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Aliens In The News
Thursday June 2, 2011

And Hello everybody you're live it's Thursday with Sherry Shriner.  If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648  I'll be taking questions today so you can call in with those questions and comments.

Bible Codes call them 'poison'

Looking at something earlier it said 78% of Pakistani children with polio had taken the polio vaccine.  Folks if you haven't taken a look at my web site  I'd suggest that you do so.  It's pretty comprehensive on their real agenda of vaccines.  Not just in this country but around the world.  You know the Bible Codes call them 'poison', the Lord says to stay away from vaccines.  And if people were really seeking Him on it then they wouldn't be confused on whether they should be listening to the government or the Lord.  

You know it amazes me how many people will just not go to Him for every day questions or answers.  They just don't go to Him they don't seek Him on it because they're sure they're not gonna get an answer back because they've never learned to recognize how the Lord works.  

How the Lord works

When the Lord's trying to get your attention He will nag and nag -- I don't know how else to describe it.  It hits your spirit.  It hits your thoughts.  It guides your thoughts.  And He will hit you with it for a while and then -- it will stop.  And then it will come back later -- a couple days later.  A couple weeks.  A couple months -- if He can't get your attention the first time He'll bring it back again and again and again.  That's one of the ways He works.  He also has a still small voice most people can't recognize it.  Most people who do hear it -- consider it their own intuition their own thoughts.

Yah speaks to your heart

And remember folks He doesn't speak to your head.  
It's a combination of your own thoughts -- it's satan speaking to you -- it's technology.  
Now we have long range acoustical devices that can implant thoughts into your head.  People think they're hearing from God.

A lot of them being diagnosed as schizophrenic.  Some people are just chip implanted and you just hear things that are -- you know -- are a bit different.  You know chip implants sounds like -- chip implants themselves are like 2-Way radios.  And so when you're implanted with a chip, not only can they hear everything you're saying.  You can hear what's going on on their end.  And so some people hear music and talking and you don't know where it's coming from -- consider the chip implant you're implanted with that you don't know about.  Most people don't realize they're chip implanted and so that's why I put out an article on detecting chip implants.

And you can use neodymium magnets to deactivate them.  Good place to start is with any vaccinations you've had.  Booster shots -- sometimes you can still see the scars on your arm from shots and you can put neodymium magnets on them to deactivate them.  Just put 'em on with a band aid for a day.  Where you've had a booster shot.  

If you've had dental work done you can put them on your jaws.  They pre-load -- the ADA stuff {American Dental Association} -- with small chips so, if you've had any kind of dental work done put neodyne magnets on your jaw for about 8 to12 hours.  Put them on your ear lobes.  Anywhere else the Lord leads you folks.

Because you can get shot with a chip just walking through stores.  They have chip guns.  I've been shot with them before.  And you don't recognize it, you don't know --  you don't even know you've been shot with a chip.

Various devices

One of the ways to identify them is black dots on your skin.  They look like black heads that's the way I've noticed them.  Take a finger nail and start pulling them out they actually have those antennas to them they look like fibers.  All part of that chip.  So you see those black dots pull those out.  Just a heads up because they have various devices.  They have so many different kinds of chips and so I just thought I'd bring that up.  And the vaccines are all loaded with cancers, with chips.  

Warfare Prayers for protection

One of their biggest targets children, adults.  So just stay away from that folks.  If you notice you are being implanted or you are hearing voices that aren't of God's rebuke 'em in the Name of Yahushua, ask Him to break their equipment.  I have a whole web page on warfare prayers that you can say.  We have a lot of tools in our arsenal.  It's growing all the time and everything begins and ends with the Lord Himself.  

So seek Him in prayer and He'll guide your thoughts.  Ask Him to guide your thoughts and He'll lead you.  And you'll start recognizing the different ways that He works.  He'll also use other people to confirm things to you or tell you things.  He'll use other people He'll lead you to them.  

Relationship building with the Most High

I also wrote an article on relationship building with the Most High, you know, it's things the churches don't teach you.  And I find it amusing.  I had a comment in an email from somebody the other day said he was weird-ed out about my information because I always referred to the Lord as the Most High.  Well I was like, well isn't He?  Isn't He the Most High?  Why is it people find the stupidest things to nit pick?  I just -- it's amazing.

So church controlled and religion controlled they don't even know who He is.  And they just find things to nit pick.  You know, that's why I'm grateful that The New Jerusalem is 12 levels and some of these people I'll never have to deal with.  They have different levels, different rankings in heaven folks and from what I understand that depending on what level you're on you can go to the other levels up to your level but you can never go to the levels above yours.  

Different levels, different rankings and the Lord will rank all His believers.  All have been given gifts at the judgment seat of Christ.  We'll stand there we'll be awarded or lose rewards.  You know one of the things that has always kept me in check all these years is that His admonitions.  For the purpose why we do things -- is our intent pure?  

Yah hates it

He told me a lot of people build their rewards on earth.  And so they won't be rewarded in heaven because they're building their treasures on earth.

Another thing is that, you know, so many people go about commercializing Him.  Making money off of preaching, teaching about Him.  The books, CD's commercializing His Name.  You know they want to support their ministries so they write books and sell them to make profit.  To pay the bills.  And these kinda things keep you in check because He hates it.  And I've never charge anything.  

Being of service to the Lords people

Everything I've always done I've done for free.  People insist that I put my articles in book form.  They're in book form on my web sites you can buy them at but you can also get them for free from my web sites.  It's on the articles.  Those articles are all just chapters in my books.  So those are out of convenience for other people and certainly not to make money off of.  In 5 years I might have made my money back from self publishing those books.  And I don't promote them very much.  I don't promote them every second in and out of a radio show because my intents not to make money off of them.

My intent is to provide be of service to the Lord's people.  And so you really have to watch what your intents are because that's what you're rewarded on.   

You may have a lot of fruit on earth.  You may have some of these ministries.  But when they stand before the Lord they're gonna burn and be not rewarded for them in heaven.  They've been rewarded for them on earth.  Their intent was to make money and they made money on earth and obviously the treasures you build up on earth you're not gonna take to heaven with you.

Judgment seat of Christ

And heaven at the judgment seat of Christ everybody starts with a clean slate folks.  Everybody does and the things you're gonna be rewarded for or not rewarded for I would bet alot of people are going to be shocked of -- they're gonna be shocked.  So just some things to keep you in check when I look ahead at eternity it's a lot longer than earth.  A lot longer and lasts forever.  

"It's done, I got it covered Lord don't worry."

I want to be one of the Lord's go to people.  I want to be one when He says "I need this done."  "It's done, I got it covered Lord don't worry.  It's done, I've got it."  That's the attitude we all need to have, the go to people.  One of those people if He asks them they'll do it.  They won't sit there and complain.  I have my questions sometimes and my complaints, but it's usually after I've done something and doesn't keep me from doing it.  I don't let it keep me from it.  I go ahead and do it and maybe while I'm doing it I start asking questions.

That's just the way we are.  Sometimes some of us just do things without asking who don't need to know the details.  And I know a lot of people who aren't because I get the same emails -- scientists they want every detail.  Engineers they drive me nuts.  They want every detail and every reasoning so they can sit and ponder it for a year before they decide to move.  You know what?  Everything about the Lord is acting in faith.  Everything's acting in faith.  We're rewarded for our faith.  Not for our knowledge and ability to figure out what He asks us.  We're rewarded for our faith.  Simple faith.  OK Dad I'll do it.  You want me to do it, I'll do it.  Faith folks.  So you know...

Simple faith of a child

The Lord's told me things that years later I'll figure out the meanings to.  I just do it, simple child-like faith.  That's what pleases Him.  That's what makes Him happy.  Always doubting Thomas's and they'll always get their answers, but in the end they show their lack of faith and in the end they always get their answers.  They have no real faith.  Anyway...

Their plans are being thwarted

Just looking at Bible Codes for the month of June and it looks pretty quiet actually, it really does.  Not what we'd expect because so many of their plans are being thwarted right now and they're in complete disarray and anger and disgust.  They're losing control of strongholds they've had here on earth.

Just keep on going...

I still see the Lima base come up in the Codes and Obama and Maitreya and all them very, very angry that they've lost that base.  And you know what we gotta just keep on going taking all their strongholds out.  You find out they have a stronghold somewhere take it out folks.  Target it with orgone.  Take it outta their control.  So I'm seeing that in the Codes still also their difficulty coming to earth.  

Plan A isn't gonna happen

Their whole blue beam project facade -- it's not gonna happen here.  I don't see it happening in Jerusalem either.  Because the orgone has taken out their ability to lay chemtrails and the whole blue beam project is based on holographic s and they need the aerosols of the chem trails to make the holographic s work and they wanted it to be a world wide event.  So it's not gonna happen.  It's not going to happen we've taken that away from them.  And so they're gonna have to go to Plan B, C or D.     

Because Plan A isn't gonna happen and this is one of the things I love seeing in the Codes all the time because we're always taking their Plan A's away and they have to go to Plan C, D and E.  What that does is produce delays as they scramble to come up with different routes to that they can have.  And so one of the...

Shema boop

They're still very angry about Shema.  Not being able to use Shema as that star they were gonna use -- the huge Bethlehem Star so to say, to herald Maitreya's arrival to earth.  That's not gonna work.  They're not gonna be able to use it.  We took that plan, Plan A away.  We took the Blue Beam A away.  I love attacking his plans.  There are so many Christians just sitting around and waiting for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled and there's nothing we can do it's just gonna be fulfilled.  You know I beg to differ because there's a lot of things they wanted to do that we've taken away from them and now they have to go to lesser plans, lesser routes.

...reeks of unloyalty...

And I don't know how you couldn't find fun in that, enjoyment in that.  Especially if you call yourself a believer of the Lord's and you just set back and let His enemies run rampant over the world and earth and do what they want without resistance.  You know that just reeks of unloyalty to me.  If someone came against your father or mother on earth you would defend your parents.  You would defend those you love here on earth.  But you don't bother to defend the Most High?  The Lord.  You don't think to defend Him?  

No you're right He doesn't need you, He'll defend Himself if He needs to.  But don't you think He gets some joy out of His children who do defend Him?  And don't kid yourself people who say the Lord doesn't have favorites.  He doesn't have favorites between men and women He shows no favorites they're both equal they're both the same.  But He has those He loves the most.  He talked about how He loved James and Peter those He loves the most.  I'd rather be up in that category.  Being one of the one's He loves the most.

Rankings and levels

Rather than being one of the one's that just skate by -- there are alot of people who will just skate by and they'll be the lower levels.  They'll be on the lower levels.  They're the haters and naysayers about everything.  

You know that will change in heaven.  All that will change when their eyes are open and their ears are open and they can hear and see but I just praise God we have a route of getting away from them even in heaven.  I love my brethren but I don't want to be with you 24/7.  A lot I don't want to be with and a lot of you I do.  There's a lot of you I would build a team up and ask the Lord if we could go take care of something and go!  Go on missions in eternity, you know?  

During the millennial reign when we're all given our assignments.  The things we'll do during the millennial reign.  You know?  What kind of assignment are you gonna get based on your faith and your works and your present life here on earth.  What kind of assignments are you gonna get in the millennial reign huh?  

That's 1000 years of just teaching people how to farm or ruling cities or you know, being one of His judges on earth.  Because when evil pops up it's quickly stomped down.  How is it stomped down?  Who decides to stomp it down?  That's what I want to be.  I want to be one of those assigned to stomp it down.  You know?  Think ahead folks.  Think ahead!

We're slaves

Everybody's so worried about everyday life here on earth.  The more I see it the more it's closing in the less it matters.  We're slaves here.  The noose is tightening, you can hear the revolutions coming and the rebellions coming and the Martial Laws coming.  Your children aren't gonna have the life our parents had -- you didn't have it -- your children aren't gonna have it.  Because the noose is tightening -- satan's kingdom's gonna be established here on earth for a while.  For a short while.  And then he'll be destroyed.  

Ages of Apostasy

That's just one of the things the new-agers will never admit -- will never see.  As we go from the Age of Pisces which was the Christian apostasy era -- to the Age of Aquarius which is another apostasy era.  

You go from religion to the New Age and in the New Age man replaces God.  Man's wants and greed replace God's will.  

You know in the age of the New Age it's your will above Gods.  That's the main thing that they preach.  Everything replaces God.  Your will, your thoughts.  It's not God's will for you.  It's not what God wants for you, it's what you can imagine and make happen.  

People don't see the slight subtle changes that take place.  And they run around calling themselves 'I Am", because they call themselves co-creators with God.  And what does He say in Matthew 24?   He said many will come in His Name saying, "I AM that I AM".   He's telling you right off the bat that in "I Am that I Am" pretty much summarizes the whole new age movement.

It's gonna be very dominant and through out the whole tribulation period.     

The Lord said: "Preach the Word"

I'm gonna spend the next couple radio shows just detailing exactly some of the new age movement because the Lord's told me to "Preach the Word."  I said what do You want me to talk about this week?  He said, "Preach the Word."  So that's what I'm gonna be doing.  The next couple of weeks whatever He tells me to move on to something else, I'm gonna "Preach the Word." that's what He's told me to do, so that's what I'm gonna do.  Because these things are coming folks.  I don't think anything's coming that I haven't talk about already.  I don't have a recording on.  An article on.  A transcript on, everything's been recorded and written transcribed.

Even wolves can say nice things.

Everything's I've said is gonna come to pass is gonna come to pass.  You know the Lord says every tree that doesn't bring forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire.  Therefore by their fruits you shall know them.  By their fruits not by their words.  Even wolves can say nice things, that's why so many people are deceived by them.  You know them by their fruits.  You know them by their spirits.  There's such a huge difference between a person who loves the Lord.  A person who says they love the Lord and a person who doesn't.

There's a huge difference between all three types.  Some peoples spirits you just mesh with, when you meet them you just know they're the Lord's.  And it's also -- when you meet some of these people that they love the Lord and they do the whole religion thing, they go to church every Sunday, they think they're doing really good with the Lord.  You can just feel a haze around them, I don't know.  I just feel an aura around these people, a religious spirit controls them.   A controlled spirit type thing -- you know religious -- religiosity.  Fake spirits control them.  

Fake white Pentecostal light around them

It's almost like that  fake spirit, Pentecostal spirit type thing.  You go into Pentecostal churches and they have this fake feeling of glory or euphoria of being filled with the Holy Spirit.  And you can feel the aura around them and it's this fake white light type aura.  It's fake -- it's those demons of light -- it's taken me years to recognize this stuff.  

And the only way I learned it was typical, was going and having to  learn it the hard way, becoming involved in all these things.  I was involved with churches for years before He pulled me outta them.  He had me in them to learn.  Now I can recognize things.

I tell you there's such a difference when you meet somebody that just has a genuine heart for the Lord.  They're not controlled be demons, they're not controlled by religions, they're not controlled by dogmas.  They just love the Lord and you just mesh with those people instantly.  You just feel a kinship with them.  Those are the Lord's real people and I can always sense them.  And then you run into other people -- they're just shallow.  They're shallow.  I don't know how else to describe them.  They want to nit pick about everybody else.  Fight dogma wars -- you know we have a huge enemy out there that's trying to attack us -- his name is satan -- his name is lucifer so why do the brethren always want to sit and just nit pick against each other all the time?

Quit trying to tear up the family

Instead of fighting against the enemy the real enemy, you know?  Don't you get tired of fighting against your brothers and sisters all day?  All night long.  It's not -- you know some of you say, "The Lord told me to say this, to do this..."  No He didn't.  He hates the knit picking -- I know that very well.  I know that very well He hates the knit picking.  Do something that really matters.  Quit trying to tear up the family.  Cause divisions and strife's in the family.  And do something that really matters that He wants you to do.  

Because when you're knit picking and hating on each other you're not listening to Him.  Because He wouldn't He doesn't have you doing that.  Get busy doing something that matters.  You know?  Anyway...take some callers if you have a question for this show you can call in at (877) 245-5648.  

Don't understand this whole tornado thing

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air.  Hello caller.  Hello caller.  Seems like the phone's gonna be another issue today.  Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller:  Hey Sherry?

Sherry:  Yeahhhhh

Caller:  Heyyyy what's going on?

Sherry:  Ayyyy beautiful here in Ohio.

Caller:  You're not having any tornado's over there are ya?

Sherry:  Nah, not over here.

Caller:  You seen what happened to Massachusetts yesterday right?

Sherry:  No I didn't.

Caller:  They got shook by 2 tornado's.  Four people died though.

Sherry:  In Massachusetts?  I haven't had the TV on.  I have no idea what went on yesterday.

Caller:  Yes, MassaChewsIt, (laughing) they are really trying to do something here with the weather stuff.

Sherry:  People need to get bowls of vinegar out in their yard because that attacks the HAARP clouds.

Caller:  I don't know these weather wars and weather manipulation doing whatever they're trying to do -- I don't know kill off the population or get everything ready for Martial Law.  

Sherry:  Yeah it seems that way.  It doesn't make any sense to me.  Because all these area's that have been flattened they could be rebuilt.  Most people have insurance and they'd be a huger death toll by taking down a cruise ship.  I really don't understand it.

Caller:  Yeah

Sherry:  What their reasoning is I really don't get it. With the flooding, making the plates shift possibly so they can cause earthquakes.  I really don't understand the tornado wars.  I don't understand it.  You displace people for a couple months you know?  OK so now they got a nicer  house after the tornado's.  I just don't understand it.    

Caller:  I was thinking maybe for the FEMA camps.  I was thinking maybe they were trying to bring that about but I haven't seen anything about that yet.

Sherry:  I haven't either and look at all the destruction in North Carolina last month.

Caller:  Right

Sherry:  And those people simply rebuild.  I haven't heard of them rounding up people and throwing them in FEMA camps.  I'm sure they'll be doing it before we hear anything but the Internets still up so we'd hear something -- you know if it was going on.  I don't -- I just don't understand what this whole tornado thing is.  I don't understand it.  

And you could say it's the planets that's coming in and that would be true but, alot of these are just caused by weather weapon so -- because of the HAARP -- you can always see the HAARP rings, the HAARP clouds -- a couple days later BOOM -- the destruction hits that area and so obviously HAARP's behind it so it's not just the planet causing all this -- Planet X coming in.     

[TN: HAARP stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, and it is the Illuminatiís/Eliteís main weather weapon and manipulator (facility) of choice.]

Caller:  Well yesterday was the start of hurricane season, so you're gonna start seeing these hurricanes popping up.  Just yesterday they had a tropical depression it was pretty huge.

Orgone Walls block hurricanes

Sherry:  Yeah well you can put up walls to block hurricanes we practiced those in Texas.  And people who live on the coast you're gonna have to put up orgone walls along your coast so hurricanes hit your walls and go somewhere else.

Caller:  Well Sherry it's not just us that have HAARP it's other countries also.  China and Russia.

Sherry:  And they've all had the HAARP clouds too.  

Caller:  Right.

Sherry:  You look before the earthquakes China had and Australia, they all described HAARP clouds HAARP rings before.

Caller:  So do you believe -- lets put it in a for instance.  Do you believe it's the new world order government is doing this weather manipulation on our gravitational pull (inaudible) on our planet.

Sherry:  Well we got so many things coming.  I didn't hear your whole question, I'm still having a loud buzzing and I'm still having problems with this phone.

Caller:  Ah ha.

Sherry:  We've got so many things coming in.  We've got Planet X, Teutotis.  We got so many -- there's so many objects coming in all this is gonna have a play on how the earth -- on the earths weather.  That's all it is.  Earthquakes, weather, but I think that's what the Lord's gonna be using you know when His affliction comes on the earth -- He'll use those -- alot of it now it's just -- how can you say it's Planet X when you have HAARP clouds above your head.  

Caller:  I mean...

Sherry: know?...

Caller:'s kinda hard to figure out...

Sherry:  Yeah, they're obviously both and it's typical of how they work.  There's never one thing that's responsible, it's several.  

Caller:  Right

Sherry:  That is so typical of how they do everything.  Not one route many.  Not one reason many.  Not one cause many.  That's how they work.   

Caller:  Well there's suppose to be another planetary alignment coming June 27th.  The dwarf planet, Saturn and the Sun so I don't know if that's gonna have any affect on us.  

Sherry:  Well you know they're always saying alignments, alignments and I don't know.  That kind of astrology hog wash I don't get into it very much.  

Caller:  Yeah

Sherry:  Kinda things that go in one ear and out the other.

Caller:  Haha yeah

Sherry:  He says to keep an eye on the signs in the skies.  But I have such a block on astrology things that I can't.  I can't.  You know what I'm saying?

Caller:  Right, oh yeah.

Sherry:  Because I have such a block I hate astrology because of my religious training growing up and so even as an adult it affects me and I grew up Baptist and you do not go near astrology when you're a baptist, you know what I'm saying?

Caller:  Hahahahah

Sherry:  Haha I can't even play cards as an adult.  Some of that training affects you as an adult even.  So I know there's alot to it 'Signs in the sky' but I'm just not one of the people who does it.  Plain and simple I guess.

Caller:  OK

Sherry:  I'll watch for Planet X coming in.  I see in the Bible Codes 'reddening'.  I always see the term 'reddening' in the Bible Codes.  Because Nibiru's gonna be red.  This Red comet, red planet whatever they want to call it.  So I sit and watch...   

Caller:  Right

Sherry:  ...that in the Codes all the time.

Caller:  Right

Sherry:  And then they're blocking it.  They're trying to keep people from seeing it.  There's so much chem trailing in the mornings they don't let you see the 2nd Sun.  They don't want you to see Nibiru coming in.  There's things they're blocking you from seeing.

Caller:  Yeah there's -- over in Asia they had it on the New's they saw the 2nd Sun.

Sherry:  Yeah somebody just posted a video to my face book site about the 2nd Sun being seen in Hawaii.

Caller:  Yeah, boy that's just cray, but anyways Sherry I'm gonna let you go here, Sherry.  I'll try to get in touch with you again coming from North Carolina.

Sherry:  OK well you take care and thanks for calling in.  

Caller:  Ok laterz

Sherry:  OK hahaha bye

Caller: bye

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller:  Sherry?

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  Hi this is Beverley from Florida Sam's mom.

Sherry:  (inaudible)

Caller:  Sherry I think that's a great idea preaching the word of God.  Because also and I think we need to read the Book of Enoch.  So that explains it all besides Matthew.

Sherry:  Oh I know Matthew's my favorite book besides Enoch.

Caller:  And I love this book my whole family says they love it and you know Sherry I told you this before I've been to church all my life and for me to just up and leave my church building as I call it now because it's just a building -- you can worship God anytime in your house 7 days a week and that's really what we're suppose to do...

Sherry:  Yep

Caller:  ...and for me to do that everything just feels right.  I just feel so complete and right I read in the Bible -- I don't agree with what Paul says because in churches today this is what's misleading us -- preachers are reading what Paul is saying.

Sherry:  It's always what Paul said it's not what the Lord said.  It's always what Paul says.

It's Mind Control

Caller:  It's really bad Sherry I'm telling you what's going on.  And this is our preacher when I go to see my mom and because it's Mother's Day and you know the old folks like their kids going because they have a tendency how can I say this?  I'm not gonna say it's brain washed but you know if you're not going to church you are going to hell in a hand basket.  

Sherry:  Yeah it's mind control.

Caller:  Right and so when my daughter and I wore orgone chains and we had orgone in our purses -- can you believe that?

Sherry:  {Sherry's cracking up}

Caller:  ...and this is terrible Sherry and the preacher ignored Samantha and I which he's never done and he just fled from us...

Sherry:  {Sherry's laughing with delight}

Caller:  ...didn't even come up to us -- we thought that was kinda weird and wanted to see just wanted to see a couple things, but this is what they're doing.  They're brain washing people Sherry and they're telling people to lay down.  You know they're not even fighting for God any more.

Sherry:  No

Caller:  Like you said they're just going to church and sitting in the pew they're listening to one man and a Bible teacher and going back home.

Sherry:  They're brain dead -- they become brain dead.

Caller:  They do and I'll tell ya since I've had read Enoch quite a bit -- I tell you I love this book -- it's the best book I think and I've really learned alot.  Alot and I really think it just astonished me because I've been in the matrix for a long time.  I feel like that's how I've been.

Sherry:  Yeah

Caller:  Until I woke up and thank you that's really great that you preach the word.  I love to hear that.  I just love to hear that.

Sherry:  hahahaha

Ears ringing

Caller:  My daughter would too and I need to ask you one other question.  My daughters ear is really ringing loud Sherry.  We put magnets on it.  She got really alot of stuffiness.  I don't know how to stop it. (sounds frustrated and concerned)  She's never had this.  It's not her hearing, she's never had problems when she was a kid.  And I...

Sherry:  When does it ring the most when she's in the house?  When she's outta the house?

Caller:  I have orgone every where, I mean everywhere, the beds, the bathroom, kitchen.  I mean I have it everywhere.  I even have it outside by our windows.  I mean I just don't know how to stop it.  

Sherry:  Alot of people are hearing this ringing thing.

Caller:  Sometimes she hears a loud a loud buzz.  I've been hearing it too -- I'm like Wow!  Why am I hearing this?  It comes and goes with me, but she get's it alot when she comes into the room where the computer is.

Sherry:  Yeah you know what turn -- it could be the computer.

Caller:  It could be the computer?

Sherry:  Yeah, they emit -- do you have orgone in front of the computer monitor?

Caller:  I have it on top of it.

Sherry:  Yeah because sometimes I get ELF so bad I have to leave the house -- turn the computer off and leave for a while...

Caller:  Ok

Sherry:  ...and then I will feel fine...

Caller:  Ok, ok...

Sherry:  ...they can't get you at the levels they use to so they crank it up to hit you.  They crank up the EMF.  

Caller:  We've been spreading the orgone.  We live in central Florida by the Gulf Coast and we were out on the beach this weekend and I guess people kinda thought we were crazy.  We've been doing that and doing the Lords will and ...

Sherry:  You need to put a south wall below you.

Caller:  A south line?

Sherry:  Yeah, you need to put up a line below you all the way across the state east to west.

Caller:  OK east to west.

Sherry:  You want a wall of orgone below you going east to west to protect you until you get outta there.  Because I've always said it's the southern part of Florida that's gonna get demolished.

Caller:  We were in the process of getting that house in Iowa and my husband said the house looked like it needed to be torn down.  So that deals off.  The realtor mislead us a little bit but we're trying to get outta Florida and all the states where you guys are, South Dakota and Iowa...

Sherry:...until you do that get that wall up to protect yourself from the southern part of Florida.

Caller:  Ok a south wall from the east to the west.  I'll do that.  I'll do that.  I ordered a bunch of crystals.

Sherry:  Yeah you want to keep anything that's coming up from the south down.

Caller:  I usually don't follow anyone but I'm wondering what do you think of Glenn Beck.  He is asking the American's to travel to Jerusalem and fight for the Jews.

Sherry:  You know the real Jews in Jerusalem are so suppressed, and persecuted, same with the warriors here.  You're really going along with the satanic agenda by following along with the Jews in Jerusalem today.  They're not real Jews.

Caller:  That's what my husband said.

Sherry:  They're not the real Jews.

Caller:  Yeah, they got this plan for 8/24/11 that everybody should come down there and join together and hold hands in God's name of course and stand for the Jews there and really -- you know the Jews were scattered all over the earth in my opinion...

Sherry:  yep

Caller:  ...aren't we a part of that?  I mean, we're the warriors.  We're the one's that are fighting for Christ.

Sherry:  The Lord scattered Israel and He will bring them back -- after the tribulation He will bring us all back so till then I'm not going there.

Caller:  Oh no me either.

Sherry:  ...because He is the one to control it.

Caller:  He announced it on TV and I couldn't really believe that he was pushing this agenda.  My daughter was telling me, "Mom this is wrong.  This is wrong."  And I'm really worried alot of people are following this and doing this with him and they're doing it because like our churches they're following our preachers.  The preachers are telling everybody to lay down.  Don't stand for the Lord.  You know it's just crazy.  Everything's crazy.  Everything is just crazy.  But, you know...

Sherry:  Some of these people have good intentions they're just ignorant.

Caller: I know and see my parents they're really good people.  They really are, they really do love the Lord.  But they are just -- I brought the book of Enoch to my dad and he thought, I never heard my father say this to me, but he thought that I was being mislead and I had the devil in me and to get outta his house.

Sherry:  {laughing}  I've heard it all for the last 20 years.

Caller:  Pardon me?

Sherry:  I've heard it all for the last decade, 20 years -- what you're going through.

I don't miss the building

Caller:  Yeah and I'm not that way at all.  I'm a really loving person, I even take care of children.  I have had a infant day care for the last 27 years in my home and everything I do -- I'm a caretaker and I care for people and I try to follow my heart and this feels right to me Sherry I'm telling you I don't miss the church I don't miss the building and I am very concerned about the people in the building because it's alot of elderly people who are being misled very very much because they're elderly's.  And it worries me that they don't think anything else and they love Paul.  They push Paul, Paul is the 'disciple' that they do push alot in these churches.

Sherry:  Yeah, he's their idol.

Caller:  He is and it really, it really worries me so can you do that preaching eh?  Do that preaching?  

Sherry:  (laughing)

Caller:  I love it and take care of yourself and I'll see you next time.

Sherry:  Ok, thanks for calling in.

Caller:  Ok bye bye.

Sherry:  Bye

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller:  Hello?

Sherry:  Hello

Caller:  Hello can you hear me?

Sherry:  Yes

Caller: Alright, this is Diane from Arkansas and I can't believe that I got through today.  

Sherry:  Ahh you gotta speak up I got a hum on my end.

Caller:  OK.  Can you hear me now?

Sherry:  Yeah a little bit.

Caller:  I wanted to ask you Sherry have you ever heard of Lester (inaudible)

Sherry:  I didn't catch that.

Caller:  The name?

Sherry:  Yeah

Caller:  OK hold on.  (now she is clear)  Have you ever heard of Lester Summeral?

Sherry:  Lester Summeral...

Caller:  ...yeah...

Sherry:  ...that sounds familiar.

TV preacher is morphing

Caller:  Well he use to -- he was a fire stone preacher.  I could not sleep and I watched him the other night.  I was watching P-X and I came in and turned the TV on and I saw Lester's face and I noticed he looked just like the pictures you had of George Bush on line listed as a reptilian.  Lester had these same markings all over his face, head and the back of his arms and it kinda startled me.  Because I thought eh -- this guy too?  I thought is this also somebody in that under -- in that reptilian thing.  But you never heard of him huh?

Sherry:  No, I don't pay attention to TV preachers very much...

Caller:  uhm hum

Sherry:  Ahhh they just get under my skin.

Caller:  That's a good term skin because his skin looks like a reptile.

Sherry:  Yeaahhh  

Caller:  And I'd be very interested to know about him and (inaudible) eh?  OK, you know when you were talking about Florida, they'd be under water.  It is scriptural.  It says in Revelations Ch7 v1 it says:

 And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.  


Well anybody who fly's or anybody who knows weather knows if you control the wind -- if you shut it off -- the wind controls the sea level.  And today Ireland is about Five hundred and fifteen feet above New York harbor.  

So if the wind stops, the water seeks it's level.  Blow on water in a pan the water goes up the sides of the pan but middle will go down.  When the wind stops then the water finds it's level and I think you're pretty right on when you said Florida would be gone.  It will probably be under alot of water -- most of it.   

Sherry:  Yeah

Caller:  The new shore line might not be Atlantic City but Philadelphia about one hundred and fifty miles in.  

Sherry:  Yep

Caller:  And that would probably go for the entire continent as well as
our continent but I just didn't know if you knew it was scriptural.  

Sherry:  I know the scripture.  I know the passage -- time lines -- When you know, I try to go by time lines as much as I can.  I was warning about Japan back in 2006.  

Caller:  uh hmm

Sherry:  Florida, LA, Chicago, all different cities I've warned about, so...You know now that Japan's gone under, not that it has already but it will I'm trying to think what do I warn about next?  California, LA, Florida?  

Caller:  Yeah I hear ya...

Sherry:  Get those people outta there.

Caller:  Right...

Sherry:  ...yeah...

Caller:  Here in Arkansas we've been hit with alot of rain for sure for about a month and a half.  Arkansas's been really hit.  

Sherry:  Oh yeah Ohio too.

Caller:  Arkansas's got alot going on too.  The heavenly's are quite a display we're seeing all kinds of

Sherry:  I find it interesting because Joplin is like an hour from Arkansas, that whole area's heavily satanic...

Caller:  Yeah...

Sherry:  ...alot of satanists in those area's.  And you gotta wonder, I'm just wondering if they're targeting their own or if it's a judgment from the Lord because I know that whole area is heavily satanic.

Caller:  Yes I know and most live in big cities but now it's coming to the Midwest in a large way but yes.  Yes you're right.  Joplin is just above us, north here.  Alot of strange things happening here.  I got my telescope looking at P-X now the cloud cover's passed on probably but P-X is bigger...people get your cloud busters ready...

Sherry:  Oh wow, I gotta wrap up the show.  I wasn't even paying attention.

Caller:  Ok, thanks.

Sherry:  Ok, thanks for calling in.

Caller:  Alright, bye bye

Sherry:  Alright bye.

Caller:  Bye

Yeah I get so carried away I don't even watch the time folks.  That's it for today I'll be back Monday night on BlogTalkRadio and just be doing more of the same folks.  I'll preach the word and talk about daily events and go from there because that's what He's told me to do and so, give you some insights every week some revelations and truths -- just go that route for a while.  Anyway, see you Monday night everybody.  Yah Bless