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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 4, 2011


They Tried to Sabotage the Show Again - It's Too Much of a Threat

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. Just about didn't get on tonight. I think they were trying to sabotage the show as much is possible. But I finally got in. They probably have it on timer to keep me out till 10 minutes after or something. [laughs] I could get anywhere. Anywhere on the Internet. But I couldn't get on the switchboard. I can't get on Facebook. I was using Google Chrome. And it said, "We cannot log into" But they could get anywhere else. So I switch over to Internet Explorer. And that was crawling, but I was getting in slowly.

Ah, it's always something. Always want to keep me off the air. And it gets old, but I told you guys months ago this was gonna happen, and so. I could see it coming in the Codes and I'm amazed to be on at all. I mean, if it was up to them, they would just shut me off the Internet permanently. And sooner or later they'll do exactly that to all the bigmouths on the Internet. They'll just put the kill switch on everybody who has truth to reveal, or expose them, be against them, and so. Enjoy it while we've got it. Maybe as limited as we have it, but.

I mean, some people don't get harassed at all because they're not a problem. That's the difference between this show and a lot of other people's. They're not a problem. They're not a threat.

Independence Day - Our Independence from Britain Is a Lie

So, a couple things I want to talk about tonight. It is July 4. I'm not one of these people anymore that really gets into celebrating with all the fireworks and hoopla, since you know it's all a big lie. I mean, July 4's about celebrating our independence from Britain, which is a lie because the Federal Reserve is owned by Britain. And we pay our slave taxes every year on April 15. When you pay your taxes, that money goes to the Queen of England. It doesn't go into our government treasury. A lot of you pay social security. That goes into the government treasury. And they do their best to kill you, by the time you can get to that age to collect social security, with cancers, and tumors, and diseases. So if you make it to retirement, you might get a pittance. But the bulk of the taxes we pay, folks, goes to the Queen of England. And that's why she owns about one third of the land on this planet. Because she's had all of our money to spend. And she doesn't pay taxes on her own purchases and her own money, and so. I don't know. Not a big fan of July 4. Fireworks are pretty though. And, you know, whatever.

Magnetized Orgone Is Very Effective at Closing and Working against Portals

Couple things, um, have figured out the magnets. You know, the Lord's always leading me back to the magnets, the magnets. And so, I made magnetized orgone and it proved effective in shutting down portals that UFOs fly in and out of. And usually -- a lot of people saying they see that green luminescence in the skies at night. And, usually during the Northern Lights is when you'll see it. But other times, when it's not the time for the Northern Lights, it could also indicate portal openings. And so, a lot of people who are seeing that green haze in the skies at night, it could indicate a portal opening.

Also, rainbows. Not horizontal, but like, vertical-shaped rainbows. It's a kind of weird-looking rainbow in the sky. But it's not going horizontal, it's going vertical. Another image of portal openings. And magnetized orgone very effective at closing them and working against them.

Movies Are Depicting the Xenomorphs, Robots, and Artificial Intelligence Robotoids Coming

Another thing is, with these xenomorphs that are coming -- and I posted a few pictures at my website and also at And, they're known as several things. You call them xenomorphs, or robots, robotoid aliens, artificial intelligence. Our military is actually experimenting with it on their own. They're calling it transhumanism. Half man, half machine. And a lot of this being depicted in movies lately. That Los Angeles movie last year. I don't know what [Battle: Los Angeles] was particularly about. I didn't see that one. War of the Worlds where those machines came down and they were actually operated by Grey aliens. Those huge machines that when around plucking humans off the earth.

A lot of these movies will depict when you've got the transhumanist kind. The half man, half machine where they're picking people's brains out of their heads. That movie based on L.A. last year [Skyline]. They would suck people's brains out of their heads and put them in these machines. And then they would be operating as these robotic alien-type things.

The xenomorphs are actually a weird kind of breed. They actuallly work like a beehive mentality, where they have the queen bee, the queen. And then they have all these little robotoid alien-type things that are her army or whatever. You see a lot of that depicted in movies like, focusing on New York City sewer systems and stuff like that. And where they can actually take over people.

Falling Skies has come out. And they attach these...I don't know what it is...some kind of object to the back of their neck, where they can control people that way. And what they do is they abduct all these kids and make them work. Slave labor. And they're controlled by those things attached to the backs of their necks.

Charged Water Will Take Out These AI's

And so we have all these different types of things that the movies have been coming out and revealing. Also with what our government and military is doing. And what I've been told is that charged water will take out these AI's [artificial intelligences]. Maybe not the xenomorphs, itself. Orgone should do that. But these robotoids that are run by computers, these machines, can be taken out by charged water.

And, what charged water is, is magnetic water. If you take these neodyme magnets, just like we've been doing with orgone and making orgone water, because orgone water will kill aliens, demons, zombies (they're coming). It's like acid to them. It's holy water. And I've been promoting that forever to take out the zombies. We're gonna have more and more zombies. I say they're coming, but they're already here. We have incidences everywhere throughout the world. But on more of a massive scale when it's actually in your front and backyard, you'll want the orgone water to kill zombies. Also vampires. It'd work against vampires.

Now, magnetic water, charged water, will take out the machines, the robots, the robotoids. Because they're all run by electronics. And what's the first thing you do when you buy neodyme magnets? You get a little disclaimer: Keep these magnets away from your computer, away from televisions, away from electronics. Because they can destroy your electronics that you have. So if you put those in bucket of water or garbage cans of water, let it sit for a day, the water will become charged. And you could use that water to destroy these AI's that are coming. Artificial intelligences. Robotoids. 'Cause they're all chip-implanted and controlled.

You know, we were looking for ways of, "How're we gonna kill those things? Are they gonna react to orgone?" You know? Because it's just a totally different breed, totally different species, than the fallen angels we're dealing with now, which we call aliens. And even they don't like the AI's. I mean, even they're fighting against the AI's. Might come a time when humans and aliens are fighting together to fight these AI's, because they're dimensional. They're coming in from different dimensions, folks. And just because there's, you know, part of Satan's realms, the different dimensions and alternate realities we have, doesn't mean they all get along. These AI's are some kind of freak experiment that went wrong. And it just goes on, and on, and on, and multiplies, and multiplies, and multiplies, and so. And then you have scientists trying to play God. And so, we have a bunch of freak experiments gone wrong. And, you know, what I'm finding is charged water will take them out, and so. You know, they have these billion-dollar technologies, and what I love about the Lord is the answers to defeating it are always so simple. Always so simple. Orgone water, orgone, magnetized orgone, charged water. There you go. For th biggest problems we have coming to the earth. And so, you could actually, probably take magnetized orgone and charge water with that.

What Kind of Magnets Will Charge Water?

Now, you don't need charged water to kill the zombies and stuff. I don't know if that would be as effective against zombies as just regular orgone water would be. Might want to set up two different types of water. Have your charged water. Have your orgone water. So you might want to stock up on neodymium magnets, because once the crap hits the fan, folks, you're not gonna be able to buy supplies. The economy's gonna stop. People aren't gonna be holding 9-to-5's when there's aliens flying overhead shooting beams, destroying cities, people, cars, buildings, abducting people. With AI's running loose. Huge machines. And that's not even the dinosaurs coming in. And so, you know, we're gonna have a huge mess with the dimensions merging and everything coming here. We're gonna be dealing with various different things. And so, get stocked now.

Now, what kind of magnets is it that will charge water? The neodymium, the neodyme. N-e-o-d-y-m-e. Doesn't matter what country you're in, you need to be getting neodyme magnets and stocking up on them.

When Will the AI's Arrive?

I don't know when the AI's arrival is. That's the one thing that really can't even tell or see in the Codes because if there's a term for them, I'm not catching it, or I'm just not seeing it. I have no idea when these AI's (artificial intelligences), and these xenomorphs, and this whole thing -- when all them are going to arrive. I have no idea. I could tell you when the Giants and the Locusts of Revelation are gonna happen, and when they're gonna arrive. But as far as AI's, I'm just clueless.

The Real Maitreya's Still Alive, Barely - Raj Patel May Be Next in Line for His Job

You know, there's more and more -- CNN's back to their commercials on promoting the coming of Maitreya. Seems to me they're going ahead with Raj Patel out of London, the little puppet-boy. 'Cause the real Maitreya can't make it in. He's half dead, half alive. They really don't know if he's gonna live or not. They're running out of time and they know it. And so, you know, his coming and arrival has never been something set in stone.

Sananda Is Still on Schedule to Take Center Stage in September

When you look at Sananda's arrival, who plays the second Beast of Revelation, he's the False Prophet, he portrays Jesus of the Bible. He comes as Jesus. And he comes in the clouds, and NASA had this whole Blue Beam project set up to mimic His arrival. And that's always been something that's just been set. It's always been set for September, probably around the 11th. Or sometime around, you know, the middle of September. Some people think it would be Rosh Hashanah. Some people think it'll be September 11, because that's His birthday, which is why the occultists hate that day so much, and always want to mimic it and cause destructions and disasters on that date. But his arrival's always been pretty much set for the month of September.

Maitreya's Method of Arrival Still Up in the Air

Maitreya's has never been set. It's just kind of like -- I don't know how he's gonna arrive. Apparently, he was trying to do some kind of arrival with UFOs, but that couldn't happen because we were crashing the UFOs. And this was last year. And so, you know, those problems haven't gone away. Whenever they come into this dimension with their UFOs, they crash. They hit orgoned areas, they hit a orgone wall, they malfunction and they crash. And we have orgone all around the world. And so, if this was the problems they were having last year, it's the same problems they're having this year.

If you would talk to people who would know, to people who are behind behind-the-scenes, they'll tell you the reason it hasn't happened already is because of delays. They won't admit it's the orgone, but they'll tell you it's been unexpected delays...and they're angry about it. And so just watch for some kind of, you know, I don't know how they're gonna do Raj Patel's -- if they're gonna pull him off, or the real Maitreya's gonna come in.

Possible Alien Introduction to Humanity Demonstration in July

July is always an interesting month for some kind of presence, I guess you could say. Some kind of, you know, I was seeing the word "demonstration drama" in the Codes last week for July. Some kind of demonstration and drama they were gonna cause. And I've always said July always looks like one of those months where we would actually experience something, you know. Some kind of flyovers or, I don't know [sighs], some kind of presence that everyone would know. "Oh, look. There's UFOs," you know. Something eye-opening. Kind of like a introduction to humanity, "We're here," kind of thing.

Now if it's hostile and they come shooting and blowing up cities like they show in the movies, you know, that could play out. I always see that toward the end of the month. And, you know, so many Julys have come and gone with it being quiet that -- you know, I remember last year, it was today that all those dead birds descended on Arkansas, and so. Hard to say what'll happen this year. They're gonna blame it on fireworks, anything happens at all this year. It's been quiet so far today. You never quite know what to expect.

If Sananda Is Coming in September, Expect Maitreya to Arrive Earlier

But September should be -- if we see an arrival in September, if Sananada's gonna come, that means Maitreya would come earlier. He would make his arrival to mankind known earlier because he's the first Beast. So he'll make it earlier than Sananda would. That's just the way it's always been in the Codes, unless they changed their routes. So just keep your eye open for that. Keep your eye open for Sananda in September.

You'll See the Locusts a Few Months after Maitreya and Sananda Get Here

And this alone, with the arrival of these two Beasts of Revelation 13, you'll see the Locusts shortly after. Probably three or six months after this Maitreya and Sananda plant their feet on this earth and start beginning their, what you'd want to call, world domination. You'll see the arrival of the Locusts about three to six months after. And these are, what the movies have described, large giants. I've heard they're 10- to 15-feet tall. People have seen them already. Not in swarms, but they've seen them. They've described them as 10- to 14-, 15-feet tall, with long hair with claws, with huge teeth. Very ugly beings. Very tall beings.

And the reason Revelation 9 calls them Locusts is because of the way they act. They'll travel in swarms together. They'll descend on towns and cities, places, together at one time. They completely destroy that area, and then they move on to the next one. They travel in packs, a huge swarm. They destroy everything in their way. And they'll be eating people. That's why they have claws and teeth like lions, because they eat people. And then they move on to the next place. And so, orgone water -- orgoned areas should be areas of protection for people. Also, when you see them arrive, if your own area isn't orgoned, you'd better find one that is, because don't think the Giants are gonna go in orgoned areas.

Different Alignments Coming Up - "People" and Planets

And so, you can expect that, timelinewise, about three to six months after Maitreya arrives, because they actually work in accordance with Maitreya. They're aligned with him. And so, things could get interesting. And if this year ends up being quiet, which would floor everybody because not only Maitreya and Sananda and the [audio unclear] are bringing both those Beasts into the world, you've got Planet Nibiru coming in, aligning with different planets. Got one in July, one in September and October, and, you know, probably November and December as well. So just a bunch of different alignments coming up where it'll be aligning with planets, which could cause a lot of destruction to the earth. And everything kind of happening together. And that's what I've always said. Once it starts it's gonna be a whirlpool effect.

When Obama Hands the Reins of America to Maitreya, the Lord's Judgment Is Coming

You know, once this Maitreya begins his world domination ministry, if that's what you want to call it, you can expect the Lord's judgment to start hitting earth. It goes without saying. His judgment, and the earth, itself, being repelled by his presence here, you can expect judgments to start coming. And so, especially when they start rounding people up, throwing them in FEMA camps, you're really gonna see the Lord's judgment. He'll allow that to happen for a space of time, and then you'll see His judgment totally -- His wrath on America for doing that to their people.

It's been prophesied. The Old Testament prophets all prophesied it. And it will happen, you know. Babylon imprisons and kills its own people. We're gonna see Hitler and Auschwitz all over again here in America. People thought, you know, history would never repeat itself, but. You know, if the Jews had had guns, they would have been able to defend themselves.

And that's why they spent so much time and money dumbing down Americans so that they don't defend themselves. Even though every American home practically has a gun or weapon of some kind, they'll be so docile they won't use them. They'll be taken by surprise. They'll willingly get on these trains. Because their areas have been destroyed by tornadoes, or hurricanes, or whatever disasters, and they'll think they're gonna be relocated to a different area, and they'll just disappear off the map. You'll never hear from them again. Whatever happened to those thousands of people that were taken on buses to FEMA camps? Anybody ever hear from them again? Over two thousand adults that were taken, you don't hear from them, you don't hear about it.

You know, they practice. They use these kind of disasters to practice parts of their plans. And so, you know, when they mask all this, it's all in the background, it's the Antichrist war on the saints is basically what it is. 'Cause the first thing he does when he comes to power is begin his war on the saints. And who has already basically begun that, his war on America, is Obama. You know, it's his job to destroy America, and he's doing a good job of it. You know, Bush's job was to implement the red horse [of the apocalypse] and start a war that would never end. His invisible war against terrorism.

And it's been Obama's job to particularly destroy and dismantle America. And when this Maitreya, when Obama gives him the rein of the United States, this country, is when you'll start seeing all of the martial laws and the FEMA roundups. And then you're gonna know the Lord's judgment is coming. I mean, His judgment will come on this nation. And so, just kind of a timeline basically what we're looking at. I go through this about every year about this time because, you know, when you get past the January, and the March, and Passover -- when you get past those months, and the month of May, if they haven't raised their ugly heads, you just kind of go on to July and September and wait to see what happens those months.

If They Don't Arrive by September, December 25 Is Still Dominant

December 25 was always kind of always set apart for their Day of Declaration. That's why they wanted the Shema star to mimic the star of Bethlehem, which they've been trying to rebuild, I'm told, 'cause we've burned it, we've caught it on fire. And so, December 25 is still a dominant date as well. If they don't come in September or in July, look for December 25, their Day of Declaration.

And so, there's always, throughout the year, you're always gonna find the months or days that could be dominant for their arrival, for their plans, or what I see in the Codes. There's always multiple times given for one event. There's never just one event that says, "This is gonna happen in September of 2011," because it'll have multiple years listed, it'll have multiple months listed for that same event. And so, trying to use the Bible Codes to establish future events is, you know, it's a prayer in the wind basically, because you have too many other timelines. It doesn't happen this date, it could happen this date. That's why it's much easier to use them for info on events that have already happened, you know. The things that have already happened. Much easier to go back and look at those events that already happened than trying to pinpoint times on the things that are gonna happen. And they're not prophecies. They're not thus-saith-the-Lords. They're just Codes, and so.

Put Magnetized Orgone Behind Huge Mirrors

Mankind's plans are always -- the Lord knows the intents, and thoughts, and plans of man and that's why you'll find them in the Codes, you know. So just a heads up. Start stocking on magnets, folks, so you can make charged water. I also believe that if you put this magnet, or even magnetized orgone, behind huge mirrors, you can use those to project magnetic beams out into space. Or even use them to deflect beams that are being targeted against you. If you take a huge mirror and put the magnetized orgone behind it, you might be able to use those to deflect beams towards huge AI's that are coming into your area. You may not see the magnetic beam being shot at the being, but just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there.

Try those on these, you know, 50-foot-, 100-foot-tall AI's that are gonna be coming. 'Cause I don't think you're gonna get terribly close spray water on them. If it comes down to it, you can try spraying on them, magnetized charged water on the bigger beings. Or just use the mirror effect; the orgone with magnets, or the mirrors with magnets and mirrors with magnetized orgone.

It's the Lord's People Who Take Earth Back from the Serpents

The one thing the Bible says is that, you know, the Lord's people are gonna be doing exploits. And if you read the book of Daniel, it's the Lord's people that take the kingdom back. We take this earth back from the serpent seedliners, the fake Jews, the aliens, the AI's. We're the ones who reclaim the earth for Yah.

And so, people just don't read the Scriptures, or they don't want to believe what they're reading. They wanna believe that there's some kind of mystery rapture that happens and takes everybody off despite what the Bible says that, you know, there's souls under the altar begging the Lord for revenge for their deaths. They're His people. They were martyred. They were murdered. Persecuted. So how is there a rapture, you know? And the church always says, "Oh, that's the ones who come to the knowledge of the Lord after the rapture." They always have a way of explaining away everything. [laughs] Anything to keep a theory, and people in the dark and clueless, and unprepared so when these things do start to happen, most of those in the church will be the last ones prepared and the least ones ready to deal with it.

Pastors, If Your Congregations Don't Want to Hear Truth, Then Leave Them

I do appreciate those pastors who do, who are taking a stand, who are standing up. I know pastors who have left their churches and started livingroom church services again just to get away from their dumb congregations. They're just dumb. They're deaf and dumb. They don't want to hear the truth. They don't want to see the truth. They don't want to know the truth. And so a lot of pastors had no recourse but just to leave. To leave those churches. Let them stay in their stupidity. Because no matter what kind of congregation you have, as a pastor, as a shepherd, you're responsible. And so, if you're leading a church that does not want to hear the truth and prepare, then leave. Don't be responsible for them. Leave. Start another one with people who are like-minded, people who want to know what the truth is, people who wanna prepare.

It's Treason to Fund and Protect the State of Israel

And so, you know, a lot of pastors now looking into the truths of the serpent seedline race, the Khazar Jews, the fake Jews, why Israel, the Christians today, are committing treason against the Most High by supporting Israel of today. The churches want you to think that it's our duty to support and fund Israel, protect Israel. It's treason to do so. Why? Because the leaders of Israel and those who dominate Israel today are not real Jews. They're fake Jews. Revelation 2:9, Revelation 3:9, they are the synagogue of Satan.

If you look at the Talmud, which is what most of them worship, it is satanic filth. They reject Yahushua as the Son of God. And so, why in the world would Bible-believing Christians in this country, in America, be supporting this satanic reich in Israel? It's treason. So stop supporting the Satanists, folks.

The Lord Hasn't Regathered His People Back to Israel Yet

The Lord hasn't regathered His people back to Israel. Those aren't His people in Israel today. There are a remnant of Bible-believing, Torah-believing, Yahushua-believing, believers in Israel today. But trust me, folks. They're persecuted severely. I mean, they get followed by the Mossad. They get harassed. They're persecuted. They're not liked. Orthodox Jews, they have to hide. They come to America. There's more real Jews in New York City than the country of Israel today. And so, if you're supporting the government of Israel today, it's treason. It's treason against the Most High, because they're Satanists. They don't love Him. They don't accept His Son. And churches need to wake up to that fact and stop preaching this promotion of Israel.

When does the Lord regather His people to Israel? At the first resurrection. Read Ezekiel. Read Jeremiah. It talks about the first resurrection when He will raise the dead and gather them into Israel where they will reclaim their land. The land that He's given them. That doesn't happen till the first resurrection, folks. And that's a long ways away. That isn't a terribly long way away, but it's not now. And it's not foreseeably in the next several years. And so, stop supporting the Satanists. And leave these churches that demand that you do.

The Trinity Broadcasting Network Preachers Are Satanists and Freemasons

Maybe some of you will open up your eyes to the fact that, you know, these Jack Van Impes, and Hal Lindseys, and TBN network [Trinity Broadcasting Network], and these Joel Osteens, and Kenneth Copelands, and [Robert] Schullers, Kenneth Hagins (carried on by his son), they're Satanists, they're Freemasons. [Bible Codes on TBN] Their loyalty is to the Freemason brotherhood. I mean, TBN, a network started by the Freemasons. It's Kenneth Copeland, 33rd degree Mason, who decides who gets airtime on TBN and who doesn't. Our churches are run by the Freemasons. All the megachurches are run by Satanists.

And so, a lot of these smaller churches and these pastors, you need to pull away. You need to pull away from the snakes, just pull away from the serpents, start studying the Bible on your own, asking the Lord for the truth in all things, and then start preaching that truth to your congregations. And if they don't want to hear it, they can leave. And if they give you no choice, then YOU leave.

People Don't Want to Hear the Truth, but Stand Your Ground Anyway

But you need to stand your grounds. You need to stand your grounds. People don't want to hear the truth. In fact, they fight it, and they call you names, and they hate you for years. And then, you know what? A funny thing happens. The light bulb just goes off in their heads and they realize you're speaking the truth. It's been happening to me for 20 years. People that hated me four years ago are now some of my best friends. My biggest supporters of my ministry are people who, when they first stumbled on my websites, or stumbled on my radio show, were my biggest haters. As long as a person is seeking the Lord for the truth, then He will keep leading them back, and back, and back to the truth until that light bulb goes off in their heads and they see it. But we need to stand in the truth whether other people accept us or not. You just need to stand. I haven't taken anything off of my websites in 10, 15 years. Everything has stayed on them. I don't back down from anything that I've taught, because I know I teach the truth. I teach it from Him directly. And so, you need that same boldness, guys. You need that same toughness when it comes to naysayers and haters. Who cares what people think? Just do your job because, you know what? You're rewarded or not based on whether you obey Him or not, you know.

They Had Planned a May Attack against Me, but It Never Happened

So, anyway, next six months, seven months, July to December, could be very interesting. If we don't see anything happening in July, I'm not holding my breath. Because there was supposed to be another -- they were gonna make my area a war zone in May to teach me some kind of a lesson. I don't know. It never happened. Go figure. [laughs] Maybe they were still licking their wounds over the destruction of their alien base in Lima, Ohio that we took out. Kind of knocked the wind out of their sails for their big March attack, or their month of May attack, they had planned for my area in Ohio. And I never really came out and said exactly what or anything, but I was -- I'd seen it for a long time in the Codes. I knew it was coming. But it didn't happen. May came and went. May came and went. And you know what? July could, too. July could come and go.

Waiting to Fire Up Their Earthquake Machine to Blow the New Madrid

If September comes and goes and it's quiet, nothing happens, no Maitreya, no Sananda, no Jesus of the Bible, then we have pretty much, for the paranormal side, quiet until December 25, their Day of Declaration. But that doesn't mean the New World Order freaks are gonna be quiet. I mean, look what they're doing. We've got tornadoes, hurricanes. We've got all this flooding, because they're trying to shift the plates underneath the Midwest and cause the Madrid Fault Line to blow. They've also got their earthquake machine off the coast of South Carolina. Because when they get a detection that the fault line, [New Madrid] fault's blowing in the Midwest, they're gonna fire up that earthquake machine so they can get from the east coast, Atlanta, South Carolina there, all the way across those states. You know, it's kind of like a L-shape pattern, I guess you could call it. They wanna get across the south because the [New Madrid] fault line will run north to south. Then they have the earthquake machine going east to west [audio unclear] from the east to the west. Massive destructions caused. Cause and effect. The one's waiting on the other.

Satan's Forces, These Giants, Are Associated with the Vaccines

And with Nibiru coming in, getting closer, and that's full of these Giants, these Philistines. The Bible Codes call them "Philistines." These Giants. A lot of these angels -- and Jude talks about them -- these angels that were reserved for judgment and held in Tartarus, held in various places of imprisonment and judgment, such as Nibiru, all being let loose for a season. All being let loose for these last days, they'll be allowed to come back to Earth. And so, they'll be used as Satan's forces on Earth.

And I always see them associated with the vaccines. And so, I'm starting to think that one of their things, when they do arrive, is the sting in their tails, these Giants, these Locusts of Revelation 9, they have a sting in their tails. You know, they're trying to go by the symbolic Locusts, but you have to go past the symbolic and look at the literal. Could they be attacking mankind with some kind of vaccines and implanting them with some kind of vaccines when they arrive? Other than just tearing off their limbs and eating people. It's just very shocking.

I had a vision of these Giants years ago and, just very, very shocking what they're gonna be able to do. What they are gonna do. But the sting in their tails thing kind of reminds me of a vaccine. Some kind of a shot. Might be another one of their purpose because a lot of these vaccines today that we have are directly from Shema. H1N1, the virus vaccine, that was all from Shema. And just imagine what Nibiru has stocked up that when these Giants are released on the earth from Nibiru what they have. I don't imagine their very much different from the aliens that control Shema. They all have this technology. They all have assignments and things that they plan on doing when they arrive.

Most of the AIs Won't Attack Unless They Feel Threatened

You know, thing with the AIs is that most of them, that I've heard, they won't attack you unless they feel threatened, like you're going to attack them. Nevermind that they're standing in your yard. [laughs] They're where they're not supposed to be. But if you don't look threatening or attacking towards them, they won't attack you. [Star Trek Enterprise Crew Vs. The Borg] But the ones on TV normally show them as very, very hostile.

You gotta wonder if, you know, they know which ones they can attack and which kinds they can't. I imagine by the time that they come will be a time when the Lord's people are sealed on their foreheads and they're not allowed to attack the Lord's people. They just go after everybody else, and so.

Soon as I kind of get a timeline on this whole AI fiasco that's coming, and xenomorphs -- and I have a feeling it's the last half of the tribulation period anyway. Because that's just the Lord's total wrath on mankind, and a time when all these angels that have been in judgment, and all of these other creatures that have been kept on the other dimensions, having kept away from us on Earth -- and all of them will just be thrown here, cast here, and dwell on Earth for the duration of the Antichrist rule on Earth, which is 42 months. 42 months.

It's the Orgone That Will Kill the Locusts

I know the Locusts will eventually die. They only have five months to where they can torture mankind, and they die. And I know it's the orgone that kills them, and so. Gotta get the orgone out there, folks. When we put it out there, the Lord can increase the power of it, or keep it decreased. Do whatever He wants with it, whenever He wants. We've been obedient, we got it out there, and now He can use it as He wants to.

I See in the Codes the Lord's People Are Prepared, or Preparing

And I see in the Codes that the Lord's people are ready, they're prepared, they're preparing, so need to continue to do that. We've got the magnets now. You need to stock up on magnets so you can make charged water, magnetized orgone, regular orgone, food & water, medicines, you know. Just ask the Lord to guide your thoughts on what to stock and how, and what to do. 'Cause I'm telling you, once this all starts to happen, our economy is just basically gonna halt. It's gonna be in a panic. Just because your state isn't as affected as some other state or other cities doesn't mean you're gonna be able to get the supplies either. Because if trucking shuts down, trains shut down, airports shut down, there's gonna be no way of moving supplies around the country. Stores will just close. And so, don't wait till it's too late.

If You're Going Away on Vacation, Take Orgone with You

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Anyway, be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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