLER: The black and white floor, checked floor, is a sign of the Illuminati, isn't it? --

SHERRY: Yeah. That's Freemasonry.

CALLER: The black and white checkered floors like they have on Judge -- you know, the courts and shows and stuff like that.

SHERRY: It's a Lizard anyway. They're all Lizards, and so. Yeah, it's Illuminati symbol, Freemasonry.

CALLER: Freemason, yeah.

SHERRY: I think it's funny 'cause when I see chessboard in the Bible Codes, I just laugh. 'Cause it's all a chess game to them. It's very fitting that they're coming out with the black and white checkered board symbols all over the place now.

Do You Think Osama bin Laden Has Been Dead Since 2001?

CALLER: Do you think Osama [bin Laden] has been dead since like, 2001?

SHERRY: Oh, yeah. He's been dead a long time. 

CALLER: Long dead.

SHERRY: Yeah, and he was never sitting in a cave somewhere.


SHERRY He was probably out with Saddam Hussein somewhere. 

CALLER: They just needed something to distract, and get Obama's ratings up? They need, from distracting, different things going on.

SHERRY: Yeah, they needed to close that chapter, 'cause they're ready to open a new one. You know, they're bringing in the Mahdi, and they don't need Osama bin Laden still hanging out there. It was just time to end it.

We Don't Hear Anything about the Japan Quake Now

CALLER: Now we kind of don't hear anything about the Japan quake. They had a big one again today; 5.6 or something like that.

SHERRY: Yeah, I heard all the coastal towns are flooding because the earthquake has shifted the island.

CALLER: I was just listening to some things in the news and I wanted to ask you a few weeks ago and just never got on, so.

SHERRY: Oh. All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Well, thank you.

SHERRY: All right, you, take care.

CALLER: Bye-bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

You Need to Prepare Yourselves - Everything Is Coming Like Sherry Says

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hey, Sherry?


CALLER: What's going on? Took me half an hour to get on to you. They kept cutting me off and cutting me off. I don't know what's going on. But they reeeally don't want us to speak to you, or you to speak to us.

SHERRY: Yeah, I see in the Codes that they're coming after my Internet show. And so, I really don't even know week to week if I'm even gonna have a show, and so. They just really want to shut me up.

CALLER: Yeah. I just want everybody to know, everybody, you need to prepare yourselves, you need to get your weapons, storage...any type of dry foods you can store up, water. You need to get it done now, because it's coming, everything is coming, just like Sherry's saying.

The Coming Locusts Can't Be Killed with Guns or Knives; Only Orgone

SHERRY: Yep. And one of the interesting things I was rereading in the Books tonight is that the Giants, when they come -- not the first -- there's several different invasions of them coming, but the Locusts that are here for five months...they can hurt people without the seal of God, but they can't touch people with the seal of God. But the thing is, is that in Joel, when it talks about the invasion that's coming, says they'll fall on their sword and then just get up and run. They can't die. You can't kill them.

CALLER: Are you serious?

SHERRY: Yeah. You cannot kill these Giants. But...the one thing that I have seen kill ANYTHING negative is orgone, which is a nonviolent weapon. And so, if people think they're gonna take shotguns and kill these Giants, it ain't gonna work. The only thing that's gonna be effective against them is orgone. And the reason they're only here for five months is because within those five months the orgone will kill all of them. And so, people need to get the orgone in your areas to keep the Giants out, because bullets and knives aren't going to kill them. Conventional warfare will not kill them.

CALLER: Well, I believe you a hundred percent, Sherry. And you've been right for so long. I mean, everything you say is come to light. And I can't wait to see these aliens because I just wanna --


CALLER: -- punch one of them right in the face. 

SHERRY: [laughs] Let's hope they don't get that close to you. They really are ugly. And just to see them...if you've ever seen a demon, it just makes your heart stop for a minute, and that's how aliens are. And they're just so freaky it's just ugly. And they stink. They stink.

CALLER: Just like Will Smith did when the alien came out of the ship. He knocked them out. He said, "Welcome to America." [Independence Day movie clip with Will Smith punching alien in the face]

SHERRY: Yeah. [laughs] That's Hollywood. [laughs] That's Hollywood. I would much prefer that they can't even land, in my area. Because there's too much orgone here, and it zaps them. It just fries them as they try to come in the area. And they blow up, and so. You know, that's our whole point is defending ourselves so that they can't come in our areas. They'll have these little alien maps of no-fly zones, because this one's orgoned area, and this is an orgoned area. Stay out of these areas. [laughs] Let's make them establish no-fly zones to protect themselves.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs] And let's seal off those no-fly zones. Let's make the entire country one big no-fly zone.

CALLER: I know that's right.

SHERRY: I know that's a stretch...


SHERRY: ...'cause there's only a handful of us doing the majority of the work. And, unfortunately, we're just all so broke we can't get it done. We don't have the financial backing. People are going to Joel Osteen and greed-guided pastors thinking that God wants to make them all rich if they keep tithing to those churches and, you know. The wolves are taking from the sheep and, you know. The shepherds that do have truth can't get a thing done. There's no financial support.

CALLER: 100% you are right. Well, Sherry, I'm gonna let you go. And keep doing what you're doing. And we're gonna need your final words in these days that are coming.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Thank you.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.


The Faction of 144 Thousand Is Precious to the Lord - Don't Worry about the Haters, Just Get Busy

I always have such nice callers on this show. You know, I never have -- very rarely do I have just a hater that calls in. Must be the Lord. Because, you know what, folks? We're the minority of the majority [laughs] of the Bride. We're a very distinct and special group, a special faction within the 144 [thousand]. And I'll tell ya, in the Bible Codes I see that we're very precious to the Lord. And when you see the word "precious" it just makes it all worthwhile. It just makes all the struggles, and all the heartbreaks, and all the just diminishes all that in a heartbeat, because we're precious to Him. And it just makes everything worthwhile. And that's why I get on here week-in and week-out and try to pound it to you guys to just get busy, don't worry about the naysayers, don't worry about the haters, just get busy, because the Lord loves us very much. And the naysayers will be left here to be tried by the fire. And He will protect those who focused on Him and stayed in Him. He will protect them.

The Bride Isn't Going to Be Raptured, But Tested in the Fire

And you know, I'm not gonna sit here on this show and talk about a rapture and all that, because the Bride isn't gonna be raptured. The 144 thousand will be taken off the earth for a short while and returned. But there is no multimillion-people rapture to where all the church is taken off the earth before the tribulation hits, because they're tested in the fire. The Bible says that, the Lord's told me that. And so, you, as a believer, need to be more concerned on are you gonna be tested or protected. The majority of the Christians today, our brethren, even though we don't get along very well, we're brothers and sisters always a-nitpickin' at each other and fightin', we're still brethren, because we're still His children, but the majority of them are gonna be left here to be tested. So, you need to be seeking the Lord, are you gonna be tested or protected? If you're protected, it's because you're listening to Him. He can lead you and guide you, and you're doing the things He tells you to do. That's how you can tell which group you're gonna be in.

I'll hear from Warriors all the time, "Well, I don't know if I'm in the 144, but I hope I am." And here it's somebody I've known for years that's been a doer. They been out there, they've been doin'. They've been doin'. They get the orgone out, they help people when they need it, they have a love for the Lord. They're doers. And that's the difference between the two groups of brethren, if you ask me. The biggest difference. They're doers.

You've got the other ones who are couch potatoes. And they drive me nuts. I love them, because they're my brothers and sisters, but they drive me nuts.

Will The Aliens Still Be Only "In the News" or Here on the Earth by Thursday's Show?

Anyway, folks, be back Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. Hopefully, it'll just be another Thursday and they won't actually be here on the ground yet. But that's gonna be another change of focus for this radio show. Are they on the ground yet? Still in the air? Do we still have another week to just sit around and talk about them coming? Are they already here, literally? You know, we see them in the skies all the time, but they've been staying in the skies (where we want them). The time is gonna come when they're going to be on the earth.

Anyway, folks. Until next week. Yah bless.


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