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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 23, 2011

Harold Camping Was a Pawn Deceived by the Church of NORAD

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night. I'm Sherry Shriner. And if you have a question for the show, you can call in at...hmm, let me see...877-245-5648. I'll be taking questions in a little while.

Couple things I want to talk about; as a storm starts heading my way. They've been trying to get that thing going all day, and it just fizzles out, so. Couple things I want to talk about. Of course, this week the no-rapture being the biggest news, I guess you could say. And I find it funny that, you know, Harold Camping was a pawn. He's just a clear pawn. Whether he's one of them, whether he's deceived by the church of NORAD and their tech abilities to implant visions and speak to people and they think it's the Lord speaking to them, they developed this technology at Dulce Base. I have an article where I talk about Dulce Base at And they call it Dreamscape Manipulation. And I've been warning about that for years because you could actually have visions that look very real, but it's from Dreamscape technology. People that have vivid dreams; can be Dreamscape technology. People who have words from the Lord and call it a prophecy; they do that, too.

So there's various ways that this church of NORAD -- that's why I call them the church of NORAD, because this technology was developed at Dulce Base and that NORAD took over it, and they have it at the Cheyenne Mountain facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And they use that to deceive people. And the biggest red flag is that the Lord never gives dates on anything. But this church of NORAD loves dates. And they often use their Dreamscape Manipulation technology to get people hyped up on events that are gonna occur on a certain date. And that's how you know it's not a real one, a real anything, from the Most High, because He doesn't live in our linear time zone. He doesn't give out dates. Whenever I ask Him something, "Soon."  Soon, soon, soon. And so, that the kind of answer you get from Him. You don't get "May 21 [laughs] I'm gonna come for My people."  You know, that's Dreamscape Manipulation, folks. So, I guess if more people listened to this radio show, they'd be up to date on all the different ways Satan deceives people. You know, I just get so many people just wanna focus on hating instead of listening. You need to listen. Talking about that stuff for years. So they wouldn't be blindsided by it if they were listening.

How Ordinary White Vinegar Can Defend against the Rainbow-Colored HAARP Clouds

Seems like they're trying to get the Madrid fault zone to blow. And I don't know if you've been watching, but I've beeen paying attention to it for a while now and it just seems like every time they concentrate on trying to get it to blow up, it just backfires. And so, now it looks like they're almost on a false flag everywhere kind of episodes where all the other little towns that aren't orgoned and areas that aren't protected are becoming victims of their HAARP weapons.

And I posted a notice on my page earlier today, because talks about how vinegar...if you put vinegar in a bowl and set it out in your yard, it will saturate the air immediately and defend against those rainbow clouds, those HAARP clouds. And those are almost always precursors before destructions. People see those HAARP rainbow clouds right before earthquakes occur. People are seeing them now right before tornadoes occur. And so, if you see those rainbow-colored clouds, you know they're working on your area with their HAARP weapon. 

It's weather-modification wars, folks. And so, orgone's effective against chemtrails. Orgone wall's effective against tornadoes and hurricanes. Switch directions or fizzle out. We see it all the time in Ohio; our weather just fizzles out, because we have orgone walls up everywhere. But if you don't have access to orgone, get a bowl of vinegar and put it in -- put white vinegar in a bowl and set it in your yard, because it's supposed to be almost immediately effective in attacking those HAARP clouds. And even if you have orgone, orgone takes a little bit longer to wipe out a HAARP cloud than it does a chemtrail. There's two different types of clouds. Two different types of trails. So use the vinegar, even if you have orgone, get the vinegar out. I've never seen one of these rings -- they're called HAARP rings, the rainbow clouds. And I've never seen them, and so. But if you see it, get vinegar out 'cause it'll protect your area then. 

Show Your Faith by Your Works - The Lord Told You How to Protect Yourself, So Do It

You know, the Lord doesn't leave us defenseless. He gives us ways to protect ourselves against all these different technologies being aimed against us. And that's why it gets so tiring all the time to hear these people attack us and hate us because of the orgone. Folks, orgone doesn't replace the Most High God. It never has, it never will. He's always our number one defender, our number one protector. But you'd better believe He's gonna say, "I told you how to do it. You do it." So don't be surprised. All these people huddling in their closets praying, because a tornado's coming into their area, for protection from Him. And He's saying, "I already told you how to protect yourselves. You wouldn't listen." 

Everybody always thinks all they have to do is call on Him to be the end-all. Faith is always followed by works, and so, be a doer. Show your faith by your works. Just as James said. Quit being a couch potato. You know, when Israel went to war, the Lord gave them a battle plan. He told them what to do. He didn't say, "Oh, stay home. Stay under the tents. I'll take care of it." No, He told them to go out and take care of it. And He was with them when they were out taking care of it. When they were out fighting against their enemies, He was with them. And that's what He is today. 

He's with us as we're fighting against a New World Order that wants to destroy us. They're our enemies. They're out to destroy us, and He's with us. He gives us ways to protect ourselves. And they're not conventional ways. And the rider of the white horse has an unconventional weapon. He has a bow but no arrows. It's a unconventional weapon, folks. What good is a bow without an arrow? Unconventional weapon. And look at all the ways He's given us to use. He's given us orgone to use, vinegar, magnets. Every time you need something...a way to protect yourself, a way to stop harassments coming against you, just ask Him what to do. Mylar blankets to stop microwave weapons. 

They Think I'm Worthy to Attack; I Must Be Doing Something Right!

The apostles, 2000 years ago, didn't have to deal with tech weapons. They weren't dealing with satellite weapons,Tesla beams from the moon. They weren't dealing with these kinds of things. And the sad part is a lot of Christians today don't even understand why we need protection from them, because they're not under attack (or they don't recognize it). Most of them are no threat to Satan. That's why they can't understand where we're coming from. Meanwhile, you have a huge chunk of believers who are always under assault and attack. Who get fried by microwave weapons from the moon. Who get the micro-vans, that'll sit on your streets and in your neighborhoods and target your home with microwave weapons, frying you. They have no idea what you're talking about. Why? Because they're not a threat. So just take the criticisms and the cynicisms with a grain of salt, folks. And be thankful, "Hey! They think I'm worthy to attack. They're trying to shut me up. I must be doing something right. They ain't botherin' everybody else."  You must be a real threat to Satan and his kingdom if their spending all this time, technology, and money trying to shut you up. Trying to intimidate you. Trying to harass you. That's a lot of resources for them.

May 21 Was Going to Be an Alien Event, But It Got Sabotaged

So, anyway. In the Codes this week, and posted this on my Facebook. Was looking at Codes for June. And, thought it was funny, I was kind of doing some backside looking at the month earlier, at the month of May. And found out what was really going on for May 21. Everyone had their eyes and attention on Harold Camping's false prediction that the rapture was gonna happen. If anything, it was going to be an alien event. I knew that much. But they plan these alien events all the time, and they never materialize into anything. They either totally get sabotaged, or they get delayed. And in this instance, I'm finding that they did have something planned, but it was mostly sabotaged. The physical aspects of what they had planned was sabotaged. 

There Was a Lot of Soul-Scalping Going on on May 21

On the backside of it, apparently, there was a lot of soul-scalping going on. People that have low energies, I guess you could describe them, lower energies (they're not very spiritual, they're bodily weak, they're religiously weak), these kinds of people are always susceptible to being used as pawns by Satan. Except, now in this day and age, they just soul-scalp them. They soul-scalp them. And so, apparently, a lot of that was going on all over the world. People were massively getting soul-scalped everywhere. And what happens then is when an alien takes over that person's body. Literally just takes the soul of that person and pushes it aside and dominates that person's body, making them a helpless victim to their own body. They can see things that are going on and hear things going on, but they don't have any control of their own body because another being does. Or they just kill the person and take their body. Take over their body and live as that person from that time on. Or they can take that person out of their body and imprison them somewhere while they take over their body. There's various things they can do. And so, apparently, that was going on in the background. 

"Obama - Satellite - Moon"

But what I was finding in the Codes is that they were trying to activate Shema, and so -- they couldn't get it going. And you know what? Shema's been on fire for ages. It's been on fire since October of [2009]. But they've been trying to restore it and fix it, and do all this stuff. And so, it's kind of funny that they would try to activate it, for whatever reason, on the 21st. And I found this matrix on a Code, and it said "Obama - satellite - moon" (it's another name for Shema). Also "starlike" and "planet" are names for Shema. Or it could be the literal moon, itself. The Tesla weapons on the moon. 

"Ohio - Product - Prevention - Rock (Orgone) - Boulder - Troublesome"

And it says "Ohio - product - prevention - rock - boulder - troublesome." And "Ohio - product - prevention" is -- all the orgone we produce originated here in Ohio and I revived it. Wilhelm Reich rediscovered the ancient energy of orgone and they killed him in prison in 1948. And in 2004 the Lord led me into it, taught me how to make it, told me what it does, 'cause I was looking for a way to protect myself from ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] attacks. And we've been producing orgone ever since. Putting it around the world. And the Warriors have stood up and they've gotten their areas. We've found 101 uses orgone will do. And orgone defends against these evil entity beings and their UFOs and their starships. And so, it's working against these Tesla weapons they have on the moon. It's also working against Shema, the New Age star planet that they put in the sky. And so, it's very troublesome to them because the orgone prevents a lot of their plans from fruition, and so.

"Quartzite Ring (Orgone Network) - Restrained Starlike Planet - Panic"

Another matrix I found on it, "quartzite ring" (this orgone network) "restrained starlike planet - panic." We're restraining this starlike planet, Shema, from being activated. And so, within one Code you have the orgone network responsible for preventing whatever they're trying to activate, not just on the moon, but with Shema, this star planet. They had something planned between the two of them. 

And I was warning people about staying away from light beams coming from the moon because they used these huge...what they call Tesla beams. You beam them down to Earth. And most of the time you can feel it being activated late at night. About 2 o'clock in the morning you'll start to hear a hum. Almost sounds like your refrigerator running, or your electricity kicking on, your heater kicking on at home. It's a low-level humming. But it just never stops. It's constantly going. It goes like, two hours. You can hear that when they activate the weapons on the moon to target Earth. 

I've been telling people, if you feel a calling to go outside and look at the moon or look at the lights emanating from the moon, to just stay away from it, because they use that to abduct people. They abduct people to the moon, they have sacrifices on the moon. When UFOs come (and there's gonna be a hostile invasion of them), they'll use these beams to abduct people, to kill them. And so, interesting, that on a day that they planned to activate these Tesla beams on the moon, and Shema, they decided to announce, "Hey! There's gonna be a rapture!" 'Cause you know they were the ones behind it. They were the ones behind [Harold] Camping doing that. So they were counting on a mass disappearance of people. A disappearance of people. Not soul-scalping of people, a disappearance of people. Because that's how they would've explained all these people being taken [coughs]. They were gonna say that it was the Christian rapture, why all these people are gone. When it was actually just a huge alien and moon abduction type thing going on. 

I Can't Say It Enough - Put Orgone in Your Areas

They're just getting more bolder with their plans. They're just getting more brazen, you know. And so, you know, I can't say it enough. Get orgone in your areas. Put walls up. Find a route around your county (two or three routes; whatever it takes). Saturate your entire county. Throw a puck one mile all the way around your county; every mile all the way around it. Find a route across your state. [coughs] 

If I lived in Tornado Alley, and I lived in the northern part of it, I would be putting a southern wall to block anything coming up from the south to protect my area. And you guys gotta watch these jetstreams. You know where the bad weather always comes from, which direction it comes from, if you don't watch The Weather Channel. Find a state route that runs north to south, east to west and put up an orgone wall. One puck every mile, all the way across that route. 

They're Trying to Blow the New Madrid Fault Line but Can't

It's one way to protect yourselves from this vicious weather that's coming because they can't get the New Madrid Fault Line to blow. They're trying to get it to blow up, and [coughs] they can't do it. I haven't seen it for this month. As much hype as they've been giving it the last couple months about blowing it in May, I just don't see it in the Codes. But that doesn't mean it's not gonna happen, it just means the Lord didn't want me to focus on it. He wanted me to focus on other things. 

And, yeah, I've been busy. You know, I've been focusing on that huge alien base in Lima, Ohio. I've got another complete alien-infestation problem over here on the Ohio and Pennsylvania border. We've got dimensional portals and stargate portals in Chicago that need to be dealt with. So I'm a little busy on things. And sometimes the Lord doesn't want me to focus on other things. Doesn't mean they're not gonna happen, doesn't mean He wants me focusing on it either, but in this case, as many Codes as I've done for the month of May, just not seeing anything that would even begin to signify that there's been an earthquake. I can see them trying, 'cause I can see when they're mad. And they can detail why they're mad, and that's the amusing part. [laughs] Oh, are they mad now! [laughs] Goody-goody! [laughs] What did we do right this month, this time. He's not gonna let them blow it, as far as I can see, because that's gonna be His to blow. 

When there's a worldwide earthquake, that's gonna signify the sixth seal. And, there's still some things that need done before that happens. And that's why I think He's not allowing them to blow the New Madrid right now. Because there needs to be other things that happen, unless they've already happened in ways that we didn't expect. And that could be the case, too, because the Lord has told me that things are gonna happen in ways we don't expect. 

And so, I always try to keep an open mind, and not get put in a box on exactly what prophetic timelines are. I know what they are, folks. I know what the churches have been teaching, I was in them for 30 years. Very a student of Bible prophecy. I've been a student of Bible prophecy since I was 12 years old. So I know what the churches teach. I know what these self-gurus...Hal Lindsey, and Jack Van Impe, and all them teach. I read their stuff. I followed them for years. The Lord pulled me away from it, pulled me away from them. So if they had truth, and they were correct, why would the Lord pull me away from them, folks? 

We're Going to Have a Lifting of the Veil When the Pale Horse Arrives

So, yeah, things are gonna happen in ways we don't expect. But we're still looking for the arrival of the pale horse, the pale horse rider. And he's not here yet, but he's about to get here big time. I mean, I don't know what's holding him back. But when the pale horse rider arrives, death and hell follow with him. And think about what that is. I mean, Satan's forces are arriving with the pale horse rider. And so, we're gonna have a literal, probably, lifting of the veil at that time. 

And I've talked about it before, and the churches'll mention it, we have a veil, a partition, that blocks those of us on Earth from seeing into the spiritual realm, which is also called the fourth dimension. There's a veil there and it blocks us from seeing into that realm. But with the arrival of the pale horseman, that veil's gonna be lifted. And we're gonna see these beings, aliens and demons. They're not gonna be able to hide in a cloaking of secrecy anymore. Everyone's gonna be able to see them for who and what they are and where they are. 

You know, right now they operate in a cloak of invisibility where you can't see them. They could be in your yard. That can be in your house. They can be in your business, where you're working. And you don't see them because they're invisible. But when the veil's lifted, everyone's gonna be seeing them like they're standing right next to you, like they're your neighbors. And so, that veil's gonna be lifted and, literally, hell is gonna break loose on Earth at that point. I don't see how any other thing is gonna be possible. 

If You Want to Rebuke Demons & Aliens All the Time Instead of Using Orgone, So Be It

You know, I've seen demons since I was a child, and it never gets easy looking at them. They're ugly! They stink! They're ugly. And they think we're ugly and we stink. [laughs] It's kind of a mutual hatred thing. They hate us, we hate them. And when they're all on this earth, we're gonna have to cohabitate with them. But good for us is that they hate orgone. 

And so, even now, when you're out and about public places with orgone -- a lot of people have more experiences with it than I do. I just live in a cow town, and there's nice people here, and they're actually human, they're not soul-scalped freaks like you'll see in so many other different cities and places. But some people, you know, you take orgone in public places and they just get outrageous and obnoxious. Looks or stares at the people that are wearing orgone pendants or carrying orgone with them. The Reptilians around them will start coughing. I've seen hives break out on people that work too close to orgone, because they were possessed. And so, there's different reactions to it. And they don't come around. They don't like being around it. And so, it's a protection for us. 

If you want to walk around all the time and rebuke them in the name of Jesus, then so be it. Rebuke them in the name of Jesus. If you detect them in your home, rebuke them. What happens when you want a break? What happens when you go to sleep and they're bothering your children? What happens then? I mean, that's why you anoint your homes [coughs] with oil [coughs]. You can anoint your home, keep evil entities out. But the problem is it wears off. The anoints wear off, and you have to re-anoint your house. 

Well, with orgone you don't have to re-anoint it. You just have a constant energy, of the Lord's energy, His Shekinah aether energy, His constant presence in your home. Doesn't wear off. The orgone emits this constant Shenikah aether energy. Terms I've found in the Codes regarding orgone. And Shekinah glory, that's a synonym for the Lord, Himself. And so, you can protect yourselves, so you can afford to be lazy, or you're just gonna have to be alert 24/7, so that when they are around, you detect evil beings around, you can rebuke them in the name of Jesus. You can have it either way. 

Personally, I like to just do other things than have to focus on bad energies around me, or detecting and discerning that there's bad spirits around, or demons, or aliens. I don't think about that stuff 24/7. It's bad enough I have two shows a week on it. [laughs] I have to spend my other time doing other things. I don't want to fight against them all the time. And the reasons I'm in fights against them all the time is because they make it real. Always a real war between them and me. It's a mutual hatred, we're mutual enemies. I hate them, they hate me. And so, it's always a war. They retaliate. They do something to me, I retaliate back. Then they retaliate for me retaliating, and I retaliate for them retaliating. It goes on and on and on. It never stops. [laughs] 

The Lord Allows Things to Happen to Us to Teach Us Spiritual Warfare

And the Lord doesn't make it stop. He allows things to happen to teach us. To teach us warfare. To teach us how to stand on our own two feet. That's what spiritual warfare's all about. It's not about sitting on your butts on your couches whining and crying about things, it's about being able to stand on your own two feet and take care of yourself. It's Dad teaching you how to walk. You know, as a parent, you teach your babies how to walk. And that's what He does. He teaches us how to walk, to do things, how to become Warriors, how to take care of ourselves.

"Ohio - Leader (Sherry) - Prepares - State - Locust"

So, it was amusing that whatever plans they had were blocked. Blocked on the 21st. Another interesting matrix I saw in the Codes: "Ohio - leader - prepares - state - locust." And, certainly what I've done in this state is preparing for the arrival of the Locusts. And so, everybody should be getting their states and areas prepared for the arrival of Locusts, because those are just around the corner. 

When Iran's Mahdi arrives, this Maitreya, they're gonna either come, probably within weeks of his arrival we're gonna see the Locust invasion. It's gonna come that quick. Right after he arrives. And these Locusts are Giants, and they travel in swarms. What movie was that that depicted that? I don't remember. I think Gabriel and Michael were in it and they were fighting, and the Locusts were arriving. I don't remember what the movie was called, but -- something to make you think. [Legion was the movie, but it was a swarm of flies

A lot of movies being released. Tidbits of truth here and there to make you think. Because they reveal their plans. And they do it in fiction formats. They do it in movies, music videos. And people think, "Oh, that's crazy. It's just entertainment." Think again, folks. Think again. The lyrics of the songs coming out, they're so blatant they're not even hiding it. That how close you know we are to the end, because they're so blatant about it. They don't care anymore. They're just telling people what they're doing now and what they're gonna do here in the short future. So start paying attention to some of the movies, folks. They reveal their plans to you.


Anyway, if you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Start taking some questions from callers.

We've Been Getting a Lot of Emergency Broadcast System Alert Signals in Our House

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hellooo.

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: Is this Sherry?

SHERRY: Yes it is.

CALLER: Hi, Sherry. I'm calling from Florida. My mom and I listen to your show. And I thought I would call in tonight. Just wanted to say thank you for all you're doing. And I came across your site actually after I read the book, Behold a Pale Horse by Will Cooper. And then I was actually led by the Lord to read the Book of Enoch after that. I basically questioned my faith, you know, with everything. With all the talk of aliens in that book and everything. And, of course, now, you know, they're true. And I found out what they really are. [laughs] They're the fallen angels and --

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: Yeah, so actually God was leading me down this path of truth. And then I came across your site, too, a while back. And it just kind of all linked together. Anyway, I had a question. We've been getting a lot of those warning sounds in our house. Like the FEMA alert systems.

SHERRY: The sirens, or just like, television stuff.

CALLER: Well, it comes through like, the speakers. Even when the TVs are off now. And I'm guessing this goes through everyone's TVs and stuff.


CALLER: It's like the doo - doooo [makes a sound similar to the TV alert signal] Emergency Broadcast.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: And they've been doing a lot of testing lately, like every week, every other day sometimes. So, it's constant. And I'm like, "Well, why the heck are they --?" This never used to be like this. And now they're doing it like, all the time. I don't know if they're doing it anywhere else, but they're definitely doing it in Florida.

SHERRY: What part of Florida are you in?

CALLER: Tampa Bay area.

SHERRY: How far is that from...Miami?

CALLER: Water? [pauses] I'm sorry?

SHERRY: How far is Tampa Bay -- whereabout in the state? Is that south, central, or north?

CALLER: Central.


CALLER: It's central. I mean, it's near the water, you know.


CALLER: To me, I feel like we're in this sort of a lull period. [laughs]


CALLER: You know what I mean? That's what it feels like to us. To me and our family. We have orgone around our house and we're working on getting it all around our area, too, not just around our house. So, as you know, it's expensive, but we're working on it.

SHERRY: Yeah, it is. It can cost you a few pizzas. [laughs]

I Had a Weird Dream

CALLER: It's worth it though. It's worth it. But anyway, we're working on that and -- I haven't had any bad dreams or anything, but I was having some weird dreams. Like you said, they can attack you.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: These fallen angels, these aliens. Lucifer's minions and his generals. So, I haven't had any bad dreams, but I did have a weird dream. I wanted to tell you about it. About a couple weeks, actually, it's been about a few weeks ago, and it was really weird. It was just this one time, and I saw -- to me, I knew whose face it was. It was Satan's face. Like you said, I don't even like thinking about it, right? It sounds, you know, kind of cliche, but he had horns on his head and he was smiling. And I remember there was a candle [laughs] -- I swear, this is what I saw. And it said -- there was a piece of paper, and it said, "UFOs" on it. And that's all I remember. And he was like, smiling evil and that's when I woke up. It seemed -- and then I felt like my head -- I told this to my mom, too -- if felt like my head -- sometimes when I have bad dreams, it feels like I can't get up, like there's a pressure.

SHERRY: Right. You have to fight to wake up --

CALLER: And I felt like I could not get up right away.


CALLER: And so, I got up, finally. I felt like I could get up. And I got up and I prayed to God and it went away. And I haven't had any bad dreams since. I've been praying about it, so that was good. But it was a weird dream and it just feels like you talk about. That something bad is looming around the corner, and it's this battle between good and evil. And no one can see it. You know, they're so caught up in all of this brainwashing with the schools, and the churches, and they can't see this battle that God is battling with. It's just a lot of strange things going on, and so.

SHERRY: You know what? Make sure you put orgone underneath your bed. It'll help you sleep like a baby.

CALLER: I did. I did. I've got it all in my room --

SHERRY: And you know what?

CALLER: But that was the only instance --

SHERRY: When you pray at night, make sure you don't fall asleep with unconfessed sin.


SHERRY: And ask the Lord to keep you from evil.

CALLER: I do. I did.

SHERRY: Because when you do that, it'll make their attack just fall at your knees. They won't be able to use it against you. I forgot all the time. I get so tired sometimes I just pass out.

CALLER: Yeah. [laughs]

SHERRY: You know. [laughs] I don't go to sleep, I pass out. [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah. You know, I do the same thing. I get so tired from researching and everything. But, yeah, that was the only thing. It kind of struck me hard 'cause really it was a quick dream. It wasn't a long one. I haven't had any attacks like that at all since. It was just kind of out of the blue. It was really strange.

SHERRY: They hit and run.

CALLER: But, like you said, you know, I guess they're coming. I mean, it's all on the paper. It said, "UFOs" on it. So what was that? I don't know. [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. They're already here. They're staying cloaked until the veil lifts, and so.

CALLER: Yeah. They haven't exposed themselves to all the people that think they're not real.


The Lord Led Me to the Book of Enoch

CALLER: But anyway -- and I read the Book of Enoch. And I'm so thankful that the Lord led me to that and all this truth. It's a shame that I can't convince people and my family that it's the truth, you know.

SHERRY: Yeah. And you know what? They mention Enoch in the KJV --


SHERRY: -- so why was the book taken out? And if you've read the first ten chapters of Enoch, you totally understand the whole alien agenda and what's going on today. And that's why the churches don't teach it. They want to keep people in the dark.

CALLER: What do they think? There's no fallen angels? I don't understand. It's just --

SHERRY: They all just went away.


SHERRY: They drowned with the flood. [laughs]

CALLER: I mean, God created them. He loves the angels just as much as He loves us. And like you said, angels in the flesh [Angels in the Flesh], it's all connected and they can't realize that there's good and evil. You know what it is? They don't want to see that --


CALLER: They don't want to face the fact that anyone could be that evil that there is this battle between good and evil. They just think that -- we've been so spoiled, you know, God's blessed us, I guess you could say.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: Protected is more like it. 

SHERRY: Right.

Questions about the 144,000

CALLER: But anyway, I have one more question really quick. The 144,000 in the Book of Revelation...

SHERRY: Mm-hmm.

CALLER: That there's two groups of 144,000...


CALLER: Is the Elect the first group?


CALLER: I think I read one of your articles. OK, the Elect is the first group. And then the Bride, the church, is the second group, right?

SHERRY: Well, yeah. Well, the second group is the one that everybody thinks is the first, the only group, the 12,000 from each of the tribes...


SHERRY: That's the second group.


SHERRY: The first one's kind of hidden, and the first one is the Elect.


SHERRY: The second one is part of the Bride.


SHERRY: And so, yeah. Why the churches only teach one group, I don't know. But, obviously, if you read the chapters of Revelation that deal with this group of 144,000, it's obvious just reading those chapters there's two different groups being mentioned there. One group's sealed in heaven. One group gets sealed on Earth.

CALLER: Yeah. It didn't make sense the way they were teaching it in church. And I think that's why everyone's always so confused, like you just said.

SHERRY: Yeah, because they don't teach it. They haven't figured out, "Hey, wait a minute. There's two groups here." One learns the song of Moses. The other one's still on Earth during the tribulation period, you know. They haven't figured it out that there's two different groups.


SHERRY: People need to just ask the Lord and say, "Hey, is there one or two groups?" And when He tells them two, then they know they got something to learn.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Most definitely. Anyway, I don't want to take up too much of your time. I just wanted to say thank you. And being in Florida right now, it's kind of freaky living along the water. It's kind of positive hearing you say that with the orgone going on along the New Madrid that we've got some time, God's buying us some time.

SHERRY: Yeah, put some walls up. Throw some walls up along the coastline there in Tampa Bay.


SHERRY: You're kind of in a iffy part of the state. You're central. 

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And the southern part's gonna sink.

CALLER: I know. [laughs]

SHERRY: And so, at least you're central. And you know what? It's like, I believe in California with all the Warriors out there there'll be lots of islands. Maybe there'll only be one Warrior per island, but He's gonna protect them for putting that orgone out. [laughs] He'll protect those areas, and so.

CALLER: Sherry, with the Warriors, when you said the Elect, they'll be taken up -- we don't know when we'll be...when we say taken up, will we just die for Christ, Yahshua, or will we -- we don't know how that's going to happen, right? The Elect.

SHERRY: There's one group that never sees death.


SHERRY: That's the first group. They never see death.


SHERRY: They're never killed.

CALLER: OK. I don't think I read the whole article on that, 'cause I didn't get to print it out, but --

SHERRY: Yeah, I get wordy. I get long... [laughs]

CALLER: I need to study that a little bit more. And I agree with everything you're saying and I've been following you. I'm glad that God's led me to this. I don't like to put myself on a pedestal, but I know that God led me to this for a reason. And I know that it's our job to tell the truth no matter what anyone says, so.

SHERRY: Well, you sound like an awesome Warrior and you have a real love for the Lord. And I thank you for calling in.

CALLER: No problem. Thank you, and Yah bless.

SHERRY: Yah bless you, too. Bye-bye.

CALLER: All right, have a good night.

The CDC Warns the Public to Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse

Something else I wanted to mention that's kind of been hitting the news lately, folks. The CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] warning the public to prepare for a zombie apocalypse []. I talked about this on Thursday's show. Doesn't make me sound so crazy anymore, does it? Oh, I'm always the one that's crazy, until a government agency comes out with a warning? Come on, folks. When are you gonna start believing and stop hating? The CDC warns the public to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. Why? Because they know it's coming. They know it's coming. Either that or they just listen to my radio show and they finally decided, "Hey, she's telling the truth." 

How to Kill a Zombie Using Orgone Water

But [coughs] I've got videos out, YouTube videos. How to kill a zombie using orgone water []. Teaches you how to make orgone water. Just throw a orgone puck in a bucket of water, and leave it in there for about a day, let it saturate good in the water, and you've got orgone water. That's like holy water. You spray that on a zombie, it'll fry them like they've been sprayed with acid. And so, water guns are useful, water balloons. It's not gonna hurt you, it's just orgone water. I've got big garbage cans full of it. Get a big garbage can; 18-, 25-gallon, whatever. Throw a couple pucks in it, put a lid on it, keep it nice and ready. 'Cause you never know when a zombie apocalypse is gonna hit. And that's what I've always been stating. I know it's coming. 

Was a Zombie Virus in Some H1N1 Vaccines?

I have no idea when, but I'm prepared for anything weird. Because all you have to do is put the viruses in the chemtrails and spray it over an area and you've got an instant apocalypse. That's how it could start. That's how they've been experimenting with it. They were experimenting with it last year with the H1N1 vaccines. They put that zombie virus in a few of them to see how it would work, and there was actually an outbreak in a hospital in Massachusetts. Patient died from the H1N1 shot, was taken to the hospital, and then revived while he was in the hospital and went on a rampage attacking doctors and nurses. And I also heard of an incident down in Texas of the same thing; I believe it was Texas. And so, it's been going on. And, although they're isolated by the media and the media doesn't report it, you can hear it from eyewitnesses thanks to the Internet; people that actually know people that were involved with the incidents at the time. 

Keep a Water Gun or Spray Bottle of Orgone Water with You in Public Places

And so, just get prepared, folks. I keep filled up spray bottles in my car, of orgone water. Spray bottles just seem to be more dependable than water guns. Water guns might shoot a little bit further, but they always leak and there's always problems with them. They don't tend to last very long, and so. I heard from another Warrior that if you paint the seams of water guns with clear nail polish it'll hold them better and stop them from leaking. Haven't tried that one yet. Have to go get me some more water guns. I like the water balloon idea. Just filling them up with orgone water; and throwing water balloons at zombies. 

But if you're like me, and you're always in a public place, whether it's, you know, a football field, or a baseball field, or basketball court, track or something, it's nice to have access to be able to protect yourself right away if there was a zombie outbreak all of a sudden where you're at, and so. I keep it in my car, and I take a little water gun with me in my purse, or whatever, and so. In a plastic baggie so it isn't wet all over the place. I don't trust them that much. [laughs] But I know where it is if I need it. You just never know. And I know enough, seeing in the Codes that, number one, there is gonna be a zombie problem, and number two, that the orgone water will kill them. 

Different Types of Destructions Planned for Different States

So we just have to be prepared, because we don't know when it's gonna strike where, what state's gonna be hit first. I always assumed it would be Ohio. I always see chemical warfare for Ohio. Because you always see different types of destructions planned for different states. You know, usually nuke bombings for the southern states; Texas, Alabama. Nuke bombings there. You see tsunamis taking out states like Florida, you know, the southern parts of Alabama, and Mississippi, and the Gulf there. And so, you know, for Ohio it's always been chemical. It's always been chemical attacks for here. And so it wouldn't take much for a plane to fly overhead and dump chemicals down on a population and implement a zombie virus, and so, you know. It's fairly easy for them to do, folks. They've been practicing for years to have this thing down. 

Zombies Can Live Up to 150 Years

And zombies aren't that easy to kill either, because they can live up to 150 years depending on the conditions they're living in. If they live in a cold area where the temperatures are cold and they have access to food and water, they can live a long time, 150 years. Now if they live in a hot area where there's no access to water and food, they won't live past 30 days, and so. You can see the huge range of lifespans, depending on the conditions these zombies are living in. 

Zombies in the Bible

And for those of you who think I've totally lost it, you can look at Zechariah, chapter 14, verses 12 to 15. And this is not talking about a nuclear holocaust. This is referring to a zombie holocaust. I'm gonna read it:

And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.

And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great tumult from the LORD shall be among them; and they shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbour, and his had shall rise up against the hand of his neighbour.

And Judah also shall fight at Jerusalem; and the wealth of all the heathen round about shall be gathered together, gold, and silver, and apparel, in great abundance.

And so shall be the plague of the horse, of the mule, of the camel, and of the ass, and of all the beasts that shall be in these tents, as this plague.

[coughs] And if you've been listening to my show, I've been talking about rabies. That I've seen rabies coming up in the Codes. So not only just a zombie problem here, but a rabies problem to affect the animals. The zombie virus affects humans. This rabies virus will affect animals. And people say, "Well, that's talking about, oh, the battle of Armageddon and when the Lord comes down and smites the people. 

These people aren't killed. If you look in verse 1, their flesh consumes away (is eaten away), their eyes are gone (they're sunk back in their holes), their tongues are just eroded in their mouths. But they're not dead, because in the next verse they're laying hands against their neighbors. [laughs] I don't know how much more descriptive it could get. And so, a real problem zombie apocalypse coming, folks. 

And these are the nations that fight against Israel. And who's fighting against Israel right now? Babylon. Obama wants Israel to go back to pre-1967 days and give the Palestinians back their land before the war was fought. And so, he's not their friend. And I told you he's a Muslim, and so. He's a mamzer. It's not only that, he's a Muslim mamzer. You know, he's a -- he has no soul. He's a Frankenstein. He's a cloned creation, possessed by a Reptilian, and so. 

When the Veil's Lifted, It's Going to Be Like the Movie, They Live, All Over Again

Don't be surprised, folks. Especially when the veil's lifted, because you're gonna see all these mamzers and all these Reptilians among us that are posing as humans; you're gonna see them for what they are. It's gonna be They Live all over again. If you haven't seen the movie, They Live, back -- I think it was released back in 1967 [actually, 1988], it's kind of been [a cult] favorite since with all the fringe groups out there, you can still get it in the movie stores. Probably watch it online. But you've gotta see They Live, because it accurately portrays what really things are gonna be like when the veil is lifted. [They Live (1988) Part 1 through Part 10]

Pale horse rider is here, and hell followed with him. Satan's forces are here, and so.

Anyway, just wanted to bring that up. I don't really have a lot of time. I've got maybe two minutes to take one more question from a caller.

Questions about the Rapture

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: How ya doin'?

SHERRY: Good, how are you?

CALLER: It's Scott from Michigan. It's been a while.

SHERRY: Y'hey, Scott! How ya doin'?

CALLER: I'm all right. I just, uh, wanting to call and ask you about the rapture. I mean, is there really anywhere in the Bible about the rapture, itself. I mean, I know it says come up hither, and there's a part in Revelation about the 144,000. But I mean, is there really this pretrib[ulation] rapture --

SHERRY: Nope. 

CALLER: -- and, uh --


CALLER: So this guy who said -- is it Harold Camping? Is that his name? Said something about the end of the world, you know, the end of the world was the other day.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: It was a Christian pastor in a church, and he's misleading everybody and deceiving them, because in Matthew 24:36, it talks about nobody, not even Christ, not even Yahshua knows the day or the hour of God. So --

SHERRY: Right. And you know what? The Elect are taken. The Elect is a remnant that's removed before. The church of Philadelphia is protected from the hour of tribulation. It means they're protected. It doesn't say anywhere they're removed off the earth. Noah was given an ark --

CALLER: I agree with you. I always thought like, you know, 'cause there's nothing in there that says, you know, you'll be taken out of that time. Like, you basically won't be tempted, and won't be going through as difficult of a time, so you'd be out of the temptation, right? So, maybe just protected like you said is what I've been thinking, so. I don't even know when they started teaching this. Was it just about 150 years ago when this all started? 'Cause I don't think the Catholic church, in the beginning, ever taught anything about a rapture.

SHERRY: It's like a 19th-, 20th-century doctrine. It's very new.

CALLER: OK, so --

SHERRY: It sprung up. The apostles never taught it. You know, the churches never taught it. Something that sprang up, I think, around 1890 or whatever.

CALLER: OK. 'Cause I don't think the Catholic church has ever taught the rapture.

SHERRY: Right. You know what? I've got one minute to go. I'm gonna have to get going.

CALLER: [speaks at same time Sherry is speaking] -- denominations like the Baptists and such that, you know, started, it the Baptists who started teaching that then?

SHERRY: The Baptists, the Pentecostals. Yeah, they all picked up on it. Especially the Pentecostals, because it came out of their group.


SHERRY: And the Baptists picked up on it. Everybody else picked up on it after the Pentecostals adopted it, and so. Anyway, I have to go, I've got less than a minute.

CALLER: [speaking at same time Sherry is speaking] And there were a lot of people being misled is what I'm thinking. I mean, just greatly misled by things like that. I mean, you have a church that actually can go put these billboards up, when the verse in the Bible says that, you know, you can't predict the date, but this guy's pastor of a church. I just can't believe it. And it gets all over the TV. And I don't even watch TV anymore, I'm so fed up with it. But, you know, it just gets all over the radio, everywhere, and it's crazy to me. So, I don't know what you think about all that, but --

SHERRY: Well, it's gonna get a lot crazier. Trust me. [laughs]

CALLER: Right, right.

SHERRY: Well, I gotta get going. I've got about 40 seconds to the show.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call. Thank you very much. And, you know, God bless you.

SHERRY: God bless you, too, Scott. Bye-bye.

CALLER: Bye-bye.

I love my Warriors in Michigan, folks. Love them to death. And so, anyway, I gotta get going because I got 20 seconds left. I could've talked to him all night. But maybe I'll spend more time on the next show next Monday talking about rapture theories, and raptures, and what's really gonna happen, and what the Bible really says. And so, I'll clear all that up for you guys.

Anyway, be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock. See you then, folks. Yah bless.


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