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Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Aliens In The News

And hello, everybody. You’re live. It’s Thursday with Sherry Shriner and Aliens In The News. And I have a lot of information I want to give out today, and so, probably won’t get to the phone lines ‘til a little bit later, folks.

The Joplin, Missouri Tornado Was “Practice” Of Some Kind

Couple things I want to talk about. And I’ve been getting some heads up on some confirmations, and ‘course, I’m always the next to see, so I’m not always the only one out there on a ledge somewhere. But I’ve been talking about Joplin Missouri forever, since it started. It’s just never sat right with me. There was something going on there, and I was gonna find it, and the Lord just kept bringing me back and back and back. I even looked at it in the Codes. And one word, out of all the 10’s of 1000’s of words associated with Joplin, Missouri and this tornado was the word “practice.” Practice. And that was the one word that just had me going. I knew there was something going on with Joplin, that tornado. And now it’s all making sense.

Ancient Nibiru Meteorite Found Containing A Virus That Affects Negative Blood Types

I warned you back then, I gave you a heads up there was something going on with zombies, it was some kind of practice, and now it makes sense to me. Because I got this heads up e-mail from a listener down in Florida, and apparently there’s a Russian scientist who’s being banned everywhere. So he’s my kind of guy. Everybody—no one wants to listen to him. He’s being banned. He’s being forced to, you know, they’re shutting him up. They don’t want his stuff out there. So he’s my kind of guy already. They do that to me all the time. So I know when he’s got something to say that they don’t want anybody to know. And apparently this Russian scientist had discovered a meteorite that had crashed in the Antarctic thousands of years ago. And supposedly this meteorite may have crashed, you know, 3500 years earlier when Nibiru had made its passing back then. Remember, it’s like on a 3500 year cycle. And on this previous passing it had caused a meteorite to crash into Antarctica, and there was a virus found in this meteorite, and it affected people with negative blood types. So if you’re A-, B-, AB-, O-, whatever negative, the negative blood types. It affected the people with negative blood types. And 40 percent of them were killed. And apparently, this was some kind of a zombie virus that he had found that was in this meteorite.

Now we jump ahead thousands of years later to 2011, where we are today, and one of the things last week that caught my attention was this admonition, this letter sent out, this recall notice to all the archbishops around the world, the Catholic archbishops, that they were to return to Rome by October 10th, and that if they weren’t there by the 17th, they were going to be locked out of the Vatican. Now to me, that reeked of real fear, you know, something’s going on that they all have to be locked in and protected. Alien invasion? Perhaps. But what really strikes me is the fact that it could be a real zombie threat on the 17th. And I probably mentioned that on the show already.

The Militaries Are Beginning To Issue Zombie Apocalypse Manuals

But it’s becoming more clear to me now, so I get more excited, get more amped up, because I love it when I hear from Satanists themselves and Satan himself that I’m always a step ahead of them. And you know, that’s what the Lord told me years ago. He said He would always have me a step ahead of them. And that’s why they’re always scrambling. That’s why when you hear things on my show, that next week, Alex Jones and everybody else will pick up on and they’ll start broadcasting, or the government—you know, when I first started talking about zombies a couple months ago, there was no word about it anywhere. And then, all the sudden, the military starts issuing manuals on this coming zombie apocalypse. Now the British UK government doing the same thing, issuing manuals on preparing for a coming zombie apocalypse. Everybody’s jumping on the back of the bandwagon.

Why Sherry Is Always A Step Ahead

And there’s a reason I’m always a step ahead of everybody else. Because I’m the Lord’s mouthpiece on Earth, folks. Probably the most hated. The most mocked. The most made fun of. I can deal with that. I have a tough skin. Comes with the territory. But the Lord always has me one stop ahead of them. And I hear that from the top, the very tops of Satan’s kingdom that are just appalled and interested and amused at the same time. That’s why so many people listen to this show. And that’s why I said the reason the real people that need to listen to this show aren’t—you know, all those with their head stuck in the sand with the charismatic movement and the Pentecostal movement, demonic possession through the kundalini awakening, all these demonic manifestations in the churches today—they need to be listening to this show but they’re not. They’re too busy with their heads up Satan’s butt thinking they’re praising the Lord.

The Reputed Dates And Alignments Of Elenin, Nibiru, PX, Earth, And The Sun

Anyway. This comet Elenin, which is none other than Nibiru, Planet X, been saying it all along, comes closest to the Earth—okay, so, on 9/11, we’ll start there because it kind of starts the countdown here. On September 11th, it’s the closest to—it’s at the closest point to the Sun; it’s the same distance almost that the Earth is to the Sun. So it’s coming up, it’s at the closest point to the Sun, then on 9/27 it aligns inside Earth’s orbit. So on 9/11 we see Comet X coming up pretty much parallel to the Earth that the Sun is. We should be able to see it, see this red dot in the sky, but they’ll probably chemtrail the place like crazy or haze the atmosphere in the east so that no matter how much orgone you have in your area, you still probably won’t be able to see the Sun because they’ve gone further east away from where you have orgoned areas.

September 11th Is Yahushuah’s Real Birthday, Not December 25th

Anyway, on 9/11 that beings. And I know a lot of people thinking something significant will happen on 9/11. And, you know, it’s the Lord’s REAL birthday that’s on 9/11. Yahushuah’s. And so, they always try to, you know, make an occultic significance out of His birthday so they can blaspheme it. It’s not December 25th, folks. I hate to burst your bubble on that. And most of you already know anyway that listen to this show.

Yahuah Gave His People The Solar Calendar; The Lunar Calendar Is Pagan Babylonian

But here’s the interesting part. Okay. We have the festival of Rosh Hashanah, which begins on September 30th of this year. Don’t pay attention to these lunar, we-love-Allah calendar folks. Even the Messianic congregations, Jewish Messianics got it still wrong. They’re still following the lunar calendar on their feast days. The Lord doesn’t begin His day at night. Ever. The day is the day, the night is the night. That’s real simple. But what happened was, when the Jews were in Babylonian captivity, they changed their schedule to a lunar calendar. They had to do that just so they could continue their own calendar while they were in captivity. They never changed it back to solar. It’s always been a solar-based calendar with the Most High. Ask Him yourself. There’s two things that you’ll always get that’s the same answers. Ask if He’s a mother or a father. You hear all this “mother” stuff. Ask Him. He’ll tell you, “I’m your Father not your mother.” Another thing, ask Him when the day begins. He’ll tell you. “At sunrise.” Alright? It doesn’t begin the night before sunset. It begins at sunrise. Solar calendar, folks. So the real date of Rosh Hashanah begins sunrise on the 30th.

3 Days Of Darkness Will Be Happening Around Rosh Hashanah

But interestingly enough, they’re predicting that on September 28th is when Planet X will set before the Sun, come between the Earth and the Sun—remember I told you last week I don’t know what this 3 Days of Darkness thing was. It wasn’t in the Bible. But this is some kind of scientific thing. It’s not a Biblical thing; it’s a scientific thing. That predict that when Comet X—Comet X…[laugh]—I’m getting ‘em both right there. Planet X moves in front of the Sun because it’s twice the size of the mass of Jupiter. It’s huge. That it will block out the Sun, the Earth from receiving the sunlight for three days. And so, from the 28th to the start of Rosh Hashanah, we could have total darkness here on Earth. There’s just no sunlight. Just no sunlight. Probably be kind of dim, you know, like a day without the Sun. We’ve had plenty of those. So it doesn’t really—I guess it doesn’t really shock me as much. But if it blocks totally out, it could be total blackness here. You never know what to expect, folks. Is it gonna be dim, or is it going to be totally dark here like nighttime?

If The 3 Days Are Totally Darkened, STAY INSIDE

Let’s go with the extreme because that seems to be the one they’re going with. That it will be a total blackness, darkness, nighttime darkness for 3 days. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t want to be out, roaming around, folks. I have a bad feeling about that. Because they’re already coming in off of Planet X because they’re already suffering. And just like Shema is suffering because of the orgone-saturated air, so is Nibiru. They’re suffering now, too. The orgone is burning them. It asphyxiates them. It causes them to decay. And so, look for them to leave, a lot of these giants to leave Nibiru at that time. So you wouldn’t want to be out. I just have a real bad feeling of demonic presences during those 3 days of darkness if it should hit. So, stay inside. I’ll probably get more confirmations from the Lord between now and then, anyway. But I remember hearing about this 3 days of darkness thing last year and the year before. It’s nothing new that’s out. And I felt the same thing then. Stay in the house. Stay in the house during that time. Don’t leave. It won’t be safe. There’s going to be a lot of—maybe it’s just my house. Maybe they’re just going to attack my house. I don’t know. I’m not afraid of anything here. The Lord always has my back. But still you have to use wisdom. And always, don’t tempt Him. When He tells you to do something, do it. Don’t tempt Him by not doing it and thinking, “Oh, the Lord will protect me.” when He told you to do something.

Rosh Hashanah Has Always Been Associated With The Fake Rapture Doctrine

So anyway. Looking at a possible 3 days of sheer darkness beginning September 28th. Rosh Hashanah festival beings the 30th. Now, the Rosh Hashanah festival is the Feast of Trumpets. And interestingly enough, this is the festival that the churches have always attached to their fake rapture doctrine. It goes on for 10 days, and for 7 days or 8 days they blow a trumpet, the shophar horn, every night. Then they skip a day. And then they blow the last shophar on the last day of the festival. And so, it’s that last day, when they blow the shophar, that the churches always think that there’s going to be a rapture. Which makes me think otherwise, that there’s going to be some kind of alien abduction going on that date. Because they always use the churches to further their agenda. I mean, most of the churches today are run by the Illuminati, and they push the Illuminati agenda in everything they do. And so, I think that that last date—and it runs late this year. Usually Rosh Hashanah starts around—and it’s—every year it’s a different date. It’s not, you know, it varies. I mean, it usually runs on the 2nd, it begins the 2nd or 3rd week of the month, not longer than 3. This is the longest, the latest of September I’ve ever seen—it’s happened before, but not recently—of Rosh Hashanah. And so, it’s running really late this year. Just really late, beginning on the 30th, because it usually begins in like one the teen days, the 15th or 16th or 17th, or even the 20th or something. Not the 30th of the month. So. Running really late this year.

By September 30th, Elenin, the Sun, And Mercury Will Align

Okay, so. Let’s see what Comet Elenin is doing—Planet X, excuse me. On September 30th, Elenin, the Sun, and Mercury align. Comet X—Comet X…Plant X, the Sun, and Mercury align on the day that Rosh Hashanah begins. And so, it moves out from under the Sun and aligns with the Sun it looks like. Now these are dates that somebody posted on the coming of Planet X, and I agree with a lot of this, but I don’t on others and other ways. And so. I use it as a base to go along with the things I’ve seen in the Codes or whatever the Lord tells me.

Why Is Everybody So Afraid Of October 17th…?

On October 21st, which, according to these PX dates—oh, this is the 17th. On October 17th, Nibiru, Planet X, and Earth are at a close point of distance to the Sun. Okay. So they’re at the closest point of distance to the Sun, this Nibiru and Earth, and this is October 17th. And this is the date they’re all afraid of. Now, on their dates that they set out, they make it look like November 4th is the day we all need to worry about because that’s when Earth enters Elenin’s, er, Planet X’s debris field. If that was the case, then why are they all afraid of the 17th? ‘Cause they’re all afraid of the 17th. Rome demanding that all of its Archbishops be hidden and protected by the 17th. The doors shut, the ark shuts; no one’s getting in after the 17th. Why? Because I think the 17th is the real date, the closest from the 20th—the 17th is when we’ll be in the tail of Nibiru. Remember, it gets so close to the Earth. On October 17th, it’s at the closest point. And then it begins to move out and move away from the Earth. And when it moves away from the Earth is when we’re going to be in the debris field. That’s the common understanding of this. And that would make sense.

The Zombie Virus May Be Within The Debris Field Of Nibiru

So something tells me that their timing of their date-setting isn’t correct. If they’re all afraid of the 17th, then that means we’re going to affected by the debris field by the 17th. And what’s in this debris field that they’re so afraid of? Because it’s this very “what’s in the debris field?” that they’re—okay. So. Okay, let’s look… Inside this debris field is what they’re afraid of—is the zombie virus. They’re afraid that the zombie virus, carried by air, and that when this debris field comes close to Earth, that it could thrust this zombie virus down to Earth. Okay. And so, they’re expecting it any time around, you know, the 10th—I would say the 17th to any time after that. So the 17th according to their dates, they would go—we would hit the Comet X, Planet X debris field on November 4th. But they’re not giving themselves any chance of doubt. They’re being locked in their ark by the 17th.

This Russian scientist—and I don’t have a name for him—and he’s revealing that Nibiru carries a virus tail that will affect Earth and is trying to inform every country. Apparently the Chinese don’t believe him, others don’t believe him, when it was the Russians themselves that found this virus in a 10,000 year old meteorite in Antarctica. And it’s this mysterious, what they call the “Antarctic Virus” that will affect all negative blood types.

Joplin’s Tornado Was A Zombie Apocalypse Practice Prototype Simulation

Now, let’s look back at Joplin, Missouri when I kept seeing “practice,” “tornado.” And we know they don’t need practices with tornadoes. They’ve been throwing them at us pretty heavily all spring. I think April broke every record we had even before the official tornado month, which was supposed to be in May and ran backwards. It was March and not April. Thousands of tornadoes have hit the US. There is no doubt in anyone’s minds: they don’t need practice; they already have it down. So what were they practicing? I believe that they had a zombie virus in the wind of the tornado so that they could practice and see how it would affect people coming in, in very high rates of wind speed. They put this virus chemical, zombie chemical, in the rain or the air, however they do it, and they had this tornado wisk it through Joplin, Missouri to see how it would affect the people. In other words, trying to simulate in real life what would happen if we got caught in Nibiru’s tail that has this virus in it. And supposedly they’re thinking that we might have high winds here on Earth that thrust this virus on Earth. And so, it was kinda like a parallel practice between Joplin and what Nibiru’s gonna do. And so. That’s the correlation between these two. They’re practicing because they wanted to see.

And obviously there were deaths and everything else in Joplin. No one’s ever heard the real truth about what happened there because they quarantined the morgue so nobody could get near it. Not that I would want to get near it, but the reporters couldn’t, and you know, if the reporters can’t, nobody else is going to hear what’s going on.

The Real Supposed Reason Behind FEMA Camps Is For These Infected Individuals

But this supposedly is the real reason, according to this Russian scientist, that we have these FEMA camps ready. To quarantine people who get this virus. They’re predicting up to 60 percent of these people that carry negative blood—A-, B-, O-, whatever the negative bloodlines—that 60 percent will need to be quarantined. Now, I don’t have negative blood. I’m not going to tell you what it is, but it’s not negative. But many, many people do. And so. I don’t know how they think they’re going to quarantine people with, you know—are they going to target people with a negative bloodline? How are they going to know? It does seem very strange.

Maybe they’re the ones who come down sick. Maybe there’s some kind of way of telling when somebody gets this zombie virus. They come down sick, incapacitated, some might go seek medical help, they find out the person’s got an A- or negative blood, and then they put them on a bus to a FEMA camp. I don’t know. Pure speculation on my part. But supposedly they have plans in place to quarantine up to 60 percent of the population of people that have negative blood.

Now, whether they do or not, I—you know, we can only speculate. But apparently this is what has the government running in fear. They’re gonna run to their hiding spots and their hiding places. ‘Cause if there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse, they’re gonna to wait it out. If there’s a threat of one, they’re going to go hide and wait it out and see what really happens.

Get Your Orgone Water Ready, Folks!

And this is why I’ve been telling people, get that orgone water ready. Get it in—you can get spray bottles at dollar store. Don’t put all your count and trust in these water guns. You know, I’ve had these super soakers, been playing with them, me and the kids, the last few years. And they’re just so cheap they break. They’re not reliable. They’re fun, but they’re not reliable, and they leak like crazy. You can’t put water in ‘em and then expect 2 days later or 3 days later you’re gonna go back and there’s still water in it, ‘cause they slowly leak out. I like the spray bottles. And you can fill those up and I’ve got like 6 in a bucket in my car, and they don’t leak. And, you know, just fill them up with orgone water, and it’s like acid to zombies. It will destroy the zombies. I have a video on it, a video on how to kill a zombie. [] You’re not going to kill it with a gun. All you’re going to do is stun it for maybe a minute and then just tick it off. It’s not going to kill it. If you want to kill a zombie, you’ve got to cut its head off or spray it with orgone water. ‘Cause it’s holy water. It’s holy water.

Zombies And Vampires Are Simply Demons Inhabiting Dead Human Bodies

Look how evil and demonic that thing is. When a person’s a zombie, the soul is gone. That person died. And what happened was, their body became reanimated, because that’s why they call this the “reanimation virus.” Another term for it. Their body—this virus, this chemical that’s in their blood reanimates their body and a demon takes over. So when you kill a zombie, you are not killing a person. You’re killing a demon in a human body. That’s all it is, just demonic necrosis. Just like a vampire. Same concept. Now, when a person becomes a vampire, that soul is gone. That person has died. And a demon took over that person’s body and that demon is now the vampire. So when you kill a vampire, you’re not killing a person because they already died. When you kill a zombie, you’re not killing a person ‘cause they already died. So don’t be fearful about taking the life of a zombie or even a vampire, because that person’s already dead. These are demonic beings that have taken over the human body. And you certainly want to protect yourself and your families and keep these things out of your neighborhoods and your towns.

Now, if you have access to a fire department it would be great to get a hold of a fire truck and throw some orgone pucks into one of those big water tankers. Let it saturate for a couple hours or ask the Lord to speed it up depending on how much time you have. A day would be good. And then go hose down zombies. Hose ‘em down.

Nobody Knows What To Expect, But They’re Preparing For The Worst

I don’t think anybody really knows what to expect, but they’re preparing for the worst. And at least that’s good. But the thing is, they’re not preparing the public. They’re all going to protect themselves, the pigs that they are. They’re not going to try and protect 6 billion people in the world. They’re gonna go hide and, you know, let themselves and their families be safe while everybody else is open to the elements. But you know what? We have the Lord. And He has told us, He has shown us how to prepare for these days that are coming.

Word Of Advice To All The Naysayers Out There…

Now for all of the fearful and the unbelievers and the mockers, you know what? Maybe the Lord’s going to let you see firsthand what happens when you mock a prophet of the Most High. Maybe He’ll let you get a prophet’s judgment, the judgment of a prophet. I get tired of putting up with it. I get tired of putting up with it. And these couch potatoes? They’re going to wake up and see that the Lord isn’t going to honor their prayers when they’ve been sitting in false churches and false doctrines and lies and have been totally closed to what the truth is. [TN: In fact, He states that for a time He will deliberately turn His Face away from what is happening to His people because He is so angry with them. Ezekiel 7:22; Micah 3:4]

Trying To Prepare People For What’s Coming Is NOT Fear-Mongering

So prepare, folks. Get your garbage cans. Get orgone water. And I’m not trying to be a fear-monger. People always think, “Oh, you’re fear-mongering.” Well, no, I’m trying to prepare people. I’m trying to prepare them for what’s coming. If you think that’s fear-mongering, you can go stick your head back in the sand and stay there. Don’t listen. But everybody else needs to hear this information.

More On The Dates And Timelines

So anyway, folks. Let’s get back to this PX timeline. Now, on October 21st, Elenin is now further from the Sun than Earth. So you think, “Hey, we’re pretty safe now. Elenin’s not amongst our immediate atmosphere like it comes in on the 11th.” Because on September 27th it’s inside our orbit, which means it’s in between the Earth and the Sun. So on October the 21st it starts to leave. But, BANG, we’re in the middle of its debris field, ‘cause when it turns around to leave, BOOM, we get the tail. And so, that is set for October 11th.

September And October Could Be Months Of Mayhem

What strikes me is when I look at the Bible Codes for the day of October 21st, and even in September, mayhem. Because on 9/11, September 11th, all of these alien starships that are following Planet Nibiru into our space system—into our aerospace I should say, or orbit, whatever you want to call it—they’re following this Nibiru in. And this Nibiru I’ve told you is full of giants. It’s carrying these huge 20-foot tall giants, all sizes, and the starships behind it are full of giants. And they’re coming into our orbit as early as 9/11. They’re gonna be here. Now, true, they’ve been coming in for the past year. I’ve told you. That might have taken them a distance to get here. I don’t know. But not in mass as we’re gonna see coming in September. We’re going to start seeing them in mass.

UFO Crashes And Media Blackouts – Don’t Expect Them To Tell You The Truth!

You’re already seeing UFOs crash all over the place. They get into orgoned areas, and they crash. So get the orgone out. It’s going to be areas of protection. Because I’m seeing a lot of alien activity, UFO activity, even from the end of this month on. And we’ve already started to see a lot of it. I mean, come on, folks. UFO fleets seen, crashes in Russia, Brazil, Georgia, several states in the United States and other countries. The media’s not informing this. I hear these from eye-witnesses, from people who live in these areas. And you’re not hearing about it from the media. There’s like a media blackout. The only time they mention something is to say it was a meteorite crashing. Okay? So they’re blocking it out. Don’t depend on them to hear information. So we need to start getting prepared from now even until December.

Obama Is Starting To Look Like A Real Possible Antichrist Candidate

One of the interesting things I’m seeing in the Codes during all this madness that’s coming over the next 5 months, total madness coming, is these ambassadors, these Ascended Masters—the New Age calls them “Ascended Masters,” the Bible Codes refers to them as “Ambassadors.” They are going to arrive. I don’t know at what level. We’re taking a lot of their routes out. So, not going to get into how they arrive, but what they do when they do arrive. Because one of the things I’m seeing is that this Muslim—and this could be Maitreya or Raj Patal or even Obama. A lot of people thinking, “Maitreya’s gone. Raj Patal’s never going to be accepted. And it is now being passed on to Obama who is qualified to arise to be the antichrist.” Because he’s not a human. He’s got all this different DNA in him. He’s at a “Ra-consciousness.” He’s already possessed by Ra, the Egyptian sun god Ra. He’s already possessed by him. That’s what that whole ritual last year in India was about in November. He got Ra then. A lot of people going ahead and declaring, “Obama is the antichrist.” So. And he’s a Muslim. He fits everything. He could totally absorb Maitreya into himself and become Maitreya. Put it that way.

They May Try To Protest The Orgone And Outlaw It Being Mailed And Shipped

Anyway. There’s going to be a protest. A protest against the orgone we make. Now, I can’t imagine them coming after Don Croft or anybody else because they don’t even make the Bible Codes. They’re so insignificant they’re not even hardly mentioned in daily events in the Bible Codes. They’re not mentioned. But Sherry Shriner from Ohio is. Sherry Shriner from Ohio’s orgone is destroying them. And so. They are going to protest it and probably try to make it illegal somehow to mail orgone in the mail, send orgone in the mail. Because that’s one way where we’ve been able to implement this war. It’s been the largest way we’ve had. Mailing it around the world to the warriors so they could get their countries, their islands, whatever. I’m looking now at a possibility, it’s a route, that they’re going to prohibit orgone from being mailed. Which means everybody will be relegated to having to make it yourself. If you’re gonna make orgone, you’re gonna have to do it yourself if they pass this, I’m sure he’s going to do an executive order prohibiting orgone from being mailed. And so. This is a little bit down the road. This is maybe October, November, when I see this protesting coming about. We might get through the winter in to the spring.

It’s hard to put a timeline on it, folks, but the fact that it’s showing up in the Codes means that it’s a route, it’s a definite route that can take place. I just don’t have an exact timeline on it. But when you hear all of them standing up and they start protesting this orgone, then you’ll know. I mean, I’m just trying to give you a heads up now on what to expect. And so. If you’re in positions where you can’t make orgone on your own, then you better be buying it now because we will be shut down. We’re going to get shut down eventually.

Pendants Are Awesome Little Mobile Orgone Weapons

You know, I’ve got—I mean, there’s me and Anne that make it. The pendants are hilarious. The pendants are like mobile orgone weapons. They hate the pendants ‘cause you can go anywhere—malls, shopping centers—with just a pendant, wearing a pendant, and it affects these lizards that are everywhere.

Reiteration Of All The Nasties Coming In

And not only that, but the orgone itself is saturating these pucks that we have. And the word puck, P-U-C-K, crosses the term September 11th. “Puck product.” And so. Orgone taking on extreme significance when it needs to. Because as Nibiru comes in, these giants coming in, the starships coming in, the zombie virus that’s coming with ‘em, rabies is coming with them—and I think this “rabies” is just another term for zombie. I think that’s what happens when these giants get the zombie virus. They—it causes them like to get like a rabies. You know, I’m speculating. But everything is going to hit the significance in the next several months, coming months. Everything’s going to hit a significance.

The Importance of Detoxing

So. Another thing I’ve wanted to warn about, and I’ll probably be talking about this the next several radio shows, whatever the Lord leads, is the importance of staying detoxed. And detoxing is very simple. It’s getting rid of all of the junk out of your body. And so, you can detox by fasting, going on a 3-day or 5-day fast of eating bread and drinking water. Or you can cut out the garbage and the crap out of your diets that you know is garbage and crap. Nobody has to hold your hand on this. We all know what’s good for us and what isn’t. Or you can start eating eggs and oatmeal. Eggs and oatmeal. Oatmeal is an excellent detoxifier. The Lord always has me get on oatmeal because I get full of poisons in me. They shoot me with chips. You know. I just get full of poison. I remember years ago, about 6 years ago, the Lord told me there was enough poison in me to kill 10 men. And He had me go on a 3-day oatmeal detox. I just ate oatmeal for 3 days. Or porridge. You guys call it porridge in the UK. But start detoxing.

Parasites, Worms, And Demonic Attachments

Because what happens is parasites, these little worms—and there’s tapeworms and there’s roundworms and there’s just little worms I just call parasites—they get in our water supply. They get in our food. And when you drink water, you can’t see them with the naked eye or you wouldn’t eat or drink it, right? So apparently they’re so small you can’t see ‘em. They get in our water. They get in our food. And then they get in your body. And unlike your food, when it’s flushed out of your body, it’s digested out, the parasites stay. They stay behind. And they start to infest in your digestive system. Your stomach lining in your body. They digest there, they stay there. And what happens is demons attach themselves to these parasites and these worms that get in our body. And this is basically how they work to possess people and be able to oppress people the way that they do. Because they come in as these parasites, these worms that we eat and drink and normally put into our bodies. And that’s how they infest people. And so, that’s why the Lord says to keep your temple clean. To not let the thieves in. Don’t let your body become a den of thieves. [Matthew 21:12-17; Mark 11:12-19; Luke 19:45-48; John 2:12-25] Don’t, you know—these parasites and worms that get carried around inside of our bodies, just, our bodies just become a den of thieves. All these demons can enter your body that way. And they stay there cuz you’re not detoxing and cleaning and getting rid of them.

And so, I’m always reminded of this scripture. Somebody always tells me this. It’s in Leviticus I think it is. It talks about putting a gourd of water out in the sun for a day to be charged by the Sun, and then giving yourself an enema with this Sun-charged water, because that is what the Jews were commanded to do. And it detoxes your colon system, your whole colon or whatever. And so. Yeah. I’ll prefer to eat oatmeal and eggs or something. [laughs] So, just a heads up on that one, folks. The importance of detoxing and keeping the parasites out of our bodies, keeping the temple clean and not letting it become a den of thieves.

It Is Blasphemy To Support The Satanic Talmudic Agenda In Israel Today

There’s always hidden symbolisms and metaphors in scriptures. And I talk about it in my article Abomination of Desolation. [] I posted that on my websites, about what the temple really is. It’s the body. The Kingdom of God is within us. The temple is within us. Don’t wait for a literal temple to be built in Jerusalem. That’s just keeping the church distracted. I mean, I’ve been hearing about prefabricated walls and the red heifer and everything else. And the Lord does not re-gather Jews to Israel until after the Battle of Armageddon. It’s not going to be rebuilt now. In fact, that would be completely blasphemous! Why do Christians say—why are they so ignorant that they can’t see that His death on the cross was the perfect sacrifice? In fact, it was so perfect it ended all the sacrificial laws of the Torah Law. It ended that part of the Law. It fulfilled that. We no longer have to sacrifice the animals. He was the perfect sacrifice. And so these Satanists, Talmudists in Israel today, want to erect the temple and resume animal sacrifices. Why? Because they reject the death and resurrection of Yahushuah on the cross. They reject that. And so, why are Christians today supporting this nonsense? It’s blasphemy! Quit supporting that. Quit waiting for that. There’s not even going to be a literal temple built.

Worldwide Islam Is Coming, Not A Rebuilt Jewish Temple

You know how I know, other than the fact that because we are the temple of God? Because the Satanists themselves know it’ll never be built. Look at the movies they’ve put out. The Masonic network, TBN, is owned by the Masons. Tim LeHaye, or whoever that guy was, Tim LaHaye’s books Left Behind? He is like a 33rd Degree Mason. Even in his books there’s not a rebuilt temple. In the movies that they put out there’s not a rebuilt temple. So even they know there’s never really going to be a rebuilt temple. You know why? Because first of all, we’re not looking at the Jews returning to their ancient religion and getting a temple. I mean, come on, folks. We’re looking at a worldwide Islam. Islam. That’s why we have a Muslim president. That’s why he’s going to be the Antichrist. We’re looking at worldwide Islam. And what’s in Jerusalem today? The Dome of the Rock. That’s going to be the focus, not some rebuilt Jewish temple. That is all put out there to distract Churchdumb. Distracts them. Keeps them from learning what the real truth is, that their bodies are the Temple of God. Even they know that.

Learn How To Pray And How To Love Him, Our Creator And King

And it’s just amazing to me how most Christians today won’t take 5 minutes of praying for the right answers to the right questions. You know, they think their prayer requests are supposed to be Christmas lists. I need this, I need this. I want that, I want that. Learn how to pray the right way, and you’ll understand why the Lord doesn’t honor those kinds of prayers. When you pray the right way, He honors those prayers. So learn how to pray, folks. And I have an article on my website on how to pray. [] It’s one of my articles so look for it. Also my article on the Kingdom of God [] and how to love the Most High. [] How to love Him. Most of you have no clue.

Planet X Will Begin To Leave The Solar System By November

Anyway. So the zombie apocalypse was practiced in Joplin because they fear it’s coming in the tail of Nibiru. It will be amongst the debris of the tail. And they expect us to be affected by it, apparently on October 17th. And so, any time throughout the month of October and November would probably be a better way of looking at it, because after November 4th, PX starts to leave our solar system. So, we’re looking at, from September, 9/11 when it comes up in front of the Sun, or beside the Sun. And then at the end of September, it crosses over and sits in front of the Sun, blocking out the sunlight from hitting the Earth. So, we’re looking at an October target date for a possible zombie presence here. Because at that point on, when it turns around to leave, we’re going to be in the tail of Nibiru. And the tail will be affecting the Earth.

Sherry’s Job Was To Take Out Maitreya

And you know what? You know, there’s 4 comets right now around the Sun. There’s PX, Honda, and Levy, and something else, and these are the comets I saw back in 2001, that if Hillary had been elected President, would have hit the Earth. But we changed routes. I don’t see them hitting the Earth, but what I do see is, you know, a lot of mayhem with a lot of aliens and giants and the Ascended Masters arriving in whatever way that they do. Everything I’ve been warning about with this, you know, not necessarily Maitreya arising now, but Obama himself. Because my job was to take out Maitreya. That was my job. Take out Maitreya. I took out his forces. I never thought in a million years I would be able to take him out himself. [laughs] And it still remains to be seen. If Obama stands up as the Antichrist because Maitreya never arrives, then so be it. Otherwise, hey, we hit a homerun, and we took Maitreya out. So. Just have to watch and see what happens.

Sananda’s Been Hanging Out In Rome With The Vatican

Either way, Sananda’s coming too. And Sananda pretty much likes to hang out in Rome right now at the Vatican. He’s the one who rides in the Capricorn. They saw it down in Texas last year. They said it was like 100 miles long and 150 miles wide. And just a huge—it looks like a bullet. It looks like a bullet in shape. Just a huge ship. And it’s the 2nd one. We destroyed the 1st one years ago. But he’s been hanging out at the Vatican because he’s going to be posing as “Jesus” of the Bible. And so. This is going to get interesting.

Yom Kippur Might Be A Day Of Alien Retaliation

It’s all gonna come in fruition, folks. And, you know? It’s going to be an interesting last half of the festival seasons, with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement’s on October 9th. And interesting that I see that in the Codes as kind of like a day of retaliation, their atonement on us for orgoning the atmosphere. They’re mad. They’re angry. Could be a day of retaliation. They like to mimic everything the Lord does, and so, and counterfeit and blaspheme. And so, that’s why festival dates and times are often the biggest numbers of the occult as well. Because they counterfeit so they can blaspheme.

Anyway, folks. I notice some people. I’m not even on the switchboard, and so, if you’ve been waiting to ask a question, I probably have about 5 minutes.

I dunno who this is. I’m gonna see who it is.

Do You Feel Like We Are Living In Repeated Time?

Sherry: Hello, caller. You’re on the air.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: How you doing?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: I’m alright. I have a question. Do you feel as though that we live in a rerun—that we’ve already lived this life? That we’re ready to begin again—repeat it again?

Sherry: You mean like déjà vu?

Caller: Something like that. Something like The Matrix, yeah.

Sherry: Yeah. You know what? You know. I have no answer for that. I mean, parallel timelines, parallel universes, parallel this—you know, I don’t know. I can’t tell you either.

Is Sherry A True Prophet Of Yah?

Caller: Okay, okay, okay. That’s what it is. So are you like actually a prophet of Yahweh?

Sherry: Yes I am.

Caller: Alright. That’s the truth then. We’ll be getting back with you. Thank you.

Sherry: Alright. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Alright. Take care, now.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

Caller: Mhmm.

[call ends]

So. Hm. Anybody have a quick question—I probably won’t take any, folks, I’m just. [sigh] Looking at all these dates, and I know it’s in chaos. They always are.

Make Sure You Find The Lord’s Voice Within Your Heart, Folks!

But just keep in mind, folks, that—listen for the Lord’s still, small voice in your spirit, in your heart, and don’t listen to the voices in your head. Listen to His still, small voice, and ask Him how to prepare. Ask Him what to do. Because being able to listen to His voice and learning how to hear Him is going to be detrimental. Because if they shut down my websites, they shut down my radio show, and you’ve even seen how effective they are in shutting down my radio show. For three months now it’s a battle just to have a radio show. So don’t always count on people being there to lead you and guide you into the things that are coming.

Sherry Has Many Archives And Transcribes Available

And nothing I say is new. I’ve been talking about this stuff for years. And so, go back and listen to my archives. You can download them. You can go to BlogTalkRadio and download all the archives from this year. You can go to my website 2005, 2006 shows are the most listened to, because the things I spoke about in 2005 are like—it’s like listening to a broadcast in 2011. I mean, everything I’ve said I’ve been saying for years. And so, just go back and download all my archives. Put them on USBs or backup drives or whatever you need. You can also print off my transcribes. The Lord’s blessed me with transcribers over the years that have transcribed my shows. And you can copy the—print off the transcribes. So.

Anyway, be back on Monday at 10 o’clock. And, till then. I’ll see you then, folks.

Yah Bless.

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