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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 18, 2011


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And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And got a new setup here at Blog Talk Radio so I can actually see the chat room while I'm doing my show. And so, if you have a question for the show, you can flash it in the chat room. I might see it. And I might not. I don't normally read along with those things as I'm doing the show, but I'll glance at it.

Government Agencies Preparing Public for Zombie Apocalypse

Couple things I want to talk about tonight. Something's grabbing my attention lately, because if you listen to the media -- and this isn't coming from me, this isn't just, you know, crazy Sherry Shriner worrying about zombies and aliens and everything else for the last ten years -- the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] last month, and the military issuing manuals on how to protect yourself against a zombie apocalypse. And just seeing a little bit earlier tonight that the British authorities have now done the same. They're sending out their own booklets for defense strategies for when zombies invade. [UK's Bristol City Zombie Contingency Plan]

What Does Rabies Have to Do with Zombies?

And so, yeah, I've been warning about zombies. I was probably the first one, before our government started sending stuff out acknowledging it. And now British, and probably other countries as well. And the reason being is if you notice them talk about it in the media, they always mention the word "rabies." Have you noticed that? I did, because what does rabies have to do with zombies? You know, rabies is a rabid disease that affects animals, and they go crazy, and they die in three days.

Zombie's is the virus of the undead. They don't die unless you chop off their head, or you get orgone water on them. Or they'll die -- depending on living conditions, they have to have access to water. And so, if they can't get a hold of water, eventually they will die. And so, you know, if they have favorable conditions, they can live for a year or two years. If they have access to water, they can live a long time.

And I try to encourage everybody to get orgone in the water supplies. Ponds, lakes, rivers. Not just because it's the fastest way to saturate the atmosphere with [orgone], because the clouds draw up the vapors out of our water, it's how we get rain, and it saturates the air with orgone when they do that, but also because of aliens and these zombies attacking our water supplies. Because if they drink orgone water, it's like poison to them. And, you know, with very few fresh water reserves in the world as it is, we need to protect the water we have, for us. And I don't particularly care about caring for no aliens or zombies.

But back to what I've been seeing lately, they're always kind of in the same breath. Talking about rabies and zombies. And it's exactly the same thing I've been seeing in the Bible Codes. Because when the aliens come, you know, they're all kind of in their groups. They have their factions, their alignments. They align with each other. And when they're not fighting, they all hate each other. Different factions of aliens. When they come, they're all in alignments together. But what happens is a lot of them are gonna be affected with rabies. I'm pretty sure it's because of the orgone.

The orgone causes necrosis in them. It causes a terrible odor. They don't like it now. When they smell orgone now, it is like death to them. It must be their own selves decaying, because it is a terrible odor for them. You'll see them hold their nose. I know when Obama's been to Cleveland, and we've orgoned the areas he's speaking in, he'll sit there and he'll grab his nose. They hate the smell of orgone. It's like death. It's like decaying flesh, death.

And so, somehow this orgone has something to do with the Giants getting rabies when they come here. And so, this could set off this whole zombie apocalypse. I think it's the very thing that sets it off.

Joplin Tornado a Coverup for Zombie Practice Run

Now they've been practicing. They practiced with Joplin, Missouri. And I kept telling you there was something going on over there. I could feel it, I could feel it, I could feel it. There was something there with zombies. They were covering it up with that tornado. And then they come out, you know, they had that secret morgue, and they wouldn't let anybody on it, and it was on private property. When do they ever put a morgue on private property? Usually it's town property or city property. Not private property. They put it on private property so they could purposely keep people away from it, from trespassing onto private property. They were hiding. They were hiding it. Joplin was an exercise in practicing. And it wasn't our government that did it, it was the aliens who were doing it.

Bible Codes on Chemtrails

Now, I've told you for years, our government's controlled by aliens. But we also have aliens our government doesn't control that controls America. I mean, you see this in the skies with chemtrails. Yes, the Air Force has its own little aerosol operation, chemtrailing operation. You know, the Navy -- comes out of their budget and they pay the Air Force to spray it. That way nobody can trace it from the Air Force's budget, 'cause the Navy has it in theirs. And they hide stuff. I already exposed this years ago within a Bible Code on chemtrails. And how it was all working, you know. It's on my website, [].

Well, the aliens also have their own chemtrailing going on. Because you've heard of the Boeing 707s. You've seen pictures of these huge planes with all these tankers coming out of them and tanks where they spray the chemtrails. And then you've also heard of the little white planes that are holographs. And they have these cylindrical containers. And I often tell the story of how I was sitting at football practice one day and this little white plane was ahead with chemtrails. And all of a sudden you just heard a huge buzz, this huge buzzing noise. And I looked up in the sky and that plane had disappeared, and it looked like a round garbage can in the skies, you know, swirling around trying to spray these chemtrail sprays. But it malfunctioned and the whole thing was just buzzing very loud. Very loud.

And that's what I see in the Bible Codes. The Bible Codes describes it as cylindrical. Cylindrical is the proper name for that. Cylindrical. Whatever. They're cylinders. These round things. And they have sprayers. And they don't want you to see that, so they put this holographic little white plane hologram around it, so when you look at it, you see a white plane.

Well, these white planes have become affected. These cylindrical things have become affected by the orgone as well, and the orgone is crashing them. Crashing the chemtrail planes. And also at the same time, folks, the Warriors are praying (Prayer Warriors) that the Lord will crash these chemtrail planes.

So, we not only have these going on, we also have the UFOs crashing out of the skies. Calling them meteors. They are getting ready for a huge arrival here. And when they come, they're MAD. They're furious. Ohio, particularly, comes up in the Codes. [laughs] I guess they don't like me too well. [laughs] That makes my night. Whenever I see that in the Codes -- they just hate me, they hate Ohio, you know, rahrrr, rahrrr, rahrrr, they're spitting fire -- I don't care. And so, [laughs]...[coughs]. But anyway, [coughs] yeah, they're gonna try to shut me up now.

Three-Prong Zombie Virus Attack: Chemtrails, Vaccinations, Rabies

But, anyway, the rabies being associated with the zombie apocalypse that's coming, so -- associated with the Giants. So whenever you see the Giants here, folks, I mean, I don't know about you, but I'm not even taking chances because, supposedly, even after the Joplin incident, where they were practicing this whole -- because they used to claim, "Well, it's a virus." And we know it's a virus. Zombie virus can be given through chemtrails or vaccinations. And it wouldn't necessarily affect you until after you die. Because after you died, the reanimation kicks in and you come back to life as a zombie. So that was a practice.

After Joplin, there was up to like, 50 incidences around the country of zombies. Because they're trying to perfect how they want to do it, I guess. I don't understand, because the Giants, themselves, are gonna bring it. That's what I see in the Codes. I mean, I see the fact that vaccinations and chemtrails will cause zombies. But I also see rabies. So we're looking at a three-prong attack here. They are gonna make sure, one way or another, we have a zombie apocalypse. And so, I encourage everybody to carry spray bottles in your cars, to where you have access to them. Orgone water. And I tell you how to make orgone water. The YouTube video on how to kill zombies. And towards the end of it I talk about orgone water. [How to Kill a Zombie] And you NEED to have orgoned water, because that will protect you from them.

Why Are All Catholic Archbishops Being Recalled to Rome in October?

But interestingly enough, in October -- somebody sent me a thread from the Godlike [Productions] forum where they've sent out letters to all the archbishops in the Catholic church, and they have to return to Rome. They're all being recalled to Rome from October 10th to the 24th. And the reason they're being recalled -- well, they're not giving anybody a reason why they're being recalled to Rome. But they're stating that if archbishops aren't in the Vatican by October 10 -- they're called to be there on the 10th. If they don't show up, then they have until the 17th. After that, nobody can enter the Vatican after the 17th. So whatever it is that's coming -- and they're not saying what it is (they'll tell you what it is) -- but they're in fear. They're fearful. Because something's coming down October 17 that they want all of their archbishops kept safe in the Vatican from that time forward. Until at least the 21st.

OK. So what's happening in October? The 10th to the 17th? And what I found, if you look at the Planet X dates, on October 17 Planet X crosses the earth's orbit line, and passes directly in front of our planet, uh, what is it? They say 21.57 million miles away. But it's the closest encounter we're gonna have with Planet X. And so, that comes on October 17. And so, this is when they're anticipating a pole shift, I believe it is. And if the poles would shift, there would be three days of darkness.

8 Starships Coming with Planet X

And, you know, I don't know about you, but this three days of darkness thing isn't biblical although people are trying to make it sound like it is, you know. I don't see anywhere in the Bible it talks about three days of darkness. But let's say there is. If there's three days of darkness, don't go outside, because the darkness represents evil. And with Elenin coming that close to the earth -- or, not Elenin, Planet X -- let's remind you that there's eight starships with it that are coming. And they often use comets as carriers.

They hydroplane -- I don't know how you say that, when they catch the rift behind them. They'll piggyback off the comets that come into our atmosphere. This whole little star system that's coming with PX [Planet X]. And on October 17 that's going to be the closest to Earth that it's going to get. And so those eight starships then and there are going to go their own way from that point on.

What's Happening October 21 in the Codes? Why Is Rome in Such a Panic?

And these are huge alien starships, folks. They're carrying Giants. [sighs] And I don't mean to scare anybody, but I've been talking about this for ages, so it's like nothing, to me, to talk about. But this is where the invasions could really start coming in on Earth. I mean, I haven't, you know, they've been coming. The Giants have been landing in the Negev Desert for the past year or two. I mean, I've seen that in the Codes. And our military has met with the Giants in the Negev Desert with the Israeli soldiers. And they've described them as 19-feet tall. And so, they've been coming in. Our governments know they're around us. But they've got more of their reinforcements coming with PX, which comes to the closest point, closest contact to Earth, which is October 17. So they're anticipating one of two things at that point. A zombie apocalypse happening immediately, which I think is a little too early, but I'll hold my breath on that, 'cause, I don't know. I don't see it in the Codes. I don't see a zombie apocalypse right now. What I see in the Codes is, I'm looking at a date. Let's just say I go ahead and I go, "Let's see what's happening October 21." Because it's after the 17th, and if anything happened on the 17th, they may display it like it just happened in the Codes, and be easier to figure out that way.

Much easier to find past events than future events, because future events are just so wishy-washy. It's an avenue. It doesn't have to happen. Just because it's listed, because of mankind's free will that event could be cancelled, it could be changed. And there's a bunch of things that can happen to it. That's why you never know what's gonna happen till it already does. But anyway, let's say I look at October 21 in the Codes to find out why Rome is in such a panic. What I'm seeing is a straight line, a straight line across the Code, "above - god." And god not being Yahuah God; god being alien God. Because god in the Codes is a general term for like a alpha leader, like a huge leader like Satan or God. It could be either one because a lot of people worship Satan as god. A lot of people worship Yahuah as God. There's just no say which one, so I'm assuming it's Satan as god, because it would say. There's other terms you can figure out if it's talking about Yahuah or not.

Anyway, it says "above - God - there will be terror - they will travel." And so -- and it also says "alien - ambusher - Ohio - aerospace." [laughs] I love that part right underneath it. They're gonna make a huge presence known. They're gonna make a huge presence. There will be terror. They will travel. In the morning. So whatever happens, when they decide to show mankind that they're here, it's going to be in the morning. I know a lot of people think that this event is gonna take place on 11-11[-2011], September 11, in the morning. I see this event multiple dates. Multiple dates. July 31 is a huge date. September 9, September 11. October 21. And so, there's several dates for this one event.

"Fire - great noise - arranged - ascendant." And ascendant is what they call these Ascended Masters of the New Age. This Maitreya and Sananda, and all the Maitreyas coming. But Sananda, St. Germaine, all of them. The entire Ashtar Command, which is supposed to include Maitreya. Still iffy on if he's coming.

Orgone Warriors in Hawaii Need to Target the Portal-Opening Areas

Interesting enough, I saw a nice matrix on Hawaii. Which I would assume is Obama. About Obama. "Materialization - Bison - Hawaii - army." And so, I know there's been a lot of freaky stuff going on in the skies in Hawaii. A lot of portal-opening activities out there in Hawaii. And so, for the Warriors listening, you know about it better than we do, because they really haven't mentioned it a lot in the United States. Sometimes you can see it on YouTube videos. You need to get it orgoned. You need to target those areas where the portal openings are happening, and get orgone in those areas. Because they're gonna use the Hawaii portal to bring a whole alien army in. Probably because we've done a good job at shutting down the portals here in [Mainland] America. I can't say we've shut them all down. I think that would be too brass. I have no idea. I know that we've shut down a lot of them. But for any event, they're going to come through the ones in Hawaii. So this is all very -- getting down to the nitty-gritty of their first invasion. "Fire - great noise." That oughta catch everybody's attention. And it's arranged.

"Agitated - army action." Agitated by the Orgone Warriors. The Orgone Army. It's what they call us. They call us a faction, a section, an army. And they're agitated. And they're mad. And this is the stuff that's terrifying the government. Why they're running to hide. Because they know that this invasion is coming. And it's not gonna be a nice one, folks. There will be terror. It says there will be terror. People are going to be afraid.

So I expect them to halfway show up with their UFOs beaming. Shooting lasers. Firing -- what you've seen in Hollywood. Otherwise, why would people be in terror? I mean, you know, UFOs are like, a dime a dozen in the sky at night. At least here. Where I live. It's always a zoo. And nobody even notices. [laughs] And so, it's not very terrifying, you know. Only because they have to stay up so high. They don't dare get too low. They crash and burn. They stay WAY up. Unless I go in town, then they're a little bit lower, but not that much. I mean, they don't like this area at all. You'll see all kinds of flashing light around here at night. They look like falling stars. It's just flashing lights. It's quick. Sometimes it's loud. Just UFOs taking dives.

And so, they've gotta be low, and they've gotta be visible, and they've gotta be menacing, for people to be in terror of what's gonna happen. So expect that, folks. Expect it. Get your orgone out. Get your batons out. If you see UFOs in your area, point your baton at it. Because I've had plenty of practice at this, and when you point a baton, one of our batons, at a UFO, it malfunctions. The lights go off and on. It starts to malfunction. And if it doesn't get away in time, it's gonna crash. And so, get your batons out. Make sure your areas are orgoned. You don't want them flying real low in your area. I've never seen a low-flying UFO in years because this area is saturated so well with orgone. But I know they're in other areas and they can get real low.

Aliens Like Eating Kids So Keep Them Away from Yours with Orgone

And you don't want them flying low-level at your area because these things abduct people, they abduct children. That's their delicacy. They like eating kids. [Sherry's disturbing vision] When the Giants arrive, same thing, they like kids. They like food. I mean, they eat food. They just like food. Aliens like children. Giants just like food. From what I saw, they just rip people's arms off and just eat them in front of them while they're laying on the ground going into shock. [Woman Attacks Infant in Stroller, Wanted to "Eat Baby's Arm",0,3448593.story] A lot of terror coming. There's no way to sugarcoat it. And so, just a heads up on that.

They're Indecisive and Unorganized in Satan's Kingdom

You know, just 'cause I'm looking at October 21, it can detail past events or talk about coming events, emerging right ahead events. And so, I mean, if this is October 21 I'm looking at and this hasn't happened already, I just haven't gotten that far in the Code to see that this happened in the past or whatever, then they're off schedule already. They're off schedule 'cause it should've happened in September.

I expect them to be here in September. Maybe that's why they're pushing it back to October, just to piss me off. I don't know. I don't get pissed. I don't get mad. They've been delaying dates for ten years. I don't get mad, I get used to it. 'Cause they're so indecisive. [coughs] And there's plenty of Satanists that will tell you the same thing.

There's no real order [coughs]...they don't want me talking. There's no real order in Satan's kingdom. There's not any humans that really take control and say, you know, have an organizational control here on Earth. 'Cause there's so many different factions and groups of Satanists. And they all hate each other and they fight against each other. It's all about rank and power, wealth and greed, positioning, ranking. And so many of them. And then, you know, that's just America. Then you've got the ones in Britain, all over the country. Australia, Israel, China. There's what? 12, 13 Illuminati families, seedlines, on Earth. And so, they're all fighting amongst each other? And that's just the seedline families. You haven't seen the rest of them. All the lawyers and bankers in Chicago and New York who are part of this whole Satanist brood, which I call the brotherhood.

And so, they're indecisive. A lot of things just don't happen because there's no leadership. They're indecisive, unorganized. All they're good at is being evil. They're not good at organizing.

Obama Bible Codes: "Materialization - Bison King - Hawaii - Army"

And so, [laughs] you know, keep your eyes on September 11. We're looking at timelines here because, you know, I can't imagine that this stuff's gonna be pushed off until next year, when it's this close in the Codes. It's literally just next, you know, next. Right now, what you see in the Codes now is their pure anger that we're crashing their UFOs. Pure anger. Just totally mad. They're very, very angry. Maybe that's why they're coming out of Hawaii. They have plans of coming out of Hawaii, and so.

You know, they're either gonna come out of that portal in Hawaii or -- let me give you another analogy of this Hawaii term. Because it could also be the fact that Obama is the king from Hawaii. Maybe we start to see something with Obama. Maybe there's some kind of action that he takes. It says "materialization - Bison king - Hawaii - army." Bison's a term for aliens. So, coming out of Hawaii, or the fact that, I -- you know, I don't know how much clearer it has to get that Obama's a lizard. That he's not a human being. Posted some more videos on my Facebook today. Maybe he does something. He's got a army, a Bison army, alien army. Maybe he does a vicious flyover of America or something. I don't know.

Hillary Clinton Got Burned in the Astral Realm by Sherry's Rings of Fire

He's not always in the White House, folks. A lot of times I see him in the skies at night. You know, they all are. They all are. A lot of the times what you see with your politicians are the clones, because the real ones are up in space somewhere flying around on their UFOs or broomsticks, whatever sex they are. [laughs] Hillary wouldn't like that. She's one of the vicious ones. She really is. She has a lot of abilities. She goes astral all the time. I've burned her before. I, you know, I don't like these astral beings. I'll put rings of fire up and if they cross it, they're gonna get burned. And they learn the hard way. But, yeah. It's a constant war, folks. It's a constant war. Do you think I get a week's peace? I posted on my Facebook site, when they're quiet, they're plotting. And it's been quiet. And earlier today I just took a huge hit, from Pan, himself. Satan, himself.

They Don't Like Our Bohemian Grove Prayers

[sighs] They're mad. And they don't like our Bohemian Grove prayers. [About the Bohemian Grove] If you're on Facebook, you can read the prayers we posted in regards to Bohemian Grove. And Bohemian Grove taking place the next two weeks. And there's all kinds of things you could pray for, folks, to destroy their whole vacation out in California for the next two weeks. You know, we have prayers written. All you have to do is say the ones we have written out or make up your own. And here's some ideas of things you can pray for. Ask for:

  • mudslides, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes
  • the sewage malfunctioning
  • the electricity being cut off
  • the servers all quitting and going on strike so they have no one to serve their food
  • the food, itself, getting maggots and bugs in it
  • the alcohol turning to sour water
  • the beds getting full of bedbugs
  • the owl falling over into the pond in front of it

There's just all kinds of things you could think of and ask the Lord to do, to send His angels to do. I know this morning, after I'd posted those prayers on Facebook, I asked the Lord to dispatch an entire choir ensemble [laughs] to the Bohemian Grove area. And, I mean, the whole ensemble, the musicians, the instruments, the entire orchestra, with a fully-staffed, filled choir to sing the entire time, so that they're music would saturate not only above the whole area, but in every airspace about Bohemian grove. Underneath, in their little caves and caverns and underground bases underneath it, to all the rooms above it. Just let them hear heavenly music. [laughs]

They Have Time to Repent, But They're So Evil That They Won't

I love heavenly music. I could sit back and just listen to that forever. But when you're evil, and you stand in judgment, and you've already got one foot in the lake of fire, that's the last thing you want to hear. Because the only thing they have to bank on is that since they were children they were told the Bible isn't true and that hell doesn't exist, but they all secretly, deep down -- they know it does, and they're terrified of dying. And so, nothing like reminding them of where they're heading, especially if they don't repent.

They still have time to repent and turn to the Lord. But the thing is, they're so evil, and they love the evil, there's no way they would repent. They're not sorry. They love it. That's their life. They've done it their entire life and they're not about to stop. And so, this is why we ask for the Lord's judgment on them. To make their entire time miserable. They're not going to Bohemian Grove to have a barbeque, folks. They go there to rape young children. Young boys in particular. And they're babies. And that's all these world leaders. These grown men from around the world meet at the Bohemian Grove to rape babies and have rituals to Molech, the owl.

They Hide the Fact That Real Human Sacrifice Goes on in the Bohemian Grove

And, you know, I know Alex Jones got a video. And they showed this video sacrificing care [Cisco Wheeler Describes the "Cremation of Care" at Bohemian Grove] and all this. You know what? I think there's a lot of truth to that video, but I think there's a lot of bs, too, because you know that all these world leaders, who are such pedophile Satanists, are not gonna meet and not have a real human sacrifice. That's what they do. That's who they are. So, maybe...yeah. Maybe that day they put on a show for Alex, and let him see a sacrificing of care ritual, whatever, but you know human sacrifices take place there. Not a doubt in my mind. I mean, that's the whole thing with Molech, the owl of Molech, where they have this huge 15-foot statue of the owl there. And that was the whole thing about him. That was the way he went. He demanded sacrifices. People would sacrifice their children to Molech. You hear about it in the Old Testament over and over again. And so, that's the kind of things that take place in the Bohemian Grove, folks.

Yeah, we have a lot of orgone out there. A Warrior got it. So if the Lord decides to crank it out there and really fry them, that would be pretty much injurious, too. [laughs] Close to hell. The earth just opening up and swallowing all of them down and burning them like it did [Korah, Dathan and Abiram in Numbers 16] for Moses. Anyway, that would work. But that's what's going on for the next two weeks.

If Something Doesn't Happen in July, Keep an Eye On the Next Few Months

And, in August, I' know. July and the first parts of August pretty much run into each other in the Bible Codes. If something doesn't happen the end of July, it'll happen the first couple of weeks of August. Not a whole lot of mention of August in the Codes, which might be one of their go-to months because everybody's expecting them in September. So you always just have to wait and watch. You always just have to wait and watch. So from now until December 25 is supposed to be their big Day of Declaration date, when they wanted to have the star of Bethlehem deal, and the big announcement that they're here and all this, you know.

So this is just gonna go on and on for the next six months, folks, is what I'm saying. If something doesn't happen in July, you know, we'll keep an eye on August, keep an eye on September, October, November, up to December 25.

We Can Take Out a Lot More of Satan's Forces with Your Help

But it just goes on, because I'm looking ahead at March of next year and I see Giants. This is the time to prepare. Quiet time is a good time. Good time to start preparing. And there's a lot more we need to do. I'd love to end this summer with a bang, but I just don't have the financial support right now to do that. And so, I need some large donors to just stand up and support this ministry because, you know, supplies are so expensive. Orgone is not cheap to make. It's expensive. And it's not cheap to go across the country either. Gas is expensive.

And we just need some large donors. There's a couple of missions I still want to do. There's some cities hovering above America in our aerospace that belong to the Giants and the aliens that I want to take out. And the only way I can take them out is to get to the areas that are underneath them, which requires driving, and a lot of supplies. Also closing portals; same thing. I need magnetic orgone for portals. It's just one expense after the next. I just need people to stand up and send in huge donations.

China Listeners, We Need Your Financial Help to Get the Orgone Out

You know, and I love the ones who support this ministry on a monthly basis already. I love you to death. There's just so many people that listen to this show and have never donated a dime that now it's your time to stand up and do so. This show is heard worldwide. China is the second largest listening audience of this radio show. China. And I've never received one penny of support from any of the Chinese that listen to this show. None. Zilch. Nada. Do it for love. But if you've got money and you can help support us get missions done around the world, then we need your support, 'cause time's running out. Time's running out.

With Your Support We Can Get Orgone into Places That Sherry Can't Get To

I'd love to be able to send boxes of orgone to Israel and tell them Warriors out there, "Hey, go get it in the Negev where the Giants are landing." 'Cause they've been going out there for the past year landing in the Negev. We need access to these places they're at. Even if we can't do it ourselves, we can make it and send it out to various parts of the world that need it.

Hawaii could probably have those portals shut down out there if they had enough orgone. If we had enough to send them, it wouldn't be an issue. Our hands are tied. We can't send it. We don't have the money to. You know?

Especially down in Peru. We've got maybe, what? Maybe one or two Warriors in all of Brazil. And that's one of the biggest hotbeds of alien activity in Peru, because of all the mountain bases they have down there. Would love to be able to help them much more, sending them orgone. But I can't because there's just no support here at the ministry. So I need people that have deep pockets to help us out here.

Help the Warriors out. Help the Lord out because, you know, things aren't really gonna get rolling until He says so. And depending on how much protection we have, compared to how much we don't, is gonna be on how much orgone we've got out there. I mean orgone protection areas. And not that it destroys them and kills them, it protects us, because they won't come into orgoned areas once they arrive. So get your areas orgoned as well, folks. Get your neighborhoods, your towns, your cities. If you're doing more work, then it's less we have to worry about, because more and more people are protected.

Put Up Those Orgone Walls, Warriors

You know, I don't want a Giant down the road from me. I don't want a Giant in my county. I put walls up around my entire county. I've got my town center covered. I've got every place covered. I don't want them near me. I don't even want them in my state. We've been working on putting walls all the way around Ohio. This might be the safest state in the country. Why? Because a handful of Warriors, maybe three, four, have stood up to get it. And I know there's three or four Warriors in every state in this country. Guys gotta be putting up walls. And what I mean by putting up walls is orgone puck; one every mile. Just drive around your county. Throw an orgone puck out every mile, and that will create a huge blue wall. You don't see it from here with your physical eyes. But I see it described in the Bible Codes and it's like a blue wall. A blue wall of light. That's why I call them walls. Blue lights radiate. So, not much time left, folks.


Anyway, gonna take some calls for the last ten minutes or so and see what's going on with people. Oh, let's see. Some of these people have been holding on forever, and so.

What's Up with the Heat? Are They Trying to Cook Us Before the Giants Come Eat Us?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: Sherry...

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air -- yeah.

CALLER: Can you hear me?


CALLER: Hey, how ya doin'?

SHERRY: Good, how are you?

CALLER: I'm good. Hey, hey, hey...what's up with the heating up with the atmosphere. Are they trying to cook us before the Giants come eat us?

SHERRY: No, 'cause they hate the hot. They want it cool. I think it's nature balancing itself out. Because they've kept it so chilled for so long --

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: -- that now we're just gonna have usual heat 'cause the earth's gotta balance out. Temperature has to balance out. That's what I think.


SHERRY: Because they like it cold. They don't like it hot.


SHERRY: That's why we have usually cold winters now and they're kind of getting longer and longer, and summer's getting shorter.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: 'Cause they like it cold.


SHERRY: That's because the orgone burns them. So they like to chill the atmosphere to try to -- they try to suppress the orgone with cold air.

Are the Giants Bigfoots?

CALLER: Ah. And these Giants, are they what the [unclear] people perceive them as? As Bigfoots?

SHERRY: Well, those are Bears. There's a difference. Those are what are called Bears.


SHERRY: The Bigfoots are Bears and they inhabit the moon. So all those spaceships on the moon, on the dark side of the moon (there's YouTube videos on it) --

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: -- those are the Bears. Those are the Chewies [Chewbaccas].


SHERRY: Yeah. I'm serious. They're very intelligent beings.

CALLER: Wow. You just brought out something new to me. I never heard of that.

SHERRY: Mm. I thought I'd talked about it before. [Sherry Talk Radio 3-10-11]


SHERRY: The Bears, the Chewies [laughs] on the moon. [laughs] We have all kinds of Giant races coming. And, yeah, the Bears are Giants. They're tall. They're like, what? 8-foot, 9-foot. We've got humanoid Giants coming that are 15-feet, 19-feet, so. The Nibiru Giants are huge. And these other Giants that are coming, that are behind Nibiru, I don't even know how tall they are. I assume they're all about the same. In the Bible, in Revelation 9, talks about the Locusts.

CALLER: Right, right.

SHERRY: And they come in three different stages. You have your babies, your middle-aged ones, and your old ones that are really tall. They're gonna be all sizes, so.

Are the Giants the Ones Who Built the Egyptian Pyramids?

CALLER: You think that are the ones that built the Egyptian pyramids?

SHERRY: No, I think the one that built the first pyramid was the Lord, Himself, as a sign. Like, where was that? Leviticus, where He puts a sign in the desert. And I think the other two are mimics. I think Satan built those to mimic the Lord's pyramid, so. And plus the fact that the inside of the main pyramid at Giza has the Torah inscribed on its walls. How would the Giants know what the Torah was gonna say some thousands of years later?

CALLER: Right. It's very odd.

SHERRY: Yeah. So it's not them. The Giants didn't do it. They just take credit for it.

CALLER: Seems kind of odd like they're finding a lot of stuff now. A lot of stuff is coming to surface as far as underground structures or, you know, things they found under the sea, you know.

SHERRY: Well, they want it to. They want it to come out they've been here all along so that people will embrace them as our creators. You have that whole thing where Adam and Eve were created in test tubes, and they left them here and they're coming back now to see how their kids are doing. [laughs] It's ludicrous. And so, that's the whole alien agenda. They want people to know that they've been here because they're coming back now.

CALLER: Hmm. All right, Sherry. I'll let somebody else get on.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

How's the Flooding in Iowa?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.


CALLER: Yeah. I'm the one that calls you from Iowa. You know I always talk fast to you, 'cause I know that people wanna talk, too, so. Yeah. It's been really hot, and then it's cold. And hardly any chemtrails. Some at night. But, actually, it's been really quiet. Kinda creepy. Not hardly any during the day. And I've seen a few at night, but, I don't know, maybe it's calmed down. Now it's kind of boring, you know.

SHERRY: How's the flooding going on out there?

CALLER: The what? Oh, we don't have any flooding. I'm in eastern...

SHERRY: OK, so you weren't affected by it.

CALLER: No. No, but you know what? You don't hear anything about -- it's like it's -- anything more about the flooding in, you know, Omaha. Not a word.


CALLER: [unclear] Weird. But, no, I don't have any over here. It's been really hot in the 90s.

SHERRY: I know I've been staying hiding in the air conditioning.

I Think I Saw a Real UFO Here in Iowa

CALLER: About two weeks ago I -- you know, I always looked and I'm just never really convinced that, you know, that there's a UFO up there. But I've seen some real high at night. If I go outside and I try not to think, you know, I'm not positive, but pretty much think that they probably are. 'Cause they disappear real fast. But about two weeks ago, this is -- really scared me to death. I was on the couch. And I was home alone. And I was watching a movie about 11:30. And something made me go -- well, my curtains are always drawn and we can't -- I don't have much sky to look out 'cause we have big lines of trees. And I seen, for the first time, the biggest I ever seen, it was like it was above my next town. It was the hugest white light. It didn't change color and it didn't blink. I looked at that and it's like, I knew exact -- how could it not be one? You know, we had a lot of towns had stuff going on. It was like 11:30. I'm like, "How could not anyone see that?" It was HUGE. And it was just plain white, like I said. It was pretty low. Not tree-level, but, you know, it was a lot higher than that. Either that or it was farther away and that was a big ship. But why didn't it blink? And then I ran outside right away. And within 30 seconds it just moved a little ways and just dimmed and it was gone. And it was big. And it didn't blink. And it didn't have any color. It was just pure white. Was that one, or...?

SHERRY: Most likely. I mean, [laughs] --

CALLER: And I've never seen anything that big. And I thought, "Don't they have color, or blink, or do something instead of just sit there in the same spot?" And then they just move a little bit --

SHERRY: [speaking at same time as caller] Oh, they mimic stars. They try to mimic stars.


SHERRY: They try to mimic stars. That's why people don't notice them. They look like stars sitting in the sky.

CALLER: This was a lot -- if this was a star, I'm like, how can -- I freaked out. How could anyone NOT notice that?


CALLER: 'Cause that was a lot, lot bigger than a star.

SHERRY: Well, the stars move around at night and people don't notice that either. It's like, "Hello!"

CALLER: This was a lot, lot bigger. It looked like a low airplane kinda.


CALLER: But, yeah. I'm like, "Well, I'm sure it wasn't signaling me, or it would've been closer than that."

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: How does it know that I was looking out the window, you know? It was just probably -- maybe it was a bigger ship or something. I don't know. But I haven't seen it since.


CALLER: But, yeah, it really kinda scared me.

SHERRY: Get a baton. Plant a baton at it.

CALLER: 'Cause that's the first one I've ever, ever seen in my lifetime that was that big. And I knew it was because within 30 seconds when I went out -- probably shouldn't have went outside, should I, alone? [laughs] I doubt it could see me from way up there.

Sacred Treasure Found in India

CALLER: What's this treasure they found over in another country that the people wanted to open it 'cause it's one of the richest treasures? And there's a symbol on it like a snake or something. And they think it's sacred, that it's a warning. And they're not supposed to open the treasure, and the people want them to. [Hidden Treasure in India]

SHERRY: Oh, like a Pandora's box-type thing? I haven't heard of it.


On Earthquakes, Flooding, and Orgone

CALLER: And Yellowstone, I see, has been having some smaller, quite a few more, little ones. You hear anything on Yellowstone, or no?

SHERRY: You know, I'm not too worried about Yellowstone. It's just too early for that to go off.

CALLER: Philippines has been picking up. I haven't seen anything on the Madrid.

SHERRY: Madrid's kind of busting. 'Cause we're getting more and more orgone out there and they can't get -- you know, the flooding was helping.

CALLER: Madrid's been quiet. And north of that or anything has been really quiet.

SHERRY: Yeah, so --

CALLER: I had a friend move from Arizona, Phoenix. I told them to move somewhere else, but, yeah, they picked Raleigh, North Carolina for some reason. Is that probably not even as safe Phoenix, or worse, or...

SHERRY: Aaahh. North Carolina's got that huge Giant base down there in Golden Valley. So, just gotta get some work done no matter what state you're in.

CALLER: I guess not.

The NWO Doesn't Like Japan

CALLER: Now they're talking about a big storm heading towards Japan. It was on the news today.

SHERRY: Yeah. They were just hitting that with earthquakes earlier last week, so they're still trying to take that out. The New World Order does not like Japan. It's like a faction-fighting thing. They don't recognize Japan as being a legitimate Anunnaki bloodline, as one of the elite families of the Illuminati. So everybody hates them. And so, it's just kind of like a New World Order against Japan-type thing for all the wrong reasons.

Are Most People in Congress Aliens?

CALLER: Are most of the Congress men or women aliens or Reptilians?

SHERRY: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: Most of them are?

SHERRY: If most of them aren't already soul-scalped and possessed, they have those boxes on them and they're controlled. And so, either way you're gonna belong to the aliens.

CALLER: There's none of them that are normal humans then, of the Congress people?

SHERRY: Well, you know all the rich ones are aliens, and so, just follow the money. Whoever doesn't have it, hasn't been been possessed yet. [laughs] But a lot of them do work as White Knight journalists.

A Lightning Storm Took Out My Modem

CALLER: The reason I'm asking so much is 'cause I really haven't -- we've had lightning storms about a week ago, a week and a half, and it's got my computer, darn it! Took out my whole -- I think that's what happened, because I lost my modem.

SHERRY: Yeah. And they were targeting me tonight with storms and just didn't get anywhere with them.

CALLER: It's been really hot, and it's been quiet. But, yeah. That really scared me. That UFO, or, I'm sure it was a ship or something, but I, you know, in my mind, think, "Well, was it or not? It wasn't blinking. It wasn't changing colors. Just big and white."


CALLER: It was bright. Like a big flashlight.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, thanks for calling in. I'm gonna...

CALLER: OK. Well, keep us updated on the news.

SHERRY: All right. You have a good night.

CALLER: Thank you. Stay safe.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.


The Aliens Would Hate the Hot Weather Here in Lincoln, Nebraska

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller --

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Yeah! [pause] Hello?

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: This is Leslie...

SHERRY: [audio unclear to Sherry] Shriner? Yeah.

CALLER: Can you hear me?


CALLER: [laughs] I got you!

SHERRY: Yay, you did. Who is this? And where're you calling from?

CALLER: This is Leslie from Lincoln, Nebraska.

SHERRY: All right! Lincoln.


SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs] I talked to you at the last minute and I thought I was hearing things.

SHERRY: And so, what's going on in Lincoln tonight?


SHERRY: What's going on in Lincoln tonight?

CALLER: It is HOT. I was listening to the caller ahead of time who was just talking -- the guy was asking about the heat. It was kind of funny. You were talking about the heat, and they like the cold. If that be the case, they'd really hate this. You know?

SHERRY: Yeah, maybe it reminds them too much of judgment.

CALLER: Nothing's shakin' over here. There ain't nothin' shakin' over here.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: We got a little bit of rain. Just drizzle. [audio unclear] Which has been miraculous within itself. But it hasn't been able to penetrate anything over here. It's just been a miracle really. But just before that, a few weeks ago when -- for two weeks we were supposed to have thunderstorms. Severe, really dangerous thunderstorms. They kept saying it over and over again. I was just rebuking, "Oh, no you're not. I know you're not. I know you're not." And it never did happen. And then two weeks later, then all of a sudden THIS happened. Which was weird. We've got this extreme heat going on. So I was wondering about that. How that was -- you answered the question, so I was thinking about it, so.

SHERRY: Yeah, that's just the -- what I think is not a scientific opinion, but [laughs]...

CALLER: [laughs] Yeah.

SHERRY: I mean, if it was up to them, we would have chilly weather year-round because the chilly air suppresses the orgone for them a little bit more. And so, that's why they like it.


SHERRY: So having hot weather wouldn't be their idea.

CALLER: It's really important to hear -- get discernment -- and do what He says do. That's all I know, because we only had a window of time, huh, if things were so bad.

SHERRY: Yeah, we've got a small window now.

CALLER: Somebody didn't make a move. Yeah. I mean, I wasn't worried about myself. I was just worried about everybody else. And I'm like, man, felt like I'm the only hearing. Oh, no. You know.

SHERRY: You could be, but you just gotta stand up and do it. A lot of people griping about [unclear]. But, hey, I take my kids and go, you know.

CALLER: This is Gardenia. You know that, right?

SHERRY: Right. I knew that as soon as you said Lincoln.

CALLER: He gave you my Hebrew name. And that's what I've been calling myself. Gardenia, so...

SHERRY: All right, well, I've gotta go. I've got about 30 seconds left in the show. So, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: All right, thanks.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

CALLER: Bye-bye.

And it's gonna wrap up the show tonight, folks. I got a show Thursdays 11 a.m. New time for Aliens in the News. And Thursdays with Sherry Shriner right here at Blog Talk Radio.

So I'll see you then, everybody. Thursday at 11 o'clock. Yah bless.


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