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Aliens In The News
Thursday May 26Th, 2011

And Hello everybody you're live it's Thursday with Aliens In The News and   I'm Sherry Shriner.  If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648  I'll be taking questions today.  

Vicious storms
This phone line's got a loud buzz in my ear so I don't know if you guys can hear me with this loud static -- we had storms coming in last night.  They've been trying to send vicious storms in here all week.  You hear the thunder and the lightening starts and then fizzles.  It goes to nothing so it's really kinda funny.  

Use vinegar
If you're not sure if it's a natural storm or a HAARP storm in your area and you don't have orgone out to protect you from it...someone mentioned on my face book site or somewhere if you put a bowl of vinegar out.  Put some vinegar out, put it in a bowl put it out in your yard and it saturates the air immediately and will counter attack against HAARP clouds.  And so that's a good defense against HAARP because other than bad storms and some of these HAARP clouds that come in -- orgone defends against them, defeats chem trails won't even let chem trails stick in an area saturated with orgone.  Sometimes these blanket HAARP clouds look like a quilt.  They blanket your area with them.  Or you see HAARP rings, rainbow clouds.  

Orgone can take a while an hour or two to knock those out.  HAARP is made up apparently of a different chemical mixture, so apparently if you use vinegar it attacks it immediately and so I don't know any warriors area's that have been orgoned that have been hit by tornado's.  They'll go, they'll turn around in some area's that have been hit and go into area's that don't have orgone in it.  

And when you watch all these tornado's coming in and the places they've touched down and landed -- I don't know of any of those area's that were orgoned.  You know?  And so that's a testament to the protection power of orgone.  

I've always told you it's protection.  

Send it somewhere else

It creates protection area's for people  -- I'll hear -- TV's calling for tornado's in their area and I'll know who these people are -- " have a bucket blaster in your back yard" and I'll tell them don't worry about it -- it will knock it out and send it somewhere else and sure enough -- and so folks, if you don't have orgone in your area's you need to get it in your area's.  

You don't need a bucket blaster.  It helps, but you don't need one.  You can use regular orgone.  You know for 5, 6 years I just saturated my area with orgone pucks I didn't have a bucket blaster, pipe blaster, so that's all you need folks, saturate your area with orgone.

Got an email from somebody with an idea that he is doing and I thought it's a great idea, if you put orgone in your sump pump pits, your area's are getting flooded, you'll just turn the water into orgone water.  So that's a great idea.  If you live in flooded area's, get orgone into the flooded waters.  Turn it all into orgone water.  

Get an orgone wall up

So you know I was watching the weather channel for a little bit last night and it just looked like bad thunder storms coming up from the south like a straight line.  From the southern states I didn't catch the, probably Alabama and you could see it shooting all the way up into Indiana and straight up into Chicago.  Looks like almost their own little Madrid earth quake fault line, tornado fault line it was going right up the fault line states.  Straight to Chicago, so if you live in those area's folks or you can get to them.  Try to imagine a straight line from Chicago and all the way down to the south and get orgone.  Get an orgone wall up.  From Alabama all the way to Chicago.  Just throw a puck about every 1/2 mile or one mile and just go through those states.

I would start with Missouri.  You got the Arkansas and Missouri border there, in the northeast corner.  Start from there and go all the way up to Chicago.  Do what you can, if other warriors -- I know we've got warriors in Indiana, in Michigan and Chicago.  If everybody could just get together and put an orgone wall up there.  Do your area do what you can and hopefully it clicks on with another area another warrior got, you know?

You can put up a whole orgone wall across the Madrid Fault Line.  That would be something to do.  I wish I could do that myself, but I just don't have the means right now to do it.  Chicago's already on my list.  My target list for  now.  Probably take me a while to get there, and so...

Thank you

I do appreciate all of you who are sending in donations to help cover with these projects.  I couldn't do it without you.  There's no way I could do it without you.  This stuff is so expensive we've got several thousand just in Lima and there's no way we coulda done it without donations and so I thank you for that.  

And as other trips we have coming up, projects definitely need to get out there and get on the road and get these done.  

Need a vehicle for our orgone missions

If any of you would like to donate a vehicle for our missions I would appreciate that.  I need something -- I need an SUV good on gas.  I know that almost sounds like an oxy moron but there are actually SUV's that are good on gas.  Jeep is great on gas, 6 cylinders.  I think the Jeep Cherokee's have a V-6.  I think Jeep Laredo's have a six and some others have a 6 cylinder.  Ford Escapes are good on gas.  

I need something to be able to haul boxes, haul pipes and so...We need a vehicle so we can just jump in and go to states to do missions in and I can't do it any more with the Nineteen ninety...what year do I have?  Ninety-six GMC Suburban it costs almost $200 in gas to fill up right now.  I just can't do it with that thing any more.  I need something a little bit more economical and better running right now.  My car right now I got a hole in the muffler it sounds like I'm driving a hot rod.  I gotta get that fixed.  So we need a vehicle.  {only buzzing Sherry is distant in the background almost inaudible speaking about people getting their area's I believe that storms that devastate area's are because there isn't any orgone in them} 15:58 to 19:12 buzzing covering Sherry's voice.

They're messing with Sherry's show again

Hold on folks {loud squeal then more silence} this is aggravating.  I hate to sit here and talk and it all go up in buzzing.  I'm seriously thinking of recording shows and uploading them.  Getting my own T-1 server.  Ahh it's aggravating folks.  Well there's nothing I can do but end the show if people can't hear me.  I'm not gonna sit here and talk.  Ahh this is crazy -- so aggravating.  I really need to get my own Tee-One line.  My own dedicated server for web sites.  My own Tee-One Line for Internet access.  

Some people can hear me -- some can't I don't know what to do  I can't -- yeah the buzzing.  It's almost as annoying as watching the soccer tournaments last summer and all you could hear was that buzzing.  I mean it wasn't too fun turning down the volume so you didn't have to listen to the buzzing so you could watch the game because then you couldn't hear the game.  

100 million I could get a lot done

Anyway I'm going to go on it doesn't sound as loud as it was.  But they're doing all kinds of things.  They've sabotaged my web site is down.  Sabotaged my radio shows.  Particularly having problems with the phone lines.  I need to come up with a different system for doing shows, I know that I can't keep going through the same hassles over and over again.  Boy if I had that Harold Camping's 100 million I could get allot done.      

Can you imagine?  Having 100 million dollars and a fleet of vans?  These are box trucks not even vans they're box trucks.  Can you imagine how much orgone we could fit in there and how much orgone we would have with people making it full time?  And all day long doing nothing but making orgone.  Making your own little orgone factory?  Having people making pipes and orgone blasters throughout the country and throughout the world?  Free of charge to those people?  Can you imagine? --  what we could accomplish -- it makes me sick, it makes me nauseous.

And he's like what 79 -- 89 years old?  Could you imagine?  And why does everything always come down to money?  That's so aggravating living on this earth, every things based on money.   

Target the Fault Line people

So anyway what I was talking about for those who didn't hear is targeting the fault line with orgone, getting up an orgone wall from Chicago down to Alabama.  Getting orgone in flooded waters.  Any area's that are flooded get orgone in them so we have orgone water saturating our cities, our towns.  Because the places being affected by all these disasters are not orgoned area's.  So we can counter attack it.   

What do you expect?  

You know people that live in tornado valley?  What do you expect?  That's why it's called tornado valley.  You might have to orgone it to make sure it stays out in open area's and not residential area's.  If I lived in tornado valley I'd be getting the outside of my town.  About a mile out all the way around it so when tornado's started coming towards it it would switch directions.  You know?

Start planning folks and the best thing you can do is get maps and look at your area's see what routes are around you and put up orgone walls.  

The Cave of Machpelah

Interesting stuff I'm seeing in the Codes in regards to Israel.   Allot of terms that keep coming up over and over again for the next coming months.  The Cave of Machpelah always comes up.  I find it interesting The Cave of Machpelah is the burial cave for Jacob and Sarah and so that keeps coming up.  

Bible Codes

Also Bethlehem coming up.  Sinai Desert been coming up.  Interesting matrix I saw was dismantling, dismounting Sinai Desert dimensional.  It kinda confirms what I was saying a couple months ago about the giants coming in, flying in and having the Sinai Desert and then from what I was told from sources military.  That they're being brought over into many countries and particularly ours at these giant bases that have been built for them -- the one that comes to mind on that is the one in Golden Valley.  The Golden Valley facility in North Carolina and so interesting that I see that in the Codes that they're still doing that, concerning that.
dismounting -- Sinai Desert -- dimensional

dismounting -- Sinai Desert -- dimensional

Means these dimensional beings are coming in through portals in the Sinai Desert dismounting would mean they're leaving their ships.  So they're stacking 'em up here folks.  They're stacking them up in the underground bases, they're hiding them for now.  So we need to get those area's.  We can do as much as we can.  

Huge earthquake in Babylon is coming

Been looking at stuff for this summer and I'm still waiting for that one Code that says something about a huge earthquake in Babylon, the United States.  I still don't see it.  I see allot of retaliations here and there.  That's why I don't think the Lord's gonna allow them to blow it.  But He may want me to focus on something else like I've always said it's a Catch22.  

We're gonna kick them out totally

I know they've really been blasting this Midwest region.  They hate this region.  They hate the Midwest region.  In particular Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Northern New York.  They hate this region.  Because there's so much orgone here.  There's so many warriors here that when we think of a place that doesn't have it -- we go get it.  And slowly, that just saturates this entire region with orgone and they hate it.  And eventually I see them leaving.  They'll leave this area.  We're gonna kick them out totally.  And so, fighting mad right now and I hope the leaving route stay -- because I know on May 21st when all this was going on -- the fake rapture -- they had stuff planned for that day -- the rapture -- they were gonna arrive in UFO ships and they had stuff planned and the Codes say "bailing". B A I L I N G  They had to bail out.  They had to abandon their plans because the orgone in this region was so powerful that they didn't dare come into this area.  They tried and started losing their ships I don't know but May 21st was a nice day.  It was a Sabbath.  I didn't notice a thing here in Ohio.  Big fluffy white clouds, blue skies.  Wouldn't have noticed anything else going on and so interesting they had plans that were totally can celled.  I would have personally loved to have seen their ships taking a dive.  I mean who wouldn't?     

Texas lot's of portal's

Allot of portal openings in Texas.  I've heard from some people down in the Dallas Fort Worth area seeing strange cloud formations and from what I can understand is those are portal openings down in Texas.  Another state being viciously attacked and they have a little bit more leeway room in Texas allot of warriors in Texas but such a huge state to get done with orgone and you guys just need more down there, so...

And Texas is like the country of Australia.  It's huge.  Texas is the state you drive in your car for 2 hours and the scenery doesn't change.  It's like you haven't gone anywhere.  Texas is huge and the problem is most people aren't gonna out in the deserts and orgone.  They'll get their towns and they see no need to get their deserts.  Folks we need to get deserts because we're not just looking at ground level things but when you get the deserts you're actually getting above.  

D.U.M.B. correlates to sky city

There's alien cities above Dallas.  Above in the atmosphere in the aerospace.  And the orgone will saturate up there and attack those cities.  Same with Michigan, Indiana -- I had Shema here in Ohio -- I caught that one on fire.  I've seen cities in -- what I'm beginning to think is all these cities in the atmosphere may very well correlate to cities D.U.M.B.s.  Deep Underground Military Bases, for every D.U.M.B., there's an alien city above it.  And that's what I'm starting to think.  There's some kinda portal dimensional doorway that they can travel fairly easily that way between the D.U.M.B and the city in space.  

Get your desert's folks

And so interesting folks.  Go get your desert area's.  Get the deserts.  I mean the Lord's had me out in the deserts and when I asked Him years ago I thought I was crazy "Why am I out here in the desert putting orgone?"  And He said "Because nobody else would."  He led me out there because nobody else would.  Nobody else would do it.  People think it's crazy.  And so if you feel led to go out, go out and do it.  I can't be everywhere, I'd love to be.  I can't be, so...

Mass Exodus out of Giant Base in Lima, Ohio

So see a mass exodus from the giant base in Lima, Ohio.  Where they are leaving that base, very angry, very mad.  I've asked some people to remote view it if they can.  People that are gifted in that area.  Just let me know what's going on with that base.  

Sherry will be guest on a couple radio shows

I have a few things going on.  Strange Frequencies Radio I'm doing an interview with them right now answering questions, that Paranormal Radio Program.  And next Tuesday June 14Th I'll be on Night Watch Radio talking about Anunaki and soul scalping.  So I'm coming out with more information on soul scalping and exactly how they do it.  I'm working on getting that information for that show so...couple things coming up.

If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648, see what's going on with some people.

Is this weird weather directly related to all the space anomalies Sherry?

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.

Sherry: Hello caller.

Caller: Hello Sherry

Sherry: Yeah

Caller: Hey what's going on?

Sherry: Yeah, I can barely hear you.

Caller: Hey I can barely hear you they're messing with you today.  Hey question.  Do you think with this weather pattern going on do you think it's that planet because of that X Planet Nebr coming in?

Sherry: That has allot to do with it, but when you look at HAARP concentrations, Jet Streams affecting area's then you know it's HAARP.  So how do they control weather coming in from Planet X?  You know what I'm saying?  

Caller: You think they manipulate the weather this planet is doing to earth?  Because it's happening all over the world.  So I mean...

Sherry: Yeah you have HAARP and chem clouds it's a mixture of both.  Maybe they know bad weather's coming in and they try to gear it towards certain area's.

Caller: Yeah that's what I'm saying.

Sherry: Maybe they're working together on this I don't know.

Prepare to get away from the coasts
Caller: Right, right.  Any time, there's suppose to be another planetary alignment I think on June 12Th and it's suppose to have a large affect on Saturn but I was wondering if it was gonna have any affect on us?

Sherry: I don't know about that one.  I really don't.  I can't comment on it.  I don't know.  I don't get involved in the alignment stuff unless it starts showing in the Codes.  You know just watch the new age crowd because they start calling for all sorts of disasters with planet alignments.  Other than that we know we're gonna have some bad weather coming in.  Eventually we're gonna have a pole shift.  A complete pole shift on earth and you know the Lord's been telling people to get away from the coast lines for years.  The ocean's are gonna roar.  We'll lose coastal cities, coastal states and these things are coming, so people prepare to get away from the coasts.     

Caller: We all know how Obama left the United State because of all this devastation that's gonna befall us.

Sherry: Yeah I thought that was weird how Netanyahu was here for a week and then suddenly he up's and leaves and goes to Ireland.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: It's like you know -- it just seemed kinda odd you have a visitor one week and the next week you are flying off to Ireland.

Caller: Yeah, you'll know when the disasters gonna happen when the underground bases start filling with the global elite.

Sherry: Yeah, every time he does leave he leaves something here to happen like vaccine shots so he doesn't even have that any more to play -- Could be weather disaster stuff seems to be what they're targeting with us and we can fight back with orgone walls.  People need to put orgone walls up.  

Caller: You got that right.  Bye Sherry, I'm gonna let you go and I'll speak to you another time.
Sherry: Alright thanks for calling in.

Caller: Thank you.

Sherry: Bye, bye.

Caller: Bye.

Anuk arrival's right around the corner

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: Hello Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Hi Sherry it's AJ from Virginia.  I don't know if you remember me I talked to you a few weeks ago.  I just wanted to ask you what do you think is the first major event that's really gonna open up the publics eyes like and every body's just gonna go WOE.  It just happens here and totally wakes people up and who are on the fence about whether this stuff is really going on and stuff like that.

Sherry: They would have to see a huge alien ship themselves.  Like the V series.  You mean an event to wake everybody up at one time?  Because prophetic events like plagues and earthquakes and famine's and they just explain them away.  And they back bite and argue things to death.  So what's the one thing that would wake everybody up at once?  Probably a total UFO invasion.  Where they actually bring in fleets.  A total V invasion like you've seen on TV.  That might do it.  I don't know.

Caller: Do you see something like this happening?  And if so when do you think it's gonna happen?

Sherry: You know I see it in the Codes and it comes and goes because they bailed.  They realized that their chem trail clouds sky they worked so hard to chem trail has holes in 'em -- saturated by orgone that are eaten up by orgone and those routes won't work for them.  

Caller: A hmm

Sherry: I mean I saw UFO fleets for the month of May for here in Ohio and I already saw that they're abandoning that one.  So I always see them in the Codes where they cancel their plans.

Caller: Do you see us making it through the rest of this year without a major event like that?

Sherry: No.  I -- well you know I see this summer looks to be very interesting -- their arrival's right around the corner, they're coming so how long can you wait?  But, exactly how do they pull it off?  Do they abandon the UFO idea and come a different ways?  Because that's what I'm looking for, but their arrivals are coming.  How are they gonna pull it off?  That's all we're waiting for.  The month of July is very interesting.  The month of July is very interesting, September, October.  We're not done with this year by a long shot.

Caller: OK Sherry I'm not going to take up too much more of your time you know thank you keep up the good work and God bless.
Sherry: Alright well thanks for calling in.

Caller: Alright thank you Sherry.

Sherry: Bye bye...where was I?  

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air.  Hello caller.  Did I hang up on the wrong person?  Hello caller?  Oh oh.  I hung up on the wrong person.  They'll call back.  Everybody knows I'm not technologically literate around here.

Watch the time lines

But that's it in a nut shell folks we got a whole year ahead of us left I mean and all you can do is sit back and watch the time lines because there's alot of things I see will happen in the Codes happen in the background and that's frustrating.  Because who cares about UFO fleets in the background.  We want to see them, people want to see them with their own eyes.  

The one event that will wake everybody up?  That's the only thing I can think of.  The locust arriving.  The locust coming.  Maybe Maitreya's arrival I don't know.  That might do it, it might not.  

One of the terms you can always count on that I'm seeing is in these events is the churches back biting.  Bickering.  They can't unite for anything.  Always back biting, bickering, everybody hating on everybody else you know you never see anybody uniting and getting along.  That's why the groups that are doing something are very small.  The orgone warriors, very small.  We are a fraction.  A very small group getting things done and so...  

Let's see what this caller has to say.

Beverly from Florida calls in and tells Sherry she is spreading orgone with her fam

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: Sherry?

Sherry: Yes

Caller: Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah

Caller: Hi I'm Beverly from Florida.   You talked to my daughter on Monday night.  

Sherry: Yeah I remember her.

Caller: Yeah yeah ah ha I want to thank you very much for what you're doing and as we speak my husband is traveling to Ohio with orgone pucks and I told him to throw them out as he is traveling down the road.  We are fixing to move from Florida.  I told you I was born and raised in Florida, 5Th generation and decided to take your warning and we bought a place out there in Iowa, Spelling and spread some more orgone to the roof when we get done and my daughter and I make allot of orgone...

Sherry: (laughing)

Caller: So I know the costs, it's very, very expensive.

Sherry: Yeah

Jews leaving Miami and have been for awhile
Caller: But we're looking forward to it.  We're warriors on the path, we love your show, you're dead on my daughter just loves you to death and my whole families aboard.  I just hope Yah blesses us with a little more time because we're not leaving here until August.  The end of August -- moving out there, so pray for us, would ya?  Because we live right on the water we live in Dunn Eden so, we're about a mile from the Gulf.  
Sherry: Right, well you're a little bit central state right?

Caller: Yes mam, we're next to Palm Harbor and Clear Harbor, right in the middle of them.
Sherry: My main area is the whole, the southern area.

Caller: So the southern area more.  I got allot of good friends there and they think I've lost my mind.

Sherry: Well, haven't you noticed that the Jews have been packing up all year and moving.  Yeah.  The stores are empty in Miami.  The banks have a withdrawl limit, what is it?  $500 or $1000 dollar with drawl limits.

Caller: Wow.
Sherry: You can't live there and not know some thing's not going on.  

Caller:  OK we're moving on we're excited about it.  Just gotta get the house rented or sold which probably will be hard to do, but we're leaving anyway.  We are looking forward to continuing our work and making orgone and passing it and every where you go like you said -- we're just tossing a puck.

Sherry: Well God bless know I love hearing teams work together because it takes so much...

Caller: Well I'm her mom I'm no a teen but I wish I was just kidding, but Sherry you are so dead on.  People are just being, how do I say this, they're in a daze about what's going on...
Sherry: They're in denial.

Caller:  There is so much denial and my mom and dad, my mother and dad think I've lost my marbles.  

Sherry:  Yeah mine do too so.

Caller: You know Sherry my heart tells me...I'm the type of person if there's something wrong my heart will just eat at me....
Sherry:  Yeah

Caller: And this right here there's nothing wrong so it's not eating at me so I know I'm doing something right.  

Sherry: (laughing)

Caller: And I'd just like to mention one other thing to ya.  My daughter found a -- it's a...she got an email from a friend that 125,000 acre's of land in Mississippi was bought up by NASA.  Have you heard about that?  
Sherry: Uhm no, Nafta or NASA?

Caller: NASA

Sherry: NAZA

Caller: NAZA yes
Sherry: OK

Caller: They're making clouds, it's on the Internet -- I'm gonna tell her to email it to you.  That's how she knew, she's on your face book and they're making these clouds that are going up in the sky and making it rain over the Mississippi (River)

Sherry: Yeah, they're trying to get it to blow.

Caller: Oh wow and it just really frightens me because I have relatives there and of course when I say anything to them they think I'm crazy too.  So I don't know how too -- I don't know how too -- I'm like the caller before I don't know how to get people to open their eyes Sherry.  It's just unreal.
Sherry: You know it's not me.  It is not me I just keep at it and eventually people after denial and hating me they eventually start to realize that what I'm saying is true and that's the Lord...

Caller: oh yeah

Sherry: And people do think you're nuts but just keep talking, keep planting seeds and let the Lord handle it.

Caller: Oh I do I need to ask you one other question too.  Whenever you hear people in the church say, "Oh God has all control."  I know God has all control Sherry, but God is not doing this though, God is not killing people is He?
Sherry: You know what?  The apostles had no way of describing tech weapons in the last days.  

Caller: Right.

Sherry: And every time Israel went to war the Lord had them prepare.  

Caller: Right.

Sherry: Time after time He sent them to war.  He gave them a particular route or a particular way to fight in that war.  

Caller: OK

Sherry: And that's exactly what He is doing with us today because we're in a war.  Israel is at war.  

Caller: OK
Sherry: Satanist leaders and the alien faction that are leading our governments and our churches

Caller: Oh yeah and we're at war...

Sherry: We're at war and these are the weapons He has given us to use.  We don't have to go out and march around Jericho 12 times with trumpets...

Caller: aha
Sherry: We don't need whatever methods from the past -- we have new weapons to use.

Caller: Well I thank you because I have my husband up there throwing pucks on our land as we speak right now.  He thought it was kinda crazy but he said he's gonna do it for me because I don't want nothing to happen to it.  I want to build that wall up there until we go.  And I got my blasters ready to go and I got my orgone water and I'm making more stuff before I get up there, so...

Sherry: Good for you...

Caller: Thank you so much for talking with me and God bless you Sherry and I'm just ready to be the warrior God wants me to be...
Sherry: Well, you sound like a great one already.  Thank you so much for standing up for Him because that's what it comes down to.  You are standing up for Him.

Caller: Yes mam, I always have, He's always been a part of my life and you're doing the right thing.  So we're all gonna be standing together with Him at the end.  

Sherry: Yep you got it.

Caller: OK.  Thank you so much Sherry.
Sherry: Thank you for calling in.

Caller: Oh Sherry by the way I'm going -- I'm helping you out every week because the Lord tells me that I need to do that.  So that's what I'm doing and God bless you and thank you for everything that you're doing.

Sherry: Awesome.  Thanks so much.

Caller: OK bye
Sherry: Bye, bye

Just get your head down

That always cracks me up folks because you know what?  My family thinks I'm crazy too, but they're glad they got bucket blasters in their yard, especially when there's tornado clouds coming and they were all over Cleveland yesterday.  Everywhere, just all over Northeast Ohio, all over Indiana.  Ohio's been targeted on and off all week and people can say you're crazy until their blue in the face but they're glad they got the orgone in their area.  You know just get the orgone in your area, who care's what people think.  I don't care.  And people want to argue I just walk away.  I'm not gonna argue with people.  I don't care if you think I'm crazy.  I don't care, I just put my head down -- just get your head down and get busy.  
I always say get your head down so you're not listening to all the noise around you, you don't have to see all the noise around you, you're tunnel vision because what you're doing is just looking up to Him and so...

Just block out all the noise and get busy.  You know my husband thinks I'm nuts with orgone but he'll load my car.  He'll cut my pipes and that's typically how it is with most couples.  One of them thinks the other one's nuts and that's how it is folks.  It's nice if you got a daughter, a son, a husband, a wife and you can go out and orgone together.  I go with my kids.  Me and my kids have so much fun.

Diners, Drive-In's and Dives

If you're orgoning an area and you want to make it kinda fun for your kids look at the area you're heading and go to that show Diners, Drive-In's and Dives and see if they've featured any restaurants in that area and go visit one of those restaurants.  So it makes it fun for the kids.  See some restaurant on TV and you go hit it, go visit it so and so you orgone all the way there and back.

These missions I mean I can't think of a time I didn't have fun doing them.  You know?  Have some fun folks.  We're always laughing and having fun and carrying on so...

You know it doesn't have to be burden some and over bearing and all that stuff.  I just have fun.

Traffic increasing on Sherry's Web Sites

The web sites getting allot more traffic to them.  I need to upgrade the disc quota on allot of them.  More and more expenses more people visiting my web sites.  That's the down side to it because you know it's like a parking lot and you have to pay for all these cars parking on your lot.  People visiting your web site you have to pay for all that traffic, for all that band width being used and so...

I don't understand how people like Alex Jones who get 10 to 15 million hits a day how they pay for band width, so...I'm thinking of getting into my own dedicated server like that because I'm already up to 3 to 5 million a day so...

Some of these web sites some of the Index Page is 40 Mega Byte's, huge because I never take anything off. I haven't taken anything off of that site in years.  I add on and on and on.  So the info I have has been there for years.  People need to know where to go to get good info that use to be on the Internet, people take off their web sites I still have it on mine, and so...I need some tech help.  

Computer Tech needed
I need a tech brain that can do things, so.  I need Brian to send me an email really quick.  Because I need his help on something and some of these kids I wish I was about 20 years younger, wish they had this Internet thing back when I was in school it would have been so much easier instead of lugging these huge typewriters to college and having to type Oh that was such a burden not having computers and laptops woulda been so much easier at college -- you know?  But anyway...

We've seen allot of success with blocking off their weather attacks
Hurricane weather not over yet folks.  You know it seems so far to me with all the huffing and puffing this month with all the tornado's they've been hitting, trying to hit in the Midwest, I think this last one was the worst.  That whole North Carolina last month from the Southeast, much more successful for them than their whole routes with the Midwest because they just keep hitting orgone walls and fizzling in the Midwest, so...I think we've seen allot of success with blocking off their attacks with the weather in this region.  We still have allot of success we have to do, but seems to me we've had allot of success lately, blocking weather attacks in this region, walling them off.  I'll take one more caller for the day, show and call it a day.

When making orgone -- ask it to sound like trumpets of the Lord.  

Sherry: Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller: Hello Sherry is it me?
Sherry: Hello

Caller: Hi I'm from Indiana.  We have storms here and people are all worried and I tell them you have orgone in your area, just ask Yah to amp it up, pray if you need to.  But they're pacing and keeping the weather channel on and I'm like stop panting...

Sherry: If they got vinegar tell them to throw vinegar in a bowl and set it out in their yard.

Caller: Yeah, I'm like telling them too but they'd rather worry and believe the worst is gonna happen.  I wish I had a whip that would do something to these people.  This area has allot of orgone they did not have to be afraid and they just got more afraid after somebody tells them they don't have to be afraid.  Yeah but anyway orgone helped squelch a fire last week.  My cousin's store blew up...
Sherry: Oh wow

Caller: And that happened after a helicopter came down too low too.

Sherry: Of course Indiana is just flooded with helicopters.  I thought Ohio was bad I think Indiana takes the cake.

Caller: Yes well they do allot of that Homeland Security Training.  Here.  So yeah there's always allot of people learning in this area.  If anyone's willing to help I still think there needs to be more around Kokomo.  There's still more I need to focus on.  That old base has something going on.  I don't know if they go out and pick up your orgone or what...
Sherry: That's why I hide it.  I hide it in ditches and lakes and rivers so they can't find it and get it.

Caller: Yeah in Florida I used brass, really nice brass too, but I did it right with the copper circles

Sherry: And some of these storms and torrential down pours are pounding the orgone to bury it in the mud.

Caller: Yeah that could be...
Sherry: That's why He let's it rain so it will bury all the orgone we have under the mud.  So that they can't find it.

Caller: But they had a S.W.A.T team that came and they stopped right in front of my car to let all the guys out, dressed up in the black helmets and everything and I think really they were just looking for the orgone and it made so much noise because when I was making it I was saying, "Now these are the trumpet that roar and these are gonna sound."

Sherry: Ahhh hahaha

Caller: I think it was busting their ear drums and so they were out picking up...trying to...
Sherry: Oh that's funny.

Caller: Well, I just wanted to call in to say hi.

Sherry: Well thanks for calling in

Caller: OK, keep up the good work, bye.
Sherry: OK, Bye, bye.

Caller: Bye

That's interesting.  When you're making orgone ask it to sound like trumpets of the Lord.  That would really annoy them.

Yahuah "use neodyne magnets" Sherry "ok"
I'm putting magnets in orgone now to target portal area's so and so put that on my web site my face book site about magnets.  If you're targeting portals and dimensional doorways specifically, use magnets in your orgone.  And so I have that offered on my web site at Orgone with magnets.  You can make it with or without magnets I made it with both for years now and so when but now that I'm targeting dimensional doorways specifically up through the Midwest region and Chicago area, the Lord has led me to put magnets in those orgone pipes so...

Something to do with they use electromagnetic this that and the other and the magnets will fight against it and so I don't get involved in all the science drama so...I just believe Him so...I don't ask for the details, I wouldn't understand if He told me so...I will be back Monday folks.  I know that's Memorial Day but I'll still be on the air anyway.  Anyway see you then everybody.  Yah bless