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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 30, 2011

Trying to Reactivate Shema, the 10,000-Watt G.E. Light Bulb in the Sky

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night. I'm Sherry Shriner. And it's May 30.

And, yeah...there's still quite a buzz to this phone. Apparently, some line going into town that's been affected, and so. I'm sure they won't hurry too quickly to fix it. ll, let's hope they do, but I wouldn't be too shocked if they don't.

A couple things I want to talk about tonight. Been doing some research in the Codes and still not seeing an earthquake as very dominant, and so. What I do see as dominant is Shema. And I know they're trying to activate Shema, reactivate it, 'cause it's been on fire, so it'll be a yellow ball. And one of the truths that they've always given to the New Agers was that a bright star would herald Maitreya's arrival. And, of course, we know him as the 12th imam of the Muslims. And this bright star would herald his arrival. And it actually showed up about three years ago. And when I first saw it, I wondered what it was, and I figured it was that thing from the New Age movement. And so, I built an orgone pipe and I started pointing it at that star every night when it rose. And, eventually, it malfunctioned and caught on fire. And since then, it's kind of been stuck on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. So I don't know what they're gonna do.

I don't know if they're gonna -- second plan was to blow up Jupiter and ignite it as a star. And you've probably heard of Project Cassini, and some of the other projects, where they were actually dumping payloads of nuke bombs into Jupiter to see what effect it would have if they nuked Jupiter. Jupiter's 90% gas. It's only 10% gas short of being a full-blown star. And so, it doesn't have any real land mass or anything else. It's's 90% gas. And I know that was another backup route, that they would blow that up as a star. That didn't seem to work either, and so.

I don't know what their route is gonna be. They've been trying to fix Shema and get it reactivated. They're using these light bulb shields. And it was always funny 'cause I always called it the light bulb in the sky. GE's [General Electric Company] 10,000 watt light bulb in the sky, because it looked so fake. Just not even like a real star. And so, I don't know how much success they're gonna have with that. I know that they're angry about it. They're angry that we've destroyed it. They're angry that our orgone has been able to destroy it.

Orgone Energy Is the Breath of God

And, gonna be real angry when they see what the orgone does to Nibiru. [laughs] It just saturates the atmosphere, folks. And it affects all of their ships, their star planets, their UFOs. It affects everything about them, because orgone emits a life energy, a living energy. The Bible Codes refers to it as breath. It calls it Shekinah, a divine energy. And Shekinah's a synonym that the Jews use to refer to the Lord, Himself. Bible Codes refers to it as His breath. And so, they have nothing that can defeat it, to counteract it. They do try to suppress it. And they'll use chilling the atmosphere to try to suppress orgone. They'll use bad weather and rain storms to suppress orgone. The rain is kind of funny, because when orgone saturates the air, it also gets absorbed into the clouds. So when it rains, it just rains orgone back on Earth. 

So you'll see them try to counteract in other ways, too. Dimming the atmosphere with the chemtrail programs. Well, if you have a orgone-saturated area, chemtrails aren't gonna stick in your area. They've been trying to dim the atmosphere for 20 years now. The chemtrail operations program has been going on 20, 30 years. Thanks to the Internet everyone's caught on to it, for the past decade or so. But it's been going on for much longer than that. They've been spraying our air with poisons and chemicals. And so, the chemtrail program is one way they're using. Also all these fires. They'll use fires to produce DOE. DOE is dead orgone energy. It's dead energy. And so, that's what they feed off of. And so, you'll see them produce forest fires just to produce an instant DOE that they can feed off of.

Tornadoes Seem to Be Retaliation for Our Orgone Work against the Fault Line

A lot of weather weapons. Seems to be a retaliation, because they can't get the Madrid Fault Line to blow. And so, we're seeing all of these tornadoes everywhere. And one of the things we've noticed as all these tornadoes hit areas, the ones that have suffered the damage weren't orgoned. These areas were not protection zones. And so, that's why these areas are suffering so much damage. A lot of these states and cities and towns that suffer damage are because they're not protection zones. I told you that orgone will produce protection zones for the people that get it out in their areas. And that's holding true. That's standing true, because there's not one orgone area that's been hit. Tornadoes will come towards the areas and they'll switch directions. And so, people need to get busy in their states. Put up walls around your home. Do your entire county. Get a map of the roads that surround your county, go all the way around your county, and put an orgone puck every mile, all the way around your county. And that will completely wall in your county. [coughs] I mean, I'm doing it. I've done it to my county. I'm doing it to my state. I watch the weather reports on how the jetstreams react and how they come towards my area, and I go out and I put up walls.

A Dark, Evil Energy at the Ohio-Pennsylvania Border

This weekend I was at the Ohio and Pennsylvania border. You remember last year there was a news report of a thousand UFOs spaceship armada that was seen in Pennsylvania right at the border. And eyewitness reports said there were just thousands of orbs and spaceships. And so, I went down to that area a couple weeks ago, and it was just the creepiest-feeling area I've ever been in. It was just so dark. Just a real dark-energy area. And so, I went back this weekend. Got one of my A-Teams together, and we went back, and we bombarded that area with orgone, and so. I suspect in a week or two when I go back again just to see how the area is, it's gonna be totally changed from a dark energy to a light energy. You can usually tell when you're in and out of an orgoned area. When you're in a orgoned area, it's very peaceful. And when you leave it, and you go into other areas that don't have orgone in them, they're dark. They're dark areas. You feel a dark, heavy energy there. A creepy, evil energy. And so, it's always noticeable when you're in an orgoned area, and then when you leave it, so. Go back in a couple weeks and check how that is. But [laughs] I suspect it's gonna do a 180 [degree turn].

Been working on a Route 30 for a long time, through Ohio. And pretty much have it all the way from one border, all the way almost to Pittsburgh [Pennsylvania]. Just this one route. And that's how you put up walls, folks, because that one route will be a total wall from east to west all the way across Ohio, all the way up towards Pittsburgh. And it'll block any kind of vicious weather patterns they want to bring up from the south to the north. If you watch The Weather Channel all the weather patterns are starting -- you know, most of them will start from the south, from Texas, and work their way up to the southern states, and on up towards Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio. And by the time they get to Ohio they just hit that wall and they fizzle out to nothing. They fizzle out to nothing. And so, folks, you need to just protect your areas in the same way and get busy in your own states. I can't be everywhere. By I could tell you what to do, and that's what I'm doing. Cover your own states, folks. Get your own states. Watch The Weather Channel. Watch the jet streams. You know, they wanna switch directions and bring it down from the north? Fine. I've got walls up in the north to block those, too. I've got walls up on the south, east. North, south, east, and west. I simply do a lot more to protect a lot more people.

Christian-Sounding New Age Teachings Deceive People Who Don't Know Their Bibles

Anyway, a couple things I want to talk about tonight. I was looking at some of the stuff in -- folks, there' know, there's New Age websites all over the net and their teachings are so dominant. And the thing is, is that, so many people get so snowballed by them, because they sound like they're religious. They sound Christian. And unless you know the Bible you're gonna get deceived by them, you're gonna believe what they say. And so, I wanted to point a few things out tonight, because this makes my skin boil, some of the stuff I hear that people fall for. And just wanted to set biblically straight on a few things.

Was reading one article, and it sounds like something that, you know, sounds credible, sounds true, but I'll tell you where they go wrong. And part of this article was talking about "Connecting with the True Creator does not require a mediator, a church, an assembly, a congregation or a mentor. Inner Strength comes from within. Through sincere personal "desire" to reach out to the Creator, one can take the first step towards connection with the Light. The rest will follow naturally as the Creator pulls you out of Darkness. This is very different from the haughty claims some make about being able to contact the Divine directly because they arrogantly believe that they are better and more spiritually advanced than others."

Now on the onset that might sound correct to you: "Connecting with the True Creator does not require a mediator, a church, an assembly, a congregation or a mentor." However, let me point out one thing that all of these people do. And that is that they completely disregard Yahushua's birth, life, death and resurrection, and His second coming. Because there's one mediator between God and man. The Bible says, "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ" [1 Timothy 2:5].

And, of course, His real name is Yahushua. He is the mediator between man and God. But the New Age movements and some of these other religions, they don't teach you this. They want you to think that you can go directly to the Creator, the Most High God, Himself, and not go through Yahushua. And what's the Bible say about that. It says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me (John 14:6)." No man can get to the Creator without going through Yahushua first, because He is the mediator between man and God.

How Do We Go Through the Son, Yahushua, to the Father?

And so, with just slight and swift strokes of a pen, in all of their writings, they completely disregard Yahushua as the mediator between God and man. And they disregard His whole birth, His whole life, His whole ministry, His whole death, His whole resurrection. Because if anybody wants to go to the Father, they have to go through the Son. And how do we go through the Son to the Father? By accepting His redemption, His salvation that He gave for us. And what makes us worthy of being one of His is because we follow Him. We follow Him, we seek Him, we do as He commands.

And the Bible says that any other way -- there's only one way to God, and that's through the Son -- and any other way, without coming to Him as childlike first, is as a thief and a robber. They're thieves and robbers. They can't get to Him any other way. We come to Yahushua in childlike faith. And it's through our childlike innocence of accepting His salvation, and then learning who He is, and following Him that we are then qualified to go to the Father. You see? And any other way is the way of a robber and a thief, and it doesn't work. That's why the way is narrow, the gate is narrow [Matthew 7:14]. And so, I just wanted to point that out, because I see this typical stuff in their writings everywhere.

Being a Lightworker Is Not the Same as Being a Spirit-Filled Believer in the Most High

Another one that they like to misquote and represent is in Matthew, chapter 6, verse 22. "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." But what they don't tell you is the next verse, "But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!."

You always see them batting terms around, that they're light beings, that being full of light. And it's just an imitation, folks. The whole New Age lightworkers, light beings, is just an imitation of a Spirit-filled believer of the Most High God's. Because when you accept His salvation, you become filled with His Holy Spirit. And it's that Spirit that Satan tries to imitate in lightworkers and light beings.

They're not Spirit-filled believers, they're lightworkers and light beings. And they're not the same thing as being a Spirit-filled believer, folks, because this entire New Age movement, and the people who follow their writings, think they can make their own rules. They think that they can find their own way to God. You'll hear them talk about the creator; the creator this, the creator that. They worship Mother Earth; Mother Earth this, Mother Earth that. But what's the Bible say? There's only one mediator between God and man. No matter how much you want to worship just the creator, and you want to worship the creation, which is Earth, there's one mediator, Yahushua between God and man. And you have to go through Him. And the only way you get to the Father through Yahushua is by learning about Him.

No Matter How Much People Change Doctrines in Translations, the Truth Always Stands

You know, I'm not a big advocate of churches and assemblies, especially today because they're all just so overrun with apostate doctrines, but there are some truths that will never change. They will never, ever change. No matter how much people want to change other doctrines and things in translations, truth always stands. The truth will stand. And the biggest truth in the whole New Testament, the whole reason for the whole New Testament, was that because you weren't from a bloodline, and adopting a bloodline, just becoming Spirit-filled believers by believing on Yahushua's birth, life, and death, and resurrection, a new covenant. It became a heart thing and not a bloodline thing. All those whole seek Him, accept His salvation and seek Him in truth, become His, no matter what bloodline you're from, whether you're one of the 12 tribes of Israel or not. His salvation became open to all.

The biggest thing about a lot of these New Age religions coming out, and websites popping up, is that they totally negate His death on the cross, they totally negate His salvation. They tell you to seek the light, go to the light, follow the creator. And what's the Creator say? It says in John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in HIM should not perish, but have everlasting life." Only through Him can you receive eternal life. There's no other way. So quit making up your own rules, folks. Quit making up your own religions, your own ideas, your own rules. The road to hell is paved with good people and good intentions. Your good works aren't enough. It's your faith in Yahushua. Works and faith.

Just because people want to go out and they want to fight against evil, and they want to show that they're good, and be part of the good crowd and fight against evil, you know, what's the Bible say? The Bible says the only way to the Creator, the Most High, is through His Son. So you can't go making up your own rules. You have to have a faith, and develop a faith and relationship in the Son of God, Yahushua. There's no other way around it. And so, you know, that's the biggest thing you see in the New Age movement is when they totally negate the need for salvation. And everything gets based on what they become and what they do. It's a humanism philosophy. They seek to become filled with light and call themselves lightworkers because they do good deeds. Well, who is the one that decides when a person becomes just from a regular person to a lightworker? [laughs] Who decides, you know?

Why Do Aliens Care about Helping Us Raise Our Frequency Levels? They Feed Off That Energy.

And one of the other big things they like to push is raising your vibrations. And I couldn't understand for a long time -- 'cause you know a lot of these Pleiadeans and -- they play like they're Pleiadeans, but they're really just, you know, once they were Pleiadeans and then they defected to the Anuk and Lizard faction. And I told you they do that all the time. Different factions defect towards others. All these alien wars have been going on forever with faction fighting. But they say they want to protect mankind because they want to help you raise your vibrations, your frequencies, 'cause every person has frequencies, your vibration level, energy level, I don't know.

But, apparently, if you're a sinner, just a blatant evil person, then you have a really low frequency level. It's really low. And if you're a nice person and you do good things, and you love the Lord, you have a really high frequency level. And so, apparently, these aliens posing as angelic guides and everything else here to help mankind have put it on themselves to try to help people raise their vibration levels and get them into the higher frequency zone. And they say they do this because if you're part of the lower zone, the lower ones are the ones who get soul-scalped.

And so, I had to think about this one for a while, for a few minutes at least because, you know, OK, so they're here to help people get better health. You'll see a big push on healthy, natural living and things that are good for us and we should be paying attention to, taking care of our health. Why do the aliens care? Why do they care? That's what I could never understand. Why do they care? Why do they care if your health is good? You know? And then it dawned on me. Because it's these very people -- when they get you to raise your vibration level, then that's more energy and loosh from you that they can suck out of you. You know, they're energy vampires. And they leech onto you. And they do this through, um, you would understand voodoo means if I said that. These voodoo darts and hoses that they put into people. And they [coughs] suck the energy right out of them. And so, the higher you get with better health and better living, and just making better choices, the more light you create, the more they suck out of you. It feeds them.

The Net Masters - How the Aliens Create and Feed Off of Loosh

And I have a whole article on how they do -- how they feed off of loosh, how they create it. It's a energy to them. You can go to and read my article, The Net Masters, because this falls under this whole article I wrote ten years ago on how Satan runs his kingdom on how they feed on loosh off of people, and how they build it. And so, you take these rather low-ranking, scumbag aliens who are pretending to be mankind's helpers and saviors here on Earth. They're gonna save us from the coming apocalypse when they're the ones creating it. But they want you to raise your vibration levels so they can soul-scalp you and inherit a high-vibrational body. They can soul-scalp you. And they could just use you, as the energy vampires that they are, just drain you of your energy. They drain you of your light.

So read my article, The Net Masters. You can get it at any one of my websites:,, 'Cause this is how they operate. You know, you look at it and then think, "Oh, lower-vibrational people are the ones that get soul-scalped." Well, you know what? We know that, because any one of them can be soul-scalped. Even their high-vibrational people can be soul-scalped. Because if you're not the Lord's, if you're not one of His that's seeking Him -- the Lord said, "I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me." So if you're not seeking Him, and you're not confessing Him as your Savior, then you are fair game to be soul-scalped. You are fair game. You belong to Satan on default. He gets you on default. Even if you hate Satan, even if you don't believe he exists, if you're not one of the Lord's, Satan gets you on default. And these are the very ones that can be soul-scalped.

May 21, 2011 - Alien Agenda That Day to Soul-Scalp People

Now what happened back on May 21? Harold Camping was saying the rapture was coming. Everybody was up for that when I knew the alien agenda was on. And it was an alien agenda. You started hearing from a lot of people that night at 3 a.m. that there was a lot of soul-scalping going on. A lot of people in a panic over it. Folks, if you're one of the Lord's, you won't be in a panic over being soul-scalped, because there's no way they can soul-scalp you. You're protected by Him, by His Spirit. And so, what you have is Satan going after his own, soul-scalping his own. And so, I hope that wakes up a lot of people to get off the fence and start serving the Lord. Because if you don't have the Lord's protection, you don't have any. You don't have any protection without Him. And you become fair game to be soul-scalped and possessed by aliens and demons. And this isn't a game, folks, because this stuff's real, it's going on. It's going on since, you know, the last five years, when the Lord told me that they're here and they're taking over mankind en masse. He told me this back in 2005, that they were here and beginning! Can you imagine, throughout all this time, all these last six years now, how many people have been taken over by alien beings, and being host to them? Millions. Millions.

"I Never Knew You...Depart from Me"

You know, the Lord says, "By [their] fruits you shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord shall enter unto the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye who work iniquity." [Matthew 7:20-22] He's gonna say to them, "I never knew you." Why? Because these are the people that have their own agendas apart from Him. He hasn't anointed them, He hasn't set them up, He hasn't stood them up to work in His name. They take it upon themselves to work in His name. And they're not real believers and followers of Him, because if they were, they would be appointed and anointed by Him to be working in His name, and they're not. But they're out there with this imitation authority casting out devils yet they're not believers.

I Don't Get Into This Fast-Food Deliverance Ministry Stuff

How can a unbeliever cast out a devil? Well, you've been seeing it for years in the Catholic church. How can Satan cast out Satan? It's a charade. Doesn't mean they cast them out, they just sit there for hours and read scripture to them, and that's enough to make them leave for a while. [laughs] They'll come back. They'll be back. And when they do, they bring back seven times more with them that are more evil and wicked than they were, and the person's in worst off shape. That's why I don't get into this fast-food deliverance ministry stuff. Bob Larson, the others that are following in his footsteps, his radio deliverance ministry stuff. Because these people that go through deliverance this way are just gonna end up in worse shape than before they got delivered. 'Cause if you don't sweep the house and keep it clean, you don't close the doorways and the access they had to begin with to get into you...if you don't get those doorways closed, then they're going to come back and bring others with them that are more dangerous, and evil, and wicked than they were. And the person's gonna be in worse-off shape. Anyway, just wanted to give a heads up tonight on a few things.


Gonna go to the phone lines and see what's on callers' minds. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Let's see what's going on with this caller.

What Did You Mean When You Said to Put Up Walls?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Gonna be messed with on this phone line. Hello, caller.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: Yes, hello. Can you hear me?

SHERRY: Yeah! Just yell. [laughs]

CALLER: Hi. Hi, Sherry.


CALLER: First time I've ever called in to your show. I came in a little late, and I didn't know what you were talking about when you were referring to putting up a wall.

SHERRY: Putting up the orgone walls.

CALLER: [pause] I'm sorry?

SHERRY: Putting up orgone walls in your area.

CALLER: Oh, OK! OK, I've heard about it. I don't anything about it though.

SHERRY: You go to I have a whole website on it.


SHERRY: It's a defense weapon the Lord's given us in these last days to defend against the evil being perpetrated against us on every angle, every side.

CALLER: I believe that.

SHERRY: Yeah. And it doesn't replace the Lord, it's a defense weapon. You know, so many people wanna become haters of us and say that we believe and worship orgone, and that's silly. We believe and worship [Yahuah] and the Son of God. The orgone is just a defense weapon, and so. [coughs]

CALLER: OK, and where do I find that?

SHERRY: But if you just go to the website,, it'll tell you anything you want to know about it.

CALLER: OK, thank you so much.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Thank YOU. Bye-bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

If You're in the Chat Room and Have a Question for the Show, Have My CoHost, Marianne, Ask It to Me

If you have a question for the show, folks, you can call in at 245-5648. I don't even know if I'm in the chat room. No, I'm not in there. [laughs] I just let it sit, and try to get in. I never get in the chat room anymore, no matter what I do, and so. Usually after the show they'll let me get in the chat room. [laughs] Almost like clockwork, and so.

But if you're in the chat room and you have a question for the show, there's a cohost in there, and you can send Marianne a question. She can get ahold of me during the show. And just have her send it to me to work it that way since I can't get in there myself. Just have Marianne ask it to me, 'cause I do have -- she hosts the chat room for me, and so, 'cause I can't be everywhere at once, and so.

Hang On Allentown Warriors, Sherry's on Her Way

A couple projects coming up, folks, and slowly working my way towards Allentown [Pennsylvania]. I know you [laughs]...I know you're over there listening to the show. I know you're over there. The Warriors in Allentown. I'm working my way over there slowly. I'm getting there. [laughs] If I ever get past Pittsburgh. Wouldn't be the first year, first time I've been Project Pittsburgh, and so. Just so much going on in Pittsburgh, I can't even imagine how dark the other side of the state is. I can't get past Pittsburgh. And so, hopefully this is it. Hopefully this does it. Hopefully I can move on and -- I was in the Pocono Mountains about 2, 3 years ago. Probably like 3 years ago, 4 years ago maybe. And I know I got the Pocono area mountain. So I just need to go south of there over to Allentown which is above Philadelphia. And that would be a huge project in itself. Just Philadelphia, itself. So you guys gotta stand up and help me out. You gotta get your areas busy and do as much as you can out that way, because, you know, you look at these outlying cities from New York, and should something disastrous happen in New York, all of these other areas are gonna be saturated with New York City people. And so, we need to have protection zones so that they're not fleeing from one disaster and heading into another one. I know north of New York there's Warriors up there. They've been putting up orgone in northern New York areas for a long time. And so, if you're in the city and you need to get somewhere safe, head north of New York City, and so. You know, I'd like to get Philadelphia and some of that area covered so at least that would be a protection zone. But really just waiting to see what happens.

If You Live in Those Areas Near the New Madrid Fault Line, Orgone Them

Need your donations, folks, to keep going, to get projects done. Targeting Chicago; the portals in Chicago. The Madrid Fault Line; trying to keep them from blowing it. I posted a map to my Facebook this week, and it's a straight line from Chicago all the way down to Louisiana. And so, if you live in those states that are near that fault line, and you can get those areas, folks, get them. Let's connect the dots. I know there's places in Missouri, in Illinois, in Indiana that have been orgoned. And northwest Arkansas and Memphis [Tennessee] need orgone. Louisiana needs orgone. If you look at that map, and you live anywhere near that line, and you can get orgone near that line, anywhere along that line, that area of the Madrid Fault Zone, then get it in there, folks. And, hopefully, it'll connect to what other Warriors have done in the Midwest, in the northern states, and we could have that entire fault line covered. It only takes one person to make a difference, folks. And don't think it's not you. Don't think you can't make a difference.

I don't know if people can even hear this show tonight. I don't know if this buzzing is driving everybody as crazy as it is me, or not, but hope you're hanging in.

Do the Neodymium Magnets Need to Face a Certain Way in the Orgone?

Question from a listener: Do the neodymium magnets need to face a certain way in the orgone, or just be at the top like the pennies? Neodymium magnets -- and I've been talking about this on my Facebook list this week -- if you put neodymium in the orgone, that's the best thing to close portals that the aliens are opening, UFOs are opening to come in and out of. And also, these AI, artificial intelligent beings. I believe it will destroy them as well. And so, I've started making magnetized orgone; have it for sale on my website. And magnetized orgone is just so powerful, folks. If you're pregnant, if you have a pacemaker, don't go near this orgone. I'm just making it out in the garage. I had ten pans going and my blood pressure was skyrocketing. It's one thing to hold a neodymium magnet. It is a completely different story when you put it in orgone. [laughs] The power of that thing goes up a thousandfold. I'm not kidding. And so, that's what I used on my mission this weekend when I went to the Ohio-Pa [Pennsylvania] border to close those UFO portals. I used the magnetized orgone.

And so, what you want to do is just put those neodymium magnets inside the coil where the crystals are. Now sometimes they'll jump in the pan, and you'll understand what I'm talking about when you make it, because we're using aluminum pans. And so, get some crystals in your coils and some shavings in it, and put your neodymium magnet in the crystals. Sometimes if you don't have enough shavings around the crystals, the magnet will automatically just hit the pan. [laughs] And when it does that, what I do is, when I pour the resin over it, I simply stick another magnet in with the crystals in the coil. And so, some of my orgone blasters will have two neodymium magnets in them because the one escaped and got to the top of the muffin. [laughs] And that's OK. That's even more power. A lot of magnetic power that way, folks. And so, that's funny though, because when you try to take the blasters out of the pan, they want to stay hooked to the pan because of the magnet at the top of the muffin blaster. It's funny to work with. [laughs] Sometimes it can go beyond funny into annoying. Especially when all the magnets find each other and you're trying to separate them with some kids fighting.

Restrict Your Magnetized Orgone to Specific Areas - Very Powerful and Can Harm Electronics

And [laughs] it makes very, very powerful magnetic orgone, folks. And so, I would specifically target that. You do not want these in your house, because neodymium magnets can mess up appliances, electronics, TVs, computers. You don't want magnetized orgone in your house. But if you have portal openings near your area, you can throw them out in your yards or in your areas to prevent UFOs from opening up portals in the skies above your home, from coming in and out that way. I threw some in the woods, because there's some kind of access that, you know, I deal with these NASA invisible freaks all the time that come here. And they're invisible, but they're human. They're invisible humans and, you know, they try to psychically assassinate me or they spy on me. You know, they're very hard to catch and figure out when they're around, and so. But I know when they're in the woods because the dogs go nuts, and so. I've hit that area with magnetized orgone to close that up. You know, dealing with humans can be a lot different than dealing with aliens. I mean, most humans aren't adverse to positive energy or magnetized energy. But aliens and evil beings are, and so.

The Vinegar Bowl Outside Is Really Helping to Keep Damaging Rains and Winds Away

Comment from a listener: The vinegar in a bowl outside is really helping. Thunder, lightning, damaging rain and winds stayed away, but I got to watch the light show from my porch. I'm in New York; northern New York. Yeah, if you don't have orgone in your area, folks, I mentioned on my last show or two to get a bowl of vinegar out in your yard, because someone told me that -- someone posted this to my orgone list -- that vinegar will saturate the air immediately and take out these HAARP clouds and these HAARP thunderstorms.

And so, a great backup plan. And if it's the only plan you've got, then it's a plan. Get some vinegar in a bowl. Probably about a cup or two of vinegar. I use a quarter of a jug. I had a jug of vinegar and I had about a quarter left, and I just dumped the whole thing in a bowl and set it out in the yard just to test it to see if it would work. And it does chill out really ferocious thunderstorms coming into the area. The orgone does, too, so I can't test which one worked better. [laughs] But from what I'm hearing from others who have been trying it, they're having the same success with it.

And so, when you see those rainbow clouds, those HAARP clouds coming into your area, those are HAARP clouds. That means your area is being targeted with a weather weapon. And you're most likely gonna get a earthquake, or tornado, or a vicious thunderstorm within 1 to 3 days once you see those rainbow-looking HAARP clouds. What you can do is put the vinegar out in a bowl out in your yard and let it saturate the air and it'll counterattack against that weather weapon that's targeting your area, and so.

Simple Warfare Techniques from the Most High God

Just a heads up on that. Another tool for our war chest. And these things are so simple. You know, they're simple warfare techniques that can bring Satan's billion-dollar technology to its knees. A bowl of vinegar, [laughs] you know. An orgone puck. An orgone pipe. You know, the Lord's ways are not man's ways, folks. And I love that. I love that about Him. It's always something very simple, that we would've never thought of, that the Lord will use, and so.

Anyway, I want to see what's going on with this caller.

The Weather's Just So Crazy Here

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: Oh, I'm OK in Iowa. [laughs]


CALLER: [laughs] Survived the tornadoes. All went east of us, so. It's been cold. We wore coats here yesterday. And today it was in the 90s, the wind was blowing so hard. The weather's just so crazy here. I swear, we'll never get a summer. The wind took the screen off the door and took a tree down across the road. I'm like, "Oh, my gosh!" The wind was really strong here today, but, yeah, a big difference in weather here.

SHERRY: You're getting our wind now. It's been windy for two months and it's finally stopped.

CALLER: I don't think we're ever gonna get a summer here.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: It was that cold to wear a coat here yesterday, so. See that Kp has been really high lately. A six. The Kp Index [planetary index], for atmosphere.


CALLER: We had a solar flare, whatever, Saturday, wasn't it? So it's been really high and causes a lot of satellite disruption and...

SHERRY: Huh. I've had beautiful weather where I'm at.

CALLER: Really?

SHERRY: I mean, it has just been gorgeous here. And I hardly ever get to say that. [laughs]

CALLER: Hasn't been very many chemtrails here. Are they kind of not doing that right now, or just not in this area in Iowa? 'Cause I haven't seen any.

SHERRY: You know what? Just watch them. And you'll see them come, but they'll leave. 'Cause if they don't stick, they'll just leave. They pretty much know which areas are orgoned.

Have You Noticed the Sun Still Setting More to the North Lately?

CALLER: Have you noticed the sun still more to the north lately...setting?

SHERRY: I don't...I haven't been up...

CALLER: You haven't paid attention...

SHERRY: Yeah...[laughs]...

CALLER: I know, I'm not outside that much at night. I guess I haven't seen what's going on with the sun or the moon.

SHERRY: Yeah, I haven't been paying attention lately. I've been sleeping in and...

CALLER: So have I. I've been tired lately. I don't know what's up.


CALLER: Been REALLY tired lately. That's not like me. Usually I have a lot of energy, so. But, yeah, the weather's just been crazier. Been quiet on the earthquakes kind of lately.

SHERRY: Isn't Nebraska over your border? Isn't that north of you?


SHERRY: West? All right.


SHERRY: We've got some Warriors in Nebraska, and so.

CALLER: Tell them to keep moving to Iowa. Keep moving across.

SHERRY: Anything helps, you know. Getting your back door, your side door, your front door. [laughs] Anything helps. Getting Warriors around you.

Texas Is Getting What I Saw in the Codes for Ohio for This Month

CALLER: I think it's really quiet lately. I guess I haven't heard much about sinkholes or big UFOs. Have you seen any -- United States -- any big sightings?

SHERRY: Yeah. But it seems like it's been all down in Texas all week, so.

CALLER: Really?

SHERRY: Yeah. Texas is getting what I saw for Ohio in the month of May. So, very interesting that it switched from Ohio to down to Texas.

CALLER: I'm just glad nothing happened with the Madrid on the 15th.

SHERRY: Yeah, yeah. I don't see anything happening in the Codes. I see them trying, but I see also that our orgone is defending against it, and so.

CALLER: I've seen a few more earthquakes down that way. Not big ones, but like, three in one spot lately, but it's in the last week. I don't think they'd give us the truth of what's going on; and hide earthquakes from us.

SHERRY: No, they don't. But, I've gotta run.

CALLER: Unless you're down there and feel them, you don't know the truth. Right?

SHERRY: [laughs] Yeah, death tolls and stuff, they just lie, and so. Anyway, I've gotta wrap up the show.



CALLER: OK. Well, God bless.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Yep. Bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

I'll wrap up the show for the night, folks. And that is amazing, 'cause everything I saw for the month of May -- UFOs, armadas, opening portals and coming through Ohio -- they've been blocked. And so, they've gone to Texas, and so. [laughs] You've seen a lot of action down in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with portal openings and UFOs, and so. A lot of that action that's been happening down there was supposed to happen in Ohio this month. And, hey, I was ready for them. Maybe that's why they switched, because I was ready for them. They don't like it. Too much orgone pipes. Too much orgone in the area. I don't know.

Anyway, see you Thursday, folks, at 1 o'clock for Aliens in the News here at Blog Talk Radio. Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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