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Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
Aliens In The News

Some Of Sherryís Sites Might Be Momentarily Down Due To Server Changes

And hello, everybody. Youíre live. Itís Thursday with Sherry Shriner and Aliens in the News. And itís Thursday, June 23rd. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at (877) 245-5648. Iím taking questions today. My websitesóIím in the process of changing servers on a lot of them, so, if theyíre not functioning right or youíre on the site and thereís missing graphics or missing pages, stuff like that, donít worry about it. Itís going to take me a couple of days to get everything resituated. So. Just hang in there. Iíd like to get a T-1 line next month, and so. Thatíd be a lot quicker and a lot less hassles of the Internet service. Getting rid of satellite. Getting a T-1 line. And so. I donít know about you, but every time the wind blows, my Internet goes out. I have that satellite service, and itís about a hairball above dial-up, and thatís about it. And so. Very not reliable. At all. Very slow. Very slow. And so. Itís hard to get a fix on your PC. Itís hard to do when you live in a little cow town, and if you do, you know what Iím talking about. You know, Verizon cable, Time Warner Cableóthey wonít even come out this way. So you canít get cable services, and youíre kind of limited in what you can do.

Sorcha Faal Came Out With A Good Article On Obama And Ahmadinejad

Was looking at an article. Sorcha Faalís got one out. And I always said, sometimes she just hits it right on the head. I know most people donít like her information, but sometimes she really does hit it right on the head. And so. She put an article out today. ďNuclear Attack On US Warned Imminent As Saudi War Nears.Ē [] And basically sheís talking about Obamaís alignment with Iran. And this is something Iíve been talking about since he became President. Because, what is it that him and Ahmadinejad have in common? Maitreya. Obama is a pawn of Maitreyaís, and Ahmadinejad is touting him as their coming Mahdi. Everybody knows how extreme this guy is from Iran, always talking about their coming savior, their coming Mahdi. They never mention him by name, but heís well-known as Maitreya. And I find it interesting now that theyíre going to make it a little bit more known, I guess, about their alignment, working together.

Maitreya Ė Dead Or Alive? That Is The Question

I still haveóthe confirmations Iíd like to see about if Maitreyaís dead or not. This whole Islam route is a definite route that can be taken by Satan to rule the world as the Antichrist. And Iíve been warning about it for years. Itís what Iíve been put here to do. And, just canít tell one way or another that heís still notóif heís going to be completely knocked out of the picture, or if he is going to come. ĎCause Raj Patelóheís a back up for this Maitreya. Thereís several in the wings. I really donít think heíllóI donít even think Iran would accept him. I mean, I think there would just be war. Spoiled rich kid from London claiming heís the Muslim Mahdi? I just donít think thatís going to work, even with those with their heads in the sand. So, Iím not counting Maitreya out totally yet. Iím not counting him out. I know heís having a really hard time trying to get here.

Routes Taken Away: Shema and Holograms

I know all their plans surrounded Shema, the brilliant star in the sky at night, very low to the horizon. Caught it on fire last year with the orgone, and theyíve been having buku troubles with it since. So, theyíre not going to be able to use that as an entrance point saying, ďShema is heralding.Ē Itís being used as the announcement. Itís just like the Star of Bethlehem announced the arrival of Yahushuah; theyíre trying to use Shema to announce the arrival of Maitreya. But they kinda got caught in their own arrogance because they were blasting it above my house a couple years ago. I didnít know what it was. I got tired of seeing it, so I started pointing orgone pipes at it. And then I stumbled upon this New Age site talking about this Shema Star, and so I knew that was it. So now itís stuck on the border of Ohio and PA. Itís been stuck there since last year. Itís not going anywhere.

And then their chemtrail programs are becoming ineffective, because if your area is saturated with orgone, the chemtrails, the aerosols in the chemtrails canít stick. Clouds canít stick. And so, they canít count on those. They needed a blanket of aerosols over the entire Earth for their holograph programs. And that canít work because thereís so many areas around the world where the chemtrails wonít stick that theyíre not going to be able to use their big holograph program like they wanted to. Make it worldwide. So, as they stumble around for Plan C, time keeps ticking, and itís beenóthis stuff should have been happening last year. Thatís how far things have been delayed. Things have been delayed. A lot of their plans are being destroyed and ruined because of the orgone war against them.

More On Faalís Article

In the article, Sorcha Faal talks about the war, the Muslim War, the Shiíites and the Sunnis. This whole war in the Middle East is basically, with oil in the background, itís basically a war between those two factions. And America, which used to be allies with the Sunnis, is now allies with the Shiíites. Or is it the other way around? Yeah, weíre working with the Shiíites. And so, who are the enemies to Iran? Iraq and Afghanistan. And whoís been destroying Iraq and Afghanistan? The United States. Secret allies with Iran. Itís why Obama isnít pulling out. He ran for President and made promises to end the wars in the Middle East. Of course he did. Because heís been enjoying protecting Iran.

Comet Elenin And Asteroid Coming In

Trucks all over the country moving equipment, military equipment around. And this same article warning America could then be under a nuke attack by the ticked off Sunni Muslims. Saudi states. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. And I donít know if thatís it. And I donít know if thatísóyou never know what theyíre gonna do until they do it. So, I guess you donít really know until you know. Smart bomb. Dirty bomb. Some kind of small nuke bomb might go off in one city. Are they preparing for war? Or are they preparing for something else, like a comet coming in and preparing to be hit by an asteroid? Weíve got two objects coming in. Comet Elenin and Apophis, if thatís an asteroid coming in. Russia says that one will hit the Earth. The United States says it doesnít. Who do you believe? You know? Look at their actions, not at their words. NASA sending out a video to all their employees about preparing, getting bug-out kids and places of safety ready to go to.

They do this every year, folks, because so much stuff is always dominant for summer months. Usually itís the month of May when youíll see the militaries start pulling off the coastlines, especially the Atlantic, and all freaking out because the Codes revealed a comet would be hitting the Atlantic Ocean. And I havenít seen that one in a while. I used to see it, but itís kind of fizzled out because as events change, routes change. So if we had gone down Route A, then B would have happened. But if we donít, then it changes. And so. I donít know. Maybe with the election of Obama, because I havenít seen it since heís been president, that that comet hitting the Atlantic has been pushed way off. I donít know. I see ďCometĒ in the Codes, but I havenít heard about the military freaking out, pulling all the ships off the coastlines, and theyíre not too afraid of something hitting the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, right now, according to sources and this Sorcha Faal thing saying that warships are on the eastern side of the country thatís some kind of ďmaneuver exercises,Ē but it sounds to me like theyíre preparing for war against a Muslim attack. Theyíre all running to their underground bases and bunkers to be saved, so theyíre expecting something.

And Iím wondering if itís the same thing I always see in the Codes for the month of July. I always see incidents with aliens. And the problem with that is, you never know exactly how thatís going to come out because they hide in so many different various ways. And I probably wonít even know until next month itself. Iím not worried about it. Not in the least. ĎCause from what Iíve seen, the orgone will prevail. Destroy a lot of them. They may destroy some of us, but, you know, Iím fully confident that more of them will be.

So what if they see the same things in the Bible. They have these decoders in the Pentagon trying to figure out stuff as well. I donít think they can even get the tip of the iceberg on whatís going on. I think thatís why theyíre so jumpy all the time. Because they donít know howóthey donít have the Holy Spirit. And so, how are they going to discern and analyze the Bible Codes without the Lordís Spirit? Itís impossible. Itíd be impossible for me to do it without Him. So it ought to be interesting to see what happens over the next month or two. July on, you might want to start stocking up on things.

Zombie World News Reveals Necro-Mortosis, A Zombie Virus

Somebody posted a link to [] on my list, and I havenít been there in ages. I think I mentioned the site last year. And also that F.V.Z.A. site. [] Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. And I was pretty shocked, because Iíve talked about the zombie pandemic thatís coming. Tried to warn people. I have a video on how to kill zombies with orgone water. [] Also to orgone your areas because perhaps that will keep the zombies out of your areas. The aliens donít like it. Demons donít like it. Why would zombies? Whatís a zombie? Itís just a reanimated corpse. In a zombie, that personís dead, gone. And what happens is, when they die, their corpses are just reanimated. They call it ďreanimation virus.Ē And a demon takes over that body. And so, when you kill a zombie, youíre just killing a soulless body thatís inhabited by a demon. Thatís pretty much what a clone is when you think about it. Anyway. On this website, it talks about this zombie virus being known as ďNecro-Mortosis.Ē [] Necro-Mortosis. And if you listen to my show and been following it, Iíve talked about necrosis, one of the things Iíve seen in the Bible Codes off and on throughout the years. ďNecrosis.Ē And what that is, is a decaying plague where youíre eaten fromóyour body starts to decay. You could say from the time weíre born to the time we die we all go through necrosis because itís slow aging of your body, from when youíre born and from the time you die. But this is a rapid necrosis. Eats you on the inside-out and very fast paced.

And another thing Iíve been seeing in the Codes is ďrabies.Ē And so, I find it interesting that a lot of these zombie movies that have been coming out, youíll see the black dogs. And thatís always represented by Anubis. And heís Osiris, so. God of the dead. Interesting. So you gotta wonder if the animals are gonna be involved with this whole zombie virus. I mean, this website says animals canít get it. In the Bible Codes I donít see people or animals with rabies as much as I do the aliens. I donít know if itís the aliens that are causing it, or the aliens that are getting it when theyíre here. You know? Seems to me like something that theyíre definitely behind, so theyíre either causing people and animals to get rabies or theyíre the ones getting it. Weíll just have to watch and see what happens. That gives you a website. A World Health Authorities website on necrosis. And when I go through this, I love when people verify what Iíve been talking about when I just stumble on it. People think Iím crazy, and Iím not crazy. Iíve been telling you for 10 years everything I say is true.

ďWhat is Necro-Mortosis? This site is intended to help you better understand the virus known as ĎNecro-Mortosis,í and also enable you to be prepared should an outbreak occur within your area.Ē []

ďOrigin of the virus:Ē Check out this one. ďThe first reported cases of Necro-Mortosis were recorded in Haiti in early 2006 . It soon spread to The Dominican Republic, followed by Puerto Rico. In late 2006 cases were reported in Central and South America, Southern and Eastern Europe, parts of Asia and the Middle East. Part of the rapid spread had been attributed to its early stages resembling the flu virus and so with mass travel being a way of modern life, many people who were unknowingly infected were free to travel throughout the world.Ē This sounds like H1N1.

ďWho can be infected? The contraction of MortosisĒówhich is zombieism, itís a virus that causes zombieismóďis a risk to any gender, race, age group. At this point in time the virus is none species transferable. Mortosis is transferable through the exchange of blood, saliva or other bodily fluids, including bites. Mortosis can be contracted through sharing of needles. Virus can be sexually transmitted (if partner is infected). There is no known antidote at this point. [Ö] Mortosis is NOT airborne. Only infected people will reanimate upon death. None infected people or people who die of natural causes do NOT rise. If bitten, (or otherwise infected) on an arm or leg, severing the affected appendage may remove the infection, but only within the first few minutes of exposure. Burning the affected wound will only act to cortorize the wound. Not remove the infection. Animals exposed to the Necro-Mortosis virus will become sick and die but do not reanimate. Livestock exposed must be destroyed

Recent Zombie Attacks And Outbreaks

And so, interesting. The army was just given a manual not too long ago on how to prepare and defend themselves against zombie attack. Seems other countries in the world are getting involved recently on this whole zombie problem. You know, it has to already be a problem. Thatís what Iíve been saying all along, folks. Theyíre hiding it. Theyíre not telling people whatís really going on. Theyíre hiding. They donít want people to panic and freak out. And itís gotten worse since 2006. And this is worldwide. This is worldwide. So, itís a virus you can carry. And apparently if you die and you have this virus, thatís when this virus can kick in and it reanimates your body. You become a reanimated corpse which is what a zombie is. Reminds me of that incident in the Massachusetts hospital last year. Guy dies in the hospital from H1N1 vaccine and reanimates as a zombie in the hospital. Hospital shut down. Many killed.

You never hear about it in the news. Ever. And the only reason you heard about it at all was because a friend of a friend was there. And thatís usually how it goes. Incident in Texasósomebody was telling me about it, and this wasnít too long ago either, overóearlier this year at a hospital in Texas. And so far, these incidences have been able to be contained fairly quick. When reported to the police, they tend to get there pretty quick. But imagine when that no longer become viable, and, you know? So far weíve got two hospital cases. You know? And hospitals always have security to begin with. And what if this happens when it happens out on the streets where there is noóand it is gonna happen. It is. Itís not an ďif,Ē itís a ďwhen.Ē

Prepare While You Have Time ĎCause You Just Donít Know When Things Will Happen

So, I thinkómore and more info comes out on it. We probably have, I donít know. I think we have more time, but you donít want to be stupid either, because, usually when the Lord has me warning about stuff, we have time. I started warning about this last year. So. I would think we probably still have a year, another year, but I canít go on a limb and say that becauseójust because Japan took 5 years from the time the Lord started telling me to warn people to get off Japan doesnít mean everythingís going to happen 5 years warning rate.

Top 25 Cities With HIV And AIDS

Been telling people to get out of Florida, and now Iím reading this article in Florida, and the top 25 cities in the country with HIV, Florida has 6 cities in the top 25. More than any other state. No wonder the Lordís going to judge it. San Francisco was number 15. I know everybody would think San Francisco would be number 1 with HIV. You know what the number 1 city was with AIDS? Miami. Miami. What was that? Columbia, South Carolina has more AIDS than San Francisco. So very, very interesting when you look at the statistics on the top 25 cities. And of the 25, the last one was ColumbusóColumbus, Ohio. I would have thought Cleveland because they have a huge gay community just outside the city itself, but apparently itís Columbus. So this is kind of interesting to me because the only thing really, I guess you could say ďinfamousĒ about Columbus in Ohio other than it being the state capital, is that thereís an underground base there. Hmm. Miamiís the number one city with AIDS, and we know thereís a huge underground alien base off the coast of Miami. Thereíre all these citiesÖthey all have an underground base associated with them? Hmm? Thatís a huge coincidence, donít you think?

So, whatís the connection between underground alien bases and AIDS? Is it aliens that live in those bases coming out enjoying the night life or what? And thatís one characteristic of these aliens youíll see a lotóis that theyíre effeminate. Theyíre homosexuals. Theyíre bisexuals. Thatís one of their dominant characteristics. They come here acting and playing humans. Theyíre very effeminate. So thatís real interesting. CoincidenceÖ

The Viruses And Vaccines Have Been Coming From Shema

I suspect also that places with a lot of these underground bases are going to be the dominant places just for zombie attacks, too. Zombie outbreaks. And theseófrom what Iíve seen, these viruses, all these viruses Iíve seen have come from Shema, the aliens working behind the scenes controlling world politics, world health, our food, our climates, our economy. So, no big secret that Shema, also involved with all these vaccines that are brought down to Earth and then distributed by our governments. And if you watched the V series last year, they showed you the same thing Iíve been warning about. They showed you cases and bottles of vaccines that they were bringing down to Earth. Theyíve been confirming everything Iíve been saying, everything Iíve ever said through various ways. Television shows. Websites. News articles. And I was talking about things way before they were revealed by them. So, you need to get ready, folks.

Was Joplin, Missouri A Zombie Attack And A Tornado Cover Up?

If you have a question for the show you can call in, (877) 245-5648. If anybodyís heard anything strange about Joplin, Missouri, give me a call. So interesting in knowing if there was a zombie outbreak in Joplin and they used that tornado to hide it after the fact. ĎCause it seems to me that whatever happened, wasnít the result of the tornado, it wasóthe tornado was an ďafter the fact.Ē The tornado was used as a weapon to destroy something in Joplin on purpose. ĎCause they were prepared for it. They got the military there right away. They had a secret morgue set up. They didnít do these things anywhere else that were plagued with tornadoes, and we had over 1000 in March and April. Hmm. So what makes Joplin, Missouri so separate?

Three-Week Training Class In Miami For FEMA

Sherry: Hello, caller. Youíre on the air.

Caller: Hey, Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah!

Caller: Hey, [inaudible] in Alabama too. They got hit with a big one, too.

Sherry: Yeah, a tornado?

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Yeah, but you donít see the military and secret morgues being set up in Alabama.

Caller: Oh, yeah. Yeah, thatís true. Well, I have a member in my family whoís a, two words, for secret service. And he was texting me; he was telling me howówell, I asked him if they were doing any extra training for anything in particular thatís going on that he might, you know, find out of line, and he has a three-week training class in Miami with FEMA. He couldnít go into details with me on the phone because Iím pretty sure heís tapped and everything, and he said he would have to speak with me in person.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Which I donítóI wasnít ready to go with that anyhow, Ďcause he probably would be followed. There was nothing particular in that message, so I just said, you know, I believe you. I donít need any information, just, you know, leave it to me. But Iím pretty sure itís something thatís going to be down a pipeline before this disaster thatís gonna happen. Hopefully this summer, but.

Missiles, Alien Invasions, And Blue Beam

Sherry: Yeah. Yeah, you know, lately this whole week theyíve beenótruckers have been moving equipment around the United States. Ground-to-air missiles. And so, to me, thatís a threat. I mean, moving around ground-to-air missiles?

Caller: Right.

Sherry: Seems to be theyíre more worried about an alien threat than, you know, towel-heads in the Saudi desert. I think they pushed that one up to be the next boogieman when theyíre actually looking for a much more extreme things like an alien invasion.

Caller: If it is an alien invasion thatís about to occur, do you believe itís real or is it Blue Beam, that Blue Beam Project?

Sherry: You know what? No, itís not Blue Beam yet, Ďcause weíre going to have some kind of instance with the aliens before Blue Beam comes, and itís going to be a hostile.

Caller: But why would Blue Beam come after the invasion?

Sherry: I donít know. Itís just the way the Codes go. Itís been this way forever, that there would be a hostile kind of run in in July with them, and then Blue Beamís always been in September.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: And so. You know, if we have a hostile attack this year in July with aliensóbecause the thing is, I donít know if itís going to be worldwide and people are going to know, or if itís something that happens in the background. But if it happens in July, then definitely weíre going to see action in September. I think theyíre hand-in-hand.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: If July comes and goes, and itís quiet, then I donít expect anything to happen in September. And so, Iím really, just every year, I watch for the month of July to see what happens.

Anything Going On With Japan Right Now?

Caller: Yeah. Iím more concerned about the slow end of this month, so. You donít have any more info with that, Japan going under the sea? ĎCause they got hit with a 6.7 yesterday, and they were thinking they were going to get hit with another tsunami. So, I donít know whatís going on over there.

Sherry: Yeah, you know, those people are justóthe whole islandís a ticking time bomb. The whole island is going to sink. And the Lordís been gracious making it as slow as it has been. I would have thought it would have happened much quicker, but itís a slower process. So they have time to get off that place. And the thing is, our military, you know, theyíre shipping families off the island to military bases, but theyíre shipping in MPs over there to guard the bases. So. You know.

Caller: Wow.

Sherry: Why are they shipping MPs over there to guard bases in the water and risking the lives of the MPs being sent there? And so. Doesnít make sense.

Thoughts On The USA Nuclear Plant Shutdown?

Caller: Crazy. And what do you think about this shutdown of the nuclear plant over here in the United States?

Sherry: Well theyíre already calling it a, you know, media blackout. Worse than Fukushima. I donít know. You donít know. I donít have any comments on it yet.

Caller: Okay.

More On The Madrid Fault Line

Sherry: I know theyíre now flooding North Dakota.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: Theyíre really trying to work out getting that Madrid fault line moving, arenít they? With all the flooding?

Caller: Thatís exactly what I was thinking. Thatís exactly what I was thinking, Sherry.

Sherry: ĎCause, from North Dakota all the way to Missouri theyíre really just trying to displace all that, all the water so that it moves those plates underneath. I mean, theyíre trying to trigger the Madrid.

Caller: How big of an earth[quake?] would you think this Madrid fault line will produce?

Sherry: Oh, itís been there forever, I guess. You know. You donít just create a fault line over night.

Caller: Oh, Ió

Sherry: But the line goes all the way to Canada. If you look on a map of the fault line, itís like Toronto all the way to the Persian Gulf. [] So. Theyíre huge.

Caller: Yeah. Butó

Sherry: It encompasses across the entire country.

Caller: But if you told me that it was inactive all this time, and then it was to go off right now, how big of an earthquake would you think it would produce?

Sherry: Oh, I think it could beóyou know, itís like the sergeants have all said, an earthquake on the east coast of the United States is much more damaging than one on the west coast, because the west coast just has, you know, so much more cushion, I guess youíd say. More mountains. More deserts. In the East coast, everythingís more heavily populated. And if something happens in Missouri, you can feel it all the way to New York, I guess.

Caller: Wow.

Sherry: And so. It could be very devastating. It would be much more damage if it happened on the Madrid than it would if an earthquake happened in Colorado. If an earthquake happens in Coloradoóor California, it affects California. An earthquake happens in Missouri, it affects everything all the way to New York here. So. Much more damaging.

Caller: Thatís crazy. Well, what can I say? Timeóyou think itís time to go underground or into space? You gotta do something. You canít stay here.

Sherry: Yeah, well people are justóyou know, keep your eyes focused on the Lord. Iím notóI donít fear any of these things coming. But I donít necessarily, you know, feel the need of heading across the country on vacation, either. I think people need to start hunkering down and stocking up as they can and getting orgone out as they can.

Caller: Yeah. Yeah.

Sherry: Alright. Well thanks for calling in.

Caller: Alright. Thank you, Sherry.

Sherry: Alright. Yah bless.

Caller: You too.

[call ends]

Watching For Nebraska And Earthquakes

Sherry: Hello, caller. Youíre on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: Iím the one that called you from Iowa. And youíre right. Itís been a summer with no summer. Itís been rainy, cold, 60ís here. No sun.

Sherry: Donít you love it? We had that for like three months.

Caller: Like you said a long time ago. The summer with no summer.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: And I tell everybody that, but no one listens to me. But been watching that Nebraska thing of the nuclear plant.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Wondering if theyíll set that off, or whatísóif it will breach or whatever. I donít know. Iíve just been watching the earthquakes and, yeah, about Japan, and I think the USGS hides all the earthquakes, because I donítóthey donít report them as big as they are. And they turn them to yellow right after they happen, like theyíve been, so people donít pay attention to them.

Sherry: Yeah. Well, nobody pays attention to earthquakes unless you feel it under your feet, anyway.

Caller: No, mostóno. Iím waiting for Nebraska to have one, but.

Sherry: Iím waiting for the whole area. But I donít think itís gonna happen. I think itíll happen when crap starts to hit the fan. Letís put it that way. When the aliens do arrive, when Iranís Mahdi does arriveóI think Maitreya might pull it off still. Still arrive. Thatís when youíre going to see the Lordís wrath on the Earth, and thatís when youíre going to start seeing really destructions here. His Judgment.

Caller: I know the earthquakeís have been getting bigger. And theyíve been talking about the Earthís cracks and stuff in Michigan. And people have been feeling like theyíre, you know, tipped over walking, kinda. Feeling like theyíre off balance.

Sherry: Eh, really?

Nancy Leiber Ė And Grey Mouthpiece

Caller: Yeah. I guess. I donít know. Do youówhat do you think about the Zetas? I donít ever listen to them. I like Earth Changes [], which I believe, but I donít know about the Zetas.

Sherry: ÖSadists? [callerís pronunciation was hard to hear at first]

Caller: Zetas?

Sherry: Zetas. Oh, Zetas.

Caller: Yes.

Sherry: Nancy Lieder. ZetaTalk. []

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: You know, sheís aó

Caller: I donít knowÖ

Sherry: Itís kind of funny, because, okay, Iím a mouthpiece for the Lord.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: And IóHe has me work with the Bible Codes and as He leads me. Well, sheís a mouthpiece for the greys.

Caller: Oh.

Sherry: And so, she talks as they give her info and lead her.

Caller: Yeah. Yeah. I donít ever pay attention to that. I just watch Earth Changes, and I wondered about that. I didnít getóI never pay attention to that because I just donít believe that. And I just pay attention more to the things that are happening here on Earth, like Earth Changes.

Sherry: Yeah.

Miscellaneous Thoughts Ė Japan, Joplin, Movies, Rain, UFOs, Quakes, And Web-bots

Caller: So, yeah. Itís been kind of quiet in the Gulf. So, yeah, I dunno. I think itís been kindaó

Sherry: Usually when theyíre quiet theyíre plotting.

Caller: Itís been no earthquakes down that way. You donít hear anything, just like Japan. You donít hear much about that or Joplin anymore, and it gets really weird.

Sherry: Yeah. For as much action thatís going on, itís Joplin that disappeared from the news real quick.

Caller: Yeah, it did.

Sherry: Which is theyíre probably trying to hush it up and hide stuff. They go onto something else. You know, bring out the celebrities, bring out Britney Spears, just bring out the distractions. Get everybody looking at something else and thinking about something else rather than what the real news is.

Caller: Now, last night I watched the movie Battle for Los Angeles. Iíd never seen that before, and for some reason I wanted to see it. And they gave the date it happened, like September 12th, or something like that, 2011 in that movie that that happened. [NT: It was August 12th in the movie.]

Sherry: Thatís actually a viable date for their Blue Beam project, but that would be more affecting us and Jerusalem more so than L.A. So. But sometimes you know, theyíll put something in to be entertaining.

Caller: Oh, I know. But I was just saying Ďcause Iíd just watched that movie, and yeah.

Sherry: Big and entertaining. More like New York than L.A. could be attacked in July here.

Caller: We havenít had any chemtrails this way. Thatís a good thing.

Sherry: Thatís good.

Caller: All weíve had is cold and rain, so I dunno.

Sherry: Yeah. Youíre getting Seattle in Iowa.

Caller: I think so. Might as well close the pools.

Sherry: Yeah, we were getting, actually getting sun. We had sun for a couple weeks. Actual weeks. Never back to rain an inch.

Caller: Yeah, weíve had a lot of rain but no flooding yet here. But yeah. Just been listening to your show, and I hadnít heard that about the zombies and that whole thing. Itís very interesting.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: I havenít heard anything on any big UFO sightings. Have you lately? Like, massive ones, oró?

Sherry: Didnít somebody post a video on YouTube about a UFO armada over here in the United States? Theyíre just so frequent I donít even post them. Thereís nothing to talk about. [laughs]

Caller: Yeah, you donít hear much about that anymore, or the things about the control towers, people falling asleep, and people talking crazyólike all the news people. This kind of all passed real fast.

Sherry: Oh, yeah. All the news people being affected by electromagnetic cages and just losing it. Judge Judy.

Caller: I havenít heard anything since that, so.

Sherry: I donít think there was more after her.

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: You know, this is gonna be like They Live. You know, one day all these people are going to lose their cloaking, and people are going to see these people for the aliens that they are. So. They Live.

Caller: I donít want to take much of your time, but I just watch Earth Changes, and they have picked up the quakes a little bit. And whatís going on in Washington? Theyíve been having a lot of quakes up there.

Sherry: Washington state?

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Ah. I donítóyou know. That wholeóitís on the Pacific Rim. That whole Pacific Rimís gonna blow.

Caller: Yeah. Yellowstone looks quiet. That theyíve shown, anyway.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: How do you know when to believe people are heading to those shelters? Because youíd think, you know, the elite would want to go this soon, you know?

Sherry: They always are. Yeah, theyíre always running, you know? I feel a real peace and calm, so. You know? I donít know.

Caller: Well, I donít think I want to take up anymore of your time, but Iím always interesting in hearing all the recent news. You know, things in the news orówhat about the WebEyes [web-bots]? Do you believe in that? Do you believe that they can tell, oró?

Sherry: Nah. I just think they go to my websites and troll Ďem and see what Iíve been talking about. [laughs]

Caller: I just wondered about that. I usually keep up on that, and I havenít for a long time, and I just wondered.

Sherry: I havenít either. I think I heard about them last year, and I thought it was amusing back then. ĎCause they seem to just go along with what everybody else has been warning about. It wasnít anything different.

Caller: They say they knew all this before it did happen, and how are we gonna know that?

Sherry: I think they just go on everybody elseís websites. Thatís what website web-bots do. They patrol whatís being talked about on the Internet, and then they rank it in a value.

Caller: Oh. OhÖ Okay. Well, good luck and keep your show going.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Thank you.

Sherry: ĎOkay. Buh-bye.

Caller: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

Caller Calls In With Info On Joplin

[TN: This next caller had really, really bad reception, and it was very difficult to make out what she was saying in certain places. This section has been transcribed as accurately as possible, but mistakes may have been made.]

Sherry: Hello, caller. Youíre on the air.

Caller: Hi, Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Hi. Diane from Arkansas.

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Yeah, I heard you talk about if anybody knows anything about Joplin, Missouri.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Yeah, weíve got some information that comes right from someone who was there. Two fellas went up there with their trucks loaded with people, and they were redirected from away from the area because thereís a mold taking over Joplin.

Sherry: Theyíre a what?

Caller: A mold? Thereís a mold thatís taking over Joplin, the area that the tornadoóthat passes the tornado. Itís something they canít kill. Itís gotten on everybodyís shoes and theyíre carrying it everywhere. Thatís what was brought from these other customers now. Have you heard anything about this mold?

Sherry: No. Um. There wasóyeah, there was a fungus. I was talking about that last week or so. There was a fungus that was found affecting the people. And see, I think this is just clever ways of talking about this zombie virus. He called that flesh-eating disease fungus. Because theyíre saying the people that died, died of this flesh-eating disease. Well, whatís necrosis, you know?

Caller: Yeah. There are some flesh-eaters that canít be stopped with antibiotics. One of themís called MRSA. M-R-S-A. Thatís oneóI canít think of the rest of itóbut they canít kill that.

Sherry: MRSA is a huge bio-warfare thing thatís been going on for the past two years. People getting infected with MRSA, and supposedlyówhat is it?óboils as an effect of that? Boils. And it takes a really long time to get rid of MRSA.

Caller: Yeah. Theyíre shutting down lots of people just because of MRSA.

Sherry: Yeah, huge problem. Lots of people have had it. They got struck with it.

Caller: Yup. My husband did, in fact. He had it, and we prayed, and he doesnít have it.

Sherry: Yeah. And theyíll tell you itís a huge pandemic, but then you donít hear about it in the news.

Caller: Thatís right. But itís a huge problem in [inaudible]. Doctors use the same stethoscope, spreading it apparently.

Sherry: Yeah. And I donít think thatís the zombie thing. I think thatís something else, obviously. But huge. Itís just a huge pandemic thatís been going on in silent in the background because theyíre pretty silent about it. Yeah, itís almost like they only pick the ones that are created by them to instill fear and panic so everybody goes to the vaccines against it.

Caller: Yeah, this mold thatís happening in Joplin hasnít been identified. They canít verify anything. The fellas who came back had to burn all their clothes and their shoes because it could spread that way. Wherever it touches, it canóitís so invasive that not even mites kill it. ĎCause usually most [inaudible]. But this thing is serious. So if it is here, this zombie virus, [inaudible].

Sherry: Well, they were talking about, right after the tornado had hit, that they were using it to spread bio-warfare.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: That the whole thing was about bio-warfare. So, then you start hearing about people getting this flesh-eating disease.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: But this was a couple weeks, a week or two after the tornado had even hit, that they were even admitting that thereís aó

Caller: Yeah, you donít even hear anything on it anymore.

Sherry: Yeah. The media was really hush-hush about it. They all had a secret morgue before those reports even come out. And so. Itís something that had to have worked real quick. Know what Iím saying? Flesh-eating diseasesóit had to have happened really, really quick and affect a lot of people for them to all the sudden set up a morgue to want to hide bodies and body counts.

Caller: Well, and the other back point is, hardly testing it and using Joplin as the testing grounds. Thatísó

Sherry: Exactly. You know? Exactly. Guinea pigs. Testing grounds.

Caller: And now the people that are coming or going there to get supplies and money are being turned away. So, we just think itís an interesting turn of events at Joplin. People keep being turned around, and I donít know how. The mediaísó

Sherry: What youíve never heard exactly from them is how many were affected. How many were killed. How many people lived there. How many, you know, homes were destroyed. Where the survivors are now. Where are they? You donít hear anything.

Caller: There wonít be a database online for us, thatís for sure. FEMA [inaudible].

Satanists In Missouri

Sherry: And so many of those areas in Missouri are so heavily populated by Satanists. I mean, they really just take over entire areas in Missouri. Very, very dense with Satanism in Missouri.

Caller: And they have them in [inaudible], the same amount as Joplin, 75 miles southeast, and thatís been increasing. More reports, more reports. Thatís the only way you can find itóis online. [next few sentences caller says are inaudible]

Sherry: Yeah, even the Mormons have a backup city in Missouri. A backup temple.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: I remember planning an orgone mission there a couple years ago with warriors, getting that area done because the Mormons had a back up temple in Missouri.

Caller: Oh. Yeah.

Sherry: It never ends.

Watching Planet X Come In

Caller: People get stopped and people have left and keep going all the way to Utah. [inaudible] John Smith and all of those groups have a letter they sent. Something else I wanted to ask you. Well, more something to report. I saw three UFOs this week alone. Iíve got my telescope aimed at PX. Theyíre a really big rock now, or a starówhatever. 700 millimeters, I tell everybody out there if youíreóif thatís something you got for Christmas and itís got a 700 millimeter lens on it, thatís very short. Thatís small compared to outer space. So I look at 3:15 AM, 6:15 AM every morning to see if itís out there. I remember people saying last year if anyoneís seeing [inaudible] a few changes on its face if you have a face. I sent you a copy of what I drew, and itís gotten very definitive as it is.

Sherry: It [PX] looks like a tombstone.

Caller: A tombstone, exactly. But more so it looks like the face of a demon. A demon face. Iím not kidding you. I wish people could really see this Ďcause they say, ďOh, thatís just a star out there.Ē And itís not! Thatís definitely a demon face.

Sherry: Is it white or red?

Caller: Itís grey. Granite grey.

Sherry: GreyÖ

Caller: Grey. Granite. Like a tombstone. Itís chiseled.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Itís chiseled like it was formed that way. But we know that itísóit took us a while to figure this out, but itís about the size of Jupiter. Itís going to pass us in about 13 [15?] million miles. But Sherry, I had mentioned to you, I know youíre [inaudible]. You had it right. You had it downloaded. I had it downloaded this thing about the dark star a few months ago. We put downóI think you put up when Planet X hits in the Bible Codes, and it came up ďdeliverer,Ē ďcourier,Ē ďpassage.Ē And what it is, is this big part of it is probably going to snap off of it and head to our Earth. [inaudible] but I know darn well because I see the things that are going to be delivered. The right thing, on the left hand side is probably going to be lost and itís going to be half the size and make a grand landing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: But you have it in your Bible Codes.

Sherry: Yeah. I was looking at them. In the last show I was gonna talk about Planet X, but maybe Iíll just talk about itóIíve been kind of putting it off until next month.

Caller: Oh. Right.

Sherry: But Iím going to be talking about Planet X a little bit more next month, and so.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: Yeah, I have Codes on PX on [] if people want to go see it.

Caller: Yeah, right here. Youíve got the Codes. I donít have Ďem. Youíve got the Codes. I just wanted to report that in to people, if folks can go out and look at it. I look at it all the time. I even look at it just to see it. Take it out of focus, you can see the eyes and the mouth, the lips on the mouth, and itís not a star, people. I mean, really.

Sherry: Yeah, itís really many things up there. ĎCause I always see this granite tombstone thing in the Codes.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: I see other objects as well. Of course, we know Sedna and Toutatis, this otheróthe moons of Nibiru coming with it. And so. You know, itís very interesting. And Iím going to talk about it a lot more next month, and.

Caller: Yeah, Ió

Sherry: Anyway, thanks for calling in! I got a minute left. I gotta wrap it up.

Caller: Buh-bye.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks for calling in. Buh-bye.

Caller: Bye.

[call ends]

So many different objects coming in, folks. Like I said, I canít keep up with Ďem. But very interesting. And so. Anyway. Iíll be back Monday night at 10 oíclock on BlogTalkRadio. Whatever the Lord leads me to talk about.

Anyway. Until then, everybody.

Yah Bless.

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