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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 1, 2011

Is the Dwarf Star Really Planet X?

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, and it's August 1. And, can't believe it's already August. This time has gone by really quick.

A couple things I want to talk about tonight. Just a continuation of Thursday's show, I guess you could say. It's what I feel led to talk about, so. I posted an article on my website, And also to my list and my Facebook yesterday, late last night, early this morning, on the second sun. And this whole thing hasn't been easy for me, because when the Lord stood me up to be the announcer that a second sun even exists, that there is a planet that's hidden behind the sun, you know, it's one of those things where you just go out on a ledge. I have never seen it myself. I've had people send me pictures of it. People have seen it around the world. And so, it was hard to just stand up and say, "Hey, there's a second sun, folks. There's a hidden planet." [laughs]

I could see in the Bible Codes that I was to be the announcer of this. And I'm just thinking, "What do I say, Lord? What do I say?" You know, I'm not a scientist. But interestingly enough, a friend of mine, another Warrior, posted a picture on my orgone list. Had taken it above Lake Erie, just a couple days ago. And in his picture he had it on solar setting so you could see the actual picture itself. And the two others he sent were solarized. And I didn't include those in my article, but I included the one where you could just see, the picture itself, that there is indeed three objects. There's the sun, there's the second sun. And then there's Planet X, what they're calling Comet Elenin, Nibiru. Seem to be always giving it a different name.

And I made a video of this, earlier this year, of the second sun. And, this picture's great. And this was taking right in Ohio above Lake Erie. And so you could see it. It's the Dwarf Star. This brown Dwarf Star is not Planet X. Planet X is a red object and it has a huge tail behind it. And you can even see, in the picture I posted, this red haze behind it, which is it's tail. And you can go to and click on my link for new article, Is the Dwarf Star Really Planet X? [] It's the name of my article.

And this is the same Planet X that I've been warning about. Have this list of dates from scientists. I don't even know where my list came from. Probably one of those forums online. Somebody sent it to me. I don't even remember who sent me this. I don't go to forums online. I hardly ever even go to other people's websites. I just kind of stay amongst my own little corner on the Internet.

On August 4, Planet X Will Be Closer to the Sun Than Earth Is

And looking through August, a couple days from now, on August 4, Planet X will be closer to the sun than Earth is. And Planet X, if you look at this picture, Planet X is on the other side of the sun. It's behind the sun. If we're looking at the sun, it's coming in from behind the sun. And so, it's starting to move in closer. This week Planet X will be closer to the sun than we are, and it's gonna keep moving towards the Earth.

I don't know if Planet X passes the Dwarf Star, or if it just follows the Dwarf Star into our solar system. Because the way it looks, Planet X doesn't -- it's farther out, so you can't get an accurate depiction of what the real size of this thing is. Right now I don't believe anything they're saying because they're confusing the Dwarf Star with Planet X is what I think. And a lot of the descriptions we hear of Planet X, I think they're confusing descriptions of it. They're not taking the second sun and PX as separate objects. They're making them into one and the same.

Huge Planetary Alignment on August 17

On August 17, this is gonna be one of those highly occultic dates. Because all these satanic groups and occultic groups love all these alignments, when the planets align. And they always have something -- some kind of rituals going on and stuff when planets align. August 17 the Earth, Mercury, and sun, and Venus align with Planet X. And Planet X is 90 degrees to the sun. So we have a huge alignment on August 17. And on August 31 is when Planet X is now closer to the Earth than the Earth is to the sun. The Earth is 93 million miles away from the sun, and so it's starting to move in a lot closer.

Scientists Predicting 3 Days of Darkness on September 27

We're really not gonna see a lot of effects of Planet X until the end of September. And this is when Planet X will move from behind the sun to in front of the sun. And this is what I'm wondering: Is Planet X gonna be big enough -- is it huge enough to block out the sun? Or does the Dwarf Star move in front of Planet X towards Earth, itself, as well, and IT'S the one that blocks out the sun? It would be like a total eclipse for three days. And this isn't a biblical thing. This is a scientist thing. This is what the scientists are predicting. You know, they're predicting when Planet X moves in front of the sun on September 27, that there will be three days of darkness.

Ramadan Early This Year

And Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets, begins on the 29th this year. A really late date. And so, interestingly enough, I thought I read somewhere that Ramadan [Islamic month of fasting] started in August. And I remember Ramadan being in November, so [laughs] I don't know if they have these floating feast holiday dates like we do, or what. I wonder what Ramadan's doing in August. I just always remember that in the month of November. So, if anything, it should be quiet from them, the Muslims. Because they're always really quiet during Ramadan. It's their holiest month, so. Seems to be from September 27 on.

Planets Coming in Will Cause Slowing Down of the Clock

Interestingly enough, one of that the things scientists are saying is that it's gonna cause a slowing down of the clock, of the Earth's rotation. And the first thing we're gonna start noticing is just a general screwup of our clocks. And so, you might wanna make sure you get battery-operated clocks. And also, those old, ancient windup clocks. You might wanna get those. Because digital clocks and everything else are gonna get messed up. Not be as reliable. And also making travel impossible because our magnetosphere at this time is also going to go haywire.

Will the Reptilians Be Able to Hold Their Human Forms?

And so, this should be interesting to watch because, you know, we have all these beings amongst us that cloak as humans. A lot of them reporters and television personalities. So it'll be interesting to see if they can hold their human cloaking during the next month or two when Planet X and the Dwarf Star both pull on the Earth's magnetosphere as they come into our atmosphere. It should be really interesting. I mean, there's a lot of videos on YouTube now of reporters just going ballistic and losing their trains of thought and starting to garble and speak in rubbish. And also the general fact that now many of them holding their human form. And they start to shape-shift on camera.

And people always blame it on, "Oh, that's digital. That's just a tiling effect," or whatever. It that was the case it'd be the other person in the same show. It wouldn't just be one person. [laughs] Especially in some of these newscasts where they're interviewing somebody and the person they're interviewing -- I was watching a video of Jenna Bush losing her human cloaking when she was on Hollywood Insider. And they're trying to tip her off. He keeps throwing the word "change" out there. You know, he's asking her all these questions with the word change in it, trying to tip her off that she's changing, she's shifting. But she never quite gets it, and so it's a really funny video. [Jenna Bush] But that's gonna get a lot more prevalent, I think, in the coming months.

The Second Sun Signals That Great Affliction Is Near

And so, as we wait for this arrival of Planet X -- it's not really Planet X I'm interested in seeing, it's the Dwarf Star. [laughs] It's the second sun. Enoch talks about this planet, this second sun. And I quoted the scripture in my video I made of the second sun of this planet Enoch speaks of. And he describes this place that the Lord prepared for His people, His patriarchs. And this is the same planet, I believe. That Enoch was speaking of that's coming. And it signals -- and I think it's gonna be a sign, a signal, that we're heading into tribulation on the Earth. That we're heading into great affliction on the Earth, and so.

Bible Codes Reveal that "Red Snow" Will Poison the Water in the Winter

Should get -- you know, I'm looking at the Bible Codes and I'm seeing "red snow." And I'm thinking, "Hmm. That isn't really good news." Because this red dust from the tail of Planet X that's coming towards the Earth is really poisonous. And they're talking about this red dust poisoning the water. And at the same time after this dust, the Earth's gonna experience a torrential hail. What I'm seeing is that it's at the wintertime. It's cold. It's cold. And for us who live in the Midwest and the northeast, you know, the last thing you wanna have to deal with is a pole flip, even a partial pole flip, in the middle of winter. You're talking about massive destruction as it is with high winds like we've never seen on Earth before in the middle of winter. Winter just coming on. That's cold. Can you imagine all the people that are left homeless because their homes are destroyed by the coming high winds, and people waiting too long to build some kind of tornado structures? You know, underground cellars or whatever. People in the western states probably have them. Tornado alley. We have these tornado shelters. You need to line up with people, or someone who has one. Start making one. Don't wait till October, November when the ground gets hard to try to dig out a tornado shelter of some kind. So it's going to be cold in this part of the country.

After the Earth Pole-Flips, It Flops Back Up Again

Seeing "red snow." We don't know what else to expect. What exactly kind of pole shift this is gonna be. If it's just a 20 percent or a 40 percent, or 60 percent. We don't really know where the new equator line will be. It just depends on how much the planet shifts, the axis shifts.

And then, in the end of November we might see a shift back. So it's almost like on September 27 the Earth bows over, because I've been talking about how the Bible Codes describes it as bowing downward, bowing over. And then October 17 it flips back, it straightens back up. That's the date they're scared of the most. Because on October 17, when the Earth straightens back up, the tail of PX [Planet X] will be close to the Earth. From that time on to November 5 we're gonna be in the way, I guess you could say. We're gonna get hit by whatever's in Planet X's tail. And this is the one that has the Vatican in a panic. You know, they're recalling all their archbishops to the Vatican October 10 through the 17th. And if they're not there by the 17th, they're locked out.

Scientists Fear There's a Zombie Virus in Tail of Planet X

And I've talked about, a couple shows ago, how scientists are fearing that there is a zombie virus in the tail of Planet X that could hit the Earth during that time. And so, not only are we having all these weather catastrophes to deal with, we've got viruses hitting the Earth that could, you know, be some things we've never seen before. And they're particularly worried about this zombie virus that they had found in the Antarctic. Thousands of years ago the last time Nibiru came into our atmosphere -- they believe some of the rocks that they found down there that had contained this zombie virus were from the last time Nibiru came in. And it's coming again, and so. I don't think anybody else is mentioning it, but I will, you know.

And like I said, orgone water will kill zombies. Have orgone ready so in case you lose your water you can make some more. It's really not that much of rocket science. You just get a garbage can or a bucket and throw some orgone pucks in it, and let it saturate good. And you've got a verifiable weapon against zombies and artificial intelligence beings. I don't see those coming until the last part of the tribulation period. Got plenty enough to worry about before they even arrive.

Isaiah 24 Talks about the Earth Losing Its Greatness

I wanted to quote something in Isaiah. Talks about the Earth. Isaiah 24:19-20.

The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.

Now when it's talking about "it shall fall and not rise again" is its greatness. Because it's going to be so much destruction. So much destruction here. They're predicting a lot of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, general mayhem. Might be the time to flee the coastlines. You know, the Lord has been saying for years to get away from the coastlines and -- move inward, folks. Move inland. The mountain ranges.

Battle Between Underground Bases Going On

I find it interesting that there seems to be some kind of underground battle with the underground bases starting at Los Alamos. Some kind of battle going on there with an underground DUMB [Deep Underground Military Base] that's there. Caught on fire. Moved to the top. 'Cause we thought it was a forest fire hitting Los Alamos.

And I thought that was pretty strange because, you know, there's a big mountain. It nettles against this mountain in New Mexico. And on the other side is just a, you know, like a mile or so to the highway. And so, if they really wanted to protect Los Alamos, they could just line up this highway with fire trucks, and helicopters with water. And on the other side is just a mountain. And so, it seems very odd that, you know, forest fires would break out around Los Alamos.

And so, this woman released a video and I thought it was the most credible thing I've seen yet. She was posting a response to Dutchsinse's [YouTube channel] videos, where he's talking about how all these underground plumes are resulting from underground volcanoes. [Shechaiyah's Reply to Dutchsinse] Well, you know, how many underground volcanoes do we have? And how do you have a underground volcano in Los Alamos? How would the government put supposedly the top secret, most secured facility in the world, which is a bunch of hunky-dory because I drove right on the base without being stopped. [laughs] Why would they put it on top of a volcano? Why would they put Twentynine Palms [city in California] on top of a volcano? Why would they put Fort Irwin on top of a volcano? Why would they put all these military bases on top of volcanoes? 'Cause it's hogwash.

There's something going on where all these underground bases are on fire. There's a war going on, I'm telling ya, that we're not being told of. And, hey, I'm all for it 'cause it's destroying these underground DUMBs. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of creeps, don't you think? Our Black Ops government with all these underground bases where they perform experiments on people. Where they store bodies in cages and humans in cages and use them for experiments. And the aliens stock them away as food. I'm glad they're on fire. I'm glad they're on -- it couldn't be better timing.

Huge Reptilian Base Under Taos, New Mexico

And so, apparently, these fires are heading from Los Alamos to Nevada now, to southern California. Because, see, all these bases are connected by this huge underground shuttle system. And if you get fire in those underground shuttle shafts, there's no place to go but follow the shaft. They're gonna keep following the oxygen source. That's what fires do. And so, they're gonna go through all these shafts and just burn the bases as they go through them. I'm surprised it didn't start up towards Dulce. You know, 'cause they've got the Dulce base which is just north of Los Alamos. And they have a base in Taos, New Mexico.

I never saw an entrance -- well, you're not gonna see entrances to these bases. They're very well-hidden. But I was in Taos, New Mexico with the CIA and all the alphabet agencies. We all shared the same hotel. [laughs] It was a zoo. It was a zoo. [laughs] That's one trip I'll never forget. Just seeing all these vans pulling in, and their ladders. I was like, "What are they doing with the ladders? We're in a hotel. Why do they need ladders?" It was so funny. And, you know, I just orgoned the entire area and I went on down to Dulce. And went on over to Los Alamos.

And, supposedly, under Taos, New Mexico is a huge Reptilian hub. Huge Reptilian base. And for the most part it's off limits to humans. Because it's just a huge Reptilian base there in Taos. No, I didn't see any when I was there. Not any literal ones. They might have been humans there, but I didn't even pay attention. I had work to do. I wasn't looking for Reptilians when I was there. But there's a huge Reptilian base underneath there. And as you go to Dulce, it's kind of like a human/alien combined base. And then, Los Alamos is one of those combined bases, human and alien.

Secret Bases in the Tehachapi Mountains in Southern California

And then you go into Twentynine Palms, and all the way across Nevada and southern California. The Waha -- how do you say that? Wahachapi Mountains. People in California are probably laughing at my pronunciation. But the Wahachapi Mountains I guess that's how you pronounce it, they have bases in those mountains [Tehachapi] that hold UFOs, and they're huge bases. Kind of like a alien-dominated type thing. The aliens have bases in those mountains. [Top Secret Military Bases Tehachapi Ranch] And so, interesting to see if those catch on fire. I mean, I'm just cheering the fires on. "Go, go, go!" [laughs] Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of creeps, huh? It'll be interesting to see what happens with that.

Figure out how the war started. What's going on. It'll come out later. Somebody asked me if the orgone was causing the fires down there. And I really don't think so. There's something else going on down there. Some kind of war. And somehow some chemicals, or plumes, or whatever, escaped out and got up on the earth level. And then caught the trees and grass and stuff on fire, and so. Something going on down there. I don't think it's the orgone causing it, folks. That would be funny if it was. I would certainly enjoy that one. But I just think there's something else going on. And I haven't figured it out yet. I haven't put my finger on it.

Watch for the Second Sun to Come in and Hover Over Earth

The Lord's had me busy on this second sun stuff. So this is where my attention is for now. Because this planet, this second sun, it's not gonna stay hidden behind the sun for very long, much longer, anyway. It's always been there. Scientists know it. They always refer to it as the Brown Dwarf. And it's always just kind of been in the background. No one's, you know, they haven't really ever said anything public about it. They just call it the Brown Dwarf. Watch for this thing to move into our atmosphere and hover about the Earth. Probably be over by the Middle East somewhere. It's where I expect it to go. Or just above the Earth somewhere so that you can see it.

Now I've heard that -- and I'm going out on a ledge like usual -- I've heard that in the Great Pyramid Giza, that there is a portal from Giza [coughs] that will take you to this planet. So that's gonna be interesting.

The Great Pyramid of Giza Is God's, Not Satan's

I don't care how many times people try to say that the pyramid in Egypt, the Great Giza Pyramid, is Satan's 'cause it's not. It's not Satan's. In Deuteronomy or Leviticus, can't remember the exact scripture, it talks about the Lord putting a great sign in the land. And it was this pyramid in Egypt. And what happened is Satan put up two other mimics around it. Because the two other mimics that are there next to Giza can't even compare to the size and glory that Giza is. They can't even compare.

The Torah Is Inscribed on the Walls of the Great Pyramid

And I remember this ex-NASA scientist telling me that the reason all of these elite groups have rituals -- and I guess every year or whatever, a couple years, I don't know, Bush was there once. They have these rituals outside of the pyramid at night, for their little satanic groups. They can't go in the pyramid, because they'd get chased out of it by an angel that guards it. They can only get so far in. And tell me why, if this pyramid was Satan's, why the words of the Torah would be inscribed on the walls in this pyramid. 'Cause that's what this scientist told me. And he said the words of the Torah are inscribed on the walls. The Torah hadn't even been thought of, to us or anybody, when this pyramid was actually built, when it was created. The Torah wasn't even in existence at that time. So, very interesting.

And now they're trying to use these little robots [laughs] to go -- digital robots to go in and take pictures of the pyramid. 'Cause they're really dying to see what's on the inside of this pyramid. But inside of it contains some kind of a portal to this planet that's coming in.

So don't let the little occultic groups, who try to take over that pyramid and claim it's theirs, fool you on that one either, because it's not theirs. That was the Lord's sign on the Earth. And, like usual, Satan doesn't really create anything. He just mimics and copies what the Lord does. So you have the Lord's pyramids, then you have Satan's mimics. You have the Lord's people, and then you have Satan's mimics. He copies and mimics everything, because he can't truly create anything.

All of Satan's Soul-Scalped Celebrities Coming Out in Droves Now

He's not a god. He's a wannabe. And the only reason he even has followers is because he bribes them. Money, fortune, fame. Power, prestige, position, influence. You know, whether you're in media, politics, religion. He bribes people to follow him. And so, we're seeing a lot of that more in Hollywood now. It's just becoming so obvious, folks. Rihanna and all her videos about being married to the devil. And Little Wayne and Kanye West, and all of these Satan freaks coming out in the droves now. Talking about aliens coming to Earth, they're leaving the Earth, or the fact that they sold their soul to the devil.

Don't follow those people, folks. They're a bunch of Lizards. Watch them in the next coming months. See if they lose their cloaking as humans. 'Cause what happens is when you have people, normal people, born normal, normal people like, uh, oh what's her name? Uh, Katy Perry. Kanye West. These singers were Christians before they joined into the Hollywood satanic nonsense. And they sold their souls to the devil. And then what happens is Satan soul-scalps them. Even Rihanna, look at her. She's totally scalped now.

Lilith Likes Red Hair

And they get into this red hair thing, because Lilith likes red hair. Lilith is one of these demonic beings that can shift and morph into whenever she wants to. She can look any way she wants to at any time. And I guess she likes the red hair thing. And so, now you'll see a lot of stars starting to mimic her with the red hair, the red wigs, so.

What Certain Celebrities Sacrificed for the Illuminati

Yeah, I heard there was a meeting lately. A huge satanic meeting of -- not even satanic. It was like one of these otherworldly-type things where Satan and his top people in human -- top people were there. And interesting how they control everything in the world. Because you know how the Illuminati, they make you sacrifice somebody to be in it. One of the biggest things in the music industry, or movie, is that you have to sacrifice something. You have to give up something to be in it. And so, I've heard from some of these people that are the top echelons and at these meetings. What they talk about. And so, it's interesting that even they would be, you know, watching Hollywood. You know? Hollywood plays a huge major part in the implementing of Satan's kingdom on Earth.

They're talking about how Rihanna, her sacrifice was Chris Brown. That you can sacrifice somebody you love to them. And so, she sacrificed Chris Brown. And I was told to watch Chris Brown now 'cause he's been soul-scalped. That was like the latest news. It's like Illuminati gossip. I don't know. So Chris Brown being taken over and giving his soul up because he loves Rihanna.

And, whew, who else? You know, back when Jennifer Hudson was just a [American] Idol wannabe, and then her mother and sister were killed in some kind of robbery thing. Yeah, right. That was her sacrifice.

What I thought was interesting was Michael Jackson, because I heard about Michael Jackson's sacrifice and that he wouldn't sacrifice anybody he loved, because he loved his family and he couldn't harm anybody, so he sacrificed his skin. And that's why his skin was being bleached white. He didn't have a disease. He was covering that up. That fact is, they gave him injections. And this is from very, very high up that I'm hearing this. They gave him injections to make his skin turn white, 'cause he sacrificed his skin, because he didn't have anything else that he would sacrifice. I mean, he'd already sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune. But, apparently, you have to sacrifice as well. You know, that's not good enough. You have to sacrifice something you love, and so.

Prince William Was Sacrificed - The Real One's Gone

I've also heard that the Prince William that we have now isn't the original. He isn't the real one. That they had to sacrifice him because if you're a family in the Illuminati, you have to sacrifice something you love the most. Usually that's the firstborn. Being why some people can think, "How can William go along with this? He seemed like such a nice boy. He had the heart of his mother." You hear all the stuff about William. How he's not like them. And then you see him now, and he's like, you know, looks like a Lizard. Going out like he's just one of them. One of the occult Lizards in London. And the reason being because he's no longer the real one. The real one's gone.

What we're seeing now, this Prince William and this Kate, are just two Lizards in human form now. And there's a lot of videos with her shape-shifting on YouTube. Also with William.

Don't Buy into the Lie of Intelligent Design

And so, it's just prevalent, folks. It's all around us. It's all around us. This planet's been taken over. And the lie coming that they are our creators, don't buy into that one that scientists call an Intelligent Design. Where mankind was created in test tube by these Reptilians and they're our forefathers, our creators, and they're coming back to Earth to check on their creation.

And this is their explanation for Nibiru. It's all a bunch of lies. They wanna take people away from the truth as much as possible. But there is a whole like, starship system coming in with Nibiru. And what I'm seeing in the Bible Codes is that Mimas, the Death Star, is amongst them. You could Wikipedia that. Mimas, M-i-m-a-s [one of Saturn's moons]. Death Star that Star Wars depicts. The star of Saturn. So you'd assume it'd be around Saturn, but I'm seeing it coming with this whole little system with Nibiru. And a lot of them are -- they're gonna come in with Planet X and then split off, go different directions. They're kind of like piggybacking a ride with PX to our solar system, and then they're going to split off. And it's probably something you'll probably never notice, you know, looking up into space, but that's what's gonna happen.

Bible Codes Reveal Ghoulish Beings on Mimas, a Moon of Saturn

And Mimas full of ghoulish beings. Bible Codes calls them "ghoulish," demonic beings. I don't know if there's Giants on Mimas. Usually it just says "giants" or "locusts" or something like on Nibiru. It's full of Locusts, it's full of Giants. Mimas, it says "ghoulish." When I see the term "ghoulish," it's usually demons, demonic. So that's interesting 'cause that's gonna be a different breed to have to deal with, but nothing orgone can't destroy. Orgone water. Orgone, itself.

Get Your Areas Orgoned for the Coming Pole Flip

And from what we've seen so far, even with tornado season and hurricane seasons over the last couple years, is that the orgoned areas were not as affected as much. Or hurricanes would turn direction away from orgoned areas. Tornadoes do the same thing. And so, make sure you get your areas orgoned. Especially for this coming flip, supposedly. Some kind of a flip, in September. Hopefully the high winds, harsh winds will bounce off your areas, and go to other places and stay away from your area.

You know, I envision orgone as putting up a straight wall. And what I do is I'll go around, put a orgone puck every mile for like, however long, and you've got this huge wall of orgone of protection, so.

Hopefully that will, you know -- we're talking about winds we've never seen on Earth before. Winds that could possibly flatten every single structure on Earth, as the Earth bows over and then straightens back up, and so. You know, I guess we're gonna find out how effective the orgone is, but I'd rather have it than not, so.


If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. [Dog whines in background] Aw, one of the puppies, whining. He wants to get out of here. I'm gonna let him out. Hang on a second. I'll open the door in a minute. [Opens door and let's dog out] 877-245-5648, folks.

I Didn't Think Gabrielle Giffords Was Mentally Stable to Vote on the Debt Ceiling.

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.


CALLER: Did you see they made a debt deal all of a sudden, last minute, 'cause that lady, that Gabrielle whatever [Giffords] that got shot, that she came and voted. I didn't think she was mentally stable to do that. But, her vote, they made a -- it was on the breaking news tonight.

SHERRY: I didn't have the TV on.

CALLER: That her one vote passed something. So now they've made a debt deal or whatever, agreement. I just wondered if you heard --

SHERRY: Oh, so they're gonna raise the debt ceiling?

CALLER: I'm not sure I know the details. It just kind of just came over that that Gabrielle came to Washington or whatever. And her one vote counted. But I didn't think she was capable. I don't know.

SHERRY: We never know what to believe. We never now.

CALLER: Yeah, I know it. I didn't think that was gonna go through. But I said, "Well, knowing my luck, you know..." --

SHERRY: I was hoping for some kind of a delay because it's just too early to crash everything. I mean, at least wait till the pole flip and everything's a disaster anyway.

What Is All This Debunking about Comet Elenin?

CALLER: What is all this debunking about that Comet Elenin is just, um, nothing's gonna happen and then everyone's making a big deal it isn't gonna happen, it's not gonna come close enough to do anything. That after that the catastrophes will just get worse. Because, actually, behind it, and it'll be Nibiru and that'll be here in 2012. But, actually, nothing will happen this year.

SHERRY: That's what they're saying. So everybody go back and sit on your couches, and do nothing.

CALLER: Nothing's gonna happen this fall --

SHERRY: That's what they're saying --

CALLER: It's just a bunch of bull --


CALLER: The catastrophes will keep starting to happen and people kind of wonder what's going on. But, actually, hiding behind them is Nibiru that will be here --

SHERRY: They've gotten a hold -- I know this sounds really Hollywood fiction, but there's some kind of time-control device. And, allegedly, they may have gotten hold of some kind of time-delay thing, where they can stop time or slow time. And so, I'm not sure what's going on because I heard the same thing from somebody pretty high up into the --

CALLER: I'm getting tired, gosh, of all this debunking. And then people say, "Yeah, I talked to...," "Yeah, I heard that...," "I believe that is true."

SHERRY: I don't know. I'm just gonna watch. I'm just gonna watch. It's all we can do. I mean, by October, we should be able to see it within our atmosphere. It will pass the sun and come towards Earth. We should be able to see it.

CALLER: Oh, sure. You're in the Codes on this 27th to the 28th, and 29th, that we're gonna have those three days of darkness.

SHERRY: You know, I've been looking in the Codes and I'm not seeing three days of darkness. It's a scientist thing. It's not a [laughs] -- it's not one of my things.

CALLER: Oh, you don't see that then.

SHERRY: I'm just going by what they're saying. No, I don't see three days of darkness. But, you know, whatever. Prepare.

CALLER: Hmm. I'm more worried about 9-11, or, you know, August 11, or September 11, whatever, you know, the "11" days, so.

SHERRY: Yeah, 9-11. And the 27th, which is a 9 [27: 2 + 7 = 9]. And the 29th, which is an 11 [29: 2 + 9 = 11]. They always go by those occultic dates. And so, I just watching it.

What Do You Think about the Volcano in California?

CALLER: What do you about the volcano -- I don't think it's a volcano, do you, in California? Just some plumes?

SHERRY: I think the underground bases are on fire. It's what I was talking about at the beginning of the show.


SHERRY: So burn. Burn, burn, burn, burn. Burn, baby, burn.

CALLER: There's something coming out of there, 'cause people are reporting it. But it's not gonna go off, you don't think? Or start the volcano.

SHERRY: Well, you know, they have vents in all these underground bases. And so, these plumes are coming out of these vents that they have for underground bases. And so, there's something going on underground. These bases are on fire.

Have You Heard Anything about the Volcano in the Canary Islands?

CALLER: What about the Canary Islands that they were so concerned about a few days ago?

SHERRY: I have no idea --

CALLER: Don't hear nothing anymore about that volcano.

SHERRY: I have no idea. And you know what? As both of these objects get closer, you know, they predict earthquakes, so.

Have You Heard Any Updates on the Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant?

CALLER: Yeah. It's been so quiet. You don't hear anything about the Gulf anymore. Nothing. It's like nothing ever happened. Nebraska...have you heard any new updates on that?

SHERRY: On the flooding out that way? I haven't heard anything.

CALLER: No! Me either.

SHERRY: I heard a couple weeks ago that the nuclear plant out there was really unstable, getting ready to blow. And that was prevented by some outside help or whatever. That was because of the heat. Our government is not the ones causing this heatwave. It's a cause-and-effect, and so.

CALLER: I thought maybe the government was causing that.

SHERRY: No, they're not behind the heatwave, and so. You know, when they try to chill the air so much all the time, it's gonna be a backlash. Earth is gonna balance itself out. They can only play God so much and then they have to pay the piper. I mean, the earth has to balance itself out.

No News Anymore about the New Madrid Fault Line

CALLER: You don't hear anything on the Madrid. It's been really quiet down there.

SHERRY: It's not time! It not time, for the Madrid. And so, I mean, I'm not real antsy about that one. They tried to make it blow, and they can't. So, it's not gonna blow unless the Lord allows it. It's one of those things. It's like California falling into the ocean. That's not gonna happen either until time. Until its time. It's too early right now. Because these things are part of the Lord's judgment. The volcano in Montana, in Yellowstone, it's not time yet.

Why Don't People from China Call?

CALLER: You think we'll see more stuff in China, Japan, and in the oceans over there, and South America and stuff first? A lot of the big things?

SHERRY: I don't, you know, I don't know. I just, you know. I don't hear a whole lot about China. And it's kind of amusing because my largest listening base, behind America, is China. And I never hear from them what's going on over there.

CALLER: Yeah! Why don't they call? [laughs]

SHERRY: Well, my show is very underground.


SHERRY: They have to use various ways to promote the show over there. They can't just say Sherry Shriner's on the air. [laughs]. They have various ways of hiding it and getting it disseminated amongst the people.

I'd Like to Hear More about Any Elite Going Underground

CALLER: I'd like to hear more, if you can find out anything more, about any elite going underground. You would think nothing that's big is gonna happen or else they wouldn't go down unless they really had to.

SHERRY: Well, I've heard the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are building a new underground base city in India. So they're not even putting much faith in all the money they've spent on underground cities in America. They're heading off to India. And they left months ago, and so. Supposedly.

CALLER: At least I haven't noticed these stars [celebrities] leaving, but.

SHERRY: Well, you're never gonna hear anything. I mean, they just pop up old pictures they have, and "Oh, look who we ran into." And they pop up -- Miley Cyrus' picture is like three years old or whatever. They do that type of thing all the time.

CALLER: Yeah, I'm sure they do.

SHERRY: We'll never know they're gone. The media will just play along like everybody is still here.

CALLER: India, huh?

SHERRY: Yeah. It's what I hear.

CALLER: That'd be a safe place, but, whatever.

SHERRY: [laughs] I'd rather just put my fate in the Lord's hands. Leave it there. They can have India.

CALLER: I'm not gonna hide and drown in a place underground.

SHERRY: Satan's place. Place is so demonic. I could not go there without --

CALLER: And who's gonna be taking over after the pole shift? Yeah, I don't wanna be here for that either.

SHERRY: Ah, it's gonna affect everybody, so. Pole shift, I mean, it's gonna affect everybody.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Yep. OK. Well, just keep us -- I like to hear what's local in the, too, a lot, so.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Thank you, Sherry. Bye.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

Playing Phone Tag

SHERRY: [click in the background] Hello, caller, you're on the air. Oh, I hope I didn't accidently just hang up on that person. [laughs] Either that or they just hung up.

If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. I'll have a show on Thursday. Aliens in the News. A lot of UFO armadas being seen. Just kind of a lot of stuff coming in, stuff happening. Satan gets ready to implement his agenda on Earth.

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: I don't know what's going on. Kind of playing phone tag. Yeah, phone tag, so.

Satan Operates in the Background Unnoticed

Maybe what I'll do Thursday is give you a rundown on some information I've been holding onto for a while. And it's how Satan's kingdom mimics God's and God's people. And so, you know, just give you a heads up. Because I know they don't they don't talk about this stuff in churches. You're not gonna hear about this stuff in the churches. They only tell you what they want you to know. And Satan's biggest tool has been able to operate in the background unnoticed because the churches are ignorant of how he works.

Questions About the New Madrid Fault Line

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.


SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: Hey! Sherry, how ya doin'?

SHERRY: Good, how are you?

CALLER: Ah, trying to make it. Trying to make it, you know. Question for you. With the fault line and all that, how do you think that the elite, I mean, the underground concept -- don't you think they might have some control over that as far as [audio breaks up] the time?

SHERRY: You're breaking up on me. What was that?

CALLER: I'm sorry. With [audio breaking up] the underground base right on top of the fault line...


CALLER: When it does blow, and the Lord does allow it, it'll just [audio breaks up] around the whole world?

SHERRY: Well, I don't know exact -- the Madrid Fault Line kind of goes zigzag from Canada through the Great Lakes, all the way down through -- depending on which area -- go across Ohio, through Illinois, Indiana, and down to the Gulf Coast. Or through Chicago and all the way straight down through Missouri, down to the Gulf Coast. You know, but they were trying to set that off. I know this for a fact. And so, the fact that they haven't been able to set it off is a testament to God's power, Himself. He wouldn't allow it.

CALLER: Ah. Good deal.

Could the Lord Possibly Come in a Starship?

CALLER: Now as far as -- earlier you was talking about the Pyramid of Giza. And how do you think that's gonna fair as far as in the end times with the signs and whatnot and all these starships? You possibly believe that any concept could be -- that could come out of, actually, the Lord? I mean, you go back to Ezekiel, and you look in Ezekiel, and you see the wheel within a wheel. Possibly believe that maybe the Lord could come in a starship?

SHERRY: Well...

CALLER: I mean, all these, you know, UFOs, and everybody thinks they're bad, and they all think they're, you know, aliens. That could be another term of deception, when it comes down to the end time. Possibly, you know, a war within a war. You know, starships vs. starships. Just like the Pyramid vs. other pyramids. And that whole concept. That's what I was...

SHERRY: Yeah. That whole concept's kind of interesting. I know the church views this war with [archangel] Michael, chapter 12 of Revelation, as an angelic war, where it would just be a bunch of angels fighting it out with swords in the sky against [laughs], you know?

CALLER: [laughs] They're sitting on clouds just, yeah, throwing harps.

SHERRY: Right. And to say, hey, the Lord has His own ships, His own vehicles --

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: -- it'll just blow them away. They can't fathom it. They can't --

CALLER: Yeah, I was also, uh, excuse me. I also -- you know, it's funny because they also have man that has the technology of the fallen. Which, you know --

SHERRY: Yeah. And these were one time standing angels. And pre-Adamic times, the angels -- all the planets were angelic civilizations before the fall. And they got around visiting each other on these planets with spaceships, spacecrafts, planes. Whatever you want to call them.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: That's how they traveled. And these were all angels. That's how they traveled. Now when they fell, Satan's planes are no longer impermeable. They'll crash. They can crash. You can crash them. You're not gonna crash an angel's plane, but you're gonna crash Satan's. And so, yeah, so many people just can't even grasp the concept, I just don't even go there half the time.


SHERRY: I don't think God's coming on a spacecraft. If you look in the book of Revelation, he's coming on a white horse with ten thousand of his saints. Doesn't say he's coming in a spaceship --

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: -- or a wheel within a wheel.

CALLER: It would be interesting.

SHERRY: And so, he's coming on a white horse, and so. Hey, I wanna be on a white horse with Him, you know.

CALLER: Oh, most definitely.

SHERRY: [laughs]

Did You Ever See the Movie War of the Worlds?

CALLER: You ever watch that -- [laughs] -- you ever see the movie, War of the Worlds?


CALLER: Where they have the actual -- these ships that are, you know, were in the ground. --


CALLER: -- Come up out of the ground. Yeah, you wouldn't -- that could actually be a possibility as well.

SHERRY: Those are AIs. And so, yeah, that's definitely a possibility. And that's why we have magnets and orgone water, and we're getting ready to -- you gotta be able to fight these things. 'Cause everything's run by chips. And, as far as I'm concerned, the best weapon against anything that's run by chips is magnets. Neodyme magnets.

CALLER: Right. Which, actually, I'm sure help quite a bit.

SHERRY: All right. Well, I've got about 90 seconds left, so I'm gonna have to wrap up the show.

CALLER: All right. Well, Sherry, it was good talking to you. And, again, we're gonna follow you all the way through the end.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks a lot. Thanks for hanging in.

CALLER: All right, OK.

SHERRY. Yah bless.

That wraps up the show for tonight, folks. And be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News: Thursdays with Sherry Shriner. Till then, everybody. Yah bless.


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