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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 20, 2011


I'm Going to Have to Get a T1 Line

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. Monday, June 20. And, I'm completely being blocked off the Internet, so I don't even know if you can hear me. I'm gonna go ahead with the show anyway in the hope that maybe you can and I just don't know it. I won't be able to take phone calls right now. They started this around 9 o'clock. They started shutting off my Internet access. And then it would come on for a few minutes, and I'd be on for a little bit and they'd shut it off. Been playing cat-and-mouse games for the past hour.

I don't think there's anyway around it. I'm gonna have to get a T1 line and have my own network thing set up, and so. [What Is a T1 Line?] The only way I can do that is cut down on some of my websites and do some finegaling around. I have about 29, I think, websites. Backup sites, stuff like that. The backups are gonna have to come down, 'cause they're just costing me money every month. And, try to work this out so I could just get my own T1 line. And maybe just stick with a handful of websites after that. And just combine all the others on the sites I already have up, and so. Gonna be thinking about doing that. And it would make it more manageable, I think. For me, on the other -- you know, I like having all these websites, different topic sites. But I'm just gonna have to do what I have to do. The hassles are endless. [laughs] And the costs are increasing. Everything's increasing. Fees, costs, expenses. So I'm just gonna have to do what I have to do.

The Abomination of Desolation - One of the Key Facets of the Entire Tribulation Period

Wanted to talk tonight about the abomination of desolation. And this is one of the key facets of the entire tribulation period. And I know the churches teach that a third temple's gonna be rebuilt in Jerusalem, and then the Antichrist is gonna enter it and declare he's God. But if you follow scripture, and not what they tell you to think, to tell you what you read when you read passages, it says something totally different. And so, I'm gonna talk about that tonight.

Were There Zombies in Joplin, Missouri Before the Tornado Was Sent There?

A couple things I wanted to mention first. Finding it interesting, and it hasn't gone unnoticed, that a lot of movies coming out with zombies as a theme. And, you know, I put up a YouTube video earlier in the year about zombies. [How to Kill a Zombie] Something the Lord just keeps bringing me back to. I often get these way-out thoughts. And one thing I've learned over the years is when I get these way-out thoughts, they're more right than you could imagine. And so, I've learned to just go on them, to go by them, because until I start getting more and more confirmations -- because you're usually hitting the nail right on the head. And one of the latest thoughts I've been having, this whole Joplin disaster, is that I really believe that the tornado that was sent to Joplin was a after-the-fact event. And I'm starting to believe that more and more and more as it hits my spirit, that there was something going on in Joplin, Missouri before the tornado was sent there.

The tornado was a purpose. It was an effect to get rid of the cause. To hide something. And I don't know what that something is, but I'm leaning towards zombies. Because, come on! A morgue on private property? Nobody questions this? Everybody by now, a lot of people, have seen the YouTube video of the CNN crew that was on a public road trying to find the morgue because they were looking for a missing boy. And they're stopped by the U.-- I hardly say the U.S. military. Probably some Black Ops soldiers. Anyway, they're stopped by the military in the road, told to turn off their cameras and leave.

And they mention in the the exchange with the CNN reporters that they couldn't get to the morgue because the morgue was on private property. [Joplin Missouri Police Threaten CNN News Crew Looking for "Secret Morgue"] Now the morgue is usually in the basement of a hospital. You know, we don't even, you know, probably the nearest morgue to me is probably in Canton at the hospital. And we don't have separate buildings for a morgue. I mean, come on. OK, so this is a tornado, there's no mention of hospitals in Joplin, Missouri, which is hard to believe. They set up a morgue on private property. And so that just seems very, very odd to me that a morgue would be on private property when 99.5% of the time they're on public property. They didn't want anybody getting access to this morgue is the bottom line.

And so, you know, and it's fairly quick because the military isn't quick about anything. They take weeks just to mobilize. They're, you know, soldiers that go to Afghanistan, they sit on those bases for an entire month before they're even issued a weapon. And this is our infantry units that are sent there. Imagine anybody else. Takes them a month to get issued a weapon. So you can't tell me that the military all of a sudden mobilized to get down to Joplin, set up a morgue and put soldiers out on the road to keep people from getting to it. This was planned. Joplin was a planned event. Something happened there, and before this tornado even happened. So I'd like to see people start asking questions and find out what happened there. What was going on the hours before, the day before that tornado hit. 'Cause, come on, when is hiding tornado victims a national security event? Were they doing it in Alabama? Where they doing it in North Carolina? You don't hear about it then, but you'll hear about it in Joplin, Missouri. Something was going on.

Joplin Is Only about an Hour Away from the Underground Base in Fayetteville, Arkansas

And another thing that strikes me about Joplin, Missouri is it's only an hour or so away from Fayetteville, Arkansas. And that whole northwest corner of Arkansas, folks, is a heavy, heavy Illuminati area. I would say where the world headquarters or national headquarters of Wal-Mart is situated in Fayetteville. And from what I understand there is an underground base below that Wal-Mart. No, it's not the size of Wal-Mart, it's just -- Wal-Mart sits on top of it. Let's put it that way, because these underground bases are huge. They go miles underground. And they go miles, and miles, and miles underground and nobody would ever know it. We could have 100-mile cities underground. And we probably have close to that already.

But anyway, what makes this base special in Fayetteville, underneath the Wal-Mart that's there is that it has been the second appointed place to have a Beast computer. Now everybody's heard about the Beast computer in Brussels, Belgium. I can't tell you -- it's an acronym. I don't know what all the letters stand for, but the acronym is B.E.A.S.T. and it's located in Brussels, Belgium. [B.E.A.S.T.] And I don't think very many people knew that they actually have a second one, which is supposed to be backup, I guess, in case something happens to that one. And this one's located in Fayetteville, Arkansas in the underground base there.

And so, it wouldn't be too stretch of thinking that a lot of people in Joplin and the surrounding area probably work at that underground base. If you look at most of the bases, people don't live right around near them, they're shuffled in with underground shuttles. If you go out to Nevada, they're airplaned in to Area 51. In those facilities in Nevada they're brought in from California. Airplanes. The scientists. They all meet at the airport. They get an airplane ride to their work every day and back. The Dulce bases, a lot of the underground bases in Colorado and New Mexico, there's a huge underground shuttle system that connects all these bases together, and they ride shuttles back and forth to work.

When I was at Dulce Base in New Mexico, of course, it sits right on an Indian reservation, and, you know, no signs of housing to house scientists and things like that. But you go about 45 minutes up the road into Durango, Colorado and there's a huge Hilton Hotel there. Huge facility, it sits way back off the road. There's all kind of expensive housing there and stuff that would signify, "Hey, this is the living location of scientists and engineers and people that can afford to live well." And so, you can always find them not too far from the bases. Durango, Colorado just, you know, this kind of like, metropolis out in nowhere, in the corner of Colorado. And a very busy place. Where do all these people work? Hmm? Where do they work? They shuffle them to the bases.

Anyone With Information on What's Going on in Joplin, Give Me a Heads Up on That

And so, there's something going on with Joplin. There's just something going on there. Doesn't sit right with me. Listening to their reports. I'd just like to see people do some digging. And people that live there, if they heard of anything, know of anything, and survived the military. I'm sure they're getting rid of people that knew anything, and that's why they don't want people to see the bodies. Because, instead of being tornado victims, possibly zombie victims and possibly murder victims, being killed to shut up. So the information can't get out. There's something going on there. And so, anybody who lives there, give me a heads up on that.

Chernobyl Mentioned in Zombie Movies. Coincidence?

Another whole thing, this nuclear reactor 20 miles of Omaha, underwater. And like I said, there's something weird going on with all this water. Tell me it's the Missouri River and the dams. They're getting a lot of help. I keep feeling and seeing that water's coming up from underneath the ground. And one of the things that strikes me is that all these lakes over the last couple of years that have just disappeared overnight, here one minute, gone the next, where'd the lake go? We've heard of a couple of them on the news. You know, what if they're storing all this water so that they could cause these floods that we're seeing today. 'Cause I just keep seeing it coming up from underneath the ground. Not something that's from the rivers that are already there. And also they could also build dams. Store the water then blow the levees so that the water gets out. You know, they're doing that, too.

But one thing I've noticed about all these zombie movies that are coming out, every time you see a zombie movie, Chernobyl's mentioned. You know that nuclear reactor in Russia that blew back in the '80s. But every time you hear about zombies Chernobyl's mentioned in the movie. Is that a coincidence? I don't think so. I think that there was something going on at Chernobyl when that reactor blew. I think there was some kind of zombie incident. Obviously the Russian military aren't strangers, I guess you could say, to zombies. There was a YouTube video, and everybody's like, "Oh, that's a movie. That's a video." The guy has a cape on, he's running from zombies in a field and gets surrounded by them. That was real because those capes are what assassins wear. Talk to assassins, they'll tell you that video was real. It's not a game. It wasn't a game video. [Real Zombie Attack in Russia]

And so, that's why my eyebrows are raising about this nuclear reactor in Nebraska, because are we gonna see a zombie incident out there if it blows? Are we gonna see one in Japan? Will we hear about it in Japan if there's a zombie outbreak? There's a Orgone Warrior in Japan now. I've asked him to keep his ears open for any kind of zombie news. Incidences that they're covering up or anything, 'cause this stuff's coming, folks. People think it's crazy, but it's coming. I hope ya'll have hordes of orgone water stocked up in spray bottles and water guns 'cause that's the only thing that kills them. You can shoot one and it'll stun it for a little while, but it's gonna get right back up, because a gun ain't gonna kill it. So get your orgone water ready and catch my YouTube video on it if you can.

Mimas, a Moon of Saturn, Coming Up in the Bible Codes a Lot

Seeing "Mimas" coming up in the Codes a lot. And Mimas is the death star, the moon of Saturn. And I know the occultists all have their thing about Saturn, and how the North Pole is a hexagon and the South Pole is an eye (it looks like an eyeball, an eye). [The Hexagon and the Eye, Synagogue of Saturn] And that's all true. I've seen the videos on Saturn. But if you look at Mimas, which is a moon of Saturn, this is the Death Star that was shown on Star Wars. Every other series they have the Death Star. And it could shoot beams and destroy whole planets, this Death Star. [Separated at Birth: Mimas and The Death Star] And if you look at it from a distance, it looks like an eye. It does. It looks like an eye. It's got that big indentation center. And so, when you first look at it from a distance, you see an eye.

And this Mimas has been coming up in the Bible Codes a lot. And there's a kingdom on Mimas. It's not an empty planet. It's not just a big rock. They don't waste space in space. [laughs] No pun intended. It's a huge metropolis inside that thing. And probably is very high tech. I wouldn't doubt it. Being able to shoot beams to Earth. They're not gonna be able to destroy Earth outright, but. You know, we see a lot of stuff with the moon and shooting beams. And we also have Mimas shooting beams. And so, interesting. Gonna be keeping my eyes on that more and more. You'll often see the term "eye," "eyeball" in the Codes. And a lot of the time it's referring to Mimas and not Saturn. I find that very interesting.

Orgone Has Stopped Them from Being Able to Proceed with Their Plans against Us

A lot of things coming in in the skies. PX [Planet X] coming in. Gonna make more and more of a noise. A lot of their plans being delayed. And people that know will confirm exactly the same things I've been saying in that they've been stopped from being able to proceed with a lot of their plans. Stopped...dead...tracks. Dead in their tracks, folks. Why? 'Cause of the orgone. And that's what I've been telling you. That's what I've been trying to. That we've been so successful in the destruction and damage we've done with the orgone.

Miley Cyrus' Family Represents the Illuminati Bloodline from Syrius

The official days of the Dog Days, Sirius, was over in 2010 in the occult world. Officially over in 2010. And so, now we're supposed to be moving on into the Age of Aquarius and to this whole age of alien rule here on Earth. And they can't get it going, because their ships are crashing, their forces are dying, their equipment's being sabotaged and malfunctioned, because of the orgone. It melts it. Destroys them. And not just them, but their ships and their equipment.

Found it interesting -- and I'm starting to catch on how they speak to each other. I think the Bible calls it dark sentences in Daniel, because the Antichrist is gonna speak in dark sentences. And what this is is occultic meanings. They have occultic meanings for everything. And they speak in ways that you and I aren't gonna catch on unless we, you know, learn it as we go.

And if you watched, lately, the announcement that Miley Cyrus is back with that Liam, whatever his last name is, some actor. It's the boyfriend she was with last year and they broke up, and now she's back with him. It's the announcement, itself, that's important. Whether they're really together or not...whatever. But this is how the occult works. This is how the Illuminati works. And Miley Cyrus' family is very drenched into the Illuminati lines. Cyrus, direct descendants from Syrius, spelled S-y-r-i-u-s. Star Syrius. The whole bloodline there from Syrius. Anubis. And she represents, that whole line represents, the Dog Days. Anubis, the dog. Syrius, it's all connected. All the same thing. And so she represents that line.

Miley Cyrus' Boyfriend Liam May Be One of Lilith's Sons

And Liam represents the alien, New Age agenda. There's a story out that Lilith had a son named Liam, or whatever. Don't really know all the details of it. It's hard to find information on it. A lot of this stuff's been buried. But if Liam is Lilith's son, and you have Miley Cyrus, you know, with Liam, it's all symbolic. It's symbolic. These two kingdoms merging together, the Dog Days, and Lilith's son, Liam.

And Lilith is the Queen of Heaven. She has given birth to just millions of these things, these beings. Demons, aliens. She's the mother of pretty much of what we see in space. A lot of them. These different factions of aliens. There's over a hundred different known types and factions. She's pretty much the mother of all of them.

The Song of Solomon, Chapter 2, Talks about Solomon's Affair with Lilith

And, interesting if you read Song of Solomon, chapter 2, talks about his affair with Lilith. Solomon's affair with her. And I do believe he had offspring with her because I see it in the Bible Codes. He comes up quite a bit in relation to Lilith and aerospace. And so, that has to be his offspring that he had with her. And I can hear all the churches screaming now. And the churchdom Christians. But there's so much they don't tell you, folks. Step out of the box [laughs] and start researching things for yourself. Because a lot of this stuff is what they call Jewish folklore, but a lot of it is more true than you can imagine.

Lillith's referred to in the Old Testament as the screeching owl. One who flies by the night. If you read Song of Solomon, chapter 2, you'll read about Solomon going out at nighttime to meet his lover. And so, I think if we just put two and two together, because I kept wondering, you know, I kept seeing him and Lilith in the Codes. I'm thinking, "They had an offspring. They had offspring together." Because it doesn't mention him -- it mentions him as, you know, all these occultists trace all of their secret societies back to Solomon because of his builder of the temple in Jerusalem he hired, Hiram Abiff, to become the builder of his temple, and he was a Mason. And Solomon had all of these books. The Lord had given him much knowledge and he used it in the building of the temple. He wrote all of his knowledge down in books. And legend has it that this Hiram stole it. When the temple was destroyed, he stole all of the books out of the temple. And these are the books that the secret societies have today. And so, yeah, it goes back to that. Freemasonry puts its roots right in Solomon because of his books that they stole.

Whoso Readeth, Let Him Understand What the Abomination of Desolation Really Is

But anyway, I'm gonna get into the abomination of about that. For most people, when you think of abomination of desolation, didn't Obama have a campaign calling himself Obamanation? Which he is an abomination. And people could think of that. But more specifically, folks, the Bible talks about the coming abomination of desolation which as an event. Talks about it in the books of Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation. In Matthew 24:14[-17] it says:

And this gospel [message] of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains: Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:

And it goes on to verse 21:

For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

The abomination of desolation stands in the holy place. Now notice the admonishment:

(whoso readeth, let him understand:)

In other words, if the holy place was the Jewish temple, then why the admonishment? Everyone would know that's what the passage was referring to. But the real meaning is hidden, and that's why the admonishment "whoso readeth, let him understand." Because it's not talking about a literal Jewish temple. The rest of the passage in Matthew 24 is urging people to run quickly, run to safety. It's giving you extreme urgency. If you're on the roof, don't even go off the roof to grab anything, just run. Run to the hills. Run for safety. Extreme urgency, that once this abomination of desolation takes place, to run and hide.

Then in Matthew it continues to warn that after the abomination of desolation, false Christs and false prophets will arise, showing great signs and wonders, that if it were possible, the very Elect would be deceived [Matthew 24:24]. So this event takes place before these false prophets even arrive. So don't be looking for these false prophets. What you need to be looking for, to signal that all that is about to begin, is the abomination of desolation, itself.

There Is No Covenant Between the Jews and Arabs - It's Between God and Man

In Daniel, talks about, in chapter 11, it mentions several times the last days Beast, that we call the Antichrist, as having an intense hatred and anger against a holy covenant. This covenant is an agreement, an alliance, a treaty between God and man. And it's the people of this covenant that he hates and that he tries to deceive with bribes. Who are these people of the covenant? They are Yahushua's people. Believers in Yahushua and Yahuah the Most High God.

In Daniel, chapter 11, it speaks of a holy covenant. This is some kind of a covenant agreement between God and man. Now the churches today will tell you that this is a covenant between the Jews and Arabs over the land of Jerusalem and Israel. That this covenant is gonna divide the land. And they're wrong, folks. They're totally wrong in how they've interpreted this entire passage. Because Satan hates this holy covenant. He hates the people of the covenant. And it's these people that he seeks to destroy by bribes and deceptions, and death.

The term "holy [covenant]" in the Strong's Concordance means "covenant (a divine ordinance with signs or pledges)." [Blue Letter Bible Lexicon] It is God's covenant with man that this Beast hates (and those who are under it).

I'm gonna read Daniel, chapter 11.

[Verse 31:]

And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary

And the sanctuary is the temple and the body...

of strength, and shall take away the daily [sacrifice], and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.

...causes ruin.

I'm gonna go back and reread this.

And arms

...which is military and political strength...

shall stand on his part

...they do the work for him...

and they shall pollute the sanctuary

...which is your temple and your body. Remember in the New Testament the temple was no longer made of hands, it became our bodies, became a living temple, and a living sacrifice for the Lord. They shall pollute the body.

and they shall take away the daily sacrifice

And the daily sacrifice isn't the literal killing of animals here, that people conjure up and think. Because...

they shall place

...which means to give, put, and set...

the abomination that maketh desolate.

They shall place. They shall put. Who? The arms. The military and political strength behind this Beast. The PLACE something in the temple, which is your body. Remember in the New Testament -- and if you read my article on the abomination of desolation that I'm gonna be posting sometime this week, several references to the body being the temple of God's. And they place, they set, the abomination.

So how do we know this isn't a political treaty between the Jews and the Arabs? Because it never mentions them. It specifically mentions the people of the covenant who are targeted to be corrupted by deceptions and flatteries. But it also says the people who do know their God, the ones who walk the talk, will do exploits. And the bigmouths who teach and instruct others are killed, imprisoned, and robbed of their possessions.

Notice they say that this abomination is THEY give, put, and set up. THEY, being the military and political strength of the Beast. The governments and the militaries of the Beast GIVE the abomination. This isn't referring to a building or a temple made with hands. But something, folks, such as a tattoo or chip implant. I often see the term "syringa" in the Bible Codes. So perhaps they administer, they give, they set, this abomination through a syringa, or a vaccine of some kind.

All the Church Prophecy People Misquote Daniel 9:27 about the Antichrist Treaty

Now in my article, I talk about the misquoted scriptures of all time. That all these church prophecy people, they misquote Daniel 9:27 talking about this treaty that the Antichrist will make with Israel and the Arabs. And they misquote this verse. Daniel 9:27:

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

Now this scripture in Daniel 9 has already been fulfilled, folks. In fact, in verse 24, Daniel has this vision and he doesn't understand what it is. And so, Gabriel is sent to explain his vision to him. And it begins in verse 24, and he talks about a period of 70 weeks, which is 70 times 7 years, which is 490 years. He talks about from the rebuilding of the Jewish temple that happened with Nehemiah, when they went back out of captivity, and rebuilt the temple. From the time the temple was rebuilt it'd be a certain amount of years before the time the Messiah arrived. And then after the Messiah arrived, and then left, Jerusalem's temple would be destroyed. And that was completed by Titus and the Romans. I think that was about 70 A.D. when Jerusalem's temple was destroyed by the Romans.

And so, when you look at verse 27 again...and he caused the sacrifice and oblation to cease -- when the temple was destroyed by the Romans, the entire Levitical priesthood was done away with at that time. Because He died to put and end to the ceremonial law of daily sacrifices. And what was happening was the Jews, the Pharisees and the Saducees (the hypocrites that ran the leadership there) -- when the Lord died on the cross and rose again, he fulfilled the ceremonial parts of the law. The sacrifices were no longer needed. But the old-school Jews, who didn't accept that Yahushua was the Messiah, wanted to continue on with daily sacrifices. And so, the only way that that was gonna be stopped, so that the Lord's new covenant with man could begin, was for that old way to be completely destroyed. And He destroyed it by having Titus and the Romans destroy Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

And at that point, it could never be reinstituted again because all their records were done away with. Even today, Israel can't tie their own bloodlines together, their genealogies together, because they lost their records, they lost the books, they lost the Levitical priesthood records. And it will never be reestablished.

Now, you've heard the stories (we all have) about Israel, supposedly, putting up prefabricated walls and getting ready to establish their next temple in Jerusalem. Now, folks, we just went through this whole thing of the Old Testament where the Lord's temple was made by hands. In the New Testament our bodies became a temple. He lives within us. He no longer needs the ark of the covenant. He no longer needs a temple made by hands, because His Spirit, His kingdom is within us. It was part of His new covenant with man. His new covenant with Israel. And this is the covenant that Satan hates, and the people of the covenant, because they can be redeemed. They can accept the Lord's salvation from the cross, and become filled with His Spirit, and become a holy temple unto the Lord, because His Spirit is within us. And so, he hates these people under this covenant.

All You People in the Illuminati, You Are Free to Walk Away from Satan When You Accept the Lord

And anyone can become under this covenant. Satan's own people, who work for the Illuminati on the earth right now, they can walk away from Satan. They can rebuke him, they can renounce him, and they can accept the Lord's salvation and become part of His covenant with mankind. And Satan hates that. He doesn't want them to know it. He does not want them to know that. That angers him more than anything. I get more retribution by him when I reach out to his people being deceived by the satanic cults today. And plead with them to walk away from the cults they're in, and accept the Lord's salvation, and rebuke and renounce Satan, and accept the Lord. I get more retribution from him when I speak about that than I have with orgone.

He doesn't care about his forces in space being killed by orgone. He doesn't care about them. What he does care about is losing man, losing humans to the Lord. 'Cause his real battle is here on Earth to deceive as many people as he can to follow him, because if they're following him, they're not following the Lord. They're not being people of the covenant, and they're not under that covenant, so they're his. When they die, he gets their souls.

Satan Will Bribe and Deceive Christians into Getting the Abomination of Desolation

It's all about souls. He wants as many souls of mankind as he can have. He'll bribe them. He'll deceive them. Riches, fame, and fortune. Just as he's gonna do to Christians when they begin this abomination of desolation. In a nutshell, this entire abomination of desolation is he's going to use his authority as this new global world ruler, that the U.N. is going to hand him over their power and authority. These countries such as America and Europe are gonna give him power and authority over them. And he's gonna cause every country in the world, their governments, to make set to give this abomination that causes desolation. And he's going to cause everybody in the world to receive his mark, his name, or his number, in or on his right hand or forehead.

You read about it in Revelation, chapter 13, how the False Prophet causes (and this is legislates) the entire world, forces them through legislation to some kind of new global law that forces everyone to get a mark in or on their right hand or forehead. And it is this mark -- either it's his name, his number, or his symbol; the Bible calls it a image -- that is the abomination that causes desolation. Because when you get this mark, it causes the Holy Spirit to have to leave your body because you forfeit heaven, you forfeit your salvation, it causes your body to become desolate. The Spirit leaves and you become possessed by demonic or alien beings.

One thing I've talked about for years is how this chip implant is tied into possession. And that when you get this chip implant that's coming, that Satan owns you from that point on. There's no going back. He owns you. And so, they can soul-scalp you at that point, take over your body, kill your soul...your soul goes to hell and they take over your body and live through your body on Earth. You know, the Lord refers to them -- their dead. And another term for dead is separation from God.

A believer never dies, in the fact that a believer is never separated from God. When you leave your body here on Earth, you're in heaven with the Lord. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. I believe that's Hebrews 9:27. Somewhere around there. [2 Corinthians 5:8 - We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.]

But when a sinner dies -- and a sinner is one who has never accepted the Lord's salvation -- they're separated from God. That's what death means. Separation. It's a separation. They're separated from God. They're cast to hell.

If you look in the book of Revelation, and I have the scripture references in my article somewhere. I have this all detailed-out in my article, folks. But it talks about the crowds that are in heaven. And those who have come out of the judgment seat of Christ. All handed robes. People don't think that Christians are judged. Come again. Hello? How do you think we're rewarded if there's no judgment seat. We don't lose our lives for bad things we've done, but we'll lose rewards. You can lose rewards, but you'll still have eternal life in heaven with the Lord if you're a believer of His.

And so, all these people come through the judgment, and they're all rewarded, or they lose rewards. And they're given their ranks and their titles and jobs for the coming millenial reign on Earth, 1000-year reign after the tribulation ends. That's where all this will take place. The judgment seat of Christ. But I'll tell ya who's not there. It says those who overcame the Beast, those who refused to worship the image of the Beast, and those who refused to get the mark of the Beast. They refused to have anything to do with the Beast. Those are the ones who are in heaven. Because when you worship the image of the Beast, or you get his mark, you're gonna forfeit his salvation. You're gonna forfeit. And that's what Satan's after. Satan wants to deceive Christians. And the one thing that the churches always try to schmooze over, "Oh, a Christian will never fall for it," "The Lord doesn't allow it because it's...," "The Bible says that the Elect -- the deceptions will be so good that the Elect might've been deceived, but they weren't."

The Difference between the Two Main Groups of Believers; the Elect and the Bride

Well, folks, there's two different groups of believers on Earth right now. Actually, there's three. There's the Elect and the Bride. The Elect and the Bride are the two major groups out of them.

The Elect are the firstborn. They're the ones who have been sent from heaven direct to be born in these last days. Who are given missions and jobs to do in these last days. And a lot of you know who you are. A lot of you know your lives have never been normal. You've been targeted from the time you were born. You've experienced things that everybody else thinks you're crazy. That's kind of like the passage of the rites for angels to be born here on Earth. You go through hell to get to heaven, literally. [laughs] You see and experience their ways in your entire life that other people could never understand.

And then you have the Bride. And these are the people who have been born on Earth. And just normal. And accept the Lord. Receive His redemption. And it's these, the Bride, that Satan's after, because they can be deceived. The Elect won't be deceived by it, but the Bride will be. That's why he goes after them. And that's why the Lord's telling you to run. When you start seeing the worldwide enforcement to be chip-implanted, run.

The Time of the Biblical Abomination of Desolation Is What the New Agers Call a Period of Cleansing

Interesting that the New Agers call this a period of cleansing. Let's hear about the New Agers. They always go off in their la-la stuff. Their high-vibration, frequencies, and [laughs]. Folks, it doesn't matter how high your vibrations are. Without the Lord, they're nothing. Without the Lord, you're lost, you're not even His. Satan owns you on default, no matter how high your vibrations are. Their lingo, it's so funny. Their lingo.

Anyway, they call it a time of cleansing to come upon the earth. The Bible calls it the abomination of desolation. The hour of temptation that comes across the earth. 'Cause the Lord allows it. He allows it to test the people of the world. He allows it to test His people. Will they stay faithful to Him? Will they refuse to worship the image? Will they refuse to accept his mark?

The Levitical Priesthood They're Establishing Now in Jerusalem Are Not Even Real Humans

And the churches today that are run by the Satanists and the Masons, the Jack Van Impes and the Hal Lindseys, and all of them, the Joel Osteens, they don't want you to know what the truth is. So you're bamboozled by it and you're blindsided by it. They've got the churches waiting, believing that, "Oh, there's gonna be another temple built in Jerusalem. Look, there's prefabricated walls. They're ready to put it up." They have no plans to put this thing up, folks. They're just pushing you along like dogs on a leash. They keep you interested and believing that THAT theory is true. "Oh, look. We're gonna reestablish the Levitical priesthood in Israel." It's all fake, folks. The Levitical priesthood that they're establishing in Jerusalem right now to try to pull off this whole temple facade, they're not even real humans, they're aliens. I see that in the Bible Codes. [laughs] They're not even real humans. They're Lizards. They're aliens playing Levites.

They want you focused on the wrong interpretation, so that when they come out with these -- our government starts enforcing that everybody has to get vaccinated to enter the new kingdom of this worldwide economic program being launched by the U.N., by the new global world ruler -- they want you blindsided by that so that you go ahead and you get it and you participate.

Some of You, Despite the Warnings Will Get the Mark of the Beast Anyway, Ignoring the Lord

By deception, Satan deceives the world, folks. He's not gonna tell you the truth. He's not gonna tell you, "Look! This is what's prophesied in Daniel and Revelation 13:18 about my mark, my name, my number, and my image. They're not gonna tell you it's what's prophesied. They're just gonna tell you, "Hey, there's this new law out. And if you wanna drive your car, buy gas, and cash checks, and live normally, then you have to go get this chip implant." They're not gonna tell you what it really is, folks. They're gonna lie. It's part of deception. But those of you with the Lord's Spirit in you will know something's up, something's not right. "No, the Lord's stopping me from getting that. I just feel the urge NOT to get that."

And you know what? Some of you, despite all the warnings from the Holy Spirit and the Lord, will get it anyway. You'll get it anyway, because you'll ignore the Lord. You're so used to ignoring Him that ignoring Him one more time is nothing to you. You haven't learned to honor and reverence Him and have that respect for Him that you know when He's speaking, everything else stops. When He's urging you to do something, everything else stops. Because you're gonna know what it is He wants you to do and you're gonna do it. You're gonna obey Him.

If you don't have that kind of relationship NOW with Him, you're not gonna have it later. So start getting ready now. Start listening to Him now, learning the way He works that when you feel something in your spirit nagging at you, that it's the Lord, Himself, His Spirit warning you about something, telling you something, wanting you to do something. Learn to listen to Him. That's one thing that -- the difference between the Elect and the Bride. The Elect have a way of knowing when the Lord is behind something. When He's talking to them. When He's speaking to them. And the Bride just refuses to learn it. "Oh, that's too complicated. Why doesn't He just call me on the phone." [laughs] That's their attitudes, basically, in a nutshell. He'd have to call them on the phone to get their attention. You know? They want it easy, and it's NOT easy. It hasn't even been easy for the Elect, but through discipline the Elect have learned to hear Him, have learned how He works. Through discipline.

It didn't come easy for the Elect. A lot of the Elect are born in Illuminati families, Satanist families, and had to overcome that. Had to overcome child abuse and horrific satanic abuse growing up. A lot of the Elect didn't have it easy. A lot of us did. Some of us were just born in good, Christian homes. But that's not the story with a lot of them. Of course, a lot of us have stories that even ones born in Christian homes will tell you they grew up with night terrors most of their lives. Didn't know why. Always seeing stuff and hearing stuff other people didn't. And that's gonna become more and more prevalent, because as the dimensions start to merge, seeing these creepy, ugly, demonic and aliens beings in our midst is gonna be coming more and more visible. People are gonna see it more and more. And they already are. They already are.

YouTube Videos about the Coming Locusts - They're Actual Beings

There's videos on YouTube that, you know, that there's one I was watching about the Locusts, the Locusts coming down. And hair like women, mouths like lion, teeth like lion. I mean, these things were gross-looking. Actual beings, folks. Not little, green locusts, but actual beings. And they're described as locusts because they're gonna act very much in the same way a swarm of green little buggie-locust does. They fly in swarms, they destroy an entire area, and then they'll move on to the next. And that's exactly what these Locusts that are coming, in Revelation 9, are gonna do. And they're Giants. They're gonna come down in swarms. Millions of them together. Destroy, pillage, and plunder entire areas before they move on to another. They're gonna act just like a swarm of little green locusts.

Anyway, I'm not getting into the subject of Locusts tonight, but they're coming, too. [laughs] Different show. And I've spent plenty of time on this show before talking about Locusts. So you're definitely not in the dark with that.

The False Prophet Is the Deputy of the Antichrist

Anyway, I'm gonna bring this up again to talk about it next week. I didn't even cover half of what I've written about on the subject. But I can't just sit here and read. I'd rather just speak about it. But it brings death. It's a cleansing for them, death to the world, when they give the abomination that causes desolation, which is these chip implants. And it's gonna come on the heels of being forced to worship the image of the Beast when the False Prophet comes, which is Sananda. And it hasn't changed that I've seen. When he comes, he has so much power. He's the deputy of the Antichrist. He's his secondhand man.

You can consider the Antichrist as being the president and the False Prophet being the vice president. In this instance, as being his deputy. He has full control to cause worldwide legislation and enforce everyone to be forced to worship the image of the Beast. They're gonna erect a image of this world global ruler, this Antichrist. They're gonna erect his image which is probably a statue of some kind. And they're gonna cause and enforce that the whole world worships him, worships the image. And shortly after that is when the abomination of desolation will begin. When they enforce the entire world to accept his mark in or on their right hand or forehead. And so, those two events, back-to-back, you can read about it in Revelation 13. And gonna talk about it some more next week since it's such a indepth subject, but I think you get the gist of it, folks.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News, computer-willing, I guess. I know the Lord is, and I want to be here, but they keep messing with my Internet constantly. Never know if I'm gonna have a show or not. It's another reason I need to get a T1 line. Get off this satellite service, and so.

Anyway, until Thursday, everybody. Yah bless.


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