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Thursday June 30th, 2011

Aliens In The News

And hello, everybody. You’re live. It’s Thursdays with Sherry Shriner and Aliens in the News. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at (877) 245-5648. Yes, there’s no loud, obnoxious buzz on my phone. They finally fixed my phone, but now my hearing’s about halfway gone. So I don’t hear very well. [laugh] So if you call in, speak loud so I can hear.

Mimas, Moon Of Saturn, Is Showing Up A Lot Lately In The Codes

Anyway. A couple of things that I wanted to talk about that I found in the Codes that’s pretty interesting. I know the whole Saturn thing is a big planet with the occultists and Satanists, and Satan has a temple there. And, you know, Satan has a temple everywhere, folks. Every planet. Every city. Every metropolis area, Satan has a temple there. But in particular, Saturn is like his home planet now that his one before [Rahab -] had been completely destroyed, and what’s known as our asteroid belt now—photon belt—whatever it’s called. Anyway, the reason I’m talking about Saturn is because I’ve been seeing Mimas come up in the codes a lot now. And Mimas is the Death Star depicted in Star Wars. It’s in almost all of their series. You can go to Wikipedia and put in Mimas. M-I-M-A-S. [] And what strikes me about Mimas is, you know, in Star Wars it’s a Death Star, and it has this huge, crater-like area. Looks like a huge crater on the side of a huge rock, this planet, and can supposedly shoot out all these—destroy planets with their beams. And if you look at it, it looks like an eyeball. If you look at pictures of Mimas from a distance, it looks like an eyeball. And interesting, because I always see in the Codes this eyeball. You’ve all heard “the all-seeing eye.” And there’s also one on the south pole of Saturn, and the area pretty much resembles an eyeball. An eye. While the North pole resembles a hexagon of Saturn. [TN: The North Pole and South Pole of Saturn -] Then you’ve got Mimas that looks like an eye. And you’ve got satellites in space and objects in space that look—that NASA has caught photographs of that looks like an eye.

Everybody In Satan’s Kingdom Is Chip Implanted And Controlled ‘Cause Satan Isn’t Omniscient Or Omnipresent

You know, to me—you know, sitting down here and all, their eye in the sky could be satellites, cause they have all these satellites. I mean, they have satellites for everything. All these black projects, they all depend on satellites. And I’ve told you that Satan was heavily dependent on technology to run his kingdom, because he’s not omniscient, omnipresent, not all-knowing, can’t be everywhere at once. So, he relies on technology to run his kingdom, and chip implanting. All of these fallen beings, these aliens in space, what we know of as “fallen angels” and their offspring, and Lilith and her offspring, they’re all chip implanted. ‘Cause they’re all controlled and run basically by a hive-mind. Even the Ashtar Command, Maitreya and Sananda and Lady Gaga—er, not Lady Gaga. Lady Magda. [laughs] She might as well; she sings for Gaga all the time. Lady Magda and this whole council, they’re all chip implanted. They’re all controlled. There’s no freedom of thought. And those who do have it and run, they’re always running because if they get caught, he’s going to torture them and destroy them. They’re not a unified kingdom by any means. There are many factions that fight against each other. And Satan allows this, because he still controls everybody. He’s still the top dog. No matter how much these factions think they’re in control of themselves or whatever, Lucifer’s still the top dog. He always will be. And so.

I found it interesting because getting into this technology stuff that we’re dealing with in these Last Days—the Telsa deathrays. The deathbeams. And we see technology coming from the Moon that’s beaming down on the Earth. And what I’m seeing is, it’s not just from the Moon, but from this Mimas, this moon of Saturn’s, this Death Star. It also has these deathrays and deathbeams, and you wonder if Tesla didn’t understand that already, and that’s how he mimics the technology that eventually was stolen from him. He wanted to use it for good, but they stole it from him to use it for evil and bad, just like they stole Reich’s orgone and [coughs] made DOE [dead orgone energy] orgone to use it for bad.

They Try To Suffocate And Give Sherry Heart Attacks To Shut Her Up

I can’t hear. I can’t talk. Now I can’t breathe. This is gonna be an interesting show. So just hang in there with me, folks. There must be a witches circle around somewhere and they want to strangle me. You can always feel the throat start to tighten, and you can’t breathe. They get mad when you start talking about certain things. Tch. They just get mad when I start talking. [laugh] If they can’t sabotage my phone and my internet service, they’ll attack my breathing or something, you know, my hearing or something. They’re just always going after something. Never a dull moment. And so. Anyway. Just a heads up, because I like you to know where our attacks are coming from and what we need to be watching out for.

Our Surrounding Planets Are Actually Very Beautiful And Livable

And so. Mimas, the moon of Saturn, something to be looking into, other than just a moon itself. I was looking at a picture the other day. Amateur astronomers. You gotta love ‘em ‘cause, you know, NASA—Nauseating—they always want you to think that they’re the ultimate source, the final say, on what’s in space. And all they are is the final say on what can be photoshopped from space. They never show you the real pictures. If people had a clue, then we wouldn’t need amateur astronomers to start taking photos and uploading them to the internet. Because Mars is—they always depict Mars and the Moon and all these other planets as drab, dry, dead places. Please. These planets have forests. They have lakes. They’re livable. I mean, come on. But when NASA gets through with them and through with their air brushing, all we see is a drabby, gray, rock, dust-covered planet. Where Mars is a red planet with no life, but little green men, little aliens. And it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve talked to people who’ve been on Mars, and there are many bases on Mars. I’ve talked about it several times in my shoes for years now. America’s very popular on Mars. We have several bases there. And I’ll tell you, there’s mountains there. There’s trees. They go out, out of the bases, and go out on the landscape and go hiking and, you know? And so. These planets are very livable. They’re not what they tell us they are.

America Is Totally Controlled – In Thought And In Crappy Architecture

They always want to control what we think. Always controlling what we think so you don’t know anything. I mean, if you grew up in America—I’ve grown up in America for 45 years now, and you would still think that the Mexicans still rely on outhouses for restrooms. That’s how our media portrays Mexico. How our media portrays the Arabs is camel-jockeys with towels on their heads. You wouldn’t know, other than seeing how the Arabs live, that those countries have vast amounts of wealth, have beautiful architectural buildings and cities. Have you ever seen pictures of Tehran, some of these cities inside Iran? Gorgeous! Where—the architecture they have is stunning. How come our engineers are 1000 light years behind the engineering going on in other countries? Ever notice that? When they put up a building in America, it’s four walls, straight, with a million windows. They’re no design. There’s no beauty to them. They’re just blah. Just, you know, straight up four wall structures. Then you look at these buildings, these engineering feats in these Arab countries and you’re like, “Wow. Beautiful.” We’re so far behind in times, folks. So far behind. But that’s simply because they plan on destroying America. So they don’t invest in it and build it up because they plan on destroying it. And they’re doing a good job of it. Obama’s job was to destroy America, and he hasn’t stopped one day trying to destroy it. Neither did Bush.

New July Matrix On A Coronary Apparatus Demonstration

Another thing I saw in the Codes that was interesting, and this is for the month of July, and it’s a matrix I was working on—just kind of appeared out of a Code I was working on for Joplin, Missouri. And I see this July matrix over in the corner of the Codes and started working on that. Some of terms I found: “demonstration,” “drama,” “July,” “coronary,” “apparatus,” “cripple.” Now this is the second or third time I’ve seen this “coronary apparatus” come up in the Codes. And, you know. I’ve seen it last year, seen it this year. Usually when something starts to appear more and more in the codes it’s coming up. It’s becoming more dominant because it’s coming up. What kind of demonstration? Now, these coronary apparatus Codes, for those of you who have no idea, they have ELF weapons— ELF weapons, microwave weapons, beam weapons, tech weapons. They can beam you with these and stop your heart from beating. They can give you a heart attack and kill you in a second if they hit you with these beams. That’s why it’s called a coronary apparatus. They give you a heart attack. So what kind of big demonstration are they planning for in July? One of their big intimidation techniques? Possibly. “Look how much more advanced in technology we are. We can kill you from space.” This is demonstration and drama. There’s going to be some kind of demonstration.

Does “Cripple” Mean Us Or Them?

What I—what concerns me, what makes me laugh a little, is the word “cripple.” Now, this can go both ways. Is it their apparatus that cripples us, or, as usual, which I’m beginning to really love to see in the Codes, is our orgone going to cripple their demonstration so they can’t fulfill it? Wouldn’t be the first time orgone destroys all their stuff. It malfunctions their ships. It destroys their plans. They have to go from Plan A to Plan C and D. Heavily dependent on the chemtrails to pull off their Blue Beam projects and their holographic arrivals, and now they can’t do it ‘cause the chemtrails won’t stick, ‘cause the orgone around the world is preventing the chemtrails from doing it. I mean, you gotta laugh. And so, here comes July. It’s June 30th right now, but here comes July, and they want to pull off some kind of demonstration of this heart attack machine or beam. Hmm. I don’t know if they’ll pull it off. I don’t know if this “cripple” means we stop it, or—I guess we’ll find out. But interesting that they’re planning it. So it’s planned. Demonstration.

But it wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve planned stuff that has been stuffed, completely stuffed—you ask anybody out there among the Satanists world, the hybrid world, anybody that knows anything about what’s going on in the background, on what’s going on and why they’re taking so long, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: delays. They’re being stopped from coming. They’re being stopped from this. They’re being stopped from that. They’re being delayed. And you know what it all comes down to? Orgone. The orgone is decimating them, delaying them, keeping them from coming. Because what they spend all these years and institutes and plans to prepare a certain way, prepare a certain route of how they wanted to present themselves to the world, and we’ve taken it away from them. So, pat yourself on the back, warriors. We’ve taken it away from ‘em. So, now they gotta come up with different plans, different ways.

Maitreya Is In Limbo But Can’t Be Counted Out Yet

Maitreya is not completely out of the picture yet. He’s kind of in limbo. He’s—let me see how they say it. Kind of got confirmation on this from people who know a little bit about what’s going on in the background. He’s kind of dead. He’s kind of like in between the dimensions and not really alive but not really dead. He’s kind of in limbo. They don’t know if he’s going to make it or not. And so, that’s why I’m seeing so much in the Codes about him because they don’t know if he’s going to live or not. That’s why one minute, they raise up Raj Patel to kind of schmooze him into the public’s persona so that if they need to pull him out and use him, they have him already kind of introduced with people on who and what he is, because they don’t know if the real Maitreya’s gonna be able to pull it out and make it here. And so, they’re kind of heading to Plan B, C, which is Patel. So very interesting to see if he does pull it out and make it, because the orgone’s killing him.

Our Orgone Is Decimating Their UFOs

I mean, these aliens, folks, these fallen beings, are so decimated by the orgone I can’t emphasize it enough what it does. It burns them. It destroys them from the inside out. It crashes their ships. You see what it does to their ships. They’ve been losing thousands, tens of thousands of UFOs. And of course, the media calls it “meteorites” ‘cause they don’t want to admit they’re UFOs. And we haven’t even begun to see the real numbers of those that have been crashing over the years. Just the huge ships that make a huge impact when they crash and you see the light flash across the sky because they’re huge ships. What about all the little ones that have crashed they don’t make mention of? You know? They aren’t even big enough to even be a small meteorite rock. [laugh] I don’t know what qualifies to be a meteorite rock. I guess it depends on the flash across the sky. But many don’t even flash, they just crash. And so. Very, very amusing that, you know, the biggest detriment to them is the orgone. So keep getting it out, folks. Keep getting it out.

The Joplin, Missouri Zombie Outbreak

You know, I’ve been looking in Codes at Joplin, Missouri because I just—every fiber in my being tells me that the whole thing was over a zombie outbreak in Joplin. And so. Did the tornado come before or after? Did it bring—I mean, they want you to think that this fungus virus in Joplin, Missouri was actually brought by the tornadoes, and it was afflicting survivors. But I just—I don’t know. I just, I think it came before. I think it was a problem then and the tornado was kind of like an after-the-fact to just get rid of them, to fight against the zombies that were there. I don’t know. Either route could play out. If the tornado did bring in bio-warfare, then they’re testing to see how effective it is being brought in by tornadoes. Because what I also see is that Joplin’s like a practice site. Like a test site. Now, they know how to give tornadoes. You can ask all the way across the south from Alabama to North Carolina. They were targeted all the way through tornado month in April. 1000 tornadoes in this country in April. So they know how to give tornadoes. They’re not practicing tornadoes. So what was special about Joplin, Missouri that they were practicing on? Mixing bio-warfare in tornado clouds and having it rip through a city, a town? How effective it is to give people this zombie virus?

And you know what? This zombie virus comes in so many ways, folks. Like I said, they never depend on one route for anything. And I warned up you the ying when H1N1 was big to stay away from that vaccine because they had the undead virus in that vaccine and every vaccine since. It had that undead virus. And they’ll get you by the vaccines. And they’ll get you by the chemtrails. And now they’re using tornadoes as a route, a means, a way, a method to get this virus in the air to people because this zombie virus, this undead virus, is an airborne virus. And it’s also one you can get through vaccines and shots. So I think they’re just testing various ways of spreading this zombie virus.

The Lord Has Warned His People Away From Taking Vaccinations And Shots

You know, the Lord says stay away from vaccines and shots. He’s warning us. The Bible Codes call ‘em pure poison. You can look at my website And it talks about their whole agenda for vaccines to change your DNA. It’s also used for population control. They give you cancers. They give you tumors. They’re pretty much ensuring that when you’re born, and you get these vaccines, that you’re not going to live past a certain age. You know?

They Showed The Vaccination Agenda On The X-Files Years Ago

I thought I saw this on X-Files many years ago. What was it, back in the 80’s when the X-Files was big? And I didn’t watch the show ever week. Was never a faithful watcher of it, but I would watch the show ever once in a while. And they had this one show where it was showing a big warehouse and it had all these vaccines in the warehouse and they were labeled by batch numbers. And they also kept records of who was given what shot from what batch. Because in various batches they would test for different things like one batch would get one cancer, another batch would get another cancer, some batches would get nothing. You want to mix it up, you know, you wanted to make it look like it’s spontaneous, folks. You don’t want everybody in, you know, one area to get one thing. You wanna mix it up.

But they use them as bio-warfare tactics against people—keep the population down. Make sure you’re dead before you can retire so you’re not draining the government to get back the social security you spent your entire life paying into. They don’t want you reaching social security age. And in America right now, you probably aren’t going to. I think it’s 69 now to retire. And usually by then, 70 years and on, you’re on government aid and—you know? There’s no doubt about it you’re on some kind of medical care. You know? But they’ve—that’s what they’re really pumping out with all these vaccines now. Population control. Bio-warfare. Using the people as guinea pigs. Testing things on people. So that will be interesting for July. A demonstration. I wonder who their demonstration’s gonna be. I love it when there’s death codes on me again. That would be amusing.

Don’t Come Against Sherry, Folks; You Will Die

And I already had it once when I—what? Back in March? March 17th they practically stopped my heart. I was in so much pain. Couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t move. Bunch of warlocks on Mount Hermon. I thought it was Nevada. I just kept feeling dirt and rocks and something like you’ve—Nevada. But here it was Mount Hermon. So it must have been a lot of these fallen angels, these occultists together at Mount Hermon, which is located in northern Israel. It’s on the border of Lebanon. It is the original mountain where the angels, the Watchers, fell. And from that same place is where they all gathered together on March 17th and tried to kill me with their little voodoo tactics. Yeah, I’m still here. And I could probably number about 10 to 20 or 50 of them that aren’t. Don’t come against me, folks. You will die. Fair warning. I’ve said it before, I’m not going to play nice. People come against me, they want to hurt me, they’re gonna die. I’m not going to play around. They’re going to go to the Abyss. And if they’re astral projectors, they’re going to lose their cords and go to the Abyss with ‘em. The demons that help them are going to go to the Abyss with them. And they just never learn. I’ve been going through this for years. Years. And when they’re quiet, they’re plotting. And it’s been quiet lately, so I know they’re plotting.

They’re Still Licking Their Wounds Over Lima, Ohio

They’re still kind of licking their wounds over paybacks for the March death attack on me when we got them back by getting their huge metropolis area underneath Lima, OH. Huge underground base there. Giant’s base, alien base. Kind of like the Taj Mahal of underground bases I guess you could say. Huge resort. Kind of like a vacation spot. Very ancient for them, I guess. And now it’s decimated. They’ve had to leave it. Many of them died. Still dying—sick and dying because of our attack against that base. And they’ve had to leave it. So, still kind of licking their wounds over that one and planning what they’re going to do next. And so.

Check Out Sherry’s Codes – She Never Takes Them Down…

You know, I’ve warned about the month of July for years, folks. You can look at my Codes on Spent all of my time re-uploading all of my graphics for that website. And I had no idea there’s like 5000 graphics and Codes on that website. 5000. And I had posted Codes on their years ago. I think it was for 2004. But folks, just because a year’s posted doesn’t mean it’s over. It just means its delayed, pushed off. Maybe it was canceled, but I’ve never seen canceled. So that’s why they’re still there. Any Code that’s still on my site—and I’ve never taken any off that I know of. I leave them up, even if I did them back in 2001, 2003, because if they didn’t happen then they can always come back later down the road and happen. Time is not a finality thing here, especially when you’re dealing with Codes, because time is irrelevant. I just try to give people a, you know, “Hey, this came up in the Codes for 2003. Could happen this year, maybe not.” You know? Time is the least relevant thing out of a Code, period, because there’s always multiple times for any event that’s gonna happen. Always multiple times. And even so, the event could just go off into oblivion.

…Because As Events Change, The Hows And Whens Of Each Code Can Change

As we change routes, as we change leaders because we have free will, then you’ll see events just drop off the books, drop out of the Codes, because it would have happened if Hilary Clinton was elected President. This woulda happened if she was elected President. This is what would have happened if John Edwards was elected President. If Al Gore was elected president, that woulda happened. But now that we have Obama, are these events canceled? Are they still gonna happen? What’s exactly going to happen with Obama? Does that mean all the events that were seen in the Codes before are canceled? We have no way of knowing. No way of knowing. You know? Routes change, but sometimes even on the same routes events can still happen. So that’s why I leave it up. That’s why I leave ‘em up. It’s not a writing in stone kinda thing. It’s not a “thus saith the Lord” prophecy when you’re looking at a Bible Code.

The Word “Rapture” In The Codes Almost Always Refers To An Alien Abduction

You know, what makes me laugh is all these amateur decoders who try to find rapture dates in the Codes. [laughs] And I tried to kick that in the butt years ago because one of those rapture boards on the Internet was posting, “Oh, look, there’s a rapture!” and they gave a date. They found it in the Codes, and it was a date, and it said “rapture.” What they don’t find, ‘cause they don’t bother to look is “phony,” “fake,” “falsehood,” “delayed,” “postponed,” “fairytale.” They don’t tell you the words associated with those kinds of Codes. Because when I see “rapture” in the Bible Codes, I see it in regards to aliens abducting people off the Earth, not the Lord taking His people off the Earth. That’s not even a word that He—that would be used by Him. When He takes the Elect, different words are used. Not “rapture.” That’s whatever. That is what it is. It’s a modern term. But every time you see that in the Codes, it’s almost always, about 99.95 percent, about aliens abducting humans off of the Earth. And I wrote an article on that on my articles page []—I have them on my websites—about the fake rapture that’s coming. And it’s nothing but a huge, alien abduction. [Will Satan Create His Own Fake Rapture?] And you can’t even call it an abduction because all these people are willing going to go to these meet sites, these areas where the UFOs are gonna take them off into the UFOs. They voluntarily go.

People Will Willingly Get Onto UFOs And Be Taken Straight To Hell

Why? Because they’ve been promised on all their little message boards on the Internet that they’re going to be taken off to safety because there’s gonna be a time of “cleansing” coming upon the Earth. And so, to avoid being harmed by this cleansing, they’re going to be whisked off. They’re going to be taken off the Earth and protected. That’s what these New Agers are told. And they believe it. They believe it. And many are gonna believe it. They already do, because many are going to get on these UFOs willingly. And they’re going to be chopped up. Put in freezers. Put in meat lockers. Taken straight to Hell. What’s the book? Divine Revelation of Hell? [] She talks about seeing UFOs landing in Hell with all these people un-boarding the UFOs, getting off the UFOs. Yeah. They’re not going to no “areas of protection” and “areas of safety.” They’re gonna be destroyed. And they’ll even make it look convincing for the Earth. They’ll, “Oh, you gotta come up and help us do this and do that!” and, you know, give them all assignments and make them feel official and make a big deal out of all these people getting on the UFOs. You know? Heh. All for show. All for media. And off they go, straight to Hell.

If You See A UFO, Use Your Orgone Against It

Sometimes you just can’t, as loud as you yell, as loud as you scream, you can’t knock sense into these people not to get on the UFOs. They’re not our friends, folks. If you see a UFO, run. If you don’t have an orgone pipe or orgone to hold at it, run. If you have an orgone pipe, just hold it straight at that UFO. It’ll crash it. Make it malfunction. Wilhelm Reich describes in his own PDF, and I have it on my website, the effect orgone has on UFOs. The lights flicker on and off, they act like they’re malfunctioning, and then they disappear because they crash into the 4th Dimension realm. Or they crash in our realm if they can’t get back to their realm. It’s the same effect we see today with our orgone on the UFOs. The lights flicker on and off, they malfunction. Then they either just disappear or you see a flash of light. It crashes ‘em. It malfunctions them, folks. They’re not here to help mankind, and you always hear, “Oh, there’s friendly aliens. Oh these ones, the Pleiadians, are here to help us.”

You Can Tell A Soul-Scalped Person By Their Dead, Dark Eyes

The Pleiadians are here to help themselves to humans. They soul-scalp them. They soul-scalp them. All the people in the New Age that get so far up that they become “lightworkers”—they’re called lightworkers because they’re trying to mimic a Spirit-filled believer in the Most High, and so they call them lightworkers. And these are the ones that are ripe of getting soul-scalped. How can you tell? Look at their eyes. The eyes are a mirror of a person’s soul. When you look at their eyes, do you see nothingness, darkness, just a black hole? You don’t see the Spirit of God. Most of them have snake-slit eyes depending on their degree of being scalped or possessed. They’re all possessed. They all get possessed. That goes without saying. But if they get scalped they’re not, where their bodies are just completely taken over by an alien host. It happens to a lot of ‘em. Just look at their eyes. They have that reptilian look. The reptilian stare. And I have a page on my website on the reptilian stare which you recognize because you’ve seen it with people. [] You’ve seen it. Hitler had it. Lot of poets had it. A lot of celebrities have it, this reptilian stare. It’s this black, dead, mean, empty, hollow look. The reptilian stare. It’s why a lot of them wear sunglasses, so you can’t see their eyes. And a lot of them wear sunglasses because any kind of light—they’re very, very sensitive to light because they’re not real humans. They’re not real humans. The guy, the lead singer for Black Eyed Peas is from Mars, or so I’ve been told. That’s why he always wears glasses. You’ll never see his eyes. Most of them are not even human. Look at Little Wayne.

Armor-Plated Cars: The New Gas Guzzling Anti-Zombie Car For The Privileged Few

Oh, I was reading this,, and you’ve all heard about the beast that Obama drives, this heavily-fortified armored car. [] Well, apparently this is becoming in style now for the rich and the wealthy because everybody wants one that can afford one. Brad Pitt. Little Wayne. Jay-z. Couple others being mentioned other than these sultans of Arabia, these world leaders, all already have them because zombies can’t penetrate them. If you have a regular vehicle, I mentioned they can just break the glass and get into it. But if you have one of these fortified vehicles they can’t get into it. I guess the one who tested this one out found out how good these cars were. Was none other than Russian President Medvedev. In 2007, according to, he was in Mordovia—some country; I have no idea—and he was attacked by zombies. And his whole entourage left. They ran for protection. Got out of there, got killed, whatever. But he was left in his armored vehicle that he was in driving through that area, and the zombies that were there couldn’t get to him. So it’s about a day, and the next day some other help finally arrived to get him out of there. And this was happening in 2007. This was four years ago. And so, now the big thing is all these people that know what’s coming, that the zombie apocalypse is a part of it, are now preparing by buying these heavily armored vehicles. Brad Pitt. Hmm? You know, all the people that are really involved with the alien Satanic agenda. And it makes you sick.

Death Cults And Satanic Communities

You always hope, you’re always wondering, “Isn’t there anyone in Hollywood not involved?” You know? Dennis Quaid warned you about the Death Cult in Hollywood. It’s real. It exists. The Death Cult. He’s obviously not one of them, so there’s your hope that hey, somebody’s not involved, and now they’re after him wanting to kill him. Anybody who speaks out against them becomes up for this huge media discrediting and slamming like they’ve done Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan. MK Ultra girls wanting out, and so they slam them. Brad Pitt part of it, from a Satanist clan in Missouri, I’ve heard. And there’s so many clans in Missouri. I mean, that state alone they’re just everywhere. Communities of Satan worshipers in that state. And they’re in every state. Don’t get me wrong. They’re in every state. They’re all over Ohio. They’re all over Indiana. They’re all over New York, Florida, California. They’re everywhere, folks. They’re all just one big Satan club, and they’re warning you. Look at Little Wayne. He isn’t human either, and he’s singing all these songs. And Kanye West now stepping up to the plate singing about abductions. Katy Perry singing about having sex with an alien and wanting to be abducted, making it sound like it’s fun and cutesy to be abducted by an alien. Come on, folks. They’re all working the agenda now. They’ve all been taken over by them. And so, they know what’s coming. They know what’s coming. Now they’re all trying to prepare by million dollar vehicles.

People Sell Their Souls For Fame, Fortune, And Protection

It’s not going to protect them. You can’t hide. You can’t run from the Lord. Certainly can’t hide from His Judgment. You can think you are, but you’re not. Anybody who thinks that they’re going to be able to rely on the lies of Satan…—and he lies to all of them. You know? Like he did Rhianna and all the others. “Oh, sell your soul to me, and I’ll take care of you because the economy’s going to crash and everybody’s going to lose their money. But guess what? You’ll keep yours. I’ll make sure you keep yours. And I’ll be sure you’re protected, and you’re always wealthy, and you’re always famous, and you’re always just a super star.” You know, he appeals to every bit of fear and then every bit of greed that they have, and then promises to be the one that’s protecting them and protecting their money and, you know? And they sell their soul for that. You know? They don’t read the Bible very well. Satan’s the Father of Lies. [John 8:44] He lies to all of them. He’s not going to protect them.

Satan Doesn’t Get Your Soul Till You Die; You CAN Renounce Your Contract And Walk Away! You’re Aren’t Trapped. There IS A Way Out!

He just wants their soul, and once they sign the dotted line—but you know what? Even if they’ve signed the dotted line—and all these occults around the world want you to think that’s it. You’ve made a contract with Satan; that’s it. You’ve sold your soul; that’s it. Guess what? There’s a little clause in that contract, all those contracts they sign. A little loophole. Because Satan doesn’t actually own that person until they’re dead. And so, up until the point that that person dies, they can renounce that contract that they signed with Satan and walk away because the blood of Yahushuah will cancel that contract. And so, if this star, this celebrity, this sellout to Satan should repent and renounce that contract of Satan and repent of it, and ask the Lord for His forgiveness and His salvation—by receiving His salvation, His redemption, His blood nullifies that contract they wrote with Satan, that they signed with Satan. So. Another one of his traps is to make them feel like they’re trapped. That there’s no way out. But I’m telling you there is a way out. The Lord’s blood will break that contract. And so. Anybody’s who’s under a contract or an agreement with Satan, you can get out. You know? Accept the Lord as your savior and then renounce and rebuke your contract you wrote with Satan. Renounce Satan, your involvement with him, and walk away. I have a salvation prayer on my websites—,—it’s on all of ‘em. [] And just a heads up. I don’t—you know, he hates it when I sit here and expose his plans and expose what’s coming up in the Codes. But the thing he ultimately hates the most is when I reach out to those he thought were already his and tell them, “Hey. There’s a way out.” There’s a way out. He doesn’t want them to know there’s a way out. And to me that just seems so simple. But I guess they just don’t realize it. They don’t know. They don’t know there’s a way out. They feel trapped.

Wealth And Eternal Beauty: The Seductive Promotional Lies Of Satan’s Coming Kingdom

Another thing I’ve been seeing coming up is that they’re going to be promoting alchemy. And I’ve been warned about this. I’ve written articles on this white mono-atomic gold. [] And I’ll probably get into that a little bit more on Monday night ‘cause I’m kind of running out of time here. It’s already almost about 10 till. I got about 10 minutes left of the show. But they’re going to be promoting immortality. It’s gonna be their big thing when they come. And there’s two things, the two most vain things that strike a cord, a nerve, in the majority of the people on this world. And that’s wealth and looking good. Having money and looking good. And it’s these two vanities that they’re going to appeal to the masses with. Can you imagine this whole Fountain of Youth being unleashed? No more aging. No more wrinkles. No more Botox. [laughs] No more surgeries for your skin. No more death. Everybody’s going to be wealthy, rich, healthy, and looking good. This is what they’re using and going to use to appeal to the masses, and they’re going to use alchemy by doing it. That’s this white mono-atomic gold, the “elixir of life” they call it, because the money they’ve already got—I mean, they’ve been stealing our money, every nation’s money, and every nation’s gold for years so they can give it back to us now. And then they’ll dangle it in front of your face like a celery stick to a rabbit. ‘Cause they like celery better than carrots. They even like apples better than carrots.

They’ll Flaunt The Stars And Models To Get People To Join

But anyway. This is what they’re going to dangle—how they’re going to bribe the masses into following them. That hey, these Ascended Masters, Maitreya, this being, is actually a god, a messiah, and he wants to make you rich and wealthy. “Join my little kingdom here and you can have unlimited wealth and unlimited looks. You can live forever.” How many people are going to be persuaded by that? Especially when you see all the Hollywood stars flocking to that one because they’ve already spent tens of thousands on looking good every year. Trying to maintain their youth. You spend your first 10 teenage years trying to look older, and then you spend the rest of your life after that trying to look younger. Looking good and looking younger is a multibillion dollar industry. Now imagine you don’t have to pay for it anymore. And they’ll tout all these Hollywood stars that have joined Satan’s little kingdom, and getting more wealthy but now they have, you know, immortality. They’re going to tell them they’re going to get immortality. And they’re going to persuade other people to join them. They’re gonna, you know, flaunt the beautiful girls, the models. “Do what I’m doing. I’m joining. You join.” You know, flaunt everybody. Get Miley Cyrus out there and Justin Bieber and the Jonas MK-Ultra boys, and just all of ‘em. All the Hollywood aliens, soul-scalped stars, to promote this new kingdom that’s coming.

Music And Hollywood Will Play Big Roles In Making Satan’s Kingdom Look Enticing

Music will play a huge role, and Hollywood’s gonna play a huge role in it in every country, whatever your “Hollywood” is. Every country has their own little Hollywood section. They’re going to use the celebrities, the stars, the music, to persuade people, bribe ‘em, into immortality. You can obtain immortality by joining the kingdom and then getting this elixir, this medicine, this powder, this gold, white mono-atomic gold. Appeal to the masses that way. Because they’re going to try and undo what God’s already declared. That we were to live once and then die in judgment. Hebrew 9:27. Everybody’s gonna die. And the Bible talks about the Last Days. There will be those, a handful of those, who will make it through the tribulation period and be allowed to enter on into the Millennium. I’m not talking about them. But for the most part, you’re born to die. And now Satan wants to undo that and promise his own immortality to people.

If Satan Could Create Immortality…Why Didn’t He Do It Thousands Of Years Ago?

You know, he’s been on this planet for how many thousands and thousands of years now, and all his little underlings and his forces with him. Don’t you think if there was any truth to immortality, that they could create it, that they would have done it already? I mean, why are they waiting now? This whole thing comes straight out of India. Read my article on white mono-atomic gold. One of their strong points. In fact, also where the underground city Shambhala [] is located, which is another—one of their underground resorts. One of their—the ultimate underground Disneyland resort, this Shambhala. And this is where this all comes out of.

And you know what? I—you know. India’s one of the poorest nations in the world and it’s one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. India and China are the two oldest civilizations on the Earth. And they’ve always been the two most poverty-stricken and just a mess nations. Why would we envy them? They’re Satan’s nations. They worship the dragon. They’re dragon worshipers. Do they look wealthy and happy to you? Why would anybody want to be like them? What is there to envy? What’s to envy? People just following Old Lucy’s lies.

Sherry’s Closing Thoughts

Anyway, folks. I’ll be back Monday night, 10 o’clock with SherryTalkRadio. I got a phone call from Shema just sitting here on my lists this whole show. I don’t know who it is. They’re just sitting there. They don’t want to ask a question, they’re just sitting there listening. It’s 111-111-1111. You know, is that Shema calling? You know, you can press number 2 to ask a question instead of just pressing 1 and sitting on the line. You can press number 2 and ask a question if you want to talk to me. Tell me what’s up with Maitreya. Is he dead or alive today? Is he gonna make it? Is this clone of Cain going to show up, or are we going to have to put up with some rich snotty kid from London posing as an Arab Muslim Mahdi? That’s even more nauseating. So… [laugh] They don’t want to talk to me right now. Maybe on Monday night. Talk about Abbadon, Azazel, and the coming Locust army.

People Are Already Seeing The Locust Up Close And Personal

And people are already seeing these Locusts around, folks. And from what I’m gathering from people, they’re 10-15 feet tall, they have claws for hands, and they have long hair. Several different people having run ins already with Locusts. Just wait until Revelation chapter 9 unfolds and Abbadon the king comes out of the pit, which is the Abyss—space—with his army of Locusts, this huge swarm of giants swarming down on the Earth. 10-15 feet tall with claws and ready to kill and destroy everything they come into contact with. That’s why the Bible calls them Locust. Not because they look like little green bugs but because of the way they act. They act like locust. They travel in swarms. They go into an area, they destroy it completely, and then they leave and go on to the next area. That’s exactly how these Locusts are going to act. So, if you don’t have your area orgoned by then, Lord help ya.

Anyway. Until Monday, everybody.

Yah Bless.

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