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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 13, 2011


No Show on Thursday - They Sabotage Everything from Every Direction

And, hello, everybody. Welcome to the show. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. If you have questions for the show, you can call in a little bit later at 877-245-5648.

I'm gonna get into a couple things first. There was no show on Thursday. I'm surprised there's one tonight. It's just always something, folks. They sabotage everything from any direction they can come in. And so, if I'm not dealing with one thing, it's something else.  And so, there's no quick fix to any of this. Because even if I got a T1, they can sabotage the entire T1. Right now they have to go through various areas. If they don't get me on the phone, they get me on the Internet. [laughs] Or they get the power. They find ways. And so, it's just a constant battle to even get on the air. I always know exactly what two days a week I'm gonna have problems on the Internet.  It never fails. Two months it's been nonstop harassment, and so. The Lord's allowing it for some reason, and so we just deal with it and move on.

When They're Quiet, They're Plotting

A lot of things going on in the background of things and find it very interesting. It's why it's so quiet. And when it's quiet, they're plotting. [laughs] And I've learned that a long time ago, when they get quiet, they're plotting. Especially now. They're all meeting in Switzerland. And, of course, the real stuff that happens, probably come out in a week or so. But I imagine what we think they're talking about they're not even touching the surface of that. They really don't care about global economy. The only thing they care about is further ways they can destroy it, and how successful each Lizard in every country is and destroying the economies of their countries. That seems to be the big agenda right now, is just destroying the economies of every single country that's under Beast control right now. And so, if your country is part of the New World Order, then it's under Beast control, plain and simple.

Looking at Shema's Destruction

Other things I'm seeing in the Codes is pretty interesting. Shema still coming up in the Codes. Of course, they're in a panic over Shema, and so. That one picture of Hillary Clinton and Obama and all them sitting in the Situation Room, and they all like, have this gasped and shocked look on their face, I don't even think that was the whole bin Laden thing they were looking at. 'Cause it was a, you know, a photo taken earlier. I bet they were looking at Shema's destruction, and so. Kind of makes me laugh on that one. It's coming down in pieces. And there was a huge, what the media called meteor hit the south about a week or two ago. And that one kind of grabbed my attention because, you know, Shema has been on fire since [October 2009 - see].

And, folks, Shema's not just a big UFO in the sky with light panels. Shema is a huge planet in the sky with light panels. [laughs] And it's almost in two seperate parts. And it's a huge, sprawing metropolis. You've heard me talk about these cities in the skies. And this is what Shema is. It's a huge city in the sky. And this is where Satan has a temple. He has a temple everywhere really. But, he has a temple here, a palace, in Shema. This is where the Ashtar Command was stationed, was in Shema.

Sananda Was Not Part of Shema - He's on the Capricorn

Sananda was not a part of Shema. He's on the Capricorn. He kind of does his own thing. He's away from all them. He's a part of them, but he doesn't sit with all of them on a daily basis, or weekly, or whatever you want to call it, and rule with them. He kind of just does his own thing on the Capricorn. Yeah. He has a different Capricorn. His first Capricorn crashed into the Pacific, you remember, a couple years ago, when NASA was sending out ships in the Pacific because of what they called an incoming satellite. That was actually the first Capricorn ship, starship, that we had managed to destroy with the orgone. And it crashed into the Pacific.

And since then they have rebuilt it. They kind of have this Capricorn II thing going on now. And I don't imagine it's as huge and [audio unclear]. It kind of stays in our aerospace now. And people have seen this Capricorn ship. It's kind of like a cigar-shaped, oblong thing. And he travels around in that, usually between Salt Lake City -- has a thing going on with the Mormons there and the Mormon temple, and the Vatican. When I heard he was hanging out at Salt Lake City, I took a trip out there and orgoned it pretty well. And since that time, he fled and was over at the Vatican. I think it was the same one they saw down in Texas a year or two ago. They said that thing was 300 miles wide and about 100 miles long, or whatever it was. It's huge. And so, that's pretty much his abode. That's where he stays.

I Think Maitreya Is Dead

Now the interesting thing with Shema is -- something I'm starting to see in the Codes, and I've been in shock all week. I've literally been in shock. And you would think I would be happy because we've done a lot of work to destroy Satan and his forces. Now we can't destroy Satan because the Lord will do that at the end of time when his time is up, but I never thought in a million years we'd be able to take out one of the main players. And if what I'm seeing is correct, and I'm gonna go ahead and jump the gun a little bit and announce this because -- I really wasn't going to. I was gonna hold onto this information for a while and just be sure that I know that I know that I know, but I'll jump the gun. And if I have to retract in a couple weeks, that's fine.

I think Maitreya is dead. I'm starting to wonder if he wasn't on that piece of meteor that was blown off of Shema a week or two ago, and was killed. What I'm seeing in the Codes really, to me, looks like he's dead. And so, you know, I've just been in shock over that. You would think I would be happy, but you know what? I told you they had Maitreyas waiting in the wings. So, obviously -- and this is what I've seen for the last two years -- he's really been struggling. Maitreya was really struggling with the orgone, because it was burning them, they were burnt by it. I'm starting to think that he was -- well, obviously, he was more affected by it than even I thought. I knew he was being burned by it.

Another term that started popping up in relation to him was "paraplegic." And I do think, because of something I saw about eight years ago in the Codes, and I'm gonna go ahead and go out on a limb because it makes sense for now. Something I saw years ago was that they've been trying to come to Earth. I see this in the Codes. They have been trying to come. And with all of their attempts, keep being thwarted. Their ships burn and crash. That's been a big problem with them. And what I saw about seven or eight years ago in the Bible Codes was that Maitreya's ship would crash, he would survive, but he would be paralyzed. And so, off of when I would see the term "paraplegic" in the Codes I'm thinking, "Is this future?" I never thought it was now. I always thought it would be something in the future that -- 'cause you've heard me joke about it, maybe once or twice on the show, that, you know, "How is he gonna convince the world he's God or an Ascended Master when he can't even heal himself because he's in a wheelchair," as so.

And I also know that the term "paraplegic" in the Bible Codes can be a general term. It can mean handicapped; they're handicapped by something. Not specifically as we think of a paraplegic, paralyzed from the neck down, sitting in a wheelchair, but it could be a different kind of handicap that he has, is dealing with.

Bringing Out Maitreya's Understudies to Choose His Replacement

And so, you know, I'm just starting to think that maybe his ship did crash. He was supposed to arrive months ago. They've been trying to arrive. I told you March was a dominant month. Last September, last November, they were trying to arrive, and everything kept getting thwarted and delayed all the time. And I told you, it was because their ships were crashing. And the orgone is literally just destroying all of their plans. Well, you know, now it looks like they're pulling out the Maitreyas they've had sitting in the wings. The one in London is one of three that I know of. There's one here in the United States. Went to school in Pennsylvania, lives out in Colorado, goes by the name of Maitreya. I mean, there's a few of them, folks.
And so, this Raj Patel in London, I mean, think about it. If you really think the hardcore Muslims in Saudia Arabia are gonna accept some rich, spoiled brat aristocrat from London as their mahdi . So imagine all the problems he's gonna have with the Arabs even accepting him. And so, it's really kind of amusing.
I know the New Age is now getting behind this Raj Patel. When I did a Bible Code on him last year sometime, I posted it on my website at [] But I talked about him just being a pawn. He's just a secondary pawn. He's not the real Maitreya. But, I guess with the confirmation that I've been wanting to know, if the real one is dead, will arrive come through Raj Patel? Because if he is stood up to be the real Maitreya, then we know the real one's dead. You can't get more confirmation than that. They have to go to back up plan B, C, and D because the real one's gone. He's not coming. And that just presents a lot more problems for them, because they've got real credibility issues with the Iranians and the other Muslims who are waiting for their mahdi to arrive. And for them to be told, "Hey, this is your mahdi. He's a rich, spoiled brat from London. Here he is," I don't think they're gonna accept that. I think it's gonna be a war. And so, this is gonna be something to watch out -- this is gonna be wild. This is gonna be wild. So it's different.
Now Sananda is still intact. Sananda survived when the Capricorn crashed. They got him off before it hit and crashed, and so. Maitreya, not so lucky. His first attempt to Earth crashed and he was injured. He wasn't killed, where many others were. He was paralyzed though. He was injured that bad. And so, trying to arrive again -- I don't know if he was trying to arrive again and got killed this time, or he was just on Shema at the wrong place at the wrong time and one of the sections blew off of it and he was a part of that. I don't know. I'm hoping though that the Codes will become clear and I'll be able to see more and more exactly what happened to him. But I'm also having to brace for the idea that he is gone and this Raj Patel is actually gonna be stood up to replace him. I mean, you look at these characters in the last days, it's like a script, folks. And you have characters. And people are plugged in to play these positions and these characters and become these characters. It really, you know, when you look at it from my point of view, it really starts to look like a stage play. It really does, you know, and so.
I wouldn't have even entertained the notion that Maitreya's dead if I hadn't seen it. The Lord permitted it, or is permitting it, and so. Just something I'm gonna keep my eyes on. I guess we just watch events and see what happens. Because if Raj Patel is stood up to be it, then we know he's absolutely gone. And it's probably something they've been dealing with the last several months because they've probably known for months that the real Maitreya is gone. It could have happened, you know, a lot earlier than being a part of the meteor that fell two weeks ago. I don't know. I don't know.

A Lot of "Meteors" That Hit Earth Are Full of Dead Bodies

You know, I see in the Bible Codes that a lot of these "meteors" (parentheses around them) that fall to earth are just filled with dead bodies. They hurl them at the earth. And they're just full of dead bodies, already. It's how they get rid of the dead. They burn them. They have an incinerator on the moon. And I'll often see the word "ashes" in the Codes. And I assume that's where it's coming from; these ashes. Not volcanic ashes, just these ashes. Because all of these fallen angels that die, they burn them in an incinerator on the moon. And the last several years there have been many, many, many because of the orgone just saturating one starship after the next, killing the inhabitants.
I mean, the potency of orgone is tremendous. And the Lord can fire it up and use it whenever He wants to, in whatever way He wants to. All we have to do is be faithful and get it out there. Just do our jobs, get it out there, and He can fire it up. And it saturates the atmosphere. Not just here on Earth. It, literally, is dimensional. It goes through all the various dimensions. And it hits all these fallen angel and alie starships and planets and places they reside. And so, many, many of their forces have been affected and killed by orgone. So it's definitely what I've seen in the Bible Codes, an apocalyptical weapon. Our weapon in the last days. Their weapons are based on billions of dollars of technology. And our weapons are based on fiberglass Bondo resin, crystals, and copper coils. I mean, doesn't get any easier than that, and so.
How to Kill 100,000 "Birds" with One Stone (Orgone)

Anyway, I'll keep you updated on my findings with Maitreya. I just find it amazing. 'Cause, you know, another thing is, last month there was supposed to be some kind of armada invasion, so to speak, here in Ohio, where they were gonna make some kind of nuisance, um, I don't know what you want to call it. They would call it some kind of intimidation factor against me, or something, here in my hometown, but I'm not intimidated by them. [laughs] When have I ever been intimidated by them, or scared by them.
I don't know what their point was, but it was supposed to happen in May. There was supposed to be a third attack against me in May here. And it never happened. It never happened. In fact, in the middle of May I was off in Lima, Ohio destroying one of their biggest strongholds here on Earth; the Lima base. I certainly wasn't sitting around here twiddling my thumbs, "Oh, Lord, don't let them come to my house." I could care less. Let them bring an armada here. I'll point pipes at all of them. I'll be having a good old time. I have no fear of them.
And I wondered why it never happened, but you know how the Codes are. Things get delayed, they get scared, they wimp-out, they're indecisive, or the Lord says, "No." But He didn't say, "No." They just didn't show. And so, what we got in May was some portal action in Texas instead. They took out a facility at NASA at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport there. Some YouTube videos on it. [] Not really sure what was going on with that down there. Looked like a portal being opened. Sorcha Faal says, in her site [], that 500 NASA employees were killed because they were firing at it.
I don't know what was going on, but the action was in Texas instead of Ohio. It was a reversal, and so. They don't like Texas either.  Some good Orgone Warriors over there. And there's a city, up above Dallas, being affected by the orgone. They don't like that either, and so. They have strongholds everywhere. If you consider that all of the underground cities throughout America, and there's over 500, or about 500, that they all have correlating starships in the skies, or spacial cities above them. And so, when you target a base here on Earth, or an area, or a city here on Earth with the orgone, it rises into the atmosphere and affects the city above that city, if you know what I'm saying. 'Cause they're space-cities. And so, you're killing two birds with one stone, basically. Actually, you're killing about 10,000...100,000 with one stone. Kind of amusing. The Lord wants to crank it up, it's gonna get cranked, and it's gonna hit the atmosphere and take out these alien cities that are above us all over the place, that you don't see with the naked eye but are very much real and are there.

Greater Is He That Is in Me, Than He Who Is the Scum of the Earth

So, kind of interesting. So May ended up being a pretty quiet month, for me. Except for the fact that they were targeting and sabotaging my shows. And June, that's kind of continued. I was told by somebody in particular that Satan was coming after me. And you know what? Who cares? [laughs] [says sarcastically] "Ooh, Satan's coming after me. Ooh. Oh, I'm so scared." You know, who cares? Greater is He that is in me, than he who is the scum of the earth. I mean, come on. No contest there, folks.
And so, if he wants to battle me, he's gonna pay. That's all I can say. He's gonna pay. [laughs] Sent all of his little forces after me, for years now, and they've been frying and dying. And so, what'd David say? 1,000 at my left and 10,000 at my right? And that's been about it. That's how it it was in the first battle I had with Satan. About 10,000 of his, boom! Gone, fried, dead. So...and the second battle? I didn't die. Still here. Third battle? He wimped out. Didn't show up. That was supposed to be some armada thing. [laughs] Some big presence of UFO invasion over Ohio. Yeah. Yeah. Right. OK. Didn't happen.
So, they hate this region. They hate, they hate, they hate the Midwest region of the United States. And it's because we have Warriors that have just covered these states, top to bottom, north to south, east to west, with orgone. And that's called putting up wall, folks. Because we may not see it in this realm, but in the supernatural realm, spiritual realm, they see beings of light from the orgone. And so, that's why I say put up walls, because then they'll just see huge walls of light, which are orgoned walls. And when they come into contact with these lighted areas, these orgoned areas, their ships malfunction and they crash.
I mean, huge difference here. I moved here about two years ago, three years ago (might be my third year now). And I've noticed a difference that the distance they stay away from this place. They used to just fly over all the time. And "Hehehe, here we are." And I'd be like, "Hehehe, who cares?" And now that I've got walls up, and orgone pipes going and stuff, they won't come near this place. They're just off in the distance, or they're so high up they almost look like our own satellites. [laughs] Our satellites are a little bit higher though. But it's amusing because they're afraid. They're afraid to come in this area. And that's why I'm encouraging you guys to put up no-fly zones. Let the UFOs and the aliens, let them all learn that if they come into your area, their gonna get burned and crash. Somehow the orgone causes them to malfunction. And, so I'm not gonna argue with it. I know it does. There's plenty of evidence of it. There's even YouTube videos. A lot of stuff on orgone, folks, and so. You can go to my website, too, at

Thinking about the Abomination of Desolation

So another thing I want to talk about tonight -- I always go off on rabbit trails, but you guys like my rabbit trails by now. [laughs] You're used to them. I've been doing a lot of word search and studying and then that kind of thing, 'cause the Lord told me, when I would ask Him what He wanted me to talk about, He would say, "Preach the word." Preach the word. I like getting into the word a little bit, at least, for every show, and just teaching you something. But, there's an interesting parallel, and this is something the Lord's always told me, but there's parallels to things. When something happens on Earth in a certain way that we understand it to be, there's always a occultic, I guess you could say, kind of parallel to it in the other realm that we don't see, that Satan, and all the fallen angels, and all the occultic people, they all deal with. They have their own parallels to things.

Obama Says He Looks Just Like an Egyptian King

And other than that is there's always more than one route in the Bible Codes. There's always more than one meaning to things in the Bible as well. Layers upon layers, the Bible says. Precepts upon precepts. And so, I've been thinking about this abomination of desolation thing. And, you know, so many people have put, you know, two and two together with Obama. Because he's our first Black president, he had his little campaign, the Obamanation. It was abomination to most people. The interesting thing about him is he's so much like Akhenaten the pharaoh. And when you look at Obama in the Bible Codes, you're gonna see a lot of words like golem. He's a clone. He's a Lizard. DNA-mix. You know, golem in Jewish terms would be like a Frankenstein; a person with -- a thing without a soul. That's what we would consider a clone. And, I have that video on my website at of the similarities between pharaoh Akhenaten and Obama. Even his wife and two kids.
I was looking at a video last week of Obama being in Egypt with the Egyptian prime minister. And he's looking at Akhenaten and he says, "He looks just like me. I look just like him." He made a connection that he looked a whole lot like Akhenaten. And this is Obama, himself, admitting, "I look like him." And, of course, that aggravated the Egyptian prime minister, whoever it was, because they've always be adamant that the ancient Egyptians were white and not black. And here Obama's saying, "Hey, this guy, this pharaoh, looks just like me." And he's half and half. He's half Black, half White. And the ancient Hebrews...not Hebrew, but Egyptians...Ra, their main god, looked a lot like Akhenaten; half Black, half White. This biracial mix.

Obama Might Play the Egyptian Sun God Card if Maitreya Is Dead

And so, interesting that the Antichrist is the leader of last-days Babylon and we have a DNA-created clone, who's possessed by a Lizard, who is president of Babylon, our country. And who's also associated with Ra, who is Satan. Ra in Egyptian folklore was just another term for Lucifer, Satan. And Obama going out last November -- remember when him and his entourage, they all went to India, and they were in this underground cave, and they were having this huge ritual there where Obama was supposedly incarnated by Ra, back in November?
And so, all the pieces of the puzzle just tying in together, folks. Because this is gonna be a route that they're gonna have to turn to if the real Maitreya is dead. Because there's no way Obama -- I can't see it. Obama going to Raj Patel (who's just some rich, punk kid in London), and attributing him all the respect and fear that he actually had for the real Maitreya. You know what I'm sayin'?
The real Maitreya, very foreboding presence, very wicked, very evil, clone of Cain, son of Cain. Cain always coming up as Maitreya. I don't know if it's his father or what he was, associated with Maitreya. But he was associated with Cain. And I just can't imagine that we're gonna go down that same route anymore. And so, if Maitreya is dead, then we're gonna see a different route take place where I think Obama very well could -- since they had this ritual back in November, they're seemingly raising him Ra.
They're getting ready to go to Plan B, which is probably make Obama to be the Antichrist now instead of him giving all the power and authority over to Maitreya (which is what he would've done). [audio skips ahead] ...if she was elected president back in 2008. Obama was set to do the same thing, and [audio skips ahead] could very well be looking at a complete route change now, and so. Keeping my eyes on it. It's gonna be interesting. And you know what? No matter how many times they wanna scramble and change their plans, or come up with something new or with something we don't see, I'll always know what they're up to. And I'll call it as I see it. I'll call it as they're doing it. Because I know every route they can use. I know every route they have planned. And so, I'll just call it as it happens.

Sananda Likes September as an Arrival Month to Mimic Second Coming of Christ

Now keep in mind that Sananda is still floating around out there in his little starship Capricorn. He's always been slated to arrive in September. And Maitreya's always differed. Maitreya liked March, or May and June, July; the summer months. He liked March because of Passover. You know, defiling that with his presence. He liked those months.
Sananda has always been a one-month guy. [laughs] Gonna arrive in September. The end. You never had to find him in any other month, because September has always been his month. Because he's coming as the Christian messiah. He's coming looking like the churches expect Jesus to look like. Because the pictures they have in their churches now are of Sananda! So how much easier can it be for him to arrive and claim, "Hey, I'm Jesus," because they have his picture hanging up in the churches! How hard's that gonna be?
So he's gonna arrive -- his dominant month is September. September 9th, 11th. Somewhere in September. I'm not gonna give a date because they change. And whose date? The Hebrews or ours? Which calendar? [laughs] So I'll just tell you the month of September. If he's gonna arrive, that month's gonna be dominant; September. And he always wanted the second-coming effect. It was always Sananda, this being that's, you know, this phony Jesus that's arriving, he knows full well about Rosh Hashanah, the Hebrew Festival of Trumpets, during September; Rosh Hashanah. He knows full well about that festival.
And he always wanted to mimic the second coming of Christ with his arrival, and so that's why they had the whole Blue Beam project created, years ago. Where they were gonna use holograms of angels descending to the earth and singing. And trust me, this is real stuff because I've seen it. Not just from NASA and because I put up a website about it ten years ago. I've seen it in the Bible Codes. You know, they were gonna have a choir singing, lit up, looking and dressing like angels as he floats down to Earth in a cloud. But there were gonna use -- this Hollywood production was actually gonna be some type of convertible [laughs] air balloon or something. I don't know what they were gonna use. The Bible Codes are very funny trying to describe it. You would see "balloon." You would see "convertible." He was gonna come down from space in something. They were gonna come up with something to make it look like he was descending from heaven with angels.
And so, still look for that one to come in because the only thing that's blasting that away and taking that plan away is because they needed the chemtrails, the aerosols in the chemtrails, to produce the holographics to create that entire effect the angels were descending from heaven. And so, they haven't, with the orgone attacking chemtrails and not allowing them to stick, they can't rely on their chemtrail program and the aerosols to produce the holograms. And so, I still don't know how that's going to affect his arrival, what his backup plan is to arrive here on Earth. I don't know what the backup plan is for that.

You Orgone Warriors in Israel, Make the Negev and Mt. Sinai Deserts No-Alien Zones

I would assume that if they're going to make some kind of arrival, that it's gonna be something in the Negev Desert, south of Israel, because that seems to be the safest place for them to be right now. And, you know, that's kind of like a slap in my face because, "Hey, we've got a safe place on Earth. Haha, there's no orgone in the Negev." So all you Warriors out in Israel, you need to get to the Negev so I don't look like such an idiot. [laughs] I can just see them laughing at me, and sticking it to me, and all that old, stupid stuff that they do. We've got Orgone Warriors around the world, and so, we've had plenty of Orgone Warriors hitting spots throughout Israel and Jerusalem to make it miserable for them.
Some real good ones right now in Israel, and we just need the Negev Desert done. Because you know what? I've seen in the Bible Codes where the fallen angels, the Anuk from Nibiru, are actually leaving Nibiru and flying to Negev, dismounting in the Negev. They're leaving from Nibiru and Shema and going to the Negev. And they're either still in the Negev hiding, or, what I believe's happening is the Israeli military with the American military are shipping them off to underground bases to hide them for now, until it's their time to come to power. And so, we need to take care of the Negev. We need to take care of that desert because they're having too much fun there. And the Sinai desert...that one, too, comes up in the Codes. So we need to take care of those two deserts right there to take away their plans on that. Right now they have free access to it, and so. I see in the Codes that's what they're doing. Not planning, but they're already doing it.
So I don't know how, exactly, this Sananda, which route they're gonna take to bring him in, because I've almost seen nails in the coffin on the chemtrail plan, the hologram plan, because of the orgone attacking the airwaves and not allowing the aerosols to work, and their holograms not working. They can't have the worldwide effect that they were planning on having. This was supposed to be seen worldwide when it happened. And so, now it can't be because there's so much orgone around the world that, you know, how are they gonna explain that little pieces and patches of areas around the world could see it and the other main areas of the world couldn't? I mean, how are they gonna do that? And so [laughs], I don't know what they're gonna do. Maybe it'll come clear in the Codes when September comes closer. Maybe he'll just arrive in the Negev. Maybe he's just gonna show up, barefooted with his long robe on.

The Ascended Masters Were to Have a Meeting in Damascus

And, you know, they have something going on in Syria, because there's some kind of meeting in Damascus where all these Ascended Masters who gather here on Earth are gonna have a meeting, some kind of gathering in Damascus. And so, I think that's why people think the Antichrist is gonna be from Damascus, that it's a Syrian, because these Ascended Masters all meet in Damascus and have some kind of meeting there where they announce who they are to the world or whatever. And Maitreya was supposed to be there. And, you know, I can't imagine anybody taking Raj Patel seriously. So we'll just have to see, folks. We're just gonna have to wait and see what happens.

Same Goal of One-World Government & Religion, Different Players

But that's a heads up on exactly what's going on now. It's not gonna stop them from fulfilling their ultimate goal to destroy our economies and pull the world into one-world government, and one-world religion, one-world Satan worship, Luciferian worship. It's not gonna stop that. That's still gonna come forward, but the main players are gonna change. You're gonna see a jockeying of positions of main players making it happen or stopping it from happening.
Guess you wouldn't stop it, but we'd definitely put dents in their plans. And so, it's the unspoken war. You know, it's a huge war behind the scenes and they won't acknowledge it. They don't publicly acknowledge it, but it's there. It's going on, you know. I don't expect them to acknowledge they're losing forces and they're losing millions of their people on their side. Aren't people, but fallen angels and hybrids that are part of them. They're NOT gonna admit it. They aren't gonna admit it. So don't expect disclosure on the orgone war from them. They won't even disclose themselves. I mean, they won't even give you a UFO and alien disclosure. They're still trying to soak that for as much as it's worth and operate in secrecy. And it's kind of crumbling around them because everybody's waking up.
You know, we don't do anything in secret. I don't have any secrets. Everything we do, I do, is out there. I talk about it on the radio show, it's transcribed. What am I hiding? [laughs] I've got 18 websites full of all my stuff. I'm not hiding anything. So, it's there, folks.

July's Looking Like a "Win" for the Orgone Warriors

July...July's turning out to be another, I guess you could call it "win" for the Orgone Warriors. Because as intense as that month was supposed to be (it was a hostile invasion here in America), that looks like it's turning more and more into a joke. I hate to tell them, but the win column's in mine on that one. [laughs] They're probably waiting for July to come before I know what they're planning. Might wake a lot of people up, but they're not gonna win. They're not gonna win that one. That win's in our column. And so, yeah, even September, yeah, you know what? People are on to it. That win's in our column, too, because, you know, things are gonna happen they don't expect. I don't wanna give too much away. It's like spoiling the movie, the main movie. You hear about everything that's gonna happen and it kind of spoils the effect, and so. [laughs] Yeah, we win.

They Don't Take Defeat Lightly, So Continue Preparing for Various Attacks

But the things we can control, folks...coming economic crash, roundups, things like that. You know, stock and store food, water, medicines. Bug-out bags in case you have to leave your cities. It's not gonna be pretty, folks. They don't take defeat lightly. They come back retaliating. And you see how they retaliate just playing with me, sabotaging my shows. That's bird-crumb retaliation. That's the least that they can do. They can do much more. Of course, right now the Lord's holding them back, but there's always retaliation. They don't take defeat lightly. And they'll retaliate probably by speeding up the destruction of this earth through weather weapons, chemtrail operations, and forced vaccinations, you know, various attacks, abductions throughout the world. They retaliate in various ways, and so.
And, you know, I highly expect it. They can't take anything away from me. I don't own anything. I'm not tied to this earth. I don't have a mansion and a Mercedes and whatever else know. Toys mean nothing to me, and so. They can't take my toys away. I don't have any. And so, you know, kind of leaves them at a loss.
You know, you blackmail politicians and religious people with sex scandals. Whenever you see a sex scandal going on, you know that person's being blackmailed because they wouldn't play ball. And so, it's kind of like a joke now, even though it's horrendous for the people that they slam it against. But this whole Democrat thing in New York with the pictures, doesn't that reek of an NSA op? I mean, come on, folks. This whole thing just reeks of blackballing and blackmailing, you know. And I don't even know the whole story. As soon as I heard it, I was like, "Oh, he's being blackmailed." It's what they do. They always slam people with sex charges when they don't play ball, and so. You know, same thing with, what was it? James Baker years ago. Whores in a hotel room or whatever. It was a blackmail job. They always, folks -- remember that -- they always use sex to discredit somebody and slam them, cause problems, and so. They have their own conspiracies they start, and implement, and create. And that's how they do it to try to tear people down.

The Scripture about the Abomination of Desolation Refers to the Temple of the Body

Anyway, I've got this whole thing on the abomination of desolation. I've got about eight minutes left, and I'm gonna go ahead and go through some of this because I don't know if we'll have a show next week, and so. [laughs] In Daniel, and in Matthew, the Bible talks about the abomination with desolation which sits in the holy place. And when it sits in the holy place, the end is near. And the holy place referring to the temple. And most people think, when they read Daniel, that they're referring to the Jews rebuilding a third temple in Jerusalem. However, in the New Testament, the Lord always refers to the temple as the body. You know, in John 2:19 -- I'm gonna call Him Jesus, it's 'cause it's how it's written out in the KJV. 'Cause His real name's Yahushua. You guys know what His real name is...I'll go ahead and use His name.
[John 2:19-21:]

Yahushua answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. Then said the Jews, Forty and six years was this temple in building, and wilt thou rear it up in three days?

"You're gonna build it back up in three days?" they're saying to Him.

But he spake of the temple of his body.

And what He was talking about was kill this body and in three days I will raise it. Meaning, when He died on the cross, three days later He arose from the grave. He was telling them in three days He would be risen.
And you also look at Matthew 21:13. And here's an interesting parallel. Remember I just said there's parallels for everything? For any event there's a different parallel in the background? Matthew 21:[12,]13:
And Yahushua went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.
See, the body is the temple of the Lord's. And we're to use it for good, for honoring Him. But many make the temple a place for serpents. And they lay it desolate.
The whole temple thing with the money was actually about a person's body. The dove represented the Holy Spirit; purity. The body, the temple, was made into a den of thieves, meaning soul-scalpers and also evil entities, where they can have access into your body and possess it and make it desolate. Desolate of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will leave. Because if you give them access to your body, you're not using your body as a house of prayer, you're allowing it to become a den of thieves. And how you do that is by opening doorways, opening access points, for possession. You do that through drugs. Abuse of alcohol can do that. There's various doorways you can open to where you allow demonic possession. And what happens is if you don't repent and close those doorways, it's like a disease. They take over you little by little by little, more and more and more. And that's, eventually, how they can completely soul-scalp people. Even Christians can allow their bodies to become a den of thieves. Because if you're not keeping the temple pure, and a house of prayer for the Lord, then the thieves come in, and they start stealing bits and pieces of you. And they turn you away from the Lord. They turn you away from Him.

The Abomination of Desolation Will Stand within Those Whose Accept the Mark of the Beast

And so, I thought that was a good parallel because, you know what, folks? In the Bible Codes I don't see a Solomon or a David's third temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem. And neither do the Masons. When they released Left Behind series, which was written by a high-ranking Mason [Tim LaHaye], and even the movies that the Masonic TBN network [Trinity Broadcasting Network] was playing Left Behind, none of them referred to a temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem. And I don't see it in the Bible Codes either because the temple, the temple of God, is in you. It's within us. We're a living temple.
And so, what's it mean when the abomination of desolation sits in the holy place, stands in the holy place? And then the Bible warns for the Jews to flee Israel. Flee Jerusalem when you see the abomination of desolation sit in the holy place. What does that mean? It means when the Antichrist, the abomination of desolation -- because he's already an abomination because he's a golem, he's not even a real human -- he's already an abomination, and when they enforce that everybody accepts the chip or whatever it is (it's gonna have his name, or number, or his image), and they're gonna enforce it in or on your right hand or forehead. When they make that worldwide decree that to join the new kingdom on Earth, the new fifth dimension facade they're gonna build (whatever they want to call it).

Joining the Kingdom of the Antichrist Requires the Luciferian Initiation

But if you wanna join this new kingdom, then you have to be initiated into it, which is a Luciferian initiation. Even they call it that. They don't even hide it. They call it the Luciferian Initiation. And you're gonna have to have his name, number, or image in or on your right hand or forehead, whether it's a tattoo, whether it's a chip, or by a syringe; however they do it. And so, the abomination of desolation, it's exactly what it is, because it makes your body desolate of the Holy Spirit. Because once you get that chip, or tattoo, or that mark, whatever it is, in or on your right hand or forehead, you become Satan's. From that point on, you're his, permanently. There's no saying, "Oh, I'm sorry. Forgive me, Lord." And the Lord warns you, at that point on, you have given up salvation, you have given up eternal life in heaven. You now become Satan's. And so, what he can do, and what he will do, is take over the souls of all the people that join his new kingdom, soul-scalp them, and have one of his demons, or aliens, or whatever's in his kingdom, can take over your body and possess your body, completely. There's nothing you can do about it. Takes over your body completely.

We Are God's Temple and Living Sacrifices, and the Abomination of Desolation Ends That

And I found it interesting that in the book of Daniel, the daily sacrifice, where it talks about taking away the daily sacrifice, was never in the original translation. Sacrifice was added in there. It was to take away the daily. And if you look at the word "daily" in Strong's [Concordance], it means continual, forever, always. Well, why would they use the word "daily"? It takes away the continual or the always. What is he talking about? Because sacrifice was just added in there. And then I figure out why they put in the word "sacrifice." Because in 2 Corinthians -- even Paul got some things right as bad as he was. He knew that our bodies were temples of God and forewarned people to present their bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service, which means it's your service to God. It's your spiritual service to Him to present your bodies a living sacrifice. So we are living sacrifices. We are His temple. And the abomination of desolation stops that. It puts an end to that. And that taking place in Revelation 13 [audio skips ahead] ...when they start enforcing the mark of the beast, and so.
Anyway, just wanted to give you a little lesson on that, a heads up on that. I'll talk about it a little bit more on the next radio show. I didn't have time to go through it very clearly tonight. I never think I explain things clearly. And everybody says, "Yeah, you did." And I think, "No, I didn't." [laughs] So I might explain it again next week and clarify some things. But just some insight on that and the abomination of desolation, 'cause I know they're using smoke and mirrors right now. They've got everybody waiting for Israel to put up a literal temple. And I'm telling you it just doesn't exist. They're gonna come through the back door with this chip-implanting and tattooing, or whatever they're gonna do. This initiation [audio skips ahead] new kingdom. And that's how they're gonna do it. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.
Until then, everybody. I've got about five seconds left. Show on Thursday at 1 o'clock. I'll see you then. Yah bless, everybody.


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