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Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Aliens In The News

And hello, everybody. You’re live. It’s Thursday with Sherry Shriner and Aliens in the News. If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648.

Word Of Advice: Don’t Sweep Everything Under One Rug

There’s a couple things I want to talk about today. Wanted to get into Planet Nibiru and Comet Elenin and the Brown Dwarf Star—all these objects in the sky that everybody’s grouping into one thing. You know, it’s almost like you think of Satan and Sammael and Azazel and everybody groups them into one being, too. These are separate beings, folks, and these are separate entities and separate things in the sky, and so, don’t always be so quick to group everything into one and sweep the rest under the rug because you lose understanding of really what’s going on when you do that. And I know that’s the church mentality. They do that all the time. And I grew up in it. I know. And so. Today just wanna make a couple of comments on some things, and then I’ll take calls.

Nibiru Is Like A Sepulcher, A Grave For The Dead

Couple of alignment dates on Comet Elenin that’s coming. Now Nibiru can sometimes be called a comet because it has a red tail, but in the Bible Codes it’s consider a sepulcher, which is like a big tombstone. And interestingly enough, there are people who live over in Arkansas who can see this tombstone with their—oh, what do you want to call it? I can’t even remember the name—telescope, and they can actually see it’s a tombstone. It looks like a tombstone. And so. This is a really weird object coming in. We’ve been told it looks like a tombstone, which I see in the Codes. We’ve been told it’s a comet. We’ve been told it’s a planet. And so. Just trying to get through a lot of this because I can’t tell you exactly what it looks like; I can tell you what I see in the Codes. And sepulcher is a, you know, it’s like a grave. It’s like a cave that they would bury people in, in the old days. And as far as the Lord’s concerned, it’s carrying a bunch of dead bodies. They’re dead to Him. They’re fallen. Fallen angels. Already been judged. But as Jude states and the Bible states, these angels that have been reserved for judgment [Jude 1:6] are released in the Last Days for a short time on Earth. And so. This is about where we are in Bible Prophecy, where Satan is going to be cast down to Earth, his forces coming with him [Revelation 12:7-9].

And if you look at the New World Order today, you know, they have all these plans. And I forget the name of the project just coming to mind now as I’m speaking about this, is that they have this one project that I don’t—I can’t remember what the name of it is. I’ll probably remember five minutes after the show ends. You know how it is. But they have this project where they were gonna build these bases on other planets and other moons so that they could actually leave Earth and see refuge on these bases, these resorts they’ve been building or whatever, to get away from the catastrophes that they foresee that are coming to Earth.

When Satan Is Here On Earth, Nobody Is Getting Off Of It

Well, what cracks me up about the whole thing is that when Satan’s cast down to Earth, there’ll be no getting off of it. I mean, it’s not like he’s going to be able to jump into his UFO and fly out, or anybody else for that matter. They’re going to be confined to the Earth. And so. All their planning has been for naught. And even if they were to go now, if they were to take off and go, they would just die. Because the same orgone that we’ve been making for the last 7 years now that is saturating the air and the Earth and the atmosphere—they’re all furious about it—is saturating these moons and planets in our solar system. And so. They can’t escape that. In fact, they’ll have no place to really hide from it. They’re more limited in the facilities they have on these other places as much as they would be on Earth, and so, they can’t run from the Lord’s judgment. So I thought that was interesting ‘cause I was looking at this Code for…maybe that was December…and talks about how Obama is so dependent on his master’s return, which is Maitreya, this whole alien agenda and the Locust that are coming. You know, they have plans on fleeing to all their little resorts they have built everywhere, but it’s gonna do them no good. It’s gonna do no good. In fact, orgone to them is like a toxicosis. It’s a poison. And so. Wish I could remember the name of that but I can’t, so.

December 25th Is A Hotspot Day For Their “Day Of Declaration”

But they, you know, I’ve been detailing—I look ahead several months from now into the month of December to try and figure out, you know, what’s already passed and events that have already passed is what I’m looking at. Now we know December 25th has always been their big plans for the “Day of Declaration” [] when they arrive to Earth. And Maitreya’s plan was always to, according to the New Agers and Benjamin Crème, appear simultaneously on television sets around the world and speak to everybody telepathically. And if they do, you know, the Lord’s warned us: don’t listen to him, don’t watch it. Because what they do is they use hypnosis, suggestive programming through that. So not to listen to it. Not to watch it. But that’s, you know, they have so many different arrival dates that if one blows by, the next one comes up. You know? And you kind of get that feel—especially when I’ve been doing this show for so long—it’s the same things, the same arrival months every year, the same kinds of things. And so. If one doesn’t happen, then you’ve got the next one, then you’ve got the next one. And you always have their delays because their plans are being totally sabotaged. And I’m gonna talk some a bit about that.

Comet Elenin Has 8 Starships Following Behind It

Alright. So. Some of the dates coming up with this Comet Elenin. Now, Comet Elenin is supposedly and has two rows of four starships following it behind it. And they look like they’re all connected, like starships are all connected. I don’t know. That’s just a picture I saw. I think it was from Richard Hoagland’s site. And you know that’s—you know, they often travel behind comets. So why the big to do about Comet Elenin coming in and having spaceships behind it? You know? I—you know, spaceships often tag along on the tails of comets for speed and swiftness I guess getting into our atmosphere. And so. That one alone doesn’t surprise me. Maybe the sheer number being 8. But you know what? These are the Last Days and Satan's forces are, you know, coming back to Earth, being sent back where they await their final judgment here on Earth. And they’re going to die here. You know? I hear all this time and their talk about all their plans about killing Jacob’s seed and killing off all the Lord’s people. You know? It’s their big plans. And they’re going to have a time at it. I mean, Christians are going to be persecuted. We are going to be rounded up.

The Two Halves Of The Tribulation Period

But you know what? The 7-year Tribulation period, if you break it up into 3 and a half years, the first half we have Satan’s wrath on mankind, and the second half you have God’s wrath on mankind. And God’s wrath on mankind at the beginning you see where the Christians are being persecuted. And they’re having global legislation passed, and the UN is passing all these Laws, forcing everybody to worship a statue or whatever of the Beast and forcing anybody if they want to buy or sell anything or go to a job or pump gas into your car, you gotta have a chip or a mark, the Beast name, number, or symbol in or on your right hand or forehead. [Revelation 13:16-18] And so, these global laws are going to be passed, and they’re really trying to attack the Christians on Earth with this. Because they know if the Christians worship the Beast, if the Christians accept this mark, that they’ll lose their souls. And so. That’s why they do this subtle plan, insidious planning. And of course all the Beasts in the mega-churches today will all be behind it, promoting it.

Chrislam – The New Religious Deception

They’ve already started what they call “Chrislam,” and this is a blend of Islam and Christianity. And if you think it’ll never fly, well, of course it’s going to. Everything else has around here. I mean, look at the churches today, some of the stuff that’s flown through the churches. “Holy Ghost Laughter” and “Holy Ghost Dust” and this stuff. And so, this Chrislam is being backed by some of the major mega-church pastors. It’ll pick up on TBN, and it’ll be all over the place before you know it. If you ever wondered about getting out of the churches, the mega-churches, it would be a good time. It’s a little too late for you to wake up finally, but it’s never too late to just walk with your feet out of them. Especially if they start promoting this Chrislam stuff. Because they’re getting the world prepared for worldwide Islam. And I warned about this years ago. It was on their agenda. And this definitely looks like the route we’re going down. A worldwide Islam. But the thing is, it’s not going to be the Islam that we have today because just as the Christians are going to compromise the Christian religion with Islam, they’re going to compromise the Islam religion with Christianity. And so, everyone’s going to be mad. There’s going to be haters and anger on both sides of religions not wanting to embrace it. And so. You know. You shouldn’t compromise your faith period with the Lord. I mean—well, anyway. That’s down the road. I might talk about that a little bit down the road.

Comet Elenin Alignment Dates

Just wanted to focus…[coughing fit]—if they try to choke me to death—want to focus on Comet Elenin. This is what’s coming up. There was an alignment yesterday with the Comet Elenin, and Mercury, and the Sun aligning. Some of these dates that are given for Comet Elenin’s arrival, you know, they just don’t phase me too much. I don’t really care too much about alignments. But some of the dates do, because they’re around timelines that interest me that I’ve seen in the Codes. On July 24th, Elenin, Jupiter, and the Sun align. And so, what interests me about this is Jupiter is very close to the Earth. Jupiter, out of all of these, out of all of the planets, is the easiest one to find as far as I’m concerned. If you’re a total amateur like I am, then Jupiter is the easiest to find. And so. On June [July] 24th, if you look outside, Jupiter is always right below the Moon. If you look at the Moon, it’s hanging down on the right side, right below it on the right hand side if you’re looking straight at the Moon. And so. That’s Jupiter. And so, somewhere around there will be Comet Elenin. And so, that will be easy to spot for amateurs like me.

July Has Always Been A Hostile Invasion Month

And also being at the end of the month of July, because that’s a very dominant month. Usually when I see aliens arriving to harass for a while or whatever, it’s not a big arrival month like over “God’s”—it’s not that kind of arrival like they’re gonna do in September, like they have planned for September and December. July’s always like a kind of hostile “We’re here.” type thing. Not a friendly thing, more like a hostile thing or an intimidation type thing. And you always see that for the end of July. And that’s why for years I’ve always warned about the last week of July because those dates always come up as possible events that could happen. I can’t say anything specific because it’s just always a hodgepodge. It’s always changes. But that week’s always dominant. But interesting that the same time we always have a dominant kind of “awareness week” I guess you could say, is the same time that Elenin, and Jupiter, and the Sun align.

Interesting Dates Surrounding Earth And Elenin

Then on August 31st, Elenin, Comet Elenin, is now closer to the Earth than the Earth is to the Sun. So, it’ll be closer for us to see than looking at the Sun. They can kind of use that in between us and the Sun. You know, you don’t have to look behind the Sun for it; it’ll be in front of the Sun somewhere. And that’s August 31st. Which means it’s relatively close to Earth at this point. Especially seeing that September is right around the corner, and September is always a huge month for them. On 9/11, September 11th, Elenin at its closest point to the Sun, 0.428, the distance that Earth is from the Sun. And so. We’re kinda like parallel to each other now in regards to the Sun. There’s Earth and Elenin—we’re both the same distance from the Sun at that point, which means it’s relatively close to the Earth at this point. It’s right somewhere around here above our heads literally. And then on 9/27 it starts to move out a little bit.

October Was Always The Big Month For A Comet Or Asteroid To Hit The Earth

Then we come back at 10/17, Elenin and Earth at the closest point of distance from the Sun. 10/20, Elenin is now further from the Sun and the Earth. On November 4th, Earth enters Elenin’s debris field. And one’s interesting. I would have expected to see that one in October because in the month of October it was always kind of dominant for seeing comets and asteroids. If anything was ever going to hit the Earth, it would be in October, it would be in that month. That’s what I used to always see in the Codes when I was looking back in 2002 and 2003, when I would look ahead to 2009, 2010. And October was always a dominant month then for stuff to hit the Earth. And so. A little later now with the November issue. November 4th Earth enters Elenin’s debris field. And this is what could cause a lot of—I don’t know what you want to call it—hesitancy? Panic? I don’t know. I’m not really panicked about anything. I’m looking at December Codes. I’m not seeing a comet impacting or hitting the Earth or anything, so.

They Might Use Elenin To Mimic The Bethlehem Star (Since Shema’s Out Of The Question)

But on 12/25, December 25th, their big “Day of Declaration,” Elenin and the Earth and the Sun align. And so, that’s interesting to me because that makes me think that they’re almost going to use this comet to be their “Bethlehem Star.” If you know their plans and research this New Age agenda and their “Day of Declaration” where Maitreya simultaneously appears on television sets around the world—I guess it’s not really a supernatural event if you don’t have a TV. [laughs] Guess you have to have a TV to be in on this one. Maybe watching cable or something. But anyway. You know, with this alignment, it can almost look like—it can almost pull it off as like a huge star signaling, you know, what the Bethlehem Star signaled. The birth of our Messiah, Yahushuah. And so, they want to use Comet Elenin to signal the arrival of this Ascended Master to Earth or whatever, and that’s what I think they’re doing. That’s what that’s all about. And how they do what they do with 8 spaceships behind it—they always stay with it or just use it as their piggyback to get into our atmosphere and then branch off onto their own. I’m sure that’s what their agenda is, coming in and branching off on their own. But very interesting.

Differences Between Elenin, The Brown Dwarf Star, And Nibiru

September 11th, 9/11, they really think that this is when chaos will hit the Earth from the arrival of Planet Elenin. I—Comet Elenin, I can’t call it Nibiru. I’m not convinced that Comet Elenin is Nibiru. I know some people are. And some people, you know, you’ve got the Brown Dwarf Star, which is not Nibiru, that YouTube videos galore are saying is Nibiru. And the Brown Dwarf Star is exactly that. It’s a dwarf star. It has no light of its own. When you look at comets, they always have light. The Brown Dwarf Star receives some light from the Sun. It’s always by the Sun. It doesn’t leave. It doesn’t go on orbital patterns off on its own throughout the universe and come back and, you know, it doesn’t do that crazy stuff like this Nibiru does because Nibiru has an oval-elliptical orbit cycle in space. It doesn’t—you know, the Brown Dwarf just stays right by the Sun. So their different objects, folks. They’re different. Comet Elenin could be Nibiru if it turns red. So far all we’ve seen is its whiteness, where you see the white light emanating from it. Nibiru’s a red planet. It’s a red planet. It’s got a red, fiery tail, and you don’t see that on the pictures that I’ve seen on Comet Elenin. It’s just a white, radiant comet.

Will There Be A Pole Shift Soon?

They’re predicting on September 27th, that the alignment on 9/27 when Earth, Elenin, and the Sun align inside Earth’s orbit that it will flip the Earth’s poles. I don’t see a pole-flipping this year simply because it’s like the Lord’s judgment and on them for being here. And it’s too early for that, so I don’t see that happening yet. November 5th, another alignment debris is in the way of Earth’s orbit. November 23rd is the last alignment. But they kind of miss the 12/25 alignment on this scenario that I’ve been looking at. And, you know, so many—what really happened is one calling Comet Elenin and the Dwarf Star, calling it both Nibiru. They’re different objects, folks.

So. A pole shift this year? I don’t think so. I mean, yeah, we’ve been knocked around on our axis and things have been happening, but I really think a pole shift’s gonna happen more after the arrival of Maitreya. Now, if he arrives and this Sananda arrives in September, then okay, we can look at a pole shift in November or October because the Lord’s judgment’s going to start immediately they arrive. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see. It’s always a wait and see game because they’re always playing cat and mouse. “Oh, we’re going to throw this out there, but then we’re planning this, but then we might not do it. Might be delayed.” And then, different routes are taken. And so. It’s all up to their arrival, folks. Are they going to be here? Because I don’t think the Lord is going to throw that kind of swift judgments on this planet until they’re here, until they begin their agenda on Earth.

Because part the reason for His judgment is, for one: the Earth accepting them. Two: for the deaths of those who don’t. He remembers all those who lost their lives because they wouldn’t worship the Beast. They wouldn’t accept his mark. And that’s why they receive so much judgment at the time. And so. Also, they’re—you know, the Lord is going to judge Earth for its wickedness. He uses these different fallen angel races located on all these starships and planets and moons everywhere and underground bases and here, you know, in our presence globally in our governments and our military top positions and our church’s top positions. And He judges them. And He’ll use these hostile alien invasions that we have coming as part of his arm of judgment. That’s why He allows them to come and terrorize the people. It’s part of the judgment. You have Joel chapter 2. We have Revelation chapter 9. These—both chapters speak of what you would call alien invasions.

Abbadon, Azezel, And Lilith

Now if you look at Revelation chapter 9 it talks about the Locust coming out of the Abyss, led by the king, the Destroyer, Abbadon. Another name for Abbadon is Azazel. Azazel was one of the top fallen angels. And, also believe that Azezel was the son, the first son of Lilith and Satan. Lilith being the first woman that was created in the first creation out of clay. Eve was created from Adam’s rib. There’s two different creations, folks. If you haven’t ever gotten that far in seeking Truth, then it would be a good place to start. Because she’s not folklore. She’s mentioned all over Jewish history. The call it mythology. In Greek, mythology is fact. It’s not fiction; it’s the opposite. In our understanding of language, when we hear the term mythology, we think of fiction. But in Greek, the actual term mythology was facts, and so, true events. And so. You know, there’s a lot of pastors and everybody who always say Lilith doesn’t exist. And it’s like, “Hello! Would like you to deal with this woman for a while and get her off my back?” [laughs] I know she exists. And not only does she exist, she’s really very alive and well. [laughs]
Feisty. And the Bible talks about her approaching King Solomon, and that actually made the KJV when they went though and cut out everything to keep people in the dark and dumb about things that really are past history, things that really happened.

You Have To Know The Past In Order To Understand The Future

They have a way of schmoozing over things so people can read the Old Testament from front to back 100 times, and they can’t understand what it is they’re reading. And when you sit down and break it down for people, then they see, “Oh, that’s clear as day. I just never caught it.” Because the KJV can be harder to stand. It’s in British English. In the Old Testament it’s just a lot of, you know, Hebrew names, cities. They’re hard to pronounce, hard to read, hard to begin to even figure out and try to imagine what was going on. So you pretty much pick up the Bible story books, and you read those, and you get a general idea, but what you miss is all the little details and a clear understanding of the things that were going on. And so. Some things that the churches just brush under the carpet should be brought back out and taught as doctrines in the churches because that’s our past, and you can’t understand the future if you don’t understand the past. That’s one of the first things the Lord told me about understanding Last Days events. If you want to know and understand the future, you’ve gotta know the past. And so, in my truth journey, it always took me straight to the past in learning what exactly our past—what exactly happened, what’s fact from fiction. So. It’s a process, folks. It’s a journey that you go on. And that’s why I always tell people to spend some time every day at least once a day asking the Lord to teach you the truth in all things, and then He’ll lead you into one thing after the next after the next.

Nibiru Has Sedna And Toutatis Following Behind It

Some of the dates, you know, you just have to weed out—you know, I know a lot of you go to YouTube, and you look for information, and you just have to weed out stuff that just doesn’t make sense. Like grouping the Brown Dwarf Star with Elenin with Nibiru with all these objects. Planet X has two moons with it. It has Sedna and Toutatis. [] And I don’t hear anybody mentioning Sedna and Toutatis anymore. What was it…2008 I think it was when they were making the news because they were, you know, visible in the sky or whatever, and where news broke out about their existence? And so, there was a little noise back then about it, but it’s been three years since anybody’s even mentioned it again. But those are, you know—now you’ve got this Comet Elenin with 8 spaceships and no one’s talking about, “Well, what happened to Sedna and Toutatis?” ‘Cause those are the moons of Nibiru, and Nibiru’s a red planet. So we’re obviously looking at two different objects here, folks. So. Anyway.

E.L.E. – Extinction Level Event

Even though Comet Elenin—what’s the first ELE…Earth—“Extinction Level Event” is what they call it, and you know, that’s only going to turn into that if, if these beasts from the Abyss arrive and Satan begins the agenda on the Earth through this Antichrist and False Prophet—the two beasts of Revelation. [Revelation 13:1-18] So. You know? You see them arrive, then, you know—I don’t think we’re going to have such a huge Extinction Level Event with this because it might, if it hit, if it impacted the Earth, if it was to crash into the Earth—which it doesn’t look like it’s going to—but if it was, because they call it an Extinction Level Event, I think it’s because they assume that the poles are going to flip, and what Isaiah describes as the Earth rocking back and forth like a drunkard. [Isaiah 24:20KJV] That would take out a lot of people. But I’m telling ya, I don’t see that right now. I don’t see that kind of event taking place right now where this kind of Extinction Level Event—‘cause there’s too many other events that have to happen that the Bible talks about. And there’s people here. There’s people here for that. And so, you know. Something like an Extinction Level Event would be more along the time of Armageddon, you know? The 2nd Coming of Christ, Yahushuah. That’s when you’re looking at Extinction Level Events because He destroys the Earth and then we begin—He rebuilds it, and we begin the 1000 year millennial reign. And so. I don’t know. Anyway.

The Buffalo, Satan’s “Patriarchs,” Arrive Before Nibiru Does

One of the first things I wanted to remind you of is that before Nibiru even arrives here, and I’ve talked about this before, the Buffalo would arrive first. I’ve always seen that in the Codes. The Buffalo would arrive before Nibiru does. And so, with Nibiru practically crawling up on our backs, on our shoulders, from the distance coming in, that should give you a timeline of when the Buffalo arrive. And who are the Buffalo? It’s a symbolic term that describes these Ashtar Command, these New Age Ascended Masters, these—they call themselves “masters.” They’re nothing but a bunch of freaks. But they’ll arrive first before Nibiru actually does. And, you know, they arrive claiming they built civilization on Earth, that they’re our creators.

And gone through this before, this whole “Intelligent Design” agenda they want to promote. And another thing I’ve warned about is that their whole empire is dependent on vaccines. “Vaccines” – “Bacillary” – “Dependence” – “Chief” – “King.” Cain always comes up as the leader of these Buffalo. And these Buffalo are considered patriarchs. Satan’s patriarchs. You know how Yahushuah had the 12 Apostles? Well, Satan has his 12 patriarchs as well. And Sananda and Maitreya are just two of them. And they’re coming as the Beasts of Revelation chapter 13. You also have a handful of others. The Ashtar Command. You have Haton, Lady Magda or whatever her name is. I just know there’s a lady. Then you have Saint Germaine who’s supposed to introduce NESARA, the new global economic program. But they have a bunch of beasts coming with them as well. I believe there’s 11 of them, and Satan makes 12 or, you know. But they’ll be—they’re—according to what I’ve seen in the Codes, that they would arrive before Nibiru does. Maybe they’re on the spaceships of Comet Elenin, and that’s what’s bringing them in. [laughs] Or maybe they’re still stuck on Shema somewhere.

But they don’t always live in the same places. You know? Sananda has the Capricorn ship. His rebuilt one. He had to rebuild one because he crashed his original one. What was that? Two years ago it hit the Pacific Ocean. That was his Capricorn. He had to rebuild another one. Probably has a whole fleet of them. But he travels on that. And Maitreya—I haven’t pinpointed where he is. I’ve always believed he’s stuck on Shema, but then you see the others that, you know, they’re either all on Shema with Maitreya, or they’re coming in on these other starships that are coming into our atmosphere. I don’t know how they’re doing it. They keep it so confusing so you can’t really pinpoint them because, I mean, even Satan himself has a temple on every planet. And, you know, his home planet obviously is Saturn. If you want to study the agenda of what they’re going to be doing, it’s—study Saturn. There’s a lot of YouTube videos on the planet Saturn. And, you know, that kinda, when you start learning about Saturn, kinda details the New World Order agenda that we’re doing now, where we’re headed now.

Bible Codes Associated With Nibiru

Anyway. Some of the Codes that I have found on Planet Nibiru—I’m just going to read through some of the terms that I’ve found real quick because I want to get to phone calls. But back in 2004, I first posted Codes on Planet X, this Nibiru, Rahab—another name for it. [Article on Rahab Codes on Rahab] And again in 2011, looked at it, looked at the Codes again. And some of the terms found was: “Nibiru” – “Maitreya” – “Planet” – “Locust” – “Reddening” – “Sepulcher.” Also “Philistines” – “Abundance” – “Suspensory” – “Next.” And Nibiru carrying giants. “Philistine” is always a term used for giants. Abundance of giants on Nibiru. It’s filled with these Locusts and Philistines, terms for giants. Various sizes of them. They will cause much destruction, chaos, and death on Earth, especially when they arrive and they’re all aligned together. But the orgone will affect them in such a way that many of them will catch rabies. I’m seeing these giants with rabies in the Bible Codes. And anything under rabid control is out of control. And so. These rabid giants will be a threat and danger not just to humans but to the other giants as well. So we might see some classic battles with 30-foot giants, tall giants going at it. One rabid and one keeping the rabid thing away from ‘em. I don’t know. Could be very interesting.

Planet X” – “Star” – “Earth” – “Judgment” – “End Time” – “Hell.” Is that another term for Hell. He always uses “Abyss,” and so. “Earth” – “Pole” – “Shake” – “Upturn” – “Old Testament” – “Pentateuch” – “End Time.” The arrival of Nibiru disturbs the solar system causing cataclysmic events and a shaking of the Earth. Possible pole shift could happen during that time. And so. That’s why I don’t think that this Comet Elenin is the same thing as Nibiru. I think this Comet Elenin—comets have always been symbolically used as symbols. What was that old cliché? That the arrival of a comet signals the death of a world leader? Every time a comet arrives, a world leader dies. And so. That should be interesting to see who would be affected this time around.

New World Order” – “Babylon” – “Mobilization” – “Doorway” – “Opening.” Of course, they’re always using CERN to open up portals. November last year, I think it was November 15th of last year when they fired up CERN, trying to open portals to let all these spaceships in. Wouldn’t put it past them to be using that again in November of this year. Opening portals.

Rebel” – “Attack” – “Authority” – “NASA.” People on this planet will attack the authority of NASA. [TN: Sherry always pronounces it like “naw-zah.”] Nauseating. Other’s call it NASA [na-sah]. A big surprise, huh.

Cruel” – “Interfere” – “Tyrannous” – “Inhabitant.” This planet Nibiru is carrying the backup armies of the Antichrist. You know. The New Age wants everybody to believe that peace-loving aliens are coming to help mankind, and, you know, the Bible Codes reveals them as cruel, interfering with mankind. Tyrannous inhabitants. And so. Ancient Sumerians called Nibiru “the day of the lord.” And the KJV refers to “the Day of the Lord” [Isaiah 13:6-13, Joel 1:15; 2:1-32, Zephaniah 1:14-18, Daniel 12:7, Revelation 11:2; 12:14; 13:5] as the last 3 and a half years of the Tribulation period, also known as “the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.” [Jeremiah 30:7] And so. It lasts over a period of time. Not one day. Not, you know, a period of three months or five months where a comet makes its entrance and then leaves. The Day of the Lord lasts for forty-two months. Forty-two months that we’ll be affected by Nibiru. Which is another reason I don’t believe it’s Comet Elenin, this Nibiru, because Nibiru will be gone by December. It’ll be out of our Earth system. It’s gonna come in, dump the inhabitants that it has on Earth, and then it will leave. And so. That should be what people are more concerned about. What are they dumping on Earth? If Maitreya makes his presence known this July or August or September and Sananda arrives, then, you know, Nibiru—this Comet Elenin, which is a carrier for giants and the dead and the fallen, and they’re spaceships behind them carrying the same, being his forces on Earth, helping him establish rule and control of the Earth. So. Could get interesting just with the arrival of Elenin. I’m not saying there’s not anything to it, I’m just saying it’s not Nibiru.

Comets And Asteroids Are Carriers

Comets are carriers. It’s always comets, asteroids. They might look like big rocks, and rocks blazing on fire or whatever, but they’re carriers. Inside of them they’re hollow. This Comet Elenin had a diameter of 3 to 4 kilometers. I think a kilometer is a little bit shorter than a mile. So, you know, for our understanding, it’s probably two or three miles in diameter. So. That could hold a lot of giants, a lot of fallen angels, a lot of “dead beings” as the Lord calls them. Dead and already judged, just being allowed to return, and so.

There’s A Limit To How Much Of A Victory Yah’s People Will Have In Crashing UFOs

I, you know—they can’t hold it off too much longer with coming to Earth and establishing their rule. Now why are they holding it off? Because they’re afraid. Because all the times they previously attempted to make something happen, they ended up crashing their ships instead. They enter our orgoned air and they crash. There’s a limit to how many are going to crash right now. We’re not going to crash every one of them. We’re not allowed. There’s a limit. We’re allowed to crash so many because Satan gets to fulfill his agenda on Earth to fulfill the Lord’s Will. What we’re simply doing is being allowed to make them manageable, I guess you could say. That the only ones who do survive are, you know, the ones the Lord allows to, basically.

The 200 Million Horsemen Are Not The Chinese Army

So we have a lot of work to do, yet, because we’re looking at millions and millions of these giants, the Locusts, coming. And not only that, you have the 200 million horsemen. [] And that’s not the Chinese army, people. I get so sick of the churches saying it’s the Chinese army. It’s not the Chinese army. Got another—the Locust and the 200 million are dead beings. So many. Many, many. 10’s of 100’s of millions. And I have a feeling that if we didn’t have the orgone out that we do to kill half of them off, nobody would survive. It would be as much of them, a billion of them on Earth, one for every 6, 7 humans on Earth. Nobody would survive. You know how many people a day one giant can eat? They eat 500—Enoch talks about the two brothers that were 30 feet tall a piece. They ate 500 cattle a day. When they got tired—when they ran out of cattle, they started eating humans. And what does the Bible say? As in the days of Noah will out last days be. [Matthew 24:37; Luke 17:26] So much to get into with all this.

Sherry Always Needs Our Support :)

But I’m going to start taking questions the last couple minutes of the show. I don’t want to ignore the callers. I do thank those who support this show. I’ll always need support. I always need—you know, folks, I don’t take paid commercial advertisements on my radio show. I don’t accept them on my websites. I have always been approached over the years by advertisers wanting to place ads, and I’ve always said, “No thank you. The Lord supports this show. His people support this show.” And so, I thank those who do. And I invite everybody else who listens to the show to support it as well because with your support we could do so much more.

I wanna see what this caller is doing. What they’re up to.

The Alignment Yesterday Caused An Earthquake Near Australia And New Zealand

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hey, Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Hey, how ya doing?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: Good. Thanks for taking my call. Just to be quick, with the alignment yesterday that happened, Earth, Saturn, and this Comet Elenin, caused a major earthquake of 7.9 off the shore of Australia and New Zealand. And New Zealand was in a tsunami watch, a warning watch. But nobody was saying anything about that, you know, like if the media’s trying to withhold anything.

There Was A Storm On Saturn

Sherry: I heard last night that there was a storm on Saturn.

Caller: I didn’t hear about that.

Sherry: Yeah, of course not. [laugh] Of course not. But the UK—somebody posted an article from the UK paper that did the Telegraph in the UK, posted it. and so. Yeah, some kind of storm on Saturn with the alignment, and saying it was the 7/7 alignment. But what I was seeing was a July 6 alignment, so it’s still kind of lingering.

Caller: Right, right. Oh, and I think the project that you can remember was—that the government was going to do with Mars, they—

[scratchy static noise followed by silence]

Sherry: …Hello? [laughs] And they knock him off the air. That was so not me. I heard a little static, and he’s gone. [laughs] Why do they even bother? I’ll remember the project date. I’ll talk about it next week. I have information somewhere on it. Probably on my Blue Beam Project information. Go to and type in “Blue Beam.”

He’s back on the line. I’ll see if I can get him back on. Hello, caller.

Caller: Hey, Sherry. I got kicked off.

Sherry: Yeah, I saw that!

[they share a laugh]

Project Names

Caller: Oh, well, right when I got kicked off I was trying to tell you the project that you can remember. Project DARPA or Project ORION?

Sherry: Yeah, I know, but that’s not the name of the project. That’s not it.

Caller: It’s not the name of the project?

Sherry: No. I could remember it if I heard it, and it’s not familiar.

Caller: Well both of those talk about re-colonizing on Mars. ORION—

Sherry: Oh, really?

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: They might be updated, because I remember the one that I was looking at was from one back in the 80’s and 90’s, their plans back then. So my information’s outdated.

Caller: I think I know what you’re talking about. I just can’t think of it. It’s going through my mind, I just can’t think of it now.

Sherry: I know. It’s one of those projects. They have so many.

Caller: Yeah, they do. That’s just necessary.

Sherry: [laughs] It’s not going to do them any good. None of their little projects and all their planning, their plans to celebrate on moon settlements and what I’m seeing in the Codes, it’s all for naught. There’s going to be no celebrating on little settlements, and they’re all dependants on it, and…no.

Elenin, Blue Beam, And The Bethlehem Star

Caller: One theory, I mean, off the subject—it kinda, I think I wanna postpone what everybody’s talking about Comet Elenin and put back on Project Blue Beam. With all this stuff that’s going on about Comet Elenin, do you believe that they’re doing this, they’re preparing for Project Blue Beam to make this look like something, but it’s not really something?

Sherry: Well, the only thing that struck me about it was the December 25th date, when Comet Elenin is between the Earth and the Sun, because they can almost try to transform that into looking like a star, like the Bethlehem star.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: ‘Cause they were supposed to use Shema for that, and we destroyed Shema, so they can’t use Shema. So now they’re looking for a backup plan. Maybe Comet Elenin and that alignment’s going to be their big backup plan. I don’t know.

Caller: Yeah, ‘cause it’s—I mean, you try and put this together along with, you know, other stuff they have like Project HAARP where they can create their own thing.

We’ve Taken Away Their Sky Routes

Sherry: Well, any part of it, I’m going to talk about it Monday night on my show. All of their plans, where they were going to utilize the sky—North Korea they were going to use and fuse Blue Beam at the same time—or the North Korea peninsula, nuclear war and then bringing Blue Beam. Anything that they were going to use the skies, we’ve taken away from them. They can’t use the sky because we’ve orgoned it and the chemtrails won’t stick. Their holograms aren’t going to work world-wide. So we’ve taken, totally taken that huge multi-trillion dollar option away from them. Because they’ve spent billions developing those plans and the technology to pull it off. And now they can’t do it.

Caller: Well, let’s hope they haven’t figured out something to counteract against the orgone.

Sherry: Well, they can’t. I mean, it’s the Lord’s breath itself. And so. The Lord can decrease it so they can do so many things and increase it to destroy it. He can do whatever He wants with it. The warriors and the people themselves just have to be faithful and get it out there. Do the exploits and get it out there so that the Lord can use it. It’s also protection, ‘cause if your areas aren’t protected, you’re going to be on the dinner table of Locusts and giants. They eat people, and they don’t like orgone. And so. That’s why I heavily suggest, and I have for years, that people orgone their areas.

Caller: Right. Well, alright Sherry. I’m going to let someone else get online before the time’s up. And I’ll give you a call if I have any more information.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks a lot.

Caller: Alright, thanks.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

A Word On Vacations And Priorities

Yes. Heavily suggest, folks, that you orgone your areas. You know. Too many people just on summer vacation. They don’t want to think about disasters, they just wanna go have some fun and enjoy themselves. You know. Hey, I’m all for that too, but put priorities in place, too. I can think of a lot of years, most of ‘em, that I have not had a vacation because every dime I’ve had has gone into this orgone war. And. You know. I just take my kids with me. You know. What else can you do. Gotta get it done.

Sherry Gives A Hats Off To The Warriors Who Go Out And Orgone

And, you know, when you see things like I do, of how effective and how victorious we’re gonna be with this orgone and already are, I mean, I can see this stuff every day in the Codes in and out when I work on them. I see it with my own eyes. And so, I give a lot of credit to all the warriors out there who’ve stood beside me all these years, and all the people who have listened and have taken my suggestions and my warnings and have done what the Lord’s led you to do, I give you a lot of credit because you don’t see the things I do every day. But you know it’s the Lord, you can feel Him leading you, and you’ve gone out there; you’ve done it anyway. And, you know, we’re hated. We’re attacked constantly. But we just weather through it and get it done. And that’s why I give so much credit to the Lord’s people for sticking through that. I’m used to it. I’ve been going through it for 20—10 years now. 10 years on the internet. I’m used to it. Some of you are new at this. You don’t like it, but you’ve learned to develop a thick skin and just do it because you love the Lord. Ignore all the hatred and the naysayers. So, I give you a lot of credit for that.

Anyway, folks. I’ll be back Monday night. Gonna pick up where we’ve left off. Talk about some of the platforms for the agendas coming up. The ones they’re going to be able to go with, and the ones that have been taken away.

And until then, everybody.

Yah Bless.

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