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Aliens In The News
Thursday, May 19th, 2011

The Many Reasons Behind Sherry’s Technical Difficulties As Of Late

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Thursday with Sherry Shriner and Aliens In The News. And it's good to be back. You know, they've sabotaged quite a few of my shows this month. And of course, looking back in January and February and March, earlier parts of the year, I knew March was—I knew the month of May was gonna be a bad time for radio shows. And so it's par for the course, folks. It's par for the course when you have so many different groups that want to shut you up. And I deal with all of it. And so. There’s just me against all of them, and they can, you know, it’s not always easy undoing the things that they do. You know they cut phone lines. They go to the control office of the phone company and pull my cord out or whatever. I mean, I've heard it all from technicians themselves. And so. You know, if it's not the phone service, it's satellite service, and if I get one fixed I still have no control over the other. And so, you know, just a lot of things because there's different groups involved. And so. You know. Just make the time I am on air pleasing to The Most High because we don't have too many of these kinds of days left, you know. Time’s running out, folks.

People Listen To The Wolves Instead Of The Truthtellers

And I always find it amazing that when the wolves speak, people listen. People pump them with millions of dollars for whatever wolf lie campaign they're on. But speak the truth, and people hate you. They hate you. And they don't support you. Some do. A handful of warriors. And I'm not talking about in the millions. No, I wouldn't—no. Not in the millions. That would be nice. We could get a lot of work done for that. We could have a full time ministry, we could have warriors just out doing the things they need to do for the Most High and not have to worry about paying bills. You know I look at these charlatans, Benny Hinns and Joel Osteens. You know, if the wolves and the liars can fill these churches to capacity week after week after week and have people pumping them with millions of dollars for Mercedes Benzes and vacation homes and airplanes—I mean Kenneth Copeland has practically his own airport. He has like 30 airplanes that he personally owns. It's sickening.

If The Wolves Are Already Successful, How Do You Think It’ll Be When Satan Arrives?

But if they can do that and be so successful in deceiving people, what do you think the charlatans coming are gonna be like? You know, Satan's not gonna come with two horns sticking outta his head. He's gonna be very good, very deceptive. You're already getting a taste of it online. And I even hear from the Lord's people that get confounded by it. So if it confounds the Lord's people that are warriors, what do you think it's gonna do to the people that are half asleep and half awake if it's getting to the people that are already awake? I get asked questions all the time by people because some of the deceptions are good and you have to know how they operate. They know the Bible, folks. And they will twist it and make it believable, whatever their version is. And that's why it confuses people because all of the sudden they start doubting what they already know. They start doubting what they think. They think that maybe they're wrong. And that's what they're gonna do. And that's why they're gonna be so widely accepted. They're very deceptive.

More On Test Tube Babies And “Intelligent Design” Garbage

You know, one of the things going around now is that “Intelligent Design” thing. Never gonna go away ‘cause it’s the basis of the whole foundation when they arrive—that aliens created humans. And if the test tube thing doesn't work, ‘cause they were trying to say that, well, they created mankind in a test tube—and you'll see Bill Deagle and others agree with that one—and they planted Adam and Eve in the garden, and they were the actual ones behind it. That's the whole argument for Intelligent Design. If that test tube doesn't get you, they'll use the other one where they claim to be the Elohim in Genesis chapter 1. The Elohiym, folks, were not fallen angels. In fact, many people today, the Elect, were there when the Lord recreated the Earth. They were there. I want to make that clear, that the Elohiym were not fallen. Anyway I just wanted to clear that up.

Hands Up If You Laughed Upon Hearing About “Judgment Day” On The 21st!

There’s a lot going on. People want to know about Harold Camping's prediction about Saturday the 21st, “Judgment Day.” At what point when you first heard that weren’t you laughing? I mean, come on, folks. How many times have you heard me talk about the church of NORAD? How many times have I said there's no way you can pin point a date on today's calendars? I can't even do that with the Bible Codes. Whose calendar? Who's 21st? Is the Lord just talking to American Christians? What about the Christians in Africa and Israel? Their dates aren't May 21st. And what about the Lord’s admonition that no man knows the day or the hour? [Matthew 24:36-51; Mark 13:32-37] We could know the week, month, and the year. I believe that one. We can't know the day or the hour. That's too impossible. I can't even peg correct weeks and days half the time. I can get a month. I can get years. It makes perfect sense to me because it's what I’ve seen working in dates all the time. That's what I do. I work in dates. I work in Bible Codes. I try to pinpoint events. And there's always more than one date listed for an event, and they’re always delayed. I mean, I've been doing this long enough to know that when I think an event's gonna happen, I know it's gonna be delayed. It'll be delayed before it actually happens, numerous times. I mean, if I had a pinpoint accuracy on dates, I coulda hung up the Codes two years ago. Went on vacation.

The Years From Hell

2009 looked like the year from Hell. Now it's 2011 looking like the year from Hell. You know, in 2009, I saw all these comets and asteroids coming towards the Earth, and several were gonna strike the Earth. Now what do we have? In November, we're gonna have four space anomalies in our atmosphere. We're gonna have—what is it?—two asteroids and two comets by November of this year? So interesting. We do have things coming up.

The Alien Agenda’s Usually Behind Naming Dates

Now what about September—er, May 21st? Saturday. You know, the guy looks like an alien. I'm sorry. I’m looking at Harold Camping, and he looks like a lizard. He looks like a picture of the Devil himself that would be next to the Devil. Put a little red on his chin and his forehead. And usually the one's pumping out the church of NORAD dates and timeline stuff is the alien agenda. It is usually them. Not always, but usually. They love their dates. They get the people hyped up, and it creates loosh, and it creates panic. If anything’s gonna happen on Saturday 21st, it would be something on their agenda, something on their plans, because they're already patrolling our skies. They're already patrolling our regions.

New Age And Lightworker Deceptions – UFOs And Aliens Are NOT Your Friends!

And one of the lies they’ve spewed out to the New Agers all these years is that before they come to Earth or whatever, before the Earth changes take place, that they would take their lightworkers off the Earth and protect them. And so, you've heard me warn for years about these lightworkers, supposed—and that's what they call lightworkers, where they’re “filled with light.” It's supposed to be some kind of mimicry of a Christian being filled with the Holy Spirit. These lightworkers are filled with this New Age light, this false light. It's all just a gimmick, a mockery, of what real Christians are. And so. If anything, they would come and abduct their own people. Try to make some kind of showing, anyway, of taking some people off of the Earth. And where are they going? Are they going to Heaven? No. They’re going in refrigerators and freezers. They’re food storage for these aliens, because I told you they eat humans. And they'll be taken to Hell. A lot of 'em will be taken to Hell. Straight to hell. Take a UFO ride straight to—you don't even have to die first; you just take a UFO ride straight to Hell. I've been warning these people for years.

People Will Be Shocked To Learn That Everything Sherry Has Said Is True

You know, people don't take my warnings seriously. Oh, they laughed when I put up the video last year on how to protect yourselves against zombies. How To Kill A Zombie [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5jYlvLtgOM]. And now look what's happening. CBC is showing an alert on a zombie apocalypse. People will be shocked to find that everything I've said will be true. That everything I've said will come to pass. Why does it take government confirmation? Why does it take that for people? Why can’t they recognize—and they won't, that the things that I say, and who I am. And I know this. I've lived with it for a decade now. An entire decade. And that's a long time to have to put up with this. To have to put up with people, and sometimes you feel like Moses. You just wanna to hide somewhere. Find a cave and hide. I wouldn't strike a rock, I'd kick a rock. You get so frustrated. You just learn to have the majority of people always hating you and wanting to strike you in the back. And so. It's just par for the course.

But these things are coming up, folks. And so, if anything on the 21st, which I’m not going to hold my breath. I think I've got a baseball game in the morning, and I've got orgone to make, and it's Sabbath. I'm just gonna relax. You know what? They'll destroy their own first. They'll destroy their own first.

The Pentecostals Originally Came Up With The False Rapture Doctrine

Interesting to watch the time line of events coming up, though. And it’s one of the things I’m doing—is just sitting back and watching because, if they have their little fake rapture thing on Saturday, because this isn't a real church rapture, folks—that pre-trib doctrine is garbage introduced by the very Pentecostals, the very alien agenda, that dominates the churches today in the Pentecostal religions. But the thing is, all the Baptist and Pentecostal churches picked up the one doctrine which they introduced, which was the rapture doctrine, and ran with it. Because typically those factions—the Pentecostals and the Protestants, the Baptists and the Lutherans and Methodists and everybody else—they don't get along. They don’t even agree on the same thing. As far as the Baptists are concerned, the Pentecostals are going to Hell. And as far as the Pentecostals are concerned, the Baptists and everyone else are missing out on the greatest thing, speaking in these voodoo tongues, and they're all missing out.

Illuminati Bloodlines, AKA, Star Families

Yeah. Just read some of the original Illuminati material. Especially by Cisco Wheeler because she exposes the whole Pentecostal religion thing and their links to the Illuminati. Who are the Illuminati? I was quite surprised frankly when I was reading something of Sorcha Faal last week—and every once in a while she puts out something amusing—and she mentioned, she called them right out: “Star Families.” And so, I thought that was great because, hey, they’re finally exposing who they are. The Illuminati, which I've said for years, are the seedline of these aliens who control the Earth in the background. And they have their offspring on Earth, this is the Illuminati, and that's why they protect their blood and their breeding, and they only marry within family lines. Always distant cousins getting married, like with Prince William and Kate Middleton and all these other marriages that have gone on, you known, even in this country. Everyone's a distant cousin to somebody. You've seen the family trees of the Illuminati. Because they protect their Illuminati bloodline. Star families. The Illuminati bloodline. Alien families. Because that's what they are. They're aliens, they’re hybrids. And their bloodline, the reason they protect it, is because it's not pure human. It's got a lot of that junk alien DNA in it, which allows them to easily be more controlled, more soul-scalped, and taken over. They can shapeshift. I mean, if you look at Bush and Clinton and all them today, I would have to say the original humans have long been gone a long time. They were soul-scalped a long time ago. And that's what happens with their bloodlines. That allows that to happen very easily with them.

And so. It looks like they're going to make their move, and if they don't, so be it. But if they do on Saturday, this “Judgment Day” when the aliens come to get their own, and then we're probably looking at an earthquake and a possible pole shift. Comets striking the Earth. Asteroids, possible asteroids striking the Earth. We’re looking at some interesting things for the rest of the year. And so. Even with or without their little “Judgment Day” thing, if an earthquake happens this year, the New Madrid goes off or the San Andreas fault or whichever line—they're really working on the New Madrid because they’re soaking the Midwest region with rain. They're soaking us with rain. All it's done for two months is rain if you live in the Midwest. And I realize down south, they're the total opposite. They're on fire and having droughts. But the whole Midwest and east coast, we're just getting drenched with rain. Rain, rain, rain. And now you've got the flooding that's going on.

They Can Use Flood Waters To Shift Plates Under The Earth To Cause Earthquakes

And I was looking at something someone sent me on Mitch Battros’s Earth Changes Media website [http://www.earthchangesmedia.com/], where it was describing how floods are related to earthquakes because of the fluid displacement. And so. When you move in all this water, and you have all these floods—and right now it’s flooding in at least five or six different states—it displaces all that water, and it aggravates the plates under the Earth. And so, that alone would initiate earthquakes. And right now we’ve got—what?—Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois, and we have Mississippi and Alabama probably in flood zone watches right now, Tennessee. You can kind of see Ohio, even. I don't know of much, maybe the Ohio River, but we’re just getting pounded by rain. You know, I live on a hill. Other than destroying my driveway I don't have to worry about being flooded outta my house. But you can see where they're concentrating to cause shifts, plate shifts, movements under the ground, ‘cause of all the rain and flooding. This whole Midwest region could be hit with an earthquake. And so, if it is, then we can look on to some more interesting events that will occur. Because all of these things are kind of like string of firecrackers. If one goes off then something else goes off and something else. And so. That's what I'm watching to wait for. A string of events. And all it takes is one event to trigger the entire firework chain to go off.

So, is this the year, or is it going to be delayed again until next year? Everything is set to go off this year. It's set to go off. And so. You know, other than this earthquake, if they go this route, we could very well see their arrival in July and September. That's what it seems to me if this earthquake goes off. And you know what? They may arrive in July and September anyway and the earthquake’s later. The earthquake could be much later. And so. I'm not blind to the fact that an earthquake could happen. I just don't see it as very dominant in the Bible Codes.

Lima, Ohio’s Been Successfully Obliterated – Cheers To The Warriors Who Did It :D

And sometimes the Lord does that because He doesn't want me focusing on it. He wants me to see other things. He wants me to focus on other things. And my focus the last couple months has been that alien base in Lima, Ohio. And that's been successfully—that's been a project that’s been successfully completed. Successfully done. And they're angry. They're very angry. They cut my—what? My last two shows? You know. This is just an ongoing reciprocal war between the two of us. Me against many because I'm really the only one they have to target back at, to get mad at, to come back at, because everybody else stays in the background. The Lord’s warriors just do their work. And that's what happened with Lima. You know, I met with several warriors, and we pounded that place. We obliterated it. We put up walls. We were able to get them where it hurts the most. And so, they're angry. They're angry. Took out one of the biggest strongholds because just getting Lima, Ohio will affect the other alien bases they have in Ohio. And I didn't realize that they had other bases until I started seeing “Lima” coming up in the Codes.

How People Are Assigned Tasks And Missions By Yah And His Council In Heaven

I find it interesting how it all plays out because we were assigned by the Most High. It was an assignment directly by the Council of Heaven, by Him [Yah] Himself, to do Lima, Ohio. And we got it done. And so, it's always just very amazing when you'll see the word “assignment,” you know? And He assigns people to do something. And they feel His urging and His call to do it. And how many times has He done that to you, and you didn't recognize it for what it was and you just ignored it? Folks, when you feel an urging, a constant urging to do something, and it goes away, and then it comes back, and it goes away, and it comes back—that's usually the Lord speaking to you, saying, “Hey! I'm up here. This is My Council. We're assigning this to you. We want you to do it because we have faith that you can do it. You're reliable. You're dependable. We want to see if you can do it. We want you to do it.” Or, He's just trying to get your attention to see if you'll listen.

See, there’s all kinds of different testing routes from the Lord, and I've seen various ways that He works. He’ll test people, and they'll ignore Him. And the one's that pick up on how He works and always do what He asks of them and urges them to do? These are the ones that He’s gonna come down with the bigger things. Because they're reliable. They're dependable. They've built up a record of being a doer for Him. They'll hear Him, and they'll respond to His call. They’ll do what He asks. You know, I often see the term “lottery” in the Codes. And this isn't talking about a State Lottery. This is talking about a Heavenly Lottery, where they want something done, and they'll pull candidates of believers or warriors on Earth who they think are the best people to get the job done. The best people that will listen and accomplish what they ask them to do. And outta this pool of candidates they'll choose one person. Because—and they put all their faith in that one person on Earth that they've chosen. And so, it makes you think, folks, “Wow. Am I being chosen for something? Is this a lottery? Is this an assignment? What is this?” Either way, when the Lord urges you to do something, do it. Do it. You just have no idea where it's coming from. Yes, there's a Council in Heaven, and yes, they oversee the affairs of Earth. Very interesting.

And that's why Satan always mimics everything about Heaven and how the Most High operates. Because they want to be like Him. I mean, Satan's never been able to create anything. He’s never been able to come up with anything of his own. He just takes what's already created and recreates it and makes a mockery of it for his own self. I mean, look how his kingdom is run. It's run by councils. They have ranks. They have divisions. All based on how the Lord operates. He just mimics everything the Lord already has. And just as anything, there's different levels, different rankings, different groups. All of that. It all comes into play. So. Very—just thought I'd throw that out there.

Our Yah-Ordained Orgone Pisses Them Off…Heck Yeah!

Another thing I wanted to talk about is that one of the reasons they're so angry and they keep sabotaging my shows—and one of the things I keep seeing come up over and over again is because I'm arming the Lord's people. I’m teaching them how to protect themselves against the New World Order, against the aliens—which are nothing but fallen angels—against UFOs, against demonic beings. I’m teaching you how to protect yourselves, and that's why they're so angry. They don’t want you to know. They don’t want you to know that out of all the orgone out there—and there’s many different people making many different types and variations of what they call “orgone.” But out of all the orgone out there, there is one strand—and I see this in the Codes—there is one strand or orgone that actually protects people against the aliens and at the same time it actually destroys the aliens. So out of all the orgone that’s being made and all these people around the world that are doing it, there’s only one strand of it, one kind of it, that’s really effective. And that’s our orgone. And I teach people how to make it at OrgoneBlasters.com [http://www.orgoneblasters.com/]. There’s videos, there’s instructions. It’s a recipe, folks. If you can follow a recipe, it’s not that difficult. Some people can’t make it ‘cause they have apartments and things like that, and I sell it on the website for people who don’t want to make it on their own. It’s no big deal. The big deal is to get it out there because it protects you from them. And that’s what makes them angry. They don’t want you protected from them.

I’ve always said it, that the orgone will create protection areas, and it does. Look at how many people have been destroyed—their homes, their businesses, destroyed in the last several months on earthquakes and floods and tornadoes, and now we’ve got hurricane season coming up. But I haven’t heard from one person who has saturated their area with orgone that’s been affected by any of those alien and man-made disasters. I know all their areas have been protected. The storm was coming their way? It switched directions. I’ve been watching it do that for a decade. You know how many times they’ve tried to hit my house with tornadoes? They’ve even tried with lightening. They try with anything, and I’ve been totally protected by them. My house, my area, is an orgone fortress. That’s what I call it: an orgone fortress. I have bucket blasters out. I have pipe blasters out. I have orgone in places I forgot I put it. They can’t get near this place. They come near it, they hit and run, because if they stay long, they’re gonna crash and burn. Orgone will cause UFOs to crash.

Wilhelm Reich – The Original Orgone Warrior

You heard about the Roswell crash in New Mexico in 1947. They tell you, “Oh, well, they stumbled upon a military new radar they put up, and it caused the UFOs to crash out there.” What they do admit is UFOs crashed out there. What they don’t tell you, is that the same time of that crash, Wilhelm Reich [http://www.sherryshriner.com/ReichNotesReport.pdf; http://www.hiddencodes.com/reich.htm] was out there in New Mexico testing his orgone pipes against UFOs. Correlation? My money would be that Wilhelm Reich’s orgone pipes made those UFOs crash. That’s where my money’d be on. ‘Cause he said they would. He was commissioned by President Eisenhower to come up with a weapon that could destroy UFOs and aliens. And when he did, Eisenhower changed his mind because he turned around and made a treaty with these very aliens he was trying to destroy. He made a treaty with them. And so, what did he do with Wilhelm Reich? He threw him in prison to shut him up, take his work and hide his work. Keep it out of the public domain. ‘Cause Wilhelm Reich had figured out that orgone energy could destroy aliens and UFOs. And so, he died in prison.

But his work was—and when you die a martyr for the Most High, you’re doing the Most High’s work, you’re led by Him, it doesn’t go in vain, folks. ‘Cause now what’s happened years later—who would have thought a housewife from the Midwest, four kids, hair pulling out of her head, so many things to do, would pick up on the orgone and run with it? And look where we are today. You know, all I was asking for was protection against ELF [electromagnetic low frequency] weapons because I’ve been under attack since I started doing Bible Codes back in 2000. I mean, that’s really when the crap started hitting the fan around me. Just learning how to do Bible Codes. And then learning about the orgone ‘cause I was under so much ELF attack and under constant attack. And then we found out that the orgone could do so much more. All the things it was doing. And we’re still finding out all the time more and more things it’s doing.

New Terms In The Bible Codes!

You know, what I found in the Bible Codes that was awesome, and I posted it on my FaceBook site the other day. A new term that I’ve been seeing in regards to orgone is “Shekinah,” “ether network.” And Shekinah in Jewish terminology is a synonym for God Himself. You’ve heard of “Shekinah Glory.” Yeah, that’s Divine Glory. That’s His Divine Glory. And ether is the energy that it produces. And the network is the faction of warriors and believers who have been producing it, distributing it, and getting it planted or laid all over the world. It’s His network, folks. “Shekinah,” “ether,” “network.” It’s His network. We’re doing His work. And the Bible Codes calls them “precious” and “beloved” because it’s just a small group of people. There’s no huge majority involved with this. You’ll never get the majority to agree on anything. All they wanna do is hate and fight while everybody just puts their nose to the ground and gets busy. The ones that the Lord can lead.

And so, this is what really the fights have been going on right now back and forth between me and all them. The orgone. The Codes. Speaking out about the Truth. Revealing Maitreya for who and what he is; this moon god that’s representative of the moon god. They call him “Allah” in Islam. All this stuff’s coming about.

Next Month’s Forecast: Not Very Pleasant

Watch for the spring next month to even be as bad and icky as this month’s been for those of us who live in the Midwest region. Chilling. Rainy. Not gonna change anytime soon. They’re chilling the atmosphere because they’re trying to suppress the range that orgone can go. With the orgone, once it gets up in the air, I mean, it just keeps going and going and going. And so, they’re trying to suppress the range, how far the orgone goes.

Strange And Weird Moon Anomalies Going On Right Now

Sometimes I think when you look at all these people involved, and you see it yourself, all these moon anomalies going on with the moon. Pulsating. People seeing beings coming out of the moon. You look at the moon some nights, and it looks like it’s bulging. It doesn’t look like a round circle, it just looks like it’s doing weird things. The bulging in different areas. The orgone’s affecting the moon. But we also know that Tesla—they have Tesla weapons on the moon. And so, I can’t say that, even just looking at the moon, I can accurately say why it’s acting the way it is. It could be the orgone, or it could be the Tesla weapons. Because I see both in the Codes. I see them angry because the orgone is saturating the moon. [TN: If you look at the moon at night, you can see a blue ring of light partly circled around it on one side like Earth’s blue ether ring.] And it could be causing some of the effects we’re seeing. But it could also be the Tesla beams that they’re shooting down on Earth. Especially if they wanna, you know, if they want to fire something up and get something ready for “Judgment Day” on the 21st.

It’s what they’re calling “Judgment Day.” Makes it more amusing, doesn’t it? Maybe they’re getting ready for some kind of spectacular event. I’m not holding my breath. I’ve seen it too much before. Because whenever they plan something, it’s usually destroyed by the orgone. The air in the orgone—er, the orgone in the air destroys their holograms, their ability to create holograms, and their ability to uncloak and fly over head without crashing or looking like a fool. I mean, come on, “God” can’t be in a UFO without it crashing? And I’m being sarcastic. ‘Cause they’re coming as “gods” but their vehicles are crashing all over the place. And the media calls it meteors. “Oh, that’s a meteor.”

Keep Gettin’ Them Orgone Walls Up, Folks, ‘Cause They Block Natural Disasters

So. Expect another just chilly spring. I dunno if summer’s ever gonna come and arrive and be a hot—doesn’t seem to be appearing that way in this region. Now, in other parts of the country and world you’re gonna see droughts, you’re gonna see heat, and fires. And you know what? You gotta get orgone up. Get walls up. You see a fire outbreak in your region? Well, you better hope you got an orgone wall up, because it’ll help shift the fires to different areas and stay out of yours. And what I do, what I mean when I say, “Put an orgone wall up.”—I’ll give you an example. There’s a route in Ohio that goes East to West all the way across the state, about 300 miles long. And it’s taken a while to get this entire route done. But you just start, and every mile—drive the route, and every mile toss an orgone puck. You might do a half mile at a time. You might do a mile. But just go all the way across. And as you’re doing that, you’re putting a wall of orgone up. You don’t see it with the physical eye, but there is a blue aura wherever there is orgone because they see it.

That’s why I get so many flybys. Presidents have been here. Secretaries of state. Top military officials. They all wanna see this place because they see the aura of orgone that just emanates from this place. And it must be a spectacular sight to have. Obama and Hillary and Cheney and Gore and everybody else who wanna see it with their literal eyes themselves.

And so, what you do—you won’t see it, it’s an invisible wall to us, but in the spiritual realm you can see this aura, this ether aura. And you’re putting up a wall. What that will do is, as you drive along a route, maybe 50 miles, 100 miles, 200, whatever you can do, is you’ll put up a huge orgone wall. And when these jet streams come and these tornadoes and these hurricanes, they’ll hit that orgone wall and change directions. You don’t even have to have a huge part like I did. I did the entire state to protect us from the southern jet streams. And that’s why you see them whine and cry on the weather channel all the time because Ohio will be good and set for a bad thunderstorm coming our way, and it fizzles by the time it gets here. ‘Cause it hits that orgone wall, folks. Makes it fizzle. We still get the rain, but we don’t get half the damage. We don’t get any damage. And the places that do get damaged? Those are the areas that you know that need work. You need to get out and get orgone in those areas. You know, when they had that hurricane in Texas last year, I’d sent—it was headed towards Galveston and down in that area. And I sent orgone down there, and they threw it in the water all the way up the coast. Can’t remember which part of Texas that was, but it was heading towards them, and it switched directions—and I think that’s what it was; that Galveston got hit.

But that’s what it will do. You know? It’ll cause it to switch directions. And that’s what you want to do to protect your areas. So yeah. Get the walls up, folks. And watch the weather channel. That’s your best weapon, because it shows you how the jet streams run in your state, so you know exactly how and where you need to put orgone. If you’re getting hit by the southern jet streams like we were from Texas and all the way up, get a route East to West across your state and put up a wall. If you’re getting hit by western jet streams, then find a route north to south, and put up a wall to block the western streams. Interestingly that some of the storms this week were coming from the East. I’ve never seen storms go East to West, but I’ve been hearing about it this week. And so. Find an eastern route and put up a wall to block from the—it doesn’t block the entire storm, but what it does do is block out the viciousness of it. I mean, we’ve been getting rain, but I’m no doubt believing we should have had tornadoes that never materialized that they wanted.

And I don’t know what it’s going to do with earthquakes. I don’t know if it’s gonna help with earthquakes or not, but I, you know, at this route, my money’d be on the orgone. I have confidence that these are, you know, one of the main reasons that I’m seeing is because we’re protecting ourselves, is because it defends against all their crap coming against us. And any crap coming against us. And so, that’s why I would believe it would help against the earthquakes. I can’t say it does. I don’t know yet. And maybe the shifting the Madrid Fault zone away from where the epicenter was—it was typically supposed to be in St. Lewis, but I orgoned St. Lewis years ago. So maybe they’ve been trying, and they can’t get that off, and so that’s why they’re moving farther west into Missouri. Every time you look at them talk about the Madrid fault zone, it goes further west into Missouri and areas that haven’t been orgoned yet. That’s one thing I’ve noticed.

Sherry Needs Donations For A New Project Coming Up – Let’s Support Our Warrior!

And you know what, folks? We can’t get all the areas. We just don’t have the funds to do so. It took every dime I made in donations for 3 months to get the Lima base done. And so. We have a huge project coming up on the horizon that I’m thinking about, and definitely—I’ll probably need twice the money I used on Lima, which was probably about 2, 3 thousand dollars for Lima and supplies and materials. I’ll need that and then some for the next one ‘cause it’s much bigger. Much bigger. And it would take out their space portals that they use to Mars and the Moon.

New Orgone Mission: Tearing Down Portal Strongholds One At A Time

And see, this Columbia shuttle stuff, folks, is so asinine. I hope you don’t fall for this false space program thing they have going on at NASA. They don’t need shuttles and space rockets for Mars and the Moon. They have portals. They have dimensional doorways. Dimensional portals that they can open up right off the Great Lakes right to Mars. Yeah. They do. And this I know for a fact. And that’s why I think it’s time we just went and shut it all down. And so, with what time is left that we can actually do work. Get it done. That’s my next project that I have in mind. And so. I’ll need a lot of donations for that. I don’t know how long it’s—I don’t know when I’ll get the project done because I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to raise the money to get it done.

But, you know, as much as I’d like to see Chicago go under the water because it’s just such a mob-ridden, Illuminati lizard haven…why don’t we just go piss them off instead? Hyde Park, Chicago looks like a great project to me, where all the lizards hang out ‘cause it’s where Obama lives. I think Oprah Winfry lives up there and [inaudible] and all the known lizards.

There’s a huge naval observatory on the north part of the state, north of Chicago, where I believe that these portal entries are that they use. And I’m pretty sure they have an underwater base off of Chicago. And so. And I know they have one in Lake Erie and probably all over the Great Lakes. We’ve done what we can to orgone areas without a, you know—we don’t have the equipment we need. You know, if I had a boat that would take me across the Great Lakes, I would have an orgone party. I would have an orgone fiesta and just shut down a lot of those underground bases that are in the water. But right now I think we’re gonna focus on just shutting down portals and dimensional doorways and these naval bases, folks, that are the strongholds of the whole agenda.

Navy Money Sponsors And The Air Force Foot Soldiers

You know, back when I was looking at chemtrails, people were saying all the Air Forces are involved and it wasn’t until I got digging into the Bible Codes that I realized the Navy is the one that receives the funding from the government, and they hide it in their books, and then they give—they have the Air Force go out and do the chemtrailing. So while people are yelling at the Air Force for being behind the chemtrail operations, because they’re the soldiers, the foot soldiers on the project, it’s actually the Navy that’s funding it. And I posted those Codes years ago [http://www.hiddencodes.com/chemtrail.htm] just to set people straight on what’s going on with this whole chemtrail thing.

And I see this chemtrail thing in the Bible Codes all the time, folks. It’s the alien agenda against us. They’re using the chemtrails and the vaccines to kill and destroy us. And there’s a hundred and one uses for chemtrails. They can use the aerosols in chemtrails for holograms. They can use it to poison people. Give cancers. They can use it for chip implanting now. You can actually inhale this dust from chemtrails now. People have got Morgellons because of the microfibers in chemtrails. [http://www.morgellons.org/]

You Know It Must Be Bad When Big Brother Admits There’s A Serious Zombie Problem…

And I believe, and I always will, that Morgellons is also a part of vaccines. They can put it in batches of vaccines. Just like with the zombies, the zombie apocalypse that’s coming up, and I’ll talk about that on Monday night some more. Because that was something I started years ago talking about, and also the fact that I kept seeing “rabies” in the Codes. And so, I’ll be talking about that more on Monday night. You know, if you know how our government works, then something has to be really bad for them to actually even mention it, that it exists. And they’ve already had a problem with it.

I told you guys a long time ago that there were outbreaks, zombie outbreaks. Everybody laughs. “Ooo, really? How come the media didn’t show it?” You think they’re going to? They’re not allowed. There have been zombies outbreaks all over the world. And so, imagine what a threat is must actually be becoming to be if the CBC is even mentioning it. “Oh, look. A zombie apocalypse.” But not any time soon, folks. It’ll be down the road. I mean, that’s how they are. But what they really mean is, “If you’re really listening, you’ll start preparing.” That’s what they’re telling the people with ears to hear. ‘Cause there is a problem. And I told you how they’ll spread the whole thing—is through vaccinations. And now they can just put this virus in chemtrails. They can chemtrail an area and cause a zombie outbreak.

How They Target Each State

That’s one of the things I’ve always worried about for Ohio. Because I saw this as one of their plans, one of their routes. You know. Chemtrail and area and start a zombie outbreak. And so. Yeah, they’re vicious. You can almost look in other states and you can see whether they’re going to destroy that one with hurricanes, and that one with floods, and that one with Corexit. But when it comes to states like Ohio, you see them destroying it by chemical poisoning. Which is chemtrails. That’s their method of attack to destroy Ohio. In Texas you always see nukes and bombings and, you know. They have different methods for wanting to destroy each state. Of course, the states on the coastlines are just going to go underwater because with the coming of Nibiru coming in the spring and bringing in all these other objects with it, these other comets, these other asteroids, which are all alien-carriers.

Upcoming Disaster Possibilities

Possibly be seeing much worse weather destruction. Possible pole flips coming. Not anytime right now, but further down the road here. Towards the end of the year, perhaps. And you’re going to see the waves roaring, the oceans roaring. The Bible says that. [Jeremiah 51:42; Luke 21:25] And that could start at any time. You know? Still waiting for Japan to sink. Told people in 2006 to get off of Japan. Eventually that whole island’s going to sink. And, you know, if they set the New Madrid off, it’s gonna effect—what do they got?—15 nuclear reactors on fault zones. That alone could cause massive destructions, folks. Just those nuclear reactors. And so. They’re in destruction mode. Obama’s always been. It was his job to destroy America. He’s doing it. He’s doing it. You’ve got to counterattack, folks. You’ve gotta counter-defend yourselves.

Closing Thoughts – Stay Far Away From UFOs

Anyway. I’ll be back on Monday night. Talk about more of the apocalypse that’s coming, the zombies, and a couple of other things I’ve been seeing in the Codes. But don’t hold your breath about Saturday, and folks, if you do see UFOs—they actually do something amusing for once instead of just crapping on the pot and never getting off of it—if they actually do something, then be careful. Don’t go near UFOs, folks. In fact, if you see a UFO, get your pipe out and start waving it at the UFO. Get that orgone energy blasting up in the atmosphere. Cause those things to crash. Stay away from UFOs. Don’t go running to them; run away from them. If, you know, if they get you, they wanna abduct you, they’re either gonna cross-breed you or eat you. And this is getting prevalent.

You know, I was watching a TV series, some of these TV series coming out that was stating, “Every 30 minutes one person disappears in Chicago.” Excuse me? Do you know how many people that is over time? And this is the first, you know—they just say it so nonchalantly. Disappear how? Do they ever come back or do they show up later? Disappear, like gone today, come back next week? Hello, people. We’re they’re food source. So don’t be running to UFOs. They’re not—they don’t want to be your friends. They’re not here to save you. They’re here to destroy you. Get your pipes out. Get your areas orgoned. Make your areas as far as the aliens are concerned a no-fly zone. And protect yourselves. Stay away from any kind of, “Oh, we’re going to help you. We’re here to help mankind. Just come aboard our UFO. Come with us. We’ll help you. We’ll protect you.” More of their lies, folks.

Anyway. Until next week, everybody.

Yah Bless.

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