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Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Aliens In The News

Sherry Has Many Missing Articles—If You Have Any In Stock, Please Pass ‘Em On! :)

And hello, folks. You’re live. It’s Thursday with Sherry Shriner. Yeah, having some technical difficulties on my end. I know we’re all shocked. So. Hanging in there. So. Supposed to have a studio show up, but I have nothing right now. Anyway. It’s July. Has to be better than May and June, right? Always looking for ways to shut me up or annoy me. And, you know, it doesn’t work. I’ll never shut up. I get annoyed, but I’ll never shut up. You know, I was going through my articles pages [] on my websites, never realizing that so many of them are missing. They get hacked off the page. And so, I’ve been going through and I’m updating those, so hopefully, we’ll get that up to date. A lot of articles missing, and so. And some of them I can’t even find. Some of them are just completely off my hard drive, so I have to go to old backups, I guess, and see if I have them on my old backups. Right now I can’t even get on Facebook either, and so. Yeah. Just another day in the life, right?

UFO Crashings

Couple things I want to talk about today. And folks, everything is getting so close you can almost taste it. You can taste it! Alright. So we got the same—this is according to the media—we’ve got the same comet crashing in three different countries. [laugh] Last week we had a fleet that was videoed in Russia, a UFO fleet, and then we had a UFO starship crash. They always call big ones, especially if they’re really big ones, ‘cause they’re calling it a comet, their really big starship. And, crashed in Mexico. And then we had another one, a UFO crashing in Portland, one in eastern Tennessee, one in Georgia. They’re just everywhere, folks. And of course the media is using the same things to try to, you know, for pictures for whatever reason showing a—calling it a comet crashing to Earth. And actually, the way they viewed it show it was the same one in various states and locations. And that’s not going to happen, folks. You don’t have the same comet crashing in different areas. So we’re bringing them down. I already know this. I mean, I’ve seen this in the Bible Codes.

And it’s just getting a little bizarre because they’re so angry. And they’re trying to arrive here on Earth. They have big plans coming up. They’re not just coming in because they, you know, they look ugly and they want everybody to see it. They’re going to do that eventually anyway. They have plans. And so. A lot of them want to show off their new humanoid-looking bodies. They’ve been cloning human bodies so that they can actually appear human. But they’re not.

Maitreya, The Grand And Spectacular Egghead Ambassador

You know, the Bible Codes refers to Maitreya as an—[she pauses to laugh]—sorry. Yeah. The Bible Codes refers to Maitreya as “egg-like ambassador.” He’s an egghead! And that’s what I’ve been saying. That’s why he wears that towel on his head. He’s an egghead. To hide his ugly egghead. You’ve seen the ancient Egyptians, and they had those big, elongated heads. That’s what he is. And those ancient Egyptians were from Mars. And so, he has some of this Mars DNA, and apparently just because he has a human body, he can’t hide his egghead because his body is a clone. It’s a lab-created tech thing, like they all are. A clone. He always pops up as Cain. And that’s either literal or just because he’s of, I don’t know, Cain’s DNA, his seedline, his body, his—a clone of Cain’s.

Many Scientists Believe The Bodies Of The Patriarch Of Old Have Been Found

There’s actually a lot of scientists who believe that these ancient Patriarchs’ bodies have been found. And Adam had a prophecy in one of the earlier Jewish books that his body would be found and plundered. And what he meant in this day and age, how you would term that, is that they would take DNA off of his bones and use it to clone. And so. I mean, how do you plunder a skeleton, huh? Well, you take its DNA. And so, that’s what he’s been—they’ve been doing.

Sherry’s Pictures Of The Ashtar Command Were Hacked Off Her Sites

And it’ll be interesting to see this Ashtar Command fully arrive, because they’re not just coming—we’ve got Maitreya and Sananda, and Mary. I can’t remember the name of the being that plays Mary with “Jesus” [Sananda] when he arrives. It’s one of the Ashtar Command females. I think it’s Lady Magda, but then I want to say something else. But it could be here. It could be Lady Magda.

I used to have all their pictures on my website, but as you will notice, they’ve been hacked. They’ve even been erased off my hard drives so I can’t upload them. So unless I have those in a back up somewhere, they’re gone. I don’t know if I have them in a back up or not. But I used to have all the pictures, and they were the humanoid pictures. They didn’t appear as themselves. Although Hatonn, who is their highest leader, I guess you could say—also goes by the name of Michael the Archangel and several other names. He has several names. He actually admits he’s a tall grey alien. [] And then he shows you his humanoid body. And I have those pictures that are still up at You can do there, you can see Hatonn. Tall grey alien. And then beside his humanoid body. And so. You know, this—they’re always attacking my stuff, folks, so no surprise. Anyway. They’re all coming in, and their crashing. And so, let them be in panic mode. Right now I’m in laughing mode. It’s not going to hold them back forever. The Lord will decrease it enough, so that—the power of our orgone—so that they can come in. They have a time to fulfill. It doesn’t say how it happens to fulfill it. We could take all their options away, and we’re doing very well with that.

Will Egghead Put Himself Back Together Again In Time?

But Maitreya’s down, but he’s not out. Because, you know, that would just—wow. People have no idea, because that would be huge. You know, this Raj Patel’s supposed to be in the wings, ready to take his place. That would just be huge if he didn’t show up, if he didn’t make it somehow.

The Same Pictures That Got Hacked Are In The Satanic Churches Of Today

Because what I’ve been told is that even in the Satanic underground churches all around the world, that—and this was a huge confirmation for me, because I’m the only one that’s really been talking about this over the last 10 to 12 years. They have the same pictures hanging up in their temples that I have on my website. They have Sanat Kumara, which is Satan. They have Maitreya. They have Sananda and this Lady Magda, whoever plays her. And those are the exact same pictures that they have up in these Satanic churches. No wonder they’re freaking out about my radio show. Because I’ve been right about everything I’ve been telling you. And I’ve been saying that for years. But nobody cares. Some people do. Hitting it dead on, head on. Every time. Every year. Every month. Every week. Every show.

Would You Give Holy Tithes To Our Government Officials?

No wonder they’re floored. No wonder they listen to it more than the sheep. And they do. You see all the people who listen to my show, and only a small percentage of them are the ones that need to be listening to this show. The ones who are stuck in churchdumb, the ones who are supporting the wolves, the ones who still think rallying around Zionism is loving the Lord, protecting Jerusalem, I mean, these are the people that need to be listening to this show. Because they need to wake up. They need to wake up. It’s treason to support Satanic Israel today. Why can’t the Christians get that through their head? Because they’re led by wolves. Zionism has nothing to do with Jerusalem. They took the term “Zionism” and they politicized it, and actually it’s just the Jewish aspect of the New World Order. It’s pure Satanism. Would you send Obama, or Bush, or any of our past Presidents, would you send them your tithes and offerings? Because—and support what they’re doing? Their destroying of America? Because this is the same thing the Zionists have done to Israel. They’ve destroyed Jerusalem. They’re Satanists, just like the New World Order freaks that run America here today are. They’re Satanists.

So anyway. And he still comes up as a Horseman. Still coming up as a rider, this Maitreya. I’ve warned you he’s a Horseman. And Sananda being a Horseman. The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The White Horse, the Black Horse, the Pale Horse, and the Red Horse. And the White and the Red are riding. We’re waiting on the arrival of the Pestilent Horse, which is pestilence and famine. That’s—yeah. Pestilence and famine. Grey and Bblack, I guess you could call it that. They’re basically going to come together. They’re on the heels. One will come right before the other one does. You can read about it in Revelation chapter 6. Delayed. I’ve heard they’ve been delayed. Pale Horse Rider trying to get here. Black Horse—[laughs]. I’ve always believed the Black Horse one to be Maitreya, the Pale Horse to be Sananda, the New Age mimicry of “Jesus.” So.

You know, several years ago I wrote an article, “Us Against Them,” and if anybody has that, I’d love it if you would forward it to me because it’s been wiped off my hard drive. It’s not on any of my sites. And so, I’m looking for that article, Us Against Them because I wanted to do some updating on it. And they must have known I would because they got rid of my article altogether. You know, folks, it’s just one thing after the next, after the next. And they work in a lot of ways, you know? Not just—you’d be amazed at the people I talk to that are government officials that, you know, are very personable, very talkative. I have no hatred towards people. My war isn’t against people. It’s against the wickedness, the principalities and the powers of the air, the rulers of the darkness.

You know, the one thing that gets me over and over again is how deceived the Satanists are in America today. And I know that some of you think that, you know, “Yeah, they’re Satanists. They put on their black hoods and their robes, and they go out into the woods, and do rituals.” You know, it’s so much bigger than that. So much bigger. And the thing is, all these elite groups that compete together, they all think they have it “in” with Satan. They’re the “inside” group. You’ve heard me laugh about that a couple of times over the years. Because the bottom line is, and they’re not going to believe—maybe they’ll think it somewhere down the road when they realize what I’m saying is true—but the bottom line is that no matter what family you’re from, or how high up you think you are, or how special you think you are, or how much Satan likes you or might have told you he did…he’s giving you a lot of power and influence, you’re on the fast track to fame and wealth—the bottom line is, they all HATE humans, and they hate you too. They hate.

They may act like they like you and promise to protect you when the times get bad as they’re going to be, same lies they gave Rhianna and everybody else who sold their soul to the Devil. “Oh, we’ll protect you when times get bad. We’ll protect you. Give you a nice condo in an underground city, and you’ll be protected. Your money will be protected. You won’t lose your money when everybody else loses theirs and they switch over the currency.” And, you know, lie, lie, lie, lie. And they may give them the illusions that they’re being protected, but eventually the illusions are going to be pulled back and everything’s gonna be revealed for what it is. And to them, it’s going to be too late. There is no way they [aliens] would ever like them [humans]. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers? They hate them too. They use them. They prop them up. “Look what happens when you serve our kingdom. We’ll give you fame and wealth. Look at what that Rothschild has. Look what the Rockefellers have.” They just prop them up because they need to useful idiots to prop up to show everybody else, to pull them in.

But the reason they hate them took, and they’ll never ever ever except them, is because they’re human. Satan hates humans! They all hate humans. Why? Because they were created in the Image of God. Man was created in God’s Image. And that’s what Satan hates. That’s why he wants to destroy the world. And that’s why he wants to come down here and rule the world through his puppets the Antichrist and the False Prophet. That’s why he wants to rule it because if he can take control of it, he can slowly destroy it. He’ll take control of it by charming everybody. He’ll appear to be very charming, wanting to help, make everybody rich, wealthy, healthy, promise immortality, and anything else that they bite on. He knows what humans will bite on, and that’s what he’s going to offer as bribes. Because once he has you, he controls you. He can destroy you. He wants to control you first because then your soul is his. Lock, stock, and barrel.

He knows he’s going to judgment. He knows that his days are numbered. And so, he wants to take as many people with him as possible. He’s not sitting by, you know, idly by. He has all his little committees and all his little commands and their groups and that’s how—he operates the same way, if you look at our corporate structure and government structure, hello, that’s exactly how Satan operates because that’s where they got it from. You know, we have the UN like they have their Galactic Federation and all the different alien races and, you know, Star Wars in reality. But that’s how it works. That’s how it runs.

And once he’s arrived here, he’s charmed everybody and, you know, they’ve got this image up—they’re going to make everybody worship the image of the Beast, and they’ll make them get his name or number in or on the right hand or forehead—then he’ll reveal what he truly is and who he truly is. Because those who think they’re close to him, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and all these politicians and media celebrities and all that, they’re going to realize it was a game. That they’ve been lied to. Because he hates all them. He hates ‘em. And then he’ll just destroy them. He’s going to install his own people, his own fellow reptiles with him, and their own councils and commands here. They’re not gonna depend on humans. And then they can, when the veil is lifted, they can just shed their human bodies because, for the most part, they completely own and control the humans whom they’ve taken over.

You know, there’s possession, and there’s soul-scalping, and other people may refer to it as different things. But it all starts with access. They access you through your bloodlines. You’ve often heard about the Elite, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and the Bushs and all them, intermarry so that they can keep the bloodline pure so that they can shapeshift. They can become chameleons. They can shift from one being to another. And that comes through bloodlines. And eventually when that baby is born through this family over the years because of the access through the bloodline, they have these abilities to shapeshift. And they just become controlled and then completely possessed by an alien host who then takes over that person’s body.

And then you have the possessed. You have those who don’t have pure reptilian DNA bloodline, but they’re possessed by reptilians. And so, they can still have control of their own selves, but then they also have this reptilian that controls them. And I guess unless you’ve ever been demonically possessed, you’d never really know what that’s like and, you know. All I can do is try to describe it, because I’ve talked to people who, I know they’re MPDs, they have multiple personalities, and you know, just dealing with these kinds of people, I can’t imagine what it would be dealing with people that are possessed and soul-scalped.

Possession is pretty much what MPD is all about, but you have different alters. You have—I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Fight Club with Brad Pitt. And he plays the main character’s alter, his MPD alter. The guy—I don’t know who the main character is—he doesn’t realize he’s MPD. He doesn’t realize this Brad Pitt is one of his alters. He thinks Brad Pitt is his friend, and here it is one of his own alters. It’s very interesting. You have to watch that movie a couple times just to catch everything. But that’s how it is. They have different people who operate from within their own minds, from within them. And these people, what we call alters, are totally night and day from each other. They’re different ages. They look different. They act different. But they share the same human body. And that’s the goal of Illuminati families—is when their children are small, they abuse them so badly that it fragments their minds. And so, even as children, their minds are fragmented so alters can be created. And then they get control of these alters, is what they do, and they use them for their own agenda.

You know, is you look at that Kayle [Casey] Anthony—classic, classic look of a child who’s been severely abused and fragmented. That whole thing down there is nothing but a MK Ultra gone bad. You know, she was—she probably died being abused. And that’s—they start very young. Very, very young. I mean, look at Angelina Jolie’s daughter. She wasn’t even 2 years old, and she no longer wanted to be a female. She started dressing as a male and wanted to be a boy. Maybe she thought if she was a boy, she’d be less abused. You know, they just get pimped out in those Satanic circles. They just get pimped out and passed around. They look shattered lives as these people’s brains get fragmented and they have all these alters. And it’s prevalent. It’s prevalent.

People—you know people in the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, all the high official positions in all the federal agencies, are going to be dealing with reptilians playing humans. You know, when I look in the Bible Codes, the aliens and the CIA are one and the same. They’re one and the same. When you see the CIA, it’s a total alien agency. Total alien agency. And so. Anyway. I don’t know why I get off on these rabbit trails. But it’s all about to come to a head, folks. There’s not much time left.

I’m going to see if I can even begin to get into my studio so I can take phone calls. [laughs] Nice. I wonder if anybody else goes through this with BlogTalkRadio. I’ve gone through this with every network I’ve been on. Every single network. And one of these days I’m just going—you know, I’ve thought about getting my own dedicated servers, my own T1 lines and all that, but really, how much time do we have left, folks? How much time? When I look in the Bible Codes, it’s month to month. Literally. Month to month.

You know, I’ve seen their plans of wanting to pull off demonstrations and visible appearances so people see the UFOs in the skies and, yeah, we see ‘em crashing. [laugh] So these kinds of demonstration things can come and go. Because, you know, if they can’t make it work, they can’t make it work. It’s no sweat off their time. But September, it’s—September’s gotta come up with something. September they’ve gotta physically arrive here. And I know they had a bunch of routes that they wanted to take. They wanted a huge Hollywood production. They wanted to come and appear as angelic hosts from Heaven singing hymns. And they do that, folks. They do that in the Satan churches today. They sing hymns to Satan. So don’t be surprised to see beasts, aliens, mimicking angels singing hymns. [laugh] I don’t think they’re going to be able to pull that one off, so they’re just going to have to come up with different ways. You know, they had to go back to Plan 1 originally with Maitreya when he was just going to have to appear worldwide on through national televisions. They’re just going to stick with that with him. And with Sananda, who knows. He’s the one that’s supposed to come in the clouds and have this huge worldwide entrance, and it’s not going to happen.

Well, back here in the studio. Yeah—when the show’s almost over. Their actual studio looks pretty new. Looks pretty decent. I can’t tell if these people that are sitting on the lines are just sitting there of have an actual question. Looks like they just sit there and use it. I’m not a big fan of that because they charge me for that. People just want to call in and sit on the lines, listen to the show.

So much stuff I’ve been going through lately, folks. And was watching these videos on Nephilim burial grounds in Ohio and also surrounding states of where they have found the gravesites of the Nephilim. And I look at the map of Ohio and I’m thinking, you know, we’ve done a lot of orgone work here and, you know, no wonder they hate this region so bad. [laugh] Everybody needs to stand up and get their states. And I’m talking about getting maps out and looking at highways and looking at routes and getting north and south routes and then east and west routes to kind of make checkered boards. Because you certainly don’t want these giants coming into your area. You know, little green men, they’re ugly, but they’re really not that, you know, scary, I guess you could say, against a 15, 30-foot giant AI or Nephilim coming into your home town. We have an army of 200 million that are going to be roaming the Earth. [] We have the Locust coming in. [] And these are all different factions, folks. This is not the same type of being. These are different factions of aliens coming in. Some won’t be giants. Some may be small. Some—you know, you’ve got anywhere from little green men to 30 feet tall.

I’ve heard there’s AIs, you know, as tall as 100 feet. And that’s these AIs, these artificial intelligence, these robotoids they’ve been featuring in these War of the Worlds type things where you have the robots that are being actually driven by aliens, operated by aliens. And then you have these other, like, that new movie out of Los Angeles where they’re robotic and metallic robots but they have human brains. And these things exist, folks. And they’re going to exist in our world to hide. Don’t expect it until after Maitreya and Sananda arrive. ‘Cause remember, folks, when the Pale Horse Rider [Revelation 6:8] arrives pestilence, disease, and death—Hades comes with him. When he arrives, Hell arrives with him. And to me that’s a big signal right there that when he arrives, the veil is lifted, the dimensions merge, and everything is here with him. Everything comes with him. So be prepared, folks. And from that point on, the Lord’s judgment is on the Earth, and things are going to happen here that we’ve never seen before. [Matthew 24:21] And that’s exactly how the Bible details it. We’re going to see plagues that the world has never seen before. We’re going to see things and events that the world’s never seen before.

How To Prepare For The Coming Invasions And Disasters

And so, folks, you need to prepare. The Lord’s giving us a way to prepare. You know, there’s various methods of preparing. You’ve got medicine, food, and water, because food is going to come to a halt. Water’s going to be so contaminated you can’t drink it. All it’s going to take is one earthquake alone, and shipping route would be destroyed, and they can’t even get food to the stores.

Let alone, once we have an alien invasion here, do you really think the bankers are going to show up for work 9 to 5 to operate banks? Where the employees will shop—or open up shop at the grocery stores? Even local police departments; they have families too, folks. They’re not going to stay on the clock and work their 12 hour shifts. It’s going to be chaos. It’s going to be anarchy. And so, you’re going to have to be able to prepare to protect and defend your family. You know? Not just from aliens but from looters and robbers, thieves, murderers, rapists. If you’re not out of the cities now, it’d be a good time to start getting out of them. Don’t have a whole lot of time left.

And of course, you know, stock up the on orgone water. Orgone water is like acid to alien beings and demonic beings and wicked beings. Doesn’t hurt the humans. It hurts the wicked things.

Do Not Tempt (Or Test) The Lord Your God

You might want to find places with basements. You know, that’s been my mind a lot lately—is I need a basement. You need a basement. Not that I’m worried, but I like to do—I don’t want to be one of these couch potatoes that—what the Lord refers to as “tempting Him.” [Matthew 4:7] Oh, people think it’s just faith. “I’m gonna ask the Lord to protect me and that’s good enough.” Well, you know what? The Lord’s already—the Lord views that as temping Him because you haven’t done what you were supposed to do. What He told you to do. And now you’re almost demanding His protection for you being deaf, dumb, and blind. And it’s not going to happen. I have all the confidence and faith in the world that the Lord has my back. He’s had my back for 20 years, 44 years. But I’m still not gonna sit on my butt and take it for granted and tempt Him in that way. I do what He asks me to do, and I try to cover my own back as much as possible.

I have all the faith in the world with Him, and He knows it. I could never do what I do if I didn’t have faith in Him. There’s no way I could ever stop out of the house, go on a mission, do the things that I’ve done. You know the death threats I’ve had? The harassments I’ve had? There’s no way I could do it without His protection. People think because I’m still alive that I’m not one of His, ‘cause if I was truly one of His they would have killed me by now. They have no idea the level of protection that I have from Him. He can make me invisible. He can make me totally invisible. I totally believe that. How else do you drive onto Los Alamos at midnight and just drive through the entire complex, no one bothering you, nobody stopping you. You get to the front gates and they look at you and your jaws drop, like, “How the heck did you get in here?!” “Oh, I’m just trying to get out, man. We’re heading into Santa Fe from here.” [laugh] My life has been filled with the unexplainable, the impossible, the fun, the harassments. Couldn’t do it without Him.

So anyway, folks. Egg-like. Egghead Ambassador. This is what we’re waiting on. Another thing is, you start hearing about “Chrislam.” Pay attention to the Chrislam that’s coming up. This is a merger of Islam and Christianity. And it’s gonna start hitting these megachurches. You watch. Watch TBN start promoting Chrislam. And let’s see, all the little snakes on TBN and the megachurches. They’re all on there. Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, and Benny Hinn, the Crouches. I don’t even know if that woman is still alive. So much for faith healer. She’s surrounded by them day in and day out, and she was dying of cancer. So much for that, huh? Did anybody wake up? No, no. They’re shocked the world knows… They don’t care. They can explain it away. “It wasn’t the Lord’s will she be healed.” Really. Bunch of charlatans. But watch them. Because they’ll be the ones promoting this Chrislam.

And you’ll see Clinton and Bush—I know how nauseating it is to see them paired up all the time on TV commercials, usually asking for aid. Whenever a disaster strikes there’s not a network they won’t get on and beg for aid for somewhere. And that money never goes to those people, folks. Wake up. Let’s stop supporting the American Red Cross. Just stop. All that money goes into the pockets of the people that own the organization. What do they give? What does the actual families of 9/11 get? $30,000 out of the hundreds of millions that were raised and collected? Hello! Stop giving those organizations a dime.

If you’ve got a question for the show, you can call in at (877) 245-5648. And I think you have to press number 1 to ask a question. ‘Cause I’m not seeing…let me try this.

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hello.

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Yes, hello.

Sherry: Yeah, you calling in to ask a question, or are you just sitting on the line?

Caller: Oh, I’m not sure what’s going, Sherry.

Sherry: Oh, really?

Caller: Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on. I guess, a question. With the whole concept of everything that’s going to go down, where do you think the whole zombie apocalypse is going to out from? A lot of you think that’s going to go about with everything that’s going down, you know, with the alien agenda and all that, where—

Sherry: I think that’s going to be huge once the Locust are around the Earth. Because they have a sting in their tails. [Revelation 9:3-11]

Caller: Right.

Sherry: And I think that it’s going to be huge then because I think that that sting is vaccines. And I’m always seeing the zombie apocalypse associated with chemtrails and vaccines. It’s poison. It comes from poison.

Caller: Right, right.

Sherry: And so, I think it’s gonna be then. It think it’s going to be towards the 2nd half the of Tribulation appears. 7-year affliction type person, you think the first 3 and a half years is this, and the last half is that. Here’s the last half.

Caller: Good deal. Good deal. And as far as targeting major cities and whatnot, I’m sure that’s going to be part of their agenda as well, wouldn’t you think? I mean—

Sherry: Oh yeah.

Caller: —sure, the small little towns and little areas I’m sure have already been hit by certain occasions of, you know, whatnot—

Sherry: They’re hit and missing now. They’re practicing. No, they’re practicing on areas like Joplin, Missouri and other areas, ‘cause they’re practice hits.

Caller: Gotcha.

Sherry: When it really gets full blown, it’s gonna be once they’re here. Because the Lord allows it, because it’s His wrath on the Earth. His wrath on mankind.

Caller: Thank you.

Sherry: So that’s when I would expect it the most. But you know what? You never know when a hit and miss is gonna be in your area, so I have orgone water in my car at all times.

Caller: Right. For the orgone and whatnot, I’ve got some posted about the area, but want to try and get more out there. And, you know, how’s that going to help as far as that whole back-scene control ordeals, as far as zombieism?

Sherry: Well it kills them. It’ll fry ‘em. You can’t shoot a zombie.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: You’re just going to piss it off. It’s not going to die from a bullet. You know, it’s—orgone water is like acid to them. It’ll fry them, killing them.

Caller: Okay, good deal. One of the things—what do you think about this last man shuttle, as far as this whole ordeal with Obama and, you know, him making that comments on that man shuttle aspect. The last shuttle that’s actually going to take place before.

Sherry: I didn’t hear his comment. I don’t know what his comment was.

Caller: Ah, he made a reference to the shuttle, to the shuttle space agency. Supposedly what had happened was some type of debris was heading towards them. Now, did you hear anything about that?

Sherry: No.

Caller: That they had some type of emergency there? Well, I mean, I heard that there’s wars and stuff, like you said earlier in the show about the agenda and how it plays out in reality. Which I think is very prominent and, you know, like with the Pleiadians and the reptilians and all that. There’s a constant war going on, not even between man and alien, between fallen angel and fallen angel, wouldn’t you think?

Sherry: Right. Well, that’s just another term for aliens.

Caller: Yeah, yeah. Same thing.

Sherry: They’re all one and the same.

Caller: Well, you know, as far as like the Pleiadians and the reptilians, how is that, I mean , they’re from the Galactic Federations and different—

Sherry: They’re all aliens.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: And I know people want to argue with me on that, but you’re either a celestial being or a terrestrial. And if you’re celestial, you’re in Heaven. So matter how good you are or terrestrial, you’re still a terrestrial. You’re still fallen. People want to believe that all these Pleiadians are trying to help Earth and stuff, and they don’t understand that a lot of Satan’s reptilians shapeshift as Pleiadians to fool mankind.

Caller: Ah.

Sherry: The real Pleiadians, if they’re good, if they were, they wouldn’t be in contact with mankind because that’s not a Universal Law. That’s like a Heaven Law. They can have no contact with mankind. So the only ones having contact with mankind are the evil ones. That makes it real easy to figure out.

Caller: Right. That’s definitely one thing about it. It’s kinda deceiving. What do you think about Russia? With their whole thing, their whole spiel about Bangladesh will be the first discloser?

Sherry: Eh, whatever. You know, China’s been waiting for forever for America to move ahead and disclose and, you know. Nobody ever believes it anyway. How many years have we been listening as Americans to disclosures. So isn’t that the disclosure itself? The fact that everybody knows they’re hiding the alien agenda? What do they need? Do they need Obama to get on and shapeshift? I mean, he’s already doing it on YouTube videos.

Caller: Oh, my goodness. That’s what made—

Sherry: I don’t know what else people need, you know? They just want some kind of acknowledgement from the government and it’s an acknowledgement they’re never gonna get because—not until, you know, they can figure out what they’re going to do. As much as I know, they’re in total disarray.

Caller: Right. Yeah, I agree with you. It seems like there’s more and more stuff coming out of Russia as far as if you look at the news and the, you know, on the Internet pops up another sighting, another this, alien body found here, and.

Sherry: Yeah, they’re trying to tell people, “Hey!” you know? This stuff is real, you know.

[the two share a laugh]

Caller: I’m gonna head back to work. Appreciate it, Sherry.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: I’m gonna keep up with you. I appreciate it.

Sherry: Alright. Buh-bye.

Caller: Bye.

[call ends]

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air. Hello, caller. Looks like they hung up… Hello, caller. I’m gonna hung up. Alright. So they’re gone.

Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Hi! This is Samantha in Florida.

Sherry: Hey.

Caller: Hi, how ya doing?

Sherry: Good.

Caller: Me too. I have to agree with you. I don’t think we have a lot of—I think we have time, but not a lot of time, and I guess what I’m saying is we need to use our time wisely, and. Like you said when you read the Bible Codes and you see the months, and—you see the months, and the months are correct you say, but as far as like the year, you’re not always sure about that. ‘Cause like you said about Japan, and it turned out to be a little bit later, but it happened around the time you—it was gonna happen. So.

Sherry: Yeah, it happened. It was 5 years later, but it happened.

Caller: Exactly. Yeah. And—

Sherry: It can be one year for all we know.

Caller: Yeah. Exactly. I think, from what I’m hearing and what I’m seeing—I’m connecting the dots and could be wrong—I think they’re going to deceive a lot of people by just collapsing the dollar first, and then all the Constitutionist people are gonna get on board with these people that are going to be in line eventually with these aliens, fallen angels, that are like, you know, Maitreya and I think this is all gonna—I think in 2012, it’s really gonna hit the fan.

Sherry: Yeah, but you know what? Which 2012? Because the Hebrew 2012 begins this September.

Caller: Yeah, that’s right. That’s true.

Sherry: And they’re talking about an economic collapse this fall. They’re actually admitting it. We already are underwent, okay?

Caller: Yeah, exactly.

Sherry: But they’re actually supposed to admit it this fall, which puts them in the same timeline that they’re supposed to arrive.

Caller: Yeah, that’s true, I mean—

Sherry: So they’re gonna come as our “saviors.” They’re gonna save our economy.

Caller: It could be. You know, frankly, I’m tired of people calling me a liar, too. Like, I’m posting things on Facebook, and I know you’re tired of it.

Sherry: You know what? I don’t hear it anymore. It’s like, “What? What’s you say?”

Caller: I’m ready for it. I’m ready very immensely. I think I’m ready just, you know what? If you just—‘cause I post stuff on it. I see other people doing it, and they think we’re crazy. And my uncle thinks we’re crazy. But they’re going to find out, you know? And if they’re willing to come to us and listen, then so be it. But if not, then they’re on their own. It’s like Jesus said with the lamp stand. [Matthew 25:1-13] You better be prepared. And I don’t think that was just spiritually, I think like everything it has a double-sworded meaning.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: And yeah, you know what? Towards the end of this year, I agree. I think that we’re going to start seeing some stuff.

Sherry: Yeah. I’m gonna be totally shocked.

Caller: Well, I know we never know, but I really think it’s going to be horrible. I really mean, I think this year we’re going to start seeing some stuff towards around the end, in the fall.

Sherry: Well these coming months look interesting if they stay on their time schedules.

Caller: Yeah. Been a little quiet. They have been putting a lot of HAARP in the air. I’ve noticed the clouds; they weren’t regular clouds.

Sherry: Oh, I’m telling you. Yeah.

Caller: I put orgone around, trying to delay. And we’re trying, and we need to get out of the city. Our family knows that. And I hope everyone on here listening to your show knows that, you know, you say they believe, “Yeah, we believe that they’re fallen angels,” but you need to prepared because there’s a lot of stuff coming our way and it’s gonna get so ugly next—really, next—I think it’s just going to be horrible next year. Like horrible. I know that we’re gonna start seeing things at the end of this year, but I’ve got a feeling next year’s is going to be bad.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: I don’t know. I just get this feeling, and I’m actually doing some painting, trying to show people about what has happened in the past with God. And you know how you have your pictures with the—you said you lost some pictures? Well, I’m an artist, and I don’t know how else to portray things to people anymore, ‘cause they don’t listen. They’re see-people, so maybe , you know, I could—I’m working on a painting right now. When I’m done with it, I’ll share it with you. So.

Sherry: Well, anger and denial always comes before acceptance.

Caller: Yeah, I know. Yeah.

Sherry: And so, you know, a lot of people just in different stages.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: I mean, years ago, I had enough time, you know, and opportunity to be angry about the truth I was learning. I was angry for a whole year, you know? And I just basically walked away. And that was when the Lord revealed to me that Paul was a false apostle, because he was one of my favorites!

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: And that had to break a lot of ground down, because until I could accept that there were 12 Apostles, not 13, He couldn’t teach me anything else.

Caller: Yeah, that’s true.

Sherry: If you can’t learn how to count, how can He teach you anything?

Caller: Well, when I found out that King James was involved, and Constantine, and, you know, that really wasn’t all the things that—that wasn’t all the books, you know? I mean, there’s so many books that we don’t know about that were hidden, that we don’t have access to.

Sherry: Right. And they talk about it. Jubilees and Enoch and Jashar.

Caller: Exactly.

Sherry: Enoch’s become my buddy.

Caller: Yeah, I love that book. I’ve read that 3 times. I love that book.

Sherry: Yes, I love Enoch.

Caller: Yeah, right. And yeah, when I found that out, that kinda connected the dots, and then I started reading things, the books that Paul wrote, and I’m like, “Well, it says to do this…” He contradicted himself. And it doesn’t make sense, so, you know, when things don’t make sense, that’s when you have to go down the rabbit hole, and.

Sherry: Yeah. It’s like, why does he say one thing, and the other 12 say another?

Caller: Yeah. Exactly.

Sherry: I’ll stick with the 12.

Caller: Like I said, I do think we could, like you’re saying with your timeline, I do think that’s very, very highly possible. ‘Cause you know what? They’re just—they’ve delayed this so many times, so like anything’s possible. And who knows. It could be September this year, and I hope everybody is preparing. And you know, I’ve seen the zombie things on YouTube. I—there’s just too many things that don’t make sense; they’re covering it up. And there’s too many people seeing UFOs. Come on.

Sherry: Yep.

Caller: And how can people call us crazy when we’re posting this stuff? People are seeing it. Almost everyone, you know, a family—I know a whole family that’s seen one, you know?

Sherry: The government is releasing manuals on how to act in a zombie invasion, so.

Caller: Yeah, firefighters—they’re giving them stuff to do.

Sherry: They’re—I have to get going, I’ve got about 60 seconds left, but thanks for calling in!

Caller: Alright. God bless. Bye.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

[call ends]

I think I’ve got this switchboard figured out now, so—hello? Hm. I don’t know who that is.

Anyway, folks, I’ll be back on Monday, 10 o’clock for Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. Same place. 10 o’clock. And I’ll just pick up where I left off tonight, talking about the things that are coming. And hopefully I’ll find that article I wanted to work on, Us Against Them, because I have a lot of updates to it, and I’ll be talking about that on Monday.

Anyway, folks. Until then.

Yah bless, everybody.

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