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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 25, 2011


Obama Is Begging for Time, But More Delays Seem Unlikely

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's July 25. And, I don't know about you, but it reminds me that time is crunching down.  You know, I can't see us having anymore delays. I know Obama's begging for time in his coded speeches. If you just saw his speech on TV at 9 o'clock, he was asking for six more months. And, of course, everything they need to do is coded. And, you know, it's because crap's about to hit the fan, literally. There's no really nicer way to say it.

And I'm not talking about the debt ceiling and debt and all that. If they're really concerned about it, then quit stealing our money. You know, they're stashing trillions in foreign banks.  You know. Each state has been getting its own little crooked, corrupt dictator in it and they start stashing, embezzling money. And it's certainly gone from the top down because our presidents have been doing it for years, you know. It reminds me of the insanity that we keep pumping money into third-world countries, like Africa, to feed the hungry, feed the kids, and the money doesn't go to them. That money goes to the fat bank accounts of the dictators that run those nations.

You know, I don't doubt the dollar's gonna crash. I told you two years ago there was no gold in any vault in any state in this country. There is no gold here. It's all gone. They've depleted it already. And I'm sure it's about the same with every country. There's no gold. So where's the gold going?

The Fake New Jerusalem and Islam Saturn Worship

You know, we have this object coming in and  it's called the New Jerusalem. They call it the New Jerusalem. It's a mimicry of the real New Jerusalem that the Lord brings down from the skies at the end of the 1000-year millennial reign. This is a fake one. And this one is, you know, it has the streets of gold, which is OUR gold. And it has everything that the Bible describes about the New Jerusalem. They've built a mimicry. A huge cube.

And this is the same cube, that if you go to YouTube videos, and you type in "Islam Saturn worship," it'll show the Muslims marching around a cube in what they call their holy city of Mecca. And in this holy city of Mecca -- and you have to be, you know, an initiated Muslim to get in. You have to have so much rank or whatever. It's not a tourist vacation. You can't get in unless you're one of them. Even new converts have to be a Muslim for I don't know how many years, before they can even make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

But the whole, you know, star and pony of the show over there is the cube that they march around. And it's the same cube, you know, it has to do with Saturn worship. And it reminds me of this cube, this fake New Jerusalem that they're going to attempt to bring down to make it look like it's coming down from heaven, to mimic the Lord's.

All of Satan's Fakes and Mimics Come First

Keep in mind, folks, that all of Satan's fakes and mimics come first. He's gonna have his fake gods here. These Ascended Masters New Age calls them. He's gonna have Sananda coming, which looks like the Jesus pictures in the churches. That's Sananda. That's not Yahushua. That's not Jesus the Son of God. It's a fake. They're gonna have Maitreya come to appease the Muslims. If he makes it. He might die. He might not make it.

But they have the other ones as well. They have at least 12 of them in the Ashtar Command that they can pull out, because Satan's gonna mimic the Lord and His 12 apostles. And he'll have 12 of his own leaders. And there's Saint Germaine that's supposed to institute the new worldwide economic program modeled after NESARA. You'll have Lady Nada to mimic Eve. And just these other figures they have coming.

And remember that Satan always takes the names of biblical figures. So don't be surprised if you see these beings coming with biblical names. They may come with the names of Enoch, and Peter, and, you know, Abra -- I don't think they're gonna bring Abraham out. Maybe Moses, maybe. [laughs] They're gonna bring out people with names of religious figures. They always do that. Even their own people take the names of angels. Their main leader Hatonn often goes by the name Michael the Archangel. He'll go after Michael. And they'll have their own Gabriel. They have their own mimics of the archangels.

Third and Fourth Dimensional Beings Cannot Ascend into the Fifth Dimension

Everything Satan does is a fake and a copycat. And, you know, he's gonna have Sananda come. Their plan is to have them come in the air with the host of angels singing. And, of course, these are just alien and demonic beings. You know, then he's gonna have his kingdom on Earth. And that's a mimicry of the thousand-year millennial reign that they call the fifth dimension. Ascending into the fifth dimension.

And I don't know how many times I have to say it, folks. These beings are fourth-dimension beings. They're fourth dimension. They cannot ascend into the fifth dimension. We're third-dimension beings. We cannot ascend into the fifth dimension. It's all a lie. Lies of the Fifth Dimension & The Coming Lies of Maitreya] When we go to heaven to be with the Lord, our bodies will be transformed.

Now there's one group that never sees death. The 144,000. They're called the first-fruits, the firstborn, the Elect. And they never see death. But their bodies are transformed. The Lord transforms them. We can't go into different dimensions with the same types of bodies that we have now, and so.

And this whole fifth-dimension facade, folks, I mean, they're trying to escape judgment. They're trying to take as many to hell with them, that will listen to them, as gullible enough to follow them. And the reason I keep repeating all this stuff is so many people are getting so persuaded by false teachings. And we don't have much time. We don't have much time.

What I See in the Codes for September Is Terror

When I look at the Bible Codes every night, every day, I'm looking at months. I'm not looking at next year anymore. I'm not looking at maybe the year after. I don't see how any of this can be delayed anymore. And it has factions everywhere, groups everywhere, in a panic. Because time is running out. Time's running out. When I look at September -- now remember I talked about in my last show that they predict that on September 27, when Planet X moves in front of the sun, that there will be three days of darkness. Now this is not a biblical prophecy, this is a scientific reasoning. They predict -- because it's twice the size of Jupiter, huge -- that there will be three days of darkness on Earth. And this is September 27, 28, and 29. The feast of Rosh Hashanah begins on the 30th.

I'm looking at the Codes, and what I see for September is terror. "Terror - Almighty - sepulchre - rock - adversary." And "sepulchre," which is a tomb, is often referred to as Planet X in the Bible Codes. Moniker name for it. Sepulchre. Another one is "stonelike." And if you remember on my show several months ago, a lady called in who watches Planet X through her telescope and says, "You know, this isn't a round ball planet. This thing is a tombstone. It looks like a tombstone heading." And that's how the Bible Codes describes it. "Stonelike." Tombstone heading. It's not a perfectly round planet. In fact, in the Bible Codes "planet" never comes up with Planet X. In fact, you'll see "rock" or "boulder." More times you'll see "apparatus." It's an apparatus.

And so, one of the monikers I see for this planet -- and I find this interesting, 'cause you know how they tie sexual connotations into everything they do? Especially the Masons? Because that's just how insane the whole occult world works. If you remember several years ago, there was a shout-out about Toutatis. It's Toutatis that was coming close to the earth. And it was this huge rocklike thing. And, you know, the Bible Codes referred -- looked like penis. It's what it does. So, interestingly enough, Planet X will come up as testicle. It looks like a testicle. And we know that Planet X has whole little mini system coming in with it.

Planetary Alignment on August 17

And, of course, the date that they're all afraid of is October 17. And another one to watch for is 9-11. From 9-11 until 11-22. So from September, and those October and November, there could be a lot of catastrophes here on Earth with this PX [Planet X] coming in. And so, you have to wonder, "How long can they wait to begin this age of Aquarius?"  When are these beings going to arrive? And I know they're all into these alignments. And there's an alignment on August 17, where the Earth, Mercury, Sun, and Venus align with Planet X at 90 degrees to the sun. And so, there's an alignment of Earth, Mercury, the sun, and Venus, and Planet X. So, interesting. There's your alignment for all these occult freaks who like these alignments. They like to do things on alignment dates. And that begins August 17. And even on August 4, Planet X is now closer to the sun than the Earth is, and so.

Crashing UFOs Have Prevented Disclosure

I think we could start seeing some weather catastrophes and things starting in August. I know that they've been trying to bring disclosure and awareness to the Earthlings, us on Earth. And their problem is the UFOs keep crashing. [laughs] And it's not gonna stop. It's gonna keep going, and going, and going. They can't stop what we've set in motion. And so, they're going to have to go ahead and arrive. Attempt something.

Meeting in Damascus

Looking at Damascus coming up in the Codes a lot more. Remember I've warned that when these beings arrive to the earth, they're gonna have some kind of meeting in Damascus. Maybe that's where they all meet. I don't know. But Damascus coming up more and more in the Codes. I've always suspected that they would have some kind of meeting in Damascus.

Seeing Signs of War in the Middle East

Also seeing signs of war in the Middle East. I know you're all shocked. Collective gasp all over the Internet. For later this year. Maybe December, January, later towards the end of this year we might see some unrest and war with Iran and Israel, and Damascus with Syria. Probably Libya getting involved. Can't give out their whole details on it, but I wish I could find the Code I was working on detailing more and more about that war. But it's a little far away, so I'm not gonna get into it now, because what I see now, coming towards us, is just this whole PX arrival, and, basically, our economics crumbling. If they stave off the economic crash, so be it. But it's not only a temporary fix, it's a way they're trying to get people a little prepared. I don't know. I don't follow the New World Order agenda as much as the Alien Agenda because the Lord has put me in the Alien Agenda. Put me in this agenda six, seven years ago. And I haven't stopped, I don't think, since then, on this whole what to expect, what's coming.

People Will Be Deceived by Fake Nail Holes in Palms of Beasts

Another thing coming up in the Codes a lot lately is the term "palm." And I have a picture on my website and it shows Saint Germaine -- probably go to I'll probably pull it off that site and put it at the forefront of my other websites for now since this is becoming more dominant. But it shows a picture of Saint Germaine, and he's one of these Ashtar Command officials. One of Satan's generals. And he's gonna come and  -- I don't know why it's him and not Jesus.  But he shows the palm of his hand. And in the palm of his hand, supposedly you could see the fake nail holes he has in his hands to mimic that he was put on the cross. And you could see a demon in the palm of his hand where the holes are. And I don't know why they have Germaine with that palm -- maybe they all have it. I don't know. But that's coming up more and more.

And so, I know when this Sananda comes, he's gonna try and play himself off as the Jesus of the churches. Don't be shocked if he starts showing the palms of his hands and they have these fake nail holes in them. Now they'll look real, folks. I'm telling you they're fake, but they're gonna look real because people are gonna be deceived by it. And I'm seeing that a lot more in the Codes lately. This "palm" term. So that's what it reminds me of is that this whole charade with the fake nail holes in his hands -- it's really quite brilliant-looking. It has lights, like light shining through the holes so you could really see that they're holes. I mean, these guys are gonna be good at their deceptions, folks. I mean, they're not gonna, you know, they're gonna go from, you know, low-budget movies to very high tech, huge Hollywood productions here. They're getting ready for this stuff. Satan is good at deception. He's deceived millions for thousands of years. Billions. And so, expect good deceptions.

And I hear from so many people that it just, you know, so tired of fighting with their families, and their husbands and their wives. People won't listen to them. And, folks, we just really don't even have that much time left that you have to deal with people that don't want to listen. So just hang in there. Get orgone in your areas.

Obama to Come After Orgone Warriors - Get It Out There Now, Folks

Another thing that I'm seeing, and I mentioned this the last show, too, is that eventually they're gonna come against the Orgone Warriors. They're gonna come against us. Probably try to make it illegal to make or sell orgone. Our orgone. And so, you need to get it done now while you can. Because Obama is really gonna step up against the Orgone Warriors. I see that in the Codes. And they've kept it quiet for a long time. They didn't wanna give it any credence. But the time is coming that they're gonna decide that they've had enough and put their foot down.

Now I don't suspect that, I don't see it happening -- well, you know, they could change up their times -- but I don't see it happening anytime within the next month or so. I see it a little bit down the road. Maybe after September. And so, we still have some time. But we don't have much. We don't have much time. Everything, what I see, is based on their coming arrival within the next three months. And if they push it off till December, then fine, we'll just say five months. But, you know, this part of the end of 2011 is where all the action is right now. It's where everything's -- the bathtub effect I've been warning about, where everything just starts to begin and happen very quickly. One event after the next very quickly.

A Lot of Weather Catastrophes Possible with Incoming Planet X

 You know, I guess we're gonna find out within just the next couple months because even if they don't make their arrivals here, we're gonna have a lot of things to contend with with the weather. With the weather, with Planet X coming in. We're gonna be in the debris tail of Planet X by the end of October. And remember there's Giants' starships, or starships containing Giants, that are following, coming into our solar system with Planet X. And I've warned that these Giants are the forces, Lucifer's forces that will help him conquer the earth for Satan. And we're talking 20-foot, 17-foot Giants, just from the ones who've already left Planet X, what we call Nibiru. The ones who've already left and made landings in Israel, talking to military officials out in the desert. They've been described as being 19-feet tall.

And they're not coming as our friends, folks. They're not coming as our friends. I get so sick of people about aliens are our friends. They're gonna help mankind. Why haven't they already? You know? They're just lying to you. They're gonna help themselves TO mankind. You know, the veil's gonna be lifted. They're going to be imprisoned here in our solar system, here on our earth. They're gonna be cast down to Earth. When Satan is cast down to Earth (you read Revelation, chapter 12), their forces are cast down with him. When the pale horse rider, the rider of pestilence and death, when he arrives, Hades (hell) is with him. That means all the forces. All their forces are with them. And the pale horse rider has been delayed, but he's not gonna be delayed much more. I mean, we're talking, he could be here August, September, October. Within five months. The pale horse rider. And when the pale horse rider is here, it is pure hell on Earth, folks. Pure hell.

That's, you know -- you could look for famines, which is the black horse. And him and the pale horse kind of ride hand in hand. And you have the cost of food skyrocketing. And people already getting alarmed at the rising prices of food in some countries. And we haven't seen anything yet in America. In America they do the double-take. They increase the price, or they keep the price the same, but the size is shrunk.  You're paying the same price for lesser amounts. Smaller boxes, smaller cans, but you're paying the same price you were before. Food is just getting astronomical in the ways they're doing it. And it's gonna get much worse. It's gonna get to the point where a loaf of bread is a day's wage. And so, you need to start stocking up and preparing as well, folks, because the pale horse is here, the black horse is here. They're all here together. We're all gonna be here.

And so, very interesting. The timetables are finally, you know, I'm not seeing the delays, the delays, the delays. This actually could come to fruition now. And so, you know, I'm gonna keep on into the Codes, but [sigh] watch out for the pestilences coming. Famines, earthquakes, roaring of the seas. That'll be one of the things that PX will cause getting closer to the earth is a roaring of the seas. Might wanna get away from the coastlines. Just a lot of weather catastrophes could be happening as PX comes closer to the earth. And that beginning on September 11 through the end of November, so. Just a heads up.

Chrislam: More Last Days Apostasy

Another thing I sent out on my lists this week, some people catching on, starting to write up about Chrislam. And, of course, this started a year or two ago in the back rooms of the Illuminati and the CFR and all those satanic organizations where they wanted to have a compromise religion of Christianity and Islam. And this wasn't brought about by pastors on their knees praying for wisdom and guidance. This was brought about by Satanists who wanted to destroy both Christianity and Islam together. Politicians. George Bush, Sr. and Bill Clinton. They're behind it. Tony Blair was behind it.

And then they recruited Rick Warren, the Pentecostal Movement to become their mouthpiece for this. And so, now Rick Warren is embracing this Chrislam and encouraging all the other churches to embrace Chrislam. If your church starts embracing this, you need to run and get out of it. It is blasphemous. We don't ever have to compromise our faith. In fact, we're never to compromise our faith. They try to mix in religious wording and toning to make people feel guilty, to make them feel obligated to love their neighbor. "Oh, you're required to love your neighbor." Yeah, we're required to love our neighbor as much as we are to obey our government. But when they turn apostate, it's our job to love the Lord, and put Him first, and obey Him.

You know, they love pushing that Romans 1 where we're supposed to follow the government. They don't finish the rest of the Scriptures. And that's what Satan always does. That's how you always know Satan's footprints in the things that are going on, because they always give you a one-sided picture of Scripture. They always hide the rest that they don't agree -- that proves that one side to be faulty. You know, Islam doesn't embrace Yahushua as a messiah. They say he was just a, what is it? Just another one of -- a mouthpiece for Muhammad. [laughs] Whatever. They don't embrace Him as the Messiah of mankind. And so, they reject His birth and His death...or not His birth, but His death and His resurrection. They reject his mission in life as the Son of God.

And so, churches who embrace this Chrislam are just totally going apostate, into blasphemy, rejecting Yahushua's death on the cross and His resurrection, and His redemption through Him. There's one mediator between God and man, and that is Yahushua. It is not Muhammad! Muhammad is still in his grave. Muhammad was a pedophile thief and robber who used to travel the Arabian deserts and rob people. That's what he did. That was his career. And he married a woman sent from the Vatican to convince him that he was some kind of a prophet. Muhammad knew he wasn't a prophet. Muhammad knew he was possessed by the devil. But his wife, working with Rome, convinced him that he was a prophet. And it all goes back to Rome, and the Vatican, and the creation of what we have today.

Today's Muslims are nothing like the Muslims of 2000 years ago, when Ishmael began his offspring. They're not the same Arabs. Today's Islam is a CIA creation. It's a CIA creation. And all these little terror cells about the Islam are all part of the CIA's creations, through the Vatican. Everything starts in boardrooms in Chicago and the Vatican. Ever notice that? Bin Laden, Tim Osman, was a CIA agent from Chicago. CIA set him up over in the Middle East to become some Taliban leader. Oh, give me a break, folks.

Anyway, just a heads up on that. I'll probably talk about that more throughout the weeks. Just another one of their apostate agendas coming to us, being shoved down our throats like they're gold dust. And kundalini that they call being slain in the spirit, which is nothing more than awakening the kundalini, the serpent in people, and making them possessed. So much apostasy going on in the churches today. I don't know how anybody can stay in them.


Anyway, if you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

Get Busy Shutting Down the Portals with Magnetic Orgone

And, you know, folks, just a heads up to keep doing what you can to get orgone in your areas. If you're making the orgone, put magnets in them, because so many portal areas opening up. If you wanna target portals, windows in our space fabric -- I don't know how you wanna describe a portal. It's a opening in the sky where UFOs come through. And if you see those in your area, most notably spiral areas, if you see spirals in the sky like the one in Russia or the one in Norway last year, these are portal openings. If you're looking at the sky, and all of a sudden it looks like water, like a blurry -- like you're looking underwater, but you're looking at the sky -- a blurry area, those are often portals as well.

If you wanna shut the portals down, orgone with magnets in them. Neodyme magnets. And that way it'll close the -- I've noticed recently a lot of UFO activity and portals being opened in Russia. And so, they found a gateway on the earth, 'cause I don't think we have any orgone in Russia. And so, they're coming in through Russia. And so, people out in that part of the world, especially China because it's the second-largest audience listening to this show after America. It beat out Britain and Europe. The Chinese need to get busy with orgone. Orgoning their countries. You don't want the UFOs, these 20-foot Giants in your countries. They'll be snacking on your children. They eat humans, folks.

Anyway, I wanna take some calls and see what's up with listeners.

The UFO I Saw in Iowa Was Reported on the Signs of the Times Website

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.


CALLER: Yes, I'm the one from Iowa. You know, the other night I told you I saw a big UFO.


CALLER: I went on, Signs of the Times, and exactly what I saw, 45 minutes from me, it was on there. Same night, same time, everything.

SHERRY: Great.

CALLER: So I know it was something. It was on about the Clear Lake, Iowa sighting. []

SHERRY: What was it? S-o-t-t?

CALLER: Yeah. It's Signs of the Times --


CALLER: -- dot net.


CALLER: And it's reports from all over the world of things. And what I saw on that date and time and everything was right on there. I couldn't believe it, so. Somebody called it in to the police, so. People on the boats in the lake saw it. So, kind of makes me feel a little bit better.

SHERRY: You know, I've been seeing this stuff for years. And it's like people to laugh and --

CALLER: I know, but not around here. They must've not -- I don't know. It's just -- no chemtrails around here. It's been pretty quiet lately. Kind of scared me a little bit.

What's Up with the Killings in Norway?

CALLER: But, also I had one more question. What's up with that killings [in Norway]? What was behind that? What that in Sweden or whatever?

SHERRY: That was the government. That's just more false flags from the government. It has all the signs of CIA and government involvement. You know, notice the fertilizer, and the lone gunman and stuff. And always an airtight case. "Oh, look. He had a video." "Oh, look. He had a Facebook profile." Oh, look, this. Always air --

CALLER: Now he says he's not the only one, or...

SHERRY: Yeah, that's what this said. They said the same thing about the OKC [Oklahoma City bombing in 1995] that Timothy McVeigh wasn't the only one there. And they gave descriptions of them, but, you know, those were pushed aside. Government took it out of the [unclear] reports. It's a classic of a false-flag operation to start tightening it on the people's freedom in Norway, bottom line. And blame a particular group of people. You know, they wanna blame right-wing extremists, make Christians look bad, make Christians look like terrorists. You know --

Amy Winehouse and the 27 Club

CALLER: They've been distracting so much. Nothing's on the news though about Amy Winehouse or whatever. They just keep --

SHERRY: Oh, she joined the cult of 27. They get killed when they're 27.


SHERRY: And they always put them up as drug overdoses and everything else, so that when they die of a drug overdose, nobody's surprised.


SHERRY: When they're literally just murdered with a drug overdose at that point. And so, you know, so many of them die at 27. That seems to be the occultic age.


SHERRY: You know, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, the lady from Jefferson Starship or whatever.

CALLER: The lady...Joplin or something. Yeah.

SHERRY: Yeah. Just a lot of them.


Need to Watch the Nuclear Reactor Plant in Nebraska

CALLER: You heard anything more about the Madrid? Or is that kinda not the first thing we should worry about right now? Is there more important stuff?

SHERRY: Well, you know what? The flooding didn't do it.


SHERRY: They couldn't set it off the normal ways they wanted to, so they started the flooding. But I heard the heat is causing some real damage to that nuclear reactor plant, where's it at? In Nebraska? And so, we need to be watching that.

CALLER: I have not heard anything about that anymore. It's just like, nothing --

SHERRY: Yeah, it's becoming unstable because of all of the massive heat. And so, we need to be watching that. Keeping an eye on that.

CALLER: Oh, we don't hear a word on any --

SHERRY: Oh, the media doesn't give you a word on anything --

CALLER: Uh-uh.

SHERRY: -- that's really of truth value. You have to go to the Internet and find alternative news sources. All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Well, thank you. God bless.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

Do You Feel That the New World Order Is in Effect to This Very Day?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hmm. And round, and around, and around we go. [laughs] It's floating. Hello, caller.

CALLER: Hello?



SHERRY: How are you? Where are you calling from?

CALLER: Atlantic City.


CALLER: I was wondering, do you feel that the New World Order is in effect to this very day?

SHERRY: Well, yeah. George Bush, Sr. announced it back in 1991 of a formation of a New World Order. [coughs] It hasn't stopped since, so.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

Are Biochips Being Placed in Babies to This Day?

CALLER: So are biochips being placed in babies to this day?

SHERRY: About what?

CALLER: Biochips?

SHERRY: [pause] Biochips?

CALLER: Yeah, chips placed in the rear of your ear or something like that. I'm not sure if it's called a biochip or not, but are something like chips being placed in the rear of your ear?

SHERRY: Oh, really? I haven't heard that one, but it doesn't surprise me.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah.

SHERRY: You can put neodyme magnets on your ears. Some of these chips are getting more and more powerful. But if you take a neodyme magnet, put the north side against your ear for about eight hours, and flip it over and use the south side against your ear just to cover the bases. Neodyme magnets are so strong they should malfunction chips, and if they're in your ear, then they're accessible to get to. You just put them on your ear with a Band-Aid and hold it there for a day.

CALLER: OK. All right. All right, well, that oughta do it. I'll talk to you again some other time.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: All right. May Yah --


CALLER: bless you.

How Do You Know If You Have Microchips in You?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: Yeah, hi. We're on a microchip topic tonight, I guess, 'cause that's exactly what I was wanting to ask you about, Sherry. How do you know if you have them in you, number one. I was raised in the Illuminati, so I'm pretty sure I probably do. And then you get to deactivate them with the -- the magnets, you said, will deactivate them?

SHERRY: Yeah. Neodyme magnets. If you go to www.magnets4less (I think it's the number "4," and "less").com or just Google neodyme magnets, neodymium magnets. They're strong enough to deactivate chip implants. Not the ones in your brain. 'Cause you don't wanna put a magnet up to your brain.

CALLER: Well, I don't know where I got 'em, but I'm pretty sure I probably have 'em. I think I have one in my neck. How would you get it out of there?

SHERRY: Yeah, most people have them up their noses. Why so many children wake up with bloody noses when they're little, it's because aliens were in there putting chips up their noses. They're tracking chips.


SHERRY: Those are the old harmless ones, pretty much, where they just track you. Always know where you're at. A lot of people, when you go in for dental work --

CALLER: Yeah, well, I pretty much -- they pretty much tracked me my entire life, so. But those are the old-fashioned ones, too. I mean, I'm 55 now, so --

People Having Success Deactivating Chips with the Hulda Clark Zapper

SHERRY: Yeah, you've probably been chipped for a long time. You know what I heard is helping a lot of people in the Illuminati that have been chipped? Like, I've been chipped since the time I was born, so I've been fighting chips my entire life as well --

CALLER: Me too.

SHERRY: But the Hulda Clark Zapper. Have you ever heard of that thing?

CALLER: What is it called?

SHERRY: The Hulda Clark Zapper.

CALLER: No. I never heard of it.

SHERRY: She has this zapper. And what it does is it kills parasites that get into your [audio skipped ahead]. But what I'm finding is that a lot of people having success with deactivating chips with the Hulda Clark Zapper.

CALLER: How do you spell it? H-a-l...

SHERRY: H-u-l-d-a.

CALLER: H-u-l-d-a. OK. Yeah, that's a new one on -- I hadn't heard of that.

SHERRY: Yeah, 'cause some people, the magnets alone, they didn't think would work 'cause they're like, in their brain or whatever. If you do a combination of magnets and the Hulda Clark Zapper, that should, you know --


SHERRY: -- that's very powerful. Most people have magnets in their belly button areas. Most women do for some reason.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: Anywhere you've gotten vaccines.

CALLER: Uh, yeah. In the past. I haven't had any recently. Like, within the last ten years I haven't had any.

SHERRY: Even if you were a child and you had a booster shot, put a magnet on the area of your arm where the booster shot was. Some of us still have scars from that.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: Also, dental work done, because the ADA [American Dental Association] preloads all their stuff with chips and they're so small you can't see them. But when you get cavities filled --

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: -- in that mercury, you have chips as well. Chip-implant in your teeth. If you've had dental work done, put a magnet on your jaw.


SHERRY: Put them on your earlobe.

CALLER: Could that cause TMJ [Temporomandibular Joint Disorder] if you have maintenance, 'cause I do have a problem with my jaw? So I'm wondering if they put something in there.

SHERRY: They very well could've. They very well could've. And so, you could try to deactivate it with a magnet.

What Is an AI?

CALLER: Yeah. Well, I did order some of those magnets, 'cause I did hear you talking about that they were good for the, you know, the Giant thing, too, so. [laughs]


CALLER: If that's coming this way. Hope I'll be ready for that, too. [laughs]

SHERRY: Magnetic water. People need to get, you know, orgone water. Also magnetic water. Now you can just combine it both and put orgone with magnets in it in water and you've got both covered.

CALLER: Right. Yeah, I need to order some of your orgone, I think.

SHERRY: Yeah, or just get a bucket of water, garbage can of water, and throw some magnets in it, and let it get charged up, because those will kill the AIs. And I don't think the AIs are coming right away, but I could be wrong. You know, I --

CALLER: What's an AI? That's like an android or something?

SHERRY: That's the artificial intelligent.

CALLER: Artificial intelligence. OK.

SHERRY: Yeah. Those, even the aliens hate those, so. [laughs]

Break Generational Curses with Spiritual Warfare Prayers

CALLER: So if -- I mean, I have memory of the Greys coming in and taking me. I was a kid. I don't know what other ones did, but I know they did, so. It runs in our family. I mean, my mother did, too. So it goes right down the family line. It's a generational --

SHERRY: Generational curses.

CALLER: -- curse. Yeah.

SHERRY: You need to break generational curses.

CALLER: I did. I did break it.


CALLER: You know, 'cause I am a Christian now, but it still did the damage, you know, when I was a kid, so.

SHERRY: Yeah. And you have the cause and effects now as an adult to deal with. And, yeah. I know. You can go through those warfare prayers on my website. [Spiritual Warfare & Frequently Asked Questions] Close doorways, break generational curses. Get the magnets to deactivate the chips.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: The Hulda Clark Zapper might work as well.

CALLER: Yeah. None of the ministers know nothing about this stuff.

SHERRY: They don't acknowledge it.

CALLER: I talked to my minister, but he thought I was nuts. [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah, they do.

CALLER: You know.

SHERRY: 'Cause they think all aliens are just demons.

CALLER: I told him, I said I've got a microchip in me and they just look at you like you're from the moon. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs] Yeah.

CALLER: So. Anyways, I got out of that church.


CALLER: But anyway, thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Mm-hmm. Bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

What Do You Make of the NATO Invasion and Libya with Gaddafi?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [pause] Hello?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: Hi, Sherry?


CALLER: What do you make of the NATO invasion and Libya with Gaddafi?

SHERRY: I think it's pretty interesting, because I see stuff going on, and it's a war over sky dominance over there. Aerial dominance. There's something going on with aliens, and the alien agenda, and they're fighting over airspace. This is what I see in the Codes. You know, I hear what they're telling people in the news. But, you know, whatever. So I don't know if Gaddafi is fighting against them and their New World Order agenda, or exactly what's going on. I called it a long time ago. I told people to watch out for Libya. 'Cause Libya was coming up in the Codes a lot, so it's gonna be something going on over there. And sure enough, we're over in Libya. But whenever the United States moves into a country, it's no good. It's not good, because America is the arm of Satan's agenda. And the Lizards and Reptilians, and so. You know, it's basically an angel war right now between the Lizards and the Ashtar Command, and the alien agenda, and so. You know, it's almost like they just give us all these stupid reasons to people to digest like, you know, fodder. "Eat on this for a while while the real stuff goes on behind the scenes."

CALLER: So they've been trying to get rid of Gaddafi since March. Do you think they're gonna get rid of him? I mean, it's been dragging on a lot time, so.


What Do You Think Is Gonna Happen with Gaddafi?

CALLER: What do you think is gonna happen with Gaddafi?

SHERRY: Well, you know, he -- so far no country that has stood against the United States has won. I mean, Saddam didn't win. Gaddafi's not gonna win. Libya is very strategic, because Libya is right across the water from Israel. I don't know if people don't know their geography very well. I know I usually don't either. [laughs] But it's very strategic to where Israel is, and so. The United States has been trying to gain access to all these countries in the Middle East because of the portals that are there. The ancient gateways that are there. And Ethiopia's gonna be a huge country coming up in the news. They wanna pull the fake ark of the covenant out of Ethiopia and claim the messiah's here when this, you know, when Sananda and Maitreya arrive and all this. So Libya and Ethiopia have prophetic significance. Especially in the coming months, and so. I think the Lizards and Reptilians that run the United States and Europe are trying to gain control of that area.

CALLER: I watched Russia Today and a former congresswoman said that the reason why we're going into Libya is because it's for oil and they want a base for Israel. And also, they want to control the Libyan money, because Gaddafi wanted to sell his oil for gold and have his own currency.

SHERRY: Well, Gaddafi wanted to switch to dinars. The Iraqi dinars.


SHERRY: Yeah, he wanted to start trading in dinars. And this is the very currency that the United States set up in Iraq. You know, back in 2003 they established a Green Zone. And then they threw out the old dinars that the Iraqis -- their money, and created a new currency of dinars.


SHERRY: And so, it's these dinars that are probably gonna end up being fairly strong in the Middle East. Because if you, you know, you look at it, Israel's gonna be at war, Iran's gonna be at war, Syria's gonna be at war. Libya's already in war. So everyone's currency is going to deflate. And watch the dinars rise. And the one country that seems to escape all of these...upcoming chaos in the Middle East is Jordan.

CALLER: Why is that?

SHERRY: And I find that interesting because in Matthew 24, when the Lord's telling them about the last days and the prophecy, and He says, "When you see the abomination of desolation, you know, don't come out of your rooftops, just run." He's telling them to run to -- they're going to Edom, the rose-red city of Petra. The Indiana Jones movie was based about this place. The rose-red city of Petra. And this is in Edom, in Jordan. And that's gonna be a safe haven for the Jews. And so, interestingly enough that when all this Middle East war breaks out that Jordan is preserved.


SHERRY: So, I don't know where our rose-red city of Petra's gonna be here in America. A place for Christians to run. The Lord says to head for the mountains. And so, people need to just head for the mountains. And, of course, the abomination of desolation being when they start imposing chip-implanting.

You Think We'll Make Contact with the Aliens This Fall?

CALLER: Wow. So you think that this October or September that we're gonna make contact with the Greys or the Lizards.

SHERRY: Yeah. You know what? Bar any delays, if there's no more delays, and everything happens the way they want it to happen, we're not gonna just see Greys, we're gonna see these Ascended Masters, they're Giants, acting like they're gods on Earth, and establish a new government and world religion here. And we're gonna enter into this whole age of Aquarius thing they've already been trying to push off since 2008. And so, yeah, it's gonna be quite an eye-opener for a lot of people. [laughs]

Will the Antichrist Rule from London?

CALLER: I was reading this article and they're saying that the Antichrist will rule from London, not Israel.

SHERRY: No...London's gonna be destroyed. London's gonna be underwater. That's why the Queen bought up all this land over here in America. She owns all those thousands of acres around the Denver International Airport.


SHERRY: That huge city that's underneath the airport, the Queen owns it all.


SHERRY: Yeah, so.


SHERRY: Right now, as it stands, if Maitreya does not arrive, because Obama IS Muslim, he very much qualifies to be the Antichrist.

CALLER: OK. All righty. Well, thank you very much.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Thanks.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.


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Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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